People are Dying from the CV19 Vax & It’s Preventable – Dr. Pierre Kory

By Greg Hunter’s 

World renowned CV19 critical care and pulmonary expert Dr. Pierre Kory is fast becoming one of the top CV19 vaccine injury experts in the country.  It’s not only injuries Dr. Kory is concerned about, but it is the huge amount of death from these bioweapon injections.  The dark powers did not tell you the dangers of the CV19 so-called vaccines, and now, they are covering up and ignoring lifesaving therapies to combat it.  Dr. Kory explains, “Every day it’s just endless reports in the newspapers and all around us of young people dying.  By the way, it’s not normal for people to die suddenly at 32 years of age, or at 42 or even at 50.  You see droves and droves of people dying, this is not to mention the number of celebrities dying and the amount of artists getting sick, canceling concerts and developing cancers.  Have you ever seen so many famous people getting sick all the time and not being able to do their duties, sing or do all these things?  It’s dystopian.  People are dying, and they are dying at rates we have never seen before.  There is a cause (CV19 bioweapon/vax), and it’s preventable.”

Dr. Kory has completely shifted his direction to vax injuries and shedding injuries.  Dr. Kory says, “There is no vaccine injury clinic – period.  You cannot have a clinic for a disease that you shall not speak its name.” (CV19 bioweapon/vax)

Dr. Kory has seen the amount of vax injuries explode over the last year in his new practice, and he says they are increasing.  What does Dr. Kory use for his baseline treatment to combat vaccine injuries?  It’s Ivermectin, but the medical community is not pushing this life saving treatment, and many are saying it’s ineffective and unsafe — a total lie.  This is why Dr. Kory is coming out with a book in April called “The War on Ivermectin.” 

Dr. Kory says, “Ivermectin is demonstrably, provably one of the safest medicines in the history of medicine.  It is really hard to overdose on Ivermectin, and this gives it a really wide range of dosing.  In fact, you could probably take 100 times a standard dose.  (Standard dose is 9mgs per 100 pounds.)  So, there is a wide dosing range. . . . There has not been one provable documented death with Ivermectin. . . . The safety is unparallel.  Even the World Health Organization (WHO) . . . it’s on their list of essential medicines around the world, and they say most side effects are minor.  I use it all the time. . . . As a physician, it is such a great medicine to work with because of its safety.  You don’t have to worry about Ivermectin. . . . In my practice, we have an evolving array of therapies that work to treat what I call vaccine injury syndrome.  Most of the patients that come to see me have syndromes.  That is a constellation of symptoms, and that is different than a post-vaccine complication. . . . I see patients that are essentially disabled.  The three cardinal symptoms are:  severe fatigue . . . post exertional malaise . . . they cannot tolerate physical exertion, and then the third cardinal symptom is what we call brain fog. . . . Those are the three big ones.”

In closing, Dr. Kory says, “We have a pandemic of the vaccinated.  Now, we have millions injured from the (CV19) vaccine for which, in my opinion, Ivermectin is one of the most effective medicines to help them.  How are they going to get Ivermectin?  How are they going to find a doctor to use Ivermectin?”

Dr. Kory answers many questions in the 1-hour and 10-minute in-depth interview.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dr. Pierre Kory, one of the top pulmonary and Covid Critical Care experts on the planet, who is co-founder of the Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance ( and author of the upcoming book “The War on Ivermectin” for 2.7.23.

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After the Interview:

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Thanks Greg for keeping us informed.

    If it’s not the jab that takes us out or debt and starvation, the bombs sure will.

    Pentagon developing ‘National Defense Science and Technology’ strategy: Memo

    • Anthony Australia

      TERRIFYING Miracle Reveals God’s Final Judgment Before the “End of Times”

      • Anthony Australia

        New Dr. Jim Willie & Patriot Underground: “We’re Being Played” – Doubles & Clones – Missing Celebrities & Crimes Against Children – Exposing The Evil: Living In A Movie

      • RTW

        What we know for sure that didn’t hit the Pentagon, was an airplane. In this case it’s the LACK of evidence that proves it. IE: No plane parts other than what was described as the motor from a cruise missile. Planes don’t disintegrate.

    • Robert K

      His book release must have been pushed back. I pre-ordered July of 2022 and received delayed e-mails ever since. Looking forward to when it is published.

    • Josie

      My daughter and I used horse ivermection (in the Red and White box) when we got Covid. Took it for six days, no problem, the only thing we got from Covid was the loss of smell and taste. It’s been two years, taste and smell is coming back slowly. Millions died needlessly! The Nuremburg trials are coming soon but not soon enough! Justice will prevail. Executions to be televised!!! Thank you Jesus

      • MustangGal60

        I used the same when I had a horrific case of the c-vid last year. Ivermectin, zinc, C & D, manuka honey and gallons of fluids kept me out hospital and Dr office. I did not want to a registered positive case on the state records nor be forced into taking remdesivir.

      • Greg (not Hunter)

        I hope you are correct. I also hope to see these traitors hang for their crimes against humanity and the USA. Glad you and your daughter recovered from the bio weapon.

    • Deb

      Great interview. My question is this: I am unvaxxed and got Covid. I was quite sick but am healthy so recovered. However, I have been plagued by persistent phantom smells and tastes since I had Covid. My taste and smell is all messed up and it is awful. Nothing tastes our smells palatable. I get nauseas when cooking and many foods taste plain yucky. Has anyone else experienced this? I’m about 8 months post Covid infection. Any help available or meds to bring back my normal taste and smell?

      • AG

        Try Nicotine Gum for taste
        Per Dr. Artis

  2. Zach

    How about the Cod Liver Oil? Also the Nigella Sativa/ Kalonji.

    • Greg Hunter

      Nothing works better than Ivermectin for CV19Bioweapon/vax shedding or Bioweapon/vax injuries.

      • jeffrey spinner

        How is that possible if your own body has been GMO’d and will produce spike protein until you die?

        You’re a smart man, that is logically fallacious.

        • Greg Hunter

          Dr. Michael Yeadon One of many scientists say they have no idea when the spike production shuts off. (Third paragraph)
          Maybe you don’t know what you are talking about?

        • The True Nolan

          Ivermectin bonds to the spike and disables it from binding to the ACE2 receptors on human cells. No binding to ACE2 means the spike proteins do not do wholesale systemic damage.

          Note that the individual cells which have been infected with the lipid nanoparticle (the cells which are now producing the spike protein) may still be open to autoimmune attacks.

          In other words, the Ivermectin HELPS with long term vaccine damage, but it is not a 100% cure.

        • Marie Joy

          If some diseases last forever why is it impossible for bioweapons to continue working until the patient dies? Please explain your reasoning.

      • Daniel Goodacre

        I’ve been taking 12mgs of IVM and 100mgs HCQ twice weekly, but after watching Dr. Kory I’m bumping up the IVM!
        Great work at bringing the truth out! I’ve been sharing your links to all freinds and family that Now know they are in trouble!

        • candi

          I don’t understand. Are you taking Ivermectin like a vitamin? Which video did you watch?

      • Aimee Smith

        Has there been any mention about the Serrapeptase enzyme which is known to dissolve fibrin ? Just wondering if that would help with these clots .

        • Eleno

          Yes, I have used nattokinase twice to ‘dissolve’ probably DVTs. Nattokinase is in the FLCCC Protocols, and has solid studies to back it up. I used it when I had covid, and still do as a preventive. Serrapeptase is version of nattokinase.

  3. tim mcgraw

    Thank you Greg for posting this interview. Dr. Kory is a hero. Ivermectin works against viral infections and CV-19 injections and shedding. It’s not a perfect drug, but it helps.
    Damn Pfizer to hell!

  4. tim mcgraw

    Dr. Kory makes a good point that Big Pharma hates it when generic drugs are re-purposed for new diseases and ailments. But why can’t Big Pharma go into branding? Bayer still makes money off of Aspirin due to branding and advertising.
    The system in the USA today with the FDA and drug laws, drug licensing laws, and years a drug patent can be held until the drug becomes generic; is not serving the American public.
    Beer is a generic drug. Breweries use branding to survive and prosper.
    I understand that a drug company can spend billions developing a new drug and needs a return on investment. But it shouldn’t cost billions to develop a new drug. Blame the FDA for that.
    And then there is the Terroir theory of medicine which says to build up your own immune system and don’t take drugs. Eat right, exercise, sleep, and have a good attitude and you will be fine.
    Anti-biotics do come in handy though.
    The system in the USA today regarding drug development, approval, and use is crap.

    • Jeffrobbins

      We shop at Costco and will get the Kirkland brand generics for some things. I never have seen generic aspirin there, but they have BAYER aspirin. Looked again last week- got come generic aspirin at the grocery store. I wonder if Costco signed some non compete clause? There’s all kinds of back room deals we never hear about.

      • Greg Hunter

        A lot of these products come from China. Read the lable.

        • Anthony Australia

          India too.

    • mark deacon

      The problem in the USA is the FDA and the “pay-2-play” system.
      If you do not pay then you cannot play becomes part of it and that now excludes benenficial products. I firmly beleive you can disband the FDA and work on the premise if a private product sold for profit causes harm then the manufacturer can be sued for damages.

      That is the self correcitng mechanism that big pharmaceuticals are being allowed to circumvent through the indemnity protection they have been given.

      Indemnity and the EUA needs too be removed for all vaccines so that private prosecutions can be brought by those injured especially as much of the data appears too be fraudulent.

    • Cathy Palmer

      “And then there is the Terroir theory of medicine which says to build up your own immune system and don’t take drugs. Eat right, exercise, sleep, and have a good attitude and you will be fine.”

      Agree plus faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, reading the Word of God and believing His promises…

      2 Chronicles 7:14, “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

      Psalm 30:2 “O LORD my God, I cried unto thee, and thou hast healed me.”

      Psalm 107:20 “He sent his word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions.”

      Isaiah 53:5 “But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.”

      Jeremiah 17:14 “Heal me, O LORD, and I shall be healed; save me, and I shall be saved: for thou art my praise.”

      Matthew 8:7 “And Jesus saith unto him, I will come and heal him.”

      Matthew 14:14 “And Jesus went forth, and saw a great multitude, and was moved with compassion toward them, and he healed their sick.”

      James 5:16 “Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”

      1 Peter 2:24 “Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed.”

    • Alice Springs

      Quinine sulfate was an effective, inexpensive medication for nocturnal leg cramps. It was removed from pharmacies in the USA in and around 2007.
      It has shown to be effective against coronavirus. Similar to hydroxychloroquine but with less side effects.
      Old school medicine with a new purpose and dirt cheap. No money for big pharma.,are%20infected%20with%20COVID%2D19.

  5. Colin Maxwell

    My essay on the incredible properties of IVM written more than a year ago…

  6. Sam

    great interview

  7. Ed Mustafo

    Greg, I agree with your point of view about shedding. It seems logical to think that people would be more contagious shortly after getting the jab, but if the body continues to make spike proteins to some degree in an ongoing process then it also seems logical to think that they would continue to be contagious. We really don’t know who is or who isn’t so better to take a defensive position.

    • Chuck

      Quite a bio weapon, the gift that keeps giving (shedding).

  8. Ed Mustafo

    The died suddenly group seems fine one day and dead the next day. So not having any symptoms doesn’t necessarily mean you’re gonna be ok. Are they just the boosted group? Maybe just the Pfizer group? Have some only been single jabbed? Nobody knows because we live in “ make believe world “ right now. Insanity….

  9. alfy

    if his thoughts about deaths and disabled percent prove true. the I guess we are looking at 16-20 million dead and 16-20 million profoundly disabled. it took the russians decades to recover from such losses after ww2. Is looking grim, but I guess it could be much worse in how many.

    • Elenor

      Check out Edward Dowd and his team. His numbers are both sound and scary.

      Some numbers (don’t think they’re Dowd’s but I don’t think so: he works with ‘done/died’ numbers; these are projections) suggest ‘we’ (humanity on Earth) may go as high a 1.2 BILLION dead over the next five years, and more than that disabled. No way to tell, except it’s a helluva bioweapon they made for us! ANYONE who took the shots MUST take precautions against its actions. The problem is awakening folks to DO that!
      See the FLCCC Protocols for what to do.

  10. The Seer

    Unfortunately, my friends who live with injected husband and 17 year old daughter – the wife and daughter are now infected as they both started long term daily uterine bleeding – wife and the 10 year old daughter. The daughter had not started her moon cycle yet.
    My other friend 38 visited her only once injected sister 31 and then started to bleed daily long term.
    She did wake up the sister who will not get a second shot now but it’s too late.
    I believe the shedding in exhale and skin does spread and transmits.
    I meet my friend’s outdoors and sit outdoors and do not touch skin. During the winter I will have to not see them I guess as I will not let myself get infected with indoor air.
    I am looking to grow most of my food soon, my own chickens, and get meats from organic grass fed farmer friends.
    It’s taking 3.5 months for the shipping vessel to get my container to port far away from the northern hemisphere – I am hearing the ports are still backed up but not as bad as before- maybe they are having hard time with labor died suddenly??
    Anyway, stay away from homes of cv19 weaponized jabbed. Stay away from infected medical offices/staff, too. Find pure blood naturopaths instead. Not worth your health and your life!! We have to sit out the die off that Clif High projects for several more years yet.
    Create more free time and be in nature at peace in your heart. Get off the electronics and outdoors!

  11. The Seer

    Go outside instead.

  12. Shirl

    Another outstanding information packed thriller, great job to you both and thanx!!!

  13. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg, 45:45
    “Oh man Greg, you are a deep student of all things Covid man – you really get to the heart of of some really kind of tricky and important issues!” Dr Pierre Kory MD.

    Greg, you can’t get a better compliment than that. BRAVO!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks PNG!! Everyone needs to be taking Ivermectin on a regular basis!!
      The downside is close to Zero!

      • John Braswell

        Hi Greg how many times a week/month should I take ivermectin if I’m following the mg’s and weight chart recommend by my physician who compounds the 12&15 ivermectin capsules? Is there anyone who has recommended a safe dose of ivermectin per day,week,month for non vaccinated healthy 80yr old male? Thanks

        • Greg Hunter

          Please listen to the interview John. Dr. Kory says twice a week, but you can do more if you have ongoing symptoms. Again, that is from Dr. Kory. Dr. Kory said one patient has been taking Ivermectin for 2 years every day. Much more in the interview.

  14. John Maskell

    Greg , great interview . I didn’t get a notification of this upload . I hope everything is ok . I would hate to miss a show !

    • Greg Hunter

      I had a glitch, and it did not get sent out. I just sent it!!
      Thanks for the heads up!!

  15. Maria Das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Dr Kory.
    Quite astounding “disappearance” of papers and articles from Google Scholar.
    Bioweapons as a method of murder.
    Multiple vaccines as a method of application came from “district nurses” who could stick the vaccines Diptheria, Pertussis and Tetanus into one syringe and administer at one go.So multiple vaccines are a product of “district nurses ” unwilling to return three weeks in a row to an isolated address here in the UK in the late 1970s. Just an interesting anecdote. So much for clinical trials.

  16. Roger Stamper

    tks for post kory greg

  17. Bob Bigaouette

    I noticed how no one in DC is dropping dead or coming down with myocarditis……

    • Greg Hunter

      Congress got exemptions for the CV19 bioweapon/vax. You know, because it was so good for you!!

      • Trutmonger

        I’ve got a lot to share but little time.
        Short version:
        If it is “approved” it is “approved” for testing and “Licencing” but is NOT “Licenced”.!!!!
        Ther are at least 6 Licenses required before it can be put out to the public. Not one “Licence” has been granted… not manufacturing, not labeling, not storing, not transporting, not secondary storing, not a Licenced doctor who knows your complete health record.. and EUA is not available because there are “other remedies”. (See Dec. 6th Congressional records of under oath testimony from two well known and well published doctors… never rebutted under oath or otherwise.
        And no one has ever actually died from “Covid 19”.
        And it’s never been isolated so how the he’ll can you “detect” it in a test??
        There is a simple solution to allllll this… it’s called “Mandatory Competency Testing” for everyone in any position of public trust.
        Check it out at “
        Three lines drop down go to Articles.. past the opening comment.
        (YES I need to rearrange thing better)
        But the meat is there… and I’m available for interviews or meeting etc..

  18. Jonathan

    Thank you Greg for your informative show. I have to say, how is it that a person who is suppose to be so smart that he could lead our country out of the disparity it was in and then abandoning the warnings by top Dr’s to continue to push this vax?
    I don’t know if you ever heard of that preacher who was connected to the elites in Alaskas Prudhoe bay area, but the elite guy was Ken Fromm and what he said about the elite destroying America. But my father-in-law was president of Willson pipe, he sold the first Alaskan pipeline, the one the caribou couldn’t get under. Well he was friends with Ken Fromm and in 1977 was told by Ken the same thing, only there would be a great culling. Huge my Father-in-law said our way to fight it was to pray… I’ve been warning people ever since but people were so oblivious to just how evil people can be they wouldn’t listen. They were like; I’ll have to wait until it comes up on the evening news. We’ll it’s in their face now and it’s if they are snoozing in the recliner waiting for the okay from the very people who are helping in the charade of poisoning them. But I have to say I prayed and asked for knowledge and God showed me in his word the out come. But we have to be vigilant in our job that has been set before us. Thank you for helping.

    • Missy

      Lindsey Williams was the preacher guy.

      • Earth Angel

        I have Lindsey William’s book “The Energy Non-Crisis” published in 1980, exposing the oil & gas industry scams and what he witnessed while working in Alaska on site with these people. Pretty eye opening at the time but seems like a cakewalk in the park compared to what outright fraud, scandal, and malice murder insanity we are enduring in today’s times. It’s definately an interesting read though; shows the long history of hubris of the oligarck’s in committing fraud and crime on a HUGE scale without shame and with impunity. Time for THAT to change.

  19. Da Yooper

    Well done Greg & Dr. Kory. Greg having watched you from the beginning of USA Watchdog your interviews have gotten better & better brother you are killing it.

    Anyone who got these shots to keep their job or do anything WAS COEHERSED .

    That is wrong. Big pharma is a criminal enterprise & should pay dearly for this. I remember from my younger days of lawyer adds on TV for those who worked with Asbestos. Once the real truth gets out about what this vaccine has done the lawsuits for this will be epic. Fraud vesicates everything.

    End the corrupt Federal Reserve

  20. Justn Observer

    Greg, a tad off subject but one can see the irony and flaw of ‘their military’ wokism’ about gender/woman/non- acknowledged person until AFTER birth pro-abortion agenda in this article…
    Beyond that…we hear about the ‘stress levels’ of bomber pilots, especially when tasked to actually go into ‘live’ assignments behind lines across hostile borders…during what could cause taking taxing defense manuvers etc…and now with possible vaxed injections as Lt. Col. Long reported…now only further complicating the situation as the tensions with Russia and China rise…and a shortage of pilots …the U.S. is now employing pregnant women to fly our most stealth and dangerous missions.? Being a person whose friend had the smallest/earliest baby ever delivered in the State of Washington at that time…personally, am thinking assigning pregnant ‘persons’ to combat assignments questionable…but then…its only the nations strategic defense in question – right? But then, if we now have pilots at risk of having heart attacks and blood clots in route, what’s a pre- mature delivery here or there while on a bomber mission. NO doubt this administration would chalk it up as First ever! Would be nice to see the new SERE training manual for pregnant bomber pilots.

    • Avalanche

      Don ‘t be silly: they don’t USE pregnant women on missions; they assign them “shore duty” — as it’s called in the Navy — and double up on the requirements they lay on the other sailors in the division! They have done that for decades! I ran a tug division in a shipyard in the Navy back in the late 70’s / early 80s. Had sixty sailors, 28 women, 16 of THEM were pregnant. Could NOT use the preggos on the tugboats: so, had two in the tool room, one loaned up to the shipyard, two on the front desk/phone. (Had to keep finding “make-work” for them. I NEEDED folks who could do the job OF the tug division. Who picked up the slack? Why, the men sailors, of course!)

      The ramifications of ‘stashing’ pregnant women in shore or make-work jobs (cause they could NOT be used for the jobs they had been enlisted for!) led me to be 100% convinced women do NOT belong in the military (and I AM one! I wanted to serve 30 years!) beyond that they were mostly useless “workers” at the tug division was this. Because they were tying up shore billets, the men doing the at-sea jobs OF the Navy, couldn’t GET a shore billet. Instead of getting a year ashore to live with their families, they were kept at sea for most of their careers, so the preggos could do less-than-needed jobs IN the shore billets! (Working on tugs was considered a SHORE assignment because, mostly, you got to sleep at home!)

      Plus, of the 16 preggos, only ONE was married. What were the 15 going to DO with a newborn baby? Who was going to care for the baby once born? And how many of them were going to stay in for the free medical care until the baby was born and then get out? That they were not usable in the actual job of the tug division (moving ships and barges) did not mean I could get replacements who could while they were unable to work. It means the REMAINING men and unpregnant women had to fill the empty slots!

      I came off active duty entirely convinced that women who got pregnant needed to be discharged from the service! And it’s a gazillion times WORSE (and totally stupider!) now!

  21. Richard Longacre

    I live in the little town in NE Oklahoma. Only about 2,000 people. My son is the police dispatch supervisor and is in communication with our funeral home to set up police escorts for funerals. The funeral director told my son that deaths were up by about 400% last year and now it is about a 700% increase. There is no more room for the bodies piling up and they can’t do the funerals fast enough. He noted how everyone that is dying has the synthetic clots in them so bad that he can’t even embalm them without first removing the clots. My son directed him to the Died Suddenly video.

    We live in Cherokee Nation and they are required to get all of the vaccines and boosters if they want to keep getting the “free money” and “free healthcare” from the Federal government. What a price they are paying.

    We used to get one death a week in town called in to dispatch and yesterday had 3 in one day. One died during a funeral. They are all vaxxed. Keep on doing what you are doing in exposing this. We are up against some sadistic monsters.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the street reporting, Richard!!

      • Tim K

        Hi Greg,

        Hopefully Cliff High is right about people taking vengeance when they learn that they and or their family has been poisoned. That seems like the only way that theses lethal injections will be stopped.

  22. jon

    The one clue that made me drop Big Pharma, is when they attacked Vitamin E decades ago. The one clue that made me drop bothering going to the Doctors unless I actually had a problem is when they kept moving the goal post for cholesterol levels.

  23. Scott

    You must have taken the vaccine with Messenger RNA (because that is necessary for protein production) for the shedding to have a material impact to you – meaning, vaccinated hanging around vaccinated is a double whammy to their immune system..

    For the unvaccinated, the shedding impacts are not similar to actually taking the vaccine. Your body, marvelous designed by and made in the Image of God, will naturally fight illnesses – while Ivermectin will aid in this battle, it is not the only solution. Rest, Exercise, healthy eating all are natural defenses to support your immune system to fight off illness. Ironically, illness have been around for 100’s of years and people over the generations have fought these in similar ways.

    Personally, I would not take ANY vaccine or pharmaceutical made drug today. There are numerous channels (herbs, etc.) that exist today to fight off ANY illness. For example, do you know that fasting 3 days allows your body to fight/kill off Cancer Cells…..

    Just something to consider….

    • mikem

      Scott you are so right about Fasting. I’ve been fasting for about 5 months now but before I start fasting, I stop eating anything with sugar. 4 days after not eating sugar I started to have so much energy and felt so much better. I started losing a lot of waste from my intestines. Stomach issues and joint pains that I have been going to the Doctor for years are totally gone, not just that I started to lose so much weight (from 254 to 209 right now). Removing sugar from my diet was the key. I felt like I was missing something in this journey, so I started fasting. I only eat one meal every day now. I stated with two meal a day Lunch and dinner but now its only dinner. Quitting sugar and Fasting is the best thing I have done health wise in my life. This is not a fad for me, its life changing for me.

  24. Peter

    If one lives near the Mexican border one can drive over and pick some up. No need to get it from India.

  25. Won Witness

    I am Grateful to have heard Dr. Kory Speech at the People’s Convoy sendoff in Adelanto, Ca on 23 Feb last year.
    I was lucky enough to catch him after his speech to say “Thank you for all that you are doing”
    I’m sure he would not remember me, But I will never forget how inspired I was by his message and will always treasure those memories at the start of that journey.
    Thanks to the great ones who have stood up. History will honor them.

  26. Richard

    The war on Ivermectin is the war on profit! No money in it! That’s ALL they care about. Just like water fasting is one of the best ways to reset your immune system – but, but, its virtually FREE! I will NEVER trust Big Pharma or Bog Government again!

  27. Mr. Miller

    My suggestion is you all stay in place, keep taking your medications, and maybe buy a $24 book on Ivermectin when it comes out and everything is going to work out just fine. Problem solved.

    Seriously, words can not describe how totally out of touch with reality your typical American has become. I actually wonder how long it would take for people to wake up if they started grabbing people off the street, never to be seen or heard from again. The way things are headed, we might get to answer that question in the near future.

    If you don’t know by now what’s going on then it’s already too late for you. You are all suffering from cognitive dissonance and normalcy bias and this will lead to your demise. Sorry, but help is not on the way and the game of life is already over and you lost.

    At this time, the best you can hope for is the end will come swiftly when it comes, unfortunately, I believe this will not be the case. You are about to experience something out of a Stephen King novel and the only difference is this is real. You’ve been warned.

    • Michael

      Think it’s far more about depopulation if you look at the wef and un sites.⁹

      • Paul

        Time to depop the wef and eugenic advocates.

        Good interview
        Paul from arkansas

  28. Prospector

    If this does not SCREAM that the system is weaponized against you, well , maybe some folks will never get it ! — Testing on you WITHOUT consent !

    @TheChiefNerd – Jan 11 , 2023
    HR 34 became public law , 114-255

    2016 Obama-Era Cures Act:
    “Clinical testing of investigational medical devices and drugs no longer requires the informed consent of the subjects if the testing poses no more than minimal risk to the subjects and includes safeguards.”

  29. Justn Observer

    Greg, Just want you to know you might have forgot to post this interview notice ?
    As for the present daily debacle of ‘unreported surveillance balloons to POTUS – past or present=
    So, IF there were prior CHINA surveillance balloons during POTUS TRUMP ADMIN that went un-reported ….I guess this is the guy that held that job = A CANADIAN born U.S. AF GENERAL?
    How does ‘that’ work…. HOW MANY U.S. born Generals does the U.S. have IN ‘other foreign’ nations military?

    Terrence J. O’Shaughnessy

    Terrence John O’Shaughnessy (born c. 1964) is a retired United States Air Force four-star general who previously served as the commander of United States Northern Command and as the commander of North American Aerospace Defense Command. [2][3]

    Since 2021, O’Shaughnessy is employed by SpaceX [4] where he leads the Starshield (satellite constellation) government program. According to General Guillot, O’Shaughnessy proposed the SHIELD missile defense system, which stands for Strategic Homeland Integrated Ecosystem for Layered Defense

    With such ‘revolving doors’ we might expect the current NORAD GUY to also go work for to help SPACE X , a supposed ‘private’ company run their surveillance, communication net over the NWO corporate cyber system owned by a ‘south african’ named ELON MUSK? hmmmm

    Quite interesting that NOW…after how many space missions, trips to and around the moon, the U.S. gov’t FORGOT how to get a rocket off the ground BUT some private companies and Russia still can? Where did ALL that NASA technology and patents go? Did the only U.S. personnel that knew that all die or something? or DO/ARE they all now bought off and work for ‘private’ interests? for say the WEFers and NWO? Maybe one needs to CONSIDER where all those top-secret patents, document, and blueprints are and if any of that ‘taxpayer’ funded decades of technology walked out the back doors and ended up at some beach houses as well?

    BUT no fears…Guess the U.S. has lots of U.S. Generals that get along quite well with ‘foreign’ leaders?

    such as the current NORAD Commander that also apparently does not take China surveillance balloons serious enough to bother to report them to the POTUS for his morning intelligence briefs? hmmmm

    Glen D. VanHerck – Wikipedia
    bottom of page =
    VanHerck with Canadian Defense Minister Anita Anand, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin at U.S. Northern Command headquarters on June 7, 2022

    Would be nice to know if TRUDEAU got a heads up at his daily briefs?

    One has little doubt these agencies had every available asset tracking and identifying, listing and compiling every Canadian trucker. their license plate, and every transmission of their CB, cell phone, or bank transfer transmissions as well as in the U.S… but what China is doing……NOT SO MUCH! LOL

    As to the downing of the balloon….one does wonder why they blew it up…. rather than just shoot and riddle it with holes and deflate it so not to damage and be able to inspect the apparatus? One could have raked up the debris rather than now scour the ocean floor for ‘pieces’ and fragments?

    As a long past member of a command with the mission was the air defense cover over a nation’s capital, and Kimpo, Osan, and Kunsan Air Force bases…one can only wonder that a 200 ft balloon hovering at 60K feet was not detected, tracked, and prepping to engage and reported up the chain of command. In fact, one has to believe at some point some battery did their job and must have been ordered to ignore and stand down.

  30. Mike G


  31. MustangGal60

    Thank you for bringing in Dr. Kory. The information on Ivermectin is vital to reversing the negative propaganda that remains cemented in the minds of the public. I just watched “Sudden Death” on Rumble. The tide of c19 ignorance would turn in America if every citizen watched it. The toxic ingredient list in the bioweapon is mind numbing wicked. The graphene oxide seems to be the most lethal. Will Ivermectin reverse the damaged blood vessels? There is an ever worsen tsunami of bioweapon deaths looming without an anti venom.

  32. Russ 2

    Thanks Greg, great info in today’s interview. At one point in the interview, Dr. Kory mentioned some benefits of Ivermectin not related to Covid or spike proteins — an improvement in kidney and liver function. It probably goes back to Ivermectin’s original use as an anti-parasitic. I’m not a young guy and have been handling dogs and other animals all my life — that and I love sushi. Having a few parasites goes with the territory.

    So I went to the site recommended by Dr. Betsy Eads in your previous interview and ordered some. I’ll check for anti-parasitic protocols on-line although I may end up using those Dr. Kory mentioned. The info he provided though makes it appear that Ivermectin is safe enough to be OTC.

  33. Jeffrobbins

    Thanks again Greg. I just hired in to a new job and the vax mandates were a big deal when they were. Anyway, out of about a dozen guys in this group one of them just had a heart attack in December and is going to retire when he comes back to work. While there is no hard tie to the vax, it is another coincidence and part of the declining labor force participation. I wonder how many more just wont show up one morning? I have started taking some horse paste again twice a week.
    2nd point- food issues are coming- i have fruit trees on order and if any readers haven’t thought about it- plant a 2 or 3 in your yard. What do you have to lose? Spray for bugs twice a year and some light pruning and you’re in business.

  34. Rich Rozmarn

    Protect against SPIKE. Greg
    Some highlights regarding Quercetin and amyloids:
    • Quercetin binding to prion protein is determined, and the network of the binding site at the molecular level is visualized.
    • In contrast to conventional studies of amyloidogenic drugs, quercetin accelerates fibrillation of prion protein. (A GOOD thing.)
    • Quercetin turns fibrils into protease-sensitive, structurally loose and non-cytotoxic forms. The vax creates fibrils.
    • Quercetin treatment can disaggregate moPrP (mouse prion) fibrils and lead to the formation of the proteinase-sensitive amorphous aggregates. Furthermore, quercetin-bound fibrils can reduce the membrane disruption of erythrocytes.
    • Quercetin is distinct from the typical function of antiamyloidogenic drugs that inhibit the formation of amyloid fibrils.
    Curcumin may be a powerful alloy and “wing man” to Quercetin.
    • Curcumin alone reduced prion fibril formation significantly.
    • Curcumin effectively rescues the cells from apoptosis and decreases the ROS level caused by subsequent co-incubation with prion amyloid fibrils.

    • Highnail

      Thank you

  35. Geneva Thatcher

    Ivermectin hard to secure?
    15 Foods/Herbs High in Shikimic Acid to Help Disable Spike Protein & GOx
    Modified: Jun 9, 2022 · Published: Jul 27, 2021
    By Jacqueline

    Main Natural Sources High in Shikimic Acid Known to Block the Spike Protein:

    -Pine Needle Tea for shikimic acid or shikimate (from green edible pine needles) Identify your pine needles as edible. When drinking edible pine needle tea, drink the oil/resin that accumulates too! Shikimate, shikimic acid and their derivatives possess: cancer fighting, antiviral, antimicrobial, anticoagulant and antithrombotic properties.

    -Fennel and/or Star Anise Tea: These are also an excellent source of shikimate or shikimic acid

    -Charcoal (2-4 capsules a day): When taken on an empty stomach, works its way down into the intestines and activates a gut blood purification process some call “interstitial dialysis”.

    -Citrus fruit (especially blood oranges, due to their high hesperidin content — hesperidin is a chalcone like quercetin that deactivates spike protein)

    -DIY Peppermint extract (very high in hesperidin)

    More Super herbs High in Shikimate Help Disable Spike Protein
    Dr. David Wolfe’s list:

    -Schizandra Berry

    -St. John’s Wort (Hypericum androsaemum): shikimic acid is found in abundance

    -I found testing of 5 bean sprouts are rich in shikimate (incl. red kidney bean, mung bean, and alfalfa). The highest content is during the sprouting process.

    -Feverfew (leaves and flowers are rich in shikimate)

    -Gingko Biloba Leaf

    -Giant Hyssop or Horsemint (Agastache urtifolia)

    -LiquidAmbar (Sweet Gum tree) A tincture or tea of the spiky seed pods is rich in shikimate.

    -Carrots and Carrot Juice

    -Wheatgrass and Wheatgrass Juice (the young blades)

    by: Deep Roots At Home

    For more videos and full article information, please go to:

    • Greg Hunter

      Nothing works better on CV19 Bioweapon/vax that Ivermectin (IVM)!!

      • No Retreat


        On the topic of shedding, I am very curious about Dr. Kory’s comment about it not being too much of a concern, except within short time after vaccination. On the Dr Jane Ruby show (extremely good source of info as well, and a major player on exposing these things), she has had interviews with physicians who have confirmed shedding definitely occurs with people in households where a mixture of vaccinated and unvaccinated exists. Blood analysis and pictures have been shown, to illustrate that an unvaccinated persons blood is not normal, and affected in same way as a vaccinated person’s s is.

        Unless studies are done to fully verify at some certain point in time AFTER a person is vaccinated, that they aren’t much of a risk to others via shedding, I am still believing other info that has been provided which has the implication shedding continues as long as spike protein is still being produced in a person’s body.

  36. Geneva Thatcher

    Not concerned about shedding?
    Shedding Concerns: “It Looks Like the mRNA is Transferring from the Vaccinated to the Unvaccinated”
    “Every shot is accumulating in the body with no ability for the body to get rid of it.” 3:00 MIN.

    Ivermectin is the answer to protect you against the Spike Protein Shedding, but Ivermectin is getting harder to secure. We had to buy Ivermectin Equine Paste from the Animals Feed Store. Until Ivermectin becomes more available and not expensive there is foods, herbs, roots, barks etc. that will protect you from Spike Proteins.

    Cat’s Claw tea will protect you from the mRNA contamination.
    Foods, herbs, spices, roots can and will protect you from the Spike Proteins with Suramin and Shakimic Acid.

    You can make Cat’s Claw tea and add one or more of the following for shedding protection:
    -Pine Needle tea (You must make sure the Pine you use is edible).
    -Pine Bark tea (You must make sure the Pine you use is edible).
    -Star Anise tea
    -Fennel tea
    -Dandelion tea
    -Pine Essential Oil – 3 drops of oil in your tea with 1 tsp or more of coconut oil. Coconut oil is essential to take with Pine Essential Oil. (Make sure the Pine you ingest is of the EDIBLE pines).

    Suramin Contained In These Unusual Foods And Spices by: Dr. Judy Mikovits

    Covid shots are not vaccines but experimental bioweapons, this is expert consensus. It’s not just viral shedding as we thought but transmission potentially of spike protein that’s causing Adverse Reactions in the unvaxxed. The cells of the vaxxed are now coded to produce the synthetic pathogen they were injected with using lipid-nanoparticles. This is clearly gain-of-function weaponry.

    It was also unanimous consensus of medical experts that the vaxxed should be quarantined because transmission is believed to be airborne. (Please see Vaccine Secrets airing beginning Aug. 30th)

    Dr. Judy Mikovits mentioned in a video titled “Suramin” that the suramin (shikimate) is the antidote to this bioweapon and the transmission of spike proteins. You can obtain enough shikimate to act as an antidote from pine needle tea (pine, spruce, cedar and fir). Fresh pine needles have been used for centuries as sources of vitamin C and other phytochemicals that Native Americans used to treat respiratory infections and other ailments. Pine needles contain many substances that appear to reduce platelet aggregation in the blood, potentially preventing blood clots that lead to strokes, heart attacks and pulmonary embolism diagnoses. Pine needle tea also offers an inhibitory effect against the inappropriate replication and modification of RNA and DNA.

    Suramin is the pharmaceutical version of Shikimic Acid (Shikimate)
    We now know that the Covid-19 “spike protein” does not remain in the injection site but travels through the blood, entering and attacking the vascular system first. It coagulates the blood causing blood clots in the brain (embolisms), coronary thrombosis (heart strokes) and pulmonary embolisms (lung strokes). This “spike protein” is also collecting in ovaries and testes and rendering women and men infertile. Transmission is causing innocent bystanders to have adverse reactions of miscarriages, unusual heavy bleeding, uterus shedding and God knows what else will come.


    The 35+ Benefits Of French Maritime Pine Bark (Pycnogenol, Flavangenol And Oligopin)

    Dr. Love’s Pine Needle Tea Finland
    PINE TEA: Possible Antidote for Spike Protein Transmission

    Common Dandelion Blocks Spike Protein Binding to ACE2 Receptors
    Modified: Jul 1, 2022 · Published: Jun 1, 2021
    By Jacqueline

    Antidote for Spike Proteins & COVID19 Vaccination? Fennel, Star Anise, Shikimic acid, Pine Tree Needle Turpentine & NANO SOMA

  37. S W

    Great interview. Thankful for the updates. I wonder why no one mentions Quinine. My understanding is we got Chloroquine and HCQ as a result of Quinine. Quinine is an over the counter product. I bought it early on for standby as they fought the use of HCQ. I’ve taken it a couple of times when I felt like I was getting a virus and surprisingly symptoms change within 6hrs both times. It is marketed for leg cramps. That is how I was familiar with it.

    Article on Quinine,
    Molecular Docking of Quinine, Chloroquine and
    Hydroxychloroquine to Angiotensin Converting Enzyme 2
    (ACE2) Receptor for Discovering New Potential COVID-19

    Chloroquine, hydroxychloroquine, and quinine interact with
    the important residue Lys353 in the peptidase domain of ACE2
    receptor, furthermore, chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine
    were proven could block the infection of the SARS-CoV-2
    virus. Of the three drugs, quinine shows the strongest affinity to
    the ACE2 receptor (-4.89 kcal/mol), thus potential to be used
    as COVID-19 antidote. This study will add more insights to the
    mechanism of quinoline-based antimalarial drugs in inhibiting
    the infection of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

    Article link,

  38. Prospector

    Vaxxine hearings were happening also……. oooppps

    Just the most revealing public testimony we have seen maybe ever, and C-SPAN “lost signal” from the Twitter hearing, can’t seem to get it to work.
    Big Pharma, Big Tech, DNC, FBI/DHS, CDC, NIH; nearly every element of the Deep State is getting exposed, and they “lost” the feed…

    Watch Taiwan – same source;
    1) Interestingly enough, the US biological presence in Taiwan might be worse than Ukraine.
    According the the NIH, there are 1,251 biolabs in Taiwan, 262 of which are private.
    Including a BSL-4 lab in Taipei, which notoriously saw C19 outbreak (NIH link next slide).

  39. J. Kimble Allen

    Thus far, I have listened to about 25 minutes of this video.

    Is it just me, or … does Dr. Kory perpetually mispronounce … “bioweapon?”

    Every time I hear him discuss the “bioweapon,” it sounds as though he is saying “vaccine.”

    Is anyone else hearing this mispronunciation?

    • Greg Hunter

      I think Dr. Kory may be trying to keep his medical license and not draw too much fire. Dr. Kory is a good guy and has been one since the beginning.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Is this all you got out of the one hour plus interview? Did you fail to hear Dr Kory state that, after what he has learned since ‘Covid’, he would NEVER get his kids vaccinated? This from a leading MD – and you’re still not satisfied? ‘We the people’ have no hope if we nit pick each other’s minor differences . . .

      • Caleb


        How can “we the people” solve a problem. If we are not allowed to label it what it is. Covid 19 was invented so a bio weapon (through a vaccine) could be released and mandated. The bio weapon is shedding. Anyone who thinks they are safe because they did not take it are not. Isn’t it ironic that all the politicians were not mandated.

        • PersonaNonGrata

          Hi Caleb,
          I think you got the wrong read on my comment. I totally agree the so-called ‘CV-19 vaccine’ was and is a BIOWEAPON – designed to cull humanity. BUT when a prominent doctor has the balls to speak out as Dr Kory most certainly has, what value is there in critiquing his use of the word ‘vaccine’. He is helping countless patients – something that may be impossible without a medical license . . .

          • Caleb

            I totally understood your point. My point was Words matter. The difference between the words vaccine and bio weapon is huge. IMAGINE if some people had the balls (as you say) to actually call it a bio weapon. How many politicians, doctors, scientist, know it is a bio weapon and still promote it as a vaccine?

            • PersonaNonGrata

              Hi Caleb,
              “My point was Words matter.”
              Totally agree. I have posted almost these exact words on USAW comments in the past. However, the art of ‘realpolitik’ confines people to restrict their retoric / actions according to the circumstances.

              • Caleb

                A lack of integrity and conscience confines people.

                Most people have sold their soul for money,power,position.

                Don’t give them an excuse as ‘realpolitik’ that is lame.

        • Anon

          “We the people” might call it a bio-weapon.

          However, the people who created the bio-weapon might still call it a vaccine.

          As far as THEY are concerned, “we the people” are the virus and the vaccine that destroys that virus is the cure.

          “Best thing you can do to help climate change is to get your vaccine”. THEY are terraforming this planet for themselves – whatever they might be.

  40. Charles Whitlatch

    Thanks for another informative interview. One question I would like to see answered is what might be the implications of the plan to start using MRNA shots in beef and other food animals? Will spike proteins survive the digestive process and lead to further human contamination?

    • Greg Hunter


  41. Anita

    Thank you both

  42. William Martin

    Ivermectin can be bought at Tractor Supply Stores for less than $5 a tube.

    • Greg Hunter

      It’ $9.99 a tube for Durvet 1.87% apple flavor.


  43. Robert Olin

    Dr. Kory should be our Surgeon General if we can ever get past the rigged elections.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree!

  44. JENNY

    no prescription needed mailed inside the US

  45. Marie Joy

    Side note: Expect the grid to go down in 2023.

  46. Norman Byler

    I’m on Vacation here is Sarasota, stopped in a 7/11 got a Hot dog, I ended with a server stomach ache, took Ivermectin 12 mg it worked again this happened 6 times in the last 2yrs.

  47. jon

    Hi Greg, Your audience may be interested. Original Listerine does not contain fluoride. No need to buy the expensive fluoride free mouthwash.

  48. Joe Smith

    Ed Hooper’s book, “The River : A Journey to the Source of HIV and AIDS”, details how the HIV/AIDS epidemic began with polio vaccine trials in the Congo of Africa in the 1950’s. The book’s theory was “debunked” in the mainstream media, but the book makes a strong argument for how HIV and AIDS began. Hooper argued that simian immunovirus (SIV) was likely a contaminant in the polio vaccine development and attempts to make an attenuated polio virus led to mutations in SIV that became HIV in humans. Ironically, the contamination of polio vaccines with another virus, simian virus 40 (SV40), is actually documented in the medical literature, but received little media attention. It’s difficult to believe that the scientific community actually admitted to the SV40 incident while denying the polio vaccine SIV contamination. Apparently, someone didn’t get the memo to cover up SV40.

  49. James Hayman

    I would like to suggest if you’re willing to contact your Congress man or woman and both your Senators and suggest/demand/cajole them to repeal the Allopathic monopoly. This one thing will over time curtail and hopefully eliminate big pharma’s hold on medicine in the country.

  50. Lucy

    You are not reporting the fact that once they have been jabbed, many doctors say that the affected person will be dead within 3 to 5 years NO EXCEPTIONS. It is a ticking time bomb, which cab be activated at any time with 5G or other frequencies whenever the PTB want to do it. People are just trying to sell more drugs and other things to make a profit off of this engineered disaster.

    • Greg Hunter

      I have covered this before with Dr. Cahill.

  51. J. Kimble Allen

    No. No. No.

    I believe we are both entitled to our opinions.

    • J. Kimble Allen

      This/my “No. No. No. …” response/comment was regarding a comment from

      PersonaNonGrata02/08/2023 •
      Is this all you got out of the one hour plus interview? Did you fail to hear Dr Kory state that, after what he has learned since ‘Covid’, he would NEVER get his kids vaccinated? This from a leading MD – and you’re still not satisfied? ‘We the people’ have no hope if we nit pick each other’s minor differences . . .”

      which said comment was in regard to my below original comment, to wit,

      “Thus far, I have listened to about 25 minutes of this video.

      Is it just me, or … does Dr. Kory perpetually mispronounce … “bioweapon?”

      Every time I hear him discuss the “bioweapon,” it sounds as though he is saying “vaccine.”

      Is anyone else hearing this mispronunciation?”

  52. Frank S.

    The “sifting” continues. One is struck frequently by assumed allies’ dismissal of other allies proven and corroborated findings. Karen Kingston’s Pfizer & Moderna patent studies, DARPA docs, etc. prove the presence of marine snail and snake venoms. Yet Dr. Kory dismisses Dr. Ardis’ research with malice, enlisting other cohorts to support his own unproven claims. He was even part of the Swedish conference, also attended by Astrid Stuckelberger (a long-time WHO director-turned-whistleblower), where Dr. Ryan Cole made baseless claims (not for the first time) refuting Astrid’s (and others’) findings of graphene oxide and LNPs/ nano-technology in the bioweapon vax (also supported by Karen Kingston, La Quint Columna, Be circumspect, not sheep.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Frank,
      TPTB need no help in their age old technique of ‘divide and conquer’ when ‘we the people’ are so adept at forming divisions. While I agree it is wise in these dystopian times to be cynical, all the awakened ‘experts’ are trying to find truth in VERY muddied waters. IMHO, Dr Kory’s statement that, ‘post Covid, his research has lead him to the conclusion that he would never get his kids vaccinated again’ – that’s ALL vaccines (!) puts him firmly in our our camp.

    • Won Witness

      Frank S,
      We are at War for our lives.
      Every voice is required !
      Why are you sowing discontent ?
      We few are in a foxhole together and need to watch each others back
      not disagree and attack.

    • MustangGal60

      I saw the exchange between Dr.Astrid & Dr Cole at the conference and then found Dr. Astrid entire presentation at the conference. She is phenomenal and courageous. Her study on graphine oxide led me to watch “Died Suddenly” in Rumble. I am entirely focus on finding the best anti venom solution for the bio weapon so I can confidently recommend to everyone I encountered who either willingly accepted or was forced into taking the poison.

  53. Barb

    I know someone who’s allergic to Ivermectin, but it only made him feel lousy.
    Most everyone I know, got the shots/boosters, but hasn’t had problems. But I consistently have reactions when I’m around them, without knowing they got the shots. Most consistently I have a hard time getting oxygen. It’s worse in the first month. But I had far worse reactions in the beginning. Frequently, when I’m exposed to crowds, I’ll have a build up of phlegm in my lungs, and cough for a day or two. But that’s happening less and less. Hopefully, because people aren’t taking the stupid things anymore!
    I’m very concerned about the mRNA shots for pets and bees…

    And I saw a video of mercury poured onto a piece of aluminum which caused the growth of stringy, long structures. Most every shot, it seems, has mercury and or aluminum.

  54. Tag Geren

    My story. Not vaxxed but have all the symptoms Kory described. Unbelievable fatigue, so much more than just tired. Muscle aches and can now only lift 10 lbs, tops. Heart rate increases with walking across the room. I can’t manage even the basic chores I have done for years without feeling exhausted.. Now have to deal with asthma which I never had in 68 years before this bio weapon hit. I am sure I had Covid in Dec 2020 and again in Jan 2022 I suspect from a friend that was fully vaccinated. Most of my symptoms thru those bouts were respiratory. My oxygen saturation got done to 74 in 2020 which would have landed me on a vent if I would have went to a hospital. I seldom get up before 10 AM and always feel like I have been ran over and ready to lay down again by 11. I nap everyday from about 1-3 Could care less if I eat or not, but force myself to. I am so sick of feeling like this and the depression is setting in big time. I am taking Ivermectin as well as all vitamins suggested in the Zelenko protocol and some days feel a little better but as a whole, my life is a mess.

    • Madi

      I am not a doctor but you should see one like Dr Eads, Dr Corey . So many physicians paid a dear price and will never be able to practice medicine . Nurses, firefighters, Emergency responders all theses frontlines people’s, caregivers.
      Do not quit, have faith! Force yourself to move, go outside. It does not take long to be Doug of shape and depress!
      Mr Hunter help us to fight for our survival. Stay inform.✝️

    • Kathryn H

      Every week I watch “Critically Thinking” with Dr T and Dr P on Rumble. On the January 30 2023 episode at the 55 minute mark Dr. T (Dr. Sherry Tenpenny) stated that she got sick from attending a recent event that was filled with unvaccinated people. She took all the recommended vitamins and supplements, including ivermectin and hydroxy-chloroquine and nothing really worked. Than she took 5 pills of activated charcoal and within 1 hour she felt tremendously better. She believes her symptoms were dud to vaccine shedding. In the same episode, Dr P (Dr. Larry Palevsky) states that he believes the intestines are releasing and recalculating the poisons. Dr P says take 1 clove chopped garlic and put it in 8-10 ounces of water and boil and cover. Let steep for 10 minutes. Than add really good sea salt and lemon juice and drink. He says this really helps the lungs and give glutathione pre-cursors, and his patients have used it with great success. I hope this is helpful.

    • Kathryn H

      Tag, I just posted a reply but I made a mistake on the episode. You should watch episode 129 of Critically Thinking With Dr T and Dr P on Rumble. The video is dated January 26, 2023. The most helpful info. is approximately the 55 minute mark.

  55. rv

    Sad lives destroyed either long term disabilities or killed worldwide population approaching 8 Billion. For a long time you have been saying Ivermectin and others work for the vaxxed and unvaxxed. Greg Thanks!

  56. HandsomeHank

    The sad thing about everyone who warns against taking veterinary ivermectin is that they think the quality would be inferior to what is given to humans. The truth is that in many cases it can be more expensive for the companies to kill or injure a horse than a human. On purely commercial grounds, this is a false assumption.

  57. Kat

    Rockefellers “Lock Step” Project = C-19 narrative.

  58. MJ Quinn


    Reliable source of good quality IVM 12mgs.

    They deliver promptly !

  59. MustangGal60

    I saw the exchange between Dr.Astrid & Dr Cole at the conference and then found Dr. Astrid entire presentation at the conference. She is phenomenal and courageous. Her study on graphine oxide led me to watch “Died Suddenly” in Rumble. I am entirely focus on finding the best anti venom solution for the bio weapon so I can confidently recommend to everyone I encountered who either willingly accepted or was forced into taking the poison.

  60. adam king

    My kid was born in 2015 and I knew not to give him any vaccines. It was all created by Rockefeller. Need I say more. Common sense.

  61. Joseph Boudreau

    Another great interview. I did not take the Covid-19 shots but once in a while when I visit heavily trafficked places like Costco, I’ll feel ‘weird’ for a day or two afterwards, like I’m coming down with something but then it goes away and I’m fine again. Eat healthy, exercise and try to stay positive. It really does help.
    Thanks Greg and Dr. Kory!

    • Greg Hunter

      You need Ivermectin too.

  62. Telly Sovalees

    Some months ago, Clif High had forecasted another* Valentine’s Day Massacre, though he did not speak of it as necessarily financial in nature. He hasn’t mentioned it since and for a while as he has been preoccupied with ranting about space aliens parting the Red Sea.

    Now the AI bots are saying 15 February (day after Valentine’s Day) stockmarket implosion.

    * for the condemned morons who continue to believe Mark Taylor is a prophet–even though Trump is the father of the genocidal vax and King of Sodom—here is the historical event that orig gave name to Valentine’s Day Massacre. It happened in 1929, which is the same year as the infamous crash on Wall St.'s_Day_Massacre

  63. Brian

    It’s true that the uptake of boosters IV and V has decreased. However my main concern is the big push for mRNA treatments now. Pfizer is currently building a 260,000 sq ft lab at the cost of 460 million in Pearl River, NY to expand the usage of mRNA for “treatment” of other diseases. Does this mean mRNA flu shots? (Taken by 50% of americans), does this mean mRNA for other common vaccines? What will these impacts be?

  64. Valerie

    Many thanks to you both for this information! I took copious notes. I will be purchasing Dr. Kory’s book, and the other 2 books about the history of vaccines that he recommends. I’m expecting my first grandchild in July, and I want my son and daughter-in-law to have this information.
    God help us all!

  65. Tony

    The Chinese don’t need a silly ballon to spy on anyone every major country has satellites that can see the retinas in you’re eyes so why are we believing they need a spy ballon. I once worked in the northfork va navel shipyard installing a price of equipment on a submarine and I learned the propellers are removed from these ships befor the sub is dry docked because I was told any major country with satellites in space can look at the propeller and tell what degree of angle it’s is in other words they can tell the pitch of the propeller and will know the depth that the sub could reach, so why do they need a silly ballon. Also our military and politicians sell China any info they want to know any way. Our government knows the financial system is going to collapse expecialy after Saudi Arabia announced the US dollar is no longer needed to purchase oil so our crooked military and politicians put that ballon in the air and let it float all across the country just to be sure everyone saw it so they can push a war with China just watch and see. I agree with ivermectin I use it regularly also mms is just as effective.

    • Tin foil hat

      Exactly, the hyping of the spy ballon is nothing but the first beat of war drum against China.

  66. Namrider

    Great that he’s awaken to covid and the bioweapon, but he’s still asleep to all the jabs… much studying of history needed on his part to fully awaken. The more one learns, the more one will not trust… start by looking at Rockefeller’s early ‘vaccine’ involvment and marry that to his eugenics beliefs and soon the pieces of the puzzle will begin to fall into place.

    Waking up for me was in the Air Force where they tried to force anthrax vaccine on me… 100% of what they said was found out to be lies. Their motivation is not just money and neverending sickness for profit, but it is also about depopulation and control. No trust, not ever. Be healthy and smart.

    • Greg Hunter

      You do realize Dr. Kory is one of the very few TREATING CV19 VAX INJURIES??????

  67. Chuck T

    Looks like Trump will need to find another title. Accdg to Moderna, Trump is not the father of the vax.

    Trump’s Warpspeed program was just a coverstory for something that had already been in place for a long time.

    Today Dedicated to James O’Keefe{querystring}&utm_device=c&utm_matchtype=&utm_keywordId=&placement=&gclid=CjwKCAiA0JKfBhBIEiwAPhZXD-uUbHw2w7Sm1L1dT99Z57sqaCJ-yXo3P0bGu6rPjze52a-FMOclcBoClvYQAvD_BwE

  69. I Dig Au

    Anyone know how long past the “expiration date” that Ivermectin pills are effective? I’ve looked on the web with no success – thanks.

    • Steve Bice

      I Dig: Caveat…this is from the seller so it is not a disinterested party, but here is what they say:

      100 / 12 MG tablets, plus a free bottle of GermProof for USA orders. Ships international too. Due to massive viral demand we are limiting all orders to five boxes of ivm max per order for USA and one box per order for international. Do not worry about the amount of 100. These will not ever expire, if stored at temps of 70-75 F and dry, they will last with the same potency for decades. Do not believe the big fat pharma lie that meds like this expire. Tons of research to back this up. These are stamped for April 2025 but will last with the same potency for decades if stored dry and temp controlled.$190.00

  70. Self Exiled

    Therefore, because you impose heavy rent on the poor
    And demand a tribute (food-tax) of grain from them,
    Though you have built [luxurious] houses of square stone,
    You will not live in them;
    You have planted beautiful vineyards, but you will not drink their wine. For I know your transgressions are many and your sins are great (shocking, innumerable),
    You who distress the righteous and take bribes,
    And turn away from the poor in the [court of the city] gate [depriving them of justice].
    Therefore, he who is prudent and has insight will keep silent at such a [corrupt and evil] time, for it is an evil time [when people will not listen to truth and will disregard those of good character]. Amos 5:11-13

  71. Melissa Bluethman

    FYI: My family procured liquid Ivermectin @ Tractor Supply. I use a syringe to transfer to a dropper bottle & we take 2-3 drops twice a month for maintenance/prevention.

  72. Randall Maxwell

    The Lord’s Warnings to Modern man.

    The day of salvation, the day of the Lord’s wrath, or the Kingdom is as one day to the Lord but is as 1,000 years, to men, divided into two ages Eph. 2:7; 2 Peter. 3:4; 2 Thess. 2:1-4; James 5:7-11. The Bible was completed and delivered in 70 AD for the promised first coming of the Lord Judas 3. The Bible restoration is to be complete in about 2065 AD, with the 7th seal broken for the promised second coming of the Lord.

  73. Dylan C.

    Are there different doses recommended for vaccinated and unvaccinated people? I am not vaccinated, but my grandmother has taken one shot and lives with us. She does not appear to be injured by the vaccine but I worry about long-term damage and the possibility of shedding. Can you provide a link to purchase Ivermectin?
    Thanks for your work exposing the NWO.

  74. Ginny Silcox

    I guess I’m too late to get this comment read, but I wonder if Dr. Kory has any conclusions why anti-parasitics seem to be the most powerful therapies against vax injury. I would also suggest that graphene oxide in several lots is extremely reactive to electromagnetic fields. Nobody ever seems to be looking at patients after eliminating smart phones or other EMF sources from the test area. Paralysis, spasms, epilepsy, and myocardial nerve malfunctions can all be a result of reactions to EMFs.

    • Steve Bice

      Never too late: Ivermectin has anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and binding properties as well as its ability to kill and clear parasites.

      Early in the pandemic, one doctor whose name escapes me said Covid had two phases: a viral replication phase and an inflammatory phase. The goal was to suppress viral replication early and avoid or reduce the inflammatory phase that overwhelms the lungs.

      The spike protein alone is inflammatory and cytotoxic and is the vector used to in the vaccines to stimulate immune response in the body. Ivermectin works to reduce that inflammation…which is particularly important since the vaccines continue to produce spike proteins for 8 months to a year or longer; there is no “off switch”.

      Further, Ivermectin has properties which bind to the spike and prevent it from attaching to the ACE-2 receptors in the body.

      One of the greatest dangers of both Covid and the vaccines is that the spike attaches to ACE-2 receptors which are highly prevalent in the endothelium (lining of the blood vessels) and the lungs. Preventing scaring and subsequent clotting in the blood vessels is essential to preventing strokes and heart attacks. This is why most protocols also suggest taking an anti-coagulant such as aspirin.

      Anti-parasitic properties may or may not be beneficial in fighting vaxx injury, but ivermectin’s anti-inflammatory and binding properties make it an essential medicine for treating vaccine injury.

      All of the above is simply my understanding based on reading the many doctors and experts who have fought the good fight to treat Covid and vaccine injury across the last three years in the face of overwhelming opposition from “official” sources. We owe them much…

    • Steve Bice

      P.S. Ivermectin and other anti-parasitics may also have anti-cancer properties (Panacur/Fenbendazole). This may be particularly important in light of the potential immune dysfunction via IgG4 dominance occurring after repeated vaccinations. IgG4 antibody dominance suggests immune tolerizing behavior in line with what happens with allergy shots. This teaches the body to tolerate the virus and/or spike protein, which allows it to persist in the body and continue to do its damage to the endothelium and body organs. Immune suppression may also allow new cancers to develop and dormant cancers to rage out of control. Just another reason why Ivermectin is an essential post-vaxx treatment…

  75. Morgan Andersson

    So, in a situation where almost everybody has had covid at least once, including those vaccinated, and a huge % have received the vaccine, how can one discern whether deaths and issues arising come from the virus or from the vaccine?

    Nearly impossible, I would say..

    The spike protein of the virus itself is much more complex than the spike protein induced by the vaccines. The virus has been shown to give a long list of very serious ailments. In fact, one have discovered 200+ symptoms so far. It would seem that the virus is much worse than the vaccines.

    Again, how is it possible to discern under such circumstances?

    • Greg Hunter

      There is a lot we do not know but we do know Ivermectin works on all aspects of the Covid bioweapon and the Covid bioweapon/vax.
      On top if that we know there is almost zero downside risk. Short story, get Ivermectin and take it on a regular basis.

    • Charlotte Claire

      I think people think that but way more people had (and died) from swine flu. I live in a retirement community of 8 or 9 thousand, and had about four deaths attributed to covid, mostly already very sick, yet it still looks like the zombie apocalypse around here, everybody cowering behind those stupid masks. I’m not interested in that hoax flu. What ivermectin can do for cancer is the future. There are many natural cures and treatments for cancer. Rife technology cured all the cancer patients in a 1932 trial at Stanford. The doctors were going to celebrate, but got the word to keep it quiet and obscure the results. That’s how “quackery” is promoted. The Rockefelleer drug-fueled pharmaceutical approach would make more money for the elite. Reading a bunch of old medical journals put out monthly by the Rockefeller foundation during early to mid-20th c., was illuminating.

  76. Madi

    Dear Greg ,
    Thank you for all you do. I share your website with a lot of people , one person at the time.
    I met a 56 y/o women who lost some eyesight left eye after 2 jabs. (Liberal ,hate Prez Trump)….
    Neurological disaster everywhere losing sense of smell, taste , vision changes. I also have friends who lost there love one to the COVID , not jab . Now has persistent dry cough for 2 years.
    I read every post, thank you to all your listeners intelligent questions; posts.
    I purchased the water filter and your field of greens. Thank you !
    Because of people like you Greg, I am not scare . I will continue to be the best person I can be . I Pray for you, your family , all your followers and all your guests who have showed tremendous courage like you.
    Your Naturalized American , refugee (sarcasm but true) from Quebec ,Canada

  77. Russ

    Great iterview and excellent info – thank you Greg and thank you Dr. Kory.

  78. Bethany

    I haven’t taken the vax but I believe I’ve been vaccine injured from other vaccines taken over a decade ago and when he was going through the list of symptoms…I’ve experienced (and still experience most) of those things.

  79. Charlotte Hendershot

    I’m not vaxxed should I still take IVermectin twice a week?

    • Greg Hunter

      That’s what Dr. Eads and many other doctors say because of shedding from the vaxed. There is zero downside.

  80. scotty

    Hi Greg you do such great work,
    The vaccines like covid is all lies.
    Vaccines are 100% medical fraud. They can not ever possibly work, Why? Because no one has ever found one.( Greg please has as a guest Christine Masssey , from Toronto,Canada.
    Because no one, anywhere, ever, has found a virus . The virus is a fantom, a patsy, a cover story. Once you come to this so simple yet for some reasonso difficult to grasp, because of – brainwashing, constantly being told by “authorities”, viruses cause blah blah etc… is all an assumption , a psy-op.

  81. Norene

    I had sever Covid-19 in 2021, I was in ICU for 4 months, then rehab for 3 weeks. It is now a year and 1/2 later, will taking Ivermectin provide any benefit?

  82. Roben Giasson

    Hi my name is Roben I had Covid is July of 2022, I am still feeling the residual effects, I refused to go to the hospital I followed the doctor instructions that didn’t do much to help me get better. I had gotten pneumonia several times that year after I was over the initial illness.
    In 2012 I was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer that metastasized to my bone. I don’t want to take the treatment drugs and haven’t for a few years now but I am considered stable I would like to know if taking ivermectin will help me feel better I’m always feeling like I’m still fighting the effects of the Covid I feel like I’ve never gotten over it and I am hoping that ivermectin might help my bones heal from the cancer diagnosis. The cancer medicine really takes a toll on my body and makes me feel sick all the time. I don’t want the chemicals in my body anymore I feel they’re doing more harm then good. I have been eating healthier and using what God provided to make my own remedies.
    I don’t really trust the medical system anymore especially after the lies about the fake “vaccine” . I am looking forward to hearing from you.

    Roben GIasson
    [email protected]


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