China Virus Overblown, Debt Driven Bailout, Crash Not Over

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 424 3.27.2020)

A dozen top medical and research professionals around the world are questioning the extreme response around the globe to the so-called coronavirus. One top research microbiologist calls the China virus response “self-destructive” and “suicide based on nothing but a spook.” The death numbers turned out to be a lot less than what was predicted in the beginning of the crisis, and that may be why President Trump wants to “open up the country again,” possibly by Easter.

The Senate has approved a more than $2 trillion bailout package caused by the virtual shutdown from the China virus. Nearly 3 million new unemployment claims were filed in a single week. The package may be desperately needed by some, but nobody is talking about this debt driven plan and its effects on inflation, interest rates and the bond market. Fitch Ratings has threatened to cut America’s AAA debt rating.

The stock market had a few good days based on the massive money printing coming out of Washington and the Fed. Does this mean it’s over and a new bull market can begin? Analyst Bo Polny, who called the top of the stock market here on USAWatchdog, says no.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

(Correction: Bo Polny was on February 9th 2020 and NOT September 8th)


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After the Wrap-Up:

Analyst Bo Polny will be the guest for the Early Sunday Release. Polny talks about gold, silver, stocks, bonds and the Second Coming of Christ. (I kid you not.) Don’t miss it.

(Once again: Correction: Bo Polny was on February 9th 2020 and NOT September 8th)

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  1. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    Good job!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks William.

      • Freebrezer

        Greg – A word of caution: Look into the damage this is causing in the lungs of healthy people that get it: There might be a whole lot of people with highly diminished lung capacity? Even if a mild case (at home and sick for week) … and the person did not need to go the the hospital, but in the end it leaves a person with lungs equivalent to smoking two packs a day for twenty years … the flu does not do this.

        • Freebrezer

          I believe that Trump was presented with only two bad options back in mid February and he chose the least bad of the two: either 1st) due nothing and risk multiple pandemics throughout some major US cities or 2nd) clamp down hard “at the right time” this once the virus is established (example New York) … Trump chose the 2nd … Trump’s timing is genius! He understood that his actions would stop the spread of the contagion, but at the same time Trump knew it would establish that this could have been a whole lot worse. Per the first option, if the virus is unchecked you possibly get Wuhan, Italy and Spain … a complete overload of the local health care system in the hot zones. This would/could have happened especially in the more densely US populated cities … The Dems would have destroyed Trump if this happened in multiple US cities, and he possible would lose the election.
          Hopefully, and I bet, that the virus will have blown out by Easter and the country will reopen all over the Red states! Hopefully a little earlier! The Red States contagion rates are going to be quite low and small comparably … Trump early on stopped the people to people spread coming out of the major US cities (AND CHINA!!!). The peak will be here shortly. Plus going forward, except for maybe the lame MSM and the stupid spring break college kids, everyone will be aware to be safe, wash hands and keep a reasonable distance in crowds.

          • Freebrezer

            The Virus takes approximately 5 to 10 days to show symptoms, and 3 to 6 days more to become critical in at risk people. It can be transmitted way before symptoms. By next Friday, most of all the person to person contact will be out 15 + days, and most infected people (who hopefully stayed at home) will be symptom free and virus free by this time. Plus, only the tail end of the really sick will be presenting at the hospitals. By Easter (21 + days), the really sick going to the hospitals will have plummeted especially in the red states areas. The only places where the virus will still be ruminating will be in the big cities with poor health services … i.e. New York, L A, San Francisco, etc, … this is my take.

            • K. Wayne

              Geez……..Yish and Double Yish.
              Not so fast FB.
              Just last week we had c. 580 deaths here in America.
              Allowing for a 30 days cycle from first infection to date of death and using the 2% fatality rate (extremely conservative)….then using MATH….we had 28,000 infected in America in mid Feb. (49 x 580)….or 2% of 28,000.
              If we apply given rates of virus spread (contagion) we can assume a multiple of 1000 for the initial infections……over the 30 day time frame….
              28,000 x 1,000 = 28,000,000 as of current date.
              Because of lock downs, we can deduce that some of those infections would have been mitigated. Hence in all reality there a literally millions (2 or 5 or 10 perhaps 15….) in America ……MILLION infected….not the under-reported and under tested 103K infected.
              If all this is just hyperbole then the body count and Hospitals being overwhelmed will be the tell and provide clear enough evidence….assuming the CDC, Govt and Health system don’t do the CHICOM thing and provide false data and narratives. Give it another 2-3 weeks (mid-April…coincidentally when POTUS wishes to re-open America) …to witness the exponential deaths and infections across the country.
              We are a long way from the TAIL END of this PANDEMIC…!!!
              Wishful thinking on your part.
              That is my opinion…based on facts…..not some fantasy dream for a very short-lived seasonal flu…..its an unfolding catastrophe.
              I see you are still downplaying the severity of this VIRUS (just like POTUS).
              BIG MISTAKE!!!

              • JungianINTP

                K. Wayne, the CDC can’t be trusted to provide truthful numbers, according to Rappoport:



                • K. Wayne

                  Exactly my point.
                  The number from which I have extrapolated a truer infection here in America is provided by John Hopkins.
                  The currently reported infections is bogus.
                  Reefer my comments from 1 month ago….never trust the Govt…..esp the CDC.

              • Saint Lawrence

                Donald J. Trump

                ….Federal Government. A quarantine will not be necessary. Full details will be released by CDC tonight. Thank you!

                Following on from our previous list, here are ten more expert voices, drowned out or disregarded by the mainstream narrative, offering their take on the coronavirus outbreak.

                A universal quarantine may not be worth the costs it imposes on the economy, community and individual mental and physical health. We should undertake immediate steps to evaluate the empirical basis of the current lockdowns.

                “Is the Coronavirus as Deadly as They Say?”, Wall Street Journal, 24th March 2020

              • Freebrezer

                Not downplaying but prying and hoping!

                • Freebrezer

                  opps – should be praying!!!

            • Saint Lawrence

              From the New England Journal of Medicine March 26 co-authored by Fauci:

              This suggests that the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza (which has a case fatality rate of approximately 0.1%)
              March 28, 2020
              We’ve been had, and Trump knows it
              By Geoffrey P. Hunt

        • Dr Darrel L Smith

          This could be a possibility but is not what the early reports were. They said that ACE2 site in the lung tissue of Asians was more susceptible to this virus. The Caucasians were not affected the same way.

          • K. Wayne

            Tell that to the Italians, Spanish, Iranians, French and English.

        • chuck

          I’m wondering how many of those were compounded by vaping? Something about that practice looks inherently, abnormally dangerous.

        • Free Slave

          The virus was identified early as a biological weapon, which is a strategic weapon of mass destruction.

          After deploying such a weapon, the next logical step is to downplay its severity to accomplish the maximum spread of the weapon. This has been accomplished with several effective campaigns: it’s just the flu, it only affects old people or Asians, etc.

          Recognize this as the kickoff to the next world war.

          Don’t play into their hands by downplaying the severity of the virus. Don’t ignore the growing pile of bodies in the corner. It’s not “just the flu”.

          • Free Slave

            Make no mistake. The weapon will do what it was designed to do. Destroy.

            • paul ...

              This virus is really destroying the Italians and others … people in the US need to understand that Italy had roughly the same number of hospital beds as the United States “on a per capita basis” and Italy had more ventilators then the US capable of being used to treat the advanced stages of the virus … Italy had conducted far more Corona Virus tests then the US did … and yet … even with Italy’s Northern Italian Medical System being up to “European Standards” (and better prepared than what prevails in the US) … it has been broken by this virus … the US needs to get on a “crash war footing” very very fast … as this asymmetrical war launched against us by the globalists has easily bypassed all our military bases around the world and made our nuclear weapons useless!!

              • Freebrezer

                Northern Italy is the hub of the Chinese clothing manufacturing to get the “Italian ” Label! thousands of Chinese left and came back from Wuhan in late February! A big mistake!

          • Free Slave

            The undercurrent now seems to be an attempt to start a run on the banks, by making people think they should have a large stock of cash.

            A bank run will not help .

          • Bob

            It hasn’t been downplayed in the countries under lock down has it?
            Or are you saying that it has been played down, even in those lock down countries?

      • Mark Martucci

        Thank you for being a true patriot and serving as one of the few truth tellers in this crazy world. You and your family are always in my prayers. A long time follower.

    • eddiemd

      Here comes the nanoparticle vaccine. Cashless society. Take the vaccine or else. Antichrist system is here. Deception is here.

      Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Messiah. King of Kings. Lion of the Tribe of Judah. Wonderful. Counselor. Almighty God. Prince of Peace. Emmanuel. Lamb of God.

      Seek Him now. Cry out to Him. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Light. He is Life. Glory to the Captain of the Host. The Blood of Jesus on the doorpost and lintel of my heart and home.

      • Greg Hunter

        You are very uninformed.

        • Greg Hunter

          You don’t believe in God. You believe in the black hole of nothingness.

      • Free Slave

        The lord helps those who help themselves.
        If you just sit back and let it happen, it will. Like a baby sitting in the surf.

      • eddiemd

        It doesn’t really matter what Trump does. Biblical prophecy will become reality. It appears to be happening as we speak. God cannot lie. His Word will be fulfilled.

        Don’t worry what Trump is doing or not doing. Pray for him. He is not accountable to you.

        In the meantime make sure of your salvation. Repent and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth. God is not mocked. Seek Him while the opportunity exists. Your soul is precious in His sight.

    • Peter Evanow

      Thank You Greg for your sincere delivery of the best news that mankind has ever heard.
      That Jesus Christ can forgive and save mankind from the sin we have heaped upon ourselves and paid the price to free us from the bondage of sin and soon coming judgement.

  2. mal

    Hi Greg,
    On March 22 Michigan’s governor ordered the State Health Department to stop reporting negative tests. Dave Janda reported that between 90 and 95 percent of people who ask to be tested, convinced that they have or may have the virus, are testing negative. The governor stated that they did not want the people to become overconfident. He broke down the atrocious statistical methods being used to compile data. There is a growing number of celebrities claiming they have or may have had the virus including Greta “put them all against the wall” Thunberg, Tom “Trump will never be President” Hanks, Kathy “jihad” Griffin and Prince “global warming” Charles. They then assure the public that they are doing well and recovering. Except for Griffin who is in “terrible pain” and it’s all Trumps fault. It’s fascinating how the virus seems to have mutated into one that is specifically targeting Trump hating celebrity millionaires and now Soros is reported to be in the process of funding an ad campaign which will blame the corona virus on the President.

  3. mal

    Hi Greg
    You said that you would fire some of those reporters and tell them that they aren’t being paid to ask stupid questions. Have you seen the recent Project Veritas undercover videos concerning CNN? They show very clearly that asking stupid questions is exactly what they are being paid to do.

    • Greg Hunter

      If I were running it I would fire them. What they do is too stupid to be stupid I agree with you.

      • sam

        It seems we are in the crisis mode as Bezmenov warned so many years ago
        The third stage would be “crisis”. It would take only up to six weeks to send a country into crisis, explained Bezmenov. The crisis would bring “a violent change of power, structure, and economy” and will be followed by the last stage, “normalization.” That’s when your country is basically taken over, living under a new ideology and reality.

    • Cole


      People hate globalists so much now I doubt it would do any good.

  4. paul ...

    Speaking of Government manipulating numbers … did anyone notice that “in one week” (from March 19, 2020 to March 26, 2020) the US National Debt Clock shows the “true price of Gold” rose from $9,433 to $16,142 fake fiat debt IOU dollars … while the “fake price of gold” listed in the Wall Street Journal went from $1480 to $1624 per ounce … [ I wonder if we should adjust the government number of Corona Virus deaths “up” by the same manipulated percentage they fix the gold price with] … as for Silver … over the same period the “true price of Silver” on the Debt Clock went from $1138 to $1947 per ounce … while the “fake manipulated” price only went from $12.80 to $14.55 per ounce!!!!

    • paul ...

      Stan … notice the Fake/True gold price ratio was (1480/9433 = 0.156) on March 19 … and (1624/16142 = 0.101) on March 26 … so effectively we have driven the fake gold price lower on March 26 then it was on March 19 … for if we substitute the same ratio from March 19 into the equation for March 26 we get (fake gold price/16142 = 0.156) … thus the fake gold price “should actually be” $2518 right now … but to keep you from jumping from bridges … we gold-bugs refrained from buying to kept the price down for you!!

      • paul ...

        For those who don’t like to do arithmetic … what I have showed Stan above is that because the Fed printed up Trillions of new dollars “out of thin air” they have depreciated the dollar to such an extent that gold at $1624 per ounce today is cheaper then gold was a week ago at $1480 … right now gold should actually be selling for $2518 just to be equivalent to the $1480 gold price last week!!!

      • Stan

        Paul: Comex price is the true price. On a related issue, tell me why silver was trading at $50 in 1980 and now is $14. Is that your example of a safe haven?

        • paul ...

          Stan … make yourself a cup of coffee and sit down and listen to the following … … and you will come to understand why the banksters need to keep silver under $20 dollars/oz (if silver rises above $20 dollars/oz it will “blow up” Deutsche Bank along with the other derivative banks who have shorted silver) … but the banksters can’t keep silver under $20 dollars/oz for much longer as ordinary people “will overwhelm the banksters” once they realize one ounce of silver is really worth $1947 dollars/ounce in fake Fed paper fiat IOU’s!!

    • AndrewB

      paul …
      Well observed – thanks for the update.

      • paul ...

        It is only through a “higher state of awareness” (like Jesus had) do we come to the Father … you Andrew “can see” … and thus you are “One with the Universal Consciousness we call God” … if an awakening can be brought to all men “by those who see” … we will not be easy pickings for the evil demons trying to rule this world!!

      • Tim

        I like your posts. Very informative. Keep it up.


  5. Mick Lassus

    Great wrap up as usual. It’s exciting that Bo is going to be on this Sunday. I’m guessing you already recorded the show but if not hopefully this aspect of Christ’s Second Coming is covered.

    A central aspect of that Second Coming is that the only people that will be raised at that time are those that have been beheaded. And, going back to Rev. 13 we see that in between the 1st and 2nd beasts we see that many are taken into captivity or killed with the sword. These two events translate down to being converted to Islam or beheaded. This is when the vast majority of those raised during the second coming are beheaded. These beheadings in Rev 13 and the subsequent raising of them during the Second Coming is also what the phrase, “the first will be last and the last will be first’s pertains to.

    I’d like to hear Bo’s take on when he thinks this passage in Rev. 13 has taken, or will, take place.

    My research indicates that the second beast, the anti-Christ, will attain full power between 2045 and 2050. I’m pretty sure this is correct as far as timing goes. That timing is based on my finding two significant 40 year periods starting with when the two witnesses delivered their prophecies in Rev. 11. It is a correct assessment.

    The point I’m getting at is that yes, it is true that no one knows the date of Christ’s return, but we must all agree his return can not precede the reign of the anti-Christ, and that is an event that we can have enough information on now that we are able to determine when that will happen.

    Again, looking forward to hearing Bo. I hope he has a chance to talk about the anti-Christ since the anti-Christ, and the worldwide beheadings must be an event that has already taken place prior to Christ’s return.

    Of course, a return of Christ soon after 2050 or so is certainly an ‘imminent’ return but I’m sure you won’t let him say it could happen next year without a proper account of Rev. 13.

    In Christ, your brother,

    Mick Lassus

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks I do have one Correction: Bo Polny was on February 9th 2020 and NOT September 8th.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Brother Mark for the comment and kind words!! I do have a correction though. Bo Polny was on February 9th 2020 and NOT September 8th.


    • eddiemd

      Book seller.

      No one can predict the dates.

      Today is the day of salvation.

  6. Saint Lawrence

    After more than 300 million Americans realize that they have been hoaxed by the Main
    Stream Media, and the world realizes that Federal Reserve Bank and U. S. Treasury has scammed them for more than 45 trillion dollars… :What will happen?
    Wholesale price of Gasoline 0.5611 (56 cents) at yet look at your
    price at the pump…
    Can The Fed. Really Prevent The Debt Bubble From Bursting? Gregory Mannarino
    Should Americans buckle up; or lock and load.

  7. R J Wolf Jr.

    Hi Greg,
    Once again, outstanding, just outstanding, very well done. I’ve said this before, you really should have your own news network, but I digress. This whole “stage play” or “matrix” that we are experiencing is like living in the “ Truman Show”. It’s all an illusion. Everything is make believe for our own entertainment. How’s that for an observation? On a difference topic, I came across a video blog referencing HR 5404, concerning backing the dollar to Gold. FYI, take a look at I really think it would be worth looking into. Once again, THANK YOU for your outstanding journalism. RJW!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks RJ.

  8. JC

    Greg, you gave us a lot of words of wisdom and good advice in a 33 minute WNW.
    Thanks, JC.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks JC!

      • Sharon Upton

        Thank you!

  9. Maurice

    Greg, been following you for donkeys years. Rarely do I disagree, make that very rarely, with any of your comments. However, what’s got me whacked is that you seem blind to the fact that Trump is a part of the ponzi scheme. He gives the “illusion” he’s trying to lead America in the right direction, but that’s all it is – an illusion. Nobody gets to become president unless they get the nod from those who are really running the country. Elections are simply a show put on to keep the masses believing they live in a democracy.

    I respect your insight but just to repeat, you’ve honestly got me whacked as to how you can’t see this. So I can only give you a nine out of ten. Apart from that all I can say is – keep those videos coming.

    • Greg Hunter

      He is not but ok to disagree.

    • paul ...

      Chris Martenson disagrees … saying “faulty logic is leading to bad policy” …

    • paul ...

      False hope is generated by people who “don’t understand” what an exponential curve means … at the current infection rate of this Corona Virus it means … one(1) million cases of Corona Virus can grow to ten(10) million cases in just 14 days and implementing the wrong policy can be catastrophic in terms of lives lost!!!

      • Don

        Paul, you are correct !! A bad call could be the End of the Caller. Trump today activated 1,000,000 Military Reserves ? Does this mean War or Martial Law……. Look at N.Y. today.

    • Tommy

      It’s quite apparent the Trump didn’t get “the nod” from the globalists.

      • eddiemd


        Hillary was supposed to win. Just ask Time and Newsweek. They already produced the magazine copy with her on the cover as winner.

    • S

      You may be right
      “‘March 27, 2020
      Coronavirus Is Not Even Close to America’s Biggest Problem
      By Bryce Buchanan”
      Read more:
      : @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

      The WuHu flu is not the problem: it is only one problem, since covid number one years ago…

      Wolf Richter • Mar 26, 2020
      Fed’s assets spike to high heaven to bail out the imploded Everything Bubble it had worked so hard to inflate over the past decade.

      A Word About the Horrid Spike in Unemployment Claims and Why it’s Even More Horrid Than it Appears :

      drugs to treat virus disease:

      “Dr. Paul Nailed It”

      • Saint Lawrence

        from Saint Lawrence… computer memory errors can be embarrassing …
        But I can predict a shortage of cash due to Gross National Product decrease (worldwide), three percent employment decrease per week (worldwide),
        furthermore look at this video on banks trying to force people into plastic:
        “Banks Closing, Gold Markets Unwind”
        I have seen the slowdown locally.

    • eddiemd

      Disagree. Trump is not perfect. He is a fallen man. He came up against 240 years of corruption. It has taken 3 years just to start the clean up.

      Would you rather have Hillary?

      There is only one Truth. Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Get right with Him while the opportunity exists.

  10. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    Great WNWU – thanks.
    You brought attention to former U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s call for a “temporary” world government. [Just like Nixon “temporarily” closing the ‘gold window’ in 1971!] I try not to resort to personal insult, but I need to make an exception for Brown – he is a creep (literally, VERY creepy). He is part of the Blairite / Fabian Society crowd that morphed into the CFR and Trilateral Commission in the US. These guys are globalist to the core. They are the antithesis of populist (will of the people) movements everywhere. That the likes of Gordon Brown are being wheeled out to openly call for global government – in particular, that organisations such as the (discredited) WHO and the (discredited and no longer fit for purpose) UN should be given power to supersede national governments – is a very strong indication the the coronavirus debacle (whether a really dangerous bio weapon, or over-hyped) is a pre-planned stratagem.

    • AndrewB

      Forgot to post the ‘Gordon Brown’ link . . .

      • AndrewB

        TPTB are ‘coming out’ and openly calling for a world government (Gordon Brown will be the first of many). Populations worldwide have been shut down. People are being cowed into obedience – ostensibly to ‘prevent the spread of coronavirus’ – but obedience is being demanded and given. When things get bad enough, the people will be calling for government action. They will get much more than they anticipate. Take India for example: India’s population of 1.3 billion has been closed down. Many tens of millions live hand-to-mouth and have zero means to acquire a ‘deep larder’. How are they going to survive? They have already been weakened with the arbitrary withdrawal of the country’s most circulated currency; the 20 Rupiah note. Owners of their hard earned 20 Rupiah notes could only exchange them for ‘new’ currency if they had a bank account. Many Indians have never stepped foot in a bank – or need to – let alone have an account. Even those who did have a bank account were restricted to the value of 20 rupiah notes they could convert, and they needed to be able to answer as to how they acquired the notes! Based on these two events, one can state with a degree of certainty that Prime Minister Modi is a globalist and cares not one jot about the welfare of ‘his’ people. Coronavirus is being used as an excuse by governments worldwide to control the free movement of entire populations – and they are doing so in unison. Virtually the whole world is closed for business and everyone’s travel is restricted. This is unprecedented.
        I sincerely, most sincerely, hope that there are some good guys – so called ‘white hats’ – fighting the good fight behind the scenes or the freedom of future generations will be lost as they learn to survive neo-feudalism.
        Feudalism: The local aristocrat (oligarch) owned everything, wrote the laws (to which they were exempt), and administered ‘justice’. There was no middle-class (except for sycophantic bureaucrats, tax enforcers, scribes, and clergy). The peasants owned nothing and rented everything. They had no freedom of movement and needed permission even to visit nearby villages. There was no education above primary level, thus peasants were kept illiterate – did I mention there was no middle class?!
        Magna Carta, in the year 1215, placed some limits on the powers of the ruling ‘elite’ and afforded some rights to commoners (deplorables). This did not sit well with King or Pope and it took the Peasant’s revolt in 1381 before their rights under Magna Carta were recognised. TPTB still hanker after those ancient omniscient rights of kings. They fear the deplorables will descend on their estates with firebrands and pitchforks (AR 15s). That is why they are closing down the world economy – all the goods and services that ordinary folks need to survive – to reverse Magna Carta and to enable their elevation to the unchallengeable rights and privileges of ancient royalty.

        • AndrewB

          Just discovered Amazing Polly. She exposes WHO, Fauci Brave woman . . .

          • Cole

            Andrew B

            Thank you for this. If all of this is true I find it difficult to believe youtube “allows” it to stay up! They are part of the deep state and control speech.

        • Hilde

          Brilliant post, Andrew B! Spot on!

    • Keith wilson

      Did you watch President Trump sign the relief bill of 2.2 trillion dollars. Mitch McConnell was behind trumps right shoulder when Trump was signing the bill into law. Was Mitch McConnell making the illuminati hand sign of the pyramid. Have a look I think he was. What does this sign tell you about what is going on in the Whitehouse ?

  11. Kevin

    Love your site. Great analysis. Great scope. Best things are free. Should have to pay. My comment: many Chinese friends here in New Zealand get abused by white people in the street in relation to the pandemic. Ugly stuff. Worldwide abuse occurring from what we hear. Calling it “The China Virus” might seem appropriate. But talking about “The China Virus” does not make life better for the many overseas Chinese and other Orientals who are thought to be Chinese. This is mankind’s problem now regardless of its origins.

    • Open Eyes

      I saw some news reporters calling it the “CCP Virus.” (Chinese Communist Party Virus). This was with some Asian news company with reporters reporting in English. I watched some of their reports on Twitter.

      CCP Virus. Does that work for you, Greg?

      Politically, POTUS could probably get away with calling it the
      “Wuhan Virus” like Pompeo is doing.

    • Bob

      Boo hoo, the chinese shouldn’t even be in NZ.

      Do you know how the Chinese government regards Chinese people who have lived in formally white countries? They treat them as tainted by white people and won’t let them move back to China. Who is racist now?

      The Indian government will not accept immigrants without Indian ancestry. Who’s racist now?

      Many NZers do not like the fact that today our largest city is over 25% Chinese. Is that OK by you? Why don’t you do to China and bleat about how white people are treated there? Why don’t you go to China and moan about how Chinese it is there? Oh wait! I know why. It’s because you are one of those people who think white people deserve to be wiped out by immigration, that’s why. Go on, just admit it. It’s entirely safe. You are on the winning side and will get your way in time. The rest of us just have to try our best to put the fact that our people has no future out of our minds and carry on as best we can. People like you are EVIL. White countries have a right to exist.
      NZ was fine when it was just Maori and Europeans. Multiculturalism is the worst nightmare a people could possibly be afflicted with. It is worse than Communism.

  12. Robert Dziok

    Excellent and insightful WNW Greg! Also shows a lot of heartfelt concern by you for what is REALLY going on and its’ impact on us all. We are ALL grateful for your hard work. It’s a gift from God in many ways to help us through all the lies and propaganda being spewed out there.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are very kind to say this Robert! Thanks!!

  13. David

    The concern over COVID-19 was flamed by China’s denial and deception, followed by an incredibly forceful action against their own people once it grew out of control. All of this created tremendous confusion and suspicion. Once it spread beyond China’s border, fear set in and gained its own momentum. Throw in 24/7 news coverage and politicians….and the rest is history.

    Did we overreact? We’ll gain clarity over time. Meanwhile, our economy and liberties are taking a hit and our debt is skyrocketing. The End.

    • paul ...

      David … you and others should be asking this question: “If the Corona Virus was just simply another flu … why is Trump continually bashing China for not warning us about it”???

      • Rodster

        You should be asking why the Davos Group war planned this very same pandemic 6 weeks prior to it appearing? You should be asking why the Common Flu infects and kills more worldwide vs the Coronavirus?

        Even, Martin Armstrong who hates conspiracy theories has raised both eyebrows wrt that Davos meeting.

    • Rodster

      “ Did we overreact? We’ll gain clarity over time. Meanwhile, our economy and liberties are taking a hit and our debt is skyrocketing. The End.”

      “Never let a serious crisis go to waste” – Rahm Emanuel

  14. Bob

    It seems pretty clear that this virus was as “made to order” as the 9/11 attacks. I don’t know if it natural, a bioweapon, or just not a big deal at all…At this point, I believe NOTHING from the MSM or the government. That being said, I’m having difficulty with this idea that this virus is no big deal.

    I could easily accept that this is all hype to cover up the collapse of the markets and another massive bailout of the banksters (clearly these bailouts are in full swing), but for one thing… Why would the Chinese participate in this hoax? It seems to me that the Chinese were clearly frightened by this virus and took extraordinary steps to get it under control.

    The reporting coming out of China, such as it is, strongly indicates to me that we should be taking this virus very seriously. Why would it be less virulent here than in China or Italy? I’m going to continue to assume the virus is dangerous until I have better information to prove otherwise.

  15. andyb

    Greg: I certainly agree that there will be a debt jubilee at some point, but enormous damage will have been done before it has any effect. It’s all well and good to say that the Feds can default but the big picture is that the local governments cannot. If this virus lock down lasts for 6 months, both commercial and residential rents will not be paid, leading to many bankruptcies and foreclosures which in turn will decimate property tax revenue .to cities towns and counties and result in vastly increased homelessness and its societal problems. Local governments will not be able to triple or quadruple property taxes to pay for the short fall. Services will have to be cut but that’s a double-edged sword. Pensions should (but won’t) take a big hit. I believe that no pension should be greater than 50% of last base paycheck earned . The domino effect continues with utilities. Vacant buildings are not big users. So most utilities will be nationalized following bankruptcy. All in all, not a pretty picture.

    But there is hope for the future. no money for needless wars. Local communities can build togetherness; education can be administered locally (as it should be) and we will all go back to looking out for each other; the way it used to be in this once great country

  16. Billy

    Greg what about possible $10 oil in April? What will that do to the economy??
    Trump is tweeting about the energy sector now.
    Whats your take??

    • Greg Hunter

      I simply do not know.

    • andyb

      Most likely $10 oil will cause massive unemployment in the oil sector, perhaps as many as 2 million workers. I find it interesting that the current price of gas in my area ($1.97 vs $2.35 previously) does not reflect, even considering fuel taxes and fees, the 2/3 drop in the price of a barrel of oil. Methinks a bit of gouging is occurring.

  17. Peter

    Fear not and prepare yourself spiritually:

    “Virtual Cell Phone Choir – “It Is Well With My Soul” arranged by: David Wise

    31 of Nashville’s Studio Singers using their cell phones during Nashville’s Safer at Home order to record and lift their collective voices to share a message of hope and encouragement during these challenging days. It is well.”

  18. Fredrick Getzschman

    Great report Greg.

  19. Thomas McLaughlin

    Hi Greg, thanks in advance for bringing Bo Polny on again, you just made my whole week with that announcement. Thank you!!
    Also Greg, these Friday Weekly Wrap Ups are the antidote to the bombardment of the propaganda we’re getting subjected to, so we do appreciate you and how hard you work for us.

  20. Cosgrove Smithers

    Blast From The Not To Distant Past
    wondering 03/25/2020 •
    I heard Trump say today,” this is a virus crisis, this is not a financial crisis”. I’m giving up hope on that liar, and I’m never listening to him again. I’m done pretending that he is the good guy.
    Wondering, he meant “this is a Virus CIRCUS, morphing into a financial Cirsis!”
    Thank Dr.”Lover Boy” Falsey. He sir will be getting credit for starting the second great DEPRESSION and The Third World War, that will not get us out of this third, great one, “Depression.” But no doubt, send the world into suicided oblivion! A permanent solution to a temporary problem. . ..
    Thanks for the memories Doc, hope there not our last?
    This All Is No Doubt Biblical
    So There Is HOPE!

  21. Wim

    Hi Greg, basicly I agree with you. Flu takes out the elderly. This virus though is nasty/agressive that what’s it’s doing to the longs. To let people die that way is the dilemma. Mortality rate not the thing specificly……this virus takes the world in a morality hostage clan.

    About the second coming of Christ…. as I stated before I am the one. I know the whole world is watching me… via that you know my face.
    That’s raping my rights. We stand for Justice…..We revved up the weather, and now recently created this novel virus. The day of reckoning is approaching.

    • eddiemd

      Did you miss your medication dosages the past few days?

      • eddiemd

        Look to Jesus Christ. He came to set the captives free. He can set you free from the demonic spirit that has overcome you.

        • Greg Hunter

          Amen Eddie MD!!

        • paul ...

          Exactly eddiemd … stated another way … only by becoming “enlightened” (like Jesus) will you “enter the universal moral consciousness of God the Father in Heaven” … remain close minded and in the dark to reality (not following Jesus’s enlightened spirit) … and you will never enter God the Father’s Heavenly realm … but will be forever trapped by demonic spirits who thrive on greed, lust and war!!

          • paul ...

            And it goes without saying that “believing in Jesus” means we should “act like Jesus” … the greedy banksters … the criminal politicians … the warmongering neocons are “unenlightened” demons … follow them instead of the enlightened words of Jesus … and your immortal soul will be doomed in the torment recounting the error of your ways … for all eternity!!

  22. Wim

    Clan is clam

  23. Matthias

    Also the Corona scare overshadows a lot of other important news stories such as the release of the University of Alaska Fairbanks’ final report on the destruction of World Trade Center 7 as Dr. Paul Craig Roberts notes.

    Paul Craig Roberts:
    University Study Finds Fire Did Not Cause Building 7’s Collapse on 9/11

    “It is unfortunate that such an important report was released during a health and economic crisis when it will be overshadowed and neglected by two simultaneous crises.”

    Nevertheless I think they’ve got the “Deep State” with respect to Building 7 now.

  24. Jerry

    I wish you would investigate this. Either the man is a prophet, or we’ve been hoodwinked by the deep state.

    I’m voting for the later. The bigger question is, whether this is a set up for agenda 21? And what role Donald Trump is playing? Victim or perpetrator.

  25. IVAN

    Michael Hudson is an American economist, Professor of Economics at the University of Missouri–Kansas City

  26. donna s.

    Hey Greg, been awhile since I posted a comment , but I watch your videos weekly and greatly appreciate you and your guest. I have watched all your interviews with Bo Polony for years and read the comments posted afterwards. There were so many people laughing at his predictions and I have to ask? Who is laughing now. I like Mr. Polony and take his opinion as just that and it is up to me to decide if I choose to believe it or not. Having said that his last interview with you has proven to be quite correct ( atleast so far ) and I look forward to this coming interview. It would also be nice to get Bill Holter on again soon if possible. He and Jim Sinclair seem to have a finger on the pulse of what is occurring around the world and would love to hear his take on the latest fiasco.
    Thanks Greg for all your hard work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Donna!!

  27. Galaxy 500

    Great Wrap up Greg,
    The reported death rate Based on our most accurate data is 1.4%. That is 14x the death rate of the seasonal flu. I see so-called experts on TV picking extremes on both sides of this.
    China was forcing the infected into their apartments and spot welding the steeldoors to the the frame. People seem to think that China closed off major segments of their economy as a hoax. I find that line of think ridiculous. Then there are reports they stopped counting the dead and were running crematoriums 24 hours a day. Then they kicked out foreign reporters.
    I am unsure what to think but this isn’t the flu.
    Keep your powder dry and stay safe

    • Galaxy 500

      Does any rational person believe that China has no new cases as reported?

    • Bob

      Is that 1.4% of the people tested positive? Or 1.4% of the people who have it? If the latter number, where does the latter number come from? How do we know how many have it?
      Do you have any idea how these death rates are normally calculated? Indeed, do you have any idea what you are talking about at all?

      Have you seen the video where James O’Keefe from Project Veritas goes to numerous hospitals to ask how many cases they have. All hospitals say zero, except for one (which is probably hoax central) that says they are “overloaded”.

      James says its a funny virus that clumps cases like that. Yes, a very funny virus.

  28. Doug


    Re: Covid-19

    The data and report you were siting from the experts is making huge assumptions that is not supported by the published data. Chris Martenson blew that report out of the water with his video last night and I know you value his input considering he has a PhD in Pathology and you have had him on as a guest before.

    His video last night is entitled ‘The High Cost of Being Wrong’ and he goes through everything step by step using their own published data. This is a 45 minutes you really need to see this weekend and so do the people that come to this website.

    God Bless!

  29. John

    Greg, I think your message should be “diversification”. Don’t try to convince people to get out of the market and other investments. We can’t live the rest of our life in a bunker with survival gear and precious metals. I agree there could be terrible times ahead with the debt but one must invest if they intend to retire. Precious metals is one part of the portfolio and hopefully those that own it won’t have it confiscated as it happened in 1933, President Franklin Roosevelt created the Emergency Banking Act, which stated that those who owned gold must turn it in to an approved bank.

    Numerous seizures and prosecutions followed as some chose to try to hold their gold. Eventually, it became legal for citizens of The United States to purchase, hold, sell or deal in gold after President Gerald Ford signed a bill stating so in 1974. It took his signature, along with an act of Congress, to repeal the previous laws regarding gold ownership. Gold was illegal for personal ownership for 41 years!

    • Greg Hunter

      If you lose 95% in the markets what do you call that?

      • John

        A temporary loss since I’m diversified.

        • John

          Are you going to comment on the gold confiscation? Or do you think it can’t happen? That’s how the government made money in the 1930’s. They confiscated it at $20.67 and then raised the price to $35, which automatically almost doubled the value.

          How about the scenario of taking all your money out of the stock market only to have the banking system do a 20% haircut on it. How about a 50% hair cut? You’ve stated it’s the bank’s money when it’s in a bank. This has also happened in other countries due to the same debt problems we’re having.

          There’s no guaranteed safe haven. I’m just asking that you not incite fear into your audience so that they make unwise financial decisions. The vast majority of your guests are gold proponents, why not get the fair and balanced viewpoint of an expert who believes in investments?

          • JC

            John, people are getting tired of government incompetence. If they attempt gold confiscation that may just trigger the 2nd American Revolution. And many who have gold, also have guns.
            As for diversification, it worked pretty well in the past but times have changed, the stock market is fake, the bond market is a disaster, cash yields nothing…

            • K. Wayne

              The only true investment is in oneself.
              Learn a new skill , a new language….take on new hobbies.
              In the goodness of time….this self improvement will yield tenfold…..throughout the remainder of your life.

  30. IVAN

    MICHAEL HUDSON on The Economics Of The Gospel

  31. Justn Observer

    Greg, Nice wrap up – great points.
    POTUS Trump must veto the relief package – demand by line item the pork insertions be taken out ! Then let ‘them’ override his veto, placing the excess squarely on Congress and the House’s backs! He will still get credit for his attacking the virus ….will condemning the excessive and stupid ‘pork’ and political pandering! Then when this falls apart…he can say he ‘tried’ to keep spending in line and devoid of excessive adding to the debt being placed upon the future generation! If he does not, he will be blamed for it ! He MUST distance himself for their ploy , their attempt to lay the ‘debt’ at his feet !

    • Justn Observer

      People —wake up ! Clandestine ops running under the cover of MSM and Fox News distraction of Corona Virus.. What are they doing that the do not want people on the streets to see? hmm

    • William Stanley

      Interesting point.
      We seem to have slipped into a 4th generation civil war. President Trump appears to be handling the situation pretty well, IMO. The man has nerves of steel. I’m becoming more confident that his thinking and decision making are much more subtle than it sometimes appears.

  32. Russ

    Outstanding WNW Greg. Considering the “pandemic“ we’re living through (emphasis on living), it was reassuring to hear that my perception is not wrong and that the ongoing reaction is overblown. Something else is going on behind the curtain and this virus is just a good cover. (Okay, that’s speculation)…

    Whatever, the link to this WNW and the link to the article of twelve medical experts contradicting the official Coronavirus narratives has already been sent. A friend of mine dissects expert opinions and she’ll love those 12.

    We’re destroying the US economy and putting so many people out of work — just look at the restaurant industry, the majority being small business and they just laid off a lot of people who really do need those jobs.

    I am doing take-out from two different restaurants that I frequent. One is part of a small chain and they laid off a lot of staff and the cooks/bakers are down to part-time. The other is family owned and operated so they didn’t lay off anyone — both are restricted to take-out only. All because a small percentage of people who have been tested have died — people who already had underlying medical issues or were living out their days in a nursing home. 86% of the people who test positive don’t realize they’re sick?

    How many others like me haven’t even been tested because why bother when we’re not sick? I suspect there are carriers all over who don’t even know they have it. I only wear nitrile gloves when I’m out shopping to reassure others (virtue signaling) and not because I’m a germaphobe.

    Granted, the vulnerable (old, underlying medical conditions) need to be protected from COVID-19, but the link in your summary is exactly what I needed to justify previous statements I’ve made to folks who buy the pandemic — this is overblown and the reaction has been over-the-top. Okay, “politically” it’s important to err on being too careful, but now that the stats are showing who is dying from this virus, and the numbers of who have it and not even realize… virus’s have been with us for eons and COVID-19 is just another one. Let’s get back to work.

  33. Country Codger

    Great WNW, Greg. Looking forward to Bo’s interview. No one can plead ignorance if they watch because you lay it for them very well. Keep it up.
    Lo Iyrah!

  34. paul ...

    This … … speaks to the fact that this Corona Virus was most likely “purposely released upon the world” by psychopathic globalists “who would murder millions” to achieve their goal!!!

  35. ivan anaconda

    Greg, I am disappointed with you. In your Wednesday interview with Gerald Cellente you have responded to a reader’s reply calling Dr. Fauci a criminal because for some reason he supported Hillary! What planet you live on?

  36. Steve

    I think you should have Chris Matensen on again.

    • john

      yep – he nailed it!

  37. helot

    I am surprised by the number of people who still think gold was completely outlawed in the 1930’s and that no one could own any. For those people, please read the E.O., it clearly states Americans were allowed to own a certain amount.
    Also, it seems that simply questioning the validity and reliability of modern scientific theories is considered to be wacko and a mark of beliveing in ‘conspiracy theories’ a.k.a. the boogieman. Jon Rappoport has done an excellent job of pointing out the inconsistancies of Germ Theory which appear to render it invalid. I hope some of you check it out, i.m.h.o., it brings quite a bit of calmness to the whole flu cold hysteria currently gripping many who should be more questioning.

    • JC

      Executive Order 6102 prohibited the hoarding of gold with the premise that Americans withholding that money from circulating were preventing an economic recovery. The order required that holders of gold bars and bullion sell them to the government at $20.67 per ounce, the exception being “gold coins having a recognized special value to collectors of rare and unusual coins.” The penalty for not complying with the order was a fine of $10,000 and up to 10 years in prison.

  38. Steve

    Your uncharacteristic pauses in today’s WNW speak volumes to the seriousness of this confluence of events we are experiencing. We appreciate your diligent and faithful reporting and never miss a post.
    We are Christians and have been serious preppers for a dozen years now and have made a few more prudent purchases just this week. Thank you for your encouragement.
    Keep up the good work and God Bless!

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s bad Steve and I cannot sugarcoat it. That’s the facts and I thank you for your comment and support!!

  39. JungianINTP

    Greg, re Marxian Jimmy’s supposed 100% tolerance:
    It has been Cultural Marxists’ open-ended TOLERANCE destroying Western Civilization, as his ( their ) unlimited open-mindedness has been ( and is now ) blind to our ongoing destruction–e.g., blind to the poop, pee, sexual fluids and rotting flesh growing unabated in Democrat-run cities, such as in Marxian Nasty PooPelosi’s back yard. -Risk

  40. Rodger Pape

    No one has a problem with German Measles…

  41. hobuk

    Northern Italy has 100,000 Wuhan Chinese nationals working in leather artisan shops and direct non-stop flights to-and-from Wuhan. These are the blessings of globalism.

    It’s a virulent bug, but deaths appear to involve mostly elderly with two to three serious preexisting conditions. I suspect when this thing eventually flat lines worldwide, it will look no worse than recent flu seasons. I hope.

    • Greg Hunter

      Wow Hobuk, I did not know this. Thanks for the information!!

      • The Seer

        Yes I know the Ferragamos
        When I was in Florence I asked who makes their leather products
        He said they have Chinese workers

    • Justn Observer

      Yes, that was in the GW and Mcduff info not posted here… As also others have reported as well… The virus is real…at least two strains ,one lethal to target hoax desenters like Rand Paul, one highly contagious to invoke panic… to ‘create’ necessity and passing of bills to ‘bail out’ the bankruptcy just like last time… My opinion is all the ””leaders””’ are in on it via the Central banks in their regions… Has anything changed since the days they were planting the U.S.-Canadian-Mexican flags when they attempt to roll out the Americo dollar of old – NAFTA?at the time the Euro was? Think back… remember the ‘UN blue helmet’ scenario back then. The books about the CFR, TRI-LATERALs etc…books= None Dare Call it a Conspiracy? The Unseen Hand? The early attempt to push TECHNOCRACY? How off do you real think Greg M. is? Only maybe trying to give it a name of an org. with a ‘fascist’ corporate melding with gov’t – then the ‘re-legion’ …over the collectivist enslaved sub-caste with ”’lesser”’ rights . Sound familiar? like in old days of Rome? Just 1984 brought into reality? COMMUNITARIANISM or THE THIRD WAY
      Why do we have to re-visit all this as if the current problem is a NEW ONE?
      “The C.F.R. is the American branch of a society which originated in England. Internationalistic in viewpoint, the C.F.R., along with the Atlantic Union Movement, and the Atlantic Council of the U.S., believes national boundaries should be obliterated and one-world rule established … What the Trilaterals truly intend is the creation of a worldwide economic power superior to the political government of the nation-states involved. As managers and creators of the system they will rule the world … In my view, the Trilateral Commission represents a skillful, coordinated effort to seize control and consolidate the four centers of power: political, monetary, intellectual, and ecclesiastical.” (With No Apologies, [1979], the auto-biography by Senator Barry Goldwater, pp. 128, 284).
      John B. Wells interview of Patrick Wood… (who thought this went away?)

    • JC

      hobuk, it’s very clever , instead of exporting the production to China, they import the slave labor to Italy, so the labels can legally say “Made in Italy” instead of “Made in China.”

  42. JC

    Hmm…. it seems Bob Moriarty is thinking what I’m thinking…

    Perhaps Congress, the airlines, hedge funds, bankrupt corporations and banks should think back to the French Revolution. At the beginning in 1789 France had a population of about 28 million. They had their 1%, the 300,000 in the nobility. By 1793 the nobility was down to 15,000 after many of the aristocrats had taken their final steps onto a platform to have their heads chopped off in front of a cheering crowd.

    The $6 trillion is no less than the biggest raid on the US treasury in history. It benefits those who stole, not those who worked.

    In a nation of 393 million guns stealing from the masses might be a really bad idea. Who knows what the peasants may come up with next?

  43. Chip

    Great wrap up Greg. God help us all. The global chaos is increasing daily… Chip

  44. Lucas Doolin

    I follow Mike Adams. He thinks Trump is making a mistake.

    • paul ...

      Lucas … Divide total deaths (466) by total cases (38,977) in NY … and we get 0.012 (the percentage of people who die) … … it is going to take about 2 weeks for the number of cases in NY to peak … with exponential growth the total number of cases in NY should grow to about 1,000,000 plus … thus deaths “at the peak” should total about 12,000 … and that’s just NY … now … add in the other 50 States … and the death total for 50 States should be about 600,000 deaths … now compare that to the regular flu which results in only about 20,000 deaths/ year (worldwide) … and we find that [“just in the US”] the Corona Virus could be 30 times worse then the flu’s worldwide total!!!

      • paul ...

        Update: The US is the first country to record 100,000 cases of COVID-19 … and we have yet to reach the “exponential peak” which is still about two to three weeks away!! …

      • Frank D

        Terrible math Paul. All states won’t have 12,000 deaths like NY in your example because all states don’t have NY’s population total to start from. Therefore your entire premise falls apart. Next!

        • paul ...

          OK Frank … say only 5 “big” States have 12,000 deaths and the other 45 States only have 500 deaths each … that’s 82,500 deaths just in the USA (not counting the deaths in other countries like China, Italy, Iran, Spain, France, etc., etc., etc.) … US deaths “alone” will still be 4 times greater then the 20,000 “worldwide deaths” a common flu produces!!!

          • Bob

            Flu causes 250,000 to 500,000 deaths a year.

            • paul ...

              Bob … since the turn of the 21st century roughly 2,000 people per year actually die of the flu … in a couple of years it’s been near 4,000 … but in other years like 2001 and 2002 it’s been less than 300!! … the 1980’s and 1990’s had the same kind of numbers … the vaccination industry (to sell their product) always include many people “who have died of something else” into their flu statistics!!

      • Lucas Doolin

        Watch Stefan Molyneux starting at the 44 minute mark for at least ten minutes. The report he is using has information that has not occurred to most of us.

  45. iwitness02

    Thank you, Greg, for the WNW 424.
    This point, and counterpoint, reporting that we get from the media in general, cancels everything out, and we are left with nothing. Then we have my pet peeve, “question mark” journalism where the headline ends in a question mark. They make up a headline that infers this or that and really doesn’t inform the reader of anything. Nothing but click bait and propaganda. Our country, and our world, are way past due for a re-do. I mean, how much longer can the ruling class scumneck bums hold sway over the whole earth? I yearn for sanity to return to society, but as long as these insane dingo’s are in charge, there is no hope of sanity returning. The second coming of Christ would be the most wonderful thing that I can imagine. As far as the timing goes, today would be fine. (for His return) I would love that rod of iron because it will be wielded in love for our correction. Not out of vicious and cruel greed.

  46. The Ogs

    Oh man, I must be Alice and this is Wonderland, here in Canada…
    They are now FENCING off all the little parkettes – and everything else! Taking down the football goalposts. Taking down basketball nets. Fencing the playground equipment.
    Because nobody needs a bit of fresh air and exercise and sunshine, no no no…
    Seriously. Are people in general – and especially government – totally witless?
    Re: the American economy
    Sorry. Can’t help you there – decades and decades of unfettered greed have now passed.
    That despicable woman’s husband sank the ship years ago when he scuttled the perfectly reasonable and necessary Glass-Steagall act…
    Thank you again Greg, and you keep going! (Though the truth does smell disgusting.)

  47. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    I was watching Trump’s recent press conference – the one where he said that Mike Pompeo was very busy and that he (Trump) would like Mike to get back to “The State Department, or as they call it, The Deep State Department . . .” Fauci’s body language was a picture – an involuntary nauseating smirk. At that moment, it struck me how alike Fauci is to the MAD magazine character. Please, can someone with IT skills reading this create a meme showing the two side by side.

    P.S. MAD magazine made more sense!

  48. Mike

    Has anyone seen. Fall of the cabal. On Search box. CABAL. The white rabbit down the hole . Documentary. Welcome to a new world. FEAR NOT! Dark to light. Time to awaken .

  49. Marcus

    Hi Greg,

    As always, outstanding Wrap-Up. You may already be aware of this article but wanted to pass it along if you had not seen it. If true, it would go a long way in explaining the fear mongering and shutdown frenzy.

  50. Dr Darrel L Smith

    The Covid-19 is nothing more than a variant of SARS coronavirus H1N1 flu. The rate of infection and death rate are no different. The Deep State is using this to bring the economy down to try and stop Trump from reelection. With the Mockingbird press getting their script every morning they can put out any statistical numbers they want. With the only other places being infected in high numbers being China, Iran and Italy it is easy to control the reporting. This is to take Trump down and allow Pelosi to try and get funding for their programs and to change election laws.

    It is all for stopping President Trump.

    • eddiemd

      It is about stopping Trump. The MSM is part of the deep state and they are pure propaganda. Just look at the last three years: Hillary was going to win, Mueller investigation/Russian collusion, impeachment scandal, border closing…all failures. Why trust them now?

      Another question is “where is Bader-Ginsburg?” Is she alive? With her pulmonary lobectomy, age, multiple cancers to include lung cancer…she is probably at the highest risk.

      Interesting that the census is occurring right now. Count the people under the threat of law. For what? Take a count prior to the start of the cashless society and one world government? Rickards calling for a single currency and Gordon Brown for a world government. Next will be the pope calling for the one world religion or perhaps the false prophet and antichrist arriving to save the day.

      Take heed, watch, pray always. The Words of Jesus Christ for the last days. Pray for discernment. Pray for your friends and family.

      H1N1 is not the coronavirus. Different genomes entirely.

      • paul ...

        I have “zero doubt” that the globalists released this virus to “get Trump” … but lets not be foolish “and go out too early to die in higher numbers” … which only “plays into the globalists hands” … making Trump look bad … I believe the globalists (especially those in England) are behind all the propaganda that “it’s only as bad as the flu” … in order “to increase the death count” … and by doing so give ammunition to Biden (who is already trying to make Trump responsible for the high death rate) so that people will settle for voting in a criminal pervert with Alzheimer’s rather then Trump!!!

  51. Dr Darrel L Smith

    Who is going to own the debt with all of the money printing? If Trump would close the Fed and reset the economy with a new currency and then declare bankruptcy would the Fed, Deep State, own the debt and be stuck with it?

    Would we then have a new economic system backed by gold?

  52. Anonymous

    To Jerry look at SpaceX program everybody on here needs to do research on this. First one there will be the one who controls the digital currency that’s why SpaceX was created Trump has announced SpaceX/Tesla several times and it will do great things after that will be water.

  53. Tom kasper

    I don’t really have any money to donate I can pray for you Greg I thank the Lord for you Greg and for the word of truth in Christ! This country was framed on Truth and being brought down by the enemy a great battle is about to unfold we can choose who we serve the bible says we will be slaves to whom we owe . I owe Jesus and at the end of the day that’s all I have and those who love Him love you folks!!!

  54. Paul in Oz

    Thanks Greg, I must say it is great advice to tell people to listen to the president in full … I would add also his advisors and watch everything in full for yourself … clips and soundbites from the msm are pure propaganda and can not be trusted … they are preying on peoples laziness and gullibility.

  55. JC

    Obey the government?

    “What Would Jesus Do? Can you find one time in all of the Scriptures where Jesus advised His followers to “shelter in place.” Did He encourage them to run FROM danger or to run TOWARD the danger. Is there one instance of Jesus ANYWHERE in the Scriptures calling for His followers to RETREAT? Shelter in place. Self quarantine? Hide from danger? Or my personal favorite, obey the government?”

    • paul ...

      Yes JC … Benjamin Franklin warned us that “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety” … but he didn’t say “Be a Deer in the Globalists Headlights” and not jump out of the way of a Mack Truck Virus coming right at them!!!

  56. Grosse Pointe

    Trump is a idiot to sign this bill. there is way too much pork in it. I feel sad for our country USA is over and done! There are two standards of justice and those that are suppose to have our backs have failed. The people have failed to do there job by re-electing these jerks.
    Shutting down the economy was not necessary unless the virus was manufactured and I believe that is truly the case. The numbers coming out of China are pure crap. Based on the numbers coming from Korea or Italy the infection rate in China should have been between 5-9 million how many deaths unsure. Open your eyes MSM are all in the deception game and most do not have a clue!

  57. Sylvia

    Thanks so much for giving us USA Watchdog, Greg. I appreciate truth in news.
    This morning early, I turned on the radio and they told of the people who have recently died in Italy only twelve per cent had Coronavirus. The rest just died of a variety of other flues and diseases because they were elderly. I don’t expect to hear that on any TV news program. I think our government is trying to keep our minds occupied with thoughts of a flu virus so we won’t notice that the Federal Reserve has lost control and our financial system is going down. Looking forward to Bo Polny Thanks.

  58. dlc

    Interesting that we have Dem governors like Whitmer of Michigan dictating to physicians over the virus. Lupus and rheumatoid arthritis are not going to kill you next week. Coronavirus could.

    As one with a diagnosis of lupus for over 5 years, I have not required so much as an aspirin. I chose to manage this by getting a grip on diet and lifestyle.

    Where is all the indignation over the invaders using the ERs for primary care? It is not uncommon for an ER to run out of specific drugs — tetanus toxoid vaccine for one. How else can you medicate 40-60 million invaders unless you stretch the supply to the vanishing point which affects every American who pays through the snoot for ER care?

    This is very unnerving to me. We now have politicians making medical decisions for doctors. The medical field is screwed up enough without these egos with TDS making the calls for physicians. The crackdown on hydroxychloroquine is a result of (as Tucker Carlson pointed out) the fact that Trump suggested its use as a possible way out of this crisis.

    These same monsters gone Mussolini have no concern whatsoever for the fentanyl crisis brought to us by — you guessed it — China. This issue involves far more deaths than coronavirus which is (by design?) taking a wrecking ball to our fragile economy. Also, the timing of all of this smells. Cannot imagine what the next move on the drawing board could be.

    I personally have declined Plaquenil (hydroxy….) for my long-term condition. Other than short-term side effects, I see no reason for denying this drug to those who are possibly facing the abyss through the denial of this therapy.

    After all, drugs flow like water when treating the invaders. Never have I heard any voiced concern over shortages which put our own citizens in peril when it comes to our sainted illegal betters.

  59. Liz

    Thank you Greg!

  60. The Seer

    Sorry to awaken you.
    The second coming is not an individual.
    It is your dissolution of ego into a very high state of
    Consciousness and deep peace that the inflow reunion
    Of the Christ frequency and enlightenment
    Takes place inside you. Some experience this
    As a waterfall of light and all knowing and some
    Experience total oneness in a metaphysical
    Dramatic experience of becoming all and all knowing.
    This is the second coming to be redeemed in one’s own soul. If you are waiting for a human or some spectacular vision in the sky you are missing
    Living in the present and in the presence
    From within. Be touched by the divine. The experience transcends all languages and beliefs.

    • Greg Hunter

      The Seer,
      That is not how it is described in the Bible but Christ is inside of the elect.

      • The Seer

        My description and experience of hundreds I know is in modern language
        We have experienced the full oneness of Christ blended with our
        Physical and ethereal bodies.
        You might want to speak with others who have experienced the full second coming.
        Remember, Ye shall do as I have done.
        I forgive you for your reactive limited response.

        • Greg Hunter

          I don’t need forgiveness from you. You should ask for forgiveness for telling people something that is not in the Bible. I am not the one you ask.

    • eddiemd

      Jesus Christ came to set you free from this demonic spirit that has overtaken you.

      The spirit of divination and the witch of Endor. You can be set free by the Blood of Jesus Christ. He has dominion above all. He is exalted on high. The Name above all Names. You shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free. Free from demonic oppression. Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the Mighty One of Israel. Son of the Most High God.

      Call upon Him. Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Glory to the King. Hosanna!

      • paul ...

        Think back 2000 years ago … would Jesus agree with politicians “making moral decisions” for the people (like aborting babies after they are born)? … so can you see him blessing politicians “making medical decisions” for the people?? … yes … Jesus walked among the lepers … but leprosy was not as contagious as the Corona Virus!!

  61. dlc

    The above is another hustle I have avoided. I refused the flu vaccine even when it was offered for free as a hospital employee.

    How on earth did we survive before this deluge of vaccines and drugs? My mother survived diphtheria (no doctor care), went on to have 9 pregnancies, died at age 98, no thanks to better living through chemistry. We have been subliminally terrorized into believing there is no life beyond ERs and waiting rooms. Live like a dog, die like a dog. All the drugs and tests in the world will not save the self abuser.

    We’ve been led to believe you can laugh at god as you swill that beer, snort that drug. The meter has been running from our mid-teens onward. Payment is now due. A cocktail regimen of multiple drugs can drag life out. Some life, huh?

    I have slim hopes of people recognizing how they’ve been played by the politicians and the medical syndicate. What good is “good” pharma health when we give up everything right down to freedom of movement and assembly as we are currently? We teach the Pelosi types how to treat us. They note we will squirm over the absence of toilet paper.

    Who loves you, baby? Biden and Pelosi certainly don’t. The reviled orange man did not need this burden. Who out there among our privileged 1% is gaming a better tomorrow for us and taking the arrows for it? Come November we get to see if we’re just a nation of hand wringers and hand biters.

  62. patrick

    Greg do you do your own cartoons or dose someone do them for you? lol

    • Greg Hunter

      I get them from a variety of places and always give the artist credit.

  63. doug

    Greg I am not sure if the rating companies will down grade the States ,did not Egan -Jones not say something bad about US debt and from I remember they can not rate the US anymore

    • Greg Hunter

      The bond market may do it all by itself.

  64. Edward

    Great work again Greg. I’ve been really trying to figure this one out and I think I have it. Just follow the money. After passong the CARES Act, the FED was able to add an additional 2 Trillion to its balance sheet that the American people are on the hook for. The FED also bought countless mortgage backed securities, bonds and will be buying the commercial mortgage backed securities when that market begins to collapse. I thought I heard on CNBC the FED will start to buy stocks to keep the market propped up. Imagine the FED taking over all corporate debt and equity in American companies.
    The FED is pure evil. All-in-all they will probably add 6-10 Trillion to their balance sheet. Remember what the Bible says, the borrower is slave to the lender.

  65. Patrick

    Hi Greg,
    Speaking of purchasing precious metals. I placed an order through a reputable dealer. I noticed the premium was a little higher than usual but went ahead with the order anyway due to all the reasons you have mentioned. Then the unthinkable. Convid-19. A virus has stopped my order in its tracks. Its currently on hold until the shipping company lifts the restrictions on delivery due to the virus restrictions. bla bla bla. My only regret is that I didn’t order sooner. I’m still going to order more when this blows over at whatever the price is I dont care.
    I dont think I need to tell this crowd to prepare, but I hope you did.
    Everyone stay safe and healthy, Peace and Love

    • Greg Hunter

      Try my sponsor Discount Gold and Silver Trading and ask for Melody the owner: 800-375-4188.


  66. Dave

    The evolution of Trump does not surprise me. He is taking, effectively, control of GM and promising – just this afternoon – another stimulus package. To bail out the states – read fund their more than plentiful pension funds. China is praised as a friend today by Trump and the lone Congressaman who wanted a roll call vote is the enemy. Per Trump. Trump is now supporting the GOP challenger to Massey in his upcoming primary.

    The bill has set standards in terms of Federal spending that will never be rolled back. Remember when the GOP had total control and they increased the deficit far beyond that of the Obama years.

    IMO Trump is a plant. His ties with the Rothchild group make that de fide. A prefect plant at a prefect time. Trump is taking equity in major corporations. That is socialism. That was the plan. Most of controlled conservative media is supporting this – are they that clueless? Not really IMO – they are part of the conspiracy. Look how Hannity, Limbaugh and Levin “forced” the Tea Party movement into the GOP. Don’t they dare form a third party. Think about that. You have been manipulated by the GOP and the likes of Hannity and Limbaugh for decades – and the conservative/Constitutional movement has not moved forward an inch. But, oh yeah, Hannity is still staying just wait there will be a mass resignation in the FBI by whomever. Does it matter anymore? Hannity is a shill as are so many, not Greg, in the conservative movement.

    • Greg Hunter

      ‘President Trump is not taking control of GM. He’s forcing them to produce ventilators which GM was dragging its feet on. It’s the least GM could do since we bailed them out 10 years ago. I think Hannity does all he can do without getting fired. Trish Regan just got canned for saying the Press is using the China virus to attack Trump. Of course she we spot on because I watch all the press conferences top to bottom. FOX has a different story but what do you expect. Thanks for your support.

  67. Theta Lion

    ….the federal government is nationalizing large swaths of the financial markets. The Fed is providing the money to do it. ….

    This scheme essentially merges the Fed and Treasury into one organization. So, meet your new Fed chairman, Donald J. Trump.

    Maybe Bo can help us figure this out…

  68. JC

    Martin Armstrong fears for the future….

    “The false promises of the Marxist socialist era where they merely bribed people for votes but never actually created a system that would deliver on those promises are now coming undone. They have adopted the Modern Monetary Theory behind the curtain and seek to just print money to cover their promises but at the same time, they seek to control society to prevent civil unrest. I fear for the future for this is unraveling with our War Model and the civil unrest is rising into the end of this year rather intensely on a global scale.”

    • Diane

      Grim commentary. However probably true.

  69. paul ...

    I don’t like what the DOJ is doing … … but we don’t shout fire in a theater (even though it restricts our freedom of speech) … and unrestricted freedom of speech does result in lies being propagated (like fake news) … so is restraining infected people with a deadly virus by the DOJ appropriate? … perhaps … “if not abused”!!

  70. Hilde

    Awesome weekly wrap up! Thank you!!:-)

  71. Lucas Doolin

    Explosion of Coronavirus Cases About to Hit “Dozens of Cities” Across America Beginning Next Week, Warn the CDC & US Surgeon General
    By: Mike Adams / Natural News

  72. Lucas Doolin

    Clif High has done several youtube videos on supplements that protect one from this virus namely high doses of vitamin C and chaga mushroom. If he is right and everyone supplemented up it could change the whole direction of this. Watch his videos and think about having him on as a guest again. He says his earlier ALTA reports saw this virus coming and in them it came out as sun disease.

  73. helot

    Dear jc, and anyone else that’s interested. Here’s a good summary from Wiki, ‘The order further permitted any person to own up to $100 in gold coins (a face value equivalent to 5 troy ounces (160 g) of gold valued at about $6,339 in 2016). ‘

    Gold was Never totally outlawed. They couldn’t do it then, they can’t do it now, government is not a god. Watch out for those who say otherwise, and try finding a source where you can actually read the document, instead of looking at a blurry unreadable copy.

  74. paul ...

    Welcome to the New World Order … where creating one of these is frowned upon …×390.jpg … when I was a kid … a boy caught playing with dolls was considered weirdo … the Annunaki had robots … but they came to Earth because they preferred real women (and gold)!! …

  75. neville

    Thy shalt Not bear false witness against thy neighbour

  76. MVM

    Mr Hunter I don’t know if you watched this but I would strongly encourage you to go “Celeste Solum- COVID-19 Disruption by design The one World Government Cometh” This answers any question a person can come up with. This is a gov. web site that shows the agenda for the one world plan for everything. This is jaw dropping! Your suspicions are validated beyond any doubt guaranteed.

  77. Justn Observer

    Greg, What is wrong with this picture?
    FED gives repo to JP MORGAN…and it uses it to game the system for profits while how many there are under indictment for …..rigging the markets?
    Only in America = crime appears to pay …BIGGLY ? lol

  78. breamrod

    Greg, I’ve always said that the bond market is the big one. Looking forward to what Bo Poney has to say! Thanks for all you do

    • Justn Observer

      Breamrod, I am also…but one thing I always am wondering is…how is ‘charting’ can be relied on when everyone knows they are of a fake, manipulated stock market being run by the PPT. Am not saying anything negative about him…would just like him to maybe explain how he ‘relies’ on the charts for predictive usefulness of what the stock market provides? Cycle periods like Nenner – ok, for historical time lines…but market highs and lows at the click of Mnuchin’s mouse? hmmm

  79. tim mcgraw

    A good wrap up, Greg. Yeah, it’s really crazy now. I’m back on the exercyle and lifting weights. Financially and spiritually we are ready.
    Here in Sonoma County they closed all the parks and beaches. Most of the stores are closed. The hotels are closed. The even closed the town plaza. They put up plexiglas sneeze screens at the hardware store. Schools closed until May 1. Colleges are closed until next Fall. I can still get cash out of the bank. The grocery stores are pretty well stocked. Very little if any auto traffic at night. People walk around town with their dogs on a leash. Not much else to do.
    Take care.

  80. Peter

    I do think you are underestimating Caronavirus like I did. It’s far more dangerous than
    the flu or anything in US history when you look into the facts. I’ve changed my mind, the US economy is gonna tank also, just like Bo and Gerald predicted. No way to avoid it, it seems to me. Fortunately we have a tremendous president in charge. I’d shudder to think what would happen if senile Joe Biden would get elected.

  81. ivan

    Trump Is Taking Over The Private Federal Reserve Bank.

  82. Robert J Kranz

    Greg, you might be wrong, let time proceed and we will see the truth.

  83. Lynne

    Hi Greg,
    I hope you don’t take my comment the wrong way considering the gravity of the situation.
    You gave me a much needed chuckle at 17:30. The expression on your face & tone truly summed it up for all of us. You just have to shake your head at the utter stupidity of it all. But as the old saying goes, you can’t fix stupid, but we can try to muffle it with duct tape. Thanks for all of your hard work. I always look forward to your releases. Do take care! God bless!

    • Greg Hunter

      It would be funnier if not dead on true. I only put out the stuff I can source and it IS AWFUL. Peace Sister and my Jesus protect you and yours.

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