FBI Misses Another Mass Shooter, Middle East Heating Up, Banks Melting Down Again

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (WNW 322 2.16.18)  (Updated with actual letter form 24 year FBI veteran in “After the Wrap-Up” section)

Looks like the FBI was told about the mass murderer before he went on a rampage that left 17 dead in a Florida high school this week. This isn’t the first time the FBI was tipped off about a mass murder plot and did not stop it.  The shooter that killed 9 in a South Carolina church was allowed by the FBI to buy a gun.  The FBI were tipped off about the Boston Bombers, the Fort Hood Shooter and the Pulse Nightclub mass murderer all well ahead of time.  Is this incompetence or “too stupid to be stupid”??  Should someone be fired?

Looks like the Middle East is heating up again. An Israeli F-16 was shot down, and Israel warned Iran about intruding into its airspace with a drone.  The Iranian drone was also recently shot down.  New threats are coming from both sides.

Are the markets on the mend after the latest sell-off, or are we setting up for an even bigger plunge? Why are 10-Year Treasury rates headed higher?  Are we headed for another credit crisis?  These are all questions Wall Street money managers are contemplating before the next big market moves.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Interview:  

Charles Hugh Smith of the popular financial website OfTwoMinds.com will be the guest for the Early Sunday Release.

By the way below is the entire letter sent to me last week from a retired veteran FBI agent with 24 years of service:



Thank you for, in my opinion, your best Weekly News Wrap!

I spent 24 years in the FBI as a Special Agent and Supervisor. I retired in 2007, at which time the fissures within the FBI were becoming more and more apparent. There was a distinct dividing line developing between the old line FBI Agents, whose fealty lies with the Constitution and the American people, and the new line agents whose fealty was with Director Mueller, and what has been revealed with time to be the Deep State.

The reason I retired was Mueller’s Five Year Up or Out Policy, adopted to remove senior FBI Supervisors, loyal to the Constitution, from the ranks of FBI Management. The Policy, simply stated, required anyone who had held a Supervisory Special Agent ( SSA) position for more than 5 years, to return to FBIHQ, or be forced out of management. Prior to Mueller, all field Supervisors were required to spend 7-10 years as successful Street Agents, then spend 3-5 years as SSAs at FBIHQ, then become SSAs in the Field. To become a SSA in Division 6 ( Criminal Investigative Division), as a Street Agent you were required to have successfully taken several cases through trial, to have been a Case Agent on a Group I Undercover Operation, with positive results / convictions, and preferably have served as an Undercover Agent, before you could even apply for a SSA position at FBIHQ. This policy guaranteed that agents applying for SSA were battle tested, experienced, accomplished and hardworking men and woman admired by their peers. Mueller’s policy turned all that upside down, allowed politically motivated, less qualified, woefully inexperienced candidates to become Supervisors and to hold the key positions ( SSA) which determine the workload of Criminal, Counter Terrorism, and FCI squads,  throughout the country. The last place a great SSA wanted to be was FBIHQ. The real work is in the field not at FBIHQ. Needless to say, most experienced SSAs stepped down and retired rather than return to morass of FBIHQ.

In my opinion, this is how the Deep State got its foot in the door of the FBI. During the Obama Administration, all of the FBI SSAs, that achieved their position through merit, had been forced from their positions under the 5 Years Up or Out Plan. This allowed the Deep State to take over middle management, whose ranks become upper management.

The rest is history. The FBI Senior Executive Service (SES) on the 7th Floor was politicized, middle management politicized, and good Street Agents were not allowed to pursuit public corruption investigations, or any investigations which encroached on Deep State criminal activity or operations.

Sadly, in my opinion, most of the FBI Management is compromised, and the corruption has now begun to spread to the rank and file, as you so astutely point out.

I have lost friends, inside the ranks of retired FBI Agents, because I believe that the corruption in the FBI has reached Agent level. It was not a Senior Executive Service (SES) Member(s) of the FBI looking at and analyzing Clinton’s Computer Server, it was not SES personnel reviewing and analyzing the information on Anthony Weiner’s lap top, it was not SES personnel testifying before the Judge in FISA Court, it was not SES personnel interviewing Tea Party Members when working jointly with the IRS, it was not SES personnel handling the Cooperating Witness, writing the debriefing FD-302s, listening to, and transcribing ELSUR tapes, in connection with Uranium 1.

The list can go on, you get my point.

Many case agents, and support personnel, who uncovered evidence of criminal activity,  stood down their criminal investigations based on being told to do so by corrupt management, not based on the evidence, or based on the results of presenting the case to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for a Prosecutive Opinion.

Thank you for having the courage ( unlike Sean Hannity and others) to state the obvious, the FBI, DOJ, CIA, NSA, and State Department have traitors throughout their ranks. All of these agencies need to be purged of these individuals. Failure to investigate, identify, indict, and prosecute, these traitors poses a direct threat to the Constitution, our God given rights, the Republic and the Rule of Law.

God Bless you and your family.”


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  1. Silence is Golden

    Bravo Greg.
    You keep smashing them outta the park like you been doing….you gonna run out of balls.
    Thats ok….I know you’ll find something else to use that bat on.
    Keep bringing it.
    I’ve got nothing further to add….you covered it ALL….and then some.
    Looking forward to CHS on Sunday.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you SIG!!

  2. ann johns

    I’m watching all this from another country and I saw the police chief come out and immediately ask for more surveillance!! If they can’t manage to stop an attack when the person has written in plain english, on an open site, you have to wonder what they’re really doing spying on people. It doesn’t look good.

    • Efrem Erskine

      Ann you hit the nail on the head.
      The FBI has been infiltrated by the Muslim Brothers, a monkey wrench purposely gumming up the works with the goal of the removal of a free press set out by the founding fathers of these still United States of America, then bring Muslim order out of chaos.

      December 2001, the U.S. Treasury Department designated the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development, then the largest Muslim charity based in the U.S., as a “Specially Designated Global Terrorist” group. U.S. authorities raided the group’s headquarters and seized its assets.*

      In November 2008, five former leaders of the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF), a Muslim charity based in the U.S., were found guilty by a U.S. court for facilitating the transfer of more than $12 million to Hamas.*

      The U.S. government presented testimony during the trial. According to the FBI, “[I]n the early 1990’s, Hamas’ parent organization, the Muslim Brotherhood, planned to establish a network of organizations in the U.S. to spread a militant Islamist message and raise money for Hamas. The HLF became the chief fundraising arm for the Palestine Committee in the U.S. created by the Muslim Brotherhood to support Hamas.” Among the seized evidence presented by the U.S. government was an internal Brotherhood “Explanatory Memorandum On the General Strategic Goal for the Group in North America,” addressed to the members of the Brotherhood’s Shura Council, and dated May 22, 1991. The document articulated the Brotherhood’s goals for North America as, among others, “present[ing] Islam as a civilization alternative, and support[ing] the global Islamic State wherever it is.”* The document also emphasized that to achieve these and other multi-stage goals, “the Movement must… carry out this grand mission as a ‘Civilization Jihadist’ responsibility which lies on the shoulders of Muslims and—on top of them—the Muslim Brotherhood in this country.”* This meant that the Brotherhood’s “work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.”

      The document emphasized the importance of establishing an “Islamic Center” in each city as a base for the Brotherhood’s multifaceted work, as well as many other institutions that would serve as the foundation of the group’s jihad efforts in North America. The document also included a list of Brotherhood organizations and “the organizations of our friends,” which included prominent Muslim organizations in America, including the Islamic Society of North America, Muslim Students Association, North American Islamic Trust, and Islamic Circle of North America.

      Bill Priestap Turns On Comey – “He’s A Traitor”
      The Politicization of the FBI

      Ann, chaos is what we have and now you know why.

  3. Frederick

    There sure seems to be a master plan afoot to dismantle white America and Europe Removing tin foil hat now OR NOT

    • sk

      Kalergi-Coudenhove plan, Frederick? But, Efrem, it ain’t the Muslims in charge of the plan.

      • wd

        And it makes me sick someone could be that evil to inclined to wipe out their own race!

      • Marie

        Please do a piece on the Kalergi-Coudenhove Plan. Thank you.

  4. Paul ...

    Why are Treasury rates headed higher? … likely because the Deep State’s intention is to crash the markets (in order to pin the blame on Trump) … however … once they are forced to abandon rate rises (as is very likely) … the dollar is toast … and precious metals will soar!!

  5. Paul ...

    The FBI traitors to the Constitution purposely allow crazy deranged terrorists to shoot our precious children just so they can call again for gun control … how come we don’t hear the Demon-rats calling for the removal of steering wheels from trucks when crazy deranged terrorists drive them into pedestrians???

    • Paul ...

      The Demon-rats … say to the American people … give up your guns or we will shoot and kill your children! …
      The Reptile-kins … say to foreign people … give up your missiles or we will nuke and kill your children! …
      Who are we to support? … the Demon-rats or the Reptile-kins? …
      How about “We the People” supporting Humanity … NO WOMEN – NO CHILDREN!!!!

      • Paul ...

        Where do these Rat-Snakes that “kill children” hang out? … many are found in Washington DC … within the very halls of Congress, the State Dept., FBI and Justice Dept … but they exist “everywhere” in the world … Trump is trying his best to root out “these child murders” … starting with the pedophiles!!

        • Paul ...

          Do these Evil Demons really think that by sacrificing our children … they will be Saved from our guns! … the way other murderers were saved from their sins of lust and greed by sacrificing Christ? … wake up you murderers of good in the world … we the people are rising from the dead!!

          • Paul ...

            And we have the support of “off world entities” (i.e. God the Father and his Son) … who abhor the sacrificial murder of women and children … and likely somehow helped Trump get elected to purge us of all the evil pedophile murderers (just like “entities from Heaven” helped humanity out years ago (by nuking Sodom and Gomorrah) … those reports of earthquakes in Denver, Washington DC, etc.. etc. suggests that many of the evil Elites underground bases are now being “systematically nuked” (to once again protect humanity from the evil monsters who will willingly kill children for political reasons)!

  6. Silence is Golden

    I do have something to add …after all…..and its quite alarming.

    • Paul from Indiana

      The only way “money” comes into the system now is via debt, i.e. the money is “loaned” into existence. If you pay off a credit card balance or a bank loan, the money is “paid” out of existence. The fact that interbank lending is freezing up points to a credit crisis in my mind. Along with the extremely low velocity of money, we have economic stagnation on Main Street and everybody but the people on the coasts see this all the time. Love him or hate him, our fellow Watchdogger, Jerry, talks about these things all the time when he isn’t cheerleading for the Chicoms and their world-beating petro-yuan. Best always. PM

      • Silence is Golden

        Take another look at the link I posted.
        The Fed has decided to discontinue to publish the IB Lending data!!!
        Credit crisis. …perhaps.
        It’s looking like 2007 all over again.
        What happened to all that liquidity that greased the wheels and freed the markets up?? It’s tied up in Debt instruments.
        I agree….Stagnation is here ….and here to stay.
        When the TNX crosses the 30yr. ..we have the dreaded inverted yield curve….a precursor of Bad times.
        You are correct. …only MUCH HIGHER LEVELS OF DEBT can keep the sinking ship afloat….temporarily.
        As I’ve said many times….expect a lower dollar….Inflation….higher PM’s ….and continuation of the Greater Depression.
        In my mind there are many similarities today with what occurred in late 1920s -early 30s. When the trade wars kick into gear…..we will see untold human suffering. The US will not give up the King Dollar regime without a fight.

      • Paul ...

        As loans are paid off … the imaginary fiat Ponzi money that the banksters created out of thin air “goes out of existence” … but everyone should keep this in mind … and remember it well … what “doesn’t go out of existence” is the physical things that were bought with the banksters fiat Ponzi loan (i.e. a house, land, gold, silver, etc.) … which represents collateral (a real form of money) that can be used in barter and trade … so lets not simply look at one side of the equation (worrying like Harry Dent about money disappearing from the system creating deflation) … as the Fed prints more and more Ponzi fiat money out of thin air with its hyper-inflationary QE to infinity programs … the world’s two(2) quadrillion in debt will be paid off … but “remember what will remain” … the physical tangible things you bought with those bankster Ponzi loans … and it is those physical tangible things that will become the foundation of “a new money system” (as the worthless fiat Ponzi paper disappears from existence) … so what would you rather keep under your bed? … fiat paper Ponzi IOU’s from the Federal Reserve (as Harry Dent proposes) or some real “physical” gold and silver coins that will “not disappear out of existence” as the Fed’s Ponzi money scheme comes crashing down … if you don’t grab “a physical chair” now … you are going to be left standing with nothing but worthless fiat Ponzi “promises to pay” when the music stops!!

        • Paul ...

          The Fed and World central banks are now in panic mode … and are printing fiat Ponzi paper dollars, yen, euro’s, yuan, etc. at a level never seen before in human history … this will inevitably lead to collapsing fiat paper currencies and hyper-inflation … this is not the time to be saving under your bed “Fed Ponzi notes promising to pay you more fiat Ponzi paper” (as Harry Dent suggests) … this is the time to be buying gold and silver (at current very low prices) … for soon … it will be virtually impossible to buy precious metals at any Ponzi fiat price!

          • Paul ...

            And all the wars fought … and all the women and children murdered and killed for the lust of more and more fiat paper money … will have been all for naught … for as Hillary, Bush, etc., etc. stack “paper” (money, stocks, bonds, etc.) under their beds … all the gold and silver in the world is being accumulated by us Watchdogs along with Russia, China, India, etc.!

  7. Matt M

    The frequency of corruption within the Feds is not only stunning but sickening. I don’t think the U.S. will ever be the same after all this lawless behavior is shown the light of day.
    My hope is the just citizenry unite, and greatly outnumber, those who disregard all things Constitutional for a flawed ideology. May we, the Constitutional patriots, use the post reveal platform for taking our country back to law, order, liberty, and justice.

    • Paul ...

      You know … instead of outlawing guns … we should outlaw wood chippers and wood shredders … and at a minimum have all politicians (like Hillary for instance) … register their purchases with a newly created Trump “Wood Chipper Control Agency” … so we can have a record of just how many wood chippers were purchased by our politicians every year … go here if you don’t know the difference between a wood chipper and wood shredder … https://www.google.com/search?q=wood+shredder+vs+wood+chipper&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-b

  8. Robert Dziok

    Very insightful analysis not seen elsewhere Greg! “Truth Bombs” a bit disheartening but we have to realize them before we can start to address them. FEAR NOT, catch our breath and continue onward! Also, take time to enjoy some of the simple and good things life has to offer along the way. My mother used to say; “The best things in life are free” and “Your health is your wealth”.

  9. Alan Dullboy

    Australians and Americans More Alike Than They Think

    The Untold Lives of British Convicts Sold to America

    Many know that Australia was once a colony of convicts hailing from Britain. But have you heard about America’s very own convict past?
    One Australian scholar set out to tell their story.

    Between 50,000 and 120,000 British convicts were transported to America, a fact that makes many Americans “incredulous,” says Railton. This is often because convicts were politely referred to as “servants.”
    In addition, the scarcity of distinct record sets for convicts decreases the odds of Americans knowing about their British convict ancestors.
    Railton is an advocate for Americans discovering their similarities to Australians, “I also think it is important for people to understand that Australians are not unique in having convict ancestors.”

  10. allen ols

    Senate cand. Derrik Michael reed says trump will deficit spend 16 trillion, 3:40 min. mark.


  11. Robert Dziok

    Greg, I recall hearing/seeing Globalist Controlled Hypocritical Trojan Horse Obama say at an event while POTUS “The End of the Republic Never Looked So Good” with a smirk on his face. I saw it on the internet somewhere a while ago. That said it all to me about what he REALLY was about. Yes, you are correct he REALLY was out to DESTROY the country and from the numerous info on the internet and alternative media since still works toward that agenda behind the scenes.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good point Robert!! Thank you.

  12. politically correct politician

    they are probably preoccupied watching the Yen and the Franc,

  13. LEO Punisher

    I am a great fan of yours, but I think you oversimplify the problem with tracking potential criminals. There are just too many threats to track and most of these invariably turn out to be benign. Our efforts are much better spent on our infiltration efforts of dissident separatist groups that threaten our way of life. Just for the record, we have prevented many large rogue terror operations that are never even reported in the news. In addition, it is batter for us to supply and assist local SWAT teams to do the actual serving of Warrants and other intervention operations, since they don’t illicit the extreme criticism that federally orchestrated interventions do. During the Boston lockdown for example, some people accused us of violating peoples civil rights. The thing they forget is that we had dangerous killers on the loose that had to be stopped. Its amazing to me that when people need us, we receive resounding praise for our service to the cointry, but then the same people are always so quick to criticize. There is only one way to deal with a terrorist and that is to decapitate them all with a high energy round shot from a high powered snipers rifle shot through their skulls. We are safe only when they are all dead. Unfortunately, there is a lot of killing left to do.

    • Greg Hunter

      Then why doesn’t the FBI and DOJ stop wasting resources trying to frame the Trump Administration? They wasted resources exonerating Hillary (who is a criminal and traitor) and used resources trying to frame Trump of crimes he DID NOT COMMIT. It is that simple. Thank you for your comment.

      • LEO Punisher

        Cant speak for the DOJ, but most rank and file agents are decent hardworking people with records that are spotless. There’s a few at the top that get into the political end for what reason I cant imagine, but I grant you it stinks.

        • Greg Hunter

          I didn’t say all but I do have a 24 year veteran FBI source that laid out the plane to take good agents with much experience and replace them with political hacks all the way down to the mid management level. He also said there were some at the agent level in the field as well. I am hoping these good players can step up and reveal the treason and sedition that is clearly happening with the attempt to frame Donald trump to remove him form office and the overt exoneration of a pure indictable criminal Hillary Clinton for fraud and treason with U.S. uranium and bribes taken as “donations” in a global charity fraud. This is a bit too big to miss and too stupid to be stupid. There is a huge problem at the FBI and many rooms of the house need to be bleached. I simply want the real FBI to stand up and take these traitors to “We the People” down–hard.

          • LEO Punisher

            Frankly, thats a bunch of conspiracy bunk. Our scope of involvement has been limited because peoples feelings were hurt after the situation at Waco with the Branch Davidians who killed their own kids rather than surrender to us. Then to boot, we got blamed for it and some fine officers defamed. Take Lon Horiuchi for example who was a fine upstanding agent with an impeccable record all the way back to his years as a decorated graduate of West Point. They absolutely vilified this man for merely performing his job. When dealing with Clive Bundy we had to soft pedal so that we didnt upset the apple cart. So we let an arch criminal have his way despite the law when justice would have been served by killing him and all of his accomplices. Now, we arent even permitted to present a show of force and have to pass the real work to local SWAT teams in order to avoid controversy ourselves. Local SWAT teams do a good job, but tts demoralizing for many of our agents to limit their role to merely detective work and not see any real action. Its what we train for on the gun ranges that makes the job worthwhile.

            • Greg Hunter

              Please stop. “Lon Horiuchi” was an FBI sniper who shot an unarmed woman while she was holding a newborn baby at the infamous “Ruby Ridge.” Do I really have to say anymore? If so read: http://www.gunssavelife.com/guess-who-else-troy-has-hired-lon-horiuchis-partner/ It’s not all FBI and I am not talking about local and state law enforcement. That said, there is a very large problem at the FBI given the revelations in the past few years and most recently the FBI trying to frame Donald Trump with a fake Russian collusion crime with fake “Intel” paid for by Hillary Clinton.

              • LEO Punisher

                With regards to Trump I agree 100% with you that the initial plots to smear his campaign were improper. Hell, I even voted for the guy because he was a much better candidate than Hillary Clinton ever could have been.
                That said, there were several in management (high paid guys) that wanted to disqualify him early and Brennan even wanted to push the button on him several times but got cold feet because he was afraid of getting pawn sacrificed and outed after the fact. However, regarding Ruby Ridge involvement at the Federal level was completely proper. It wasnt until it was all over that we all found out that Weaver wasn’t properly served on the bench warrant and the surveillance showed the whole family walking around with guns. It was the locals that stirred things up to a frenzy. That said, in the very first interaction with the Weavers, one of our officers was killed by the Harris boy after the young Weaver kid opened up on the Federal position. It was plain to everyone that all the individuals on the hill were prepared to fire upon Federal agents. When Lon felt he had the chance, he was attempting to put down two critters with one shot, but Mr. Weaver moved to the left so Mrs. Weaver took a direct hit to the skull and mercifully did not suffer. Our agent that got shot and killed suffered immeasurably before he succumbed due to his wound. The rules of engagement were clear that the lethal force could AND SHOULD be used. You might not like it, but Lon Horiuchi is a patriot and a true hero and performed his duty according to his training.

                • Greg Hunter

                  You said, “regarding Ruby Ridge involvement at the Federal level was completely proper.” I said and FNI sniper, sot an unarmed woman holding a new born.” How and the hell is that “proper.”?????!!!!!!!

            • WD


              The FBI has become good at a couple of things…Killing women and children. The FBI MURDERED WOMEN AND CHILDREN at Waco. How dare you try to sugarcoat the scum you and your organization has become….

              • LEO Punisher

                WD, David Koresh was responsible for killing members of his church. They set fire to their own compound in defiance of Federal orders to cease and desist and fired upon Federal officers. Noone does that and lives to tell about it.

                • Greg Hunter

                  Wrong again Leo. The FBI and Janet Reno lied and thata cast major doubts on who set the fire: Independent filmmaker Michael McNulty came upon some evidence that appeared damaging to the government. He found a shell casing from a certain type of tear gas round that could start a fire – a device the Justice Department had denied using for more than six years – publicly and to Congress.

                  “Congress was mislead on this; there is no question about it,” says Assistant U.S. Attorney Bill Johnston, the top justice department official in Waco. He worries that someone in the Justice Department hid the truth.

                  For several weeks Johnston wrote to his superiors warning them that the new evidence contradicted what they had been saying. But the Justice Department did not change its story until August, when Attorney General Janet Reno was forced to admit that the tear gas round had been used.

                  Investigators have concluded that two of these devices were used. Though credible experts still overwhelmingly believe the Davidians started the fire, the damage had been done. The FBI was caught in a lie.” This was from CBS News: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/what-really-happened-at-waco/

            • Jodyp

              Leo the Phony. Rhymes with Comey.

            • truth

              Leo you are delusional and criminaly insane. Show me one of the 10 planks of the commu.ist manifesto you dont support.
              Are you a UNITED STATES citizen? Or a citizen of the united. states of America?
              Look at the first plank of the communist manifesto. Abolition of ownership of land and the rentals there of applcable to the state. Owner is defined as one who has controle and posession.
              Congress says there is no property ownership in the US.
              A DEED IS NOT BUT COLOR OF TITLE. The patent is the only thing that transfers ownership.
              You are so stupid you thi.k a federal promise to pay (iou) payes a debt.
              The maggot horichi that murdered Vicky Weaver and all his accomplices should be exicuted for treason. I was there.
              If you want treason Obama Hillary Holder Linch all are enemies of America and your accomplices are destroying America. Can you pay your share of the national debt?
              You think 911 was not an inside cia fbi job. How is it possible to have kerosene stoves not melt down in 20-30 years of use and then beleive steel beams 2-3 inches thick encased in concrete collapse in a few minutes. Why did building 7 fall down when it had no destructive fire impact or termites? You are to stupid to be classed as human. The State of Oregon never had any authority to give land to the federal gov. so how did the federal maggots have any jurisdiction over the Malhure wild life preserve or controle grazing rights. You are stupid and stupid cant be fixed.
              Enjoy your delusions of pers they will either be bankrupted on or will bankrupt the payor. You are a communist and should see buy communist policies what it leads to. In your mind giving masses of guns to Mexican drug cartels is not a criminal act if you are American bastards like Eric Holder and Barack Obummer.
              I bet you support the belief the Russians gave Hillary hemroids and the mars residents imported aliens to vote the DEMOCRATIC COMMUNIST party line.

    • Tommy

      The NY Post just printed a story that adds to the FBI incompetence or intentional disregard. The police were called 39 times to Cruz’ home over the last 7 years, and a person close to Cruz called an FBI tip line and said that Cruz had a desire to kill people, exhibited erratic behavior, had disturbing social media posts and had the potential to conduct a school shooting. So the FBI added 1+1+1 and got 0. This information was sourced to the FBI according to the paper. Too stupid to be stupid?

  14. Paul ...

    In accordance with the agreement signed between Russia and Syria in late January 2018 … Russia has “totally exclusive rights” to produce oil and gas within Syria … guess the jig is up for former “vice” President Dick Cheney (who is currently taking Syria’s oil and gas from wells he has set up in the Golan Heights) … and this doesn’t bode well for “vice” President Joe Biden either (who is similarly taking oil and gas from wells he set up in the Ukraine)!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-02-15/russia-taking-over-syrias-oil-and-gas

  15. donna s.

    There are so many snakes in government today that I am beginning to think there are more immoral, greedy rats than the good guys left. This all is making me so frustrated , when nothing really is getting done to clean it up. Sessions talks big on “harsher prison sentences” and “going after MS-13 gangs” but sits on his hands when the biggest crooks and traitors in my opinion are still free and it is business as usual. And the statue of limitations is running out on some of it. We continue to PAY Mueller and team literally MILLIONS to run this scam collusion investigation. If Trump fires him it looks bad and Mueller knows this and We the People foot the bills as usual. Can’t Sessions fire him? I think that there is so much blackmail going on in government due to the intelligence agencies spying on congress and the senate and supreme court . Why can’t some of them just come forward and say this is what they have on me and I will no longer play their games. I guess asking for someone to stand up and expose their game is asking to much. I would hope that if I was in their shoes I would not do anything I could be blackmailed for but if I did that God would give me the backbone to stand up and say, even at the chance of loosing my job, I will not let them use me to ruin this country. I think in that instance the people would be more forgiving.
    One other thing that needs to end is all these federal judges over ruling Trumps immigrations laws. When did it change that a sitting President does not have the right to enact immigration policy if he feels it puts our national security at risk.
    Sometimes I feel as if I am living in “Trumans World”.
    And as long as I am on a roll. I am in the camp that the deep state is going to crash the economy and take us to war. I think it is looking more like it may be Iran and I think it will happen this year.
    Thanks Greg for the great WNW as always. Would love to see Rob Kirby back soon.

  16. Jerry

    I’m surprised that with liquidity beginning to seize up in the banks that you failed to see the significance of this transaction.

    I am hearing from multiple sources that following the Chinese New Year that there is a major shift coming in the intrnstional banking community. We’ll see ?

    • Jerry

      If you’re not uneasy after seeing the Interbank Chart Greg showed on his weekly news wrap-up you need to check your pulse. Especially with what lies ahead for the petrodollar on March 26th.http://en.brinkwire.com/141712/siberian-oil-in-yuan-russia-and-china-strike-the-petrodollar/

      Greg, being the gentlemen he is won’t tell you why the liquidity in the banks are drying up so I will. If you recall when Greg interviewed Catherine Austin Fitts a a few months ago she that close to 21 trillion dollars is missing from the U.S. Treasury. Where did that money go?

      As I have posted for the past several months, there is a transition taking place inside the international banking system with the Chinese, to create a new global currency system backed by gold. Its not hard to connect the dots when you consider it was Goldman Sachs and their buddies at the U.S. Treasury that made the deal with the Chinese that put U.S. Treasury on the hook for close to 3 trillion dollars in loans and bond purchases in 2008. Consider it a down payment for what they really wanted. Control of the global banking system. And they got it. Fast forward to today. Where is that liquidity now? Its being transferred into the new system as the old Bretton woods system dies a slow quiet death and along with it, the petrodollar as we once knew it.

      Don’t miss understand me. I’m not happy about it, nor am I a cheerleader for it. I’m just stating what I see happening so you can decide for yourself what to do. Its O.K. to have a positive mental attitude, and believe that God will take care of you, but just remember even Noah had to build an ark to avoid drowning. And as is the case in these situations most people refuse to listen.

  17. Ozwaldo (Ozzie)

    The dollar is toast.
    The dollar’s next target is 80.0 and the only
    question is at what rate of velocity will it reach the
    target. The stock market is running on vapor and
    when the combination of the dollar and Bond market
    happens P.M. are going to scream higher. Hope everyone
    has some preps because even going to Wal-Mart will have
    you thinking your shopping at Neiman Marcus.

    • Charles H

      It’s not just Dr. Jim Willie; but Rob Kirby – who both speak to the point of the Dollar being toast.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Brother Charles, It’s been toast since 1957, the last year of silver certificates ( dollar “payable to the bearer in silver on demand” ), and 1964, the last year of silver coins, and 1971 when Nixon closed the gold window. But everybody else’s currency became toast right along with ours. If somebody, maybe the Chicoms, breaks the pattern, then we can worry. That’s what Jerry has been pitching for years now, and maybe he’s finally right. Maybe we just continue to muddle along and add zeroes. It’s what we have been doing most of my life, and I’m 65. If the system blows, it blows. There is not a single thing any of us can do about it except adapt. Best always. PM

        • Charles H

          Brother Paul,

          I’m 64. I remember the Silver Certificates from my paper route; and the pre-64 coins. I wish I had saved them all; but I was a kid, who believed the future held good prospects. Now I look forward only to heaven and my Savior.

    • Frederick

      I’m afraid you are correct about the dollar I rely on my SS check to live and it really worries me I do own some precious metals and real estate thankfully

  18. Tommy

    The FBI didn’t catch Cruz because;
    a) the threat was non specific.
    b) they couldn’t track him.
    c) they don’t have the budget or manpower to track every threat.
    d) none of the above.
    Remember children and don’t forget, if you see something say something.
    PS: You didn’t mention the San Bernardino massacre that occurred due to lack of basic due care in screening people coming into this country from states that support terrorism. And the Las Vegas massacre? Who knows. The excitement over this died rather quickly with little info from the gov and little curiosity from the MSM.

  19. David

    I’m pleased to see someone in the media talk about the problems with the rank and file FBI. Although I disagree that these problems started with Comey.

    The FBI has a very visible dishonest track record going back decades ….. the Vegas attack, Robert LaVoy Finicum execution, Ruby Ridge, the Oklahoma City bombing, the 1993 WTC bombing. I have no doubt they were aware of many other government crimes and false flags — back to 1963 Dallas.

    This is an unlawful political organization that needs to be dismantled.

  20. Charles Turner

    As I have got older I have realised that different cultures value and cherish different things that may seem nonsensical to non natives and these values should be respected. America values its right to arms. The rest of the world does not understand this, but it is embedded into your constitution and culture and we respect it.
    In the United Kingdom the NHS, our free health service is valued more highly than the monarchy or the army. When the British were asked what made them most proud about the UK the number one response was the NHS across all political divides from the far left to the far right. This would be an anathema to most Americans, but Americans should learn to respect our choices too. Similarly in the UK we have a sense of fair play, which is proven. A politician like Adam Schiff would lose the support of his own party, because people would see he is playing dirty for politics sake, rather than for the good of the country. In the UK we cannot get our heads around politicians who blatantly lie when the facts are open for everyone to see. In Arab countries they like a strong dictator. Americans and British people don’t understand this. Democracy doesn’t work in these cultures. Anything less than a strong dictator leads to instability, anarchy and more deaths. But there are different types of Dictators. There are Dictators who starve their populations and plunder the wealth and there are dictators who once they have disposed of their enemies, build the infrastructure, invest in education and business and build the wealth of the country. As long as you abide by the rules with a strong dictator you tend to live in a safer society. Saddam Hussain and Gadhafi were examples of these Dictators. I suspect if Hussain, Gadhafi and Assad had been left alone there would have been less turmoil in the world and far more Christians alive in these countries. I don’t understand this culture, but I am trying to. And lastly Americans like their right to keep and bear arms. This is part of your culture. It horrifies people all across Europe. We don’t understand it. I live in London. If 1 in a 100 people were bearing arms then we wouldn’t go out at night. But we respect your culture. Guns are part of your culture. If you pass legislation to remove this right from good people, it is unlikely to solve the murders that took place. Guns are so engrained in your culture. There are so many of them in existence, that the bad people would get them one way or another. In effect crime could go up as the bad guys will know that the good guys are less likely to be able to protect themselves. You may get less school shootings but an increase in deaths elsewhere. So we respect your views on guns, even though I have never met a British person in my life that understands them.

    • Paul ...

      Yes Charles … imagine this American “Old West” story … it’s High Noon at the OK Coral … the bad guys all have guns … and the US Marshal is walking down the street “without a weapon” to meet them and take them out (like the hero in the Florida shootout the other day who had to place himself in front of a hail of bullets to protect the children) … we have a Constitutional Right to protect ourselves from criminals Charles … and these criminals “will not” be allowed to take that Second Amendment Right away from us by continually ambushing and slaughtering our children to make us comply!!

    • Charles H

      More than one person in one hundred ARE bearing arms in London. WAKE UP! Consult your lists of non-registered criminals as proof.

      Americans don’t fall for the false argument that either government, or other people can assure you of being safe. That is a – ‘it works until it doesn’t’ situation.

      The travesty of School Shootings – doesn’t reflect on the Constitutional guarantees; but the weakening moral fibre of young Americans, who have followed those who have themselves abandoned EVERYTHING HISTORIC, to embrace godless Humanism.

      And how did it ever happen that – ‘the sun never sets on the British Empire’ : without having firearms? Try explanding your circle of acquaintances.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Political power extends from the barrel of a gun–Mao Tse Tung.

        Guess where the political power goes if only one side has guns. Best always. PM

      • Charles Turner

        I think you are missing my point. I am not suggesting Americans give up guns. so no need to come out all defensive. I am suggesting that different cultures operate in different ways and if you take away a fundamental part of that culture it increases the problem rather than solves it. Taking away guns on mass could increase your problems and give the bad guys more opportunities, especially organised criminals.
        In the UK we share the same language, but are a different culture. Criminals adapt to the culture they live in. I have lived in London for over 30 years and worked in the very centre for most of that time. and lived on the outskirts, I have never met anyone who has owned a gun and never seen a gun in a public place apart from an airport or a special policeman in the centre. I have many friends in law enforcement. The very limited number of police officers who have guns are specially trained fire arm specialists. Criminals in the UK are more likely to carry knives rather than guns. The murder rate across the whole of the UK which has a population of 65 million is not far off that of Chicago. so you can do the sums. ‘ You quote about the ‘British Empire’ is way back history. The average Britain doesn’t consider themselves as part of the British Empire. Half of us are trying to extricate ourselves from the EU.

      • Denise Trafford

        Who is responsible for providing young people with a sound foundation and teaching them to embrace strong moral values? Don’t try to blame this mess on the young people.

        • Paul ...

          Yes … lets not blame it on the young people … but on the people who want to take away the normal family (headed by a Mother and Father) and make all our children part of a “Village” (led by Satan worshiping warmongering pedophiles)!

    • Not prepared to say

      I am surprised that you go out at night then as ………

      The current gun ownership in the UK is about 8 people per 100.
      In 2007 which was the last survey (see Wikipedia- guns per capit) the figure was about 6 people per 100.
      There are about 2 million legal shotgun owners in UK which is about 1 person in 30.
      There are less than 1 million firearms owners in UK which is about 1 person in 60.
      There are thousands of gun clubs, ranges etc all across the UK including many in London.
      These figures exclude police officers, forces personnel and illegal firearms owned by criminals. There are also hundreds of thousands of so called decommissioned firearms in existence.
      In the UK are tens of thousands of us hunters/ deer stalkers who can hit a 6inch saucer at 600m. There are thousands of F class shooters who can do this at 1000m and beyond.
      A lot of us can reload both shotgun and live rounds and do so in our own home, legally.
      Those of us with firearms in the UK (1 in 60) have more than one rifle, I have five in different calibres plus several shotguns . My son (mid 20s) has a shotgun licence and practises every weekend, my daughter (just teenager) shoots weekly at a local club with me. I regularly take my guns on holiday they even have their own paperwork,

      With respect I don’t think you should be commenting on UK gun issues as you clearly are not that knowledgable. Legal gun owners in the UK are responsible citizens and there are a lot more of us than you think. Very few of my neighbours and friends have no idea what arms I own or where they are stored.

      The country with the most guns is Switzerland as nearly everybody had to do national service and they get to keep their gun. It’s a kind of standing army for National defence.
      The country with one of the lowest incidents of gun related issues is Switzerland .
      Go figure it out ….it’s not the gun that’s the problem.

    • truth

      C Turner.
      Pol Pot, Stalin, Hitler, Mouse te Tung, all confiscated guns and were so benevolent. The next genocidal entity will be the NEW WORD ORDER (UN) a totalitarian state enslaving all for the benifit of Hillary s Obama s Hitler s and Eadie Omine DaDas. The British oligarchs have been the longest running drug trafficers in history.

  21. Diane

    Another great report by my favorite guest on USA WATCHDOG. …Greg Hunter.
    Here’s a good column I read today.

  22. Kerry

    FBI keeps missing mass shooters because…the entire FBI/DOJ is Satanically Corrupt. The only thing processing within the Hoover Bldg mind hive is Trump & Russia. To hell with doing their jobs, protecting the people who pay their salaries, it is all a scam. Both the DOJ & FBI should be shut down. Each state should receive their proportional tax funds returned and these two clown organizations shutdown and totally revamped under a Trump mandate. Mueller’s goal is to get Trump in a one-on-one and tricked into a remark they will then take like Flynn and burn him with it, just wait and see. This BS of sitting around for some magic moment to start throwing these morally bankrupt creatures in a dark pit and sealing it shut is just about past. If nothing is done about these people prior to the 2018 mid-terms Trump is finished. Assuming the foolish voting public puts DIMMs back in the majority, all investigations currently on going will be stalled and nothing but “impeach Trump” will be heard within the Beltway of DC. Someone is giving POTUS some very bad advice and We The People are going to loose our last chance at restoring The Republic.

  23. Todd

    Greg, great chart!

  24. Roger D

    Another school shooting. Again the finger-pointing. Again at everyone except those most responsible for the safety and well-being of the children. Parents! Parents who choose to force their children into unconstitutional government indoctrination centers that are literally death traps by design.

    This whole attitude of depending government for one’s safety in lieu taking personal responsibility was invitation to tyranny and loss of liberty. And here we sit, in 1938 Germany, complete with a tyrannically central government and a Nazi Police State.

    What will these parents do now? They will fight for more loss of liberties, and a tighter noose around our necks. Government will be more than happy to oblige.

    Where will it stop? Ask these people: ‘Death Chart’: http://jpfo.org/filegen-a-m/deathgc.htm

  25. David Bain

    I would venture to say the ACA has sucked the liquidity out of business reinvestment. This is the biggest drag today on business and personal discretionary spending. The Government gave a windfall to the medical and insurance industry and non-working groups in this Country.

    The ACA needs to die!
    The politicians, the governments at state and local levels have now gained an avenue to additional revenues and they will not give it up. Their words say they will kill it but their actions are hollow. You can see the results. Don’t fool yourselves. They just hope we forget. Why does everyone have to go to Washington today, to get a helping hand?
    Because the Government must first take it from its Citizens. Then they can stand up and puff their, chests, heads and eyeballs out and say, LOOK WHAT I DID FOR YOU! or Look what I can do for you!

    They take it from those who do and give it to those who don’t do or do less!

    Get the Central Government, Collectivism out of what should be the purpose of Private Enterprise!
    The ACA is the biggest drag currently on our economy and soon it’s going to be paying interest on all the borrowed money created out of thin air. If you add free money to an existing currency system, then every dollar that exists just became worth less. That is our inflation our devaluation of our dollars purchasing power. That’s what we get when we buy our groceries, fuel our gas tanks and purchase our goods. The costs rise or the packaging gets smaller and the contents inside reduced. Then, interest rates start to rise and now this additional interest needs to be paid back and increases the burden on the budget and thus revenues at the government level must be increased which means our taxes are going to have to increase to pay for this additional interest burden. And just Think…the debt was created out of thin air. But the interest on the debt becomes a real and increasingly excessive burden, especially when the debt never decreases. Our National Debt has never decreased! The Federal Reserve and Central Banks around the world love this condition because they can continue to live off the interest into perpetuity. Hey isn’t life great for the Central Bankers.

    Get to work SUCKER! I’m counting on you to becoming my slave. Keep borrowing more and more, and don’t even think of default because I’m coming for the collateral

    But hey, QE to infinity is all we can do.

    We can’t cut governmental spending or operate within a balanced budget. But we can increase the debt and live recklessly another day!

    I know, I know, this is old school and old Math.

    From My Little Chair.


  26. Roger D

    Israel vs Iran? This is of no Constitutional concern. Just another foreign entanglement that Neocons will demand that we jump into.

    We could heed George Washington’s warning. But of course so-called conservatives are very comfortable with ‘unconstitutional’ when it suits their agenda.

    • Gary

      No. Conservatives are not for wrecking the Constitution. It is people who pay lip service to conservatism, but in truth hate the Constitution, that ignore it. Just because some politician says he is a conservative doesn’t mean a thing. It’s his actions that count.

      There is a reason why we have acronyms such as RINO. These people are socialists who pretend to be what they are not. We have a lot of examples of this in our political system: McCain, McConnell, Romney, Corker, Flake, Ryan, Collins, Murkowski, Bush–all of them, Graham, Specter, and a whole lot more. These people are socialist to the core. They have identified themselves as such as they have fought every truly conservative idea put forth since the Republicans have had control of both houses in Congress. They have all lied to their constituents as to how they would vote if given the majority in both houses and the presidency. They have exposed themselves for what they truly are.

    • Paul ...

      The neocons are using unsubstantiated (Russian collusion) evidence against Trump … the same way they used unsubstantiated (weapons of mass destruction) evidence against Saddam Husein … and unsubstantiated (Saran gas) evidence against Assad … they use this “unsubstantiated evidence technique” when ever they want to get rid of particular leader or topple governments … the people of the world are on to their tactics … and are finally rejecting their lies!!

  27. tin foil hat

    “This isn’t the first time the FBI was tipped off about a mass murder plot and did not stop it….. Is this incompetence or “too stupid to be stupid”??”

    I think it may be a little of both. A week or so after 911, I was working the night shift in the vicinity of a middle eastern owned bodega in Brooklyn NY and saw a black SUV with tinted window came screeching to a halt i/f/o the premise. The rear passenger door swung open, a man existed the vehicle and grabbed a big garbage bag from the sidewalk. As he got back into the SUV, he couldn’t close the door because the garbage bag was too big. Our jaws dropped as we watched the SUV screeched off from the scene with the door still opened and the garbage bag hanging outside the vehicle.

    Most of the FBI agents are paper pushers and very few actually know about fieldwork and enforcements. I assume the ones who have some ideas of what they are doing are probably in middle management.

    After that observation, we called the FBI “Famous but Incompetent”.

  28. Larry G Carter

    Greg, you view point on Sean Hannity hits me right square in the face. Since he started
    his new program and analysis of the FBI, DOJ, and corruption at the highest levels of our government, Sean has mentioned on every daily program that the lower echelon of the FBI are not any thing like the top level 7th floor people in Washington. I think Sean is attempting to keep his sources of intelligence in the FBI ,so he is willing to perpetrate
    the false belief that the rank and file agent is pure as the driven snow. You make it plain that Mueller and company have deliberately tried to reshape the FBI into a fake and controlled agency of the government no longer concerned with our constitution.
    Goo show!

    • Greg Hunter

      Not all rank and file but certainly some. That said my source says middle management is also corrupt.

      • freebrezer

        Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely … On a good note – Thank God that the black witch (Hillary C) did not get elected … Must of us can not even imagine the corruption that would have followed.

      • Paul ...

        The whole apple barrel is full of “worms” … Trump should just toss the entire FBI barrel in the river for the fish to eat … we can’t do any worse by opening a new Agency (as depicted by Greg in this weeks commentary) … The Federal Investigative Bureau (FIB) !!

  29. al

    A good friend of mine is a therapist and the FBI is hounding him for years due to a company he worked for that turned out to be a medical fraud! His laptop was taken and he is still a “suspect”. The FBI goes to great lengths to push the little guy around but when it comes to matters of REAL NATIONAL SECURITY RISKS AND IMPORTANCE the FBI is a complicit CRIMINAL ENTITY. Yes, every person that works for the FBI should go through the same scrutiny and harassment for years as my Friend is going through right now!! Take their devices and look for damning evidence!

    True Investigating and Hard Hitting reporting.
    This is real Journalism everyone! CNN is like an infant comparing to Greg. Awesome job again. EXCELLENT!!!

  30. brian

    At this point, given what is plain to see by now, we honestly will get and have gotten the government we deserve; and what a pile of godless $#!^ it is.

    I guess we just prepare ourselves to come out of this with our faith in God still intact, probably a feat that will prove itself to be a bit more difficult than we might initially assume given the process of extracting ourselves from this shithole of a mess has not even really gotten underway yet.

  31. John M.

    Greg, you are definitely on the right track to say that everything is just “Too Stupid to be Stupid”. Generally speaking, our American government has crossed over from being silly and stupid to being corrupt and dangerous.
    I think just about our entire govt has been taken over by the NWO and Luciferian masterminds who have carefully planned out their Globalist agenda. Right now corruption is in the spotlight within the FBI and DOJ, but massive corruption is throughout Congress, CIA, EPA, State Dept (especially Hillary and Kerry), HUD, HHS, Education, the Judicial system, and almost anything else you can think of. It’s a wonder that America even functions at all. And its tentacles are in most state and local governments too, with businesses like mine struggling to survive as all kinds of new regulations and taxes keep appearing.
    I think the strain of Govt interference and corruption is destined to destroy the economic engine of America. And Trump can do little to slow the momentum of this big boulder rolling down the hill. I would say that not only are most businesses and citizens struggling with liquidity problems and severe debt saturation, but their cash flows are not doing that well either — especially when you factor in inflation.
    I consider INFLATION and the eventual worthlessness of the US Dollar to be the greatest threat to peace and stability in America. I would also dare say that the coming destruction of the our US monetary system will be the greatest problem we face, much worse than external terrorism or even corruption and the child sex trade. The Watchdog Jerry, has a really good understanding of the monetary changes and ramifications that are coming. Everyone should be concentrating on the basics of survival.
    I’m glad to see that you are following Steve Pieczenik, as he seems to be another good source for much valuable information.

  32. Mohammad


    Trump is cornered, the investigation is now reaching Steve Bannon:


    The noose is tightening and Mueller is still in the driving seat.
    It is spelled doom for Trump.


    • Greg Hunter

      I disagree.

      • Mohammad

        I disagree:

        13 indicted already in connection:


        • Greg Hunter

          Please re read it. It says NO Americans were knowingly involved. NO COLUSION. That’s the headline.

          • Mohammad


            I know , but it will lead to Kushner’s partners, that is why the latter is moving the law suit cases to state courts from federal courts to keep his Russian partners covered, Mueller is on his way to target, am not taking sides but it is obvious after the “memo bombshell” Mueller is still driving at Trump and he will get to him finally.


            • Greg Hunter

              I don’t think so. Phony investigation to remove trump from office. If this were the case they would have done this a long time ago. Mueller looks like a fool and a traitor.

      • freebrezer

        Greg – I have turned to your side and agree that the noose is tightening on Mueller and team, and that people are going to jail! I find it real, real interesting that the two love birds Lisa Page and Strozk – notta, nothing, a big nothing burger … has anyone heard a peep from these two? And how about that other FBI guy Ohr and his wife working at Fusion? He surely broke the law with a conflict of interest! And why are they all still employed at the FBI and DOJ? I would think that the Media, and especially congress, or some other outlet would have them on their show to get their story … and it is a HUGE story! Hmmm ? … makes a person wonder … maybe witness protection? … I.e. Session’s DOJ has put down the gauntlet- give us what you know and the law will take that in to account? My fingers are crossed that this might be the situation. Also, I am hoping that Jeff Session feels that he got screwed by the Obama team when he started as head of the DOJ. There are many ways to skin a cat, and again, I am hoping that the Sessions is a well versed cat skinner!

        • Greg Hunter

          All good point “Free”!

      • Charles Turner

        I live in the Uk where the Guardian is based. It is a UK paper and the most anti Republic and anti Trump paper there is. they will print anything anti Trump.

    • Mike R

      Sorry Mohammad. You couldn’t be more Wrong.

      Mueller just concluded his investigation, and 13 Russians implicated. Stated specifically no collusion. Trump was right all along.

      Though its pretty obvious this is a HUGE cover-up, to prevent anarchy and societal breakdown, as the FBI and Hillary and the DNC and Podesta, and Strozk coordinated with the Russians, and likely paid them off bigtime. Indictments dont mean any prosecutions.

      So Mueller was obviously hired to concoct a story, and cover up all of the FBI treason.

      Note how so many FBI resignations have been submitted prior to all of this. Had they been innocent of wrong doing, none of them would have happened.

      More will come, and more will not be formally announced. House-cleaning and swamp draining will continue, but clearly Trump has decided to spare the lives of Obama, Clinton, FBI, and all who attempted the coup.

      This wuz the only way to cover up the entire stinking mess.

      If you believe it was just these 13 Russians, I have some beautiful land to sell you in the heart of the Everglades.

    • Frank

      Mohammad, what CRIME of Trump’s does indicting 13 Russians indicate? Rosenstein was very clear in his remarks that NO AMERICAN KNOWINGLY knew they were dealing with Russians. Further, Roasenstein went on to say they have no evidence that the election RESULTS WERE IMPACTED by what the Russians did. Case against Trump CLOSED (no matter what happens to Flynn, Kushner, Bannon….they ain’t Trump).

  33. laura ann

    I realize now it is a waste of time to report any crime, but just keep quiet and move on. I get excellent results reporting to local authorities about un leached dogs in the streets and nuisance noise from barking dogs behind my house located in an HOA. FBI is working to destabilize this country by not doing their job.

    • Greg Hunter

      Don’t keep quiet. That’s what they want. Report so there is a record.

    • Silence is Golden

      “FBI is working to destabilize this country” ………so true….”by not doing their job”…..unfortunately that is their mandate…and its applicable to all the alphabet spy/intelligence agencies, their handlers and associated thug groups of pedophiles and luciferians. They want to bring about a great social cataclysm…..piece by piece …they are achieving it.

    • Frank

      Spot on. This is the same tactic being employed by the Russians. They supported both sides of our election in order to sow seeds of doubt throughout our country. It was a fairly effective tactic….look at how many of us are at each other’s throats. Wish I had time to research all of the whistle blowers who have been persecuted (even with “laws” protecting them). Name one whistle blower where the criminals were jailed and the whistle blower rewarded. I don’t believe there is one example. Given that, why would anyone call the FBI with information? Remember what happened to the security guard (Richard Jewel) at the Atlanta Olympics bombing? He was persecuted by the FBI. Ruby Ridge, Waco, Bundy….on and on. The FBI will kill constitutionalists but ignores Islamist Terrorists and/or the mentally unstable who shouldn’t be allowed to purchase fire arms. The FBI has become a corrupt institution. And in doing so they help Russia sow seeds of doubt about our country and its leadership.

      • Paul ...

        Mueller (to satisfy all the Satanists at the FBI) … should be investigating interference in the election by “God the Father” (not the Russians) … however Mueller can’t dupe God into being questioned by the FBI and then framed and accused of lying like they did to his Son Jesus Christ years ago (in order to nail him a Cross and do a regime change to put Satan in charge)!

  34. L.

    Hi, Greg. I am a long time visitor. You are honest, factual and a Patriot of which the Main media is not. Thanks for your efforts! Concerning the FBI and the latest school shooting in Fla., since they (FBI) knew of a serious problem with this Cruz they could have had one or two agents “tail” him and stop him when he attempted to enter the school which would have prevented the killings. The other prevention is to have screenings at the schools for all entry and trained and armed police or staff there along with locked entrances. We don’t have this shooting problem at sports arenas, police stations, etc. where there is screening and armed protections. That’s how I see it.

  35. Charles H

    Remember – that eight years of Obama emasculated the Military. Nothing is known of the CIA or the NSA yet, as far as corrupting the ranks. And if one takes into account the total swing the Public Educational System has made since the SEVENTIES: I can almost hear Tonto respond to the Lone Ranger’s comment of being surrounded by indians – what do you mean “WE”. paleface! (Skin for skin, yea, all that a man hath will he give for his life.)
    When America descends into it’s economic morass – the true nature of the moral fibre of Americans will be revealed. And there are only so many of us old farts left who would rather fight than switch. Scientists are the new priests; and Banksters, the Money-Changers.

  36. Justn Observer

    Greg, Excellent summation !
    Looking forward to more ‘truth’ on the Florida event..
    In the mean time new evidence on what the Saudi’s connection in Las Vegas and Soro did and knew ? Appears cover ups all over the place !


  37. Russ

    Thanks Greg, great wrap-up all around and good food for thought.

    I read an article yesterday — https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-02-15/fbi-admits-it-investigated-youtube-school-shooting-threat-failed-identify-person — where the FBI explained why they couldn’t identify Cruz after he posted, “I’m going to be a professional school shooter“, posting as “Nikolas Cruz”.
    “No other information was included with that comment, which would indicate a time, location or the true identity of the person who made the comment,” Lasky said. “The FBI conducted database reviews, checks, but was unable to further identify the person who actually made the comment.”
    As I understand from various interviews/articles, the FBI needs the threat to be a bit more specific (time,place et al) in order to get a search warrant from a judge. Maybe true…

    However, apparently that answer isn’t cutting it as now they seem to be admitting that (paraphrased) “we screwed up”…
    “FBI Admits “Protocols Were Not Followed” Before Florida Massacre“

    So it appears they would rather plead incompetence than have people thinking it’s “too stupid to be stupid.” Maybe they should think about rehiring some of those SSA’s they let go under Mueller’s up or out policy.

    • Russ

      It’s not like the FBI can say the kid wasn’t on law enforcement’s radar…
      “Florida School Shooter “Heard Demon Voices”, Police Visited His House 39 Times”

      There’s a lesson to be learned here. One lesson is that even if the police visit a crazy guy, doesn’t mean they can or will do anything… and just because they can’t do anything doesn’t mean it’s all okay.

      IMO, the best option is your local Sheriff. If the FBI needs to be called, let your Sheriff make that call. But that’s just my naive opinion.

      • Paul ...

        The Deep State has advanced technology that can “place evil thoughts” in peoples minds … most religious people with “moral training” can easily reject these evil implanted thoughts … however mindless snowflakes like this Florida school shooter have “no moral convictions” … so they can act as soulless as the immoral warmongering neocons that placed them under mind control!!

  38. Derrick Michael Reid


    I had two interviews this week for your review. You could help the country immensely by giving me an interview. The big profound GIT is that I have comprehensively identified corruption of our government, money, markets, constitution and republic, and that, all of these forms of corruption serve a common purpose, to transfer wealth from the people to the global elite who in turn control governments enslaving the all peoples, enroute to singularly enslaving the all people through world governance. I have devised a comprehensive solution set to restore our liberties and freedoms from the clutches of the global financial elite. Several of your viewers have emailed urging me to be interviewed by you. I can only ask, on behalf of our country in need.

    Please consider, Derrick

    “There are many theories about the NWO and suspected world players. I am not a prosecutor nor do I seek to prosecute anyone on criminal charges, as that is the FBI’s job, not mine. What I do know is that our government, our markets, our money, our constitution, and our republic have been corrupted with enslaving policies that transfers wealth from poor to rich. I seek change to restore our founding father liberties and freedoms and our prosperity so that all can fairly pursue happiness. I am libertarian.”


    National Problems:

    National Solutions:

    • Paul from Indiana

      So, Mr. Reid, since the bulk of your proposals/solutions, while definitely indicated and positive, are totally politically impossible and not just DOA, but dead upon conception, just exactly what are we to do? Best always. PM

      • Derrick Michael Reid

        I agree Paul, it would take a crisis to get it all moving.
        As a would be senator, I look forward to doing some good.

  39. Derrick Michael Reid

    On another note, I have followed you for a decade, and honored you in my 2016 website during my run for the US Presidency. You may recall this:

    Gold Bug Nova Slang Parlance

    (In order to fully understand the satire, you must have knowledge of the bullion world, for example, a “monster” box is a green/red case from the US mint containing 500 “rounds” of real money coinage)

    Just in case you aint hip to the latest slang sweeping the nation, thought a list, to set your mind straight, might be in order.

    Crimex: The NY Comex exchange

    COT: Commitment of Thieves

    Banksters: Wall Street ATMs Paying Out Obscene Bonuses

    Greedsters: TBTF TBTJ Bullion Banks Flushing Traders, Crimex Rigging Selling Traitors and Undue Influencers

    Front Running: Market ordering signals to gold cartel members for timed group rigging of bullion markets.

    Holy Spinners: US Corrupt Politicians and Farcical Habitual Campaigners

    Black Robe Reapers: US Corrupt Judiciary and Plain Language Interpreters

    Blue Skies: USSA National Debt, USSA Fiscal Budget, Credit Card Debt, Unemployment Lines, Household Debt, Credit Card Rates, Banksters Fees and Workers Compensation

    Double Dutch Bus: The Honorable Legal Profession Seeking Currency At All Costs and full of Ethically Driven Shotgun Claim Jumpers

    Sharks: Self Interested Litigators with Clients Seen Coming and Despicable Dispute-Resolution Licensed Monopolists

    Smear Merchants: Main Stream Media Anchors profiting on Libel and Slander

    Gaucha Pundits: Communists profiting off Innocence and Harmless Errors

    Contradictions: Republican Party and Republic Restoration, Democratic Party and Voter Fraud, Land of Free and Totalitarian Government, and, Real Money and Paper Money

    Monetary Inflation: Printing Presses, FED Balance Sheets and QE to Infinity.

    Price Inflation: Printing Presses, FED Balance Sheets, QE to Infinity, Bullion Price Discovery, and USSA Employment

    Currency Warriors: Paper Printers, Neighborhood Beggars, Currency Manipulators, Trade Warriors, Domestic Subsidisers, Deficit Spenders, National Debt Raisers and Bond Vigilantes.

    Intrinsic Value: Gold Money, Silver Money, Constitutional Money, Real Money and Labor Added Value Commodities Money

    Inherent Value: IRS Tax Money, Paper Money, FRN Money, Evasion Jail Time Money, Monopoly Money and Con Game Money

    Commander in Chief: Totalitarian Socialistic Fascist Racist Golfing Vacationing Farcical-Habitual-Campaigner

    Fascists: Campaign Contributing Banksters, Undue Influencing Greedsters, USSA Senate, USSA Commander in Chief, USSA Judiciary, and United Socialistic States of America

    Enforcers: Totalitarian Henchmen, MSM Pundits, Press Secretaries, USSA Senate, Panzer Corps, Lock Down Wardens, USSA Police State and DHS

    Evil Empire: Banksters and Greesters, Black Rope Reapers, and Pandering Political Machines.

    Ponzi Coupons: Irredeemable Federal Reserve Notes

    Taxpayer Gifts: ZIRP for Greedsters and QE for How Now Dow Cows

    Fraudsters: Targeted Inflation Rate Banksters, Holy Spinners, Paper Printing Banksters, and Naked Short Selling Greedsters

    Honest Money: Freedom Fighters, Constitutional Money, and US Minted Gold and Silver Coinage

    Mouseketeers: US Governments Agencies, Justice, FED Bank, and CFTC

    Totalitarians: USSA Government Administration, DNC and RNC

    Totalitarian Tools: IRS RICO Thugs and FRN Paper Printers

    Bullion Riggers: John Pierpont Manipulator and Hideous Sperpentine Bozo Clowns

    Puppeteers: Goldman Socks and Tinananmen Squares

    Enslavers: IRS, RICO Thugs, Pick Pocketeers, Privacy Spies, Highway Robbers, USSSA, USDA, Poor Entrappers, Circus Masters, and Bread Throwers

    Gold Bugs: Freedom Lovers, Turdites, Le Menu Readers, Austrian Economists, Real Money Believers, Plain Language Constitutionalists, Republic Restorers, Libertarians, and Bonnie Blue Flag Waivers

    Paper Pushers: Central Bank Currency Printers, Kenynesian Economists and Debtor Prison Wardens

    One Percenters: Greedsters and Banksters and Diamond Backed Snakes and She Head Madusas

    Ninety Nine Percenters: Tax Mules and State Dependents

    Monsters: Freedom Fighters Locked and Loaded with 500 Rounds Each

    Pump Machines: How Now Dow Cows, Paper Printers, and Feel Good Be Happy Crowds

    Printer Credits: TARP ZIPR and QE1 QE2 QE3 QE4 QE5 QE6 QE7 QE8 QE9 QE10 to QE-Infinity

    Extend and Pretend: Green Shoots, Kick the Can, Robust Recovery, USSA Manufacturing Dominance, QE-Infinity and USSA Government Statistics

    Employment: Participation Rate Participants, Couch Potatoes, Bench Sitters, Part Timers and USSA Government Statistics

    Real Rates: Real GNP Kaplop RORs and Bonds Real Valued Added RORs and Saving Deposit Negative Interest Rates

    Enlightened Electrorate: Ninety Nine Percenters, FRN Bond Holders, FRN Savers, Stagnant Joe Six Packs, and Busted Moms and Pops

    MOPEd Dopes: USSA Statistics Believers, Enlightened Electrorate and Foolish Economists

    Extremists: Freedom Lovers, Gold Bugs, Freedom Fighters, Plain Language Constitutionalists, Libertarians, and Old Glory Waivers

    Gang of Four: WW and the Printers and Thugs, FDR and the Raw Deal, LBJ and the Corrupt Society, and BHO and the Ponzi Scheme

    Rat Race: One Percenters Hiding Loot Off Shore, Bahama Yacht Sailing Greedsters, IRS Agents and FRN RICO Thugs

    District Courts: Medical Malpractice Lotto Parlors and Illegal Alien Swearing-In Chambers

    Hue and Cry: Tax and Spend, Take and Give, Inflate and Rob, Incentivize and Control, and Socialize and Corrupt

    Slogan: Vote em Out or Take em Out, for a Free Lunch

    Problems and Solutions

    Problems: Greed, Socialism, Totalitarianism, Fraud, Immigration, Fascism, Electioneering, Greed, Socialism, Totalitarianism, Fraud, Immigration, Fascism, Electioneering, Greed, Socialism, Totalitarianism, Fraud, Immigration, Fascism, Electioneering, Greed, Socialism, Totalitarianism, Fraud, Immigration, Fascism, Electioneering, Government, Government, Government, Government, Government, Government, Government, Government, and More-Government, To-Much-Government, and Way-To-Much Government.

    Solutions: Abolish all Federal Social Programs, Federal Pay-and-Forget Sales Tax Exclusivity, State In-Rem Property Tax Exclusivity, Real Gold and Silver Coinage Money Exclusivity, Pay Off All Federal and State Present and Future Obligations with 100T FRNs, State Social Safety Nets, Out Law Federal and State Bonds, Out Law Federal and State Debt, Out Law Federal and State Fiscal Deficits, Abolish Paper Money, Abolish Federal Reserve Notes, Redeem FRNs at more than $1,000,000.00 per gold ounce, Abolish the Federal Reserve System, Reward Productivity, Penalize Unproductivity, Free the People From Government, and Restore the Republic.

  40. Peter Harris

    You say too stupid to be stupid huh?
    Well it’s only Americans like you, who support your right to carry military style fully automatic weapons.
    Do you know how much the rest of the world is laughing at you moronic Americans and your stupid anachronistic second amendment?

    • Greg Hunter

      You are an idiot troll that does not know what he is talking about. You CANNOT get a “fully automatic weapon” without an extensive FBI background check. 99.9% of gun owners only have semi auto weapons. You are obviously at entrained AND UNDER COMPLETE CONTROL OF YOUR GOVERNMENT. You are from the UK, correct? How are you liking that Sharia Law and “No-go zones” in your country. It is you that is the “moronic” laughing stock and you are too stupid to understand what has happened to you. Our guns separated us from your royalty, and you are still being screwed by them. Who is the moron? Look in the mirror.

      • Neil

        Greg so far this right to bear arms hasn’t drawn any citizens to actually go after individuals and groups who are obviously doing bad things while regulators and agencies are compromised. i.e. having this right hasn’t made a practical difference to say being ‘impotent’ in the UK. Under what circumstance do you believe US gun owners would get their weapons out of the closet and go arrest or even summarily execute treasonous persons? Is this insistence on a constitutional right just all noise? – some sort of rite of passage like being able to drink beer, drive a car – no woman no pride?? Not getting at you or the culture, just curious if you perceive this right is in reality actually any deterrent or effective obstacle.

        • Greg Hunter

          You really don’t get the freedom thing, but what can I expect from a country that still has a queen. She and her son back Sharia Law and approve of No-go zones in the UK–tell me I am wrong. You stay on this path my friend, and you will realize why gun ownership is a must in a free society. You see, your country tried to disarm America in the early 1770’s because you all wanted was control. You can also call this tyranny. Americans did not go along and we shook off your King. You have been invaded, and are being screwed by you Queen and your politicians. When you finally realize this, it will be too late and you’ll be fighting to stay alive with a butcher knife and a rolling pin. You are pompous and in my humble opinion toast in your own land.

          • Mohammad

            Am sorry Greg to burst a bubble but England left US after she took over its monetary system. They were kicked out of the “window” and came back from the wide open “door”.


            • WD

              Mohammad, silver and gold was monetary system around world….England got kicked out…must be those revisionist history books

          • Neil

            Well that seems like a pretty rude almost red necked response from you Greg.
            I am a NZer actually and along with Australians we don’t really associate ourselves with the UK these days except on a historical basis. Remember I am a person who gave you US$4k to assist with your mission of informing people about this pending predicament – before its too late… and via reasoned words over weapons..
            I was asking you a genuine question (which you didn’t answer).
            American’s have a lot of guns which they associate with preserving freedom. Ok, given how things are panning out and how far things have already gone down hill, when are your citizens going to take to the streets and use them to arrest the criminals? will they? So far this capacity/right generates a lot of controversy but doesn’t actually seem to work against a subversive fascist takeover which is well along? As I say citizens owning all these weapons doesn’t actually appear to be useful in reality since there is no active organised opposition utilising this right – its cosmetic/historic/symbolic/a matter of feeling personally empowered to be dangerous??
            There seem to be many terms that evoke strong emotions in Americans like patriot or freedom which evoke a response which seem much larger than they ought to be, verging on obsessional, and at times perhaps bordering on irrational to the outsider.
            I am just trying to understand how Americans think or why they react in the manner they do. You see I suspect that these notions of freedom that Americans insist on are kind of misplaced
            Have a good day…and I will resist the temptation to label you as this or that in retaliation..

          • Keith wilson

            Greg your right ? If the good men of Rotherham England all had a semi automatic assault rifle. No 1500 white christian school girls would have been raped or abused by Pakistani Muslim gangbangers over the last 15 years. We have no weapons,no police force,and our Army is a joke. Our London government work 24\7 for the Rothschild bankers and Goldman Sachs. Just hope to god America can come and save us again when the Islamic terrorists start there Jihad any day now. Never mind lease lend. You can have this shithole and you can keep it.

          • The Seer

            Thanks Greg!
            Maybe he will finally wake up and get that he is living in slavery to the NWO Queen and cabal.

            • Greg Hunter

              Hope so!!

      • Paul from Indiana

        Go get ’em, Greg! Not only must a prospective automatic weapons buyer/owner undergo intense vetting, he must buy a “tax stamp” for the privilege (thereby rendering the weapon traceable), and the waiting period is also extensive and open-ended. What the man may have wanted to say is that the popular rifle, the AR-15, of which there are an estimated 8 million in this country of 330 million, is based on the M-16 rifle, a military, automatic assault weapon, but the AR-15 is, for obvious reasons, NOT a copy of the M-16. The military rifle the M-16 replaced was the M-14, a semi-automatic successor to the venerable M-1 bolt-action rifle. In traditional military fighting with armies facing each other in relatively open areas at a distance, the M-14 is superior to the M-16, but we seldom fight that way anymore, as Viet Nam and the Middle East conflicts show. Best always. PM

        • Paul from Indiana

          Also, a gun can be auto-loading without being automatic firing. Many uninitiated individuals (99% of the MSM) confuse these terms and functions. The AR-15, as all semi-automatics, is auto-loading. Best always. PM

        • John

          The M1 Garand was replaced by the M-14 and the M1 was not a bolt action rifle – it was a semi-automatic 30-06. Sorry, the M-14 was never superior to the M16/M4 series rifles in many ways and its wide spread use was very limited – regaining some use recently in squads as the 308 has better range than the 5.56 NATO. When the M-16 arrived in Vietnam, although it had early production issues that were primarily ammo derived, the phrase uttered by the VC and the North Vietnamese was – “beware of the men carrying the little black rifle”. The 5.56 NATO is no joke and its still being used since its introduction back in the 1960’s. The M4 platform which is the evolution of the M-16 is highly praised in combat situations where adaptability is sought. The AK-47 is popular for durability/reliability but its use is waning in favor of using smaller caliber bullets with higher velocities but retaining a piston based operating system that still has issues with accuracy compared to a gas impingement system such as the M-16/M4.

          • Paul from Indiana

            Gotta love a good gun argument! Yes, in an attempt at brevity, I misstated the facts. M-1 is an auto-loader, replacing the bolt-actions in service then. If firepower and accuracy are considerations, as a homeowner in a rural setting, I prefer the M-14. No wrong way to go The M-16 is a fantastic weapon, and the AR-15, its domestic cousin, is likewise. I have no problem either way. The Left wants to demonize the AR platform and will focus its emotional campaign there. Best always. PM

      • Sayonara

        Brilliant Intellectually Honest Response!
        Love your comment:
        “It is you that is the “moronic” laughing stock and you are too stupid to understand what has happened to you. Our guns separated us from your royalty, and you are still being screwed by them. Who is the moron? Look in the mirror.”

      • Mohammad

        I have to agree Greg that any country strips its citizens the right to carry a gun can slaughter them like sheep any time they want..
        let me give you two live examples:
        It has the highest per capita “full ” automatic weapons, since it is tribal culture, even kids carry on their shoulders the Kalashnikov and go to schools to study and no shooting incidents in the schools (I am not subscribing, just describing), and that is a FACT you can search it at your own leisure, something like US in her youth.

        When Saudi Arabia + 25 countries including US tried to take their guns they failed, the only regions that got slaughtered were the cities that had the laws that strip the guns from the people and those were slaughtered like sheep.

        All citizens carry semi / full automatic weapons and they go into military training every 6 months (twice a year)
        When they are under fire they defend themselves , if it was not for that they would of been wiped off the map long time ago.

        So second amendment carries safety to the people there is no doubt about it, people who do not have guns are vulnerable to be slaughtered like sheep by their own gov. any time the gov. deems it right.
        this is history and i rolled facts.


        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Mohammad for adding this perspective!!!

          • WD

            If Trump goes down , we all do. And just a few hundred people will have all the power…They will come for us! There will be a bounty on the head on every White Christian male and female. Trump has to hit the kill switch on this. I am not some conspiracy nut….I remember Alex Jones on the radio in the late 90s when I was making calls I heard him on the radio and thought he was nuts…Not anymore!

            I know we have a lot to do our selves but God our father has to be an ally, we are threatened from all sides and its getting worse. I almost think US has to collapse to start over.

        • Diane

          Good comment Mohammad.
          It’s mental illness that should be addresed.

        • wondrouscat

          In 1926 my father, who grew up in a small town in rural Illinois, was given a shotgun for his twelfth birthday by his parents. Nothing unusual about that at the time. Maybe every U.S. citizen should have to obtain a gun and learn to shoot at around that same age. Kind of like a drivers license. If they ever use it improperly they would lose their gun license.

      • Peter Harris

        (This is Greg Hunter)
        Col, It’s you. You are still a commie/Godless/atheist and do not want you here. You can offer us nothing. Please go away.

        • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

          Where on earth did this come from?
          …If you think ‘Colin the Farmer from NZ’ is behind this post then you are barking up the wrong tree!
          …I don’t have a clue what Harris said but it has absolutely nothing to do with me.

      • Shamus McCorkell

        Greg, good on ya mate! Your really giving it to the red coats!
        Brother against brother, old country against new!

        • Greg Hunter

          The UK is on fire and burning down while your leaders are saying “Don’t worry, someone is just cooking up a little something in the kitchen.”

    • John


      And do you realize how many Americans don’t care about what you think of our Constitutional freedoms? When innocent people are murdered by any means it is horrible. Murder is a problem of the heart and a total repudiation of the instruction given to us all by God – Thou shall not kill. If you are indeed from another country and innocent people were murdered in your town by a terrorist for instance I certainly wouldn’t be laughing at your inability to defend yourself as you lack something similar to our second amendment – I would be mourning your loss and pray that your government would allow you the means to defend yourself. Now, having said that, I do support a waiting period on all gun transactions to determine if an individual has a criminal past or lacks mental stability. We can be both pragmatic and honor our constitutional freedoms. Imagine Peter – an owner of several AR-15’s as well as an Israeli Tavor who could support some form of gun control – pretty moronic huh? BTW – Greg is correct – it is illegal for anybody to own a fully automatic weapon in the United States without it being registered with the ATF – complicating this more is the limited supply of these weapons as the registry of such weapons was closed after 1986 – meaning you are going to pay big $$$ to acquire a registered class 3 weapon manufactured prior to 1986 – if you could even find someone to sell you one – which is rare.

    • Charles H


      I’d rather say that most the world is jealous at the honor and privilege to carry arms. You write as if you speak for the whole world. That is complete presumption. Seeing the USA pulled the world’s butt out of the fire TWICE – is lost on you: very little might persuade you.
      You ALSO presume that “fully automatic weapons” are allowed. Few, beside Law Enforcement or military can possess them; let alone carry them. 99% of our citizens who DO have military style rifles, are only semi-automatic – just like the guns. Please do not post ignorant crap if you intend on insulting. Nah – go ahead: then you can wear the stupid title with all poetic irony.

    • Frank

      I’m laughing at you Peter. We don’t care what the world thinks of our Second Amendment. If our corrupt government becomes too onerous, we can take matters into our own hands the way our founding fathers intended. This is THE ONE thing that truly differentiates America from every other country. We can defend ourselves from a corrupt government. We have had our guns since our inception in the 1700’s. We haven’t had school shootings until fairly recently. That tells people like me that it isn’t GUNS that is the problem…its the VIOLENCE that our media and entertainment industries pump out and glorify 24 x 7. So Peter, to paraphrase Bogart in Casablanca, “here’s laughing at you, kid”.

      • Dr Darryl Jewett

        “If our corrupt government becomes too onerous, we can take matters into our own hands the way our founding fathers intended.” – Frank

        But it is too onerous and we still haven’t done anything. Your second amendment rights are only worth something if you exercise them when it’s needed. It’s been needed a long time. By failing to exercise that and other rights when they’re needed, you’re conceding that you really don’t value them. Circumstances in the US are far worse than they were before the Revolutionary War against England. But we’ve done nothing. It’s never too late. But it’s very very late.

  41. H. Craig Bradley


    Nobody Cares. Yawn! SSA = SOL. Rant, Rant, Rant. Nobody listening here. Nobody follows the law anymore either. Nobody. Are you ready for anarchy? Better get ready, soon. Civil Unrest, Govt. Crackdowns. Martial Law? Change is in play. Welcome to our Shithole.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are in the minority.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Greg, the vanguard is, by definition, in the minority. What HCB is saying is he is out ahead and warning. Isn’t that what John the Baptist did? I’m not saying he’s right, but I can certainly understand his mindset. Best always. PM

    • Dr Darryl Jewett

      @ H. – I agree the US has turned into a shithole. But I wouldn’t expect civil unrest, gov’t crackdowns or martial law anytime soon. At least not on a broad scale. Certainly gov’ts in the US are imposing this abuse upon certain demographics. Especially conscientious men who work hard. But there are some demographics that receive the proceeds from the hard labor of these conscientious men (proceeds denied the men who actually supply the labor). In exchange for votes and absolute power. As long as there are men to enslave and men who allow themselves to be enslaved without resistance, then the status quo will continue indefinitely. Presently, the US economy is being propped up by slavery of conscientious men. That’s it. That’s the economy in one word – S L A V E R Y. If a critical mass of conscientious and hard-working men in the US stopped working, the entire economy would collapse overnight. Literally. And no one no matter how powerful would survive that collapse. That’s revolution. And that’s what needs to happen. I respectfully disagree with Greg Hunter that Trump can or will fix anything. The problems are too systemic and institutionalized. And too many people who don’t work profit to excess and too many men who work hard can’t survive. The only solution to our present dilemma is R E V O L U T I O N.

      • Greg Hunter

        Dr. Jewett,
        America is not a $#!t hole. I have been to places where people live in thatched roof shacks with no windows and we are a long way from that.

        • Dr Darryl Jewett

          I too have been in places with thatched-roof houses. Disintegration of basic infrastructure in the US is accelerating. As an example of the US being a $#!thole: In many municipalities, the average home-owner is punished for simply maintaining his home. Repair a roof or replace old insulation and property taxes are increased an absurd disproportion. To support a public school system that doesn’t teach children but indoctrinates them. It’s the reason that so many homes are dilapidated (and they are). Most home-owners invest in the cosmetics of a house but not in the structural integrity or safety. Because they can’t afford the important stuff. Compared to average housing in the US, a thatched-roof hut is a simple and sustainable structure. Housing in the US is a disaster. The more you do simple maintenance on a home, the more taxes go up and the more you have to sell your house for but the less any buyer can afford to pay. Home-owners should not be punished for simply maintaining a home. They should be penalized for not maintaining a home. I’d call that a $#!thole. Taxation works the exact opposite of the way it’s supposed to. Don’t get me started on an “income” tax. The average American has no idea how unsafe the local nuclear power plant or bridge is. We’re being taxed literally to death. Don’t fall into the trap, Greg, that it could be worse. It can also be a lot better.

  42. Efrem Erskine

    Latest from CIA whistle blower Kevin Shipp

  43. Efrem Erskine

    More Shipp!

  44. Tom

    Can Trump declare the porous southern border to be a national security risk and then take 25 billion from the defense budget and build the wall?

  45. Flattop

    GREG: 3 points.
    Here we go again, witnesses at Fla school say, more than one shooter.

    Rising interest rate are good for those of us who have investments

    Concerning the FBI, I wish to repeat what ihave said. Nuke Wash DC and everyone in it and start over again in Kansas or Michigan.

  46. Tad


    I bring up this article to try to distinguish between a crash and a correction. Over a period of two weeks or so, the market corrected about twenty percent leading to the infamous October 29, 1929. . .correction.

    Modern analysts are at least half correct if history is their guide.

    What they omit is the market further corrected downward ninety percent of previous highs as seen in September-October 1929.

    Article goes on to state that the previous highs were not realized again until 1954 or 25 years after the fact.

    History rhymes, but not necessarily repeats in a similar progression.

    When one considers the QE, gargantuan personal, corporate, and government debt and 7.2 billions global citizens, the implications are absolutely terrifying.

  47. Sayonara

    Great WNW – you nailed it!
    I am a organic constitutional conservative and only kill for 1) to procure food in accordance with firearm and game laws and 2) self/human protection in the gravest extreme. Otherwise killing is absolutely immoral.
    My observation is that the Progressive Left is absolutely responsible for these outrageous acts of violence. They are the ones who are instigating violence against police officers, encouraging violence through groups such as ANTIFA and parading around the MSM advocating death to the POTUS and his supporters. It is outrageous that the Progressive Left MSM types can parade around with bloody cutoff heads of the POTUS and justify it by saying it the POTUS’s fault yet advocate absolute gun control. These people are extremely Mentally Sick, Wicked and Evil. With all of the attention they get from their Mentally Sick, Wicked and Evil antics, it is no wonder why people are acting out in such immoral behavior because they view it “Cool” and are entitled to expressing their “Feelings” without regard to the sanctity of life.
    You can enact all the gun control laws you want under the sun and it will not make a difference when the real problem is inside the head of individuals that have been spawned by the behavior of the Progressive Left.
    I believe life is eternally precious and instead hating and deviding, I choose to help and love my other living beings provided they are not attacking me in the gravest extreme.
    We as people need to aggressively confront the Progressive Left for who they really are – Evil, Wicked and Tyrranical Monsters that have been responsible for the death of over 100,000,00 over the course of the last 120 years.

    • Diane

      Good post, Sayonara.

  48. Justn Observer

    MORE HITS KEEP PLAYING – AND DEEPER DIVE THAT MSM WILL EVER TELL OR LOOK INTO ! more on Friday from George on the ‘NOT SO RUSSIA’ Russians they indicted today….MORE CYA by the FBI or just poor and superficial casting call of so called ‘Russian’ agents’ when they have been in U.S. running drugs for who for how long and actually working for who?
    Darn if George is not bring gumshoes back to ‘real’ investigative journalism, all with a bit of fun as well! And like to add a thanks to Ms. Task Force working with George.
    A story in itself of having taken a beating and losing a loved one during her time chasing the ‘bad guys’ in California as a Task Force Law Enforcement agent thrown under the bus by the corrupt Calif. leadership…
    9 https://youtu.be/s2sfiOLiZhY
    10 https://youtu.be/ibwiEv7TTXg
    11 https://youtu.be/qhcsnAU7iGA
    12 https://youtu.be/Eu4DShFRVx0
    13 https://youtu.be/vh6KsA6s9jA
    14 https://youtu.be/Mtt8axj1ivQ

    Another future good choice for a future interview in my opinion.

  49. Wade

    Greg this is why I keep on pushing Metro World Child. They are bringing hope to inner city children, but this can be done nationwide if we, the people, really want to effect the culture. In the long run, this is the greatest deterrent to school shootings. Taking God out of schools was one of the worst things we have ever done. We are now reaping what we are sowing. They are really effecting the lives of young people, but the problem is there is not enough exposer for them. I’m trying to influence my pastor to do what they do in Brooklyn, because where my church is, there is a real spiritual vacuum. Charlottesville Va.

  50. Hugh


    If this interview is true, this throws egg into everyone’s face that has been on this site for months. Nothing will happen as long as Trump is in office.


  51. Dan

    Dear Greg,

    Spectacular letter from that former FBI Agent. It has inspired me to make a TRANSCRIPT of it and craft an article to highlight it (and your fine reporting).

    You can all see this article entitled ‘Mueller enabled the Deep State Overtake of the Agency – Former FBI Agent’ on my Steemit blog at:


    There are, though, a couple of parts of the letter you read which I couldn’t hear well; so if you can tell me the two correct words that I incorrectly stated, I can edit my article to correct them.

    Thanks again for your fine reporting!


    • Greg Hunter

      In do better than that. Here is the entire letter from that retired FBI veteran:


      Thank you for, in my opinion, your best Weekly News Wrap!

      I spent 24 years in the FBI as a Special Agent and Supervisor. I retired in 2007, at which time the fissures within the FBI were becoming more and more apparent. There was a distinct dividing line developing between the old line FBI Agents, whose fealty lies with the Constitution and the American people, and the new line agents whose fealty was with Director Mueller, and what has been revealed with time to be the Deep State.

      The reason I retired was Mueller’s Five Year Up or Out Policy, adopted to remove senior FBI Supervisors, loyal to the Constitution, from the ranks of FBI Management. The Policy, simply stated, required anyone who had held a Supervisory Special Agent ( SSA) position for more than 5 years, to return to FBIHQ, or be forced out of management. Prior to Mueller, all field Supervisors were required to spend 7-10 years as successful Street Agents, then spend 3-5 years as SSAs at FBIHQ, then become SSAs in the Field. To become a SSA in Division 6 ( Criminal Investigative Division), as a Street Agent you were required to have successfully taken several cases through trial, to have been a Case Agent on a Group I Undercover Operation, with positive results / convictions, and preferably have served as an Undercover Agent, before you could even apply for a SSA position at FBIHQ. This policy guaranteed that agents applying for SSA were battle tested, experienced, accomplished and hardworking men and woman admired by their peers. Mueller’s policy turned all that upside down, allowed politically motivated, less qualified, woefully inexperienced candidates to become Supervisors and to hold the key positions ( SSA) which determine the workload of Criminal, Counter Terrorism, and FCI squads, throughout the country. The last place a great SSA wanted to be was FBIHQ. The real work is in the field not at FBIHQ. Needless to say, most experienced SSAs stepped down and retired rather than return to morass of FBIHQ.

      In my opinion, this is how the Deep State got its foot in the door of the FBI. During the Obama Administration, all of the FBI SSAs, that achieved their position through merit, had been forced from their positions under the 5 Years Up or Out Plan. This allowed the Deep State to take over middle management, whose ranks become upper management.

      The rest is history. The FBI Senior Executive Service (SES) on the 7th Floor was politicized, middle management politicized, and good Street Agents were not allowed to pursuit public corruption investigations, or any investigations which encroached on Deep State criminal activity or operations.

      Sadly, in my opinion, most of the FBI Management is compromised, and the corruption has now begun to spread to the rank and file, as you so astutely point out.

      I have lost friends, inside the ranks of retired FBI Agents, because I believe that the corruption in the FBI has reached Agent level. It was not a Senior Executive Service (SES) Member(s) of the FBI looking at and analyzing Clinton’s Computer Server, it was not SES personnel reviewing and analyzing the information on Anthony Weiner’s lap top, it was not SES personnel testifying before the Judge in FISA Court, it was not SES personnel interviewing Tea Party Members when working jointly with the IRS, it was not SES personnel handling the Cooperating Witness, writing the debriefing FD-302s, listening to, and transcribing ELSUR tapes, in connection with Uranium 1.

      The list can go on, you get my point.

      Many case agents, and support personnel, who uncovered evidence of criminal activity, stood down their criminal investigations based on being told to do so by corrupt management, not based on the evidence, or based on the results of presenting the case to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for a Prosecutive Opinion.

      Thank you for having the courage ( unlike Sean Hannity and others) to state the obvious, the FBI, DOJ, CIA, NSA, and State Department have traitors throughout their ranks. All of these agencies need to be purged of these individuals. Failure to investigate, identify, indict, and prosecute, these traitors poses a direct threat to the Constitution, our God given rights, the Republic and the Rule of Law.

      God Bless you and your family.”

      • Dan

        Thank you so much Greg! I’ve updated my post and linked to the comments section. This is highly meaningful and must be recorded and preserved for the historical record. Much appreciated.

      • Dr Darryl Jewett

        “…policy turned all that upside down, allowed politically motivated, less qualified, woefully inexperienced candidates to become Supervisors and to hold the key positions…”

        “…middle management (was) politicized, and good Street Agents were not allowed to pursu(e)… …investigations which encroached on Deep State criminal activity or operations…”

        “Many case agents, and support personnel, who uncovered evidence of… …activity, stood down their… …investigations based on being told to do so by corrupt management, not based on the evidence, or based on the results…”

        “…because I believe that the corruption in (enter agency name) has reached Agent level.”

        Thanks for printing this letter, Greg. I don’t feel so alone anymore. These three statements could apply to just about any gov’t organization, agency, bureau or office anymore. I’ve worked in gov’t almost 33 yrs and every year the problem gets worse. I used to think that there was a fixable mechanistic problem in how employees were hired and promoted but I realized much to my horror a while back that it was deliberate and not an accident.

      • Dan

        Thank you Greg.

        By he way, I have complied a list of HEROES OF TRUTH and am very glad to say that you are an integral part of this list.

        You (and all truth seekers here) can view it at https://steemit.com/truth/@libertyacademy/heroes-of-truth

        See #6 is where you are positioned (no particular order).

        And many of your former guests appear in this dream team as well such as Gregory Mannarino, Bill Holter, and more truth warriors.

        Congratulations and well-deserved my friend!

        P.S.: When are you going to join Steemit? You can certainly increase your viewership and get paid in Steem dollars for your work – with your following you could make hundreds per month – see how much Gregory M. makes for instance: https://steemit.com/@marketreport

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Dan.

  52. Dr Darryl Jewett

    As I’ve written before, the federal gov’t in general hires and promotes employees based upon bureaucratic and political expedience instead of professional qualifications and accomplishments. It’s turned the entire federal gov’t into a cesspool of institutionalized psychopathy. People should fear their government more than any lunatic running around with a gun. Thomas Payne wrote: The purpose of a true patriot is to protect his country from its government.

  53. Richard K

    Just a thought but is it too much of a stretch to think that our government would allow children to die in order to advance political agendas?

    • Paul ...

      As for killing children to advance political agendas … didn’t we nuke Japan (and kill tens of thousands women and children) in order to make sure Japan surrendered to us instead of the Russians!!

  54. Petedivine

    Great Stuff. Any chance we can see Warren Pollock in the not too distant future?

    • Greg Hunter

      I have reached out to him.

  55. Flattop

    GREG: Wonder what the indicted Russians will say to make a deal. Will they lie to make a deal with DOJ. Cant trust the FBI anymore since it seems the Bureau has its own swamp.
    Seems they can spend millions of hours investigating the Russian collusion, but ignore a threat to some students in Florida.
    Gods need to intervene in our Justice Dept
    Pray for America watchdoggers.

  56. Mohammad

    Tightening the noose , slowly but surely:



  57. Julia

    Mr Hunter, the FBI sounds like the military. Somewhere I heard the military was in the same shape. The new military has no obligation to the Constitution and they cant wait for the old guys to leave. Time for the FBI to be shut down.

    As for the school shooting, I think the FBI used this young man to cause a disruption from the Memo. That is why they did nothing. Here is a very short interview with one of the students saying there was another shooter.


  58. Tally Ho

    Guess you completely missed the announcement by Rod Risenstein that 13 Russians have been criminally indicted by the Mueller team for their part in the Russian hacking and trolling of our electoral process since 2016. Since it didn’t fit your belief system, I can see why you would totally whiff on covering it in your weekly wrap-up (sad fog horn sound here). “No Russian interference”?!? HA-ha.

    • Greg Hunter

      There is NO COLUSION WITH DONALD TRUMP OR ANY OF HIS ADMINISTRATION. Rob Rosenstein said as much when he said, “Now, there is no allegation in this indictment that any American was a knowing participant in this illegal activity,” Rosenstein said. “There is no allegation in the indictment that the charged conduct altered the outcome of the 2016 election.”
      Did you miss this you idiot paid troll or “fit your belief system”? Beat it punk, oh no, I mean idiot punk.

      • Tally Ho

        Rosenstein’s words Do not mean that there won’t be further indictments, next time with American accomplices named. That is the progressive nature of a legal investigation. And that is what the President is so afraid of…the progression gets closer and closer to him.
        You might want to read this, Greg….
        Good People Don’t Defend A Bad Man.
        And Christians don’t treat strangers the way you do, calling them “idiot punk” or other names. Rethink your labeling of yourself as “a Christian”, Greg.

        • Greg Hunter

          You do realize Hillary Clinton paid more than $12 million for a phony Russian “dossier,” and then gave it to the FBI and DOJ so they could frame Trump and his Administration for crimes they did not commit? The so-called “collusion” (and I think treason) was done by Hillary Clinton the FBI, DOJ, State Department, CIA and that full on traitor Robert Mueller who allowed the Russians to control a significant part of U.S. uranium interests. Please consider these facts. The recent indictment of Russians is a fraud because they never intend to prosecute because these folks are not in the country, and I have my doubts if they are even real people.

          • Paul from Indiana

            Greg, Hillary could not have done that in a constitutional, legal setting without running the risk of going to jail. She had to know in advance that the FBI was already bought and paid for! This is what corruption is all about. It’s an insider’s game, and money/power makes the rules. Best always. PM

            • Greg Hunter

              Very good point Paul!!!

  59. Tad

    I think the average Joe has a very good chance of unseating house and senate incumbents over decades-long US immigration policy.

    Aside from economic concerns, every Americans knows its a pocketbook issue and a critical one for America’s future-or lack thereof.

    Few senators or representative avoid being labelled “on the take,” and immigration has been their lightning rod.

    I don’t think the average challenger will have to acquire large campaign funds to win a seat. This seems so obvious, that it should go without saying-though nothing is a given.

    The successful won’t have had to accept money from business interests. This should be an interesting election from many angles.

  60. Ross Herman

    Hello Greg, great wrap up
    I must comment on the FBI issue:
    If there are a few agents that are innocent of organizing false flag attacks against Americans, they are too stupid to know everyone else in their department is totally criminal, and should be made to suffer searching for a real job like the rest of the middle class. When you learn the truth about the Oklahoma bombing (federal building) and the controlled demolitions of NY towers 1,2 and 7, you will understand the primary function of the FBI. Did you know just a few years ago the FBI changed their mission statement, and I believe their new purpose excludes the investigation of crime.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Ross. Good points–one and all!!

  61. Peter

    It’s obvious there are too may FBI agents involved in political witch hunts like the Mueller Russian investigation, and those that don’t agree with their liberal leaders are forced to remain silent or else. If more FBI agents were investigating real threats to the US, fewer mass shootings, terrorist acts would be happening. Russia is not the problem, but liberal policies and politically motivated FBI brass are.

  62. Dr Darryl Jewett

    Problem of gov’ts in the US is way beyond simply a bloated and inefficient bureaucracy. Gov’ts in the US are run like cults. That’s how they recruit and that’s how they promote. Agencies aren’t professional work-places anymore. They’re communist oligarchies. They talk about employees being “family.” It’s sick. Inept witless thugs perch on top of any projects as gate-keepers and parasites throwing at low ranking employees doing the work the resources like throwing scraps from a table at a dog. And after the low ranking employees have done what needs to get done in service of the public (putting out every fire and cleaning up every mess that management makes along the way), management takes credit if everything works and persecutes the low ranks if it doesn’t. It’s the worst kind of labor model imaginable. And the low ranking employees who throw the most co-workers under the bus, lie, cheat and steal get promoted. This model ensures that only the lowest common denominators of society get into gov’t and run everything. It’s scary as hell.

  63. Law&Crime

    4 Key Facts About Mueller’s Latest Target, Alex Van Der Zwaan
    by Colin Kalmbacher | 12:29 pm, February 20th, 2018
    Before this morning’s news, Van Der Zwaan was mostly unheard of–though high-powered and extremely wealthy. Here are four key details you should know.

  64. Cliven Bondi

    How We Lived-1920,29 Almost 100 Years Ago

  65. James Woroble Jr

    The FBI didn’t miss a thing! As usual, another wack job was brought to their attention and was found suitable for ‘recruitment’.

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