Climate Engineering a Grand & Lethal Experiment – Dane Wigington

By Greg Hunter’s

Geoengineering researcher Dane Wigington’s sole mission is to warn the world about extreme weather modification to cool the planet, but Wigington says it’s having the opposite effect. It’s commonly known as “chemtrails,” and it’s destroying the earth’s ability to sustain life.  Wigington contends, “We are asking everybody to help us to sound the alarm.  We can bring this issue to light, and populations all over the globe will be forced to realize they have been part of a grand and lethal experiment with irreparable damage already done for which there is no return.  We need to galvanize global populations in a common cause to expose the power centers around the world that are collaborating, colluding and cooperating on this incredibly lethal operation of geoengineering.  If we can bring this issue to light, we can bring it to a halt.”

Wigington says scientists and meteorologists are being bought off or ordered to shut up about ongoing geoengineering on the planet. Wigington says, “The initial response we got from NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration) when we tried to get information about weather modification . . . they stated, more or less, they didn’t know anything about any weather modification anywhere–ever.  Think about how glaring a lie that is when they are required to sign off on 300 plus weather modifications that are disclosed in the U.S. every year.  It was a blatant glaring lie, and that is why we had to sue the Department of Commerce (NOAA).  Of the documents we have, it is clear that the government and the agencies are doing everything they can to completely control the message down to weather forecasting down to the local level.  They want to control the entire message down to the local forecaster. . . . There is no disputing the fact that there is an illegal federal gag order. . . .The NOAA documents we already have make clear our government wants ‘consistency’ in weather forecasting over ‘accuracy’. . . .We have the foxes running the hen house, if you will, controlling the message, sending down the forecasts, which are in effect the scheduled weather.  That’s why they need the meteorologists to conform with their message because this is, in fact, to schedule weather.”

Geoengineering affects the environment and human health with metal particles used to reflect the sun. Wigington explains, “Stand back and consider.  You can’t breathe without inhaling these particulates.  They are completely saturating the air column.  I assure you, this is building up in all of us.  Lab tests prove this with hair, blood and urine . . . they are building up in all of us.  Not only is it right here, right now, toxifying every breath we take, it is decimating the earth life support system, the protective layers of the atmosphere and the ozone layer.  This is an all-out assault against life.  This is being used as a weapon.  These programs are not benevolent.  In addition to being used as a weapon, climate engineering is being used to mask, and this is very important, it is being used to mask the full severity of climate collapse from the population by confusing and dividing people. . . . They are going to keep covering this up until the last possible moment.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dane Wigington, founder of

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After the Interview: 

Dane Wigington passed along a few short videos that show what geoengineering looks like. It’s undeniable our skies are being sprayed — click here and click here.

For the latest legal action click here.

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  1. Paul ...

    Control the weather and you control who can grow food … starving a nation of women and children is just as evil as roasting their bodies to ash in a city wide nuclear oven … we said “never again” … and yet it is being done again right in front of our very eyes … we have some very evil mentally ill people running around (neocons) who need to be put in insane asylums … they are just like Hitllary who took great pleasure in seeing someone killed and openly laugh about it … but these “fascist neocons” enjoy killing millions at a time … as they wring their hands like vampires tasting blood … stirring their chemical pot of witches brew in our atmosphere … and laughing about it … hee hee hee!!

    • Paul ...

      Americans are buying guns in large numbers … when they obviously need to be buying stinger missiles … to defend their families from “insane neocon’s” flying planes over our families heads in tic tac toe patterns while dropping “toxic poisons” directly on our precious children!!

      • Paul ...

        We must also cut off the head neocon snake running this “global chemical holocaust” (to put the ultimate power to rule the world in the hands of those who want a One World Government) but he escaped back to Germany … reports are surfacing that George Soros has fled Hungary and moved his entire International Control Organization Headquarters to Berlin after Hungary’s government began a crack down on his evil network!

        • Paul ...

          Soros is pure evil and has stated he wants to destroy the nation of Israel (along with America, etc., etc.) … we don’t need “neocon lovers” who want to destroy Nations so as to keep the world at War … to further the goals of the Rockerfellers and Rothschilds to make all Nations “border-less” … so as to create a One World Government under their control!!

    • Frederick

      We CAME we SAW He DIED hehehehehehe

      • Greg Hunter

        Isn’t that what Hillary said about Libya’s Gadhafi?

        • Frederick

          Yes that’s correct Greg Just reminding everyone how glad I am that horrible woman wasn’t elected

    • Tinfoil hat Canuck

      Starving a population is indeed an act of war, as much as sending bombs and troops in to kill.
      Oh, and let’s not forget, the use of financial weapons like Swift access and other sanctions is also an act of war ( Iran anybody?).
      GeoEngineering is just another tool of the Indispensible Empire. The end justifies the means after all. And we are seeing the ‘end’ in question is the obscene wealth of the few at the expense of the vast majority – even in the Indispensible nation itself .

    • Honest John

      It is not necessary to kill millions at a time, but it is necessary to kill the leadership of terror and this needs to be done in a smart way. The way we did Libya was way too chaotic without a plan to groom a leadership team to be put in place. Foreign policy needs to be better thought out. Kim Jong In needs to go for sure, but the last thing we need is John Bolton telegraphing our plans ahead of time. It would be a much easier job to take him out after the nuclear threat is neutralized than eliminate him while the weapons are still functional. Its hard to understand why Bolton was so stupid about this. He may have ruined everything.

      • Tinfoil hat Canuck

        Wow, good hard talking neocon post. Outside of good ole Amurica, who do you think is viewed as the country most behind the chaotic mess humanity finds itself in?
        Which country and their unbridled secret service (CIA) have toppled country after country, ignored despots and genocidal leaders if they are aligned with America’s “national interests” ( KSA) outright funded bona fide head chopping terrorists (ISIS) , and threaten both foe and allies alike should they even consider not supporting the great scam that is the US dollar?
        Spout off about taking out THAT country’s leader and you will soon find yourself renditioned and persona non grata.
        So let’s cut the chatter about taking out who YOU consider to be despot leaders , shall we? Hubris and hypocrisy– set ups for a mighty fall if history is any guide.

        • Greg Hunter

          Wow, good hard talking Marxist/communist, America hating post.

          • Beverly Kingsford

            Tin is not necessarily a marxist, America hating person. He is simply saying that the U.S. has been right in the middle of dropping the bomb, making war a whole different story, organizing the U.N., getting the U.S. dollar to be the almighty world dollar for buying oil, and making America powerful so it can be used to take over other nations. But, now these bankers have reached the point where it’s getting time to take down America in order to get control of the whole system. There is going to be confusion about the goodness of America when our military has been used around the world to get gain from other countries. So, let’s not make accusations against people here. Let’s just face the facts about what is going on in the world today. America is being controlled by world bankers. That’s the facts.

            • Greg Hunter

              You think America is bad, wait until the Marxists take over. Tin sounds like a Marxist to me and you are entitled to your own opinion.

      • James, the Flying Flapping Clap Trapper

        Honest John is why nobody trusts the USA any more and why president Trump will clean the swamp of them, or we will never have world peace and security. What the president promised us. So John has to go and the sooner the better, scum.
        Crazy Bull said of his kind, they speak with fork tongue, are full of bull Shiite. When the American people get a hold of his kind, they’ll wring their treasonous necks!
        John say hi to Gina and Treadhead fer for us.
        Remember, Seth wants you guys!

  2. Aussie

    Sorry, this not the right place for this post, though the information is extremely important in regard to withdrawal of Iran Nuke deal: The file was obtained by me at :

    • Paul ...

      Wow … this was a 170 page analysis … bottom line … the warmongering neocons in control at the White House have decided an a strategy to deliberately provoke the Iranians with airstrikes as they are now doing to Kim in N. Korea with preparations for military exercises … Iran was a “good ally” of the US before the CIA overturned their duly elected government after the Shah was booted out (just like the CIA seems to have succeeded in overturning our duly elected President Trump) … the War Party currently in charge at the White House have made their decision to go to war with Iran and have given Israel the OK to initiate airstrikes against the Iranians in Syria to reinforce Iran’s perception that “the US is a threat to their existence” … anything that fosters war in the Middle East is good for the US Military Industrial Complex … but what the US neocon warmongers and Bibi seem to forget is that Iran has nuclear armed Russia and China as allies … who can supply Iran with even “more dangerous weapons” then the ones currently being destroyed by Israeli planes inside Syria!!

      • Paul ...

        The warmongering neocons are not as smart as they think … Putin simply has to allow them to proceed with their air and missile attacks in Syria and “kill a few Russians” … so he can have the legitimate excuse to bring S400’s and S500 into Syria … without looking like he is being an aggressor … but a keeper of the peace!!

  3. Rodster

    If you listen to Dane’s weekly podcast, it begins with a video clip of former President LBJ saying “he who controls the weather, controls the world”.

  4. Rodster

    Here’s the short video clip of LBJ saying “he who controls the weather, will control the world”.

    • MCasey

      1958: Senator Lyndon B. Johnson made a prophetic opening statement before the Preparedness Investigating Subcommittee of the Committee on Armed Services:
      “From space, the masters of infinity would have the power to control the earth’s weather, to cause drought and flood, to change the tides and raise the levels of the sea, to divert the Gulf Stream and change temperate climates to frigid. There is something more important than the ultimate weapon. And that is the ultimate position.”

      • MCasey

        “Climate change can now be considered the world’s most fearsome weapon of mass destruction.”
        – February 16, 2014: U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry speech in Jakarta, Indonesia

        2014: Secretary John Kerry: “When I think about the array of global climate – of global threats – think about this: terrorism, epidemics, poverty, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction – all challenges that know no borders – the reality is that climate change ranks right up there with every single one of them,” said Kerry. “Climate change can now be considered the world’s largest weapon of mass destruction, perhaps even, the world’s most fearsome weapon of mass destruction.”

  5. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Wigington,just astonishing assault on our planet.
    Mr Martin Armstrong with his cycle analysis,shows that the Sun has had a reduction in output,normally associated with much colder spells.So our “elite”are determined to reduce the global temperature on top of a quiescent Sun,this obviously will lead to famine.Do the elite seriously expect to survive this event comfortably in Santa Barbara ?
    Like most experiments accidents do occur,what if Santa Barbara or whatever the haven the elite have as bolt holes were to freeze,do they have the mechanisms to out last the freeze whilst the “deplorables”die gracefully?
    Here in the UK our economy for us peasants still sucks and the threats against American tourist are through the roof from ISIS and their associates.Just sad!

  6. Roger D

    Those videos look convincing to me. The evil in Washington is a given. Without proof otherwise, I believe Mr. Wigington. Look how Washington protects Monsanto as it forces GMO into our crops, the little farmer be damned.

  7. Chet

    ” it is being used to mask the full severity of climate collapse from the population” – this last part of the synopsis has me questioning – is it global cooling, or global warming – OR, just how is the climate collapsing?

    • Ross Herman

      The intent of that term, climate collapse, is that the entire ecosystem will lose its ability to support life of any kind.
      If you knew what else you were being forced to inhale you would understand we live in a horror film, very similar to The Walking Dead.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Ha ha…at you Greg/Robert. Your own guest confirms that Iran is a victim in all this.

      Ha ha…at you Bob. African countries have been targeted and turned into dustbowls deliberately in order to control them and steal their resources.

      • Greg Hunter

        Iran is the victim. You hate America and your own UK too!! This is the dumbest comment ever by you.

    • Lore

      That’s my question as well. We know the Club of Rome invented the “global warming” narrative, and Earth has been cooling naturally for the past 20 years, so guess we’ll have to watch the video to find out what this guy is actually asserting…

  8. Jerry

    I have experienced first hand the effects of chemtrails. For the past month I have been battling an unusual respitory infection that was embedded in my lungs. No flu like symptoms or fever, just this relentless nagging cough. I swear I would wake up late at night and cough my lungs out. I’ve been to the doctor. I’ve taken antibiotics . I’ve even taken b12 shots. With no effect. It’s slowly dissipating but I occasionally start coughing out of the clear blue for no apparent reason. Anyone that says this is normal is crazier than a bag of rats.

    Here in the Ozarks it went from 16 degrees the first part of May to almost 90 everyday. Greg. We didn’t have a Spring! This is not normal whatsoever. The potato’s I planted at the end of April almost froze.

    Back in February I flew to Florida to visit my son in Ft. Myers. Somewhere over Georgia I looked out the window and saw a white aircraft spraying like crazy. You could see the checkerboard pattern just as plain as day. I elbowed my wife so she could see it. It was at a lower altitude so if you weren’t looking down you wouldn’t see it.

    After watching this go on for years I have developed a theory. Whenever they spray you can watch a cloud Bank form. I used to think this was to shield the earth from global warming. Now I’m not so sure. I’ve noticed a lot of military movement usually at about the same time they spray so I’m begiining to think they use it to blanket satelite observation. It’s just a theory.

    All I know is after I coughed my lungs out for a month I would like to find out who is respondible and sue them. This stuff would easily kill an elderly person with a weak immune system. Greg I’m 6-2 240 pounds and in excellent health and this stuff brought me to my knees.

    Maybe we should start a petition like these people did?

    • This Sceptred Isle

      Microparticles of aluminium may have become lodged in your respiratory system. Aluminium is added to vaccines in order to stimulate an immune response. In short, the bodies perceives the aluminium as an invader and attempts to destroy it. Therefore, in theory, micro particles of aluminium could cause/exacerbate inflammation and autoimmune conditions.

      • Jerry

        My thoughts precisely.

        • This Sceptred Isle

          Try silica rich mineral water to remove the aluminium.

          • freebrezer

            Fuji water is a good one, or any natural water from old volcanic wells. A lot of the the French and Italian natural waters come from artisian wells beside volcanoes … they have a natural balance of minerals. There is even an American one from hawaii … though I forget the name.

    • Martin Armstrong Student

      I have the same nagging cough and am in good health. It is awful!

    • DB Cooper

      Jerry, We have suffered from the effects of the trails for years … as I write this post both my wife and I have “the cough” … it is irritating. The effects we have experienced are all across the spectrum from flu like aches and pains to depression and anxiety. a friend of mine believes the trails are sprayed so as to cover-up the in coming nibiru … I am not convinced as to this theory but we certainly are seeing tremendous earth changes. Last week we suffered the highest flood on record in our valley, the highway was under water and closed … we had a long winter and 150% snowpack and the flooding is not over. The ring of fire is active … especially Hawaii … the prediction are between concerned to dire. My main Hay field is under 3 feet of water and we shall see how the crop is this year … good thing it is hard to kill grass !! Seems as though you can turn 360 and see screwed-up stuff everywhere … keep your powder dry.
      Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

      • freebrezer

        DB there is a good correlation between the the sun cycles (sun spot activity) and the colder/wetter weather over the northern USA and Canada, and Europe. Look in to ‘Paleo climatology’ (study the past climate to understand the future ) and solar cycles … eye opener to what could be in store! Civilizations fracture and fall with a declining sun cycle … Our last solar cycle , # 24, has been one of the lowest in over a hundred plus years … here are a lot of charts … the big question is the sun going in to solar shut down? To make things exciting, large earth quakes and volcanoes become more active in these solar quite periods … and wouldn’t you know it … there seems to be a lot of volcanoes going off. here in the next year or two the sun will tell us if we are entering in to a new prolonged cooling period.

    • Jay Cornell

      Greg, don’t know how that happened but this is what only should have posted for Jerry.

      NOW AlliBiotic Non-Drowsy CF,60 Softgels
      4.7 out of 5 stars 114 customer reviews | 5 answered questions
      Amazon’s Choice award for “now allibiotic”
      Jerry, this stuff works! Should be in everybody’s go to bag!

    • Stan

      Jerry: It is all in your imagination – just like all the other bullsheet you talk about.

    • Beverly Kingsford


      I was sick in December with something similar and we’ve had some horrible coughing stuff going around in Utah. I’m sure that people are getting stuff from the skies. Here are some products that I would suggest getting: Get Redmond Clay. Put about 2 tsps. in a big glass of water every morning and night. Be sure to drink plenty of water with it. If you would rather take something similar in capsule form, get Richard Schultze’s intestinal formula #2. This has clay in it as well. The clay gathers up and absorbs toxins and gets it out of your body. It’s also full of minerals. Redmond Co. also sells REAL SALT. Use that too. Also, look up William Wong on youtube and listen to his lecture on systemic enzymes. It’s very good. Enzymes clean up your system. They are like little pack rats. Using these enzymes will also help prevent cancer. For coughs, order Dr. John Christopher’s Cayenne Massage Ointment or oil. Rub this on your chest, neck, back of neck, any congested or sore spot. Cover with a handkerchief. This brings the blood to that area and helps it heal and relieves the irritation. These things work!!

  9. Tommy

    Just a note about a guest you have had on in the past, Scott Uehlinger. He ran for the Rep. nomination for Congress yesterday but did not get the nomination. He would have been a good person to have in DC.

    • Greg Hunter


      I agree! Uehlinger is a good man!


  10. Jerry

    No there’s nothing to see here. Move along. Right Stan?


  11. john duffy

    Guess who said this?
    “We can see how many Euro-Atlantic countries are rejecting their roots,the Christian values that form the basis of Western civilization. They are reneging on moral principles and their traditional identity: national, cultural, religious and even sexual. They put in place policies that put on equal basis traditional families with LGBT families;faith in God is equal to faith in Satan. This excess of political correctnesshas led to people talking seriously of registering political parties whose aim is topromote pedophilia.

    “In many European countries people are embarrassed to talk about their religion.The Christian feast holidays are abolished or called something different; their essence is hidden, as well as their moral foundation. And people are trying aggressively to export this model worldwide.

    “I am convinced that this opens a direct path to degradation and primitivism, resulting in a profound demographic and moral crisis.What better evidence of this moral crisis than the loss of the ability to reproduce?Today almost all developed nations are no longer able to reproduce themselves, even with the help of immigration.

    “Without the values in Christianity and other world religions, without moral standards that have formed over thousands of years, people will inevitably lose their human dignity.We consider it natural and right to defend these values. We must respect the right of every minority to be different,but the rights of the majority should not be questioned. At the same time we see attempts tolaunch the standard of a one world governmentand blur the institutions of international law and the national sovereignty model.Such a one world, standardized government does not need sovereign states, it needs vassals. Historically this represents a rejection of our own identity and of theuniversal diversity given by God.”

  12. Rob

    Father has plans to destroy those who purposely attempt to destroy the earth:
    Revelation 11:18 And the nations were wroth, and thy wrath came, and the time of the dead to be judged, and the time to give their reward to thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and to them that fear thy name, the small and the great; and to destroy them that destroy the earth.

    The Christians purpose is to prepare to bring in the great harvest during that time:

    • Paul ...

      When Jesus returns to judge the living … the evil neocons figure they will all be dead by then … and will escape punishment … but Jesus will take the DNA from their bones in their graves … and bring them back to life to stand before him and explain their immoral evil actions … and when found guilty … I will suggest to Christ that they all be nailed to a Cross … to bear the same punishment they handed out to him … and after they die … I’ll tell God that they should be brought back to life again … and re-nailed to the Cross … on and on … forever and ever … for all eternity!!
      Hey neocons … do you really think you will get away with your constant wars and the mass murdering of women and children? … do you really think God doesn’t have the technology to bring you back to account for your evil sins? … do you think only Monsanto can genetically manipulate the DNA? … and you evil scientists working to take the seeds out of our grapes and watermelons … why are you leaving the seeds in poppy plants? … to benefit the Deep State in their heroin production? … so as to help destroy the worlds children? … you too you evil demonic scientist will be judged very harshly!!! … and for the atheists out there who don’t believe in God … let me remind you that mankind has the power in its hands right now to bring you all back from the grave to account for your sins … and if you believe Christ does not exist … you better believe men like me do … and such men will have no mercy for the evil you do … eternal damnation awaits for you sinners … God or no God!!!

  13. Matt Jaymes


    You’ve been a font of information, an intrepid journalist and a real patriot. Take a week off: hit the lynx, grab a fishing pole, go for a hike, spend time with your family. You deserve a well earned break!!

    Well done.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Matt. I might take a day or two off in the next few weeks.

  14. Cosmo Topper

    Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see.​—Heb. 11:1.

    Have people said to you that they believe in evolution because it is based on science whereas belief in God is based on faith? Many hold this view. But it is good for us to keep this in mind: No matter what someone believes about God or about evolution, some type of faith is involved. How so? None of us have seen God or observed something being created. (John 1:18) And no human​—whether he is a scientist or not—​has observed one kind of life evolve into another kind. No one has watched a reptile evolve into a mammal, for example. (Job 38:1, 4) Hence, all of us must examine the evidence and use our thinking ability to reach our own sound conclusions. Regarding creation, the apostle Paul wrote: “For ever since the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky. [Einstein/Tesla] Through everything God made, they can clearly see his invisible qualities–his eternal power and divine nature. So they have no excuse for not knowing God.”​—Rom. 1:20.

  15. 'Alex

    None of the “peer reviewed” papers attempting to debunk the stack of photographic evidence supporting climate geoengineering hold water. Tanks in planes to study in flight weight shifts?? Bull! Computers can provide better data at a fraction of cost. On/Off trailings due to atmospheric variances? I’ve seen planes with real condensation trails about the length of my outreached fist fly to the horizon, same day, right alongside broken chemtrails. No lingering “condensation”. By their argument, it should have left a broken trail of lingering “condensation” in it’s wake.
    I suspect the MSM and Gov. are very silent on this and are loathe to openly challenging Dane and other researchers as “conspiracy theorists” because they fear rousing the sleeping public’s awareness of this issue.
    I’m curious whether this spraying is going on in non US occupied countries. IF the “experts” are correct, reason dictates that it should be visible all across their sky also. Researchers like Dane should visit these regions and see. My guess is that they won’t find the same patterns.

  16. jonathan o'quinn

    Thank You Thank You Thank You!!! For interviewing Dane.

    I have personally had my own soil and water samples tested to confirm everything he says, and I once had a friend who worked for a certain gov’t agency, who had personally been aboard one of these outfitted planes… he confirmed this all as well.

    I have been in touch with Dane off and on for a few years. He told me one can help to mitigate the effects of the toxins they’re spraying by the following:

    1. lots of fresh water (no fluoride)
    2. lots of vitamin C
    3. blue-green algae supplements
    4. trace minerals
    5. Zeolite



  17. Country Codger

    Home run Gentlemen!!!
    There is a special judgement for those who are doing this to the Earth: Rev 11:18 “And the nations were enraged, and Your wrath has come, and the time of the dead to be judged, and to give the reward to Your servants the prophets and to the set-apart ones, and to those who fear Your Name, small and great, and to destroy those who destroy the earth.”
    Two thousand years ago no one could conceive that mankind would be capable of destroying the Earth but with Fukushima, geo-engineering and others it is a reality.

  18. jonathan o'quinn

    I sent the email below to my local TV Chief Meteorologist, Matt Englebracht at [email protected]

    Here was his reply to my email:

    “Not sure I would trust those sources Jonathan, but thank you!”

    On Wed, May 16, 2018 at 10:10 AM -0400, “Jonathan C. O’Quinn” wrote:

    As my local TV meteorologists, I want to make you aware of this information.

    Thank you kindly.


    Jonathan O’Quinn
    Greenville NC

  19. iwitness02

    I live on the high plains of Eastern Colorado. One morning they were spraying directly over my house. (at high altitude, and they do it often) Over a period of about three hours, I took a photograph about every 15 minutes. Then I texted some of the pictures to friends that are skeptics. To my amazement, they still cling to their disbelief. I am stunned that this topic is so difficult to share. It’s a tough sell. At the same time it is so vital that people understand. The wickedness on display with all the spraying is actually beyond my comprehension. Governments in general, are exceedingly evil. If these days are not cut short, there will be no life left on the earth. That of course is Danes’ whole point.

    • Beverly Kingsford


      I know exactly what you’re talking about here. Try telling intelligent people about this and they think you’re a nut! I refer people to Dane’s site, but I don’t believe most people want to take the time out of their day to look it up and deal with the issue. They don’t realize what is falling on them and what is causing the weather patterns. Most people DO NOT want to take responsibility for their health or the politics of the country. They don’t really want to take on religious responsibility either and it’s all tied together. I’m afraid it will take an outright famine to get people to wake up. This has been prophesied by a man out here in Utah. It will get worse every year for 4 years. The first 2 years of the famine will be the main years to store up food. The next two years the production will go down and it will take another 3 1/2 years to recover from the famine after it ends. So, everybody needs to store up food now and keep storing it up!

  20. steve pool

    when dane was talking about Johnson, at that time in 1962 he wasn’t president. kennedy was. he needs to say vice president, it’s just a small correction that some may catch

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Steve I am sure that is what he meant. Now, you know part of the reason Johnson later became President.

  21. jim c

    Greg, I have an off topic question, Is it or is it not a fact that in the past and happening presently , the big banks ( HSBC, Deutsche) and others, have been caught and fined for rigging the gold and silver market ? Because their are people I listen too that are suppose to be very knowledgeable and smart that are saying the manipulation is not going on, How could they say this ? can`t they read ?

    • K. Wayne

      Even Blind Freddy can see the suppression from 1000 yards.
      If you have the FACTS (overwhelming) – just disregard the words spoken by the “smart and respected”. In this case Facts speak louder than words.
      You know there are many examples of people relying incessantly on the spoken word of the Knowledgeable and the Smart. The FED Chairman is one example. Power is used in many destructive ways. Words have moved Men & Markets for an eternity.
      Be your own Library. Think for yourself and stop letting others shape your understanding.

  22. JJ

    Here in Kentucky, the sprayers have been pretty easy on us ….until now. I try to get 30/60 minutes of sunshine on my legs/feet every day and this morning for exactly 60 minutes, I counted 22 planes.
    Strangely, the planes on beginning their flight sprayed and then stopped. Testing the spray equipment maybe??
    It was cloudy as I stopped reading, so only the sound will alert any other air traffic.

  23. JJ

    Alex…yes, this spraying is evident everywhere. Have you noticed movies now have chemtrails in all their skies. I noticed many in series I watch filmed in Britain- oh, lots of European countries, even Nova Scotia/Newfoundland had signs of spraying.
    It can’t be hidden because camera crews don’t care what they film.

    • MCasey

      I have seen them in cartoon movies…..I’m thinking Disney’s “Cars”… it is very much deliberate. And, I think I’ve been seeing chemtrails in much, much older movies ….long before chemtrails existed….as if they have gone back and inserted them. I need to start taking notes and doing some research.

  24. JJ

    Does anyone here even wonder where the now reported 20 TRILLION went unaccounted for in the defense budget??
    Uh, well, how about underground cities that have been reported, filmed by many.
    This cost of chemtrail spraying is nothing compared to the cities and essentials to survive there for the elite.

  25. Diane

    On their news headline feed!

    • Diane

      THEN TOOK IT DOWN!!!!!!

  26. Jerry

    I normally don’t agree with Jim Willie but in this case he just might be right.

    I know this doesn’t have anything to do with chemtrails, but then again maybe it does. If President Trump didn’t sign the Paris accord then why are white United Nations planes still flying over our nation spraying? Something is amiss here. An executive order is all that it takes to ground them. I therorize there are elements of the deep state government he still doesnt have control over. That should a message to all of us that we don’t have control over our government and should these globalist get desperate enough they won’t hesitate to crash the global economy. Just a thought.

    • K. Wayne


  27. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, David Kupelian has a new book out, “The Snapping of the American Mind” as well as his prior works on Evil; “How Evil Works” among others. Think you might consider getting him on your blog? I was fortunate to be able to hear him speak on a YouTube channel & he really understands the evil that permeates our society and the world today; and, I might add he has rational solutions to curtail it. a b

  28. James Brown

    Greg, I suffer from normalcy bias on this one. Climate engineering?!?! The reason I struggle with this is, I don’t understand it. People will call you crazy – because they don’t understand it. Thanks for having the “cojones” to cover this issue. I will keep paying attention until I get it. Keep on truckin’ baby!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you James!! Start here:

      • I. Flemming

        Greg, Just heard on the radio a prominent pol said john Brennan should be in prison!
        No wonder they took down your site! is the writing on the wall!

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you “I. F.” They are all in deep trouble watch them turn on each other.

      • Country Codger

        Shalom James and Greg,
        The man who single-handedly broke the chem trail story over 30 years ago is Clay Douglas.
        Greg, he might be a guy you want to interview, although I have not heard from him in years you might try searching “The Free American”. Clay was going full bore when most people on the internet were still asleep or in diapers. I still have Vol. 1 Ed. 1 of his newspaper he put out in those days from Tijeras NM. He ran chemical analysis of the ‘spiderwed’ rain that fell from the chem-trails back then. It was still experimental in composition and nature then.
        Lo Iyrah,

  29. john duffy

    Answer to my above question. Vladimer Putin:
    When was the last time we heard any Western leader evoke these topics in this manner?

  30. Phil

    If you want the real deal with climate change, you should interview Prof. Guy McPherson.

    • Greg Hunter

      Wigington destroyed Cal Tech Scientist Douglas MacMartin in a debate: I don’t expect McPherson to fair much better.

      • Rodster

        Greg, Guy McPherson once told Dane Wigington he agreed with his findings on Geoengineering. Then out of the blue he changed his tune by 180, so much so that he now personally attacks Wigington. Maybe Guy McPherson is like the people working for NOAA, they are doing everything to protect their pensions.

        • Greg Hunter

          B I N G O!!!! We have a winner!!!! Thank you!!!!!

          • Rodster

            And i’ll finally add that Guy McPherson once built and was living in a mud hut somewhere in New Mexico and is now according to a recent interview Dane posted, that Guy McPherson is now living in “Belize”. Guy McPherson along with his sidekick Paul Beckwith are frauds.


            • freebrezer

              Belize is a hell hole if the bugs like you! the black nats down there will eat you alive … a friend had a place there, about 10 minutes from the coast … after two days I swear a must have lost a pint of blood to the damned bugs!

  31. GW

    Ok – is it not obvious to everyone that the real cause of all this “geo-engineering” is really just to soften us all up for an Alien Invasion of the Earth!
    Just like the old Twi-light Sci-fi TV episode where Earthlings where under the assumption the Aliens where a benevolent species when they found an Alien book called “How to Serve Man” until someone realized that it was really a cookbook.
    Sorry, but I just don’t buy it – count me out on this conspiracy “theory”…

    • Greg Hunter

      Read: You have blinders on.

    • Beverly Kingsford


      Then why do they always spray when the skies are nice and blue? It’s like they don’t want the sky to be blue anymore. If people lack Vit. D, then their health will go downhill. The Sun makes Vit. D in us. Not only that, but if this spraying isn’t causing the weird weather, then what is? It’s not a coincidence. They don’t want us having blue skies anymore. There may be aliens out there, but there also may be a government who is creating the idea of aliens and alien invasion, in order to control the world. I’m sure there are other people on other worlds, but they are not in control of this planet. Christ is.

  32. Mohammad


    All the indicators so far say that the second shoe did not drop.
    N.K. may not go for the meeting in May and cancellation is looming.
    If so happens it indicates that N.K. is inseparable from Iran.
    That also indicates that Iran is a tough bolus to swallow and actually it may choke Mr. Trump if he insists.
    Unless that changes, month of May is not over yet.


  33. DerStan

    So the powers that be who have the same information this guy has but ignore all of the facts because they have chosen to kill the entire planet? The planet they live on too, how do they profit from this?

  34. Barn Cat

    I don’t believe it’s possible for mankind to control the weather. The biggest factors with weather are solar output, the jetstream, and ocean currents. All of those are beyond mankind’s ability to control.

  35. Jeff Martin

    Thanks Greg for the Dane Wigington interview. This is the fourth time I’ve heard his presentations. NOW I GET IT. I see the WHOLE picture now. We’ve had stuff sprayed on us for over 70 years.

    I live in Montana. Wise gardeners say never plant veggies before Memorial Day, when all signs of frost have gone. The past three years, I have planted my tenderest veggies THE FIRST WEEK OF MAY. No frost after first eek in May. The winters used to get -10 below for at least a couples weeks. No more. This winter not one single day below zero. Lots of snow, though. This year 160% of normal.

    We get lots of geoengineering trails , too. Beautiful blue morning skies are milky overcast by noon. It really sucks. The planet doesn’t get a chance to heal itself. They just dump more chemicals in our atmosphere, water, and food. Then there’s talk of nuclear war… sigh…

  36. This sceptred Isle

    “Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas accused Israel’s military of carrying out “massacres” of unarmed civilians, but Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insisted its troops acted in self-defence and blamed the militant group Hamas, which dominates Gaza, for the deaths.”

    This report is another example of pro-Zionist reporting by the mainstream media weasels. Notice how these creeps place the word massacres in quotation marks yet don’t place the world self-defence in quotation marks.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Why can’t they just report what the respective leaders said? By adding the quotation marks, selectively, to certain words, the author of the article is adding their own prejudices to what should be a neutral article.

    • Greg Hunter


      Reporting Hamas is behind the violent attacks at the border is “Pro Zionist”???? Hamas wanted their people to die for a body count and that too is “pro Zionist”??? You do hate the Jews and Israel.


      • This Sceptred Isle

        The point is when quoting someone you don’t need to selectively put quotation marks around single words. This is the author superimposing their own prejudice on the quote. You could just as easily put the word self defense in quotation marks.

  37. Roger D

    The term “conspiracy theory” was developed by the CIA as a means of undercutting critics of the Warren Commission’s report that President Kennedy was killed by Oswald. And Washington has effectively used it ever since to neuter skeptics by branding them ‘conspiracy theorists’. Washington will flag any dissenters gaining traction. If branding doesn’t work, it will ‘Oswald’ them if necessary.

    • freebrezer

      I would sure love to know who was behind the Kennedy assassination! My guess is Alan dulles .. he was fired by JFK and then got to head up the investigation … that is a big Hmmm! Kind of like Comey and Mueller with Trump?

  38. Jodyp

    Sense Danes’ frustration. With all the world’s troubles facing us head on, his cause is on the back burner. Who knows? Could be top priority.

  39. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter: Thank you for sometimes exposing us to “controversial” topics and to experts with non-mainstream views. I am not an expert on the topic of climate science in general, or chemtrails in particular. Nevertheless, please excuse my dissenting opinion on Mr. Wigington’ hypothesis.
    (1) I remain unconvinced partly because of his mode of argumentation: When someone, as does Mr. Wigington, repeatedly claims that something is proven beyond all doubt, I tend to doubt the strength of his argument right away — especially if he offers relatively little proof.
    (2) My understanding is that contrails form when supersaturated air is shocked, causing water vapor to condense into water droplets and (sometimes) freeze around dust particles or, perhaps, other nuclei.
    (3) Clouds can form as moist air passes over mountains where, as the air flow is compressed, the water vapor condenses. As the air flow continues over the next valley, the air pressure drops and water droplets and/or ice crystals evaporate (or sublimate directly from ice into water vapor). I see this phenomenon frequently as a trailing cloud is formed over the valley behind a high mountain range. These clouds are sometimes called “lenticular.” Here, they are also referred to as “Sierra Wave” clouds. They are formed continuously on the trailing boundary and evaporate continuously on the leading edge of the cloud. The “cloud” appears stationary in the sky even as the airflow is continuous, and at high velocity when these clouds form. This is unlike “normal” clouds which float with the airflow across the sky.
    (4) As aircraft cross areas of successive mountain ranges and valleys, they travel through areas of different air pressures. That can cause its contrail to “disappear” and then reappear.
    (5) The dust load in the atmosphere around which water droplets or ice particles can form varies from day to day, as does the water vapor content and air temperature. Thus, some days are more conducive to the forming of contrails than other days.
    (6) Giant dust storms from China’s Gobi desert sometimes cause massive amounts of dust to be swirled up to high altitudes and then slowly precipitate out. No doubt Chinese pollution contributes other particulate matter around which water droplets and ice particles can form contrails as the air column reaches the US and is encountered by jet aircraft. BTW, there recently seems to have been intense periods of such dust reaching the US. It looks a lot like very dispersed smoke and, based on my personal experiences and conversations, seems to trigger breathing problems.
    (7) The jet pilots to whom I have raised the issue, do not tend to endorse the chemtrail hypothesis. Nor have they seen any spraying nozzles on the aircraft they are around. I find that persuasive because, in casual conversations with people, those who see unusual things tend to want to talk about them. For example, years ago my seat mate on one flight was an aircraft expert and had recently been in Saudi Arabia. He recounted to me that he figured an SR 71 Blackbird spy plane was operating there (even though it had officially been retired) because he saw a fuel truck labeled as carrying the unique fuel that that aircraft uses. Sure that doesn’t prove the truck was actually carrying that fuel, but it does indicate that people talk. And what I hear doesn’t support the chemtrails hypothesis. Obviously other people have heard other things.

    • Greg Hunter

      Please go on and study it for a month, and then get back with us. Nobody puts together this much data to lie: You wrote a few paragraphs, Wigington has tens of thousands of pages and sources, whistle blowers and many videos.

      • William Stanley

        Mr. Hunter:
        I questioned the strength of his argument. Perhaps to some degree I suggested that he, himself, is frustrated by the weakness of his arguments. However, I am not accusing him of deliberately lying.
        BTW, I did go to his site. I also went to other sites. I then took the information thereby gathered, and compared it with what I think I know from other sources and my own observations. However, despite my willingness to be persuaded of his thesis, I remained unpersuaded.

  40. MCasey
    H.R.2977 — Space Preservation Act of 2001 (Introduced in House – IH)
    107th CONGRESS
    1st Session

    (B) Such terms include exotic weapons systems such as–
    (i) electronic, psychotronic, or information weapons;
    (ii) chemtrails;
    (iii) high altitude ultra low frequency weapons systems;
    (iv) plasma, electromagnetic, sonic, or ultrasonic weapons;
    (v) laser weapons systems;
    (vi) strategic, theater, tactical, or extraterrestrial weapons; and
    (vii) chemical, biological, environmental, climate, or tectonic weapons.
    (C) The term `exotic weapons systems’ includes weapons designed to damage space or natural ecosystems (such as the ionosphere and upper atmosphere) or climate, weather, and tectonic systems with the purpose of inducing damage or destruction upon a target population or region on earth or in space.

  41. John M.

    Thanks Greg and Dane for bringing this to light, again!
    I live and farm in the middle of the CA Central Valley, as I’ve written before. I’ve noticed fewer chemtrails here, but they’re still happening almost daily.
    I’m in my mid-fifties and fairly athletic and healthy, and in fact, I just got back hours ago from my dermatologist after getting another steroid injection because my wicked eczema makes my skin itch and rash like something you can’t believe. (My back and upper arms almost looks like Jesus after he was scourged at the pillar, of course my pains don’t compare). But many nights I have a difficult time getting sleep and rest because of the itch, ache, and burn. I’ve used tons of ointments, meditations, positive thinking, prayers, and eating like my naturopathic doctor suggests. I’ve had this condition going on 2 years now, not sure if it can all be attributed to contaminants (metals, etc.) coming down from the sky. Who really knows the source?
    This is what really chafes my hide though: We, as farmers over here, are constantly regulated to death for actions to clean air, clean water, using pesticides, using fertilizers, and every other environmental concern that you can imagine. Yet, what real sense does it make for us farmers to have myriads of oppressive environmental regulations put on us if some government entity is at the same time deliberately spraying some toxic materials on our precious soil, water, plants, crops, animals, and oops … almost forgot — and people? See the irony?
    It would be more honorable if these sick people (probably Luciferian-Globalist club members) would just line us all up along a big ditch and shoot us. I bet they even could look us in the eyes as they sprayed the bullets.
    BTW, it makes total sense to me that Raytheon and other military-industrial giants would be doing a lot of the dirty work, as they and the CIA are quite acclimated and adept to killing for a living.
    But one again, I must wonder if Pres. Trump is really in charge. I thought that large portions of the military brass were really on his side, and they effectively helped to oppose HRC from becoming our crazy dictator even with her election fraud. Maybe Trump’s team is much preoccupied with even more serious matters than this geoengineering genocide/warfare that is plaguing the globe.

  42. Peter

    If you believe the govt is spraying those chemtrails you need some proof.
    On a serious note I heard that the ozone layer may now be as thin as it was back in the 80s. Some are blaming China and Korea. But regardless, the US was not necessarily the cause, if true.

  43. Marcus

    Trump ,Trump and more Trump ….the global elites or the deep state love Trump, as he makes so much noise and takes all the attention away from them and their plan to make America Great Again, don’t worry about the environment and reducing our waist ,just burn more fuel cut down more Trees, spray more chemicals eat more junk food drink more coke, watch more TV dont worry I am chosen by God to make America great again… you know how dumb you all sound……. Thank god you had someone on with a clue this week…… was getting over all the brainwashing you scream out every week about Trump, as the God.

    • Greg Hunter

      Trump got the US out of the climate accord, TPP and the fraud fest that is the Iran Nuke (no signature) “deal” and that is just to name a few. It is you who look pretty “brainwashed” and “dumb.” We all know that Trump is not God. He just believes in him, and you don’t. Go away.

  44. Robert Zionist Lykens

    Egypt Rebukes Hamas Leader Over Deaths In Gaza Border Riots

    Egypt has it right. The entire thing is a front for Hamas terrorist activities.

  45. Flattop

    Anyone who doubts chemtrails, should understand that vapor trails from jet engines only last for 30 seconds or more. Chem trails over California last for hours and sometimes all day when the wind isn’t blowing.

    • H. Craig Bradley

      True, but their effects may be grossly stated here. Rather, our interpretations can border on hysterical at times. Laughable.

  46. H. Craig Bradley


    Sure, some feeble attempts to influence local weather or climate such as cloud seeding may occasionally yield the desired results, but so does doing a “Rain Dance” on occasion. Alternatively, when sick or ill, you might consult a African “Witch Doctor” for treatment. If you happen to recover afterwards, it does NOT prove your Witch-doctor’s Magic is real.

    Coincidences are not necessarily correlations. This is another Weather Con Job. Best to just stick to the traditional weather forecasts and leave the SCI-FI outside in the rain. Climate Change, Geoengineering, and Bigfoot all have ardent followers and believers. Lots of wingnuts out there who are gullible or foolish. Please, Stop promoting them.

    • Greg Hunter

      Do you not know how to read? Or do you just have your uneducated opinion and you want to keep it?? The Bible says “fools hate knowledge.” You are not a fool, are you? Please read the site for a few weeks and watch some of the whistle blower interviews and spraying videos and read the senate document on geoengineering.

      • H. Craig Bradley


        You misquote the Bible to suit your own purposes ( news bias ) What does the Bible Call that? Keep doing it and the only guarantee you have is: ” Such people (liars) will not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven”.

        Even if the government or whoever you pick to be your boogieman is altering the global weather and climate, it makes little practical difference in the end. You are just stuck with eating your own B.S. Call it what you will, I don’t care.

        “It rains on the Just and the Unjust” alike, regardless. Moreover, go out in the field and forget your slicker and the odds of it raining just went way up for you (Murphy’s Law). Some things just never change. The Truth can not change, or its not the Truth by definition.

        • Greg Hunter

          I most certainly DID NOT misquote the Bible!!!! Proverbs 1:22 22″How long will you who are simple love your simple ways? How long will mockers delight in mockery and fools hate knowledge?


  47. farmer bob

    I am a farmer/builder with properties in the Pacific Northwest. One of my properties is close to the Canadian border and the other in Oregon. I pay close attention to weather patterns, cloud formations,, temperatures and precipitation for obvious reasons. You believe what you want. This is what I see and know. Regardless of which property I’m at: early in the morning I see planes in the eastern sky at very high altitudes emitting long white plumes that stretch for hundreds of miles in a north northwest direction that eventually spread out causing a hazy sky. Then around noon the planes are at around 12 oclock high and fly south to south east emitting the same. Then around 4 pm the planes are tracking the sun as it descends to the west and they fly in mostly a north northwest direction emitting the same long, white plumes. Skies on clear days are usually light white hazy never the deep intense blue of my youth. And… the sun can’t really look at it–very intense white bright light–harsh, not the softer yellow welcoming sun of my youth. Yes climate, weather patterns, seasons are changing. What’s causing it –I don’t know. This year my plums blossomed in February way too early due to warm temps–frost killed them and no plums on trees. Very unusual, and don’t get me started on my bee hives: colony thriving one day next all dead. You must be asleep if you can’t see what’s happening to our climate and habitat. And sorry I don’t have any solutions–whish I did but I ain’t that smart. Anyway Greg, thank you for bringing Dave on–he is sincere, well versed and passionate about this crisis. At least I think I am not insane after listening to him but who knows.

  48. Hoosier river rat

    I have lived in a rural area for forty years and I and my neighbors couldn’t help noticing the decline of the bird and insect population .we used to have a mosquito problem certain times of the year .mosquitos have been rare the last four years ,which is good but are they the canary in the coal mine ? I blame it on the chem trails. I am curious if any one else has noticed a reduction in the insect and bird populations?

    • H. Craig Bradley

      The insecticide malathion is often sprayed from the air for mosquito control.

    • William Stanley

      Hoosier river rat:
      Yes, as I recall, in an interview with Mr. Hunter right here Mr. Chris Martinson noted a very large decrease in insect populations. I’ve noticed a decrease in bird populations as well and believe it is also well documented. Indeed, I recently posed that question to an ornithologist who was studying that issue for a particular area concerning Pinion Jays. He confirmed to me that bird populations were in decline, some more than others and in some areas for certain species more than others.

      • William Stanley

        Oh, the ornithologist of whom I spoke, mentioned solar farms like the massive Ivanpah facility in California, and windmills as killing large numbers of birds and bats. Ironic, isn’t it, that such green energy projects have such negative environmental impacts.
        It’s also been known for decades that radio and TV towers and their guy wires are big hazards for birds (of course cell towers have proliferated in recent years as well). Tall buildings (and their glass windows are another big threat). And domestic cats kill birds by the many millions. Of course, habitat loss is a major factor as well.

  49. helot

    A couple of years ago, during the week of Thanksgiving, we had clear blue skies all week, not a contrail was seen and seldom a jet. The national weather map was all clear from here to Canada, down to Louisiana, out the Rockies and East to the Emerald City. It was like that for more than a week, but that Thanksgiving week – the most traveled week of the year – the skies were mostly clear. Just a stray jet, here and there.
    A couple of weeks later, and then for months on end, there were dozens, if not hundreds of aircraft overhead every day leaving trails across the sky as if they were creating rows in a cornfield. I feel a bit like Jerry here, if these so-called, ‘contrails’ were all due to commercial aircraft, then why weren’t there Any during the most heavily traveled week of the year?
    That’s a question I wonder towards those who won’t look into how modern turbo fan jet engines operate, hint, they just about cannot produce contrails, especially not the kind which appear in the sky just about every day now and which look like a space shuttle crashing to the earth. ……………………..
    I kind of understand why people are so willfully blind to all this, it’s quite a bit like how people would freak out on us at The Housing Bubble Blog in 2004 or so when we said house prices would crash, many people called us nutz for saying so, they couldn’t believe it, it all upset their apple cart too much to consider the truth.
    But still, It Really shocks me how so very many people have put on blinders, on the subject of geoengineering, and so many other subjects. … I had higher expectations of my fellow man. How foolish is That?

  50. helot

    One other thing. I remember, as a boy in 1976 or so, looking up at the Winter night sky and an adult told me that contrails were rare to see behind jets. It was a lot like seeing a shooting star to see a contrail behind a jet aircraft. – It was That rare. –
    There wasn’t much to do in the Midwest in the Winter back then, I spent a lot of time ‘looking up’ [as Star Gazer Jack Horkheimer would say] at the sky… today is quite the contrast to back then. You could say, the sky, is a shooting star gallery nowadays.

  51. Chingatch

    Has anyone ever actually hired a private jet to fly up and take a sample of a “chemtrail”?
    Does anyone have a link to such a project?

    Thanks, I’ll wait…

  52. Jeffrey Kerner

    Dear Mr hunter, As always, important, intelligent necessary information. Thank you so very much. I prepare spiritually daily. Bless you for your work. Jeffrey K

    • Greg Hunter

      Than you JK!!

  53. Angelo


    Thanks for continuing to have Dane Wigington on your show. He is such a passionate expert in this field. However, I want to know what the man on the street is supposed to do to make a tangible or at least valiant effort to bring this issue to the forefront. After all, its in the air that we breathe every day! Thanks for everything that you do.


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for supporting USAW and Dane Wigington.

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