Deep State Deception Tricks Us into Thinking They’re Winning – Clif High

By Greg Hunter’s 

Clif High is an Internet data mining expert who has many well-documented correct forecasts.  High uses something he calls “Predictive Linguistics” and computer programs to sort through billions of bits of information on the Internet to predict future trends and events.  His latest correct forecast was made last month here on USAWatchdog when he said, “The FDA would not approve the Pfizer CV19 vaccine.”  The FDA told the public it was approved, but it only approved a Pfizer vaccine called Comirnaty that Americans cannot get.  Americans are still getting the “experimental” Pfizer version of the so- called vaccine, and Pfizer still has immunity from liability.  It was classic bait and switch and a total deception of the public.

Clif High says, “Deception is their only weapon. . . . They are employing technology to trick us.  They employ bots through all the social media.  They employ scripts in all mainstream media. . . . They have farms of people paid by the CCP with rooms in China and people with 40 different cell phones in front of them with a computer that can feed all those different cell phones.  This is how they establish the persona of large crowds of people that are supposedly agreeing with or putting out the mainstream media talking points or reinforcing those.”

So, is the country evenly split for and against the Biden Administration?  High says, “No.  I can find about 12% of the population that will repeat the talking points and about 6% of the population that will do it consistently on their own unbidden.  6% are in the category of loyalists. Of that 6%, maybe half are true believers. . . . They are attempting to make you think it’s about 80% to 20% in favor of the Deep State.”

What’s the real sentiment in the country?  High estimates, “80% of the people in the country are against all of this at a passionate level.  The intensity of that 80% is ratcheting up.”

High says this is why you are seeing no masks being worn at college football games.  People have had enough.  High says, “You are seeing this at multiple sporting events.  This marker is being used to track the sentiment of people involved in Devolution.”

In short, large segments of the population will be waking up to all the lies and illusions that control their lives.  High talks about the big die-off of people who are “fully vaccinated” and how it is them who will need to be quarantined so they do not harm the unvaccinated public.  The biggest wakeup call will come soon from the economic system.  High says, “These things are coming in chunks, and we are just about at the point where the chunk called the financial system will fall all apart.  The big marker on that is going to be October 1, which is the end of the fiscal year for the federal government.”

High also talks about weapons from Afghanistan coming back home to the USA to arm Antifa and BLM courtesy of China.  High thinks what he calls “normies” will be getting a big cold bucket of water in the face soon, and things will change forever in how the public perceives what is going on in America.  High also talks about Australia and the atrocity that is coming that will make them go wild and fight for liberty.  High talks about all the millions of people who have gotten the shots and will probably die.  It’s going to be so bad that 2022 will be known as the year of the mass die-off.  High also talks about how many more people will wake up to the fact that the “USA was attacked” and that “we have been in an ongoing war.”  High also talk real numbers of people who have actually gotten the shots.  It is way less than the official numbers are saying, but for those people, death is probably coming for them.  Phony inflated vax numbers is one more deception at work, according to High, because “they are selling the death shot.”  High says the only thing that explains what is going on with CV19 and the push for injections is the “Deep State global criminals” are “killing people on purpose to depopulate the planet.”

High gives data and analysis on deflation, gold, silver, Bitcoin, a new U.S. currency as early as January 2022, Ivermectin and vitamins for protection, new side effects for the vax, funeral homes burying record numbers of people than ever, and the Arizona audit and why it is so important to get it perfect.

This is just some of what is covered in this one hour and 13 min interview.

In closing, High says, “This war is deception.  They have no real power.  They only have the power of controlling the mind through deception of words.  They are deceivers.  We have lived in a world of deceit where deceit has been rewarded by them.  We have been inculcated into this world, and it’s changing.  It is the most massive change in 2,780 years.  It is the change of the ages into the age of knowing, and we will know.”

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with data mining expert Clif High, and he gives us an update on future events and trends.

(What is written here is a fraction of what is in this 1 hour and 13 min. interview.

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After the Interview:

Clif High says he no longer sells his Internet data mining reports, but he does commentary about his data mining research and gives free analysis on his Bitchute channel.

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  1. JC

    Power to the people! We the people!

    Australian government backs off demanding truckers be vaccinated.

    MARTIN ARMSTRONG: The Australian government is claiming that truckers pose a danger for they were spreading the virus around the country. They ordered the truckers to be vaccinated or lose their job. They refused to show up to work and others blocked the roads. The Western culture of freedom is falling into the final bastion of the once free world spiraling down into a new sort of Dark Age. The politicians are promised by the elite that they will be the cream of the crop and always rise above the Great Unwashed. The elite above them thinks that they can simply bribe their way through anything and like a queen bee transform us into worker bees to support their hive of power.

    But the power always rests with the Great Unwashed for throughout history the elite end up with their heads paraded among the streets on spikes. The real power to change the world always resides in our hands. For if we simply refuse to work, we shut down their hive. What if everyone stood up and refused to pay taxes or their mortgages? Sure, they can prosecute a small group. But they cannot prosecute everyone.

    What the truckers have shown to the world is that even the political elite will starve without food transportation. Hence, the power resides ALWAYS with the Great Unwashed. These people ALWAYS think they are the NATION and become drunk on their own power, ignoring that they are NOTHING without WE THE PEOPLE.

    • Paul ...

      Truckers beat the Globalists and “avoided being jabbed” (with the evil eugenicist psychopaths “Clot shots”) … but that is not enough … those who have already been Jabbed “will be dead soon” (as their natural immune system has been destroyed) … what these people must come to terms with and realize is that “they are going to die” … now the question is … do they go silently into the night … or do like was done during the French revolution and take out the people trying to kill them as a simple matter of self defense … and thus make their lives worth something before they pass away … by grabbing the people jabbing and killing them by the neck and and making clear to them to lay off our children … it is the people coming for our children who should be the first ones taken to the wood shed (we can get Fauci and Gates later at the Nuremberg II trials)… since the jabbed “are dead men walking already” what can the psychopaths do to them that they have not already done … watch how fast the “jabs” stop, the masks come off and the lock-downs stop … when the people with the Clot “Death Shot” (finally admit to themselves the unthinkable (that they are “dead men walking”) and begin to grab and physically stop the people giving the shot!!

      • Paul ...

        The process has to be reversed … instead of the Police grabbing an individual for not wearing a mask (to “protect” others) … … ordinary People need to grab the individuals forcing the “jab” into the arms of healthy people and children and knock the syringe out of their hand (to “protect” adults and children from getting “jab” induced blood clots, etc,. etc., etc.) … the way one would disarm someone with a gun threatening others … it is our civic duty to disarm and restrain them!!

        • JungianINTP


          The Underlying Psychology Driving the Madness :

          — B R U T A L I T A R I A N Communism —

          All Covid-19 reports are
          symptomatic deflections
          from a Root-Cause Con-
          spiracy, to hide Deep State
          machinations!, to destroy
          White Christian America
          and build Global Economic
          Socialism under the rule
          of United Nations’ tyrants,
          then morph the world into :

          Brutalitarian Communism
          (( study Bolshevik Russia,
          to see your future, if that
          Tribe succeeds here )).

          My Psychology-Based report
          reveals the ROOT CAUSE of
          Western Civilization’s decline :

          The psychosis is F E M I N I S M, as that
          right-hemisphere, always-EMOTING mind
          (( Note : it craves drama to FEEEEL alive ))
          seeks POWER and CONTROL whenever on
          the march (( physical appearance doesn’t
          always identify the mental sex of a “man”
          or “woman,” as, for example, Mr. Bill
          Clinton is psychologically female; ergo,
          sexually lesbian ! ))—why leftist “men”
          display effeminacy/feminism.

          Aristotle had made this observation,
          to explain for us how we got to this
          tragic, anti-white, minority-run AmeriKa :

          “Masculine republics
          give way to feminine
          democracies, and
          feminine democracies
          give way to tyranny.”

          The West is now comprised of
          feminine/feminist democracies.


          • JungianINTP


            Your reference to :

            “Everything out of media is a complete lie.“

            That’s how Bolshevik Russians kept control
            for 70 years—perpetual L I E S (( along with
            brutal tortures, rapes, robberies, and general
            OPPRESSION )).

            The enemy is within.

            Welcome to Leftists‘/Libertines’ Commie AmeriKa.


        • John

          That minimal response will be wholly inadequate. The jabbers must be made to experience horrific physical pain. You fail to understand human psychology and deterrence.

          • Monica Warren

            I agree.It must be memorable and heinous to deter any further bad actors.The Romans and Vlad Dracula did that sort of deterrent well!Have all these Demon Technocrats impaled all over every town,dying on a stick warning other not to do what they did..that’s my thoughts 🤫

      • Percy Blakeney

        Now THAT is something they would not have counted on.

        To aid that END, it would be wonderful to see an outing of who those advancing the shots but not taking them are and where they can be found .

      • Peter Harter

        Those who have been jabbed will be in denial as long as possible. Many will not give up their virtue signaling whatsoever and will die with the idea of being superior because of their obedience. While I don’t wish death on anyone, I feel that this type of stupidity and ignorance of reality is unsustainable and deadly. It’s really that attitude that is killing them. The shot is just the agent–the delivery. Stupidity and a feeling of moral superiority is the real killer… it just requires an agent to facilitate the finality. It could be any one of hundreds of agents.

        • Roger

          This is the best comment I’ve seen. It’s so true!

      • JayJay

        Paul, you think like I do.

      • Kyle

        We need an American Revolution not French. The difference is that the American Revolution was a vertical revolt including all strata of society. The French Revolution was a horizontal revolution, one class against another which is not good and is Marxist in spirit.

      • Errol

        Agree with you.When the death count begins to climb in earnest and this is already manifesting itself in mortality rates(one can clearly see the spike in death rates began in earnest one the Fake Vaccines were rolled out.this is fact not fiction)the 40 watt light bulb of the vaccinated will begin to intensity to 100 watts! with the realization they have been played by these psychopathic politicians/high level public health bureaucrats and corporate shills)then the real blood bath will begin(not the blue blood these scumbags had in mind).Doctors nurses politicians celebrities …all who actively participated aka accessories to outright premeditated murder will have nowhere to hide their fowl carcasses) All the propaganda spewed out by the mainstream media wont stop whats coming.When all those complicit media whore journalists/celebrities etc who propagated the false narrative and attacked the truth tellers start dying themselves or their relatives or friends begin to drop the mainstream media wont be much help then to these scumbag elites since without these functionaries the lies come to an abrupt halt.
        Personally it is of my opinion the wheels begin to come off at the frontline…the hospitals.the ems personel the police.They see the reality and they also see the b.s everynight emanating from their tv screens.I dont think when the bodies start dropping in earnest they are going to be lining up for their boosters.Now they become the unvaccinated!!!!.. The reader can take it from here.

    • Anthony Australia

      Truckie trouble in the US too JC

      • JC

        Anthony, I defer to Captain Kirk’s Constitutional speech.

        Captain Kirk: Look at these three words, written larger than the rest.

        WE THE PEOPLE…

        • Bill

          In order, for the People to regain their Power, average people must go back and relearn the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution and the Bill of Rights and what these Documents really mean! Meanings of words change over time, that is why SCOTUS uses the original meanings of words in 1776, when they make present day rulings on “Constitutional Law.” Next, the People need a strong Leader to direct the people’s energy, as to what needs to be done. The people that Captain Kirk is talking to, are empty vessels right now. However, after they become filled with the words and ideas of the Orignal Founding Documents, then the People will have Rules and Directions to live by once more!

          • DJam

            Explore history in the articles of confederation
            Constitution sold out to banking interests
            I recommend addicted to our own destruction on freedom slips Revolution Radio an archive of the rebel madman .
            Shays rebellion in Massachusetts ! people are left with higher taxes and the British after the revolution !
            I never got paid for their service their script bought up by Bankster who instituted unlimited taxation
            It’s free you can download it revradio /rocks!
            We’re going to get fooled again

            • Bill

              According to Clif High, sounds like our current Govt. will implode in January. So, the Brave New World is Speeding towards us. Everybody get ready!

          • Matt Kaatz

            Bill, the SCOTUS is captive to the deep state. Don’t mention them if you want to maintain the credibility of your statement.

            • Bill

              Yes, I know Scotus were traitors to the American people in Donald Trump’s Time of need. However, I think that the Deep State had something/black mail on the Chief Justice. So, you want throw away the our whole system of Justice because of one compromised Chief Justice? I say Scotus must adhere to the ideas and the philosophies of the Constitution, so they continue to be a Benefit to all Americans! Scotus can no longer be a lifetime job, automatically. So, just like any other Govt. job, there must be term limits and/or oversight when certain Justice’s ideas deviate from the culture of the Constitution.

    • Catherine

      Evil never knows when to stop simply because they do get drunk on their perceived power and want more and more. Evil always destroys itself.
      The”unwashed” will prove that they will be the saviors of our country simply by stopping to work for the culture of death and then watch the world wake the fuck up!
      If we could truly stop paying income tax that alone would be their quick end indeed.

      • Paul ...

        C … But first we must knock the killer syringe out of the hands of those coming for our children … take them down and hog tie them … then inject the whole box of killer syringes they brought for your children right into their ass … telling them you are doing it for their own good “to protect them”!!

        • Jay A.

          I like the way you think!

          • Yvonne

            Are you going to step out and be first to do this? When?

    • virginia clark

      Thank you Thank you Cliff and Greg. Boy did I need some inspiration.
      Please have him back soon and talk about Afghanistan and war. Would love to get his perspective on that. Also how do we defeat the Chinese or will they win the world? I know there is a resurgence of national identity in this and many countries, but will it prevail and save us.
      Always love your interviews
      Oh, and I here Jim Willie is back in circulation. Grab him

    • Paul Sumners

      “Bill Gates is the largest Farmland owner in the United States , China is second”… Who owns a majority of Waste Management? AND all of Republic Services? ……………. Bill Gates.

    • Ray Dodson

      Martin Armstrong is absolutely right on his comment. We The People can change what is going on by sticking together. The old saying ” Together We Win” is what we must do to win this battle and then place the bad people in jail where they belong. Believe in our Creator and win in the end.

    • Bill

      Two different Australian Health Officials We are now in the NEW WORLD ORDER!

    • John

      Where is the link to interview – not loading ,or I’m more challenged than i like to admit… Thanks

      • Greg Hunter

        Use a different browser and unplug your modem and plug it ack in. Fire Fox will not play the videos.

  2. Adam Munyard

    Greg, this morning i watched Dr Robert Young on the Stew Peters Show. Very informative, he mentioned about how our bodies operate at a certain frequency, and the Graphene Oxide reacts at a certain frequency. I’m speculating that should the 5G towers be set to the frequency that Graphene Oxide reacts, then it could be that all the vaxxxinated die. Personally i believe its going to be shock and awe, with a mass die off in a very short space of time. Followed or preceded by war , financial collapse , supernatural revelation (our fallen angel aliens)
    I believe the Covid script is falling apart here in Western Australia. Its been relentless night and day, the radio, tv, the paper… everywhere you turn. Its also why i believe something new and bigger is coming imminently because they need to create a new fear
    God bless you mate, you’re always welcome here in Perth, WA if you come look me up

    • Vincent johnson

      Greetings from Government occupied N S W things are reaching fever pitch here I joined the new UNITED AUSTRALIAN PARTY 40,000 NEW MEMBERS IN 13 DAYS I joined so I can meet other like minded people hopefully it will be the nucleus for people who can relay on each other for when it starts getting really bad —check out Liberal party membership is only approx 55000 and that started 1944 get it going in W A

      • Percy Blakeney


        Here, in the several, united states of America, feds, regularly, seeded such groups with provocateurs. The solicited crimes, the the rogue agents would arrest people for doing what they pressed them to do.

        Often, the agents would even provide tickets and things to promote their criminal solicitations.

        REMEMBER, government is an imaginary thing and only through its agents can it do good or ill. Our present agents are, of course, no less capable of ill than the thousands found in our law books, convicted of every manner of crime, including theft/conversion, extortion, murder, rape, incest, bribery and so on.

    • FreeMpg

      Dr Young in an earlier interview disclosed he has detected graphene, lipid nano particle capsids, and PARASITES in the ‘vaccines’.

  3. Vincent johnson

    A new political party was launched 13 days ago in Australia it is called the UNITED AUSTRALIAN PARTY in 13 days it has 40,000 members including me . To put this in perspective the ruling Liberal Party which was founded in 1944 has 50 to 60,000 . The UAP is MAGA party that I think Greg Hunter would be happy to join. This UAP party will be sending shock waves into the political class , the ruling Liberal party will be moving and fast closer to MAGA principals

    • Gene

      The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) seems to be a powerful, largely unseen influence in Australian politics, demanding that politicians it controls implement the extreme fascist policies that now alarm people of good will throughout the world.
      Perhaps the CCP, as students of history, recognize the critical role played by Australia in turning back the tide of Japanese expansion during the Second World War. Australia is at the front line of our defense against these communist monsters (as is Japan now, ironically), just as she confronted and defeated the Japanese forces in the grueling and horrendous battles fought in the mountains north of Port Moresby in 1942.
      But unlike the Japanese militarists, the CCP is pursuing an even more diabolical strategy as it seeks world domination. This new strategy employs every conceivable means to undermine the strength of those it seeks to dominate. With its new-found financial power, gifted to it by the Western Ruling Class over the past 20 years, through bribery it pursues control of Western politicians, educators and business managers.
      Australian politicians have put measures in place which could result in the moral, political and economic ruin of the entire country. It is counter-intuitive that these political animals would act in a way that virtually guarantees their rejection by the voters in future elections. CCP influence can explain their actions.

    • Paul ...

      VJ … “Citizen Police” in Australia need to put the people “jabbing their children” in the cross-hairs of their shotguns … and forcibly tell them to drop their lethal (syringe) weapon (or else) … just as the people in Africa aimed their weapons at the Red Cross goons injecting and harming their children “with a Gates developed polio vaccine”!!

    • Anthony Australia


      I first heard this term utter from George Bush Senior in the 90’s

      • Freebrezer

        AA – I was confused and could not for the life of me figure out what was going down in Australia … why where they not fighting back: lock downs, unvaxed concentration camps, people being locked up for 14 days even though testing negative, etc, etc … But Cliff gave meaning to it all … When every thing is taken in the context of the “new world order” unfortunitely it all makes sense. Very sad!

  4. Marilyn Guinnane

    Good evenng Greg & clif ~
    What’s all this stuff about ‘covid’? No one has ever proved that “covid” exists !! It can’t be proven because none of the corona viruses have ever been isolated.

    I’ve been taking NAC for years and years. Because I was ‘shed’ on, I was in bed for 3 mos. and 5 days. So having long thought of Dr. Blaylock as my health guru, I was already taking C, D-3, zinc, glutathione, beta-glucan and so much more. My sickness entailed shortness of breath (oh and I take Rocky Mtn. Throat Syrup which has Osha root in it, for the lungs & have been taking that for 2 yrs.), I was vomiting, spitting up blood, had menstrual cramps (when I went through menopause years ago) and I had a terrible thing going on with my nervous system, a sort of zinging was going on that I can’t even describe. It appeared to me that none of those fabulous supplements that I have sworn by were working at all. Or hey, maybe without taking them I’d have died. Who knows. But 3 mos. is a long time to be bedridden. Oh, and it was like having been bitten by a tse-tse fly. I couldn’t stay awake. THREE MONTHS.

    • Paul ...

      MG … Were you eating sufficient meat?? … or are you a brainwashed vegetarian???

      • Paul ...

        Also … did you keep yourself hydrated?? … water helps to transport nutrients and oxygen throughout the body!!!

  5. Mary Doubrava

    Bill Gates controls much food sources? Where is Bill Gates?

    • Robert Dziok

      Gates is in GITMO. Check out for info on. No Military Tribunal prosecutor/officer or defense attorney has ever spoken out against reference to themselves in any RRN article. These are career high level no nonsense individuals that would not allow to continue if false. Especially since it involves matters of National Security. RRN articles get hundreds of thousands of views.

      • Bill

        If Bill Gates is in a Gitmo cell, then he can’t do anymore Evil, can he? I would like to see Bill Gates in his Jail Cell. I suggest the Soldiers put a 24 Hour, so we can view Gates on the Rumble Channel.

        • Paul ...

          Bill … What we have to worry about is Gates “faking his suicide” in a GITMO cell like Jeffery Epstien did … and then joining his buddy Epstein on some remote island to live out his life in extravagant luxury … eating the best cuts of meat, fine wines and caviar … while the rest of the world “starves” (as he keeps his farmlands unproductive) … and his Globalist buddies create droughts “using geo-engineering” … you know … if the US military has control of the weather “as they claim” … then why don’t they throw a hurricane at California … and fill up the lakes and reservoirs?? … this is the same Military who did nothing on 9-11 to save Americans … and now we are going to trust this Military that has stood down when it came to saving American lives … has taken Bill Gates into custody “for crimes against the people”???

          • Bill

            The leaders, like General Mark Milley must be fired for Unbecoming a Soldier! Every General like Mark Milley must go! Thanks Paul, I did not realize that BG was on trial. Was Gates being investigated, by the Special prosecutor?(John Dunham?) I think they go after the little crooks first, then, they go after the big crooks last, to get lots of information on the Big Crooks!

            • a. bonaminio, m.d.

              Miley, and other afghan commanders, Blinkin at state, and many people in the Biden illegitimate government, including Biden, and many CIA people, have committed treason. They purposely abandoned Americans and others, and armed the Taliban, like OBama armed isis in syria. they cannot be allowed to walk away or even be jailed. They must pay for treason with their lives. Thank You Greg for the outstanding interview with Clif High.

            • Roger

              Greg, a great interview and thank you for seeking the truth of our current situation.

      • TruthWillOut

        RealRawNews is a parody site.

        Check their “about” page.

        Not sure if anything is true on their site or if it’s all parody.

      • Matt Kaatz

        Be very skeptical of Realrawnews. Controlled opposition.

    • Hank

      Hi Mary, I too became ill despite the zinc, quercetin, D3, and other supplements. I was just getting over a cold and my granddaughter became ill with what they say is covid (lost her sense of smell); I had babysat the 2 grandchildren for 2 consecutive days and while not feeling in optimal health I did a full body workout at the gym. The next day I awoke extremely weak with a low grade fever. I immediately took a small dose of ivermectin, and
      all my supplements, drank some ozonated water. I took ivermectin 4 more days and the fever disappeared but would return 7-9 PM and last until 4-6AM which disrupted sleep. I waited 4 days and then took another dose of ivermectin and within a half hour felt a wave of relief throughout my body. Never had a fever again. I increased my ozonated water and my O2 saturation went from 97 to a steady 100. My granddaughter’s other grandpa got covid and had a worse time as he developed pneumonia so I believe the supplements helped keep mine to a moderate rather than severe case. My local doctors are just following the herd as far a protocol and approximately 94% who go on a vent never come off so I think your illness may have been worse. Eating a healthy starch based plant based diet (organic as much as possible) is key to health. If the diet is too much fat and sugar no amount of supplements will prevent illness.

      • Bill

        I haven’t had a cold, flu or covid in 21 months. If I were going to be around sick children or people, I would take 5,000 I.U of Vitamin D3 before(in the morning) I had to work with Sick Children or individuals. In my experience, I find it does me “No Good”, to take Vit.D3 and Zinc after I had been exposed to sick children all day long.


        Hi Hank,

        My name is Diana. Can you let me know where you purchased your ivermectin from, my sister and I want to purchase some.


    • Marie+Joy

      He got a divorce so he could be perpetually shacked up. GITMO is a pipedream.

  6. JC

    Uh-oh, here comes Nipah. Run!

    Deadlier than COVID: India races to contain spread of rare virus…

    12-year-old boy has died in India of Nipah, a rare virus that is far deadlier than COVID-19 — and one that health officials have long feared could start a global pandemic.

    • Paul ...

      JC … The psychopathic Globalist killers have many “other viruses” in their bag of tricks to throw at us after NIPAH … they have the Rift Valley Fever virus, the Chikungunya virus, Lassa, MERS, etc., etc. to throw at the worlds populations that have had their natural immune systems weakened (with their mRNA Corona spike jab)!!

      • JC


        “A critical thinking person might wonder which country on this chart is fully vaxxed and which country has very few vaxxed, but distributed ivermectin in mass quantities. The powers that be do not want people to see this chart. If it is posted on Twitter or Facebook, the odds of a permanent ban are high. Facts and truth are treason in an empire of lies.”

        • Paul ...

          JC … We must all follow George Carlin’s first rule:
          “I have certain rules I live by. My first rule: I don’t believe anything the government tells me. Sooner or later the people in this country are going to realize: the government does not give a f…k about them. The government doesn’t care about you, or your children, or your rights, or your welfare, or your safety. It simply doesn’t give a f…k about you. It’s interested in its own power. That’s the only thing keeping it and expanding it wherever possible.” – George Carlin

          • Bill

            After George Carlin’s show, we invited him to our party. I was surprised that he accepted our invitation. He was a nice guy.

    • Robert Dziok

      RRN (Michael Baxter} has pointed out multiple times that “qualifier” is just for legal protection and he stands by his articles and sources. MB has mentioned multiple times he reports what he is given. His character, integrity and veracity are established by his articles and own comments to. MB has noted multiple times his sources are people in day to day contact with President Trump and Military. As Cliff High has noted we are in a time of war and the “Devolution” plan created by Military in 1947 with updates since went into effect Oct 31, 2020. Obviously such is not a time to give names of sources and likely not even legal during this time. Sources names are not normally given anyway. Recall Q (Military Intelligence operation/group) often posting “Trust the Plan”. Now we know more of the plan and are in the midst of it (“The Storm”) and the name is called “Devolution”.

  7. Mary Doubrava

    I can’t understand what Clif is saying regarding the supplement that sounds something like “knack”? I’ve listened carefully repeatedly but still can’t understand what I need to be looking for to “bind up” the metal or spike proteins from the Vax. Any idea what I’m talking about?

      • Brooklyn


        In the future, you might want to DELETE all the code in the URL past the “?” mark, and replace it with “/“ slated line to mean the end…./

    • Ken

      N Acetyl cystine (NAC). Try piping
      They’re all vitamin supplement companies that mail product to your front door.

    • paula davis

      NAC…N-Acetyl Cysteine is the supplement Clif is recommending.

    • Paul ...

      Mary … You don’t have to buy a NAC supplement if you add foods like chicken, turkey, yogurt, eggs and garlic into your diet (to get the antioxidant/anti-jab benefits) of the amino acid “cysteine” … … at least until the Globalists (like Bill Gates and the CCP commies) “stop you from eating meat” (by buying up all the farm land and shutting down meat production (allowing you only one hamburger per year on your birthday) along with curtailing cheese production … also look for them to create and spread swine flu to destroy worldwide pig population … spread avian flu to destroy worldwide chicken populations (along with egg production) … and then finally they will ban the eating of tuna “for health and save the Earth reasons” (because it contains lead and is killing the dolphins) when they have been throwing lead on all our vegetables (with their Monsanto insecticides) which are absorbed by their roots (vegetables like lettuce and spinach absorb more lead than other vegetables) … remember vitamin C and iron-rich foods “work together” to reduce lead absorption … good sources of vitamin C include: oranges, orange juice, grapefruits, grapefruit juice, tomatoes, tomato juice, green peppers … good sources of iron are lean red meats, fish, chicken, iron-fortified cereals, raisins and prunes … if you want to live … we must stop the eugenicists … and it is very simple to do … simply grab the people injecting us and our children “and knock the damn syringe out of their hands and step on it” (as it is a more lethal weapon then the Constitutionally legal Colt .45 and AK 47 they are trying to knock out of our hands … for fear we use it on them “to do lethal injections”!!

    • Steve Bice


      • charles johnson

        NAC (thanks for the info. Couldn’t make out the word in the interview)
        NAC is made by the human liver by altering the amino acid cysteine and can be found in high-protein foods, such as meat, fish, seafood, chicken or turkey. Minor sources are eggs, whole-grain products such as breads and cereals, and some plants including broccoli, onions, and legumes.

    • Percy Blakeney

      N-Acetyl Cysteine [Nac], but the liberal zone (the Ama one) quit carrying it, because, well, it means you could exercise a liberty and resort to self help.

  8. Steve Kloppers

    2Th 2:10 ……… because they received not the love of the truth (Jesus Christ), that they might be saved.
    2Th 2:11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:
    Mat 24:4 And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen Brother Steve.
      Brother Greg

      • Brooklyn


        Help us here with regard to buying Ivermectin at the TractorSupply Stores, which they carry as an anti-inflammatory drug for horses. Is it the identical Ivermectin drug that a doctor would prescribe for human use? Can you (or anyone else reading this..) tell us where we can find information regarding the right dosage of Ivermectin for human use, which was purchased at Tractor Supply?

        My wife and I just spent the Labor Day weekend with our family (2 married children and 6 grandos…;) Our son, lives 850 from us with 4 daughters, we met half-way for the 3 days. He is a liberal and have all gotten their 2 jabs. Our nearby daughter is like us and will never get the Jab! It was a difficult time for me when it came to saying goodbye to our son and his family, not knowing if we would ever see them alive again.

        Clif has given us hope with the potential use of Ivermectin, but we still must FIRST CONVINCE HIM AND HIS FAMILY NOT TO GET A BOOSTER SHOT..!

        Thanks for listening and know that this will be an extremely rough road ahead for many, make that “most” of us.

        Thanks for everything you do for us, Greg. And, will close with my favorite Greg Hunter advice: “Jesus is Real…!” Pray to Him.

        Laus Deo,


        • Brooklyn

          We did a little of our own research on Ivermectin and at the same FLCCC website we found:

          Question: “Are veterinary ivermectin products considered to be pharmacologically equivalent to human formulations and are these products safe for use?“

          Answer: “Yes, the ivermectin in both formulations is pharmacologically equivalent, however there is a difference in the amount of impurities contained within each. The human formulations have highly regulated and thus very low levels of impurities.

          We cannot recommend veterinary formulations given the lack of safety data around their use, however we are also not aware of any associated toxicity. Liquid veterinary formulations intended for subcutaneous administration have almost no impurities and can be administered by mouth and thus are likely a safer product.

          However, the FLCCC does not recommend veterinary formulations and instead emphasizes the critical need for our leading health care agencies to approve and recommend use of human formulations to health care providers.“

          It looks like a crap-shoot. If you were dying from the Jab’s spike protein, then GO FOR IT! But, since we would only purchase Ivermectin as a precautionary supplement, just in case, we will do as much research as possible to find a reputable source, and then report back here to you…

          Part II: As most of you, I am the only one who has NOT gotten the Jab, within different groups of friends; and have become “concerned” (if that is the correct word) about shedding when touching any of them beyond a handshake. Or once while eating, we were sharing a bucket of chicken wings and were dipping in the same blue cheese sauce, praying that my friend did not double-drip! This has become all too crazy! But, as Clif has correctly stated, “Once they gave us C-19 and the Jab, there is no turning back” AND, The War is just getting underway. Prepare for an extremely rough road ahead.

          Jesus is Real! Pray to Him…


        • Bill

          On my box of Ivermectin, it says it’s a “Dewormer”, which means it gets rid of parasites in a horse’s body. For the Dosage, it goes according to weight. On my tube of ivermectin, there are graduations for horse weight. Starting with 250 lbs-going up to 1250 lbs per horse. So, if you weigh 200 lbs, I would squeeze out with the plunger, up to 200 lbs which starts just before the 250 lbs horse graduation on the tube into a tablespoon. That’s your dose! Then I would put the little plastic cap back onto to the tube to stop the rest of it from leaking out.

        • Donna Wilson

          Brooklyn, here’s a page from Barnhardt’s website dedicated to Ivermectin. In it, she describes how to use the horse Ivermectin preparations (there is a liquid preparation too). Scroll down almost to the bottom for a paragraph on how to use the paste form. She puts up a 2.46-minute video on how to get the paste out of the tube. If you watch that vid, at the end of it you can click on the vidmaker’s first video, in which she gives some useful info not in her remake. I hope this helps!

        • Charles H.

          Ivermectin Paste 1.87% – comes in a few presentations (USA made!) I got “Horse Health” as it was the cheapest. Cost was 8 bucks a syringe (Net weight 0.21 oz or 6.08 grams) that treats up to1250 lbs of weight. Each ‘notch’ of the plunger is 250 lbs – so I marked it at 200 for my weight. All the ‘paste’ has ingredients used in human items of consumption (preservatives/stabilizers/flavor); so it is no wonder Ivermectin is a boticide (lice) and antithelmintic (worms) for humans. But already mainstream media is reporting “overdoses” without citing patients, hospitals, or doctors; also managers of said businesses are hiding product. I suppose you have to have to have a picture of Flicka to reassure them now. A preventative dosage would be once a week by weight (0.2 mcg per kilo – or my 200 lbs = 18 g. I squeeze the syringe to the back of my tongue and swallow with liquid or coffee: as it is kinda greasy. I get at least five doses out of one syringe – more if you weigh less. Hope you can still buy some.

          • eddiemd

            0.2 x 10 -6 x 100kg roughly. (220lb man)

            0.2 micrograms per kilo

            Recheck your calculation. That dose sounds high.

            • eddiemd

              200 micrograms per kilogram every 6 months for onchocerciasis. From Goodman and Gilman’s.

              For Lymphatic filariasis is 400 micrograms per kilogram annual does.

              I would go with a 200 microgram per kilogram dose. Once a week prophylactically.

              Well tolerated in people without worms.

              CYP3A4 liver metabolized drugs can possibly interfere with ivermectin.

              Don’t use in pregnant women or children less than 5. Not approved but in an extreme case, perhaps worth trying.

              Use with caution in the following drugs.

              Potent inhibitors of CYP3A4 include clarithromycin, erythromycin, diltiazem, itraconazole, ketoconazole, ritonavir, verapamil, goldenseal and grapefruit.

            • Charles H.


              At roughly 210 lbs… divided by 2.2 (lbs/kg) – gives me 95.45 kilos. Multiply by .2 (mcg) times the kilo weight – and I get 19.09 mg. I think then my 18 mg is low. (.4571 x 210 = 96k, times .2mcg = 19.19 mg. – still in the ballpark?). I appreciate the reply.

        • Josefine Stark

          Here in Montana people get it at farm and ranch supply stores.
          Just take a pea size amount from the syringe.
          It lasts about 8 doses. Some people take it once or twice a week.
          Looks like vaseline and tastes bitter.

      • Brooklyn


        Help us here with regard to buying Ivermectin at the TractorSupply Stores, which they carry as an anti-inflammatory drug for horses. Is it the identical Ivermectin drug that a doctor would prescribe for human use? Can you (or anyone else reading this..) tell us where we can find information regarding the right dosage of Ivermectin for human use, which was purchased at Tractor Supply?

        My wife and I just spent the Labor Day weekend with our family (2 married children and 6 grandos…;) Our son, lives 850 from us with 4 daughters, we met half-way for the 3 days. He is a liberal and have all gotten their 2 jabs. Our nearby daughter is like us and will never get the Jab! It was a difficult time for me when it came to saying goodbye to our son and his family, not knowing if we would ever see them alive again.

        Clif has given us hope with the potential use of Ivermectin, but we still must FIRST CONVINCE HIM AND HIS FAMILY NOT TO GET A BOOSTER SHOT..!

        Thanks for listening and know that this will be an extremely rough road ahead for many, make that “most” of us.

        Thanks for everything you do for us, Greg. And, will close with my favorite Greg Hunter advice: “Jesus is Real…!” Pray to Him. YES! We will.

        Laus Deo,


      • Lynn Scott

        Greg can you tell me at what point do we get rid of out fiat money and what do we use in the meantime?

        • Greg Hunter

          I can’t tell you that Lynn. Cash will work well for awhile in a credit crisis. How long is anyone’s guess.

    • Maria+das+Santos

      Such clarity.

  9. Anthony Australia

    Ripper Greg,
    Downhill fast here Mate.
    Please watch how great the ‘Lucky Country’ is.

    • R J Wolf

      Anthony Australia, WOW!!, Thank you for posting this Australian’s pilot’s passionate and eloquent comments about taking the Covid vaccine . A true man of integrity, honesty, compassion and authenticity. I really hope the right people see this and listen to what he has to say.

  10. tim mcgraw

    I’m 45:00 into the interview. Very entertaining and interesting.
    The problem to me is that human nature (original sin) never goes away. Even if, IF, the good guys win this time; the bad guys will be back in a generation or two.
    It’s human nature.
    This doesn’t mean the fight isn’t worth fighting; it is!
    But don’t expect long lasting results.
    Look what happened to America since 1776.

    • Ken

      The tree of Liberty must be refreshed with the blood of patriots & Tyrants
      Thomas Jefferson

      • JC


        We have got to fight back! As Mel Gibson says here in The Patriot…


        • Marie+Joy

          I/ WE need to be in better shape.

          • Bill

            Then start walking 40 minutes a day. Use interval training. You need a stop watch. For the first 1 minute and 30 seconds, you walk normal. Then starting at the 1 minute and 31st second, you start walking as fast as you can without falling down. If you fall down, that means you are walking too fast. So again, at the 1 minute and 30 second mark you walk as fast as you can until you reach the three minute mark. At the 3 minute mark , you slow down and start walking normal again. Until the 4 minute and 30 second mark, you start walking fast again. You keep on alternating walking slow, then fast, every 90 seconds with your stopwatch. I lost 14 lbs. in 6 weeks doing this. When, I do the walking all the little pains in my body go away. I see 2 women that walk past my place everyday. I asked them how long do they walk every day, they told me for 90 minutes. Which means they walk 5-6 miles every day. They look like they are 50 years old.

        • Paul ...

          The Australians have to do what the Africans did … in Africa when they came to inject their children with polio … the intelligent African people threatened the jabbers “with an injection of their own (lead)” … and the “Globalist jab goons” ran for their lives!!

      • tim mcgraw

        Yes, Ken. Tyrants always think that “This time I KNOW I can make tyranny last.” And this time they have technology and sophisticated weapons; even robots.
        But we will win again.

    • steve

      Yes evil can come back , however I believe that once the masses wake up and raise their consciousness just a little then we can recreate the world based on higher values and good. We must always fight for this possibility

      • Bill

        Brave New World, here we come!

  11. Kate Henry

    Thank you again Greg!!
    We adore Clif High. Awesome to have some hope in the gloom.
    God bless you both
    Kate & Stewart
    Christchurch, New Zealand

  12. Maria+das+Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr High, a lot of pain awaits us and soon seemingly. I and many others if we survive will have to see many brothers and sisters pass away and many neighbours known and unknown who will be revealed by their odour with many of the agents of the deep state also passing. Our garbage will go uncollected and our emergency phone calls will go without a response .Then the anger and fury at the Bolshevik deep state erupts.
    Do we allow the Bolsheviks in Switzerland under the guise of the UN and Schwab’s World Economic Forum get away with these murders aided by billionaires, they must become targets or we plebs within a generation will be targets again.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Maria for your kind words and additional analysis.

      • Jim

        I view Clif as mostly entertaining fiction.

        That said there were 3 red flags in this interview:

        1. Continued pushing of the “Q”/secret forces of good behind the scenes narrative.

        2. No mention of Israel/The Diaspora in regards to foreign infiltration of the USA.

        3. No mention (again) of Trump’s KEY role in the CovidFraud & kill-shot, which he is STILL promoting.

  13. Mandy Logan

    WOW!! Awesome interview Gregg! Very encouraging even though tough times are ahead! Super excited about the timeline deception being exposed. I’ve been researching this subject for a while. Once this lie is exposed, it will change everything we know to be true 😃
    Blessings Gregg & patriots from locked down New Zealand 😡

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Mandy!!

    • Paul ...

      ML … For those who were hood winked into taking the “jab” … they should eat of God’s “Holy Mackerel” … mackerel offers a substantial amount of vitamin D and essential omega-3 ( just one fillet provides 2991 mg of the omega-3 fatty acids) … this is more omega-3 than the majority of other oily fish provide … omega-3 fats have been shown to help prevent heart disease and stroke (the exact two things the “jab” was designed to inflict upon humanity by the evil eugenicists) … and omega-3 also helps control lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and many other conditions including “a protective role in reducing cancer” (that the “jab” was also designed to create in us)!!

      • Paul ...

        How many police guards can they put in a room to protect the “jabbers” … maybe three or four? … what if one hundred of us show up to stop the jabbers of our children without our authorization? … are the three policemen going to shoot the 100 parents trying to save their children’s lives from an experimental jab that will give their children heart attacks and Alzheimer’s by the time they are 18 years old??? … say they do start firing … “they can’t kill everyone” … before we wring the necks of the murdering psychopathic jabbers!!

  14. Poochiman

    Greg, CDC is recommending Ivermectin to refugees for Middle Eastern and Latin American refugees. Not a joke! scroll to Summary of Recommendation:

    • Bill

      So, the Democrats want to keep their New Voters alive? However, at the same time, the Democrats pushed their old voters into getting the vaccines!??

  15. Clayton

    What dose should someone take of ivermectin and for how long

    • Bill

      Depends on how you weigh. There are graduations on the white color tube that go from 250-1250 lbs. So, I will push the plunger to less than 200lbs. They cost $8.99 at Tractor Supply. The FDA tells store employees to put up signs next to the Ivermectin, saying this is for a Horse, don’t take the medicine for yourself. I told the store manager, I wanted to buy the Ivermectin for $4.99. She told me, she is banned from selling any more of the $4.99 Ivermectin.

      • Paul ...

        Bill … Can’t get Ivermectin … buy a bag of onions … just like Ivermectin onions will de-worm you of liver flukes, tapeworms, stomach worms, intestinal worms, and lung-worms … get rid of all these worms and the body will be able to better fight off the spike protein virus (especially by ridding the body of the lung-worms which will help your breathing) … plus the quercetin in the onions puts zinc into your cells that disables the replication of more viruses … eat the onion raw on your beef hamburger (the onion contains the quercetin … the beef contains the zinc)!!

  16. Roger Stamper

    tks for post

  17. James Foster

    Great show Greg 👏

  18. SB

    This is the very best nutraceutical that will prevent and cure covid:

    God bless

  19. Craig Skillicorn

    Greg, Thank you again for timely and well done interview with Clif High. I wrote you about a week ago in regards to Israel and the inoculation rate. What Clif stated was that Israel will be affected much worse that Syria and the surrounding countries as to the death rate. My wife and I will continue to pray for Israel and all people that have taken this shot. We will also continue to pray for the leadership in this country, the EU, Australia, etc.
    Thank you again for your reporting excellence. You are being used in a mighty way.
    All the best, Craig

    • Marie+Joy

      Israel has always been pro-Jew. Now they’re killing Jews. What happened?

      • Paul ...

        M&J … It likely happened because Bibi was probably offered $10 Billion dollars (deposited into a secret Swiss Bank Account by the Globalists) if he would “jab” all the Jews … and he was probably told they would double it to $20 Billion dollars if he could convince Trump to get the Jews living in the United States “jabbed” also!!

      • Bill

        The Big Guy has a twin brother who, won the Presidential Election in Israel. Couldn’t God ave his chosen people if he wanted to?

  20. Steve Liversage

    Good morning Greg,your video buffered constantly, someone does not want your info out,I’ve never had issues before,took hours to see the whole thing

  21. BEC

    Why does the Deep State and Elite want to depopulate the world? What is their agenda? I don’t understand why less consumers benefits them.

    • Bruce R Porter Sr

      It is their religion.

    • Jim Hodges

      Fewer people to hunt them down and hang them.

    • Paul ...

      They are crazy psychopathic loony tunes who love torturing things … when they were kids they skinned cats for fun, threw gasoline on ant hills and tar on black people … now that they have grown up they develop bio-weapons to kill everyone … so that there will be nothing … and they can be happy about it!!

    • Bill

      The Elite figure it’s easier to manage 500 Millon as opposed to taking care of 7 Billion People. Plus the Elite don’t like using so much more of the Earth’s Resources. Elites sometimes refer to regular people as “Useless Eaters”. Due to the fact, they think regular people produce nothing, as opposed to themselves (Multi-Millionaires)

  22. Al

    It was hard to hear this hour-long diatribe by a person who gives the same information I get through other channels.

    His WebBot reports were halted by him a while ago due to threats and what he calls “skewed Internet data due to interference by the blue space chickens” … I kid you not. Look it up.

    Greg, please interview Dave from X22Report, or Sean from the SGT Report, or Peter Schiff, or there’s a new voice out there called Mel K. These are just a few informed people I get my REAL NEWS from … and so does Cliff… let that sink in

    NOTHING he said here was news to me. The only original info of interest had to do with the delineation from the social media bots posting and actual people posting, although I do not believe he is 100% correct on that as well, I did find the delineation interesting. However, out of the full hour I heard nothing but diatribe and verbal posturing.

    On a more somber note, like Cliff and X22 and SGT report and all the other channels pointed to, the deaths are occurring.
    In the past several Months I had 2 Aunts and my Brother just died (buried yesterday). They all took the JABs while their immune system was compromised. Others in my Family took the kill shot mainly out of fear and peer pressure. I expect more deaths.

    I’m over it! At this point if they go it’s on their heads.


    • Bruce R Porter Sr

      My goodness all knowing one!
      I’m amazed that you would waste your time and lower yourself by coming to hear Greg and Clif
      If all you offer is criticism go someplace else…..or are you the ultimate BOT?

    • TruthWillOut

      That’s likely why there is infighting within the “Davos clique” inner circles. They have competing interests!

      While Bill Gates & others may want massive depopulation, that would go against the interests of companies like Amazon – they want all those consumers. Same with Big Oil / Auto companies. And military equipment mfgrs: how many military weapons/ planes/ tanks etc would you need if the world lost 90% of its population? A whole lot less.

  23. Billy

    Hi Greg- reporting on the ground in Australia.
    I can confirm it looks. like its about to really get worse.
    The lockdown card by state premiers has been exhausted, we are now moving to next phase with mandatory vaccination for everyone and digital passport or you won’t allowed to do anything from about mid October.
    30% unvaccinated = 7.5 million Australians!! Thats a lot of unrest and pissed off people, i think that figure is probably conservative.
    It was confirmed today Victorians stuck in NSW cannot re-enter state unless jabbed.
    Civil Rest is likely to increase significantly very soon- if people are locked out of jobs, travel, shops, pubs, sporting events, transport, restaurants, etc.
    The fight for freedom against tyranny and corruption is about to begin here soon.
    Our media are criminals and out and out liars!!

    • Brooklyn


      Thanks for your street reporting as the situation becomes more critical by the day. Know that our prayers are with you and all your fellow countrymen. Please keep us posted. God Speed, Billy

      • Billy

        Thanks Brooklyn,
        I have absolute faith that truth and goodness, will prevail but we will go through some serious turbulence. The corruption is so deep across our culture today. The truth is the only thing that will set you free.
        Already such sectors as aged care, transport and resource sectors are flagging staff shortages. The government is running huge risk of locking out people and sectors will not have staff to function, plus the health agenda is built on a sand, with lies after lies about the effectiveness of vaccinations.
        I don’t believe this agenda can stand and be implemented!! but time will tell!!
        I have friends in high risk gas sectors for gas and energy supply and the government wants to know vaccination rates as they are aware of an energy crisis with no staff.
        No ballot box will resolve this, the corruption is too deep, you only need to look at courts, media, government and banking.
        Civil unrest is certain if citizens are locked out but the other side are attacking from a rash position and i think they are not reading the room for the dislike toady of politicians, the media and the jab.
        As McArthur said There is no substitute for victory!!

      • Billy

        The other key point that is getting missed by most folks, is most state premiers in Australia are communists and socialists. The NZ PM is also a communist leader. The whole system in Australia/NZ is infiltrated at all government levels with communism.
        They all believe in absolute power to the state at any consequence. The lack of compassion is evident for all to see with the border closure, lockdowns and police state tactics destroying lives and families and businesses.

        No ballot box will defeat communism.

    • AndrewB

      Hi Billy,
      “Our media are criminals and out and out liars”
      Sky News Australia appears, from a long distance, to be speaking some truth about the scamdemic. Commentators routinely referring to NSW “Dictator Daniels”, by way of example. Is my perception of SNA incorrect? Genuine question, because I’ve long wondered why a Murdoch enterprise (?) appears to be straying from the Globalist narrative?

      • Billy

        Hi Andrew,
        Fox is sly and is just like fox in America for me. Murdoch owns both.
        Many sky hosts are pro vaccination.
        Sky has hard views on some state premiers but not on the NSW Premier and Oz PM who are members of the liberal party. The other states are labor party. Andrews is Victorian Premier not NSW.
        Both parties are corrupt and are pushing the mandatory vaccination, so there both no good. Many of sky’s team are an extension of the liberal party and come from that background or well associated with liberal contacts.
        The PM has been a disaster and they have let him off easy but sky hates Andrews. There both corrupt but Morrison allowed all this to happen.

        Some sky hosts would be exceptions such as Alan Jones, Campbell Newman, Mark Latham, Rowan Dean maybe one or two more. But most are liberal party agenda extensions and are not what they seem.

        Also sky is on pay tv not free to air- sky averages about 60-100k per host in evening, the FTA news gets around 1 million vies per night in just the 5 capitals alone.

        • AndrewB

          Hi Billy,
          Thanks for the info. I guess I have been listening to clips by Alan Jones.

          I am feeling for all Australians at this time. The situation seems dire, and I can’t understand how the ‘free-wheeling’ Australian spirit can take it. I guess ‘they’ are using Australia as an example – get in line or else!!! This is where I am unable to go along with the advice of Clif High, and many others purportedly on the libertarian side of the fence, who advocate staying at home – out of harm’s way. Good grief, if we acquiesce by doing nothing we will all end up in camps, or dead! Massive civil disobedience needs to take place NOW. Not when it’s too late.

          • Billy

            Good times create weak men and weak men create hard times.

            Look at the lack of leadership across the western world today – it is basically non existent.

            Many sectors in Australia such as government have been getting full pay working from home to do basically nothing for nearly 2 years, so the mindset is i am not effected who cares, where small business and service industry have been smashed. Others small workers are getting paid more in lockdown to not work, so they don’t care. I also think the internet and social media has numbed folks brains and their self drive and ambition.

            Many people don’t know history- this is communism rule in Australia and the free money always ends.
            Every communist agenda collapses.

            The rule of law has been lost and thats why i say no ballot box can resolve this, the corruption is too deep.

  24. douglas

    How come they have three times more deaths, there is no more obituaries in the newspaper? I have heard this before and have checked my local papers and no more obits than before this so called pandemic. They is no proof of that statement.

    • JayJay

      I do know this. A rebel-patriot was interviewing an employee at Pfizer trying to get the truth behind the ‘approved’ shot…all on tape–yep, he recorded her.
      She was crying and told him that the jabs had different ingredients in them…not all the same…AND different demographics were targeted(my words, not hers).
      Now, think about Israel, it’s devastating death toll.
      Think about low-income districts here…..just think what this means!!!

    • Suzette Lawrence

      Posting an obituary costs from $400 to $600 10 years a go. That may be why you are not seeing them. Call your local paper and ask. People now post them on Social Media.

    • Lightning


      I read the obituaries in the local news and I’ve always wondered:
      “ why is everyone in this town dying in alphabetical order?!”

      Huh ;o)

  25. Frank Arnold

    Greg…Another out the park…over the 3rd level and into the parking lot!
    What is amazing to me is that ALL of the people in my area of influence are absolutely blind. And that includes my immediate family, especially them. They seem to be zombie walking thru life…no really. Most of them can’t take their eyes away from their phones. I do not own a mobile phone any more. Boy oh boy are these people gonna be in for a shock of a life time. I am prepared in everything…will be interesting to see which family member comes knocking on the door when all this goes down…anyhoo.
    Thanks for all you do to shake the rafters!
    Frank…NC old man.

    • AndrewB

      Hi Frank,
      I agree. The extent to which people are going along with all the BS is simply incredible! Dr Amandha Vollmer calls them, ‘Branch Covidians’. It’s a cult (need to be careful, but I think that’s how you spell it). Cult followers are spellbound by their gurus and even follow blindly when their gurus do a 180 with the cult’s founding philosophy! Example: Fauci on record that masks don’t work – Fauci dictates masks must be worn. Masks must be worn while standing but not while seated, providing you are eating or drinking (???). Viruses can tell when you’re seated AND eating or drinking so it’s ‘safe’, but when you stand up you’re in terrible danger! Doh!!! You can’t make this up. However, otherwise intelligent people are swallowing the BS hook line and sinker.

      Like you, my siblings, some with first class degrees and stellar careers, have all fallen for it and taken the shots. Fortunately, my (adult) children are fully awake.

      • Paul ...

        AB … In Spain …”paid to play” politicians passed a law that would have the police arrest you … if you were not wearing your mask while swimming in the ocean … … it is time for the people to use the brains God gave them … and grab the syringe out of the hand of the “jabber” trying to inject your children without parental permission … throw it on the floor … and step on it … if just one million people do this act of merciful protection for their children (and demand a trial by jury if arrested) … it would back up the court system for years … no jury of their peers (people who had children of their own) would convict a parent for disarming someone threatening their children (with a known and very dangerous life threatening blood clot generating syringe)!!

        • AndrewB

          Hi Paul …
          Yes, it’s too stupid to be stupid! Thanks for the link to the Spanish masks on the beach and while swimming in the sea story. For anyone too busy to read the whole story, here is an excerpt:
          “Responding to the story, epidemiologist Prof Mark Woolhouse said there were zero examples of crowded beaches causing COVID outbreaks because there is “very little evidence of outdoor transmission” of the virus. “There’s never been a Covid-19 outbreak linked to a beach ever anywhere in the world to the best of my knowledge,” said Woolhouse, who told a committee of MPs that visiting the beach would be one of the safest things to do.

  26. Da Yooper

    Well done Greg ………well done & thank you Cliff

    Deception = lies

  27. Marie+Joy

    Pinball Prepping refuses to take on client companies requiring their employees take the j a b.

  28. SH

    A friend of ours working in hospice care reports the company she works for is overwhelmed by 3x increased numbers of people in their system. This is the same 3x Cliff mentioned seen by mortician community.

  29. BDS

    Hi Greg,
    Love Clif and happy you had him years ago and found him interesting to help inform your followers.
    I attended my college reunion and a classmate is a Doctor and mentioned HOMEOPROPHYLAXIS FOR CORONAVIRUS . I am having a problem finding this info and looks like it may have been restricted. My classmate had been vaccinated with this process and had a CDC vax card to prove it. Don’t want to get hopes up for an alternative vaccine and I have some calls in to Drs and no return calls yet!
    Homeoprophylaxis-A-Proven-Alternative-To-Vaccination-by-Dr.-Golden.pdf give a look

  30. Alan

    That Clif is willing to share all that he does is evidence not only of his expansive knowledge & understanding but of his deep commitment to Truth and love of Humanity. He is arguably one of the best and purest embodiments of The Teacher, the archetype that is, for me, above all others vis a vis my Spiritual path & life practice of ever expanding consciousness/awareness, that I have ever known/encountered. Not to be trite here but he is truly the Yoda of our time if you will… So grateful you brought him on again Greg, you are also the real deal in terms of your tireless efforts to bring the truth to your audience in many forms and through many voices. Thank you both so very much, this was pure Clif High gold, 24 karat!

    • Suzette Lawrence

      Alan, I am with you! I love Cliff and his deep understanding of online linguistics! Who knew Ivermectin was also anti cancer? Great stuff. Prepare yourselves to be mentally tough and spiritually strong!

  31. Julie Sadler

    Many thanks to you both for the invaluable information. Although very depressing on so many levels, we eventually will enter a Golden Age of true knowledge and great Humanity.
    Much love ~ Stay safe.


      Where did you hear that?

  32. David W Leonard

    It is good to know that I have prepared as best I can for what’s coming. I am one that listens to many but follows no one in particular. I thought Cliff High was one that was really out there on the edges. But I did not totally dismiss what he said, sorta pushed it to the edge of the table, but not off. At least not until a couple of those that I followed mentioned him in high reverence. Now I take Mr. High’s forecast more serious and I am preparing more than ever before.
    Thank you Greg for bringing him on your show.

  33. Denny

    Hey Greg…I think your discernment on who to interview, with what relevant information is discussed, is the hockey stick handle on the graph of what needs to be said.Thank you , and YOU are one of the Watchmen, and Clif is a Watchman..Techno Shaman. And, soon, when civilization is rebuilding…you, Clif, CAF, Nenner, Polny , Bonner, Armstrong , and know who they are..will be sources / examples of doing things right with integrity and discernment…Just my opinion but Thanks again.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Denny.

  34. Joe Boudreau

    I have 9 older siblings and every one took the jab and the second jab. I convinced one of my brothers to not get the second or the booster shots. They are waking up but it might be too late. One of my brothers-in-law has suddenly sprung up all these cancers and is today going for his second chemo treatment. I sent my sister a text advising them to consider Ivermectin and also CLiff’s ‘Pure Sleep’ because he is having trouble sleeping. I worry for my entire family now.
    I’m Canadian btw and I have a cousin in New Brunswick who is a mortician. I spoke to him last month and he was raving mad that the province went on lockdown over one woman who supposedly died with covid. Well, he found out she was on liver dialysis for 20+ years and was also diabetic. That was not reported in the news. He went to a mll in Bathurst which was empty but still had those stupid directional arrows on the floors. He chose to go in the opposite direction to spite the system. He ended up geting into an argument with a janitor who was mopping the floor who insisted he follow those arrows, even though the mall was empty. Just so ridiculous.
    Fo Canadians seeing this post, please give your vote to the People’s Party of Canada on September 20th, in the national election. The first thing Maxime Bernier, the leader of the PPC wants to do is fire the health minister, Theresa Tam (she has a very strong Chinese accent and is rumored to have once been a man). He wants to balance the budget within his first term and officially end multi-culturalism. If you want to move here, you must integrate and become Canadian like the rest of us. We won’t have any of these nogo neighborhoods. He also supports our oil and gas industries. We need OUR oil and gas, not Saudi Arabia’s or Russia’s oil.
    Please, please vote for the People’s Party of Canada. Thank you Greg and CLif. I love you guys. God bless you both.

    • Paul ...

      Joe … Tell the people you know who were “jabbed” to eat “Holy Mackerel” … “Gods natural cure” for the heart attacks, strokes and cancer the “jab” produces!!

  35. Jerry

    Thank you for having Cliff back on. He was definitely right about the FDA not approving the vaccine, but In light of my sons recent death, I am a little suspicious about the timing of the die off. It appears to me that with the push back by the normies ( which was predicted by Cliff) that the globalist have moved up their time table of death by releasing many new strains of the virus into the public Petri dish.

    So far I have been into my ivermectin stock twice because of the vaccinated people I’ve been around who are shedding. It seems to get progressively worse every time I’m around them. I can’t even imagine what October will be like at this rate. Couple that with the fact that people are now congregating in stadiums full of vaccinated people who think they are safe, and you have the recipe for the perfect disaster.

    Please. Please. Continue to publish where people can get ivermectin.
    I am issuing a warning to your readers. This new strain of virus that killed my son, attacks your respiratory system immediately and doesn’t let up. If you don’t have a regiment of ivermectin on hand to take, you will be dead. Time is not on your side.

    • Jerry

      Addendum to my last post.
      If you’re reading this post, you’re life is in danger. As I have suspected, the globalist psychopaths are using the vaccinated to spread the delta virus.

      I’ll go one step further. Because the vaccines have increased the production of spike proteins in the vaccinated, it has made the virus even more deadly in its effects when coming into contact with the unvaccinated. The dirty little secret is none of us are safe, unless you lock yourself in a bunker. As I’ve stated before my son who just died.
      . Was basically home bound.
      . Took victim D3 with Zinc and other vitamins.
      . Was in top physical shape.
      . Had no health problems at all.
      My theory is the virus was transferred to him by people who were vaccinated who thought they were safe. I wasn’t sure about this theory until I found this article. My advice? Stock up on ivermectin, zinc, and doxycycline and have it on hand to use. I’ve already been into mine twice.

      • Paul ...

        J … To get protection from Covid-19 (which was basically a common cold) and would have likely only killed a few thousand people … our “paid to play” politicians shut down the entire world economy … and forced their people to take the eugenicists experimental bio-weapon “jab” … that then produced blood clots, heart attacks, strokes and cancer in the vaccinated and also spread the virus to the un-vaccinated?? … and will probably soon result in more then a Billion deaths for the eugenicists to be happy about???

      • Warren B.
        Take particular note of the date of this FD Research.
        Yes they have known about Viral Shedding of Gene Based Therapies for some time now – “Shedding raises the possibility of transmission of VBGT or oncolytic products3 from treated to untreated individuals (e.g., close contacts and health care professionals)”.

        “For purposes of this guidance, the term “shedding” means release of VBGT or oncolytic products from the patient through one or all of the following ways: excreta (feces); secreta (urine, saliva, nasopharyngeal fluids etc.); or through the skin (pustules, sores, wounds)”.

    • William M

      Jerry, look up FLCCC Alliance online. This is a national group of doctors that aren’t afraid to offer prescriptions for ivermectin. There’s a listing of Docs, I chose one in Houston since I live in TX. He will do an online meeting with you, then , even for prevention, will likely prescribe you the medication. You need to call around locally to find a pharmacy in your area that stocks it. Supplies are short. Also check prices. It took a couple weeks but I was successful. FYI

  36. Donnie W Clyma

    Greg , Ive suspected since the beginning this whole virus thing was to plant a virus and promote and acclimate the public to obedience to government vaccination requirements. The whole process has been one of deception. Rand Paul, has now proven Fauci to be a globalist tool of control and population kill off. I suspect, as Cliff does, the vaccinated will be the ones who will die. A rude awakening is coming to America, and the blinders are coming off to more and more. Our population which has voted for the demon-crats will soon be faced with enough evidence to anger them, if their paying attention at all. A strong slap in the face, is the only thing that will awaken them, and when they see the globalist and the democratic party as well as republicans like John McCain was, who have pushed for the NWO, its my hope it will awaken them. When they realize the elite intentions are to kill them and their families a revolution could begin. Most of them have been lulled asleep, and don’t think their own government would do such a thing, but when exposed for their evil, the gloves may come off, and the fight will pursuit. At least that’s my hope. One more thing of high importance is, the 7 year tribulation hour is closely timed with the Magog war in the prophets in Ezek 38, meaning the age of grace is fixing to be over. The greatest message I can bring to anyone is, Christ was sent, to bare their original sin, and one can be white as snow before God, but only through trusting the Christ of scripture and his atoning work. Come to Christ dear friends and be prepared to meet God, for He who knew no sin was made to be sin for us. So come to Jesus and He will take away your sin.

  37. Jane Reynolds

    Superb interview. Also watch the Delingpod with James Delingpole with Clif on Bitchute. Thank you Greg and Clif. God bless all patriots worldwide. Love from France.

  38. The Truth

    The truth –>

  39. Hank

    This medical doctor testified before the Ohio School board and exposed what may be coming which if true will be a horribly said time for Millions.

  40. Ellen alston

    God help us all. Most if the people we all know have been vaccinated. We will need to start communities of people who have not.

  41. Donald Sayers

    We all are being set up to be controlled and then eliminated.
    The kill shots contain nano particulates which will enable
    humans to interface with 5G technology. This is about population
    reduction and total control of those that remain.
    The link is a interview with Dr. Robert Young who did extensive
    research on the kill shot contents. The findings go beyond disturbing.


  42. Earl Thornburg

    Greg, Cliff,
    Great interview! We can all feel the spiritual world and physical world are both involved in this epic battle for humanity. I appreciate you interviewing people with different perspectives, and its amazing how they are all pointing to major events are about to unfold.

    • Trint

      This is just one of the big reasons why I take Cliff with a big grain of salt! The man is far too intelligent and aware of both historical and current events to be so totally naive of the 1000lbs gorilla in the room which he consistently completely ignores. It was the Bolsheviks who where behind both the very brutal Communist take over of Russia and Ukraine that ended up with some 60 million Christians murdered, and 80% to 85% of them including Trotsky and Lenin where part of a tribe of people who Cliff never wants to mention a word about, not to mention all the people who funded and mentored Mao Zadong’s very brutal Communist take over of China that ended with some 80 million Chinese Dead, yet Cliff wants everyone to believe the CCP is controlled by Chinese when they are clearly not. A wise man once said “If you want to know who rules over you, see who you dare not criticize.” Last time I checked and for decades you’ve been able to criticize the Chinese and CCP without any type of social or other type of consequences happening to you if, especially if you’re on the Right, however you’ve never been able to criticize in any way this tribe of people to this day no matter what your politics or gender, etc. Do I really have to say who that group is?? And for those who say “well no, that can’t be because why then is Israel one of the most “vaccinated” countries…why would they kill their own people?” The answer is they have a long reputation for sacrificing their own to achieve their agenda. WWII was probably the biggest example of this but certainly not the only one. It’s the same old game they have played for centuries…divide and conquer. Get the West and East to destroy each other while they reap the profits and gain total control. When will people wake up???

      • Paul ...

        Trint … Even if there is method to their madness … and the Jews at the top in Israel are so “money hungry” they will kill their own Grandmothers “for a buck” … “those are the crazy psychopaths we need to go after” … not the ordinary Jews … or the ordinary Blacks … or ordinary “everyone else” who are immorally used and abused (where even babies are outright killed at abortion clinics) for monetary gain (and all the power that brings)!!!

  43. Hotrod

    If I were to share this video with friends and family they would think I was nuts. I have seen two vaccine related deaths and another suffering severe autoimmune disease right now. They all believe the CDC lies. My mother and sister both remarked that they feel more tired since the vaccine which was 6 months ago. Cliffs forecasts are terrifying.

  44. john+duffy

    The debate is over folks.

    You were conned America. You were told to roll up your sleeve and take the risk of clotting disorders, heart damage, heart attacks, strokes and other serious, even life-threatening adverse reactions based on the lie that doing so would (1) prevent you from getting Covid, (2) prevent you from infecting others with Covid, and (3) keep you from having a symptomatic and potentially-serious outcome if exposed to Covid.

  45. Verdon Susan

    THANK YOU greg for having Clif High on.
    Nancy Drew who has a utube channel walks the streets of D.C. everyday filming it.
    Yesterday she walked past the Federal Reserve building which has been closed for the
    past 3 years. One of the workers told her that they were preparing it for the 17th of this
    month in which something would take place there. So we will see…………..
    Thank you for all you do 🙂

  46. Paul ...

    Well well well … the evil virologists who developed the COVID -19 bio-weapon (implanting the bat-borne NIPAH virus into their spike protein) just announced that they miraculously have a vaccine ready to treat the brain destroying virus … wow … what luck to have such demons working so hard “to save us” … and thank the Lord we have immoral politicians willing to take bribes to promote their “time released killer jabs” (like Bibi … who almost single-handedly “has killed almost all the Jews” … Hitler would be proud)!! … sadly for us Americans Trump had Bibi in his ear and he injected us at Warp Speed (it had to be done quickly … before the time-release killer jabs produced so many deaths … people would “wake up to their planned slaughter”)!!

    • JC


      It’s a big club and we’re not in it.

      MARTIN ARMSTRONG: As the Deutsche-Wirtschafts-Nachrichten has reported, Klaus Schwab and Christine Lagarde have known each other for 20 years. He got her the IMF job, then the ECB job, and she is on the board of his WEF. “They like and get along very well.” I can confirm that they talk at least a few times a week based on independent sources. In an interview with Schwab and now ECB boss Lagarde, they made it clear that the entire world must be vaccinated if possible so that the coronavirus does not “come back to follow us.”

      Neither one is a doctor. But what is even more disturbing is the fact that what they are saying is an outright LIE.

      • Paul ...

        JC … People must take a stand against the psychopathic eugenicists … those in line to get jabbed … should all of a sudden “wake-up” when they come for you … and just grab the deadly syringe … throw it to the floor … and step on it … exercising your Constitutional right to self defense against someone out to kill you with a deadly weapon!!

      • J.

        Paul, maybe you were already aware of this recent Florida law, but I discovered it today.

        Florida Law now provides for MANDATORY: injections, treatment, isolation, quarantine, etc.

        Approved by Gov. DeSantis in MAY, 2021.

        Read the attached “illegal/despicable” law that allows the The Florida State Health Officer, aka Surgeon General, to basically force anyone he determines, to be stripped of their human rights, constitutional rights, God given rights, etc.

        Reference Page 22, which states in part;
        ” 4. Ordering an individual to be examined, tested, vaccinated, treated, isolated, or quarantined for communicable diseases that have significant morbidity or mortality and present a severe danger to public health. Individuals who are unable or unwilling to be examined, tested, vaccinated, or treated for reasons of health, religion, or conscience may be subjected to isolation or quarantine.

        a. Examination, testing, vaccination, or treatment may be performed by any qualified person authorized by the State Health Officer.

        b. If the individual poses a danger to the public health, the State Health Officer may subject the individual to isolation or quarantine. If there is no practical method to isolate or quarantine the individual, the State Health Officer may use any means necessary to vaccinate or treat the individual. ”

        Blatantly Demonic! – Reference page 22 for the above quote.

        In his official bio, the Florida Surgeon General boasts about being funded by the criminal organization, National Institutes of Health, for 30 years!

  47. Jon

    Thank you Greg – thank you Clif for the generosity of your time and thoughts throughout this ordeal –

  48. eddiemd

    Absolute censorship at Doximity. Upwards of 90% of physician, NPs, PAs are affiliated with this website. You cannot post anything against the mRNA injections.

    Medical industrial complex. Similar to Medscape.

    Big Pharma, Big Insurance. Obamacare was never about healthcare. It was about population control linking healthcare to the IRS.

    Your SSN is required to get the injections. Even to get tested requires your SSN.

    Delusions. Deception. The antichrist and false prophet are ready to take the stage.

  49. DixieDude

    If High’s estimate for Vax-death comes to fruition, our military will be decimated thanks to the SecDef’s (via Biden) order that everyone under his charge accept this dangerous shot.

    • Mario

      Some got placebos

  50. Earnest Funship

    Thank you Greg! You are true blue.

    Although I celebrate Christ Jesus as a great and inspiring way shower, I am not a Christian. Regardless, I recognized your integrity, and your love for God.

    Good on ya bro! I celebrate you.

  51. Mike

    Hard to buy Ivermectin in Canada, anybody know where to buy it for us up north?

    • Paul ...

      Mike … Buy a big bag of onions … use them in your food every day … they will get the zinc into your cells just like Ivermectin does … if anyone gets sick … at a minimum make a big pot of onion soup (and if you run out of zinc … add chicken breast to the soup for the zinc it contains)!!

      • Catherine

        Thanks Paul. I am very grateful for that knowledge about onions and chicken breast. My only question is how often should eat onion soup or chicken breast.

        • Paul ...

          C … Just eat normal every day … but at the first sign of a sniffle, weakness, headache or fever get a big pot of chicken soup going on the stove and add in carrots, garlic, celery, spices, etc. … if you have supplements at home immediately take your Vit A, B, C, D, E, etc. … for a midnight snack open a can of mackerel and make it like you would a tuna salad dip … and get some sunshine the next day … even though you take vitamin pills (like Vit C for instance) always supplement with “the real thing” (kiwifruit, bell peppers, strawberries, orange juice, papayas, broccoli, tomatoes, kale, snow peas, etc.) which are high in C but contain “many additional vital factors” not found in a 100% vitamin C pill … just use your own intuitive knowledge as to what to concentrate on … like if you begin getting a sore throat make some tea with lemon skins and honey … and lower your workload and relax … rest helps to strengthen our God given immune system a lot (our natural immune system needs you to conserve your bodily strength to wage the fierce life and death battle against invading bad bacteria and viruses that are always trying (like the psychopathic commies Fauci, Gate, Schwab, etc.) to take over … we need to kill these viruses off both internally and externally!!

  52. Dave

    It’s always interesting to listen to Clif though I am skeptical of some things he says. 800 years of made up history? I don’t believe that. Also, gas is $4.46 a gallon in SF where I live – I actually paid $4.38 on Sunday. Clif is a numbers guy so to be so far off on something easily checked does not instill confidence.

    IMO the country may not be 50/50 but the processive Deep State base is certainly more than 20%. Watch the recall election next week. Newsom is headed for a victory. Partly it is cheating with two ballots being mailed to many households and the ability to downlead ballots. But partly it is Covid. Newsom has instilled fear in many voters. He is running anti-Elder ads which claim Elder is anti-vac and anti-max. Those ads seems to have helped turn the election for Newsom.

    Watch Virginia. McAuliffe is headed for a win over the GOP candidate. Again using fear of Covid and anti Trump ads. Virginia voting is dominated by the suburbs of DC which is overwhelmingly government workers. Younkin turned out to a a McConnel candidate. He is a RINO and, among other things, soft on the 2nd Amendment. Seb Gorku caught a Younkin campaign aide calling into his show pretending to be a Virginia voter who extolled Youkin’s bona fides as a conservative. Arguing against Gprku who has been calling out Younkin as not the kind of candidate conservatives want if they hope to take control of the GOP from the RIBOs. Younkin did not fire that person after Gorku exposed him.

    If the Democrats win these elections then the “norms” as Clif calls them have a real fight on their hands in 2022 to try to win back control of either the House or the Senate. IMO the split in this country is not 50/50 but likely 60/40. The coming elections will test that.

    • Catherine

      Hi Dave. I don’t know who you are and obviously you might be someone who is a demo lib vaxxed and or a bleeding heart follower of the powers that be. That being said it’s also good to hear others opinions and rationalizations instead of just thanks to Greg. So whoever you are it’s somewhat important to hear you voice too.

    • Matt Kaatz

      Dave, who the hell is still going to vote? We’re past that point.

  53. Diana Brown

    Thank you Greg.
    Thank you Mr. High.
    Both of you always deliver.
    I am grateful.

  54. Ed

    Nothing that we all don’t already know.

  55. Charles

    Our media would make Goebbels proud,

  56. Scott

    I have a life long friend who has worked in the military in logistics and has continued on as a contract employee in military supply chain management. He was in the first wave of support people into Uzbekistan in 2001. He is well connected with the Afghanistan issue. He told me much of the military supplies that were left in Afghanistan has actually gone to the old Northern Aalliance partners. He said the Afghans knew the day would come when the Americans would leave and the civil war would ensue. They have been diverting US military supplies for 20 years in preparation for this event.

  57. Robert Coleman

    In China now – all social media by order of the CCP is removing any and all celebrities that are not promoting the CCP Doctrine – this is quite recent. In Guangzhou City just recently as of September 1, 2021 No Properties are allowed to sell for more than US$15,500.00 per square meter. Prices have gone insane in China. Before this ruling by the CCP in Beijing – p[roperti4es in Guangzhou were selling for as much as US$25,000.00 per square meter. So for those who already paid the higher price – if they try to go and sell – they cannot sell for more than $15,500.00 per square meter. Properties owners are furious as their investments have already dropped substantially. Prices of EGGS at Sams Club in China where we go – went up 25% in one week. Whereas, before at Sams Club they would have multiple items available for sale on the floor pallets and second shelf – now only the floor pallets have items available – the secong shelf is for overstock of selected / fewer items available. We live on the 6th floor of a luxury block in a secure development. Our Hitatchi elevator has been down for almost 10 days because the part that is broken is no longer made. All Auto Manufacturers in China have now reduced their production by 50% due to lack of parts and chips. Everywhere it is getting worse. On the Good Side Got my HCQ and Ivermectin and am prepared for any unforseen future virus developments.

  58. Peter Erikson


  59. Mark Hoffman

    If Ivermectin can be used to treat nearly all viruses, think what that would do big Pharma profits. They have more to lose than just the battle for Covid ‘vaccines’.

  60. Robert Hood

    Thanks Greg, I have followed Clif for quite a few years. Knowing what I know is a heavy burden. Practically every one of my siblings and families are double buggered, my both children and their spouses plus all my closest friends. I’ll keep it together for my grand
    child. You can’t imagine how much it helps to have Clif on. He provides hope we’ll get through this.

    • Paul ...

      RH … Tell all your jabbed family members to eat Holy Mackerel … it may mitigate some of the “jab” side effects … it’s worth a try … even though they will likely laugh at you … trying to make you look like a stupid fool(when they are the real idiots)!!

  61. Jim Hodges

    I just recovered from the Delta strain. If you doubt it exists, listen to Dr. Peter McCullough. It may not be a virus, but it’s out there.

    I’m way healthier than the average person (I’m 60), but it was an unpleasant experience. I can see how it kills people. Will be a few more weeks until I’m back to full lung capacity. Go to Find a doctor in your area and get him/her lined up in case you get sick.

    My early symptoms were like a flue – body aches, then typical flu-like stuff. Didn’t want a swab jammed up my nose, so did the spit test. That takes a couple days for results. Better to call the FLCCC doctor right away, confirm the symptoms, and then get on early treatment. By the time I found one, it was too late. Had to ride it out. Low-grade fever that would spike. I’d use ice packs. Fortunately my wife knows alot about supplements and had me on all the right stuff plus found a Chinese herb guy locally and his concoctions may have helped.

    At one point went to the emergency room. The normie doctors were clueless. Waste of time.

    Went through a cycle of high fever and then feeling better, thinking I was over the worst. Then it came back. This happened 3 times I think. Then finally, when the low-grade fever went away completely, I was over the hump.

    • Greg Hunter

      Are you vaxed?

  62. eddiemd

    Not able to post articles on coronavirus or hantavirus. Or prion disease in reply to Paul.

    Some type of filter.

  63. eddiemd

    For Paul.

    Peyers Patches. Look under advanced medical english GI tract. You will find a utube video and NIH article that contains info on Peyers Patches and prion disease.

    • Paul ...

      Thanks very much for the information eddiemd … well appreciate your efforts to get me the info … for those who want to see “God’s natural immune fighting system in action” I have posted what eddiemd sent to me (on how our intestinal Peyers Patches work)!! … … man with the hubris to “play God” can only lead to trouble (like the killing off a Billion human beings)!!

  64. Julia

    Wow! What a great interview. Thanks so much for letting the interview go longer!


    • Greg Hunter

      When we started I was shooting for 45 mins. Thanks for supporting USAW!!

  65. TruthWillOut

    Can you interview attorney Dr Reiner Fuellmich?
    He helped found the German Corona Investigative Committee. Many interviews on Bitchute (YouTube keeps removing). He’s a top-notch attorney known for his successful lawsuit against Deutsche Bank (“the most corrupt organization on earth,” he says) and Volkswagen. His firm is currently suing the largest shipping company in the world.

    He and the Committee have been interviewing (deposing?) scientists, doctors, economists, psychologists etc since July 2020, collecting evidence re what they call the PCR Test hoax/fraud. They are working with lawyers in many countries re lawsuits for against this Covid tyranny, which he calls “the greatest Crime Against Humanity in history”.

    • AndrewB

      Hi TruthWill Out,
      Yes, I second your suggestion.

  66. Peter Erikson

    Below is a Comment I made on Euronews. Regarding the August Saudi Arms Deal with Russia. Sadly , I don’t think my Senators and Reps are competent enough to Appreciate the danger this deal poses to the Petrol dollar.
    This will lead to Saudi Arabia no longer enforcing the long standing PETRO DOLLAR deal with the United States. This is a HOT Financial War. Between Russia and the United States. This is a Total Failure of US Diplomacy and will Lead to Severe Economic Damage to The US, and further Wars in the Middle East. USA may not , and should not allow this Cooperation to Continue. Once we get a Competent Administration Back in Office this matter must be a Priority. We can not allow Russia to Damage our Economy in this way. —

    I may Start. Writing a draft  of a Bill and Seek out a group to Obtain a Sponsor to forward the bill to Congress. How else do we let Congress know this is  Poison to our Economy. Have to stop Complaining and do something. The World Can See The Current Weekness in USA and it is extremely Dangerous. The Saudi Russia deal needs to be attenuated.

  67. Stone

    Guaranteed that more than 60 million people are vax’d in the USSA. Of the people that I know at least 70% are vax’d. I would estimate that 150 million people have taken at least 1 shot.

  68. Arizona

    THE LORD JESUS HAS A LIST OF THOSE HES SENDING TO HELL,AND THE MEN OF AMERICA WHO ARE COWARDS ARE AT THE TOP OF HIS LIST,..HE commanded the men to stand up and Protect the women and children from these devils who are attacking them,THE MEN have refused to do as they were commanded,THEY TOLD THE LORD “WE WILL NOT HEARKEN TO YOUR COMMANDS”..those DEVILS are our hero’s and we will not fight them,we would rather go to hell then “HONOR OUR OATH TO DO AS WE SWORE WE WOULD”…so only about 5% of the men will be entering heaven at judgement..the rest will be going to hell..their choice,they have chosen poorly…AMERICANS LOVE SATAN AND HIS WOLFPACK…TOTAL destruction is now coming to america……

    • Al Day

      As the bible tells us all nations will fall in the end and the current leaders will turn all their power and perceived power over to Satan. The time is drawing nigh for the great tribulation. All the signs are lined-up. Only His elect will survive the upcoming upheaval. He promised to shorten the days so that the 3-1/2 years will be like 5 months for His elect. He told us that if He did not do that they would not be able to withstand the evil and perish too. Repent and come to the full knowledge of Jesus Christ to whom all power over heaven and earth were given.

    • Paula Davis

      Arizona – I concur with your post. A Biblical New World Order is coming not the Luciferian’s NWO. Viva Christo Rey


    I live in Ontario Canada. Where can we get ivermectin. Is the paste iver. Safe to take.

    • Dj

      American Frontline Doctors

    • Bill

      Search for “Tractor” they sell it online. Here in the States, they charge $8.99 for a 2.75 inch long tube with a plunger on it. You take off the cap on one end. There are graduations on the plunger, for 250 lbs, 500 lbs, 750 lbs. 1,000lbs. and 1,250lbs refers to the weight of the Horse. So , most men weigh 150-200 lbs. I would push the plunger until I reached the area on plunger where it says less than 250 lbs, while holding a tablespoon under the open end of the tube. I think that is the amount of paste that will come out of the tube when you press down on the plunger of the tube to the 200 lbs. area. Your dose depends on how much you weigh, as to how much you take(your dose).


    Life Extension sells NAC

  71. James A. Driscoll

    Greg, Another excellent but sobering video. God help us. Something to think about is critical infrastructure such as nuclear power plants, pipe lines, water filtration, electrical generation, sewage treatment, electrical transmission lines, etc. If trained personnel die or are incapacitated, we’re back in the 1800’s or worse with nuclear melt downs and loss of all that makes for modern living. Imagine all nuclear plants going critical and melting down! Sounds like the Great Day of the Lord, 7 year tribulation period.

  72. Joan Donato

    How to get Ivermectin:

    Install the PUSH Health APP on your iPhone (don’t know if androids have a version). Fill our the information and request Ivermectin. You will need to describe symptoms such as loss of taste or bitter taste, aches and pains all over, low-to-no energy. The APP will locate a medical doctor in your state who will take up your case. The doctor may contact you within a short period of time or it may take hours. The doctor’s fee is $65.00. The APP takes credit cards. The doctor’s fee going to charity. He/She will send the prescription to the pharmacy of your choice (I know Publix does stock Ivermectin). Have your pharmacy predetermined. The prescription will be 5 doses and cost will be determined by your weight (more weight, more pills). For me it was $90.00. Don’t wait. Order it as soon as possible.

  73. William M

    I’m 67 years old and an avid follower of Clif for about 15 years. If only half of what he expects comes true we are in for some rough times for awhile. Excellent interview that I intend to review while jotting down a few notes.
    Thanks again, Greg!

  74. william lesieur

    I know of 4 otherwise healthy, vigorous individuals-one a nurse- who’ve died shortly after their second jab. Also folks with severe side effects. I live a rural-ish part of NW Arkansas so I can only imagine if one extrapolates for a more densely populated area.

  75. iwitness02

    Thank you Greg Hunter, for being you.

  76. Stephen Weber

    People…We have been systematically lied to for millennia, sadly

  77. carter

    Greg, I will give you $100.00 for your first Cliff High T-Shirt.
    Just put his image as we saw in the video on the back of a quality large grey t-shirt and I’ll write the check.

  78. Johan

    if it is 20% of the usa population was jabbed, the enemy came up far short in their 80% objective. This points to the enemy being weak in the usa. Bad news for them, and good news of us in this world war.

  79. tim mcgraw

    Great interview! Yes, we must stay positive. My wife and I have health issues now. We’ve always been in excellent health. The Covid madness here in Sonoma County, CA wears us down. Yes, we do have PTSD. My wife now has an autoimmune disorder. My shingles are finally gone, but now I have a serious wound(s) on my left lower leg that I must go to the Wound Care Clinic once a week to have treated. (Ouch!)
    Our immune systems are damaged. We take zinc and vitamins. Plenty of sunshine for Vitamin D. We exercise every day and eat right, but still the stress gets to us.
    Can we hold out for another year or more?
    It would help if Gov. Newsom gets recalled Sept. 14th, but we have no faith in the election process.

    • Paul ...

      Tim … Can you tell me what motivated you the most to voluntarily take the experimental “jab” right away? … was it the “fear” being spread by “paid to play” politicians?? … or was it “faith” in your doctor not to do you any harm??? … not much can be done for people in fear … but if it was “faith” … then religious people must learn to be more “on God” using the brains he gave to us to discern if those “who act nice” and say they are just trying to help you (like Jeffery Dahmer, Bill Gates, Tony Fauci, etc.,etc.) may in fact be “very evil immoral psychopathic killers”!!!

    • Ray

      For your wound, try bathing it in some good quality Colloidal Silver solution.
      15 mins twice daily.
      Try to get plenty of sun exposure to the wound as well.
      Keep throwing out the left jab mate.
      Canberra, Locked Down QR Code Nation

  80. William Bissell

    Despite my, and my Brother’s Insistence, Arguing, Fighting, Our Mom GOT the Vax in Late April. Two weeks ago playing Golf. We just buried her today and our Aunt, who is never sick, is in the Hospital. Vax-Jab is Safe? I don’t think so. William Bissell

    • Paul ...

      WB … Did your Mom (or Aunt) ever admit that the “jab” was killing her before she passed? … or was it locked away “as an unthinkable thought to even comprehend”??

  81. Cj

    Very glad to hear Cliff mention our manipulated timeline, how we could be in a very different year than we are led to believe. It might be something you should cover with him in greater detail in the future, Greg. Our history (his-story) is written by our controllers, and thus was likely altered in order to conceal revelations as to our true origins as well as the nature of the reality/earth system we find ourselves in.

    This false reality, a matrix if you will, is a carefully crafted fiction for the purpose of hiding our Creator and other truths that are essentially “hidden in plain sight” right in front of our eyes. The “reset” event this controlling cabal wants for us has likely happened in the past, perhaps numerous times; where a new narrative is created for the survivors to live under and blind them to the true Earth.

  82. Jennifer Smallin

    Half way through…taking a break…this is so hard to listen to …I have two small grandchildren. Please, Lord Jesus, protect and guide them.

  83. steve

    Thanks Greg for having Clif on- Just read this morning ( Thursday-9am pacific time) that the US Treasury has insufficient funds to pay the interest on their debt going into October.
    So Clif could be spot on with his timing here

  84. John Phillips

    Every month more than 5 MILLION people die of something MORE SERIOUS! During the Last 20 months of #Covid more than 100 MILLION people have died WORLD WIDE less than 5 million deaths have been attributed to COVID If you do the MATH by dividing the current covid stats by the WORLD POPULATION of 7.9 BILLION PROVES THAT COVID NOT A SIGNIFICANT CAUSE OF SERIOUS ILLNESS OR DEATH! For Decades the top THREE causes of Contagious death are Lower/Upper Respiratory Infections, Tuberculosis and Pneumonia. TOTAL WORLD WIDE YEARLY DEATHS are NOT higher over the last 20 months. In many countries Total yearly deaths are LESS! Watch this 3 minute video. It covers 30 years of the TOP 20 causes of DEATH. Nothing has changed!

  85. Bob Rude

    I bought duramectin paste and Agrimectin for future use. The duramectin paste was $12 in late July now it is $45.00. The Agrimectin was $29.00 and is now $79.00. Tractor supply has pulled the horse paste and Agrimectin in my area. Now very hard to find. I did not take the vax. Big pharma is coming after the livestock medicine. Agrimectin and ivrrrvectin exactly the same. I need another source to buy this medicine to help others that might be in need

    • Paul ...

      BR … Consider using garlic and onions as your “de-wormer and anti-viral” if you can’t get Ivermectin … keep in mind that eating your onions and garlic raw will be way more effective!!

  86. Jerry

    Just in case you missed it other countries medical communities are waking up to the fact that we’ve being setup by the globalist.

    I would venture to say that the disinformation campaign here cost my son his life. My wife and others keep telling me to let it go, but I cannot.
    These psychopaths have to be stopped. Maybe it doesn’t mean much to some now, but it will when you have to bury someone you care about.
    I just can’t sit by and watch this mass murder. Please Greg, tell me there is a plan to take these people down. I can’t handle losing another family member. I’m about to lose my grip. Justice needs to be served and so far there is nothing but crickets in the courts. IT MUST BE STOPPED!

    • Self Exiled

      Dear Jerry. I know what it’s like to be in great pain and lose a child. Like I said here before I was so angry at God that I went out in a plowed field and threw dirt clods at Him and fell down in bitter anguish and tears. That was in 1980, 40 years ago. Years latter I found this in 1st Kings 14 1:13. I hope it brings you comfort, as it did me. I know there is an age difference: you know, as we fathers always have: that that son or daughter as a child is always burned into our memories. The last half of verse 13 says it all. So I will quote it here because I do not know how some versions translate.

      Israel shall mourn for him and bury him, for he alone of Jeroboam’s family will come to [be placed in] the grave, because in him there was found something good and pleasing toward the LORD, the God of Israel, in the house of Jeroboam.

      I hope you see what I saw in this verse. What God Loves He takes to Himself. His soverenty was a hard lesson I’m still learning.
      Also I read Psalm 94 because all that goes on now is so upsetting.

  87. Sylvia Sires

    2013 NASA Document discovery:

  88. Rod M. Brumley, Sr.

    Get the Shot or Not to me that is a personal decision – personally I don’t believe it is a death shot. With all that said I think anytime the government pushes something like a vaccine something is Fishy for sure. I agree with Cliff the country is not split – 15% of ultra liberals are controlling the narrative.
    Mr. Greg Hunter is our Ultimate Patriot 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Greg Hunter

      Please Tell me you did not get vaxed.

      • J.

        Greg, maybe you were already aware of this recent Florida law, but I discovered it today.

        It appears, Florida Law now provides for MANDATORY: injections, treatment, isolation, quarantine, etc.

        Approved by Gov. DeSantis in MAY, 2021.

        Read the attached “illegal/despicable” law that allows the The Florida State Health Officer, aka Surgeon General, to basically force anyone he determines, to be stripped of their human rights, constitutional rights, God given rights, etc.

        Reference Page 22, which states in part;

        ” 4. Ordering an individual to be examined, tested, vaccinated, treated, isolated, or quarantined for communicable diseases that have significant morbidity or mortality and present a severe danger to public health. Individuals who are unable or unwilling to be examined, tested, vaccinated, or treated for reasons of health, religion, or conscience may be subjected to isolation or quarantine.

        a. Examination, testing, vaccination, or treatment may be performed by any qualified person authorized by the State Health Officer.

        b. If the individual poses a danger to the public health, the State Health Officer may subject the individual to isolation or quarantine. If there is no practical method to isolate or quarantine the individual, the State Health Officer may use any means necessary to vaccinate or treat the individual. ”

        Blatantly Demonic! – Reference page 22 for the above quote.

        In his official bio, the Florida Surgeon General boasts about being funded by the criminal organization, National Institutes of Health, for 30 years!

  89. Hudiburgh

    Been seeing others predicting this big die-off too. Watched an entire Del Bigtree video today: A DOCTOR’S GRAVE WARNING FOR ISRAEL – “One of the first physicians to publicly recommend Hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for #Covid19, Vladimir Zelenko, MD, recently took part in a symposium with top Israeli rabbis, and did not mince words when warning of the dangers the citizens of the most vaccinated country in the world may be facing.” Dr. Zelenko warned about the vaccine die-off coming. He hopes he is wrong, but points out that if he’s only a little right and just 10% of the vaccinated die, that would be 200 million.

  90. Dj

    Thank you for a long interview with Clif! You do a incredible job Greg. God Bless you 🙏

  91. Hudiburgh

    Saw Vladimir Zelenko, MD warning about this big die-off too. He hopes he is wrong, but points out that if he’s only a little right and just 10% of the vaccinated die, that would be 200 million.

  92. FreeMpg

    Regarding Ivermectin. Killing COVID isn’t its only off-label success. It is the silver bullet to take down Big Pharma biggest cash cow, check out the results of this study:

    “Ivermectin, a potential anticancer drug derived from an antiparasitic” (January 2021)


    Ivermectin effectively suppresses the proliferation and metastasis of cancer cells and promotes cancer cell death at doses that are nontoxic to normal cells.

    Ivermectin shows excellent efficacy against conventional chemotherapy drug-resistant cancer cells and reverses multidrug resistance.

    Ivermectin combined with other chemotherapy drugs or targeted drugs has powerful effects on cancer.

    The structure of crosstalk centered on PAK1 kinase reveals the mechanism by which ivermectin regulates multiple signaling pathways.

    Ivermectin has been used to treat parasitic diseases in humans for many years and can quickly enter clinical trials for the treatment of tumors.

  93. Sandra+McIntosh

    Thank you Greg, and Thanks to Clif…..What a wonderful and informative interview.
    I appreciate having Clif on our side…..

    • Greg Hunter

      Me too Sandra!

  94. DJ

    What a great interview, and he never once used any curse words, awesome I can share this with others and not be worried to offend anyone.
    Clif High always has such great information.

  95. David

    Weapons are tagged, eh? SO we need a “CME” or EMP device to render satellites useless.

  96. David

    Body of CDC Doctor Who Went Missing in February Found in River (2018) WHY? because he knew what was going on in the cdc

    • Paul ...

      David … Dr. Timothy J. Cunningham, 35, lead a team within the CDC’s Division of Population Health … he went missing after sharing his opinion that “the flu shot” was behind the deadly outbreak of the flu … family and friends were desperate for answers regarding his sudden disappearance … Cunningham warned that if his name was attached to the widely-circulated quotes … he would likely lose his job … he suffered an even worse fate … probably because the CDC was at that time developing its plans to roll out the Corona-19 “jab”!!

  97. Ang

    Another , great interview, !

  98. Phil Zieber

    Whew! That was powerful, first rate info. Felt like the inside scoop. Thanks, Greg.

  99. john+duffy

    Nebulizer and food grade peroxide. Alternate treatment for covid 19.

    Before Dr. mercola shut down all his health articles, he had Dr. Brownstein on and felt this protocol was superior to others.

    Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD a medical author discovered this protocol from Dr. Mercola and tried it and it cured his cronic sinitus and he wrote a free e-book on it.

    I take no responsibility, please do your own due diligence.

    • Paul ...

      J+D … Interesting … we all know putting iodine on a cut will kill the germs … so it makes sense that if we put 1-2 drops of Lugol’s 5% iodine in 3cc of normal saline solution and nebulize the mist into the air (and breathe the mist into the lungs) … one would most likely kill the pneumonia germs causing the breathing difficulties!!

  100. Don

    Greg, it was alluded to in the interview with Clif about someone vaccinated could take glutathione to possibly avoid the upcoming mass deaths. Anywhere to find out more information on that?

    • Greg Hunter

      I Don’t know Don.

    • Lucas Doolin

      Clif has his vaxxxed protocol at the top of his Twitter page.

    • Lucas Doolin

      Do some research on glutathione. My understanding is it is not absorbed easily by taking it orally. Liposomal Glutathione is suppose to absorb better. There is also sublingual form that you put under your tongue and it dissolves. Here in the Philippines you can get injections of it which I have done. It is suppose to make your skin whiter which is why Filipina women like it. I think it in fact does that. These injections are available from the good health spas for women here. Cost is about 20 USD. I am not sure if these injections are available in the US. If they are not it looks like it might be a good business opportunity.

      • Paul ...

        LD … Eat sulfur rich foods and you can avoid the injection … beef, chicken and fish are high in sulfur … as for vegetables high in sulfur you can eat onions, asparagus, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, red cabbage, leeks, radishes, turnip tops, and watercress … our body needs sulfur … to build “and fix” our DNA … and sulfur helps produce the glutathione that protects our cells from oxidative damage (unchecked oxidative damage can lead to serious diseases such as cancer)!!
        Note: The globalist eugenicists don’t want you to eat meat … as they know you likely won’t eat enough asparagus, Brussels sprouts and cabbage to prevent getting cancer … and cancer fits in very nicely with their evil plans for human extinction!!

    • Warren B.

      Critical for anyone who has had the Gene Altering treatment :
      – Your immune system needs to be in top shape = strong (if immune compromised then extra care is warranted)
      – You must firstly understand that these so called “Vaccines” are designed to weaken the immune system.
      – If you experience symptoms as you would from Sars-Cov2 /Influenza = administer HCQ/Ivermectin/Interferon Nasal Sprays/ Antecedal Cysteine (NAC)
      – Glutathione is the body’s ANTI-OXIDANT. The young and athletic have natural high levels. By middle age it tends to reduce and by latter years is almost non-existent.
      – Taking a supplement of Amino Acids / Glycine/ Glutamate/L-Cystine = Glutathione.
      It is the oxidative stress that causes the disease and the immune dysfunction. That is the function of Glutathione to stop the oxidative stress – hence why we see immuno-compromised/ elderly with the highest rates of adverse reactions/deaths = they have the lowest levels of Glutathione.
      The aim is to stop the Spike Protein production (from the action of the mRNA). That’s what the alternative therapies do.
      Dimethyl Glycine will help restore the balance and stop the production and dis-regulation of your mRNA. It will suppress the mRNA production inside your cells.
      I am not a physician. Most of this information came from Dr Judy Mikovits. The information is readily available online.
      This is a useful site :

    • Paul ...

      Don … Make yourself a nice rare roast beef sandwich with mustard … as sulfur is important for producing glutathione … and beef is a sulfur-rich food (just like fish and chicken) … where the turmeric and curcumin in mustard have the ability to increase glutathione levels … and beef (along with chicken and fish) contains selenium (which increases glutathione in the body) … drink some “high vitamin C” grape or orange juice, etc. with your roast beef sandwich … as vitamin C helps “reprocess” glutathione (by converting oxidized glutathione back into its active form … to do its anti-oxidant activities over and over again) … also make yourself an avocado salad and have some asparagus or okra soup on the side (avocados, asparagus and okra are some of the richest dietary sources of glutathione)!! …

  101. frederic w dunn

    Thanks Greg, I really respect all that Clif has to say, Will every thing that he says happen in the exact precise manor. maybe. but the overall theme most definite . I have been following Clif for many years now. I listen up when I hear him speak. And have taken his advise on vit D, Chaga and Many other things so glad I did. much thanks Clif

  102. eddiemd

    One world system is here. In the name of taxes. Add in a dash of vaccine passports…mandatory passports.

    It is not “Bidens” , it is the antichrist.

    You will not be able to buy, sell, work unless you take the “vaccine”.

    That was quick.

  103. Judy Jackson

    My father always used to say, “God loves the common man. That’s why He made so many of them!” Looks like we’ve got this thing covered,.. just Hold the Line! Good News for out Mates Down Under. Glad to see so many catch your program Greg.

  104. Really Awake

    Predicting hyperinflation occuring this fall is a very big call. Hyperinflation basically means prices rise so fast that price hikes happen every day. In a worse case scenario a can of soup or a loaf of bread or a gallon of gas could double in a month or even in a week. So, is a loaf of bread going to cost $50 by 2022?
    If hyperinflation really happens, then the SHTF and big cities will burn. What does that lead to? No power. No water. No sewer. No nothing.

    The USA cannot survive hyperinflation with a conflagration; and a conflagration leads to a neo-Dark Age. A hyperinflation in the USA Super Power would cause Western Civilization to collapse. Add to that Cliff’s prediction that tens of millions die from the vaxx and you have a Biblical catastrophe.

    This is a huge call.

  105. Self Exiled

    How Russian Citizens Smashed the Silly Moscow Vaccine Passports in Just 3 Weeks

  106. Bill

    Wow-According to Hunter Biden was arrested at the airport with 2 lbs of Crack Cocaine in his suitcase along with 2 really drunk 13 and 14 year old girls . I guess Hunter will be tried by a Military Tribunal.

    • Carter

      bogus site, bogus story.

  107. Sara

    The arguments that the two of you pose are getting more clear and strong, in support of how the reset will look, and how much actual work our society will need to do with this new found information about how much of a hoax this whole matter has been. Your predictions, as well, bring back memories when I was living in New York, in 1975 during the oil embargo, and every week we could only fill our gas tank with lines for miles. Your predictions have given us a reprieve, although they are insidious, indeed, but a reprieve nonetheless. Thank you both! Such a joy to listen to you both!

  108. Marie+Joy

    America is at war and one side, ours, isn’t even fighting. That does not bode well.

    • Roger

      You are right – The largest segment of people doing nothing(millions) are these Q follower’s sitting back and trusting the plan. It is unbelievable how they keep pushing their timeline out further and further for their rescue to take place. The websites that promote it is just as bad. If someones data mines the internet they are picking up some false information, which leads to false hope instead of action.

  109. Bob

    Ivermectin was first developed in Japan in the 1970s for spraying rivers for worms. 10 years later it was developed in pill forms for human use. After that it was adapted for animal use. These people calling it horse paste are criminals. India has apparently indicted one of their health officials for lying about it.

    The media is lying, and all complicit media staff deserve the death penalty at the trials.
    Hang them all.

    People in the worm zone of Africa take one pill PER YEAR and it protects them from river blindness. It also seemingly protects them from Covid. ONE PILL PER YEAR! They cost $3 each but the Africans get them for free.

    So why are we denied it’s benefits? Are they purposefully attacking western peoples?
    Half of the 2015 Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded for the invention of Ivermectin. It is truly a “wonder drug”, up there with Aspirin and Penicillin. All three of these drugs have constantly discovered new uses, low price, and an absolutely outstanding safety record.

    As the regime begins to clamp down on the unvaxed, we will have less and less sympathy for the vaxed because of how they will behave towards us. Diablos (the divider) has hit the jackpot here.

  110. MC

    Those in America who preach King James tell us be a holy roller not a whiskey rock-a-roller! . . . But patriots down-under are screaming: “lawd don’t take my whiskey and rock & roll!”

    Now the globalists don’t want Aussies, or any patriots, to have a jug—for it is a remedy which quickens the resolve of the middle-aged couch potato and stiffens the spine of the millennial beta-male alike one and all to take up fight when it needs to become ferocious. Truth be told, even the lite-in-the-loafers can become sheittkickers and useful to the cause of liberty if supplied a wee dose or three of fruity flavored 50ABV. Yes this too frightens the globalist creeps.

    Therefore, acquire a supply with cash now. Git’r done before the Clif High presaged collapse of banking & commerce come without warning. . . . However, if you sense a devil in bottles; then the Lord has other plans for you. (Skynyrd, Devil in the Bottle: )

  111. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report Greg and Clif.

  112. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    Great interview, thanks.
    On topic of inflation > hyperinflation, my natural gas supplier just announced a 35% price increase from 1st October. There has already been a 15% increase earlier this year! My wife just said, “The dollar has gone up”. Well, maybe when measured against a basket of other totally elastic fiat currencies, but not when measured against real stuff!

    On a frivolous note: For years now, including this latest interview, Clif High reverts to calling you ‘Guy’. Strange but true . . .

    • Bill

      wow-35% gas increase? What state or near what big city are you near?

      • AndrewB

        Hi Bill,
        As ‘admitted’ earlier, I report from Northern Ireland. Further, I should underscore that I am talking about natural gas prices – not petroleum or ‘gas’ for autos. However, there is nothing to be complacent about if you live in the US. I just heard that natural gas futures are rising rapidly. If ‘they’ can’t kill you with the shot, ‘they’ intend to starve you, or freeze you this winter. Sounds crazy – and it is!

  113. Mark Shepard

    Greg, knocked it out of the Park with Clif as usual. Please have him back often. Great work. Thanks so much for what you do.

  114. Ray

    I have been with Greg Hunter since the beginning of USAWATCHDOG.
    I think that was THE best interview ever…….and there have been SO MANY amazing ones over the years on this FREE PLATFORM.
    Thank you Greg…..thank you Clif… very much. My heavy heart was lifted tremendously in that interview…….honestly…….you may never know how much gloom there is here in my beautiful, beautiful country. Lifelong friendships & Families are being torn apart with all of this.
    I generally try to add something to the overall discussion here at USAWD…….I am not going to add much, because I would take pages, given the absolute TROVE we were feasted with there.
    But I will add this…….
    Right at the end, Cliff and Greg speak of “All war is deception”.
    I thought tonight I would add this clip………please watch and consider deeply.
    I reckon the “gate” is the NWO Globalist Police State…….and perhaps the “dogs” are the divided global population regarding “take the vaccine / don’t take the vaccine” divide.
    Once the “gate” is removed (dethroned by the events Clif speaks of), things change.
    To all WATCHDOGGERS from we Australians who are awake……..we are with you., and we KNOW that you are with us…..we love you, we thank you for your prayers and your support in this, our time of common struggle.
    We SHALL prevail!!!

    Canberra, Australia.

  115. Jerry

    Time is short. The globalist are laying the final trap.

    October 1st the gloves are coming off. Agenda 21 will be in full display when the mandates are put in place. Are you spiritually ready for what lyes ahead? Greg have you really processed what Cliff is saying? Living in a world of dying and diseased people posses challenges that many people haven’t even scratched the surface on. I have taught survival classes for years, and the number one challenge after adequate water supply, is infection. In my opinion urban areas will become dung heaps of rotting corpses, like it was in India a few months ago. I don’t want to be negative, but it’s pretty naive for anyone to think to think you can live through an event like this without extreme consequences. Just my two cents?

    • MC

      Actually, Greg is aware of the infection risks due to the mass die-off event. … A few shows ago Greg posted a video by Friar Alexis, who suggests getting a hazmat suit now, and mentally-spiritually preparing oneself, if one plans on remaining in the city against the recommendation of Christ who said to get out of the big cities during End Times event(s). …. the friar is here:

      ps. USAWD needs to have a philosopher on the show to speculate what does it mean for the eschatology if all of Israel dies off due to the vax. Not even Pastor Hagee–who thinks of every horrible thing that can happen—has considered that.

  116. NC Gal


    Thank you so much for continuing to have Clif on your show. Out of all of your speakers, he is the one who gives me hope and the ability to face what we have to go through along the way. His advice is valuable, too.

  117. Peter

    So Cliff thinks just 66M folks in usa took it?
    Or 20% of all population? No way.

    Within my close circles of family, co workers etc, which is very diverse by age, education, country of residence, about 70 people, roughly half took it. Which is line with Usa % EU official stats.

    • Paul ...

      Peter … Perhaps Clif is figuring half the people “jabbed” got a placebo? … that is the way human testing is normally done (by comparing the really vaccinated people with a control group of equal size)!!

  118. Roger That

    I agree 100% with Clif on this video, this is his best so far. Usually he is 95% right and gets in the weeds with cryptocurrency. Not this time. Listen to what this man is saying and act accordingly. Also, thank Greg Hunter for having this platform. He is doing a great service to humanity. Thanks man.

  119. Chris

    AWESOME interview with Clif!
    Greg, I have two questions for Clif.
    1) What will happen to the stock market once the dominoes start to fall?
    2) Will brokerage accounts be safe?

  120. Stan

    Hey Paul: Maybe you should follow some real Gold forecasters :

    • Paul ...

      I don’ see any breakdown Stan … … in fact it looks like an extremely bullish chart … where we could easily see a $600 dollar up-move in the price of gold … if it breaks out above $1850!!

    • Ray

      Typical rubbish from you……
      Here we all are talking about the very future of Humanity, and you bumble in here wanting to talk about money.
      Goose Begone……..leave the conversation to people who actually care about their species, not just their financial position in life.
      You’re an embarrassment.
      Canberra, Australia.

      • Stan

        Ray: Why are you so angry?

        • Ray

          Why are you so f*#ing greedy?

  121. Mike+G

    Unfortunately Many of friends and 2 sons have had the jab, I alone survived the sinking, I alone possessed the tools, on that ship of fools.

  122. Ray Dodson

    When the Disciples Asked the Lord, How will we know when the end is near? The Lord then said ” Do Not Be Deceived.

  123. Donna Wilson

    Clayton, this page from the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance gives you the info you need; it’s their I-MASK+ protocol page. Dosage and duration depend on your weight and what you’re using the Ivermectin for (e.g., prophylaxis without exposure to COVID, prophylaxis post-exposure, early at-home treatment).

  124. Steve Bice

    Comprehensive article on Ivermectin…an excellently sourced option to forward to others…

  125. marxamillion

    1.24 billion deaths is surprisingly close to Bill Gates’ 15% reduction via vaccines TED talk.

  126. Justn Observer

    Plandemic #2 In doctor nation…

  127. G

    The N-A-C (acetylcysteine) is the lab created supplement meant to replace cysteine which is found in high levels in fresh meats. If you are eating a lb of fresh meat per day your already consuming a triple dose of the supplement- without any extra cost to you – fresh meat is the most nutrient dense food humans have available, rhe propaganda arm of the deep state (who has hijacked our fda eons ago) has established the nonsense which claims red meat causes cancer, doesn’t digest in your gut or is acidic and causes inflammation etc etc this is all bullshit. Research for yourself, look into the carnivore diet. I recommend checking into the success stories on Protect yourself with real food

  128. MC

    Biden imposing new measures to invade privacy of those who are not wealthy.

    Sunshine calendar. There’s not much time left in North America for you to stockpile D sun.

    Dr. Stephanie Seneff — D sun vs D supplement
    Dr Seneff is also in many youtube videos. It is astonishing Clif High never mentions her.

  129. Faizie

    You could have Cliff on every month, that’s how much I like to hear what he has to say.

  130. Bill

    Taliban destroy George Floyd’s Mural in Kabul!

  131. Lightning

    Just caught that Biden is “ mandating” death shots to all companies with greater than 100 employees, etc.

    It’s blatantly illegal and , like the eviction moratorium, headed to the Supreme Court. I expect some Federal judge or two to weigh in as well.

    I get the fear he is instilling, but don’t get the shot. Slow walk everything and make them fire you.

    It’s clear the economy and monetary system are going down in the next 6 months as will the enormous impacts of the death jab.

    Do you want to face all our coming challenges with unspeakable health challenges besides?!

    He has no real power. Look at the FDA shenanigans.

    It’s not a coincidence that he announced this on the day the Maricopa audit results are coming out.

    Dementia Joe is soon to be done. Please hang in there, especially if you work in private industry.

    I will do my best to help my neighbors impacted by all of this. We all need to help, share, barter and push back.

  132. Robin Shoemaker

    I think this guy is correct, on all counts:

    See for why the unvaxxed will fear the vaxxed.

    Why repeated vaccines may end up killing people:

    Why the next WEF scheme will take down the financial system, and soon:

  133. Lisa Stahl

    Thank you Greg & Clif. Scary. Even more scary is that I see the logic & agree. God bless God speed.

  134. eric

    Wow! Great interview with Cliff High. I was mind blown by the statement that the Deep State may have added 800 years of history to our timeline abd that we are really in the 1200’s not the 2020’s.

  135. Ms Understood

    chicom bot’s stories & stats are always slanted

  136. Catherine

    The Bidenistas in our banana republic are now forcing all to commit suicide by taking a poison jab
    via the Biden press release just now.
    My son and his girlfriend might loose their jobs and we all may have to leave this blue state because we will not cooperate. It’s so obvious they want to kill us. It’s just so obvious.
    What this country has become is the Obama nation and those that loved him dearly are responsible for all of this.

    • Carter

      Obama sowed the seeds for all this, and it is in effect his third term with Ayres or ValJar as his VP I suppose. Jug Ears should be in prison or in Gitmo. And we thought all we had to do was survive his 8 years, never thought we’d see him back from the dead.

  137. Elias Andrinopoulos

    Wow, thank you, Cliff High, and thank you Greg Hunter for another information-packed interview. As far as the Normies waking up…I’m in Massachusetts, there’s not much hope up here. Lol! Jk, jk…actually once you get outside of the city of Boston and Cambridge many are conservative. I work with the public (Deli) and I can tell you, people are aware and refusing the jab and many more people have woken up, even those who you might not expect to…! God Bless, stay strong! 🙏🏻☦️💪👏🏻

  138. Stephen

    the two amino acids that Cliff High talked about, apparently there’s an hour is Israeli study that my brother found and a nurse that took care of a relative also confirmed the two amino acids. Are helpful. They appear to be readily available and I will hopefully order them soon

  139. Pace

    So, the ‘Bidenista’s’ are not getting cooperation from the military? …… In what universe? The ‘military’ just gifted $85 BILLION in military hardware to the Taliban, Iran, China, and Pakistan (paid for by YOU BTW). Not to mention a multi billion $ air base!!

    Spare me.

  140. Carol Joyce

    Hi Greg,

    Awesome interviews! This Clif High is just outstanding and I found Dr Mark Faber, and Steve Quayle excellent, too! Thank you for keeping us informed with truth! You are my go-to journalist for calling it the way it is. I also am grateful for your always asking what can the “little guy” do to protect himself and FEAR NOT. God bless you and your family!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Carol!!

  141. Lucas Doolin

    Clif High posted this on his Twitter account. I have not researched it yet.

    It seems sensible to suggest that we can add Hydrogen gas infusion via drinking or breathing as a LIKELY aid in recovery from spikes, either virus attached or vaxxed.
    The electrical state of the blood is restored by hydrogen infusions (aka browns gas). Vaxx damages blood charge

  142. charles johnson

    In 2020, approximately 3,358,814 deaths† occurred in the United States.
    So 30M+ would ~ a 10x increase.
    But regarding the math. If 500K died related to CV in 2020. Going to 30M in 2022 would be a 60X increase.

  143. bk

    I think the number of Vax’d people is much higher. In Harlan, IA, the High School grade/class size is about 250. A friend said that in one grade level only THREE studens have NOT bee vax’d.

    A friend needed to get his father into a hospital, and there were no local beds and NO BEDS IN OMAHA, NE. He had to take him to DesMoines. The real reason is probably…..lack of staff.

    Local Halan hospital is licensed for 24 beds but due to staff shortages they can only operate TEN BEDS.

  144. Simple girl

    Thank you Mr. Hunter, for all you do to keep us informed!!!! I too would like to see you interview Mr. High on how and why he came to the conclusion they may have added hundreds of years to our time? I don’t see how they could add hundreds of years of history, subtract maybe, but to come up with hundreds of years of fabricated people, events and stories? To every nation ? When does he think they were added ? Are just some questions I have. God bless you Mr. Hunter!!!

  145. WD


    This makes sense. Biden seemed enraged at un vaxxed. I thought if 75% were vaxxed what is the problem?

    Its because people are not running to get it like Clif was saying…..

  146. Strop

    Us Aussies love you too Greg. Thanks for another great interview with Clif High. Keep flighting the good fight & God bless you mate.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Strop!! I love Australia!!! “Never, Never, Never give up”!!!!!!!

  147. Matt Houston

    Hey, Greg. Why not get Judy Mikovits on?
    Here’s one you might find interesting. I did.

  148. Randy Best

    Clif talks about future years and decades. Do we even have that long?

  149. Mark

    Found NAC at vitamin store .
    Thanks for the heads up.
    Through all of the conversations with Cliff,
    I always find a glimmer of hope.
    God Bless all…

  150. Skip Havely

    ANOTHER outstanding interview! If Clif High is just half correct, we all need to prepare ourselves for extremely difficult times. THANK YOU GREG!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Skip for tuning in & for all your support!

  151. Suzan Smiley

    We found out this morning a friend with a small business received a call from his bank calling in his loan. He had to sell everything. He’s out of business. I believe we will start seeing more of this.

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