Climate Engineering is Planetary Omnicide – Dane Wigington

By Greg Hunter’s

Geoengineering researcher Dane Wigington says recent Senate hearings confirming the science of geoengineering means dangerous climate changes are underway.  Wigington says, “They have to control the message, and notice they always use the term ‘chemtrails’ because that term always leads to a dead end.  It’s not a scientific term, and they want us to use that term.  You don’t see them using the geoengineering, climate engineering, solar radiation management and aerosol injection term because they don’t want people to understand this issue is real.  Why the Senate hearings?  Because the elephant in the room is almost impossible to hide, and they are trying to pacify populations until the last possible moment.  They want to tell the population what they want to hear–that this is only a proposal.  They are saying this must start immediately when this has been going on for 70 years . . . this is the Orwellian world we live in.  We have massive toxic aerosol, heavy metal spraying in our atmosphere that could not be more visible.  It’s blotting out the sun. . . . These programs are completely out of control. . . .We are on the road to planetary omnicide. Climate engineering is the greatest and most immediate assault we face.  Climate engineering, look at this like the pharmaceutical approach to planet earth.  Hide the symptoms even if you are making the overall situation exponentially worse.  That’s what they are doing.  We have had these radical whiplash weather scenarios where it goes from 80 to 90 degrees to snow in a day or two.  This weather whiplash is not natural in any way, shape or form.” 

Wigington contends that the situation is much worse than anyone thinks, and it’s mainly because of climate engineering. Wigington explains, “Our situation is far, far more dire and immediate than anyone comprehends, and climate engineering is making it worse not better.  Official statistics say 20 million people could starve in the coming months, and that number will increase radically and exponentially.  The biosystems of the planet are imploding.”

A legal team working on behalf of is suing to get NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration) to give up its climate engineering information and has hit a brick wall. Wigington contends, “There is no hiding from what’s coming. . . . NOAA is not returning our FOIA’s, Freedom of Information Act

requests. They are legally required to give those to our attorneys, and they are not doing that.  In fact, NOAA, in essence, flipped us the middle finger by sending back FOIA’s saying they know nothing about any sort of weather modification anywhere ever.  Think how absurd this is when there are 300 regional weather modification programs that NOAA is required to sign off on every single year.  They are denying all of it.  This is the biggest cover-up in human history, with the largest most extensive operation in history, with the cooperation of governments around the globe.  That is not speculation.  You have to look and understand the gravity of the situation that is unfolding.  Countries around the globe, whatever you are focused on, if it’s not saving the life support systems of the planet, everything else amounts to arranging deck chairs on the Titanic. . . . This is the single most destructive endeavor ever launched by the human race.  Mathematically, it’s the greatest threat we face short of nuclear catastrophe.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dane Wigington, founder of

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After the Interview: 

There are thousands of documents, research papers, videos and numerous scientific sources compiled by Dane Wigington on You can access the voluminous data on the site free of charge.  If you want to donate to, go to the home page and look for the “Donate” button in the upper right-hand side of the page. also has a snail mail address, as well.

Wigington has passed along a few links to help get people started, such as this one called “Climate Engineering Fact and Photo Summary.” also regularly gets experts in the field to go on record as a former NASA scientist did a few weeks ago in a post titled “Ozone Layer Collapse, A Former NASA Contract Engineer Warns of Planetary Omnicide.”

You can do a deeper dive by looking at the 1978 U.S. Senate document laying out Geoengineering for the planet.

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  1. DJW

    “if at any point the power structure feels they’re losing control…” FILL IN THE BLANK “…anyone who thinks our government wouldn’t do that to us is living in a delusional reality”. I completely agree with Dane on that. There are many factors pressing the power structure toward extreme actions….and look at the puppet Trumpet sounding the war war horn yesterday….I think it is far more likely that we will see a nuclear false flag than a more potent chemical spraying. Everything is coming to a head…cryptocurrencies are out of control, the masses are waking up to all the corruption…the oligarchs are out of options and the USA population is expendable. You would have to be blinded by false piety and religion to think Trump is in an alliance with God. Trump is not a good man, he may have common enemies with good people, but his character reveals his true nature to those who are honestly good.

    • Diane

      This man doesn’t share your opinion of Trump.
      He makes some interesting points.

    • Reynolds Wrap

      DJW, Ya and you sound like a self righteous prig.
      Honestly your bad and you know it.

      • DJW

        Sometimes I can indeed be self righteous RW, I have flaws as everyone does. It is not my place to judge Trump good or bad, nor yours to judge me good or bad…we can all be quite petty and small at times. I posted a more reasoned response afterward but Greg has flaws as well.

  2. Allen Starr

    I’m sure you are going to comment on this. We still don’t have chem trails here as of last summer as we get a couple planes a day that fly over the Dacha as we are in that flight path. The wife finally gets home this coming Sunday after visiting her daughter and grand children for the last month and a half in Krasnoyarsk. Thanksgiving was a disaster again this year. The Russian turkeys raised here are fairly small at 10-12 lbs each. I used to be able to buy them 3 in a box at wholesale prices but I lost my contact. This year they want 460 rubles per kilo at retail. I can buy nice big whole chickens for 140-150 rubles per kilo and nice tender T-bone steaks for 310 rubles a kilo. Looks like my turkey eating days are over so I bought a nice T-bone steak for Thanksgiving and the wife can throw a chicken into the oven when she comes home. Thanksgiving is not a holiday in Russia. Looking into building a home and moving to Anapa where it’s a little warmer and we can grow some fresh corn.

    • DBCooper

      Hi Allen, Long time no see … We raise Royal Palm turkeys and had a 13 pounder this year and it was excellent. I hope your t-bone was edible. As far as the trails go we have suffered them for years and a day without trails is an unusual one … I am to the point of just figuring that there isn’t too much I can do and we are all terminal … just pray alot and breath deeply !! We have been shifting gears here on the homestead, sold off most of the draft horses and am selling horse drawn farm equipment and … we bought an airplane this summer !! It has been a heroic effort and I soloed October 24th !! I refer to myself as a “geriatric student pilot” !! Hoping that the plane will fit in to our survival scheme for recon and such and in the meantime I am learning a new skill and honestly I haven’t been this jazzed about anything for thirty years !!
      Hoping you and yours are healthy and that your winter is not too harsh … saw somewhere today that there was -60 degrees in Siberia … that’s too cold.

      Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

      • Allen Starr

        Got down to -24C a few days ago and the wind was blowing. Don’t know how cold it actually was because of the chill factor but I still had to go to the garage and shovel the snow away. I hate the wind as a normal -24C is nothing. The first year I was here I was stupid just like all other people who first visit. It got down to -50C and I went outside without covering my face. I was only outside for 5 minutes but I could peel the skin off my face when I went back inside. It usually doesn’t get below -35C anymore as Siberia has been heating up in my area. Your motor oil will freeze at -35C so it’s best to stay inside anyway at that temperature unless you really need to go out. I’ve been buying Chinese mandarin oranges that’re very sweet for the last 2 months for 75 rubles a kilo. Can also buy from Turkey and Morocco. Horma (persimmons) fromUzbekistan is good and very cheap also. I buy radishes and celery from the many Russian Jews living/working in Israel. Tomatoes come from many places including greenhouses in Russia. Potatoes and beets are everywhere and only about 19 rubles a kilo and are grown right here in the Irkutsk Oblast. We sold our potatoes at 26 rubles a kilo the first week in September before all these other potatoes showed up on the market. Our buyers know our potatoes are very good and want them every year. We’ll put 1,400 potatoes in the ground next year and 325 are the American “Russet” variety. The wife has 550 strawberry plants in the ground now for next year and they’re all covered to protect them from the cold and snow. We remodeled the inside of the Dacha house this summer and it really looks nice. I bought some pig fat and cut it up into chunks for the Woodpeckers who will soon come to my apartment balcony. I have an open metal bar system where the woodpeckers can go through and get into the balcony and grab the food. They only come for food for 3-4 months in the winter when it gets cold. It only costs me about $4 a month to feed them and the wife keeps track of them through the kitchen windows. Woodpeckers are a very clever bird. Glad to hear things are Ok with you.

  3. AI

    nature is the dominant cause of the worlds suffering destruction and mass scale loss of life, it must be controlled,
    vaccinate nature,

    • Greg Hunter

      Geoengineering is the single biggest thing that is causing most of the weather problems today according to Wigington. There are other factors harming the climate, but Geoengineering is clearly the biggest slice of the pie.
      We should vaccinate for human stupidity and evil.

      • oneno

        Billy Meier has repeatedly stated that it is over-population that is the central cause for all the problems on this planet as elsewhere on other worlds where the inhabitants do not consciously control their reproduction.

        When over-population becomes a problem, then ignorance, and stupidity on the part of humans and reaction by nature through natural catastrophes become the norm as a natural response to control population levels.

        There are many calderas the world over with lakes on top of those calderas that should be drained to prevent extinction level events that would take most of the population of the planet within a matter of weeks. However, our smartest scientists continue to ignore the danger of lakes sitting atop these calderas and fail to call for the immediate draining of all such lakes. The draining of Lake Yellowstone would require at most six hours once a channel is dug along the south-eastern arm.

      • freebrezer

        Greg – I hate to disagree with Dane, but that big bright thing that comes up every morning in the eastern sky is the major control mechanism per the climate, and is the biggest factor per climate change (either hotter or colder). Man through he stupidity might try and control it, but man’s effort will be fleeting. One big volcano (e.g. pintubo in the 80’s) can take the temp down a degree, or a huge solar flare can wipe out the power grid. In addition, we know so little per all the factors that can affect the climate: here are two videos contrary to the global warmist: … two years old but still pertinent and .

        • Greg Hunter

          You can’t put up one video against the made by an anonymous source and put it up against a huge body of sources on and say you win. It is more complicated than that. Have you gone to his site? You should.

          • freebrezer

            Greg – I have gone to Dane’s site and I have investigated his work – I do not disagree that these idiots are spraying the skies and that it could/or will affect the earth climate, I am saying that the mechanism per the sun (the myriad of cycles that are barely understood, sun spots, corona holes, plasma ejections, coronal mass ejections, magnetic variations, etc) are on a scale that significantly dwarf the spraying. Take the Hurricanes this season … every large one happened to coincide with a solar flare ejection that hit the earth … this is not a coincidence …. Dane’s work does not take this in to consideration. Top scientists have only been technically monitoring/studing the sun( i.e. via advance satellites) for 40 + years …the mid 70’s was the first satellite sent up to study the sun … and that the main stream science community (NASA, NOAA, etc) have largely ignored this area in the public domain (politics via global warming scam). The two videos are an introduction in to a realm of science that is not mainstream but by a guy that is published in multiple science magazines … All his videos have an extensive sourced literature review (all published science) below them. It is not a win/loose scenario … but an additional area of science/concern that has largely been ignored in the MSM and whose potential can vastly overwhelm anything that man is doing. My take is that the earth is going in to a cooling period. This cooling is directly correlated with the sun spots cycles (and lack of). In addition, the earth’s magnetic field is weakening and fast … how do these myriads of inputs (including spraying) coincide/correlate with the strange weather? And that is the question! And I am educated enough to say with certainty that NO ONE KNOWS!

      • Bridget Ashmore

        Geoengineering operatives refer to “Chemtrails” as “Contrails” in attempts to portray those aware as “conspiracy theoists”.
        Also, PDF on components/toxicity of chemicals sprayed:
        Project Cloverleaf

        • Bridget Ashmore

          Dane Wigington and Russ Tannin are not attributing climate change solely to “chemtrails”–though major source of toxic ingredients in rain, soil and illness: barium, strontium, aluminum, etc. via highl- absorbable nano-particles. Supposedly, metals in the sprays reflect to reverse suns rays to deter global warming. But “climate change” has additional detrimental caused factors apart from cyclical change–as in geoengineered hurricane manipulation:

    • This sceptred Isle


      • This sceptred Isle

        Nature is much smarter than humans and will always outwit us. Superbugs and superweeds have been created, by the over-use of antibiotics and herbicides respectively, demonstrating the mechanism of natural selection. It is better to surf on the wave instead of trying to control the tide. Work with nature and build your immune system.

        • Paul ...

          TSI … you know … we humans lived on this planet many thousands of years … and we always simply let the planet “take care of its self” as God designed it … now what would we have done if the Wright Brothers got killed flying their air contraption and we couldn’t do any geo-spraying?? … we would have simply waited for planet Earth to take its own protective measures … and cool itself down … whatever is making the Sun burn hotter (be it microwaves from space. etc., etc.) is also heating the Earth’s core (thus we don’t have to go flying around trying to block the Sun’s radiation) … by the Earth’s molten core heating up the Earth itself will beginning to take its own protective measures against increased solar radiation … as the Earth’s molten lava moves upward toward the surface it produces many earthquakes and then begins to burst out of dormant volcanoes and calderas … producing big blasts that throw large ash plumes 10,000 ft into the air … these large ash emissions erupting all around our planet will block solar radiation and cool our planet down … thus there is no need for “man” to be adding “additional cooling chemicals” which will only make the coming “ice age” even worse!!

          • Paul ...

            There is major earthquake unrest “worldwide” … … all this geo-spraying is a waste of human energy and must stop … the Earth’s own “protective mechanisms” are kicking in … instead of us humans “spraying poisonous stuff in the atmosphere” … let the Earth take care of it … we humans should instead be “focusing our energies on evacuating people” from around once dormant volcanoes and calderas that are now increasingly becoming active!! … we sure know how to waste money on needless wars and toxic spraying to kill humans … instead of searching for peace and safe places to live!!

  4. The Seer

    Thank you both for your hard work for humanity.
    Can anyone get this to Hannity, Drudge Report and
    Coast to Coast AM Noory show for larger reach?
    If you know a billionaire get them educated, too.
    They will have contacts.

  5. Jerry

    Somebody is obviously lying! President trump supposedly didn’t sign the Paris agreement but yet my son tells me they are spraying like crazy in central Florida. Here in the Ozarks its been almost 70 degrees every single day for the past few weeks with red flag warnings.
    They’ve obviously made it worse with the aluminum oxide they injected into the atmosphere .

    Speaking of lying, check out the latest yield curve.
    As I’ve been saying, this selloff isn’t just a correction as the MSM would have you believe, it signals a move to something else.

  6. Whateva

    NOAA , and most agencies under the Dept of Interior are tyrants. The EPA, FDA, BLM, Fish and Game are all out of control. If no information exists, then why is there a treaty with Canada to share geoengineering information? And why does Dan ignore this treaty?
    IMO – this not only proves that geoengineering is an active operation but is also coordinated globally.

  7. Peter Sanford

    I usually watch your videos thru Twitter/YouTube.

    This morning, YouTube cut the video to a minute and a half

  8. JC

    Rev 11:18
    The nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth.
    Easy to know how this ends.

  9. Deanna Johnston Clark

    The problem with Dane is he is such a prophet of doom, I just stopped reading him. Let’s face it, people are reading this stuff, then using plastic bags and buying gold, caring nothing for the blood and human cost of getting the stuff out of the ground, wasting gasoline and filling up landfills with plastic in diapers….the time to catch the beautiful wave and save the planet was before 1980 with the humble ecology movement.
    Dane is brave and very smart…but not personally inspiring. I saw a huge raft of plastic in the Caribbean online…all the waste of our everyday lives. That might inspire some of us to change.
    Iceland has gotten rid of McDonald’s….there’s less garbage on the planet and in humans.

    • This sceptred Isle

      True, gold mining is damaging. However, I would argue that unbacked fiat currency is far more destructive, as this unlimited money pays for all the wars. Why do countries come off the gold standard when they want to go to war? Also, the fiat/debt money has, according to Mannarino, fuelled a population bubble which is consuming the world’s resources at a massive rate.

    • Diane

      Good post Deanna.

    • Dane

      Hello, Deanna, yes, I cannot argue that the data I deliver is dire. For the record, I am very aware of the vast array of environmental threats we face, and care about them all. I have spent years in the forests of Northern California (and Arizona) working 7 days a week with reckless abandon in the attempt to repair and restore habit. I was forced to abandon this effort because available data made clear that a much more dire issue would soon make all other efforts moot if it was not exposed and halted, that issue is climate engineering. If geoengineering climate intervention operations continue to completely derail Earth’s life support systems (and contaminate every breath we take), that is the end of the road. Mathematically speaking, if we remain on the current course, our time horizon is unimaginably short. That is not an opinion, again, it is a mathematical certainty. Whatever other challenges we face, if the geoengineering assault is not dealt with, nothing else will matter. I cannot change the truth, but I will continue to do my best to bring the most dire front line data to the full light of day. We must reach a critical mass of awareness in populations if we are to have any chance of stopping geoengineering, the effort to wake the masses will take all of us.

      • Charles H


        Science has gone MAD. It is too advanced for most to consider – but spiritual evil drives technology: even up and to the ‘extra terrestrial’ stuff. Science and technology are the impetus for both earth and man’s destruction; although they are used as carrots to draw the imbecilic asses.
        Man, following the path to power: will destroy himself AND this planet. It is what Satan has endeavored to do for millennia

  10. Rodster

    I can vouche that what Dane Wigington says is legit. One morning where I in Venice Florida I stepped outside and it was a clear blue sky. And then the cross spraying began with several planes and the areosol sprayed trails expanded and would not go away. The spraying was done at different altitude levels which was easy to discern. Within a few hours all the aresol spraying turned the once blue sky to a silverish blue hazy muck that stayed that way the entire day.

    Since i’ve been following Dane’s work and read up on what’s really going on with our skies I now look at the spraying in a different light. I’m also spreading the word about Geoengineering every possible chance I get and directing them to Dane’s website.

    • Rodster

      Also there are celebrities and acedemia who have spoken out regarding Geoengineering.

      Musician Prince (wrote a song about Geoengineering)
      Country Singer Merle Haggard (referenced Geoengineering in a song)
      Comedian/Activist Dick Gregory
      Actor/Activist Chuck Norris
      Professor/Activist Cornell West

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        Dick Gregory has to be in Heaven with the saints…he has a heart of gold and lived the life…God bless the entertainers who stand up for goodness!

        • FC

          Deanna, what is your position on Gold? in this and previous posts you curse the stuff and now you’re telling us this guy has a heart of gold……………is he good or bad in your eyes?

  11. Tinfoil hat Canuck

    “Geoengineering researcher Dane Wigington says recent Senate hearings confirming the science of geoengineering means dangerous climate changes are underway.”

    This sentence caught my attention in that I suspect more than a few Watchdoggers are of the conservative worldview bent, and as such tend to bristle at the suggestion that humankind has propelled us down the road of accelerating climate change.

    So, a double whammy of gov’t underhandedness — behind the scenes destructive measures to combat a non existing threat. Whoa! Let the fireworks begin!

  12. I Rock

    Why are they spraying?

  13. Mohammad


    War on gold continues at Crimex, and it is working as TPTB wants.


    • Greg Hunter

      They can only do a fighting retreat. Hang on your metal. Good to have you commenting!

  14. Paul Anthony

    The “Elite” who know what “Chem Trails” really are and let this go on and lie about …are so short sighted in everything

    Do they not know this also effects their own lives and families?

    Evil is very short sighted. In everything they do it bounces right back at them. Everything! It’s sad and horrific.

    Thanks for this interview Greg


  15. Tad

    A somewhat related comment though temporarily diverging from climate engineering, is the recently revealed North Kora missile test launch. Articles from at least three MSM sources are firm in knowledge that the DPRK missiles are now able to reach US mainland. This may be partly based on “evidence” that the missile reached a higher altitude than previous launches.

    Certain DC-based parties are itching for a nuclear war–essentially–and probably leading the nation toward being its initial or only victims.

    While many believe that climate or geoengineering is a Deep State tactic of population control, I believe that limited energy resources condemn the world to a finite life. Hair brained I know. I would refer the interested to Clif High and Steve St. Angelo YouTube and website postings.

    I doubt the Holy Grail of infinite energy can be found under Antarctica.

  16. FC

    I can understand the elites wanting to spray chemicals in the air to depopulated the planet over a short period of time (months) ,while they protect themselves but to do it over decades where they are exposed to the same health risks we are by breathing the same contaminated air doesn’t make sense to me.

    • This sceptred Isle

      If you release something toxic into the atmosphere, on a global scale, which you have the antidote for, you increase your control over life immeasurably.

    • Diane

      Good post Deanna.

    • Diane

      Sure doesn’t make sense to me either.

    • Corleone

      I doubt it. Spraying toxic chemicals is a very inefficent way to depopulate an area.

      • Greg Hunter

        How do you know this? What all are they spraying?

        • Corleone

          How do I know? Even the pilots of the chemtrail planes do not know the ingredients of the stuff they sprayed. They just have been told that it mainly consists of harmful materials such as aluminum dust, microscopic plastic fibres, and water, and that it is intended to push down radioactive gases in order to abort the overelectrification of stratosphere. I doubt that chemtrail is intended to depopulate an area because it is very inefficient to kill people by spraying them with chemical substances from above.

  17. Angelo

    As a RN, we are trained to prioritize the needs of patients. We need to do this or the patient’s condition deteriorates or worse dies. It seems to me that this is at the forefront of issues that we have on the table.

    Greg, you are a true patriot and an over all invaluable human being. Thanks for interviewing Mr. Wigington. I think it’s time that we organize for his cause and start educating the sleeping masses. Thanks for everything that you do.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Angelo!

  18. Solomon

    Denial is NOT a river in Egypt.

    Eventually, truths will emerge.

    The question is, whether truth will become obvious after it is too late?

  19. Lee

    But why would TPTB ruin the planet for themselves as well? It doesn’t make any sense….how will they survive? Someone please explain.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Eventually the planet will become so toxic that life will be more dependent on the system to survive.
      For example, people will need GM crops to survive. They are genetically engineering crops to tolerate high aluminium levels. Eventually, only these crops will be able to grow.
      These people can protect themselves by taking treatments to chelate the aluminium.

  20. Paul Anthony

    A second thought on Dane:

    Fist I believe Dane’s research and I am with him on stopping the spraying and getting the truth out.

    I do think it will be exposed and stopped. But it terms as of this being irreversible. All things are possible through God. I think God has the last say in when life ends on the planet and the bible stands clear on how it plays out. Do we need to take action in stopping it? Yes. God works through people. I trust God’s Words and this isn’t over. This can be reversed. Prayer is powerful and God is in charge.


  21. Gary Pennington

    Though he has a dire message, I believe that Dane Wigington speaks the truth. Thank you, Greg, for allowing him the opportunity to share it.

  22. Jodyp

    The Sheep count Sheep, (# of FB friends, # of Twitter hits, # of TV & Movie stars…) to be lulled to sleep. Geoengineering is just one of many problems facing this troubled world today. When the Awakening happens it’ll be too late for most. This is Good vs evil, God vs satan. People, be prepared for the Great Ovine Stampede!

  23. jonathan

    THANK YOU!! for posting this article, Greg. Dane is a really good guy, and I can confirm all the things he’s teaching are 100% correct and true.

    I’ve been sending his well-made informational leaflets and booklets to other people to do my part to educate the citizenry.

    We’re even having sticky webs of polymer fibers falling out of the sky, which appear at first to be spiderwebs but are not.

    Keep up the great work, friend.


  24. H. Craig Bradley


    A lot of contrails up in the sky in Southern California in the past week (Vandenberg AFB). News Media said it was only the launching of a weather satellite. Regional News Blackout. This news blackout fosters speculation and rumors, some of them are pretty good but not a substitute for hard news, sadly lacking. Conspiracy buffs thrive in such an atmosphere.

  25. Cricket

    They are doing climate engineering but blame it on pollution or is pollution the reason for climate engineering?

  26. Walter Baumgarten

    Dane is absolutely correct with his assertions that people in high places are doing everything they can to manipulate the weather for whatever purpose, either helpful or harmful. If you Google search “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025” you will come up with a research paper presented to the US Air Force by a group of Colonels and Majors in 1996. This project outlined the need and the existing abilities technologically to control the Earth’s weather for military and political advantage. When I showed my copy to our Township attorney, a retired Air Force Major General, he lit up like a Christmas tree and the ensuing discussion was most enlightening about what they have been doing for many decades now. He even pointed out a UN Committee set up to “keep nations from using weather as a weapon” and I looked that up as well:

    The problem that exists however, is that if these weather modifications are being done to help us or to hurt us in either or both cases, it can never be openly admitted. If it was, every American could sue the government into oblivion for damages whether they had a simple cold or lung cancer. The bigger problem unfortunately is that far too many Americans could simply not care less because way too many of them simply care about nothing, not even their own children or the futureless futures they all will have. People just do not give a damn! It is so very sad, but it is the truth.

  27. John M.

    I think Dane lives 300 miles north of me. I live in the middle of the Central Valley of California. We are a virtual soup bowl of bad air that gets trapped here.
    Since Trump has been elected, I’ve noticed a slight decrease in high-altitude spraying over my area. But there are still days when the sky looks like a checkerboard of many different spray trails that eventually dissipate and makes the sky very hazy. This is easily seen with my eyes, as I’m working outdoors much of the day. Myself and my family are noticing many health issues (coincidentally or not) like: skin problems, breathing issues, and weakened immune systems. Many of my family members are doctors and nurses.
    Being intimately involved in agriculture myself, I think our crops are having more problems fighting diseases and who knows what else (heavy metals, GMO’s, etc.)
    Like Dane says, I think this is being done for malevolent reasons. Otherwise, why the secrecy and non-reporting? When this topic does casually get mentioned, it’s always laughed at as being just another “conspiracy theory”. But most conspiracy theories are looking more like facts these days.
    We really should not be surprised that Americans are constantly being LIED to, by our government and media. Just look at the false reporting and fraudulent activities in every major financial market (LIBOR, US Treasuries, gold and silver prices, etc.). How about the pedophilia and human sex trafficking? If you want more disgusting stuff, research Satanism practiced by the elites and celebrities.
    I can’t find the link for something I discovered that is most terrifying — drinking the blood of children that are tortured and scared to death in order to get a real high from their adrenaline and to also conjure up special evil spirits associated with that. Just use your search engine: Harvesting Anrenochrome Beyond Pedophilia.
    I have a feeling that many of our perceptions of reality are completely wrong. What is fact and what is fiction?

  28. Barn Cat

    I hate to say it but it sounds like complete and total nonsense to me. He says on his website that NONE of the weather on the whole planet is natural. The biggest influences on the weather are solar output, the jet stream, and ocean currents. None of which are controllable by mankind. I’m sure they couldn’t reflect enough sunlight back into space to affect the weather even if they wanted to. Which they don’t.

    • Greg Hunter

      You don’t know what you are talking about and you are a very selective learner.

      • joe freiberg

        Get used to this response from otherwise fairly intellectual folks. I am going to run an ad in the local rag, $500 dollar reward to anyone who can document a sunrise, from my area, that isn’t sprayed into a milky white smear. They really sprayed us today here in rural North central Idaho. You have to get up around 7am to watch the assault. Thanks for your assistance exposing these psychopaths doing this to us, Mr. Hunter.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank YOU Joe for your frontline reporting.

        • Allen Starr

          That really is a crime to be spraying that area. Me and four other people had a summer cabin overlooking Lake Ponderay with a fairly short walk to the beach. What a fantastic place to relax in the summer. Took a little time to get to know a few of the locals but very nice to get to know them a little. Good neighbors.

    • Dane

      Barn, I hope you will consider actually investigating available data. Our conclusions should be based on front line facts, not ideology or preconception. As an example, “global dimming” on our planet is a direct result of human activity (which includes climate engineering and solar radiation management, SRM). This fact is not scientifically disputed, FYI

  29. marcus

    JFK warned that the Military Industrial complex would destroy the world……99 % of the Western world are dumbed down and just want to watch TV and eat hamburgers and coke.
    We are toast.

    • Michael

      You forget your most powerful ability….prayer. It works. The powers that wannabe be, want you to believe there is nothing you can do. You can. Pray and take action. You’ll know what to do when you pray. Greg says at the end of his newscast, “God the Father & his son Jesus Christ are fully in charge.” Christ said, “you will do greater things than I” DO NOT GIVE IN TO WHAT YOU SEE! ITS ALL SMOKE & MIRRORS. Take action. Make positive changes.

      • Greg Hunter

        Amen Brother Michael!! I agree!!!

  30. Phil

    Yo Greg,

    What happens when the planes stop spraying chemtrails?

    Won’t temperatures jump a few degrees?

  31. Flattop

    During last summers fires in northern California, Cal fire stated that the fires burned extremely hot, making the almost impossible to control. An outside investigation said they believed aluminum resting on the tree branches and rooftops was possibly the cause of the extreme heat. Obviously the aluminum came from chemtrails.

    • Walter Baumgarten


  32. coalburner

    A while back I was resisting the Chemtrails knowledge. I could see it but admitting my weakness, I couldn’t believe people, so called of science could be that stupid. Call me as dump as they are! I think in New Mexico the spraying has been reduced, since Trump won the election. He has disrupted the Deep State more than we think.. We are not seeing as many days of spray.
    I also saw that the Congress was reviewing the budgets for this stupidity and I admitted Dane was right about the spraying all along. I still find it hard to believe anyone in charge is smart enough to be thinking we will reduce the population with this intentionally. I mean, the leaders in this country want more people here, not less. Again Stupid at an enhanced level. Simply they will not intentionally commit suicide just to kill us. Most of the world power players know that when we are dead they are dead. If they have a strategy, I dont get it. Why destroy Europe with North Africans and turn in into a 4th world, 6th century unciivilized craphole? How does that help the world elite? You cannot sell cell phones to people living like goats, or can you? Who will repair the cell towers or pay a bill. The President of the EU today said they need the migrants or Europe is dead. We all know Europe is already dead, it is all over but the blood and crying. I said all this to say if this is strategy, coordinated, it was developed by the three stooges. It is not a strategy!! It is greedy meddling by people not smart enough to have a strategy. So I still think there are holes in Danes argument and not all this stuff would be rational thinking. Granted there is nothing rational about leftist, communist, reasoning but even considering that, it still makes no sense.
    One thing I know, we must clean out the lunatics in Congress and Washington DC!

  33. Paul

    If you believe Mr. Wigington’s assessment to be accurate then please pass this around to as many people as you can, use social media to spread the word …. I have posted this on my FB page so my contacts are made aware of this, I also posted it to a local politicians FB page in response to a royal commission around the banking industry in Australia. I suggested we need a royal commission into climate engineering … I have been amazed at the support my posting has already received … it is in everyone’s interest to make the effort Mr. Wigington suggests … Many thanks to Greg Hunter for continuing to do the work he has been called upon to do … Keep up the great work.

  34. Mike

    The massive spraying is a highly expensive coordinated operation. The chemicals used must be trucked, stored, and manufactured. Who are the manufacturers and shippers? We need to know who are their boots on the ground.

  35. Orlando

    There is no Mass Conspiracy!
    Study the federal Law Tile 15 USC Chapter – it covers this.
    Been on the books for years. No secret
    Environmental Impact statements are submitted.
    Lawsuits to claim damages have lost as of a 2006 report.

    I got 18 years in environmental engineering experience – all in air quality!
    I love USA watchdog but this subject is a total sham.
    I don’t lose any sleep at night worrying about Chem Trails.
    Didn’t hear Wigginton’s Educational credentials at the beginning of the interview either. Most likely because he is a self appointed guru?

    Again, I have respect for USA watchdog but with my30 years engineering experience, I am gagging on this subject and have been for years. Total Baloney.
    Sleeping like a baby again tonight, no worries.

    • Tad

      What is it, 18 or thirty years engineering experience?

      • Orlando

        Dear Tad,

        Sorry I had to spell it out for you.
        18 years in air quality environmental engineering experience.
        Overall, a total of 30 years in engineering experience.
        The Other 12 include Transportation Engineering, acoustical engineering and energy. Energy like Al Gore
        There is a difference.
        Have a great Holiday Chum

  36. Orlando

    Sorry here is the full federal law below, it got cut off on my last post.

    No worries, Sleep well tonight, I am


  37. John M.

    Darn it, spelled the search engine words incorrectly. Should be: Harvesting ADRENOCHROME Beyond Pedophilia. So sorry.

  38. R O B I N_ H O O D_ and his merry MEN!

    .We are on the road to planetary omnicide. Climate engineering is the greatest and most immediate assault we face. D.W.

    Yes but no, Dane. Right now it’s war with North Korea and all it interfiles!

    All I hear now is what can we do? The only answer anybody seem’s to come up with now is war. But I keep thinking about a video I saw here. Putin goes to N.K. and their is ecstatic cheering and even crying. Don’t ask me why, but seeing is believing. President Trump should be on the phone with Putin and screw the Desecrates. They lost, their nothing but a bunch of crybaby loser’s.
    Could you imagine if the Trumpster sent or even went to the North with Putin and hammered out a deal that spared the South from nuclear devastation? The neo-conmen and woman would all die of ah heart-attack and the two most hated on the planet by the left-wing commies and Muslim brother hoods would be heroes and the Donald would get his peace and security! CHECK IT OUT, SEE FOR YOUR SELFIES;
    It’s the only way out short of war.

    Just remember, not only will the North be gone but all those cheap high-tech T.V.s and cars!
    They love the little guy! An he’s white, go figure.

    • Dane

      Robin Hood, for the record, a critical phrase is missing from my quote which you cited, that phrase is this “short of nuclear cataclysm”. So, to complete the quote which I often cite, “climate engineering is the greatest and most immediate threat we face short of nuclear cataclysm”.

      • Reynolds Wrap

        Copy that Dane, a most important part of your quote. Your on the beam!

  39. Tad

    Sorry Greg, this is a bit off topic. To my Russian friends, we have a saying in America that goes something like this: If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it.

  40. Robert

    Id like to know who pays this guys salary? Where does the money come from for his organization.

    • Greg Hunter

      We have talked about this many times.

      • Robert

        Greg, I have no idea what you’re implying. Don’t recall ever asking my question before on this board. I do believe the weather is changing, so Im not a contrarian here and I have seen those chemtrails. They are a strange phenomenon. I still like to understand where people get funding. On a different note and just similar, there’s a woman on Coast to Coast radio, Linda Moulton Howe, she’s another one who has fascinating stories, but I still wonder where her income comes from too.

    • H. Craig Bradley

      gold money ?

  41. Sunshine

    I absolutely agree they are spraying. It’s undeniable. The reason why so many reject nefarious intent is along lines of FC’s comment. Why would any elite be complicit in a slow process to intentionally attempt to end life (including theirs and their heirs) on earth? The only rational answer I can see is that they are not in fact human. What are we really dealing with here? Talk about going down the rabbit hole!

    • Paul ...

      Reptiles have been found to genetically have “immortal genes” … a crocodile would live forever if it wasn’t killed off or starved to death … so the elite’s are trying to splice more “reptilian” genes into the human genome (in a search for “immortality”) … so as you say Sunshine: “they are not in fact human” … and this is the reason the elites can kill babies (for their sexual pleasure) and create constant wars to killing off millions of human adults … these warmongering neocon “reptilians” have nothing on their mind but killing (ever since that reptile snake intertwined its seed with humanity back at the time of Adam and Eve) … and we are all born now with this original sin (evil reptilian blood) … we have the power to “fix our human genome” and bring back what God created … but will the Mil/Ind/Gov Complex ever allow “peace” into our world?!!

  42. Jerry

    Here is the latest on the global currency reset.

    Now I ask you, if European banks will be buying bonds from AIIB, what will they need the World Bank for? Just remember I posted information about Henry Paulsen and “The Working Group” almost a year ago. If you recall he was the one that was instrumental in the United States borrowing almost 3 trillion dollars from China to keep Goldman Sachs from going under.

  43. Robert

    Thank you, Greg, for your dedication to the truth. When you speak, my heart sings. Would vaccination really cure? I think most people’s brains are sterilized.

  44. Gene

    Dear Mr. Hunter,
    The natural reaction to Mr. Wigington’s presentation, however well supported, is denial. People are overwhelmed, and they realize that those elected to represent them in governmental institutions don’t give the least part of a rat’s anatomy about their interests.
    But if his revelations should be accompanied with specific suggestions for individuals to alleviate the effects of toxic materials floating around in the air as a consequence of climate engineering, this might engage their interest. Once interested, a greater number of people might be led to take a more active role in spreading Mr. Wigington’s message.

    • Greg Hunter

      The body of scientific papers, experts and sources is a stunning body of work that you can find compiled on

  45. Rick Hester

    We live on 118 acres. I have been plagued with chemtrails for many, many years. They have taken some of God’s most beautiful days and turned them into a dingy, oily looking day. Most of my trees, large oaks and pines are dying, here and throughout the county. I can’t help but wonder if it isn’t because of the nano-aluminum coating the roots of the trees and preventing them from absorbing enough water and nutrient. It makes me sick to my stomach every time I see the chemtrails.

  46. Mike R

    The fraud perp’d by the government here on Geo, is no different than the fraud or hoax that crypto’s are to the current Bitconned participants. Both are based on deception. Both are attempting to circumvent fundamental laws of nature and/or economics. Let me explain the fundamental flaws with crypto’s… that violate current natural laws of supply and demand, and as well taxation….

    “The problem that cryptocurrencies face is that they fail the two key metrics of what makes a currency a currency,” Donovan said. “A currency has to be a widely used medium of exchange. (that is a natural ‘law’ that doesn’t have to be instituted by any government. Economics 101 in essence. ) Cryptocurrencies are NEVER going to achieve that. Period.”

    One of the main reasons for this, Donovan said, has to do with taxation and the inability to use cryptocurrencies to settle tax liabilities.

    “The reason I’m so definite about this is that if you look in the OECD, on average, 34% of all economic activity is taxed,” he said, using the abbreviation for the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. “Governments are not at all likely to accept cryptocurrencies that they do not control” to settle taxes. Can’t say never, but its as close to never as you can get.

    He continued: “Cryptocurrencies that they do not control will not be accepted by governments for tax payments. You are therefore removing one of the main sources of demand for a currency. One of the key issues, whenever we talk about monetary economics, is that the money supply should never, ever, ever be considered in isolation.

    “Money supply needs to be considered against money demand. If you do not have the ability to use cryptocurrencies for the largest single transaction in the economy, then it will never be a majority medium of exchange.” Period. (source:

    So there you have it folks. All these participants and fraudulent con men promoting and advocating Bitcoin or anything like it, are purely hypesters, who ALL know the above two fundamental ‘laws’ of either nature, or economic activity, where you are best served by some medium of exchange. Thus they are deceptive and fraudulent.

    Same thing with GEO. In this case it’s government sponsored fraud, bc for one they are acting as though they can permanently manipulate mother nature, which can never happen, as earth is so massive, and the external forces of the universe in which earth sits squarely, make any effort from the puniness of mankind, laughably miniscule. Its like an ant vs the elephant, when the elephant goes to step on the ant, and the elephant doesn’t even see the ant, so its toast. The fraud is also in the ‘hiding’ of it in plain sight. Chemtrails. As if they think we’ll ignore them. There they are simply gambling that mankind is collectively too stupid.

    If our ERA of living, during the 3 or 4 generations that are now on this planet, is marked by anything, it will be marked by massive deception, and massive fraud. Ironic in that the means to prevent and obliterate all of this is potentially one of the same catalysts or enablers – the internet itself.

    All of this fraud, tires and sickens me. It wears me down. It makes me not thrilled with living. I think this sentiment exists with many of our children, and young adults with epidemic like proportions of depression, suicide, anxiety, self harming, and even many more people of all ages not even working. They dont feel like it. All of this fraud and deception affects civilization. We are so desperate for the truth, and honesty, and integrity, that even that forces us to resort to alternate forms of new religions, or media, or groups and cliques. We live in a very shame-filled time.

  47. Cammi

    We have extreme trails here in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Some weeks, there are none, but most weeks we get a lot. I think I took pictures again last week in amazement of the amount they spray in the sky. I periodically post them to Facebook, but only a few members of my family recognize it.

    • Rick Hester

      Cammi, I live in farm country, and I am shocked by the number of people who have never seen the chemtrails, and don’t know a thing about them. I guess they are wearing ball caps and never look up into the sky. Shocking ignorance to me .

  48. Clutchdog

    Where are the depots that hold all this material they are spraying? What companies are providing this material. Where and who is manufacturing this stuff?

    Fact: They had one of the best wild salmon runs in the Bristol Bay area of Alaska of recent past in 2017.
    Having said this, I would not be surprised if this is happening.

  49. Orlando

    This is really getting Sad!
    Attention everyone study this subject outside of this box. Do your own research!
    Do you know when emotions and Science have a psychotic break, it has happened on this subject.
    Sorry, I am now out of here.
    You will believe what you want to believe, study critical thinking. Study true science, ask for this man’s credentials, Wiggington, that you choose to buy off on, as word. Never saw his credentials posted in the comments or during the interview, or his website. Yet, keep in mind, credentials don’t always mean everything. Use your own critical thinking skills.
    Or ask yourself this question: You want to believe what you want to believe?

    • Rick Hester

      Orlando…..I can’t tell what side of the fence you live on.
      If you are saying chemtrails don’t exist, then I suggest you go outside and look up.
      Use your own critical thinking skills and look for yourself. I see it much too often just by looking up in the sky.

  50. Seeing Clearly

    Why should I believe that the white trails we see in the sky are something more than contrails? I want serious evaluation on the atmospheric aerosols (Chemtrails) theory. What arguments hold water and what arguments don’t? Well anyone who can counter argue this argument will get a small prize, Why is their a gap between a trail and a plane? Is it a cooling zone and how can a cooling zone exist when spraying chemicals? Why are the jet trails turning into cirrus clouds? Last time I checked the wildfire smoke didn’t turn into clouds and smoke is an aerosol.

    • Greg Hunter

      “S C ”
      Please research here: There tens of thousands of documents, along with many legit sources and experts. Nobody compiles a body ofd research and information this large to lie to the public. Please give your “small prize” to Dane Wigington. He has a “donate” section on the top right hand side of his home page.

  51. stephane

    “The vast majority of people are sleeping at the wheel” You damn right!
    The mass is clueless

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