Dollar Destroyed by Year End – Alasdair Macleod

By Greg Hunter’s

Finance and economic expert Alasdair Macleod says the gold market is “extremely dangerous as far as the bullion banks, swaps and trading desks” that, at some point soon, are going to have to deliver physical gold they do not have.  Macleod explains, “I find it difficult to see how they can close it. . . . The possibility of a default and the possibility of a ‘force majeure’ is increasing all the time in this current situation.  This is a difficult thing to predict, but unless someone can show me there is a way out of this . . . I can’t see how these banks can be rescued.”

So, the only way the banks can be saved is if they can deliver tons of physical gold they likely don’t have?  Macleod says, “Which they don’t have, not likely have, they don’t have.”

Macleod thinks failure to deliver gold is coming soon where the contract will be settled in cash and not physical metal.  How many times can the gold market do this?  Macleod says, “I think it will be the end of the futures market because nobody would trust it as a means of delivering gold.  I mean it would have demonstrably failed.  So, why would you play with it again?  Of course, the failure of COMEX contracts is a very, very serious issue.”

What happens to the price of gold?  Macleod says, “The price is already on its way to infinity or, put more accurately, the dollar is on its way to zero.  The question I think you really want to know the answer to is how long will that take?  In my view, not very long.  Probably by the end of the year because we’ve got another thing happening in the background, and that is we have a banking crisis developing.  This is the natural consequence of the contraction of bank credit.  There is the effect of tariffs on top of that that turn a normal cycle of bank credit contraction into a 1929 to 1932 horror show. . . . If you have a banking collapse, then those assets values will just go down in the pan.  The next thing, of course, bond yields start rising because of the inflationary implications of a financial collapse.  At that stage, government financing becomes impossible because governments are in effect bankrupt.”

Macleod says stocks, the dollar and bonds all go down together and explains, “That is the lesson of history.  Everything just goes away.  If you destroy the currency, you destroy all the financial assets that are priced in it.  That just happens.  It just goes.”

In closing, Macleod says, “I think the problems with the currency are going to happen by the end of this year.  I think the problems of the COMEX are going to happen considerably before that.  I think they are going to be tied into a wider banking crisis.  A banking crisis is certain.  I cannot see how it can be avoided. . . . If our end point is the purchasing power of the dollar goes to zero, then you can see $1,800 for the price of gold and $19 for the price of silver is chicken crap compared to where it’s going to go.  So, this is a major, major move that is happening, not because they are buying gold and silver so much, but because people are beginning to realize what is happening to the purchasing power of the dollar, pound, euro and so on and so forth.  That is the thing to keep in mind. . . . I think the dollar will be destroyed by year end, and the price of gold and silver is infinity. . . .  I think the banking crisis could start in a month.  Look what’s happening to their balance sheets. . . . I think the collapse is likely to be so rapid that in the absence of any other information, the best thing to do is to hold on to gold and silver as an insurance policy just in case I am right.”

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with Alasdair Macleod of

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After the Interview: 

Alasdair Macleod posts articles regularly on under the “research” section of the site.  Click here for a link to his latest article.

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  1. Claude Rains

    10,800 Assault Weapons Parts Seized by CBP in Louisville
    Release Date: June 26, 2020
    LOUISVILLE, Ky—At the Express Consignment Operations hubs in Louisville U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers seized a shipment from China that contained over 10,000 Assault Weapons parts being smuggled into the country.

    “This is what they have been able to intercept. 90% gets to the destination. eddiemd”
    10,000 assault weapons parts here, 10,000 assault weapons parts there. Before you know it, you’ve got thousands of fast and furious China/Mexico, Eric Holder over and under, machine gun fire aimed at you!

  2. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    Alasdair Macleod is completely convincing. Thanks for bringing him on.
    I especially appreciated the time-frame specificity of his predictions.
    It’s hard to envision a collapse of the dollar unaccompanied by nearly unimaginable social chaos, violence, and hardship.
    As you say, “Get ready and stay ready.”

    • JC

      William S,
      Good point about the chaos, etc.
      Get ready, yes… but…
      Do you remember The Twilight Zone episode “The Shelter?”

      Dr. Bill Stockton has prepared well for any eventuality. He’s built a bomb shelter for himself, his wife and his child. His neighbors on the other hand have done nothing to prepare. During a dinner party, there is an emergency announcement on the radio that unidentified objects have been sighted en route to the US and they may be under attack. As the Stockton’s prepare to use their shelter their neighbors panic asking to be let into the shelter with them. Stockton refuses leading to an angry confrontation.

      • George3490

        I’m willing to bet (2 for 1 odds) that at yearend, things will be pretty much as they are now. Gold may be a little higher, the DJIA and S&P may be a little lower, but things will be about as they are now. Thankfully, I stopped believing all these doom and gloomers awhile back. Smartest thing I ever did. Most of them are just talking their book.

    • Coalburner

      Greg, please ask around about what is going on with the smuggled guns? And who is behind this . It makes no sense! Does someone think the wimps with Antifa are going to use them.

      • Pete M

        Coalburner, you were asking who would be using these guns, well my guess is a significant number of Chinese Students who are already in the U.S.A and are also Chinese Communist Party Members.

        These CCP members are already in many sensitive positions in the U.S.A, such as labs, R+D facilities, probably even in government positions.

        Just a guess, or they could also be going to the Antifa campaign, but I am almost certain that they would NOT have been used for recreational purposes.

        So many good things come from China, whether it be crystal met, the Wu Flu, the junk found at the dollar store…the Chinese Carp found in the great lakes, the beetle that eats all our trees….

        Just remember that only 10% of these types of contraband are ever confiscated by the authorities, so it should be treated as a significant event.

        Instead many argue whether what I said has been politically correct…

        That’s why Trump needs to win this coming election.

        Perspective is everything!!!

    • K. Wayne

      I agree Bill,
      I have a lot of respect for Alasdair Macleod. He is articulate, coherent, logical and knowledgeable of all things related to Banking, Finance, Economics and Money.
      Having said that, the CB MO of providing unlimited liquidity to the Banking system is a clear indication of a systemic fracturing of credit.
      The lesson learned from the Lehman episode is that the Banks are all interconnected….
      regardless of their Net Assets: Market Cap. The EURO Banks are in a lot worse shape than our SIB’s using that metric, but Alasdair conveniently overlooked the aspect of Solvency. By any measure, all of our American Banking Conglomerates are Capital Deficient, with only a minor Debt write off wiping away all existing capital. Liquidity will not cure Solvency issues. Our Banks will surely be tested in the ensuing Banking crisis. JP Morgan is already in trouble.
      The credit contraction brought on by the Global Depression is compounded by the sub-par reading on the Velocity of Money (now indicating that the patient has suffered cardiac seizure). Banks (nor the Global Economic system) can survive …where the GDP is replaced by endless printing of currency. Consider the lost global GDP and the increased money printing during the last quarter. A mere 10% Global GDP reduction implies circa $7TLN. What have the CB’s generated in terms of QE to date (let alone the FED) ?
      I have strong beliefs that the Banking system will experience major upheaval. Those that are in any way exposed to Banks, should consider their risk profile urgently. Keep in mind that Bail-In Laws were enacted for the very circumstance that the CB’s are attempting to avert. They will fail.

      • William Stanley

        RE: “Liquidity will not cure Solvency issues.”

        Yes, that is a crucial point. Liquidity buys time. Unfortunately, time does not cure ALL ills.

      • paul ...

        K. Wayne … further compounding the liquidity problems of JP Morgan and the US Banks is us gold-bugs pushing the price of silver higher … our combined efforts will crush the Beast … it is payback time … now we small investors “in real money” are the ones manipulating the price of silver to our advantage … seeing that “underlying subdued smile” on Alasdair Macleod’s face tells all … we’ve finally got these banksters … and (just like Jesus) we are overturning their tables … and like Jesus we are prepared to be crucified for doing the right thing “to save” our children and our children’s children from an evil Bankster Cartel that has destroyed the value of our US money (bringing our US dollar is down in value over the last 100 years from 100 cents to 0.00666 cents)!!

  3. Stan

    I guarantee you the Dollar will not be destroyed by year end. It will be stronger, more widely used and more respected than ever. I’m willing to wager on it! Any takers?

    • JC

      And by year end, maybe Greg will receive the postcard you sent him from St. Maarten.

      • Stan

        JC: I told you , St Maarten mail is slow. Be patient

    • William Stanley

      What odds are you giving?

      • Stan

        William Stanley: Terms of wager is 100k that Dollar is not worthless as of 12/31/2020

        • William Stanley

          Clever! If I win, I win nothing of value.
          I take it that you’ve backed out of the other part of your offer, i.e., that you would be willing to bet that the price of gold in dollars will not be higher than today? Are you or are you not willing to give odds on THAT part of your offer original offer?

          • William Stanley

            And, Stan, are you willing to make the bet for say, 50 ounces of gold?

            • Stan

              William Stanley: No, I hate Gold

              • William Stanley

                Clever, again!
                I can’t help but like you, Stan. Thanks for the banter.

    • K. Wayne

      Alasdair has a point though Stan. The debasement of the currency has shown its deleterious effects. The King Dollar isn’t the cleanest shirt any longer….it has been losing ground weekly since late March. There is a clear indication that the safe haven exists no more. That may or may not completely destroy the Dollar but it most certainly will have inflationary effects.

    • jim

      I`ll take that bet , because you are a deep state troll , everything you say is a lie, if people want the truth then just listen to you and do the opposite .

      • Stan

        Jim: The wager is for 100k. You’ll need to wire the money to an independent third party. Send me your contact info

    • Ray

      Stan…….put your bong away Brother.
      Fair Dinkum………

      • Stan

        Ray: I don’t smoke pot.

    • paul ...

      Your right Stan … the Dollar will not be “totally destroyed” … it will have “some value” (it’s currently worth about 0.00666 cents)!!

      • paul ...

        Just like the German’s had their “Mark” … now we have our “Mark” of the Beast (the US Dollar)!!!

  4. Paul in Oz

    Thanks Greg, Great Interview!

  5. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Macleod,to really understand these markets it will be necessary to think and act like a criminal .Cronyism,nepotism and lying are necessary to ensure us peasants get utterly denuded in this fleecing operation formerly known as the “market”.

    • K. Wayne

      Entrapment is a useful word.

  6. Self Exiled

    I see a row of graves. In the distance are the more ancient ones covered in vines and stately old trees. The two most recent ones are just dug waiting for their occupants. Near them leaning against a tree in the shadows is an individual, unrecognizable. I walk to the first grave and try to make out the etching on a very worn gravestone; after pushing away the vines that have overcome it’s view of the world. It says; Egyption Empire, Moving on: Hittites, Babylonian Empire, Assyrian Empire, Persian Empire, Roman Empire, Ottoman Empire, and others, the last grave occupied was Nazi Germany. The gentlemen leaning under the tree is becoming more recognizable, he has the apparel of the Middle Eastern descent.
    I woke up wondering about it all and how it applied to the modern age I occupied. What did this have to do with me; the ancient history of empires? Turned on the news: Fox, the usual deep state, Bush, Clinton crime family, FBI, CIA battling it out with the Trump Presidency. Ho hum, and then the poor troubled Mr. Barr is being interviewed concerning the delayed Durham report. I wonder if my theory of him being a compromise appointy between the Bush , Clinton crime families and Trump to secure the lives of his family members might be true. No, but Barr sure looks like he’s carrying the world on his shoulders. Maybe Barr is caught between bigger giants and only he can see them. Let’s see, how did his Epstein failure fit in to his appearance of depression. Epstein, mossad, his now captured madam and her father’s death. Farther down the tunnel I go. Amazingly Trump is still alive, how has he survived so long? He must be someones asset, he certainly has affirmed Israel and not released the Towers information.
    Oh well back to sleep. Darn; at that grave yard again. Nothing’s changed. The man in the shadows is still leaning there and the two open graves are still open: except the new graves have been etched with names. China, and the other United States of America. The man by the tree leans forward, confident, assured, purposeful, self assured, friendly and patiently waiting. I recognize him: yes Israel, well if anybody needs to control the AI cloud he does. He certainly has no illusions about his history of survival and attempted extermination. I guess it’s eternally wise to have God on your side.

    • Self Exiled

      Or maybe I should have said, be on God’s side.

    • JC

      Self Exiled,

      G. A. STEWART :
      On May 20th, 2017, President Donald J. Trump visited Saudi Arabia. The 2017 arms sale was finalized on this visit.

      Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sissi, Saudi King Salman, and President Donald Trump clutched some high-tech crystal ball in a public ceremony that could have been a scene out of The Lord of the Rings.

    • William Stanley

      Despite some (minor?) disagreement, I thoroughly enjoyed that. Very clever.

  7. paul ...

    Macleod effectively says: “I think the banking crisis could start in a month” (it actually started last September with the Fed’s Repo operations) and the dollar will be destroyed by year end (look at the Debt Clock price of gold and silver and it shows the dollar is being destroyed right now with gold at $31,000 and Silver at $3,700) … and the ultimate price of gold and silver is infinity (as the US dollar goes to zero)”!!

  8. Nancy Burwash

    NBC News Contributor Never Had COVID, Network Has Yet To Issue Correction
    Posted to Politics July 11, 2020 by Michael Graham
    A frightening NBC News report that a medical contributor caught COVID-19 through his eyes while simply sitting on an airplane has been debunked by multiple tests results. Unfortunately, the network has yet to correct the story.

    In May, NBC medical contributor Joseph Fair, a self-styled “virus hunter,” told the Today Show about his experience with the virus. “If it can take me down, it can take down anybody,” he said.

    According to Fair, he caught the virus on a commercial flight out of New Orleans. “I had a mask on, I had gloves on, I did my normal wipes routine… but obviously, you can still get it through your eyes,” Fair told the Today Show from his hospital bed. “And, of course, I wasn’t wearing goggles on the flight.”

    A month later, Fair repeated his tale to NBC’s Chuck Todd on Meet The Press, calling the illness “the worst I’ve ever felt. I probably spent 23 out of 24 hours in bed.”

    You Say “Mistaken,” I Say “Lying SOB”
    2020-07-13 by Zendo Deb
    Or, as I quote below… “Is this the zenith of fake news?” But then I’m incredibly cynical.

    I Say To Many Chief’s And Not Enough Corona!

  9. Fusion_ Gyped You, yes

    July 14, 2020
    President Trump Holds News Conference

    President Trump delivered remarks in the Rose Garden, announcing he had signed into law the Hong Kong Autonomy Act, as well as an executive order that would end U.S. preferential treatment for Hong Kong. The move came in the wake of new Chinese laws that experts said would restrict individual freedoms and undermine the autonomy of Hong Kong. Despite the event being billed as a Rose Garden news conference, the president spent the majority of his remarks criticizing his 2020 presidential rival, former Vice President Joe Biden. President Trump took questions from reporters after his remarks. Covid 19 death’s down.

  10. paul ...

    You know … no one is yet standing up to the “commies” in both Federal and State Governments who are under Bankster control … we allow the Fed to debase our currency … we allow Governors to abort our babies and kill our old people with Covid-19 … hoping that perhaps … they will just leave “us” alone … but these “commie” Satanists are out to get us … all … and are in the business of protecting their abusers (the pedophiles, the rapists, the child sacrificing worshipers of Baal … like Hillary, Soros, Gates, Fauci, etc.) and have now giving their Demon-rat Army of BLM terrorists .. full reign to rampage through our neighborhoods … to kill us and destroy our homes … we have been slow to respond … we had to plant our gardens and buy our guns … very soon a day will come when both citizen and retired military Patriots will gather … and push back hard against the “commies” (both in and out of government) who are trying to destroy our Constitutional Republic!!


    Whoaaaaa Greg!
    You guys definitely re-opened my eyes again !
    Definitely the best interview Greg ! Learned so much.
    Thanks a million !
    God Bless & Love ya

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Varun!!

  12. Jerry

    I think the timing is about right. According to the World Economic Forum, the great reset will take place in the first part of 2021.

    What the world will look like on the other side of the reset, is another debate, but I would venture to say that banks will become less important to the technocrats that are planning it. Credit scores in the new system that allows you to have access to goods and services will most likely be determined by your contribution to the new system, and your threat level to it.

    In theory this is what they have in mind, but we all know how plans work out. Lucifer hasn’t been right yet, and I don’t expect him to be
    right this time either. As it has been from the very beginning there are two plans to choose from. Total slavery and domination in Lucifer’s kingdom. Or. Making a covenant with the lord Jesus Christ using agency, and choosing to serve in his kingdom. The war in heaven began with these two plans and will end with these two plans. It’s not hard to figure out which one the globalist want. Marxism is based in slavey. The state owns you and there is no room for religion. Period. But the good news is, whenever Lucifers plan begins to frustrate the lords plan, there is always an intervention. In our present situation, I would suggest getting your spiritual house in order lighting your lamp.

    • Jerry

      Just in case you missed it, here is the blueprint for Lucifer’s plan. As always the truth is subverted.

      • JC

        Jerry, thanks, lots of good stuff here…

        ‘On behalf of the peoples we serve,’

        ‘As we embark on this great collective journey, we pledge that no one will be left behind.’

        ‘Peoples?’ Or entities?

        ‘We’ heh…. yeah…

        Then Jesus asked him, “What is your name?” “My name is Legion,” he replied, “for we are many.”

        • Jerry

          Here’s the reality of our current situation and what the NWO has in store.

          Thank you for taking the time to read the information I’ve been posting on Greg’s site. Most of Greg’s readers don’t, so they are perpetually trapped in a false narrative and will never have a clue where we are headed. Unfortunately I fall into that category. Over the years, I didn’t think big enough. I was looking at the Chinese developmental model and believing that they were being groomed as our replacement. Now I understand it is a technological rebuild from the ground up, and that the globalist have much bigger plans than restructuring the banking system. The fourth industrial revolution, and with it agenda 2030.

          • Self Exiled

            I read It.

    • Jerry

      More insanity,
      Spending 1 trillion dollars a month to have the best economy we’ve ever had. Right.

      Old business saying. If you can’t bedazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with B.S.

      • JC

        In the weforum link…

        ‘The map below shows the location of Hubs of the World Economic Global Shapers Community: More than 420 Hubs and 11,000 Global Shapers and alumni.’

        Global Shapers?
        Oh boy…

  13. andyb

    If the banks are about to implode, and the USD close to flat lining, then your deposit accounts in all commercial banks (both national and regional) will be at severe risk for bail ins. Even though other local banking institutions depend upon fractional reserve practices, the amounts are minuscule compared to the national and regional banks. Best to go with a credit union that must have, by law, a very low risk exposure; no derivatives, no fraud based trading desks.

    I switched to a credit union from Wells Fargo when the Cyprus bail in occurred, Wells Fargo was exposed for criminal fraud, and our Congress made it legal for major US banks to place a depositor in a very weak position upon bankruptcy. I keep only enough cash on deposit for automatic bill pay and for standard credit card usage.

    • paul jr.


      Some thing you state about bank bail-ins and about credit unions need correcting. Most people’s bank deposits are not subject to bail-ins unless they have uninsured amounts in a systemically important bank. Any uninsured deposits in other banks (non-systemically important) while not subject to bail-ins are still subject to lose, which has always been the case. So one should avoid having any uninsured deposits in any bank or credit union.

      As far as credit unions not having derivatives, there are some credit unions that do have derivatives.

      Credit unions also make their share of risky unsecured loans. And back in the great recession of 2007-2009, enough credit unions failed that the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUA) became insolvent. Credit unions, like banks, can also require that you give them at least 7 days written notice to withdrawal money from your accounts.

      Some credit union websites even state that they have the right to require up to 60 days notice of any withdrawal from certain accounts. One example is below:

      “SECU reserves the right to require a member intending to make a withdrawal from any account (except dividend checking, non-dividend checking, HSA or CPG accounts) to give written notice of such intent not less than seven days and up to 60 days before such withdrawal.”

      Another example:

      “We reserve the right to require you to give not less than seven (7) and up to sixty (60) days written notice of your intention to withdraw funds from any account except checking accounts.”

      About the only thing I agree with what you said is your statement about keeping only enough cash on deposit for automatic bill pay and for standard credit card usage.

  14. Paul Anthony

    Guns, gold, and a get away plan . Gerald Celente the three G’s

    When people lose everything they “lose it” – Gerald Celente In other words … Protect yourself

    Trade war, currency war , World War – Gerald Celente

    And here we are. 🙁

    Time for hard prayer. Look up for answers not horizontal.

    Thanks for this interview

    Paul Anthony.

  15. vic oliveira

    Greg, you always bring on the best people related to current events. I especially love Holter- Sinclair, Hemke, Macleod, Austin Fitts, Prims everyone associated with the precious metals, Thankyou for your efforts. I love your work.
    Just a suggestion: there is a rising star in Arizona whose a grandmother that is so well informed and would fit right into your ” strike zone”. Take a look at Lynette Zang – she will blow everyone away with her ability to communicate how we are all getting screwed. She is able to use the KISS principle ( keep it simple stupid) . She is absolutely brilliant!
    Check her out please. You audience will appreciate it. Thanks Vic in Toronto . By the way,you are well known up here.

  16. RT Rider

    Typically force majeures are only enforceable if default, or inability to perform under the terms of the contract, are due to circumstances beyond either party’s control. Presumably, operating a fraudulent, naked shorting operation of gold and silver wouldn’t qualify, unless the MJ clause has some form of provision for this, or something similar. If there is wording in the MJ clause contemplating such an event, then if Comex defaults, the counterparty gets what they deserve.

  17. AJ

    Excellent interview Sir

  18. Mr. Lee

    Mr. Hunter, thanks for all you do and may God be with you in these trying times.

    Mr. Macleod is echoing the sentiment of many guests that you have on. The issue is much more dire than a USD collapse. All other global currencies are in worse shape than the USD. The USD is for all intents and purposes not just the global reserve currency, but the exclusive global reserve currency. Global debt is denominated in USD, settlement of accounts is denominated in USD, heck the Eurodollar is USD held outside the US which again is USD.

    I agree the monetary value of the USD will decline even further, but USD destruction would mean a global monetary reset for all currencies and as of yet there is nothing to replace the USD. Even the talk of the SDR or a global crypto would take time to set up as currencies need treasury markets and bond markets because our monetary system is debt based. Someone needs to be paid interest on currency issuance.

    My hunch is that we will enter an era of stagflation. Commodities like gold and silver, and yes even oil will not appreciate in value but will cost more due to the depreciating value of the currency which will look like inflation in a stagnated economy. The Fed, ECB, BOJ and BOE will continue to dump more liquidity into the markets to keep up the illusion. However the real price discovery will come as one compares the price of commodities to other commodities in relation. This is tantamount to thinning a nutritious soup to the point where all one has is hot water. The volume may be the same, but the nutritional benefit is not longer there. Hence the difference in what is termed currency and what is termed money.

  19. Eric

    Or the west could just steal the gold from others like they did in Ukraine, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Venezuela and others we don’t know about. All in the name of democracy.

  20. Gina Moorehouse

    Fauchi, Newsom & Ducey Are Lifting Restrictions???
    9,632 views•Streamed live 11 hours ago

  21. Avenger

    FRN’s are racing towards the intrinsic value of ZERO. Reset. “New” currency will have the “missing ingredient”, backed by actual intrinsic value. This story finally has a “happy ending”. The view from “silver hill” is brilliant.

  22. Boyeeee!

    This guy has it way more correct than Craig Hemke Imo. Silver will be worth infinite dollars when the dollar reaches its intrinsic value. This could take years even a decade but probably months the way its going. Count your wealth in ounces not dollars.

  23. Fusion_ Gyped You, yes

    ANTHONY FAUCI Published 1 hour ago
    Trade adviser Peter Navarro tears into Fauci in blistering op-ed: ‘Wrong about everything’
    White House official says Navarro is ‘going rogue’
    White House trade adviser Peter Navarro tore into Dr. Anthony Fauci in a stunning op-ed on Wednesday, saying the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director, who has been a leading voice on the Coronavirus Task Force, has been “wrong about everything.”

  24. Self Exiled

    Just about sums it up! Refreshing to hear a logical mind speak.

  25. Bongo Baily

    Trump holds China ‘fully responsible’ for concealing virus and ‘unleashing it’ on the world

    Sky News Australia
    15 hours ago
    US President Donald Trump says he holds China “fully responsible” for concealing the coronavirus and “unleashing it” on the …

    ‘Half of Tasmania already belongs to China’: Richo
    Sky News Australia 1 hour ago
    Sky News host Graham Richardson says Australia must deal with China appropriately which means never forgetting “you’re …

  26. JC

    Macleod says stocks, the dollar and bonds all go down together and explains, “That is the lesson of history. Everything just goes away. If you destroy the currency, you destroy all the financial assets that are priced in it. That just happens. It just goes.”

    I guess this is another way of saying what Richard Russell used to say…

  27. Andre Weinberger

    I’m a Monday Morning Quarterback: You do a great job, Greg, and Mr. Macleod is very knowledgeable, but we’ve been hearing this stuff basically since about December 2011, a few months after that first awful plunge in the gold and silver prices – ‘it’s simply not possible for it to continue’, ‘there’s too much debt’, etc., etc. First of all, the COMEX has been settling futures contracts in cash for years – every month there are large numbers of contracts ‘standing’ for delivery, and then they just magically disappear, apparently having been bought out (willingly). Declaring Force Majeur is different, but to suggest the whole thing will collapse because noone will deal with them after that is absurd – it’s like saying there could never be negative interest rates, because they make no sense. Whoever these big players are, they will happily keep doing business withe the Comex, and happily continue being bought out in cash, for whatever are their peculiar reasons. And if demand for physical were going to break the system, in how many of the previous years have we heard about China and Russia and the others buying up every ounce that’s produced in all the mines globally, with no effect on the price? I’d love to believe that Mr. Macleod is correct, but I’ve been hearing this stuff from him and his colleagues for too long now. Keep up the good work!

    • William Stanley

      RE: “negative interest rates make no sense”
      Whether or not subjecting ourselves to negative interest rates makes sense depends on our assessment of the risk of, and expected rate of return on, alternative investments. Depending on the economic and political environment, the alternatives could be even worse.

      Moreover, most of us need to maintain some bank balance in order to settle accounts with others, including merchants from whom we’ve dealt on-line. A bank’s charging of negative interest could be viewed as simply a charge for providing banking services. That’s especially true when the bank’s assessment is that lending money entails a high degree of risk. Moreover, potential borrowers might sensibly fear that it is risky to hold — much less invest — money that they could borrow at negative rates.

      Even holding cash in a home (or private) vault entails risk and costs. The same could be said for gold and silver. Especially in times such as these, risk and uncertainty weigh heavily on every possible choice.

      • K. Wayne

        Some good points there Bill.
        One thing I’ve learned over the past …is to take notice of what is said when these Central Bankers meet. There is enough dialogue there to provide a realistic agenda of moving away from the US dollar-centric world, moving towards a negative interest rate environment across the spectrum whilst implementing the Electronic currency/ Credit alternative. The key to their motives is retention of control and preservation of their position and wealth. They therefore cannot allow the system to implode in the meantime whilst they attempt to engineer a transition, that will create the least amount of collateral damage to themselves whilst the majority suffer interminably.
        I can assure you that whatever assets are held in or out of the system will be subject to their tax/fees/interest cost. Individual risk assessment is fraught with danger. They will have every exit covered. If they cant obtain it through the Banking machinery….they will send their thugs around to collect what is theirs…that you are holding in your possession. Stealing is stealing…no matter the apparatus used.

    • K. Wayne

      The Paper price and the unbridled buying of physical metal have nothing in common.
      Alasdair’s reference to Force Majeur is “the straw that will break the camel’s back” moment in history. Do not confuse that….with those that have been cash settled in the past. The parties now standing for Delivery ….WANT DELIVERY.
      The COMEX / FUTURES game is finished. This is truly a Game Changer for the discovery of the true price of Gold and Silver. Look closely at the short sellers and the volume that they stacked on…only to see the price of Gold…DIVERGE. The arbitrage has disappeared also…which implies there is ZERO dollars to be made in the manipulation of markets for PM’s. When one of the BIGGEST players (JPM) decide to close its Trading Desk….you know the game is up !!!
      Pay particular attention to the credit market. All of the Banks (esp. the Bullion Banks) are urgently re-assessing all risks (a clue is the REPO market not just in America). It has now become a case of survival mode…..if that wasn’t evident to you…it should be.
      I recommend you listen to the interview again…and try to observe through a different lens… this instance …the eyes of the wise man that Alasdair Macleod is. What he sees should not be discounted nor should it be downplayed.

      • William Stanley

        True, and well stated.

  28. Country Codger

    WOW!!! Fantastic!!
    Greg, it costs $0.196(or 19.6 cents) to print a $100.00 dollar bill for the Treasury to give to the Fed. But, the Fed must accept all coins at face value. The treasury would make more on a single quarter than a $100.00 bill. This is enough reason for a “broke” Fed not to want to buy coinage from the Treasury.

    Remember the key dates in September and October prior to the 18th. This is a very strong cycle coming up beginning 18 October.
    Lo Iyrah!

  29. Self Exiled

    Rush has a good explanation of the victimization psychosis victimizing the millennials and how it is used against them. He also ties in the effects of the covid news and the way it controls their thinking.

  30. Thank God For Alan Jones!

    ‘Thank God’ for Donald Trump stepping up the confrontation with China
    •Jul 15, 2020 Sky News Australia

    • Self Exiled

      Thank You. Will watch again and want to research the concepts of conflict/war stated concerning China. The present flooding in China, 6 earthquakes this week and grain spoiling in one of it’s largest food storage facilities is alarming.

  31. Doug

    Absolutely spot on Greg.
    People forget about the $1 Trillion dollar REPO injections over the winter, that actually started with Ernest a year ago September.
    You Greg Hunter have been telling people for years about Gold and Silver and thank goodness you have, because it probably has saves some folks from bankruptcy when this all comes to a head.
    Great interview and very timely.

  32. Sergay Thurstonvov

    Hero Of Free Speech Bari Weiss
    Ricky Gervais gives the ‘cancel culture cretins’ a massive serve
    •Jul 15, 2020 Sky News Australia

  33. Self Exiled

    The timing to present this guest was excellent. Economics has never been a strong point for me. Therefore I need to hear these people. Thank You! Also I have watched your news program since its inception. The lock down helped me begin posting, and as such you have given me a healthy outlet for my frustration concerning world events that now affect me almost daily. Life is precious and a gift, your dedication and concern, and your sign of; convey this message from Him.

  34. eddiemd

    Thank you Greg for another great interview. Interesting that Mr. Macleod and Mr. Hemke saying the same thing. Time is very short.

    I saw this on the CBS propaganda this morning July 15th.

    Listen carefully. This is the mRNA vaccine. This will be the mark of the beast. They are already prepping the battlefield with this propaganda blitz.

    As Jerry, Paul, self-exile, myself and many others have been saying for months…time is short. The push by the globalists is full throttle. Vaccine, coup, deep state…all distractions here in the USA.

    The real story is in Turkey, Libya, Egypt, Iran, Russia, China…

    The great deception. People given over to delusions. They are perishing because the Gospel is foolishness to them. We are at critical mass. Perilous times.

    Imminence. Repent and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Psalm 18:1-6
    I will love You, O Lord, my strength.
    2 The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer;
    My God, my strength, in whom I will trust;
    My shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.
    3 I will call upon the Lord, who is worthy to be praised;
    So shall I be saved from my enemies.
    4 The pangs of death surrounded me,
    And the floods of ungodliness made me afraid.
    5 The sorrows of Sheol surrounded me;
    The snares of death confronted me.
    6 In my distress I called upon the Lord,
    And cried out to my God;
    He heard my voice from His temple,
    And my cry came before Him, even to His ears.

    • JC


      I watched the video, Dr. David Agus is a real clown, isn’t he?

      • eddiemd

        Dr. Agus is a tool of the globalists. He serves in several undisclosed leadership roles in the World Economic Forum. Part of the new world order luciferians.

        The NEJM article that they are talking about is weak. Forty Five participants. None of them were screened for coronavirus prior to receiving the vaccine. That is troubling.

        The study is only at day 53 when this was published. It is supposed to be followed out to day 394. They are telling people that after 2 months and 45 patients that this is a great vaccine. Hogwash.

        Furthermore he states that the side effects are “minimal”. One person was dropped for having an urticarial reaction. Must have been . 1/45 with a severe reaction that caused withdrawal. Not good odds. Dr. Agus blows off the reactions to the vaccine. You can look at the reactions for yourself. Many suggest autoimmune reactions and in only 45 “volunteers”. This is troubling. The hard push is on to make people take a vaccine. The NEJM is promoting this particular one. You cannot trust the NEJM. They turned political many years ago. I went to med school in Boston and have read the NEJM since the early 90’s. They are politically correct propaganda.

        I want to bring your attention to urticaria. Sometimes called “hives” but a more serious reaction. Comes in multiple forms.

        This may be the mark of the beast skin sores spoken about in Revelation. Think about it. Avoid the vaccine.

        • Mark Maples


          You seem knowledgeable about scripture, and I have meant to get your opinion on this question, as I have seen many in this website go back and forth

          Do you believe the mark of the beast in a physical marking, or is it some sort of number/electronic I’d that is relevant in our modern culture?

          Thanks for your attention to this.

      • eddiemd

        It begins.

        This is the vaccine they are talking about. A 3 month phase three program. This is troubling.

        “There were no serious side effects.”

    • Charles H

      ONLY: those who received the vaccine – must be positively exposed to the virus under controlled conditions, with the placebo as the control for infection rate. Which is asking a lot of the people who didn’t get ‘protection’. Sending the vaccined out into the world guarantees NOTHING, except to be counted as having protected the subject. What BALONEY!

  35. Tom Wigand


    Forewarned is forearmed. Some might dismiss Mr. Macleod as a chicken-little-conspiracy-theorist-doom-and-gloomer. I do not — this has been building for decades, and the warnings from the knowledgeable and competent are becoming a chorus.

    As I watched a ubiquitous commercial from the 1970’s came to mind (about a brand of margarine). The tagline was: “It’s not nice to fool mother nature.”

    I believe that a variation of that applies now: “It’s not nice to attempt to circumvent the immutable laws of economics.”

    Alas, I fear that the world is about to get a lesson (of Biblical scale) that “immutable” really means “immutable.”

  36. Tim


    First wanted to thank you for asking very good questions to Alastair ( questions I had). You are a top notch journalist. Also I remember when this covid started, I would tell people that I thought this was a smoke screen for a banking crash.

    Would like to know your thoughts?

  37. Dave

    It seems that owning physical silver is more practical than owning physical gold. Silver is easier to barter with (should that be needed) and more practical in terms of valuation. By valuation I mean that gold is so much more expensive per ounce that it does not lend itself to bartering. Short of bartering for “big ticket” items such as a car. But not so for day to day exchanges.

    One caveat if you live in an urban area. Should the dollar collapse and you barter with silver it seems likely you would be noticed. By the person you are exchanging with or by someone observing. A tag on your back that you have a stash of silver at home? Making you a target for a home break-in to steal your gold and silver?

    • William Stanley

      That wasn’t bad. But it just wasn’t up to your usual high standards.
      Same modus operandi, though.

    • Tin foil hat

      You don’t barter with silver and you definitely don’t barter with gold. You barter wine, food, bullet, lighter, skill, ….. etc. If you had to barter PMs for foods, you haven’t done your homework.

      • paul jr.

        Correct. It is best not to have to barter at all. You should try to have all that you need already and then some.

  38. Ken

    What happens to property owners with mortgages if this happens and if one was looking to purchase a home, would it be wise to buy now or after in this case?

    • Alannon

      Perhaps sell an ounce of gold at the right time and pay off everything, or buy a city block.

  39. Luigi Facts

    Chinese Lives Matter!

    • Greg Hunter

      Especially in Hong Kong.

      • Nancy Burwash

        Great retort Greg!

      • McKonica

        And Taiwan.

  40. Victor Scarano

    Mr. Hunter,
    I am way out of Mr. MacLeod’s league, but I do have difficulty accepting his belief that “the dollar is on its way to zero” in the near future. The dollar is the only place on our planet that millions of other humans have to put their money, because their economy and their finances are is much worse shape than ours. I do believe Mr. MacLeod is correct, but I think his timing is off.

    • JC

      Victor S, regarding the dollar, it would be interesting to hear what Martin Armstrong has to say about it. I don’t think he is in agreement with MacLeod, at least not at this point in time.

      • JC

        Martin Armstrong “thanks” CNN.

        These people have induced a primal fear of this coronavirus that has been escalated into mass panic solely for political purposes. It is clearly deliberate and totally irresponsible. The psychological damage would take years to address in an individual. Here we are dealing with society. They are breaking civilization at its core and this is the first required step to the breakup of the United States and Europe. People will no longer trust each other and fear they may be diseased and prefer to keep their distance. Once that begins, the economy starts to crumble and there will be no reversing this trend.

        Thank you, CNN, New York Times, and Washington Post for your contributions to the destruction of not just the United States, but western civilization.

        • Pete Mazurek

          I drive around with a bumper sticker on my rear that states the following:

          Turn Off
          All Mainstream Media…
          Problem Solved!!!

          Today, much of our main stream media has become weaponized, and now a days, there is a label for everyone which thwarts free speech.
          People need to put the main street media in their place.

          On the last election night, after it became clear that Trump had won, there was a CNN reporter literally sobbing and saying he didn’t know how he would be able to explain it to his kids.

          Well this is what happens when you are blinded by political correctness rather than the bigger issues that affect our lives, like the economy, and standing up to China, and bringing jobs back.

          Political correctness has never paid the bills, unless you’re a lawyer of course.

  41. Charles H


    All the gold authorities, and banks will swear up and down that the ‘system just glitches’, or some other bull story. They will never release or allow discrediting to occur: even as the system breaks. Keeping it Kabuki – the perception being the reality: is all that matters. It won’t be until the world hands back the Dollars it doesn’t want (the sandlot baseball) and tell the US to play with itself – that the black market will come into full view for precious metals, and real value assigned.. After that – nationalization of such resources? Governmental credibility at all costs? I hope not; but I don’t trust them.

    • William Stanley

      RE: Kabuki, Black Markets, Gold, and Assignment of Real Value
      I think that you’ve made a couple important points here. Please provide a more detailed statement of them.

      As for “Kabuki,” I’ve seen relatively little on the national MSM regarding the “relatively peaceful protest,” (i.e. attack) against the Federal Courthouse in Portland that was repulsed by the Federal Marshals Service this past weekend. However, here is an interesting example of the bias and gaslighting that is happening at the local-news level:

      • Charles H


        The Kabuki I refer to is the monetary system. Though it is operated in a manner that makes no sense – all the players: the Fed, the banks and Wall St, and the pressititues go through the motions, like a Japanese traditional play, with many intricate dance movements: which do not correspond to reality at all. Save the system no matter how ridiculous, irresponsible. or injurious it is to normal Americans. It is like – ‘fail, and do better next time’ never existed. And it is an inequality – where business is more important than customers. Bass aackwards.

  42. Steve

    Great Guest!!! Mr Mcleod one of the most arituclate analysts out there

    • Heinrich

      We heard about Comex default many times. It never happened and it will not ! McLeod does not consider the easiest way for the Bullion banks to provide the gold; the ETFs ! They experienced an enourmous inflow of gold in the last months, Some of it may be paper gold and only a part may be available physically, but this should be more than enough. Conveniently, the bullion banks are the custodians of the ETF gold/ silver hoard and can easily access the ETF PGM to satisfy their short-obligtaions, if the counterparty demands delivery. The private investors, who bought into the ETFs, are not entitled to demand physical delivry according to the statutes of most ETFs (such as the GLD).
      This fraud is ongoing since many years, everybody knows, but nobody cares.

      • Keith Wilson

        Well Heinrich both the GLD and SLV etfs are holding paper gold and silver. They have no real gold just paper derivatives. The Eric sprott PSLV holds real silver the rest of the big etfs are just a fraud and when the music stops we will find them out. Next time Greg you have Bill holter,or Rob kirby,ask them about the GLD and SLV which are a ponzi financial time bomb about to destroy the bullion banks. Even Eric sprott who is a billionaire is using silver from his own mines to supply the refineries metal to produce bars and coins because the bullion market has no product available to produce anything. The Canadian mint is 8weeks behind supplying coins and bars.

        • William Stanley

          I partially agree with you: I own no GLD or SLV, but I do own PSLV and other Sprott products.

      • William Stanley

        Your comment is intriguing.

        You rightfully assume that the bullion banks are less than honest, and then point out that the bullion banks could embezzle the gold that they “control” as custodians for the ETFs.

        Such criminality seems entirely possible in the short run, i.e., embezzle the gold with the expectation of paying it back later. However, forgive me if I resist accepting the feasibility of continuous — rather than intermittent — embezzlement. Such continuous and ongoing embezzlement seems especially infeasible if the ETFs are concomitantly experiencing a large inflow of investor money that is trying to get exposure to gold. This is because the inflows of investor money to (at least some of) the ETFs simultaneously obligates them to also acquire physical gold — even though they are not required to ever deliver gold to their investors.

  43. Russ F

    Here is a link to a transcript of a recent interview with Jim Rickards.

    I highly recommend reading it.
    And maybe Greg, it’s time to get Jim back on your interview list?

    Highlights include that the VP candidates for both parties will be critical for the next election; also he basically makes the same point as Alasdair regarding the dollar and the price of gold.

  44. Nancy Burwash

    Covid Coverup;
    Democrats were trying to ‘destroy Trump’ before he set foot in the White House
    Now destroying us!!
    •Jul 8, 2020 Sky News Australia

    Survivors, or doomed?
    The Mennonites – a trip back in time | DW Documentary
    2,235,467 views•Jun 25, 2020

  45. Becky

    Greg, I believe coin shortage is possibly due to the fact that most bank lobbies have been closed and therefore no one has been able to cash in their coin jars, although now you can do it by appointment.

  46. JC

    UPDATE: Ghislaine Maxwell Locked up until July 2021 trial…

    Seems kind of sad that after losing Epstein, that Trump wouldn’t prioritize the trial.

    July 2021?

    • AndrewB

      Do we know who has power over Ghislaine Maxwell? Who had power over Epstein? Whoever it was, Epstein was either murdered, or spirited away to safety, under the nose of the Trump Administration. If the ‘wrong’ people have control of GM, she could be used at a critical pre-election time to falsely accuse Trump of crime/s in association with Epstein. An early trial would give Trump time for effective rebuttal (he is leading the fight against human trafficking) but an accusation on the cusp of the election could be disastrous. Who controls Ghislaine Maxwell is a most pertinent question at this time.

      • K. Wayne

        I can safely say that Mr Epstein was a member of the CFR. Who had power over him ….one can only imagine if one knew of the people he associated with. Mr Epstein was IMO …an Agent Provocateur. He was ready and willing to provide testimony about many Elite personalities….those in the upper echelons of Business and high ranking Government Officials. He had all the evidence he needed to ensure his “safety”. The negotiation process…as it turns out…. wasn’t handled in his best interests. Epstein needed to ensure that should he be “Suicided” …that there would be an avenue to bring about justice…enter Madam Ghislaine Maxwell. Understand full well that Ghislaine has (during here 1 year hiatus – in hiding) been very methodical in protecting what she has as evidence and has seen to it …that all of the video/audio surveillance will be disseminated through numerous means….along with the diary records and the planes’ itineraries to the Island….should she be incriminated or even Suicided. I have no doubt about her involvement in Epstein’s nefarious activities (perversion & pedophilia). For that she needs to go to prison and have all of her assets seized. The extent of the evidence will never see the light of day.

        • Tin foil hat

          Roberto Calvi, dubbed “God’s banker” was found hanging under a bridge in London.
          Jeffery Epatein failed to see that with the advance of crypto currency, his service was no longer needed. He was found hanging while under guard in M.C.C.
          The cleaners really need to change up their M.O. just a little bit.

  47. Coalburner

    Greg: I have watched a lot of the videos of Rioting and Destroying Demonstrators. I made an observation I want to point out. The videos of idiots getting on cars and then drivers taking off, guys getting out of their cars and stomping a few of them and people running the idiots down blocking the highways show the follow up reactions of their fellow idiots. They seem to be shocked when people stand up to them of run over them scared for their lives. They suddenly realize what they are doing could get them hurt. That moron hit in the nose by the fired gas cannister close up was treated and helped buy people he had just threatened to kill their familys. I don’t know if I could have done more than kick him a few times. No sympathy at all here! He needed a cannister in the nose! These morons think there is no cost or punishment for their evil destructive acts. LOL! That shows what idiots they are, putting thier lives on the line for a few dollars and they do not seem to understnd that. Where were these idiots raised?

    • al

      They were raised as Marxists taught by the ENEMY MARXIST Media and the School System (Hussain/Biden Communist Core). These little morons never got hit by their trans-parent so they don’t know the level of pain that comes when someone dispassionate to their motive or needs physically punishes them for their wrongdoing. That’s why they’re so shocked and most of them don’t return.

    • Frank D

      Great point Coalburner. They were raised in the “everyone gets a trophy” environment which is not how the real world works! In the real world there are indeed LOSERS. Reality can be a bitch as these dummies are finding out.

  48. J F Bickmore

    It looks like it has started already. However it may happen a bit at a time rather than a blast. A bit at a time also drags physical a bit at a time out of small places that are much too small to affect any market on their own but might as a group thus producing more physical in the market than a blast would. This seems to be happening now in a uneven creep up. The small physical owners can say that it has gone up enough to be their time to sell but at a level well below what may well be coming in a blast and so out it comes.

  49. Bill B

    Last weekend i went to my local hardware store. On checkout, she told me if i wanted to pay with cash i would need to have the correct change. She was told the mint is not making coins because of a lack of people to make them.
    Is this true? or are we being set up for the cashless system?

    • Bob Lamb

      I can’t remember the store but I heard on the news the other day that they were not making change due to the lack of it.

    • eddiemd

      Taco Hell requires exact change or else. No burritos.

    • William Stanley

      I often wonder why we bother with coins of less than fifty cents (or maybe a dollar) anyway. They are so worthless that they aren’t worth the time and trouble of carrying around and handling.

      • Bill B

        William Stanley,
        I would agree to get rid of the pennies if nothing else

  50. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    I have followed Alasdair Macleod for many years and deposited funds with Gold Money based on his involvement. However, most times his commentary is so expertly technical it’s difficult to fully comprehend. Your questions made this the best, most understandable, Alasdair Macleod interview I have ever heard. Many thanks.

    P.S. Australia appears to be the ‘proving ground’ for many Deep State societal manipulations. Just read on zerohedge that Quantas has cancelled all international flights until March 2021 – AND have grounded their fleet of double-decker Airbus A380s for three years!!! If true, what does this reveal about the Deep State’s intentions to corral us all within our national boundaries – the better to control us? Regardless of all the evidence: that the vast majority of people who contract Covid-19 suffer only mild symptoms, and that there is a low cost effective cure in the form of Hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and Azithromycin (when administered during the early stages), TPTB never give up on an agenda. NEVER! They will keep the false narrative going until the population is brainwashed that black is white and are coerced into routinely wearing masks. Relief will come in the form of a perfidious ‘vaccine’ and people will willingly submit in return for the ‘privilege’ of being mask-free. Sorry to be so pessimistic but the only way out is for MASS public disobedience – as advocated by Mahatma Gandhi.

    • Heinrich

      Hello AndrewB,
      thanks for your comments. I share your pessimistic outlook. All, who beleived that things would change under Trump, will be bitterly disappointed. He is just another puppet serving the true masters. The trick is that every president (or presidential candidate) just pretends to pursue an agenda, which strictly oposes the previous one, thus making the people believe that true change is coming. The Clinton deception, the Bush deception, the Obama deception and now the Trump deception. Endless wars, fraud, exploitation of the masses by a super-rich elite.
      Since September 2019 wall street received 5.2 trillion USD. The unemploywd Joe Sixpack got an 1200USD paycheck. Congratulations, America !

      „I was ridin’ on the subway in the afternoon
      I saw some kids ‘a beatin’ out a funky tune
      The lady right in front of me was old and brown
      The kids began to push her, they knocked her down
      I tried to help her out but there was just no way
      A life ain’t worth a damn on the street today
      I passed the ambulance and the camera crews
      I saw the instant replay on the evening news

      Well livin’ in the country watchin’ shadows fall
      My reception ain’t too good in a power stall
      Bombers in the air, missiles in the sea
      Chemicals in everything, including me
      They don’t keep their promise in the promised land
      It’s getting mighty hard to find an honest man
      But coming very soon, a show you’ll die to see
      It’s called “The End Of The World”, on channel “C”
      Well this is life, this is Prime time
      This is livin’ in the U. S. A.
      Well this is life, this is Prime Time
      This is livin’ the American way“

    • JC

      Andrew B,
      There is a lot of power in MASS public disobedience. Hopefully we will establish a universal mind and use our latent powers…

      • William Stanley

        RE: “universal mind”
        I’m reminded of the series of Star Trek episodes where “The Borg” were trying to establish a hive “mind.” Their order/threat was: “Prepare to be assimilated. Resistance is futile.” I take it that a “universal” mind is something different.

        • JC

          William S,
          I meant it in the sense of everyone coming together for mass public disobedience, in that we ‘just say no.’

    • paul jr.

      Masks do work and should be worn when necessary. Being smart and acting responsibly is not being brainwashed.

  51. Bob Lamb

    Why did gold and silver go down in the last two stock market crashes (2001 and 2008) and why won’t they go down in the next stock market crash?

    • JC

      Bob L,
      Maybe gold and silver will go down somewhat, but they will certainly be worth something… paper assets may end up being worth nothing.
      Something is better than nothing… isn’t it?

  52. pat

    I agree with Alasdair , on all the people that not paying there mortgage. At some point the rest of us are going to start pile on. This goes to my biggest point we the little guys are to small to fail, just as the big guys are to big to fail. This the people of the great depression learn the hard way, may the numbers always be in your favor!

  53. Ranlar

    Thank you Greg for another informative interview. Thank God we still have a country for now that opinions can be expressed openly. I often think how it would be in this nation if all we had was the mainstream media. Your guests not only provide us with varied opinions, they also give me some footing to explore and research more information. Mr. Macleod talked bout “Force Majeure” that I was not familiar with, so I had to dig further. There appears to be quite a discussion to when the dollar will meet it’s demise, although I believe this is inevitable, placing timetables on events often don’t come to fruition when we expect them to. Many traders and economists share the opinion of the demise of the dollar, but some believe the dollar maybe the last to go. Brent Johnson (Milkshake Theory) believes at first the dollar will be stronger than ever for a short time. He states that foreign currencies will start losing significant value first, and the US dollar is the least filthy shirt in the hamper. This will cause a “flight” to the US dollar causing it rise above all others; a great deal will flow into the US stock market. He goes on to say that this will be short lived, and that only gold/silver will be the safe haven. It is advisable to keep Gresham’s law in the back of our brains. Gresham’s law is a monetary principle stating that “bad money drives out good.” It is primarily used for consideration and application in currency markets. Historically precious metals always thus far has won out in the end. Thanks for all you do.

  54. Jerry

    Here is prima facia evidence that the globalist are planning to weaponize food to accomplish their goals.

    In the coming days digital technological data linked with your biological data in a cloud will make it possible for the central planners to cut you off from not only your bank account, but your ability to acquire food. This may be your last opportunity to secure your food stores if you have not already done so.

  55. Don


    On another issue………… can you try and get Holter AND Sinclair on again? And if so try to get info out of Jim about his family and what they are up to: IE DS take over; Trump succeeding or not (New electronics/New Electronics/Navy patents/secret patents) etc


  56. john

    The dollar will not crash ,dont forget .
    if you have to marrid an there are 10 ugly girl ,you take the pretty one from the ugly.
    and the dollar is the preetyone from the ugly!!!!!!
    ORE YOU WANNA HAVE ,€ reminbi , juan?

  57. H. Craig Bradley

    The dollar won’t be “destroyed” by Dec. if President Trump is reelected. If not, well, I would not want to guess. Dollar seems in a correction, to be sure. Destroyed? Not so fast.

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