Conspiracy to Remove Trump at All Costs – Paul Craig Roberts

By Greg Hunter’s 

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts agrees that Democrats, RINO Republicans, military complex and the Deep State want Donald Trump removed from the White House at any and all costs. Dr. Roberts explains, “That’s correct and, again, it’s several different interests.  The Democrats want him out because they want to be vindicated that he stole the election from them through some form of collusion with the Russians.  The military security complex want him out because they see him as a threat to their budget.  Trump normalizing relations with Russia—they don’t want that.  They need an enemy. The talk of pulling out of Syria also annoyed them.  They don’t want to give up these wars that keep people worried and willing to support the military. . . . The media is mad because Trump disproved all the smart people’s predictions of Hillary being a shoe-in.  Plus, Trump is elected by Americans considered to be deplorable.  The deplorables are white heterosexual males.  They are racist.  They are sexist.  They are homophobes.  They are gun nuts, and these are illegitimate people.  These illegitimate people elected Trump when all of the good people wanted to elect Hillary.  So, you have that kind of left wing crazed ideological element, as well. So, all of these things conspire against Donald Trump.  What is going on is essentially what Attorney General Robert Jackson warned all U.S. Attorneys about in 1940.  He said it is impermissible to pick a person and then go look for some crime he may have committed. . . . And, yet, that’s what the Special Prosecutor is doing in the case of Trump.  We have no evidence of any crime.  Even if there was some kind of Russian collusion, it’s not illegal.  It’s normal for incoming governments to have open discussions with foreign governments.  It happens in every administration.  It’s part of the transition team. . . In the case of Trump, there is no crime, but now there is a wide ranging investigation that has gone far beyond any sort of Russian contacts.”

Who is conspiring to push Trump out? Dr. Roberts says, “I do know about campaign contributions, and they do come from the military security complex, and they come from energy companies.  These are two massive campaign contributors.  So, that’s why the Russian sanctions bill passed.  Of the 535 members of the House and Senate, 530 voted for the sanctions. . . . It’s not the people who put Senators and Congressmen in office, it’s the interest groups that finance their election campaigns.  So, the members of the House and Senate are not responsible to their constituents or voters.  They are responsible to their constituency of their campaign contributors.  In this case, the Congress is perfectly loyal to the energy companies and to the military security complex, and they never are loyal to ‘We the People.’”

Dr. Roberts thinks sanctions and provocations with Russia and China are “acts of war” by the U.S. Roberts contends the U.S. does not want war.  If there is war, Dr. Roberts says it will have nothing to do with a failing economy.  Roberts contends, “The notion that the government is somehow worried about the economy and, therefore, we will go to war, that’s not likely.  In fact, I think the military security complex doesn’t really want a war.  They want an enemy like they had with the Soviet Union for all those decades of the ‘Cold War.’  They want a renewed Cold War.  They want an ever present threat because that keeps the budget funded.  It keeps it growing, and it keeps their power in place.  So, this is what they want, but these things can backfire.  These are the kinds of things that will produce a war.  It won’t be some conscious decision. . . . If you are talking war with Russia, nothing will be left standing.”

On the economy, Dr. Roberts, who was an Assistant Treasury Secretary in the Reagan Administration and holds a PhD in economics, says, “There is no economy there. The markets are rigged.  The Fed has a huge trading desk, and they can trade anything.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with former Assistant Treasury Secretary Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.

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After the Interview: 

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  1. Paul ...

    The neocons want to remove Trump from the world … just like the banksters want to remove gold from the world … but both Trump and gold are the real thing … while neocons and banksters deal in fakery … it was the US neocons that sold the North Koreans a nuclear reactor (to produce a hydrogen bomb) and the US neocons who gave them the plans to build an ICBM and now they are going to war with North Korea for having what we gave them? … just like the banksters are going to war with the American public for holding the cash that they gave us! … lucky for us farmers still stack “real hay” for their cows in anticipation of a long winter … the way we stack “real silver” coins in anticipation of bad times ahead … the neocons and bankers who deal in MSM fakery would simply buy big computer screens to put in their barns so the cows can look upon green fields of grass as they die in winter … now what would these dying cows call these con men and banksters who would feed them “fake news” and “fake electronic bits” to eat on those MSM TV screens? … moo moo and moo moo’s? (i.e. or translated into English) … bit cons and bit coins!

    • Paul ...

      In foreign policy matters Trump needs better advisors like Buchanan … he listens to his neocon advisors and fires 60 Tomahawks in Syria because some kids were killed … now he is listening to neocon advisors to fly B2 bomber over N. Korea threatening them with nuclear war (and that’s not going to get some kids killed in S. Korea and Japan)? … lets remember that the Clinton’s brought N.Korea into the nuclear club for a big donation to their charitable trust … so lets get used to that fact and go after the true culprits (the Clinton’s) … does Trump actually think that China and Russia are now going to “help him out” with N. Korea when he is imposing even more sanctions on them?? … perhaps his neocon advisors will now tell Trump he has to bomb Iran and kill kids there because Iran is working to destroy the neocon’s drug cartel operations in their country (that are killing many children)! … Trump needs new more intelligent advisors not the crazy warmonger neocon’s currently advising him …

      • Russ McMeans

        You’re absolutely correct Paul. But as an America , Jew and Russian lover, I have serious issues with NK and Iran. We need to bomb them with precision nukes. Enough of their crap. Btw: my world view is Russia is not our enemy, they should be our ally. China and the nations that imbrace Islam are the real enemy. Sorry but it’s true.

        • Paul ...

          As Jesus would likely say if he was here walking among us today … “we don’t have a right to exterminate people we hate”!

        • Frederick

          Russ Just mentioning using nukes of any kind tells me everything I need to know about you and it’s not good

          • This sceptred isle

            I can recommend dr strangelove as the man who learnt to love the A-bomb.

    • betterchetter

      Good analogy, Paul. Unfortunately, our reality is more illusion than truth … just as Jesus taught us, our salvation is not in this world. We can be angry at the moneychangers all we want, & work to have alternate means of transacting commerce, but we are all moneychangers to a degree – only via our hearts and acts/fruits, are we known to others/God.

      • Paul ...

        It is true our salvation is not in this world … but that doesn’t mean we should let the pedophiles get away with murdering our children or the warmongers get away with their constant wars and the indiscriminate slaughter of millions … how can our souls ever rest in peace when we get into heaven knowing we did nothing to stop these butchers when we had a chance to do so!!

        • Paul ...

          Just to make it clear … stopping these butchers does not mean we exterminate them … we do what God the Father did to the fallen angels … we lock them away in a place where they can do no more harm!

    • Collateral Damage

      WOW!!! It is always incredible when you have one of the ‘Most Special Guests Ever’ on for an interview, but when you can have Paul Craig Roberts AND the most SUPREMO Special Guest there is, then Greg, you have Really Hit an incredible Home Run!!!

      Thank you both for all you do. And the special cat too! 🙂

      The best video you have ever taken. 🙂

      Your Perpetual Fan,

      Collateral Damage

    • John Ellis

      The 26% most wealthy win all elections,
      as the 50% uneducated and impoverished laboring-class
      are not so stupid as to vote for their next set of dictators.

      The 50% educated people own all the land, all the wealth,
      all the healthcare and all the political power.

      No one shall enrich themselves upon the misery of another.
      No one shall use force against the innocent.

      If someone has less wealth, less knowledge or less whiteness,
      then you have a superiority complex toward them to the
      extent that you will enrich yourself upon their misery
      without the slightest guilt.

      • Greg Hunter

        You are an idiot Communist/Marxist/Democrat without a single idea to help the average American. This race baiting false narrative is really all you have, and it’s not working you weasel.

  2. pat the rat

    D o you think there is any chance of a new market for gold and silver to open up that says you must only in gold and silver? This would stop the paper and the real being one!

    • John Ellis

      Such a god-ego as to think you can condemn without facts, put your conscience where your mouth is.
      (1) Who are the 50% of voters who never go to the polls?
      (2) Do not the most wealthy have the most desire to vote for who controls taxes?
      (3) As the 50% laboring-class has always been kept impoverished, why would they waste time voting?
      (4) You know that I am a slow of thought laboring man who has always been enslaved by “Communist/Marxist/Democrat” politicians and all other politicians, why destroy the place with you fiction confusion?

      • Greg Hunter

        You said, “You know that I am a slow of thought laboring man who has always been enslaved by “Communist/Marxist/Democrat.” Don’t be so hard on yourself. For one thing, you can get enlightened and read the Constitution. Anther quick start is to quite accepting jobs as a paid troll.

  3. Neil

    I have to admit I have grown tired of this situation. It is obvious that for multiple reasons the US has made next to no progress with restructuring/reforming its economy and left alone the pretence will run on and on until it is not only an utter absurdity but it has ruined everyone else as well. Sooner or later the humanity or patience of the outside world is going to run out. Personally I think the world should just foreclose on the US now. Call time up. The US cannot admit its bankruptcy or address its addiction to printed money. Americans will not be able to agree on or take any action left to themselves. How ever many end up dying as a consequence of this failure it will only be worse the longer it is left. In the worst case assuming the NWO agenda of population reduction is real then we are looking at most of the population perishing by deliberate design or if the whole situation seems impossible to deal with honourably/maturely it will be resolved by a collective national suicide by starting nuclear war and the devastation will be just as extensive. On the contrary if the US is taken down neatly straight away only a few million will be collateral damage. Which would Americans prefer I wonder? Get their act together and salvage something after say a 25 year period of hardship to rebuild or wipe out altogether permanently. Isn’t the best course of action for the US to voluntarily capitulate as it ought now despite the indignity or humility? There is nothing to be gained and plenty more to be lost. Realistically I don’t think the Dollar can take any more than say a 25% devaluation before a resettlement becomes a genocide. The US should now actively seek a best deal it can get and China as a major creditor must accept some degree of losses.

    • murcus

      I agree Neil
      America has abused its power and feels it necessary to bring all down with the sinking ship. The people and its leaders need to accept it is Bankrupt.
      Roberts is on the ball with the truth as far as Trump is trapped, they the Evil power elites have put him in a sealed box, soon Trump will run out of air.
      The only hope he has is that the people fight back with mass following, remove the Evil from power. That means all undercover facilities. Release all the hidden Technology take back what belongs to the world…..I am sure the military would turn on it’s leaders and rejoin the people who they serve.
      Civil war is on your doorstep, or are your people so poisoned and dumbed down they will stick with the sinking ship ????????

      • Tin foil hat

        The liberals are the brain dead zombies who will go down with the sinking ship. They don’t really have a choice since they either don’t know how, are just too lazy or have grown too fat to swim.
        Mao believed power grows out of the barrel of a gun. As a right leaning libertarian, I still have faith with our constitutional republic rather than any power derives out of the barrel of a gun. However, if Trump were impeached or assassinated by the deep state, I hope the military will intervene as the movie “Seven Days in May”. Grass roots revolution will not succeed here as long the the mainstream media is corrupted.

  4. El Capitan

    Greg, enjoyed it as always… love your viewpoint as you and I are thinking along the same lines… and the whole thing made me think of a fragment of a poem that an old friend of mine recites from time to time, with a little poetic license.

    We are the hollow men

    This is the dead land
    This is cactus land
    Here the stone images
    Are raised, here they receive
    The supplication of a dead man’s hand
    Under the twinkle of a fading star.

    And here we go round the prickly pear
    the prickly pear, the prickly pear
    Here we go round the prickly pear
    At five o’clock in the morning.

    And this is the way the world will end
    The world will end, the world will end
    This is the way the world will end
    Not with a bang but a whimper.

    Of course we know how the world will end because it has all been laid out for us in a way that is generally decipherable in a book that has never been wrong. Thanks for all you do!

    • Shadow of Doubt

      Speaking of “our hollow men”, Harley Schlanger in an interview on the outs Comey, Clapper, Brennan via the Five Eyes network as key players trying to oust Trump in a “Deep State Regime Change” operation. In addition, Schlanger also states Trump is justified to be highly critical of AG Jeff Sessions for not countering this seditious threat to the US Presidency.

      • murcus

        EI Captain
        Talk about deftest, I suggest you read another book.
        If you think the consensus of the collective is to end you are way out of touch, narrow minded would be my conclusion.
        God gave all life not just life for man, and in all the collective consciousness of life and love, It out ways a few evil men in charge, have faith in all not just man as it is the rest of living life that the evil can not get to consent to change their faith only men are weak and can be swayed by evil…..I am so proud that WE have the force of life on the creator’s side.
        Get a backbone and fight for life.

    • Donald

      I never paid any attention to US elections until this round with Trump. I have to say I was and still am somewhat stunned by what I have seen. There is no question to a reasoning person that there is something is seriously wrong with the “extreme left”. I see extreme narcissism on this group. All their arguments revolve around their personal feelings with no facts or disjoint “facts”. Their behavior is so extreme that to me its more of a mental disorder. The question that needs to be asked is how did these people get to be this way? How were they raised (pampered all their life?)? What role has all the psychopathic crap coming out of Hollywood had on them? How about all the video games that work to destroy one’s conscience, and on and on. Failure to identify and eliminate the cause of all these nut cases popping up everywhere like mushrooms, means that only more and more will be coming. They will absolutely destroy everything just like the leadership in Venezuela is doing. Face it, the world is going looney-tunes. Failure to study and apply basic Bible principles by so many is no doubt a big factor in all this. So where does this leave things? For many, there are serious consequences for their bad behavior. Check out Isaiah 13:9-16.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Donald!!
        The lies by the left show a panic and desperation that has never been seen before in U.S. history. The Obama Administration was flat out criminal and folks are going to go to jail for fraud, treason and obstruction of justice just to name a few charges. “narcissistic personality disorder” Please show me the medical diagnosis that would include a face to face examination by an MD that proves this phony left/communist term applies to President Trump. I’ll shortcut it for you. There isn’t one. This is just character assassination by the left, deep state and RINOS. Thank you for not falling for the spin.

        • John Ellis

          Your comments so saturated with labels, who cares? Just situation politics, all centered on who people are with no thought given to exactly what people do. So shallow, so void of a capacity to reason from cause to effect.

          • Greg Hunter

            You mean like the label “paid troll”?

  5. ccwaters

    I respect Dr Roberts’ survey of the dilemma we find ourselves facing. I cringe at the possibility of this complicated scenario continuing. I shrink from the horrors that lay waiting for us should this all end. We are juggling knives . . . blindfolded.

  6. dlc

    Supposedly half of job applicants cannot pass a drug test, 1/3 of the population requires an opioid prescription, a nation anesthetized.

    I had to visit the local SS office this week to change some data in my file. The place was crowded, took me 2 hours just to utter a couple figures to one of the bureaucrats. The security guard looked like former MS-13, covered in tattoos. The people waiting for an interview were not by and large the elderly. Glad I had sunglasses on to keep my eyes from bugging out.

    I sat ramrod straight with an urge to bolt out of this place. It looked like a United Nations dumping designation. I never saw so many idle able-bodied people. The smell of neglected hygiene wafted in the air. When I finally got processed, I went home and scrubbed like a surgeon head to toe. I kept wondering how these people would survive the day the funds dried up, and would they be the ones kicking doors in when their cupboards went bare?

    I went to my branch bank that day also. There is what I assume to be bullet proof glass which encases the teller(s). You transact back and forth through a slit in the glass. A security guard sits on a stool right at the door and watches your every twitch. Only 2 workers at any given time, 1 of them working as a teller and also handling the customer service desk.

    Same with the grocery store. No cashiers, self-service was my option. I played stupid and got one of the employee observers to check me out in the self-service aisle. I will not play cashier and bagger after they replaced an employee with a machine.

    I then hit the door only to have security go through every item in my shopping bags and checking it off against my sales slip like I was a perp. This is not the AZ that I moved to. It feels more and more like a big city liberal hellhole.

    What I see around me is already third world. All the states who are losing population are not necessarily losing the best and the brightest. We took in some of the population of New Orleans after Katrina. They got free transportation to arrive here, provided with food, medical care, and a roof. I assume they never paid to take themselves back home. A lot of the people arriving here have come from states where they have thoroughly gutted the services. They’re like locusts or boll weevils on a state economy.

    I think we will just rot from within. People are being added more and more to the dependency class. Once you find out you can eat regularly, have a roof over your head, medical and utility help, free time on your hands, it would be a very hard conditioning to break away from. It’s the rest of us in the middle who are looking for a way out of our own plight that does not involve gov’t herding.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you DLC for the street reporting. What state are you in?

    • Freebreezer

      DLC – do not forget to add in the hoards who smoke their daily pot and yes we are a nation anesthetized!

      • BJ

        That’s one of the more ignorant and dumb posts I’ve ever read on this site freebreezer.
        Marijuana might just be what saves this country! It’s cigarettes, soda, alcohol, touthpaste, etc along with Prescription pills, heroin, meth, crack, coke that they have ruined his country from within.

    • susan

      dlc, you must live in a large city. Where I live, except for the president of the bank and maybe a couple other people, everyone is out in the open. How else can you visit with everyone in the bank? The president’s door is open to pop in and say “hi”. There are no security guards.

      • JMiller

        I have to say the same thing Susan. I never saw a security guard in any of the banks that I have been in. This is going back 30 years.

  7. Jim

    There is only one way to bring politics back to the people – make political contributions over $500 illegal for any one entity and all their subsidiaries combined (with mandatory jail time when caught – not fines) and no tax breaks on ANY political contributions. These days of lobbiests and million dollar commercials slamming your opponent are killing us. After all, a politicians primary interest is not to represent the people who elected them, it is to get reelected and thus to the special interest groups that pay for them to get elected. Until that aspect of politics is removed, politics as we know it today will only continue to get worse and we will continue to have major industries and other lobby groups represent themselves and their interests through political monetary bribery instead of “real political represntatives” doing what is deemed best for “we the people”.

    • Paul ...

      The Demon-rats and Reptilicans likely feel they owe no allegiance to the people who voted for them because they know their voters were either illegal aliens or dead people … and those who voted for Trump were simply the deplorable gun nuts … only the “good people” wanted to elect Hillary (herself one of the good people according to Trump) … “good at enriching herself” at our expense … too bad the Clinton’s couldn’t make good on their WWIII Armageddon scenario they had planned for us … which was … first Bill gives the N. Koreans a nuclear reactor (to build a hydrogen bomb) and all the plans on how to build an ICBM intercontinental rocket to carry that hydrogen bomb to America … and then Hillary was supposed to be elected to get a nuclear war started between N. Korea, China, Russia and Iran … the payoff for the Clinton’s was the promise by the Deep State and the Banksters to make them trillionaires … the fact that the Clinton’s would kill millions of deplorable’s in a worldwide nuclear war was of little concern to them … as they knew that all those dead people would eventually be the ones voting for Chelsea when she made her run for President!!

    • Donald

      “There is only one way to bring politics back to the people”

      Perhaps a sanity test also needs to be administered? People with narcissistic personality disorder should be barred. Criminals should be barred. Liars should be barred. Those who are corrupt or easily corrupted should be barred. And so on.

  8. dlc

    Charles Ortel/Lionel/Mike Cervovich.

    I agree with Charles Ortel, the Kushners need to go, and he stated this twice in this interview. Savage went nuts a few days back, claiming that Scarmucci was an Ivanka pick. He tends to be spot on with remarks to the point of alienating half his universe of listeners.

    Ivanka’s orbit includes the likes of Chelsea Clinton and Justin Trudeau. Jared is up to his neck in debt. And these are advisers? Of what? What is their life experience that does not include a Trump seal of protection? Do you really think people like the Kushners, Chelsea Clinton or Trudeau would have gone so far in life without the greasing of their families? Their judgement does not impress.

    If you have libs in your family or anywhere in your circle, you know just how mule-ish they are in their beliefs with minds like Dorian Gray.

    I am fast being disillusioned to the point of just tuning out in favor of embroidery. At least I can point to it and know that something was accomplished. Waiting for Trump to drop the hammer is getting wearisome. I firmly believe he blinks due to family influence when he should go into action. He gave Hillary a pass, did not move on Comey on day one, did not proceed with scorched earth as he promised.

    I am not off the Trump wagon. I just am not impressed with his judgement so far. I do not understand why the Kushners are so vital. My own father would have never tolerated family interference in his political doings, and I feel that this is a costly stupidity on Trump’s part.

    For Ivanka to say that she is looking forward to working “alongside” General Kelly gives me hives. If Kelly has to work up the chain through the Kushners, I believe he will not hesitate to resign. I hope he is strong enough to buck their influence. They are a detriment to what Trump needs to accomplish. Hopefully Kelly can say what needs to be said despite having family standing over his shoulder. If this continues, I see disaster and disgusted supporters.

    • Paul ...

      Are we looking at a Chelsea – Ivanka Presidential ticket in our future?? … it would have some strong backing … the “good people”, the deplorable’s , the illegal aliens and all the dead people the Government has killed in all the wars they created in the last 50 years and all the dead people they plan to kill in current and future wars they now envision with Russia, China, N.Korea, Iran, etc., etc. !!!

  9. dlc

    “It’s time for the wall,” says Ryan. Right out of the McCain playbook, and why not? I expect a wall of money supporting the re-election of Ryan and Flake. The voters are like fleeced suckers at a carnival.

    There is something about McCain’s condition that troubles me. He has a so-called aggressive cancer of the worst possible kind, goes into surgery, recovers in a matter of days and is back raging in the Senate. This does not all fit together. I wonder if he is taking one from the Clinton playbook — act frail and on your way out of this world to avoid scrutiny with possible prosecution. Hmm.

    • Paul ...

      We needed Trump as our Lone Ranger (to go after the bad guys) … seems what we got is an Alone Ranger (without any silver bullets) and no way to remove the sanctions placed on his sidekick Tonto (Putin) … together they could have cleaned up the world and put all the neocon and bankster crooks in jail … but what if their is “more then one” Lone Ranger … what if all the kids that have now grown up … have it deep in their hearts to be fighters for truth and justice … how can the Deep State defeat 300 million “Lone Rangers” who have silver and bullets!!

      • murcus

        The Children are being brainwashed at the ages of 3 years old, they are influencing their young minds with internet games manufactured by the fast food giants, in other words taken by junk food (evil men), Hope is now, it is now Americans must stand by Trump and fight for what is right, Americans are addicted to fluoride fast food this is where they have stolen your rights, they have turned you into dumbed down cattle. Even my cattle have more connection to this world then the American public.
        Sorry that is the way outsiders see America.
        The only bullets your children will carry are french fries.

  10. Dr Darryl Jewett

    The consequences of government interference in our markets is that men like me are losing all the proceeds of our labor, there is no incentive to work, there is no innovation, our infrastructure is collapsing, and the government is choosing who lives and dies. The proceeds of my labor are being robbed and redistributed among those who choose not to work in exchange for political expedience, votes, support and absolute power. Bribery. Any innovation or progress in technology, infrastructure, etc… is an illusion. The US is crumbling under everyone’s noses and most people in the US are so stupid that they can’t even see the obvious. Yeah the economy is great for the demographic who receives the proceeds of men’s labor. But it sucks for the men who have to produce that labor without compensation or any benefits of living in a civilized society. Who live in poverty but are forced to work 100 hrs a week under the real threat of imprisonment if they can’t work. Who are denied any public assistance from the programs to which they contribute disproportionately more than others who choose not to work. These people who live like pigs at troughs and complain that they’re poor. The economy can go on as long as there men to enslave and as long as the men produce labor that maintains society. But slaves don’t make good workers And the more they’re abused, the lower the quality of their labor and the lower the quality of society they support. The US is not a socialist, communist, capitalist or even fascist economy. It’s a system of egregious slavery. So it’s best for scholars and elder statesmen like Dr Roberts to assess it in that context. Slavery and not a legitimate economy.

    • Charles H

      Depriving anyone, involuntarily, of the rewards of their labors: is a form of enslavement.

    • JC Davis

      WOW, DR. D. J.
      So much truth in one comment. Two thumbs up.

    • Paul ...

      We should take a lesson from AIPAC … and start to “imprison and fine” all Congressmen that boycott Russia with sanctions … because it sets a bad precedent that one day Israel may be boycotted and sanctions imposed on them!!! … Trump should get AIPAC’s help in getting the Demon-rats and the Reptilicans off his back … so we can have better relations with Russia and prevent WWIII …

      • Paul ...

        Now before anyone gets into a lather over the “anti-Jewish” tone of the above article … consider the profound possibilities of Trump actually getting rid of the 550 perverted pedophile members now in Congress … by simply utilizing the International Emergency Economic Powers Act, the Export Administrator Act of 1979 and the Export-Import Bank Act of 1945 which provides powerful penalties for violating these bills (by illegally imposing sanctions and boycotts on Nations) … we can impose on each Congressman a minimum $250,000 civil penalty and a maximum criminal penalty of $1 million dollars and 20 years imprisonment!

        • Paul ...

          So we patriots have a way to lock up all the warmongering Satan worshiping pedophiles in Congress … these neocons are not particularly smart … they lost the election (for them, it was a shock and a nightmare) … how in the world could the “deplorables” vote against the unambiguously clear “propaganda instructions” given to them by the Main Stream Media? … the neocons in Congress are now rabid and their hatred against Trump has blinded them even more … they have now placed themselves in violation of International Law by placing sanctions on not only Russia but on our European allies as well … they have the Trump administration directly threatening Russia, Germany, Iran, Syria, N. Korea and have put the US at odds with half the world … the anti-Trump propaganda inside Europe has now put the EU and the US on a collision course … actually this can be amazingly beneficial for the American people because the current tensions between the EU and the USA will give Trump the opportunity to close all our overseas bases in Europe (a dream come true for our budget problems) … as I said … these neocons are incredibly stupid and self-defeating … you have to hand it to God … he is one mighty political strategist … those 1/3 fallen angels probably never knew what hit them!!

          • Paul ...

            These Satan worshiping neocons are like monkeys playing chess with the help of a “quantum computer” and think they can’t be defeated … now who do they think invented the “quantum”? … you got it … God the Father!!

          • murcus

            Very cool concept sounds like a good plan.

          • murcus

            I would like to place my 10 cents worth as an analysis of the last 4 interviews I have taken in. Please bear in mind I am only a man that has no high education levels , but I believe this allows me to be a free thinker.
            We all accept that the economic forecasts for the Western worlds is grim, we have no inter structure plans for humanity zero.
            We all understand that America deep state wants war. (“when all else fails TAKE US TO WAR”)
            Did America win world war 11, no it was the Russians that broke the back in Poland, the Americans as usual like to take all the credit, so we move further after world war 11.
            The secret War in ANTARCTICA, “Operation Tabarin” Steve Qual touches on this, American leaders and people think they won the war.
            But like America has area 51, so do the Germans only their area is under the Ice in Antarctica, So who really won the WAR, the Operation Tabarin KICKED their bums destroyed their fleet in no time with superior technology, hardly any survivors, Like all of our History it was covered up by our leaders, we were once again feed manure.
            To me Roberts is a quieter, he knows what he is saying, I can see why he is on the outside looking in, He never talks about hope or what can we do to win over EVIL like most he accepts they are too powerful.
            My 10 cents worth as an uneducated mans conclusion, all that is playing out with our leaders all your guest that have spoken on line, Is that their is a 3rd player in this game of chess being conducted today, it is not China.
            The question is who has summoned all the leaders of the world once again to Antarctica ?, what is their agenda ?. Why is it so out of bounds ?, Why is it so Secret?. Why have all the religious leaders been briefed ?.
            I can Tell you one thing for certain if it is anything like the secrets America hold over its people it is not of a benefit to you and I or humanity.
            Greg this is where the game is in the secrets of Antarctica.
            The only way to take back our truth is for the people to overthrow these leaders of destruction, American people have done this once before and it is time for the people to stand up for truth and justice, get of your ass and fight, you will learn that meny will turn from their commands from the evil empire, and join humanity, don’t be a quitter like Roberts be a brave heart and fight for manKIND.
            It is like mankind has lost his spirit, and forgotten how powerful we are as one, our secret that we have forgotten is that God supports the collective consciousness of the majority of all living life of this plant, if it was not for all the other living forces I believe God would of passed in on mankind, we are so full of ourselves to think that Jesus will save us and let this plant die or be taken by Evil, all you bible worshipers better understand it is bigger than just mankind it is all of God’s work that we must respect, I believe that Jesus was a truth seeker and he was no quitter, and their have been many before him and many after him that have fought for this world.
            Remember this Greg we are one and with oneness comes power, we are only a 3 dimensional being on a 3 dimensional world we are like all other life on this plant intrusted to live in harmony with what was provided by mother nature and God’s work, together we were given earth, and with this birth right no other being from any other force can interfere with the consensus of the collective consciousness, that means Aliens, Demons, any other form of being, spiritual or no spiritual.This is earth and it is still my home that I fight for.
            Sorry to be so vague but I call a spade a spade.

  11. Paul

    Greg did we win the war against Terrorism, ISIS, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. That is all we heard about until Trump got Elected and all we hear now is this stupid bickering so lets just blame Russia for everything or did trump give Putin a box of chocolates that may have included all our secrets. These paid politicians elected and suppose to represent the American people are just play ground bullies. Why cant these idiot politicians do the job they have been elected for and get America back on our feet and represent us properly. They all need to be FIRED!

    • Paul ...

      With the latest sanctions against Germany … denying them gas from Russia could be the last straw … Germany may now give the US the finger and tell the US (Your Fired) … and simply join Russia and China as a loyal economic and military ally … and what of all those American boys who died to save Europe? … they must be turning in their graves seeing what the current neocon Demon-rats and pedophile Reptilicans in Congress are doing!!

  12. Paul Anthony

    Love Dr. Paul Craig Roberts and have tons of respect for him! . I just don’t agree with him that something that is corrupt and rigged can’t last forever. Just by the definition of corruption alone .. means “broke” … so how could the rigging just go on to infinity? Plus .. God is for us. Never leave out factors of prayers, revivals, and fed up good people. All that factors in.

    Thanks Greg !


    • JQP

      Nothing lasts forever… but “forever” is a relative term and I imagine this situation can go on “forever” especially if your time ahead is relatively short.

      For an old fart… if this situation goes on for a few more years it is essentially the same as “forever”.

      It is completely understandable that Dr. Roberts is providing a bit of a grim outlook of the future because this situation just sucks for everyone (except the 1%ers). But, for the elderly when that SHTF moment hits and you are still alive you probably won’t get to see what things are like afterward (because it will probably take a decade or two to come out of this funk)… so, the realization is …the crap we are living in now… for most of the elderly this is as good as it will be for the rest of their lives… and that just sucks.

  13. Allanon

    Good guest and smart man. Wouldn’t you agree that its time to start looking at prospect that we may be wrong in how we prepare ourself. According to Dr. Roberts we should be making money on this situation, like Greg M (who finally came around and stated he doesnt know how long this will continue and doesnt care as he is making money on this, changed from imminent collaspe). Lets not be too prideful and admint, or for peats sake entertain the idea, that we have been incorrect in how we are handling our finances! I know there will be strong reaction to this as it is difficult to admit we were incorrect, especially after our reletives and friends have thought many of us crazy. Lets all come together and try to find out how to procede after we have followed the path we did by getting out of the market years ago. Perhaps there is nothing we can do with getting out of the market in the past but new ideas with what to do with the future. Oh yes this cant go on forever, but this is a new situation (as Dr. Roberts has stated) and could go on for the rest of some of our lives so lets discuss and not ridicule.

    • Paul ...

      Allanon … are you saying “It Is Different This Time”?? … that sounds awfully like a top to me!!

    • betterchetter

      Strong words, Allanon. I went to the 1st USA WD post (BixW?) telling of coming collapse & need to buy PM’s in 2008, & I (to0) pulled out of a rising stock mkt to invest in PM & property – but didn’t get the return that the papered over stock mkt returned.
      Only in time, did Martin Armstrong or Cath Austin Fitts advice filter in, that the mkt was still the place to be, in spite of folks calling tops in ’15 (Mannarino) or selling G/S (Schiff). One audio link in ’11 or ’12 had a stmt to GM that silver would fall (from $30’s) to $15 – & the stunned reaction of GMann was incredible – tho I failed to believe it too. I sense we’re all like the early Jesus followers on Maundy Thursday, thinking our savior (PM’s) are gonna protect us from the leaders/elite, only to see them sacrificed, also, as JC was (much to shock of followers who thought bands of angels would accompany him to right the wrongs). Rocco Errico notes that JC 2nd coming won’t be physically, but in the hearts of men & women when we realize the Sermon on the Mount message (we are [to be] the light of the world).

    • JC Davis

      Well said Allanon. I for one will never jump back into stocks. I just don’t have that ability to work it like GM. Also from what others have said in the past never buy when the market is high, never sell when it is low. I sold out when it was low, and lost a chunk of cash, but the land I bought has doubled more then what I would have made in stocks.
      Life is a bucket of decisions. Nopodys nerfect.

  14. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, the elite, deep state, MSM, Democrats, & the neocons, etc. know they are not going to get our President out on nothing but fake news. What they really want in my mind is to make his term a failed presidency; then get back in and continue on tract to their special interest multi-cultured America hating banana republic agenda. When you think of it carefully one has to consider that the elite do become richer by leaps and bounds as average working people become poorer. When the pie is not expanding the elite must take bigger slices of it to enrich themselves at the cost of the rest of the pie. Banana republics all over the globe prove this point and make no mistake about it the elite want more power, wealth & status and the way to get it is to take it from the people below. This is also why you see the richest 1 percent rising higher while the other 99 percent struggles ever so slowly downward. Trump is different, he isn’t playing by the rules and it threatens the elite, he really wants to make America great again all the while the elite just want to make themselves great forever on the backs of the average working man and woman. Greg, the good Dr. Roberts is by far the most learned person you interview on your blog, a real asset to your site and for your readers.

    • Charles H

      Agreed. Trump is just a bump in the road – only slowing self-destruction. Too many follow a Pied Piper tune, they don’t even know is leading them.

  15. bill

    “Democrats, RINO Republicans, military complex and the Deep State want Donald Trump removed from the White House at any and all costs. ” Bullsqueeze, Bullsqueeze, Bullsqueeze, where do you people keep getting this idea? The man is there because they want him there, if the Deep State didn’t want him in office, they would have dealt wtih him long ago. Like before the election, sick of hearing this type of nonsense horse dung, Trump has done NOTHING to harm the deep state or the NWO only empower it. If you still at this point think Trump is for the people it’s time to sober up and get off the sauce.

    • susan

      To the best of his ability President Trump has been accomplishing his promises. The only arena this has not been accomplished is in the Congress. (the rinos, democrats, and other selfish deep state adversaries.)

    • Paul ...

      bill … The Deep State Demon-rats (like young Dr. Frankenstein) and the pedophile Reptilicans (like Egor) are making Trump into a Frankenstein “Monster” by telling us he has an “Abby Normal Brain” and they are now infusing his mind with “part of their neocon brain” while they steal his well endowed “crown jewels” … we need to light a match under Trumps ass to get him moving to take out Neoconville … before the elites start playing that “monetary fiddle” again … to put Trump in a trance and under their complete control!!

  16. JC Davis

    Dr. Roberts makes a good case to sell all of our gold and silver. Buy things for long term depression. If we can not get gold for a contract today, surely we the people will not be allowed to use such power in a hard crash.
    There is no good outcome for the working man. Yesterday I ordered 4 items from China cost 2 US Dollars. In the USA it would cost 22.00 Free shipping. The forced devaluation around the world will cause a change soon. What that change will be is just a guess.
    What happens if Russia sells their remaining treasury’s ?

  17. Marvin Double

    It’s always a pleasure to listen to Dr Roberts. His experience and cautious reasoned approach to geopolitics and how they bear on economics and foreign policies is very useful. After listening to this interview I was not reassured that the worlds bankers can or will continue to keep the system going by market rigging and money printing. I would also like to note that according to some the market may be caused to collapse so as to allow a global reset and the emergence of a new global currency, under the guise of the IMF. While this is only a theory, the idea has enough merit to be worthy of discussion. Artificial markets based on central bank money printing and trading practices could easily be used to lever values up in advance of a crash. After the crash devaluation of over valued paper assests would make holders vunerable. This then would create the perfect conditions for a tremendous wealth transfer and shift in power and control.

  18. frank reps

    PCR is right about who congress represents. { not the people }. He is wrong about Trump being in a ” Kill Box “. Trump must veto that crappy sanctions bill because it is wrong. Let his veto be overridden. Trump will ” clearly ” signal to the Russians that he is trying to have good relations. Tillerson is suspect to me because of his ties to Big Oil. Trump could then have some ” Fire Side Chats ” { like FDR } to the American people ; and explain why peace is preferable to war. This time; Europe will back Trump’s actions because the sanctions bill will cripple European business interests’ It is stupid for Ships to transport American energy supplies from the US to Europe , when a simple pipeline in Europe will do. Finally ; What about the big need for American energy independence. Shouldn’t we keep our energy reserves here at home ?. Talk about Stupid Moves. I think Congress is drinking too much fluoridated water.

    • Paul ...

      Why can’t Germany just buy “silver” and start building solar panels that will generate electricity from the Sun that could be conducted down “platinum” rods into ordinary tap water creating hydrogen and oxygen by electrolysis … then feed the hydrogen through some carbon and thus create all the natural gas that will ever be needed … without having to buy any gas from the US or Russia … of course that would mean it would have to get permission from the Bundesbank (who don’t want to see the price of silver or platinum rise too much) … but it is about time the world starts moving toward a “fossil free” fuel world … the energy companies currently have too much political control and it would put the neocon warmongers out of the business of attacking countries for their oil and gas reserves!!

      • Paul ...

        Imagine (like in the Beetle’s song) … a world were God’s white metals cleanse the Earth of neocon warmongers … and God’s gold metal can clean the Earth of crooked banksters … Imagine a world where women and children can once again live in peace and harmony … this is God’s universe … where we only have to Imagine things for them to become possible … so everyone … Imagine a world without neocon warmongers and crooked banksters … and God’s gold and silver will do it for us … why do you think the banksters and warmongers hate and want to manipulate God’s metals to nothingness … now Imagine if will God allow these Satan worshipers win over him or will he drive their oil and paper currencies lower!!

        • Paul ...

          We can enter the Kingdom of God the Father (where no evil neocons or perverted pedophile banksters are allowed) only through the Sun of God … God’s Sun provides through his light (all our needs) … simply shine the Sun of God upon silver and our homes and cars will run on the electricity produced … shine the Sun of God upon gold … and see how bankster fiat shrivels to dust!!

  19. Walter Baumgarten

    Greg, this was Dr. Roberts at his finest, no doubt. He is absolutely accurate when he states that there is no way to tell how long this uncharted voyage through fantasy infested waters can last. If it profits those who control it they will keep it going. If it profits them more they can always crash it. Dr. Roberts is wise to fear a new and dangerous Cold War for cold turns to hot under many uncontrollable scenarios. You always ask for advice for the common man Greg and that is thoughtful of you, but the first and best advice that can be given will never be heeded and that is to pay off/eliminate all possible debt. Unfortunately for the American consumer, this is not only impossible under even the best of economies, but more so in today’s Long Emergency. Even those of us that have been able to not only control our spending but eliminate our debt will be harder pressed as every day passes, but those in debt will be used for mulch. In the end, as you have often said, the number one defense is a solid relationship with the Lord of Spirits, through His Son, our Savior. God bless my friend, be well and prosper.

  20. tad malthaus

    Did PCR seriously inquire about Russian citizenship this past year? He wrote a column proposing such, in response to numbnut accusations spying for Putin.

    Could be the most valuable passport very shortly.

  21. Tracy Welborn

    I’ve got to be honest. I wish I hadn’t watched that interview.

    • Greg Hunter


      Top be forewarned is to be forearmed. I understand your point though. I was a little depressed too but “Fear Not” God the Father and His Son are in complete control not the bad guys.


      • Tracy Welborn

        Your right Greg. I’d rather get a punch in the gut right now while I have strategic options. It would be A LOT worse to be uninformed:-) Thanks for the reminder about our Father. Much appreciated. Also, so many of us appreciate you doing this difficult and sobering work.

    • John


      PCR came across to me as being frustrated by the current economic/political landscape in this country. In short, we have warmongers at one extreme of government and fraud being perpetrated in the markets at the other extreme of government. The world will not stand for this much longer. First, our military power will be checked by Russia and China. Next, I do not feel that the printing of money can continue much longer as we have exhausted any means to roll the debt over – the bull market in bonds is at the end of its life. It appears Greenspan feels that there is a bubble in the bond market – i.e prices high and yields are low. I have said this before but the fed appears trapped under all the debt that has been created – raise rates and implode real estate, bonds and the stock market on one side – maintain zirp and destroy capital creation and therefore capitalism on the other side. Eventually, one has to face the reality that the game is over and swallow the medicine – the elixir of either deflation or hyperinflation is close at hand. Per other recent guests there is not much inflation that can be garnered from the dollar as it has already been devalued – worth something like 4 cents today as compared to a dollar in 1913. They fear deflation so we either get stagflation per Greenspan or we are faced with hyperinflation. My strategy, pay off debt as there is no return on your money but you are paying interest on your debt and buy Gold/Silver as a hedge against inflation and a devaluing dollar. One day you will wake up on the other side of this with no debt and a stash of silver/gold.

    • Fred Leander

      Dear Tracy, I have followed Mr. Roberts for some time and I am sorry to say I often have the same feelings – that of having watched his interviews or read his numerous mails. Why? Because they so clearly states the way everything seem to be going – down the drain!

      I was once a US lackey – a young volunteer in the Norwegian Youth National Guard (Home Guard), then a conscript in the army, officer, and finally back to the National Guard, still in a more or less voluntary service. I was brought up in the aftermath of the Second world War, after which the victors wrote the story, and the Western propaganda of the Cold War, I was very happy to see the end of it but when Norway started to send troops to Afghanistan on the behest of the US, I signed off. I was 58.

      Where are we today? After the USSR was “normalized” it looked as if the world had a chance to get back on its feet, the European nations under Soviet control were “set free”, the wall went down, instead emerged the Baltic states again, Ukraine, Georgia and Belo-Russia, to mention some. It didn’t last long. US and the capitalist European states (those which were not “capitalist” were soon enough turned in that direction by the US) soon renewed the old game, that of imposing themselves on the enormously mineral-rich areas east of Europe – those that Hitler, and Europe in general, craved, and crave so much. They shall never forgive Putin for not letting them in. Today, Europe is in almost exactly the same position as before WW2 when Hitler aligned the countries along the Soviet border under him – Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Finland, in preparation for his push for Lebensraum.

      Stalin knew (everybody knew) what Hitler was working at, before the war he tried to establish a cooperation with France and England to stop Hitler’s expansion towards east. While France was willing, England preferred Hitler to Stalin. To buy time Stalin made his infamous deal with Hitler (the Ribbentrop-Molotov deal), he was rewarded for grabs of the eastern part of Poland, the Baltic states and Finland. Could he be blamed? None of these countries accepted the Soviet fear of Hitler’s Germany. In effect, the Baltic states were occupied by the SU, Finland was forced to yield key points in the Finnish Bay and areas north of Leningrad to ensure the safety of that city. From the outset Finland was offered twice the land area to make this deal but they refused it. Which initiated the “Winter War”.

      As a side-line: How would Hitler’s “Barbarossa” have turned out if Stalin had not had these added buffer zones? As it were, the German forces were stopped only a few miles west of Moscow, Leningrad barely saved, held in a 900-day siege by the Germans.

      Today, instead of Hitler, there is an aggressive US-led NATO with Poland, the Baltic States and others states bordering Russia, as members. The independent Ukraine, and Georgia, have applied for membership. The present leadership (like the US) is openly hostile to Russia. A Russia that, according to PCR, now believe the US is planning for a pre-emptive nuclear strike. How can Putin, if he has, act differently than he has done. A hostile Ukraine controlling not only the large Russian Black Sea Sevastopol naval base on Crimea but also the approaches to the Azov Sea and Volga River, and aggressive Balts surrounding his Kaliningrad base. US troops and rocket batteries dispersing along the Russian borders, Sweden and Finland being enticed NATO memberships. This hostile development was not started by Russia but by a Western financial world that yearns for the unattainable Russian markets and resources.

      Almost as bad is the development in the Far East and Pacific. China is showing its ugly face, as Japan did 80 years ago, and the US is responding in exactly the same manner, by force and intimidation. Of course, they are preaching and protecting “Democracy” – nothing else. And their right to decide who shall, and shall not, control the tiny islands in the South China Sea, with no understanding of China’s same need as Stalin had before WW2, that of increasing its defence margins. However, there is an important difference in the Pacific. While Roosevelt and his military leaders stalled for time to increase their military assets before taking on Japan, the situation now is the opposite. Their present “enemy”, the Chinese, are getting stronger by the time, USA weaker.

      Every morning I sit down at the computer, leafing through the various news sites, CNN, RT, Al-Jazeera, NYT, Fox News, BBC, etc. Every morning it’s the same, the same unconfirmed rumors, the same hyped-up war propaganda, poor Trump blamed for everything. What a mess! Norway is a NATO member – I do not want me and my family to get nuked! PCR, which, in my opinion, is a very wise man, says it is a high probability for it. I believe him. Which is why I sometimes, too, wishes I hadn’t read his articles or seen him interviewed.

      • Tracy Welborn

        Fred, that was fascinating. What an incredible life you’ve had. I can tell you understand much.

    • NetRanger

      Tracy, I too was depressed after realizing this could go on for.almost.ever and none of the criminals will be prosecuted. It is my hope and prayer that, while God’s grace appears to cover them even as it hurts us, they will turn from their evil ways. But, if not, remember that our suffering will not go unrewarded just as their crimes will not go unpunished. Just be prepared. Sometimes the best reward is to help humble those who hurt you.

      • Tracy Welborn

        Amen NetRanger; I will remember that God the Father is in charge and nothing, I mean NOTHING can happen until it passes through his loving and WISE hands.

  22. Roger D

    Greg, thank you for interviewing Dr. Roberts again. He is a very savvy man. There is so much truth in this interview.

  23. Scott Miller

    August 2, 2017
    The DOW is over 22,000!

    That’s a record folks!

    When you point to a market crash in order to legitimize the rigged markets mantra, remember it works both ways. You can say it is rigged on the way up, and it’s rigged on the way down. Because rigged means rigged.

    Let me put it another way. The higher the rigged market number goes, the more valuable the gold and silver is when the market ain’t at an alltime high. How much is gold worth? The inverse of the “fake” market numbers. Value doesn’t disappear. It just moves from one asset to another.

    And one more thing before I go. This is not hyperinflation! This is steady, gradual, consistent growth, even if it is rigged. Hyperinflation is NOT steady, is NOT gradual, and is NOT consistent. Don’t forget! We have MANY predictions this is going BAD in the Fall. Autumn is right around the corner.

    Enjoy the rest of the summer!


    • This sceptred Isle

      “Value doesn’t disappear. It just moves from one asset to another.”
      How do explain why stocks, bonds, real estate and Bitcoin are at or near record highs then? The truth is a rising tide of cheap credit lifts all boats (except gold ans silver due to rigging).

      • This sceptred Isle

        “With PSG reportedly amassing a fee of nearly £200m, we are entering one of capitalism’s great glass elevator moments. Global finance, which tends to use modern football as a test laboratory, has made another of its skyward leaps into a new normal. Meanwhile most of us are left on the ground, wondering how on earth these soaring figures relate to our daily struggles with the neoliberal economy.” Indpendent

        This is not “steady, is NOT gradual, and is NOT consistent” growth. Where is all this money coming from if it is not a bubble?

        • This sceptred Isle

          Scott Miller is starting to sound like Buzz Lightyear: TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!!!

    • Jerry

      Subtract the 8 trillion dollars that have been added to the debt during the Obama administration and what do you get? a -5% GDP. The central banks have nothing left but to keep pumping money into the stock market. They have stretched the markets so far away from reality, they can’t help but snap.

    • Paul ...

      Scott … I remember someone saying that the Dow and Gold will one day sell at the same price … Sinclair says gold should be selling at $50,000 per ounce right now “if it was set free” … so the Dow at only 22,000 still has an appreciable way to go … however by rigging the Dow higher and higher … it may loosen the constraints that have been put on gold … if in the end gold and the Dow are going to be equal … then why even play the Dow … when you can simply play gold and be safely “outside the fiat system”!!

      • Frederick

        Funny NO mention by USAWatchdog of the Wasserman Schultz debacle with her Pakistani buddies Something VERY rotten in that story Connections to the Seth Rich murder anyone?

  24. Russ

    Thank you for having Dr. Paul Craig Roberts back on Greg, it’s always good to hear PCR’s world view on current events.

    IMO, President Trump needs to veto the Russian sanctions legislation which ties his hands on US policy toward Russia. Congress is essentially taking this bit of national security policy away, making it much more difficult for the WH to conduct foreign policy and gives Congress new powers to block Trump from easing sanctions against Moscow. It is unconstitutional and President Trump should veto and as soon as his veto is overridden by the House and Senate, he should take the legislation to the US Supreme Court as a separation of powers issue. To do otherwise would cripple him vis-a-vis Russia policy, and remove many options that a Commander-in-Chief needs to have available. It would set a very bad precedent.

    • Russ

      Too late…
      Trump Signs Russia Sanctions Bill
      “…Trump is adding a statement saying the administration will carry out the law but with reservations about its impact and the constitutionality of some provisions,
      The signing statement, obtained by Bloomberg, lays out Trump’s concerns about the legislation, including that it encroaches on presidential authority and may hurt U.S. ability to work with allies. …”

      • Paul ...

        Allies like Germany may now “in retaliation” for the US interfering in their vital national interests … sanction the US … telling us to remove all of our military bases and personnel out of their country … which would actually be “a good thing” … and perhaps this is the reason Trump had no problem signing the sanctions bill … Trump now has a golden opportunity to finally reduce the defense budget (by closing down the big German air base used to smuggle drugs out of Afghanistan) and blame it all on the stupid warmongering Demon-rats and perverted pedophile Reptilicans!!

    • susan

      From what Dr. Roberts said, evidently President Trump cannot veto this legislation.

  25. Independent

    Audio: Seymour Hersh States Seth Rich Was WikiLeaks Source

    Seymour Hersh is a Pulitzer prize winning journalist. He says Seth Rich leaked a drop box to wikileaks.

    In an audio recording provided to Big League Politics by a source that currently wishes to remain anonymous, journalist Seymour Hersh confirms that Seth Rich had contacted WikiLeaks with sample emails from the leak. Hersh cites an FBI document as proof for his claim.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is big and blows out the Russia case. Mueller should stop now.

      • Russ

        How could Seymour Hersh know the contents of that FBI report and Mueller not know? Maybe the report pointed to a conclusion that Mueller didn’t want to hear.

        Mueller isn’t incompetent but perhaps he hadn’t yet finished hiring every unemployed Democrat lawyer in DC to work on his staff investigating everything Donald Trump has done in the past 70 years. After all, Donald may have cheated on a girlfriend while in college and that would be potential evidence of a possible character flaw.

        In other news, it has also been revealed that Mueller was involved in HRC’s Uranium One deal — — I love the smell of a conflict of interest in the morning…

      • susan

        Don’t ya just wish somebody could just go in and shoot all the bad guys?

      • Russ McMeans

        I pray to the Lord daily for Mueller’s demise. There is something creepy and evil about him and his team of lawyers.
        May his efforts come to naught!

  26. jimha

    The point should have been made that in the future it will not be the COMEX that sets the gold price. It will be set on the Shanghia exchange.

  27. dee

    It’s always a pleasure to listen to PCR. There is no one else can take his place.

  28. Roger Carpenter

    Seems that powerful persons within our country are doing all they can to make our lives stressful. No consensus on anything relating to economics, gold, war, civil liberties, being a good neighbor, loyalty to allies or mending relations with perceived enemies.

    So sad that our children and their children will be left with nothing but debt, high taxes, no constitution and a repressive world police force ready to pounce for any small reason. So sad indeed that our very own main stream media is colluding and has become a bunch of lying dirt bags unfit to do its job.

    • Freebreezer

      Roger, I don’t think these powerful people strive to make our lives stressful, it is that they do all they can to make their political/ carriers as enriching ($$$$$) and successful as possible. Unfortunately, this does not include helping the working folks, and frankly most of them don’t give a damn!

    • Paul ...

      Roger … Trump has already overturned the tables on the main stream greedia … and he will turn the tables on the greed driven Demon-rats and Reptilicans by closing down our military bases around the world … wait and see … how these “sanctions against our allies” can be used to advantage!

  29. Deanna Johnston Clark

    The old order of power thinks getting Trump our will help them regain their “norm”. They are laboring under a huge illusion….
    Too many journalists have died mysteriously, too many bankers, too many missing children from Care and Foster places, too many unanswered questions about Haiti, Libya, ISIS, the now ‘born again’ Al Qaeda (what a hoot), too many naturopath doctors taken out. Nothing can ever make up for those things…not another 9/11 or cyber attack…especially with the children even the foggiest among us has a bee in the bonnet about it. The bar of history awaits this generation….

    • Paul ...

      Correct Deanna … the old order only thinks they are getting Trump out … this generation has a lot to say about that … watch the worm turn as the “spice” is taken from them … their drugs, their oil, their military hardware is being greatly diminished … Russia is cracking down on the drug cartel, has more oil and gas then Saudi Arabia and is now building their fighter jets with laser death rays … while our over priced and over budget f-35 flounders and will be lucky to avoid a Russian S400!!

  30. Corleone

    “Cold War is not over yet. It just transforms into another fight.” (Kim Il Sung. The grandfather of Kim Jong Un.)

  31. stonewall

    I like Dr. Roberts and believe his analysis of situation is spot on except for his
    comments regarding the PM markets. His belief the manipulation of gold and
    silver prices will continue indefinitely is short sighted IMHO. It’s true gold
    price has been held below $1300 even as the greenback collapses but that could
    change at any time. All it will take is COMEX failure to deliver and then
    everything changes and several different entities are in a position to make
    that happen at a time of their choosing and that could well happen before the
    end of this year.

    • Paul ...

      stonewall … the 21 day linear regression on gold (the baby blues) has not rolled over yet and we may see gold up above $1300 very soon … note copper is very strong … suggesting a commodity bull is at hand … that can drive precious metals much higher!! …

    • NIck in UK

      My understanding is that COMEX cannot “fail to deliver ” as they can cash settle. Being as they can print any amount of FIAT currency, they can in fact, pay off any amount at any time. It’s not like they actually print it anyway, it’s just a load of numbers transferred from one numbered account to another. IMO they can keep this racket going indefinitely.

      I would like to be proved wrong about the COMEX and as “everyday is a school day” please educate me as to how the COMEX can implode with the cash settle final option.

    • Russ McMeans

      Re: Comex; all transactions will be paid in USD’s.
      payment in physical PM’s would be considered an act of war. ( thank you PCR for my lessons in economics)…

  32. Tim McGraw

    Fantastic interview! Thank you. I agree with Dr. Roberts about the slow decline of the American economy and the change in the workforce towards a low wage service employee. The infrastructure here in the SF Bay Area is falling apart. SFO is perhaps the worst airport in the USA for delays. The highways are awful! I’ve read that the average driver pays over $1000 per year for road damage to their vehicle in Sonoma County. Our taxes in California are going up some more in November as Gov. Brown tries to get some money to finally fix the highways. Our quality of life slowly declines year by year. Our taxes go up. Our wages and retirement income declines. Prices keep going up as well.

    • Russ McMeans

      Tim: I’m here too. In the Sierra foothills. Don’t worry, if we get a 2nd job we can fund our hard working state employees pensions. Forget the potholes- it’s all about the salaries and pensions. Btw: if you deflate yer tires a bit, the ride is a bit smoother!

  33. David H

    That sounded like a bleak outlook for Trump from PCR. It’s a good thing I believe in God the Father , Son, and Holy Sprit.

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen Brother David. “Fear Not.”

  34. Paul from Indiana

    The joker in the deck is the void left in the world when the US collapses or is pushed off the stage. That is what is holding up the works. No one, not Trump, not China, not Russia really knows what to do. It is possible that the answer to the question is years, generations even, away. It is possible it is just as around the corner, as many here have been postulating for a couple of years now. I am convinced of one thing: we will not change, nor will we save ourselves. How do I know? More than 50% (and growing) of everything we spend in this country, whether funded by taxes or by debt, goes to entitlements and welfare. The die is cast; we simply can’t quit. So, expect more of the same going forward. Best always. PM

  35. Scott Lowell

    I Like the fact that TRUMP is an American, not a globalist criminal like ocriminal, both bushes, both clintons. HE NEEDS TO DRAIN THE ENTIRE SWAMP and not have any holdovers from previous era’s or influence peddling globalists like henry “useless eaters” kissinger. TIME to build AMERICA and not send neocon socialist democracy to those that don’t want it at a point of military hardware.

  36. Linda

    Can you get Mr. Craig’s cat for your next broadcast?

    • Charles H

      I caught that too. A female Manx? Ya gotta love the man who keeps a cat. Not that I’d trade her for my female Siamese. To see her bait her owner was priceless.

  37. FC

    Not only is there a conspiracy to remove Trump but also a conspiracy to alter history by the Technocrats……….. Google search ‘American Inventors’

    • Phil

      Of all the comments for this interview you are the only one that mentioned the cat. The interview was a good one but the cat was great. Phil

  38. al

    Not very encouraging but he is correct, since 2009 this stock market has not seen a “recessionary dip”…
    IMPORTANT!- Has Dr. Roberts PHD in Economics capitulated to Al Capone? I think so.
    Greg, I’ll tell you what happens to systems like these, just look at the Chicago Mafia back in the 1940s, one shot and it was basically over.
    The bullet is called “Russian Sanctions”. Gold rich Russia and their buddies the Chinese.
    Money goes where money grows, a gold backed Yuan? Say bye bye to the dollar.

  39. Lake M

    Super good interview with PCR ! It was refreshing to hear Dr Roberts say he never expected the level of manipulation by the Fed and its fellow central banks and that it could continue for a decade plus their’s a good chance the PONZI will continue until there is a global rejection of the dollar.

    It’s been disheartening to witness the greed for money and power exhibited by the financial elite who play this game of global domination with the lives of millions lost along the way. And more to come unless they get taken down.

    Also Dr Roberts points out the ramifications of the new Russian sanctions law passed by Congress, voting 530-5 and now signed by Trump. Illegal and an act of war under international law and a violation of the separation of powers law of the US. No wonder Congress is so disrespected. A den of thieves they are.These actions will do nothing but isolate the US and push the Germans and EU into the Eurasian fold. US control of Europe is faltering. Cooperation and rebuilding the Silk road and the opportunities it would provide must be more attractive for the Germans than remaining under the thumb of the US military/security complex and its debt backed ponzi currency.

    I wish you could have asked Dr Roberts about the cashless society > when your wealth will become a set of zeros and one’s and subject to full government control. Checkmate. Game over. Freedom lost. By the way, the CEO of Visa recently spoke about achieving a cashless economy is a top goal for the company and they are going to offer cash incentives for merchants to go cashless. Please ask some of your future guests about this subject. People need to realize the threat this poses to our freedom.

  40. Tony Henson

    Hello all.
    I admire you Greg, you’re one of the best in your field. To add to that, bloggers here
    are very sold in their idea’s.
    I’ve been coming to this site for years and have commented a few times on silver.
    I’m starting to feel a bit ignorant and naive. 15 years ago, I purchased my first bar of silver at 4.85 per oz. My wife and I have in general gone all in to the metals. I’m not blaming anyone, but I truly believed we were heading for a crash. Many believed this!

    I became a prepper, thinking I was being smarter then many. My brother in law, did not agree, neither did my own brother. They invested in Google, Apple and Amazon.
    Now their investments are large, mine have gone down. My in laws went from 150,000
    to 850,000 in the last 7 years, he has cashed in some, and payed off the mortgage.
    My last purchase was convincing my wife to alter her self directed IRA and convert to silver in a 3rd party holding till her 59th year, 2 years away. That was at 40 per oz. It went up to 49 then crashed hard.
    I still have the silver, but my own family does not think much of my beliefs. I can only cling to these ideas for so long before the truth comes out.

    When PCR’s said he was wrong and this could keep going for a very long time, I think this has finally hit home. I was wrong! I’m not going to sell my metals, but I sure feel stupid. I’m not a newb, I’ve observed and read a massive amount. I just had no clue of the depth of the corruption and control the big boys have. To quote the Matrix, they control the doors and have all the keys. I don’t believe anymore, we can win. I’m just going to try and stay out of their way and hunker down in the mountains of Colorado and hope they leave me alone.


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Tony. Silver is extremely undervalued.

    • Tracy Welborn

      Tony, it will break. It’s breaking right now. You made the right decision. Hold firm my friend. Unemployment is truly in the 20’s. cArmageddon is approaching fast. Yield curves are flattening – in China they might be inverting. States are going broke. You possess the only real money. I agree with Bill Holter when he says that we should all be grateful for each day we enjoy before these markets collapse – because we WILL wake up to a different reality on Monday morning. Even with our metal – it will be very hard.

    • Charles H

      Don’t feel stupid, Tony – I went into silver at 32; and with the very last of my expendable funds. In my heart – I hope things don’t go south drastically. But there are times that I wish the world would bottom like a sky jumper without a parachute.
      No beneficiary of ill-begotten gains will prosper. Stocks and such are gambling, and the casino is rigged. If we ARE vindicated: it will be a quiet victory. Either we will be declared criminals; or villains for not saving all those partying now.

      • Greg Hunter

        Charles H,
        You won’t be “stupid” (I don’t think you are stupid at all.) forever. Clif High is on again this Sunday and says Silver is the metal to be in. He goes into great detail on why. Do Not even think about selling.

        • Charles H

          No way. I won’t sell. Having stood my ground so far – I have no intention of letting those who are manipulating to get the better. Some day, some how – the Beach Ball will come up. And I ain’t Barbara Streisand, either. (A Time For Us)

    • Neil

      Remember the only reason this goes on is it is under the giant umbrella of internationalised fraud and corruption. If you are an honest person and believe in right and wrong then you see there is an ugly correction to this coming at some point and you have prepared accordingly. This is the correct and sensible thing to do in my opinion. I live in an earthquake prone country and I keep an emergency kit but I don’t know when a sizeable one will occur. If you are now looking across at the how successful the fraud has been and wishing you had benefitted from being as dishonest or unaware as every one else then I suggest you too have been captured. You were not protecting yourself from harm but wanting to profit from it. Google, Amazon, Apple, well may be sudden and major casualties. We will see..
      Do you take bribes or not? Will you intervene or join the dark side? Unfortunately actively honest people are well out numbered by the dependant, indifferent, ignorant or blatant beneficiaries of the situation. We are now cruising along in a parallel universe where there is no right and wrong. If 1+1 needs to equal 3 then it does and it is promoted as the new math to people who will agree. Ideally the global insolvency would never have occurred because the planned industrialisation of Japan and then China would have been managed to protect Western economies or it could have been arrested finally 10 years ago but as we have discovered the regulators are bought off as are your representatives and the bankers are an active nemesis. The stock market indicators only go up as do other indicators to hide the real situation and keep confidence and this is largely successful because most people are not looking in closely or deliberately looking away however the real economy is going nowhere. We know there are now bubbles on bubbles. Nothing has been solved. Behind the wallpaper the rot is deeper than ever. The longer this goes on the worse the reckoning will be. You can only sit at the poker table and cheat or feign being good for the money for so long. Even if all the players are all crooked there will be justice of some sort. Someone is going to end up being kneecapped here and I think it will be the US. When Tim Geithner went to China to lie and cheat rather than confess difficulty the stage was set for an ugly and shameful end. It is still in the works. If you have prepared keep the faith.

      • Tin foil hat

        “When Tim Geithner went to China to lie and cheat rather than confess”
        I don’t think Geithner lied to the Chinese. He promised the inclusion of the yuan by signing the IMF”s Quota and Governance Reforms in 2010. Hence the Chinese continuous support of the dollar, buying up the U.S. Treasuries while we allowed the gold flow from the west to the east.
        I’m sure Geithner also promised to share the pie (marry the bride) after preparation (The Working Group????) for the transition is completed. The problem is the Russians who don’t want to be left out in the cold (dollar/yuan reserve currency) and the Chinese bride is playing wait/see or footie with the interlopers.
        I can’t find the homepage of “The Working Group”.

  41. Joe

    Nearly 60 yrs. on.
    Jimmy Dean from early 60s singing ‘Dear Ivan’:

  42. Peter

    Yes Greg yes;

    The Dollar goes up, gold is down.

    The Dollar goes down, gold have to go down.

    It is just as I told You before: the USA ia a BANANA REPUBLIC.

    Regards from Europe!

    • Charles H

      More like a GMO Soy Republic.

  43. Jerry

    An interesting IMF post.
    According to my sources (which can’t be verified) the transition to a new global currency via AIIB is underway. The saturation of new global funds being deposited into world bank accounts is anticipated to be completed by October 1st. Apparently if you are fortunate enough to be an insider with considerable assets, you can begin trading now on private exchanges. And yes the new currencies are all backed by gold. Did you notice I said currencies? Apparently the IMF wants to expand the SDR basket to include multiple foreign currencies backed by gold allowing each countries currencies to compete against each other for trade. Now you know why Trump signed the Russian sanctions bill, and why the Russians and Chinese have been buying massive amounts of gold. They both know what’s coming. A full blown trade war in which the dollar looses reserve status.

  44. The Seer

    I often wonder why more corrective work and alignment with proper values and benefits following universal law were not enacted when these ex government employees were employed in the government . . . . Talking to the choir is a little late . . .

  45. book it

    Trump just tweeted that Golf News is the fake news media after it reported that he called the White House a dump. Can someone put this poor man out of his misery, take him back to Trump Tower and let him play golf every day. For his sake. For the country’s sake.

    • Greg Hunter

      Book it,
      So you think it would be better for the country if that Criminal Hillary would be President? TROLL!!! How about the dying Legacy media stop make up Very FAKE NEWS “for the good of the country”?????

      • Judy Kay

        Oh, Greg, get over Hillary already!! You are a broken record about her, and she’s nowhere in sight!!

        • Greg Hunter

          Hill and her other band of criminal are behind the attacks because they are trying to knock out Trump before he puts them in jail for fraud and treason.

          • Charles H

            Bingo! The Clintons are behind the attacks. Spot on.

      • book it

        Yes, Sports Illustrated and Golf News are well known purveyors of fake news.

        And, yes, this country would be 100 times better off with Clinton, Bush, or Kasich as president. Or Flake, Sasse, Schiff, Collins, Mattis.

        • Greg Hunter

          You are a paid troll, correct??

          • book it

            No, I’m sitting at home typing this on my computer. I wouldn’t have the slightest idea how to get paid for typing a comment on an alt right website. Or any other type of website, for that matter.

            • Greg Hunter

              So why are you here? Go to MCNBC or somewhere you can drink up the lies.

  46. coalburner

    Greg and DLC; Thanks DLC for the local report. I think you said you were from Arizona. I am next door in New Mexico. My two Senators are Democrats but most definitely as worthless as your Arizona Senators. Mine are not war mongets but they do nothing for the people of NM. One lies like McCAin about how he was working for veterans while they were standing in line dieing in Albuquerque and got elected anyway. That one is Tom U-Dull dumbest man and doless too in the US Senate. It took a few retirements and Kerry going to Sec State for him to get the dumbest medal, but Obama couldn’t find anyone else dumb enough to take the job for him. At any rate he and Hindrick have done nothing but watch us have a porous border where every kind of diseased and dehumanized rifraf comes to town thorugh our border. They have accomplished absolutely noting for us, one way or another.

  47. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter: Thanks. I really respect Paul Craig Roberts. I didn’t interpret him as saying not to have some precious metals, only that accumulating them doesn’t guarantee anything, partly because the government may try to enact legislation to steal it or make it difficult to use. Owning other hard assets like your house and land is also prudent, but that also has its risks when political chaos reigns. The same goes for weapons and food: prudent to have, but nothing is guaranteed (death and taxes excepted?).
    I tend to view governments like criminal gangs: They will do what they think is in their own best interests. Presently, it seems to me that the central banks are colluding (as a cartel) to destroy the purchasing power of all fiat money and, thus, inflate away their debt. However, like most cartels, they will each try to cheat on the other cartel members to see if they can destroy their own currency faster than the others.
    At some point the cartel will break down and some cartel members may think they can gain from a “nice little” war. In the recent vein of movie analogies on this channel, I am reminded of the Clint Eastwood character in The Eiger Sanction: A climbing party is caught on the mountain when an ice storm strikes, making any movement perilous. Eastwood asks the last other surviving climber if he thinks they will get off the mountain alive. His response: “No, but we shall proceed with style.”

  48. coalburner

    Greg; Everyone should listen to the last comemnts about the middle class being wound down. That was a very important exchange. I think he was saying he agrees with CAF. I believe this parallel’s the Depression. I have asked many times the two people I have known really well about the Depression. Often the same question over and over because I could not comprehend the answer I kept getting. Finally I started to realize what I was being told. We cannot think in those terms under normal circumstances becuae we have never seen anything like it. But what Roberts said made me think of me. I should still be getting paid a lot of money for my accumulated knowledge as a Techinical Porfessional but when I first had not more work, I would hire a Mexican to do my hard labor to keep up my property responcibilities. Then gradually they wanted more than I wanted to pay. I needed exercize to stay healthy so I am now old but still doing hard labor, as hard as I did as a kid. I still have the money to sit and die thus far I have refused. I am not a book writer, of an internet talking ghruru, so I do my own labor, my money making kids labor and child care labor, mostly for free or to keep a little rent money coming my way. I thought that matched what Dr. Roberts was saying and what my elders did and said happened during the Depression. Interesting to look at! chuckle! We all know that ended with a World War too.

  49. Emory

    Like I’ve been saying for some time now…. It looks to me like we’re in checkmate and aren’t yet aware of it.

  50. Charles Turner

    I was flabbergasted at the Senate and Congress vote on more Russian sanctions. I had no idea that seemingly intelligent people that represent your country had hook, line and sinker bought into your own propaganda. I doubt whether Joseph Goebbels would have expected this level of success.
    The worrying thing for me is that I can no longer be assured that in any future conflict we will be on the same side as America. It appears that America is now to big for its allies and in Dr Craig Roberts words ( in other interviews), just needs vassal states or places to put it military bases.
    On another point, If Dr Paul Roberts is right and this financial engineering goes on an on, I can see large parts of the world heading towards extreme socialism and then embracing communism. I have been a capitalist all my life, but I am no looking at the prospects of the younger generation in Europe. Their prospects are huge student debt, a thinned out job market that has been exported overseas, no job security and living as rent slaves for the rest of their lives. In some countries in Europe Youth unemployment is above 50% and most youngsters have at least a first degree and a growing number a second degree. So I would throw and extreme turn to the left in n with war or financial collapse as the scenarios ahead.

  51. Russ McMeans

    My small 2 cents: beyond excellent interview with Dr. Paul. Thank you Greg! You almost wore him out with long interview, but that’s your job. PCR is like spending time with Yoda…. ( Star Wars )….. he knows stuff we modern day commoners don’t know. Folks: what will unravel this perpetual game will not be foreseen by all these big time players. It will probably be war and that will unravel the American hedgeamony in this world. Look at what happened to the Roman Empire! So; in the end have useful stuff, useful skills and real money for barter. Own a farm if yer lucky enough to have the wealth. What else can ya do??? And always remember that God is a Master at screwing up the plans and schemes of nations. Read our history!

  52. Russ McMeans

    Everything goes on indefinitely, until it doesn’t.
    Debts that can’t be repaid, won’t be repaid.
    When God calls our bluff; who will answer?
    Paul Craig Roberts makes you really think.
    He’s our Yoda sage.

  53. Russ McMeans

    This will piss off the atheists and milk toast agnostics:
    If Donald Trump was chosen by us ‘deplorables’ with the help of God, then maybe he will not be removed.
    Not without huge effort. The Mohammeds tried to remove the Jews from their homeland when they first arrived back from a very long hiatus. It didn’t work.
    They’re still there and our Trump is still President.

  54. Russ McMeans

    Is there any way we could do a trading bet and short the Federal Reserve? Or for that matter the. US government? I’m betting a trillion bucks I borrowed from my uncle Bob. I’m feeling lucky! ( I need the winning proceeds- I’ve go to plans ya know!)

    • Paul ...

      Russ … I and Russia, China, India, etc. are shorting the Fed and the US Government by buying gold (and silver) … however it is not a short term trading position as Tony above has clearly testified … but the Fed and the Gov are clearly in hot water … they have to be boiled a bit more before they are finally cooked!

  55. Michael Harvey

    All Empires eventually, fall; it’s not for lack of power. In fact, it seems to be the opposite. Their power lulls them into comfort. They become undisciplined.

  56. Michael Harvey

    DEFINITION of ‘Debt Fatigue’
    When a debtor stops making payments on his or her debts and starts spending again after being overwhelmed by the amount of debt incurred and the seeming futility of the debt repayment process (the overall amount of debt owed does not appear to dramatically lessen as payments are made). Experiencing debt fatigue may eventually cause the debtor to declare ‘WAR’ as a last-ditch effort to resolve the situation.

  57. Michael Harvey

    All empires become arrogant. It is their nature and America is no exception. Rome, Greece, Ottomans (Turkey), Britain Europe (on its way out) lost their Empires not through lack of power. Their power lulled them into comfort. They became greedy and undisciplined.

  58. Michael Harvey

    A brilliant man, however, I am not so sure about his statement regarding not going to war over America’s financial plight.
    America is sinking in debt and the authorities know it. I am on the side of Noam Chomsky (see below)
    Noam Chomsky who wrote and published a book in 2003 called Hegemony or Survival cites National Security Strategy declared the right to resort to force to eliminate any perceived challenge to US Global Hegemony.
    The real threat at present is the unseating of the the American dollar as the ‘World Reserve Currency’ Enter past and present threats.
    Aka, Libya, Iraq, Russia, China, Iran etc. They were (are) all percieved threats to US Global Hegemony

  59. frank reps

    Now that the POTUS has endorsed the bogus sanctions bill; { he signed it didn’t he ? } it is likely that a good portion of his base will realize that Trump is actually a tool of the elites { a willing tool and collaborato } whose purpose is to hold out hope to ” fed up ” Americans who thought that a peaceful change to the corruption in Washington DC could be effected. Trump buys time for the globalists to assert even more control over the populace. Without his presence { and bogus promises } some actual ” Outside the Beltway ” methods ; including tax revolt and other methods might have been started. The man ; in my opinion is simply a great actor and just another { expletive deleted }.

    • Greg Hunter

      I think you are the “tool” of the left if you can’t see Trump is under attack unprecedented in American history.

      • Charles H

        Agreed. Trump is not in the arena of Big Business anymore. Politics here and abroad is a different animal – and not friendly whatsoever. He IS under attack like no one has ever seen. It is shamefull America has come to this.

      • Robespierre


        Yes, President Trump IS under assault from ALL quarters. They have him penned-in, unable to act or move. Unless the American People themselves come to the rescue, I’m afraid its SOL. No major reforms otherwise.

      • Lake M

        Its certainly obvious that Trump is under attack by the left.
        However, I’d bet most of his supporters are questioning and
        reassessing their opinion of President Tweeter. His bizarre and questionable behavior since taking office and the people he has surrounded himself with…. are asking themselves- who is the real Donald Trump?. The list of questionable actions grows by the week. An example…AG Sessions recent promotion of property seizure by Federal and State police. Or the missile attack on Syria over a fake chemical weapon deployment by Assad. Continuing the militarization of the Baltic States. Starting a fight with the Chinese. It sure is quite a political crisis we find ourselves in…unprecedented. Just wait for the budget battle and increasing of the debt issue which will be coming to the forefront in September. Battle royal.
        Let’s give Mr Trump some more time before judgement.

        How long can the FED ponzi go on? Today I received a solicitation by Wells Fargo offering 30 yr step note taxable CD’s
        at 3.6% for the first 25 years. A 30yr US Treasury is yielding 2.8% today. Guess we’re in store for low rates forever.

      • frank reps

        Greg, Trump is under attack by design. Remember “Riley Ace of Spies “?.{ true story } An organization designed to fight the Bolsheviks called the ” Trust ” spent time ….energy …human lives , and money to try and counter the Soviets Unfortunately ; the Trust was actually an organization established by the communist’s themselves to gull the other nation’s into thinking they were fighting for freedom. Trump now seems to be throwing tiny bones to his supporters, and surrendering to his enemies on major issues. His recent signing of the disastrous and truly bogus sanctions bill is a case in point. He could have vetoed it and told his supporters { as well as Russia } that he wants peace in the world; not war. Tillerson was probably behind Trump’s signing , since he is simply a Big Oil guy who has loyalties to that crew. A poltergeist did not move Trumps hand. The Holy ghost did not land on his head with a flame. Trump had a choice….he folded….not because of confusion ….but because he is a really great actor who is playing a part. I voted for the man….he lied to us Greg. I am sad about this ; but think the Almighty will eventually set things right. I look at my RC Church infested with Satanists and perverts and have left to worship at Orthodox Christian churches. Going to St Petersburg next week and will attend mass there. At this stage; I’M ROOTIN FOR PUTIN. frank reps

  60. evan trofholz

    Would love to see the financial dealings of Congress leading up to the sanctions vote to see how many invested in US natural gas companies.

  61. Rock

    PCR says he does not know anything about the Illuminati or the New World Order? Huh?

    • Alannon

      I found that interesting also.?

  62. Robespierre


    Well, he certainly knows all about global geopolitics and sovereign (economic) competition sic. Cold War. Its his area of expertise. However, as far as personal investment advice and comments about the stock market, well, not so much. Too general. Probably not of real value, at least to me. I have my own (Registered Investment Advisors and Stockbrokers). I’ll bet he does not own any stocks. Instead, probably a lump of gold ( gold bug).

    • Robespierre


      Americans Must Take Their “Lumps” Regardless for Past (Collective) Choices (Sins).

  63. Scott Rice

    Excellent interview with Paul C Roberts on many issues involving the USA. I believe he is right on the economy with regards to the Fed continuing to do what they have been doing since 2007. It will continue to be a slow burn to the bottom with an uninformed public sitting by and continuing to loose value in everything they own. This was probably one of the best analysis of the economy that you have interviewed over this past year. It is not something I like or relish seeing come to fruition, however it is proving to be pretty accurate. I do believe as you probably do that nothing can go on indefinitely, however this does not appear to be coming to fruition anytime soon.

  64. Jerry

    Sometimes I feel like I’m living in a Twilight Zone movie.
    In the not to distant future this African nations currency may be worth more than ours. Can you guess which one?

    • Tin foil hat

      I believe Zimbabwe has abandoned the dollar for the yuan not too long ago. It’s only natural they would follow the yuan/gold lead.

  65. Justn Observer

    Greg…. Ph’d Farrells blog on the Russian sanctions…interesting…and another poor move by the ‘establishment’ Congress…
    also a sad note about Jim Marrs passing…R.I.P.

  66. book it

    Greg, I’d love if you or someone on the site can help me understand something.

    Donald Trump, Jr released emails that confirmed that he and two other members of the Trump team met with a number of Russians with the intention of getting dirt on Clinton. TRUMP, JR CONFIRMED COLLUSION. And you cannot deny this. It wasn’t NYT or WAPO. It was Trump’s family. Why do you and your followers refuse to acknowledge this and pretend it doesn’t exist?

    99% chance you won’t print this, right?

    • Greg Hunter

      Book it,
      No, I’ll print it. Just to let you know Trump Jr. did not accept the “research” because it was not very good. YOU CAN WRITE IN ALL CAPS ALL YOU WANT, it does not make what Trump Jr. did collusion or illegal. There is no there there and even the Washington Post not admits it:

      • klob2020

        Are you freebasing blue pills???

        That article is an opinion piece written by Ed Rogers who is a conservative schill. That’s all. There is no actual reporting there.

        • Greg Hunter

          Ed Rogers is not the person that makes the decision to post an Op-Ed. It is the top ranking members of the Washington Post. You are have exposed yourself as an idiot and you cannot fix that.

    • Charles H

      book it,

      If Trump Jr. probed the English for intel on Clinton: does that confirm collusion with the English? Only – the English are probably in cahoots with the American Deep State: and no real information would be forthcoming there. So WHO would have real intel?… hmmmmm?? Hint – who got the Atomic Bomb secrets and infiltrated the State Department after World War 2??? You are reading into the situation what isn’t there. Trump Jr. was SOURCING INTEL – that doesn’t amount to collusion.
      “Lyndon Johnson bugged Goldwater’s campaign offices in 1964, and nothing was done about it. The press laughed it off.” Nixon was informed about the Watergate break-in after the fact and mislead as to the purpose. In defending his people – he was later crucified for it. Clinton does the same thing twenty years later – and gets away with it. The pattern here is that Democrats can break the law and not pay for it; where Republicans just have to be embroiled in scandal and Liberals boil them in oil. Go away, mud-slinger. Or is it sludge-pot?

  67. brvalentine

    PCR is Fantastic. The Nation Needs/Requires more of his kind and that of Bill Black and others to save this once great Nation from circling the Bowl.

    Correct. The Citizenry has Zero representation. The CONgress’ CONstituents are Wall St./Corporate Board Rooms etc….

    The US has unfortunately become a full-blown Fascist state.

    Germany/France and others will break from the US and NATO will fracture. Who is anyone to tell another nation who and how they are going to conduct their business?

    The entire Russian meme is 1,000% Entire BS.

    Unfortunately, Trump is surrounded by very bad people and I will leave you with this:

    “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.” – Cicero

    May God Bless America!

  68. F C

    It is a shame that we now have a GREAT President and he wants to do everything he can to make our country great again and the’Left’ and the DEM’S and Media want him gone because they now are NOT controlling us and are losing LOT’S of money and power that they had.
    WE the PEOPLE have had ENOUGH of their BS and lies and WE the PEOPLE want our country back. We will stand with OUR President and will NEVER go back to what we had when Obama was controlling us.

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