Democrats for Communism, Iran Nuke Deal Fraud Continues, Yield Curve Warning

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 342 7.6.18)

For years, I have been telling you the so-called Progressive/Democrats are nothing more than Marxist/communists. Top Democrats are now admitting this and proving me correct all alone. The Democrat Socialists of America have proudly announced on Twitter this week that “communism is good.” The head of the DNC, Tom Perez, also endorsed the far left Marxist Ocasio-Cortez as “the future of our party.” This is what the Democrats are running on in 2018 and beyond. Maybe that’s why millions of Americans are walking away from the Democrat party.

Russia, China, France, Germany and Russia are getting together to try to salvage the so-called Iran nuke deal to curtail that country’s nuclear weapons ambitions. The entire deal was a total sham from the start because not a single country, including the U.S. and Iran, signed any deal. High ranking Iranians threatened on Twitter to expose the western leaders who took bribes to get this deal done.

From tariffs with China to the flattening yield curve, it looks like the Trump Administration is heading into choppy waters. Now, the interest rate spread between the 10-year Treasury and the 30-year Treasury is a miniscule .11 basis points. That’s a little more than 1/10 of a percent to tie up money for an additional 20 years. Economists say when the yield curve flattens and inverts, look out for a big recession. Gregory Mannarino of says the country is on a “countdown to inversion,” and it will be “10 times worse than the Great Depression.”

Join Greg Hunter as he gives his take on these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

(This report will look at the new Marxism in the Democrat Party, look at the rival of the Iran Nuke deal that was a total fraud that nobody signed, and the bad omen of a flattening yield curve.)

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After the Interview:

Gregory Mannarino of will be the guest for the Early Sunday Release.  Mannarino will talk about warning signs of a coming crash.

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  1. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter: Great work! Not only that, your work ethic is awesome!
    I have no idea how it is humanly possible to gather all of this information, prepare for and interview your guests, and still have time to edit the comments section, which seems to be growing exponentially, partly due to the number and length of my own comments. Thanks for putting up with me so far; I’ll try to do better.

    • This sceptred Isle

      William, you are a 9 out of 10 and I only knocked a point off so that you would have something to aspire to.

    • oneno

      A response to your two questions has been submitted fr the previous Michael Pento interview.

      Hopefully, it passes the censors and is posted as the response concern’s over-population.

      • William Stanley

        oneno: Thanks. I saw it and appreciated it.

    • Jan

      Hey Greg Hunter.
      I live in Sweden , the situation here is much worse than I ever expected .
      The south side of my small city , is yet a killingzone daily.
      I told my wife not to visit south city no more.

  2. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter,another sordid week of Pravda style reporting from the MSM.Here in the UK we are forced by law and the gun to support the BBC no matter how much Pravda-esque the reporting.For some reason the reporters in the field are unwilling to identify themselves,the fake news is even having bottles of milk tossed at them by retired scientists in Chelsea.Sadly for once not caught on video but well worth the few seconds of remonstration it induced,hopefully more will follow.
    Again,you think the British are your friends?May I suggest this little introduction to British involvement in American political life.
    I do hope security is tight for Mr Trump’s visit here in London and I hope he has the good sense to steer well clear of officially opening the ghastly dump truck that is the new multi billions dollar American embassy south of the river.But when here,he may want to visit his GCHQ which is doing the dirty on the USA.
    Internment without trial now includes those who broadcast the abusers of children in our society,those in the elite are emotionally supported whilst doing the abuse,
    Well our elite know how to treat each other so well,however this is only one of many.
    Still our economy sucks,buying and selling houses built from dross is still the economy so that should end well.Job insecurity is the order of the day and zero hour contracts abound.Our health service is being run into the ground so that it may be privatised and our education system is nothing more that a holding pen for the proletariat even up to university level.So still all good!

    • William Stanley

      Thanks, “Maria”! That first link is required reading!
      “And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:32
      Also, in a revolting deception, the CIA’s “motto.”

  3. Ray

    I don’t think it has failed because it is a socialist nation.
    No, no…..that is too simplistic a way to explain the tragedy that is Venezuela today.
    The reasons are surely many and varied.
    It seems so many of our American friends have this in built conviction to label any nation that attempts socialism as “deranged” or “the natural enemy”.
    Why has the US insisted upon years of crippling economic sanctions against this nation?
    Why has Trump “thought about invading”, only to be talked out of it (wisely) by his advisors early in his term as President?
    OIL……RESOURCES…..the chance to install yet another US puppet government in a once sovereign nation, that’s why.
    It’s the exact same playbook from The Global Tyrant ……sanction, weaken, wait and then invade……”All in the name of Democracy and Decency”.
    “We’ve gotta stop dems socialists I tells ya……let’s stop ’em with sanctions, bombs and bullets. It’s The American Way by golly! They should be thankful that we are there to save them from themselves I tells ya…..bomb, bomb, bomb……that’s the road to global peace after all!”
    That Big Karma Sandwich…..she’s a-comin’ to the USA like a fully loaded, out of control freight train.
    I REALLY HOPE that good hearted Americans are somehow saved from the train wreck that is about to befall the USA……many don’t deserve what’s coming…..BUT MANY DO.
    Blessings to all here, and especially Mr Hunter….thank you for your work sir.

    Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

    • This sceptred Isle

      Yes, if Venezuela was inevitably going to fail why would they need to bump Chavez off?

      • This sceptred Isle

        He was anti-American and so his policies had to be shown to be a failure.

    • William Stanley

      Check out Maria das Santos’ first link in her comment.
      What was it you were saying about karma?

  4. NH Watcher

    Years ago, the Lord told me not to have more than $1000 in my bank account after payment of monthly bills … this morning, He impressed upon me a further reduction to only $500. This does NOT mean that paper is gold, lest anyone misunderstand me. Only gold is gold. But in the immediate aftermath of a credit crunch and banking crisis, leading to a financial reset, accessing your money in a bank account will be next to impossible, and daily withdrawal limits will be imposed. Just ask anyone in Greece or Venezuela.

    Those who cannot access their money, and run out of cash to pay for anything essential at the stores, will be reduced to bartering (which we all will eventually), or the temptation to go to a government camp. These camps will be set up nationwide for those hungry, etc. Don’t expect to be leaving such a camp anytime soon if you decide to go. That is also why the potential for mass suicides remains strong, especially when people learn that whatever amount they have in the bank is being permanently reduced in a “bail-in.” The FDIC will not cover these “bail-ins.”

    Look forward to hearing Dr. Roberts on Sunday.

    • JMiller

      NH Watcher,

      Just to clarify some things that you said. The people in Greece still had access to their money that was in their bank account even when capital controls began in 2015. People were still allowed to use credit and debit cards to make purchases from Greek retailers with bank accounts in Greece as well as to make online and telephone transfers as long as it was done within Greece.

      The Greek government’s primary concern was to keep too much money from leaving the Greek banking system which is why they first had a 60 euros a day per card withdrawal limit.

      Also you said that the FDIC will not cover deposits that are used in a bail-in. That is true however the reason why the FDIC will not cover deposits that are used in a bail-in is because only deposits above the FDIC insured amount, called uninsured deposits, are eligible to be used in a bail-in. Insured deposits are not part of any bail-in. Perhaps you do not mean “bail-in” as that term has a specific meaning but that you mean something else that would also include losses for insured depositors.

      • This Sceptred Isle

        I know someone living in London who is Greek. Her parent’s had a bank account with a substantial amount of money in. They could only access a limited amount of money on a weekly basis. However, the bank allowed the account to be divided into separate accounts so that the son had access to the money on a weekly basis as well. The Greeks way of sticking two fingers up at the Germans. The Greeks had to put up with the Ottomans for 4 hundred years (yes, I know, Muslims Greg) then the Nazis and then the Germans again via the EU!!!

        • JMiller


          If they wanted to take out physical cash, then yes, they would have been limited to 60 euros per day per card at the ATMs. If however the account was divided into two separate accounts as you state, then each account would have a card which means that they could take out 120 euros per day. But just to clarify, for online or telephone transfers or using debit or credit cards for purchases in Greece, Greeks did have access to their accounts as they normally would have as long as it was done inside the Greek banking system.

          I believe the same would happen in the U.S. if there was a bank holiday that lasted more than a few days. Banks may be closed and you might be limited to the amount of physical cash you can withdrawal but transfers and payments using the U.S. banking system would still go on. If it did not then pretty much all employers would go out of business and most people would die.

      • Mario

        Just to let you know I spoke with two gentlemen that are from Greece and own a restaurant in Canada I was at. They said the banks were initially closed. No access to their money. 3 weeks later I believe it was they had access through ATM machines at the banks and there was a $60Euro a day limit. That lasted for months.

        • JMiller


          Thanks but just to restate the facts. Greeks banks were closed on June 28, 2015 which lasted for three weeks but the people in Greece did not have to wait three weeks to have access to their bank accounts. They could still withdrawal 60 euros a day in physical cash and could still do banking online and they could still make purchases using debit or credit cards based on a number of articles I read.

          Here are some other articles dated June 29 and 30, 2015 that state that Greeks could still bank online, use bank cards and that they could take out 60 euros a day so obviously what you said is not correct.

  5. Robert Lykens

    The IDF is “caring for” 12000 Syrian refugees in Syria!
    Neither the Syrian government, the Russians, the Persians or Hezbollah have any interest in theses refugees’ welfare.
    God’s chosen people indeed!

    • Frederick

      More twisted demented logic from Lykens How predictable and pathetic

      • Robert Lykens

        Caring for helpless people is “twisted and demented”? Is that a value you learned in Turkey?
        Here’s the truth: the only reason you call it “twisted and demented” is because it’s Jews who are doing it.
        You should be ashamed of yourself.

        • Robert Lykens

          Hey Freddy, what has Turkey done for the muslim refugees?

          The IDF builds a bakery for 12,000 Syrian refugees on Golan border
          “The IDF Thursday has built a bakery in the “Barika Camp” for bread and pitas, while also providing the refugees with water and medical treatment. On Thursday, when the bakery could not keep up with demand, a large consignment of bread was sent in by army trucks.”

          • Frederick

            You’re deluded The Turkish government supported and continues to support millions of Syrian refugees nearbthe border in camps as well as throughout Turkey There are almost two million Syrians living in Istanbul My wife donates food to them whenever she sees them on the street You have no clue what you are talking about

      • sk

        Not a very subtle hasbarista, right Frederick?

        • Frederick

          You’ve got that right sk

    • This sceptred Isle

      Robert I urge you to watch this video in order to challenge your skepticism of conspiracies.

      • Robert Lykens

        Sorry, I need no lessons from atheists.
        Nothing personal.

        • This Sceptred Isle

          Ignorant reply.

        • sk

          Robert, they wouldn’t need to build bakeries or anything else if they weren’t in Golan Heights to begin with, since Golan Heights belongs to Syria. It’s like ” see, I bandaged up the homeowner’s leg after I broke into his house and shot him in the leg”…..signaling a tiny, tiny virtue after performing a big illegal and immoral action. Nothing personal.

        • Frederick

          Atheist or not you definitely need to wake up

  6. Charles Turnerct

    What your current Democratic party is pushing is much worse than Communism. Think of that statement for a minute. This is not an endorsement for communism but i just want to illustrate how bad things are getting.
    In Communism people got free healthcare, but everybody had to work. Nobody got anything for nothing. There was no free lunch, Men would work their full life. Women would have time off for pregnancy and then when the child was young and then went back to work until they retired. So with Communism everyone contributed. What the Democratic party is promoting and what we see in the UK is benefits for people that don’t contribute anything to society, rebel against the rule of law and get protected by politicians that have no interest in the overall health and wealth of the country.

    • William Stanley

      Charles: What a great insight! Marx thought that capitalism “alienated” the workers from meaning. He couldn’t begin to understand the alienation of the non-workers that would come about as his brainchild morphed into today’s welfare states.

    • sk

      When the USSR broke up in the late 1980’s, I recall reading a comment by a prior fervent supporter of communism. It was “…the one thing we could not figure out and that helped make the system fail was how to MOTIVATE the people to work……we put the cart before the horse, ideology before the reality of human nature….”

  7. Ken Reidy

    Don’t get discouraged . Your persevering is inspiring and awaking. KBR

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Ken. I will not get discouraged! “Fear Not”!!

      • This sceptred Isle

        The ‘monolithic and ruthless conspiracy’ that confronts us is ultimately spiritual in nature and is not atheistic. Atheism may be a means to an end but a Luciferian one world system ruled by the antichrist is the ultimate goal. Satan is NOT an atheist. By letting the religious and spiritual perpetrators off the hook you are, like modern medicine, treating the symptoms but failing to address the cause: spiritual malevolence.

        • This sceptred Isle

          Spiritual malevolence is not the absence of spirituality (atheism) but the distortion and corruption of spirituality. Of course, that is not to say that atheistic systems and organisations cannot be used as pawns to further the global agenda.

          • Greg Hunter

            I like black hole of nothingness.

            • Russ McMeans

              It’s the human need to worship something bigger than ourselves.
              These Marxists communists worship the State. Mark Levin pointed this out in his book ‘LIBERTY & TYRANNY ‘. Remember when the young Jewish nation wanted a king? – against the wishes of God? God did warn them though of the implications. Then there was that mishap earlier when they spent 40 years in the desert because of their stubborn hearts and that golden calf. Nowadays a lot of people stare at their golden calves while driving and walking. Of course they’re not paying attention to their surroundings.

          • sk

            Insight! That malevolence has gotten almost palpable recently. Frightening in its intensity. Keep facing it and praying. Thanks, TSI.

  8. paul ...

    China just asked the EU to join it in a “Grand Economic Alliance” against the US … now China, France, Germany and Russia are getting together in a “Political Alliance” to try to salvage the deal “to prevent Iran from building nuclear weapons” which they know if they fail will lead to the Saudi’s, Egyptians, Syrians, Jordan, Lebanon and yes even Hezbollah eventually getting them (for Israel’s sake lets hope they succeed) … what we are seeing is the collapse of the US as the dominant power in the world … likely “a very good thing” as our Founders knew to much power in one hand “must be balanced” and is the reason they created our three branches of government … the US (under control of the Deep State) is currently out of control fostering continual unending wars around the world and putting sanctions on nations to stir up even more wars (i.e. Venezuela, Iran, Russia, EU and now China) … all this warmongering must stop … war may be very profitable for the banksters and the Military Industrial Complex but is not what makes “America Great”!!

    • paul ...

      You know … if we can get some truly enlightened leadership in Israel they can lead the Middle East and transform it into an Eden for all peoples … a Paradise on Earth the way God meant it to be … and not a war zone for the continual non-stop slaughter of women and children!!

    • paul ...

      Those hoping to build the “New Atlantis” (a New World Order) are in “direct conflict” with the ideas of our Founding Fathers “who did not want a New King ruling America” … nor would they want a New World Order ruling the entire world … our Founders (even if they were Masons) knew that power corrupts … so they created a government that split power between three branches of government (this is why any “New Atlantis” will sink under the waves just like the old one) … the world stage may seem a bit unhinged right now … but look at it through our Founders eyes … consider the US as being President, China as being the Congress and Russia as the Judiciary … we really have an “Ideal World Government” right now (as long as one branch of this World Government doesn’t over power the other two)!!

  9. Jerry

    Peoples Bank of China gives a clear veiw that the banks are manipulating the global markets.

  10. al

    first it was Michelle-O… nothing..
    then O-prah… nothing…
    now O-casio. Bring her on, it’s going to be a massacre!

    This is total desperation. Really? A 28 year old O-nothing? The Obama nightmare is over and they want it back… I don’t think so

    • Diane

      I love it Al…the three Zeros

    • Jerry Snyder

      al – she won with a whopping 20% turn out, she is a nothing burger

  11. Loren Hoover

    Your Best ever !! Greg you knocked the ball out of the park!! Love ya brother
    Brother Hoover

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Loren!!

  12. paul ...

    The opening guns of a massive Trade War have been fired at China … will China respond in kind … or use “asymmetrical warfare” like sell Treasuries and attack the dollar (thus driving the dollar price down against gold)? …

    • paul ...

      Those running to invest in the US stock market with the yield curve so close to inverting must believe this trade war will be “a turkey shoot” and only the Chinese Stock Market will crash while the US market soars to new highs … the truth is that in any war “both sides” take a beating …

      • paul ...

        What if the Chinese won’t deliver any products to the US unless it is paid for in gold?? … wouldn’t that be a bitch seeing as how all our gold was robbed out of Fort Knox by Clinton!! …

        • paul ...

          Say the Chinese “economically sanction the US” by not delivering their products … US citizens will have to learn to get by with only American made products … this may not be as bad as we think as it will instantly cure the problem of our massive trade deficit … for those used to buying foreign made cars and other products will simply have to begin buying American made products … and once our trade deficit is solved the US dollar can be re-set … the reset won’t be as bad as what Zimbabwe did (exchanging their 100 Trillion dollar paper note for a “new 1 dollar paper note) the US will probably have us turn in two(2) old US dollars for one(1) new US dollar … but guess what … I bet the old coinage will not be affected (i.e. twenty(20) old nickel coins will still get you one(1) “new” US dollar) … for a nice 100 percent gain … even if the Plunge Protection Team manipulators manage to keep the price of gold and silver from doubling in price!!

      • William Stanley

        paul …. re: “both sides take a beating in a trade war”
        My take: For decades, we’ve been in a “trade war” with the rest of the world, China included. Our enemies in that “war” have been treasonously aided and abetted by our own NWO elites. However, we weren’t fighting back. We are now left with a horrible choice: either, (1) get invaded and continue to be slowly strangled to death, or (2) take a severe beating while fighting for our lives.

    • Russ McMeans

      Paul; hopefully we will prevail and they cave. Trump is playing this tariff card and he has inside information that we are not privy to. Hopefully America wins a better trade deal with the world. Then maybe we can have a world summit on zero tariffs.

  13. Chip

    Greg you’ve been right about this all along. Today’s democratic party = progressive = communist = socialist = Marxist…. Chip

    • Chip

      This border fake outrage over the children is NOT about the children. It’s about the INVASION taking place. Where’s the outrage over the way US children are treated by their own parents. Shocking figures from 2012 report. See the report linked in the 2014 article here…

      Some stats from the report… 60,000 child victims of sexual assault. 146,000 children taken from their mother and father and put in child protective services and foster homes. These are stats for one year 2012 in the USA. But separating children from their families at the border is “not who we are in America”. Really? Get out of here with your fake, phony, manufactured “outrage”…. Chip

      • Russ McMeans

        Right to the real point Chip!
        I’m bummed for the kids. I wish every American kid could have a good old fashioned childhood like we had. But adults like to mess with them, abuse, teaching liberal and racist thoughts. It’s awful!

  14. Matt Jaymes


    You tore the hide right off the ball this week! Other than about 15 minutes/day of my local news, I don’t watch MSM anymore. Their stories are replete with half truths and whole lies. They wouldn’t know a journalist if one bit ’em on the ankle!!

    Thanks for keeping us informed, well done!!


  15. Gregory Mannarino

    You are the man Greg Hunter!

  16. Dan

    The highly paid lobbyist whores (of BOTH parties) who we have kept electing for over 100+ years (at least since 1913) have brought us to the doorstep of revolution.

    Are ANY of you REALLY prepared for that ?

    • paul ...

      Dan … I bet the elite were not ready … they probably figured that the fluoride in our water, GMO pesticides in our intestines, aluminum in our air, mercury in our children’s vaccines and commie indoctrination in our school system would destroy our brains enough to prevent a revolution against them (seems they were wrong)!

    • Jodyp

      We’re in uncharted waters. How can one be prepared for every scenario?

    • flattop

      The problem, we just keep re electing them. We say, our guy is ok, its the rest of those guys in DC who are the problem
      We do not need term limits, we just need to stop re electing them. One term and out.

  17. Southern Girl


    THANK YOU for all that you do. I would not be able to navigate through all the BS if it was not for you. I do believe you are right about Trump nominating the Catholic woman, who is for the Constitution. I think he may be zeroing in on the two women Senators that have said they dont want anyone who they think will overturn Roe V Wade. So why would a woman not vote for a woman??

  18. al

    If I may PS: my previous statement.

    I no longer refer to the media as lame stream, now I refer to them as the ENEMY MEDIA. Simple, to the point and oh so true. Please feel free to use it. ENEMY MEDIA!!! Period, the end.

    God Bless you for shining the laser light of truth to the dark propaganda campaign brought on by the ENEMY MEDIA.


    • Diane

      #walk away from DEMOCRATS and the ENEMY MEDIA
      I walked away 8 years ago….

    • Robert Lykens

      Thumbs up!

  19. Angelo


    This is so imperative for journalists, politicians and pundits all call their enemies for what they are. I for one believe that this is a battle of good versus evil. Particularly here in California, I feel like the Republican Party has left patriots out to dry because of the subversive operatives they have within their party.

    To all Californians – what you tolerate, you promote! Pretty soon you will be all imprisoned in the dystopian Agenda 21 lifestyle you are all flirting with right now.

  20. FC

    Selling baby body parts, how disgusting.
    What type of nothingness would purchase them and what would they be used for?

    • Andre

      Pharmaceutical companies.

    • Diana Dee Jarvis

      It’s for “medical research” — pretty disgusting stuff going on in that category.

    • Tad

      I’ve read, but have difficulty believing, that terrorists in Syria are doing the same thing by digging up mass graves.

      Perhaps the questions you’ve asked could be directed toward that human gem, Hillary Clinton and friends.

      I’m beginning to favor summary execution.

  21. This sceptred Isle

    “a godless weasel that clings to the black hole of nothingness”. Thanks for giving me a shout-out. You are in my thoughts also.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Greg, you need to be more concerned with the pretend Christians that are leading people astray than the atheists. At least the atheists are honest about their beliefs.

  22. This sceptred Isle

    America has its own pedo network in Hollywood, which is being covered up. At least in the UK the pedo networks have begun to be prosecuted.
    Why is Trump attending Jesuit dinner parties with Hillary? Are the sun people controlling both sides of the same coin?

    • Andre

      Who are being prosecuted are the low and middle level players. It will never get to the top. Clintons, Deep State, business executives, Gates, Soros, Hollywood FBI/CIA are all middle level players. But the top cannot function without middle level. The top is the biggest evil which we cannot even comprehend. Alister Crawley claimed he knew the depth of Satan. As usually all roads lead to Rome and one needs to look at the “whore of Babylon”.
      Some people are trying:

      • This Sceptred Isle

        Thanks for the link Andre. The john wedger link under Robert Lykens comment is a good watch as well on a related topic.

      • sk

        It is ‘Alistair Crowley’, not ‘Alister Crawley’. It helps to spell it correctly if you want to look it up. This is part of what TSI was referring to above.

        • sk

          And P.S… doesn’t “lead to Rome”….that is simplistic….it leads to wherever hatred and malevolence is concentrated at any given moment….

      • paul ...

        Our Founders who threw off “the Yoke of the King” would be saddened to see the US reverting back to the “English Police State” they ran away from that prosecuted the low and middle classes while the privileged elite sat around and drank tea in their “Mote Surrounded Castles” talking with disdain about “the Commoners” … now both the US and England are using Orwellian “Gaslighting techniques” to once again hide the truth (i.e. fake news, etc.) to achieve more power over the people they have great contempt for (i.e. deplorable useless eaters, etc.) … the Founders knew life would be safer for the people under a government “By and For the People” … and even “Merry Old England” was safer during the time of “Jack the Ripper” then it is today with its 4.4 million violent crimes and growing with the huge influx of displaced refugees from the “continual war zone” in the Middle East!

  23. Andre

    “From each according to their ability, to each according to their needs” – unless you are a recent graduate of institution of higher learning you know it is Carl Marx motto for utopian society. But was it his? NOPE! He got it from Thomas Aquinas who is now a saint and you can pray to him if you wish. His philosophy of church and society is the philosophy of the Catholic Church and the philosophy of United Nations with added ecumenism.
    Let’s look at our “supreme” judges – somehow I don’t like to call them justices. Six of them are catholic and three jews. No protestants? I thought USA is a protestant nation! Sorry, no longer, they took it away when all were busy watching super ball and barbecuing.
    I wonder who is going to be the next judge. Top pics: Amy Coney Barrett – conservative catholic.
    Brett Kavanaugh – conservative catholic and graduate of Yale. I wonder if he had anything to do with scull and bones.
    So, the separation of church and state is over!!! The mother church will use the legislative power of the King to enforce the doctrine.
    Anthony Scalea years ago said: “Separation of church and state is outdated doctrine”. Just google the topic and see how they are changing the rhetoric of the separation that is not constitutional. Really? How about state shall make no laws regarding religion?

    Next will come SUNDAY LAW. Please look up “Sunday alliance”. It is just for “children”. This law has been already passed in some country in EU but not enforced. So this will be the last milestone in the fulfillment of Bible prophecy for the end of time. We are going home! Make right with God!

    Trade deficit is important when currency is backed by gold because this would drain gold reserves if other country would start to redeem it by returning the currency. With fiat money it doesn’t really matter. US would loose much more on loosing petro-dollar. My guess is that a deal was made with Saudi and others. We will not explore our resources if you only sell oil for USD and BTW remember our freind Muammar Gaddafi.

    Greg, thank you for the optimistic ending. Yes God is in control but we need to be His.
    Description of the last church:
    Rev 14:12 Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.
    So, without keeping commandments we are not His. Please read again 4th commandment.

  24. H. Craig Bradley


    I can not wait until next Jan. 1 when I legally can dump my ObamaCare compliant Health Plan without paying a tax penalty to the IRA. Thanks to Senator John McCain, I am stuck with ACA until next year. Its very expensive health insurance for what you actually get out of it. In five years, I have only come close to break-even once. Better off self-insuring if you are healthy, as premiums go up each year by 20%-30%. Its unhealthy for your financial health. ObamaCare is a socialist (sic. communist) government scheme to take more from your wallet.

  25. Robert Lykens

    Hey Greg, do the leftist snowflakes wake up in the middle of the night cursing Harry Reid’s name?

  26. Tom


    Thanks so much for your work!

    Could you provide a link to the Shorenstein Center’s study of US media bias. Definitely worth quoting and citing!

  27. K. Wayne

    Whilst the CDS book of DB continues to be coverty supported (TBTFSIFI)…it would not surprise in the least that the next financial crisis will be borne out of these US initiated tarrifs and trade wars. Irrespective of the rhetoric used in justification, the EM’s and especially their sovereign debt, is starting to glow red hot. The derivatives attached to this debt will be the fuse that sets off the daisy chain. The consequences of trade wars are far and wide and Corporate America is caught in the crosshairs. The resultant lower global trade implies reduced GDP combined with the inflationary impact from higher costs and concurrent lower dollar. All this is a bad omen for every American.
    Consider if you will the actions of the FED and the Govt. working in tandem.
    Both are ensuring the next Recession is achieved without reservation. The Yield curve inverting is the financial signal. Increasing civil unrest and mass protests will lead to chaos, food shortages, reduced services and overwhelming and out of control crime …the economic signal.
    Shocks to the system will be many as they are as devastating in their speed and impact.
    The Global Monetary Reset will arrive through necessity and after much pain, rather than through proactive agreement amongst the world superpowers and their leaders.
    The Banksters have bankrupted the World. They will be called upon to reconstruct thereby safeguarding their wealth and power once again.

  28. flattop

    Its interesting to watch the democrats.
    Since they lost the presidential election, and now the Presidents appointing another
    SCOTUS member, they are acting like a little spoiled brat down on the floor having a temper tantrum.
    Regarding the SCOTUS, in a couple years roe v wade will be history. Whats facing our nation in the next few years is environment issues. Clean water and air will soon become huge major issues for our nation needing SCOTUS decisions

  29. Jan

    Not surprised that Tom Perez is gushing over Ocasio-Cortez, he has not shown he’s mentally playing with a full deck of cards.

    Someone over at the NY Times wrote an opinion entitled “Democratic Socialism is Dem Doom” that makes the case that NO political party can sustain a platform that is BOTH about abolishing ICE and borders AND also about giving “free” stuff like university tuitions with the government picking up the tab. Here is an excerpt from the full article:

    The Democratic Socialists of America, of which Ocasio-Cortez is a member, believe in economies defined by state-owned enterprises and worker-owned cooperatives. Versions of this have been tried to varying degrees before: Israel in its first decades; post-independence India; Sweden in the 1960s and ’70s. It always led to crisis: hyperinflation for Israel in 1980s; an I.M.F. bailout for India in 1991; a banking meltdown for Sweden in 1992. It’s usually a recipe for corruption: State-owned enterprises such as Pemex in Mexico or Eskom in South Africa are local bywords for graft and mismanagement. It frequently leads to dictatorship. Hugo Chávez was also a democratic socialist.

    Today’s social democracy falls apart on the contradiction between advocating nearly unlimited government largess and nearly unlimited immigration. “Abolish ICE” is a proper rallying cry for hard-core libertarians and Davos globalists, not democratic socialists or social democrats. A federal job guarantee is an intriguing idea — assuming the jobs are for some defined “us” that doesn’t include every immigrant, asylum-seeker or undocumented worker.

    Trump gets this, as does the far right in Europe, which is why they attract such powerful working-class support. Want to preserve the welfare state? Build a wall — or, in Europe’s case, reinstate border controls. Want more immigrants and amnesty? Lower the minimum wage and abolish the closed shop. But please choose. It’s one or the other.

    • Mme. Hedin

      Jan, did you know that Sweden, France, Germany, etc are all considered Democratic Socialist countries? They are doing just fine, not failing at all. You can criticize other countries who actually take care of their people, because their citizens understand that pulling together for the Greater Goid means a better future for everone. Americans have lost slight of an inherent responsibility to neighbor, community and country – everyone simply competes against one another, udging survival of tge fittest tge highest cause. Good luck on that one – great way to die alone, abandoned and lonely. Best of luck, Jan!

      • Greg Hunter

        “They are doing just fine”???!!! You are kidding correct. Their banks are on the verge of failure and they are being flooded with a immigrant invasion of Muslims that are spiking crime by exponents. Go away troll boy/girl.

        • Mme. Hedin

          Yes they are doing fine. I live in Europe and I am a retired investment analyst. The banks here are much healthier than in the US, and credit card use by people here is miniscule. People here are not up to their eyeballs in debt. You can badmouth Europe all you want, but you don’t live here and see what I see and read what I read. No, we aren’t about to be crushed by failing banks or floods of incoming immigrants here. That is scary propoganda spun by the people who control you by your fears. Wake up – you are in the Matrix! Call me troll if you want, but you know better than that.

          • Greg Hunter

            Your fired!! Investment analyst? Have you checked DB???? How about all the Italian banks?? How about some key French banks?

            • Mme Hedin

              Deutsche Bank is likely to go under, that’s true, for money laundering, gold manipulation, etc. BTW, didja know that after we taxpayers bailed out Bank of America in 2008, they’ve moved their tax domicile offshore to the Bahamas? Screwed us, eh?!? Euro banks will survive, .except DB and some Italian banks..

          • Tin foil hat

            Mme. Hedin,
            Yeah, they are doing just fine until they are not. It could be you before you know ….


      • sk

        “….pulling together for the Greater Gold”…what a delicious Freudian slip!

  30. John M.

    You are not over the top.
    America has been methodically destroyed from the inside by traitors in our country. Much of it is directly attributable to the ideology of hard and soft communism, which has infiltrated almost everything you can think of, from kindergarten to universities. Environmentalism is a very helpful tool for socialists.
    On Independence Day, I watched a DVD documentary given to me by a friend. It’s called: “The Enemy Within” (90 min long), and the researchers did an excellent job documenting the influence of socialists, with many of them proudly serving in our US Congress in plain view. Obama of course had his ties too. I knew it was bad, but I had no idea just how bad.
    Communism uses anything it can to further its goal of world domination, and the Muslim Brotherhood is at the top of their helpful agents.
    I myself think that socialism is merely a seductive tool of the Luciferian and NWO globalists to control and rule the whole world. Obviously, they really want total control of the governance of money for the very same purposes of domination.

  31. Diana Dee Jarvis

    Be careful about urging the return of unaccompanied children at the border to their parents. Most of them are unaccompanied because they’re trying to join parents who are already in the US illegally. I don’t have link handy, but in the past a lot of these kids were reunited with family in the US and allowed to stay illegally under the “catch and release” nonsense.

  32. Jerry

    Anytime I hear the term “ the working group” my antenna go up.

    I have reason to believe that the globalist are on the verge of hatching some type of diabolical plan to take President Trump down. I Have personal contacts with a locating company that are seeing white U.N. Mobile communication towers all over the Midwest. In some places, stationary facilities are being erected. I can only theorize that whatever they are planning it involves some type of grid down situation. At first thought I thought it was an isolated meaningless incident, but I have been getting these reports now from my contacts for over six months so I don’t think so. I thought you would like to know.

  33. Madi

    Greg, another awesome “wrap up week”
    I was recently in Canada. The liberal party is loosing in Quebec and Ontario….you need to elect an Obama or a Trudeau to awake the people. Now when you think how the propaganda failed . Yuri Bezmenov was telling the truth:

    YouTube : Yuri Bezmenov , my job was deception.

  34. Dr Darryl Jewett

    “It’s equal protection under the law only until they get control of the law.” – Hunter

    “Conscientious men don’t need laws to be conscientious and unconscionable men will always find myriad ways to violate laws.” – Plato

    Laws have been irrelevant in courts of the US for most of my life. Judges, officers of the courts, law enforcement, etc… apply laws in self-serving and subjective ways. Not objectively and judiciously.

    Law is like any other tool of gov’t (or justice). It’s value is very limited. Like with the 2nd Amendment. If you look at it from a liberal / conservative dichotomy, we don’t need liberals to take away the 2nd Amendment. We just need conservatives who fail to exercise it when it’s needed most for the 2nd Amendment to be lost.

    Laws have been relatively ineffective to stop the systemic corruption in our gov’t. Because bureaucratic mechanisms have been used to get around them. Since laws have proven ineffective to stop communism (feminism), then the next step would be judicious use of the 2nd Amendment (I’d add with extreme prejudice).

    But most men in the US are cowards and are afraid to rise up against their gov’t. Belief that you can use laws to stop communism (feminism) is a fantasy. There’s only one way to stop someone who is mindlessly trying to defraud you of your life and livelihood. With great force.

  35. C Fulcher

    Re: Crowdfunding Border Wall by Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn (Tenn.)

    Do we trust our government to not “dip into” the “Border Wall Trust Fund”? Would this “trust fund be like the Social Security Trust Fund that is filled with IOU’s after being LOOTED by Congress? IOU’s that the government can’t repay? How about a trust fund controlled by F.A.I.R. OR NUMBERS USA? It is sad to say but I trust those two entities much more than I trust our government!

  36. Tad

    “A man who doesn’t believe in climate change never should have been in
    charge of the Environmental Protection Agency in the first place,”
    Warren said. “And a government official that corrupt should have been
    fired by the President of the United States 28 scandals ago.”–Elizabeth Warren

    Wow! Climate change is real? This is just HUGE! Only about three or four parties have been discussing this with me the last two weeks. All women. Yet I think they justifiably rate the economy and illegal immigration as a tie.

    If you’re a lower-to-middle class worker, the your job depends on your employer’s willingness to outsource his business-either exporting the manufacturing or importing the labor.

    Indian and white folk alike have been burning fossil fuels in one form or another for a few hundred years. Just the other day in Massachusetts, a woman claiming to be a descendant of Pocohantas. . . .

    Elizabeth Warren needs to propose legislation that clearly spells out how the translation to an unknown fuel source that is not deus ex machina in nature will modulate or lessen climate change.

    No reason to let science or reality get in the way of a good story: Removing carbon in all forms is to remove life from this earth.

    Perhaps that’s the aim of the latest Democrat-Socialist star from New York, Ms/Mrs, He/She. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

  37. Rick Geisler

    Every time in American history there has always been a lot of talk before war. There were years of talk before the American Revolution. Lots of talk and insults before the Civil War. Both World Wars involved negotiations down to the day of attack. Greg, I hope this time is different. But the world is polarized like never before.

  38. Sayonara

    Great intellectually WNW. You have been exactly right regarding your opinion of marxist communist Democrat party. They have reached the point whereby they can only coerce people into their ideology by validating the use of force. This party is now an extremely dangerous institution that will use violence to achieve its goal. As staunch Trump supporter – I have admired him since I read the Art Of The Deal in its 1st printing, I now have to fear for my life if I advocate my support for Trump. This will not stand!

  39. Liberty

    Great video Mr Hunter,

    I really like your non-biased point of view, your franchise, honesty.

    Unfortunately some people seem to have become a Trump TV or radio. They think they need to be optimistic and telling the truth is pessimistic for their viewer. My opinion, the truth is realistic and has no agenda and will always prevail.
    The economy is not going well , Trump cannot do miracle and paid all this debt back it’s unsustainable just like Peter Schiff and all the others financial experts are saying, this economy is on an artificial respiratory thus won’t last.

    You said the debt of the US is 23 millions , Can you inform me what is the EXACT U.S, debt, the real debt one including the fed, the pension to be paid, the state’s debt etc… I read all sort of number. The other day maybe I did not understand correctly but I heard on the interview you had with Mr John Williams 100 trillions?

    Also, Mr Williams was saying that “normally you will need increase deficit spending to stimulate the economy that’s what probably what’s need to be done. We are beginning to see that but I would necessary do it the way they do it but the problem remain you have a severe deficit problem in the U.S long term deficit liabilities . Need $ 100 trillion NPV to keep the country solvent in the future.” I have a small problem of understanding this since how could an increase in deficit could stimulate the economy, maybe in the short turn like they are doing now but all this is artificial ? Also, could a long term fiscal balance prevent an economic collapse to happen? From what all my reading this economic and social collapse is inevitable because to balance they need to cut A LOT OF EXPENSES and people won’t accept all those cuts.

    They seem to be different stagse in a collapse and I think from my reading we need to take into consideration the social issue as well. ?
    When people lost all the moral values, their real culture, a society is or will collapse.
    Just look what happen in Mexico for examples. An indication of a collapse form my reading could be:
    – Unemployment rising, lay off
    – Outbreaks of violence. The sporadic riots and protests to which we’ve become accustomed to seeing is an indicator of decline or instability. Sustained rioting or political violence is a potential indicator of collapse. Also along those lines are the instability, unrest, criminality, and/or violence that begins occurring in our communities as a result of unemployment, systems disruption, or political strife. That’s a little more collapsey than just an increase in unemployment.

    Following are in Mexico:
    – widespread corruption
    – rising crime
    – inability to deal with de the cartels
    – lack of economic growth
    – number of riots

    Thank you Mr Hunter for all your information, would like to have your thoughts.

    I am from Canada( socialist country) and it looks like we live in the George Orwell world where the information are all control. It’s very hard to get real news, real numbers. People seem too waking up concerning the NWO, the deep state but still they are a lot of people who believe in the socialist ideology this is a fight each day in order to try to inform the people about the destruction of a country cause by those progressive/communism ideology which are teach all over through our school and medias.

    Best Regards.

    Ps: sorry if my English is not perfect, my mother tongue is French.

    Love it when you said: “ it’s We the people against the NOW, against the evil”

    Following are the links where I found some information concerning how we can define the spectrum of a collapse.

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