Clinton Involved in Biggest Treason in History – Kevin Shipp

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release) 

Former CIA Officer and whistleblower Kevin Shipp says what Hillary Clinton did with her charity and Uranium One while she was Secretary of State was a crime for the history books.  Shipp explains, “Hillary Clinton used this to launder money in foreign banks so it wasn’t subject to U.S. laws, congressional subpoenas or FOIA demands for the evidence.  This was done to launder this money globally into the Clinton Foundation so the U.S. government could not examine it at all.” 

Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller was the head of the FBI while the Uranium One deal was being done by Clinton and the Russians.  One fifth of U.S. uranium production was bought by the Russians in a deal Clinton pushed and approved.  The Clinton Foundation received more than $140 million from some of the same Russian players who were involved with Uranium One.  Why didn’t Mueller stop the deal?  Shipp says, “Mueller is either a complete moron, which he is not, or he overlooked the biggest counterterrorism cases in U.S. history.  It involved Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, Uranium One and, of course, the destruction of all the emails and evidence and her secret server, and on and on and on it goes, and he (Mueller) ignored it all.” 

How did she get away with obvious crime?  Shipp says, “The most bizarre thing is the people who protected her from clear felonious activity and violations of the Espionage Act.  James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, was protecting her and leaking things to the media and lying.  You had John Brennan, Director of the CIA, protecting her by starting a false investigation (on Trump) and stirring things up with this (false/unverified) dossier.  You had James Comey, Director of the FBI, protecting her. . . . Then, you’ve got Peter Strzok protecting her, and now it appears the United Kingdom GCHQ was using NSA information to target Donald Trump and protect Hillary Clinton.  You have to ask yourself what kind of power or connections does this woman have to get all of these members of the Deep State, Shadow Government to risk their own criminal penalties to protect her and try to get her elected?  That is the Shadow Government.  That is the Deep State.  That is what is so chilling about this whole thing. . . . This is deep.  This is dark.  This is as dark as it gets, and this is the biggest espionage case involving government officials in the history of this country.” 

Shipp also points out that, this time, it will not be business as usual for the “Deep State and Shadow Government.”  They are going to be brought to justice because Shipp says, “indictments are coming because of Donald Trump coming into the White House from the outside.  Trump cannot be bribed.”    

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with former CIA Officer Kevin Shipp.  

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  1. Anthony Australia

    This is not going to end well at all. The sad thing is humans are fighting amongst themselves.

    • mitz

      I am so proud of President Trump, how he has endured so many attacks against him – the Media, all the top networks (except Fox Business & Fox News), all the major newspapers and even top magazine companies, Congress, all those working against our very dear President. Through it all he has lifted America up – surging economy, low employment, tax cuts, etc. Without a doubt he’ll go down in history as the best President the United States has ever had. He deserves a crown! I hope and pray all those evil people in our government will be punished for what they have done to the United States of America.

    • Charles

      why is this not on msn cnn. . why are not the conservative talk shows hamming this
      you listen to the radio station ,there are talking the same things . everyone should be hitting on this everyday . thank you for want you do. let the PRESIDENT GO ON TV AND START TALKING ABOUT . see what Pelosi. wants to talk about

  2. Sayonara

    Real Simple!
    Jeff Sessions needs to GO NOW!
    My biggest concerns about Trump are the following:
    1. Why did he not direct Seal Team 6 to publicly execute George Soros as an economic and social Terrorist!? This evil Fword is exponentially worse than OBL and BTW GS has probably killed more people in his lifetime than OBL could have dreamed.
    2. Why did he pick the weasel Jeff Sessions as his AG? And if he picked him out of political ignorance, why hasn’t fired him for protecting the Deep State by gross inaction?
    Inquiring Minds Want To Know?

    • Will

      Very good ?’s Is the entire system even more evil than we have thought?

      • paul ...

        Will … the evil neocons New World Order or “rule by warmongers” … is not “God’s Perfect Plan” … God’s Perfect Plan was to make each one of us “in his image” (and like him follow moral Commandments)! … God is “not from here” he does not live in a world of lies and tears … if only we can touch his hand “with our hearts” … painfully we will weep on seeing the real truth … but if we fear not to breathe with his greatness … we can create a world where our children can live in a world without unending war! …

    • Charles H

      Because Soros probably has the real-time deep moles to warn him of pending action; the Russian technology to defeat American drone equipment; and a dossier on all the important players. Eight years of Obama – put a lot of weasels in the hen house.

    • D3F1ANT

      LOL! Who else CAN humans fight among? The monkeys? The whales?

    • Sandy

      From what I understand bc I asked the same questions, was they needed to have all the players exposed and the only way they could do this was letting it play out. I mean if Trump had just immediately cleaned house many players would have walked away totally unexposed and able to later cause problems or do more shady things.
      Supposedly Jeff Sessions has been rewriting the UCMJ so that they can use it to try politicians for treason. I don’t know how accurate this stuff is, it is just grapevine truthers info so we can only wait and see if it proves to be the case.

  3. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter: Great stuff!
    Apparently some House members are drawing up articles of impeachment for Rod Rosenstein.
    That would make it easier for AG Sessions (or, if necessary, President Trump) to fire Rosenstein for his and the FBI’s stonewalling of Congress in their investigations. (BTW, I think it’s absurd to argue that DOJ and the FBI can lawfully defy Congressional subpoenas on any grounds whatsoever, including on the basis of separation of powers under the Constitution). Maybe with the filing of articles of impeachment and Rosenstein’s removal, the logjam would break at DOJ — and FBI Director Wray would find a way to clean up his shop without also being removed.

    • Andre

      When I look at the face of Rod Rosenstein I can’t help but see Heinrich Himmler in his SS uniform. Look and tel me.

      • Ansil

        I already did. I have their photos side by side, and it is chilling…

        • Andre

          I am sure you know about operation “Paper Clip”

          • Sandy

            Yeah and notice how much Chelsea or whatever her name is Clintons daughter looks just like young Elizabeth- the Queen. Really eerie.

        • Frederick

          Talk about chilling Have you seen Hillary describe, how her flying monkeys slaughtered Khadaffi ? Now that’s CHILLING

      • Tin foil hat

        Do you remember the movie “Boys in Brazil”?

        • Andre

          I watched your video. Be very carful where you go. There are other worlds out there, sure. What the Everlasting God has done in the eternity from the past? He has been creating worlds. It is consistent with the Bible. However, there is only one fallen world and this is us and we are cut off all the worlds and they cannot come here. Is UFO real? yes it is. We are not alone here. Lucifer took with him 1/3 of all angels more intelligent than us. They are the demonic forces and he is the Prince of this World who tempted Christ. They will come to you and reveal the knowledge if you ask them and worship them. That’s why the sacrifices of children that where finally exposed. Many “brilliant” scientists where deep in occult. Tesla, Edison examples. Edison, the story tells, would sit in dark room and meditate until solution would come. The governments are all in occult.

    • Whale Slapper

      I would kick a whales arse 🙂

  4. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Shipp.
    So many of Hilary Clinton’s henchmen will be jailed,how many will survive to see jail time and how many will roll?The internal fighting will be monstrous.
    Unsurprisingly,here in the UK,our own GCHQ,providers of child sex slaves and other vileness,are up to their necks and beyond in espionage against the USA.However,GCHQ are mere pawns of the NSA and a third party we are not allowed to know of.
    The idea alone that Russian oligarchs were and are bribing many USA politicians and others is amusing,have you ever met a Russian throwing money around,why they make people from Northern Ireland look like spendthrifts.Reality,many of these oligarchs are front men for Chinese elite,who are using British Virgin island banks as conduits to the “deep staters”both in the USA and Europe.This was why so many European bureaucrats and politicians balked at the possibility of their names being on a bribe list.It may also explain their nice life styles within our draconian tax system.A sliver of a suggestion of this came to light in the Panama Papers.
    Still we await to see the hubris of the commies and their ZIL lane being clapped in irons and it has been a long wait.If it happens rolling scream will occur.
    Here in the UK our economy still sucks and tensions are running high,but the weather has been beyond compare.

    • Maria das Santos

      Perhaps I need more of Francis Bacon,”Read, not to believe and take for granted; nor to contradict and confute; but to weigh and consider.”

      • flattop

        Maria das Santos
        My grandpa had a saying about politicians. ” Don’t believe anything they say, and only half of what they show you!!!”

  5. mike molyneaux

    Keep up the good work Gerg and Kevin. Unfortunately, Donald Trump is also human, has his Rothschild obligations and paymasters who control him, skeletons in the cupboard, etc, and as such he can’t save America. But one day, Truth, Justice, Courage and Perseverance will eventually win the bloody battle which Kevin says is coming.

    • Greg Hunter

      No Mike, I do not think Rothschilds are his “paymaster. Otherwise he would not have gotten us out of the Paris Climate Accord fraud, the TPP fraud and the Iran nuke deal fraud.

      • Alonzo

        Do you believe there will be justice served regarding Hillary et al. My personal opinion is that the corruption goes all the way to Obama, due to his micromanaging style and his huge narcissistic personality. The I, Me, I, Me Commander in Chief approved individual sorties in the ME, and I find it difficult to believe he could operate in any other manner. I am also of the opinion, that the perps will walk. I expect McCabe and perhaps Strzok or Page will be thrown under the bus, but that is it. Any thoughts?

        • Vincent M Tedone MD

          I voted for DT but I am suspect of his performance at the press conference with Putin

          • Greg Hunter

            Don’t buy the mainstream propaganda. The Mueller investigation it a total farce. The scene of the crime is the DNC server . It was supposedly “hacked” by the Russians and information turned over to WikiLeaks. Julian Assange says That DID NOT happen and got zero information from Russians or Russian sources. So Mueller is just now getting around to the server (crime scene) after 15 months??????? Total BS.

      • Diamond Cat

        Absolutely right Greg!
        Some anti-Trumpers are not tied to the commie leftists but have their own masters of greed and corruption.

  6. Michelle Malawey

    Absolutely LOVE when you interview Kevin Shipp. I think he is a truly courageous, even heroic, man of integrity and commitment to truth. Men like Mr. Shipp, of which there are not nearly enough, along with our awesome potus, who are steadfast in their dedication to justice are giving us “deplorables” a reason to dare to hope that our constitutional republic of equal justice and liberty may finally be restored. And thank you, too, for your dedication in promoting the “great awakening” that is happening all across the world. It really is an amazing time to be alive! God bless you both 🙏🏻 and God bless the United States of America! 🇺🇸 Where we go one, we go all! 🇺🇸

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Michelle!!

  7. al

    If that’s the case then why are these criminals still on the loose? It’s been over a year since President Trump publicly proclaimed to Hitlery… “you’re going to jail”. Why are the clintons and their accomplices still on the loose?
    President Trump wouldn’t say a thing like that unless he knows of the clinton’s crimes.
    Justice is swift for the little people like you and me, yet it doesn’t exist from a certain level up. That’s what makes revolutions.
    All this talk about thousands of indictments mean absolutely nothing to me and obviously to these criminals.
    The ENEMY MEDIA and the criminals they protect stick their middle finger in front of our face on a daily basis, laughing at the little people. HA HA HA!!!

    • FC

      Dave Janda once said never go to a private party alone in DC as compromising photos will most likely be taken of you where your service will be called upon to eliminate a potential problem.
      To me Kevin Ship describes The Deep State more as The Abyss State and I would have to agree.

    • Bill

      Hey Al;With the Clintons battery of lawyers to defend them, one uncrossed T or one undotted I, and they will walk. Give them time to get it right before they start.

    • Beverly Kingsford


      If only it were that easy to put the Clintons in jail, but when they arrest the Clintons, that is going to be the big news around the world. And with that, people might start selling bonds or doing whatever in order to make the economy fail. This is a very tricky business here and whatever Trump does, he’s going to have to be very smart about it. Pray for Pres. Trump and for God to give him wisdom and protection. If we all pray, God might grant our prayers to be answered.

  8. Jerry

    It’s all screwed up.

    In my view the globalist and the deep state are joined at the hip. I expext all out retaliation in the form of civil war and direct involvement from the U.N. before President President Trump is allowed to take them down. Let’s face it. Hillary Clinton is part of a global network that has infiltrated our government and our banking system and has plans that include many of us. This will be all out war before this is over. Be prepared. The fuse has been lit. Q is either a deep state troll, or he is part of an alliance that is warning the American public of what is to come. Once again it’s out of our control so be prepared.

    As always Greg. Thanks for the brilliant work you do.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank YOU Jerry for all the information you post!!!

    • Jerry

      Rex’s interpretation of Q

      • William Stanley

        Jerry: Great link!
        Where we go one, we go all.

      • Jennifer Ohman

        Very interesting post, Jerry.

    • Jerry

      The Army still posting Internment Specialist Jobs.

      Somehow I think they may be needed come September.

    • Shadow of Doubt

      Regardless of the delight the nay-sayers take in mocking your contributions as simply unwarranted speculation and/or “crazy talk”. I tip my hat to you on the quality and veracity of your postings. My sources which identify themselves as former “intel officers” have been reciting the same concerns, you have been sharing with Greg’s audience. Recently I was asked to join their network-as they see an epic economic shock followed by unimaginable social chaos coming our way all too soon. What I found fascinating by this pronouncement was many of these spooks have just “relocated” their families away from our large urban centers. SOD

      • Jerry

        The blueprint for our destruction was laid out a long time ago.

        Portable U. N. Satilite trucks have been spotted all over this country by my personal contacts , and the Chinese have a major base just across the border from Brownsville . The globalist have planned to carve this country up like a thanksgiving day turkey for years. The only thing between us and them is Donald Trump and our second amendment rights. I pray for our future he is successful. But I know these people like the back of my hand, and I can assure you that anyone that can spray chemicals on populated areas, and fly planes into skyscrapers is capable of anything. Donald Trump has two Marine detachments with him 24/7 for a reason. He knows the pigs he is dealing with.

      • BSD

        Shadow, anywhere that info you posted can be verified?

        • Shadow of Doubt

          There is a website called the Forward Observer. In it a cadre of “intel officers” and special ops types are providing information/analysis not available in general public sources -in addition if you are so inclined they provide training tips and workshops which they feel will be critical to what they see coming our way. Unfortunately, this intelligence and training aren’t free. (I don’t subscribed to this fee based network-but a couple company men I know have shared what they are hearing). SOD

    • Chris

      My take on why they have not been jailed. Mid terms need a red wave first. After that then maybe things will start to turn.

    • Jerry

      The gold price fix that many of us have been watching for may be about to happen courtesy of,the IMF and China .

  9. paul ...

    Hillary is like Madonna … she doesn’t need a last name … and likely just like Madonna dreams of bombing the White House!

    • paul ...

      It’s not only Hillary’s crimes that are ones for the history books … gangster capitalism is endemic in our Nation and goes to every level of private crooks and corporate crooks … so they all watch each others backs … for they know … when one falls … the rest will follow … this is why it is so important “to begin the process” of locking up these crooks …

      • Sandy

        The CPS system that the Clintons engineered is I think their worst crimes. They are literally stealing kids from good homes to traffic them. It is beyond belief. I kept seeing all these people saying their children were taken due to false abuse allegations. My first reaction was yeah right you are probably an abuser and those kids are better off. I was so wrong- yeah there are people out there sadly that abuse their kids, but what we are seeing right now is something different. There are quotas being placed on child protective services of how many kids the must remove from their homes and there is even a quota on how many newborns they need to take. They get about $40,000 per child that they remove. Once I really researched this stuff I was and am still floored that anyone could be this evil. They take children from good homes and place them often in homes where the are severely abused. It is a nightmare.

  10. Arthur Barnes

    “indictments are coming because of Donald Trump coming into the White House from the outside. Trump cannot be bribed.” WE CAN ONLY HOPE & PRAY!

  11. Derek Sinclair

    What is the motivation for all these people to endanger themselves on behalf of the Clintons? I think it’s quite simple. Look back over the list of previous US Presidents. Many were crooks and many were scumbags but few if any were TOTALLY lacking in any principles. These people all had lines they would not cross. The Clintons have no principles whatsoever (especially the “female” one) and have no lines they will not cross on behalf of their backers/benefactors. There is your answer. If Hillary Clinton had been elected, the NWO had won and anything they wanted to do, no matter how vile, she would have done, anything.

    • Ron Nedos

      At the end of the day it’s all about money and power

      • paul ...

        So true Ron … according to the neocons it is treasonous to cut into the untold billions in profits the Military/Industrial Criminal Cabal makes by Trump seeking normal relations with Russia … also threatened is the hundreds of billions in US taxpayer money spent to maintain NATO against Russia … when Russia is a reliable trading partner with Germany, France, Italy, etc. … the warmongers simply can’t justify sapping up hundreds of billions of our hard earned dollars to defend against someone who is “not an enemy” but a reliable trading partner … looking at the expression on Brennan’s face he must own a lot of defense stocks that are going to show poor earnings once Trump moves to establish normal relations with Russia!! …

        • paul ...

          You know … the Soros paid traitors who imposed 9-11, Vietnam, Pearl harbor, the Iraq war, Libya, Ukraine, Syria, etc., etc. on us … are calling Trump “a traitor to their cause” by seeking peace … but I guess you would look at it that way if you were a psychopathic warmongering neocon intent on continuous unending wars to butcher, kill and maim non-combatant women and children (even drop nuclear weapons on civilian cities) to make a bloody profit!!

          • Sandy

            I know right! What I just can’t understand is how did all these liberals who for years actually my entire life, these people spoke constantly about how war was wrong and stuff. It is those same people right now basically itching for a war. How did that happen?

  12. truth

    Democratic communism Americans biggest enemy.

  13. Springfield Rifle Rick

    “Fears growing over the prospect of Trump ‘peace deal’ with Putin”

    Warmongers of the World Unite!! … Unending War cannot be allowed to end in Peace of all things!!! … from our Paul

    • Gary K

      There is no such thing as democratic marxism. Marxism is, and always has been, completely totalitarian in nature. It was founded on totalitarian principles and has never moved away from them. Anyone who tells you different is lying to you.

      • Gary K

        Arrrggg. My reply above was supposed to have been made to truth, not to Springfield Rifle Rick.

  14. Thaddeus Thurston Thistlethwaite III

    Indictments are coming… but when?

  15. Springfield Rifle Rick

    Matties 07/14/2018 •
    The origin of fake news… ? no

  16. tom

    Greg, A little off topic but now that I know you have the ability to contact Kevin would you please pass along a message to him?
    I recently watched on YT his presentation where he was near Dallas (where/ when I do not know). In it he demonstrated how so much is connected to HRC and it made me think of Tom Horn’s book Saboteur’s. During the Hagmann show dated 6 Nov 2017 at the beginning of the third hour Tom provides a thesis that should be considered. Who knows if it’s true but it sure is compelling. Please provide this info to Mr. Shipp.

    Thanks, Tom

  17. tsnody2001

    We’ll see. Don’t hold your breath.

  18. Hoosier river rat

    I believe trump will have a high noon show down with the deep state even if he must implement military tribunals because of the scope of the corruption . The touchy part is how to deal with half the country whom the deep state has delluded into thinking pres. trump is the enemy . All I know is that if justice isn’t restored and corruption irradicated this country has a very dicey future. Never cease praying.

    • Sandy

      You know I don’t think it really is half that country. I think they censor comments on it internet and stuff like that to make it appear there are more of them than there are. I would not be surprised if there numbers were more in the 10 to 15% range rather than 50%.

  19. This sceptred Isle

    If you are saying that forces within the deep-state colluded to protect Hillary Clinton is that not a ‘conspiracy’ ? Quick someone wake up Robert – He needs to know!

    • Robert The Zionist American Patriot Lykens

      I appear to have acquired a little girlfriend!

      • Frederick

        Foolish me I thought you prefered boys Robert

        • Robert The Zionist American Patriot Lykens

          A foolish thought from a foolish mind.

      • sk

        Non sequitur.

      • This sceptred Isle

        Hey Robert, why don’t you recommend the Greg Hunter deflector shield to the US military to fend off troublesome opposition? Special features: Tommy Robinson, Muslims and name calling.

        • This sceptred Isle

          plus atheism detector and alarm.

          • Charles H

            For such an intelligent, and articulate person – I find it disappointing that you reduce yourself to veiled messages: it almost seems a waste of time. And sniping seems something below your grade.

            • This sceptred Isle

              Charles, you are a man of honour and integrity. I offer my sincerest apologies if I have offended your sensibilities.

              • Charles H


                My only honor and integrity is derived from my fixed criteria of Biblical faith, which serves to compare the world against. I haven’t forgotten who I was, before I found Jesus Christ; or visa versa.

                Your apology is the mark of a mature and respectable person. And you are a sharp intellect, no doubt. And as an Englishperson – you have a better voice than most, and an authority of place or country; like as an ambassador.

                None of us are always right – but I concur with Greg Hunter: Biblical Truth will set one free, to a greater realm. Christianity is not blind servitud to well written precepts and fables: it is proving what IS true, and scrutinizing the world through it. Apart from my failing efforts: it has not failed me. I accept philosophy and science so far as it doesn’t conflict with Scripture; so I’ve lost nothing – except what I find is error. I hope you will someday that you will decide to have the eyes to see.

                Until then, ambassador…

        • Greg Hunter

          Tommy Robinson is in jail in your Sceptred Isle for exorcizing free speech and you even mock my assertion how much you country is in trouble and this this does not really bother you. I feature radical pedophiles of radical Islam and not Muslims in general–Big difference. Finally, you are proving yourself to be a bit of a blockhead idiot and now I know why you post anonymously. So, yes, I resort to name calling, but you deserve it.
          Cheers to the black hole of nothingness. Seek real love–seek Christ.


          • This Sceptred Isle

            Come now Greg let’s not fall out again!

            • This sceptred Isle

              I urge you to seek reason. Only then can enlightenment be obtained.

              • Greg Hunter

                In urge you to seek Christ. Only then can enlightenment be obtained. Christ is real, and he’s coming back.

  20. Julia

    Good interview. I love it when you have Mr Shipp on your show. I agree with Anthony Australia, this is not going to end well. Add the currency reset and we have quite a mix, especially if people have not been paying attention. That being said we have to go through this to move on and heal as a Country.

    • Charles H

      A marriage is like a bridge – it only works as long as BOTH sides keep up their part. The same with a country. That’s why the Biblical expression bodes ill – a house divided against itself cannot stand. You can’t ‘heal’ a bridge: it must be reconstructed.

  21. raymond jones

    when i see it happening ill beleive if i were trump omuzloid would have been arrested in the first second that i was president while he was handy at the inauguration and not trooting the globe creating havoc and strife in the first hours i would have had hellery and company as my geust in gitmo………..this is why i think he is the closer for our republic omuzloid and hellery werent up to the task not bright enough not bold enough …..

  22. Mr. Walkker

    And so the show continues. No one is ever held accountable, criminals run the DOJ and FBI. No solutions, no hope, more double standards, continuous corruption, increasingly felonious behavior of Elected people, Numerous Crooked Police, Bought and Paid for Garbage Media, CIA destroyers with MK ULTRA ,and on and on it goes….no end in sight, We are watching Human Garbage display its dirty laundry at its finest moment. Failure is what this is. Complete Failure. These are Facts. Anyone? It is always more of the same old, same old.

    • Greg Hunter

      Mr. Walker,
      The NWO owns you. When did you give completely up?

    • Charles H

      Your cup runs over with defeatism. Is there nothing good or positive to see in your world?

      • sk

        You know what they say, Charges H – “A cynic is a very, very disappointed idealist.”

        • Charles H

          By Thunder, sk – people like you: really sharpen the rest.

  23. Coaster

    Greg, all I can say is WOW, absolutely remarkable. I have heard and read a lot of this info previously but with Mr. Shipp repeating this info, considering his background and undoubtedly his numerous connections, both in the intelligence field and policing, the USA and in fact the world is about to be lit on fire when these revelations are released publically. Hillary and her cabal are criminals, traitors and sex perverts. They have not only committed treason against America but have totally upset the world order in their quest for world domination. I am sure Mr. Shipp is being totally guarded on the info he can admit to at this time and has no doubt been privy to actual evidence.

    In my mind I believe that the Clinton cabal used bribes as part of their leverage but most fundamentally used blackmail ie: business people, politicians, world leaders, were all set up being involved in child sex trafficking, pedophilia etc.

    I firmly believe that the intent of Trumps meeting with Putin is an exchange of information/intelligence because the Russians have their bad players as well. Remember Uranium One was a Clinton /Russian operation and the Russians would have that intelligence/information. There is no doubt that many Russians are involved in treason, criminal activity as well. As much as the Neocons want to paint Russia and Putin as madmen wanting to conquer and control the world, this is/was nothing more than propaganda to covers their own tracks.

    Maybe I am totally out in left field and dealing in fantasy but I think the purpose of this meeting is to arrange/coordinate procedures to maintain world order when the “shit hits the fan”. I believe on this trip Trump told Nato and the five eyes that he knows what they have done and his intentions, he told the Brits he knows what their intelligence agencies have done and what he intends to do about it. Trump can I believe maintain order in the West and he requires a partner in the East to maintain order after the revelations. This is where I believed Putin comes in as he is the leader of the dominant power in the East. I think Trump and Putin have been communicating regularly via back channels and their face to face meeting was put off until they had all the players in place and were on the cusp of “Checkmate”.

    • Andre

      Let’s not blame Russia. They have spy agency as US has spy agency and their job is to infiltrate foreign governments. I wonder if there was an elections in the world in modern history that CIA didn’t or didn’t try to influence. Russians are loyal to Russia. It is not a new concept. Russians technically cannot betray USA because they are Russians. This term doesn’t apply to them.

      • Homer's Pyle

        Our intelligence spooks are much better trained than Russian, look at Coop, Andy Cooper. The guy’s practically a rock star! Our spys are strictly Hollywood. Heck we own Holywood. Think James Bond. The countless TV. Spy shows! I think the only government we failed at toppling is Syria. I know of no government the Russkies were successful at propagandizing the populace enough to overthrow their prospective governments. Unlike the US. Which except for Syria has been quite successful. As any young American can attest, as I can. They may hate us but when they see us they can’t help think of all the screen heroes they grew up with and their all Anglo-Americano. Remember the movie with Sophia Loren. Americano, Americano.

        • Tin foil hat

          Homer’s Pyle,
          Thanks for the video, I truly enjoy watching it.
          Propaganda which makes you laugh is much stronger than propaganda which makes you hate. The oldtimers knew what they were doing.

        • J.D. Crumpett

          Hey Homey, Sophia resembles Melania! Is Brando playing Trump?Lol!

        • Frederick

          “We own Hollywood” but Do we?

          • Sandy

            Frederick- Excellent question and I for one think the answer is no. If you believe just a fraction of what the ENTY of CDAN says it seems that our celebrities are really just hookers for Middle Eastern millionaires and billionaires. That makes me think they have much more control in the globalists scene than we can ever imagine. I mean why did we not use our own oil for all these years? We allowed the Middle East which is very and has been for as long as I can remember unstable control the oil market and they became very wealthy from it. Idk I could for sure be way off, just seems off to me that these actors and such who supposedly make millions of dollars would prositute themselves out to Arabs for money. Would you be a hooker if you made that much money from acting? Doesn’t add up.

    • Andre

      Rand Paul nailed it.

    • Tin foil hat

      No, I don’t think you are out in the left field one bit. Uranium One was a conduit to buy the Russian oligarchs’ loyalty to the deep state. Hillary was taking bribes from these oligarchs (Putin was one of these oligarchs) to dispense a bigger piece of the walk around money. Obama, Holders, Brennan …. didn’t protect Hillary because they like her. They did it to protect the operation which had fallen apart when Putin did an Adolf Hitler, turning against the swamp creatures.

      Hence, the CNN talking heads were confident that the Russian oligarchs would turn against Putin during the commencement of the sanction.

  24. Todd


  25. Jallen

    An absolute RIVETING interview!!! May all Watchdogs say their prayers for justice to be served. Let’s hope your interview with Kevin Shipp goes viral. Greg, why not send your interview with Kevin to every Congressman and Senator. One thing we know for sure, when the sunshine comes the cockroaches will run for cover. Another thing for sure, the Almighty G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will not be mocked, his justice has been perverted and at some point Judgement will come. Greg, you are doing a great service for society, may the Lord bless you and your work.


  26. DJ

    So many apparent witnesses and or whistle blowers, and yet no indictments, no arrest of the real criminals. The madness just keeps going on and on, it’s nothing but lawlessness among these pathetic bunch of pukes.

    • Charles H

      The question is – how much of the body will remain after all the rot is removed?

      • William Stanley

        Charles: Agreed.
        The rot WILL be removed; unfortunately so will some of the healthy tissue. We have to prepare as best we can. We are ahead of the curve; we are more prepared than our enemies in every way.
        Our enemies are playing catch up. We need to stay ahead of the curve, i.e., to stay inside of our enemy’s OODA (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) loop. In other words, we need keep the initiative and keep them reacting to us.
        Counterintuitively, President Trump may let them riot and burn whole cities to the ground before he counter attacks to victory. That will not mean that he will be reacting to them, only that he will be using them to prepare the battlefield that he wishes to fight upon. This looks to be one of the most brutal, devastating wars in history.
        IMO, President Trump has got the initiative. We need to stay prepared and “trust the plan.”

        • Charles H

          Historically – we are in uncharted waters: technology being the magnifier. Biblically, we proceed through a glass darkly. Great convulsions lie ahead.

          • This sceptred Isle

            Astute observation Charles. Technology allows us to make the same mistakes but on a grander scale.

            • William Stanley

              TSI: I’ve been reading a Swiss manual (translated into English) on guerrilla/resistance tactics that could be used if an advanced country is invaded. It was written in 1958 and some of its perspectives seem to date from the 1940s.
              Of course many of its lessons are still applicable. However, the advance of technology seems, to me, to have rendered others inapplicable. I’m pondering if any basic principles have changed.

              • Charles H

                Coutermeasures, William. Countermeasures. Few think like McAfee.

  27. Tad

    John Kerry’s recent criticism of Mr. Trump and all things Iran leads me to believe Kerry is having “health issues.” Throw in Uranium One and email server coverups, and I bet there isn’t enough catsup. . . .

    At least from Lindsay Grantham’s perspective, I can almost understand why a Putin-Trump meeting shouldn’t happen. War and peace discussions seem irrelevant in light that both nations possess a military-industry complex, though Russia’s is more justified and is more streamlined for efficiency and effectiveness.

    No, hundreds of journalists and bureaucrats of no particular rank and guilt, suspect an evidence transfer is about to take place. Or at least discussions about said evidence.

    I suspect the Russians have additional evidence on the international pedophile network
    that might indict most of Washington. My best instincts tell me that sanctions against Russian businessmen and a few companies are intertwined with this, and not necessarily linked to US public accusations for previously announced sanctions.

    Uranium One will be hot-button, no doubt. Somewhere within the discussions, we may see a quid pro quo.

    I think Messrs. Trump and Putin have made headway on Syria. I think Mr. Putin will make significant headway in the Israel-Palestinian talks with the US role almost non-existent. I think Iran will play a role, that as a peace treaty becomes more visible, Israel will discontinue air attacks into Syria. Iran will hold tight in Syria. Iran will divulge the bribery aspects of JCPOA to Mr. Trump.

    By that mere act, we may see a meeting with Mr. Trump and possibly Mr. Rouhani and the Ayatollah. Long-term, and without a neocon-incited war, we may yet have an opportunity to import Iran’s oil. Removing the sanctions against a largely American-loving populace (for now) would be a good start.

    The reality is the US won’t be energy independent until the fruits of ANWR become apparent-if ever. The US exports almost all its shale production because it’s of such low viscosity, it must be blended with heavier oil for most uses. So we utilize some to blend with the heavier Canadian oil sands. We’re importing about 8 million barrels a day.

    I’ll paste a link to the latest Steve St Angelo article re this dilemma.

    • Laurene

      You think to much. Try this: “Read, not to believe and take for granted; nor to contradict and confute; but to weigh and consider.” -Francis Bacon

      • Tad

        Who are you replying to? Michael Moore? You husband?

    • Laurene

      You think to much. Consider doing this: “Read, not to believe and take for granted; nor to contradict and confute; but to weigh and consider.” -Francis Bacon

    • paul ...

      Tad … not so sure Trump will ever want to import Iran’s oil … as it will hurt our balance of payments problems Trump is trying desperately to reduce … Trump wants to sell more US oil … this is why the US is putting sanctions on the Iranians to prevent them from selling their oil to Europe (the US hopes to take this market) … however … Russia is stepping in and will buy the Iranian oil and then Russia will turn around and sell the Iranian oil they purchased to Europe … so it seems Putin has trumped Trump … also the Chinese are helping Iran by buying their oil (Chinese refineries are now canceling the purchase of oil from America and buying Iranian oil instead (also hurting our balance of payments problem) … so Trump’s plan to sell more American oil by putting sanctions on Iran seems to be backfiring!! … does stealing markets make America look “Great” … or does it show “the same mind set” as our most famous crook Hillary?? …

      • paul ...

        To make America truly “Great” … Trump should set up a massive solar farm in the desert southwest … the solar farm should be the size of Long Island … such a solar farm will provide ALL the electrical needs of our entire Nation … but not all our cars and trucks are electric yet … so the electricity generated on this massive solar farm can be used to break water into Hydrogen and Oxygen gas combined with carbon (from coal) and made into fuel for our gas and diesel powered cars and trucks!

        • paul ...

          And the ethanol needed to add to the gasoline can be gotten from all the GMO corn we grow which is “unfit for human consumption” … you know the US is not going to be able to sell its GMO corn or GMO soybeans to the world once the world wakes up to the significant health dangers of GMO products … further hurting our balance of payments problems! … thank God Monsanto is no longer around … but we must watch Bayer closely (they are the ones who bought Monsanto)!!

      • Tad

        As of yesterday and an article I read, Ayatollah Khomenei does not seek to trade with the US. I’m assuming a war is more than probable within a year.

  28. Tad

    This is the correct link, Greg.

  29. Ron

    Thanks Greg, I am curious about the missing 42 trillion dollars? The possibility of a dog and pony show, using the Clinton fraud foundation to divert our attention from this fraud? Will they use a scapegoat, someone high up enough in government to satisfy the American people that justice is done? And sweep away the memory of our fleecing…

    Your guests keep my eyes open!

  30. brad27

    It is likely that the Hillary emails are not lost but hidden from us. The NSA is scavenging all electronic communications it seems. It is reported that her server was hacked by foreign governments. They still exist somewhere. What would we pay the Russians to have a copy? I’d bet that Lois Lerner’s emails are also not lost nor destroyed. They are buried in the “Swamp.”

    • Sandy

      The Judge lady on Fox dropped some bombs today regarding Hillarys emails. I think we already have them, maybe Russia provided them IDK. But she was throwing out some major accusations and I don’t see her doing that without real evidence. You know bc it wasn’t you know her usual chasitizing based on peoples words and stuff, but rather on illegal money laundaring and stuff like that about the CF. She wouldn’t blast all that without proof bc she could get sued.

  31. Jodyp

    “Some of these people will be indicted”. Agree…not all.

  32. Andre

    Great interview. Hillary would take them all down because they are all guilty. That’s why they all protect her. But who would be left to run spy agencies? May be we should outsource our homeland security to KGB or even better Chinese. Look – CIA/FBI primarily work agains Americans anyway and we wouldn’t have all these false flags, black CIA operation and would probably much less expensive and on top of all that they know how to protect their boarders.
    To let you know, there is one laptop FBI nor CIA can break in. It is MacBook Pro when you enable so called Vault. It have encryption that even Apple company cannot open.

    • Andre

      Sorry “neither FBI nor CIA can break in”

  33. McComb County Mountie

    Chuck Todd & Ed Shultz reveal what kind of organization NBC COMCAST is.

  34. Jim in Jersey

    You know, I’ve been hearing that Billary ‘is on the ropes’ for the past ten years. Promised incarceration, indictment, etc., have all proven to be more BS from the Republicans.

    Either she is the the most protected woman in the world or there’s not as much to this as we hope.

    And the NY Democrat turned populist currently inhabiting the WH doesn’t give me the warm feeling anything further will be done…

  35. Diane

    Thank God Hillary is not our President.
    She may just go down as the worst woman in history.
    Awesome report Greg and Kevin!

    • sk

      Weeellllll, Dianne, I dunno……there WAS an elderly female ruler in Transylvania in 1530’s or thereabouts who killed young virgins and bathed in their blood – she thought that would restore her youth and make her beautiful….

      • This Sceptred Isle

        Lady Bathory?

  36. dan

    I commend you for your efforts to expose the Clinton/Bush crime syndicate, the total depravity and corruption that constitutes 99% of our “government”, but the interview with Mr. Shipp was a bust.

    I doubt you are going to be able to get anyone on your show who actually knows what is going on (currently) and is ready to blast the info, as they probably don’t want to meet a similar fate as Seth Rich.

    Do you ?

  37. McComb County Mountie

    You have to ask yourself what kind of power or connections does this woman have to get all of these members of the Deep State, Shadow Government to risk their own criminal penalties to protect her and try to get her elected? That is the Shadow Government. That is the Deep State. That is what is so chilling about this whole thing. . . . This is deep. This is dark. This is as dark as it gets, and this is the biggest espionage case involving government officials in the history of this country.”

    This is the whore of Babylon and George Soros her pimp!

    • Frederick

      Well , we know for a fact that she pals around with Evelyn Rothshild so figure it out

    • Sandy

      Rumor is she is actually a Rothschild.

  38. Andre

    Indictment of Hillary would bring the country down. She isn’t going to jail like a lamb. She would would have to take entire Democratic Party and most Republicans with her and they know it plus Deep State and shadow Government. But Trump knows that if he leaves it at as it is they will got after him and his family when he is out of protection of presidency. I agree with Kevin that Trump has no choice but to kill the beast. It surely will back fire because they will create crises as never was. Get ready for false flags bigger than 9/11. But according to book of Daniel he has a good chance.

    And this will create an opportunity to fulfill a milestone prophesy which is legislating faith and conscience. All is in place already. New coming appointment to Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh, is a devout catholic, Jesuit trained, Bush’s guy from Yale (Scull and Bones?) and continues close affiliations with Jesuits:
    Also there is no more separation of church and state.

    So what’s is coming after the crises hits the fan? National day of prayer: “The Sunday Law” which leads directly to the Mark of the Beast. Who will ask for it? Of course Pope – “the whore with the golden cup” will use her daughters (the harlots – the apostate Christian churches – did they go back to the mother?) to ask the king drunk with false doctrines from the golden cup, for the head of the remnant true church faithful to Christ.

    Salome danced before drunk Herod and he was so impressed that he promised her anything she wanted. She took advise of her mother Herodias and asked for the head of John the Baptist. Here is a clip from old movie:

  39. Fred

    Jesus!How in hell he has not been popped off yet,where does this fellow hide out!
    Good luck Kevin,and your info is appreciated.

    • Beverly Kingsford


      Please do us all a favor and not put your comments on here if you are going to use Christ’s name in vain. Greg, please don’t let taking the Lord’s name in vain happen on your site.

  40. Keith R. Starkey

    Probably the most stupid statement made is this:

    Shipp also points out that, this time, it will not be business as usual for the “Deep State and Shadow Government.” They are going to be brought to justice because Shipp says, “indictments are coming because of Donald Trump coming into the White House from the outside. Trump cannot be bribed.”

    Come on! Just because Donald Trump is in office (who appointed GS guys into office, by the way), that’s supposed to be some big threat, much less the ridiculous idea that “They [the Deep State] are going to be brought to justice”? Really?

    Please, let’s not make such embarrassing statements. No one’s going to jail, at least no one of any significance in this charade of corruption.

    • Greg Hunter

      No the most stupid statement is”Come on! Just because Donald Trump is in office (who appointed GS guys into office, by the way), that’s supposed to be some big threat, much less the ridiculous idea that “They [the Deep State] are going to be brought to justice”? Really?
      Please, let’s not make such embarrassing statements. No one’s going to jail, at least no one of any significance in this charade of corruption.”
      You are showing your ignorance and entrainment. You have given up a long time ago and you exactly what the dark powers want. Go back to sleep or hide in your cave, just stay out of the way.

    • Charles H

      To haste to judgment – means the doors of consideration are closed. That works if the clock stops. Unfortunately – we must keep pace with Time. I say… bless the women and the weather.

      • This sceptred Isle

        To maintain an open mind is the greatest gift one can bestow upon oneself.

        • Greg Hunter

          So, if people don’t agree with YOU one does not have an “open mind”???? That’s a tired ploy and it’s not going to work here.

  41. Southern Girl

    I have done what Mr. Shipp has asked. I emailed all of my representatives in congress to seek prosecutions against Hitlary and her band of thieves.

  42. mike

    Anyone who has been watching the Clintons over the years knows their absolute disdain for America and the Constitution. They have used this country for their own personal piggy bank and the laundering of monies for the ELITE. How can anyone see the 8 years of Obama and not know we have been severely damaged from the inside out with corruption, treason, and a single mindedness to destroy all that we, as a country, are. FBI, NSA, DOJ, The Presidency, and all those “CZSARS” appointed by Obama have corrupted and nearly destroyed our legal and constitutional system and infiltrated all positions with like-minded criminals. Hopefully, Trump will be able to get us back to American Standards and Constitutional law. So sad to see half the nation hoodwinked by the past administration.

    • Andre

      Constitution is dead for many years. Sure the lawlessness of US government culminated under Obama. But remember, if Clinton didn’t shift the balance in US courts to the advantage of elite and then Bush introduced the Homeland Security and clamp down on liberties, Obama wouldn’t be able to do much. It is all planned this way. Do you remember Obama’s statement about police being as well funded and equipped as military? We have it now. But not only here – look at UK, EU. They all the same. Someone else is running the show worldwide. What we see are puppets and their shadows. Read Bible prophecy and understand it and all will know where we are going.

      • Beverly Kingsford

        Sometimes things have to get worse before they get better. Not enough people paying attention and getting involved, so I’m afraid this statement is true.

      • Charles H

        Your last three lines – paint a whole picture. And the right one, at that!

        • This sceptred Isle

          Andre is right on the money – and not for the first time.

  43. Madi

    Thank you Greg again for a great interview with Kevin.
    It appears that on those HRC 30000 Emails , terrorists in Libya were able to locate the exact location of the Ambassador Stevens and our brave soldiers.
    The Bush never said anything bad about the Clinton or the Obama but they too hate President Trump. They are all involved in the illegal war in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and illegal immigration all over Europe , USA and Canada.
    It is so obvious ; we the deplorable are Awoke .
    May God help us all.

    • Sandy

      The Bushes are guilty of much more and worse than that. Read the Franklin Coverup and then go research Johnny Gosch. It litterally red pilled me instantly. So disturbing and yeah look for the documentry online “Conspiracy of Silence”

  44. Ross Herman

    Thank you for another great interview!
    I must however point out that yellow elephant in your studio that no one even eluded to and that is, what the heck is going on with the Clinton body count, she must have ordered the death of hundreds, or thousands? How many associates of the Clintons suicide themselves, or die in a plane crash, or get mugged to death the day befor they were scheduled to testify? These days when a Suprem Court justice is found dead with a pillow over their face it was suicide, or heart attack. Seth Rich was just one likely victim, of who knows how many. Just can’t believe that Mr. Shipp has nothing to say about this issue, or about what happened to JFK Jr.

  45. NH Watcher

    Sadly, I have to wonder if the left’s addiction to see Trump impeached is only matched by the right’s addiction to see the Clintons in jail. No matter how many crimes are documented (and there are many), the Clintons will not be going to prison. Not now. Not ever. Nor Obama. And I say that with an immense amount of regret for what it means about the current state of affairs.

    Trump is a deal-maker. He saved himself from bankruptcy more than once. That is to his credit, and now he has been negotiating his biggest deal ever with the Deep State. His expert use of social media keeps them guessing, but even he knows there are limits to avoid anarchy. He has called the Clintons “crooked,” but “good people” almost in the same breath. It is a delicate balance to ensure who has the last laugh.

    Meanwhile, try going to your bank now and withdrawing $500 or more in cash without any questions asked. The questions are seemingly innocent, but they are a harbinger of what is coming. The price of goods continues to go up, but the quality of these same goods continues to go down. It has been this way for a generation or more. The changes have been slow, almost to dull us to sleep, but it will make the panic all the more dramatic when it arrives.

    It is great to see so many waking up on this site and others, and yet, I know many more remain content to believe the lie. We were never guaranteed happiness, but only encouraged to pursue happiness, and yet, happiness is a generic quality: it may be used both to highlight good and to hide evil. The Deep State wouldn’t be so deep save for its ability to effectively play each side.

    • JMiller

      Well I went to my bank a few weeks ago and asked for $1000 in cash and all I was asked was how do I want it? Will 50’s and 100’s be ok? Of course I said no, I would like 10’s and 20’s. She did however have to go and get more since she did not have enough in her drawer. $500 in cash is not a lot of money which I can even get from my ATM each day if I want. Maybe you meant $5000 in cash.

      • paul ...

        I would like to see the day when we can ask the teller for $500 dollars in gold coin … you know I just had another random thought … of all the 92+ elements God created every one of the metals is silver in color only copper has a reddish yellow color but it soon oxidizes to green … leaving gold as the only “yellow colored non corruptible metal” … and guess who God put in as our President? … someone with yellow colored hair and non corruptible … thus is Trump as good as gold? … perhaps we should put Trump on all our dollar bills to give them “gold backing” as Hillary’s husband stole all our Nation’s gold from Fort Knox and that “private criminal corporation” known as the Fed (to cover up the crime) won’t allow Americans into the vaults to see our own gold and to prove it is not there anymore!! … bank robber Willie Sutton could have learned a lessen or two from “slick” Willie Clinton … after Sutton robbed the bank he should have simply denied the police entry to the bank (to see if it was robbed)!!

    • K. Wayne

      “Trump is a deal-maker. He saved himself from bankruptcy more than once”.
      Agree with the first part.
      The second…well..I suggest you go back and study the Facts.
      Trump required “bailing out”. Rothschild bankers and Wilbur Ross in particular came to his aid. Hmmmm…!!!
      Wilbur Ross is now Secretary of Commerce…coincidence ?
      Research how Wilbur Ross made his money…then perhaps you may be able to connect the dots to see where this country is headed.
      We will see a monetary/tarriff/trade war induced recession…perhaps even depression.
      Corporate America will suffer.
      Those with devious minds and deep pockets are waiting to scoop up… for cents in the dollar….once mighty (in terms of Market Dominance) Businesses.
      Forget about all the noise in the background.
      This is the agenda and it all makes complete sense.

    • Sandy

      NH you know I do understand where you are coming from and agree with you on most of what you said- except Clinton. Clinton will not walk, one way or another she will be held accoutable. You need to understand that Trump is not the one orchestrating this whole thing. He is playing a part and doing an excellent job at it overall, but what is happening now is a plan that was very carefully thought out after Benghazi, maybe even before.
      Whatever happens will happen but the people behind Trump will never let her walk scott free bc of Benghazi. She doesn’t know it yet but she really messed up and made enemies of the most dangerous people in the world by setting up those troops to die.

  46. jean

    Yes, trump cannot be bribed, and he is in fact “outside of the system”. but what I wonder is, if the deep state has managed to already kill a few presidents in the past, why are they seemingly unable to dispatch the current one? Is it due to his own security detail and his own knowledge of everything they’re doing?

    • flattop

      GREG: I am really impressed:
      All the news media and political hacks seem to know what was said by Trump/Putin in their private meeting.
      This has to be the greatest show of the msm egotistic arrogance, that has ever been seen

    • Sandy

      Jean it is the Generals Obama fired when they said they would never obey an order to attack the American people.

  47. H. Craig Bradley


    I find it interesting that today anyone can claim they were a CIA Spy. Back in the sixties, you could not even discuss the CIA if you were a former agent or employee. Back then, it was simply known as “The Company”. I am therefore suspicious of claims of anyone openly stating they were once a “CIA Officer”. If its an embellishment, how can you possibly determine if the assertion is true or false?

  48. Rock

    Many thanks for having Kevin Shipp on for an interview. He is on the frontline of all of this. He is a true patriot. May God bless and keep him safe.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Rock!!

  49. Jeanne

    Wonder what is her position in this hierarchy of evil ? Is she a grand mistress of dark deep state beyond the deep state one may wonder.

  50. KansasGirl

    Since Hillary lost, she thinks her life is hell on earth.
    When she passes, she’ll wish she were back on earth.

    • Charles H

      Bingo! Sad really.

    • Arthur Barnes

      Kansasgirl, Hillary, sorry to say is indicative of the “new” Democratic Party”, millions of American hating slackers with their hands out looking for a free meal on the backs of the rest of us, they have no message except no guns, open borders, political correctness only for them, etc. The good news is that they have met their enemy and were soundly defeated and will return to the sewer in which they came out of. The great Democratic party of JFK (circa 1960) and its working class ideals are no more, sad to say really. Wow, what a difference a generation makes. This is not my father’s country, frankly I miss it!

      • Charles H

        Ditto… on missing the country we knew.

  51. McComb County Mountie

    The Shadow Party: How George Soros, Hillary Clinton, and Sixties Radicals Seized Control of the Democratic Party

    America is under attack. Its institutions and values are under daily assault. But the principal culprits are not foreign terrorists. They are influential and powerful Americans secretly stirring up disunion and disloyalty in the shifting shadows of the Democratic Party.

    Radical infiltrators have been quietly transforming America’s societal, cultural, and political institutions for more than a generation. Now, backed by George Soros, they are ready to make their move. These “progressive” extremists have gained control over a once-respectable but now desperate and dangerous political party. From their perches in the Democratic hierarchy, they seek to undermine the war on terror, destabilize the nation, and effect radical “regime change” in America.

    With startling new evidence, New York Times best-selling authors David Horowitz and Richard Poe shine the light on the Shadow Party, exposing its methods, tactics, and ultimate agenda.

    About the Author
    David Horowitz, author of The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America, is a No. 1 New York Times best-selling author and National Book Award nominee. He was a founder of the New Left movement in the 1960s. Horowitz has written numerous books, including his celebrated autobiography Radical Son. He is president of the David Horowitz Freedom Center and founding editor of the online newsmagazine

    Richard Poe is a New York Times-bestselling author, screenwriter, filmmaker, and award-winning journalist. His non-fiction books have covered science, history, business, and politics

    • Andre

      McComb County Mountie
      Everyone is blaming George Soros. He is just another puppet! The real culprits are not visible for the public. Don’t they all worship Satan or the worship in vain? Not at all. OK – here is how they run the world:

    • sk

      Wasn’t David Horowitz part of those radicals??? He was a “Red Diaper Baby”, wasn’t he? And now he’s bashing them? What does that make him – an opportunist?

  52. Ginger

    I wish Greg would give the date at the beginning of each of his videos. These vids are posted all over the place, on other people’s sites, and sometimes they’re a few years old and you can’t tell.

  53. This sceptred Isle

    The biggest treason in history was 9/11 surely!

    • Frederick

      TSI definitely was the biggest ever treason

    • Charles H

      Twenty pieces of silver. 9/11 was against man only. Judas Iscariot betrayed God in the flesh; a betrayal that continues today. Only – those who betray Jesus Christ and His redemptive work will absolutely NOT get away with it; whether they believe it or not.

      • paul ...

        Perhaps when Trump calls Hillary a “nice lady” it is because she only betrayed her Country where as Judas betrayed God in the flesh … but I wouldn’t put it past Hillary to betray both God and Country if she was given the chance (for a “big” donation to her Charitable fraud … none of this 30 pieces of silver pocket change crap)!!

  54. Roger D

    Awesome interview. Thank you Greg and Mr. Shipp. It’s a sad chapter in the history of America. Even sadder, it is America’s last chapter.

    Why do people who call themselves American patriots insist on writing more letters to King George? Americans who insist on saving a system “designed to reduce them under absolute Despotism” have completely failed our Founders.

  55. This sceptred Isle

    Congratulations France on winning the FOOTBALL world cup!!! Get with it America make FOOTBALL your number one sport as it has genuine international appeal. End the sporting isolation.

    • Robert The Zionist American Patriot Lykens

      So proud to be American not only in history and tradition but culture as well! But then again, cricket is such a “manly” sport.

      • Anthony Australia

        Cricket is a gentleman’s game. I love it.

        • Robert The Zionist American Patriot Lykens

          American sports have something for everyone: Football is rugged and requires great strategy and skill also. Baseball is a game of heart-stopping excitement. NASCAR is a cultural phenomenon.
          The average American Joe likes hunting, fishing and just going shooting, which you aren’t free to do in the sceptered isle. Soon even knives will be illegal there.
          Our liberals and outcasts play soccer.
          Can’t say much for basketball anywhere.

    • William Stanley

      Bite the bullet and move to America, TSI. Get a pickup truck, a Stetson hat, some cowboy boots . . . and that AR 15 you always wanted. You know you’d be happier here.
      I’ve got to admit, though, that there were a few good moments of SOCCER in Moscow. Still, it should be banned in America.

      • Frederick

        Doubt very much that he’d be happier there It’s an illusion of happiness unless you go Galt and live off the radar screen

        • William Stanley

          But, Frederick, he can’t get off the video monitors in London.

        • Robert The Zionist American Patriot Lykens

          Some people prefer to live in a muslim dictatorship, right Freddy?

        • Sandy

          I have to agree. I live overseas in Germany and Japan and though I am glad to of had those experiences, it just wasn’t home ever. There really is something about your own country that you long for when you are overseas. It is as if every country has it’s own energy stamp that you can literally feel and until you get back to yours you are somewhat out of sync.

    • Arthur Barnes

      Hey sceptred, go kiss the Queen’s ring, this is still America; strike 3, your out!

    • Charles H

      Thanks; but entrainment I don’t need. There is a great golf between us.

      • William Stanley

        Charles: As the late great Ayatollah, Arnold Palmer has taught us: “Golf is Great!”

    • Pelee

      If not for France we’d still be British and God save the King would still be our bloody anthem and where would break fast be without French toast, or McDonalds without French fries? As far as soccer goes, you guys can have it to yourselves. It’s too hot here in the summertime and too cold in the winter, for foolsball and spring and autumn are too short. Our football is slow, easy and rough. But not as intense as yours. I played both. Soccer is murder here. That’s why kids don’t like it or play it.

      • paul ...

        Wait a second Pelee … its never too hot here in summertime or too cold in winter for Americans to play soc er with a French kiss … the moves and action can be more exciting then anything seen on some soccer field!

  56. Tad

    This might be a momentous time for an Iran-US rapprochement. Common knowledge that world trade is exiting the dollar; the US imports 8 million gallons a day; the Syrian crisis is mitigating closer to a peace deal; may see a total withdrawal from Syria.

    What wasn’t mentioned was discussions of a Russian naval base at an Iran-based port. I fully expect that news within days. Perhaps after the Helsinki summit.

  57. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, Muller is closing his Russian election meddling Trump investigation soon, aka, the witch hunt, yet he should open the Clinton Foundation uranium deal investigation; oh. I forgot, he was head of the FBI during that deal, you can’t make this stuff up. Muller is up to his eyeballs in bias, his nose has turned the color of “Clinton Brown”.”

  58. Laurene

    I fear for Trump life. JFK went against the powers.

    • Greg Hunter

      Trump has the backing of the pentagon and JFK did not. Big difference.

  59. Diane Carol Mark

    Hey Greg,
    700K emails on the server? Surely they never deleted their “Sent” mail folder! No one keeps 700,000 emails in their Inbox.
    🙂 Diane

  60. Gim

    Well I hope he’s right about the arrests. I wish we had proof it’s true. I REALLY want to see it! I hope it starts happening right before elections too. Sink their ship Ship 🙂

  61. Wendy Bryan

    When I was listening to the broadcast, all I could think about was back when Obama and HRC wanted to run for president. They BOTH had meetings at the Bilderberg’s summit that was held in VA. In my opinion, all of what was discussed in you interview stemmed from that meeting. It would be interesting to look back at who else attended that summit and help put all of her (?) plans in place.

  62. John M.

    By now, it shouldn’t be a surprise that HRC is very very dirty. That she-devil psychopath and her extensive minions play for keeps, as who can count all the dead bodies crossing Clinton paths? And how deep is the deep state? And how really dark and wide is the shadow government?
    Just think, HRC is only middle management in the larger globalist network. Think about that for a long while. And yet so many people fear these lieutenants who merely just carry the water for their overlords.
    Obviously these scumbags are involved in the greatest treasonous activity and dastardly deeds in U.S. history, but do Americans really care or have a clue?
    The globalists will lead us to world war and economic collapse because they are more devious and ruthless than even HRC, which says a lot. I expect false flags with nukes, and more.
    And confidence in the dollar is already teetering on a tightrope of a razor-thin thread of string, so just imagine what the people (here and around the world) will do when they finally see all this new info on corruption and treason. Shock?
    Pres. Trump (and the good guys) must have planned on a new replacement to the dollar long ago, and it might be nice if Americans are given more facts about their new money if it is to be more honest and transparent. This obscurity of truth and all the endless secrets are usually devices used by deceivers on the dark side.

    • Keith Miller

      Mr. M.,
      Regarding the Deep State. Please ponder the following, partly based on “prophecy”. God will Kill the Deep State in America but He may not purge it from the other lands until His people in those lands beseech him to.
      Regarding the monetary system. I saw what was represented to be a 2014 Kim Clement “prophecy” that our current President (who Clement “prophesied” in 2014) would come up with an exit from the global banking system so clever that people will say only God could arrange something like that. We do not need to leave the dollar or leave Treasury bond debt to leave the global banking system. We can go our way and they can go their way.
      I cannot think of a reason for the US to move away from the dollar. An annual audit of the Federal Reserve will lead to a quasi or full nationalization and a change of their mandate, or the replacement of the Federal Reserve Bank System (FRBS) with a national central bank. Right now FRBS policy serves the FRBS ownership, which is the commercial banks that are members of each of the 12 regional FRBS banks. The problem is that they have a monopoly on money creation. Introduce competition and market forces will act as a check and balance. What would happen if people were free to transact in other currencies besides the dollar, including gold, silver, blockchain coins, etc. What if Congress passed laws prohibiting leverage to purchase derivatives and eliminated cash settlement of derivatives? Would that eliminate banksters capacity to manipulate spot prices on the dollar, gold, bitcoin, etc., by using paper derivatives contracts funded with fiat money? Wouldn’t real price discovery lead to equilibrium pricing of all currencies and all commodities if fiat bank manipulation were eliminated?
      Do you think we may see the mark of the beast system imposed globally ex-America, and ex any other country that petitions God for deliverance? The Eagles wings (America?) is part of the 4 beasts in the Daniel 9 vision of the pre-Israel-peace-treaty quartet of nations, but the eagles wings (America?) are not part of the unified (almost global) beast of Rev. 13. The eagles wings (America?) are mentioned in Rev. 12 as the means whereby God rescues Israel from the mid-tribulation attack. Does America extract herself from the NWO and stand aside until they attack Israel? There are “prophets” who are receiving messages and instructions that may support that narrative. I am watching and pondering.

      • Andre


        Who is Kim Clement if not another false prophet.

        America is not part of the 4 beasts of Daniel. The 4 bests included: Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece and Rome.
        America is the second beast that came out of the earth which will enforce the mark of the first beast that came out of the sea (Rome) and force everyone to worship the first beast. Revelation 13

        The eagle wings was given to the woman (God’s church – woman represents church. You have the whore of Babylon, harlets and ONE pure woman) to escape the dragon (Satan) which gave authority and power to the first beast (Rome). The second beast emerged with emergence of US. Lam like (at the beginning) and speaking like a dragon (now). Two horns represents union of church and state which is happening now.

        • Greg Hunter

          Kim Clement is NOT a false prophet. What he said is proven to be true.

          • Andre

            The fact that some of his prophecies were fulfilled doesn’t mean that his is a God Messenger. I didn’t look t all his work but,
            Bible says about God’s messenger:
            1. Must be accurate 100%.
            2. Never contradict the Bible
            3. Uplift Christ and the Law
            4. Call for repentance

            1. Kim Clement’s prophecy also failed
            2. Look at his service – drums are forbidden in God’s sanctuary
            3. Did you see the colors? Violet and Black
            4. Did you hear the bedlam of noise?
            5. He uses mass hypnosis and people go into trans which should never be in God’s church
            6. Please notice the hands symbol at the background.

            • Greg Hunter

              So far Mark Taylors Prophecies have NOT failed. He predicted Trump would win years in advance and predicted the U.S. and Russia would work together again. What just happened in Helsinki?

              I don’t follow Kim Clement as he has died, but I do admit the “hands” in the background is creepy. By the way, where have the prophecies of Clement failed?

              • Andre

                To tell you the truth, I didn’t look through many of his prophecies. But they are some on the video I gave link to. But trust me, the last thing I wanted to do is to mislead another man and have his blood on my head. I can tell you with certainty that he is not from God. There will be miracles and wanders and healing and the end of time to deceive. Satan lost nothing from his glory when as Lucifer was standing next to the throne of God. Remember: “Even the elect would be deceived if it was possible”. What will make the elect impossible to deceive? The Word of God. We have nothing else.

                • Charles H

                  THIS point – the exercise of the miraculous Apostolitic Sign Gifts: is a very great sifter of humanity. Can and does God miraculously heal and deliver people today? Yes, according to His will and wisdom. Does it approach anything like when the Apostles walked the earth? No. Because, I believe, the Sign Gifts are not existent and they died-out WITH the Apostles. So what goes on today – a few healings of supernatural means; enough to convince the believers, transpires: but if that is not of God – then it is a counterfeit and deceit. So your point of – miracles and wonders in the end time to deceive: is valid.

                  I, too, am fully convinced that the Bible, the Word of God: is the only souce of Truth, revelation, and spiritual power in the world today. And the true miracle to be had today is Salvation.

                  Jesus DID pronounce miraculous signs would follow His departure; and they did follow: but to WHOM were those words spoken? To His contemporaries. History does not record the unbroken administration of the Sign Gifts; only a deceiving reappearance of (Egyptian sorcerers) signs and wonders in the end times.
                  Like pornography is hard to unsee once seen; so is un- believing the ‘sign gifts’, once they are believed.
                  So, I agree. It is the Word of God, and nothing else.

            • Sandy

              Andre so do you think because Cayce went into trances when he made his predictions and stuff that it was coming from some place evil?
              According to him Russia will save the world. I find him very interesting bc of how he was able to cure people and diagnose them with this trances. It would be so weird to be able to do that.

              • Andre

                Trance, drums, jumping, screaming and even mind altering substances were always the features of pagan worship. This does not bring glory to God. God said: “come and reason together”. Obviously He is asking us to come with clear mind. He gave us intelligence to use to His glory and not defile it.
                You can’t serve two masters. Either it is from God and from somewhere else. The fact that he was right doesn’t make him God’s massager. Russia is not even in Bible prophesy. The King of the North from Book of Daniel if you refer to this is the religious power under the standard of Vatican. But it is not coming to save the world but destroy God’s people.
                Cling to the Cross and read the Word and He will save you.

              • Charles H


                Powerful demons do have the supernatural power to divine; and most of the material they present will so closely come to pass as to be believable. But being right part or even most the time does not mean God is in it. The Bible is clear in it’s prohibition of supernatural seeking, which includes “trances”. There are two polar powers operating in the world. One will cost your soul and eternity for certain gratifications; the other exacts work and sacrifice, but comes out right in the long end. “You can’t have your cake and eat it too” expresses the juxtaposition of life. One must choose their Master carefully.

        • paul ...

          Andre … Ester or ISHTAR means “star” in Persian … the closest “star” to Earth is our Sun … and what “oil” does Ester pour down on our Earth … sunlight … so lets take that sunlight (that has intrinsic value just like gold) and use it (just like the green plants do in our world) to make carbohydrates with it (oil) … to power our cars and trucks … photosynthesis is ISHTAR’s oil (we currently squeeze it out of olives, corn, soybeans, flax, etc., etc.) and this oil can be manufactured by mankind (just like the green plants do) using solar farms, water and carbon dioxide and it will free all mankind from our dependence on Middle Eastern oil … God the Father created his Sun “to take away the sins of the world” like having a huge balance of trade deficit!!

          • Andre

            Ishtar, Isis or Mary all the same. They are the female deity in Paganism. They all have female. The Queen of Heaven. Mother of gods. And they are worshipped today by entire UN, ruling elite and Vatican.
            Pagan worship is abomination but what this has to do with trade deficit? You lost me.

            • paul ...

              Andre … Not having to buy oil helps to lower the trade deficit … so lets get off our behinds and use the Sun to create all the oil we need as a Nation (using the process of photosynthesis) … lets begin closing down and phasing out all our nuclear power plants which are not only “sitting time bombs” but supply the fissionable material to build even more nuclear weapons that will someday be used on cities to kill the women and children who are against war!

        • Charles H

          Why would the Church need to fly into the wilderness? The Church has never been associated with the Wilderness; but Israel does. And during the Tribulation: why would a “remnant of the seed” of the Church be addressed? God has alway dealt with the Jews in the sense of ‘a remnant’. In contrast – God always deals with the ‘Church’ as a whole.

          • Andre

            Charles H
            God’s Church (Pure woman) flew to the wilderness because of papal persecutions. America was the primary place – sparsely inhabited that’s why wilderness. The Church is Israel but different Israel – spiritual. Who are the seed of Abraham? Jesus said to Pharisees : If you were children of Abraham, you would do the work of Abraham. And then we learn from Paul, that if we are in Christ, we are also children of Abraham and brothers and sisters of Jesus and heirs of the promise land. Children of Abraham are not by genealogy but by doing Abraham work. What was the work of Abraham? Faith in God. This is what we need.
            The remnant church is the last church which is the church of Laodicea (Rev 3). The church is lukewarm and will be shaken out. So only the remnant will remain. Which keep the commandment of God and have faith of Jesus.
            Besides, God doesn’t have double standard. He treats all humanity equally according to the light they are given. Jews always went to apostasy and pagan worship and when troubles came only remnant remained to start the cycle again. Christian church follows the same pathway. That’s why it is important to read Old Testament also because whatever happened then will happen again now. There is nothing new under the sun. So it is written for our admonition.

            • Charles H


              I cannot subscribe to the idea that the Church “is Israel, but a different Israel”. This serves as a precursor to Replacement Theology; a real drawing away and error.

              The parallels between Israel and the N.T. Church are many. Born again or saved Believers still sin, backslide, and harden their hearts; consequently many old pitfalls are shared and seen today.

              We are grafted into Abrahamic Covenant by typology and metaphor, in the same sense that the Old Testament and New are one continuous strain. But God’s promises and dealings with the Jews is different from the Church; though they proceed through time in parallel.

              And I will disagree to the point God doesn’t have a double-standard. We can neither anthopomorphize God, anymore than we can afix our sense of judgment to Him. He treats with born again Believers as sons and daughter; and to unbelievers as lost. He destroys nations of people; and saves a few.
              But to your point of whatever happened then in the O. T. will happen again is totally true, in my view.
              If you look for the Church to go through Tribulation – you may well wish for deliverance. I don’t subscribe to this view – subsequently, Israel is the one who God delivers by providing wings and wilderness. Some eshcatological stances force certain interpretations of Scripture: but who is right? Time will tell.

              • Andre

                Charles H
                Obviously you don’t know Bible. We cannot just take opinion on God’s Word.
                Just read the verse below, but I recommend entire chapters.

                Gal 3:26 For ye are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus.

                27 For as many of you as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ.

                28 There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.

                29 And if ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.

                John 8:39 They answered and said unto him, Abraham is our father. Jesus saith unto them, If ye were Abraham’s children, ye would do the works of Abraham.

                40 But now ye seek to kill me, a man that hath told you the truth, which I have heard of God: this did not Abraham.

                44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

                • Charles H

                  Thank you, Andre: but I disagree to the point that I don’t know the Bible.
                  In my replies, I endeavor to state things as I understand them: I do not question the competency of others. To imply incompetency is something people do as a veiled attack; and I add, something to cover the lack of confidence of argument.
                  Communication is the attempt to convey understanding under terms of agreement. It is not always successful. But respectful acknowledgement agrees to disagree: it shouldn’t serve as an opportunity to denigrate someone else.

                  As to the Biblical reference you list – I don’t make sense of them. What have they to do with our previous topic of the woman of Rev. 13 being either the Church or Israel?

                  Rather than furthering misunderstanding here – I will just inform you that I am a duly licensed, ordained, and BA educated full-time, 20+ year line-serving missionary on a foreign field. If my education, or endorsement, or 36 years of devotion to the reading and study of God’s Word, The Holy Bible seems deficient to you – my apologies. Time has at least taught me to state my case without giving offense, while sticking to the points.

            • Tin foil hat

              You are good. I can’t stand the Old Testament but I may skim it over again.

  63. Anthony Australia

    Enlighten me LOL

  64. Pugsley

    Michigan State University economist Mark Skidmore’s calculations uncovering a whopping $21 trillion in suspected wasteful spending by the DoD and the Department of House and Urban Development over a period of twenty years may have yielded their first results, with the Pentagon announcing an department-wide audit.

  65. brian

    I’m listening to this Kevin Shipp and asking myself who is this guy? This guy, why is he bothering to come out and talk, he acts like its an interrogation instead of an interview he voluntarily takes part in. What has he said to us, he dances around, hints at stuff and never commits himself to saying anything substantial; its just a lot of “well I suspect”, or “maybe just maybe”, or “in my opinion”, I mean good God, he’s supposed to have 20 years in intelligence and connections up the wazoo and he says even less than Q does? Nah this guy isnt looking to help at all.

  66. Keith Miller

    Mr. Hunter, Mr. Shipp and the rest of the community,
    RE: the 40,000 “indictments”.
    Please note that Dr. Jerome Corsi said he looked into it and found they are more than indictments, they are sealed court orders and actions. This includes all the preliminary actions preceding an indictment, such as subpoenas, search warrants, wire taps, etc. That said, the actual number of indictments is likely a small fraction of the overall number of sealed orders. It is important we have our facts straight so the enemy cannot dim our spirits by getting our expectations too high then having us be disappointed when the facts come out.

  67. LIberty

    Thank you very much Mr Hunter and Kevin Shipp for this great interview.

    You are truly good, courageous and honest men.

    I hope that this woman H Clinton and all those who participate in the destruction of the U.S will one day “suffer” for all the damage, suffering they did to people. This is totally outrageous. It really goes beyond reality, it’s totally evil.

    • Bill

      Hey Liberty
      Rest assured of this one thing.
      The Bible says there is coming a day when each and every one will stand before the Judgement seat of Christ. Those who have done good to be rewarded. Those who have done evil, to EVERLASTING punishment.
      There is a day of reckoning for all

      • Charles H


        Two Judgments. The Judgment Seat of Christ is for saved Believers; and reward or loss will be settled. The Great White Throne Judgment is where all unsaved will face certain damnation; and only the degree of punishment will be fixed. We all must, one way or another: give an account unto God.

  68. neville

    Hi Greg ,
    Usual high standard of interview……At the end of the interview this is what came to mind
    And if Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself; how shall then his kingdom stand?
    So then why then can anyone expect justice to be seen or done in the u s a???
    We are in the end times and as we go head long to that Rendezvous with our
    LAND LORD whom we better know as THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY ,the
    u.s.a. and indeed the rest of the world had better catch a wake up.
    The likes of the clinton’s , bush’s ,blankfein’s of this world will be hit
    like a thunder clap out of nowhere to face their ultimate JUDGE.
    They can lie as much as they like to congress and you the people
    Have a happy day all people of peace and goodwill..

  69. Steve i

    From Kevin Shipp’s article, it appears there is an international organized crime syndicate which has influence in international affairs, perhaps far beyond the millions of dollars it has amassed. It seems incredible that the FBI and CIA have actually become involved in covering up the criminal activity, apparently involved in maintaining the policies of the prior administration in office, to the detriment of the American people.
    This has resulted in team work between international criminal elements, white collar crime, and political corruption within the leadership of the FBI and CIA in order to control Washington politics and take over the leadership of the US.
    They are within a hairs breath of succeeding, and if they are able to divert the CIA and FBI to political espionage, it would be the end of representative democracy in the US.
    Can you imagine the wealth and power of the US, including it’s military industrial complex, being under the control of international criminals.

    • K. Wayne

      Washington DC (home of the MIC) is one head of the 3 Headed Serpent.
      Clue: Look at the Washington Monument and Capitol Hill opposing each other.
      Compare it to St Peters Square – Vatican.
      These architectural wonders represent symbols of an Ancient Civilization and Religion.
      The Womb of Isis and the Phallus of Osiris.
      The Trinity of Global control have supplanted Government and Democracy worldwide. This is not a recent development.
      You should not be surprised. The drawing of the Curtain to expose the criminality in America only touches the surface of what transpires globally.
      If one is not indoctrinated through a false Religion, then they will succumb to the forces of Money and Banking or ultimately by Force (Armed). That is the plight of the human race…past, present and future.

    • Donald

      ” It seems incredible that the FBI and CIA have actually become involved in covering up the criminal activity”

      Not sure why this and many, many similar comments keep cropping up. This “mysterious” corruption that so many are struggling to understand is well known. Its been discussed again and again and to some extent has even been revealed for decades now. Perhaps the real mystery is why this gets discussed again and again with nothing more being done.

    • Sandy

      If you research the Finders you will find that the CIA and FBI are both guilty of abetting at least ignoring organized child trafficking. Very disturbing stuff.

  70. Diane

    Fake News. Fake Journalists.
    It’s just unbelievable what’s become of news media.

  71. Buzz

    If we currently had a real Attorney General, she would be in jail for the rest of her miserable life.

  72. Southern Girl

    I am reading from many of you wondering when or IF TSHF time is ever going to happen. You might want to watch this…it will be uplifting and put your mind to rest..yes it is going to happen to all the dirty politicians. and watch the one about Strok and Lisa Page after. It helps make sense of what is going on with the help of Q.

  73. James Haggerty

    Great interview. Posting it all over.

  74. Robert The Zionist American Patriot Lykens

    True story: a few years ago I met a man from England (you know, the sceptered isle). He was visiting a friend we have in common.
    In spite of his very leftist leanings I invited him to go with me and my friend to the gun range. He had never shot a gun before. Once we were at the range I told him I was going to let him shoot my .45 Glock. I explained the gun to him and showed him what to do, then stepped back.
    You should have seen it! He fired one round and almost dropped the gun! I calmed him down and then stepped back again. He got off about three more rounds and then put the gun down. I asked him what was wrong. He said he was “about to throw up”!
    The moral of the story is: never take an Englishman shooting!

    • This sceptred Isle

      It is quaint that you believe that you and your pistol will stop the Terminator and his buddies when they hit town.

    • William Stanley

      Robert: A Glock chambered in .45 caliber? No wonder the guy wanted to throw up!
      Just kidding, man.

      • William Stanley

        Robert: Here’s something I bet you agree with me about; it’s fighter jets flying down Rainbow Canyon into Death Valley ; way cool:

      • Tin foil hat

        William Stanley,
        Robert was up to no good when he handed a .45 cal Glock to that novice, especially if he had a limp wrist.
        A 1911 or a 9mm Glock is a more reasonable for beginner.

        • William Stanley

          Tin foil hat, re:”A 1911 or a 9mm Glock is more reasonable for beginners.”
          And experts, as well, IMO.

    • Charles H


      It takes a high moral degree of preparedness and steady constitution to ‘handle’ lethal weapons. In the US – I carry. And my hope is two-fold: not to fail to discharge my duty; and not to ever have to face that duty. Deliberate killing scars the soul. Range practice is the only hobby I can afford, and not very often; but I’m a very good shot.
      This kind of person should have been taken to a range where learning would be alone and open and quiet-er. AND the caliber should have been a 22 – teaching slow and easy. The Four Rules of Handgun Safety are a MUST; and not just for confidence. Putting a few rounds through a close target to encourage would be best – then challenge with distance. Then, after observation, I’d ‘offer’ to shoot something ‘bigger’. I think you are at fault for puttin a large caliber gun into someone’s hand who was not prepared for it.
      And I find fault with your ‘moral of the story’, or conclusion. I’m sure there are PLENTY of former military Englishmen who would make some adequate Americans look bad.

      I have assisted in all the operations done on my pets. Blood, gloves, helping hold or cut tissue or sutures – it isn’t something that everyone is going to do. But just because most people don’t engage in this kind of thing: doesn’t make them deficient. Neither does having a visceral reaction to a large-bore gun from a complete novice mean anything negative. I would take the stance that this individual was somewhat brave even to step-up to a firing-line cold turkey; let alone squeeze off four rounds from a hand cannon!

  75. Tad

    For keeping the lights on or smog above our cities and deserts, the US has imported oil from Russia, Russia, Russia.

    Amidst the summit discussions in Helsinki, it is sometimes wise to note that a carbon-based energy form allows us certain comforts or utility-regardless of which nation supplies it.

    Everyone wants that extra day. Unfortunate or not, a charade with paper currency seems to advance that sentiment.

  76. Arthur Barnes

    Trump’s can’t trust our Government’s intelligence agencies, they have showed him that they have contempt for him & have tried to derail his election, frankly, which would you believe, Putin or the FBI, Comey, Muller, etc.; its a toss up in my mind. I am proud of my President, TRUMP!

    • Charles H

      I totally agree!

  77. Dan Shalom

    Greg. You want to know why so many are risking prison to stand by hillary? Remember the FBI files found in the oval office during Bill’s presidency and all those senators and house members files found there? Plus since Hillary was secretary of state you can bet she updated her files. Add to that the fact that most of her supporters with any clout are globalists who stand to personally profit from the graft and turning the USA into a THRID WORLD COUNTRY, well, there you have it.

    • Frederick

      Most are probably involved in some sort of nasty criminality along with the Clintons and paid well to cooperate as well

    • Sandy

      Yeah I am pretty sure that she has blackmail tapes or at least pics of them with children. According to Gunderson that was how they did it- not him but these DS types.

  78. Marcus

    Washington is struggling to reanimate the old “Duck” about the alleged ” Russian interference in the US presidential election 2016″ .
    It was for this purpose that the special prosecutor R Muller, was appointed to investigate what had not happened, brought Charges against 12 persons named by officers of the main intelligence Directorate of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.
    That’s just from the heap of conspiracy scheme, which are trying to hit the American philistine, It dose not belong to this department and involvement in cyberwar.
    Obviously, the purpose of this throw in is to spoil the atmosphere before the Russian- American summit.
    Now the influential political forces of the United States, who oppose the normalisation of relations between our countries and have been exposing themselves for 2 years with blatant slander, are rushing to squeeze the most out of the next dummy which will quickly be forgotten.
    It is regrettable that the replication of false information in Washington became the norm, and criminal cases are set for obvious political reasons.
    The question remains : how long will they continue to break this shameful comedy that disgraces the US.
    After all, sooner or later, its initiators will have to be held accountable for the damage they have caused and continue to inflict on the America interests and continue to inflict on the America democracy, undermining its credibility.

    • Arthur Barnes

      Marcus, there is an old saying: You can indict a ham sandwich. LOL

  79. June in January, shush. . .

    If Russians weren’t behind the hacking of the DNC, who was?
    It’s who wasn’t!
    It’s who passed on a thumb drive to Julian Assange through a British courier.
    Seth Rich?
    It’s why Trump wants the server?

    • Frederick

      Waterboard Wasserwoman Schultz, Podesta , and Huma Bingo

    • Sandy

      Maybe I am weird but I personally don’t have any negative feelings about a foreign country hacking our computers and stuff. I just expect it. That is the game you know, we do it too and we for sure meddled or at least Hillary did in Russia’s elections.
      I don’t understand why so many people are so outraged by it. But then again I knew that my military email was under surveilance too. I was floored when Snowden leaked the NSA stuff and people were so shocked- I mean where have all these people been? Of course they spy on us and stuff.

  80. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, Muller’s witch hunt is about over, he didn’t find one thing of interest about our President, he should go away and look under his own rugs, the FBI, for dirt if he wants to clean house.

  81. Diane

    Catherine Austin Fitts Twitter:

    Solari Gold Star to President Trump @POTUS45 for his meeting with President Putin in Helskinki – He is right. We are competitors and competitors need to compete in a way that makes the pie bigger for everyone. If competitors shrink the pie, no one wins.

    Catherine Austin Fitts

  82. veronica

    My testimony. I knew about the deep state or black ops in 2012. I was working at the airport at the time. Al Gore came through as a passenger and I had to “check” his bag. Anyhow, I got the most evil look from that man. I knew who he was at the time.. who doesn’t. However, I did my job and let him go. No biggie, right. Wrong. My life was torn from me. I had to quit my job because society in general plays this game of life with masonry. Black magic and stuff. I was gangstalked at my job from the general public. People were acting like snakes and stuff. I was being followed and harassed on the streets.. no matter where I went. to get gas, groceries, walk down the street. You name it .. I was harassed and it continues today. Maxine waters.. just to get you up to speed is on the dark side and announces that people need to give hell wherever they go. This is gangstalking. She is publicly telling you that gangstalking is right and to harass people in public places. I get this all the time, but let me tell you a secret: you have to be stronger than them and tap into your spiritual side to combat lucifer’s little trolls. As my gangstalking continued. I was attacked in my house with DEW. I have an illegal implant from the satellites in the sky. All of this is esoteric and stuff, but is real. I was fully conscious when this happened in the hallway of my house. After, I was implanted by senator lindsey graham, he was shown to me wearing all red laughing at me. It was the most violated thing in my life and still is to this day because I have this damn real time video ( emotion) chip that monitors my emotions so that the “hive Mind” tracks and traces my emotions. Whether or not I am a threat. This is the evil technology that exists right now. You want to worry about the constitution? Hold onto your ass because the Clintons , Al gores, rockefellers have a way to use the chemtrails that are attacked to your central nervous system and a AI chip to monitor you. It is mind mapping and human explotitation. They don’t care about your rights.. this goes deeper to the fact that they are reptilian royals. They have copper based DNA and own you. So, I hope this really wakes you all up as to the deepness of life. They track and trace every baby is born because they want to know who that person is on a soul level. That is why you have a swiss templar red cross. They own the blood banks. They also go after adrenalchrome. They go after children , mostly. I received V2k from Hillary Clinton one night. It is a form of communication that these elite use. The cuban diplomats that have been attacked that is a form of targeting and them trying to mind map them as well. This is a spiritual war now. All the money is harnessed and protected by people who are reptilian. People work for the Clintons on purpose because they get money, power, sex, and use us for food. All wars are started by the swissy templars/ black monks. All rioting, chaos is from them. Don’t participate in their rioting and picketing in the streets.. that is all paid by them to get you upset. The homeless situation in San francisco.. is from them. Those people with hypodermic needles are paid gangstalekrs getting GS-15 pay. I am sure they are friends with George Soros. You have to examine the environment and the person involved. Look at the homeless, most of them are clean and have expensive clothing like columbia jackets. Not only that: heroin is expensive and how are they paying for this drug? The destruction of San Francisco is by design by paid gangstalkers who work for the elite. The fires in California is from the sun simulator. A device made by NASA. Burn out the real people… so that the elite can have the land. Just look up the patent info on sun illuminator/ simulator. Look it up. I speak the truth. So, yes, Hillary is protected. I can also see people that are protecting her like Peter strzok. I watched the fall of the committee talking to this man. He is good at real manipulation. Trey Gowdy couldn’t even get a number on how many interview he did between Aug1-8th, I believe. Yes, these people are putting on a show.. a real good one. By the way, Mr. FBI man is reptilian.

  83. Tin foil hat

    The Chinese are very suspicious, perhaps nervous, about the meeting in Helsinki just as Brezhnev wasn’t too happy about the 1972 Nixon & Mao visit.
    The MSM will never give Trump any credit for that, I’m a little disappointed that nobody in the alternative media is paying attention.

  84. Tommy

    After listening to this interview it’s easy to understand why Brenner, Clapper and the rest of the gang are going bananas over Trump’s statement in Helsinki. They are so desperate and are grasping at straws to get rid of Trump before he has them prosecuted. Great interview Greg.

  85. Betty Drake

    This girl must be a Obama CIA Holder over!

  86. Gary Turner

    There should be a way to light a fire under Sessions ass and get him to investigate as well as file chargers. Unless he’s the biggest part of the swamp

  87. Ralph Ormsbee

    Hillary and Bill Clinton did the same Treason with the number one Trade agreement with China. Investigate that

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