CV19 Vax Resistant Mutations, Ballot Audits Continue, Inflation Tax

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 482 5.28.21)

According to the 2008 Nobel Prize winner in medicine, Luc Montagnier, the CV19 vaccines are creating variants or mutations that are resistant to the CV19 vaccine.  He also says that he is following the global vaccination push closely and says he is documenting that the “curve of vaccination is followed by the curve of deaths.”  Montagnier says he is seeing “patients who have become sick with Corona after being vaccinated.”

The mainstream press is already trying to tamp this down by saying Montagnier is an “anti-vaxer” and was misquoted.  I guarantee you he is not misquoted here on  See for yourself.

Election integrity audits are continuing but are also being vigorously resisted by Democrats in several states.  The mainstream media (MSM), which has become a propaganda arm of Deep State Democrats, are writing one negative story after another.  They are calling the auditors “grifters” and the audits “bogus.”  These are the same organizations who told us the CV19 virus did not come from a lab in China, and now we know, that, too was a propaganda lie.   It all will eventually boil down to the voting machines and the actual ballots.

During the 2020 campaign, Vice President Joe Biden famously said that his tax increase will not be paid by anyone making less than $400,000 a year.  If you consider the inflation rate that is vaulting higher, you know everyone who eats or drives a car is being taxed by inflation.  Now, Biden wants Congress to approve a $6 trillion budget in fiscal 2022.  How’s he going to pay for that?  Tax, tax and more tax on everyone and every company in America.  Another Biden election promise fulfilled.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 5.28.21.

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Renowned radio host, filmmaker and top selling book author Steve Quayle will be the guest for the “Saturday Night Post.”  He will talk about the federal government’s recent admission about aliens on 60 Minutes and how Antarctica fits into the false story that has started being pitched to the world.

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  1. Olaf - Tasmania, Australia.

    Thank you Greg for your great work!
    The following article shows how the Queensland Premier in Australia is Fraudulently trying to prove by example that the VAX is HARMLESS : –
    Olaf – Australia.

    • Paul in OZ

      She reminds me of a German guy with a moustache from the 40’s.

      • Paul ...

        You know … speaking about Hitler … Netanyahu didn’t do the Jewish people any favors by getting almost all of them jabbed with … an “experimental” … DNA altering … blood clotting … and organ destroying … “so called vaccine” … Bibi is “no doctor” (like Hitler’s Mengele was and who brought the Jewish people the Holocaust) .. and the sad thing for us Americans is … that Trump saw what “doctor” Netanyahu was prescribing for the Jewish people … and “idiotically figured” he should do the same thing for the American people (at Warp Speed) … instead of listening to what the “experts” (Nobel Medical Scientists) were telling him about very safe alternatives to taking the jab (vitamin D, zinc, etc., etc., etc) that he knew about!!!

      • Paul2

        Anastacia’s Father, an ex QLD politician himself, has some interesting hobbies in his latter years.

    • markp

      Olaf, I hate to rain on your parade but this is eight months old [well before the vaxxes were available], and the video heading says it is a flu shot. Having said that, she didn’t take it as is obvious by the video, and she lied by omission implying she got the jab. She can claim she didn’t lie because she said “I didn’t feel it”. I wonder how she conned the nurse into this scam, she must have no shame [the nurse, that is – and, AP as well, come to think of it]. By the way, I’m not taking the vaxx, and I don’t take flu shots either, so I’m on your side but at least you should get the story right. markp.

  2. Marie+Joy

    Our government was stolen from us because WE are stupid and lazy.

    • tim mcgraw

      marie+joy; you really think it is “our government”? Why.

    • Billy

      Mary, I’m pretty sure we are stupid and lazy, and we are, because the government was stolen from us and the media and education system have been weaponized against us for 100+ years.
      The international bankers got the FED in in 1913 = end of free markets and any independent government. Anyone who put America first has been smeared and demonized since.
      Charlotte Iserbyte has the documentation on the deliberate dumbing down of America –
      Norman Dodd explains the decades of corruption engineered by foundations to steer the nation towards communism. Essential –
      President Wilson’s re-election campaign slogan was “He Kept Us Out of War”. He immediately sent us into WWI after winning despite massive public opposition. The sinking of the Lusitania was used by the corrupt media of the time in the same manner as they used the Gulf of Tonkin, WMDs, and the “pandemic.”
      We’re in bad shape but folks are starting to figure it out.

      • Paul ...

        Billy … But … have people “figured out yet” … that this virus hysteria was already used as a tool by Big Pharma and our SS (Surveillance State) to collect our DNA (by putting a stick up our nose pretending it was a test for Covid 19)!! … remember … who funded “these tests”? … it was the International COVID-19 Data Research Alliance (funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) … now think about it … why would Bill Gates want to know everyone’s DNA code? … that’s easy to figure out … it is so he can build a virus “that can attack us better” and perhaps selectively! … the fact that people have given a sample of their DNA to Gates and Big Pharma should not be taken lightly … using the Covid19 test these eugenicists have now collected and stored the DNA of hundreds of thousands of individuals … which will help them develop IoB’s (Internet of Bodies) microchips (that connects the human body to a global computer network) and these devices are so small they can be ingested or implanted into our body by vaccination)!! … these IoB devices monitor the human body, collect health metrics, read your thoughts and or other personal information (like your passwords) and then transmits that data over the internet to our SS controllers … giving them complete full spectrum capability to monitor and spy on everyone … so have you taken your COVID test yet? … if you have … your DNA information is now stored in a universal database of human genetic information … that can be re-engineered by Gates and Big Pharma and turned into a specific weapon against particular individuals or races … that will be the final phase of “Operation Epsilon” (where “undesirables” can finally be identified … and vaccines developed that can target certain regions or particular nations … causing infertility, cancerous alteration of DNA, increase or chronic diseases or outright death)!!! … a very useful weapon for the SS and corrupt corporate technocrats to have at their disposal (who are now using “the less efficient censoring” of our human and civil rights to free speech … by simply banning our posts on YouTube, etc.)!!!

        • JC


          Jon Rappaport:
          Shocker: Why is this substance in the Moderna COVID vaccine?
          This data sheet lists the effects of SM-102. Here is the opening note: “For research use only, not for human or veterinary use.”

          Far from comforting.

          • Paul ...

            JC … A very good reason for Big Pharma to use the very toxic SM-102 in their vaccines is because: 1) It can cause cancer … 2) It can create infertility … 3) It can damage the central nervous system … 4) It can damage the kidneys … 5) It can damage the liver … and 6) It can damage the respiratory system … thus they can help out Bill Gates … an “un-elected” software developer “with no medical training” (except for the many viruses he created in his computers) … there is nothing about Gate’s that suggests he’s even slightly qualified “to make public policy on healthcare for the entire human race”!! … and Big Pharma knows Gates has an agenda of full-scale genocide to reduce Earth’s human population by 7 billion people … and SM-102 is an “incremental step” towards outright genocidal tyranny against entire populations … the CDC is now investigating dozens of reports of “heart inflammation” in teenagers and young adults (that have occurred days after their “second dose” of either the Moderna or Pfizer vaccines) … how many Guinea Pig’s have to die before the world responds and begins hanging these murderers for violation of the Nuremberg Code???

  3. Mary sue

    I am scared. My husband who has brain cancer and 71 years old and myself who is over weight and 70 years old got the vaccine. I wish we could redo that. I watched that Dr you had on. I would not have gotten jabbed if ducey had not banned the medication that would have cured us. We even tried to get hydrogen from Mexico but they were always out of it. Now what do we do Gregg? Please help us. I am so mad but more scared.

    • Greg Hunter

      Mary Sue,
      First thing, DO NOT take any more shots. No booster – no nothing. Get some Ivermectin asap and have it ready if you get re-infected with CV19. Do not fear. Jesus said he would not leave us of forsake us.

      • tim mcgraw

        Hi Greg, I’m Irish, My ancestors come from western Ireland. Cromwell came to Ireland and killed 40% or more of the Catholic Irish. Then came the potato famine in the mid 1800’s and 33% of the Irish died. More Irish emigrated. The population in Ireland went down by 66%.
        Did God abandon the Irish?
        I don’t know the thoughts of God. I read the Bible and wonder what He wants. He protects the evil ones, like Cain, and punishes the good. The Messiah comes from the house of Judah for chrissakes! (Read Genesis 38). Perhaps that is just our fate.
        This world really doesn’t matter. I’m losing interest in it.

        • Greg Hunter

          Hebrews 13:5 5 “Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.”

        • Mario

          Hey Tim

          God hasn’t abandoned us. He gave us free will my friend. He is God and could snap His fingers, so to speak, and everyone would believe in Him and sin no more. However He wants us to make that decision on our own.
          Lots of terrible things happen in the world. That is because this is a “fallen” world as it is called. Because of what happened in the garden of Eden, everything changed.
          As sad as some things are that happen in our life , it is all temporary. This life is just a blip compared to eternity. I watched a message once and the pastor had hundreds of feet of rope on the stage. We were to imagine it went on for ever. At one end of the rope there was one wrap of tape. The width of the tape signified our life on earth whereas the rope was eternity. And the message was about what we do in this little short life of ours, what we believe in, what are main priorities are etc affect the rest of eternity. Anyways the point being, bad things happen, sometimes God intervenes in a miraculous way and sometimes He doesn’t. Why? Nobody knows. All I know for sure is God is good…. Always. God sees the entire picture and knows how everything ends.
          Fear Not my friend!
          Trust in God.

          • Paul ...

            Mario … Pretty soon the SS (Surveillance State ) will be able to snap their finger … and make you do what ever “they” want … they want to be our God!!

      • Bonnie Grainger

        Good advice Greg!
        Also like Pac-man Wobenzym might eat up that garbage like enzymes clear up septic fields and clogged drains!

        Marjorie Taylor Greene tripled down on her Holocaust narrative, saying Nazis were the ‘National Socialist party’ of their time like the Democrats are now
        Sinéad Baker 2 hours ago

        • Paul ...

          BG … We need to hurry and start a “new” American Political Party (to get rid of all the “commie” closet Demon-rats in the RINO Party) … we can call our new political party the National Safety & Protection Alliance or NSPA Party … to counter the current Demon-ratic Party (who may soon steal our NSPA acronym the way they stole the 2020 election) … calling themselves the National Socialist Party of America (NSPA)!!

          • Paul ...

            And if the Demon-rats do steal our NSPA acronym … we should let their NSPA Party stand for the … “Narcissistic Sociopathic Psychopaths of America” political party!!

      • Daniel

        Where’s the video?

      • Donnie W Clyma

        Dear Mary Sue, much can be said about 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide, bought on line to treat all forms of cancer as well as, dog de-wormer. The small book, the ONE Minute Cure, which you can order on-line, will educate you about research and effectiveness. There is also a man I remember watching on youtube from the southeast which cured himself of terminal cancer with 35% hydrogen-peroxide food grade. Wishing you and husband well Don Clyma

      • Sneed

        Unfortunately Ivermectin in the U.S. is prescription only. Do you know of any way to actually get some? Canadian pharmacies, the legitimate ones anyway, all require a prescription and you can never know what you’re getting from the ones that do not require a scrip.

    • steve

      There is a natural vaccine cleaning system that i can send you the link Pm me at [email protected]

    • Paul ...

      Mary … A German professor says his research shows the problem with the AstraZeneca vaccine and the J&J vaccine is that they deliver the DNA gene sequences of the Corona spike protein “right into the cell nucleus” (rather than the cytosol fluid found inside the cell) … this means … the delivery mechanism chosen for these “experimental vaccines” sends the infectious Corona virus “directly into the part of our cells that normally produces proteins” … once the virus is actually placed inside the cell nucleus “by these evil eugenicists at Big Pharma” all kinds of “variant mutations can occur to the proteins produced” … and our human cell nucleus “expels these mutant proteins like a cancer” … it is these mutant proteins secreted by our cells nucleus into our body “that triggers all problems we are seeing from heart attacks to blood clots in the brain, etc., etc.” … this is very lucrative to the money hungry immoral and evil doctors at Big Pharma (who worship the ever more worth less fiat paper IOU’s created by the Fed banksters out of thin air)!! …

      • Paul ...

        Simply avoid the money hungry immoral men at Big Pharma (who call themselves doctors but are in fact eugenicists) … and simply take the herbs and leaves that God gave us for our medicine to live a long and healthy life!! …
        “Natural forces within us (God’s immune system) are the true healers of disease and the greatest force in us getting well .”
        ― Hippocrates
        What Big Pharma has completely forgotten is: “Primum non nocerum (First do no harm)”!!
        ― Hippocrates

    • Self Exiled

      For Mary sue:
      “Then He shall be a sanctuary [a sacred, indestructible shelter for those who fear and trust Him]; Isaiah 8:14

      But there will be no more gloom for her who was in anguish [for with judgment comes the promise of salvation]. Isaiah 9:1

      Though I walk in the midst of trouble, You will revive me;
      You will stretch out Your hand against the wrath of my enemies,
      And Your right hand will save me.
      The LORD will accomplish that which concerns me; Psalm 138:7-8

      God is our refuge and strength [mighty and impenetrable],
      A very present and well-proved help in trouble.
      Therefore we will not fear, though the earth should change
      And though the mountains be shaken and slip into the heart of the seas, Psalm 46:1-2

      These are all for you. I too am seventy one; you’re not alone. Heart condition, bronchial asthma, compromised diaphragm [injury], tumor at T8, chronic sinus condition, allergies and residing in a third world medical system. Have had coved once for sure, possibly twice. He works everyday in our behalf/situation. You probably do this , take some time each day and sit quietly contemplating HIS Presence with you. Just you and HIM sitting there together.

      • Rachel

        I’m sorry to hear that SE, God Bless

    • Kelly Hamilton

      Mary Sue,

      I am praying for you and your husband. Try (America’s Frontline Doctors). They have the web site to contact them for Ivermectin. Great info there too. God Bless you. As Greg said, do not fear. Breathe.

      Kelly Hamilton

    • Mario

      I am praying for you Mary Sue and your husband. Praying for healing and peace and wisdom.
      I am Praying for God’s blessing on you.

      Kindest regards


    • Alfonso Geiger

      Pine needles tea is being said by some holistic doctors saying it may help people that had got the dna augmentation jab, also a form of hydroxicloramin can be made from the rinds of three lemons and three grapefruits, if interested checkout the channels on bitchute , HHR and HealthImpactNews

    • John

      Mary Sue, you can get food grade hydrogen peroxide from most health food stores. I keep mine in the freezer as it will not freeze and keep longer. If all else fails you can buy the 3% stuff from the grocery stores and drugstores. Then place the 3% stuff in the freezer. Let it sit in there for several hours until it’s frozen solid. Remove it from the freezer, open it up and pour out the contents into a dark container. You can reuse the peroxide bottle if you need to, just rinse it out good with pure water. What happens in the freezer, is all the water and other ingredients freeze solid, and what you have left is 30%. H2O2. As 30% peroxide will not freeze. I try not to use this method as drugstore 3% peroxide has stabilizers in it for shelf life. Keep looking for the food grade stuff ASAP!! I only use this method in an emergency, until I can find the 30% food grade. Also be careful with 30%. Peroxide as it is a strong oxidizer and can burn your skin..

  4. JC

    The fact that the MAJORITY of people have rejected the vaccine despite call all of us conspiracy theorists and Nazi-like Alt-Right, perhaps the silver lining here is that those getting the vaccines if there are any serious long-term side-effects, they will be culling their own herd who believes that the government, like a prostitute, really loves them.

    • Val

      Hello Greg, I believe you forgot to mention the MOST important part of Professor Montagnier’s interview:

      “There is no hope and no possible treatment for those who have already been vaccinated. We must be prepared to cremate the bodies.” The scientific genius backed up the claims of other eminent virologists after studying the ingredients of the vaccine. “They will all die from antibody-dependent enhancement. That is all that can be said.”

      • Greg Hunter

        I did not see that quote in the video I used for my post. I quoted directly from an intern=view he was on subtitled in English as he is French.

    • Paul ...

      Seems you may be right JC … Gates and Fauci thought they were going to cull the herd by 99% … but instead … it looks like God moved in a very mysterious way … where mostly only “Demons” volunteered “like rats” to be experimented on … and where the “evil” Main Stream Media was used “like a Pied Piper” using multi-colored spokespersons … to entice the rats with their incessant “soothing propaganda music” (they played night and day on all the main street TV channels “to get vaccinated to save yourself”) … resulting in the rats voluntarily being caught (by getting themselves jabbed) … thus killing themselves and their children … exactly like the rats did back in the Middle Ages … talk about history repeating itself!!!

      • Paul ...

        Talking about history repeating itself … we now have Carl Icahn jumping into the crypto market (the same way Isaac Newton jumped into the South Sea bubble market) … Newton probably thought “that he as the greatest mathematician of all time (who could calculate the motions of heavenly bodies) … could easily make a killing in South Sea Shares … but just like a dumb crypto cluck of today … got swept up in the wild enthusiasm of the market … Newton jumped in big time … investing more then $3 million dollars in South Sea Shares … and “lost it all” … Carl Icahn one of the greatest investment managers of all time … just like Newton … probably feels he can calculate the motions of today’s “crypto heavenly bodies” … and has invested 1.5 billion into “crypto tokens” (that are “not even shares” like the South Sea securities Newton invested in) … they are simply “digital electronic bits inside a silicon chip” that can never be retrieved in physical form like real honest money or ever be held in ones hand like a real silver coin!!

        • Paul ...

          Remember how you were told not that long ago how crypto’s have value “because unlike the US dollar there are a limited amount of them”!! … well there are currently more than 7,800 in existence “as of today” … and new tokens are popping up exponentially “each and every day with a different use and a different story” to sucker in more and more people into holding crypto which is “token Ponzi scheme” (they are not securities like stocks) … look at the following crypto ticker … … almost every crypto “token” is in the red … and heading to the same “intrinsic value” as that Cabbage Patch Doll in your closet!!

          • Paul ...

            People buying crypto today are simply helping the banksters “they hate” establish their own crypto coins … does anyone believe that once Fedcoin gets established other private crypto’s will go to the moon? … crypto currencies are been promoted righ now by the banksters and Wall Street to make digital currencies “popular and widely accepted by everyone” … in order to pave the way for the abolition of physical paper currency (which can’t be tracked) and the introduction of Central Bank Digital Currencies, or CDBC’s which can be tracked … and every detail of your financial life monitored (making you a completely controlled slave to the Surveillance State (the new SS) … be advised … that by buying crypto… you are working to destroy your own economic freedom … for once these new CDBC’s are in place (and universally accepted) … there will be no further need for any private crypto currencies any longer (think you are smarter then Isaac Newton and Carl Icahn) and can exactly “play” the crypto market … such that you can’t ever lose???

        • Mac

          I remember when Ichan (circa 1990) tried to take over a Japanese company so that he could lay people off and strip mine the assets. He showed up at a stock holders meeting and they threw his grubby ass out. It was beautiful.

          When the school I worked for went bankrupt in 1994, all of the workers were paid in full the following year after the bankruptcy case was settled as the Japanese put workers before lenders as we once would have done.

  5. Peter Makin

    Greg you do great work. But your going to have to decide where who you believe.

    You can’t argue that the US intelligence agencies and media have consistently lied about … well pretty much everything… but especially the pandemic. Only to then suggest that because they now agree with you that they are reputable. Either they are liars, or they are not. I agree they are liars, they wouldn’t know the truth if it smacked them in the face with a wet fish.

    We knew in December 2019 that this came from a lab, not from nature. We knew the authorities were lying to us when they said this was just a conspiracy theory.
    Suspicion at that time fell on Fort Detrick because of the CDC closing it down due to containment issues, the localised ‘vaping illness’, localised resthome deaths from pneumonia and the US military contracted to study bat coronaviruses there.

    Nothing has changed, if anything the evidence available reinforces Fort Detrick as the source, not Wuhan. I’m not saying Wuhan shouldn’t be investigated, there is plenty of evidence of the Western governments funding research there and the truth should be known. But the mere fact that the media and intelligence agencies have 180’d and are now pointing at Wuhan screams ‘look here, don’t look here’ manipulation. Those agencies and the media have lied always before, why wouldn’t they be suddenly telling the truth now? Forgive me but I don’t buy it, they are deliberately manipulating people once again.

    Point of order: Pfizer and Moderna are mRNA vaccines. Astrazeneca, J n J, Sputnick and Sinopharm are not. They are traditional adenovirus vector vaccines. The adverse effects seen with Astrazeneca and J n J appear to be because they used a chimp cold virus, where as Sputnick used a human cold virus.

    • Warren B.

      AZ and J & J shots have Spike proteins in their serums. The Spike Protein causes Cellular Damage and Vascular Disease – reduced platelets and BLOOD CLOTS – PROVEN.
      Unlike the Pfizer / Moderna shots which are Spike Protein producing factories (mRNA).

  6. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    WNW482 – one of your best. Many thanks.

  7. Paul H.Stine

    Hi Greg, love the site, you watchdog you. Ha, ha, ha. First of all, I believe that Biden knows he will be replaced by Trump or someone that trump supports, thus all of the avenues pursued to kill this nation. Impossible for Trump to totally correct (you know we will not see truthful employment situations reported anymore. Just deceptions). And we both know who the great deceiver is. Fauci’s father. Greg, I believe Revelation has properly identified who will save the world or there would not be a soul left on this Earth. Jesus my Lord and Savior. I want you to know I am purchasing the horse treatment, Ivermectin, for the elimination of outside parasitical, viruses, worms, and apparently most other entities which need a protected environment host. I think it will work the best. Did you know this is used in worldwide areas hampered by parasites. I owe this initial research avenue to you. Thank you for your insights. Also, have you noticed all of these fancy titles that our fearless political leaders are identified by are actually the beginning of their deceptive identities. Again, their father is the “Great Deceiver”, Satan. It is all Biblical. The answers to all of our problems are found in the Bible. I look up to you, Greg. Someday I hope to be able to contribute to you. Sorry for now but my Social Security and my 80% Viet Nam disability compensation only brings me within about $4,000 of the poverty level. I am saving some of the Stimulus money so I can purchase some training and that, hopefully, will earn me some much-needed additional cash. Then I will proudly contribute and be able to tithe. God is all for us, Greg. Love your message and I will see you in heaven.

    Flint Westweed1

  8. Goebel G Epling

    Spot on Mr Hunter! Just paid 455 gal chevron silicone valley!!! I’ve seen 6 bucks in tourists spots !

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the street reporting Goebel!

  9. andyb

    It’s a given that many vaxxed people will die. How many is the question. One third, two thirds? Housing will crash; millions of empty homes with no buyers. No property tax revenue means no local services. Police departments disbanded. Martial law declared. UN sends in Chinese troops as Blue Helmets to maintain order (LOL). Possible, maybe even probable, end game for America, folks.
    But what the demented and psychotic elites and globalists don’t seem to understand is that the billions and trillions stolen will be of no use at least in the US. All production chains, especially food, will disappear. Total economic meltdown and lockdown.

  10. Jim Hall

    Everyone who isn’t devoid of rational thought knows the election was stolen. They, both Democrats and Republicans are afraid of President Trump. No, I don’t agree with his vaccine agenda but I don’t know what he was told. I don’t expect perfection just competence. I believe the covid was engineered just as the Chinese general said. This isn’t even debatable, he said it. I have a son who took the vaccine, I saw him at a family get together and he is bloated and his face is asymmetric. I said nothing but I mentioned it to my wife and she agreed. I don’t know which vaccine he took but it most assuredly didn’t agree with him. He is fully propagandized and used to watch CNN habitually, until the election was stolen. I believe that this is a concerted effort to take down most of the systems of the world in order to completely dominate the greatly diminished population of the planet. I saw an excellent interview on Ice Age Farmer on the “hostile takeover of food production.” This seems to be a systematic takedown of the systems necessary to provide food and energy for the people of the earth. I realize that this sounds hard to believe but it’s very obvious that this is the agenda. You recently had Dane Wiggington on and people have looked at me as if I had grown a third eye when I told them about the geo engineering going on before our eyes. What sort of a flight plan would you file for the bizarre patterns that you see in our sky’s. You then have to ask yourself why would anyone be spraying aluminum, barium and strontium into the atmosphere. This is toxic to all forms of life on the planet. Plants and animals! Who in their right mind would do such a thing? I’m anxiously awaiting your Saturday broadcast, Godspeed Greg.

  11. Rachel

    Nice wrap-up Greg,

    The fact that so many people are reluctant to get the vaccine is because no matter what the govenments spout, everyone has google and everyone has read conflicting stories about vaccine safety. The leaders around the workd can’t get their stories straight either and on top of that they shange their minds about the facts regularly.

    Next time they release a Bio weapon they should bring the internet down first. They would have more luck hearding the masses.

    Here in Oz on sunday night our msm are doing a speacial on the existance of extra terrestrials and the blurb basically says that UFO’s exist and the pentigon has a report that verifies this. So on woth the next load of brainwashing.

    I guess the BLM distraction is waning so they need to bring on the next fake news saga.

  12. barsoom43

    I don’t think much will change. .The Dims will cheat in 2022 and especially in 2024.. The Dims are Marxist traitors and they will destroy the current USA.. I think the damage was irreversible after Nov 2012.. Trump just gave some of us more time to get ready for our version of Venezuela..
    If you want to suffer less, you will need preps of every kind. You better get armed while you can because after Venezuela will come 1790 France..

  13. pbd

    Greg – thanks for the excellent reporting.
    A possibility is that the Covid spike protein (from virus or the shot) causes – ACE-2 receptor to be down-regulated in the GI tract – which will cause dysbiosis of good microbiota. When this happens you effectively are weakening (destroying) a major part of your immune system that fights off/protects against systemic fungal infections – like “black fungus” (mucormycetes) (now declared a pandemic in its own right in India)– which if you get it has a high mortality rate. Subclinical fungal infections in vaccinated people may be responsible for inflammatory heart and other organ related conditions – in young people.

    Family and friends might want to load-up a good probiotic – whether they have gotten the shot or not – for prophylactic purposes – because avoiding Covid-19 is like avoiding the wind – we all will get it (or be exposed to it) – and will want to try to mitigate the potential collateral negative effects. The “Fauci-ouchie” does not appear to confer protection and evidence is continuing to emerge that in many cases it makes it worse . . . a lot worse in India!

    Covid 19 appears to be a bioweapon. In view of the mounting evidence of lack or efficacy and safety for the Covid-shot – its ongoing coerced deployment can only be viewed as intentional criminal deployment of a bioweapon intended to harm the public.

    The MSM and social media censorship and lies about Covid stuff will end when editors/executives/owners are sitting in dock next to Dr. Fauci at Nuremberg 2.0. The DS will gladly throw the same under the bus and pivot as necessary in an attempt to maintain power and control – or just save their own necks from the rope.

    • Warren B.


      • Robert F

        I agree with you fully.

        Germ theory is a lie, and the only way I can figure a cause is the vaccines, PAST and PRESENT

  14. Andrew Cox

    I visited a friend of mine yesterday. Recently he had his second VAXX shot – and a few days later he had a heart attack. Luckily he survived – but I think his health has been badly compromised. He is so propagandised that he can’t understand that the VAXX is the probable cause of his heart attack.

    • Greg Hunter

      The science says you are correct Andrew. So sad. And Remember, the vax makers have immunity from any and all liability.


      • Warren B.

        Just to be clear the Pharma Industry has had no liability since Reagan signed a Bill back in 1986 – VACCINE INJURY ACT = that freed pharmaceutical companies from liability. Concurrently the VICP (Vaccine Injury Compensation Program) was established (and funded by the TAXPAYERS).

  15. Louis

    Great Report !

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Louis.

  16. dlc

    Saw a remark in a chat room, funny but true: Why are the Amish not affected by covid? — because they don’t watch TV.

    For that matter, that’s why the homeless were not swept off the earth from covid. No TV, no epidemic.

    Why does anyone watch TV at this point? Why allow people who lie about absolutely everything to hammer you over the head 24/7 to create terror for multiple purposes — none of it about health?

    I do not get it. Turning on the “news” is a choice. I’ve been totally unaware of the boogey man virus despite news and gov’t efforts to slap me into line. Eat well, sleep well, take your vitamins and ignore these misfits.

    Even now, as I booted up, Microsoft is pushing the vaccine, saying find out how the vaccine efforts are going state by state. Huh? Not even the monkey see, monkey do approach will nab me to jab me.

  17. Robert Coleman

    Keep up the excellent reporting of the truth.
    Live in Guangzhou China area for the past 17+ years, things have gotten somewhat scary for many as someone with the Indian Variant was recently discovered in Guangzhou City, over 600k people already tested, schools have shut but businesses are still functional at this time. My Wife ( who is Chinese ) was recently contacted by Local Government offering her RMB50 which is about US$8 if she agreed to get the Covid Experimental Shot – she of course refused. Then they came to my home to let me know that I qualified for the Experimental Covid shot in July – and of course I am not stupid. My Wife’s Sisters Husband works for the government water company and one of his workmates got both experimental Chinese Covid shots and still got the Covid Virus. All Chinese Government Employees are required to get the Experimental Covid Shot or not able to work.

  18. dlc

    Diabetes and high blood pressure are manageable in many cases by dropping weight which today can be 100+ pounds or so. People eat junk food, fast food, sugar, starch and grease and gain massive amounts of weight as a result.

    One trip to any store will confirm that something has gone terribly wrong with people. Look at what’s in so many carts, a widow maker’s mix. Cancer loves sugar by the way. I see this as the real crisis, not some oversold virus.

    Also, now people can see that their M.D. is not their friend. It’s all about the money. Allopathy for profit is all they will consider. I spent this past year of house arrest sewing a wardrobe of dresses and dress slips (little cotton pretties) which helped to remind me to lay off the donuts, bread and pasta. Sedentary living and carbohydrates are a bad combo for longevity, never mind Fauci’s virus hokum.

  19. Not getting vaxxed

    Another excellent report. I never miss a Weekly News Wrapup.
    With regards to the Wuhan Virus, I recommend googling Linfa Wang known as “Batman”….

  20. Maria+das+Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter , worth noting your quote , “they lied and people died”. The legacy tech media is about to go the way of Yahoo, utter irrelevance.
    Now we have a replay of Marek’s disease and the vaccine that was used in its treatment that nearly slaughtered the whole domestic flock of chickens in the West,now being repeated in humans.

  21. dlc

    From Barbarossa to the gulags.

    A reminder this Memorial Day of past sacrifice, only to find ourselves these decades later being ruled by a new entrenched class of despots.

  22. Nick de la Gaume

    Your French improves, Greg!
    Mon tan gnay. An honest and brave genius.
    Great stuff.
    God Bless.

  23. Jerry5

    This is one of your most important weekly news wrap ups.
    We are about to face a full court press by the globalist to get 70% of the entire planet vaccinated by 2022.

    Psychological programming to the likes you have NEVER seen. It will go something like this. You’re putting us at risk by not getting vaccinated. If you love your family, you’ll get vaccinated. If you love America you’ll get vaccinated. If you don’t get vaccinated you’re a domestic terrorist. yada …yada….yada. Meanwhile get ready for vaccination ID’s. Once that starts it’s over.

    Greg if you still use a flip phone get ready to be cancelled. Yesterday I was informed by AT&T that they will be shutting off my flip phone on February 2022 to force me to get onto 5G. In my research I have come to the conclusion that 5G is part of the plan to use mRNA vaccines, to link the world population to a the global cloud with star link. Once they turn the system on, they will have complete control of just about everything including us. My decision? Stick it AT&T!

    • JC


      This really makes me wonder what was the ” message, ” in the movie “Cell?”

      • JC

        The powers that be have your DNA from the swab tests in a database link with an artificial intelligence that will determine the best time for one to die, and it will be by a ‘natural’ cause like stroke or heart attack,” one commenter at wrote about people who are not necessarily vaccinated but who have undergone a covid “test.”

        “A certain frequency will resonate with the target only by the mobility tower closest to your home. Skynet is not sending droids, but frequencies.”

  24. Jerry5

    What does this tell you?

    HSBC is pulling out. The big question, what do they know? To me it says they no longer see an investment future in American business.

    • Warren B.

      That could be applicable to all Retail/Investment Banking in America as the FED becomes the Banker of last resort to every business and person. No more Middleman to suck the taxpayers dry. Yes the World is changing. Cashless. Digital….and with it, the way we live.

  25. Donnie W Clyma

    Dear Greg, I contacted Jim Inhofe my state Senator in Oklahoma, to complain on several occasions, about the elections being a fraud, perpetrated against our Republic, and the Corona as a lab created super virus, as the Obama administration funding through Frauci’s CDC during his administration, which is now being confronted by Rand Paul, of Kentucky. In both cases the Senator, continues to be willingly ignorant. The truth is, as long as the deep state, using MSM covers their tracks, few republicans are willing to research it any farther. They swallow whatever democrats want them to believe, for fear of being accused of conspiracy. We’re being over-run by shadow governments agenda, doing the bidding of the NWO, and the European elite. The central bank started bailing out the repo markets 3-5 months before the covid hit our shores, and no one is seeing the connection of the globalist class bankers with the covid virus, which has become a perfect cover for imploding our economic system through currency debasement. These deep state players will kill off a majority of our population, as long as they can keep and add to their power over our population through monetary control. Farewell friend, hope your doing well.

    • Marti Baker Girl

      like you I have had it with the gutless wonder poloitical leaders better known as “republicans”. Just this week I watched an interview with some RINO senator who when given a direct question about Faucistein, actually defended him and said what a great doctor he is and how long he has been in the field. Had this been a Dem senator being questioned about some “controversial” conservative, they would have put that person through a meat grinder. Most of the republican leaders are a waste of hot air.

  26. Harold Swift

    Our military will not help us as they are thwarted by the defense industrial giants. They run our pentagon and always have. That is the big fight against Trump and all other industrial giants are happy to see Trump gone. Life is good for them now. We lose.

  27. Roger Stamper

    tks for post

  28. Ranlar

    Good morning Greg,
    Again, an outstanding news wrapup. I have been studying and researching the “planned” Federal Reserve Digital Currency. (FEDCOIN) This is not a conspiracy theory since the information is coming from the Federal Reserve. This is nothing more than evil, and Americans will give up the last remaining liberty and freedom. Millions of Americans receive Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, disability, and welfare monthly deposits. When this system is rolled out, the above recipients will not have a choice on how to receive their benefits. When this current dollar is destroyed, people will not hesitate to accept the new account with a Fed Wallet. Currently, I can find no grassroots movement fighting back. (I am not advocating violence) Many of your listeners already hold gold and silver; however, this percentage is so small, the rest will beg the government to “save them”. I agree with you and others about being prepared, but I believe we need vast numbers of Americans who will not yield. Is it possible to find someone to interview who has some ideas on how to push this back? This is indeed a very dangerous time. Thanks for all you do, Godspeed

  29. Rodster

    The Main Stream Media is a government accomplice. They are not to be trusted or listened too. Fauci along with Gates and those running Social Media like Zuckenberg and Dorcey should be in prison for the corruption they are engaging in. It won’t happen because the United States Government/Empire is too corrupt.

    I hope my Governor Rick Desantis, decides not to run for President in 2024 because The Swamp will swallow him up just like they did with Trump. Martin Armstrong’s prediction that the US will breakup is now becoming my wish.

  30. Bill

    Hello Greg, Here is a website site you might find interesting. You might also consider interviewing this doctor as well.

    Also, read an article this morning about a new vaccine (a nasal spray) it has ivermectin, HQC, and one other drug (I can’t remember). But that looks really promising to me. We’ll see. Have a blessed weekend. Thank you for the wrap up!

    • Gary C

      Bill, a fantastic interview that everyone should watch.

      Greg, please listen to this and feature it on your site, this doctor
      is a HERO, and banned by you tube.

      Martin Armstrong put up the link


    My biggest question is, “How did they pull off such massive fraud”? There must have been a lot of cash involved. Its not a question of election integrity, Its a question of the integrity of the American people. A couple things come to mind. We deserve the government we get , is one thing. The other is a quote from Ronald Regan “If we lose freedom here, there is no other place”.

  32. Kimberly

    Greg when you responded to Marry to get some Ivermectin were can you get some without a doctors prescription? I would like to have it on hand if the need arises. Keep up the good work.

  33. Sparky

    …”the CV19 vaccines are creating variants or mutations that are resistant to the CV19 vaccine”

    I must be slow. This makes no sense.

    • Warren B.

      CV19 is not a disease. CV19 Vaccines do not exist.
      GET IT !!!

    • Paul ...

      Sparky … Makes perfect “cents” to Big Pharma … and puts “a very weird smile” on Bill Gates’ face!!

  34. DXR

    The CHINA virus came out of CHAPEL HILL NORTH CAROLINA, GREG…DR CHUCK LIEBER and the usual hook nose crowd. STOP SHILLING for the kikes.

    • Warren B.

      Interesting stat….
      Fort Detrick (Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases ) is in Maryland (or about an hours drive north west of DC) .
      Anthony Fauci’s home is in Maryland. Convenient.
      Fauci is 79 years of age…..well past the retirement age?
      More than convenience – he is the driving force of this global mass extermination event and is continuing to WORK because of his knowledge and expertise and contacts with WIV and for being the Chief Corruption Officer (CCO) of the Health System.

  35. AHumphrey

    Greg…deeply appreciate your diligence in digging out and uncovering the BS that big Govt and the dirt bag MSM keep throwing out there. Most anyone with a ounce of sense can see thru the thin vail darkness….what is going on. As M Armstrong sez, they may be culling out themselves.

  36. George (Bill) Heuschele

    You get better every post. And you were great to start with. God bless.

  37. A+Jones

    The only TV I watch is PBS-TV. I have been watching them for over 30 years and they have had many excellent documentaries. Now they have gone full blitz on the Liberal agenda and 90% of their focus is gay rights, racism, CV19’s effect on minorities and a new green World. l mean it is an all out blitz! They even have a long running mini series drama about Warsaw, Poland during the Nazis invasion and the stars are two young Jews brother & sister and two black men one who is gay and in love with a Jewish man complete with bedroom scenes. Ask yourself how many many black men were in Poland during the invasion and the probability of there being one of them gay and in love is a Jewish man. Last night they had a documentary on electric airplanes and they spent half the time talking about how the new electric airplanes can create more racial diversity in the pilot ranks. The reason we have so few black pilots is due to high fuel prices. They can’t afford $200 per house flight lessons so we need electric airplanes to solve two problems, racism and carbon emission.. The same night they had one on the history of medical statistics and spent half the program explaining why black people have higher rates of diseases. And the solution to all these problems is: more equality of income, less racism and more Federal funding of electric airplanes research!

    • Charles H

      Truth is no longer a concern or relevant; facts only get in the way to be dismissed. All that matters now is rushing to the foregone conclusion of populistic virtue signaling.. How did so many become so mindless?

  38. Vernon Tart

    In Regards to Truth and or lies.
    2 Thessalonians 2:11 captures its best as I look at the world today.
    8 And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming: 9 Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, 10And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. 11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: 12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness. 13 But we are bound to give thanks alway to God for you, brethren beloved of the Lord, because God hath from the beginning chosen you to salvation through sanctification of the Spirit and belief of the truth: 14 Whereunto he called you by our gospel, to the obtaining of the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Its is this love of truth that gives us all the ability to see what is happening when so many others are seeing no evil, hearing no evil. and speaking no evil out of fear.

    Good job, thanks,

  39. Sue Patterson

    Another great WNW.
    Just a couple thoughts on stacking up:
    Coffee – may soon be hard to find, I’m adding jars of instant to my apocalypse pantry,
    Chicken – short fall here is creating shortage in pet food, get extra for those fur-buddies.
    Hard times could be even harder without coffee and happy cats.

  40. Tom

    Just wanted to throw this out to the viewers of Greg’s work.
    We all need to get behind one another as the conditions of the world tumble down this path.
    Greg needs to be supported, all his work that we benefit from almost every day, is invaluable.
    This is a corner of information that is truthful and needs our support.
    Good job Greg, you are appreciated.

  41. James Hastings

    Hello from Georgia – USA……..Nothing will change. It only gets worse….. Prepare.

  42. James Foster

    Great show Greg

  43. Gloria Quintana

    That you Greg, for reporting the truth. May our Lord , bless you and your family!💞

  44. Paul ...

    Demon rats go crazy … wildly denouncing “as a sham” the “illegitimate election win” by Assad in Syria (who was elected for 8 years) … saying free and fair elections (like we had here in America electing Bribe’n) should be the standard used around the world … they simply don’t understand how people can let criminals like this get away with such fraud!! …

  45. gregd

    Here’s something interesting about the virus’s origination.
    and why you should’t talk about it.
    A little bit of hypocrisy on elections.
    Was it a regular virus and there was NO need for a shut down?
    Is there jail time for people who interfere with our clean elections?
    Sorry for all the articles but it’s a landslide of info backing you up on all your BEST stuff over the last year and a half.

  46. frederic w dunn

    Thanks Greg, love your singing responses .

  47. Linda

    Good morning, Greg. Thank God, I didn’t take the vaccine, but my daughter did and I am concerned for her.

  48. Paul ...

    Wow!! … The core PCE Deflator released today soars by 3.1% … at the fastest rate since 1992 … while Americans incomes crash!! … … you all know what you should own during such hyper-inflation (hint: Gold and Silver)!!

  49. Sylvia Sires

    I came across a video that has changed my life! I am no longer “CONFUSED” about what we see happening in our country & around the world. There’s a “World Secret Religion” that’s been controlling the entire world! This is HUGH! Everything Jesus told us makes so much more since now! Greg, the TITANIC is going DOWN and there’s no way of stopping it!! I’m on the “roof top” shouting! EVERY THING WAS PLANNED DECADES AND DECADES AGO AND LONGER!!

    • Sylvia Sires

      I forgot to mention! 666 in Revelation 13 ” IS LUCIFER HIMSELF; THE ANTICHRIST and his army here is HUGH!

  50. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, so much bad news out there. Can’t imagine it getting any better anytime soon. We are a failed society brought on by political correctness for the last 50 years.

    • JC

      Yes, for example, the “garbage man,” became the “sanitation worker.”

  51. D P

    It doesn’t matter if it was created in China by China, by and large it is SCAM!!!!
    China did NOT lock down the USA economy !!!
    USA POLITICIANS at the request of the FED locked down the economy for NO GOOD REASONS!!!
    Love you Greg
    Sorry I just had to say it!
    God bless

  52. Shelly

    My dear Mother-In-Law had a saying…”If you won’t listen, you will just have to feel!”
    We’ve been told for decades about the clown show taking place in our halls of government and have looked the other way because we were either to pacified by their rhetoric or didn’t know how to fix it. Either way we complained, hung our head and turned away.
    Now we have earned our “just rewards” for letting the snake charmers put us to sleep.
    Welcome to the gulag, or as Russell means said in one of his last videos, “Welcome to the reservation”- formerly known as “America, land of the free!”.
    Russell Means: Welcome To The Reservation

  53. Skip Havely

    You are spot on with your comments about the MSM. So disappointed in NEWSMAX. I had such high hopes that this news outlet would speak the truth. OAN is one of the lone voices on the air that consistently demonstrates real journalism. THANK GOD FOR ALL OF YOUR CONTINUED GREAT WORK GREG! I look forward to ALL of your updates and interviews.

  54. Robert K


    I agree it all comes down to the ballots for GA, NH, AZ, WI, PA, MA, Etc. I pray to God, the TRUTH is revealed and we can prosecute and hang all those involved in the biggest political scandal in mankind, and we can TAKE AMERICA BACK! We cannot afford to wait until 2022 or 2024, there won’t be a recognizable America in 2024 if this isn’t turned around soon.

    But even when the fraud is proven, these Satanists will do EVERYTHING in their power to distract, distract, distract! They did not come this far to lose their power and control via the election fraud being proven and possibly reversed.

    I am betting the distractions to deter people from focusing on the fraud truth will come in the following forms:

    Mass shootings
    Supply chain interruptions
    Fuel shortages & “terrorists attacks”, so the media will claim
    Even more inflation
    Riots & Looting
    Anti-law enforcement propaganda and a ramp of blm and antifa rhetoric & protests
    Manufactured hate events creating “us vs them” incidents
    The next manufactured virus or plandemic to control people via fear and panic
    Blaming and shaming non mask wearing people for the next man-made pandemic
    More shutdown & closures
    More job loss
    Labeling the election fraud as “conspiracy theories” & “unfounded” Queue Maddow…
    Doom & gloom MSM/tech/social media propaganda like in 2020.

    It is all part of their evil and twisted playbook, and would be comical if it wasn’t true.

    I’ll keep praying for America and the Good Lord’s intervention. I will be leaning heavily upon Isaiah 41:10.

    • Paul ...

      If a little “pipe leak” in a Georgia bathroom can shut down vote counting in GA, NH, AZ, WI, PA and MA??? … perhaps … we should shut down the Georgia Guide-stones … to put a stop to the world eugenicist movement!!!

  55. Gail Kindstrom

    It’s not just the Keystone pipe line. Many leases to drill have been canceled. Daughter In Law works in the oil industry in Houston and last week lots of people got notices of lay off. Still wonder why gas is going up? Now add in the middle east problems and it all keeps going much higher.

    • Paul ...

      Gail … Do you think just perhaps Bribe’n took a bribe from the banksters who were seeing their loans to the shale oil drillers go bad? … or perhaps he took a bribe from the US oil industry who wanted to see higher oil prices … or perhaps he took a bribe from Iran who wanted to see higher oil prices … or was it the Saudi’s and others who paid him a bribe?? … more then likely he took bribes “from everyone” … do you think if we American consumers get together and give Bribe’n a bribe he will lower gas prices at the pump for us?? … it probably has little chance of working … unless … we make the bribe we give “at least twice” what the Banksters, Big Oil , The Saudi’s and Iran, etc., etc. are now paying Bribe’n in total!!!

  56. Virginia

    I like your musical tune! To say thank you for your reporting seems inadequate.
    God bless you

  57. richrozmarn

    Hi Greg:
    I work in the medical industry, our software uses PET, SPECT and CT camera systems for diagnostics. We are seeing patients Lymph nodes lighting up like the sun and affecting our imaging diagnosis. Biopsies are being done on patients that do no have cancer but look like they do. All of these patients had either the Moderna or Pfizer shot. Here is a link from Mayo clinic. This is in the American Journal of Roentgenology.
    This has also been posted on auntminnie. You have to be a medical professional to get access. But below are details of the article. This affecting Cancer detection which has worked for years.
    Siemens Healthineers
    PET imaging shows how COVID vaccines confound cancer detection
    By Will Morton, staff writer

    May 24, 2021 — PET imaging showed abnormal radiotracer uptake in the lymph nodes of cancer patients after they received COVID-19 vaccinations, according to a May 20 study in the American Journal of Roentgenology. The finding suggests the phenomenon may confound image interpretation and lead to unnecessary biopsies.Researchers at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, compared PET scans of patients before and after they received Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna COVID-19 vaccinations and observed increased FDG and carbon-11 (C-11) choline uptake by axillary lymph nodes and ipsilateral deltoids. There had been no visible axillary node uptake prior to the vaccinations.
    “These alterations in PET findings after COVID-19 vaccination are important confounding pitfalls that could prompt unnecessary biopsies and treatments unless appropriately recognized by interpreting physicians,” wrote first author Dr. Dane Schroeder, a diagnostic radiologist.
    Recent multiple case reports and small studies have demonstrated COVID-19 vaccinations with the Moderna and Pfizer products produce minor side effects, including reactive lymphadenopathy. To date, systematic analysis of changes on PET due to COVID-19 vaccination is limited. The management of FDG-avid lymph nodes in patients who have been vaccinated presents a clinical challenge, particularly given the common application of PET imaging in oncology, according to the authors.

    • Paul ...

      R … People who took the jab now have their lymph nodes “lighting up” … we will probably all be told by Big Pharma that this “is normal” … because they put jelly fish “glow genes” in their experimental vaccine at the request of the Surveillance State (the SS)… [was this so they can better track our movements at night?]!!

    • Self Exiled

      When I was at Mayo clinic from February thru June of 2008 I talked to a Mayo doctor who had had cancer and was treated at Mayo successfully. He himself was a cancer doctor. He did not rely on Pet scans to diagnose cancer, he relied: if I remember correctly, on blood tests and CT scans. He said that many people were being treated for cancer in the US who did not have it. The city I was from had two major hospitals and they relied on pet scans and had two large cancer treatment facilities. Mmmmm. He was one of the most informative , empathetic doctors I had ever meet. He said show me your bill, I did, he alone cleared up $5000 worth of medical coded mistakes in the $265,000 bill that was handed to me.

      • Self Exiled

        Basically he saved me $5000, these mistakes the insurance company would not pay. Disputed, coded wrong by hospital.

  58. John Butler

    CNN = Communist New Network

  59. Russ 2

    Thanks Greg, all points today were right on target. I watched the Luc Motagnier video earlier this week and it is well worth the 2-3 minutes. As I understand, the sub-titles are not quite right, those here who understand French may want to point out the errors.

    As for what he says, there’s a Friedrich Nietzsche quote that goes something like, “that which does not kill me, makes me stronger” or words to that effect. He wrote it in German so translations are often a bit off. Regardless, imo Motagnier is stating that if the “vaccine” doesn’t kill 100% of the virus, those remaining will be “inoculated” from the vaccine, will multiply and then you end up with a variant strain resistant to the vaccine. It didn’t kill them so the survivors are more resilient. Same thing happened with penicillin — over prescribed or misused and then a resistant strain of an STD emerges. For a virologist this is not rocket science, they should have known of this possibility.

    I didn’t take the jab for other reasons — not tested over the long haul and not approved by FDA. I chose to avoid being a lab rat and since 99.7% of us will survive Covid with our own immune systems, I saw no reason to alter my DNA by taking a cutting edge but not yet approved mRNA medical device (what they call the vaccine).

  60. Bruce E. Sanborn

    Greg,the monster box of silver Eagles that I purchased over 4 years ago for about $10K is now $18k now and not because of the silver but because of the fees to broker! Crazy 🤯 Maranatha, Greetings from Tampa 😎

    • Paul ...

      BS … Is this the way the coin dealers plan on beating the banksters suppressing precious metal prices? … simply increase the fee on a one ounce silver coin to $800 dollars??

  61. Ray

    Thanks Greg. Another Great Weekly Wrap Up………I totally agree, that the Voter Fraud went all the way down to the State and Local Levels……… Yes, I am still scratching my head on “how Cooper won ‘Fairly'” too…… He is in bed with the Chinese, just like Biden. He is a Thug – his track record as AG for NC proves it.

  62. PM

    Thank you Greg for calling out Fox news. They are half truth, they just give us enough to keep us coming back.

  63. Rick Hayle

    Always love me some Friday Wrap Up ! Greg , I would like to hear what Rob Kirby has to say on the physical gold situation . Since he deals in rather large quantities for certain folks. I always like to read what your viewers have to say on certain things . You have many people who are going thru life with their eyes open & they have ideas of their own that makes sense . I believe that there’s folks who could run for office that people would love because they do what they say & TELL THE TRUTH ! Our country has turned into hell just like Mr. Reagan warned . I hate to admit it but it’s the truth . GOD bless you sir !

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank Rick!

  64. Dave

    The GOP governor’s gathering was indeed revealing. Many governors would not come out and say the Trump i the leader of the party. The point being that the Swamp still controls the GOP. If you want proof – the Senate GOP is proposing a 1 trillion plus infrastructure bill. The Dems want a 2 trillion bill. The votes are there for a compromise. Maybe 1.5 trillion? Don’t forget that Trump wanted a 2 trillion dollar infrastructure bill.

    2022 could be dicey for the GOP as the two sides are still at odds. Witness Lindell being dis-invited from the conference. Murkowski is up again. A Trump candidate will oppose her in the GOP primary but McConnell is backing Murkowski. If the loses she will run as an independent again. Lynn Cheney is expected to do the same if she loses the primary. She could win as an independent per polls and the fact that the mining and farm interests in Wyoming strongly support her. The same scenario could play out in Pa. where McConnell’s choice for the Senate seat (being vacated as Toomey retires) will be challenged by a Trump Republican. Don’t be surprised if Cyrus Vance Jr. chooses to indict Trump in the months preceding the 2022 election.

    Bottom line, 2022 will be wild.

  65. Ronald Bays

    My doctor told us Wednesday that the “jab” was not experimental nor do you have to sign for the vaccine. He did admit the J&J “jab” was causing blood clot issues. Hard sell for betterment of society.

    • Greg Hunter

      Your doctor is a quack, a liar or both. Run!! This is in fact an “Emergency Use Authorization” (EUA) medication as classified by the FDA. It is NOT approved and is indeed experimental. This EUA classification gives vaccine makers immunity from liability, and that is the only real immunity that is happening, fact certain, with the CV19 experimental drug trials.

      • Josie

        I agree, he is either ignorant of a liar! Change doctors…

      • Josie

        It’s not a trial it’s a depopulation tool. Go check out the Deagel report it will exceed their expectation for 2030…

    • Jerry5

      By all means take the jab.

      If you’d like to die. If your doctor is so sure the jab is safe, have him sign a liability contract with you. I can guarantee you he won’t. Greg is right, he’s a liar.

    • Josie

      I think I’d change doctors he is either ignorant or a lier!

    • Jerry5

      Ronald, Greg, and everybody,
      This is off the Pfizer website.

      Read point #9 for yourself. They tell you straight up it’s a two year trial. In case you don’t know what “trial” means, it’s scientific jargon for experimental. They won’t know for two years what the medical outcomes will be.

      • eddiemd

        The MSM promoting this to the ignorant masses is disgraceful. Those at the top know that this is a planned take down of society.

        I wonder where they will dig the mass grave sites.

        Social media tyrrants will have to completely censor any resistance at some point. About the same time when Big Tech censors the Bible on everyones iPhones.

        Totalitarian dystopia antichrist system.

  66. Hannah Loveanna

    Thank you Greg for your real news reporting. Who do you suppose will be held accountable for the crimes against humanity when the truth eventually comes out about the dangerous & deadly vaccine? Will it be the Chinese government, lab scientists, medical facility personnel, doctors, nurses, or others who administer vaccines? What about the propaganda news media who spread cov19 lies everyday, politicians pushing the vaccine, parents who consent to their children being vaccinated or used in clinical trials? Will a plea of ignorance be a defense? Will “just following orders” be a defense?

    • Paul ...

      HL … We should hang them all … if we do … we should still have more people left in the world then the eugenicists plan (which is to kill off 99% of humanity)!!

  67. iwitness02

    I can remember as a child in the 1950s hearing grownups talk about their grandparents coming west in covered wagons and talking about how much their grandparents witnessed in the course of their lifetime. Radio, TV, cars, air travel, war, great depression.
    Now I get to witness computers, internet, wokeness, equity, critical race theory, modern monetary theory, men in women’s sports and bathrooms, wars and rumors of wars, worldwide lock downs and worldwide vaccinations for dubious reasons, overt corruption in government.
    The ‘rise’ and ‘fall’ of a nation. At least that is how it appears to me at this point in time.

  68. David W Leonard

    As always, thank you Greg for bringing us the truth.

  69. Stan H

    Originally, there were supposed to be representatives from BOTH parties observing the processing of the ballots. The Democrats forcefully blocked observers from the other side from viewing what was going on so that they can cheat their way to an election win. Now, the Republicans are finally getting to examine the returns for accuracy and legality and somehow that’s considered as being foul play. How is what the pro-liberty side doing considered foul play while what the Deep State group wants, considered fair play? How can anyone take the claims of the Leftists seriously? Now, even those who leaned toward liberalism are starting to wonder, is advancing our agenda worth forfeiting our right to vote?

  70. Jay A.

    I like Greg’s new word “Woketard,” it describes them perfectly!

  71. Peter Bennett

    How about acting President Biden? Best wishes.


  72. Michael L. Quick

    I just listened to the “ENDGAME” part II and it said something about Round-up causing genetic damage dooming humanity to extinction in two to three generations – ? – sounds important –

  73. Greg

    Thank you Greg , great show !

  74. Country Codger

    Great WNW, Greg.
    Looking forward to Steve Q. interview.

    Also, remember, we are still in a Super Cycle until July 9th. The optimum period of chaos and/or war is between May 3rd and June 14th. The next cycle coming up this late fall/winter timeframe is a doozy. Still working on the calculations. Should be interesting.
    Lo Iyrah!

  75. Judy

    Audio is really bad. Is it on my end? I love your content but the audio crackling is so annoying.

    • Robert K


      It is on your end. Hope all is well.

      Robert K

  76. William

    Greg, great presentation USA WATCHDOG is priceless!

  77. Greenfield Aaron J.

    The Fox News contributor reacts to House Bill that would allow victims’ families to sue China
    Newt Gingrich: China needs to be ‘held accountable’ for lying to the world about COVID-19 May 28, 2021

    The reality of Biden’s border crisis: Migrants captured during ride-along
    138,339 views•May 22, 2021
    Where’s American media in all this, out to lunch? Thank you Australia!

    Sen. Kennedy: Biden shows America can be ‘bought like a sack of potatoes’
    May 28, 2021 Fox

    Tucker: Stupid people took control of our country
    •May 27, 2021 Fox

    Crenshaw: Fauci, media dismissing Wuhan lab leak was ‘always nonsense’
    May 28, 2021 Fox

  78. eddiemd

    Hungary considered highest per capita death rate.

    I lived in eastern Hungary for 8 months in 2017. Very conservative country. Friendly with Russia, which is a good thing for them. Part of the Visegrad Four.

    The breadbasket of central Europe. An agricultural country with two main rivers; Danube and Tisza. And the Drava along the southwest border.

    Studied Hungarian language at DLI in 83/84.

  79. John Butler

    If Senators can be recalled, why can’t Biden the Traitor be recalled?

    • Greg Hunter

      You have to have a case for fraud and that is building.

  80. eddiemd

    Dengue and dengue hemorrhagic fever. Very disabling and in DHF, lethal.

    Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever usually occurs upon a secondary infection with a sub-type of the dengue virus.

    Interesting that the immune system has a cytokine-like storm upon a second exposure to the virus.

    Some recent research shows that the virus nuclear capsid induces a large inflammatory effect. It would be simple to cut this gene from the dengue virus and splice it into the coronavirus or another virus.

    It appears that the CCP is all over this research.

    When I was in Lima Peru, dengue and DHF was at the top of the list for potential bioweapon development.

    Known as “breakbone fever”. I have seen several cases of regular dengue. Very common throughout the latin American tropics.

  81. eddiemd

    Fauci Mengele is the face of medical tyranny. He really is the modern day Mengele.

    This “gain of function” is being used to replace the word “bioweapon development”. Keep the sheeple in the pen and stupid.

    It makes you wonder who has access to the DOD DNA database. This is a strategic threat. If the CCP compromised the DOD DNA database then they have all they need to design a bioweapon to target the military.

    All you vets out there, beware of the VA. The VA is not your friend. Limit what you tell them and don’t volunteer for any studies.

    Any VA docs what to comment on the new directives coming down through the VA chain of command?

    Something has changed at the VA

    • eddiemd

      Latest propaganda from the New England Journal. May 26th.

      Recommended strategies.

      1. First, organizations that take care of patients could mandate Covid vaccination for their employees, just as many of them have long required influenza vaccination. Vaccination mandates in schools and workplaces — especially in high-contact settings such as meat-packing plants and prisons — could substantially reduce the future toll of Covid-19 in the United States.

      2. Second, access to activities that involve close person-to-person contact could be granted only to vaccinated people. Thus far among Americans, this approach has opened doors to largely elite pursuits, such as live attendance at the National Football League draft, summer travel to the European Union, or residential college and university enrollment this coming fall.

      3. A third option is to raise health and life insurance premiums for people who forgo vaccination. This approach could redistribute the higher expected health care costs in a way that is fair to people who have already been vaccinated.

      The last one in particular. Forcing people to take an experimental emergency authorized injection or else your insurance will be increased. More insanity.

      We must be getting close to taking out the weapons of indignation. Against Babylon.

      Isaiah 13:4-6
      The noise of a multitude in the mountains,
      Like that of many people!
      A tumultuous noise of the kingdoms of nations gathered together!
      The Lord of hosts musters
      The army for battle.
      They come from a far country,
      From the end of heaven—
      The Lord and His weapons of indignation,
      To destroy the whole land.
      Wail, for the day of the Lord is at hand!
      It will come as destruction from the Almighty.

      Jeremiah 50:24-25
      I have laid a snare for you;
      You have indeed been trapped, O Babylon,
      And you were not aware;
      You have been found and also caught,
      Because you have contended against the Lord.
      The Lord has opened His armory,
      And has brought out the weapons of His indignation;
      For this is the work of the Lord God of hosts
      In the land of the Chaldeans.

      Revelation 14:9-11
      9 Then a third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, “If anyone worships the beast and his image, and receives his mark on his forehead or on his hand, 10 he himself shall also drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out full strength into the cup of His indignation. He shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb. 11 And the smoke of their torment ascends forever and ever; and they have no rest day or night, who worship the beast and his image, and whoever receives the mark of his name.”

  82. eddiemd

    Rising anti Hebrew propaganda. The world is starting to turn against the Hebrew peoples.

    Israel will be alone with the Lord God Almighty to defend them. The USA will go dark.

    Biblical prophesy. Never fails.

  83. David

    Soros won’t let CNN disappear…

  84. David Jones

    Greg, CATHERINE AUSTIN FITTS is interviewing with DR. TENPENNY today about depopulation. Can you have both of them on. Dr. TENPENNY did a group call with 5 other doctors the other day and they were talking about project coast from south Africa and other depopulation efforts. Please get them on.

  85. Lady Au Stackers United

    Vaxxed vs Non-vaxxed. Friends and acquaintances are treating me like I should be ashamed for holding my ground for choosing the Non-Vax side of the fence. So I’m the enemy! I could tell a fib that I got the jab just to appease their ego? Only in certain situations in a venue or public transportation could I be asked to show proof, otherwise, I won’t be visiting or using any of the above mentioned. My 86 YO friend was basically forced to get the shot b/c of acceptance to an assisted living home. As long as one or the other is vaxxed then visits are okay in WA State. He said, “better he than me to take the shot.” His theory being his time left on earth is limited anyway since we are 25 years apart in age. So would someone here PLEASE convince me with links to professional scientific articles negating “The Kill Shot” and why I should stand my ground? I feel like I’m losing my strong conviction!

    • Greg Hunter

      You friends are woke-tard stupid who are fact resistant. Run!!!

  86. Coalburner

    What can we do to stamp CN N into the dirt? How do we cout off their money? We need a serious rundown on exactly what we need to do to damage CNN and NBA-CCP LaDouche James!

    • Paul ...

      Coalburner … Simply “boycott” any product that gets advertised on their lying criminal news network … when advertisers begin to see “their profits fall” (because they put an ad on the lying criminal MSM network) … they will stop advertising … and that will put all the lying criminal fake news media stations out of business!!

  87. cfs

    Biden is the Senile Pretendent.

  88. Josie

    Experimental shots, not really these shots are the Depopulation tools. Go check out the Deagel report they are exceeding their expectations. Where the hell is President Trump!!!!

  89. tim mcgraw

    The Book of Genesis teaches us not to have close dealings with the Canaanites; the non-believers. Yes, Abraham bought a field from a Canaanite to bury his wife Rachel, but he wouldn’t take it as a gift.
    The Chinese are non-believers. Be wary of them in all things.

  90. eddiemd

    “Gain of Function” DOD lab in Lima Peru.

  91. eddiemd

    And this was two years ago.

    Probably goals near completion. Getting ready for cyberwar followed by hot war.

  92. eddiemd

    If this system can be hacked, any system can be hacked.

    Goes along with the Internet kill switch. The same one that will wipe out the bitcoiners.

  93. eddiemd

    More cultural Marxism targeting your children.

    Instead of Nazi brown shirts…we have rugrat cartoons.

    I wonder if the mom will be wearing blm shirts with a raised fist.

    • JC

      Who gave the order to do this?

      US Embassies Worldwide Are Flying BLM Flags This Week…

      Rep. Andy Biggs lashed out at the unprecedented authorization: “BLM burned down cities and caused billions in property damage. They are the antithesis of American values and do not belong on any of our embassies.”

      • eddiemd

        BLM Marxist flags, rainbow flags…what is next? There will be a flag of the antichrist.

        All across the EU they fly the EU flag. It was all over Debrecen Hungary. Anything the EU funded in Hungary was found to have a reminder of the EU.

        Flags have meanings in many parts of the globe. Not so much here in the USA anymore. If you salute the US flag, you are a racist. You can burn it though.

        • Paul ...

          When are we going to take down “the eugenicists flag” in Georgia??? (the Georgia Guide-stones)!!!

  94. LAE

    What happened to the VIDEO? NOTHING HERE!

  95. Helen Swanson

    I am sorry I have not been on your site for a few weeks. I have always enjoyed your information and now will continue to watch. Thank you for speaking the truth. Continue with that. We all need it. I am done with much of the media. I have a few that I listen to regularly. Yours is one of them

  96. Not So Free

    Thanks for having Steve Quayle on. I’m looking forward to it.

  97. tim mcgraw

    Thanks for the report. Excellent as always.

  98. al

    BOOM !!! BANG !!! BOOM!!!

    Excellent commentary

  99. Mike

    Relax. Enjoy the show! Fun is coming !

  100. Mike

    Nano Soma. ? Rebuilds cells !

  101. Jeff Denney

    Greg, you need to watch this interview with Dr. Lee Merrit. She is former president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, She says Covid is a man made engineered bioweapon from China. After receiving the poke, the population will have no immunity for the next released Covid virus strain. This is a depopulation plan. You should interview her.

  102. Mike

    Greg. Go to

    At the top of the page there is a blog Move to the right to video/audio. You will be interested in the 1st 15 minutes Enjoy

  103. Mike

    Last time. Tonight. Please see

    Nano soma ???

  104. Mike

    rense. Not. Tense. Hard to type on phone

  105. Mike

    Last time. Sleep well

  106. Marti Baker Girl

    OK, so today I was at Wally and Beaver World. I’m sure everyone has noticed how these stores are practically giving away (well literally WM pharmacy employee gave me a handful of masks the other day for free) everything COVID related – masks, sanitizer, etc. at rock bottom prices.
    Today I took a picture of what struck me as odd but I take it they are sending us a message. Right in the apparel section where they have all the cloth masks selling for pennies on the dollar, was a rack in the midst of them that said “Passport 2 Pak”. Thie was a holder to carry 2 “passports” in. Now why was it with the face diapers? They are letting us know that while we might rejoice in some of the lifting of the mask mandates, just as sure as this weekend is a short lived holiday, our preceived freedom is also going to be short lived. And I don’t believe I am being paranoid.

  107. Carter

    The vax is also an attack on blood, it alters blood cells.
    “You will never be the same”.

  108. Carter

    Seriously, is it the “mark of the beast” or can it be receiving a substance like this that causes one to be “marked”. Just thinking.

  109. Mike

    The first 15 min on 5/17/21. Sorry

  110. Paul2

    Greg, you should keep a watch on Melbourne Australia right now, because they have just commenced a well-seeded outbreak of “Indian variant” Covid. We’ve all seen what is happening in India with this, so seeing it seed into a clean population with limited vaccination will be interesting. If it doesn’t do to some extent here what its done in India (even allowing for the vastly better hygiene), then a whole lot of new questions arise.


    Biden, I think will make it a law that you have to get the vaccine or you can not be in public or out side, as of now many jobs will demand that employees have to get the vaccine or you can not go to work without it. or force an executive order to travel you will all need a vaccine passport to go out of the country, it’s coming folks.

    • Russ D

      Presidents cannot make laws. ONLY the Legislative branch can

      An EO has NO weight of a Law……….PERIOD!!

  112. John Treichler

    Hi Greg –
    I know you’re aware of the over-amplification of the PCR test for Covid-19 generating many false positives as documented in the Corman-Drostin Review Report (Nov 2020) from the medical journal Eurosurveillance. WHO and our own CDC recommended 45 cycles. The “Pandemic” is a statistical creature.
    Now, our CDC is requesting that samples from re-infected Vaccinated patients submitted for CDC examination utilize only 28 (repeat only 28) amplification cycles. The 28 cycle number agrees with that recommended by the C-D Review Report to detect high viral loads. Fits nicely with your report of new variants ….. .
    Link to ZeroHedge article:

    Well, now we know what the real amplification number should have been all along. I reluctantly conclude our trusted medical establishment is corrupt at the top and complicit in the pandemic fraud all along the way, from the beginning.
    I understand Guantanamo has nice weather this time of year.

  113. John Treichler

    Thanks for what you do.

    Suggestion for interview guest. Dr. Simone Gold. See her presentation at America’s Frontline Doctors .org site.

    Show-stopper presentation.

    Here’s another credible source on weaponized SARS-CoV-2 , aka, Covid-19. Look to the content of the spikes. Knowledge of medical terminology a plus. Scroll to ~30 min mark.

    • Gar C

      Dr Simone Gold is a true patriot, and has suffered greatly
      for her stand on COVID and been fired several times for
      Prescribing Hydroxy, Ivermectin, etc.

      Greg she founded Front Line Doctors Of America,
      please get her on.

  114. Dan Yeager

    Greg, I am always pleased to see your exposure elsewhere. Recently at ZeroHedge and OAN. Your Truth is Marching On!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Dan!

  115. Marie+Joy

    OSHA says vaccine makers have immunity but employers, who force you to take the jab, do NOT have immunity.

  116. Ken Murray

    I disagree CNN will disappear because they lost 70% viewership. They could lose 99.9% viewership and still keep on keeping on. That’s because they’re backed and funded by 3 letter organizations. The Church Committee in the 1970’s exposed Operation Mockingbird that had penetrated all forms of US media at the time. Fifty-years later – and with zero attempts to change anything – how much further has this progressed?

  117. wayne hardin

    Here is the answer to every ? about what needs to be done .
    Copy and paste this .
    05 11 21 TV Episode 10 Matthew 24 “The Time Of The End”
    He is one of only a few that is speaking the truth.

  118. BDS

    Hi Greg,
    We will not need the banks in the future and they know it that is why they bad mouth cryptos. Everyone should read the whitepapers of the cryptos they want to buy and at the same time watch some you tube videos.
    If the banks want to mess with the fossil fuel sector all the big oils and gas companies can get everything they need via blockchain/crypto/DeFi. The people who are recommending penalize the oil/gas sector are wind bags.
    Everyone must know the decentralized crypto currencies not the government coins like Fed Coin are for the people. Decentralized cryptos will be the way to go!
    Everything is upside down now to distract the average person from protecting themselves from the greatest transfer of wealth.
    As Greg has been saying, BUY Physical(own in hand or home) GOLD,SILVER and some functional/has utility cryptos .

  119. eddiemd

    Witchcraft. Rebellion.

    Here in Arizona we have legalized marijuana. I drive by the local dope shop on a regular basis and it is always packed with a line out front.

    I smell weed burning in the neighborhood daily.

    These people are deceived. It will be very simple to give these people over to delusions.

    Deut 18:9-11
    9 “When you come into the land which the Lord your God is giving you, you shall not learn to follow the [a]abominations of those nations. 10 There shall not be found among you anyone who makes his son or his daughter pass[b] through the fire, or one who practices witchcraft, or a soothsayer, or one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer, 11 or one who conjures spells, or a medium, or a spiritist, or one who calls up the dead.

    1 Samuel 15:22-23
    22 So Samuel said:
    “Has the Lord as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices,
    As in obeying the voice of the Lord?
    Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice,
    And to heed than the fat of rams.
    For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft,
    And stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry.
    Because you have rejected the word of the Lord,
    He also has rejected you from being king.”

    It is a good time to heed the words of Samuel the prophet. You will be cut off and face the wrath of El Elyon. Obedience.

    • eddiemd

      We reviewed this a few months back. Now making it to front page news.

      The elite are starting to recognize that they will also die. Their master, satan, has deceived them. Some will recognize, many won’t. Many false churches led by false doctrine preachers have led their flocks astray. Many church people would rather have their ears tickled. The pathway is narrow.

      Once you take the injection, there is no way to reverse it. You can repent and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth. You have the blood of the Lamb. If you do not repent, then the wrath will be coming for you. Your heart will melt from fear. Imagine that.

      There is still time.

  120. Clint Young

    The Biggest problem with the COVID Vaccine is that it will produced out-of-control antibodies when activated. These antibodies will cause a cytokine storm within the lungs leading to almost all who took this “vaccine” to die. The release of the activator will not happen until almost all that are going to take the COVID Vaccine do so. This will be around July 4, 2021. After the incubation time, the activator will produce enough enhanced antibody/antigen response to start causing massive deaths among those who took the jab. 1/2 or more the USA population will soon perish.

  121. Ray

    If the US government, via the CIA, believes it is within its purview to interfere in elections throughout the world, then it is clearly understandable that the Chinese government will act in a similar manner.
    America cannot reserve the right to interfere with international elections all on its own, and whinge when it is done to them..
    If I go and rob my neighbours’s house, then justify it, I forfeit the right to complain when someone else robs my place.
    The West had better prepare for the massive bloody nose they are about to get from Russia and China.
    We’ve been pushing it for years thinking they won’t throw the first punch.
    Methinks they will……and it will be a devastating right hook.
    Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

  122. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Excellent report.

  123. Siglius

    Cooper won? How do you know?

  124. Eric

    Greg, Thank you so much for the hard work You Do! I just heard a show where a Dr. Byram W Bridle a peer review said “They made a Huge Mistake!” The spike protein is acting like a toxin in the body & killing people & might have problems later. He wants them to stop vaxing children. Spoke about how babies that breastfed from Moms that were vaxed had bleeding in their intestines and other organs! Huge! MSM completely silent! My wife’s friend just diced from the vax. Went into a coma the a few days later passed. Dr says it’s because she had covid when she got the Vax. If this is true then they need to make that a requirement that you get the covid test before the jab! Just do t get the jab! First person I’ve heard of that anyone I knew had a bad reaction to the jab! Anyway, wanted to pass that on to you. Maybe you can find out more about this peer review and this doctor? Thanks again Greg! You Rick! God bless!

  125. Keith

    Hi Greg –
    Great weekly wrap-up (5/28) as always! I agree we are in for massive economic changes … out current economic system is being taken down, but not by the thieves that continue to game, steal, and defraud us as they have always done and continue to do. Any chance you could reach out to find some experts to interview who understand and can help us average non-financial types to understand the new Quantum Financial System (QFS)? I believe we are currently in the process of cutting over to this QFS and thereby cutting off the current fraudulent system and their thieving minions, but the mechanics of how this works and how it may play out is a mystery to me, but we will ALL be under its implementation, which I am led to believe is a very good thing! White hats taking out the nasty Financial black hats and denying them the ability to steal anymore.
    Keep up the great work! You truly are making a difference!

  126. Keith

    Hi Greg –
    Great weekly wrap-up (5/28) as always! I agree we are in for massive economic changes … our current economic system is being taken down, but not by the thieves that continue to game, steal, and defraud us as they have always done and continue to do. Any chance you could reach out to find some experts to interview who understand and can help us average non-financial types to understand the new Quantum Financial System (QFS)? I believe we are currently in the process of cutting over to this QFS and thereby cutting off the current fraudulent system and their thieving minions, but the mechanics of how this works and how it may play out is a mystery to me, but we will ALL be under its implementation, which I am led to believe is a very good thing! White hats taking out the nasty Financial black hats and denying them the ability to steal anymore.
    Keep up the great work! You truly are making a difference!

  127. SummerSong

    Thanks again Greg. Good show, great information.
    I always appreciate your generosity : )

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Summer!

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