China’s Crown Jewel of Crazy, Spygate Bigger than Watergate, Economic Update

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 336 5.25.18)

Trump canceled the June 12th summit with Kim Jong Un, and the North Korean leader is back within hours wanting to continue the talks.  What gives?  Why so crazy?  North Korea is China’s crown jewel of crazy, and it is not going to give that up without getting major concessions from Trump on trade and the South China Sea.  Anyone thinking the U.S. is negotiating with North Korea is nuts.  The U.S., in reality, is in negotiations with China, and that is why this is going to be drawn out.

It’s now called “Spygate,” and it makes Watergate look like a water balloon fight. This is the biggest scandal in U.S. history.  The Obama Administration tried to frame Donald Trump for conspiring with the Russians and used every dirty trick in the book to try to take him down, including the use of spies in his campaign.  People are going to be jailed over this one, and I mean top people.  This is treason against the Constitution and our elections.

Is the economy really doing that well? Lots of data says parts of the economy are NOT doing well at all.  Is the Fed going to raise interest rates?  Is the Fed going to be forced to bring back easy money and reverse course to save a faltering economy just before the midterms?  Greg has an update.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Interview:

Mark Taylor, author of the popular book “The Trump Prophecies” will be the guest for the “Early Sunday Release.”


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  1. FluZee

    This is a true story. It will help to prepare our rouge intell rebels. Just as they helped the president during his campaign for president and during his presidency and some say their still at it. They can let us help them get ready for the shackles and the same ISIS orange jumpsuits, that they supplied the so called Syrian moderate rebels along with those used white Toyota pickups they shipped out of the ports of Houston and Galveston.
    Enjoy the movie boys, you’ve earned it. Don’t forget your long undies. Gets cold up in Thar there, Rocky Mountains! A TRUE STORY!
    /|The Secret of Convict Lake/|

    • FluZee

      Some interesting tidbit’s about the Actor’s in this film;
      Men everywhere were smitten with Ethel Barrymore back in the day, most notably Winston Churchill, who asked her to marry him. Not wishing to be a politician’s wife, she refused. Winston, years later, married Clementine Hozier, a ravishing beauty who looked very much like Ethel. Winston and Ethel remained friends until the end of her life. Their “romance” was their own little secret until his son let the cat out of the bag 63 years after it happened.
      Ethel Barrymore played,”Granny!”

      Glenn Ford was a great-nephew of Canada’s first Prime Minister, Sir John A. Macdonald and also related to U.S. President Martin Van Buren. Glenn played Canfield.

  2. Ray

    That was a good report…..thank you Greg.
    Great to see that corn shooting up……I hope you crocodiles over there are enjoying your Spring and are looking forward to a bumper harvest in the Summer as well.
    DEFINITELY cooling down here in Canberra…..we are strapping ourselves in for the annual 13 week freeze here in the capital!
    So…….”Crown Jewel Of Crazy”…….that is North Korea for China hey!!??
    Xi Jinping could always look across the table at Trump and say, without fear or hesitation, “China may a Crown Jewel Of Crazy in North Korea……and if that is true, then the United States has two Crown Jewels Of Crazy……the wars they needlessly started, and are still hopeless quagmired in, in both Iraq and Afghanistan”.
    Good on you Greg…..keep throwing out the left jab mate.

    Canberra, Australia

  3. Peter from the Netherlands

    You see Greg, you said it: all is a false flag!

    So this is a ——- Banana Republic


    • This sceptred Isle

      not true – the walnuts from California are delicious!

      • Peter from the Netherlands

        You call that a ‘false flag’ ? HMMMM

    • William Stanley

      Peter from the Netherlands:
      Yet people from the real “banana republics” risk great hardship to try to immigrate to the US — illegally, if necessary. Moreover, there seems to be no similar migration the other way. Your comparison is inapposite and you should know it.
      BTW, Peter, where do you live? You say you’re “from” the Netherlands, but do you actually live there? Isn’t Brussels corrupt and turning the whole of the EU into a Muslim “republic”? Oh, I forgot, Muslims don’t even aspire to “republics,” do they? Do something!

      • Peter from the Netherlands

        What is there level of intelligence ? So correct you are.

        Brussel corrupt, they are learning from your country, or not?

        • Greg Hunter

          You have the EU and it breaks the Maastricht Treaty every single day to force participation in, NOT only an economic scheme, but a political power grab as well. Why in the hell do you think they are breaking down Europe with mass migration of Muslims that rape and kill? Oh, I think you guys have plenty to be ashamed of and worry about. By the way, none of your fearless leaders signed the Iran nuke “deal.” That is a total fraud.

        • William Stanley

          Peter: You have a point: Brussels is a fascist enterprise, and the European fascists in fact did learn some things from the American “progressives.”
          So, Peter, the peoples of our two countries do have a common enemy: the fascist/progressive ideology.

  4. Charles Turnerct

    As an outsider from the UK, what amazes me about your American politics is just how corrupt it has become. Issues that all Americans should be striving to solve and work together have become political issues. Politicians like Adam Schiff simply don’t care about the American people any more.
    In society there are issues, challenges and threats that are and should be non-political. They are issues and threats that every decent, honest human would want to see solutions too, whoever is in power.
    Eradicating MS13 should be non-political. You have aliens from outside your country, coming in and murdering citizens. Every decent person should be 100% behind eradicating this problem. You can’t make it up that there are politicians defending them, to the extent that one Democrat said he would prefer his daughter marries a MS13 gang member than a Republican.
    Diplomatic efforts and negotiations to get North Korea to denuclearise is non poltical. Every decent American, from all parties should be 100% behind the current leadership, even if there is only a slim chance of it happening. If Opposition leaders have concerns they should express them behind closed doors.
    Having a decent border wall/ fence and making every effort to decrease illegal immigration. What’s political about that? Its common sense and the duty of any leadership.
    Routing out paedophiles and child sex rings. Every single decent American should be behind this agenda.
    Having accurate journalism should be non-political. Political bias’s accepted. But surely every decent, human being would want the reporting to be true, not false and not have a situation where news is deliberately not reported.
    Even what is coming out about tactics used by The Special Council should be non-political and send shockwaves through every decent American. Threatening someone with a 25 year sentence that can be reduced to a few months if they co-operate or compose is legalised corruption that very few outside America would believe is possible in a Western democracy. It is the type of justice we read about in history books about the Spanish Inquisition or would expect from a rogue state. Thankfully in the UK this would be illegal and the prosecutor would end up behind bars for trying this on. In the UK a criminal can expect a 1/3rd off their sentence if they confess before trial. Then the person confessing would also be considered a very, very poor witness in testifying against someone else as they are already guilty of a crime and as such are tainted and are ‘not of good character’.
    Trump is America and the world’s only hope. For all those that rail about his background, God does not always choose an unblemished man to undertake his work. Saul of Tarsis who became the Apostle Paul is an example of this. I hesitate to use a Biblical comparison, but whatever Trump has been and done in the past, you only have to see his meeting with the parents of the children murdered by the MS13 gang members to realise that this is a man that wants the best for the people of America and if he is allowed to undertake his agenda American society will be better for years to come.

    • William Stanley

      Yes, Trump is important to the entire world.
      However, your 1/3 reduction in sentences for confessions is just a lesser form of corruption. Moreover, how many of your bankers have made it to prison for their crimes? Not that many would be my guess.
      Now on to the crimes, both petty and international war crimes, of the “Royal” family . . .
      Could it be that the corruption in the UK is so deep and thoroughly covered up that most of it never comes to light. Wasn’t MI-6 involved even in the conspiracies against Trump?

    • FC

      Ask Tommy Robinson whether reporting the truth hasn’t become a political issue in the UK………..Charles, you need to begin routing out your own pedophile ring before casting stones at other countries and we won’t mention the immigration problem you are already experiencing.

      The UK has basically a moat around it and they still can’t keep them out, that’s because the government allows them in…………’s the same the world over.

  5. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter.
    Whilst the wheels of law are sure,we are told,the slow deliberation is undeniably agitating us peasantry.However,let us leave no treasonous weasel behind.
    Speaking of weasels,here in the UK ,where we are supposedly “left the EU”,we have a new piece of legislation to protect the EU and its officers from criticism ,utterly enchanting,and restrain electioneering,yippee!
    Meanwhile the contents of Hilary’s servers and those of the DNC and many other servers are swanning around the networks attributed to mobile phones paid for by the police here in the UK(really the tax payer).
    Still our economy for real people sucks and is now bleeding into the elite and their businesses,why even Aldi and Lidl are feeling the pinch and are using imported Chinese labour in Poland to pick,produce and pack goods sold in their stores here in the UK.
    Even the great Marks and Spencers have become the haunt of wealthy upper classes now as we peasants find even their food too pricey and their clothes beyond shoddy for the price.About time they went.Even low price stores such as ASDA(owned by Walmart)are being “taken over”by the snooty Sainsburys(pricey and snobby),in reality its a reverse takeover of Sainsbury by Walmart and sold as a done deal.Meanwhile Pharmacy numbers are being cut,gracefully,to eliminate competition so poor(Walgreen) may bleed us more.
    Yet during this all,try and buy a car for cash not credit and the dealer is practically shoving you out the door,except if you are the Duke of Westminster,seems our money is not good enough.
    A colleague who operates a cleaning company in Beverly Hills and Santa Monica was looking for more workers,well paid jobs with benefits,was horrified to have three hundred people turn up with resumes at her little shed looking for the few jobs she had on offer.Many were graduates in engineering and STEM subjects,what is happening?
    So all is still well according to the Goebbels-vision that is our main stream media.The censoriousness of the new children in media reminds me so much of Yahoo’s willingness to shut down comments on its daily stories,they seemingly too offensive for delicate types,Within a year the numbers on Yahoo fell through the floor opening the way for others.The similar arrogance engendered in the share price of YouTube,Google and others will be their undoing.The first splash of YouTube was so refreshing many of whom have disappeared,sadly!

    • Bett Booper

      Maria, with youtubes new conservative censorship their soon down the tubes!

    • William Dunn

      Charles, it is so refreshing to read your comments. I love the comparison with Saul, who was dragging men and women refugees back to Jerusalem to face prison. Here in New Jersey the press has poisoned the population to the point that you are afraid to mention you support the president. I am soon 65, and I have never seen a politician try to keep his promises as does the president. He has done so much for us already. Thanks for tuning in to Greg. We love him!

      • Dan

        You mean OTHER THAN bringing our troops home from around the world, controlling federal spending, “locking her up” & Mexico will pay for the wall – RIGHT!

        • William Stanley

          Dan: Seems like you’re complaining about things you personally never wanted to happen anyway. You sound like someone peed in your Cheerios this morning. Why aren’t you happy?

  6. Robert

    I just don’t see the current DOJ or FBI leadership indicting any of the Obama era players. The msm is in their pockets and only the center -right who listens to Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin, Berry, Hunter, Cunningham, hear the actual case against those Obama era players.

    The antifa me too, and BLM types will become the street thugs (Brownshirts) should indictments be initiated. Hell, we’ve got Nancy Pelosi and others on the left, giving credibility and dignity to M13 and a msm who enables it.

    Even Glenn Greenwald sees how corrupt the left has become.

    Nope, just don’t see it happening.

  7. libertarian jerry

    Greg,you opened your report with the wrong date. It’s May 25th not March 25th. Other than that nitpicking your comments, were right on point. The Democrats have become the party of no new ideas. But ,at the same time,the Republicans in many cases have been stonewalling Trump. Although I don’t have much faith in changing things in America through the electoral process,let’s hope that things will be different this November.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you. Slip of the tongue.

  8. Canada View Eh!

    I am a steadfast reader of your site for the past 3-4 years and I have the utmost respect for what you are doing with USAWD.

    That being said, I am struggling heartily to believe anyone will “be jailed over this one, and I mean top people. This is treason against the Constitution and our elections.”

    The cards are continually being stacked against everyone who is trying to better the USA, with absolutely zero accountability.

    Clinton(s), Comey, Lynch, McCabe, Obama, Pelosi, etc., etc have the sheer arrogance, gall and audacity to go in front of cameras to say they’ve done or are doing nothing wrong. That’s truly terrifying in my opinion because I do honestly believe each one of those odious reprobates believe it themselves.

    When is someone from the Republicans going to have the balls to stand up and go after the DEM-o-IDIOTS like the bought-n-paid for Meuller is doing against them ?

    Rules of law do not exist on the governmental level because they wrote those laws. The 2-tiered political clock’s arms are broken and are stuck pointing towards “us” never being treated the same as “them.

    • Bett Booper

      Were waiting for the better day, @, too!
      We enjoy your,”Canada View Eh!” in the USA.
      Ruler Supreme, Who hearest humble prayer,
      Hold our dominion within Thy loving care.
      Help us to find, O God, in Thee,
      A lasting, rich reward,
      As waiting for the Better Day
      We ever stand on guard.
      We have much in common with you Canuck’s. Mainly
      supplying along with the Aussies the tourist’s, keeping
      the royals, Cause were still loyal too! Yes even Royal free USA!

  9. andyb

    Greg: I agree with Mannarino that the FED shouldn’t raise rates given the adverse effect on the 2 huge drivers of the economy; housing and autos. Given that the FED is the banker of the Deep State, it wouldn’t surprise me if there are at least 2 hikes prior to the midterms in order to purposely tank the economy. Much better than any false flag scenarios for the Deep State to recapture control. BTW, the best definition of a conservative I’ve seen:
    Progressive: a fervent Marxist tyrant who will cower behind a women during the genocide.

  10. Jerry

    This was the deal breaker with President Trump. Not Kim.

    President Trump is using NOKO as a bargaining chip to get a better deal for the United States with China in the upcoming global currency reset. It is widely known by many insiders that gold will be the backstop to the new currency system. President Trump cut President Xi off at the wrist while he was trying to Pile the chips on his end of the table. This is a strategic move that will hopefully get a better deal for the United States. Whether President Xi likes it or not, China is joined at the hip economically with the United States and President Trump knows it. I expect more jockeying for position in the coming weeks. Just my opinion based on what information I have gathered.

    • Jerry

      While many may tab this information as tin foil hat material, I might remind them that there is a bill in Congress right now supporting going to a gold standard.

      Think about it. What choice do the central banks have? Let the current system implode, or wipe the slate clean and start over? It wouldn’t be the first time it’s been done. The Bretton Woods system is proof of that. Since the crime syndicate wiped Fort Knox clean we have no other choice but to use gunboat diplomacy.

      • Mohammad


        That is not good news, and you should not be cheerful rather fearful.
        Going back to gold standard means one thing in my dictionary:


        • Jallen

          Please explain why you think depopulation comes with the gold standard.


          • Mohammad

            There is no gold enough to circulate with the current and the foreseeing number of population.
            Gold will circulate as money ONLY when the number of population goes down drastically, and am not looking forward to that day.


            • Greg Hunter

              For the right price per ounce there is.

              • Mohammad

                It is not a price issue, it is quantity for population to circulate and NO, there is not enough.


  11. Hoosier river rat

    Greg ,as you said the Marxist democrats never intended trump to win .now their in a state of shock and implementing the best defense is a good offense ploy . Like the kid with his hand in the cookie jar, mom how dare you put this cookie jar around my hand !I believe trump is biding his time much like a cat toying with a mouse before he kills it . In order to restore the republic trump has to vanquish the deep state and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law even if it means bringing the rope back for treason . It is to the utmost that he cleanses the doj and the FBI as well as the CIA.

    • William Stanley

      Hoosier: Forget, “lock her up.” Get a rope!

  12. Paul ...

    Being “really prepared” is more then having some stored food on your stock shelf … for a Venezuela type situation may be in America’s future … this means we should be going down to our Town Board and having the zoning laws changed if need be … to allow homeowners the “legal right” to own a goat and have some chickens on their property … otherwise your goat and chickens could be confiscated by “authorities” in a crisis … according to Lynette Zang … when the system goes down Americans will be as bad off as the people in Venezuela … at least in addition to your silver coins for barter you will have a goat and a few chickens … which will provide milk, cheese, eggs and chicken to eat instead of … or in addition to … dogs, cats, squirrels, pigeons and rats!

    • Paul ...

      You know … we stand around as though we are helpless and allow crooks and thieves take everything we worked for all our lives … the money we save is devalued from 100 cents to 2 cents … the children we raise are sent to war to die for a lie told to us so some neocons can make money … the Consumer Price Index is fixed to deprive us of a living wage … the swindlers steal all the money out of our Social Security Trust Fund … they keep the minimum wage so low that both husband and wife have to work and can only support 1.3 kids … the demographics of our nation goes into free fall … and now the Demon-rat vampires have to open our borders to bring in “new blood” to keep the economy alive … sort of what the Muslims are doing for Europe right now (having 6 to 7 kids to bring Europe back from its declining demographics) … the idiot neocons originally promoted “small families” as a way to improve living standards … now they realize small families “kills the economic goose that lays the golden eggs” … so they want “open borders” and will fearlessly protect the rights of the more then 10,000 murdering MS13 gang members that have already settle here … calling Trump “a racist” for referring to these invading murderers as “animals” … after Trump gets rid of these MS13 “animals” … he must rid himself of the neocon warmongering “animals” surrounding him in the White House intent on starting a major war … it doesn’t matter who they decide to attack … just as long as they can make some blood money from the killing!!

      • Jallen

        Most excellent report and it should be sent to every politician in America!
        Every American should read it too.


  13. Gary Raffensberger

    Greg, I signed up for your site and your site sent me an e-mail to confirm my signing up which ended up in my spam box. Well we were warned!

    Keep up the good work.

  14. Willard Ferch

    Dear Greg, Another informative and important update. As for drought in the Southwest, we were in Arizona years ago and there was an article on drought. Around 800 years ago it covered most of the Southwest and lasted 85 years, and that’s when the cliff-dwellers starved out and moved out. I guess there were some droughts in the distant past that lasted over 100 years. Pray for rain. Fiddlin

  15. DBCooper

    Greg, Thanks for the update … it seem obvious that we need a conservative (read fair) platform for conservative presentations like yours and many others. I heard on Hagmann yesterday that Mike Adams is setting up his own platform … that said, ‘We all hang together … or we all just hang!!’ Thanks again.
    Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

    • William Stanley

      DB: Agreed.

  16. Otis muno

    Is a troll an individual or a program?

    • William Stanley

      Dale: It depends on how they self identify.
      As I understand it, the “T” in LGBT stands for “troll.”

      • William Stanley

        Seriously, I think it’s a bi-computational sort of thing.

  17. iwitness02

    I really like having someone in the WH that likes to get things done. Politicians only work on politics. A businessman works on obtaining fast results that are beneficial. Merit based results, if you will. Instead of back room deals that screw everyone.
    Off topic, but I am curious about the corn. Is there any irrigation in place? Or just rainwater?
    Thank you once again, Greg. Really enjoy the farm report from the farm.
    We call our place a farm, but we only have a quarter acre. Our farm is just a series of gardens, and a few fruit tress and and berry bushes. But it is a nice way to live.

  18. DZ

    Greg I have watched you for years – Love your analysis

    please put me on your email list

  19. H. Craig Bradley


    “President Trump cut all the Federal Regulations”. Maybe. Then why does it commonly take 2 years and at least $ 1 Million dollars in Calif. to build a new restaurant in an existing, vacant commercial space? State and Local REGULATIONS ( Bureaucracy), that’s why. Federal regulations are not as big a deal as some would assert. Nevertheless, every little bit certainly helps.

    • Flattop

      H Craig Bradley
      Dont understand how you make the connection between our Prez and the loony tunes laws of California, and the loony tunes Gov Moonbeam. Did not know our Prez made the California permit rules!

  20. Eric Truman

    I’ve enjoyed many of your reports. But I think you missed the boat on North Korea. The crown jewel of crazy is U.S. “foreign policy”. One crime, war crime or false flag after another for the last century (per Smedley Butler, et. al). Trump is just continuing the game.

    Granted Trump is the lessor of two evils (-vs- Killery) but the lessor of two evils is still evil. Trump is packing his admin chock full of zionists, neocons and Wall streeters. Soros, Killery and the undocumented “ex-president” are still walking free. Still no inquiry into the missing 21 trillion. The country is being asset stripped to collapse.

    This won’t end well.

    • Tinfoil hat Canuck

      As an outsider, ‘patriotic’ Americans will label you as an America hater if you dare suggest the evidence, once looked at with non American eyes, does indeed show their country in a light that is not beacon-esque up on the hill.

      If you are a citizen, then it becomes downright treasonous . So while I agree with your bold statement about the Empire’s foreign policy, I would suggest you curb any criticism of Trump, Israel or the military on his blog. Dem or liberal bashing is fair game though ( not saying they don’t deserve it ).

      Just recognizing everyone has blinders/bias, even the best intentioned alt media outlets, doing their utmost to speak truth to power.

    • Dan

      Hi Eric,
      I agree 100% with the notion that just because Hillary would have been much worse doesn’t mean that everything Trump does is right. Indeed, what happened to controlling spending & bringing all of our troops home – remember those empty campaign promises? Just more kubuki theatre. The Dems blame the Repubs & the Repubs blame the Dems without realizing the American People are being “sold down the river” by BOTH parties!

      • Paul Anthony

        Tinfoil hat Canuck


        Because as a patriot pretty much your average Joe Citizen thinks Trump Supporters are racist – cant put a bumper sticker on my car without my car being vandalized. Get called a right winged nut job Nazi lover. Antifi thinks I need to die because I am white and a Trump Supporter . Oprah thinks I should die when I am old (All old white people just need to die) Basically IA m labelled as a white privileged racist who needs to die because I love this country and the constitution and Christ. AS the left preaches Diversity and Tolerance.

        If its so bad on here you have a choice .. dont come here. Not me .. I have to go to work and hear about leftist propaganda and how hateful I Must be,

        DUDE! No one does anything to you here. Just words and debates. In teh real world people actually want me dead and have stated as such.

        Thank you propaganda machines of CNN and all other mainstream media.
        Wow. Just wow

    • Paul ...

      Eric … imagine the “strongest nation in the world” allowing two-bit crooks like Clinton and Rubin to strip us of all our gold from Fort Knox … and simply “covering up the crime” by having the Fed (a private company) deny the opening (of our Nation’s) vaults to do an audit … then allow more crooks to empty the gold vaults at the World Trade Center on 9-11 and “cover up that crime” by having Larry Silverstein demolish his Twin Towers but only after all the gold was taken out of the basement vault by crooks … the same crooks who stole 2.3 Billion out of the Pentagon Defense Budget and sent a missile into the office of the Pentagon doing an audit of the theft “to cover up that crime” … and all the non-stop continuous wars are by crooks out to plunder the gold of other nations … yet another crime being perpetrated on the American people is the enrichment of these crooks doling out contracts to their Military/Industrial/Government buddies … where we Americans have to pay for it all with our lives and borrowed money … so they can build offensive weapons (like obsolete Aircraft Carriers and flawed F35’s) so they can threaten the world with additional wars of plunder… isn’t there one man in the world able to stand up to these crooks? … we elected Trump to do the job … but you know what … it may actually be Putin who is going to “trump” these crooks … Putin just gave the order to begin the “mass production” of the S-500 anti-missile, anti-aircraft, anti-satellite, anti-orbital space platform weapons, anti-hyper-sonic aircraft/missiles and has the ability to shoot down stealth warplanes (like the F22 and F35) … so it is Putin who is laying down a world-wide gauntlet to these neocon warmongering crooks to run through … and by placing S-500’s (having the longest surface-to-air range in the world) around the Ukraine inside Syria and later Iran, etc., etc. the Washington neocon warmongers can never hope “to steal the gold of the entire world” … Russia’s Putin will stop these crooks who have already pillaged the gold reserves of countries like Lybia, Iraq, Ukraine, etc. … so the Deep State crooks are finally being put in checkmate by Russia (and of course they hate the Russians who are now cramping their world-wide gold plundering operations) … NATO countries see the writing on the wall (Russia has the warmongering neocons trumped) … and NATO is beginning to move away from Washington’s “continual war” policies that have now destroyed the identities of Germany, France, England, etc. … making these once multi-cultural European Nations into “One Big Muslim Nation” under the complete control of very very evil globalists!!

  21. The Ogs

    Another great report. Thank you Greg.

    Why – why – WHY do people seem to struggle so much with the word “rogue”?
    (Are they not aware that “rouge” describes a type of woman’s makeup…?)

  22. Thomas Anderson

    Was there a wed. Speaker?

    • Greg Hunter

      Took time off.

      • William Stanley

        Mr. Hunter: Time off! WTF?
        And I waited all night for the video to come up. LOL
        Just kidding: Another great WNW, so I guess I’ll have to forgive you!

      • Jodyp

        Oh,yeah. Get us hooked like junkies, then make us skip a fix! Ha! Great wrap-up!

        • William Stanley

          Jodyp: OMG, I just looked at my driver’s license and it said “Jodyp”!

  23. Sylvia

    Glad to see you are out in the country, giving yourself a break. That is the only place where things make good common sense. Nature is much better than city life.
    There was a secret meeting in downtown New York last Wednesday with a representative of Kim from North Korea and Trump. Trump walked out in a huff.
    You need to listen to Jeff Rense for the real news. Every evening 7:00 to 10:00
    Pacfic time.

    Have a nice Memorial Day

  24. Mohammad


    There was never an intention of this admin to negotiate any crap with N.K.
    It is clear that they know the kid over their is a loose cannon and it did not take more then few words from Pence to set him off giving the excuse for the Donald to cancel, so down the road when they hit they will say we tried.
    It is obvious the admin is going into the war pretext.
    Hillary was right all the way when she said HE WILL PUSH THE BIG RED BUTTON.


    • Dan

      He may, but she probably already would have! (Although I believe that whomever is “President” will do whatever they’re told OR ELSE! – see JFK)

    • Tin foil hat

      Bush and Obama didn’t leave Trump much options to deal with the current crisis. The only tool left in the box is the hammer.
      Trump is trying to get things done with light taps. Hillary would likely swing blindly, breaking everything in the way with no accomplishment.

      • Mohammad

        Not at all,
        Clintons been in the WH for two terms and they did not drop a hammer nor pushed a red button, this guy will.


        • Greg Hunter

          Maybe the other guys will drop the hammer on America and we will have no choice.

          • Mohammad

            Not if we realize that we are not the only power in the world. if we learn something called sharing, and not only ME.


  25. zteve.0

    Congratulations Greg – great day for vindication – I felt like i was listening to you -but it was congress …finally

  26. David

    “This is the biggest scandal in U.S. history.” I beg to differ. The biggest scandal in US history is the the Federal Reserve Act which essentially allowed a cabal of bankers to hijack the entire economy. The Federal Reserve is responsible for wars and has utterly decimated the purchasing power of the dollar. What is taking place now in the District of Corruption is kabuki theater compared to that.

    • Jallen

      Excellent post! Let us put the leaders of the Federal Reserve in Jail!!!


    • Paul ...

      Yes David … and the dumbed down Americans are so easily led by insanely greedy neocons because they are never taught anything in school … schools that “pass everyone” … because what does it matter that 2+2 doesn’t equal 5 … no wonder our engineers schooled in America can’t build the sophisticated weapons the neocons need to rule the world (the way Russians can) … our school system is a joke … to these neocons our schools are simply places for them to send “armed shooters” to kill our children “so they can have an excuse to take away our guns” … and the dumb ass idiot parents of these slaughtered children then march on Washington to protest against the Constitutional rights the Founders fought and gave their lives to provide us … these parents of slaughtered children should be marching on Washington to demand “Home Schooling” for all American children … so as to prevent any more children from being slaughtered in these neocon “meat factories” (to promote the neocon’s anti-gun agenda) … where these meat factories are falsely called “schools of higher education”!!

      • Paul ...

        You know … if I was in charge of the NRA … I would sponsor a nationwide plan for Home Schooling of All America’s Children … imagine the money that can be saved by eliminating the Department of Education … not only making the government smaller but helping solve our Budget Problems … Home Schooling will actually provide a “real education” to our children … who will finally begin to learn things they never knew before … and were never told!!

    • Charles H


  27. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, do you really think the MSM & Deep State/elite will allow Obama and gang to be held accountable? I am hoping so, but somewhat skeptical, but holding on to hope. It’s just that I have a rational mind and lived awhile and never seen any accountability of either party as of yet. All the while the middle class, soon becoming the working poor class, go off to work trying to make ends meet, being good little boys and girls minding their P’s & Q’s. So on we go, allowing the fake news and the lying politicians to decide our fate as a nation. I will give this Spygate a reasonable time in which play out and see if any of Obama’s gang gets put in the slammer. If so great, there is justice, if not, business as usual & I am off the train at the next stop never buying into the false reality of hope again. Simply stated: This is not my fathers country any longer. Justice be damned because there is no such thing as justice. I hope my skeptical sarcastic mind is proved wrong just once!

  28. eddiemd

    Comey and Clapper are trying to get out in front of their coverup. They have the corporate media covering for them. Both have appeared on the “View” which appeals to the low information voter crowds (people who don’t work, on guvmint handouts). They are desperate. Brennan is also out there spinning the narrative. The rats are scattering.

    Obama appears to be laying low at the moment. Bitter Hillary is still making appearances.

    The World Cup in Russia just around the corner. I wonder what the deep state has planned for this event.

  29. eddiemd

    Starbucks is going down.

    I would stay away from Starchucks especially in California. Their coffee is crap for the price. Better off getting coffee at Jack-in-the-Box. California is still in the midst of the Hepatitis epidemic in the homeless crowds; San Diego in particular.

    Unfortunately the homeless are at higher risk for scabies, lice, HIV, tuberculosis, Hepatitis A/B/C, MRSA (resistant staph), and other infectious diseases. I would not work there, patronize, or bring children there. Enter at your own risk.

    • Frederick

      I used to go to the Bridgehampton Starbucks every morning when I lived there Very liberal people so I had to keep my voice down which I hated Over here in Turkey and in Warsaw the Starbucks are REALLY overpriced so I just go to really nice small coffee shops and pay about a third for better coffee served to me with a chocolate

      • Mohammad

        How is the drop in Lira affecting every thing over there?


    • Charles H


      In the early Seventies – I was stationed at North Island, San Diego. I could stroll out and wander the Hotel Coronado, or visit the beaches. It was beautiful and safe. I’d even catch a bus, cross the bridge, and go rollerskating downtown. It was clean, safe, and idyllic. Now I wouldn’t go anywhere in Southern California.

  30. tom

    You are missing 1 point at least I have never heard you discuss it. The lawlessness of the democratic party is obvious. Yet it seems the republicans either do not care or are unwilling to hold the to account. Apparently the Democrats are allowed to be lawless because the Republicans do not hold them to account. So why should I care about this lawlessness if the republicans do not care.) You are all just wasting your breath getting everyone on our side all riled up when “this is just how it is now.” The true fact is that the Republican party does not have a spine when it comes to standing up to the Democrats. This bodes bad for all of us as Democratic tyranny will proceed unchecked. Republicans are an embarrassment which is why I no longer am one. I am more mad at the Republicans for being spineless than I am at the Democrats for being corrupt. Democrats have always been corrupt and always will be. Why not when you can steamroll the pathetically weak Republican party???


    • Greg Hunter

      I have dogged the RINO’s Paul Ryan and Mitch (I got rich by China) McConnell many times. I agree.

      • Jallen

        Time to clean house and start over!


    • William Stanley

      Another option: The Republicans are also corrupt and don’t want to disrupt the “game.”

    • William Stanley

      correction: eddiemd

  31. Chris

    Greg – Mike Adams is starting an alternative video channel called around July 4. Here’s a link to his recent announcement:

    Perhaps you will consider interviewing this web sites founder, Robert David Steele:

    He would make a great guest on USAWatchdog!

    Thanks for all the excellent coverage!

  32. Dan

    I just added my name to your email list and sure enough it was in my junk email folder!
    Maybe you could do like Greg Mannarino and post n steem.
    I joined it because of him, and it seems like the only place you can post what you want without being censored by these people wanting to be slaves to a government, or tyrant.

  33. John the Moderate

    It’s not a lie if people believe it. Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth. The bigger the lie, the more people believe it.

    Never let the facts or science base evidence get in a way of good conspiracy story. Invent alternate facts to enhance the narrative. The more wacky the story, the better.

    Attack the personal character of those who disagree with you. Doesn’t matter if your attacks don’t have a speck of truth.

    Belittle the worthiness of those who don’t agree with you. Smear their character, it has amazing negative impact.

    Project onto your critics your character flaws.

    Make hyperbolic promises and grandiose claims.

    Never give credit to those who came before you and who laid the foundations of your so-called successes.

    Be of authoritarian and self-righteous disposition and hit back hard against perceived slights. Criticise people for exercising their constitutional rights and freedoms for being Un-American or the enemy of “we the people.”

    Accuse the media and the institutions of government of witch-hunting when your venal, corrupt/unethical or immoral behaviour comes to the attention of the public and is rightly examined. Allow also family members, close friends and associates to self deal and peddle influence.

    Surround yourself with lickspittle subordinates and demand their fealty and praise.

    Never admit to or apologise for your shortcomings or failures.

    Hold broadly to scriptural absolutism, but live day-today through the prism of moral relativism and Faustian bargains.

    • Tinfoil hat Canuck

      Wow, how did you get a copy of ” The Politician’s Playbook – Cole’s notes version” ?

    • Chip

      Sounds like the communist progressives… Chip

      • John the Moderate

        I am a Christian and a moderate conservative!

        Your reply sounds like demagoguery, a modern day form of McCarthyism, the witch-hunt of the 50’s.

        • Greg Hunter

          So you disagree and you destroy your opponent? That is Christian??

        • William Stanley

          RE: “McCarthyism”
          Plenty of fascist/progressive/globalist/communists both then and now. Then, the communists were actually allied with the Soviet Union (McCarthy wasn’t entirely wrong).
          Now, those with similar ideologies sometimes call themselves “moderates” or “progressives”and are mainly allied with the fascist/progressive/globalist agendas of both the Democrat and Republican parties and the international crime families like the Obamas, Clintons, Bushes, Windsors, and Rothschilds and their minions in the central banks and the intelligence agencies.
          There were few if any actual witches. But there were plenty of communists, and there are now even more fascists/progressives who call cloak themselves in the term “moderate.”

    • William Stanley

      John the “Moderate”: I detect hypocrisy and falsehood in your comment.
      It’s encouraging though, to also detect its patina of panic, anger, and fear. You apparently sense that your incredibly corrupt cabal has been exposed and is going down . . . and that Greg Hunter is a virtual wrecking ball to the whole putrid political edifice that you call home.

      • John the Moderate

        Oh dear!!

        • William Stanley

          John the Moderate: Whistling through the graveyard.

    • Tin foil hat

      John the Moderate,
      Trump is using the leftist’s playbook against the demoncratic machine and its propagandists in the CNN, FBI, ABC, CIA, NBC, NSA ….. The funniest thing is to see the leftists have no idea how to counter their own favorite dirty tricks.
      I supported Ted Cruz originally but I knew he couldn’t do what Trump is doing now. One of the reason I switched over to Trump is because I know he can fight fire with fire. As the matter of fact, he is a much better fire starter than the democrats.
      So, whatever you said is mostly true and what’s your point?

      • John the Moderate

        Some of the my points came out of the playbook of nazism too. I think my points are clear – a critique of Trump’s character and behavior.

        • Greg Hunter

          Did you have the same “clear – a critique ” of Obama, Hillary, Kerry, Jerrett, Comey, Lynch, Powers, Holder, Clapper, Brennan, McCabe ect.??? Lot’s to critique there.

          • John the Moderate

            You bet Greg!!!

            And you can add a long list of Republican names too!!!

            I am a moderate conservative —not a far-right or a far-left ideolog!!!

  34. Flattop

    GREG: A question.
    I cannot find any info on FBI Director Wray. Do you know, is he a deep stater or a Trumper?

  35. John Henry Stone

    Greg, If the big guy is firmly in charge, I hope he has a good reason for the drought here in central Arizona. Red flag fire conditions almost every day and it is so dangerous that the Arizona Game and Fish won’t let the deer mate for fear of sparks. Two guys were throwing rocks at a bear and started a brush fire and it burned about fifty acres before they got it under control. Dear Lord, send us some rain..!

  36. Justn Observer

    Greg…. Russia , Iran , Venezuela creating new digital currency …and Sen. Corker meeting with Maduro behind Trumps back? Bit-coin out flanking the petro dollar soon?

  37. Russ McMeans

    Great news synopsis for the week Greg. Nice to see that corn too, I bought a 6” stack of corn tortillas today. All God’s creatures love corn, it’s true. Google it!
    Everyone remember to pray for Trump and family and don’t forget to ask the Lord that Hillary, Obama, and all the Ork deep state hordes be brought to justice and exposed for what they are. THIS IS IMPORTANT. As for you scoffers, just forget about it, it’s of no consequence to you. Also pray for Jeff Sessions. May he set down his tea cup and get angry. We can only hope. Doesn’t he have any piss in him? Where is that dude anyway. I’m still hoping but Mueller is causing much damage to innocents. As for Little Kim; the Donald is playing him like a cat and he’s the yarn. Fun to watch!
    But China with their new dictator- that’s a more serious problem. Just like any dictator- Erdogon, Castro’s, Putin, they throw a wrench into a potentially peaceful world. Oh I forgot those assholes in Tehran. They are the worst! So many little gods out there. Sad.

  38. Russ McMeans

    I forgot to mention the little gods in our deep state spy agencies that meddle in the world’s affairs. They destroy countries one after another. Just as bad as foreign actors. George Washington warned about ‘foreign entanglements ‘ btw. Been going on for a few centuries now in our new Republic. IT MAKES US POORER- if you haven’t noticed. Just print up some more $ to cover the shortfall. Right?
    I’m checking out now but I have to finish by stating that John Brennon and company, and Hillary and Obama need to see what prison feels like. It would be so nice to see justice served up properly!

  39. Russ McMeans

    Thank you Greg for beating The lying sob’s. If your shoes get ragged and bloody, we will buy you a new pair to wear so you can kick em with the truth some more. We can’t let Marxist Commie Democrats win. All they have is chains and poverty- while they live off our surplus. ( Soviet bosses, Maduro and Castro’s) disgusting, all of them!

  40. Charles H


    Corporat-ocrasy… the Main Stream and Big Money in the Liberal’s pocket. How far behind are we from the UK? Tommy Robinson was put away today. ‘Lucky’ Ned Pepper was right. When asked if he needed a good lawyer – he answered: I need a good judge!

    The questions to ask is: How far is the system stacked? Greg’s list for Justice,FBI, Intelligence is pretty long. How big is the divide in America? California breaks Federal Law – and who is correcting that?

    I question the scope of the change in human nature… and what it is leading to. One can lead a person to Truth: but they can’t make them drink. Is there an intellectual Rubicon?

    • William Stanley

      Charles H: RE: “Is there an intellectual Rubicon?”
      I think so. You’ve crossed it; and there is no going back, is there? No choice but onward to victory!

    • King Jim

      The Truth Will Set You Free, Charley!

  41. Dan

    Having lived through Watergate, I always cringe when you try to compare it to “spygate”. Watergate cost a SITTING U.S. President the presidency! Wake me when ANYONE of power (let alone a sitting U.S. President) loses their job or their freedom (i.e. prison) due to “spygate” because it AINT GONNA HAPPEN! Therefore, spygate (as much as you wish & hope) is a bunch of bluster that will be but a blip on the screen of history, while Watergate remains a HUGE event in U.S. history – in spite of revisionist history (i.e. FAKE NEWS!)

    • Tin foil hat

      In order to bring jobs back to America, Trump has to get rid of the dollar reserve currency status. The deep state is the protector of the dollar. Trump has to get rid of the deep state to bring jobs back to America.

  42. Joseph Baxter

    In America our laws call what we see in Korea. HOME INVASION. For GOD sake YANKEE GO HOME. Enough is enough. t,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  43. Flattop

    One hasta be thankful for our Congressmen, ( Jim Jordan, Trey Gowdy, Mark Meadows, Devan Nunes, who have staid the course, and been pitbulls during this Spygate investigation. Without them, it would have long been covered up.. Guess I havnt lost faith in our Government yet.

    • William Stanley

      Flattop: Good point!

  44. Chip

    Greg, I don’t understand why you continue to report that the US will be a net exporter of oil. I’ve given you this info before but in summary we produce roughly 10 million barrels per day while we consume about 20 million barrels per day. Please explain to me how we become a net exporter? You can find more detail here…

  45. Justn Observer

    Greg, X- Panama President arrested for cooperating with CIA , doing wire-taps, and other ‘involvements’ in South America with the U.S. and others = sex/child trafficking – Epstein , Panama Papers during last administrations during his term of office?

  46. gregd

    This may seem off topic but it’s not.
    We in the U.S.A. have the best system the world has ever seen. Add to the Constitution, publicly funded elections with a limit on sums of money spent would be needed as well as no lobbying and a balanced budget amendment. The problem lies in the fact that we took it for granted. For instance, we allowed Bill Clinton(in his last days) to change the rules, the Telecommunications Act of 1996 was a disaster for honest and independent news reporting. I may be the only person who blames the media for everything going down. There is not one person in the media who has the balls to tell the truth about whats going on. Without the media keeping the Politicians in check the low intelligent people whether it be because of ignorance or lack of research or just a single issue voter, these people will vote poorly in my opinion because of lack of truthful information. No one tells them the long-term effect of certain laws, for instance, the 2nd amendment. Where the *uck is the media explaining how when they take your guns away they then follow with your liberty. How about the media reporting how the voting machines are fixed. Here in Ohio the people in sections of Wood county didn’t have one vote for Romney but the people who voted came out and said they and everyone they knew voted for Romney but yet nothing was done. The same thing happened in Philly in black districts with Obama getting 100% of the vote and nothing was done when the black churches in the district came out and said they all voted for Romney because of Obama’s stance on abortion. Where’s the *uck is the media on that??????? How about the first amendment and their plans for global warming deniers? I could go on and on with examples. Their incremental plan that changed this country has to be reversed and not incrementally and you have no chance without the 1st and 2nd amendments. It makes me sick what this country has become. Nobody should be above the law. Who said justice delayed is justice denied?
    Thanks for the opportunity to vent.

  47. King Kamehameha

    Hawaii isn’t all it’s cracked up yo be, eh?

  48. Theta Lion

    Re “Economic Update”….more data supporting your/Greg’s thinking
    “These Are The Cheapest Crash Hedges Right Now”
    PM’s aren’t on the radar yet….but they will be.

    Thank you for your tireless reporting.

  49. bob

    living paycheck to paycheck…. love trump…. average truck price close to 33000. really..

    • Greg Hunter

      Trump caused that in a year and a half!!!!! I think not. Deficit in Obama Administration went from around $10 trillion to $20 trillion.

  50. oneno

    Spying against domestic gov is nothing.

    About the ARC processor/everything is bugged by Israel video I posted
    It is down the page a ways. It is FULL of inaccurately stated acronyms. For example, a FAB is actually a chip making facility, not what they said, however, the video is important because it is absolutely correct in pegging Israel for putting a second processor in all Intel chips for the purpose of bugging them, and it is nicely done in a way that will scare the hell out of Grandma. That is badly needed, Grandma needs to wake up now.

    Jim Stone

    Not mentioned is the spying core embedded in all CPUs.

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