Dems Block Iran Nuke No Vote, Syria War Intensifies, Fed Rate Hike, Hillary in Deeper Trouble

4pngBy Greg Hunter’s WNW 207 9.11.15 

Democrats are going to try to block Republicans from killing the Iran nuke deal.  The Republicans do not have the 60 votes needed to stop a Democrat filibuster.  So, Obama will not have to veto the Republican bill to stop the deal from going through.  The Democrats are not even going to allow a vote on killing the deal.  Ten Democrats are up for re-election, and none of them want to be on record voting to allow it to go through.  This is far from over as the Republicans are looking for ways to kill the deal, and I am sure they will at least want Democrats on record allowing this to go through.  They know this is a bad deal, if you want to call it that.  It is really total capitulation as John Kerry admitted he did not have access to the side deal on inspecting Iran’s military nuclear sites.  Iran’s top brass has said it will not issue the permits to inspect its military sites.  There really is no deal.  This is nothing more than theater from the Obama Administration.

The war in Syria is intensifying as Russia now confirms its troops are fighting alongside of pro-Assad forces against ISIS.  This is not about Sunni verses Shia.  This is about oil and natural gas pipelines.  Iran has one it wants, and Qatar and the Saudis have one they want, and both go right through Syria.  The war is over the pipeline that Assad would not allow.  The Russians are merely protecting their interests and market share in Europe.  They are going to apparently fight to the death to find out who will be in control of Syria and the pipeline routes.  I have been saying since 2009 that the Russians would not allow Syria to fall, and that is exactly what is going on.

The big question is will the Federal Reserve raise interest rates or not next week.  If they do raise rates, then they want to intentionally crash the economy and let the air out of the stock market. The World Bank is warning the Fed not to raise rates because it would cause “panic and turmoil.”  Gregory Mannarino, who called the stock market top in May, says either way, the market is going to hate what the Fed does on rates.  If they raise them, the market tanks and the bell rings on low rates.  If they do not raise them, then the market will know the economy is not in “recovery,” and that too spells trouble.

Hillary Clinton is now criticizing President Obama and said that Americans “…need a leader who cares about them again.”  I am not sure that criticizing the man who is in control of the country and the Justice Department is a good idea, especially when Ms. Clinton is in very hot water over her private email server while she was Secretary of State.  So hot she has formally apologized for the “mistake.”  Can you just apologize for breaking the law?  Many experts say national security was breached because of Clinton’s use of this unprotected server.  She already has one staffer who wants immunity to give information on her server.  Now, Hillary’s top lieutenant, Huma Abedin, was investigated by the FBI last year for embezzlement after she filed phony time cards at the State Department.   I have predicted for months that Clinton will not be President.  Bernie Sanders is now beating her in Iowa.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.


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  1. MAL

    Hi Greg,
    Misspelling a word is a “mistake” Hillary committed a felony. If a doctor was supposed to remove a patients spleen and he took out the gall bladder instead he’s either incompetent or malicious but a professional can’t call some things a mistake.. Hillary knowingly broke the law or she’s incompetent or both. The United States government owes Edward Snowden an apology.

  2. Smaulgld

    Things are so messed up Hillary may actually get elected President and take the oath of office from prison via Skype on her private server installed in her cell.

    • paul

      But what I would like to know is … who gets the lucrative contract to guard the doors and install all the iron bars on the windows of the White House?

      • Smaulgld

        Haliburton can take care of that and get her fitted with an ankle bracelet for trips outside DC

    • Charles H.

      It’s a good thing I wasn’t drinking anything when I read this comment! Too funny!

    • Milton


    • RichM

      Exactly. Its so incompetent and pathetic in both parties…. I mean you can’t even make this stuff up. They dumbed down the population so much that they have so far not even noticed or care or choose not to care and so will not take any kind of stand but just tow the party line blindly.

      Now I just read that 29%-43% of all Americans would support the military to take over of the country…. who the hell do they think is the commander and chief of that military would be.

      So, in other words, they too are dumbed down because we trust our troops and all, but are so ignorant to not see who would lead and give the orders. There anger is so great they think Marshall law is all the sudden a better option. This is why Trump/Carson/Fiorina and even Bernie Sanders are doing to well.

  3. frank

    Not sure if we agree on this, but the US government and/or Congress has no say in things like the Iran deal. Such things are decided by the puppet masters that control the Washington stooges (and the Moscow/Bejing stooges, BTW).
    Nor I’m sure what role the Iran is assumed to play in the next future. But to make the West look bad and the East/BRICS look good to grease the power transition is the strategy currently in play. I expect a public stunt soon in Syria, perhaps NATO forces will take a humiliating beating by the russian military. And Iranian forces might possibly play a role in this farce. The current “refugee crisis” in Europe, heavily fostered by the US government and the CIA, also points in that direction.
    The NWO plan involves this transition of power from the West to the East, with very nasty consequences for Americans and west Europeans. The touted “rate hike” might be the start signal for the controlled demolition of the West – the proclaimed numerological “Shemitah” propaganda points in the same direction.
    Having experienced Socialism first-hand, I don’t expect any improvements in individual freedom under a BRICS-ruled world. Socialist/communist leaders have killed more than 100 million people during the last century, and no peep of any regrets. To the contrary, government propaganda goes on painting Stalin and Mao as paternal, benevolent leaders.
    Be prepared, and keep low profile …

  4. JC Davis

    So we defeated the old terrorist. Created new terrorist. Now we stand and fight with the new terrorist to prevent our allies from getting a needed pipeline. All of this at a cost of trillions of needed dollars, and the risk of nuclear war with Russia. John Wayne would say Pilgrim That don’t make sense. So what will be the best outcome for America in fighting Russia over there desire to have this pipeline ?

    • Diane D

      Washington’s Farewell Address of 1796 is arguably the greatest speech ever given on US soil. He warned Americans, “to steer clear of permanent alliances with any portion of the foreign world.”

      Look at us. Americans who call themselves Christians pick nations to defend or attack like sports addicts picking their fantasy football team. Who do we think we are? We may know God, but we sure as heck do not know the love of God.

      • Thomas Stamps

        We liberate for freedom, nothing else!

  5. Randy Hitt

    House Democrat David Pryce summed it up perfectly. Had the US not accepted the negotiated deal, the other party’s involved made it perfectly clear that they were DONE with the sanctions and the USA was going to have to try to go it alone if we insisted on keeping the sanctions. GOP insistence that the USA could somehow force these other sanction regime nations back in line, and then somehow reboot the negotiations is PURE FANTASY.

    GOP war mongers, flush with bribe money from Israeli and Saudi sources and their likewise lubricated friends in the MSM pretend that the USA is still the invincible and principled arbiter of the middle east as the evidence of the decline of our moral authority, and our financial and military might emboldens the enemies our policies have created.

    Long GONE are the days of US exceptionalism, gone too are the good times for the bulk of Americans. Both have been washed away like sand castles on the beach by the efforts and policies of the America hating foreign banking cabal that now not so secretly controls the USA from the shadows.

    • Greg Hunter

      So, we give $150 billion to the #1 sponsor of terror according to the Obama State Department list? We have kicked the war prospects in the M.E. into high gear, and are supplying the funds for it.

      • andyb

        Greg: rare points of disagreement. First, the $1.5 billion is money/assets the US had confiscated from Iran. We are not giving this money/assets; we are returning them. Second, Iran is not the #1 sponsor of terrorism. It doesn’t come close to the real #1 that has started numerous wars, destabilized entire countries in the name of humanitarianism, caused the death of millions, and is ultimately responsible for the current massive waves of migration from the ME.

        • Greg Hunter

          It is $150 billion or at least the reported amount. Thank you for your comment. No one can agree on everything but, yes, on the State Department list in the Obama Administration, Iran is the undisputed sponsor of terror.

      • Randy Hitt

        Greg, the ME has decided to relocate to Europe, their advance guard is spreading throughout Chritendom as I type this, Saudi Arabia has offered to help Germany by building 200 mosques for them, and now Russia and Iran have moved to protect their pipeline interest with their other partners the Iraqis and Bashar Al Assad against the Wahhibi ISIS/Al Qaeda forces who are largely operated by former Saddam loyalist military leaders and funded by the Saudi’s(where else did they get all those spiffy uniforms and brand new Toyota’s for days?).

        Even if the arrangement is 10x worse than anyone thinks, these new developments make both the deal and the arguments against the deal and our leadership/influence seem more appropriate for parlor conversation than the halls of congress.

        Instead, we should refocus our attention on the true peril we face by arresting the already convicted wall street bankers who have avoided jail through deals with the justice department, and cut NEW deals with them only this time the deal is give up everybody involved or spend the rest of your lives in jail.

        Then we should crush the Keynesian FED and dismantle the massive police/surveillance state/income tax debt slave state/welfare state/warfare state that has been built around our blissful limited government constitutional republic by the foreigners who own our central bank and reinstate a sound money policy and withdraw our forces from around the world.

        Thats what we should do.

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        Iran is not the #1 sponsor of terror.
        It is not even close.

        • Greg Hunter

          Please read my comment again. In Obama’s State Department it is and that is the fact I was pointing out.

    • Thomas Stamps

      Hey Randy get back on your meds!

      • Randy Hitt

        Hey Thomas get back to your police state.

  6. CrazyCanuck

    Wow, got the “sizzle & steak” on this one! Superior wrap up presented in an animated , humorous / satirical manner. You and your guests are shouting Paul Revere like that the tsunami is coming this fall, and as we are on fall’s doorstep it is imperative we the receptive have our preparations in order. No one will be able to say ” who knew?” .
    Thanks again. Great wrap up, love your style.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you CC.

      • Bob Fegert

        Great episode Greg!
        The sunlight nearly ran out on you though 🙂

        • Greg Hunter

          I had tech problems with my camera and Windows updates. I did not know I needed updates until I tried rebooting and then they cam pouring in. I had time for one take and one take only and that’s what you saw. Thank you for your comment and support.

  7. John M

    Hi Greg, another great WNW. I just caught a great interview of James Wesley Rawles (a survivalist) on the X22 Spotlight youtube channel. Well worth the time to listen:

  8. paul

    Bill Holter puts in the world’s problem in a nutshell for us …
    “The world’s problem in a microcosm!”
    “The derivatives problem and ALL of the credit problems exist because there is simply NOT ENOUGH MONEY TO SETTLE all the trades …so they must create more. Money today is created by the creation of new credit …in a world where debt saturation has already occurred! They MUST create more “money” but cannot carry more debt… That is the problem in a very targeted nutshell”!
    The only thing I would add is … they “can carry more debt” … simply by printing up any interest they must pay “out of thin air” … say hello to Hyper-inflation!

    • paul

      Interesting article by Ellen Brown …

      Perhaps the QE4 the Fed will bring “should be for the people” … where the Fed instead of giving all the money (printed out of thin air) to the banks … is instead directed by Congress to make “direct investments” in America to further economic growth and manufacturing on US soil (to bring jobs back to American workers) … just leave those “unpatriotic” corporations that screwed the American worker dangling in a war zone (China) … and simply build new American factories here on protected American soil … and since the factories are paid for with Fed/Government money … they can’t ever pull up roots in the future and leave the American worker high and dry!

      • paul

        Hey Congress/Fed … money velocity too low … want to get people spending money again to boost the economy? … then simply tell the American people that any money they spend on their credit cards during the year … “can be used as a tax credit on their April 15 tax bill”!

        • paul

          Also … if the government owns the manufacturing and industrial plants … not only can it “provide steady jobs” for the people but “the profit it makes” can go to pay off the national debt and the people and their children to come “will be free” (of taxation) …

  9. stephen wight

    Excellent vid – I see that you have finally identified the real reason for the Syrian war – it is indeed all about pipe lines(and thats why you want a war with Iran) – thats why US is trying to ouster Assad with its paid mercenaries(aka ISIS) – Putin is helping Assad same way US is helping Israel.
    Can you answer a few questions for me – Why hasn’t Israel offered to take any Syrian refugees – did you know a refugee camp was set up in Syria in 1948 for dispossessed Palestinians and that camp is still there.
    Soone Iran gets the bomb the better
    I know you are too chicken to answer my q’s but I’m gonna keep asking anyway.

    • Greg Hunter

      I brought up the pipelines in the past and quoted Lavrov. It’s been awhile, but I have brought this up in the past. Thank you for your comment.

    • Thomas Stamps

      Obama hates the Jews! What are you talking about,”we’re helping the Israelis?

  10. Willard Ferch

    You’re right. Hillary is competent only in her own mind and is destined for the ash pile of History. Obama was in Alaska try to scare folks with his lies about global warming. It’s getting around that he’s a liar and the father of it. Fiddlin

  11. art barnes

    Greg, Hillary for Prisondent. A orange jumpsuit would look very becoming on her. Bet though she never sees the inside of anything but a first class seat in a private Boeing 777 as she knows where Obama has hid the bodies.
    The FED will have to hike or lose relevance. .25 basis points, big deal, they can QE at the same time covertly. No one ever mentions that move, which is probably already in place, ramp up QE covertly to dampen the impact of a little 25 basis point hike; the FED can have its cake and eat it too!
    Greg, one last thought, I predicted all along there would be some sort of capitulation deal on Iran, one must never underestimate the treason of Washington. As the Bible states Israel will be surrounded and alone. Obama is helping make prophecy come to fruition.

    • Charles H.

      art barnes,

      Do you really believe the QE ever stopped? Man -“whatever it takes!”

  12. Mike from the North

    It boggles my mind at times how some believe they are right by saying everything is FINE
    for now and yes maybe something might go wrong years from now.

    Long run expectations are the wrong way to look at things right now.

    The World has debt that is no longer serviceable and very soon this will become clear to all.



    The middle east is the mess it is not simply because of religious beliefs.

    It is a mess because of some trying to undermine stability so they can prosper from the demise of others.

    • Brandon

      The possibility of a .25% increase is not the concern…The concern is the the continual climb of interests rate quarter by quarter and quote me…this will happen. This is their hesitation as the economy couldn’t not handle subsequent interest rate increases within a 1-2yr period.

    • Jerry

      Mike all is well. Remain calm.

  13. Michele

    Thank you Mr. Hunter. Edward Snowden is stuck in Russia for telling the truth about the nsa and the government wants to put him in prison for the rest of his life if he comes back to the USA and Hillary Clinton lies and puts the country in danger and is running for president. God help us.

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen Michele!!!!

      • Smaulgld

        and Snowden did not do what he did for pecurniary gain, the same can’t be said for Hillary and the Clinton foundation-she kept the private server in part to cover her private dealings

    • Charles H.

      A near-perfect encapsulation, Michele. Very good.

      • warren currier

        I saw a great Documentary on HRC and Bill Clinton:

        ‘The Clinton Murders’ is a must see event!

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Well said.
      Speaking the truth in modern day America can be a very dangerous thing to do.
      What extraordinarily sad times we live in!

  14. paul

    If you couldn’t see the chart Greg held up for you … see the Dow chart below … the Dow has broken the 50 day moving average to the downside (and should now oscillate between 15,500 and 17,500 for awhile) … but the bear market will only become “official” once the 50 day MA crosses the 200 day MA to the downside … when that occurs the Dow itself will be way below 15,500 … if we wait for the MSM to “officially declare” a bear market it will “almost be time to buy” … WatchDoger’s could use any rally toward 17,000 as an opportunity to lighten up but keep in mind that a massive QE4 if announced by the Fed … which makes it “absolutely clear” that hyper-inflation will be Fed policy (and they don’t obfuscate what they are doing) … the Dow will begin to rise “to new highs” in anticipation of the currency being devalued.

    • JC Davis

      Paul. My thoughts exactly. Question in my mind is how many trillions will it take this time. Im not sure there is a amount that can cover up how bad things are.

  15. Mikkel Jacobsen

    Thanks fore a good wrap – up..
    Except fore the Syrian coverage I totally agree,,,
    The same IGNORENT ” mistakes ” are made as the MSM are doing,,,,, not destinguishing between the moderate rebels and ISIS …anyone following the events in Syria would know,,,that they – the moderate rebels are fighting BOTH Assad and ISIS..
    Bad journalisme,,, in my opinion,,, I am sorry to say so,,,

    Although the moderate rebels are in some extent cooperating with Al Nusra ( with tension). Nusra is also fighting BOTH the Assad regime and ISIS .
    Nusra and ISIS are not rebels ,,,but ekstremists ,,,
    The moderate rebels are reading the situation correctly by not cooperating with the US military ( could be CIA ),,their hidden agendas divide and conquer ,, and so on,,,, who are
    allways trying to balance the terror,,, – stop the gas from Iran and protect the dollar,,,

    Just my humble opinion,,,, Mikkel

    • Hilde

      Not bad journalism IMO, but an attempt to make the complicated picture graspable for the readers . With all the various fractions on Syria, it’s easy to get lost for any reader . The fractions do change consistently as well . Al Nusra is behind some terrible atrocities, so the fact that the moderate rebels are cooperating with them makes it very understandable that one questions wether moderate rebel is the correct term.

      • Hilde

        Correction: meant to write the various fractions in Syria, not on.

      • Mikkel Jacobsen

        As a journalist you have to report the facts,,,, it is the readers responsibel ,,, whether that is understood or not….
        So by underreporting ( called ” an attempt to make the complicated picture more graspable fore the readers ” ) ,, we continue to see ,,, misinformation ,, one-sided ,, and bad journalism ,,,, and I am still sorry to say so,,,cause I believe Greg and USA Watchdog is overall doing a good job.
        It takes a lot of time and effort to follow what is actually happening in Syria.
        An eksample could actually be the Druze,,,, a long ally of the Assad regime,,,, they are now turning away from the regime,,, and seems to move towards cooperating with moderate rebel groups,,,, NOT Nusra , NOT Isis ,,,, a proces which is ongoing,,,
        Just the way I see it
        Best regards Mikkel

    • Calgirl

      Journalists? 99.9% of “journalists” are just spewing out propaganda. Greg Hunter is a journalist. He decides thru investigation (as best he can) what is truth and what is fiction. If you bother to listen to any news programs, you can bet you are misinformed. I used to trust FNC, but they too just read what their handlers tell them and the commentaries are amalgamations of incorrect data. No one will tell you that oil, IMO, is at the bottom of all this strife. Is Putin a bad guy? I don’t see him starting wars all over the globe. All I see him doing is trying to protect his country. China? With their massive country, population, and problems….it is hard to see them invading any country. If they wanted to take down the U.S. All they have to do is sell their treasury bonds. It appears to me that the world was stable, until we took out Saddam Hussein. We could not let him trade his oil in any currency other than petrodollars….so we started all this misery in the ME. Surely there are regional problems, but who are we to destabilize the entire ME under the guise of humanitarian love? Multinational corporations and governments caused all of this and the people pay. So, just who are the “good guys”?

      • Freebreezer

        And do not forget Gaddaffi who wanted to start trading oil in a new gold backed African denomination … dead with in a year and 1/2 of trying to start it! And this after he bowed to the feet of Hillary Clinton (i.e. western power) in denouncing weapons of mass destruction. What a mess the USA has caused over in the ME. Great video of a young Syrian women describing the migrant crisis (I wish I knew if she is a plant or authentic! ) … she brings up some real good points.

  16. Rock

    Greg, a great week of work my brother. Thank you for all that you are doing.
    Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Rock and “Fear Not.”

  17. Diane D

    As a Christian, I believe we are in Biblical times, with the scriptures playing out.

    America has surely become a wicked nation in the eyes of God. Christianity is absolutely under assault by the US Government. Russia on the other hand is the only world power actually supporting Christianity and encouraging its growth. While America had largely a glorious past, and Russia a dismal one, those points are irrelevant today . Christians, be honest and ask yourself, ‘Which nation would Christ be more pleased with today?’

  18. bb

    Yea, wouldn’t it be terrible if Iran gave up 98% of their uranium and couldn’t make a bomb if they wanted to for 15 years.

    Isn’t it horrible that they get the $150 billion that we stole from them and they could use it on their own people.

    Wouldn’t it be terrible if we didn’t have to fight another war for Israel that by military necessity would be nuclear.

    Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Ukraine and Syria are not enough, lets find more to kill.
    Its good for the economy

    • Greg Hunter

      False choice. This could have been a much better dea,l and this deal will accelerate the war prospects.

    • Grafique

      bb –
      The United States has never fought a war for Israel and you can’t prove that we have.
      All you have – like all the other Israel-haters – is Jew-hating conspiracy-theorism that you saw somewhere on the internet.

      • frederick muhlbauer

        Thats it this “Grafique” is now calling criticizm of the zionists “anti semitism” İ am calling him/her out on that BS Being critical of the criminal actions of the İsraeli state is certainly not anti semitic and everyone is tired of that nonsense İ have many good Jewish friends and am not anti anyone however i am concious of the crimes against humanity being perpetrated in the name of Zionism

        • Greg Hunter

          The problem is you are one-sided and only call foul in Israel and never the other side. There is much sin to go around in the Middle East.

      • Blt

        “Israel will not exist in 25 years”……yeah, we just make this stuff up don’t we?

      • warren currier

        Let’s do History:
        How many times has Israel attacked the United States?

    • Freebreezer

      bb – take off the Isreal conspiracy glasses … Please! Syria, Iraq, Libya all (again all!) are a petrodollar play. Iraq and Libya wanted to end oil for US $$ … both dictators dead. Syria via her big petrodollar exporters to the south need to go through her with pipe lines to open up Europe. Russia wants to protect its quasi monopoly on petro sales to Europe. Syria said no (i.e. her protector Russia said no). Thus, destabilize and over throw the present Syrian government – Syria withstood. This gave us the catastrophe unfolding in the Ukraine when the US could not achieve its directive in Syria (Russia out played the CIA) and decided to prick Russia. Afghanistan got the hell blown out of it for their part in 9-11 … the one legitimate act. All my opinion

  19. Sayonara

    Here we are on 9/11/15, fourteen years after the 9/11 terrorist attack by Islamic extremists and we still don’t have the balls to confront, crush, kill and destroy them.
    And now They are stronger than ever. And our current President has done more to advance the Islamic Caliphate than any other person in history. Now we have signed a deal that gives the #1 sponsor of terror $150B to use against us.
    This is absolute insanity!

    • RTW

      Please tell me that you do not believe that story THEY told us about 9-11. There is enough evidence or should I say lack of evidence to indicate that it didn’t happen the way we were told. If the “Islamic Extremists” had anything to do with it, they had some pretty sophisticated weaponry. Three glaring examples are: No debris found at the crash site in Pennsylvania nor at the Pentagon. Planes do not disintegrate when they crash. And how is it that building #7 collapsed the very same way as the twin towers, when it wasn’t hit by a plane or had a major fire in it? Think about it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against pulling up the boxers and crushing the bad guys. Lord knows, they’ve done copious amounts of other atrocities, to warrant it. Just not 9-11.

      • Charles H.


        Though the Twin Towers (and BLDG 7?) was a big heist – it doesn’t mean terrorists weren’t fed and supplied to ‘pull-off’ a supposed great coup for Islam. I bet THEY think they did it.

      • frederick muhlbauer

        @RTW believe it or not there are still many sheeple that believe the govt story about what occured that day or are just simply in a deep denial about the horrible reality of it İ believe until the guilty parties are held accountable there will never be any type of healing and recovery in our nation economy wise and otherwise The karma is just too destructive

      • Sayonra

        I always love the infamous THEY. Who are THEY? Bigfoot, Area 51 Aliens, the George W. Bush & Dick Cheny Cabal or the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy?
        Based on my observations, THEY are Islamic jihadists who have repeatedly sworn to destroy and wipe us off the map. Then THEY go about trying to do it. (THEY did try to destroy the Twin Towers once before.) I will say this about the Islamic jihadists, they are probably the most honest group in town because they do what they say.
        As for our government and the 9-11 conspiracy theories, THEY (our government) are far too grossly incompetent to pull off such a caper.

        With regards to Bldg 7, having the Twin Towers collapse to the ground virtually across the street resulted in catastrophic localized geological and structural damage to anything within a block or two of the collapse. I know a little about engineering as I have been in commercial real estate development in earthquake country for good portion of my career.

        • brian

          You need to take a step back, take a deep breath and look at the “official” 9-11 story for the load of BS that it really is. You’ve been had, now its time to admit it and demand an honest investigation into what happened.

    • Grafique

      That’s socialism for you.
      Promise the moon; deliver hellfire.

    • Calgirl

      ME terrorists did not cause 9-11. The CIA along with the Saudi’s government did.

  20. Clint Bower Sr.

    I have a simple solution to the Iran deal. Write them a bad check for the money, It’s money we don’t have anyhow !! Thanks the Feds for the printing press.

    • paul

      When you think about it … paper money itself “is a bad check” … and what is “the big fuss” about a few billion dollars … the Iranians were given many years ago “US money engraving plates” by the CIA to make as many $100 dollar bills they want or need for their clandestine activities!

  21. Margie

    Greg – I just really REALLY want to thank you for not just creating this site, but for your selection of guests and the really good questions you ask. And for focusing on topics the mainstream refuses to cover. Listening to all the interviews and weekly wrap ups has helped me get ready better and more thoroughly. The last few days I’ve been on overdrive and am beginning to feel like I am just about going to be ok for the long haul. I don’t know if I would be as set as I am right now, if it wasn’t for all the weekly reminders you and your guests provide . As a side note, I check regularly on what Bill Holter and Jim Stclair say, and Gregory Manarino is the person I trust to tell me kind of up to the moment that the crash is happening. What he says clinches it for me. When he says pull out now, I know I have to call the family. Thank you again. And I really like the “fear not” at the end!! 🙂

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Margie. The commenters are really great too!!!

  22. Mike from the North

    At some point our monetary system must return to something real.

    Gold and silver will regain its place in the true meaning of REAL VALUE.

    There is little doubt in my mind that eventually the Jim Sinclairs of the world will be proven out.

    Those of us that have fought the trend and have stacked rather than bought into the casino of the markets will emerge as the SMART ONES.

    Right now many see me as OFF THE WALL.

    In time they will realize that hard work and research for the truth was a wise road to travel.

    The service that sites like this one provide is beyond the understanding of many.

    Believe in your research and believe in the wisdom of the Creator.

    • Grafique

      I wish Greg would give us commenters a ratings system so I could give you a big THUMBS UP! 👍

      (Even if you are from the north) 🙂

      • Mike from the North

        Thanks for the supportive words.

        Life is the sum total of the decisions we make.

        Deciding to research and look for the TRUTH is a decision that I believe will be the one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.

        In time society will learn that the easy way is seldom the right way.

        We stack in order to survive the lies.

        In closing….my biggest failure has been my failure to open the eyes of the people close to me that suffer serious normalcy bias.

        I hope they remember that I told them that my greatest wish was that I would be proven wrong.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Great comment Mike!

  23. KinSanDiego

    9/11 today, it is all very suspicious especially after watching this which was on CSPAN.

    • frederick muhlbauer

      suspicious doesnt begin to describe the situation San Diego

    • Calgirl

      Thank you for posting the video address. I would like to point you to another video recently done which is very informative…. entitled “THIS WILL SHOCK YOU TO YOUR CORE: 9/11 From Cheney to Mossad”

  24. Robert

    Greg isn’t that 150 billion Iran’s own money. If it’s theirs rightfully shouldn’t it be given back.

    • Greg Hunter

      Not if they re going to spend it on terror and attack us and allies in the M.E. You have not heard the “Death to America” chants headed by the Supreme Leader? “When people show you who they are you should believe them.” (Deepak Chopra)


  25. Jerry

    I have a close friend who is a Nuclear Power Plant inspector. According to him our nations power grid is not lonely outdated, but vulnerable to a cyber attack just as this report states.

    Why I’m bringing this up, is because I fully expect the next major false flag event to center around a cyber attack simultaneously with the financial collapse. This will provide the perfect cover up for the western banking cabal to cover its tracks, as they leave with our money for new victims in the east.

    According to my friend, the power grid is a row of dominoes with several companies depending on each other for their power supply. He states if a major supplier would go offline, it would take the entire system down with it. Having viewed the number attacks occurring on the simulation map provided by ( a cyber security company) I would suggest your readers to prepare accordingly. Unless I missed my guess, the Chinese will test our system out before the 1st of October.

    • Jerry

      Oops! wrong link to Norse Cyber Security. Here’s the right one.

    • Jerry

      Here we go. As I said Friday they’re setting this up for the take down, and the disappearing act.

      Its not hard to think like a criminal enterprise (which is what the banking cabal is that seized our government). You just have to figure out a way to get out the window with the loot and not be seen.

  26. Jerry

    Most recent money velocity chart by St. Louis Fed.
    Cue bomb sound! If the gray areas represent recessions, what does a bottomless white are represent?

  27. Jerry

    This seems a bit to coincidental to me, and sends up a red flag that somebody in our shadow government is up to no good. Especially as we approach the bewitching hour of September 28th.
    Some people may think that blood moons are fairy tail dust and the like, but according to my sources who have rubbed shoulders with the banking elite, they take them very seriously. Remember Christine Lagard’s rambling about the number 7 ?

  28. Grams Gold

    Glad to see you finally got a favicon. Nice colors! On an aside note, we are going into the Shemitah and we all need to be on high alert this week and going into Sept 23. ANYTHING could happen. Economic crisis, natural disasters, and especially – false flags.

  29. Robert

    In all fairness Greg have you looked at it from their viewpoint, and all the threats they have received over the years. I am not a political person really and certainly don’t like to see violence from any nation. They say the biggest El nino in history will hit the west coast in the winter, California in particular, do you think that may help them. One more question please , I understand that the mass migration in Europe could be a kind of Trojan horse. Many people from the ME are throwing their pass ports away so they can ride the Syrian wave in to all of Europe. Would this be one way for the bad guys to get in there and cause mayhem. If to many questions Greg just use the one that makes sense. Thanks Greg

  30. Calgirl

    How do we stop this?
    Who initiated all these regime overthrows, incited all this discord that has caused all these deaths and instability? ALL of this is in pursuit of power and control of black gold? How is it that a few psychopaths can lead countries to kill and maim at this unbelievable rate? Is it true that mentally unstable people in control of the US government and Saudi Arabia had prepared to invade Iraq 10 years before 9-11………..all they needed was an excuse? Was the main course the overthrow of Sadam Hussein? When does someone, anyone, stand up and start prosecuting these “leaders”? Are the peoples of these warmongering countries liable?

  31. Calgirl

    For the investment/”stacker” community

    Powerful interview of Eric Sprott (the admiral) talks about “where this is all going”
    Eric Sprott: “The Powers That Be Don’t Want To Admit There’s A Problem”

  32. Cryptic Little Sister

    I hope that everyone is well. Rather than publish my entire weekly post, I will refer you to last week’s update. Again, look for the increase in aid to 1.2 billion dollars.

    Someone asked me what the trigger would be for the devaluation of the dollar. Friday the 25th a market crash will occur in Germany. Germany has made some bad investments in Greece. You will see some “high level” exposures of wrongdoing among bankers, political leaders, economists. This will take several weeks to unfold.

    This German crash is expected to set off a worldwide collapse. The Pope will be in New York City on the 25th. This is meant to be highly significant, since New York is considered to be the financial center of the world. On Saturday, the Pope will travel to Philadelphia and will speak on the Independence Mall. He is scheduled to speak about immigration, but there is pressure on him to shift his message to talk about the collapse.

    The decision has already been made about Europe: the immigration crisis will get worse over the coming two weeks, and then the crash in Germany will occur. This will spill over into Japan. But in the U.S. you will want to look for the 1.2 billion in aid. That will be your flag to watch for.

    Out of all this will emerge something called the Alliance of Economies (AOE) between Germany and France. Italy, Spain, and Greece will be seeking to join this alliance. But you won’t see this for several months. The coming year is going to be more politically than financially volatile. The military here in the U.S. is split in two, and the media will not report on it. In outlets like Global Research and Zerohedge, stories are planted as a way of destabilizing the planning sessions of foreign governments. The Russians are not fighting in Syria. That story has been planted as a way of entangling Putin in a crisis.

    I hope this helps.

    • Clay

      Always fascinating. We will watch and wait. Thank you for your post.

    • Jerry

      Like I said China holds all the cards.

      I will agree with you about one thing. From the evidence I’ve gathered the ECB will collapse and be restructured sometime before the G20 meeting in November this year. I have no doubt “The City” is involved with this realignment. What I can’t see. is why they wouldn’t pull the string on the western banks at the same time?

    • David

      CLS: You finally laid down a firm marker… “Friday the 25th a market crash will occur in Germany”. But you contradict yourself in your fourth paragraph… “…the immigration crisis will get worse over the coming two weeks, and then the crash in Germany will occur.”

      I’ve been reading your posts. Either you are a visionary and guru-extraordinaire, or you have an imagination and are making this stuff up as you go. Which is it?

    • Hilde

      CLS, I want to thank you for telling about the site globalresearch. Is this the site you meant? It’s called global research. ca They have an absolutely brilliant article about psychotropic drugs now .

    • Mary Casey

      For those who may be interested in Cryptic Little Sister’s possible sources: This article references Germany collapse on Friday, September 25; and Obama’s increase of 1.2 billion aid to Ukraine. (This is a very long post, but reference to 1.2 billion is about five (5) paragraphs above the “Conclusion”).

      • David

        Thank you Mary for the research. If this is CLS’ source, she should have made reference to it or linked the article. Instead, her inference was that she was the source. Too bad.

      • Silence is Golden

        What makes you think CLS is a female ?
        IF the source is this referenced article….could it be that CLS is in fact the author ? aka….James Bailey. 😉
        The messages are IMO… prophetic.
        Interestingly both sources for the article are religious sites.

        • David

          SIG: You make a good point. I do not know who CLS is, whether male or female. I presumed, wrongly, that the pen name “Cryptic Little Sister” implied gender. For all I know it could be Alan Greenspan or Paul Volcker, cleverly disguised, circling the wagons of truth, and warning of events to happen.

          Maybe CLS will provide his/her sourcing. We’ll see.

      • Curious George

        The website is based upon his dreams and conversations with God. I’m not sure if true or not, but I always have to doubt anyone proclaiming to have spoken with God.

        Also, he seems to be long the swiss Franc. CLS has stated that the franc will also fall. CLS has also stated that the dollar will be devalued along with the stock market crash. That is what I find most surprising as stock market weakness always correlated with dollar strength.

        But regardless of the source, there are only two more weeks and we shall see as to the validity of the sources. If wrong CLS could simply disappear or pull a Lindsey Williams and say oh the elites changed their minds, over and over and over again.

    • Hilde

      CLS, regarding the migration, I humbly disagree , from what I can see it will not be over for a long time and Europe will face major changes and meet many challenges . This does not necessarily mean all is lost . Europe has had major migrations in the past. Germany does now has a very good infrastructure to handle and delegate many migrants..:

      Re the Russians not fighting in Syria, I assume one of your sources is from Eric Draitser, an OP ed columnist for RT. (Russia Today) Interesting as the article is, I personally always read articles from RT with a lot of sceptism.
      Global research did have an article about psychotropic drugs I thought was brilliant however. I also found the article about Obama making use of drones tenfold more than Bush interesting.

  33. Liarson

    Red alert, folks! The action in the past few days confirms several things;

    The capital market is rapidly spinning off its axis. It’s swinging wildly to and fro in a way we haven’t seen since the last major bear market that ran from 2007 to 2009.

    Second, the cycle of crisis/policy response/crisis is getting shorter and shorter with each passing day. Each response is also proving less and less effective, a major pattern shift from what we’ve seen since the end of the Great Recession.

    Finally and most importantly, if you’re not buckled up and ready for this new market paradigm, you are going to get hurt. You can no longer count on government intervention and platitudes to save you. You need to take your financial future into your own hands, with the help and guidance of independent advisors who have no axe to grind and no hidden conflicts.

    Look, we’ve had 77 long months of bull market. We’ve had 6-1/2 years where every bump was smoothed over by easy money … where every policy action proved effectual at getting markets pointed up and to the right again … and where big money investors were willing to behave like sheep, mindlessly following their central bank shepherds.

    But that’s over. The news overseas is getting so bad, and the forces tugging at markets are getting so severe, policymakers are no longer able to control them.

    Take the emerging markets. With all the focus on our proxy war with China, it was easy to miss the announcement late yesterday that Standard & Poor’s cut Brazil’s sovereign credit rating to junk. The downgrade to “BB+” from “BBB-” sent the country’s currency and equity markets tumbling.

    The iShares MSCI Brazil Capped ETF (EWZ) sank as low as $22.64 today — its worst level in more than a decade. For its part, the Brazilian real fell to its lowest since 2002.
    Brazil: Great beaches, but its currency is in trouble.

    Elsewhere in the emerging markets, the Turkish lira fell to a record low, extending its 12-month loss to 28%. And the free-falling Malaysian ringgit dropped to a fresh 17-year low. Your average wet-behind-the-ears fund manager on CNBC may not talk about this stuff, but you can be darn sure we pay attention here on the dog.

    Meanwhile, remember how I’ve been saying that central bank-driven rallies are petering out in less and less time? The overnight and early morning trading session Thursday offered yet another proof element of that.

    A leading lawmaker in Japan’s parliament said earlier that the Bank of Japan should boost its QE program by another 10 trillion yen next month. That would bring it to 90 trillion yen from 60 trillion-70 trillion two years ago.

    Never mind that all that BOJ money-printing and bond buying has failed for years to meaningfully boost inflation. The important thing for investors like you is that it only managed to boost stock futures for about three hours early Thursday morning.

    Dow futures surged to positive-160 … then completely gave it all back and fell as far as negative-100 before the U.S. market open. That’s exactly the spike-and-fade pattern we saw after Mario Draghi revamped Euro-QE earlier this month. It’s also exactly what we saw several days earlier. Back then, a quick 160-point intraday pop in the Dow Industrials from dovish Federal Reserve meeting minutes faded completely in less than an hour.

    The talking heads on TV will tell you just to ride this out. They’ll tell you to keep buying stocks. Many of them probably don’t even look at the multiple other markets (See: Junk bonds) and indices (See: Carry trade) that are warning about increased turmoil.

    Here’s another one; The interest-rate swaps market. In order to keep your eyes from glazing over, I’ll keep it short. Swaps are derivatives that banks, corporations, and other financial players use to hedge interest rate risk and target speculative profits.

    We started to see odd moves in the swaps market early on in the 2007-09 bear cycle, and that weirdness served as a nice “early warning system” for credit quality and stock prices. Now, were seeing similar off-kilter moves there again – yet another troubling indicator.

    So if you haven’t gotten rid of junk stocks, lowered your equity exposure overall, dumped high-risk bonds, and started adding hedges on big rallies, better get started if your still in. Like, now.

    What do you think of Brazil’s debt downgrade, or the fresh lows in markets like Turkey and Malaysia? Could this set off another wave of emerging market turmoil? Will that impact us significantly here?

    How about the “law of diminishing returns” on central bank manipulation? Are you concerned about it or making portfolio adjustments as a result?

    Wednesday’s dramatic reversal – just the latest in a series of them over the past couple of weeks – brought out a ton of scuttlebutt, like;

    We’re in for a lot more downside, given historical patterns. The take: “If you look at market patterns, after a big run-up like we have had, there is normally a correction of some 30% to 50% or more. We had barely 10%, and after a first drop, there is usually a small recovery followed by a bigger fall.

    “It seems likely we will not see the bottom of this correction until late this year or early in 2016. The time to load up on stocks would seem to be then, after the big fall. Most should be a good deal cheaper, also, but after the devastation and were still in tact, it’ll take guts!”

    Some also say expect more downside, offering these comments: “They believe the U.S. stock markets will be heading lower for about five months. Thinking mid-January should be the bottom.”

    Also from the bearish camp, too; “The synchronicity of economic history over the past 100 years shouldn’t be ignored. All the past economic cycles are repeating in our decade. In a sea of debt, countries are in a new race to the bottom to devalue first, hoping that inflation will eventually bail them out.

    “New shocks are on the way this month and ‘The wise investor will be in cash, before the crash.’ A 50% correction is yet to come, the Fed is out of tools, and the Obama administration is out of clues. An age of chaos awaits us as the great economic redefinition now comes.”

    But not everyone is running for the hills. Ross L. says: “When the market tanked after the Dot Bomb bust, I was licking my wounds and froze up. I ceased my dollar cost averaging method of buying similar dollar amounts of types of securities at regular intervals.

    “In retrospect, that was a huge mistake since I lost any opportunity to get lower prices for my asset purchases. After some sense of normalcy returned, I restarted the method of dollar cost averaging. My feeling is that one must ride it up and down and stay in the game. I don’t want to be kicking myself for missing out on lost opportunities again.”

    Wow Ross, just don’t miss the boat!

    Tracy also talked about the opportunity created by market declines, saying: “I think we are in for some tremendous opportunities as stocks head down. Nothing has really changed at this point”. [Nothing]?

    “China is struggling, Europe is still in trouble, and Japan is strapped at a hundred times GDP. I do think that if things in those regions begin to tank, we will see a comeback in our stock market as money flows in to the U.S. But that will only be short lived.”

    Amid all the market turmoil out there. Personally, I think this is the time for caution when it comes to any positioning.

    I follow all kinds of things, including esoteric corners of the credit, currency, and derivatives markets, and they are signaling that stocks remain overpriced … possibly by a LARGE amount. These indicators have served me well in the past, particularly in the last major bear market. So I see no reason to just throw them out the window now.

    Want to throw your hat in the ring? Just don’t lose your heads friends!

    Other Developments of the Day

    Will we finally get more “perp walks” when officials at major banks or other large corporations flout the law? That’s what the Justice Department is shooting for, according to the New York Times.

    Officials there are going to focus more on prosecuting individuals, rather than just corporations, when there’s wrongdoing. It’s about time.

    The central banks in China and Japan aren’t the only ones failing to accomplish anything by cutting rates and launching round after round of QE. New Zealand’s central bank cut interest rates for a third time this year, lowering them another 25 basis points to 2.75%. Previous cuts failed to prevent the economy from continuing to decelerate amid slowing construction and reduced demand for Kiwi exports.

    The 2015 football season starts today with a matchup between New England and the Steelers. Are you excited and ready to go, according to the Wall Street Journal, all the bad offseason press about Deflategate and concussion woes isn’t hitting the NFL’s bottom line.

    Strong sponsorship and media interest has pushed NFL revenue through the $12 billion mark. Deals with the likes of Under Armour (UA) and DirecTV, which is now part of AT&T (T) should ensure a windfall year for the rich families that own the major NFL teams.

    So are you excited about the start of football season? Do you think the Chinese, Japanese, New Zealanders, and others are fighting a losing battle here against declining markets? Should execs go to prison more often, rather than just have their companies foot the bill, when there’s wrongdoing?

    Sorry for the long rants, scroll baby scroll!

    Until That Time

  34. Grafique

    I’m really starting to dislike weekends because I have to wait for your next interview on Monday. I’m so conflicted because I used to love weekends and hate Mondays.
    Could you please start doing interviews 7 days a week? That would be so much more convenient for me.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Garfique. I have all I can do just keeping it at this level.

    • frederick muhlbauer

      yeah thank you Grafique for all the deception and lies frederick

  35. RidgeRunner

    Remove all of Hillary’s security clearance. This would quickly remove her from the Presidential campaign. Then, persue her illegle activities.

  36. your fan in Japan

    This has nothing to do with your WNW Greg, but about a week ago I commented that one PM dealer in Japan was havine trouble sourcing plat coins and had suspended sales. This is true. I went back to that website, Tanaka-gold, and was just clicking around and noticed that although you couldn’t get those plat coins, you could get 30kilo bars of silver! Must not be having any trouble sourcing silver. Lord knows how one would carry it. As this is harvest season, I am stacking 30 kilo bags or rice. They are heavy, You don’t walk far with em. Anyway, a silver update, FWIW.

  37. Tony Lamb

    It may be BAD theater but we are ALL strapped in for this showing until it plays out, unfortunately…

  38. Donna

    I’m not counting Hillary out until she is out cold. Memory serves me well regarding all the chicanery the Clintons got away with to date. It was Bill who launched the offshoring of our jobs, and today he is treated like a beloved uncle.

    Hillary is brittle and haughty. No matter. Vince Foster doubted her capabilities too. If she can snake her way through the primaries, she has as good a chance as anybody. The outcome you expect as to her demise would be a given in a sane country full of sensible principled people. More likely, Obama will take her down

    I saw the riotous crowd confronting Angela Merkel as she gave her out-of-body smiley speech. Total disconnect. A group of people behind her clapping, the rest of the crowd in front wanting her head. The people were raging over being overrun by the “refugees.” She seems determined, however, oblivious to the people’s outrage.

    It seems that to a great extent the females are being used as the Trojan horse to calm the masses — in our country’s case, the females and the feminized men. In a Muslim world or a Balkan world, women have no place other than as beating posts and brood mares. We are importing cultures that do not tolerate women, period. Our women will then get to experience a true war on women.

    The Repubs are once again devouring each other and the ultimate winner for the general will be so unlikeable that a Hillary, or a Sanders, or even dear old “Uncle Joe” could possibly pull it off.

  39. David B.

    I don’t know if you’ve ever devoted interviews exclusively to 9/11, but I found this gem on

    What a prince Dick Cheney is (was).

  40. paul

    According to Israeli News Live “it is the fulfillment of prophecy” if the Republicans are blocked from voting down the Iran deal …

  41. Hilde

    Here is a very interesting article in global research that exposes Obama Nobel Peace Price winner and his responsibility of killing many civilians with drones. I have always thought that when killing innocent civilians with drones so many more enemies against the U.S. are created. For every heartbroken family member and friend of the victims there are so many more enemies created. How would we have reacted ?

  42. dchayden

    Great wrap up Greg ! Not sure you had the chance to see this, but James Corbett has a new and very interesting video out, called “9/11 Trillions: Follow The Money, ” in case you had the time ! Have a great weekend !!


  43. your fan in Japan

    BTW, cryptic has mentioned the 25th. That is eerily close to Yom Kippur, the Jewish day of atonement, which, this year falls on the 22nd. Any connection? Hell if I know.

  44. paul

    Here is a review of the bond market by Morris Hubbert …

    He too sees inflation coming and likes silver a lot … he presents a very interesting chart on copper which is a leading inflation and economic indicator … now if copper is already turning up … then the trillion a month the Fed is now “secretly giving” to the banks (to cover their interest rate and oil derivatives loses) is already having a “Zimbabwe effect” on the price of commodities … later if QE4 is officially announced by the Fed after rising interest rates … the stock market will recover rapidly (not that stock investors will make any “true” gains … only nominal gains in highly depreciated dollars).

  45. Robert M.

    Greg, Just a fast note on the drought in cali. just returned from the san fran-santa rosa area. didn’t see anyone conserving water or any signs warning of a shortage… when I asked, everyone was just hopeing that the super el nino was going to save them… Seems typical of the left coast mentality…. I’m just saying…. Your my faverite Thanks !!!!
    p.s. I live in missouri

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you fellow “Show Me” state friend!!

  46. Jim

    Its all about a pipeline? With respect Greg, I don’t believe that for a second, and never will. There is only one single issue in Europe worth thinking about.

    Its actually about the US purposefully making life unpleasant for Syrians and Libyans etc and then paying to have them transplanted to Europe for the purposes of genociding the white race in Europe. Proof the US is behind this is right here:

    Watch this video of Syrians arriving in Germany and Austria :

    According to the hardcore genocide promoter at the 2:20 mark “no country can opt out – that’s not the principle on which the European Union was founded or based.”

    Well, she’s dead right about that. The European Union was founded and based upon Richard Coudenhouve-Kalergi’s “Pan European” ideal, which calls for the explicit and total destruction of the White race in Europe!
    Angela Merkel actually won the Coudenhouve-Kalergi award a few years ago. These people do not hide. What they do hide is their real intent.

    That “Fleming” woman in the train station video is quite reminiscent of Barbara Lerner Specter who famously let slip the elite’s plans for the people of Europe in her creepy little speech.

    This is the big issue in the world right now Greg; not money, not the Dow index, not nukes, not cops shooting blacks. Nothing else comes close, and that’s why the silence on this issue is deafening. You can tell its the big issue because its too hot to talk about.

    So what is these people’s motivation? Obviously they want to destroy Europe, but how do they justify it to themselves? How to they think? I don’t know, but here is a video of one guy trying to figure it out. He explains how much they hate Christians too. THIS is the biggest issue on the planet, and it is sad that so many pretend not to know, and censor every mention of it. 🙁

  47. paul

    Seems a hacker uncovered information on a possible “false flag” nuclear attack on Chicago … … and the Fed is moving to Chicago??

  48. Sherrie

    Greg,thank you for educating public on the Syrian nat gas pipeline.That fact seems to be blacked out of msm news and have never heard it discussed even on faux.

  49. Calgirl

    “Where There Is No Doctor 2010”

    This is a free download that could be very useful in a medical emergency situation. It is over 500 pages in Adobe Acrobat. I keep it on a USB drive in my EMP proof trash can along with a laptop, radio, etc.

    • susan

      I have just bought a new computer so I am putting my old one into a faraday cage. It has the “When There Is No Doctor” book as well as many others. I am so happy to be able to save all my prepping books this way.

  50. Chip

    Great WNW Greg. Thanks for what you do… Chip

  51. paul

    And while we are all being distracted with Hillary, Iran, interest rates, inflation, deflation, etc., etc. … Agenda 21 crimes against humanity are currently being implemented by the elite and their lackey military/industrialists … and like cows being lead to slaughter … humans worldwide are lining up to have their children injected, fed GMO foods and sprayed with poison chem-trails …

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