Biden Backs the Taliban, Vax Lies Continue, US Dollar is Toast

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 492 8.20.21)

It may look like total complicated chaos in Afghanistan, but journalist Lara Logan, who lived there covering the war, says it’s all being allowed to happen.  Why is the Taliban being allowed to take over?  Logan says because this is the outcome the Biden Administration wants.  Logan points to the actions that are “too stupid to be stupid,” like turning over big air force bases to the Taliban without a fight.  This is part of the reason the Taliban took over Afghanistan in 11 days.  The U.S. just evacuated in the middle of the night, and that left people only one choice–to evacuate.  That is the Kabul Airport that is surrounded by Taliban forces.  Logan says, “The U.S. military could have easily stopped this, but they don’t . . . .  “It’s because the Biden Administration wants the Taliban in control of Afghanistan.”  It’s that simple.

The dark powers keep pushing masks and forced vaccinations with the experimental CV19 jab.  Who cares if half of Americans already have natural immunity, and the science says they don’t need the experimental jab?  Who cares if there are cures that the medical community is withholding?  Who cares if they are killing people by withholding that treatment?  Who cares that big Pharma, the FDA and CDC withheld proven scientific treatments to force people to have an experimental jab that allows Big Pharma to have insane profits for a so-called vaccine that now needs a third booster shot?  The vax is a scam, and they withheld real cures to sell a vax that was unneeded and is proven dangerous for many, but who cares?

Don’t kid yourself, the economy is rotten from the inside out, and the Fed is just masking risk.  This is what Peter Schiff says, and that idea is hard to dispute.  Cycle analysts, like Bo Polny, say the U.S. dollar is going to fall soon, and it’s going to be ugly.  Data mining analyst Clif High says the Biden Administration will collapse in the fall because of hyperinflation.  It’s hard to imagine that people like High and Polny will be wrong at the same time, but we are going to find out soon.  I would not bet against either of them.  If they are only half right, very hard times are coming, especially for the U.S. dollar.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up 8/20/21.

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After the Wrap-Up: 

Financial writer and economic analyst David Morgan will be the guest for the Saturday Evening Post.  Morgan talks about the need for having cash.  Yes, cash!  Morgan says it’s looking like the same kind of thinking that is in the precious metals market that is coming to the idea of holding physical cash.  In metals, there is an old saying, “If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it.”  Morgan says he thinks it’s going to be the same thing for cash when there is a banking crisis.



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  1. Southernpatriot

    With regards to Afghanistan all I can say is Broken Arrow! I say again, Broken Arrow!

    • Warren B.

      Who is Jacques Attali ?
      Most will not have heard of this man….until now.
      Much can be said about how the so called Un-Elected Rulers undertake nefarious schemes using Master Plans – designed and executed over centuries – to bring about their Globalist desires of a OWG, OWR , OWC & NWO.
      Here is an interesting analysis of the man described as “The World’s Master Diabolitician” – it offers a great insight into perhaps what is confronting the World today…..and it now (after what we have witnessed over this last 18 months) makes complete sense…. in such an Evil pervasive manner.
      It unequivocally confirms what I have believed from the outset of this Plandemic.
      Now we have a Face and Name.

      • Paul ...

        Jacques Attali said: “The future will be about finding a way to reduce the population … starting with the old … then the weak … then the useless … and ultimately the stupid ( by making them all believe that it is for their own good)” … the eugenicists within the US Government loved this man … and had Gates and Fauci begin pandemic drills and quickly prepared for their eugenics operation at Warp Speed (as they knew the Medicare and Social Security Trust Funds would be bankrupt within a decade)!!

      • Dr. Joseph

        Thank you Greg, it’s an honor to support you. You tell the truth and never bend a knee to these evil individuals. God bless you.

    • Warren B.

      Here is a link to a you-tube video of a Book written in 1981 – contained within is an interview with the man Jacques Attali.
      …….go to 2:04:00 or start at page 177. The critical content (after the introduction and background theories) starts at page 184.

    • Pierre Cornek

      Seems the FDA will grant full approval?

      Cliff high could be wrong on the vaccine after all?

      What do you think Greg?

      • kevin m cronin

        funny how they push the hell out of the vaccine-but neglect to mention anything about treatment. A friend of mine’s wife got covid. she became really sick. her husband drove over an hour to a place that administered REGENERON (2 shots in front of the arm; 2 shots in the back of the arm and felt better immediately. ITS ALL ABOUT: MONEY and FEAR

      • Paul ...

        PC … If Fiendishly Demonic Asses (FDA) … grant their approval of the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine on Monday … “it does not nullify criminal charges against these Demons under the Nuremberg Code” (as they are approving “an untested experimental “jab” that does not list its ingredients on the label)!!

      • Frank Stiles

        You trust the FDA in this current admin? The thing to look for is the ADE effect of the vaccine on those poor schmucks come flu season (Oct. – May). This is expected to result in cytokine storms for even minor infections of any cold, flu, coronavirus, making said infections much deadlier for them… Like being doused in gas, and waiting for a lit match.

      • WD


        Did you really think the FDA was not going to approve this poison?
        All this money??? I dont need to be Clif High or Armstrong to predict this for you…
        The FDA cant approve it soon enough. I mean did anyone really believe this was not going to get approved?

    • Warren B.

      This article written in April 2015 (by Jacques Attali) although relatively benign – makes a rather large statement in today’s world.

      • WD

        Come on,,,,

        Did you really think an govt entity was going to deny approval on this atm machine??

    • Oligarchy10539

      All is in automatic. Greg like i said. Love you bro.

    • Matt Houston

      Let’s get real for a moment: Afghanistan was funded in exchange for cheap and plentiful heroin. Cheap, yet still worth more than gold per weight, and very addictive. So, to all the mourning parents who lost their children to addiction–the true war casualties–please join us in supporting the steps toward reducing the government to its constitutional size and limited function.

    • Julie Garrels

      Joe Biden is a TRAITOR. He has been paid by the Communist Chinese to destroy this nation and he has been doing that since day 1, when he stopped the Keystone Pipeline. He doesn’t care how many people he kills to accomplish his goal. The attitude of throwing Americans to terrorist A-holes in Afghanistan applies to Americans EVERYWHERE. Prepare yourselves NOW. Thank you Greg for all you do!!

    • Bill

      Zerohedge sez: Durham is making progress on the case. Durham’s is working on the FBI. The Big Guy’s Administration might try to stop Durham.

    • Joe Wong

      True – and you can add in the “GRAVEYARD OF EMPIRES” & “WHERE POWERS & EMPIRES GOES TO DIE” as well.


    Wheres the video?

    • Greg Hunter

      I plays for me here: If you cannot see it, unplug our modem to reset it. ISP folks are doing censorship of their very own.

      • richard shipley

        Video not there

        • Greg Hunter

          It’s there. Unplug your modem to claar the codes your ISP has put in it to censor USAW videos. It’s there.

          • SurroundedByLiberals

            My company is blocking it. 🙁

        • Rodster

          IIRC, Greg said he doesn’t want people doing that because he risks getting his Channel banned there as well. It’s best to watch the video on USAW instead.

      • Barb

        The US is freaking charging our American people $2,000 (and anyone else trying to leave there) to fly them out. If they can even get to the airport to come back to the US. If you don’t have the money tough you are staying. WH admitted it I saw it in an article . This is disgusting, inhumane and treason. When is the military going to grow some say screw you to the illegal idiots in the WH and leave that freaking airport to go get our people and fly in more military tf needed to save them? They should have never went along with how this happened in the first place. May God have mercy on us and help these people

        • Bill

          Isn’t that like, if your house catches on fire, then the City charges you for the Fire Dept. putting out the Fire?

          • abandonedHopes

            yea… and btw, you’re a fireman too

        • susan

          My son spent two tours in Afghanistan. Each one about a year. After Iraq.
          This all reminds me of many stories. His second tour he was injured pretty bad. He is now retired. Those days were horrible. I’m glad I do not have to go through them again.

    • Marian

      Try using DuckDuckGo browser instead of google. After installing give it all permissions in settings so it can work right. If you use and press go. Click on read more and scroll down to the video

      • Bill

        Goggle is Big Brother.

        • Ken

          Google & big tech are in bed with China. They are an enemy to these United States!

          • Bill

            Sounds very true!

          • Paul ...

            How do you fight back? … you sell their stock and boycott their products!!

      • Thomas Surguine

        Brave is even BETTER!!! Amazing that 2 press in one letter 4 the content you ads, no nonsense, just terrific, and I have “tried” all of ’em. Cheers, expat tom

    • anon

      Restarting your modem won’t do anything. Try disabling Privacy Badger for this page if you have that installed and then refreshing the page. That worked for me to restore embedded video links with a play button at the bottom of the article.

      • Kevin

        The extension EFF Privacy Badger is indeed blocking on USAWatchdog. Go to browser extension settings and disable specifically for this site or click the Privacy Badger extension icon in the browser toolbar and adjust slider to unblock.

        Very suspicious that Rumble is being blocked as a “potential tracker”–may also be happening with other “security” extensions.


      • D. A.

        That worked for me. Thank you for the advice.

    • JungianINTP

      Yeah, DUGTRUX, try this video.

      Another Critical Report,
      re Shot.

      Video :


      • paula davis

        JungianINTP I cannot stop crying…

        • Paul ...

          pd … Cry for the children who will now be sterilized, paralyzed, have heart attacks, cancer, strokes or will simply die foaming at the mouth like a dog with rabies in a few years … children depend upon their parents to use their God given brains to protect them from harm and not bring them to the alter of Baal Gates to be sacrificed with “a jab” to the heart by the High Priest Fauci!!

  3. Bill

    Will ALL the banks, be changing our deposits over to digital currencies when the SHTF, or just the big Seven banks(Chase, JP Morgan, ect, ect.) ?

  4. Tom C

    Obama and Valerie Jarret are right in the middle of the Afghanistan disaster. The State Dept. and Dept. of Defense are also complicit.

    • JC

      G.A. STEWART: Joe Biden, or the real ruler, the shadowy Barack Obama, has fulfilled Revelation 13:16.

    • Bill

      Think about it? Every move that Obama or Biden has made, eventually turns out bad for the American People! Tell me which programs(include every program , that you can think of) has turned out to benefit the American People as a Whole?

      • Thomas Surguine

        2012, obummer care almost killed me. Had 2 go 2 HONG KONG 2 get cured, a major reason why we will never be in usa again.! Expat tom

  5. Wry One

    You got an early start for Friday.
    It took three tries to get the site to open. Don’t know if it was on your end or mine. Just a FWIW.

    • Wry One

      Seeing the above comment, it did play for me.

      • AK sub

        Playes fine on

  6. tim mcgraw

    Hi Greg, Exactly right “Who cares?” My wife and I used to cater at the Bohemian Grove in Sonoma County. The rich pricks would always have their “Death of Care” ceremony in front of the big wooden owl.
    Once care is gone, the Devil reigns.

    • Greg Hunter

      Interesting. Tell us more of what you saw at the grove.

      • Julie Sadler

        Thank you again Greg.
        Your insight (guests included) and research is invaluable throughout these times.
        There is a good series on “Good Lion TV” about who these people are ~ called: “The Fall of the Cabal.”
        Very interesting and informative.

      • tim mcgraw

        Hi Greg, I think I sent you my link to my wordpress blog about the Bohemian Grove. The people who run this world are truly evil. I’ve met them in person.

        • Greg Hunter

          That is both cool and scary.

    • Adam Munyard

      Crickey ! Thats crazy Tim. Is there any further you can tell us ? Alex Jones was a legend getting into Bohemian Grove all those years back. What a bunch of fools… they truly believe Satan will grant them power and riches. But always leaving a trail of death and suffering. Arent we lucky the Lord is good ! Come to Him all who are downtrodden, weak, lonely, with hurt and pain… and He takes it all. Amazing ! Amazing Grace also , its why i named my daughter “Grace” as her middle name. As she was a blessing from God, and by His grace that my wife and I were blessed with such a beautiful girl.

      • Paul ...

        AM … So far … Satan seems to have granted the evil “commie” demon eugenicists power and riches … it started way back in 1999 when Dr. Ralph Barrett at the The University of North Carolina modified a bat corona virus surface protein to make it infect human beings … when that research was made illegal in America … evil Dr. Fauci (using American taxpayer dollars) continued that research at WUHAN until he figured out a way to modify this virus with many additional “gain of functions” … to make it extremely more destructive to human beings … by causing blood clots, heart attacks, paralysis, “mad cow like” spike prion dementia, strokes, cancer, destruction of the human immune system and sterilization!!

        • Paul ...

          But it is “the vaccine” the eugenicists developed (using the Corona virus spike protein) that is “the true” bio-weapon”… and all those who believed the eugenicists propaganda and took the experimental “jab” were turned into “virus producing factories” (creating and spreading billions of new virus particles and many mutations to everyone around them) … since 60% to 80% of the population has already been voluntarily “jabbed” and are now spreading the virus mutations as the eugenicists planned … the eugenicists likely figured it will force the un-vaccinated (20% to 40% holdouts) to run to the FEMA Camps they built (the un-vaccinated thinking it would protect and isolate them from the vaccinated) … not realizing that … the eugenicists FEMA Camps” were set up as kill zones” …where guillotines and extra guillotine blades along with hydrogen cyanide await their coming (to take out the remaining human population) as clearly stated on the Georgia Guidestones Bill Gates’ father built … and as Gates laughingly tells everyone his plan to bring the human population to zero!! …
          [There are only about 150 extremely psycho eugenicist psychopaths that must be taken out before they complete their plans to exterminate us all … there are 7 Billion of us humans right now (but we are like deer in a headlight) … even if they kill off 6 Billion of us … there will still be one(1) Billion of us against only 150 psychopaths]!!

    • Paul ...

      Tim … The Globalists got their Satanic training at Bohemian Grove where they first learned how to sacrifice children … the only reason the Globalists at the FDA & CDC would have no qualms “jabbing a child” with a poison death “Clot Shot” … is because they already believe in child sacrifice … and thus using a “jab” (that doesn’t work) and has horrific side effects that eventually kills them … gives the perverted psychopathic Globalists climatic Satanic pleasure!!

  7. Shirley Thompson

    I really enjoy the cartoons – this one is particularly well suited…

    • Bill

      Does Greg draw the Cartoons too? Or does someone else do them? The cartoons are very good quality!

      • Brooklyn


        The cartoon is from BRANCO “Americans for limited government” in top left corner.

        • Bill

          Thank you, I will look again at Branco.

      • Julie Sadler

        I’ve wondered that myself Bill! They’re great and seem like something Greg would do.

  8. Marie+Joy

    southernprepper1, on YouTube, does a 2-3 minute news piece. Worth watching.

  9. Coal Burner

    I completely agree with Logan. I keep asking why would they want this. Who is the Taliban going after next with that new hardwear? I guess they have the willingness to stay in charge while the losers in Afgan land have no backbone. Maybe there are other reasons, but I am sure it will blow up in their faces when you are this incompetent.

    Today Lynette Zang showed a FED statement saying they believe they lost the fight on Inflation already. They said it in writing. And all the above goes wiht what you said about losing faith in the dollar. The IMF plans to issue 500 billion in SDR’s to the Taliban. The dollar is being executed by this administration as fast as they can and that is what they are hiding.

    Oh yes Gold, you can bet we won’t give their gold back. Paper who cares!
    If you are visiting Mexico or anywhere near it you can get Ivermectin in their drug stores.

    • Bill

      Special Drawing Rights are just another Paper Dollar Promise!

      • Neville

        There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING SPECIAL about special drawing rights…..

        • Bill

          I agree!

    • Matt Kaatz

      Guys, You can get Ivermectin horse paste at Tractor Supply for $4-8 per tube (depending on the brand). It is a 6 gram tube which would provide for multiple doses for your smaller horses, of course.

      • Paul ...

        MK …The damn “commies” have forced the American people (like animals) “to take horse medicine” to save their lives … by their systematic and coordinated efforts “to suppress lifesaving information” … drugs like Hydroxychloroquine, Chloroquine, and Ivermectin “which are the safest human medications in the history of medicine” … have been outlawed, suppressed and denied access to the American people seeking Health Care … who do these damn “commies” think they are???… I bet these dumb “commies” want us to believe that because they are suppressing these life saving drugs to both Americans and Israelis … they can’t be accused of being anti-Semitic (because they are not just killing the Jews)!

      • Bill

        My Vitamin D3 pills, have saved me from colds,Flu and Covid in the last 21 months. However, the timming is critical with Vitamin D3. I found that you must take a Vit.D3 within 1 hour, after you first start coughing or sneezing 3-4 times. Otherwise, the Cold, Flu or Covide will take control of your Body. Vitamin D3 creates Killer Cells in your immune system. When a cold is still(less than a hour old), that is when the Killer Cells are still able to destroy any airbourne VIRUS in your body. Timming is Critical.
        However, I think I will buy a tube of Ivermectin, which to me is just another Tool to help my immune system to fight Cold, Flu or Covid germs. Horse Ivermectin is good idea. Thanks for the Tip.

      • susan

        I got three tubes from Amazon. Also downloaded the dosage amounts for people. They are kept together.

    • Lightning

      1) Afghanistan has worlds largest Lithium reserves

      2) Belt and Road initiative

      3) China , Russia and Iran would certainly benefit from first hand inspection of our advanced weapons capabilities. Certainly before a Taiwan invasion.

      4) CIA allegedly has direct hand in poppy field / heroin drug trade and it allegedly is major source of income for them

      5) Obama collected cash from Iran in past nuclear “ deal”. It seems likely that those same folks are continuing to receive monies for treasonous efforts

      6) Afghanistan is centrally located ( militarily) to Iran, Russia, Turkey, etc. . obviously a threat

      7) Refugee crisis will further destabilize Europe and coming to USA.

      It’s a la carte… pick whatever you like

      • Bill

        Do the Bidens still owe China for the $1.5 Billion Loan?

        • Lightning


          With the commonwealth countries clamped down the hardest, the common thread there would seem to me to be the Royal Family. All of the commonwealth countries constitutions essentially “allow” their rights as long as the Queen permits them. Equally, she can rescind them. Hence Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc. presumably are being abused simply at the direction of the British Monarchy. The royals / Vatican / Washington / Rothschild NWO group seems to be behind this all.

          I don’t doubt that China is collaborating and perhaps exploiting the current environment, but it seems unassailable to say that there is a WAR going on to completely re-engineer the west into submissive poverty , including depopulation, that is being complicity supported by essentially all western governments.

          China appears to be involved given they started the hoax, paid off / extorted the USA politicians and unelected officials all the way down to the local levels in USA , the commonwealth countries and rest of west.

          Have they been promised the USA? , Taiwan?, leadership of the NWO?

          How much money and power was promised to Hunter and the “ big guy” is certainly not being reported by our media.

          The media, the doctors/ medical industry , the universities and our politicians are inarguably complicit.

          Given the seemingly overwhelming fear that’s gripped the population s, I wonder if we have dosed us with chemicals ( Chemtrails / our water?!/ food etc) to make us more dumb and docile.

          I have family members who are like automatons, unable to even use basic reasoning . The fear for them is overwhelming and all basic reasoning processes seem to be gone.

          • Mike+G

            Good point about the commonwealth nations, all subjects of the Queen. Obedience to the Queen is in their DNA.

      • Joe Wong

        You can add in Afghanistan is also known as the “GRAVEYARD OF EMPIRES” or “WHERE POWERS & EMPIRES GOES TO DIE”

    • Jr

      runnings & tractor supply have ivercare for horses for $10 -1/4 teaspoon of it worked for me

      • Bill

        So, Ivercare is the same thing as Ivermectin? Is Ivercare used on horses, when they have Colds/Flu or Covid? Does it say that on the Tube?

  10. tim mcgraw

    Oh, Greg, if your scenario of Americans getting their heads chopped off by the Taliban comes to pass. Biden nukes Kandahar. WWIII begins. Financial problems of the bankers end as they always do in a sea of blood.

    • AndrewB

      Hi Tim,
      My two cents . . .
      Biden is representative of the CCP – in turn owned and controlled by the Globalist Banker Cabal. The CCP are building the new ‘Belt and Road’ – high speed rail, Asia to Europe, supply chain infrastructure (which will render the Anglo-American maritime dominance redundant). US military presence in any country between China and the EU is an impediment to the Belt and Road. Biden has simply complied with instructions to, ‘Get the US the Hell out of the way!’

      My heart goes out to the families of all those patriotic young men and women who were duped by unscrupulous politicians to fight meaningless wars in the Middle East and who were maimed or killed. What a shameful waste!!! And, worse, no one responsible will pay for their crimes! Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot!!!

      • Michael Honebrink

        Maybe they won’t pay in this life, but they sure will in the next one!

    • Brooklyn

      WOW! Tim, that just about says it all. WWIII will not only make all the banks even, but the “look over there at the (war) squirrel” will cover for the criminal cabal stealing the election. As Greg tells us, be Not Afraid! Pray! Plan! Prepare! Oh yeah, and my favorite: JESUS IS REAL!

  11. Marie+Joy

    WORLDWIDE GENOCIDE, and, yes, I’m screaming.

    • Marie+Joy

      Greg, This is NOT an “experimental drug trial”. This is a WORLDWIDE GENOCIDE.

    • Paul ...

      M&J … We are made in the image of God … that means our lives have sanctity with God given rights … and it is not the business of “commie” eugenicist Satanists to decide how many people on planet Earth should live or die … we will know the tide has turned against the Satanic Demons … when some “conspiracy theorist” fires a bazooka at the Georgia Guidestones … it will be a shot heard round the world!!

  12. Lucas Doolin

    Thanks for going there. The next logical thought is the US government including the military must be captured. Someone is giving them orders. Globalists come to mind but who exactly. The globalists look like they want China to have Afghanistan. Globalists cut a deal with the CCP for minerals? Trying to further hurt the USA? Love to hear more informed opinions perhaps my thinking is wrong.

    • Bill

      General Mily likes to impose “Critical Race Theory” on Our Soldiers. Elites like to important positions!

  13. Albert Day

    Greg, I understand the emotion with all that is on-going around us. But someone still believes in America and the dollar. There are 27 container vessels waiting to off-load at Long Beach right now. And as soon as they unload they will head back for more. And not all is from China. Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Guatemala etc are chomping at the bit to sell to us and take those dollars. And as long as they are accepting dollars for their work/products…we are still afloat. Actually, they don’t have much of a choice because so much commerce is dependent on the dollar. You and I are not privvy to the big picture. Printing money that people are waiting in line to accept may seem immoral, but it works. I think we see the reason why The Lord will have to return to straighten things out.

  14. Valerie

    Thank you, Greg! I’m glad to support you!
    God bless.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Valerie!

      • Brooklyn

        You covered the events-of-the-day like a Ringmaster over this Three Ring Circus of our lives: Afghanistan (BananaStand) was planned and executed exactly as Laura Logan told us. America was whipped by a tiny rebel force and couldn’t even retreat in a timely manner to save lives? No, they could not be THAT STUPID. Unfortunately, it is We The People who are the most stupid. You then “masterfully” shifted to the clot shot and it is in fact responsible for the variants. The vax mandate will only become more and more tyrannical which will force people to take up arms, which by the way, is the exact response they want to confiscate our guns, and then the economy on the edge of collapse. Your best line: “Can Clif High, Bo Polny and others can’t all be wrong. Well done Greg!

      • AK sub

        Thank you Greg I look forward to every video and interview you do. You always gives food for thought.

  15. Sylvia Sires

    The God Father is the Federal Reserve. Our “income tax” does NOT go to the functions of the United States! Every penny goes to the BANKING CABAL “FEDERAL RESERVE” themselves and the IRS is an “extension arm” of the BANKING CABAL! In our Constitution it is “ILLEGAL” to charge taxes on our INCOME!
    Don’t think any Government is on your side or they would have told you this truth but they don’t! All of them are in government for themselves, to lie, cheat and steal from each one of us! The Constitution was created for “WE THE PEOPLE” NOT GOVERNMENT! No wonder they’ve twisted every word in our Constitution by adding “amendments to OUR CONSTITUTION for DECADES AND DECADES”!

    • Bill Wilson

      In 1910, Money earned by the sweat of a person’s brow was not taxable! At that time, most people were Farmers. If you made money with money then you were charged a 3% tax for doing that. When the Federal Reserve came in, they stopped Americans from following the Bible’s ideas about Income.

      • andyb

        As I have posted before, the IRS is a non-governmental private corporation, domiciled in Puerto Rico whose shares are held in trust by the City of London for the benefit of the UK rotal family. From its inception the main agenda for the IRS was to be the mafia type knee cappers for the FED. And you thought we won the Revolutionary War.

    • AndrewB

      Hi Sylvia,
      You are ‘on the money’ – pun intended!
      Everything you say is supported by the well researched book, ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island’ by G Edward Griffin. Perhaps you have read it. If not, you can obtain a used copy at reasonable cost on eBay.

  16. Albert Day

    Don’t let your heart be troubled about Afghanistan either, Greg. We used other people’s money (labor) to produce all that was sent to the place. That’s where most everything we use is made as well. Printing money to pay for things, works as long as they accept it. And if China moves in (and I know you remember this), the US will help support the very enemy we just stopped fighting. The US already has a history of doing just that. Better to have one of our enemies fighting another one of our enemies. Getting our troops out works to do just that. If China takes on too many ‘fronts’ they will wind up like Nazi Germany did when they tried it. Fear not.

    • Paul from Indiana

      China will meet its Waterloo in Africa. The ChiComs think they can run Africa by putting their own in charge. Let them find out the hard way. Best always. PM

  17. JC

    This video from Schwab’s World Economic Forum is already declaring a partial victory showing that the objective of the virus lockdowns was really for the Great Reset and climate change agenda. Make no mistake about it; even Al Gore is on the board of the World Economic Forum. These people have conspired to change the world by crushing the economy, and the police are also so stupid to follow orders blindly. They want everyone to work from home: end offices and small businesses. You will buy everything from the giant retailers, and they will be delivered.

    The press, who calls this a “conspiracy theory,” is part of this agenda.

    • Paul ...

      JC … If the Main Stream Media (MSM) was around during the time of Noah … they would have called him “a conspiracy theorist” … until it started raining and never stopped (and they all died) … soon … all the vaccinated MSM now calling us non-VAX’ers “conspiracy theorists” will begin dropping … and it will be like a never ending flood (until they too are all dead)!!

  18. Albert Day

    Greg don’t forget us that support you. This is coastal merchandise. We need you as a beacon for all to hear. I send what I can and recommend your site to others who do the same. Please be nice when “moderating”. It must be a real challenge running a site like your’s.

  19. barsoom43

    I bought a home test kit- I am negative for C19 exposure.. Nevertheless, I went to TSC and got a tube of horse ivermectin just in case.. My brother’s wife contracted C19 and spent 3 days in the hospital.. He too went to TSC and got a tube of it but later he found a local Dr would prescribed him human ivermectin so he’s OK.. But, it’s hard to find it in my area.

    • The Ogs

      We watched Mike Adams ‘The Health Ranger’ and his guest make fun of these so-called COVID Test Kits yesterday. Comedy is good.
      Especially the part where the kits say “negative test / positive test not conclusive.”
      There IS no ‘official’ test for the common cold! That’s why COVID has never been specifically isolated and there are millions of variants floating around in the atmosphere. There is no COVID isolated anywhere, it does not exist. Did you know that?
      It is all computer modeling. When they say “oh, we have identified the Delta variant” they are just guessing! And it is their computers that are guessing, actually…
      These ‘viruses’ have NEVER been isolated. In fact it is a Virtual Pandemic because it’s all being run by computer! There is no actual, physical COVID-19 or any of its variants and they never have been isolated…
      Point is – if the ‘real’ tests are just trickery (smoke and mirrors as Adams contends) then what chance can the little home drugstore kit have?
      And it is fascinating indeed to grasp Mike Adams’ contention: If it was the 1970s or 1980s and there were no computers, it would not be possible for this so-called ‘pandemic’ to exist! Period.

      • JayJay

        Exactly…I have watched many doctors and from many of those I have followed their advice. Quercetin, vitamin C, vitamin D, and Zinc….not now, but if I get sick…it will be the first time ever…no cold/flu etc and I’m 71!
        I am blessed with an awesome immune system…thank you Jesus…and if possible, try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud today.

    • Bill

      What does TSC, stand for?

      • Jeff

        Tractor Supply

      • Paul ...

        Tractor Supply Corp.

      • G.T. Hood

        Tractor Supply Company

  20. Shirley Thompson

    Here’s why the Cabal wants the Taliban in control-
    From the first coverage showing a complete takeover in less than six hours meant the Taliban was advancing and their intentions obvious. I’ve also contended biden is a mere Manchurian President, his puppet handlers taking full advantage of his dementia so as to make him look feckless, confused and incompetent. When in fact this level of incompetence simply doesn’t make sense unless you look consider it nothing more than cover for the real agenda to take place unfettered. (1) China gains access to rich reserves of rare earth metals putting them in the posiiton of sole source (2) A friendly Taliban provides clear access from Iraq through Syria into Turkey for China’s belt and road (3) Obummer has finally salvaged his terrorists to collaborate with the Taliban making them the most militarily equipment terrorist group (4) rather than divert Afghani refugees within region for safe harbor, bringing to US military bases unvetted to be distributed throughout Red states to further balkinize America achieving much more disruption than the southern border illegals (5) Allow the CIA to maintain drug processing for distribution throughout the world.

    All serving to keep Americans off balance, fearful and more easily manipulated. That doesn’t seem like incompetence to me.

    • Greg Hunter

      Sounds like good analysis to me.

    • Charlie Patterson

      I think I Love YOU!
      You are probably the most Intelligent Female I have EVER heard in my whole Life!
      That is VERY attractive and I cannot help myself…
      Please forgive my clumsy attempt but

      “Will you Marry me?”


    • Freebrezer

      S – per the rare earths, the USA has plenty of deposits. Thankfully, Clinton allowed the Chinese (CCP) to buy the US Company/Technology that developed a lot of all the processes to refine the different elements. Yep the good ole USA was sold out, again by a Democratic President. Though the environmental regs/costs and using ‘slave labor’ made it cost prohibitive to do in the USA.

  21. Chris

    Good stuff Greg. Been a listener for years. Trying to convince my family to prepare, but most of them are so deep in debt they are lucky to be able to pay next months bills. I cannot help them. I have my own family to defend.
    The political situation is grim. While the individual service members of our armed forces are amazing, the military leadership is a wreck. The Military Industrial complex is utterly corrupt, as are many of our political leaders. There are a few elected official who are trying, but it’s like swimming up Niagara. Most on Capitol Hill have been there so long they are part of the scam.
    Sadly, I predict great destruction of life and property. The value of the dollar will be irrelevant. The ability to survive will be paramount. The debacle in Afghanistan is not “the problem”, it is merely a symptom. Think of seeing Doc Holliday in tombstone…classy, flashy, effective…his internal problems well hidden…then a big burp of blood shoots out and you think…’uh oh…that’s not good…bad stuff coming…”. America is Doc Holliday…we’ve been going right along, rich, prosperous, powerful….the internal corruption well hidden….now we are seeing it, and the long term effects. It is alarming. The public is catching on fast. It will not be pretty.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good analysis Chris.

    • The Ogs

      Yes. And the American credit card has some 25,000 billion dollars charged upon it…
      The public is catching on fast and it will not be pretty.
      Mr. Hunter is a Watchman. But (personally) I’m on the George Carlin plan.

    • Mark Shimmons

      You nailed it Chris —– then a big burp of blood shoots out and you think…’uh oh…that’s not good…bad stuff coming…”. America is Doc Holliday… More “bad stuff coming”

    • Bill

      Negative Politicians always working against American Ideas of Freedom!

  22. Patysue

    Always glad to hear from you, Greg, and am always comforted by your last words, “God, the Father, God, the Son and God, the Holy Spirit, are always firmly in control.” And that is why I can sleep at night and rejoice in the daylight hours.

    Don’t forget to look up, as our redemption draws nigh!

    • Dave

      Yes and amen!!

  23. Philip Welch

    Thank you Greg for your effort and work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for your kind words of appreciation.

  24. Robert Dziok

    I can’t say for sure but maybe the intent of wanting the Taliban in charge and weapons left behind is to create a block/problems for China’s “Belt and Road Initiative” (“New Silk Road”). Maybe draw China into a 10 year war like Russia was. Economic Warfare to bring down the CCP.

    • Greg Hunter

      You might be right Robert. It’s not incompetence, that’s for sure.

    • AndrewB

      Hi Robert,
      My gut tells me that China’s Belt and Road infrastructure via Afghanistan – and the income stream it promises- will be welcomed by the Taliban. I think it was a done deal and has ‘motivated’ the US withdrawal. Could be wrong. We shall see . . .

  25. Tom

    Who’s going to guard the poppy fields?

    • AndrewB

      Same international criminals as always. ‘Welcome to the new boss, same as the old boss’.

    • Paul ...

      Tom … I’ve been waiting a long time for a sane American President to do this … instead it took an insane one to accomplish it … the Taliban should now outlaw all their farmers from growing heroin producing poppy flowers … the Taliban should now fly Black-hawks over all the poppy fields currently in bloom “and drop napalm on them” … burn them all to the ground (as our American soldiers should have been doing … but were instead guarding these heroin fields for the CIA Drug Dealers … so the deadly poison could be brought back to “jab” and kill our children) … now that the globalist eugenicists in the US have a better “jab” with which to kill our children … they probably figured they could finally afford to get out of Afghanistan after 20 years!!

    • Robert Dziok

      There won’t be any. When the Taliban were last in charge they eradicated 99% of. That’s why “Poppy Bush” via his son used 911 to invade Afghanistan. Much of the profits from were laundered through the stock market. I seem to recall 500 million lose yearly to the stock market and Deep State intended to go into Afghanistan one way or another.

  26. Charles Turner

    If i plan to go to the beach at the weekend and the weather forecast changes, i change strategy and stay at home. Since November 20 2020, Biden has had daily intelligence briefings on Afghanistan and yet he blames Trump for the withdrawal. All Biden has left is the legacy media in the USA and Big Tech. The rest of the world across left and right has woken up and realized that you have the weakest and most dangerous president of all time.

  27. AMids

    Well done Greg
    European Medicine Agency
    COVIC-18 vaccines
    number of individual casses – serious cases

    COVID-19 MRNA VACCINE MODERNA (CX-024414) 23,887 11%
    COVID-19 VACCINE JANSSEN (AD26.COV2.S) 3,624 2%

    total serious cases 215,333

  28. David Gordon Dunne

    Greg, I feel like we are twins in our views and opinions. All your guests are so on target. Martin Armstrong and Paul Craig Roberts are awesome. Bo and Clif the same. I feel our country is fried now. First, I remember seeing ISIS in Syria drving away all our armaments and vehicles during OButhole’s term, and seeing them come out and burn people alive in cages, drowning people in cages and chopping heads off. OB and the Deep State created ISIS. NOW, our Government has funded the Taliban all this time and is responsible for 8,000 Americans dead and who knows how many hundreds of thousands of good Afg people. EVIL and just shows my thesis that SATAN is pulling all the strings now. I honestly believe it will take Jesus Second Coming to take them out now. I may never get back to my America again as we ain’t taking no gene altering experimental spike protein people killing jabs EVER. It is not as bad here in Thailand but not far off now. If I did not have God in me, I would be totally distraught. I pray deeply 3 hours a day and yes, Greg, you are in my daily prayers so God Bless you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks David!

  29. william mitdchell

    Perhaps Hunter Biden’s father withdrew from Afghanistan because he wants peace.

    • Greg Hunter

      Are y0u watching the videos of the murder taking place? That’s not peace.

      • Diana Brown

        Agreed Greg

      • JayJay

        All this taking place, and not this month, but for many months, reminds me of Luke 21…no one escapes He says; we will suffer. It is written. We, who stand for Christ and what is right, will lose here, but not in His kingdom. Scary, but I vow to pray and ask for help to stay is all any of us can do.
        We are confronting EVIL!!
        And, yes, as one poster stated–where are all the women screaming for women’s rights while reading the news in Afghanistan??

      • Ray

        I would contend that Afghanistan hasn’t seen much peace since the late 1970s.
        Australia and the US went into that country under completely false pretences.
        We are in shame today, and rightly so.
        There are Imbos on the radio here in Australia this week saying “Oh no…..think of the beheadings and the stoning that will go on under Taliban rule”
        Right……right…..but no problem with Saudi Arabia doing that!!!
        “Dey is our allies dey is”.
        Fair Dinkum……..the hypocrisy no longer baffles me.
        It is the very hallmark of a society no longer capable of logical thought processes (IE: All they can take in are 20 second “sound bight” reports from so called “authorities & experts”)
        Perhaps look from another perspective……if the US (or Australia) had been invaded and occupied for 20 years, the nation UTTERLY SMASHED, then the invader thrown out in humiliation (as has happened now), what would Americans be doing in the days after to those that had served the invaders, the collaborators?
        That’s right……..your mental picture right now is right……and they wouldn’t be playing The Yellow Rose Of Texas on a frigging picolo either.
        There would be retribution…….
        Never mind…….
        Retribution on an EVEN BIGGER SCALE is coming to Australia and the US……across the planet in coming months……completely deserved, and the righteous shall win, governments will fall, and yes…..people will faint outright from what their eyes are seeing.
        Stay strong Watchdoggers……steer clear of the Vax Poison, and do your best to awaken whom you can…..let others walk their path, if they refuse to listen, as you would like to be allowed to walk yours…….THE NARROW PATH that Jesus speaks of.
        A big thank you to Greg Hunter for his ABSOLUTE & UNSWERVING SERVICE to bringing truth to people across the globe………all for free……all opinions welcomed.
        That is TRUE journalism.
        Thanks mate.
        Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

    • andyb

      Coming back from Vietnam in 1964, I went to the old North Station to watch a Celtics game ($2 ticket for half court seats, but way up in the rafters). Above one of the urinals was the message: LBJ: pull out like your father should have. Never forgot those words of wisdom.

    • Bill

      I heard on NEWSMAX, that President Trump wrote out a Carefully written Plan on how to Evacuate Afghanistan, but the Big Guy deleted it.

  30. anaja

    Like It or Not, Taliban Is Afghanistan’s True Independence Movement

  31. FreeMpg

    Greg, recommended guest, Dr. Christiane Northrup. She had a half dozen PBS specials on women’s health. Here she is on SGT Report two days ago warning of COVID vax catastrophic effects:

    • AndrewB

      Thank you for the link. I am constantly amazed to hear doctor after doctor speaking truth and revealing the horrific nature of the Globalist C19 Agenda. I hope all Watchdoggers will take the time to listen to Dr Christian’s Northrup’s interview in full. IMHO, brave people like this are deserving of our attention.

    • DOUG

      Thanks for the link. More proof that the public is being played.

  32. June Kay Driskell

    “Still tied to his wife’s apron strings❔👀!”
    STILL NOW. . . . .⁉
    Targeted Columnist Exposes Taliban Takeover Timeline in Afghanistan Thursday, August 19, 2021
    Cynthia Farahat joins infamous Alex Jones to break down the timeline of the Taliban’s engineered takeover of Afghanistan.
    BARRY, It’s Judgment Day —🕛_Where are the Men?
    One of the most treasured Hollywood classics, and one of the most influential and iconic Westerns ever made, HIGH NOON remains a powerful study of heroism, and the tension between the individual and the society around him. One of the best films by director Fred Zinnemann (FROM HERE TO ETERNITY) — and produced by Stanley Kramer — HIGH NOON is riveting entertainment and an acknowledged American masterpiece, yet one with surprisingly tumultuous roots.
    Favorite of U.S. presidents from Eisenhower and Reagan to Clinton. In his Oscar-winning performance, Gary Cooper, with Grace Kelly.

  33. Paul ...

    Petty “commie dictators” running our National and Local governments (along with Fascist International Corporations) are selectively discriminating against un-vaccinated people … and are grossly violating peoples “inalienable right to life” granted to us by God (and protected under our US Constitution) … these “commie dictators” are currently forcing upon everyone “Death by Injection” (in Violation of the Nuremberg Code) … which is punishable by death … and are forcing people to begin taking matters into their own hands … first … by boycotting Dictatorial Corporations and “making citizen arrests of all those “commies” in government who are blatantly violating the equal protection laws of our Nation … later … as billions of people are killed off (by these “commies” forced injections) … it won’t be surprising to see every lamp post in America becoming a swinging “commie” hangout!!

    • JC


      Like this?

      • Paul ...

        JC … Stringing up these “commies” … does not nullify the evil they have done to the millions of immortal souls (of vaccinated people) … these evil “commie” demons have handed over millions of vaccinated peoples souls to Satan … because the vaccinated can never go to Heaven now … now that they have “voluntarily committed suicide”!!

    • Matt Kaatz

      We need make shift sovereign peoples courts to try all these bastards quickly and efficiently, but fairly. If it is decided that they hang then they must do so for all to see. We must restore the rule of law ourselves.

      • Paul ...

        MK … And not only is the US government guilty … but the current (and past) Israeli government is guilty of doing what Josef Mengele did … they have Broken Their Sworn Covenant “To Never Again” permit human experimentation (or the outright slaughter) of millions of Jewish people … yet … they do it to themselves???

  34. Jennifer Updegraff

    Lara Logan is dead right. They want this outcome. Now the question needs to be totally answered. WHO is THEY?

  35. Allen Sachetti

    Obvious. When will the rest of America wake up and see who is pulling the strings in this world.

  36. Elias Andrinopoulos

    Thank you Greg for your WNWU’s and your amazing guests. I bought Martin’s book on The global system and the coronavirus and it is really brilliant. Very dense book and ind of tough to get through (I work long hours and a lot of this stuff is not exactly light reading lol), but it is well worth it. God Bless you for your insight and your Faith, not enough people talk about Jesus! All the best.

  37. Jonathan Martinez

    Buy XRP and store it on your ledger ASAP!!

    • Ray

      I’ll trade your XRP for a pure, non smelly fart that I keep in a celluloid box.
      I have even trained it to stay in the box when I open the lid!
      That way, it retains its’ value, see?
      Similarly, I’m sure that if the electrical grid goes down Jonathon, your “XRP ledger” will retain its value perfectly…..unlike a fart in the wind!
      I’d like to see you buy something with a handwritten XRP ledger if things go that way!
      Take care Champ.
      Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

    • MC

      Okay, but what’s the exit plan with cryptos? They may turn out to be like Afghanistan situation where US contractors were paid HUGE salaries but now cannot capitalize on the gains and transition elsewhere.

      Consider that Bo Polny sees a huge runup in cryptos then a collapse NEXT year. (Perhaps a 90% collapse!) . seer However, seer Penny Kelly sees the same run-up but the collapse THIS year.

      ….. Furthermore, seems there’s gonna be a problem even taking profits before this (alleged) collapse—-because there likely won’t be any silver bullion available to transition into at that time. Food shortages also at that time. Also at or ahead of that time the FedReserve system will be collapsing fast like Afghanistan.
      E.g., collapse of FedReserve system in October, cryptos peak in November; but since no monetary system no way to transition from cryptos to hard assets (e.g., silver) or goods (e.g., cans of beans). And thus, stuck with watching the cryptos give new meaning to “vapor-ware”, … wooooosh!

      Of course, can always HODL until kingdom come. But maybe by that time there will be new cryptos. The history of software has proven change/obsolescence is continual. Nobody uses WordPerfect anymore. The longer one HODLs the greater the chance of some new software becoming all the rage and with the next generation of kids coming on line. The Millennials are already being displaced by the Z-gens.

      (Not only collapse of monetary system, but also government. So forget regulation of the cryptos exchanges which have already proven numerous times to be shady. …. Penny sees a collapse of government, just like how Clif says the lack of money will collapse it fast).

      . . . And so it seems cryptos present a Pyrrhic victory, unless somehow one is incredibly agile and lucky to exit and transition real quick to something real.

      (Perhaps it is telling, indeed, that in recent months Clif High has been favorably disposed toward silver and even gold bullion than he used to be in times near-past when he was obsessed with cryptos.)

      (cf. Penny Kelly’s Look-See 15August2021 on Bitchute, and its followup discussion with JeanClaude BeyondMystic003 on Youtube. JeanClaude has also hosted Bo Polny several times.)

  38. Andrew Harrison

    Hi Greg thanks for your work. I just wanted to let you know I usually watch on my pc but had to use an android device this week, something called ‘wordfence’ prevent access to your site on the pc, tried different search engines, browser same thing.

  39. Gail Kindstrom

    I have known many who claim friends or relatives have tested positive. But know none who died. I have met several who had family die after taking the vax. This is in the Orlando area where I live.

  40. William Betts

    You can publish this if you think it is important…. In 2017 Dan Brown published Origins. He wrote the Da Vinci Code among others. In Origins he writes about population of the planet earth. There are about 7.5 Billion people on this planet now; 2050 there will be 9.0 Billion souls if nothing is done. The earth can feed adequately 4.5 Billion people.
    Several people have written that this pandemic will by 2023 kill 3.o Billion mostly from the VAXX JAB. The worst will be death from MAD COW Disease…….Betts

  41. Jerry

    I’m seeing the setup for lockdown #2 all around me. The globalist tipped their hand back in May.

    The wake up that Cliff is talking about, by the normies ( I prefer sheep ) will come this fall when the lockdown is announced by the puppet in chief. These people are literally hanging on the edge of a complete mental breakdown, because they’ve had so much sunshine pumped up their behind about returning to normal. When that doesn’t happen, and mandates are rolled out, with vaccine passports, all hell will break loose.
    The delta variant and the unvaccinated will be blamed, even though we know that is a lie. But the globalist will not let up until they have us all right where they want us.

    The problem for them is, even the best guard dog ( that’s us ) will eventually turn on you if you poke it long enough. Enter the Taliban. Plane loads of Taliban fighters are being brought into red states for that purpose. The globalist know that the American military will not turn on its own people, so they’ve got to bring in mercenaries to do the job. Like you said Greg, they were getting paid by somebody in Afghanistan. Nobody ever does anything for free. Most of these young moslem’s come from dirt poor family’s, so the opportunity to blow up stuff, and chop some heads, while being paid is to much to resist. Can you imagine the excitement of bringing your trade to the streets of a country like America where people are more vested in their feelings, than standing for truth?
    Oh yes. It’s going to be biblical.

    • Matt Kaatz

      Jerry, you’ve got your finger on the pulse.

  42. Linda Puetz

    Dr. ,Peter Breggin in an interview with journalist Diane West discuss the WHO and how the WHO thought it would become the governing power. You can find Dr, Breggin on Brighteon.. USA Watchdog my favorite talking head.

  43. Brad

    I don’t care who is awake and who is not, this criminal activity has to stop, Now!!

  44. Earl Thornburg

    Jesus is real and Greg Hunter’s reports are real.

  45. Boz From Oz

    I hate central bankers, but one must give them credit for what they done from the dollar and stock market perspective.
    Many analysts thought the collapse was going to happen years ago, so it’s surprised many indeed.
    Can it keep going for a while longer, I guess so, what comes after is the big question.
    Getting tired of the gold stocks getting smashed continually I must admit.

  46. Adam Munyard

    I saw the Lara Logan clip with Tucker Carlson on Hagmann show . She makes good sense. Nothing is coincidence i believe, and all happens by design. On Hal Turners website he offered a possible explanation with China running pipeline from Iran thru Afghanistan straight into China. Also the rare earth minerals. I wonder if this is payoff for Chairman Joe to have the stolen election, and Hunters pedo activity hidden. I sort of wish we could have insight into the spiritual realm, and the truth exposed for the world to see what evil we are up against.

  47. John Pick

    Stew Peters and Alex Jones have had Doctors that say the WHO and CDC issue the only Covid Treatment Protocol that Hospitals are using. They further explained that this WHO, CDC Protocol was generated by an A.I. Computer. The A.I. Covid Treatment Protocol uses Remesdesvir (Veklury) a drug that proved to be fatally toxic to be approved by the FDA
    until Covid came along. These Doctors plainly stated that Remesdesvir causes multiple organ failure when used for 4 to 7 days. The drug Remesdevir is what is driving the Covid Death Count. THE HOSPITAL CURE IS THE KILLER NOT COVID !

    • JayJay

      And why is that?? Because the hospital receives thousands for each covid declared death…hell is here –the evil is not even hiding now.

  48. Jim Miller

    Pandemic is over says Dr Chris Martenson. Dr Martenson, holds a PhD in Pathology from Duke University. He shows powerful charts and the data to support his statement.
    Will die out within the U.S. in about 8 weeks.
    He also shows charts of Norway and Sweden. Both countries did nothing about the new variant. Death rate from the delta variant in Norway is 0.05 %. That death rate is lower than the death rate from a seasonal flu.

    Dr Wuhan Fauci’s Medical mafia is not sending doctors over to Sweden and Norway to seek their help?

    Dr Wuhan Fauci is criminal. Send him to gitmo.

    Thank you Greg for your service to our country and to the future of humanity.

  49. William Betts

    For your info. I posted a comment at about 0545 this morning. As soon as it was posted it was taken down. The post concerned the population covered by Dan Brown’s book Origins written in 2017. He also wrote The Da Vinci Code . Let us see if this posts….Betts

    • Charles H


      Same for mine. Posting from another computer; but what shows as pending – never appears. Assymetrical hacking?

      • JC

        Charles H,

        This problem commenting also happened in the last year or two, for about a month. After commenting, the comment is not visible with the usual “your comment is awaiting moderation.”

        • Charles H


          Mine seems backwards. It seems to register on the ‘await moderation’ form: but doesn’t make it to the final post.

  50. Jim Miller

    Dr Zelenko is the doctor who treated President Trump. He also treated Rudolph Giuliano.
    He speaks on a zoom about his Zelenko Protocol which keeps 87% of people with covid out of the hospital.
    Don’t get the jab. Just some of the horror statistics coming from clinical studies:

    Israel is 85% vaccinated. So why are they experiencing a severe outbreak of Delta?

    1 CDC website figures show that the survival rate for persons under age 18 is 99.998 percent
    by doing nothing. That death rate is less than the death rate from a seasonal flu!

    2 And article in the New England Journal of Medicine show the miscarriage rate goes up 8 fold for women who are vaccinated during their first trimester.

    3 Causes myocarditis in young adults.

    4 There is definite medical evidence that the jab will reduce sperm count.

    Autopsies finally being performed show that the spike protein migrates to the endothelium– the inner lining of blood vessels.
    The number one side effect of death from the jab is blood clots!

    If the USA had followed Dr Zelenko’s protocol, 87% of deaths from Covid would have been prevented. Do the math. 0.87 X 600,00 deaths = 522,00 Americans would be alive today!
    Only 78,000 Americans would have died!

    Dr. Malone, who invented the RNA technology holds the original patents for this vaccine is saying, “Do not use this. The government is lying to you. The side effects are horrific.”

    The Israeli who asks the hardest questions was actually treated using the Zelenko protocol !!
    He admits this fact only in the last minute of this webinar.

    Dr Wuhan Fauci does not want you to hear this, or read about this Doctor’s success.
    Dr Wuhan Fauci belongs in Gitmo.


    Greg, thank you for your inspiring service to our country and to the future of humanity.

  51. Nigel

    I will fight to the death to avoid the “Kill Shot”. I have no desire
    to be part of “The Matrix” and give my God given rights to a bunch
    of Lucifer worshiping demons. They can kill my body but, my
    soul will live on.

  52. Johan

    the bad guys sure love money, death, and young children. who would have guessed our nation has so many bad guys.

    • Ray

      List of guessers:
      The list is one, to be sure……
      America and the West (including Australia) are no Angels……..the slaughtering of untold millions whilst shouting “Freedom & Democracy” may fool many, but God sees all, and His hour of Judgement is now upon us (or, very, very close).
      Best wishes remain with you.
      Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

    • Paul ...

      Johan … If we get hold of the 150 or so “full fledged psychopaths” and take them down … this war against evil will be just about won … as the other followers in this Covid Death Cult (CDC) probably didn’t pull the wings off flies as kids like Gates and Fauci … or torture dogs and cats in laboratories as they got older … to satisfy their depraved need for perverted pleasure seeing animals die in excruciating pain … and are now rejoicing and gloating as the victims of their “jab” are now being slowly murdered and dying in excruciating pain … there is not much that can be done for the people who are proud they took the Clot Shot and think they are hero’s … but the sane among us need to do as Dr. Northrup suggests in the following post …

  53. Rich

    “Trust the plan”

    Trump and the white hats have everyone right where they want them!

    Don’t be surprised if in a month all bad guys (in the whole world)are locked up in Gitmo.

    Don’t be surprised if in a month Trump is back in charge and passes an executive order that all pharmacies will have available HCQ, Ivermectin. and there will be no more lockdowns, masks or vaccines mandates.

    Don’t be surprised if in a month the federal reserve is dismantled via executive order by Trump and silver is revalued at 1,000 per ounce.

    If you do not believe me just ask Cliff wo hoo high and Bo Polny data mining and cycle experts -Q is in charge.

    • Paul ...

      No matter how you spell it Q is a Quack … Q-uack … Qu-ack … Qua-ck … Quac-k!!

      • Rich

        Agree 100% – Q is definetly a quack-it was intended for verbal irony.
        Actually sad what people believe – there seems to be no discernment.

  54. Ron

    This ex-British military commentator Neil McCoy Ward who served in Afghanistan in 2005 has an interesting take on the situation there:
    “US Military Needed Elsewhere?? SUSPICIOUS!”
    Maybe you could interview him?

  55. Bonnie Guzman

    Greg, can you lead me to any previous videos you’ve done ( or others have done) that break down having gold/silver ‘in your hand” versus through a depository? I assume a depository is not the way to go. Thanks for your wonderful videos. You are my go to person.

  56. Andy

    Thanks Greg for all your work and bringing the variety of great people for interviews and analysis.
    Mike Lindell made a compelling case that China was instrumental in stealing the election to remove Trump, as he was for team America, not team China.
    The installed puppet, senile or not, has consistently driven policies that harm Americans, but invariably benefit China.
    We now know (as did our apparently complicit Eff Bee Eye) that Hunter was on the Chicom payrolls in a huge way, through all the fake business deals, and he wrote in emails that the “big guy” gets 10%.
    It looks to me like China has taken over our fed government, state dept, and military leadership, and has now taped a “kick me” sign on Americas’s back.
    Seeing the Taliban flying our helicopters has convinced me that this is beyond sheer ineptitude, and is likely treason at the highest levels.
    The USA has been marked by the globalist/china cabal for humiliation and demolition.
    Keep up your great work Greg!

  57. Jerry

    We’ve been sold out for a very long time. Or should I sold?
    The DOHA agreement signed Feb. 2020 pretty much spells out what is happening now in Afghanistan.

    Please keep in mind that at the time this little tea party was happening, the World Economic Forum was winding up at Davos . Was it a deal?
    You figure it. The globalist are carving up the world for the NWO and the United States won’t be part of it.

    • Jerry

      Don’t let anyone fool you about Afghanistan. This was a deal with China,
      just like the pandemic.

      If money was the cause of the withdrawal then why are we still in Germany, South Korea, and Japan? The globalist made a deal with China and the Taliban profited from it. Pure and simple. I’m not going to blame Biden or Trump, for this mess because the decision was made outside their scope of influence through the council of foreign affairs that run their operation through the CIA. If you didn’t learn anything from Trumps attempt to drain the swamp, know this. The swamp is really an ocean full of global sharks looking for unsuspecting victims to eat. Don’t get in the water with them. Control the things you can control and focus on your state and local government. You know where they live, and they can be held accountable. The politicians in Washington are no different than the fan cutouts in the stadiums. They’re all fake.

  58. Verdon Susan

    I think that the cabal is planning a false flag to be done on the anniversary of September 11th.
    Great as always Greg!

  59. eddiemd

    Back in the 90s I was in 7th SF with the area of operations in Central and South America. We listened to all communications of the cartels and narcoterrorists in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Panama, Mexico, etc. That was in the 90s.

    No doubt that all communications in the MENA are monitored. They know who is supplying the Taliban. Supplied by Pakistan with help of the CCP/PLA. See my post on the Bo Polny interview on the specifics.

    Afghanistan is the deception. They had to get out before we have a Dunkirk like military disaster. There is a larger war coming with Iran, Israel, Turkey, Russia, CCP/PLA…

    Ezekiel 38 war.

    The Taliban will get their revenge. Torture, beheadings, hangings, etc. Broadcast to the world. It will stir up the islamic radicals in the EU to attack.

    The CCP/PLA already setting up in Afghanistan. They can now make their way through Pakistan into the MENA.

    Perhaps an attack on the Iranian oil tankers inbound to Lebanon this week. In the Suez Canal.

    Israeli PM heading to meet Uncle Joe this next week. Perhaps to discuss the next war with Iran.

  60. David W Leonard

    Google Ads; I can live without them. I’ve been in business for 8 years now. I don’t use them. FaceBook, or as FaceButt as we call them, will not post our job ads because we are discriminatory; we require clean criminal records, pass drug test and be 18 years old minimum. We have to post our requirements as we are a security company we have to do that, it’s State Law. They’ve gone full retard.

  61. Catherine

    America has been evil for a long long time. The great divide is DRUGS. Ever since our government was complicit in infiltrating drugs the divide began between those that “partied” and those that didn’t. So since it was romanticized by the hippies “love generation”, the country (and the world) was set up for today’s playground for the purveyors of destruction and ONLY AN ACT OF GOD can stop it. Miracles can happen when God is with us. We as the non vaxers must must appeal to God for protection and help.

    • Bill

      Our schools teach Socialism to our children.

      • Catherine

        As a retired teacher I can attest to that since the 1980s. but the amount of cultural destruction now involving the lbgt agenda is more than I could handle. I am so glad I am not teaching under this regime. I would be arrested.

  62. Stan

    Nixon was a genius. After he ditched the archaic Gold standard this country saw decades of incredible technological and economic growth. Capital was now available to fund companies like Intel, Microsoft, Apple, Pfizer, Merck, Cisco and thousands more. Ditching the Gold standard lifted us out of the industrial age into the technology age.

    • JC

      Stan, you’re a great comedian, even better than Don Rickles.

    • Paul ...

      Stan … Nixon was also crook … now that we have another crook in the White House … can we expect similar great things? … just this time around … the Big Guy gets a 10% cut!!

    • Ray

      I think Bentley was bellowing at Stan for a carrot, and he didn’t quite get to finish off his last sentence properly.
      I will take the opportunity here, if no-one minds.
      “Ditching the Gold standard lifted us out of the industrial age into the technology age and then onward into The Age Of The Cage”.
      There ya go Stan……don’t say I don’t love ya mate.
      Ray, Canberra, Caged Nation.

    • Bill

      Tricky Dick Nixon, was always a Elitist at heart!

  63. Kenneth Culp

    If you had read the book I sent you “The Politically Incorrect History of the United States,” you would understand that the Deep State / Globalists need an enemy, be it the Taliban, a Pandemic or the Climate, to increase its control over the people of the world. That’s why they propped up Russia and China in order to have a credible enemy to fight. That’s why they funded ISIS and the Taliban.

  64. Bailey

    Thanks for another compelling report! Greg, Pinball Preparedness reports today that Americans stuck behind in Afganistan are being CHARGED $2000 each to be taken out – with passports held ransom until the fee is paid. Can this possibly be true?

  65. L

    Predators are being groomed in Nations, Cities, neighborhoods, …. all to help Depopulate. Just simple as that.

  66. Lois Douglas

    They are doing this because they know Trump is coming back shortly and they want to leave this mess in his hands. Anyway they can give him a headache, or to look bad in the end these people will do it. The Trump Admin was paying the Afghan government the whole time. He took the money we use to pay to the Taliban and gave it to leaders who were in charge. Biden cut that off as soon as he took office. That’s why there was no fight. Those people had run. They knew what was coming. Head for the hills. Even there President got out early. This was on purpose and the end goal is to make Trumps new admin look bad and have there hands full with Pakistan. Pakistan funds the Taliban. Who fund Pakistan? The military complex. The 5th column.

  67. Kerry

    Where is Durham? Where is Trump? Devolution is a total misdirection and Americans are going to get slaughtered for the world to see. Americans should be flown out first, bomb the equipment and blow up the airports. Have you ever wondered what Rome looked like in its last days, now you know! Why aren’t people being arrested and flown into GITMO? This is treason and sedition. Wait, no one will go to jail, no trials, no prison time, and no executions of the guilty.

    • Bill

      Time will tell, if Durham is another AG BARR!

  68. Rod M. Brumley, Sr.

    Why isn’t Gold Skyrocketing? Normally when you have high inflation – world turmoil etc – Gold would be up Huge!!!
    Biden is a Despicable incompetent Traitor. Milley is a total Traitor – I’m disgusted !!!
    Greg Hunter is our Ultimate Patriot 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  69. Scott

    Greg: The variants occur in every person who is infected. Most variants are dysfunctional but a few are infective. The presence a narrow based vaccine immunity allows the version with the best ability to evade that immunity to predominate and pass to others. Without Vax immunity, the version that can propagate faster tends to win that race, those typically cause less severe disease.



    Back in the 1980s early 90s, I worked in the intelligence community. You hit the nail on the head when you said it was planned by our intelligence group to give it over to the Taliban which will be used to suck the Chinese in and then fund a war against them and wear them down financially. They make money funding both sides. It is the same thing we did by funding the Mujahideen (who became the Taliban) against the Russians from 1979 to 1989. We just funded them (Taliban) with a billion dollars in equipment and China is chewing at the bit to get in there to get the rare earth minerals located in that country.


  71. Scott

    One other point, as you increase the number vaccinations per person teh number of injection complications will skyrocket. The fat molecules that ae used in the mRNA vaccines have not been fully tested in humans. Allergic and other inflammatory condition will increase with repeated use

  72. Robert James

    As with the Vietnam War, the banksters wanted to sell Hundreds of Billions worth of war goods and drugs. Which they did. The banksters have always won. Until now.

  73. Rich

    Great video Greg. More and more data is coming in and the Vaccinated are getting the Covid variant and spreading it around. Stay away from the vaxed.

  74. chloe

    MSM will block the optics that tell the real story.

  75. Paul Kramer

    Here is a great video from Liberty Council that explains how to get a religious exemption from the shots.

    Mat Staver would make a great USA Watchdog guest !

  76. Jay Carpenter

    My step-daughter and her family (all unvaxxed) just got really sick in southern Alabama. They were prescribed Ivermectin and Hydroxchloroquine. Southern Alabama is going under masks again but it looks like they finally got the meds right.

    Maybe Alabama is finally starting to turn around?

    • Bill

      So, did the Ivermectin cure your Family?

  77. Fred Engel

    Rahm Emanuel never let a crisis go to waste… Afghanistan clog the news cycle around Maricopa county forensic results due to be out early Sept.

    • Carpenter

      All 4 of them are in great health again.

  78. SurroundedByLiberals

    Around 20 months ago, a Beef on a Wick sandwich at the local Wegmans grocery store was $5.50

    I checked the price four days ago. It now costs $9.00, and it is noticeably smaller. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I *still* can’t believe it.

  79. Mike

    The CDC admits that the PCR test cannot distinguish between COVID and the flu. There is no way for COVID variants to be measured or detected. The variants are a totally fabricated false narrative. The 2020 flu deaths dropped to zero because of a faulty test and not some miracle cure. The total deaths from all causes in 2020 is basically the same as 2019. The pandemic is a false narrative supported by fear porn from the fake news. The virus released deliberately from the Chinese bioweapons lab failed to have the death toll expected. The US is at war with evil forces and it looks like God is watching over people in the US.

  80. Diana Brown

    You know Greg, Ive thought a lot about this debacle in Afganistan. I think it was planned to be just like the bomb it was. It resembles a false flag event only at great loss.In this I mean on many levels. It will roll out slowly as to the serious impact. Thats the point. Its designed to take attention AWAY from the real issue, which is, the Arizona forensic audit findings. Deep state knows its of biblical proportion and will set off a mega uprising. Did not George H Bush make the statement: “If the American people ever find out what we have done they will chase us down the street and lynch us.” If Im not mistaken HRC also made similar statement. In my view they have gotten away with the most heinous of crimes for decades. This is not a democrat/republican issue. It is much more evil than that lable designed to make you think there is a difference between these two corrupt parties.

    We are living in extraordinary times. Truth no longer will be hidden.

  81. Dennis Terwilliger

    Greg thanks for everything you do. Please take care.

  82. iwitness02

    Life in America has been reduced to Politics.
    Politics and nothing but politics.
    The politics of power and money.
    The love of money is the root of all evil.
    God can rest His case on this point.
    We are seeing the proof in real time.

  83. George+Eddleston

    To block One Belt One Road?

  84. Cathy Ashburn

    Greg, thank you so much for your information. A friend of mine says that her husband got the jab. She is wondering if she can get something from him like “shedding”. Could you speak with someone who knows this information? Thank you for all you do.

  85. susan russo

    The narrative is the plague was developed to construct the need for the vax. Depopulation was the global cabalistic goal.

  86. Doug

    The list of TRAITORS to the USA is endless!
    There are Generals who should at minimum should be fired.

    Who would leave 75,000 paid vehicles and god knows how much ammo and other weapons ( I read like a warehouse full) !

    The taxpayers keep getting screwed in so many ways and the reputation to our country is being destroyed. I am bitterly disappointed, angered and saddened considering the Americans and Afghanistan people (who supported us )and we left them there !!

    We have communists and traitors in charge and it’s in our face clear as a bell !
    All the more important to right the wrong of the 2020 US Presidential election!

    Pray people !


    Hi Greg!

    Another awesome and informative show. Greg do you know where I can purchase ivermectin so that I can have it available in case I need it for covid symptoms? Thanks, I look forward to your soonest response,

  88. Simon Sheppard

    Hi Greg

    I think you should point out when you next have the opportunity that ‘breakthrough’ is in fact a medical term, They have simply recycled it.

    A ‘medical breakthrough’ is a new development which treats a formerly recalcitrant medical problem. For example, penicillin was a major medical breathrough.

    I do know something about this.


  89. Carol Trueman

    Hi Greg, In Canada ,we are faced with a terrible prime minister and the Conservative opposition is a poor choice as the opposition, who is supposibly Catholic who is not pro-life. What a predicament facing us. I am afraid if Mr. O’Toole defeats Trudeau ,nothing will change. Canada is falling into debt so badly ,our great grandchildren will be saddled with the debt. Also our Canadian Charter of Human Rights is being illegally ignored and we are quickly losing our freedoms. We have a sad and dangerous situation here. There is a growing sentiment here in Alberta and probably Saskatchewan to leave Canada. Where would we go? Two Provinces (landlocked).cannot survive alone. Some say we should join the U.S.A. Would the U.S.A. ,even want us. We do have oil,and potash ,etc.

  90. Dennis Lee Brooks, M.D.

    Hello Greg:
    Love and appreciate your work.
    However, even though Ivermectin and HCQ/Zinc are effective, please learn about Chlorine Dioxide, which is more effective and is being used by 5,000 doctors in a dozen countries with 98% success.

    Over 5,000 doctors worldwide are successfully treating patients with chlorine dioxide and with no adverse effects in 95% of patients.

    More from Dr. Aparicio with Stu Peters:
    God bless,
    Dennis L. Brooks, M.D.

  91. Noel Kendall

    While we need to harden ourselves for what is coming in the next several months, I suggest we also need to soften our hearts: there will be many, many orphans. Even in my advanced youth, I have made the decision that should there be a need to take in an orphan or two, I will do it. I will do what I can for the children that the Lord puts in my path or in my charge.

    • Thomas Surguine

      You sir, are a gentleman after my own heart! In 1930, my parents did 4 me precisely what you are proposing, and there is NO WAY this orphan can praise you enough 4 your obviously kind, most generous HEART, and there are simply NOT ENOUGH WORDS IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE 2 TRULY EXPRESS THE ADMIRATION YOU MOST CERTAINLY HAVE E A R N E D!!!!

  92. Kay

    I spent time in India. I am concerned about what happens to them. They are sandwiched between China and Terrorists. America will not come to their defence that is for sure. I guess the Dominos will fall in rapid succession.

    FYI-They are handing out sweets in Pakistan and declaring victory. People have no clue that useful idiots are always thrown under the bus.

    • Ray

      There are more terrorists in Washington & Canberra… a factor of 50, than there are in Afghanistan, full stop (or “period” as is said in the US).
      Ray Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

      • JC


        “Soylent Green is a dystopian science-fiction film set in the year 2022 where society has been ravaged by climate disasters, over-pollution, and overpopulation and only the wealthiest people in the world can afford natural food and a decent place to live. That means as of this writing, we only have one more year to turn things around before…”

        Read More:

        • Ray

          G’day JC my friend.
          I watched Soylent Green again on Friday night.
          My fiancé came into the lounge room and said “You’re watching it again?’
          I looked up at her, smiled softly and said, “ Babe, try not to interrupt me when I am studying the future”.
          She rolled her eyes and walked back down the hallway.
          Great movie…….I’d love to put Sol Roth (played by THE GREAT Edward G Robinson) into the White House!
          I have been going over to G. A. STEWARTS’ site a lot lately…….thanks for putting me onto it…..really interesting material there.
          When all this is over……and if it ends well for us, get yourself over here for a visit mate.
          We’ll order a pizza and chill a slab of beer and watch Soylent Green together. 🙂
          Take care,
          Ray, Canberra, LDN

    • Bill

      Just like China, they have a lot of People, maybe 800 Million? Their Leader, PM Modie was agressively defending India’s Islands. India is ready to go to War against China because China keeps on trying to steal Islands from Japan, Vietnam and the Philopines. I believe all the other countries in the Area of China have formed a Union of sorts against China’s Agressiveness in Stealing Islands from other Countries.

  93. gary+L+defries

    Don’t understand why you say silver at $23 or $24 dollars is a good buy. In central Texas today, my dealer sells silver eagles for $36 dollars each! Today, silver is barely over $23 dollars spot.

    • Thomas Surguine

      Then go 2 Singapore, Bullion STAR, buy whatever u want it there….problem solved. Best prices I know of……expat tom

  94. Dan Reynolds

    Greg, Regarding the Covid Virus, have you ever heard of a Dr. Mercola? I may have missed your previous notes on him if in fact you had spoken of or interviewed him.
    He seems to be on top of the latest information surrounding the created mess that so many are responsible for, regarding this virus.

  95. Pet

    WWIII on the MIC horizon to justify their existence??

  96. Pete

    MIC fomenting WWIII

  97. Brian


    You provide good documentable information that I want to get a transcript or download the video for reference and referral. Is there any way to obtain or download the videos or transcripts to the presentations?

  98. Robert Dziok

    RRN ( reports on the Afghanistan evacuation in it’s latest article. It reports that when Biden (or whoever that is) sought Defense Secretary Austin’s advice in matters involving the deteriorating crisis in Afghanistan, a powerless Austin conceded he had no control over the military and no answer on how to exfiltrate American citizens trapped behind enemy lines. “Oh, well #### them. If they die, we’ll blame Trump,” Biden said of Americans trapped in Afghanistan. Secretary of Defense Austin reached out to his nemesis Marine Corps General and member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff David H. Berger, pleading for military support in evacuating endangered Americans. Gen. Berger lambasted Austin saying Austin did not care about Americans and all Austin cared about was saving face and protecting his handlers. Gen. Berger told Austin he sold his soul and we real Americans will not let our brethren die and we’ve already made plans to get our people home. Not because of you and certainly not because of Biden but because we care for American lives Gen. Berger told Austin. It was Berger and other Joint Chiefs of Staff who orchestrated the deployment of 6,000 troops to protect American lives. But team Biden, upon learning of the military’s plan, quickly took credit, pretending as if he and his criminal cadre had mustered military support.

  99. up yours

    We should all ask for Biden and his entire staff to resign. This guy and his partners in crime are a National Threat. The Joint Chiefs should insist that General Miley to step down. Why in the Hell would any General that servers on the Joints Chiefs want to be associated with such a POS.

    • Bill

      No Democrat resigns willingly when asked, they must be prodded and pushed! Look at Cuomo, he was going to wait all his nay-sayers out! Like that one Governor, he was told to resign, but he never did. However, I don’t remember his Name!

  100. Robert FAnfalone

    How about a Bumper sticker campaign…screw AI
    “Pandemic…for Dummies”
    …the latest in the Series….

  101. Gene

    Lara Logan’s surmise may well be correct. After all, it’s obvious she’s done her homework and provided the only coherent explanation for the recent events in Afghanistan. If it is correct, I would not be surprised in the future to see American military advisers training Taliban fighters and the Military Industrial Complex providing spare parts and ammunition for all the equipment left behind.

  102. Mikey

    Hi Greg as a Brit please accept my apologies for our part in failing to aid US citizens in getting them out of Afghanistan at this time I’m sure it could’ve been easily arranged if my Government wasn’t so incompetent. It’s embarrassing.

  103. Jim Ledyard

    Biden canceled Trump’s State Dept. Rescue plan, which Trump put in place to get Americans out of Afghan if needed. The same as Obama who (in 2015) canceled State Department Rescue Plans in Benghazi and left Navy Seals and Ambassador Stevens to be murdered.
    Biden did not “leave behind” weapons. He SUPPLIED weapons to the enemy. ON PURPOSE.

    I could give you a laundry list of weapons that Joe gave to the Taliban, but it would take 2 pages. Here’s a partial list: 174 High Mobility Humvees, 10K Rocket Launchers, 9 million rounds .50 cal BMG, 20 million rounds 7.62 mm, 45- UH60 Blackhawk helicopters, 6- A29 light attack aircraft.

  104. Donnie W Clyma

    Dear Greg, as we all know, Biden is a globalist puppet, and though can’t say in specific whats going to happen, Bidens quick move to draw all troops out makes me suspicious of something big planned by globalist. Maybe 9-11 event. Don’t know just suspicious. Bo may be correct in part this time, and for sure, the federal reserve has showed his hand, and the system is going down when the globalist give the order. I’m sickened over Biden as I was over Obama. Both were globalist puppets scrambling for their place among the elite as soon as their treason is accomplished and America is destroyed. My the Lord reward their support of the antichrist kingdom. Hope your doing well friend.

  105. Marilyn Guinnane

    The panel of doctors in the posted video is a very important view, Greg. (And everyone)

  106. Self Exiled

    Well planed. Well executed in my opinion. Fits right in to the goals and narrative here in the US NWO agenda. Biometric Data base collection (equal to NASA), computerized ability to monitor any opposition, uniforms, weapons, emergency vehicles, hospitals and equipment, records of personnel, that can be used to carry out the surveillance and health care, policing equipment and infrastructure for a surveillance society, plus national defence weaponry. We’ve trained them, equipped them with everything they need to accomplish the NWO goals. Are they organized enough? We Shall see. I bet they are.

  107. L Leidy

    No matter how bad the news on your weekly commentary is I always look forward to it because it is the truth as ugly and sad as it is , you mentioned heroes in one of your past interviews ‘ Mike Lundell being one of the many you spoke of, who are constantly being attacked and have lost so much because they speak the truth.
    Greg, you are always attacked and have lost much but continue to speak the truth;

    That makes you a HERO and I am sure others will agree
    Stay strong in Jesus!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks “LL”!!

  108. Marilyn Guinnane

    Dear soul Greg, Jesus never existed. His name was YESHUA. He is our brother. You do not need saving. The Creator loves you and all of us unconditionally! I adhere to the teachings of Yeshua, yes. But he was a great teacher and a wonderful brother, not my ‘savior’.
    Marilyn Guinnane

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t know what you are reading Marilyn, but you got it all wrong. Jesus is my Lord and savior–period, the end. John 14:6 Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” Read Matthew 28:18. You are being deceived. We will have to agree to disagree. “Lightworker” means you work for the bringer of light and that is Satan. Don’t bother to return comment. I will not post it.

    • eddiemd

      2 John 1:7

      For many deceivers have gone out into the world who do not confess Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist.

  109. Michael Janket

    When David Morgan says “hold cash”, does he mean greenbacks or precious metals?

    Love your presentations, Greg. Thanks for the weekly outputs.


    • Greg Hunter

      He’s saying actual cash along with everything else.

  110. Donnie W Clyma

    Greg, it occurred a year or two ago to me, that the NWO reset, and their globalist utopia they wish to bring in is in fact the tribulation period Christ spoke of which would come. Their declared agenda fit it to a tee, if you understand its inner workings. They can’t understand how Satin works in evil mens hearts to fulfill the words of God. The closer we get to the kingdom of God the worse things will become, and the global government they seek will only be realized in the last 31/2 years before Christ second coming. They think they are in the drivers seat, but God the one in control. The three and one half years of antichrist and global government will be accompanied by the wrath of the lamb poured out without measure, right up to the day of the Son of God’s coming at Armageddon. They will destroy their own souls, right up to the end, and will not repent, unless they get a personal eye opener given by God to cause them to do so.. Good Day my friend

  111. William Richard James Nicholson

    Greg , the issue is written upon The Georgia Guide Stones ! There is NO Question about it. The ones whom think they are the leaders of the world Want a depopulation event ( Jabs ) to reduce population of Earth to equal or less than 500 Million ! Those that are left alive will be used to feed the ” Elites ” with whatever they want including Human Sacrifice as that is their ritual sacrifice to Lucifer their leader. I received an invitaion to join their group ( T.I. ) a year ago August ( 2020 ) & I diplomatically declined the invitation. Greg if you have any doubts about my story get a hold of them & ask to take my invitation if you want to exchange your soul for immense wealth & power in political office or central banking. Cordially, Nick , NavyBlueSmoke

  112. eddiemd

    This is the type of study they don’t want you to know about. Natural immunity after infection confers protection. None of these participants needed an injection.

    Big Pharma and the corrupted medical profession don’t want to fund studies involving natural immunity from infection. They are only interested in the injections.

    The VA stated to me that they do not test for antibody titers to see if someone has natural immunity. Only take the injection.

    The worst recommendation is to inject pregnant women without first testing for natural immunity. If you are a woman who has miscarried after taking the injection and your OB/GYN did not test for natural immunity before recommending the injection, contact a legal professional to start the lawsuit. I would guess that they have all pregnant women sign off a document limiting liability prior to the injection. So sorry for your stupidity.

    • eddiemd

      Here is the recent study in “pregnant persons”.

      The results are ambiguous. They don’t come out and state directly that the injections are safe.

      I would like to see a study on premature fetal death and miscarraiges in 1st and 2nd trimesters involving autopsy of the placenta to see if there is evidence of microthrombi. In addition evidence of damage caused by spike protein and/or spike protein antibody damage to the fetus.

      Would be interesting to know if ACE2 receptor damage is being caused in the placenta/fetus.

      Well known that the use of ACE inhibitors is contraindicated in pregnancy.

  113. Lord Nasdaq

    Good to hear a fresh Friday Weekly News Wrap-Up, brother Greg.
    Thanks for true news.
    Masks (like China cities since 90’s) are permanent. Viruses and common cold are RNA based and replicate.
    So I ask people, “Will you get a H1N1 version 2 virus vaccine? What about Asian Bird Flu Virus 4.0 vaccine in say 2026? Why wasn’t there any uproar for Covid 18, 17, 16, etc. vaccine shots?”
    Dollar will reign (imo) due to inflation of consumer staples/discretionary goods sold abroad. And the fact most nations don’t trust each other as I’ve said decades ago regardless a Euro currency, oil – based Petro -Yuan currency, etc.
    Staying still at this point in exchanges.
    God bless

  114. Paige Barent

    Hey Greg,

    I’m not sure if you saw Stew Peter’s interview with Dr. Vladimir Zolenko, but he discusses his prophylaxis protocol for C-19, was well as an over the counter alternative for hydroxychloroquine/ivermectin. It’s called Quercetin (500 mg). His success rate with high risk patients is 99%. (This high risk group includes those individuals who have taken a jab). Please watch this interview, if you haven’t seen it yet. Passing on this information could help a lot of people who are not familiar with Dr. Zolenko’s work.

  115. Brian

    Who supplies the US? Global elites. Who supplies the global elites? Artificial intelligence. Who supplies artificial intelligence? Now we’re getting closer.

  116. Oligarchy10539

    They dumped you bro greg.

  117. Jr

    It’s been established that this jab is NOT a vaccination; it is NOT a vaccine. there’s NO test for covid 19 because no virus has been isolated in order to have a test. That means all the “test data” is a lie; “fully vaccinated” is a lie; any and all “passports” are a lie. When they report % of “effectiveness” it’s a lie. Immunity from what? graphene oxide and spike proteins?
    What is the obvious thing that we as children of the truth can do to fight this satanic onslaught? WWJD ?
    I think every time ANYONE referred to this ghoulish concoction as a “vaccine” he would not accept that designation as factual -he would not give them that. He would not fight the battle on their ground – He would repeat the simple truth that it’s NOT a vaccine – that’s where the battle has to be fought – no “engaging” the lie to reach them with mounds of information – just the simple truth that 24,000 children in Australia will wish someone would have at least screamed at these devils -IT IS NOT A VACCINE.

  118. George Hudson

    Hi Greg,

    Well, every week it’s the same number I send out, plus a few more.. and i here from these people from Houston to Seattle, so I know they are watching and listening. They are all over and I’m so glad I can help spread the word. You were absolutely the best ever tonight. I love the pen you were holding. Your ending left me in tears! Just keep on pounding Greg! You are getting through !!! I know very few people who can grasp what is going on like you do! Love you! Keep up the good work! I don’t now how you do it all, George.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks George!!

  119. Helen H.

    Thank you Greg for the incredible service to humanity that you bring to us each week! The high caliber of truth and the guests on your show are among the BEST speaking out in today’s times. This broadcast’s closing comments are especially valuable in reminding us all that Jesus Christ is real, and never to lose hope for a better outcome than things may seem at this moment in time. David Icke had a recent interview echoing similar sentiments and also one of America’s Frontline Doctors, wonderful Dr. Stella Immanuel, spoke the same during her recent prayer vigils. For when the name of Jesus Christ is invoked demons and evil must flee. We must all stay centered in Christ and Love, be wise, and perhaps we can lessen the impact of the all out EVIL being thrown at us from every direction as satan thrashes about in its death throes. We can be a part of the solution helping to end the problems with the information we learn from you and your guests! Thanks again Greg, what an incredible patriot you are.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks “HH”!!!

  120. jack mathers

    China is black mail Biden -so Biden gave Afghanistan to them. why?
    China wants the minerals

    • Bill

      Hunter + The Big Guy owes China for $1.5 Billion Loan?

  121. Endtime

    Notice what day the main event happened, Aug 15th. What did Bo say about that date

  122. Mark Snyder

    Thank you Greg, you are in our prayers.

  123. tim mcgraw

    Hi Greg, You asked for Bohemian Grove stories from the days when my wife and I catered there (2002-2006). Okay…
    1: At one camp, BG consists of about 38 camps, a dropsy bellied alcoholic gave our black caterer shit. She was a former model. Told my wife and I, “I’m not putting up with this bigot.” She went to the catering van. Above the bar was a painting of an elderly white man in tuxedo and coat tails screwing a young woman on a piano.
    2: At the outdoor theater where Clint Eastwood would premiere his films, we held an event on a warm afternoon under the giant redwoods. A drunken white man came up to me and said, “You know where I got this bourbon whiskey? It came from the bottom of a steam boat in the Mississippi River. It is from the 1800’s and very smooth.”
    “Can I have a sip?” I asked.
    The drunk looked at me in disdain and walked away.
    On the same job was a family in blue blazers, white slacks… East Coasters obviously. It was their family having the wedding reception on the pond in front of the Big Owl.
    Oh, I could tell you more stories.. women aren’t allowed in the BG after dark (unless they are prostitutes or caterers.) Ha.
    Oh… it is a sinful place. Nixon was right about BG. I think he said it was full of faggots.

  124. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    The United States and it’s fifty administrative political subdivisions that the “normies” or masses believe are States are corrupt to the core with every so called Governor, so called Congressmen, so called US Senators are in fact the very individuals who are destroying America from within, they have been selling out America and American’s for as long as I have been alive. There is only one STATE. That STATE is called the United States, United States of America, US and various other names of officialdom and all those names of officialdom trace back to the one and only STATE that is in fact the United States of America. The source of the fact that the United States of America is the only STATE that exists in North America is in the original foundational documents that the United States of America through it’s agents signed with the United Nations with the other founding members which total five founding members. You can go to the CIA factbook to find the published fact that the 50 so called States are in fact mere “administrative political subdivisions” a part of a scheme called “Metro” or “Metropolitan Area”. The incompetence you notice is mostly in the lower bowels of the STATE. The defacto President clowns, defacto Judicial clowns and defacto Legislative clowns are all members of destroy America from within group. In all transactions the American people are always sitting across the table from the United States of America or STATE. As the defacto United States pulls the plug on the Afghanistan Scam you can be certain it is all going according to a specific plan and financed 100% from pencils, paper, flags, bombs, helicopters, bullets, body bags, coffins, guns, ammunition and everything that costs money. The pentagon doesn’t do anything without a financing statement covering the collateral to be financed or the collateral to be disposed of wether by flying people out of Afghanistan or wether they dispose of dead bodies in another manner, they finance every single penny right down to the last detail and every square inch of real estate that they operate in, as well as air space. From what they show us on the Tel Em A Vision idiot box, I would say it is going exactly as planned by their business plan. The whole thing is a business and a rich mans trick to get wealthier and consolidate more power into fewer hands. Evidently the U.S. and Europe do not need to launder their money through Afghanistan any longer as it served as an avenue for government money laundering for nearly 20 years and all the opium harvested provided excellent sources of off the books cash for the C.I.A. Or Al-CIA-Duh. It is not easy to know exactly what their real plans are, but you can be sure if government man or government woman is speaking they are lying 100%. As the USA interior land mass starts to show real signs of economic and political collapse the STATE and their central bankers will create a new war, a new boogeyman for the normies to be afraid of and get all wrapped up in. All U.S. elections are rigged and the so called winners are chosen before any vote is cast by a normie, more commonly referred to as a “part number in the election accounting records” yeah all Americans are a part number in their voter registration scheme which is nothing more than an accounting scheme to operate in any way the official chooses because you gave them your name and that is how they operate against you in your name. The STATE model election fraud on the same model they use in their courthouse scam, all cases are decided before any party ever actually appears, mostly the STATE is the winner in every alleged case and the American men and women and children are always the pre-determined losers in the courthouse scam and you are the surety for every tax, bill, cost that the courthouse crowd decide to spend, you are there to be used as the responsible borrower on the promissory notes that are taken out to finance all so called government spending, it is really a corporation and no government exists in the United States, public pretenders fraudulently hold themselves out to be government officials when in fact they are corporate employees of a corporation. It is a fact the United States Government doesn’t even exist, it is a dba name they are using to get people to believe they are the government. In my experience I have found the ones I have met and dealt with to be dishonorable men and dishonorable women, criminals. US District Judge, a fraud, State District Judge, a fraud, US Attorney, a fraud, Governor, a fraud. Policeman, a fraud, State Trooper, a fraud. The list of Traitors is all of them, even your favorite politician is selling you out in every way. In fact the only human traffickers I have ever ran into is the entire courthouse crowd, those human traffickers are in every courthouse, how do you think the operation of human trafficking is so wildly successful and profitable. It is organized by officialdom, through officialdom using costumes, color of law actions, threats of using legal process if you refuse to contract with the human traffickers. I am positive the corporate U.S. Army trafficked children through Afghanistan.

  125. Robin Wills

    Greg, the media is claiming the taliban is mostly friendly since the fall of Afghanistan as if they were burning down black hoods like antifa. I know a few weeks ago they were comparing the Jan 6 protest to the taliban as if the taliban was evil but now they claim the taliban is peaceful and friendly. I too was talking about how the taliban had support from the NWO of pedophiles including AWOL Biden giving puppet master Hillary Clinton (I never met a pedophile I didn’t like) the reigns

    • Greg Hunter

      The MSM is woke-tard and out of their minds.

  126. tim mcgraw

    No, it was Martin Armstrong’s tax accountant who told him to get out of New Jersey and move to Florida. Socrates isn’t that personal.

    • Greg Hunter

      I talked to him personally and that’s what he told me.

  127. Randy Best

    Stock markets still hitting all time highs. Gold and Silver doing nothing. We have a long way to go to see Bo Pony’s 180 degrees change. God is not moving his hand yet.

  128. Wes B Alexander

    Great Weekly Wrap UP – Thank you for all the covid links. Good stuff.

  129. Mike Johnson

    Technically we didn’t train the Taliban to fly helicopters. We trained the Afghan National Army (ANA) to fly helicopters. Then after Biden effectively broke the deal that Trump had negotiated and demonstrated that American forces could not be relied on to fight the ANA deserted pretty much to the last man and a significant percentage of them joined the Taliban.

    Wouldn’t that have happened anyway even if Biden hadn’t broken that deal? Possibly, the Taliban had more respect for Trump than Biden. Trump had demonstrated he was willing to use force when necessary. Biden not so much. IMHO the root cause of this problem is the fraud that put Biden in office in the first place.

  130. Melvin thiess

    What are people talking about the dollar is going up. This is crazy to say the dollar will crash people need to do there homework and think for themselves.

    • Bill

      Ordinary Monetary Theory sez: if the Govt prints too many Dollar Bills, then the value of the Dollar will go down! Weimar Germany printed too many Marks in the period 1914-1923. Between 1914-1919, prices doubled in Germany. In 1923, Prices in Germany doubled in 5 months!

  131. Thomas

    Love your work Greg Hunter. Jesus IS real and in all of our hearts.

  132. Gale Storm

    ‘Very shortly’ we are going to be challenged on a ‘bigger scale’ by China and by Russia
    291,752 viewsAug 19, 2021 Sky News Aust.
    Western powers must find a “unity and a purpose” because very shortly we are going to be challenged on a bigger scale by China and by Russia, according to UK House of Commons Member Sir Iain Duncan Smith”I felt ashamed, I’ll be quite frank with you, ashamed about all of us really America, Britain … who espouse the values of tolerance, democracy, human rights, the rule of law,” he told Sky News host Peta Credlin.
    “And how we were literally tumbling out of Afghanistan being pursued by a group of people who are relatively lightly armed and who have now dismissed you can argue some of the world’s greatest powers particularly the world’s greatest super power.
    “Here we stand at the threshold of a genuine and serious geo-political threat.”We see the advance now of those authoritarian states; Russia, China and their acolytes – we see that they are hellbent on growing their ideology not just their territorial size.
    “And what we are now seeming to be doing is departing from what is actually a very strategic part of the world because it borders Russia, close to Russia it’s close to China, it’s above Pakistan who seems to have thrown in their cards completely with the Chinese now.”
    Mr Duncan Smith said the “most telling” part was the Chinese mouthpiece the Global Times telling Taiwan to “look out” because “America will not be there for you – we’re coming”.
    “We have to figure out what we’re going to do because very shortly we’re going to be challenged on a bigger scale by China and by Russia – and we need to have a unity and a purpose,” he said.

  133. Jeff Robbins

    Vaccine comment: I have wondered why there are no medical exclusions; don’t take this if you are pregnant, don’t take with a staton, if you have a history of ‘ high blood pressure’ consult with your physician. I don’t understand how any person in the medical field wouldn’t ask this (the ones giving the shots), can we be that driven by fear?

  134. lou grant

    Clashes & arrests in Sydney, Melbourne as anti-lockdown protesters defy Australian police pledge to unleash ‘full force’ (VIDEOS)
    by RT ‘August 21st 2021, 4:28 am


    Saturday Night in KAZAN, The Republic of Tatarstan, Russia. LIVE
    210 watching now Started streaming 3 hours ago

  135. eddiemd

    Attack on ivermectin.

    If you dose it correctly it should not be a problem.

    Interesting statement embedded in the article.

    “While there are human uses for the drug, the US Food and Drug Administration has not approved ivermectin to treat or prevent COVID-19 in humans and the drug is not an anti-viral medication.”

    The FDA will never officially approve ivermectin. Too many Big Pharma people in the ranks who have stock in the injections.
    Off label use of medications is very common in medicine. Happens all the time. Especially when it comes to psych meds. Just because it “is not an anti-viral medication” does not mean it does not work.

    This CNN news propaganda is disinformation and flat out lies. The medical profession has been given over to the final days deception.

    Bible prophecy. Coming soon to your life. Never fails.

  136. W H

    I have said before God was getting ready to shut the door / it gets closer everyday
    You are called a liar if you say anything against what you know to be a lie and have proof straight from their mouth . It is said that they will lift ear ticklers up to hear what they want to hear and that they will call a lie the truth and the truth a lie . Look no further
    than what is happening today . Some people say one thing today and another thing they will say tomorrow . God said a double minded man is not hearing from him .
    One day it is God is going to bless and the next day they say he is judging / i see everyday as a blessing knowing that we are one day closer to all the evil that is being done to come to a END . Come LORD Come quickly .

  137. Lisa Stahl

    God Speed, God Bless.

  138. Slide

    I guess Clif High will be disappointed now that the FDA are going to approve the Pfizer poke? Next week?
    Could it be that the FDA is complicit in the “death to humanity” project by the cabal?
    Up here in the Soviet socialist gulag once known as Canada I am not seeing dozey sandwich shop staff unable to make change yet. They are just as dozey as they were before the scamdemic? We live close to an airport and blood clotted pilots aren’t crashing planes yet? Is it only the people in USA that are receiving the poison shots? Did the Queen only shoot up commoners with saline in the commonwealth?

    • Greg Hunter

      Is it approved?

  139. Joe Wong

    Afghanistan is NOT called the “GRAVEYARD OF EMPIRES” or the place where “EMPIRES GOES TO DIE” for nothing… Too bad nobody studied their history before setting foot in this mountainous and cursed nation, just to lose all credibility, and watch your nation or empire crumble in the process. Does anyone remember Alexander the Great, The Ottomans, The UK in the Anglo-Afghan war of 1919, the USSR in 1979, and now the Americans in 2001 ???

    Should I say anymore ???

  140. Professor Curtis

    The PTB want us folks to focus on Joe, get rid of Joe. Do not focus on the election. Do not overturn the election! Get rid of the Straw Man Joe! They were going to dump him anyway. So blame Joe, then just try and get rid of Harris. Blaming Joe is another Media led conspiracy!

  141. Sam Morgan

    Great broadcast. Truth is the enemy of all these horrible lies being crammed down us. Thanks for the Truth. You are correct about the non-stop disinformation designed to enslave us. Also, as I see it, Ivermectin is a miracle – from God. Just breaking through with the truth about Ivermectin will wake up even the woke. The Deep State has to keep a lid on this so to defeat the Deep State we have to shine the light – Truth.

    Suggest you interview Ann Barnhardt. She just posted on the difficulty of overdosing on Ivermectin. She writes from the Catholic perspective and definitely tells it as it is.

  142. Gary Horn

    And the thing is Greg,
    although the vaccinated create the variants, ironically it doesn’t even take a variant for them to get covid-19 symptoms. Any Coronavirus in the wild will suffice to trigger antibody dependent enhancement in the vaccinated later on.
    Plus, it’s worth mentioning that those with natural immunity against it already have immunity against any variants as well!

  143. Mike+G

    Obama and Hilliary got Qaddafi and Libya’s weapons were sent to Syria to fight Assad for Israel. American weapons and assets were abandoned in Afghan, they could have been at the very least destroyed, but they were left intact. Where will these assets controlled by the Taliban end up?

  144. Randy Best

    Its so obvious. The USA is an empire in terminal decline.

  145. Randy Best

    The USA is following exactly in the footsteps of the Roman Empire. The parallels are amazing.

  146. Ghost of Mark Twain

    At this point it really is astounding that anyone would believe that a disease so deadly you need to be tested to know you have it for a large majority of cases, and is so contagious that we had to shut down everything and cause massive economic damage … . … any scientist who believes that it would be contained at this point and will continue to be through mandates is a damn fool or a politician. FFS

    This bravo sierra has been causing more damage than it’s preventing for quite some time now. But I guess it really is easier to fool someone than it is to convince them they’ve been fooled.

  147. Slide

    Interview idea…
    Benjamin Fulford
    Former journalist for Forbes
    Reporting on the continuing battle for planet Earth
    Allegedly “white hats” or world military alliance vs. The Cabal

  148. Ian D

    Respectfully Greg, you have glossed over some important facts and some of the information is questionable.

    Comirnaty is the brand name submitted by Pfizer/BioNTech for it’s patented mRNA vaccine BNT162b2. In seeking full authorization from the FDA, the formulation for BNT162b2, has Not changed at all.

    Comirnaty, the brand name for BNT162b2, has been trademarked worldwide, including the US Trademarks Office.

    Pfizer/BioNTech are currently manufacturing BNT162b2 in their own facilities in the United States and in Europe. The manufacturing of BNT162b2 is a complex process, requiring 280 components and relying on upon 25 suppliers located in 19 different countries.–BioNTech_COVID-19_vaccine#Manufacturing

    • Greg Hunter

      Respectfully, Let’s cut to the chase. This “approval” of Comirnaty is something the USA is not getting. This “approval” and is smoke screen to continue the EUA that continues to give Pfizer Immunity from Liability–period!!!!!

      In the letter from the FDA to Pfizer it says on page 11 & 12 instructions for the stuff we are getting: “. . . Y. All descriptive printed matter, advertising, and promotional material relating to the use of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID‑19 Vaccine clearly and conspicuously shall state that: Page 12 – Pfizer Inc.• This product has not been approved or licensed by FDA, but has been
      authorized for emergency use by FDA, under an EUA to prevent Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) for use in individuals 12 years of age and older .>>”

      Now go away with your academic bull crap. This FDA approval is a huge lie and a HUGE violation of the Nuremberg Code of 1947.

      Don’t come back.


  149. Cindy Guida

    Thank you! We can’t tell you enough how desperate we are to hear Truth–to have it explained – to have links to hear more about each topic. Also your own personal opinions and the why of seeing a situation a certain way make it more understandable. Also, appreciated your Voice saying our Lord’s name…..for so many are dying at this moment because of their choice to follow him. We must be the “hands and Feet” the voice and the action of stopping Evil. Prayer isn’t enough. There must be action. — Thanks for the “heads up” on what’s a strong possibility financially….It’s action Time.

  150. Davo

    Thank you Greg, i followed you for years on YT and am so glad you are still here sharing the real news!
    Covid is a hoax, biden is a puppet, the injection is the bio wespon, the masses have been tricked …again. peace and love to you and your family.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Davo,
      I am so happy to be out of YouTube!! “Free at last, Free at last”!!

  151. Letitzia Stambulski

    Jesus is real, God is real, the Holy Spirit is on earth ( to be feared).

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen LS !!

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