CV19 Bioweapon/Vax Bell Has Rung, CV19 Vax Dead Piling Up & Inflation Economy

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 571 3.3.23)

The bell has rung on the fraud of the CV19 plandemic.  From infection to injection, it was all a bioweapon used to kill and disable an unsuspecting global population.  13 billion doses were shot into people worldwide, and it did not help one single person—period.  Woody Harrelson rang the bell that could not be unheard on Saturday Night Live when he said governments and media were bought off by Big Pharma.  They locked us down, and the only way to get out was to take their drugs (CV19 Vax) over and over.  People are waking up to the deadly and debilitating scam of Covid and the bioweapon/vax used to murder people.

The dead keep piling up from the CV19 bioweapon/vax.  Wall Street analyst extraordinaire Ed Dowd says excess death numbers for group life insurance companies are up more than 40% over normal in 2022—and they are trending much higher in 2023.  We are just getting started, and this evil debacle is nowhere near the peak.  This does not account for the thousands every week who are left completely disabled and can no longer work.  The one thing that could help people now is Ivermectin, but the medical community and the government are still trashing it and restricting it.  Looks like Justin Bieber’s career is over as he has cancelled the remainder of his world tour because of health problems caused by the CV19 injections.  Could Ivermectin help him?  Vax injury expert Dr. Pierre Kory says he has helped many with Ivermectin.

We keep hearing that the Fed is going to pivot and start cutting interest rates.  The market rallied on Thursday because of some dovish comments by one Fed President.  Is anyone listening to the rest of the Fed?  Nearly all, including Fed Head Jay Powell, say they are raising rates, and they are not going to stop raising them anytime soon.  We have an inflation economy.  Can it be brought under control without killing business?

There is much more in the 52-minute newscast.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 3.3.23.

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After the Interview:

Catherine Austin Fitts (CAF), Publisher of The Solari Report, will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.  CAF will talk about everything from global digital currency to gold.  She will give us her thoughts on the widening bloodbath called the Ukraine war.


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  1. Brian Mendenhall

    Love Ya Brother, keep up the good work!

    • Anthony Australia


      • Christion

        Luke 12:37-40

        37 How happy are those servants whose master finds them awake and ready when he returns!

        I tell you, he will take off his coat, have them sit down, and will wait on them. 38 How happy they are if he finds them ready, even if he should come at midnight or even later! 39 And you can be sure that if the owner of a house knew the time when the thief would come, he would not let the thief break into his house. 40 And you, too, must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you are not expecting him.”

      • Galaxy 500

        I have seen a lot of Pastors claim we are in the end time and yet time continues.
        Even Jesus, the OnNE and ONLY SON OF THE ONE TRUE GOD DOESNT KNOW THE TIME, sorry I don’t believe the Pastor knows what hes talking about.
        Matthew 24:36-44
        King James Version
        36 But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.

        37 But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

        38 For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark,

        39 And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

        40 Then shall two be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left.

        The will of God will be done. Live accordimg to the Word, pray often and prepare for a long life.

    • Francine

      Greg… Some people can’t believe they voted for feminine I can’t believe they voted for Biden I can’t believe they reelected newsom I can’t believe well the thing is we don’t believe it… They cheated… And you know what this next year and a half waiting for the next election is going to be nothing but a distraction and I do believe they can cheat again… If it was a fear election the Democrats wouldn’t have a chance in hell. Not that the Republicans who are in office now I’m much better. Like Carrie lake she should be the governor nobody’s going to tell me that other jerk won.

  2. Anthony Australia

    Love your work GH.

    There are no aliens only projections manifested by Satan. These projections are based upon ritual ceremonies preformed by one’s who have the ambition to become and replicate God. They summon evil spirits to capture humanity.

    Greg can you please create a Podcast channel so we can listen your audio, helps when in poor data connected areas and limited bandwidth needed.

    • Shirl

      Butt butt and an even bigger BUTT…it was Trumps fault because he ordered a “vaccine” and got a Bio-Weapon instead, besides everything is Orange Man Bad’s FAULT…he is a guilty far right white extremist….just ask the Fake News Presstitutes of the Lying Legacy Media who broadcast it nonstop 24/7 for the last 6-7 years 😂😂😂

      • Gene


        Trump still highly recommends that you take his ClotShot…if you haven’t taken it, why haven’t you?

        Isn’t Trump trustworthy?

        • Shirl

          Hi Gene,

          Does it surprise you that many American citizens realize that they have the patriotic duty and responsibility to question their employees of government including the President? Are you from Chyna or something?

          You see, many American citizens not all, are capable of doing their own research to make their own decisions regarding personal healthcare having the freedom to do so in America….it’s not like Chyna at all.

          Anyway, my choice for the Best President Ever is Trump hands down…his policies are already proven the BEST from the Open Borders Fiasco we see now, Supply Chain Breakdown Issues, Rampant Train Derailment Syndrome gone into overdrive, The Afghanistan Brain Dead Decisions made there, Food Processing Plants and Production Centers Mysteriously Burning up to literally staring into the abyss of WW3 at present…the list of correct Trump Republican policies of excellence is YUGE…save the Kong-Flu Plandemic rollout by the Glo-Bullists, their Clot-Shot Bioweapons…the competition doesn’t hold a candle to any of it. Perhaps the VaXXXed see things differently and that wouldn’t be surprising, right? BTW, are you Fooly VaXXXed and as Dr Fraudci says “BOOSTED” too ?

          It’s too bad you are evidently SORE with obvious difficulties to think for yourself having no knowledge of basic Freedoms or of the Responsibilities that go with.

        • Charlie

          Gene, if you find yourself having physical as well as mental pain when Trump is mentioned positively, you might be a Victim of The LLM 24/7 Brainwashing Operation and where you have contracted TDS 🤮
          One suggestion, it may help if you unplug the TeeVee but, immediate results such as screeching to the skies at the mere mention of Trump may take weeks to pass. 😱

      • J

        What a foolish comment! Trump allowed the pharmaceutical companies to make an emergency vaccine for voluntary use as determined by the people. All approved by the government health agencies so their safety should be addressed to the health agencies and the pharmaceutical companies. You are clueless and need to learn. You need to learn pharmaceutical companies are for profit so buyer beware. Trump said the vaccines are voluntary, so he did not advise to take the vaccines.

  3. Colleen

    CATHERINE AUSTIN FITTS. My favorite. I can hardly wait until Saturday!

  4. GPR Johnson

    For Info:
    UK- just out

    • john

      she’s a brave lady !!!

    • Jaime

      In preparation for our future.
      Nightly prayer. Prayer before all meals.
      Last year I built a greenhouse.
      We’re rebuilding an old garage into a nice workshop, with a wood stove.
      Now setting up a sewing shop in the basement. Learning to sew at 49 🙂 gathering up free and cheap sewing machines, fabric and thread. One treadle machine and a hand cranker coming soon.
      Boot repair and making coming soon. The Chinese may stop shipping any time. In a month we’ll be barefoot and naked.
      Low debt load. Basic necessity planning.
      Thanks Greg Hunter for being a leader and truth teller. May God pour out his grace over us all. Amen

      • regaleagle

        Why worry about all of these things… the birds of the air worry? God Almighty will take care of His own……His umbrella of protection is certain for those that are His. Why not spend your time in other more worthy pursuits for these End Times…….and study the scriptures to show yourself worthy. IF you did that, then you would see more clearly and the Holy Spirit would guide you in a more perfect way full of knowledge. As Greg often states……Fear not. God Almighty is in control.

  5. Mark L.

    Turn the TV off.

    • Juan Sánchez-Villalobos Ramírez

      Dr. John Campbell…. well this is just another so called Dr. who should be executed for crimes against humanity when the time comes!! I don’t think he’s a big man for now apologising he was wrong!! Oh no!!! NO MERCY for any of these people…. A quick trial then executed!! Every single las tone of them!!!

      • Anthony Australia

        Thanks JSVR,
        So glad you posted this, I just read your comment this morning.
        Amazing, it was only last evening I was shown a clip from him discussing the FACT masks don’t work.
        My comments were he’s an establishment shill who has been trying to backtrack over the last few months to gain evermore popularity and should be banned from public speaking.

  6. Jimmy

    Even with egg on their face the Demon-rats persist in the error of their ways (even knowing they have severely miscalculated the broad public backlash from their diabolical Covid war upon humanity) as their Clot Shot “jabs” (like the energizer bunny) “just keeps on killing” – and these Demons also completely ignore the political and economic ramifications of their brazen attack upon Europe’s Nord Stream gas pipeline (which has turned the people of Europe against them) – and – as for their foolhardy military attacks upon Russia – it is going to result in another bloody nose to our inept US Military Generals – who (if you think about it) have never really won “a real war” (even with our supposed victory during WWII) – remember it was Russia who took the brunt of the casualties in defeating Hitler – all the US got out of WWII was all the Nazi’s (who were put into positions of power within the deep State of our US Government due to Operation Paper Clip)!!

    • Jon Scott

      You are 100% wrong about John Campbell. Most people in the medical profession trusted what they were told at least initially (most took the vax) and only only over time begun to question it. If you watched his material you would know he has been questioning the official narrative since quite early on and the BBC and Wikipedia did hit pieces on him almost 2 years ago for that reason. He presented lots of data on Omicron in Nov 2021 which he stated that he believed that the pandemic would be over in a months. He also strongly hinted that the government pushed boosters were an unnecessary risk. I don’t think he understood how dangerous the vaccines were at the time, but he did present interviews with vaccine injured people over 2 years ago. Attacking people like John Campbell is doing the establishments work and deflecting from truly the guilty, i.e those that corrupted the scientific data and knowingly hid the data.

    • Jimmy

      Why are “people in the know” moving their families away from US coastlines??? Is it because Biden has authorized the use of depleted uranium rounds in Ukraine without Congressional approval knowing Russia specifically said: “They would consider the use of depleted uranium weapons in Ukraine (that would contaminated the wheat fields and food supply) as “a dirty bomb nuclear attack upon them” – do the Globalists fear a Russian “Tsunami Nuclear Weapon” being used in retaliation against their use of depleted uranium? – A nuclear strike on Germany is also possibility if the Germans use depleted uranium in their Leopard tank rounds!! – best guess is that we will be in a full fledged nuclear war by November 2023!!! –

  7. Andrew Cox

    There are many stories about people who “died suddenly” here in the UK.
    On Wednesday, I met a woman who was attending the funeral of a well-known pianist – – a very fit man who died suddenly agd 56.
    Last year my mother had the booster – this badly damaged her health and she had covid in June. Sadly, she died suddenly just before Christmas. We still await the post-mortem report.

    • Greg Hunter

      Andres, We are very sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing.

    • Don W.

      Andrew, I am sorry for your loss. I know that is hurts. My oldest son who was 62 at the time, took his second booster shot and 5 days later as he was in the shower, got the blood clot and it took his life. The about two weeks later when I called an old friend of mine from our USMC days, his wife answered and said they had just had his funeral and from the same thing. Blood clot and died.
      My is in Memory Care and I am in Independent Live in the same place and when I told them NO MORE shots, we almost had to move, but they let us stay and then the next shot came and by that time, many more people knew of problems and over 100 of the about 400 said NO. But we have had seven people that I know of living here that have passed away from strokes in a 8mo time frame. They can not tell us about people like that. It is only because I knew them, that I know about them passing they way they did. Also, two people I know had all the shots and yet have had covid at least twice.
      Blessings to you, Andrew and all the others out there that have lost loved ones from the WEF killing fields.

      • Jimmy

        Thinking about that pianist mentioned above that dropped dead of the Clot Shot – imagine a world “without music” (when the Globalist eugenicists kill off “all the musicians” with their Clot Shot) – any “recorded music” we still have possession of after the EMP (Grid Shutdown) will probably be like gold – but the Globalists killing all our musicians will likely laugh as they tell us “Silence is Golden” (and proceed to kill off all the Song Birds “with clouds of dioxin” to make God’s beautiful Earth more like the Hell these Demons have come from!!

      • Vernon Locke

        Hang in there DON, THY kingdom’s coming!


    The Ed Dowd info is scary; it is still increasing!

  9. Martin Coombs

    Dr who ? Luke at their logo? 🐍 climbing their rod within roman olympic head dress STOP . Look at numbers 21 v 8,9 John 3 v 12 -20 logos & the truth will set you free, free in Jesus’s deed , paid in full God bless y’all from uk 🙏

  10. Sam

    Catherine Austin Fitts (CAF) about the role of XRP or XLM in the global digital currency?
    Thanks….it Might make one rich if it takes off….right now XRP is about $o.30 cents and XLM is around $0.09 cents….Theta is a Band Width sharing technology and doing Research on this, could prove to be very Lucrative….
    Thank You,

    • Jimmy

      Sam – Your goal should not be “trying to get rich” on something like XLM that you will have to pay capital gains on – because the Demon Rats “are always raising taxes on the rich” – and you definitely don’t want to get up into “the rich tax bracket” (where 90% of your wealth is expropriated by these Demons) – and besides – it is harder to get into heaven being rich – much better to stay “poor” owning gold and silver coins “that are not taxable” and who’s price is artificially held down for you (so you can accumulate even more cheap) – as for real estate “forget it” – with real estate you not only have to pay capital gains on its value when sold – but must constantly pay increasing “additional taxes” to the Town and School District your property is located in “every year”!!

  11. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg and many thanks for WNW571.
    Great content and impassioned delivery – as always!

  12. john

    Let’s play the current democratic anagram game, FBI = FIB(bers) when their leadership lied about Russia collusion with illegal FISA application, And, EPA= PEA(brains) for claiming they can’t test for dioxin levels in East Palestine because they do not have a baseline figure to go by because of all of the charcoal grilling that has occurred in the past. What a clown show. Thank GOD for alternative media sites like yours Greg Hunter. GOD bless and protect you for what you do.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you john for all your Blessings & support.

      • john lance

        Mr. Hunter , will you please read yesterdays article on the ” Hal Turner Radio Show ” titled Nation : Covert Intel . It’s about fifth article down . It states that next week banks are going to start limiting cash withdrawels, so people had better start getting some cash out of banks . The article sounded reasonable . Not only myself but others would appreciate your input . Thanks

    • Don W.

      I second all your comment. It is great.

  13. Roger Stamper

    tks greg

  14. Kerry Funk

    The one person I listen to Was President Trump. “You have the right not to take the vax”, and I didn’t. Haven’t had COVID, Thank You President Trump

  15. John Barry

    There is no Faith it is why YAHUSHA prophesied the days of Lot. What happened in the days of Lot and why were those cities destroyed? NO FAITH!! IT IS WHY NUKE WAR!

  16. Astraea

    Greg, it is so frightening. Who are the people driving America to destruction? Who wants the young of America to go and fight this terrifying lie called Ukraine – who runs that corrupt and frightening, inhuman place? Who are the cold inhuman people ruling Ukraine and America and Britain? And Europe.
    Who are the Destroyers?

    • Linda J Crean

      Astrata I know things seem scary but it’s because the enemy knows his time is short. I read an article on American Intelligence Media that said Nathion Rothschild wrote a letter to the British government saying they better step up their game against Russia or the New world order wouldn’t survive. So is we all prayed and asked Father God is to stop the war in the Ukrainian, Jesus said if we ask His Father God for anything in Jesus’ name God would do it for us. So we need to be instant in prayer and supplication to Father in Jesus name. I speek PEACE over our country Peace over the Earth as the water covers the seas.

    • Pete+only

      Astraea, these inhumane people that you are referring to are your central bankers who made money from wars since the u.s civil war.
      After each war, or deliberate financial crisis, people have less rights, and pay more taxes…go figure. Not a bad scam having the right to print money when you aren’t even a government elected by anyone, (not that that matters any more really).
      Bail ins that were created since 2008 mean that depositors at banks stand behind those that were playing with derivatives in financial markets…

  17. William Mitchell

    I think Robert Hunter Biden would be a good replacement for Senator Fetterman.

    • Earth Angel

      Or better yet, maybe he will be one of the first to sign up to go fight in Big daddy Biden’s war in Ukraine. Will we see it? Hardly!.. American boots on the ground.. I think NOT.

  18. Lynn

    My neighbor once a month drives to a food bank. I spoke to him and he said it took them 3 hours in line to get the food, I asked why…he said “ALMOST ALL OF THE VOLUNTEERS DIED, that is MORE THAN TEN PEOPLE HAVE DIED…(of course older people are volunteers)…….he said it took so long because there were very few volunteers left…..THINGS ARE BAD, NOW, not later, NOW…pray for our brothers and sisters who have succumbed to the overthrow of the USA.

    • Joshua

      Lynn, That volunteers missing story makes sense and thanx for sharing it. Mr Dowd who was one of Greg’s recent guests here had reported that the data indicates the missing are dying off in large unheard of before numbers from the once healthier workforce sector of the population…which is why we see so many “Help Wanted” signs.

      As Greg Hunter reports it does appear that Brain Dead before he was Brain Dead cheated & rigged in no doubt Senator (cough) Fetterman is part of the growing trend of this vaXXXinated affected phenomenon, Not A Shocking Revelation.

      What hits home for me is that some family members got vaXXXed despite my pleadings with supporting sources to avoid it and where one in her early 40’s has suddenly been diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer…out of the blue…”no one knows why?”???…they all say, even her attending clueless doctors…I just shake my head…I have given up in trying to warn them that the FREE experimental Jab/BoosTa Fest was a FARCE…it’s too late though…and I will not tell them “I told you so” either…it’s all so very incredibly unbelievably sad but, TRUE. Pray Up my friends.

  19. John Barry

    Largest blood sacrifice ever prophecy!!

  20. Dale Whitmore

    I believe we Americans waited too long to take action against these perpetrators. They are imbedded into everything, our children are about to be enslaved if allowed to survive.
    It’s too big to reverse.

    • Anthony Australia


    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Astraea,
      I have never heard Todd Callender give such a dire warning. Chilling stuff!

    • Sam

      Theta is the Network of bandwidth sharing and it will totally Replace the 5G….do diligent Research and you may do very well…if you are into Crypto…see the Partners an you will be Impressed….Theta will ELIMINATE 5G

  21. robert

    US Army Mercenary defects to russia talks about nazis and cia and much more in ukraine.

  22. Really Awake

    Yes. Continue to pound and pound and pound some more on the mRNA Vax Bioweapon. Don’t let up not even for a minute. This is the biggest story of my lifetime;however, WW3 (including thermonuclear annihilation) will eclipse everything, including the Covid Bioweapon…

    In fact, it looks like WW3 will include even more deadly bioweapons. So the bio-attacks are probably not over. WW3 will also include a lot of top secret weapons, too, to completely terrify any survivors into complete submission to the Deep State that, by the way, will be hiding deep, deep down under the ground in well stocked bunkers while the rest of the public die like flies on the surface.

    We’ve almost reached the point of no return. Once a really deadly lab created plague is released which is 100x more virulent than Covid – then the SHTF. And there shall probably be a combination of cyber-war, bio-war, nuclear war and new top secret weapons of war.

    It doesn’t look good. At all. It’s so bad that even a secular man, Marty Armstrong, is starting to talk about “the AntiChrist. To Marty’s credit he openly admits that he’s not at all knowledgeable about “prophecy”.

    Hopefully, both secular men and women will realize that unseen forces of evil – lead by Satan the Devil – are what’s behind all of this insane evil.

    • Earth Angel

      To the biggest stories of our lifetime list RA- I would add the giant fiat/ petro dollar fiasco fraud perpetrated on the entire world for the last 100 years or so by the international criminal banking cartel; and we MUST NEVER forget to include the worldwide spraying of toxic nanometallics, chemicals, polymer fibers, (and what else?) over our heads working in conjunction with the military’s HAARP program to bring us weather warfare like never before seen, along with it the poisoning and derailment of our ENTIRE PLANET’s life support systems. (a.k.a. geoengineering) Also Monsanto’s contamination of the natural food supply with their GMO’s, glyphosate and the deaths and suicides created overseas by the loss of crops and livestock to small rural farmers due to these toxic poisoning programs sold to them bear mention. Yes, when one becomes REALLY AWAKE it’s hard to tell which scandal IS the biggest ‘cuz there’ve been so many and they’re ALL so bad. But you’re right, the covid bioweapon & worldwide death shot really takes the cake!

  23. Prospector

    Threat Assessment : Radar Lock :

    Has a Republican said anything about this or started impeachment hearings?
    Republicans truly are embarrassing. They get rolled while the country is destroyed from within. But hey, they held a hearing about something.

    UPDATE: Biden Regime Confirms Commitment To “Legally-Binding” Agreement Which Will Surrender U.S. Pandemic Authority To Chinese-Backed World Health Organization “For Generations To Come”. My take: Biden should be declared insane and relieved of command.


  24. Prospector

    A government that controls enough resources to create a virus that kills its citizens is a government that has grown too large.

    The US government was complicit in the creation of COVID-19. Mar . 2

  25. Linda

    That Zelensky quote is an eyeopener. That should wake even Demwits up. He is a disgusting creature.

  26. Maria das Santos

    An interesting analysis of the week Mr Hunter and very deep .Thank you.
    Mr Zeihan has an interesting take on Covid-19 quite astonishing,
    No mention of American security involvement. Quite surprising that scientists,so funny, have a “general” view of the virus. But he certainly has become the baseball bat for hitting China most recently. Now its Congress’s turn.
    More corruption in the Ukraine and silence from the USA elites. You know those Neo-Conservative elites like fatso Nuland/Kagan.
    Perhaps the power and strength of the sugar hip Nuland and her Neo-Conservative bun guzzlers extends into the WEF via Harvard Kennedy School and their “permanent war” ethos that erupted in the Knesset in 1948 and now resides here in the UK,the third party that transcends all parties here but none of us plebs are allowed to know about . Sp much for democracy.
    Here in the UK whilst our police are operationally independent of the Government,don’t laugh, they went totally Stasi and still are ,and told to do so by senior ministers. We are YET to know the names of the senior police involved, but hazarding a guess they are the ones with the massive upgrade in their houses,cars and children education possibly !Whilst the judges are displaying their tan for all to see as they have had a wonderful holiday at the expense of the country possibly! So the TOTALITARIAN regime loved by the Communists and Fascists of all shades except us plebs who were and are the target.Even our opposition leader of the Labour Party said it was not draconian enough!
    And we seriously expect a fair and honest exploration of all this with the Neo-Conservatives in power across the West and across the aisles as well?
    Still our economy here in the UK with recent food inflation of “only” 17%, “only” being for the robbing elites ,is truly awful.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Maria,
      “Even our opposition leader of the Labour Party said it was not draconian enough!”
      For the benefit of American Watchdoggers, I would point out that the UK Leader of the Opposition, Keri Starmer, is a member of the CFR!!! Little wonder then that both major political parties are acting in concert to suppress ‘we the people’.

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Correction: Keir Starmer

  27. Steve Pechak

    Greg is probably correct about Ivermectin helping VAX issues. But everyone who wants to rid themselves of all kinds of ill-fated problems need to research The Gerson Therapy
    for fast resolution. It does require a personal commitment. But if you want to expell toxins in the body , and restore your immune system to optimal function so IT can block the coodies you don’t want, then buy the book, and start learning the protocol.
    You wont regret it. It is a change in lifestyle, it will require you to think differently, to act differently. The Gerson Therapy Institute. Look it up. Heal yourself.
    It’s better to be happy than concerned. Eyes open, head on a swivel, centered and poised. Live by example so the children can have some real role models again.

  28. Da Yooper

    Good Friday wrap up Greg

    A thought ………Since the bond market is multiples of the stock market

    Could the fed be trying to get bond holders to sell & then invest that money in the stock market to prop it up?

    I wonder what CAF would think about this?

  29. Steve Pechak

    Graig, a week or so ago you should compassion for all who were vaxed by saying we were all sucked into the lie. But today you said some to the affect that that …the people who were stupid enough to ge the vax. Passion is a good thing but compassion is necessary. No reason to rub it in, they were lied to.


      Thank you Steve for your compassion. My only daughter Kimberly Amy and her daughter darling Hannah Rose, my youngest son James his wife and two lovely little boys Jack&Ben three shots, my middle child Daniel an ESL teacher public school (children call him Professor) ahh there so cute, husband Bob and myself 2 shots. Daniel is the only one who will talk to me for almost 3 years the rest think I’m crazy that’s there’s nothing wrong with the shots. I pray every day for them to live and not die and tell of the goodness of God in the land of the living in Jesus name and that this war will stop like Father God did at Passover. I also cry everyday missing them but reassuring myself when we all get to Heaven we will makeup the time lost forever. Our good shepherd Lord Jesus Christ see’s our plight and has not forgotten us. The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want for anything. ❤️ See you all in Heaven someday we can meet at Greg’s house, 🏠.

      • Laurie Wales

        I am sadly seeing them as victims of war.
        To me I am seeing everything happening world wide as war, spiritual and physical.
        We are under attack on all fronts but it isn’t clear who all the attackers are.
        Attacks on our mind up is down down is up
        Attacks on our judicial system
        Attacks on our food supply
        Attacks on our jobs
        Attacks on health/ healthcare as a whole
        Attacks on our rights
        Attacks on our children
        Attacks on parents
        Attacks on religion
        Attacks on womanhood (Trans war on women)
        Attacks on our $
        Attacks on our environment/water via fires and explosions of toxins
        Attacks on our way of life
        Attacks from the borders
        Attacks on our election system
        Did I miss any?
        We are at war

        • Lori McNeil

          Yes Laurie, we are at war. It’s between Good and Evil. I know where I stand and I’m pretty sure you do too.

  30. Rodster

    Yo Brother Greg, the next time you interview Karen Kingston, can you PLEASE ask her about the government wanting to inject our food livestock with mRNA tech? Is that possible to absorb and would we in effect be like those that are vaxxed with the CV19 death shots? Inquiring minds want to know?

  31. Brianroy

    Meanwhile, evacuations for continuity Of Government are HAPPENING NOW over the weekend, so select senators and representatives can be relocated to any one of the 5 cities on the COG list.
    1. Denver
    2. Omaha
    3. Raleigh
    4. Nashville
    5. Atlanta

    They have to be out of town by March 5th for a March 6th ff. possible COG event. The List is now being revised once every 6 months instead of once a year now. There was speculation that Senator Feinstein was on the list, but because of age and prior mental and physical lapses in health, likely not…but still could be.
    I warned you in the past week of the March 6 event prep, but you wouldn’t post my comment then.
    You can confirm March 6 with others in public postings now. Hal Turner radio is one example.
    I advise precautionary extra preparedness steps be taken but NOT in a panic mode, by March 5, just like the COG Reps and Senators and their families are doing. Just in case. Thanks.

    • Greg Hunter


      What is the source for this information?

      • Prospector

        Greg , I have no idea if what BR suggests is real , Hal Turner postings are known to be usually off the mark. That said, I have had the following on my radar.

        March 8th is the next scheduled COVID origin hearings in DC.
        A ” distraction level event ” is not unthinkable.
        Thanks, Hold The Line !

      • Brianroy

        Like I wrote, You can check Hal Turner Radio, for example. Your sometimes guest Steve Quayle will vet him. I failed to bookmark “other” due to a sudden major double charge issue by a US Gov’t contractor owned entity, so my double source is down to just the one at present. I don’t see it on my screenshots either, which I normally would do. The escalation and preparation for a nuclear strike into the USA by Russia at 300 Food trucks a day to just one of the US underground facilities is unimportant without the secondary sourcing. SQ can verify that HUMINT.
        When Reps and senators make the Continuity of Government evacs on an emergency leave, rather than just a routine switch out, look at: what might be related to it
        “COGCON 3: Federal agencies and departments Advance Relocation Teams “warm up” their alternate sites and capabilities…
        COGCON 2: Deployment of 50-75% of Emergency Relocation Group continuity staff to alternate locations. Establish their ability to conduct operations and prepare to perform their organization’s essential functions in the event of a catastrophic emergency.
        COGCON 1: Full deployment of designated leadership and continuity staffs to perform the organization’s essential functions from alternate facilities either as a result of, or in preparation for, a catastrophic emergency.”
        see also:

        “Soviet doctrine…unflagging persistence and patience…to strengthen themselves and to weaken any prospective challenges to their power,,,second…when the correlation of power is favorable, the Party is under positive obligation to realize and nail down potential gains….”
        CIA report, declassified, pdf p. 81

        “MOSCOW, February 28. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a law suspending Russia’s participation in the strategic arms reduction treaty (New START). The document was published on Tuesday, February 28.
        According to the law, the New START is suspended. A decision to resume Russia’s participation in the treaty can be made by the head of state. The law takes effect as of the moment of its official publication.”

        Russia is moving its mobile nuclear launchers around Feb 28 ff
        and is NO LONGER under obligation to report movements under any treaty since START is suspended…the same START that counts US Bobers, sumarines and launchers themselves on the USA side as if nukes, while Russia counts actual nukes.

        A May 2012 Classified Report to Congress, redacted and de-classified and released on September 20, 2012, under the Freedom of Information Act states twice on page 2 that conventional heavy bombers are THEMSELVES counted as if a nuclear weapon:
        Then on November 27, 2012, we have the Internal Security Advisory Board (ISAB) report being asked to assess a strategic reduction of all United States Nuclear Weapons to very low numbers or to even zero (pp. 17-18 of the pdf)

        Again, I misplaced other at the moment, so check with Steve Q and the Hal T for now. If that in some way discredits me, so be it. I’m owning up to my data retention mistake(s). Pressed for time at present. Sorry. gotta go.

    • Linda J Crean

      Thank you. Martin Armstrong had a list of the States that probably would be hit first and a way of telling if you are 100 miles away from a desired spot. While going over the list I saw a Ft listed that I had never heard of Ft Ritchie MD it’s just over 2hrs from me and never knew. Ft Ritchie is only 45 min from DC by helicopter and is stocked to the hilt but no Useless eaters or Deplorables can go in there. Oh well I don’t like the ones that would be in there anyway. PLUS Jesus said to be absent from our body is to be present with the Lord Jesus Christ. Thanks again.

    • Linda J Crean

      Thank again Brian, I forgot to put your name Im the one who stated that Ft Ritchie was only 45min from DC Martin Armstrong had an article on where we might be hit first and this is one of the spots. I never heard of Ft Ritchie but there’s even a movie about it over 60% of our important information came from that fort because the Jewish people who could get their oldest son’s out of harms way many joined the Army the young men were sent to Ft Ritchie because of their knowledge of the area landscape and their languages. It’s amazing but I guess that’s why we don’t know about it it’s got a really big secret under it. 🙏 Thank you.

    • Earth Angel

      What is a COG event?

  32. Don Briois

    The DS (federal reserve) own this country totally, it is so corrupt that a revolution is the only solution.

  33. Jim Wade

    Hey Greg, another newsy report with passion and honesty. I truly enjoy your reporting and topics.

    A comment about interest rates. If one would like to see a comparison to the debt situation in the USA look at Argentina. It has a large US$ denominated loan with the IMF that is due. In order to repay they had to but US$ with Argentine pesos. To maintain some strength in the peso:$US exchange rate the interest rate was raised several times and is now at 60% AND inflation has risen to 90%. This is a very difficult situation for the population. America could slide down a similar slippery slope. Be careful and be prepared for when the mud storm arrives!

    Jim Wade

  34. Kenneth A. Culp, CPA

    Investors should understand that, historically, when the FED pivots, the Stock Markets crash. This is because it is an admission that the economy is crashing!!!

  35. Barbara

    We are on the precipice of loosing our republic. Do the math: the WHO to control medical anonymity, Fauci and the CDC protected by the lying media re the Bioweapon shots, grooming our children in schools, accepting demands from a Ukrainian puppet who dresses in high heels and black leather (check the internet, folks) who not only steals our taxes, but now tells us we must sacrifice our children to a cause that exists only to protect corrupt politicians who made billions in that cesspool. It is time to call your representatives, and keep calling! It’s time t0 reclaim our voting rights! And it’s high time to stop cowering, and take a stand!

    • Linda J Crean

      Dear Barbara, I think we’re way past our representatives this whole thing is Demonic and whoever is involved is possessed of evil spirits. Jesus said 1/3 of the angels fell from Heaven when God through Satan out because they believe Satan they went with him. Jesus said I saw Saten fall from Heaven like lightening. Where did these evil spirits go? They look for a willing participant someone doing evil and bring more in. When Jesus cast the demon out of a man Jesus first asked who are you? The evil inside the man said” We Are Legion For We Are Many” then Jesus kicked them out they went into the pigs and the pigs didn’t want them so the pigs jumped into the sea. Did you ever wonder where the evil spirits went their in the ones who are doing this to this this on the world . Think of some and look at their faces. EVIL

  36. larry

    Thank you for hit points that actually matter…god bless

    • Brian Dougan

      [A] “Ukrainian puppet who dresses in high heels and black leather….” or; as one wag wrote: [Zelensky] “looks like a strip club manager in a cheap track suit.” Funny, and both lines true….but Zelensky isn’t funny. That horrid little troll has the gall to say that America will have to sacrifice the lives of her sons and daughters. Biden’s (unspoken reply) “Whatever it takes!” What if Moscow had arranged to assassinate this greedy; presumptuous warmonger? Would it have made a positive difference; or made things worse? Finally; Putin keeps making red lines–And doesn’t enforce them. Apparently Ukrainians gassed Russian soldiers using drones–A war crime. (Why hasn’t Putin swung a sledge hammer? That’s a huge red line.) An experts take on the gassing: Clayton Morris interviews Scott Ritter; on Feb. 12th.

  37. Marie Joy

    In past wars, wounded tended to be 4 X death… For every dead soldier, there were 4 soldiers seriously injured.
    Grow your own food, inside and outside. Have chickens. Think outside the box.
    Consider having/building a very deep, underground, self contained, well stocked bunker with a hidden, entry point from your basement. Guard against flooding.
    ALL opinions should be based on the fact that this is an American and worldwide genocide and American/ Australian/ European politicians have turned against you for money. They think they will survive this genocide. They’re wrong.

  38. Jeff

    Keep up the good work Greg!

    We appreciate how you are getting the truth out to the people.

    Shame on the Lying News Media.

  39. Russell Holmes

    Greg, I’m not disagreeing with your statement about how the swamp can’t bail the system out by printing money as they’ve done in the past. But on the other hand, I have to ask “why not, why couldn’t the banking cartel just print another $28 trillion like they did from 2008 to 2012.” Yes, it would cause massive inflation, probably hyperinflation, but the political/banking/military cartels couldn’t give a rip and by printing trillions Obiden could buy the votes of his woke base with yet another round of $1,000 checks.

    • Greg Hunter

      Inflation as we hav3e never seen before and you are seeing it now at the beginning.

      • Tim K

        Hi Greg,

        Great post as usual. I do pharma consulting work and did not take the jab. I have been turning down all international assignments that pay 200$ an hour because I do not trust governments (especially our own). In addition, I do not want to be subjected to shedding for an extended period of time (i.e 30 to 50 hours of travel). The money would be good, but it’s not worth my health and safety.

        Thanks for listening my friend


        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks for sharing my friend!

        • Earth Angel

          You are very wise Tim.

    • 2Cents

      Russel, Seems par for the historical course that They will “print fiat” until They can’t and that’s when it becomes totally worthless aka Weimar Style.

      • Russell Holmes

        Thanks for your reply 2 Cents. I say “print” as short hand for “creating fiat dollars,” though they do actually print Treasury Notes and such.

        There are, of course, many who would and have done everything in their power to destroy the US (and the family, all our freedoms, the Church and everything else God says is good). Whether the goal of the majority of the political/banking/corporate/judicial cartels is to totally destroy the dollar is another question. It may likely be more the result of greed, corruption and unfathomable immaturity by our “leaders” in DC and in every State Capitol for the last 50 or 60 years. As one of my all time favorites Alex Newman said on Greg’s show a few days back, they’ll likely try to shove cyber currency down our throats this summer. (I follow a lot of Newman and he’s always more interesting and informative on Gregs show because Greg always asks the right questions and knows what’s actually going on in the world.) But whether it’s the cyber currency, the $7.5 trillion of Notes and $3 trillion of real dollars that foreign nations and people hold of our money and it starts being spent when the dollar collapses leading to hyperinflation, or another biological attack by the CCP, maybe Obiden’s dementia becoming too obvious for even the media cartels to ignore and Harris (who’s dream is to murder as many Christians as possible) becomes President, the Ukraine war leading to wider conflict, or whatever I can’t help thinking we’ll soon see some manufactured crisis lead to total fascism here, the last free country on earth (relativity free that is). It could be 2, 3 or even 5 years from now as it seems the cartels have ways of “keeping things going,” but in the light of history that’s “soon.”

  40. stonewall

    What’s going on with scumbag Fauci? That rat faced killer was always in the news
    and now nothing. That’s one guy I want to see face a firing squad.

    • Shiloh1

      How about this? From U.S. Senate documentation –

      Past federally-funded experiments on dogs under Dr. Fauci included cutting their vocal cords out, infesting the dogs with ticks, and placing dogs heads in cages with infectious sandflies to be eaten alive.

      • Jimmy

        Payback for Fauci is that all the money he as ever saved is now worthless – – and hopefully he stays as dumb as all the people in Military Industrial Complex who also accumulate dollars (instead of gold)!!! – these people look at the price of a house that cost $14,000 in 1954 and now in 2023 costs $$600,000 “as capital gains” (that they must pay taxes on) – but the house is “still the same” (even worn down somewhat) – what has changed is the value of the US dollar which has depreciated to a value “42 times lower ” – most people don’t realize that “the huge capital gains” you need to pay (as the US dollar goes continually lower) because the Fed needs to print more dollars to help Zelensky in the Ukraine, all the illegal migrants, the drug companies to make “more jabs” and the military to make “more missiles”) – before you know it – your $14,000 dollar home will be worth “a Trillion US dollars” almost all of which “will be considered Capital Gains and taxed at 99% of its market value” – meaning you will effectively “own nothing” as Klaus Schwab keeps telling us and “we will be very happy about it” (most likely especially happy because you will have paid additional Town taxes and School taxes on that house for all the 30 or so years you’ve owned it (the Governments calls owning a home “the American Dream” because you “have to be asleep” not to realize what is being imposed upon you by the Demon Rats of the New World Order!!!

      • Earth Angel

        Another sick naz* ba$t@r& operating in today’s world.. is he a decendent of any brought here under op. paperclip I wonder? It would appear he apprenticed under the deranged Dr. Mengle himself. And SHAME on the scumbags in the federal govt. who appropriated funding for this type of torture on helpless animals. We need to know WHO THEY ARE too. Let’s have some MORE NAMES to put with this evil. Thank you for pointing this out Shiloh1.

    • Don W.

      I second that

  41. From TheRussian Front

    ❗ Ukraine attempts to terrorize Russian civilians
    The Deindustrialization of Germany Commences
    Scott Ritter Streamed live 1 day ago
    On episode 25 we are joined by Alexander Sosnovsky, the editor-in-chief of the German online magazine “World Economy”, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, publicist, author of several books. Professor at the International Academy for the Cultural Heritage of the Peoples of the World, Associate Professor at the Institute for International Politics and Economics in Hamburg.
    “Finding the right side of history may be difficult. Finding the wrong side of history is surprisingly easy, because in general the people on the wrong side are shouting to censor the others.”🙉🙈🙊🤐
    (Bret Weinstein) On CIA Project Mockingbird Brained US. Legacy Media Cuckolder’s 🦨… 🦨
    In biology, a cuckold is a male who unwittingly invests parental effort in juveniles who are not genetically his offspring.*
    *Steven M. Platek; Todd K. Shackelford, eds. (2006). Female Infidelity and Paternal Uncertainty: Evolutionary Perspectives on Male Anti-Cuckoldry Tactics. New York: Cambridge University Press. ISBN 9781139458047.

    Douglas Macgregor: Russia’s Mighty Advance, 1 day ago

  42. Dusty Dude

    Greg, you never disappoint… Thanks for all your hard work.

  43. Prospector

    Crazy censorship cat lady ‘ Scary Poppins ‘ is back asking for your money so she can sue those who called her ” The Censorship Czar ” or ” Ministry of Truth ”
    Now a ” Registered Foreign Agent ” , so that’s the work-around.

    The Washington Times – Monday, November 28, 2022
    The Biden administration’s proposed disinformation czar has registered as a foreign agent.
    Nina Jankowicz filed papers indicating that she is working for a British anti-disinformation group that takes funding from the U.K. government, according to a report Monday in the Daily Caller . ( Centre for Information Resilience )

    Nina Jankowicz is now planning to sue Americans exercising their rights to Free Speech and Free Press for the crime of criticizing the federal government she worked for

    This is exactly why the 1st Amendment exists

    To criticize cheap tyrants like her – @ DC_Draino

    • Shiloh1

      If Goebbels and Himmler were still around in 1950 they’d have been suing everyone, too!

  44. Diana Brown

    Thanks Greg! Love your weekly wrap up and will look forward to Caterine Austin Fitts. Glad also to see you are racking up some good advertising supporters. Great, helpful products and services!

  45. Scott

    Why is the Local Climatogical data sensors located at AIRPORTS!!!! further truth of this agenda…

  46. Clay Lane

    OMSK Siberia Russia, Friday Night. Baklykov LIVE
    232 watching now Started streaming 80 minutes ago
    Live stream from Omsk, the second largest city in Siberia, Russia on Friday night. The city, streets, people, atmosphere and vibe.

  47. Bonnie

    Thank you for your efforts to keep people informed! You always provide a lot of good information.

  48. mark deacon

    From experience I beleive in first hand information and no insult too those trying to get the word out.
    Family member who gets too see this death certificates in the office has commented on the excessive number of death certificates they have too look at every day.
    For me that is first hand information and the comment was the authorities are looking into it.
    That last comment is far worse than it appears … as the authorities know all this and are refusing too tell the public.

  49. Dee K.

    Greg, shocking photo of Justin B. With the major snowfall in the mountains of San Bernindino, CA I am wondering how Dane Wigington is doing 🤔 Have you contacted him recently? Would be great if you could get an interview with him sometime soon.

  50. jon

    Thank you Greg. You are certainly the most articulate on the CV19 and the entire Plandemic operation. On par with Scott Ritter and his analysis of the Military Situation in Ukraine.

  51. Vince

    Thanks Greg, for pounding the table on vax continuously. These psychopaths would destroy the entire free world rather than face prosecution.
    Pray for me, I bought some CS/ Credit Suisse yesterday. Bottom in? Working so far… I’ll bail if yesterday’s low is taken out.

  52. Alan Grimes

    ugh, my evil roommate is 5x shot and still a mask wearer. I don’t think he can be saved at this point but I’m at least trying to do him the courtesy of trying to communicate to him who killed him. (I warned him after the first time I heard he got the shot…) From all the books he had and how much mathematics he had mastered you would have thought he was extremely intelligent. =(

  53. Jane

    Thank U Greg.
    Absolutely Excellent.

  54. Jeffrobbins

    Thanks again for good reporting. I moved in a new direction partially thanks to you. I am a little over a month into a new maintenance type job- 25 years in building trades and first time in maintenance. It’s a little less money, but should be very secure and a steady 40 hours. My main goal is to be husband and dad. Also, i sold the last of a smaller stock holdings- we’re going full on homestead. Only so many things i can pay attention to.

  55. Andrew

    Dr. David E Martin has uncovered the smoking gun of the origins of SARS CV-2. Check this out:

    • Tin foil hat

      The Department of Energy and Republicans in Congress are loading the gun for the Deep State, the shit show is not going to end any time soon – China is next.

    • Tin foil hat

      According to the video at 5:24 hrs, China doesn’t own the WHO since the WHO is the one loading the gun back in Sept. 2019 .

      After the REPO market collapse in “Sept. 2019”, if China had continued to push for the new reserve currency (CBDC managed by the Eurocentric BIS), I believe the WHO would be the one pointing its finger at China like The Department of Energy and Republicans are doing now. Since China stopped pursuing the CBDC idea in 2020, the WHO unloaded the gun.

  56. Mike

    Given that the pharmaceutical industry has produced and distributed a bioweapon intended to kill people, does anyone trust them enough to use any of their products? I have experienced a primary care doctor being a pharmaceutical drug pusher during a “wellness” visit and found it necessary to break away from the insurance based medical system. My new natuapathic doctor tells me those drugs (e.g. statins) were actually bad for my health. Insurance pays nothing for my new health care but that is the price of escape from the medical system death trap.

  57. Wadsworth Binghamton

    Biden WH: Sad Insecure Puppets, Filled With Envy
    Tucker: Here’s who you should be afraid of
    Fox News 630K views 13 hours ago
    Tucker makes the case that there is war against rice Christians in America

  58. phil richards

    So Greg you should investigate The Deagel Report about population reduction through 2025. Problem is that it has been remove from the Deagel website. It was there for years. 200 million Americans or more were suppose to be gone, dead! Maybe all the things happening now are to create that. If you check the Wayback machine websitre you may find the report.

  59. Takuto

    I can name 23 persons of my personal environment who were severely damaged after being vaxxed, among them most heavy and aggressive cancer, sudden deaths, brain damage, heavy blood circulation problems, eye problems etc.
    Moreover, we know personal in clinics who tell us that they are overcrowded with vaxxed people, especially also with eye problems.

  60. Ken

    I concur with prepping on things Greg mentioned, but I also urge people to remember Meds and otc drugs for themselves and family. The other family members who shouldn’t be overlooked are the most Loyal among our family. Yes,the pets, as in food, water purification, RX’s , such as Heartworm preventative, flea& Tick preventative. Anything you may need, or have to barter with for another pet lover.
    Lastly, I keep my pets micro chopped and have physical dog tags, with the message:CASH REWARD. This is to discourage someone from keeping/ selling them, or just lacking the ethics to return them without a tangible reward. Dogs, particularly large dogs will be great Security assets with a collapse.

  61. Joan G

    You praise Pierre Kory a lot, but where was he in the beginning along with McCullough when Trump was suggesting Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquin??? why wasn’t he and others touting it as well as President Trump…hmmm
    Maybe they were paid to keep quiet, but once the inevitable truth came out they decided to go on board with it and now he writes a book. Suspicious indeed

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes, I do praise Dr. Kory and he was right here talking about lack of pre-treatment with HCQ and IVM and the loss of life that was going to happen in OCT of 2021!!!!

      Dr. Kory had already been sounding the alarm for months before I interviewed him.


    • Michael McCammack in Indiana

      Dr. Pierre Kory also caused a shit storm for his Congressional testimony in December of 2020. He was touting the effectiveness of HCQ and Ivermectin. Look it up on C-SPAN it is all right there.

    • Earth Angel

      Joan G, Did you hear it said that in the beginning of the pys-op Dr. Kory wasn’t initially focused on the fact that this could be a genocidal criminal scandal (my wording) with the vax and virus being an engineered bioweapon? He may have said this in his last interview.. I know I heard it said somewhere. How many other GOOD doctors were also unsuspecting of this and simply took the jab(s) without question. Dr. Kory stated he was also going to take it but delayed because he was occupied with other things and then when time had elapsed he began to see that something was very wrong with it. Thank God he never took it. There’s nothing suspicious about that. Please do your research into Dr. Kory’s character. I don’t personally know him but I could NEVER see him taking any kind of payoff to keep quiet about a genocidal mass murder.

  62. Rod Ypma

    Absolutely, the number one reason for most of this disfunctional behavior!

  63. Shiloh1

    Dr. John Campbell in England latest video. He has been slowly, methodically but surely seeing what we already have known for a long time now from USAWD Greg and guests. Its interesting to see how he comes about it day-to-day.

    I first came across Dr. John when around December of 2022 he was reviewing his data on a video and his own jaw dropped as it indicated that the vax was in fact killing and disabling people. Even Gonzalo Lira caught that scene and reposted it for a wider audience. About a week ago Dr. John also posted and commented on similar data from Denmark and remarked that he doubted that such data would see the light of day in the larger media within England, Australia, NZ, etc.

    So about at week ago Gonzalo had his Roundtable with the shrill “Yves Smith” (former McKinzie) proprietor N- C- blog on as guest. All was going well on various topics until Gonzalo mentioned Dr. John Campbell and the harm he’s observed from the vax and Yves went ballistic against that position. Gonzalo’s jaw dropped and eyes bugged out in amazement and when the next air raid siren went off (he’s in Ukraine) he just ended the show right then and there. He usually just carries on otherwise.

  64. alfy

    if haven’t noticed. the usa is now under direct attack. several million enemy combatants have been moved into your nation over the past 2 years. among them are highly trained enemy special forces. to go with that, you have a number of major metro regions that are under the thumb of communist politicians who hate your republic. the enemy has begun sabotage operations in your nation. how much longer until the go is given and they unleash full out hell on your nation. what appears to be coming is going to make all your jab and economy talks seem like a joke in comparison. perhaps time to start looking at what is in front of nose.

    • Mikemm

      You say “once they leash he’ll on us” . That’s when I will have a target. I’m an army veteran that is highly trained in combat and not alone. I will defend my country!!

  65. G.I. Joe Blow🦾

    HANG ON! Ukraine’s new digital transformation program JUST started, WE ARE NEXT | Redacted News 112,224 views Mar 2, 2023
    Ukraine’s digital transformation program is up and running and it represents a complete transfer of sovereignty to Silicon Valley and big tech. In this segment, Dan Cohen discusses how far back these agreements go, prior to the Russian military operation. Why is the U.S. seeking to implement digital IDs from Ukraine to the world and why has did it start with Ukraine? We show you the trajectory of this fools tool.

    A Walk in the Sun (1945) Dana Andrews, John Ireland WWII Classic
    American soldiers hit the beach at Salerno and begin their trek across the countryside toward the Nazi-occupied farmhouse they’ve been ordered to destroy. These are infantrymen who aren’t thinking about fighting bravely enough to become officers…just living long enough to become civilians once again, in a still free America and not a crazy world run by neo-Nazi’s!

  66. Randall Maxwell

    Dear neighbors, friends, country men, and all occupants of the world,

    Blessed and happy are those who can now understand the unsealed two- to four-thousand-year-old prophecy and Bible from the Lord and accept the invitation to be one faith from Jehovah Christians Rev. 22. The Lord is saying to us on our road to Damascus, “Why are you persecuting Me. It is difficult to kick against the goads repent for the second coming of the Lord is at hand.” The Heavenly Father is saying “This is My Son, hear Him, not men! Rev. 22: Acts 9; Rev. 18:4; Matt. 7:21ff. The Holy Spirit says, “The times of ignorance the Lord overlooked but now commands all men everywhere to repent” Acts17:30. “Let Jehovah be true and every man a liar” Rom. 3:4. The second coming of the Lord is at hand, in these last days or end times of the kingdoms, religions, and world orders of men in 40 years Micah 7:15 the destroyer or space weather will burn up all of those who do not repent of the ways of men Rom. 5:13; Dan. 2:44; 12:4; Joel 2; Acts 2:17-21; Acts 17:30; Rev. 18:4; Matt. 7:21ff.

    The reason Saul was fighting against the moral standards of Christ with the moral standards of men, is because Satan was a man Rom. 5:12, the first preacher of men and spiritual warfare is between the preaching of Christ and the preaching of men. Because Eve and the Catholic Church began the two ages of apostasy away from the ways of Jehovah and will last for 6,000 years. Satan, the demon and antichrist, rules over this world by pretending to be Jehovah 2 Thess. 4. Satan told Saul that Elohim was singular in number and that he was the only God, that Christ couldn’t have come in the flesh and could not have all authority. He convinced Saul that Christ and Christians were blasphemers. He and other demons have convinced us all that we can be like Jehovah, and judge, condemn, and give to the world bibles and religions of men all with the subjective truth and pseudoscience of men Gen. 2:17-4:12. This is why preachers of men, in all good conscience, hate those who claim Christ is the only mediator between Elohim and men. This is how Satan armed himself with every wind of the doctrine of men. His mega sword Rev. 6:2 contains denominationalism, socialism, atheism, fascism, environmentalism, capitalism, etc. all. This is how one man, Satan brought sin, suffering, and death to the world. Because the Lord wanted to save billions, He divided up the kingdom and Christianity, as foreshadowed by the second temple built in 531 BC, into two ages Eph. 2:7. The Lord told us to patiently suffer under the ways of men until the first, and now the second coming of the Lord Job; 2 Thess. 2:1-11; James 5:7-11.

    We know that the Wisdom from above is back to James 1:5 because that wisdom identified Satan as the man of sin. The ways of Elohim are as high as the heavens above, and exceeding abundantly greater than we can imagine Isa. 55:9ff; Eph. 3:20ff. The Bible from Jehovah is not of private interpretation, meaning we can’t understand the Bible except for the little over one thousand years of revelation. If we would have known the will of the Lord, the hidden manna, hidden revelation all along there could have been no free moral agency.

    Ezekiel was the watchman for the physical Kingdom, I am the watchman for the spiritual Kingdom. No, I am not a prophet like Ezekiel, and no I haven’t as Paul lived in all good conscience. I am a debtor to all men because I have been granted enough wisdom to put together the Sword of the Spirit which is the Bible in part 1 Cor. 13:9-12 and that we can contend for and that we can take to the world before the wars knock our power grids out. When you are enlightened on your road to Damascus will you help me so we can all help each other contend for the one true faith, learn how to love each other with agape love, and help our communities with the woes ahead before there is peace on earth in 2065 AD?

    • John Booth Willkerson

      Ran, when does the book come out? Maybe Greg will interview you, then.
      There is peace on earth in 2065 AD? Where’d
      You get that. I personally am hoping a lot sooner! Jesus said he will return in Kingdom power like a thief in the night.
      So don’t put it off, to far. He did say the generation that saw all all his prophetic predictions and he meant all, are pretty old now having been through two world wars and now facing a third. He said they would not pass away till all things occur, he prophesied. Then the end would come.
      So Randall old son, he may be knocking at your door much sooner than you think, mate. Lets hope so! We aren’t getting any younger either…

  67. James

    I’d love to hear an update on Credit Suisse. I saw an article showing the deposit withdrawal s (aka ‘run on the bank’) recently. They are down to #17 in Euro banks.

  68. Jeff

    IS Brickhouse no longer a supporter? I like their product.

    • Greg Hunter

      Coming back next week! I like them too!

  69. David


    Please stop calling people who had a vax shot “stupid.”

    I am not stupid. Our son and daughter-in-law coerced me and my wife to take a vaccine or not see our grandchildren. They need us!

    I did research and did not take a mRNA vaccine, but the one J&J jab (no boosters). We may face terrible consequences, but we did it as smart as we could.

    Thanks for your efforts. You are too good to lump a whole group of people as “stupid”.

    David D.

    • Greg Hunter

      You took it and it was NOT smart. Now please take Ivermectin on a regular basis because your family needs you.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi David,
      You are not alone. I know first hand two families where the grandparents were given an ultimatum by their adult children, ‘get vaxxed or you will not see your grandchildren’. How perverted and outright controlling is that?! The scamdemic has taught me to be very wary of my ‘fellow’ man. The majority appear to be incapable of thinking for themselves, and more than a few fall into the ‘Stasi category! This is a very sad reality.

    • Jeff

      David, you bought the lie. Let’s just pray that you and the others who took it will be okay.

  70. Scotchmist

    I just read the last vox populii letter from Clif High and he says Covid came from a Bio Lab in the Donbas in Russian speaking Ukraine.
    If Clif is right they did the Democrats a big favor… no wonder they all go there to make sure the truth never comes out. It would also explain why Zelensky gets what ever he wants.

  71. paul Dodo

    thank you Greg you are one of two news channels I watch. thank you millions !


    paul Anthony Dodo

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Paul!

  72. Stephen

    As Usual right on the money Greg. Peter Schiff also right on the money. Good work, and appreciate your countering the legacy media wrong information with just the right amount of ‘attitude’ to bring the point home. The house of cards, is finally starting to collapse… Also agree with your thought on finance; Cut down on what you don’t need, buy supplies (since we don’t know what will be available going forward)…and well brace for impact.

  73. Rich

    I can’t believe I saw a John Legend commercial telling you to get your booster??? STILL????? The thing that got me in your video was when you said (paraphrase), “this was a scam from infection to vaccine” Its so true; this whole thing was planned – I still think to get rid of Trump – but for sure to LOCK US DOWN and KILL US! This world has fallen – time to turn to Christ and ONLY to Christ! God Bless Greg; still my favorite channel!

  74. Major Payne

    If the shoe FITTS, wear it.

  75. Rodney

    Good one Greg, you put it out of the park. Never back off and tell it like it is!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Rodney.

  76. 'a' simple horseman

    Through all the headlines and money issues and everything else that is “of this world”, we must remember first and foremost that everything happening is being driven by the collapsing biosphere. The powers that should not be know damn good and well that earths life support systems are almost done, “will not support life”. 99% of humans live via an artificial environment and support. Let me tell ya folks, out here in the sticks, the natural environment, everything is dying! I live in far north central WA and this is the first year the grass under the snow has not revealed itself in green. The artificial snow has freeze burned the you know what out of every living thing. You all can worry about your money all you want, nothing will change unless or until you all start worrying about the natural environment, “earths life support systems”.
    And on that note, Greg!(lol), “Where’s Dane!!”
    Love and strength to ALL

    • Earth Angel

      Hey horseman, It’s good to hear from you again. Haven’t seen you comment at GeoWatch for awhile. Glad to know you’re alive and kickin’ and I’m sorry to hear of the chemically nucleiated ‘freeze burn’ affecting your area so badly. How’re the mustangs? I know the cruel, artificial ‘dry ice’ type cold is SO hard on everything including wildlife, domestic animals, plants and humans. I see the damage here even in the deep south. Somebody commented on a blog somewhere that only farmers and ‘old timers’ seem to notice the destruction to the environment. Sadly this seems to be the case. Its a real heartbreaker. Well KOKO my friend and stay well.

    • john b williams

      Artificial snow? Really? Please. The only thing that is a threat to the earths bio system is the low Carbon Dioxide levels. Making a small comeback now but still way to close to where plants can no longer do photosynthesis and there for no oxygen will be replenished. I thought the fake nitrogen emergency was the biggest sillyness but fake snow tops it. So much lying and so few that know how things really work.

  77. John Shipp

    You in the USA have to get rid of President In Name Only PINO everyone knows it is the evil Obama pulling his chain. The US Constitution system does not work, In another system there would be a vote of No Confidence in the Government and the Government would fail and there wold be a new vote. I voted in North America in the French Election and it was foolproof, can’t the U S get it’s act Together and have a foolproof election. A why is the U S incompetent on every level.

  78. Kristin O'Driscoll

    Greg, concerning blood transfusions and the question about vaxxed or unvaxxed blood being in the pipeline, here is some information: A couple of years ago, Del Bigtree needed some emergency surgery of some sort or another. He was already reporting on vaxx damage, and all of the sudden he was in the crosshairs knowing that he would need a blood transfusion. Long story short, some listener helped him get to a clinic/hospital in Mexico, where they do ask the question, vaxxed or unvaxxed.

    Don’t know if this is still the policy in Mexico, but it was then.

  79. Jay Jordan Cardone

    Gravitas: Russia looks at its first major victory
    WION 3 hours ago
    Russian troops and mercenaries rained artillery on the last access routes to the besieged Ukrainian city of Bakhmut on Friday, bringing Moscow closer to its first major victory in half a year after the bloodiest fighting of the war. Molly Gambhir reports.

    Kim Iverson interviews Scott Ritter –
    Odessa and Kharkov: The Next Targets in Russia’s Offensive

    Russia-Ukraine war live | Hypersonic missiles to Tanks: Russia’s deadliest weapons | WION Live 7 hours ago
    Russia-Ukraine war live: Have a look at the new generations of weapons in which Russia says it is investing heavily, including images of hypersonic missiles that Moscow claims to have used in Ukraine, as well as state-of-the-art armored vehicles and aircraft that have not been confirmed for use on the Ukrainian battlefield.

    War in Ukraine: Are new alliances dividing the world? | To the point
    DW News 137,514 views Mar 2, 2023
    The war in Ukraine has global implications and is increasingly becoming a clash of systems – Western democracies are feeling challenged by autocracies like Russia and China. Both models want to prevail.
    So far, China’s peace plan for Ukraine has found little favor in the West. Instead, there are warnings from the US about possible arms deliveries from China to Russia, and Russia’s ally Alexander Lukashenko personally traveled to China.
    Both sides are unable to find an agreement and are courting non-aligned countries, like G-20 host India, for example, which has seen a wave of diplomatic efforts, including a visit by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.
    So on To the Point we ask: War in Ukraine: Are new alliances dividing the world?
    Our guests: Katja Gloger (expert on Russia); Felix Lee (China Table); Isha Bhatia (DW)

    Russia-Ukraine War 2023 Live Updates | Kupiansk Residents to Evacuate World News | English News MIRROR NOW Started 6 hours ago.
    Russia Ukraine War 2023 Live Updates | Ukraine is asking families to leave Kupiansk. Russia occupied the Ukrainian city during the initial days of the war and occupied it for almost seven months. In September last year, Ukraine managed to drive Russian forces out of Kupiansk. However, Russia is now shelling the town and its surrounding yet again. Due to an ‘unstable security situation’, Ukraine is asking its residents to evacuate from the city.

  80. Dr. Thom

    Catherine Austin Fitts is a great guest, but she talks fast and it is tough to follow her words, which are real important.

    Greg, Can you add close caption? It will add a lot to your interviews and overcome some of the audio difficulties.

    Us old folks would really appreciate it.

    • Linda Walling

      Dr. Thom, I am also old and have the same problem. If you watch the show on Rumble, you have the option to slow down the video and that really helps with this problem. I do it all the time.

    • Linda Walling

      Dr. Thom, I just noticed that you can slow down the speed of the video right here on Greg’s site. Just click the little gear on the bottom of the video and choose you speed. I find that going at 75% allows me to pick up the words better, yet it doesn’t sound too weird.

    • Sam

      GO to SETTINGS…you can Slow it Down…or Speed it up

    • James

      Dr. Thom, you should be able to adjust the speed of the playback: click the icon to the right of the audio level icon.

  81. Korn Poop'ed

    ‘NATO Violated All The Commitments’: Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov In India On Ukraine War / India Today Started streaming 81 minutes ago
    ‘NATO Violated All The Commitments’: Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov In India On Ukraine War. NATO, bombed former Yugoslavia for wanting to keep it’s province of Kosovo. For13 years Ukraine was doing the same thing to Russki’s in the Donbass of Ukraine. What’s good fer the goose should be good fer the gander?
    BEHIND ENEMY LINES Clip – “US. F-16 Fighter Shoot Down Scene”
    The Only American Stealth Fighter Ever Shot Down

    • F.Collins

      WOW! Owen Wilsons finest hour in film history, or 5 minutes for sure!

  82. bill

    Execution by lethal injection is the penalty for not doing your homework.

    • Shirl

      Indeed and some peoples Marxist kids need big government to tell them who what where and how to think because they can’t do it for themselves.

  83. argy bargy

    So when the Vax Story makes it Sat Nite Live, the worm has turned.
    Maybe it’s time for you to limit the amount of time you spend on the Vax in your Weekly Updates. Or are you no just another ‘Limited Hangout’.
    This week’s (replay of stuff you always rant about) ……what a waste of 50 mins.

    What about Ohio??? and across the state line in Penn.?
    One month since the Toxic Chemical Spill.
    What about the Dioxin, in the water and soil. What about the dead fish and the thousands of dead animals being reports. What about the run off heading to the Mississippi River. What about the farmland laced with Dioxin????????????????????
    I’ve followed you since your YouTube days.
    But no more. I’ll peak in from time to time to see if you’re still ranting about the same stuff.
    Good Luck

    PS: I doubt that you will let this post go through——Greg does not like comments that criticise.

  84. Julio C

    Martin Armstrong knows all that Roman history.

    And he probably has done back-testing with Socrates (Armstrong’s computer) to determine if it would predict events that already happened—lots of people do this with stock charts.

    Would have had Socrates (Armstrong’s computer) predicted the arrival of Jesus. This could be done with the events during the time of Caesar Agustus (23 September 63 BC – 19 August AD 14).

  85. Prufrock

    Hi Greg.
    I have a question. Yesterday, I posted a comment responding to the Alex Newman interview. This is the first time I have commented on an interview of yours, though I have listened to your interviews for a few years. I didn’t agree with some of the things on the interview so I went to Mr Newman’s website and read one of his articles. I was thoroughly unimpressed. I thought his analysis was poor. I thought he misunderstood a number of things,etc. I commented on it. A tag came up when I posted which said it was awaiting some sort of adjudication (I assume by you.) I have checked back and my comment is gone with no explanation.
    I don’t believe I was rude, but I did clearly think and write that I thought Newman’s analysis was poor. Do you only post positive comments? I at a loss and would appreciate an explanation.

    Thank you

  86. Jim Hall

    My sons have a friend who is 40 years old and has cancer. He has been told that he should consider hospice. He has a young daughter and is a great guy. Another friend was 49 and he was found dead by his wife, he had suffered a fatal heart attack at his home. My niece has brain cancer and heart complications. I’m so sorry that the publications you showed us were affronted by Woody Harrelson telling the truth on Saturday Night Live. They should try telling the truth about what is happening and lay off the leftist crap. They wrecked their show and forgot that they were a comedy. I’m still amazed that the leftist democrats who have been poisoned haven’t awakened yet. If someone did that to me I would seek retribution, if you know what I mean! I think that Ed Dowd is correct, I believe that this is going to accelerate as is evidenced by the monthly graph that you were showing. I also remember Catherine Austin Fitts saying that this would cause deflation because of the high number of deaths. Speaking of insurance, they’re going to be affected by the high number of claims resulting from the accelerated mortality we’re seeing. Trust me, they have actuaries crunching numbers on this even as we speak. I don’t think that it’s out of the realm of possibility that they might sue the pharmaceutical companies for their losses. This is a group with deeper pockets than the pharmaceutical companies. Just something to consider. I’m looking forward to Catherine Austin Fitts too!

    • Greg Hunter

      Woody rang the bell, and it cannot be unsheared!!! Did it on LIVE TV!!!!

  87. Dave Lund

    Thank you Greg. I’ve watched you for many years now and I believe you have the best news reporting, clear, concise and informative! I’ve never commented nor have I donated yet I am changing that as of now. Your professionalism and humour combined make for an amazing listen on my walks around my community. Thank you again watchdog, and God bless you and your family Greg. Sincerely…Dave L.
    Calgary, Alberta. CANADA

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Dave, for your very kind words!

  88. Shiloh1

    Just in case anyone is curious about when 3M corporate suite knew about the PFAS ‘forever chemicals’ –

    But I’d bet their ESG and DIE are top-notch!

  89. iwitness02

    I wish we could go back to a more simple time as depicted in the movie Dumb and Dumber. But, here here we are. Grim and Grimmer. I guess there is no going back. To much damage has already been done. From what I’m reading more damage is planned for the human race to help implement the NWO. I guess the future will be Dark and Darker.
    There is not much in the way of “high apple pie in the sky hopes.”
    As they say: drink water and march on.

  90. Justn Observer

    Greg, Bakhmut has fallen? =

  91. Chris

    THANK YOU Greg for WAKING people up! The last 3 years were SO HOPELESS, no matter where I tried to spread the truth (scientific facts proving the CRIME), everything got silenced.. Even Substack, or in PARTICULAR substack! It seems like anything on the digital platforms rarely is truthful, except for few, like YOU. Please, if you can, get Dr. David Martin again, he is one of the few with most truthful details…

  92. Marie Joy

    IF you have Hershey stock, I suggest you sell it today.

  93. John Nordstrom

    Don’t get too excited about declassifying the Wuhan Lab Leak intel. The Khazarian Central Bank is setting the stage for WW3. Publicizing the Wuhan Lab Leak intel will help demonize China and bolster the war narrative. When there is unity in Congress, we know we are being played.

  94. cookiesncreamicecreamintravenously

    No matter how bad it gets around us… always remember Psalm 91.
    May God continue to lift His people up- another banger of a show, Greg.

  95. John D. Umiker

    just to let you know Greg what’s going on took this from Facebook John D. Umiker if you use in some way do what you do with my name I’m John Douglas on Facebook Thanks
    South Dakota Grassroot Conservative Republicans
    Kat CJ
    1h ·
    Call to Action with URGENCY
    Please email Governor Noem and request she VETO HB 1193.
    HB1193 is a bill to put forward digital currency. Passage of this bill would allow the government to freeze or devalue the money in your bank accounts. This bill is about CBDC which is also used in China, whereby every transaction can be traced or ultimately allowing more government control.
    This bill has passed both the House and Senate and being sent to the governor for signature.
    It is important to let the governor know how you feel. Please email the governor and ask her to VETO. HB 1193.
    The governors email is found by clicking on the link below.
    Thank You
    Send an Email to the Governor
    Governor Noem wants to hear from you. By completing the fields below and hitting submit, your comments, suggestions, requests and ideas will be directly emailed to the Governor’s inbox.
    John Douglas
    DONE hope many more of you people of South Dakota will write or call the Governor I would like to Thank Kat CJ for posting this and the link to send it
    Subject: HB 11193
    Dear Governor Noem
    About CBDC it is wrong and anyone that voted for it is not a conservative. If you want the Federal Government to have total control over, We the People then sign it, but I will never vote for you again for any office nor any legislator that has voted for this Bill HB 1193. It is hard to believe that our South Dakota Legislature would pass such a Bill. Governor with digital currency the Federal Reserve or this President could shut off any ones currency at any time or they could says it will only work so many miles from your home good example is Canada with the Trucker protest. So Governor Noem if you don’t Veto HB 1193 it would be the same as if you were to sign a Bill that would take away the 2nd Amendment. This Bill HB 1193 is wrong for We the People of South Dakota and for our Nation. I could send you many articles on why CBDC are wrong but the biggest thing is its TOTAL CONTROL OVER WE THE PEOPLE
    John D. Umiker

  96. Yank Up Yonder

    Could Lula Help End the War in Ukraine? Brazil’s President Vows to Pursue Diplomacy, Won’t Arm Kyiv /Democracy Now! 75,877 views Feb 28, 2023
    We speak with Celso Amorim, the foreign adviser to Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, about how Brazil could play a key role in peace talks to end the war in Ukraine. Lula recently met with President Biden, who has unsuccessfully pushed Brazil to send weapons to Ukraine. Lula says he told Biden, “I don’t want to join the war, I want to end the war.” “If you only talk how to defeat Russia, how to enfeeble or weaken Russia, that will not come to a positive conclusion,” says Amorim, who also previously served as Brazil’s foreign minister, as well as its defense minister. “You have to talk to everyone, including your adversaries.”

    The West must prepare for the imminent collapse of Putin’s Russia
    Story by Matthew Lynn • The Telegraph 10h ago
    You got to hand it to, the special British intell propaganda unit. Russia has been losing this war ever since it began. It reminds me of the guy in a cockroach infested house, who was continually killing cockroaches. THINKING HE WAS GETTING SOMEWHERE, till one day the fire department showed up to burn the house down. If this report were true, the burning down of the house, our world. In a hypersonic desperation would be a distinct possibility, because Russia, like the cockroaches, holds the cards.
    General Zhukov’s, Scariest Weapon Sound of WW2 Ever Recorded

    Marjorie Taylor Greene Ramps Up Anti-Ukraine Rhetoric at CPAC | CPAC 2023 LIVE Updates | CNN News 18 LIVE
    146 watching now Started streaming 109 minutes ago.

    Woman Claims She Saw a UFO Being Chased by Fighter Jets Near Denver Airport/ Story by Nicole Pomarico • Yesterday 8:29 AM

    The Wagner Group explained | Al Jazeera English Mar 3, 2023
    The Wagner Group and its leader Yevgeny Prigozhin provide guns for hire in a murky global operation with links to Putin and the Russian state. #AJStartHere with Sandra Gathmann explains who they are, what they do and why the war in Ukraine has shifted things.

    Who is Vladimir Putin? Al Jazeera English 8 months ago
    From the KGB to the Kremlin—what has shaped President Vladimir Putin and how has he shaped Russia? Sandra Gathmann explains.

    Russia’s Andrey Kelin: Ukraine invasion can be called ‘civil war’
    Talk to Al Jazeera English 25K views 21 hours ago.
    The Russian embassy in London is the site of regular protests against the yearlong invasion of Ukraine.

    CIA Director William Burns on “Face the Nation with Margaret Brennan” | full interview Face the Nation 5 days ago.
    In an exclusive interview, CIA director William Burns told “Face the Nation” that his meeting three months ago with Russian spy chief Sergey Naryshkin was “pretty dispiriting.” “There was a very defiant attitude on the part of Mr. Naryshkin as well. A sense of cockiness and hubris,” Burns said.
    [The mans a diplomat, if he had any real guts, he’d spill some beans for peace. Unfortunately, he’s just a good puppet and we still face nuclear war.]
    At least Mr.Burns Putin got rid of the weaponized bio-labs, what will they say about you?

    Jeffrey Sachs; Vuk Jeremić | Horizons discussion – The Winter of Our Discontent 107,996 views Feb 1, 2023
    The Center had the privilege to host one of the world’s brightest minds and most famous economists – Prof. Dr Jeffrey Sachs – who is also one of the esteemed authors of the latest edition of our foreign policy journal “Horizons”.

  97. LondonCenter

    China Will Attack U.S. Soil if Tensions Boil Over: Army Secretary
    Story by Katherine Fung • Thursday
    U.S. soil could be at risk of an attack from Beijing if tensions between the two countries boiled over, according to Army Secretary Christine Wormuth.

  98. tim mcgraw

    Hi Greg, Thanks for another great WNW. The last three years have been hell out here in Sonoma County, CA. It was like living in a madhouse. I write to politicians and bureaucrats asking them for an apology for their Covid Scamdemic Panic. No replies.
    “Nothing to see here. Fuggitaboutit!”
    Yeah, nothing to see here indeed. The Emperor has no clothes. This will soon be common knowledge. Then the excrement will hit the fan.
    I still see people wearing masks here in town. The stickers are still on the floor, “Do your part. Stay six feet apart.” Plexiglas barriers are still up at stores and banks. It’s crazy.
    And we have to wear masks in medical facilities. Madness!

    • Greg Hunter

      Hang in there Tim. I feel your pain!

  99. Hannah Geisman

    Perhaps a bit off topic, but I wanted to share this everyone. Something that most people are not aware of. Over the years I have become a rigorous student of history, anthropology and archeology in an effort to understand how we arrived at the place where we find ourselves. Through a lot of research and also the research of people much more skilled than I have discovered that actually the people behind all this horror in the world are based in Switzerland, and you would be surprised to know, that actually the people that everyone calls “the elites” are actually the aristocracy of Europe. The old families of Europe. What people will be blown away by is all these families are bloodlines that originated in ancient Egypt. Particularly, the Pharaohs. That’s right folks. The man behind the curtain are the offspring and descendants of the horror that originated in Egypt thousands of years ago. There was no stonework or stonebuilding in Europe before 1000 AD. As far as our studies have concluded is that a cataclysm happened in Egypt at some point and these people moved north into Europe and began building castles. Also something else important: I am sure many of you have seen that picture of Klaus Schwab in his black space suit get up that he wears? That picture of him in that black robe with wide shoulders, etc. You can find it online. People do not understand what they are looking at. I will tell you what this is: Those vestments come from the secret society that started in Germany called: “The Brotherhood of Saturn”. You can find info on it online. They are an offshoot of Alastair Crowley’s OTO, or Thelema, and both of these are offshoots of Freemasonry. It’s a death cult. They worship Saturn, just as they have done throughout antiquity. Mystery Babylon. That is all!

  100. Chris

    I suspect Woody Harrelson is as captured as any Hollywood celebrity. His role is to uncover, yes, but always in the manner his overlords wish. Laying the blame on big pharma is a misdirection. The DOD simply hired them to manufacture their product. The DOD is just one arm of the puppeteers who are staging a coup and waging war worldwide. The DOD, and big pharma even moreso, are relatively low on the totem pole. Never believe the words of a celebrity.

  101. ken

    I cannot figure how gain of function of a virus is possible when the virus does not exist. That’s an amazing feat.

    Sars, Sars2 Zika, Polio, Measles, Hep 2,,, none of these were scientifically isolated and/or proven to exist and cause a disease.

    Virus is a code word for poison when they cannot determine what the problem is.

    While we all agree this entire Covid thing is a psyop, somehow sadly they have succeeded in planting the idea that Sars2 virus exists. This allows them to come up with another virus.

    Another problem I see is so many now on the bandwagon are the medical carpet baggers claiming they can fix the problems from the ‘vaxxine’ poisoning.

    Lastly,,, All treaties must conform to our constitution. Read it carefully. Does anyone honestly think they would go through all the work writing a constitution only to allow some stupid treaty nullify it!

    Of course our elected traitors can approve it regardless but only because we allow it,,, like we have everything else that has brought us to this point.

    And in Ukraine,,, a country of women? The nazis are now grabbing women and children for cannon fodder. Russians confer as they say many of the dead and wounded are women, and children under 18.

  102. Prospector

    Former NIH Director: The Question Of Whether Vaccines Cause Autism Has Not Been Answered

    Bernadine Healy, MD: “The reason why they didn’t want to look for those susceptibility groups was because they’re afraid that if they found them … that that would scare the public away.”
    Notice she mentions MERCURY ! For years we were told there is no mercury in vaxxines and if there is it could not possibly be to blame. How many children have been maimed for life ?

    If they cant kill you, at least they will try to weaken the men ( warriors )
    Its a military operation of silent conquest. The ” War On Boys ” book was written some years ago.

    ‘Destroying the Factory of Masculinity’: Reduced Sperm Motility and LNPs in the Testes

    : “And they’re also harming the Leydig cells and the Sertoli cells … That’s where like masculinity itself resides. That’s what lets boys turn into teenagers.

  103. Prospector

    Depopulation by dropping sperm count through vaxxines.
    Did the global planners just engineer a reverse ‘ Baby Boom ‘ ?
    Demographics of the baby shortage will be far reaching !!

    Reminder : There was a movie like this 10 years ago called ” THE CHILDREN OF MEN “

  104. Russ McMeans

    I met pastor Chuck Smith. He was an amazing pastor. I think his wife advised him to let the surfer’s wearing their board swimming shorts and flip flops into his church in Huntington Beach. Fortunately he listened to her advice. The rest is history. I grew up in Calvary Chapels in various locations. Best church ever! They have a beautiful music and sermons app called KWave 107.9 radio. Get the app. It’s really good. Another pastor that teaches so much like Chuck Smith did is RC Sproul. You can find him on YouTube and also on another amazing app called RefNet. Ie: Reformation Network. There is another pastor in Ref Net from Ireland that is absolutely amazing. I forgot his name but I’m going to memorize it.

  105. robert
    Doug Casey’s Take [ep.#243] When Nations Collapse

  106. Robert Dziok

    Putin has ordered the destruction of ALL Covid 19 vaccines in Russia. Putin has also ordered the execution of 130 scientists responsible for creating the Sputnik vaccines. RRN ( reports on this in detail in it’s 3/4/2023 article.

  107. Keith

    Someone needs to start a PUREBLOOD blood bank. This would be BIG.

  108. Booth, John Willkerson

    Ran, when does the book come out? Maybe Greg will interview you, then.
    There is peace on earth in 2065 AD? Where’d
    You get that. I personally am hoping a lot sooner! Jesus said he will return in Kingdom power like a thief in the night.
    So don’t put it off, to far. He did say the generation that saw all all his prophetic predictions and he meant all, are pretty old now having been through two world wars and now facing a third. He said they would not pass away till all things occur, he prophesied. Then the end would come.
    So Randall old son, he may be knocking at your door much sooner than you think, mate. Lets hope so! We aren’t getting any younger either…

  109. paul shodean


  110. paul shodean

    Hey Greg, I mentioned to you some time ago that the Rumble player was not working with my Brave browser. I’d get auto somewhat but no video, it was all messed up. Well good news that has been fixed. I’m watching the 3/4 update on your web site and just checked with Rumble I can now see things on Rumble. I don’t think it was just me per se cause I didn’t change anything and it’s working now. Whoohoo !!! Good deal I can dispense with the iphone to watch you and others.

    Outstanding, it will make things so much easier to share. Great job Greg as usual God Bless

  111. dennis burton

    all predicted by Jesus in Matthew chapter 24

  112. Mario

    Hey Greg
    I hope all is well sir.
    Check this out

  113. MikeH


    If I wanted to store unvaccinated blood for my family and I, where would I do that? Would I have to store it myself? I wouldn’t trust Red Cross. They would sell it in a heartbeat. no pun intended.

    • Greg Hunter

      I do not know Mike, but it is a very good idea.

  114. Glenn

    Hello everyone.
    My mother 82 years old is in the emergency room for suspected covid. According to her, the doctor wants to give Remedesvir for “preventive purposes”. The situation is manageable and she should be sent home within the day.
    So, links describing the function of Remedesvir are gratefully received. I have read but not saved links about this drug. No fun reading if I remember correctly. Grateful in advance. // Glenn My email : [email protected]

    Translated with (free version)

  115. Dale Whitmore

    Thanks for the terrible but informative news updates. I am troubled by your website pandering to ‘Facebook” since I found that they track and retain comments. I’d like to council some of my family members that follow MSM and roll their eyes. What’s lurking to kill us first, War or injections, as the medical community has capitulated and promotes this kill factor, STILL!?

    • Greg Hunter

      I do not pander to Facebook. They locked me out years ago. Look at the dates of the content. I am too damn busy producing free content to care about FB! You are welcome.

  116. David K. West

    Here’s what I thing/feel/know about Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

    If you want this country to survive then vote for Bobby. Bobby the only one who has proven, through his entire life, he is honest, capable, extremely intelligent, reliable, with a wide open successful history of suing the criminals and exposing the insane mass murderers. Bobby has the guts, crystal clear mind, wide open pure heart, perfect eternal Soul through which he communicates clearly with each and every American. Bobby is the only person on this planet, who has all that it takes to stop this country falling into unrecoverable destruction. Bobby is the only one who has proven his stand to protect children. Bobby is the only person who inspires you through sharing the truth. Bobby’s ego is intact and has never been brought up, like others who waste your time and attention, telling you, like your a child, how good they are. Bobby is the President, every real American has been praying for. Vote for Bobby and your wishes to be free will come true.
    Dave West

    Join Bobby Kennedy
    Your insights and skills are central to this movement. If you haven’t already, consider amplifying your opinion about Bobby’s decision by volunteering or making a donation of any size.

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