Default on Global Monetary System Coming-Bix Weir

bix_weirBy Greg Hunter’s  (Early Sunday Release)

Financial analyst Bix Weir says the mother of all money meltdowns is a sure thing. Weir contends there is one big question everybody should be asking.  Weir says, “What’s the dollar going to be worth?  What’s fiat money going to be worth after the banks crash?”

So, can the financial powers keep manipulating the U.S. dollar forever? Weir say, “I think they can, they have and they will as long as it is in the United States’ advantage.  It’s been our advantage to run this un-backed fiat system.  We have been the world’s reserve currency for a long time.  Now, we are the largest debtor nation in the world.  Now, we have all these problems with currencies.  It’s turning into a place where it is no longer to our advantage.  With the click of a mouse, we can end this game.”

It won’t just be a debt default, and Weir explains, “It will be a default on our monetary system. Yes, it is a default on our debt, but it won’t be just the U.S.  It will be everybody, and it will be blamed on the banks.  They have set it up that way.  They gave the banks enough rope to hang themselves.  What it’s going to do is get rid of all this debt.  The biggest problem in the world now is debt.  Some people are going to be very mad at the U.S.  People are going to be very nationalistic, and it’s already started in the U.S. with Trump.  We will become nationalistic, and we will shut our borders when this crash happens.  This is the only way to get rid of the mess, and you and I know this mess is completely out of control. . . .There is no way out, and the idea was to never pay the debt.”

Weir also adds, “I talk about this a lot, and this comes directly from the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, and it comes from a 1960’s Nobel Prize winning paper, and it says the only way to get back to a gold standard is to print money in the largest amounts as you can—to infinity and collapse the system, and then go back to the gold standard. That’s what they’ve been doing.”

It won’t be an easy transition. Weir says it all starts with “a mass awakening followed by chaos.”  Weir contends, “People keep asking how will the people wake up? . . . . The moment that happens is when the banks fail, and they go to their ATM’s. . . . They are going to be very angry. . . . They will believe these banks will have stolen their life savings.  That’s when people will wake up in mass amounts.”

Weir says that will, no doubt, lead to chaos and asks, “The question is how much chaos. The U.S. has had plans to deal with this since the 1970’s.”

The “chaos will lead to transition,” according to Weir, and we will have a “We the People moment.” Weir explains, “It will be played out on TV in front of Congress. . . . If Congress approves another bailout, the apparatus will stay in place and . . . all of our freedoms and liberty will be gone. . . . When people lose their checking accounts and savings accounts, they are going to say you are not going to bail out anybody—especially the banks. . . .You can kiss it all goodbye, and then we get to start fresh.”

When all this happens you should have physical gold and silver—especially silver. Weir explains, “Silver has been used as money for 5,000 years, even more than gold has been used as money.  Above ground silver and above ground gold are about 6 billion ounces each—total.  Why is there an 80 to 1 ratio in price of silver to gold?  It’s the computers and the market rigging that has been going on since the 1970’s. . . .Silver will be the last released in manipulation because it is so important.  It’s a national security issue. . . . The price of silver today in U.S. dollar terms should be one to one with the price of gold.  After the shakeout it will be a 4 to one ratio.”  (The price for both will be much higher in dollar terms according to Weir.)

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Bix Weir of and author of the third book in his series called “The Road Awakens.”

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview: 

You can find free articles and buy a copy of Weir’s new book “The Road Awakens,” on

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  1. FC

    One would expect after a banking crash, a $100 bill would be worth at least the cost of it’s production of 12.3 cents…………….but I doubt it will be even worth that much.

    • Steve

      If all the banks crash and bank deposits get sucked into a black hole physical cash could be worth multiples more in the short term. It depends if people are willing to trade real goods for paper.

      • Frank

        Real Estate is the key to wealth. (That’s why silver gurus never talk about it.) Silver is no longer money. Only gold is money now

        • Bill Downey

          Good luck with that idea. The same will happen to real estate as it did during the crash of Rome. The Government raised taxes so high on real estate that owners walked away from their homes and left them there. The word suburbs (outside the city) comes from the word Surburbia (the line where Roman taxes ended). It took 1800 years for Rome to get back to the population it had before the crash (2 million people). In a debt collapse, there is nowhere to hide — perhaps with the exception of physical gold and silver.

    • Steve

      As most gold has traditionally been controlled by central banks silver is probably the bigger threat as an alternative to FIAT money. If Bix Weir is correct and silver skyrockets could copper become the poor man’s silver as it also has a monetary history?

      • Galaxy 500

        Unlikely copper will be that valuable enough when it is currently $4.70/kilo when silver is $15/troy ounce. When we started as a nation, copper was semiprecious. Today, it’s everywhere

    • Andrew de Berry (Rev)

      Seen outside a Zimbabwean public convenience:
      No cardboard, no cloth, no Zim dollars, no newspaper.

    • Pinocchio

      According to one of my sources inside Federal Reserve, there will be a new edition of $100 bill after Hillary become the next and the last president of USA. The new $100 bill will have the swastika on the back side, and on the front side there will be the face of Godzilla.

      • Bert Jax

        that’s awesome, good sense of humor!

        • Pinocchio

          Every state system is started with humour and will be ended in melancholy. I know about this from one of my sources inside Kremlin.

    • Tom Ruder

      To know VALUE of a dollar you must compare it to what it bought in the past. This point is NOT debatable by MSM Bloomberg cheerleaders or any CEO. Pick any year you want … say 1956 … ELVIS LOL. A loaf of bread (ooppps forget that .. weight change manipulation), gallon of milk is better n was .30. Today it’s what $5.50. So 5.50/.30 = 18.33% or × (times) if u prefer. 100 – 18 = 82% reduction in value. $1.00 in 1956 is now worth .1833 cents today. That’s probably conservative. Mark to market is another manipulation. Folks .. we accountants own the world … not bankers. We choose the valuation formulas. We submit the financials to the board for approval. We choose which GAAP rules to ignore or apply. We handle the actual bank accounts. Really … a banker couldn’t find source docs to save his worthless ass. Think Solendra or Ken Leigh. The guys like Bush or Obama can’t figure out how to reconcile a checking account. How u know I’m telling u factual truth? … cause you NEVER hear a word about the accounting dept.

    • bill

      If the banks collapse and the debt is wiped out, what happens to
      personel debt?

      • TPTB

        Do you believe that if an entity plays by the “rules”, that they should be able to keep that which they have “earned”?

        What would you think if China owned your mortgage?

    • Collateral Damage

      This was said by Pat Buchanan nearly 10 years ago. Resonates even more so today…
      Which explains why Trump and Bernie are so popular.

      Today, candor compels us to admit that our vaunted two-party system is a snare and a delusion, a fraud upon the nation. Our two parties have become nothing but two wings of the same bird of prey. On foreign and trade policy, open borders and centralized power, our Beltway parties have become identical twins. Both supported NAFTA and GATT and the surrender of our national sovereignty to the WTO. Both supported the extension of nuclear war guarantees to the borders of Russia. Both supported the illegal war on Serbia. Both support IMF bailouts of corrupt regimes. Both vote for MFN trade privileges for a Communist Chinese regime that today targets missiles on American cities. The appeasement of Beijing is a bipartisan disgrace, and we will not be a part of it.

      Neither party speaks for the forgotten Americans whose jobs were sent overseas to finance the boom market of the 1990s that the rest of us enjoy. Both parties are addicted to soft money. Both write laws with lobbyists looking over their shoulders. Both embrace the unprincipled politics of triangulation.

      And neither fights today with conviction and courage to rescue God’s country from the cultural and moral pit into which she has fallen. The day of the outsider is over in the Beltway parties; the money men have seen to that. Never again will our political establishment permit a dissident to come as close to capturing a nomination as we did in 1996. They have rearranged the primary schedule and rigged the game to protect the party favorites.

      Candidates of ideas need not apply, as both parties seek out the hollow men, the malleable men, willing to read from teleprompters speeches scripted by consultants and pollsters for whom the latest print-out from the Focus Group is sacred text.

      We choose not to play our assigned role in their sham election. My friends, this year is our last chance to save our republic, before she disappears into the godless New World Order that our elites are constructing in a betrayal of everything for which our Founding Fathers lived, fought, and died.

    • Circusmaestro

      It will depend on how much you can give for a toilet paper…

  2. David

    What a wacky world we live in…you just can’t make this stuff up. I agree that we will never unwind our national debt or the trillions that have been pumped into the economy. Great interview Greg.

  3. Bob T.

    Hi Greg,

    By far the best interview you have done in a long, long, …… long, long time 🙂

    Bix, love you man. And thanks for not mentioning Bitcoin – I think that is the only item you have ever mentioned that mis-directs people. Just does not fit with all of your other work.


    • al hall

      Greg: Bix is great- but I told you all of this over a year ago. And More!! These guys get credit for this and they are way late to the conversation.
      I’m told the people will not wake-up enough. Other countries have been trail tested and the people did next to nothing. That when the fag Obama rolls out martial law and the FEMA camps open full time for business. Remember the the guillotines that are being stored around the country- they come into play at the FEMA camps.
      The elite’s that killed JFK are playing for keeps. It will be very messy, very soon!

      • Silence is Golden

        I agree same narrative gets rehashed endlessly perhaps with a slightly different take. Its not new…although it does reinforce the issues for those that are lost or in disbelief.
        Too hard to listen to…simply hit the pause or close the browser. Easy and painless.

  4. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,

    Great interview. I always enjoy Bix’s perspective but this time I think he is wrong about one thing: America will not rise from the ashes. When the biggest bully on the block gets whipped by the smallest kid in class, all the other kids see that it was just huff and puff. When America goes down this time the rest of the world will do just like a Bugs Bunny cartoon and play “Pile up on the Rabbit” and America will be the rabbit.

    Keep an eye on the “super-cycle” timeframes and listen to what your guest are saying. Who knows, maybe the bankers will pull another “rabbit” out of their hats.

    Keep up the great work.

    • Anne Elliott

      When Bix was talking about “all the debt being wiped out” as a means to get rid of all the problems, it made me flash back to the fact that this is the Jubilee year – when in Jewish tradition all debts are to be wiped out and everyone is restored back to their original financial state debt-free. I wonder if Bix knows about that?

  5. James Hastings

    “Once again, in a little while, I will shake the heavens and the earth and the sea and the dry land, and I will shake the nations, so that the treasures of ALL nations shall come in, and I will fill this house with splendor, says the Lord of hosts. The silver is mine, and the gold is mine, says the Lord of hosts.”…..”I am about to destroy the strength of the kingdoms of the nations and overthrow the chariots and their riders, and ….everyone by the sword of his fellow.” Haggai 2

    I just love the minor prophets. They all share the end times. Good interview.

    • Country Codger

      Hello Anne,
      This year is not a Jubilee year but rather a sabbatical year. The last Jubilee was 1996 and the final Jubilee will be 2045. The Hillel II calendar of the Jews is 76 years off because Rabbi Jose (pronounced yo-see) and Rabbi Akiva (pronounce A-kee-va) changed the Jewish calendar to make Shimeon bar Khokhba look like the messiah prophesied in Daniel 9 which was drastically misunderstood. Anyway, once bar Khokhba died the calendar was never corrected back to the true date. It is still 76 years off. Pastor Cahn has made famous the sabbatical year but not our responsibilities. He is also from Sept. to spring off. You see, in YHWH’s calendar you cannot know ahead of time when a particular date is because you have to rely on Him. ((That is why you read about “a day and a time that no man knoweth”)) This is a reference to a particular time and date in the Hebrew, not Jewish, calendar. This is talked about in Matt. 24 and 1 Cor. 15:52
      Nevertheless, may Yah bless.

      • Billy

        For the jubilee year, just look at recent events to figure it out. Jubilee is not just a forgiveness of debt but also a restoration of land (property). It happens every 50 years. 1917: Allenby retakes Jerusalem from the Turks which allowed for the regathering and formation of Israel. 1967: Six Day War, Jerusalem (a divided city) re-united. Which brings us to 2017.
        We shall see, shortly…

  6. NomadWizard

    Thanks Greg,
    Can’t believe, although I’m in nowhere Canada, that one %, if not less, of people I have met on the street has any idea what is really going on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’ve been pointing things out for 42 years, back then it would have been a lot easier to start making changes. Even now with the internet they look at me sideways ??
    Heart breaking that not one of my family members have even listened. People keep buying toys, investing in retirement funds cause they think they are getting tax breaks, sure on paper now, but, they just keep changing the rules as they go. Kannada, couple years ago raised the retirement age to 67. No one I have spoken to even believes me that bail in provisions where slipped in to the 2013 Budget, hidden on page 144 or 245.
    Think I’m nuts for buying small hobby farms, with a house, in Mexico and S. America for about what it costs to build a garage, not including the land, up here. And taxes per year for BOTH is less than a, low budget, nite on the town. Tax are less than 2 cups of Starbucks coffee a week for a year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Faith

      NomadWizard: welcome to the crowd. You are not alone. I know your pain.

    • CC

      This was referring to the first coming of Jesus-as were all the minor prophets.

      Among the blessings the LORD would give His people at the rebuilt
      temple was “peace” (v 9). Several hundred years after Haggai wrote, in
      that rebuilt temple, a Spirit-filled devout man took the baby Jesus in his
      arms saying, “Lord, now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace,
      according to thy word: for mine eyes have seen thy salvation … “ (Lu
      2:29-30). “We have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ”
      (Rom 5:1).

  7. your fan in Japan

    Another great interview Greg. I had a weird moment this weekend. I had to accompany my kids to Universal Studios Japan. It cost, all told, about 300 bucks. Measured in rice, it was one year’s comsumption (at Japanese market prices) That’s one year of a food staple for a day at USJ. Something is wrong with this picture.

  8. Steven R

    Sorry but I can see no scenario where after a dollar collapse any regular person will be allowed to profit from their own stacked silver or gold. Too much blood will accompany such an event and there will be heck to pay. It will be taxed at 100% and or confiscated at the point of a gun. Your family, friends, and neighbors who spent everything they had on living large and now have nothing will not allow for you to profit at the expense of their misery. Politicians will be eager to save their own neck and it wont take much to convince the masses that you as a ” hoarder” were part of the reason for the collapse of the dollar in the first place. To those who think they will be able to barter under the table I could see a very stiff penalty for you like death and a very high financial reward for those who turn you in to the authorities. You will be very fearful to even have your gold and silver on your property. We all joke about losing our PM in a canoeing accident and the sad truth is we may be dumping everything we have into the water on purpose to avoid being caught with PM’s. Why buy PM then? They are for your great great grandchildren who after a 40 – 100 year period post collapse will finally be able to bring your stash from out of the hole you buried it in and profit from it. They will raise a toast to you at that time for your wise investment…

    • Faith

      Steven R: I fear you may be correct.

    • Steve

      They probably will come after precious metals…but what financial asset isn’t at risk in such a scenario? Paper money, bonds and stocks (If you believe Bix you don’t even own your own stocks!) will have been obliterated, housing market will have crashed, farmland will be overrun by starving people if you try to grow food and stockpiling food and water may become as illegal as owning precious metal.

      • Faith

        Steve: that has already happened in Venezuala. Or most of it.

        • Galaxy 500

          Faith, fear is all Steven has. Keep the faith [pun intended ] and be prepared

      • Anne Elliott

        I remember my Mom saying that during the Great Depression, “everyone was in the same boat” – no one had anything, and everyone suffered equally except the ultra rich. After order is restored this time, maybe it will be the same way, except the people in the country will probably be better off with a few chickens, and a little land to plant gardens on.

      • Linda L.

        I’m thinking that there’s a strong possibility that gold could be confiscated at some point as a necessary national store of
        wealth after a collapse, however I’m not sure about silver. Silver is used in the production of many products, so how could the government take complete control of silver under these circumstances? Folks probably have a much greater risk of being robbed for their silver by whoever, versus it being confiscated by the gov., but I could be wrong. Either way, in order to be safer, one would have to live in a very rural area, live on a remote island somewhere, or even underground to survive this mess because the majority of folks just aren’t prepared (living in a dream world), so it’s going to be absolute hell for most of us. My own family, who believe that nothing is wrong, are planning all their future vacations (you name it), while I’m running to the store for extra toilet paper/supplies (gotta love them anyway).

    • andyb

      Nice try, Steven, but your propaganda won’t work. Go back to high school to learn a little about history; Weimar, Zimbabwe, Argentina, Brazil, etc etc. What will happen is what always happens; a barter economy. There will be many who will accept gold and silver in payments; after all they both have been money for 1000s of years. Even those with an IQ under 100 understand. You should as well.

    • art barnes

      Yea, as sad as your statement is I must agree that what you stated is more than likely than any other(s). As you stated and or implied the spend all save nothing masses will demand your stuff be divided among themselves and the American politicians will follow the masses for their votes and pass emergency legislation(laws) to do just that. To bad indeed but that is where we are, the savers & preppers will be seen as criminals, turned in & become outlaws, imprisoned, shot by swat teams to get your guns, ammo, food stocks, etc. Your gold and silver will also be confiscated, unfortunately that is were we find ourselves all for being prudent & informed.

      • Faith

        When HS asks me about my PMs I will laugh. What PMs? Are they going to dig up every back yard and drain every lake searching for PMs? No. Am I a criminal? Not right now but I expect in the future that some people will call me one.

      • Andrew

        When a barter economy emerges, there will naturally be a variety of ‘monies’ that will be used to settle accounts. FRNs, PM, jewelry, Tide detergent, you name it. There won’t be any wholesale PM confiscation. There isn’t enough around for a government dragnet. You will be taxed heavily if you want to exchange it for any kind of fiat currency, but you won’t need to use fiat locally. Even if the FRN craps out, these paper ‘dollars’ will still be tradeable. They may never make it back to the bank, but because they are hard to counterfeit, they will always have some kind of value as a barter instrument.

        • Galaxy 500

          Look at the Argentina pesos and the black market around its trade in USD. Even the papers publish the black market exchange rate. Why, because it is the “real” exchange rate.

      • Galaxy 500

        Good men aren’t going to follow illegal orders or power mad government grab for private property. But ner’do’wells will and I won’t have a problem protecting my family from them. Swat team rolls up on you, your good neighbors now they are next. Even the bad neighbors will be shooting the SWAT team up. It’s called being caught in a cross fire and targets of opportunity. Maybe you will but I won’t let them come for my good neighbours. Besides, with the population density where I live, it’s a waste of gas and man power to even come search our little country shacks.
        Sounds like you will not resist. I don’t plan to allow evil to injury my family and meekly go to oblivion

        • art barnes

          Don’t ever think I would not resist, but most won’t even if you think they will as they will be out gunned and their families held hostage.

    • Steve

      It’s humorous how much strength people attribute to their masters. Steven has the profile of an individual who has already given up, beaten into submission to the point that he has become afraid of his own thoughts. Oh mercy rain down upon poor Steven and his plight under the heavy hand of the g-man. Myself, and I hope many millions of others will give the g-man a well deserved one-fingered salute and try to make the best of the sh*t storm they created.

    • Galaxy 500

      Steven R,
      First of all, why would anyone even your closest friends and family know how well prepared you are? People that either tell everyone their business or brag about their “superior ” prep are painting a big ass bullseye on their backs and that of their families. A couple of posters here come to mind, those that don’t use a nom de plume.
      Seems like you have give up Dude. Which is fine but why try to dissuade others from proper preperation? You sound like one of these people that are jealous of people being prepared for what’s coming.
      IN the world you paint, the Govt won’t have much control over much beyond DC. There will be anarchy and people sent to collect your guns and valuables won’t have very long life expectancies. There will be civil war.
      Having gold and silver will you to protect your family as will firearms and lead. The scenario you paint, substitute food, water and medicine for gold and silver. The ner’do’wells will be coming for that
      They will be angry you are eating while they starve. They have the Lexus while you drove a Chevy or Ford. You are one of those hoarders that prepared and if you would only share what you have with everyone, for the public good and all.
      Dude, Your neighbors are going to be your enemy of they know you have food and they don’t. Your neighbors are going to be your enemy… why would you be telling your business to your enemies? It’s one thing to tell people they need to be prepared. It is stupidity to tell people you have gun, silver and food. And it isn’t cost effective to search every house in the country for valuables. It would take a suspension of the Constitution and I believe when that happens, we’ll have the second American Revolution. It will be the good citizens against the ner’do’wells, moslems and Demoncrats. The forces of Christ against evil. [Not talking end of the world just a fight for the soul of America ]
      I live in the country and have like minded neighbors. If they send in troops to take up guns, gold and silver, we’ll show them the art of ambush. I imagine they don’t understand what a bunch of red necks and retired Marines can do but they’ll find out if it comes to that. But I don’t see the military buying into this. Oh, some will but the majority won’t because they don’t want their stuff taken either.

      • JC Davis

        G 500. Good to see that you understand no man is a island. The best prep is knowing who will watch your back.

      • Collateral Damage

        Thank you G-500,

        Remember the parable of the Ants and the Grasshoppers –

        There are no guarantees in this world, but I have always thought of myself as an Ant.

        Best Regards to you,


    • Toney

      You are assuming that the powers that be will survive and will still be pulling the strings. I think that unlikely. I believe the crash will be so catastophic that any Federal resources will likely be engaged in trying to hold onto their power base. I see a civil war coming…

      • Galaxy 500

        The Second American Revolution
        The first time from the tyranny of the King and his nobility. This time from the tyranny of Washington.

      • Silence is Golden

        The Roman Empire failed miserably…and yet the Nobility carried on. Rome still rules and the Empire has expanded.
        History will repeat.

        • Silence is Golden

          Nothing has changed….except the public face of the rulers.

  9. StarB

    Hey Greg,
    as usual a good interview with well timed pertinent questions . I have both of Bix’s previous books and am planning to purchase the 3rd. A random question, but do you know the name of the picture Bix had in the background? I’m really drawn to it and have seen a similar picture (possibly the same) in a video I saw with David Morgan.

    Thank you for delivering high quality information for FREE to those whose eyes and ears are open. I will be making a donation to show my gratitude, keep up the fantastic work.

    PS: Have you considered interviewing Dr Jim Willie?. I believe he would make an interesting guest.

    Peace and Love

    • dbcooper

      StarB, I believe it is Don Quixote … Yours, DB.

      • dbcooper

        StarB, PS, apropos I would think as many of the observers here (Doggers) are tinting at windmills. Yours, DB.

      • Ag_Ed

        Actually it’s the GATA logo I think…

    • Galaxy 500

      Yes, I would love to hear from Wet Willie about how Scalia’s death is a hoax and how he’s on a beach somewhere alongside 0bama Bin Laden. And maybe how unicorn flatulence will power the world one day.
      /s [that is the sarcasm flag and in this case, it’s extreme ]

      • dbcooper

        G5, But you must admit there are a whole lot of really weird points with Scalia’s “death”. DB

  10. Faith

    Deutsche Bank JPMorgan Goldman: the derivatives can take them down. I agree.

    Coco bonds: contingent collateral bonds. They are also insane. Just another fake financial instrument.

    I have never understood derivatives. Ever. They looked like a fancy way to gamble and to run a con artist scheme.

    The winners will be those with debt? Huh?

    The open borders / globalists have destroyed the US and Europe. There is no way to give everyone that lands in the US access to our welfare system without that system being collapsed.

    When people wake up it is going to be complete chaos. I agree. When people can’t buy groceries or gas and they have no cash and their credit and debit cards do not function many people will completely freak out. Most people don’t have $1000 cash or a garden or two weeks worth of food in their pantry. People will be surprised when the local grocery store shelves are empty and not refilled. Which is when they will be told to show up at the local Red Cross feeding station for a weeks worth of rations. (And people thought Black Friday shoppers were crazy!)

    Silver is still less than $16 an ounce. Cheap, cheap, cheap!

    The totalitarians are inside the gates. They want nothing less than total and complete control. I don’t know who will win. I think they will start a war and steamroll the populace. Congress is owned, not by the people, but by the globalists. Nonetheless, this was a very timely and interesting interview.

  11. Forrest W Byers

    Greg, all I can say is, “Wow!” Thanks for clicking all the pieces together. Your sign off that you do frequently about being mindful of our blessings is most appropriate. If one will use all of the matters in your conclusion, one need never have any reason to fear. The not so secret secret is with all your heart and soul to be dutiful to the Lord’s design and intent, in all things, that we might find that the streets of the celestial kingdom are really paved with gold. I salute you!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Forest. “Fear Not”.

  12. Mike R

    But, Warren Buffet says everything is fine, and for everyone to quit your whining….

    He must know something the rest of us don’t, as his Berkshire fund has beaten the S&P 500 by a long shot in 43 out of 46 years on a 5 year rolling average.

    “It’s an election year, and candidates can’t stop [squealing] about our country’s problems (which, of course, only they can solve). As a result of this negative drumbeat, many Americans now believe that their children will not live as well as they themselves do,” Buffett wrote in Berkshire’s annual letter.

    “That view is dead wrong: The babies being born in America today are the luckiest crop in history,” declared Buffett, one of the world’s wealthiest men with an estimated net worth in excess of $60 billion.

    Buffett highlighted data that showed U.S. per capita growth is six times higher currently than it was in 1930, the year of his birth. Those gains are the byproduct of productivity and efficient work, he said.

    “U.S. citizens are not intrinsically more intelligent today, nor do they work harder than did Americans in 1930. Rather, they work far more efficiently and thereby produce far more,” Buffett added. “This all-powerful trend is certain to continue: America’s economic magic remains alive and well.”

    The U.S.’s surging entitlement spending and its seemingly intractable debt have stoked widespread concerns about insolvency, and the inability of the federal government to meet its future obligations. Buffett, however, was hearing none of it.

    “For 240 years it’s been a terrible mistake to bet against America, and now is no time to start,” the billionaire wrote.”

    (My take: nothing in life is a bed of roses, but also things are not nearly as bad as people seem to make them out to be on the internet. Of course not everyone can be a Buffet, but not everyone has to be a Buffet or anything even remotely close, to have a good life. Just as in sports or other activities, not everyone is meant to be the Quarterback, or Team Captain, and its up to each person to find their role on a team in a business, or in a family, or community. Always consider the source, when you hear things are doom and gloom, because its actually harder to find the good in people, the good in life, than it is to be a critic. Here is an experiment – when you wake up each day, see if you can find 1o things that day that are ‘good’ and that by the end of the day, you can say to yourself, I’m grateful for this or that in my own life. It doesn’t have to be what’s good about you, and it can most certainly be what is good about something that a friend or stranger did, or what is good about some happening in nature. Maybe it was something as simple, as the day’s temperature was 61 degrees, instead of the usual 38 degrees in your neck of the country, as it is for ours here in the northern midwest. When you start doing that every single day, then all of sudden, these things you see reported here, one just a few people’s observations, doesn’t it make it so that they can predict any future any better than a Warren Buffet, or that you can. Predictions don’t matter, at least for me, as in any given moment, I could be struck by a heart attack, or hit by a car, or my life gets ended by whatever means that is unexpected. So when that happens, whatever prediction you heard from someone about tomorrow or 3 months from now, do you think that prediction mattered to you, or would if you were found dead today ? Look at Scalia…. here one day, and the next he’s found in bed with a pillow over his head. I think life is more about how you view it, and act in it, than anything you might read here or on any website, and so what does it really pay to get so anxious, and spill so much whining out on a web-page blog ? )

    • WD

      Mike R,

      Yes I have seen this before from him. Remember he is still a stock broker that picks over “great deals”. He is wrong on GDP. Also we have 45% supporting 55% of the country.

      Our GDP is one of the lowest ever, in 1930 there was the great depression. There are many other analyst who speak differently.

      Many corporate profits are down. I used to be an assistant to as stockbroker as an internship I did in college. Everything was always fine.

      This time it is different. He has to say this…

      • Galaxy 500

        He also received massive government bailouts. It’s easy to be profitable when the government papers over your big arse mistakes

    • WD

      Mike R,

      This is what Buffet had to say about derivatives (2002):

      “The derivatives genie is now well out of the bottle, and these instruments will almost certainly multiply in variety and number until some event makes their toxicity clear. Central banks and governments have so far found no effective way to control, or even monitor, the risks posed by these contracts. In my view, derivatives are financial weapons of mass destruction, carrying dangers that, while now latent, are potentially lethal.”

      Warren Buffet 2002- So in a way he was ahead of his time- So Mike what do you think he really means?

  13. Rich

    I likey the little green box sitting on your file cabinet Bix 🙂

  14. Frederick Flintstone

    Hi Greg,

    First off, my wife and I love your site, and when you begin your introduction, she always says ” Hi Greg!” . Your voice is as familiar to us as our family, neighbors, or our cats for that matter. Thank you.

    As to why I am writing, Bix thinks, at least thats what I thought I heard, that Congress will not ‘give in’ and write a check for the bankers fiasco.

    There is no precedent for him to utter those words. Congress time and time again has made it abundantly clear they favor the status quo, whether they be demos or repubs. I know recently, that the Senate Judiciary Committee has said they will not entertain or even consider any obummer nominee for the Supreme Court. We will see, its very early, and the blackmail has just begun. The apparatus is in place, and the elite handlers are deciding how to apply the needed pressure. They will not go quietly into the night. Period.

    I see dark times ahead, not a ‘dark and stormy night’. The Hegelian Dialectic will prevail,
    problem, reaction, solution… of which ‘they’ are the authors of it all.

    Greg, thank you again for all that you do, and thank God you escaped from mainstream media.

    Consider bringing back Warren Pollack, Martin Armstrong, and as a suggestion, someone from the military establishment, retired of course, with a global view. Matthew Bracken might provide some interesting viewpoints. Oh, if you could arrange it, The Donald would
    be quite an interview as well and place you squarely on the alternative press landscape. Watch out Alex Jones…


    Fred and Wilma

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Frederick. I like both people and will try to get them back soon.

  15. Dale

    I wish I had the guts to go all in silver. I hate to lose all my currency

  16. Pvt. Mushroom

    I wonder how the 1% are getting ready for the reset. Any ideas?

    • Steve

      bunkers might be an idea when the four hoursemen ride into town…

      • Galaxy 500

        It ain’t the 4 horsemen that the bankers are going to have to worry about. It going to be the millions of customers that they are robbing that they will need a bunker for. And woe be unto those that work to protect these theives.
        I won’t be looking for them but there will be million that are.

  17. Jim Taylor

    Tank This Bitch now!

    • Jim Taylor

      To Clarify this bitch is in reference to the fraudulent economic system.

  18. Justn Observer

    Greg – Do you have a ‘reliable’ sources that can comment on ‘current’ WORLD BANK data concerning their opinions on ‘valuation’ of nations reserves with gold vs. without … this is all I found…and wonder how —off—it is…and if their is a re-set coming as your guest suggests…per gold and silver…how would the WB/BIS ‘know’ or not how much the nations ‘say’ they have to back their currencies? If the banks were to ‘pick’ an amount to ‘re-value’ gold or silver – to ‘return’ to a backed currency … would not that ‘require’ an audit so all nations know what % of the SDR’s are backed by —REAL— as perceived stocks each has? lol or are we just to continue to ‘play’ along with the same ‘rigging’ data? Not sure how current these…but US seems to ‘say’ they have a lot of gold…so any re-valuation if high enough might create an advantage that would lessen their position as a ‘debtor’ ? How high a re-evaluation would gold have to offset what might be needed to level debt balances? With what is stated…seems US has an advantage if they re-value …but then who knows how much China/ Russia/India ‘actually’ have – and when does the public ever really get to see the truth of it? lol

    reserves us china saudia arabia russia
    + gold 434,416,453,480 3,900,039,358,441 744,440,558,276 386,216,377,125
    – gold 119,048,748,447 3,859,168,018,441 731,920,228,076 339,369,961,911
    Switzerland Germany brazil india
    545,787,304,073 193,484,844,885 363,570,247,227 325,081,060,900
    505,462,660,370 62,266,014,885 360,964,732,684 303,454,900,705

  19. Sidewalk Apostle


    Thanks for having Bix back on. Always a good guest with his financial background. I agree that the oil and gas contracts now expiring from Jan to March will lead to derivative default acceleration and possibly bank contagion; I wish you would have pressed him more on why April?… I know you tried, but I felt he was trying to sidestep the direct reason rather than give the crux cause of imminent epoch banking collapse.

    My point is, is it related to China starting the gold exchange in April? and the rumor of gold back currency to be initiated as well as the depegging of the petro dollar overseas with the BRICS et al non USD currency exchanges.

    By the way, when does Russia take over the oil pricing?

    Trying to pinpoint the root cause and the default trigger mechanism is more complex than 1 key limiting factor. As most things in life, its multifactorial and the financial market is like predicting the weather with a spoon especially when it is rigged and manipulated to the nth degree.

    “Therefore let any one who thinks that he stands take heed lest he fall” Corinthians 10:12


    • Grafique

      Listen again. Mr. Weir addressed this question specifically.
      Start at 14:40.

      • SA


        “Derivatives, oil, gas and banks…. and 20 other things” does not answer the question stated. I heard and understood his willful answer. However, a direct answer to the question: China, Russia and Europe jumping ship to join the BRICS involvement needed to be addressed more closely to understand the trigger point. Not a generalized etiology that many analysts have repeated. I agree that the points stated are pertinent to the collapse, but not the trigger.

  20. charlie2dogs

    Greg i appreciate your work, you do a great job, and you have a lot of good credible people on, thank you.

  21. Diane D.

    Greg, excellent interview. I love coming home from church and catching the Early Sunday Releases. Bix may be right about how things play out. Very interesting.

    I keep wondering, ‘Why wouldn’t the globalist want one more big payback, QE4 followed by war?’

  22. Justn Observer

    Reserves with gold – reserves with out gold = reserves in gold?
    =$ 315,367,705,033

    what is missing in this picture? lol who’s mountain of gold where is higher?

  23. Hyperbiz

    I fear for the day I will be trading 3 9mm bullets for a potato.

    • Galaxy 500

      Most will take one 9mm round and shoot the guy with the potatoes

  24. Frederick Flintstone


    Please call me Fred, after all, that’s what Barney calls me, LOL.



  25. No One

    the Greek crisis showed me that all these derivatives will never be claimed or payed. Trillions should have been exchanged with the Greek default, but all they had to do was to say it was not a default. these crooks will simply re-define things, and at this point all the banks understand they are never to claim any derivative lest they launch a world-wide crash. and they won’t.

    • Collateral Damage

      You spoke of “redefining things”, reminds me of the book 1984.


  26. Doug C.

    Bix Weir is a very smart guy and has a lot of good information.
    I think everyone needs to read the book, “Creature from Jekyll Island”, about the forming of the Federal Reserve Banking system. It is excellent at explaining how the Central Fractional Banking system is set up to constantly build inflation and also how the people running the system are working toward Socializing the whole world. Just look around the Western World over the last 60 years at how much Socialism has been pushed and how much lower most peoples standard of living is. How many Billions if not Trillions of dollars have been sent to underdeveloped countries, lowering our standard of living (through tax’s to pay for it) and very little help for them. I am 52 and most families had only one bread winner when I was a small kid and did quite fine. Now two people working and paying more and more tax’s and we are slipping farther and farther behind. The idea from the book is to get people used to having the Government give them things and eventually they can be talked into giving up their Sovereignty and having one World Bank and one World Government. It is a very eye opening book and like I say, everyone NEEDS to read it. Lets all hope that once the so called RESET takes place that there are still enough people around that have not drunken the Socialist KoolAde to fight back against the Bankers and Social Engeneering Politicians. Food, Water, Cash/Presious Metals in hand, Gas and something to protect you and your family with are necessities. April sounds like a good time for them to push things over the edge. The weather is warm in most places (to the point of not dying from the cold) and it will give people and Government all summer to have things up and running for Winter again. The G20 Finance Ministers meet in China this week. Should be an interesting meeting I am sure. Do you think they will be planning when and how to crash the system and also what will happen next? I do.

  27. steven starr

    I live in a rural area, where most people dislike the federal government, own firearms, grow their own food, and are highly unlike to comply with an order to hand over anything they have legally obtained to the federal government. The sheriff in our county has gone on record saying that he will resist any order to turn over firearms to the federal or state government. They will have a civil war on their hands if they decide to use force to confiscate weapons or precious metals.

    A global collapse of Western banking systems would likely trigger a collapse in our food and fuel delivery systems, which means the stores will be emptied of food within a week. Even if martial law is declared, the federal and state governments will have their hands full trying to deal with utter chaos. I doubt they will be too worried about coming out here after us if the cities are being burned down and people are starving.

    Our corrupt Congress has participated in the destruction of our Constitutional freedoms. Would they stand up to are quest by the Federal government for more funds? Somehow I am not optimistic.

    Suppose, however, that Congress approves “helicopter money” to bail out everyone and everything. Won’t at some point other nations refuse to accept our worthless fiat currency in exchange for the industrial goods and finished foodstuffs that we no longer produce? I think this will be the final breaking point, when we can no longer create endless electronic and paper dollars to pay for everything.

  28. JMiller

    Bix Weir states that if one of the big banks with a large amount of derivatives goes under it will take down every bank including your local and state run banks and none can survive it. This, of course, is not a fact but just his opinion and is unlikely to happen. I thank Greg for asking the following question. Greg asked Bix Weir to explain how local banks and banks with no real connection to derivatives will also go down too. Bix Weir says it will be because of bank runs because everyone will run to their bank to get their money out. Well first off, bank runs at every bank may or may not happen. Secondly, if there are bank runs the government can and probably will use capital controls to stop it. And thirdly, the government will remind people about how the banking system is sound and that the problem is with just a few of the banks (not that I believe that). They will mention FDIC insurance and how no depositor has ever lost a penny of insured deposits since the FDIC was created in 1933 (which is true). So could capital controls and reassurance from the government stop bank runs and keep the majority of banks from going down because of it? The answer is a definite yes as we have seen in the past. Back in the 1920s and early 1930s there were thousands of bank failures that occurred, many because of bank runs. In 1933 with the creation of the FDIC and deposit insurance, people immediately stopped withdrawing money from the banks and instead started to deposit their money back into the banks. The same kind of thing happened with the run on the money market funds in 2008. The government guaranteed the money market funds and the outflows stopped. Did the banks in Cyprus, Greece and Iceland all cease to exist since they also had bank runs? No, they are still around. Capital controls were used. So is it guaranteed, like Bix Weir implies, that if a few large banks fail because of derivatives that all the banks in the U.S., many of which have little or no derivative exposure, will also fail? The answer is no. The same can also be said for credit unions.

    As far as a major bank failure as in Bix Weir’s example of JPMorgan if it was to “go down”, the FDIC can create a bridge bank so it would allow the bank to function without inhibiting the day-to-day operations for it’s depositors.

    • Greg Hunter

      Many and I mean many experts on derivatives including Rob Kirby contend this that a derivative explosion will bring down the financial system. We saw a taste of it with Lehman, AIG and MF Global.

      • JMiller


        I do not doubt that a derivatives explosion could bring down the financial system over a period time. But what exactly does “bring down the financial system” mean? To what degree, how fast will it happen and for how long? Does that mean that every single bank and credit union is guaranteed to go under, never to return like Bix Weir says or at least implies? If so, then that would mean that almost every company goes out of business. For how long will the whole financial system be down, if it does go down? A few days like the bank holiday back in 1933? For weeks or months like Bill Holter says could happen? I believe that everything I said in my previous comment is true. I am not saying that there would be no serious consequences to other banks if the TBTF banks in the U.S. experience a derivative explosion or saying that it is impossible that the whole banking system could be shut down even for a short period of time (bank holiday). I just want to point out the flaws in Bix Weir’s belief that even ALL the banks that have little or no derivatives will be taken down and not survive simply because of bank runs, which can easily be stopped. It would take more than that. Also to point out if a large bank becomes insolvent that the FDIC can create a bridge bank that COULD allow businesses to still operate which I wonder if Bix Weir knows that.

        I mean there are ways to TRY to minimize or at least slow down the coming financial crisis or collapse which I think some of the derivative “experts” are not really knowledgeable about. That may explain why some people say that once a large bank has a derivatives meltdown it will be just like dominoes falling, real easy peasy or that there will be a complete collapse of the global financial system that happens almost overnight. I do not believe the coming financial crisis or collapse, which some say has already started, will be that easy or that quick and the more I learn, the more I am sure of it. All the people that have any credibility with me seem to believe it is a process that will happen over the next one to three years. This is why I recommend having some physical precious metals, some cash at home, a couple of months of food and water, a firearm and ammo, some extra gasoline etc…

        Greg, I am curious. Would you include Bix Weir, Andy Hoffman and Bill Holter in that list of “experts” on derivatives?

        Thanks for what you do. You are an OK guy.

        • Greg Hunter

          I gave the best expert I personally know, and that’s Rob Kirby. He started trading derivatives at the very beginning for a big Canadian bank in the mid 1980’s. As far as Bix Weir, Andy Hoffman and Bill Holter they have extensive Wall Street experience as analysts or traders. They are financial experts in their own right and they certainly understand derivatives in detail, but probably not with the personal trading experience of Rob Kirby.

        • Shadow of Doubt

          I have no other validating sources (so take this statement for what its worth) but those close to the Wells Fargo “leak” state that according to the Banker’s own projections–the upcoming collapse will dwarf that which occurred during the Great Depression. Banks closure are expected to be, not days or weeks, but months. If so, the chaos and civic hardship will be epic. This might well explain why the banks have provided bug-out bags to some their employees and families (as well as advice to have a non urban fall back option).

        • Jerry

          Is this what you mean by “slowing down”?

          Yes the almighty central banks have all the answers. I guess that’s why our government borrowed 3 trillion dollars from the Chinese, (yes the Chinese )and gave it to them to invest in derivatives. Americans are so stupid. The banks got their money to put in derivatives again. The Chinese got their gold. And of course the American taxpayers got the shaft as usual. Brilliant plan.

          • JMiller


            I never used “slowing down” in my comments so I do not know what you are referring to plus I fail to see what that link has to do with what I said. I said nothing about the economy.

            • Jerry

              “I mean there are ways to TRY to minimize or at least slow down the coming financial crisis or collapse which I think some of the derivative “experts” are not really knowledgeable about”

              Isn’t that your statement?

              • JMiller

                Yes Jerry, that is my statement. One of the things I am referring to is that the FDIC, as receiver for the failed bank under the Orderly Liquidation Authority, could create a bridge bank and transfer some or all of the assets or liabilities of the insolvent bank to the bridge bank. Naturally only the good assets and liabilities would be transferred to the bridge bank. The stock holders will be wiped out and certain liabilities like unsecured debt would be written down. The FDIC then could transfer the derivative contracts to the bridge bank which would prevent the derivatives counterparties from closing out the contracts and taking the collateral or filing a bankruptcy claim since the derivative contracts are now in a solvent bank. The bridge bank also would allow the day-to-day operations to continue for depositors. Now if the FDIC can accomplish this it could minimize or at least slow down the coming financial crisis or collapse.

                • Silence is Golden

                  Yep, that’s the way I see it too. We’ve talked about the bail in regime last year and how bankrupt BANKS can and will survive.
                  There’s always some minor obscure detail written into the Laws….really do need a laser eye to know what to look for though. 😉

      • brian

        But As Mr Weir points out, the real question then is what will such a monumental and spectacular failure result in?

        Will we have the wherewithal to turn this into the beginning of something good?

        Going by what has been on display thus far and the level of denial, depravity and willful ignorance on such a mass scale that got us to this point, I see many reasons to fear the outcome of this collapse; fear it to the point of seeing it as nothing else but the start of a very long and very dark age, whereby we annoint for ourselves, with our actions, our lives and our hearts, a ruler, the likes of which could not be more antithetical to any far stretched understanding of that which is good and Godly.

        To say it another way; I often wonder if it will actually get to the point where people call out to God for relief or pray for Divine intervention and find only the crushing silence warned about in 1 Samuel Chapter 8, specifically in verse 18. A silence that can only then be answered by the enormous burden of Faith and Holy servitude on display in Luke chapter 22 verses 41-44. Do we have the ability to truly follow Christ and ask God for such a terrible burden, even as we know for certain that such a burden would fall upon our backs only with an even greater measure of strength with which to bear it? I seriously wonder if many, most or even all of us would rather elect to slumber outside the gates of the place where such things are done.

    • jim c.

      Hay JMILLER, sound like you are a gamble, well so am I, and I`ll take that bet. If you want to be stupid and take the chance that the banks will not go under and leave your money in there , when you are getting next to nothing in interest , and soon to be negative interest, well go right ahead. I`ll be looking for you in the food lines.

      • JMiller

        jim c.

        Don’t be such an ass. Most people I follow in the non-MSM which includes the ALT media, who are not stupid, are not recommending to take all your money out of the banks or recommending just leaving one or two months worth of expenses. Most are not recommending to put most or all of your money into precious metals either. And why would I be in the food lines? I have just what most people in the ALT media say I should have. A couple months of food and water, a good amount in physical precious metals, some cash in hand, etc… And I know more about the banking system and my own finances than you do. I will make changes if needed just like I have in the past 30 years.

        • dbcooper

          JM, … A couple of month’s??? … Good luck with that!! LOL, DB

          • JMiller


            That is what almost everyone I hear recommends. Sorry but a mad max world in the near future is almost nil.

            • Tin foil hat

              My preparation is very similar as yours. I’m not expecting Mad Max either but I have stockpiled at least 25000-30000 rounds of assorted ammo.

          • JMiller


            Let me explain. When I said to have a couple on months of food and water, I am talking about right now. You can add more later on as things get worse. And people who are “awake” should be able to react before the masses. It would not take much just to grab a couple of cases of canned fruits and vegetables or spaghetti and some extra bottled water if needed. The people who are storing 1 to 2 years worth seem to be preparing for the remote possibilities of a nuclear war or EMP, something that might happen suddenly unlike all the other past collapses or crises. And if they want to do that it is fine but myself and many others choose not to go that degree.

  29. steven starr

    I have a question about the comment that “all the debts will be wiped out with all the assets”. I have assumed that the banks aren’t going to be willing to forget about mortgages or business loans . . . why should or would they? Doesn’t seem likely to me.

    I would note that Jim Willie believes the US will be forced to issue a new domestic currency, a Treasury dollar, and that it will be forced to undergo a series of devaluations shortly after being issued. The devaluations will be required by nations selling us their (industrial) goods. This will result in a greatly reduced purchasing power for Americans. Willie has previously said that mortgages and loans will not be converted to the new currency, and thus their service costs will go up in proportion to the devaluation required for the new Treasury dollars.

    • frederick

      I agree with that Steven regarding the bankers not foregiving debt at least not on valuable property anyway I just cant see why they wouldn’t foreclose and use their prepaid for army of mercenaries to take possession of the properties that is assuming they still have control after things have unraveled If things get that bad I suppose you will have more to worry about than paying your mortgage

      • Galaxy 500

        They would need to have control for that to work and a big army…and the actual promissory note, which most banks don’t have for before 2008.

    • Hatemail

      You betcha. The banks will steal your deposits but your debts will never be forgiven. Banks mark their loans as assets. I don’t see under any circumstance that your mortgage or visa card balance due will be zeroed out. Your bank may sell your loan to another party for pennies on the dollar but you will always be obligated to pay in full. Nobody is going to drive off with an F150 for free.

    • jim c.

      What gives the banks the right to claim our homes if there is still a mortgage ? They gave us the money from the printing press, so it is no more their`s than our`s.

      • Hatemail

        You signed a purchase contract. Under rule of law the bank owns title until the day you pay it off.

  30. Ron

    Excellent double plus good interview, but I sure would have liked to heard more about the government “stabilization plan” that Mr. Weir mentioned in passing.

  31. StarB

    aha..thank you very much dbcooper much appreciated!


  32. Eric

    something else you can consider about the so-called 2% exposure to the oil and gas market:
    If they loaned just one dollar for every dollar deposited, then a 2% exposure would be next to meaningless. But they are leveraged.

    If you loan out $20 for every $1 you take in, then if just 5% of the loans go bad, your capital is wiped out. In other words, 2% of the portfolio, when you are leveraged 20 to 1, is a lot different than 2% of a portfolio that is not being leveraged.

    Right now, the financial markets are very much like a balloon in search of a pin. The oil and gas market and the balance sheet issues of the european banks are just two of the many “pins” out there that can pop the bubble.

    By the way, Greg wants to know what the price of silver will be. This, of course, continues to assume that the US Dollar will have residual value. So, yes, silver will one day be $100 per ounce, then $500, then $1000, then infinity (when the dollar is finally replaced by a currency which is backed by something real).

    And understand that the geometric increase in price will not be a windfall to metal bulls, like myself. With the prices of everything else rising in a commensurate manner, one’s silver or gold holdings will simply preserve that portion of your wealth. You will be better off than the guy who lost everything, but by no means will you be rich.

  33. Jackie Martly

    Great interview. But there is just 1 statement I do not agree with. I do not believe that the guys in the basement of the Treasury can make the price of Gold go to zero with a click of a mouse. I just don’t see how that can be true unless the dollar value was at near zero. Because if it was true, they would have slammed it to $100 an ounce by now. Maybe I just don’t fully understand what Bix was saying..

    • Hatemail

      The reason you and everyone else does not understand what Bix is talking about is that it really doesn’t make any sense.

  34. Brandon W


    Please, please, please bring back Jim Rickards

  35. WD


    Bill Holter and Mannarino have both stated that when this happens it may be highly unlikely that there will be no govt to really turn to…. Especially Holter. He has stated many times that he believes that the US will break up….

    Looking to see what you think…


    • Jim the farmer

      That is not what I get from their contributions. Historically no one has won betting against the US. Trouble coming for sure but something about the people and our resources here ultimately makes a difference. I remeber my mother saying it was much tougher here at the end of ww2 than anyone seems to remember and it was good it ended when it did. Everything was for the war effort. My dad said things went south fast after 29 quickly and stayed tough right up to ww2. Many people just died. Those who can’t negotiate the situation perish and the rest find ways to go on. The farming thing in the early 80’s resulted in a major housecleaning and you couldn’t buy a job in our town with 18+% interest rates. There is a lot of knowledge in our retired population that I believe will help should we have to rise from a bad place. They preached the globalism to the max and that we would be the managers of it when I was getting my MBA in the early 80’s. Well we got it now. How does it taste?

      • WD


        When your dad and my grandfather grew up was a very different time.

        I see a work ethic that defies logic from the newest group of college grads.

        We are no where near the country we were….and I mean this by examining our ethical and moral fiber that determines the direction of a nations society….

        We are at the cusp were many a notions empires ended, ( 250-300 year mark) – Rome, Spain, England etc ….

        Many analyst here call for a Massive great depression on triple steroids.

        Good luck to all

        • Jim the farmer

          Excellent points and I perceive much the same. We’re still pretty solid out here in the countryside where daily chores to survive on the farm are something you just do 365. We’ve been like the sun coming up in the morning for more than a couple generations. Hope it will make a difference.

          • WD

            Respect your choice to become a farmer…trying to do the same here in the deep south….farmland is high here right now.

            Take care…

      • frederick

        Jim that may be true historically but that doesn’t mean it will be true forever Look at what happened to the Roman Empire

  36. Jim G

    Before the end of 2018 there will no longer be a USA and most of you will be gone. Stop thinking things will recover because they won’t. The end game is depopulation and the powers to be have multiple ways to achieve this. If you believe there is a way to head this off and people will wake up you’re all delusional. Leave now while you still have a chance.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jim G. for your uplifting & self defeating message. Don’t fight Jim, just lay down and die–NOT.

      • Dan

        Couldn’t agree more Greg. The strong will fight to regain control of the country (“We The People”). The weak will flee…and Good Riddance!

        • Greg Hunter

          Hope we are standing shoulder to shoulder.

      • Galaxy 500

        Actually, I think he should lay down and give up Greg. The world has enough of his kind already

      • Matties

        Sorry Greg, i agree with Jim G. 7 years from now nobody will live in the USA. The fate of Babylon is desribed in the bible. Go out from her, flee while you can.

    • frederick

      jim where do you expect everyone to go anyway? I would say to possibly get out of large urban areas like NY Chicago or LA and get yourself some good farmland and become as self sufficient as possible Disconnect from the matrix and join some church groups or other groups of likeminded people that you can rely on if the SHTF and as Greg says “fear not” but that’s just my opinion buddy

    • R B

      We still have hope in the only one who can save,when there is no hope.The king of kings ,He shall return and set up the perfect government.

      • Galaxy 500

        What do you intend to do before he shows up?

        • R B

          I’m going to seek God’s council through the reading His word .The Holy Bible, then pray for guidence, warn the unbelievers, encourage the brethren , rejoice in my salvation ,and know He is in control.

          • aussie jeff

            Amen to that ….RB

    • freebreezer

      Jim, leave now and to where? You need to give some specifics on where to go. “Mad Max” not going to happen. TPTB no very well what history teaches when things break down – their heads are the very first to roll when the city masses are starving and mad! Though, being in a big city, it could quickly become ugly in a couple of weeks if the electricity shuts down! Small towns, and rural USA will be just fine … that includes most of fly over America. Rural America grows the food for most of this nation and more. Live close to where the food comes from and you will be fine. If gas is in short supply, farms will need manual labor and they will pay in food since they will have plenty of it – i.e. they are not shipping it to the big cities. Small towns are very close knit societies where every one knows each other, they look after each other and again, they will hold themselves together just fine. There is no way in hell the local sheriff or deputy are going to go knocking on his neighbors door and say give me all your food, guns and PMs … it will not happen … law enforcement knows the towns folks personally and probably hate TPTB as much or more! In addition, a lot of our ex military (and active) boys come from these towns and local militias will be up and going in no time if the scenario you try to paint even comes close to happening. Get a bottle of JD and relax! On further thought, stay off the hard stuff and take up yoga.

      • dbcooper

        fb, … I want to respond to your post but I hardly know where to start …First you state the “Mad Max’ will not happen and then go on to state that it will be a “couple weeks” before the society unravels … I have to take exception to both statements … the average American has like three days worth of food in the pantry (including the PB&J). When the trucks stop rolling there will be death and utter pandemonium in the streets in 72 hours or less and this will spread to the out lying areas … We are at the end of everyone’s delivery route … a Federal LEO told me recently … when the marauders are coming up the drive (mine is a mile long) shoot and kill one … leave the body lay … this is a message … when the cadaver begins to stink … apply lime!! As to community and neighbors … this is sticky … we know these people … but have they prepared and should I deplete my prepped stores for those who have not??? … it is not as though they are widows and orphans … we live in a ranching/farming community/area and most of these people are about as clueless as the city folk … sad reality … you are correct about the Sheriff and the Vets who have plans in place to isolate the county but we all have to be prepared to do our due diligence and protect what we have prepped to survive to fight another day.
        Yours in Truth and Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

  37. Scott

    Man, I love it when Bix is on, he’s a good old guy – thanks for bringing him back, Greg!

    • Matties

      One EMP attack is sufficient to knock out electricity. And then every nucleair centrale will be in problems and becoming a Fukushima. The USA will be unlivable. Also in the rural areas. Some groups will escape to the mountains for a short time and will be praying. But God have said that nobody will live in Babylon anymore. It will be a wildernis devoid of human beings.

  38. allen ols

    GALAXY 500 whatssssup I thought teddiie cruz was Sent By GOD which is it.

    GALAXY 500 02/27/2016 •
    Trump is the only choice. Sorry he’s upsetting your Apple cart and isn’t PC. He’s just what the country needs and he’s been sent by God.
    allen ols 02/28/2016 •
    GALAXY 500

    You told us to vote for teddie cruz for congress, what s up.

    • Galaxy 500

      Dude, I heard you were caught masticating in public again.
      Sorry but I don’t recall telling people to vote for Cruz. He’s a better choice than any Demoncrat.
      But Al, you’re not going to vote so why do you care. I believe you render unto God what is God’s and unto Caesar what is Caesar. Our Caesar is the US Govt and they expect takes, jury duty and casting a ballot. It’s called your civic duty.

      • Silence is Golden

        Firstly I don’t bare any grudges.
        You, like all Americans, are ruled as an employee of a corporate entity, from birth till death. You have privileges ….but no rights. You are a “citizen” of the good “ship” USA Inc. and are therefore an employee/agent of the same. Continue to perform your civic duty but remember that your birth certificate is a certificate of debt slavery. Like all of us, you have been securitised and turned into a financial instrument. There is so much undiscovered truth about our society and how we are governed (RULED).

        • JC Davis

          Well said SIG I know many that don’t vote and have no clue why they don’t vote. All countries are under maritime laws. Our republic included. If I am wrong Hillary, and the banksters, would be in jail. The president would be impeached. Bill Clinton would be hung for treason. Secrets given to China. No I will not participate as mush as I can resist. Every baby born has a price placed on it on the maritime trade.
          Thanks again JC.

          • Silence is Golden

            It goes all the way back to George Washington….that’s how much the public has been deceived. The Crown OWNS EVERYTHING.
            Do your best to stay away from the glorified circus that is the Election of the Elites choice candidates.
            Best SIG

      • allen ols

        GALAXY 500
        It may do u a favor to re read your old posts during the vote for congress, as i posted the cfr/Goldman saks stuff on teddies wife Heidi. You touted teddie them, just like u do trump now. So what would my vote over the last four presidents/congress gotten me/us.
        Your last twenty yrs of voting has gotten us here with your present congress/mandate rolling over like a cheap whore.
        Also YOUR rep. party is trying to take out your front runner/trump, and your Kock brothers/repuvlik will try to run Rommel to get trump.
        DUH, go vote my ass, THE GAME IS RIGGED, just like wall street vamps, etc. Who is really “masticating in public ” now duddett.

      • allen ols

        GALAXY 500
        ok duddie, let me help masticate u publicly, and maybe u will see some trute. So, we will have another/additional, lesson.
        Paying taxes is law, ok duddie, so, jurrry duddie is law, ok duddie, voting/vomiting is optional, do u see it duddie. So tks for voting for bushes/shrubs ie. nafta/patriot act; wow that was a doozzie, and cliton ie glass/steagle/more mafta also the republican dolittle congress. wow how did u like standing in line fo that vote, duh

        • dbcooper

          Sir Allen, On the other hand perhaps Mr. G5’s post was apropos … bearing in mind that a ‘Dude’ is defined as a
          ‘Boil On A Bull’s Butt’. I find that this manure (and I know manure) slinging is inappropriate unless in reference to the muslim head choppers and/or Gina Macaroni . The supreme court has decreed in more than one case that it is the ‘American Citizen’s Obligation’ to Ovoid taxation … not Evade. We would also point out to you that Jury Nullification is a Right of We The People and the most Significant of our given rights. Yours , DB.

          • allen ols

            don’t pay your taxes, or show for jury duty, the law will arrive. don’t vote your fine.

      • dbcooper

        G5, No disrespect intended but your comment is verging on tacky. I refrain from referring to anyone as a ‘Dude’ unless I really do not like and respect them … surely you cannot feel that way toward the good Sir Allen??!! Yours DB!!.

  39. terry44

    Silver was a major industrial metal way before the 1940s. It was used by the photographic industry and in medicine in the 19C.

  40. Mack

    Gold and Silver set to plunge.
    The charts never lie and the C.O.T. report confirms.
    G-20 will put a coordinated effort together in order
    to print and push equities up again. So all those looking
    for a spike up in gold and silver, look out below.

    • jim c.

      MACK, Who cares where the manipulated price of PM`s go, Stop trying to scare us into selling our metals, We will never sell .

      • frederick

        MACK it sure isn’t crashing today the 29th up almost 20 dollars(gold) and this morning (March 1) up again 6 dollars at 1245 A correction looks probable but it looks to me like an uptrend is in place

      • MACK

        Jim C. , No fear porn, just fact. Don’t be so sensitive.
        Any price drop is an opportunity to buy more.
        Unless of course you like paying more .
        The people in the P.M. business are the one’s
        who sell fear to get you to buy.

        • Silence is Golden

          You sound like you work for the establishment Mack.
          Gold is in a new BULL trend. This price movement is a blip on the radar…nothing compared to what lies ahead (on the upside). 8 Glorious years headed our way…
          Nonetheless keep smiling….of course buy the dips….that’s not fear porn …just common sense…. in a world which is burdened with debt, stagnant and depressed.
          PM’s ….. the Money of Kings…

  41. neo con man

    Life Of The Party Donald Trump Gets No Respect And Not Treated Right By Such Same Party_DEEP STATE DON’T LIKE THE DONALD

    The Trumpster Confronts The Neocon RINO’s In Old Hollywood

    Middle Class Thrown Under The Buss Trial For Treason Cavorting With Trump

    Face the facts friends, the deep state, the real con*trolers of both parties want a neoconservative not a true conservative in the White House
    You wont find Bernie or Trumpster here_Look under the Buss!

  42. Dale

    Bix said that Silver would be the last thing released from manipulation. Does that mean that we have to wait for a year or so after the collapse for silver to reach the top.

  43. Tommy

    Warren Buffet says the economy is strong and the outlook is bright. “The babies being born today in America are the luckiest crop in history”, says he. Of course it all depends on how you define crop. Perhaps he has been reading “To Serve Man”. And he is 85 and supporting Hillary. So take it for what it’s worth.

    • Collateral Damage


      Wicked humor buddy! But you still made me laugh on the ‘luckiest crop in history’ remark.


  44. Gina Mancarella

    My friends and countrymen, In less than a year, our country will begin a rejuvenation unlike anything in past history. While politicians of the past have talked about achieving a new world order, their efforts have fallen flat because the new world order they endeavored to build favored only the rich and well to do. Well, no more. Hillary Rodham Clinton has been building a coalition of hardworking Americans that want to see a new gentility brought back to our nation. Shes bringing back communities and cities and towns. No longer will the Wall Street fat cats be the only ones to profit from Americas bounty. When Hillary takes over the white house all will share and take part in the American dream once again. Though blowhards like Donald Trump will try to claim that he is for some of the people, it is all of the people that will stand together and help Hillary rebuild a government of the people, for the people, and by the people so that this great nation, the United States of America lives and grows in prosperity for all and does not perish from the earth. God Bless you all and God bless America. Hillary loves you all.

    • Greg Hunter

      Hillary=fraud, Wall Street Bribes, crime and lies. That’s the world you want to live it? She will be indicted.

      • Gina Mancarella

        Greg, If you only knew the Hillary that we know, You wouldn’t say such hateful things. She is going to prove out to be our national salvation. If it wasn’t for Hillary, Trump would be the next president.

        • Greg Hunter

          You are enamored with a fairytale. I look at Hill’s words and record. Hillary=criminal/liar.

          • aussie jeff

            Unfortunately Greg that gives her the perfect CV to become next president.

        • frederick

          Gina says “if you only knew the Hillary that we know” what Hillary is that Gina the one who cackles in joy at another human being being brutally murdered or the one who has a bogus foundation set up to enrich herself or the one who took furniture from the white house when leaving(hillbilly) or the Hillary that threaten some of her socalled husbands bimbos to shut them up Is the Hillary you know any of those people Gina?

        • Collateral Damage

          Gina Dear,

          Please stop huffing your bag of glue, it makes you sound like an idiot.


      • art barnes

        Jailary to serve behind bars, wish it could be true, but in reality she knows where the bodies are buried and would burn Obama on his private conversations hurting his legacy so that the current attorney general lynch, a stooge for Obama, will never ask for an indictment. If she does, just to put on a dog and pony show as a ruse of justice, she will stack the District Columbia’s grand jury with her own stooges so that no indictment comes down. No, sorry Greg, Hillary Rotten Clinton will never be indicted, and, sorry to say, may well be in the oval office giving out favors for even more money to her favorite charity; the Clinton Foundation, LOL

    • Linda L.

      Gina (I mean Hillary):
      Is this another silly, automated message from the Hillary for President Campaign office?

      • Collateral Damage



    • Galaxy 500

      So it is computer day at the mental institution again.

      • Laura

        Great one!

    • Grafique

      “Gina” only posts to provoke. “Her” posts are all the same. It’s safe to ignore “her”.

    • Donna S from Arkansas

      What drugs are you on Gina?!?!?!!! The Clinton’s are the worst thing to ever come out of Arkansas!!!!

      • Collateral Damage

        I have always been very proud of our mid-western states, but they (the Clintons) sure give the mid-west a bad name don’t they? Maybe they were just New York transplants that unfortunately took root in the fertile soil of our great mid-western states.


    • Jerry


    • Jerry

      This is for you. Take two these and call me in the morning.

    • RTW

      Well it’s good to see that you’re taking some time away from the campaign trail to let us know what a great person clinton is, even though there are mountains of evidence to the contrary. Gotta love your warped perseverance though. Let’s pretend that the unthinkable happens and the country overdoses on fluoride, thus putting her in the WH….gulp. One immediate change would have to be made. Whenever she made an appearance, wearing her venetian blinds glasses, “Hail to the Chief” would have to be changed to “Who let the dogs out” Arf.. Arf Arf.

  45. Darren

    Great interview Greg…..Hopefully Bill reads the comments..If he does… You mentioned that all debt will be wiped out….So then “What happens to your mortgage, auto loans, cc debt, etc…?” If it just re-adjusted and how long with that take? Thanks again….:)

  46. Jerry

    This is what an economic collapse looks like. This is in Venezuela.
    Now imagine this scene without lights or electricity.

    But hey don’t worry. I’m often told (here all the time) the world loves us, and needs us, and that they will let us continue to print money until the cows come home. I’m also told (here), that China is having nothing more than a love affair with gold. That in reality they have no other choice but to continue to sell us their worthless crap, for our dollars that are not backed by anything (unless you count a collapsing petrodollar). But hey, who am I to argue? The lights are still on……………for now.

    • Jerry

      Venezuela is now out of food. What’s next?
      The collapse has two phases.
      1. Phase one- the survival phase. The need for necessities. Food, water, medicine etc.
      2. Phase two- the rebuild phase. The need for hard assets ( gold, silver, diamonds etc.)
      If you don’t make it through phase 1, you won’t need to worry about phase 2.

      • art barnes

        Jerry, you ask what next for Venezuela? Only you jest! What next is just send your hungry up north, Obama, Hillary, & Lynch will be glad to take them in, that is if they can get nationalized in time to vote, or will vote anyway claiming they are legal citizens. Think I am just making fun and being irrational, thank again as millions are already doing just that inside our borders now. Remember, its and honor system to register and we all know that the illegals are already felons to start with; what’s one more lie to them, it elevates them to higher class without paying anything for it.

        • Jerry

          Good point. Have you noticed the MSM doesn’t want to cover this story? If I thought there was really going to be an election I would make a commercial using this footage and say “a vote for Hilary is a vote for the breadline”. Lets here it for Socialism!

      • Collateral Damage

        Sadly Jerry,

        “Coming to a theater near you…”

        May we all weather the storm.


    • freebreezer

      Jerry, – Correction – this is what the end stage of socialism/ government corruption looks like … A top down controlled society by TPTB always collapses. And it is ugly! The poor folks of Venezuela that voted these thugs in, all in the the name of social equality.

  47. Grafique

    Bix Weir – and many others – believe that a collapse will lead to a reset of the financial system in which the people rise up and demand justice and honesty, and in which We The People take back control of Government.

    Such a notion sounds wonderful, but it’s only a fantasy. It contradicts what the Bible has told us is going to happen.

    The coming war and collapse will mean the death of 1/4 of the population of earth (Revelation 6:8). Afterwards a world dictator will arise who will demand your worship, and who will put to death whoever refuses to participate in his financial system.

    The order of things to come:
    1 – Restoration of national Israel (fulfilled). Ezekiel 37
    2 – Invasion of Israel by Russia/Iran and others (moving toward fulfillment; Russia’s/Iran’s armies are now at Israel’s northern border). Ezekiel 38, 39
    3 – Rebuilding of the Temple in Israel (moving toward fulfillment;all the implements for use in the Temple have been made and are in storage at the Temple Institute. Temple priests are being trained by the Temple Institute). Ezekiel 40 – 42
    4 – The return of the Prince of Heaven to earth (Christ will set foot on the Mount of Olives, enter Jerusalem’s Eastern Gate, enter the rebuilt Temple and reign as King of Heaven and Earth from the Temple for 1000 years)

    It’s in the Bible, folks. It was foretold thousands of years ago.

    • Grafique

      Greg, I think it would be good to have Jonathan Cahn (or another Bible scholar who is well-versed in end-times prophecy) on again to discuss these very topics.

    • Galaxy 500

      Well, when do you predict the Dome of the Rock will be destroyed?
      You’re right, it’s foretold. The Apostle Paul was convinced he was living in the end times, 2000 years ago. There are many prophecies that have to be fulfilled before the return of the son of the One,True God. They’ll be fulfilled on God’s time table, not ours. There were people saying that the end times were here in the 70s and some of them are still around, still peddling special insight they have from God that they have been wrong about over 50 years and counting.
      If the most High God didn’t tell Jesus, his son, I assure you Hal Lindsey doesn’t know.

      • David

        You make good points, BUT–this is the first time in history that a nation has been regathered after being dispersed for 1900 years. And we’re less than one lifetime from that regathering. And as Grafique points out, numbers 2 and 3 are imminently fulfillable, for the first time in history. We have never been in a situation like this to date. I wouldn’t be so quick to assign end-time events to the distant future in light of these and other happenings.

      • Grafique

        In the 70s Russia and Iran weren’t on Israel’s northern border.
        Socialism wasn’t the worldwide force it is today.
        The technology for the mark of the beast didn’t exist.
        The worldwide push for a cashless world economy didn’t exist.
        Christians weren’t turning away from the truth of the Word like today.
        Daniel 12:4 – “…knowledge shall be increased.” There was no internet in the 70s.

        I bet I could name a dozen more signs of the end times.

      • Grafique

        The only prophecy I know of regarding the Dome of the Rock is Ezekiel 42:20, in which the Temple is separated from “the profane place”.
        This appears to indicate that the Temple Mount will be divided – half given to the”palestinians” and half given to Israel. A separation of “500 reeds” is revealed between the newly rebuilt Temple and “the profane place”.

      • aussie jeff

        As our Lord Jesus says…………
        therefore keep watch for you do not know the day or the hour.

        Date setting exposes false prophets, however to be watchful of the times is something our Lord wants us to do.

  48. foggygoggles

    Isn’t this the guy that said the Grand Canyon is full of gold? I instinctively distrust anyone who describes himself as, “in the know”. Especially one who admits he has been saying the same thing for over ten years. A broke clock will be right at some point. In the meantime, it’s just more mental masterbation, with NO actual plan of action other than continue to stack.

  49. Jerry

    Marco Rubio may want to get out in front of this story.
    Now we know how Rubio got in (literally) with the elites.
    What’s a foam party?

  50. Zoey

    A question for the watchdoggers: I need to finally close my Chase bank account, time has run out. I read online that credit unions are safer to use than banks, is this true?

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes, credit unions are somewhat safer but we are talking systemic problems with currencies (such at the US dollar) and bonds (such as Treasuries). You are moving to a marginally safer place in a very fragile system. Get some of your assets outside the system. Use your new credit union to transact business and nothing more. That is my advice, and advice I received from people like Peter Schiff who manages around $2 billion in assets.
      Your friend,

      • Collateral Damage


        Thank you for the incredible service that you are providing to the world. I wish that more were receptive to learning the truth. It appears that so many of our contemporaries are still in the first phase of responding to ‘Loss and Grief”, that being:

        1) Denial
        to be followed closely by,
        2) Anger
        when the reality of the situation is forced into their consciousness.

        You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.

        I think that there is a special place in Heaven reserved for you.

        All the Best, and Thank You! for keeping the Faith. 🙂


  51. James Sullivan

    Hi Greg;
    The question is: “When the system inevitably fails, what will congress do?” It will truly be between a rock and a hard place. …there will be tremendous chaos and much screaming for congress to ‘Do SOMETHING!” The low lifes in Congress will try for the easiest answer …..but over their shoulder they will hear the sound of an angry mob …. my take is that chaos will overwhelm any effort ….and we will see the legitimacy of government itself swept away. Think about that over a nice glass of wine. To paraphrase JFK, when change cannot be done through peaceful means, it will be done through non-peaceful means .
    I have also considered it may take 40 years before silver could safely be brought out of hiding…..well, that seems to me to be appropriate: All debt is borrowing from the future, and certainly we have robbed the next one or two generations …so why not leave them something?

  52. Jerid Colwell

    In order to keep the game going, will the Exchange Stabilization Fund step in to contain a foreign bank that was going under?

    Ron Kirby talked about the ESF earlier this year and I have heard other interviews since then where he talks about it in more detail. Personally, I would like to know more. When can we have him back on?

  53. Klemens

    Thank you Greg for the very interesting interview with Bix Weir!

  54. Clint Bower Sr.

    Please explain or have a guest explain ? There does not seem to be a shortage of retail silver,you can buy it all over the place.

  55. Vince Shook

    For ones consideration as we strive to share information that may protect ourselves and our families:

    One: There are estimates ranging anywhere from $16 Trillion to $40 Trillion to $60 Trillion of dollars “printed” during the last (and continuing) economic crisis. With that many dollars around, it is pocket change for any “interested entity” (the Feds trading desk) to throw $50 Billion or more at the S&P futures whenever they wish. This is the real “put” under the market now – and most likely for as long into the future as we can see. This ability to infinity manipulate with infinite funds argues against any major market “crash”.

    Two: China still has as reserves between one and two trillion US dollars. They need to preserve the purchasing power of this money. They can’t do that by allowing gold to rise much, if at all, in terms of dollar pricing. They are not stupid. Thus, anyone that thinks China is going to devalue the US dollar by allowing the gold price to rise to new heights when their physical market exchange(s) opens is most probably wrong. This argues for the precious metals’ price manipulations continuing on for a very long time.

    Three: The US government and the Fed have had plenty of time to prepare for (minimize) the effects of any challenges to the existing western system of fiat currencies posed to it by the BRICS (their new “SWIFT” system) or by the Chinese and their new physical gold exchange(s).

    Four: I am not normally a fan of Paul Craig Roberts because of his twisted political and virulently anti-American views. However, I would ask everyone to read the following article by him because as far as a good analysis of why we are where we are economically, he hits that nail on the head.

    • frederick

      Dr Paul Craig Roberts is NOT anti American he is a patriot and an honest man who sees the evil in high places destroying this country and reeking havoc around the globe Actually I find his honesty refreshing and I believe if we had more people of integrity such as he in political office we would be in a far better place economically and morally as a nation He is a brave man who isn’t afraid to look himself in the mirror and take appropriate action to improve God bless Dr Roberts

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        I totally agree!

        • frederick

          Hey Colin at least one person “gets it” Seems outsiders can see the truth much better than Americans unfortunately

          • Greg Hunter

            You don’t have to live with your so-called “truth.” We Americans do.

  56. StarB

    A@Ag_Ed you are 100% right and the picture in background of the video is the GATA Logo, thank you!

  57. bill

    if banks fail and debt gets wiped out,
    then what happens to personal debt. credit cards,mortgages,bank loans?

    • Greg Hunter

      That’s all collateral for the new system. You don’t get to keep you house and cars if not paid for. What do you think all the refinancing is about (in part). New unencumbered Promissory notes that lead to clear titles.

      • Galaxy 500

        Exactly. This time they are keeping the promissory notes which they don’t have for transaction from before the crash 2007/2008

    • frederick

      @bill from your comment it appears you are deeply in debt and hoping for your obligations to be wiped clean by a reset How unfair would that be to people who have bee responsible and lived lean in order to pay down their debt? I believe they call it moral hazard and I doubt the banksters will allow everyone a free ride Very much doubt it given their track history regarding their generosity

  58. James Hastings

    Watched the SGT Report this morning. They had Bo Polny on. He mentioned your program 5 or 6 times. Good job Mr. Hunter.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you James for the info. I am going to have Mr. Polny back as it appears he has made a good call on gold and silver prices starting to go up. People have to start looking at this as collateral and not a trade.

      • David

        Greg, I don’t understand why we keep talking about the gold and silver “price”. Q: What’s a dollar?

  59. Zoey


    Great advice Greg! Actually, I don’t keep much money in my bank account, only what I need to pay for monthly bills. And, I got out of stock market last year. However, I do get payroll payments through direct deposit. Hence, I was looking a safe institution for receiving payroll payments since Chase is no longer safe.

  60. Zoey

    Does bank bail ins apply only with banks or also with credit unions?

    • Greg Hunter

      The regulator of the banks is the same for credit unions. The Federal Reserve. The deposits are supposedly insured by the FDIC as well.

    • JMiller


      Currently, bail-ins in the U.S. include only systemically important banks so credit unions are not part of any bail-ins.

      I want to correct a few things Greg has stated. The credit unions are regulated by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) and not the Federal Reserve.

      The Federal Reserve only regulates some of the banks. The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency also regulates some banks. Other banks are regulated by the FDIC. My own community bank, which is state-chartered, is regulated by FDIC and by my states state regulatory agency.

      And credit unions are insured by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund not the FDIC.

      • Greg Hunter

        The There is no way National Credit Unions have the last word on their regulation. The Fed is part of that regulation and I suspect hold the trump card over any disputes: “Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council
        To promote consistency in the examination and supervision of banking organizations, in 1978 Congress created the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC). The FFIEC is composed of the chairpersons of the FDIC and the National Credit Union Administration, the comptroller of the currency, the director of the OTS, and a governor of the Federal Reserve Board appointed by the Board Chairman. The FFIEC’s purposes are to prescribe uniform federal principles and standards for the examination of depository institutions, to promote coordination of bank supervision among the federal agencies that regulate financial institutions, and to encourage better coordination of federal and state regulatory activities.”

        • JMiller

          Greg since you used the word “regulator” I was listing the official regulators of the banks and credit unions as stated by all websites including the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council website. In many cases the Federal Reserve is not the official regulator. The Federal Reserve only supervises and regulates a segment of the banking industry. Because the Federal Reserve works with the other independent regulators, like the FDIC , the OCC, the NCUA, they could influence them and may have some say in certain matters in which there is cooperation. The Federal Reserve also dictates monetary policy which would affect financial institutions including the ones not under the supervision and regulation of the Federal Reserve. I am not sure how much of a say, if any, the Federal Reserve has with the National Credit Union Association but it probably is not much since the NCUA is an independent federal agency just like the FDIC, the Social Security Administration, the Federal Trade Commission, the United States Postal Service etc… Now my community bank is state-chartered and not a member of the Federal Reserve System (a state nonmember bank) and they are supervised and regulated only by the FDIC and by my state’s banking authority according to that document you gave and other websites. The Federal Reserve Board of Governors, which includes little Janet Yellen, does not have authority over independent government agencies. They are overseen by Congress.

          • Greg Hunter

            J Miller,
            You are talking about Federal Reserve Notes. Just that fact alone says the Federal Reserve is overtly or covertly in charge. These are “notes” based on Treasuries and the bond debt is so great they will be impaired right along with the notes they are based on. I want to give real world advice. The Fede controls the currency and that means the fed is ultimately in charge. To think otherwise is wishful thinking.

  61. David

    I appreciate Bix’s commentary, but I think he’s wrong about what’ll happen when the banks close. I think that when the treasury secretary goes to Congress to get authorization for a bailout, one of two things will happen: either the people will be sold the idea that if the bailout is approved, they’ll get their savings back, OR Congress will look the people square in the eye and tell them to jump in the lake and will approve the bailout anyway and dare the people to do anything about it. And there will be enough people approving the bailout that it’ll be the American public that’s deadlocked this time, not Congress. Then the government can run a propaganda campaign labeling all those who opposed the bailout as “wreckers” and traitors.

  62. Thomas J. Stefani

    Greg – You have many truly great guests on your site. Would it be possible to get Avi Gilbert of Elliot Wave Theory on your site soon? He gives great of insight to the metals markets, and firmly maintains they are governed by “sentiments” as opposed to ‘manipulation.’ He would lend a very interesting perspective in this vein. Many thanks, Greg!

  63. Jerry

    WOW!! Take a look at Janet Yellen’s face from the recent G-20 finance ministers meeting in Shanghai. Her body language is one of sheer rejection.

    • Greg Hunter

      This picture says a lot when you consider the title of the article.

  64. art barnes

    Well Greg, with politicians like we have, the best in the world that money can buy, how in the hell could we not collapse? Even if the banks were very solvent, the dollar strong, & living wage jobs abound, the corruption & anti-Christian agendas will destroy the country in any event, just take a little longer that is all. This is not my fathers country to be sure, I’ve watched it degrade in moral strength, the only real value of a country in the long run. Good By America, it was nice knowing you.

  65. Bison rider

    So what’s the better silver hedge; American Silver Eagles or a 100 ounce silver bar?

    • Greg Hunter

      U.S Eagles. The will need on assay and will have universal acceptability.

    • frederick

      Bison I own both actually generic Pan American silver rounds which sell at a very low premium over spot

  66. Zoey

    Janet looks like she is totally regretting…regretting she ever got involved with the evil gangsters… she is realizing they put her there to be their scapegoat, sad!

  67. By Design, Over Time

    You have a great many Monday Morning Quarterbacks expressing their views.

    Why not choose one and interview them? Take just one! They are all brilliant?

    As far as Bix is concerned–he seems like a sweet guy and I’ve read some of his material over the years. And there will be chaos. But does this American population with their collective heads buried in their i-phones have any idea what is happening in the world around them?

    Most prefer a candy bar to a 10 oz silver bar.

    We have a government that is spraying us like rats out here in California. We will not be “allowed” any more rain this year due to geo-engineering. Brown knows this. He wants his underground water aqueduct from the Sacramento delta to LA–an environmental disaster.

    He wants higher water prices, food prices, and more control over every aspect of our lives.

    Dane Wigington has a platform ( but is he using it effectively? I heard Brown at the Paris Summit on global warming babbling on about Carbon emissions. He knows full well about the trillions of dollars spent on the aluminum, barium and strontium being sprayed over CA!

    Until this issue is resolved, all is lost. If people don’t have the common sense to realize that those planes flying over head are gassing us and that they are evil, how do you expect them to challenge authority when the day of reckoning comes? Everyone is afraid–the fear bias.

    What about the 200 Holistic Doctors that have been killed in the last 18 months? Not a peep. With a media like that–you expect coverage to the crisis? Or will it be a circus.

    Paul Craig Roberts is the Thomas Paine of our day and people don’t get it? Interview that guy! The one that doesn’t get it. PCR is pouring his heart and soul out for American Ideals.

    Our Congress is a joke. Does Bix really expect they will answer to anyone other than their masters? They are all afraid for their lives. I’ve written a 30 page essay titled “Brother, Can you Spare a Dime?” It’s part of a soon to be published book.

    Most Americans couldn’t get through the preface.

    It’s taken 50 years for Americans to get this dumbed down. don’t expect miracles overnight.

    And by the way, if you want to find out about gold for yourself, simply follow the dollar/yen. Oil is now gold manipulated in reverse!

    4-6 weeks.

    I admire your patience, your courage, and your fortitude, Greg.

    Steady on.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for the comment “By Design, Over Time.”

      • helot

        RE: “If people don’t have the common sense to realize that those planes flying over head are gassing us and that they are evil, how do you expect them to challenge authority when the day of reckoning comes?”

        Your comment reminded me of this bit:

        “radical and sweeping conclusions on the nature of tyranny, the liberty of the people, and what needed to be done to overthrow the former and secure the latter. […]

        the bulk of the people themselves, for whatever reason, acquiesce in their own subjection. If this were not the case, no tyranny, indeed no governmental rule, could long endure. Hence, a government does not have to be popularly elected to enjoy general public support; for general public support is in the very nature of all governments that endure, including the most oppressive of tyrannies. The tyrant is but one person, and could scarcely command the obedience of another person, much less of an entire country, if most of the subjects did not grant their obedience by their own consent.

        This, then, becomes for La Boétie the central problem of political theory: why in the world do people consent to their own enslavement? […]

        Thus, after concluding that all tyranny rests on popular consent, La Boétie eloquently concludes that “obviously there is no need of fighting to overcome this single tyrant, for he is automatically defeated if the country refuses consent to its own enslavement.” …

        From, Ending Tyranny Without Violence – By Murray N. Rothbard

        Anyway, when you say, “Dane Wigington has a platform ( but is he using it effectively?” I wonder, will you build a better one? And, yeah, they are spraying us like rats out here in Iowa, too. And, it IS odd how few can face the reality of it.

  68. Zoey

    According to Michael Snyder, 49 Countries Met In Brussels Earlier This Month To Discuss A Ground Invasion Of Syria! WWIII is imminent!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Good one Zoey!! Thank you for the post.

  69. Justn Observer

    Jerry – Great picture of Janet Yellin ! Certainly does look like someone stole her lunch!

  70. Justn Observer

    Good Morning Greg !
    Great interview….great commentary all !
    I have not noticed this mentioned so will just put this out there for you all to become acquainted with if this might pertain to you and your location…. most seem to miss the news …when distracted by riots – football games and such !,_bill_of_rights_rollback_in_the_u.s._borderlands/

    Blessing and well wishes to all !

  71. leena

    I get that ATM’s won’t work and credit cards won’t work but f the banks go what happens if you have a mortgage with one of the big ones, say, JPMC?

  72. Jerry

    This is what TPTB have been preparing for us. They have been beta testing this program for the last two years in Pakistan. It seems the general that was interviewed by V-the guerilla economist was telling the truth. He leaked the details of this program almost two years ago.

  73. Justn Observer


  74. Dan

    Hi Greg. Great interview. I was reading the FDIC Quarterly Banking profile and Bix is spot on with the underlying bank support being chipped away. In the FDIC’s latest report they find that:

    “Loss Provisions Rise to Three-Year High. Provisions for loan and lease losses increased year over year for a sixth consecutive quarter, rising by $3.8 billion (45.5 percent). The $12 billion in provisions that banks set aside in the fourth quarter is
    the largest quarterly total in three years. About 37 percent of banks reported higher quarterly provisions, while a similar proportion reported reductions in their loss provisions.”

    Everyone can read the full report at:

    Again great interview

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Dan for adding information to this post!!

  75. BetterChetter

    So at that 5:55 mark, when he says “the winners will be the ones with the most debt, cause the debt will be wiped away with the assets” – is this to imply that anyone can profit by being in debt?
    Or are there different rules for the little guys (just answered my question?)?

  76. Tony

    Great interview Greg, I am a big fan of Bix and if you look at the present world through his Road To Roota view, it really does start to make more sense of what seems like a world got mad!!
    BTW, everyone should check out The Keiser report for today, the last half is simply a stunner!! Guest is Nobu Su, shipping tycoon. Start at 13:00
    I could not believe my ears!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Tony for the link and comment.

    • Silence is Golden

      Thank you Tony…. that was enlightening.
      The really juicy part was around the 17.30 mark….where Nobu Su describes the process used by RBS. It will be interesting to watch the outcome of this.
      I have no doubt this has been used by Banks all and sundry….in terms of calling in the collateral to cover the CDS. Surprised there’s anything left to collateralise.

  77. Frederick Flintstone

    @ Jim G

    I remember an old medical joke, a guy lying in a hospital bed, doc shows up an sez ” i have bad news and good news”. Patient replies ” whats the bad news?” Answer, ” we have to amputate both your legs!” Patient replies ” whats the good news?” Answer: ” your roommate wants to buy your shoes”.

    Since you have given up, what size do you wear?

    Don’t be that guy. You still have some tread left, forget the 40k mile guarantee. It doesn’t mean a damn. Take charge and drive your car/life. Feel the wind when you roll down the window, let your hair blow back, be the dog, an stick your head out the window.
    Live. Just do it. After all, what do have to lose?

  78. Justn Observer

    Kudo’s Greg !
    Any chance for possible interviews with
    Chris Arron –

  79. Justn Observer


  80. wayne P

    Dear Greg;

    I am a CEO of an Oil & Gas Company and a Ranch Land Owner in New Mexico, but I am a little guy. I think I could share with you and your audience how we are losing our country
    one little guy and gal at a time. Ironically, I was born in Missouri and moved out west many years ago. Your message is so true, and I would like to share what the government has done to my company and ranch. If your interested please E-mail.

  81. pat the rat

    I’m koo koo for co co bonds!

  82. leena

    Greg, I was reading somewhere that mortgages during the depression (I think in Germany) were adjudicated into grams of precious metals and paid in that fashion.
    Maybe you or one of the people you interview could comment on that.
    So much has been said about the banks. Not enough has been said about the effect of
    bank failure on the many regular folks who have mortgages. Credit cards and car loans are a different category aren’t they?
    You told “Bill” in the above comments that “you don’t get to keep your house or cars
    if they aren’t paid for”. So how do you and the folks like Bix see this aspect of the reset playing out? Thanks, Leena

  83. dee garmon

    Jolly good job, keep it up.

  84. John D

    I am pretty sure God has more important things on his agenda other then talking to Bix Weir

    • Greg Hunter

      Give it a rest. That’s all you have to add?

  85. John D

    Clint Bower Sr.
    Maybe the reason we can still buy large quantities of retail silver is that the stories of silver shortages are exaggerated by silver salesmen.
    Next time you hear or read a statement claiming silver shortage.
    Ask yourself the following questions.
    Who is making the statement? Do they have any connections to sales of silver?
    Is there a financial bias for making the statement ?
    If silver is so short of supply, why are they offering to sell their stock to you ?

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