“Died Unexpectedly” Propaganda, Russia is Winning, Biden Recession

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (WNW 540 7.29.22)

“Died Unexpectedly” is fast becoming the new term to try and cover up all the deaths from the bioweapon “vaccines.”  Now, bloggers are keeping track of stories where deaths are unexplained, mysterious or simply died without any reason whatsoever each and every week.  This “died unexpectedly” phenomenon is being called a propaganda campaign by legacy media to cover up the alarming deaths that many think are coming from the vaxed, such as three perfectly healthy Canadian doctors who dropped dead one week after the hospital they worked at required a fourth CV19 injection. The hospital denied the shots had anything to do with the “unexpected deaths.”  No way they can keep this propaganda up as we are just getting started with the vax injection carnage.  According to one top UK Doctor, “Everybody who has an mRNA injection will die in 3 to 5 years even if they have had only one injection.”  Could Ivermectin be the drug that buys years of time when taken routinely?

Russia is turning up the heat in Ukraine and turning off the natural gas to Europe.  Fresh attacks are happing around Kyiv as the war grinds on and Ukraine’s army gets decimated.  Forget the propaganda where you are told Russia is losing.  It’s not.  Russia is winning.  Ukraine is having their tails handed to them.  Meanwhile, the gas is being cut back to 20% of capacity in the Nord Stream #1 pipeline by Russia.  They say it’s maintenance, but no matter what you call it, it’s killing off business in Germany and Europe, and it’s not even winter yet.  Europe has taken poison and is expecting Russia to die.  Can EU banks stay solvent if many cannot pay their loans back?

The Biden/Obama Administration is saying the USA is NOT in recession, but the facts say otherwise.  In economic textbooks, two quarters in a row of negative growth is a recession.  It was just reported that the second quarter has shown a -.9% downturn in GDP.  That spells RECESSION—period the end, and Biden owns it.  That did not stop the Fed from raising a key interest rate by .75% to fight inflation.  The Fed can either fight inflation and kill the economy or let interest rates remain low and kill the U.S. dollar.  It is that simple.  It looks like, for now, the dollar lives.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 7.29.22.

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After the Interview:

Financial expert and publisher of “The Solari Report” Catherine Austin Fitts will be the guest for the “Saturday Night Post.”  The Solari Report 2021 Annual Wrap-Up is out, and it is basically setting the stage for the battle we face that is tyranny vs. freedom.  Fitts will also do a deep dive  on gold in preserving wealth in our digital money age.

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Proverbs 1:5-7 Let the wise listen to these proverbs and become even wiser. Let those with understanding receive guidance by exploring the meaning in these proverbs and parables, the words of the wise and their riddles. Fear of the LORD is the foundation of true knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and discipline.

    • Anthony Australia

      Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro Says He Will NOT Be Signing the Pandemic Treaty

      He said: “National sovereignty is not something to be handed over to the WHO.. just to join a club of seemingly advanced nations”

      What an absolute saint!’

      Then there’s this banana.

      World Economic Forum (WEF), Davos, May 24, 2022: Klaus Schwab declares to a room full of political and corporate execs and WEF scholars:

      “Let’s be clear the future is not just happening, the future is built by us, a powerful community here in this room. We have the means to impose the state of the world.”

    • Ken

      Dr. Deborah Burke has gone into CYA mode; trying to get out in front of the outrage.
      Nevertheless she and little Tony should swing for mass genocide. Admitting you lied about masks and social distancing, probably not too smart. I’d think she would’ve played dumb, rather than admit that she’s a Liar.
      This will be like a sinking ship, with the rats bailing out on the poison they pushed.
      Trump should come out and admit he has” been had” However, his enormous ego won’t let that happen, I’m afraid.

    • beachdoctor

      Greg and some of us are here just trying to see through the bs.
      You are welcome to believe in whatever religion you like, even the ones that operate through fear, whatever..
      We don’t need religion static here, just keep it to yourself.

      • Sherry Davis

        This is Greg’s blog and he can say what he wants. Don’t like, go elsewhere. We are here because of his honesty and faith. They go together.

      • Ray

        Beach doctor,
        You will find that Anthony has been posting here for many years.
        You will also find that the owner of this website is a Christian man, and that he welcomes comments that are faith based.
        I see that you are a newbie here……who are you to direct commentary at this site?
        I’m asking you a question. What gives you the right?

        If you don’t like faith-based commentary, I suggest you pull your head in for a start, before taking pot shots at people like Anthony, who have enriched the conversation at this forum over such a long time.
        The internet is s big place, so maybe you should go elsewhere……for here at USAWATCHDOG, the overwhelming majority of people are those of faith, and what is not required here is for some new crocodile to wade into this pond with ridiculous verbiage regarding how we should direct our comments.
        Now, suggest you get a handle on that REAL QUICK, or do us all a favour and “move along”.
        Ray, Canberra, Australia.

      • Anthony Australia

        What beachdoctor?

      • Keep Religion Real

        Piss off.

      • Anthony Australia

        So you want me come from here?
        Okay right you are.
        Then its bye bye from me @USAW forever.

        Take care Ray, Pauly, Brooky

        All the best Greg!

        • Janet

          No! No! AA – don’t leave – I think Beach Doctor was just afraid that people would be lulled or mind controlled into “Fearing” a different Lord God (i.e. like Klaus Schwab or Bill Gates or Horrori) as the foundation of true knowledge (with all their weird psycho pronouncements and commandments)!!

      • wayne hardin

        It is obvious you are not looking for answers .
        You wont even look at the instruction manual .
        It explains what has to be done to become what the creator intended .
        But like the manual says very few will pay the price to become what the creator intended .

        Wayne Hardin

      • David Bagley

        Religion is caring for widows and orphans..

        • Greg Hunter

          You left out the most important part –Jesus.

          • Russ McMeans

            Holy poop Greg! We are so screwed. I plead every day for JC to please please come back soon. Very soon. We screwed up our planet. We let the devil in but wanting to know what he (Satan) knows. Good & evil.

      • Marie Joy

        WE do need religion here and have had it for years. This is a Christian site and we do “need religion static” here. Who are you to define what goes on here?

    • Ray

      Hi Brother,
      Hope you and yours are well.
      Just thought I would drop you a line to let you know how I have gotten along with this little virus that Fauci cooked up for us.
      So……went out with friends to see some live music on 16/7……exposed there (verified, as other at same venue came down with it also).
      First symptoms were 19/7……..felt very cold, and felt like Mike Tyson had been pounding into my kidneys for 8 or 9 rounds. That soon left though.
      The worst thing about this was how it just lingered……on and on and on.
      Sore throat…..coughing up greenish goo……running nose, and just a general feeling of malaise. Throughout, and even now, I could “taste it” in my system.
      It is 30/7 today…..I would say I am at 90% now……still a bit of a cough, but I am definitely through the worst of it.
      BUT HERE’S THE RUB!!!!
      My 88 year old mother, who has an existing list of health issues longer than the Mississippi River, also came down with it. When that happened (a few days after me), I though it would finish her off……but no……she SAILED THRUOGH IT!!!
      This just goes to show…….no vaccination required for what is essentially an upper respiratory tract infection.
      As Greg and his learned guests have repeatedly proven……it is the VAX that weakens your body, and leaves you wide open to a host of other lethalities.
      Anyway, I can honestly report to USAWATCHDOGGERS here, that back in 2017, I had a REALLY BAD FLU……..worst I have ever known…….knocked me for a loop.
      C-19 wasn’t even in the same ball park for me. Yes, C-19 lasted a bit longer, but NOWHERE NEAR as potent as what I had back in 2017……and I reckon that whatever flu I had back in 2017 might have put me in good stead this time.
      Finally, for anyone that is interested, here is what I took each day over the last 10 days……seems to have worked reasonably well, all things considered.
      3 x Vitamin D3 (1000 IU)
      3 x Zinc capsules
      2 Teaspoons Capers (Capers are the #1 source for querticin……which goes hand in glove with your Zinc to supercharge your immune response. Tastes like crap, but…..gotta do it!)
      2 x Triple Strength Garlic + Vitamin C + Horseradish tabs.
      30 Mls ExtendOvite tincture daily.
      100 Mls Colloidal Silver (I have my own CS machine…..recommend looking into getting one here)……www.silverwell.com.au
      30 minutes sunlight (minimum)

      Hope all are well with all that is going on.
      Strap in ladies & gents…….I am looking at and focussing on G.A. STEWARTS warnings that Biden will be forced to exit the Presidency in August. If that comes to pass, the next 30 days are going to be some of THE most amazing in history.
      Ray, Canberra, Australia

      • Anthony Australia

        Thanks for the update Brother and so glad you are on the mend.

        Wish you well.

      • Johnny Cool

        Hi Ray,

        G.A. STEWART: It is looking like senile Joe Biden is about to exit the U.S. Presidency as I first predicted on this Website on December 21st, 2021.


      • Southern Girl

        Sorry to hear about your bout with covid-19. I remain unvaxxed. I ordered Ivermectin from this web site. The first time it took about a month. The second time it was here in about 2 weeks. When I am around a lot of vaxxed people I take an Ivermectin pill. I have found I felt better within 2 hours. It is not very expensive considering it might kill 23 different viruses and may even cure cancer according to Clif High. The site is butivermectinforhumans.us I bought 100 pills for $80.00 plus shipping is $30.00 for a total of $110.00. It ships from Singapore. I am trying to keep up a good supply so if I get sick from say the flu the Ivermectin can knock it out.

        • Ray

          Hi SG,
          Thanks for your wellwishes and for tips on further healing.
          I might even give them a burl.
          Take care lovely,
          Ray,Canberra, LDN

    • eddiemd

      Get out of the JW while you can.

      Is this the same JW Bible studies you were peddling before under your name.

      Woe to you who lead people astray.

    • Valorie W

      Hey Greg,
      Who do you think Debra Birx is working for. Who do you think approved everything in her book, or do you think she is working on her own? What is the spin on her “truth”? Why is she admitting this now? If they all hate Trump, what could her motive be here. Who benefits from her admission? Just asking!

    • Stello

      Surprised and disappointed. After years of preparations, some elites have made their agendas public by misusing power and money. Afterwards, many suspicions suddenly turn out to be true, freedoms and rights are taken away where necessary, Publicly, the world’s population is deprived of rights, possessions and health. After reading the positive news that Sri Lanka had deposed the government, the news came a little later that a WEF supporter has been removed as president. The farmers in the Netherlands are being attacked by the media and the government. Refugees are admitted en masse, wars financed and lethal vaccinations administered en masse. The explosively rising costs of energy, gas and food will cause a financial crisis. The Emergency Financial Traffic Act will be applied and citizens will take away all their possessions and a new payment system is a fact. Citizens are misled by media and government. There is light in the darkness says the proverb, I hope that will come soon and every citizen will see that it is not only farmers but the future, rights and freedoms of every citizen. Huge respect for the farmers and support the protests that are being held worldwide.

  2. Nika

    Most News Commentators are trying to get the White House to pronounce the “R” word or Resession.
    The President’s Press Secretary, Karine Refuses to say the Recession Word. Charles Payne, Stock Market Commentator at Fox News seems to be the First of the Popular News Shows, to be saying the Depression Word.
    Payne said the second quarter Data, indicates a Depression! Charles Payne tells them, as he sees them!

    • Rodster

      The problem is that you are dealing with POS politicians and their specialty is to lie, increase the lie and continue the lie. Keep doing that and eventually it sticks with the public. Don’t expect them to change tactics as that’s how they get elected.

      • Nika

        You got that right! How do you know they are lying? Answer: Their lips are moving!

  3. Warren B.

    Say no more…speak no more evil. They are telling us the truth….right to our faces.

    • Janet

      Excellent post – The behavior of medical licensing boards punishing doctors is reminiscent of the methodology used by commies to silence dissidents (many of whom were incarcerated in psychiatric gulags to silence their dissent).

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Warren,
      Very detailed article. Knowledge is power. Thanks for the link.

    • Anthony Australia

      Brilliant post WB

    • tim mcgraw

      Warren B. Why are you all surprised by authorities telling you to put on masks, lockdown, social distance, and take an experimental injection?
      On August 21, 1971, all of us young men born in 1952 had our birthdates drawn out of a lottery drum to see if we would be drafted to go fight that idiotic and evil war in Vietnam.
      And now you are all surprised about this Covid bullshit?
      Give me a break.

      • Warren B.

        No Tim
        I’m not surprised with any of the Covid 19 BS. You have misunderstood my post.
        I am floored by the fact that the NIH website can feature an article which implicates them along with CDC /FDA …..and every other organization involved in this genocide.

        • Mike tamburro

          love this site and the continued commitment to truth and righteousness.

          • Greg Hunter

            Thanks Mike!

            • Wanda

              Oh my Where did you get that coffee Mug? I repeat your words on that mug to people every where. I say it so often its like as common here as “So what’s the weather for today?” lol I would love to have a mug like that, then when I get up after Hubby has made coffee I can say “Fill my cup dear please, as the words on this cup make my day, every day full!” Once again Ty for this wonderful, informative report!

        • tim mcgraw

          Warren B. I misunderstood your post. Apologies.

        • HotTub

          Based on Tim’s ridiculous response, I don’t think he even bothered to read the article.

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi Tim,
        Maybe I should keep out of it and leave Warren to reply. Nevertheless, I find your response to his post puzzling. I did not detect any ‘surprise’ on Warren’s part – he simply posted a very informative link.

        As I used to advise my sales force when dissent entered an internal meeting, “The enemy is out there – NOT in here.” Same applies to the majority posting on USAW. Nearly every watchdogger is for justice and liberty. Worldwide, we are in a minority, and (IMHO) should not be irritated by slight differences of opinion or emphasis.

        • Janet

          The enemy is out there at the WEF, the WHO, the NIH, the UN and the FDA all of whom continue to recommend “that you avoid using Ivermectin” because it foils their evil plans to kill you – and these truly evil Demons want to try and cover up the recent study that shows “Ivermectin works” (and the greater the dose, the better it works to reduce the chance of death) by a whooping 92% !! https://stevekirsch.substack.com/p/new-study-shows-ivermectin-can-reduce

      • Michele

        Hi Greg, I think you should do COVID stand up comedy, you are halarious! Lolololol 🤣🤣🤣 keep up the great job! Thank You!

      • David Bagley

        Trump is in on it.. the facts can not be denied..

        Warnings came out from the beginning.. no one has an excuse

    • JS

      Trump let the election be stolen and all he could do was “tweet” like a little bird. He has done what since the election? “Tweeting” and supporting the clot shot; He’s a bigger denier than Steve Kirsch. Surrounded himself with the best and brightest: Pence, family members as advisers, ego-centric marine generals, and fools like Wray and Bill Barr to name several. If it tweets like a duck, limps around like a duck, looks and acts like a duck….hey, if only we couple more years of Trump, all will be fine, just fine!

    • Djinn-koba

      Thanks for the link. It’s lengthy but is well put together and from a NIH source… Thus recommended, should be read and circulated in my opinion.

  4. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    You’re busy! Waiting for video to come up but noticed the title to WNW540 and think you meant “Died Unexpectedly” and not “Die Unexpectedly”. Hope this observation is helpful.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the back stop. Fixed.

    • nicki

      JS, True!

  5. Shirl

    Recession… Depression… Repression… Planned Reset Insanity.

    Did you GET ready for whatever they call this?

    GOT God Almighty & The Lamp Oil Filled, Gold mostly Silver – Real Money, Food, Water, Energy, Security, Shelter, Get Away Plans, Network of like minded reliable folks or Community? And More? Please tell me you’ve at least started preparing…this could turn quickly so don’t be the people who say, ” I didn’t know because the TeeVee didn’t tell me so.”

  6. Paul in oz

    Having lived most of my life in Canada, it was kind of strange that my feelings about the USA was incredibly bi-polar … there were times that I tried to position myself to be transferred to the American parent company (where could be a better place to thrive) and other times I was terrified that the country was about to implode and that interference in other countries for many decades was an immoral travesty. What is now abundantly clear is the uneven application of the rule of law was behind this love/hate feeling toward the country. I had an enormous number of opportunities to meet average Americans, who I can honestly say are the most sincere salt of the earth people on the planet. We moved to oz because we could foresee that the 2008 financial crisis was never properly addressed and although we are literally out of our element, we also understood that at least we would never freeze! The feeling of the uneven application of the rule of law is now, not just confirmed, but so evident that the great awakening is very close. The USA is truly the beacon of hope for the world and there is no sacrifice too great in support of their return to the rule of law that isn’t worth expending! The constitution is only superseded by the bible as the greatest piece of literature/human guidance mankind has ever witnessed.

  7. Brian

    Amen Shirl !!!

    • Michael Vaughan

      Paul That is beautifully said. I copied and sent your comments to my family members who are Brazilian. I live in the Southern USA which is still conservative and mostly free. Thanks for sharing!


    Greg, we are very grateful for you and all of your guest that tell the truth about the world that we live in. In Ezekiel 7 vs 19, it talks about how people with throw their gold and silver into the streets because it will become worthless in the day of the Wrath of the Lord. We are ALL GOING TO NEED A SAVIOR, AND IT WILL NOT BE THE WEALTH OF THIS WORLD. The blood that Jesus Christ Himself shed on The Cross, applied and atones for our sins, is only what will save us.. Please tell people to RUN TO JESUS while there is still time. Yes, the gates of hell will not prevail against The Kingdom of God, but for now the days in which we live in are going to get much worse till Jesus returns. Thankyou for all that you are doing for your listeners.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree. Thanks for the kind brotherly words.
      Brother Greg

  9. Evert

    ‘died unexpectedly’ similar phenomenon occurs in Holland, where a sudden shortage of forensic doctors appears to be. So the media is freely fantasizing about causes of unexpected deaths. I have seen ‘sleeping’ and ‘picking berries’ mentioned as being highly risky.
    Greg, thanks for all your good work!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Evert, for the street reporting from across the Atlantic!!

  10. tim mcgraw

    Did liberty “die unexpectedly” in the world? I expected this Covid Crap in China, but not in the West.
    My mistake. I thought I lived in the land of free and the home of brave.
    Turns out I live in the land of the morons and the home of the knaves.
    What’s the point of saying what is wrong with the world one more time?
    Action. Take positive action in our lives and hope for the best.
    We all get sick, old, and die soon enough.

  11. Jerry

    Consider this round two of the global takedown .

    Evidently the World Health Organization is on the verge of declaring.a global emergency and with it lockdowns. San Francisco
    is now in a state of emergency as the monkey pox strain explodes. This is all in advance of the midterms in November. It’s a tossup what the globalist will use in August to derail the elections in November. War with Russia? Another round of deadly viruses? Or both? I want your readers to know this. Historically the communist have always used winter to their advantage to facilitate their agenda. It’s not out of the question that food will be used as a weapon to control the population and accomplish their agenda at some point. Tyson Foods and Cargill are both proud members of the WEF. No one seems to question the mysterious fires that have destroyed dozens of meat packing companies? I keep waiting for 60 minutes to do a story but that never happens and probably never will.

    • Janet

      What are the odds that about one hundred (100) US food packing plants get planes flown into them (like on 9-11) – get blown up (like Oklahoma City) – are put on fire and burned to the ground (like the German Reichstag) – or simply shut down because of some made up virus (like the Covid plandemic) – and yet – zero (0) – (not even one) “bug burger” packing plant has a problem??? – https://thearcanelaboratory.com/updated-list-of-95-us-food-manufacturing-plants-destroyed/ – and that’s just what is happening in the US – what is the number of food packing and processing plants destroyed worldwide by the evil WEF/UN One World Criminal Cabal????

      • Janet

        By burning down our food processing centers it is very clear and obvious to all of us that the evil eugenicist globalists (at the UN/WEF) “are determined to kill us and our children” and “by any means possible” – we need some “good Bio-weapon scientists” who are on the side of humanity to develop a specific virus “we can counter-attack with” – a specific virus that targets only the DNA of the criminal eugenicist psychopaths heading up the UN/WEF Cabal (that are out to kill us to take complete control of Planet Earth) – anyone who has contact with these evil demons at the UN/WEF should try to get a sample of their DNA (some hair, nail clippings, etc, etc.) and get it out to the “good” Bio-weapon scientists who are on the side of the Human Race (perhaps located in Russia where it will be more difficult for the globalists to stop them) so they can quickly develop the very specific virus’s that will only attack the top leaders heading up the Evil Cabal of Psychopathic Eugenicist Globalists!!

      • MK

        Janet, what one thing do all the events you listed have in common……………………ALL WERE STATE SPONSORED.

    • Paul from Indiana

      I’d have to say that it’s not what they do to forestall or corrupt the elections, but rather, how does the citizenry, particular the conservative voters, react to it? March on Washington? How’d that work out? Best always. PM

      • susan

        Of course they will do nothing. All of them are afraid of their own shadow, especially because they can’t accept the truth. I am so ready to fight “them”. But I don’t know what to do/

        • Janet

          Collect the hair or fingernail clippings of Bill Gates (and other eugenicist psychopaths) and mail their DNA to the Russian State Centre for Research on Virology – they know how to develop a specific virus that will only put out of commission the leaders of the WEF/UN (the New World Order eugenicists now trying to kill off humanity with pestilence and famine)!!!

    • Janet

      Here is the story that gets promoted by WEF/UN puppets – “Eat Bugs” – https://www.ournewearthnews.com/2022/07/29/two-more-celebrities-puppets-promoting-bug-eating-propaganda/

      • Johnny Cool

        No more comments from Paul… or IIG, or PC but now there is “Janet.”
        Same style. Very suspicious.

        • eddiemd

          Janet Yellen has arrived in the house.

          • Janet

            Speaker of the House (may in fact now actually think she is Janet Yellen) as she gives her analysis of things – https://ugetube.com/watch/something-s-wrong-with-pelosi_vwnkScXzLuF2HLA.html – but – what I am hoping to see is breaking news headlines that Klaus Schwab “mysteriously died in his sleep” and see news reports that the other evil eugenicists (who are out to kill off Humanity) are mysteriously falling over dead (like our athletes) from some strange virus or the Kill Shot!!

        • Warren B.

          Gender equality ?

  12. Matty

    Great article here on the LBMA and massive losses of silver Happy weekend Watchdogs

    • Janet

      If “physical” silver inventories at the LBMA have dropped from 36,706 tonnes to just 5,683 tonnes (in just a few months) – while the silver price is being manipulated to very low prices by banksters (touting it’s sale by the general public) while they cover their silver shorts and go long – we ordinary people should all instinctively know that silver supplies are getting tight when the 1% have to go to coin shops to scrounge up $50 million dollars worth of silver coins (and gold)!!!

      • IIJ

        I agree 100% with you Janet!

        • IIG

          Is this IIJ or IIG?

  13. Linda Majors


    Excellent wrap up!

    Ukraine War and Great Reset.
    I haven’t heard anything about the connection between Ukraine war and the Great Reset in the American news; however, on Rebel News in Canada, the connection is made. In Davos, Switzerland, May 2022, during the WEB meeting, Klaus Schwab stated that . . . . (Ref. copy of text and link below.)

    Schwab himself took the stage to address the crowd, reiterating the pragmatic theme while giving a standing ovation to the large Ukrainian delegation in the crowd. Schwab went on to mention that the war in Ukraine “will reshape our political and our economic landscape in the coming years.”

    ‘The future is built by us’: Klaus Schwab kicks off World Economic Forum’s 2022 Davos meeting – Rebel News

    Satellite Phones & Bivy. Dick Morris was guest on Eric Metaxas, 7.27.22, talking about his new book about Trump returning to the WH, and mentioned that one of the things President Trump plans to do during his next term is to stop Huawei 5G, because 5G will make it possible to force SOCIAL CREDITING on us, and will control everything. Verizon and . . . are switching to 5G. They’re all in on it. So it is important to have the satellite capability in order to prevent becoming part of the social credit scoring which is used in Communist China to terrorize people into submission.

    STARRS. One other thing I wanted to mention is the group of Veterans — Generals who are very concerned about Marxism being forced on our Military, as well as the vaccine mandate, which is so stupid. Not only dangerous, but the military are already having problems recruiting, and those buffoons, like Gen. Mark Milley, Joint Chief of Staff, and Lloyd Austin, Sec. of Defense, are determined to force our troops to be vaccinated or have them discharged. In any event, a group was formed called STARRS. All volunteers. Doing what they can to salvage our military. You can google STARRS to find their website.

    Best wishes,

  14. Linda Majors

    Follow-up to my Comments. Below is the link to the article about the Ukraine war connection to the Great Reset. Linda


  15. Linda Majors

    Follow up to my comments:

    Communist China, Covid, & Paying off U.S. debt to China.
    During the Dick Morris interview on Eric Metaxas, 7.27.22, Dick also mentioned that President Trump plans to deduct the costs associated with Covid, from the debt we owe to China. (I’ve heard Trump in past speeches talk about the trillions that China owes the world for causing Covid. Apparently, he has come up with a plan to pay off our debt to China by deducting what Covid cost us from the amount we owe. That sounds fair to me. No doubt about it, President Trump is a shrewd businessman and thinks out of the box. No politician would have ever come up with a solution to force China to reimburse us for our losses, and pay off our debt simultaneously. Brilliant!


    Stolen Election. Jeff O’Donnell has the best analysis and proof of the stolen 2020 election that I’ve seen so far. Who knows, President Trump may be re-instated. Jeff said that it only takes one state to begin the process and the dominoes will fall.

    • Shirl

      Hello Linda,
      Thank you for posting this info. and the link. So much is coming out to VERIFY The Stolen Election and from all directions too from the ILLEGAL Drop Boxes, The ILLEGAL Poll Workers Actions, The ILLEGAL Vote Machine Internet Connections, ILLEGAL Algos Used, ILLEGAL FAKE Ballot Paper, ILLEGAL Transportation across State Lines of already Filled In ILLEGAL Fake Votes, DemonRat Safe Houses used to Store Boxes of FAKE VOTES, The documentaries “2000 Mules” and Mike Lindell’s Team of Forensics – used several titles for the series of his documentaries from that perspective, and on and on and on ETC ETC ETC that the mild actions of the Jan 6th actions were justified and actually are Constitutionally GUARANTEED in redressing the Gov. and to Gather to PROTEST to do so…the TYRANNICAL Actions against those Patriots alone, NOT to mention President Trump’s protestations against the THEFT, further proves that The REAL “INSURRECTION” occurred Nov 3rd and into the Early hours of Nov.4th where the “Vote Count” STOPPED in the Swing States to re-jigger the needed amount for The ESTABLISHMENT Glo-BULL Warming Xiden Regime Puppets & CHYNA Run Operation to insure that enough FAKE VOTES = ALL ILLEGAL and MADE-UP VOTES were in play to ensure the INSURRECTION of the Executive Branch of the USA….magically the end result of FAKE VOTE numbers turned out to be impossible results on top of everything else. They were presented as the Best Results EVER and NOTHING to See here and if you doo see the Steal, they called it THE BIG LIE…All of them need to be Strung up for TREASON as last checked, that is the Penalty for the crime.
      It isn’t over till it’s over as Greg has stated accurately too that “Fraud Vitiates EVERYTHING.”

      • Linda Majors

        Sherl, I agree!

        Below is a link to one of Jeff O’Donnell’s interviews about the rigged 2020 election. Jeff has been analyzing computer software programs for 40 years. Does work for all the major defense contractors.

        Machines are programmed to re-process the votes and change the results:
        In Jeff’s analysis of the coded program results in Mesa County, Colorado, he noted that the voting machine processor had been programmed to stop (after about 1/4 of the votes had been counted) and re-count, or re-process the votes and CHANGE the votes. After the elections, the companies that own the machines delete the process, or the evidence of the fraud. However, Tina Peters, Clerk of Mesa County, made an image of the “black box” info, per law, before Dominion could delete it. That is when the SHTF. Tina was even arrested for doing her job.

        America’s elections have been hijacked:
        According to Jeff, American elections have been given over to companies and people who are: unelected, unaccountable and people who don’t have America’s best interest at heart.


      • Linda Majors

        Note: More info re rigged elections. 7.29.22, Gateway Pundit reported that the Dominium Voting Machines FAILED in a test conducted in El Paso County. Mesa C0unty Clerk, Tina Peters, who was arrested for doing her job, was part of the recount effort:

        “Dominion Voting machines in El Paso County, Co. have reportedly FAILED their Logic and Accuracy test for the upcoming hand recount of the 2022 Primary election. The recount was ordered (and paid for) by some of the candidates, including Mesa Clerk Tina Peters and El Paso senate candidate Linda Zamora Wilson, who had her election inexplicably overturned AFTER it had been called by local news without any explanation. . . . .”

        According to Jim Wiley of ColoradoRecount.com:

  16. Rodney

    Greg, you put it out of the park. Thanks for the update and the encouragement, stay strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.

  17. Dr Bob in Iowa

    After the 2o2o fiasco, I contacted Senator Grassley several times, and he said “the corts had looked at the election and that there was no evidence of fraud “, I have been a huge supporter of Grassley, both financially and otherwise, for years. I was appalled by his response, and lost all respect for the man. In fact, I felt physically ill when I got his letter. I’m glad he’s going after the DOJ and FBI, but allowing the takeover of the country is a much bigger deal. Then last week he voted with the worst of the worst rinos…. truth has no agenda Mr Grassley…have you forgotten that pesky oath you took?? If we don’t fix the 2020 steal, then nothing else really matters. Dr Bob in Iowa..

  18. Dr Bob in Iowa

    After the 2o2o fiasco, I contacted Senator Grassley several times, and he said “the courts had looked at the election and that there was no evidence of fraud “, I have been a huge supporter of Grassley, both financially and otherwise, for years. I was appalled by his response, and lost all respect for the man. In fact, I felt physically ill when I got his letter. I’m glad he’s going after the DOJ and FBI, but allowing the takeover of the country is a much bigger deal. Then last week he voted with the worst of the worst rinos…. truth has no agenda Mr Grassley…have you forgotten that pesky oath you took?? If we don’t fix the 2020 steal, then nothing else really matters. Dr Bob in Iowa..

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Dr. Bob! Corruption makes you say stupid outrageous things.

  19. Martin Coombs

    Lawlessness ( revealed ) on purpose, so the ac ( the false saviour) lawless one will bring a morf ( form of justice ) otherwise they wouldn’t see it all ( just as many have no idea what went on & is going on, revelation so they have no excuse , it is being revealed !! On purpose !! Normalising getting c19 is why the portrayal of them getting it after the snake bite is presented ( it’s normal to get it after the snake bite, see, we all get it but it’s lessened ?? We won’t be seeing the results of this in decades ? ( the word from God says this happens, then this, then this , then more lies, then plague’s ? Then famines phoenix rises then bigger deception & they worship his lies of false promises & deception concealed because they know not the truth, ( it is WRITTEN, read it , it’s the Word of God & the human race as it is , is on the home run ( I hope & pray for y’all to come to the knowledge of the truth & get right with the Lord , & TRUST in what Jesus did on the cross & is doing now 🙏 praise the Lord & find his peace , there’s only one way ( stop looking back) look up 🕊

  20. Stephen Woenker

    I love you GREG ! You’ve done so much good !!
    I had my doubts on this vaxx since day one. 18 months ago I knew it was toxic! Trump … should have known then and came out and said so ! For the life of me. I can’t believe other wise. Doubt he will be able to convince me this late in the game.

    • Greg Hunter

      Trump was lied to and Dr. Birx has confirmed it. Your points are well made and well taken.

      • Warren B.

        With all due respect…even though that is true….who is responsible…where did the buck ultimately stop?
        Both are complicit…. to my way of thinking.
        POTUS’s first duty is to Country …then to its citizens.
        He owed us all a duty of care to make sure we were safe from all enemies.

  21. John Geis

    Greg, The Fed is, understand, raising rates while it continues to buy bonds and stocks to support the market. Can you ask Catherine about this? It appears they are trying to have their cake and eat it too.
    Its not gasoline but GAS that is the inflation driver in the US. Instead of putting 100+ BCF into storage we only put 15 BCF in. Production is in decline! There will not be enough to heat homes or make ammonia or GENERATE ELECTRICITY this winter HERE, not just Europe.
    Remember Serpico? If they have kept their jobs (in the FBI) they are corrupt!

  22. Stephen Woenker

    I guess it could be a national Security issue and under it it he could not be allowed to speak the truth? Enjoy the show?

  23. Kenneth Noga

    No doubt now. It is a multi front, multi dimensional attack on humanity.

  24. Stephen Woenker

    Who gets up at 5 AM, and replies to a comment. People that work.

  25. Jerry

    May I suggest we start a lawsuit here. Back in 2007 Paul Rota filed for a coronavirus patent with the U.S. patent office. Paul Rota just happens to be one of the leading microbiologist with the CDC.

    I’m sorry but I just don’t buy the coincidence. Once again the bio leak theory is being kicked around. Really? Even after event 201 we’re back to that.. Somebody has to be held accountable for my sons death, and all of the people who are suffering with the vaccine deaths now. But yet here we go again. The Biden administration is planning on rolling out a new booster in September. I’m sorry, but I’ve had it with these constant bioweapon attacks. Many people are staking their faith on the midterm elections to turn things around, but I’m not one of them even though my son is running for congress. It should be apparent by now that the globalist do not intend to stop these attacks in the middle of agenda 2030. Our only course of action is litigation. If that should fail, then we need to consider another course of action that our founding fathers placed in our constitution.

    • Coal Burner

      Greg: The map shows Russia taking all the wheat production too.
      PS Thank You for all you do. I hope a Watchdog wins the lottery and take care of your backpay for all the years of work you have done. May the Lord be with you!

      P.S. Jerry, join me on this pleading to Russia to Nuke the WEF. That would end many of their problems as well as ours.

    • Frank D2

      Sadly it’s too late for either the ballot box or the jury box. Those have been weaponized against we the people. That leaves the ammo box.
      When you think about it, that’s what happened in Ukraine. The citizens in both the LPR and DPR rejected the coup in 2014 and declared their independence from corrupt Ukraine. That’s when the Nazis began shelling them. To their credit, the people’s militia in both the LPR and DPR held off the much larger Nazi forces for 8 long years until Putin and the Russia forces came to their aid in February of this year. In contrast what did America do about our so obviously stolen 2020 election? Not a damn thing. We sat on our butts and bitched (my 71 yr old butt included). Well, bitching won’t change anything.

      • Jerry

        Frank D2,
        I’m afraid you might be right. Unfortunately the triggering mechanism for civil war will come when they try and disarm the American citizenry. I happen to live in a second amendment sanctuary where most people are fully awake and take these threats seriously. My son who is running for Congress has been stalked on the campaign trail by observers from the communist party who are concerned about his views on the second amendment. So far all they have done is to follow him around, but should he get elected
        that could change. In addition he is the only candidate running that has a plan to look into the covid19 bioweapon attacks that killed my other son. Others have chosen to move on and act like nothing happened but he chose to make it the centerpiece of his campaign. Every time he speaks about it at the town hall meetings he attends he gets a standing ovation. So I know other people are feeling the same thing to. Come August 2nd we will find out. Either way, he feels like he’s done his best to try and do something to stop the global onslaught. That’s the main reason I come to Greg’s site because he believes the same thing. Greg is an actual reporter. Not part of the drive by communist media.

  26. Good Goose Slanderer

    This could be the greatest episode of corruption in US history: GOP lawmaker
    645,975 views Jul 27, 2022 Fox Business
    Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., demanded DOJ open an internal investigation, following whistleblower allegations that the DOJ and FBI illegally suppressed information on Hunter Biden, claims the FBI is ‘smearing’ GOP senators on ‘The Evening Edit.’

    Russian FM Lavrov urged to make a choice between Russia and the United States
    36,541 views Jul 28, 2022 True inFo
    Russian FM Lavrov urged to make a choice between Russia and the United States
    [Lavrov is basically saying the FBI is running the US. executive branch, like Aussie rules football. But here at USAWatchdog we’ve been saying who’s running the FBI. WE don’t want these Moron’s taking over the rest of the world. The morons must learn the golden rule, the real rule. He who own’s the most gold rules, not the most fiat currency printing press’s. Get the drift MORON’S!

    Hunter Biden’s text messages expose potential Putin connection
    563,353 views Jul 20, 2022 Sky News Australia
    The Daily Mail has leaked Hunter Biden’s text messages from 2018 which reveal he told his sister-in-law Hallie that he was dealing with his “suspected involvement” in brokering an oil deal “directly” with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    Now Fer Some Humor; CRUSHING LATE NIGHT! Humiliating, LOL!
    Gutfeld: President Biden is in deep trouble
    851,671 views Jul 28, 2022 Fox News
    ‘Gutfeld!’ panelists react to a new CNN poll reporting that 75% of respondents think the Democratic Party should nominate a different candidate other than President Joe Biden in 2024.
    DJT? In the mold of the JFK Democrat. That’s why they hate him. To popular and the sheeple see who they really are, MORONS! It’s not Howdy Duty time for a Butt head spook!

  27. James Hall

    Everyone needs to look a raw milk from grass fed cows and goats. There was a study in 1929 raw milk cures all diseases. Please research this, raw milk is the only food you can live off of indefinitely. Raw milk protects the heart and other organs, this is better than baby formula.

  28. Earl Thornburg

    Greg, Gateway Pundit article: THREE DOCTORS From the Same Hospital “Die Suddenly” in the Same Week After Hospital Mandates Fourth COVID Shot
    By Jim Hoft
    Published July 28, 2022 at 6:55pm

    • Keith B

      Two additional doctors in the Toronto area died in July. A 27 year old woman collapsed during a triathalon and died later. A 50 year old man (former olympian) collapsed and died during a run.

  29. Stu Shear

    Your July 29th “Weekly Wrap UP” statement from “Jack” from Hancock County, Ohio was interesting. He lives in a county that is not rural as the city of Findlay which is in that county is approximately 45,000 population on I-75 and Lima which is 50,000 to the south. I know as I graduated from the University of Findlay. Concerning the “jab”, I have personally known people who have had the vaccine and boosters and have died. Funeral homes in Miami County, Ohio (population of 110,000) are doing more funerals that they used to do 3 years ago. Let’s face it, the eugenicists have resurfaced and are rampant. Check “Amazing Polly” on Rumble.com for her research on the topic. This Canadian researcher connects all the dots. Love your show and guests.

    • Robert says no

      I’m noticing more furniture at the charity resale shop I patronize. I go there regularly and they are filled with furniture now and have been for the past several months. I asked why is there so much furniture now but no one knew.

  30. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter for such clarity.
    Another seeker of clarity, with a horrible English accent but we here in the UK have to live with it, is Katie Hopkins. She really is the third rail and tells a lot of truths never mind the accent ,
    Totalitarianism creeps along but this suggests another direction,
    Here in the UK our economy is dreadful, the only game in town is building houses for people who can barely afford them and abysmal quality and the size is miniscule. Our food bills have exploded and we all dread energy bills and our petrol/gas bills are beyond hysteria. My car used to cost £47 to fill now its a shade over £82 whilst our earnings have collapsed. Even train journeys are beyond onerous.

  31. Tommy

    I don’t believe people were randomly given a placebo when they got vaxed but I do wonder if the Bushs and Obamas and Clintons of the world got a vitamin shot or maybe even an ivermectin shot.

  32. Percy Scoggins

    nor did they repent of their murders or their sorceries or their sexual immorality or their thefts……. Revelation 9:21 , in the language of the Bible sorceries is “pharmakia” our root word for pharmaceuticals God has these people figured out before they got to this point….

  33. Michele

    Good man,
    You are absolutely in the right to continue to speak out against the clot shots. No apologies. Folks will come to understand this and you will be hailed a sage.
    Family members of some who have fallen to the vaccine are hiding the fact that after the jab their loved ones became ill and died.
    God Bless you Greg. Put on the full armor of God

  34. Rickey Johnson

    Greg, I think you’re site is being throttled, I have attempted to watch your video since 7:05 its 7:57 I am 19 mins and 2 sec into the program. Its not my connection, I can stream any other site, tabbed over to youtube, rumble, and FB all those will play perfectly, yours however will run 5-30 seconds before pausing. Thought you may want to know.

    • Warren B.

      Clear your browser’s history ….and the restart a new browser.

  35. Slvrwllwn

    If the oncoming disaster wasn’t so devastating overall, this would be outright hilarious;


  36. RB

    Something to consider! If you are spiritually inclined the mRNA is a gene altering agent. In the bible it talks about our names existing in the book of life. I ask, is our DNA, RNA what is written in the book of life? There is no other way to identify our individual identity. If you are a believer, I ask are you destroying your identity?

    Just something to wonder about. I personally can’t be sure; however, it makes sense.

    • Myn

      I know of personality changes for sure, even Christians. And not in a good sense either. Identity changes…something to think about. What about the 300 babies Greg talked about? They were/are in the book of life. I think that book just means life/born. Jesus can “blot” names from this book.

    • Brian Dougan

      RB: God calls us all by name. Not by our DNA. His book is a record of one’s life; not our unique (physical) DNA code. Even if one accepted your premise–Remember–God is Almighty God; not man. DNA is a piffle to him. “Before I formed [Jeremiah] in the womb; I knew [him]” (Jeremiah 1:5.) God knew–before time–every fiber of your being: “You have searched me, Lord, and you know me. You know when I sit and when I rise; you perceive my thoughts from afar. You discern my going out and my lying down; you are familiar with all my ways. Before a word is on my tongue you, Lord, know it completely. You hem me in behind and before, and you lay your hand upon me. Such knowledge is too wonderful for me, too lofty for me to attain….My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place, when I was woven together [out of human sight.] Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book, before one of them came to be” (Psalm 139: 1-6, 15-16, NIV.)

      At the resurrection–of the righteous, and later of the unrighteous–Do you think that some altered genes (compared w/ the whole; incomprehensibly; multi-dimensional complex DNA code) will cause a recognition problem for God? Genesis: All of the creatures were created to reproduce–“After its kind.” Meaning? There is a dog “kind.” (Hundreds of variations built into the original pair’s DNA.) However; poodle or Great Dane–A dog is still a dog. There is a genetic limit God has set–That cannot be crossed. Monkeys do not become men. Dinosaurs did not become birds. Mosquitos do not become honey bees. Grass did not “evolve” into apple trees…Despite the vain imaginings of foolish evolutionists.

      All of the unsaved will stand before God at the final (Great White Throne) judgement. “And the books were opened. Each person was judged according to their works.” God will not say “Who are you? Your DNA doesn’t match.” I’ll add one point to yours: Man is trying to manipulate DNA. Some w/ noble intentions. In the main though; not for good purposes. This is a serious violation of man’s stewardship. God will shortly bring down the curtain. Times almost up for the “earth dwellers.” (God’s term for the unrepentant during the Tribulation.)

      • Self Exiled

        Yes, when the author/director of the play wakes on stage the play is over.

        When You said, “Seek My face [in prayer, require My presence as your vital need],” my heart says to You,
        “Your face, {Your Presence} LORD, will I seek, inquire for and require [of necessity and on the authority of Your word].” Psalm 27:8

  37. Patrick Alaggio

    Excellent show Greg. Thank you!

  38. Brianroy

    A BIG part of the GREAT RESET is all about shutting down America’s food supply, the manufacturing and distribution of also. As of the end of 2020, fully owned farmland by FOREIGNERS is 10.9 million acres with partial ownership or investments in about another 20 million more acres (a total of roughly 37.6 million acres then).
    When the Babylonians conquered Judah in the late 580s, we learn from inferences in Jeremiah that they SAVED the farmlands, reconstituted and grew crops, because when they burned Jerusalem down, they gave over these croplands to the poorest Jews left in the land, and the summer of roughly 585 B.C. had an abundant harvest of wine and all sorts of summer fruits and vegetables.
    You would think that those of the Great Reset would know history…but being warped in character. often inbred, and Bible illiterates, they steal and kill and destroy and attempt to make life meaningless because they themselves are lost in the broad way that Jesus describes. In the Koine Greek, the Broad is the euruchoros, a vast wide open countryside in which every way is right in one’s wn eyes, but no path leads you out of there to find deliverance (such as a water or food or a means of continuance, for example). Eventually you perish, in doing just that.
    If the elites had any sense in creating or recreating a societal order, you would think that they would build a firm foundation of agricultural and water sustenance, and build a new industrial revolution that SUSTAINS rather than destroys. But then, the corrupt rulers are idiots of the lands of id, believing an unsustainable iot-s (internet of things) is somehow the way to go, to merge with machines and believing a Star Trek fiction set of beliefs about races of aliens helping them to destroy the earth is actually saving it and the BROAD / Euruchoros way to go for a deliverance FROM existence to a vain higher plane. In fact, the system of Mamon or material wealth we have has since Babel is all about placing imagination on material things and granting value by community brain-wash acceptance. GOD places value in PEOPLE through His Son Jesus Christ. BIG difference that is also missed where to love thy GOD with all thy heart and thy neighbor as thyself prospers a society, where as the love of things (the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, the pride of life) destroys the communities of mankind.
    Just a few thoughts you might want to share.

  39. SJ

    There seems to be not insignificant no. of unexplained death occurring shortly after vaccination for Covid, young and old in my country . The government’s position of course is that they are not liable in regards to the mandatory vaccination because there is no proof of causation. I’ve also seen quite a few patients who had Covid despite having received their third vaccination and now the Government is starting to push for a fourth vaccination!!

  40. Matt

    Greg! I saw that coffee mug at the end and chocked up! You need to sell that please!! Its what you made famous and it would sell like hot cakes! Add as much of your wording as possible all the way to the end. I would buy one for sure. Greg, that will solve many issues with cash! Do a store with your shirts, coffee mugs and so on!! Blessings!

  41. Keith

    I met a 61 year old guy yesterday who looks in great health, slim, trim, and a general overall look of good health. He said he was recently “disabled” and I asked what happened. He said he’s having “renal failure”, apparently his kidneys are shutting down and he has to wear a bag on his hip to collect urine (for the rest of his life). He said it came on all of a sudden in the last year or so. I asked “the question”, to which he looked at the ground and said, “yes, I got vaccinated and I regret it”. He said he took 2 shots and will not be going back for the booster. This guy knows he’s got a vax injury, and it’s difficult to admit it but he’s facing the facts. He said there are guys much older who are working everyday and having no problems- they’re unvaxxed. I told him to get a D-dimer test and treat that if he’s got any clotting issues. It’s so sad what they’ve done to us and we can’t let this go without holding them accountable.

    • jon

      Hi Keith, Same here. I have a friend 68 years old. Was very fit, in charge of our hiking club. Active, he leaves during the summer out of state, then comes back to Nevada as a snowbird. Well he comes back early because he has to go into heart surgery. He was the last person I would suspect would get the vax. Well he did, and is so angry at the con job and damage. He had damage to the heart that created a increase in heart rate that could only be corrected by surgery. It is clearly because of the vax. He appears ok for now. But who knows the future.

  42. Jonathan E Bundick

    Want to make a friendly bet? I’ll bet you a steak dinner for you and your wife that everyone that took the MRNA vaccine, even if it was one dose WON’t be dead in 5 years. Do you realize that if you are right over 250 million Americans will be dead by the end of 226? Are you that foolish? Take the bet if you are so confident, but I bet you won’t, and you’ll never post this comment. You don’t have the guts.

    • Myn

      Whoa, that was harsh! Your verbage is disgusting. Of course not exactly in that time frame. Everyone is different, it’s not hard to understand. Some will take things to mitigate the effects and extend their life, the good Lord will guide. You owe Greg in apology. The enemy is out there not in here

    • Mike Mc

      Greg wasn’t advocating that as a prediction he agrees with. He was citing someone else, giving you the information so you can chose to integrate it in your thought process or not. Thats what media used to do. Give you the information so you can think and reach your own conclusions.

      Get over yourself.

    • nick

      Hope you’re still alive to pay for the steak you’ll owe Greg. We know you took it.

      • Janet

        Jonathan – You state that: “EVERYONE who took the m-RNA won’t be dead in 5 years!! – well – you already lost your bet – Dr. Hartlage an aggressive proponent of m-RNA injections (who urged people online, in person, and at briefings to roll up their sleeves and take the shots as soon as possible) has died today of the very “jab” he was urging on everyone else!!! – https://www.vaccinedeaths.com/2022-03-25-covid-vaccine-coordinator-who-pushed-mrna-shots-dies.html
        [Perhaps he figured – if he was going to die – he would make sure a lot of other people died along with him??]

    • Warren B.

      How do you arrive at 250 Mln Americans ?
      Do you honestly believe the lying scum with their broadcast “Vaccinated Numbers”?
      Remember the lies to trick the populace into believing there was a Pandemic and then that they were able to FAST TRACK (at Warp Speed) a Vaccine?…that was safe and effective without studies, testing and the LT side effects. Hmmmm…???
      I call BS on those numbers. My best guess would be 50% (perhaps lower) than what has been published as being Vaccinated. Why….because they use the psycholological threats of those being in the minority to scare them….. as they are not willing to be force jabbed with toxins harmful to the human system. That means they must inflate the perceived take up of “vaccines” to convince the remainder.
      At most 150Mln Americans are “vaccinated” with either 1-2 or 3 or more jabs. Working from a 60-70% rate of die-off we arrive at a number close to Dr David Martin’s estimate of 90-100 Mln deaths (just in America). That’s not fanciful or foolish thought.
      Just 1 Death from this bioweapon is enough to bring this maniacal scheme to an abrupt end. To even discuss the thought of such a mass genocide / let alone bet on it – is bordering on sickness. You need help urgently.

    • Better Chetter

      Jon E Bun –
      One thing to learn from Greg’s USAWD site, is that every media outlet, including Greg’s – offers opinion in addition to R&D factoids. Greg shared his opinion, but you took it as fact or prophecy. That is your own fault. How great a man is Greg Hunter, to let you post a comment such as you did . . . go to another site if you don’t like his opinion.

    • Greg Hunter


      You are a jack ass idiot troll that does not know how to read. The quote below is what I said in my video presentation and on the write up post for the WNW: According to one top UK Doctor, “Everybody who has an mRNA injection will die in 3 to 5 years even if they have had only one injection.” I even posted the link: https://rumble.com/v199013-professor-dolores-cahill-the-jab-is-a-kill-shot.html I posted the link so people would not think I said that, but there is always a jack ass troll who hears what he wants to try to discredit me. This is your last comment “BunDick.”

  43. Self Exiled

    For Chris — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YBBnQmRcRI4 — China political and financial dynamics.

  44. Pam

    It’s bombshell after bombshell and still we hear nothing but crickets……………As the bombshells continue and suddenly there’re no crickets…………you’ll know we ate them.

  45. Steven Allen Pool

    well if you’re right about all vaxxed dying in 5 years, there won’t be no need for term limits. even if trump gets back in in 2024 he’ll be dead before his term is up. this will really clean out congress

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Steven,
      “this will really clean out congress”
      Congress exempted themselves from getting the C-19 ‘vaccinations’!!! Get to wonder that the normies let such obvious ‘tells’ go . . . ???

    • Janet

      Good point – cleaning out Congress and the swamp is now cut and dry “but only if they got jabbed” (and of course Trump wants credit for it) – as Professor Dolores Cahill explains: “The mRNA vaccine will kill people over 70 within about two to three years (Pelosi seems to already have clots in the brain) – but anyone younger who really took the mRNA injection will have “a reduced life expectancy” (for example – say Congressmen and women in their thirties took the “jab” – it will probably take five (to ten years) to clean out these swamp creatures – the only problem is – sadly there will be huge collateral effects on the general population – some cold calculating people may say (like Marilyn Albright) that the loss of 500,000 or more is acceptable (as they were the ones who didn’t have brains to begin with)!!

  46. Jay Nader

    Hi Greg, in your wrap up today there was a link with a video of professor Dolores Cahill. She talked about people who have taken the vaccine dying in 3-5 years and why. Can we ask her if Ivermectin will stop this process. Some of my family members took the vaccine. As always thanks for your help. Keep up the good work. Jay

    • Janet

      Jay – Tell your family members “who were not afraid” to take an unknown (and unlabeled) “experimental jab” (clearly shown to have deadly side effects) to “also not be afraid” to take Ivermectin (that has been shown over a hundred years to have almost zero side effects) – tell them not to allow their fear (of something “proven to be extremely safe”) to prevent them from dying from something that has been shown “to be killing people by the thousands” – tell them “to give it a shot” (rather then then “hoping” the shot they already took – won’t kill them) – what do they have to lose!!

  47. Scott

    While the vaccines are functioning as a genocidal agent this is actually more about budgetary issues. It has been known for a long time that if the BabyBoomers could be made it to shuffle off the mortal coil five years earlier than expected, most of the problems with Social Security and Medicare funding disappear. Remember back in the 80s and 90s when our government overlords said that they were “kicking the can down the road”? Little did you appreciate that it was your can that was being kicked. For you Boomers who got vaccinated, enjoy the time you have because it probably will not be as long as you hope.

  48. jon

    Zelensky is a modern day Rasputin type figure. He will go down in history, when all is said and done as a neocon sponsored con man and puppet that created the collapse of the EU, NATO and placement of the neocon/pnac into cold storage. Perhaps getting his Vogue Magazine copy for a collectors item as a tribute to Failed NWO.

  49. Howard

    Buy ivermectin US Just received order prior one confiscated at JFK airport

  50. Gordon Taylor

    God Bless You my friend you are a hero,a patriot,and a bright light in a world of Stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. andyb

    Greg: I am surprised that you assume Fauci has been vaxxed and boosted. Most likely he and all of the uniparty 535, if vaxxed, received a placebo. Not one has had any adverse effects. Nor has any prominent politician in either party. Doesn’t meet the smell test.

  52. Fred Engel

    Great report Greg, that golden parachute for won’t go far if Republicans control congress and senate. Volodymyr Zelensky will probably be brought up on war crimes in his own nation. They’ll send him back. He allowed azov to attack their own people, then blame Russia (false flag).

  53. JJ

    There are now 5 doctors who have died in Toronto area hospitals. Just a coincidence.

  54. Marie Joy

    As America declines, this feels more like a depression, possibly worldwide.

    • Warren B.

      True…and it seems like a slow motion train wreck.

  55. AHumphrey

    Greg.. since Jekyll Island , 1913, the US has been strong armed by the schmuck bankers , creating the Fed which is a private bank, creating $ out of thin air. So many evil, military expansions reminiscent of the UK ( Hing Kong as an example) expansions. So many illicit military actions for a century. JFK got nailed as did Ike , for speaking out. Too few question 9-1-1 and the aftermath of Afghanistan and Iraq. How many young people did not return ?.. why does Soros run scot free?.. why are Clintons not jailed ? His high is that body count ?. Govt loaded with politicos who do what current power structure sez. Why so many in Congress dual citizens with Israel ? ( Schumer).. why Home Land Security over 250,000 employees ?.. Vaxxs designed in 2017 and UNC and other colleges in the mix. DT got flummoxed by in-house ‘experts’.
    You do great work exposing the ‘crap’. Corruption as far as the eye can see. Armor up.. garden up !

  56. Tim Wilder

    Greg, you are overlooking one big thing. The Democrats don’t need to cheat to win. All they need is to replace Democrats with RINOS. Remember Senator Thune? Trump said Thune would be primaried and his career was over. He was primaried and he won big, because Trump would not campaign against him. South Dakota’s delegation in Congress is 100% Republican and 100% RINO. In Pennsylvania Trump endorsed the RINO Mehmet Oz. “Conservatives” will happily vote for RINOS.

  57. Kerry

    I do not believe anyone in DC has been vaxed, saline flowed freely!
    Secondly, obvious cheating in Nov 2022 and in 2024 will bring massive civil violence. It will be a nightmare. Many of the US military is already infuriated over this forced vax nonsense so it will be interesting.

  58. Richard Westwell

    Greg No matter who wins in November NOBODY will go to jail. The Washington swamp is far too powerful and basically Trump is weak. He is full of bluster and talks a good campaign but when it comes to the crunch he can’t hack it against the Swamp. He is pathetic when it comes to choosing the right people for the top jobs in the justice department . Barr was a RINO AND LET THE SIDE DOWN.

    • Frank D2

      I agree Richard. We need to look beyond Trump. His time has passed. He talks and tweets big, but wasn’t up to the task. He is NOT our savior. Many of us WANT to believe in him but face it, he will be no more successful next time. We need to look elsewhere.

  59. F.Cooper

    More Young Americans Are Dying of Heart Failure
    Amy Norton – Yesterday 12:04 PM
    THURSDAY, July 28, 2022 (HealthDay News) — A growing number of younger American adults are dying of heart failure, with Black Americans being the hardest-hit, a new study finds.

    Dancing on the Moon is a 1935 animated film directed by Dave Fleischer and part of the Color Classics series of animated short films produced by Fleischer Studios.
    According to animation historian Jerry Beck, this film probably contains the first example of the dance move “moonwalk”.

    34 years later July 20, 1969 The First Men on the Moon BY J. PATRICK LEWIS
    “The Eagle has landed!” —Apollo II Commander Neil A. Armstrong
    “A magnificent desolation!” — Air Force Colonel Edwin E. “Buzz” Aldrin, Jr.
    First man, Moon, walking, Moon. Taken by second man still alive, Edwin E. “Buzz” Aldrin, Jr.

  60. Michael Lake

    Greg, I recommend that you find and interview scientists who have studied the genetics of COVID-19 and know it is a lab-made chimera. Luc Montagnier (1932–2022) was the first scientist I know of who correctly said the COOF is man-made, with strands of DNA from other killer viruses, including HIV. Who has the standing in the scientific community to establish whether this claim is valid or not? Thank you for all your good work!

  61. Susan R

    Your words cut and heal the rot we are fed. My vibration is higher after a dose.

  62. William T

    Dr. Martin presented proof at a conference this past week that the Democrats are planning to explode and EMP bomb in the Northeast, perhaps several, in October to disrupt the midterm elections.

    • Sherry Davis

      Do you have a link to this interview?

  63. Paul Thompson

    Fasten your seat belt and look at the precious metal derivatives 520% increase in the FIRST QUARTER of 2022. Click on https://kingworldnews.com/jp-morgan-traders-rig-the-gold-market-while-gold-derivatives-explode/

    Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the eye-popping chart from The Office of the Comptrollers of the Currency.

    If you really want to understand worldwide fiat money fraud, central banks, and our countries financial history, read the 600+ page “The Creature from Jekyll Island”. This book has been reprinted every year from 1994 to 2021. There is history of our country that doesn’t get taught in our schools, like the terrible governmental deception that took us into World War 1.

  64. Dave

    I was at the VA yesterday and an old vet was there – he told me that since having his booster he was not feeling well – tired all the time – no energy. Said he is moving down your way.

  65. carolyn

    You should sell the mugs (like the one you held up at the end of the video). People would most likely buy them. Just a thought. Maybe you already do?

  66. Marie Joy

    After seeing what the covid vaccine did, I’m wondering what the moneypox vaccine will do. The kind of person who took the covid vaccine is likely the kind of person who will take the moneypox vaccine.

  67. James PTY

    Credit Unions and small local banks have no exposure to derivatives? Please. If a loan is obtained from a financial institution that insures the payment of the loan in case of default the insurer is pretty much guaranteed to be seeking coverage in a secondary market. In the USA any type of policy provided by an insurance company is exposed somewhere down the line to some kind of over the counter credit default swap risk derivative, ie AIG 2008… Where I live in Central America if a car loan, for example, is sought it requires a minimum down payment of 10% and can be up to 40%. Also required is a “life insurance policy” for the balance where the beneficiary must be of legal age, because…upon payment they must then pay off the loan to the bank! How this even qualifies as life insurance I have no idea, but that’s the way it works.

  68. Todd

    Zelensky being a dictator, is being about 5 letters too generous.

  69. Glen

    Pray with an expectation to hear a response from your Heavenly Father. Not an actual, audible voice of God. You’ll hear it in your spirit.

  70. Shirley Thompson

    Thank you Greg for keeping the SAD/unexplained deaths front and center. Until people really grasp that this is happening, albeit concealed by MSM, I’m concerned not enough people will become outraged to do something about it. There is however an elephant in the room that no one mentions…blood donations. With the spike protein freely regenerating and circulating the blood system, vaxxd individuals thinking they are contributing to their community by donating blood are potentially progenitors of the bioweapon even after their death. Can you please consider a mini investigation engaging your network of medical professionals to gain their positions on the safety of America’s blood supply. I believe this is something peopole need to be aware of and could gain valuable information from your reporting on the matter. I for one will not depend on publicly donated blood and should I have a surgical procedure scheduled I will arrange for autologous blood for myself, have it ordered by my physician to preserve it’s directed use for me.

  71. Deano Wexford

    I was hoping to never leave this comment.
    My sister-in-law and her mother were all jabbed up, her mother actually stepped back when I said I wasn’t poked.
    Going to sister-in-law’s funeral on Monday.
    Died unexpectedly, massive stroke at 52yo.
    Four months ago her 30yo son who was mentally disabled and lived in a NJ group home ( havent confirmed he was jabbed but i saw how the mentally disabled were force vaxd somewhere) died in his sleep.
    Died unexpectedly.

    Miss her already. There was NO WAY they could have been convinced not to jab and that the govt is trying to kill them.

    • Greg Hunter

      So sorry for your loss, but thanks for your reporting.

    • Eric


      Thank Donald Trump for rushing his “beautiful vaccine” to market, giving Big Pharma immunity from liability for the KillShots, and for playing along with the Globalists/Great-Reseters Plandemic in the first place.

  72. David

    Hi Greg,

    Something’s been bothering me – I’d like to know if you or any of your web visitors or guests, especially the doctors, can explain this:

    In every one of these cases where you see stories on the news about well known people or those in government – people from Biden on down – people that were ALL vaxed and multi-boosted and still got Covid. Here’s what I don’t understand – they always say “He (or she) is experiencing “mild symptoms”. Then after a few days, everything is back to normal. NOT ONE of these people ever gets any of the severe side effects from the vaccine that HUNDREDS of other people are getting. This makes no sense to me. Did these people really get vaxed? Why did NONE of them get ANY reactions whatsoever (except supposedly getting Covid). Can anyone explain this big mystery to me?


    • Tabitha Sloan

      David, it’s all a lie wake up and get red-pilled!

    • John duffy

      No mystery Dave! Don’t be fooled.

      These VIPs never were vaxxed. They can lie and say “look at me I was vaxxed and I hardly got sick. Sure glad I was vaxxed or I would have really been sick.”

      Every body that I know who were vaxxed and got sick and had people in the household who were not vaxxed were a lot sicker than those who were unvaxxed. And some of those unvaxxed were not even sick at all.

    • sk

      Probably gobbled Ivermectin by the handful – on the sly.

  73. GlennX

    I wife is a board certified pharmacist in California working as pharmacist at a major chain. I asked her if they are giving Comirnaty for Covid vaccinations. She did not know what Comirnaty was. She said she never heard of it.

    • Self Exiled

      The Pharmacist here in SD don’t know what monkey pox is. I asked two weeks ago if they had the vaccine yet. Never heard of it.

    • Garfield

      My pharmacist friend confirmed no comirnaty before she got put on unpaid leave for remaining unjabbed.


    ITS CLEAR TO ME WE HAVE BEEN SUBJUGATED BY CHINA. AND MOST PEOPLE HAVE NO CLUE….. How do you think all these screwball laws,decrees, and executive orders come about? NOT ONE THING THESE GUYS IN CONGRESS HAS DONE HAS IMPROVED ANYTHING. No American would stand up for the shit that has been going down and most dont. SO HOW DID THESE GUYS GET ELECTED.?????

  75. Mary Sue

    Hi Gregg,
    Getting back with you on my generator. You mentioned you have one, natural gas. I have been researching those….and if they cut off all electricity and gas, I don’t think your generator will do you any good. I had a company come out and give me an estimate on a natural gas generator, they would not even discuss a propane generator, which is what I want, If you will remember, Obama had huge tanks put in at his fancy house. I think he knows what is coming….anyway as i suspected, this company is saying it will cost $40,511.00 , they also told me that I probably need to get a new a/c unit, which would run another $15,000.00. I knew my husband and I would get taken advantage of. I am so disappointed in people. As you probably remember, we are elderly and my husband has brain cancer. Although he is impaired, being a general contractor at one time, he knew this price was a rip off. If you have any suggestions, please let us know. Again, thank you for your time, all your hard work, and all the honest information you give us.

    • Greg Hunter

      $40,000 is way too high. Shop that quote.

    • Tabitha Sloan

      I got a propane run back-up generator system about 6 years ago for $3,500 here in central Illinois.

    • sk

      You should tell the Better Business Bureau about your experience with the attempted ripoff by that company. People DO read BBB reports and act accordingly. You can do this on line.

  76. Paul Kramer

    Whatever happened to Coroners doing autopsies to find out the cause of death ? More families should insist on autopsies even if they have to have a private doctor do it.

    • Marie Joy

      When my brother in law died, in 1980, it cost $3000 for an autopsy. I imagine it is much more expensive, now. Most people cannot afford to have an autopsy done.

  77. Mark

    I try and try to talk to these domestic terrorists so they can see what they are doing to themselves from serving the pure evil. Here in the flesh and especially the afterlife. It just does not register.

  78. Louise

    Would you consider having Dr. Dolores Cahill as a guest on your show? I have watched her interviews and I think she would add another credible and distinguished voice to the discussion regarding the covid/vaccine situation.

    Also, are you familiar with the work of Katherine Watt? She has a substack. Click ‘archive’ on her substack page for all her posts. I first saw her on the Dr. Jane Ruby show. She seems to be a gifted legal analyst who presents information which enlightens and informs anyone seeking a deeper understanding of what is going on … and why more is not being done to reign in government overreach.

    Thank you for considering these experts as future guests.
    I do not think you are discussing covid19 and the shot too much. We make the best choices when we have the most information. Your guests help us stay informed.

  79. Lora

    Yes! the November elections are going to be wild…..that is if they even occur on schedule. The Biden Regime is obviously in major trouble with polls being so low that they’re getting desperate/sweating bullets/lying at every turn, knowing that they will not win the November elections in an honest manner. It wouldn’t surprise me if a huge false flag event was planned shortly before the elections in order to catalyze outcomes/stun voters into staying home. They tried doing this with Covid in the last presidential election, but since it didn’t work so well for them, they resorted to outright major cheating. Wonder what these monsters plan this time.

    • Janet

      Well – they are telling us that “we are not in a recession” when we are in a recession – the “Den-of-rats” need to get on Fed Powell’s ass to start lowering interest rates – or – simply tell us rates are really going down (every time the Fed raises them)!!

  80. A Day

    Looks like all the ‘crooks’ are grabbing what they can before the public rise up and oust them forever and maybe worse.

  81. The Oostburg Lion

    Fun at the usdebtclock org Our debt/liabilities will exceed the entire value of everything in America by the end of 2023.

    The total value of all assets in the USA, public and private, are DECREASING at more than $20,000 per second.

    The unfunded liabilities are INCREASING over $300,000 per second.

    TODAY the value of assets is now $13 trillion higher than the debt/liabilities.
    BUT our debt/liabilities will exceed the entire value of everything in America by the end of 2023.

    At current rate, our national worth is decreasing by at least $9 trillion a year. That isn’t factoring in a coming housing price/asset crash that will wipe out trillions from our national worth.

    And no one says a word except we must deficit spend, spend, spend, more and even more to keep the economy functioning!

  82. Julie A Cohick

    ” IF MY people, which are called by MY name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek MY face, and turn from their wicked ways: THEN will I hear from Heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” 2nd.Chronicles 7:14

  83. pbd

    The WHO declaring that monkeypox is a global health emergency is misdirection at best by a feckless, corrupt, controlled and discredited organization (Monkeypox is global emergency, rapidly spreading: WHO (msn.com)) – what does this mean?

    Monkeypox is a well known virus in the othropoxvirus family – that generally is considered to be a “nothing burger” – was not spreading much in humans, in gay/bisexual men or otherwise, and typically did not cause severe disease an immunocompetent host. Why the problem now? What has changed – is that the genocidal deployment of Covid clot shots critically suppress the immune system by depleting T-lymphocytes (CD8+ and CD4+ cells) – which are a critical first line defense to infection.

    The DS may have deployed known or modified monkeypox virus intentionally and if so, is using certain known risky gay/bisexual activity as a transmission vector/mechanism; and is no doubt stoking fear and trying to link it to homophobia etc. to create a synthetic identity politics issue that can be leveraged to divide and confuse the public.

    There actually may be a positive side to the current emergence and spread of (naturally occurring) monkeypox. Another well-known virus in the orthopoxvirus family is the much more lethal smallpox virus. Interestingly, infection with the more benign monkeypox virus (if you do not have a depressed immune system) can cause the development of protective immunity to smallpox infection! Historically, and similarly it is well known that for example in the old days milkmaids that contracted the relatively benign cowpox virus (also in the othopoxvirus family) had protective immunity re. smallpox infection. Both monkeypox and/or cowpox can function as a natural live virus vaccine that confers potentially herd immunity to smallpox infection (unless you have been immunocompromised by the COVID clot-shots or other proposed “vaccines” that are being rolled out). Natural herd immunity would be extremely important (for the little people) should the DS choose to let smallpox off-the-chain as part of a false-flag bioweapons attack that can be blamed on the Russians as a geopolitical pretext to escalating military conflict in Ukraine.

    Obviously, you will not hear anything about the above from the WHO or MSM – that are the puppet mouthpieces deploying this fake news and propaganda narrative to pump-up contagion fear and related homophobia to paralyze and divide “we the people” to slow the unraveling of the State sponsored propaganda regarding denial of the fact of the 2020 stolen election coup, fake Jan. 6th “insurrection” and the corresponding Congressional inquisition.

    Best of luck all.

  84. les

    Great weekly wrap up as always, can you put up the web site for the coffee cup you showed us, can’t seem to find the site

    • Greg Hunter

      TheBentonStore.com on ETSY

  85. John D. Umiker

    HI having trouble finding the mug online could you post the right web address Thanks John

  86. Bill

    That meme had me howling this morning. I copied it and sent it to several folks. Keep up the good work. You ARE making a difference.

  87. pbd

    The Fed monetary policy impact is counter-intuitive and not obvious (perhaps) to the lay observer. The two objectives (I think) of current FED monetary policy is twofold. First, the “beggar thy neighbor” strategy. In the short-term raising the FFR by another 0.75 percent on Wednesday, July 27th will continue to dislocate the FOREX currency markets in favor of strengthening the USD and causing global demand for USD denominated financial assets. Second, is to continue the status-quo easy-money strategy that favors the DS powers-at-be, U.S. puppet power and U.S. domestic financial interests. FED-head Jerome Powell at the time of the announcement of the rate hike also commented (jaw-boning) that the FED plan in the future is to lower interest rates in 2023.
    U.S. banksters and other smart money saw this as a win-win – because you get the near-term benefit of the knock-on effects higher FFR screwing over ex-U.S. players forcing deleveraging, to create demand for the USD and USD denominated assets, and in the longer-term you have Powell confirming the longer-term FED USD money-printing “put” back-stop State sponsored bail-out protection for Wall Street and the elite in the future.
    The above strategy is very dangerous (I think), because of the extreme complexity and potential dynamic instability in the system, whereby a “black swan” could emerge that takes a massive dump on financial markets and USD reserve-currency hegemony – then lookout below! But the FED really does not have good options at this point. The “reset” is coming it is just a matter of time, when and what will trigger it.
    Best of luck all.

  88. WD


    What are the names of those blogs that are pointing out the fake sudden death syndrome?


    • Mesquite

      I was wondering that, as well.

  89. Jeffrobbins

    I know several people that were vaxed and have recently had COVID and it is really interesting that it is summer- minor symptoms for all and it’s not cold and flu season. Another story that could be huge are the talks of trying to use price caps and limiting insurance for Russian crude. Basically, its a price control scheme for part of the world and i can’t see how anyone would believe this will work. It should succeed in driving the price of oil higher, much higher, as once again it will be a supply issue. In the off chance prices only go up marginally, ‘they’ will succeed in dividing the oil market and where would any new supply come from for us and Europe? It almost makes one think either of these are in fact the plan, and look how smart and wise our politicians are for guiding us towards renewables and electric cars.

  90. Bill slaney

    I want to buy that mug and I want you to get paid for it.

  91. tom

    glad you like that smithfield ham
    hope you dont choke on it when you remember they are owned by a china {trump tense} company now!!!
    that and several other brands they sell their meat under.
    last I herd they own something like 25% or more of the hogs in this country

  92. Alan F Grimes

    I often wonder when the MSM will stop lying. Will it be when the guy next to them at the desk keels over on air? I think they’ll just zoom the camera in on the surviving newscaster and continue as if nothing happened… It feels like they’ll keep lying through their inevitable trials, while they’re eating their last meal, on the steps up the gallows, and finally tell their last lie as the lever is pulled…

  93. Rustler7

    Democrats “going to jail”. Whatever. Don’t get me wrong I would love to see it.
    But I doubt any of that will happen. And more than happy to put my money where my mouth is.

  94. NoSuchAgencyeverExisted

    The PLA is well equipped, organized and resolute. However, their achilles heel is in logistical and resupply capability – it will take them decades to match US and NATO ops during wartime. An invasion by the PLAN would be a cluster of the highest order, US and Taiwan forces would defeat them after a bloody fight. Greg, Thank you for the info on go dark bag, I think I will get one. God bless

  95. Annirose

    I wish this thing would hurry up and get started. Can wait to get rid of 30 year old food storage.

  96. Steven Farnsworth

    Hey Greg! Have you seen the Instagram post where a refinery worker stated that they are making gasoline with lower octane and high in ethanol lowering fuel mileage and damaging vehicles. Should check it out. Chelsea on Instagram has the video. I’m not on Instagram but I do have the link. Blessings!

    • Janet

      I have noticed the fuel gauge in my car dropping more rapidly over the last 3 to 4 months – didn’t know why – was thinking the gas station where I buy my gas was watering it down – switched to a different gas station – and still the same problem – my gas tank seems to empty faster then a year ago – now if a high amount of ethanol being added to our gasoline (that would explain the problem) and high ethanol can damage a cars fuel pump and engine (just what Biden wants)!!

  97. Joseph

    Shouldn’t you say at the end “You can take that to the Credit Union” rather than “to the bank”?

  98. Steve Bice


    Sad…and a harbinger of what is to come…

  99. Judy

    Could you give a website for Benton store. I looked and looked and couldn’t find it.

  100. Judy

    Ahhh someone else asked same question

  101. David

    Start selling those mugs, you’ll make bank.

  102. JeanieMarie

    Warren B: Absolutely an incredible article by Dr. Blaylock! I, too, am surprised that all of the perpetrators were fingered! I sent the link to everyone I know…even the fruits and nuts! Thanks~

    • Warren B.

      Perfect response JeaneMarie…that is what I had intended for it to be shared amongst us and then exponently with family / friends/ acquaintances.
      I have a hard copy of this article for safe-keeping.
      You’re very welcome. 🙏

  103. Norm

    Here in Toronto we are now up to five young doctors who have recently died without an explanation. One was a 27 year old women who was running a marathon. With each death they stated that the injection was not the cause. How long can they keep this up?

  104. nathan dunning

    Greg I watch a video on Bitchute yesterday that experts from Switzerland said the mRNA Vaccines cause DNA alterations that will stay in the Human Genome forever! If people are fortunate enough to conceive and have children after these mRNA vaccines. Their Children will be sterile. The Spike protein attacks the ovaries and also enters the cells. If they enter the sperm or egg they are carried onto the next generation and the whole Human Species is Compromised. I don’t have any links but search for it. There is a lot of info coming out that the elites have Gene Edited the entire species!

    • Warren B.

      Sadly, this is the truth.
      No studies done prior – because it is an experimental bioweapon.
      The Architects and Engineers who devised this synthetic virus with its myriad adverse reactions knew full well about its actions at a microbiological level. It was intended to alter the Human species forever.

  105. Frank S.

    Its not called “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome” anymore because SADS is too “sad”. The new name will be : “Sudden Sheep Sleep Syndrome”.

  106. Charles lape

    We’ll never make it to another election. Just my opinion. God speed patriots.

    • Nika

      I think, you are right. DS will never give up willingly!

  107. tim mcgraw

    Hi to all, I apologize for my recent negative posts. My father died last year and the estate is being handled by the family back east. All of them have been jabbed at least twice. All of them are Pod People. And they are all acting irrationally.
    Only my wife, son, and my brother’s son are not injected. The injected ones are running the estate and distributions. It is pretty ugly.
    So I’m stressed out and so is my wife.
    These injections are changing people.

    • Self Exiled

      I also am noticing changes in people, depending on the variations of brand of shot and amount. A person I have known for 28 years had 3 of the Moderna, says no more shots. He has become louder, and I sense an undertone of anger that was never present before. His girlfriend becomes angry in an instant over issues in the media and because I’m not vaccinated, she will not allow me to be there when she is present. My nurse/caretaker who is occupying my home in the Philippines notices the same in her son. She breaks off conversations to avoid issues.

      The LORD will give [unyielding and impenetrable] strength to His people;
      The LORD will bless His people with peace. Psalm 29:11

    • Steve Bice

      Classy, Tim. You’re a good man with a good heart…

  108. Gerald Benton

    I work in Southeastern Illinois. I was at a flower shop in a small town (pop 1200) The employee at the store said that they were very busy this week. They had FIVE funerals this week. She was very surprised . They have never had five funerals in one week to send flowers. This is not the only flower shop in this town. So what was the other flower shop doing?

    • Tabitha Sloan

      I love SE Illinois!!! The Bible belt of Illinois.

      • Gerald Benton

        I was in Carmi Illinois at the Gracie Mae flower shop. The number of funerals per week is a surprise to them. And she made this admission on her own. I was not even trying to find out if Covid deaths were a cause for their increase in business. Saturday August the 6th at the American Legion located at New Haven, IL Starting at 8:00pm. will be a band called the Memphis Yahoos”, and they are from Memphis!!

  109. Kay

    Greg; We seek your analysis and look forward to most of your guests. Even under such extreme times, I get a real gut laugh from your emotion. (to be forewarned is to be forearmed) Keep us going, Greg.

    • Kay

      Forearmed meaning AWARE!

  110. Warren B.

    “Died Unexpededly”…will be the phrase used for when Biden takes an early exit (planned)….within the next 6 months. Put it in your calendar.

  111. Lynn

    This is absolutely the best graphic you have
    posted for one of your videos! Morons indeed!
    The most important thing to do before you
    drown as the Titanic is going down is to take a
    selfie and put it on social media…perfect
    description of where things are for many normies
    Thank you!

  112. Nika

    The China’s PLA said: If Nancy Pelosi, flies to Taiwan, escorted by two Jet fighters, the Chinese PLA, said they will shoot down the two, American Jet fighters. I’m sure Nancy Pelosi would love to start WW3 in this fashion. Deep State loves to bait their enemies, into striking first. FDR baited Japan in WW2, by refusing to sell them Oil to run their Factories. Meanwhile, FDR and his cousin, Winton Churchhill were trying top figure out a way to bring America into WW2. America initially, wanted no part of WW2. None the less, FDR and Churchhill kept on sending secret Telegrams back and forth to each other. A govt. whistle blower, spotted these secret telegrams, and made copies of the Telegrams between FDR and Churchill. The whistle blower, made arangements to take the telegrams to a News Agency and publish the telegrams, so all Americans could see how FDR and Churchill were plotting to bring America into WW2. The day, before he was scheduled to bring in the secret telegrams, to the News Agency. The Whistle Blower was conviently arrested, by a Govt. intelligence agency. The Whistle Blower was put in solitary confinement untill WW2 was over.

  113. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    Road repairers dug up internet cable, so only got to listen to WNW540 in full this morning.
    Brilliant, passionate, reporting. Looking forward to CAF. Many thanks!

  114. Al

    Nice video!! I know you do a lot of your own research but have you ever heard of this website Greg? Lots of great info http://www.lewrockwell.com

    Here is a video from last August about the vaccines. You should try and get this Speaker Dr. Shawn Brooks on your show!!


  115. Brian Dougan

    I haven’t yet read the comments; so I’m sure this will be a copy of someone’s thoughts. These outrageously idiotic “died from death” (SCIENCE!) headlines are almost funny. Not the tragedies behind them; but the ludicrous attempts at a coverup. I laugh, and I gnash my teeth–At the same time. Who is coordinating this farce? A five year old can dream up better imaginary stuff than this bilge. “[Maestro] collapses on stage, and later dies. The cause of death was later determined to be from collapsing.” YEEEEE-HAWWWWW!!! Ride ’em cowboy.

    Would a competent; honest medical examiner dare to sign his good name to the death certificate? Well; they aren’t doing too many autopsies. The ones that are being done–Give funeral home embalmers horror stories to tell. Does ANYONE who drank the Kool-Aid REALLY believe this stuff? This isn’t THE fulfillment of an end-of-the-age scripture; But God plainly informs us: He will send them strong delusion; that they will believe the lie.” “The” lie must be a huge one. This foretaste of what’s around the corner shows how easily formerly rational people can be duped.

    Here’s an interview w/ UK funeral director/embalmer John O’Looney. Possibly old news for some people; but with new material. The interview is a bit slow at first; then he gets into the shocking stuff. These findings are the talk of the funeral industry; covered up by the “nothing to see here folks;” “safe and effective” murderers. “Live with UK Funeral Director John O’Looney”. (It’s about the third video on the page.) https://www.lauralynn.tv

    Warning: His embalming descriptions might make someone w/ a sensitive stomach a bit squeamish. The funeral industry is putting the lie to the “Safe and effective” propaganda.

    • JayJay

      I’ve read accounts of funeral directors saying the machines for embalming, etc, have to be stopped and cleaned the blood is so thick with clots.

  116. Robert says no

    That cartoon is the best I’ve seen in decades Truly captured the screwed up values we the people have acquired.

    Really looking forward to Catherine Austin Fitts. She brings sanity to these insane times we live in.

    I realized society was heading in the wrong direction when I saw people tattooing their whole bodies and becoming circus freaks. As though somehow theirs was a unique expression.

  117. Carolina Finn

    Thank you, Greg, for your tireless efforts to keep us informed.

    Welcome all USAwatchdoggers to join the Christian summer services in Finland this wkend:


    Welcome to the Ranua Opisto Services 2022: listen to sermons and join singing on the Summer Services Radio 📻 or watch the YouTube 📹 livestream. This is a yearly Christian event with appr. 20k participants. God’s word and preaching of the gospel – the forgiveness of all sins – is in the center of the services program. The services will continue until Sunday 31st of July. Stay tuned 🎧 or come and visit Ranua! 🚙

  118. PersonaNonGrata

    WARNING – about a scary new flu jab . . .


  119. Jim Hall

    I remember the fellow, I believe that he was a mathematician, that said on Frank Speech about the way that they rigged the election was more improbable than the number of. atoms in the Universe to 1. When you hear something like this it makes an indelible impression on you. I remember reading an article in Pravda, yes, that Russian newspaper, that the United States would be the victim of the worst terrorist act in world history by a group that had assets in excess of $300 trillion. This was just the impression that I got when I read this. I remember that this was either June or July of 2001. We are dealing with a group here controlled by Satan himself. This is no ordinary fight and you only need read the Bible to see where this is going.

    • Self Exiled

      Guard my soul and rescue me;
      Do not let me be ashamed or disappointed,
      For I have taken refuge in You.
      Let integrity and uprightness protect me,
      For I wait [expectantly] for You. Psalm 25:20-21

  120. BooScout

    Thanks for all you do! I wanted to point out the ruling issued by Judge Matthew McFarland regarding all Air Force personnel who applied for religious accommodations and were denied.
    The judge issued a preliminary injunction to all denied religious accommodations in the AF. This is a big deal, but the government is gonna fight it. Please everyone continue to pressure government officials.




  121. Greg Morrissey

    WOW watch this on voter fraud truth coming out please!!


  122. Pat Price

    Hi Greg,

    If you work out a deal with the maker of the coffee mugs and are able to make some much deserved profit from selling them on your website,. I want to place a pre-order for two dozen. Good luck and thank you!

  123. David Kulesa

    What about unvacciinated people that are sexually involved with vaccinated people , according to Dr. Elizabeth Eades elements of the covid vaccine are transmittable in sexual activity , seems to that almost all people will die

    • Greg Hunter

      Both the vaxed and unvaxed need Ivermectin treatment to bind to spike proteins and remove them. This is NOT a cure but an ongoing treatment according to doctors. Until they find out how to turn off the production of Spike, or we know when the “vax/bioweapon stops producing it, you need to take it. There are doctors that say the vaxed and unvaxed should not be swapping fluids.

  124. Hunter Wolf

    Dr. Mercola: CDC Got Caught Hiding Data, ‘Beyond Shocking’ Vaccine Guidance for Toddlers.

    The Rockefeller and Carnegie Foundations reshaped the face of American medicine with their Flexner Report in 1910, which cracked down on the ability of physicians to practice holistic medicine.


  125. Nika

    U.S Army will ocupy 35% of Syria, indefinitely? I would like to know, who gets the free oil?

  126. Robert K


    My wife’s friend has a nine month old baby, and shared on social media that she was at the health clinic to administer her nine month old her SECOND Moderna shot… second shot for her NINE MONTH OLD BABY! She then followed it up with #Yay Science….

    I am beyond words… People are so effing stupid and brainwashed. The heard will continue to be culled due to the latest monkeypox shots people are willingly getting jabbed for… This poor baby never stood a chance, and will likely die in the next few years, it’s pure evil

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Robert! If the baby lives it WILL have serious life love medical problems.

  127. Brian Dougan

    This just in: Egyptian student “dies of joy.” https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/university-student-dies-joy-after-27613873.amp

    • Janet

      Skip the exams and live!! – especially the exams given by doctors!!!

  128. Nightshiftsucks

    Love you Greg,the weekly wrap up and interviews with Bill Holter and Cliff High are the best.I’m scratching my head over the Chips Act,it makes no sense.I have over 25 years repairing semiconductor equipment and you can build all the fabs you want but who is going to operate them.There is already a shortage of parts and gasses so where are those going to come from.We just qualified a new gas supplier because we can’t get it in the US.Guess where the new supplier is at…..China.And even if you have the chips where are the products going to be manufactured at ? Then you need the people,a lot of us that work in fabs are older and the younger people don’t have the drive to become proficient enough to replace us.This is crazy world.

  129. Bodych

    I have been trying to get my friend out of the big banks, but never had the information to back up my urgency. The comments about Dodd-Frank got me to investigating it, and now I understand why it’s more important than ever to get out!

    Not only did Obama give the financial parasites the most golden bailout in history, he also enabled banks to take ownership of Americans’ savings! It’s just incredible what that man did and didn’t do to this country. He’d be the perfect next-leader for Ukraine.

    Thanks for the head’s up.

  130. Randy Best

    Roe vs. Wade was overturned but what has been the fall-out? April, May, June and July have passed without anything happening. Stock markets still elevated and gold and silver still being smashed down. The evil ones are still in charge and God has not moved his hand as Bo Polny said he would.

  131. Bible Reader

    Chemtrail Update.

    The chemtrails seem to be pretty reduced now. I only saw one on Sunday morning and three on Wednesday evening. The Sunday morning one was surrounded by slyphs-clouds and sort of looked like it was disintegrating. The Wednesday chemtrails were: one possible one that was a straight line cloud but was patchy, another small straight-line cloud, and one large, long well-defined chemtrail. This large, long well-defined chemtrail was surrounded by a circle of slyph-clouds to the ratio of about 10:1 with 1 being the chemtrail. So, it sort of looks like the cloudbusters are causing slyph-clouds to form around the chemtrails and disintegrate them.

    The weather has turned very hot and dry. A high-pressure air mass has settled in so no cooler air is moving in. With the reduction in chemtrails, the weather might have changed to become hotter and drier but this isn’t unusual for the summer here except for the rather high temperatures.

    • Tabitha Sloan

      The more I think this mess over, I believe chemtrails are a way to get spike proteins and graphene oxide into everyone’s body. I pray not!!!

  132. Jc

    Time is coming you will be tested. Cell phones will be cut off as a test of how people( lab rats) react without cell communications.

  133. Kathy

    We can add my 54 year old niece to the “died unexpectedly” of a heart attack list. The beginning of things to come as almost all of my family members have taken the kill shot. So sad and they’re all too blind to see reality.

  134. Stuart Finlay

    Hi Greg,

    Would love one of those cups! google says no bentostore.com website!


  135. Eli

    it’s incredible to me those on the Left don’t see the game for what it is. But then it occurred to me: The press and media they consume tells them nothing! Nothing but phony narratives crafted specifically to make the public docile and emotionally panic stricken!

  136. i: a man; travis moss

    Every time i look at that drawing ” the morons we’ve become ” it cracks me up. That would be an awesome t- shirt to wear

  137. Linda

    Well, my husband passed away on January 2, 2022 from “hospitalization and C-19 standard of carelessness”. When I recently was visiting various cemeteries looking for a niche or columbarium, first of all, there was an apparent “shortage” and there was a frenzy of building…could be C-19 or that and the vaxx.

    • Greg Hunter

      So sorry Linda for your loss. These people are pure evil.

  138. Eric

    Dear Mr. Hunter,

    Thank you for your work. I was looking over some headlines and came across another sudden unexplained death of a young basket ball star in college. My understanding is that almost all colleges required students to be vaccinated to live on campus at a minimum. I would imagine a basketball star was living on campus. The headline reads: “College basketball star Derek Gray dead at 20 after collapsing at campus basketball camp”. The story notes it was “a cardiac event”. I know there are so many, but I appreciate you sharing the ones you find each Friday, so I’m sending this one in for next week. People need to see the trend because while it’s increasing, I don’t think enough are putting it together.
    The link is: https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nba/college-basketball-star-derek-gray-dead-at-20-after-collapsing-at-campus-basketball-camp/ar-AA108kAm?ocid=mailsignout&cvid=8f01dc0724c74ed7b004687d1510e22e

  139. Matt

    I just ordered Ivermectin from ivermectin.com. It arrived 3 days later. Too easy.

  140. Carol

    Hi Greg, Every time I come to USA Watchdog and see the cartoon on your page “the MORONS we have become” it makes me laugh!!! It is so true. How did we get here?

    The other thing, I have asked a few podcasters but none seem to know….we had the preliminary elections to see who will run in NOV in IL. I asked for a paper ballot and the only thing they would give me to fill it out was a sharpie, which I never used before. When I got home I looked it up and could see there is a big controversy about “sharpies” invalidating paper ballots. Some articles say yes, some no, Do you know?

  141. Denise Hopkins

    My brother (a policeman) spoke to his friend (a chauffeur for a funeral home) last week. He picked up 29 bodies in 3 days! He stated he’s NEVER encountered anything like that before. The vast majority were from nursing homes. They bring the vaccines to the nursing home patients as they have regular “vaccine days”!

  142. dwl

    I wonder what the fate will be for those politicians that aggressively pushed the fax on others but did not take it for themselves,……mob justice?

    The evidence will be apparent, if they are still alive = guilty

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