Financial System Upside Down-Blame Game on Coming Crash-Bill Holter

4.jpgBy Greg Hunter’s

Financial analyst and writer Bill Holter thinks the powers that be know how shaky the system is and will play the blame game for the coming crash.  Holter contends, “I believe that they know the financial system is upside down and there is no bringing it back, so they do need to have something to point at.  It could be a war with Russia.  We are trying as hard as we can to create a war, and it looks like Russia; and Mr. Putin is trying as hard as he can not to have a war.  There could be any number of things to point at.  It could be the Ebola virus outbreak.  It could be the Saudi Arabians accepting euros, gold, yuan and it could be anything.  There are dozens of topics.”  Holter goes on to say, “Truth is the first casualty of all wars.  So, we are getting bad information from our press, and we are getting bad information from the Russian press.  When a war starts, you will never get the truth.”

On the U.S. dollar, Holter says, “It’s a 100% confidence game.  The dollar is based on the full faith and credit of the U.S. . . . We know from a credit standpoint we are over 100% of debt to GDP.  So, there is the credit part of it.  Faith is whether your word is good or not.  Our allies don’t know whether we are going to back them up, and our enemies don’t know if we are going to do what we say we are going to do, or not do what we say we are going to do.”

On recent terror warnings from the Saudi Arabia that there might attack on an EU or US city, Holter, once again, says, “Would that be something to point at?  If the City of London had a dirty bomb go off or Chicago or New York, that would cripple the financial system within a day or maybe even less.  Banks wouldn’t open.  What about the news of Russians hacking our big banks all last week?  Is that something you can point at?  If all of a sudden we woke up one day and if there were hundreds of billions of dollars in digital credit gone, what would that do?  Banks wouldn’t open, and it would be something to point at. . . . They know that it’s upside down, and they need something to point at and say our policies were working.  Our policies would have worked if it weren’t for such and such, whether it be war, or an attack on a major financial city or the Ebola virus.  You name it.”

So, what happens to people’s wealth after the coming crash?  Holter says, “I believe that many things that are real will be revalued many multiples higher.  Silver and gold I see being revalued eight to ten times higher or more if we have a closure of the banking system and the stock market, a reset so to speak.  You are going to be stuck until everything reopens.  There have been bail-ins discussed.  In a bail-in, let’s say you have $200,000 in your bank account.  You would wake up Monday morning and it may only be $50,000.  In Cyprus, the depositors lost 87% of their funds from the time the banks closed to the time they re-opened.  You also have to worry about these brokerage houses where you are carrying a margin account and they have lent your certificates out, and all of a sudden, the system closes.  Where’s your certificate?  Who owns it?  What if your brokerage company goes out of business?  It may be five years or more to get your paper certificate back.”

How likely is a crash in the financial system?  Holter thinks, “From a probability standpoint, whether it’s tomorrow morning or next week, or next month, or next year, mathematically, ask yourself this question: Is the U.S. broke?  The answer is yes, the U.S. is broke.  There is no way the U.S. can pay the promises, the interest and etcetera on everything that is out there.  I’ve seen a number of $240 trillion in total promises and debt.  There is no way that can be paid.  So, from a mathematical standpoint, sooner or later, there is going to be an all-out collapse.  That is a mathematical equation.  It is no longer if, it is only a question of when.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with gold and silver expert Bill Holter of 

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:
Bill Holter says there is a “high likelihood” that a real or false flag terror attack will cause the next financial crisis.  Holter thinks an upcoming attack will involve some sort of nuclear device which could be a suitcase nuke.  Holter is a prolific writer at  If you would like to check out one of the four original articles he writes each week, please click here for Holter’s archives.

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  1. James Hastings

    Just bidding my time. Buy this and that. Think about making sure my family has something to live off of. Think outside the box. Get prepared for anything. Never say never. America is riddled with morons who are in charge, so it’s a fact, they will screw it up. I bet on common sense. LOL

  2. SimCity


    The US. has become the land of the special interest’s and home of the double standard.
    Lets see; if we lie to congress, its a felony and if congress lies to us it’s politics; if you dislike a black person your racist, if a black dislikes a white, he’s a racist; the government spends millions to rehabilitate criminals and do almost nothing for the victim’s; in public schools you can teach that sexual, even homosexual activity is OK, but don’t use a bible to spread the good news, or say the name of the son of God and be laughed at, let alone the name of his, (our) heavenly father! You can kill the ready to be born , but wrong, a mass murderer; we got rid of the communist threat, for now the so called progressive oppressive socialist’s, to threaten the former, commie Russians with a third world war, if they don’t let their homosexuals teach their children and NATO move next door to them in Ukiraine and eventually surround them. We cant protect our own border’s but have no problem protecting South Korea’s 38th parallel, Japan’s or Taiwan’s, Vietnams, borders and are now spending billions and pledge billions more to protect Europe and the former Soviet states from the trumped up Russian threat of their borders! In other words we got our nose on everybody else ‘s border’s but our own! But don’t protest against all the Presidents men or you’ll be branded a terrorist, but if you burn the flag or George Bush in effigy your a hero and practicing your 1st Amendment right! Go figure? Greg and fear not!

    • Greg Hunter

      “Fear Not” Slim you sir are way ahead of the pack.

  3. Silence is Golden

    This guy hits a few targets.
    But, I will have to play devils advocate here and question his logic over the collapse scenario.
    Bill cited “if we had this (“financial collapse”) back in 2008 then we would be on the road to recovery by now” He also used Iceland as an example of how it should have been done.
    Firstly Iceland did move away from the Euro and did clean up its Banking practices BUT it also reneged/refuted all of the DEBT. It (the Debt) was wiped out and they basically said to those holders of the debt instruments …..go stuff it down your shirts bcos we aren’t honouring it. Putting that into context, if the US were to follow Bill’s suggested course of action what would be the ramifications. Keep in mind that Iceland doesn’t have the world’s reserve currency (which as we all know is used in trade settlement across the globe and constitutes a large proportion of the Reserves of all Central Banks). The US is doing the only thing it can do…..inflating the debt away. China and Russia know this very well. To do otherwise is not possible without triggering a World War…..!!! Hmmmm!!
    Secondly, the premise of having a financial collapse “when we should have had one” borders on ridiculous. A collapse of the financial system brings us all to a place sometime in the mid-50’s to mid-60’s. It would set the world back that far. Now for all those out there wanting or wishing for this event to occur I put it to you, do you really ?
    It is not only the fact that we all plunge into the depths of the greatest depression ever known to mankind, but it forces the ideal of a new world order in an instant. Just imagine the amount of chaos and lawlessness across the globe. That is absolute. What better reason to instigate any number of emergency measures including removal of sovereignty, personal freedoms, martial law/government. Ideally the newly formed world power would have rule over the nations of Earth. There would be NATO to ensure that all countries are policed. United Nations and the CFR would issue and mandate unilateral international LAWS. A collapse, whilst seemingly impossible to avoid, is not something that I yearn for in order to resolve the DEBT issue. It brings with it a new age in which the population is somewhat diminished. Personal property ownership will be a fond memory. Socialism on the grandest scale imaginable. The “State” will be your master. Imagine how much power would reside with the World Bank & the IMF.
    Don’t think for one minute that the Russians or the Chinese aren’t aware that this scenario is literally knocking at the door. Consider that the Chinese UST/USD reserves would literally take up half of the known Gold in existence on the planet. Not an easy job to liquidate that nasty paper.

    The Gold is paramount. Look back to 22 July 1944 Bretton Woods. The US came to the table as a flourishing manufacturing powerhouse with 20,000Tons of Gold. It made the rules and dictated the terms bcos of that hoard of Gold. The only difference between where China and Russia are today vs where the US was some 70 years ago, is that China encourages its people to own Precious metals. When the US came to the table gold was not widely held. In fact it was Central Bankers who were the primary holders. Where are we today…..of the 1% of the investable money that are buying it …99% is going into central banks. Why? Central Banks know that fiat system is running on empty. There will be a reset in the price of gold and the masses will scramble for it, only to be too late to the party. Price will not necessarily be quoted in USD. The holder of the Gold will dictate the price, the currency and the mechanism.

    • Greg Hunter

      You said, “the premise of having a financial collapse “when we should have had one” borders on ridiculous. A collapse of the financial system brings us all to a place sometime in the mid-50′s to mid-60′s. It would set the world back that far.” Really?? You think installing phony accounting, printing insane amounts of money, allowing money laundering for terrorists, allowing bankers off the hook over and over again and just paying fines, zero percent interest rates and many more acts of criminal stupidity fixed the system??? Really??? You think what is coming is better than the crash we would have had when the world was only $70 trillion in debt? (Today the world is $100 trillion in debt according to the BIS.) It is you who “borders on ridiculous” for thinking this was a plan to bring the economy back. It is sinking and it will be far worse than if we just had a controlled collapse back in 2008. That is called leadership my friend and we do not have it. We have crooks and psychopaths running the insane asylum. But what do I know.

      • Silence is Golden

        I am well aware of how corrupted the system is and how much debt there is floating around the globe. I don’t need a refresher course. I have lived and breathed this stuff for 3 decades. There is no plan to “bring the economy back”. That was never implied in anything I said.
        Letting the system collapse implied the US & all Western and Eastern nations collapse simultaneously because of their linkage to the USD. Whether it was past or future is just matters of degree. We still end up in the same place !!! It was and still is about the Banksters losing control of the power over the masses via the failing fiat monetary system.
        You speak of $70TLN in debt like it is an insignificant amount. Apply a deflator to the current debt level (allowing for inflation / debasement of money) and see if what you say is true. Comparing nominal values with real values to make a point is enlightening.
        You said “It is sinking and it will be far worse than if we just had a controlled collapse back in 2008″…..really !!!!
        How on Earth would those buffoons who call themselves central bankers or central planners or Elites or whatever the hell they bestow upon themselves (Clowns would be my preference)…have any capacity to “control” a collapse. I really would like to know what you know because based on what I have witnessed over the last 7 years ….they seem to go from one crisis to another while not resolving anything other than ensuring they are positioned to acquire all the assets when the time comes. When they have that much power, influence and control….they are impervious to the common law…They make… &… live by…. their own laws.
        The notion of a “collapse when we should have had one” is ridiculous. That doesn’t mean I support Bank Bailouts and by association, the concept of Moral Hazard. Its ridiculous because we really do not have any concept of how widespread the resulting destruction would be. At the least, the whole fabric of a functional society is diminished significantly.
        Deregulation of the Banking industry (removal of Glass-Steagall )combined with FED Chairmen operating to appease their shareholders instructions and complete and utter disregard for GAAP on the part of the FED, together with a fiat monetary system that survives on the goodwill of the Government, lead us to this outcome.
        They have lost control long time past. They are all bankrupt in a bankrupt system.
        Good men can disagree.

        • Greg Hunter

          Actually we don’t really disagree. Thank you for your comment.

        • Collateral Damage


          Tell us how you Really Feel. 🙂



      • Bill Holter

        couldn’t have said it better myself Greg with the exception “we should never have gotten to 2008 situation in the first place”.

        • Greg Hunter

          Hope you come back. I think everybody liked getting your perspective.

          • Bill Holter

            will do Greg, thanks!

  4. Doug

    Greg, the interview with Bill Holter was very good. I hope you have him return again. He is a wealth of information, as are his articles that he writes.

  5. mark

    Hi Greg,
    Thank you for having Bill on. Bill’s comments in response to your question regarding the drop off in sales of coins here in North America made perfect sense. The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit Greg and Bill.

  6. Dirk

    My question is…..why is the US dollar still the reserve currency. It should have crashed 2009. Like most people I put a lot of my money into gold and silver knowing full well that the crash is imminent. So what is keeping the dollar up. I notice this morning that silver was down to $19.15. I bet that China is rubbing its hands together and buying more gold.

    • mark

      Dr. Jim Willie ( in his most recent interview with Paul Sandhu comments on this towards the end of his interview if you have the time and interest to listen. Essentially the “price” is suppressed artificially to the point that producers cannot get the metal out of the ground and so the inevitable shortages occur.

    • J.C.Davis

      Dirk. The world currency must have another/ better currency for the world to exchange with before the dollar can collapse. That is what the BRICS are about. The world was caught of guard in 2009. Today the world is much better prepared to leave the dollar inside the USA.

      • Jerry

        Totally agree.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Dirk, you answered your own question. Dollar (phony money) up, gold (real money) down means on-going buying opportunity for our creditors, primarily China, so their behinds are covered when we default, i.e. the crash comes. There can be no other explanation. You figured it out, along with your friends here at USAWatchdog. Best always. PM

    • Bill Holter

      it’s still the reserve currency because there is no alternative…until there is!

  7. Bernard baggetto

    Greg, hi, please concentrate, buy asking your distinguished guests, who is funding ISIS ?
    These Muslim fundamentalists don’t have the industrial capacity to furnish there needs of war. Also, I would like to know who is supplying them with there means of transport?
    All I see is Toyota’s , GMC’s & Dodge pick up’s,
    My apologies if this is a mundane questions.
    Regards Bernard.

    • Galaxy 500

      The Iraqis were well equipped by the USA and when they ran away, the ISIS guys and gals got the stuff. They are selling a few million dollars of oil a day, they robbed banks in the towns they took over to the tune of half a billion dollars.
      There are people who will sell these guys weapons, even if they use them to kill the seller’s mother.

    • Collateral Damage

      Not a mundane question at all in my opinion. It was pretty clear that the US was backing anyone who would fight against the gov. in Syria. Talk about the height of unintended consequences. Or as Steve Urkel used to say, “Did I do that?”

    • Bill Holter

      the West.

  8. Brian Stemmerman

    Greg, enjoy the interview. It’s hard to choose either gold, silver, equities or bonds. I think the best investment is cash on hand. I need to make the decision if I want to stock up on supplies that I will need for the future. What I buy now could cost me twice as much in the next few years. That by itself is a good investment. It’s hard to part with cash at this moment. If things start to go bad, I am sure I will still have time to buy many pallets of food from Costco. People will be in shock and in disbelief. Credit cards may not work. I could buy years of supplies. Can you do that with gold and silver? QE is digital money. Cash is limited.
    I have lost a good amount of money shorting the market since 2009. Trading my 401(k) and 403B. My retirement felt like Social Security. Not sure if I’d ever get any of it back. The lost doesn’t really matter considering hyperinflation in the future. I still own many ETFs shares that short the market. I think losing money being a bear made me smarter to the fact that the markets are manipulated. Most bulls have no idea. I have 15 years before I can retire. Don’t feel that a long-term portfolio is going to be there for me in the future. I could be wrong though, but I know the US has already spent the money for the future. So, the future mathematically will be bleak. The banks can’t take cash that they do not have. Gold and Silver investors must think everything will be great after World War III and the collapse of the dollar, that is if you survive it.

  9. Samsara

    Only 4 months of the year to go but I still think Christine Largarde’s weird numerology speech will come into play. 2014, out with the old and 2015, in with the new. Thanks for getting this guy on. Some interesting new angles to consider. Especially the Chinese hammer down on silver to spark things off.

  10. bob

    greg, this country has been conditioned to believe in fiat money. gold and silver has been taboo since 1913. even more taboo since 1971. some of us get it and there are some who really get it. they have it already like bill had said. i have been in a very popular coin shop and india decent’s have been in there buying gold. i asked a salesman how often you see them. he said some buy every week and some buy once a month just like clock work.
    with the way things are economically it’s hard to buy something that keeps going down. i don’t care because i get it. but there are so many people who are scraping by and you have the youth who either don’t understand, can’t afford it or don’t care because of lack of education, aka conditioning, job and for the easiest term hollywood.
    Bill is dead on with what he says and i do believe that china holds a lot over our head. gee wasn’t there a book written, how china will when the war without firing a single shot? of course we will do something to maybe get their bullets firing.
    one last thing. don’t feel bad about family members thinking how wrong you are. i was told point blank that i am gullible and they are very scared for me, to it’s just rock and why would you pay money for that, to not talking to me. i even had one let me know when he would sell an ounce of gold a few years ago.

    • Greg Hunter

      The story of the grasshopper and the ant comes to mind. The story of Noah building his arc (on dry land) for 125 years also comes to mind. Your laugh will be the very last one my friend.

      • Collateral Damage

        Any of you ever read the story ‘Watership Down’?

        If you had, you may remember that the premise of the book revolved around a little rabbit named Fiver. Fiver was a young runt rabbit who received a frightening vision of his warren’s imminent destruction. Fiver and his brother Hazel failed to convince their chief rabbit of the need to evacuate and the two of them set out on their own with a small band of rabbits to search for a new home.

        Some nights I don’t sleep thinking about the consequences of where this world is going economically. One night about 6 months ago, probably about 2 a.m. I realized that I had this uncanny feeling that I felt just like that rabbit in the book. I could relate to the feeling that Fiver had. Where I knew in my bones what is to come but no one else would ‘see’. I got out of bed and Googled, ‘Watership Down’. What I read made the hair on my arms stand on end.

        Interestingly enough, the author of the book based the struggles of the animals on the struggles he and his friends encountered in advance of and during the Battle of Oosterbeek, Arnhem, the Netherlands in 1944.

        You my friends all ‘see’ as Fiver could. Perhaps you may lead a small band to relative safety.

        Fear Not and Fare Thee Well.

      • todd clay

        I appreciate your references to the scriptures,it lends credibility to your program!

    • Bill Holter

      not hard if it’s below the cost of production is it?

  11. allen ols

    I received a call from Nathan in baton rouge La. and he has had the “tin foil hat” phrase chucked at him. His wife thinks he is nuts. These nay sayers, are scared, and really want to live in the “happy corner” of the room.
    False flag, non delivery, war, eco. collapse, all of thee above; as BH said, should have collapsed/reset 2 yrs ago. And I agree It gives more time to prepare for us living in the real world, and can extrapolate events and string a few thoughts of future projection.
    Yest. I bought extra 6″ and 8″ black stove pipe, and accessories for back up.
    Over the course of just one year, the average price of ground beef has jumped by more than 12 percent, based on the figures, up from $3.459 per pound last July. This represents a more than 42-cent increase per pound, an amount staggeringly higher than the typical inflation rate. And since 2009, the average price of ground beef has risen by an unprecedented 81 percent.

    Learn more:

    • West Tejas

      @Greg : You bring up a very good point. In the book, When Money Dies by Adam Ferguson it was stated before hyperinflation broke out that food took up about 10% of a families budget. By the time the hyperinflation ended food took upwards of 95% of a families budget.
      It appears we are beginning to witness this same effect just in slow motion.

      • Collateral Damage

        “When Money Dies”, Excellent Read. I recommend it for everyone.

        It is sobering, but it does point out that there is ‘life after collapse’ and it also illustrates very clearly that the painful process leading up to the ultimate collapse is the really the hard part. After the collapse, things began to recover much more quickly than anyone would have believed. Another way to look at it is that we are all playing a game of musical chairs. The painful part was the part of the Musical Chairs Game when the music was still playing because you didn’t know if you would get a seat or not. After the collapse those who won, won, those who lost lost, but everyone picked up the pieces and moved on.

        The thing to dread, in my opinion, is the prospect of war. But if we all off with each other than we won’t have a whole heck of a lot to worry about will we? Look on the bright side, we won’t be actively contributing to Global Warming any longer. 🙂

  12. Justin King

    We’ve never had domino worldwide globalization before now, so when this sovereign debt bomb does blow-up, for any myriad of reasons, it will be like a financial rapture.

    • Greg Hunter

      “financial rapture” scary but accurate term!!

    • Ugly

      It won’t be a financial rapture, because that means somebody saved us. It will be a Financial Armageddon because the collapse will be the wars that leads to all wars and most families and workers will soon have nothing….there is no rapture in this….

      • Galaxy 500

        Right on Ugly…more like a rupture than a rapture

    • Mahalia Jackson

      We’re in it right now. All the false flags are being tried. Putin isn’t blinking. China isn’t blinking. It ain’t working for them to scare us all. We’re buying silver and gold…they hate that. Monsanto is being defied in Mexico & Guatemala. The Chinese rejected the 97 million tons of Syngenta corn. People are removing their money from the banks. Like Jim Willie said, the Blackwater mercenaries were taken in Ukraine by the French elite corps. The Mistral purchase rejection might even be an inside agreement with Russia to do something else. Personally, I just got a modification loan under 2% on stated income.

      Too many people now know about the corruption and control. Like Celente says, it only takes a percent of the population to end the game. The more respressive they try to be, the more desperate they are.

      Thanks for keeping up such a great site, Greg.

    • Bill Holter

      this is the problem, EVERYTHING is “based” or valued on everything else…what if the foundation is worthless?

  13. woody188

    Interesting points. Something further, say you have $50,000 in a bank account. Go to the bank and ask for $10,000. Think you’ll get it that day?

    Nope, it will take a week or more to get $10,000 cash, and you’ll be subject to reporting to the government because they say taking out that amount of cash is suspect activity.

    • Ugly

      Reminds me of the old Abbott and Costello on borrowing $50.

      He asks can I borrow $50. Answer was he does not have $50 but only a $20. He says then give me your $20 and then you will only owe me $30. Then it goes on and on…..a classic….

  14. art barnes

    Greg, nice interview, what your guest was saying is that a “black swan” is coming, intentionally or unintentionally, his something to point at that is. Russia will not back down, the bear senses weakness from the West & even Obama said there will be no troops on the ground, a reoccurring cliché about ever part of the world & even in our own borders. Clearly, the sanctions will only lead to more dollar devaluation and the rise of the Yuan & Rubble as a valid settlement currencies. As to another note, Bush’s & Obama’s “religion of peace”, sending out another criminal warrant is such naivety, this President is out for “justice” against a entity who has declared war & he doesn’t know it. The religion of peace is dangerous, the radical division is supported by the balance of the faith or a large part of Islam. Make no mistake about it, a new empire is developing; a resurgence of the Turkish and or Ottoman Empire which was finally defeated in 1924 or so we thought & criminal warrants won’t deter it.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Art for your comment and support. You have had 735 comments to date.

      • art barnes

        Greg, WOW, 735, I guess you could call me a sticker. You, my friend, have created a site that lets freedom ring, a real public service. From the Western Front, ab

    • Bill Holter

      Germany’s gold

  15. JC Davis

    Greg if someone is holding my gold for safe keeping, and will not give it back… There’s no telling what I will do until I do it. As to all the solutions of war? The answer is simple. Bring the troops home world wide. Mind our own borders. Ron Paul is not looking so wrong these days.

  16. Willard Ferch

    Bill Holter has a way of bringing reality home to hit hard. Besides the economy, I watch the climate news, and with severe cooling on its way, probably a mini-ice age, or possibly a full-blown ice age, and worthless money in the bank, I think I’ll begin stockpiling cow dung. Fiddlin

  17. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    The US gov is hell bent on hot war with Russia:
    Putin’s counter move will be ugly, but mostly nonmilitary. Maybe it will be the Chinese who will do the “dirty work”. Because they know if Russia goes down, they are next.

    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

    • Greg Hunter

      I think your 2 cents are worth a lot!


      • Oracle 911

        Thank you Greg
        Maybe because I’m already on gold standard. 🙂
        Jokes aside read this from via Google translate:
        Vice Premier Wen Zhang Gaoli, at a ceremony beginning of construction of the pipeline strength of Siberia, the United States has publicly said:
        “The Chinese side strongly against sanctions of the United States and the West against Russia, against the colored revolutions, against attempts to hinder the development of Russia. I have already told Mr. Miller and Mr. Sechin, what we will do everything in our power “, – quotes Gaoli the Kremlin press service.

        Even with Western standards this is slap into the face, by east Asian standards it is a kick into the nuts.

        It won’t end well and probably the Chinese will do the “dirty work”.

        My 2 cent
        Oracle 911

  18. Jerry

    Survival Gear – Emergency Shelter
    So what do you do for emergency heat if you live in a house or an apartment that has no wood heat, kerosene heat, or solar back up heat, should the electricity go off? Solution. The miracle parachute.
    Years ago I lived in basically a shack that had no insulation or heat to speak of. At night the temperature would drop to 5 degrees above 0 . So I got a parachute and nailed it to the ceiling in the center of the living room, and then pined the sides to the walls letting it drape down. I then lit a small candle for heat and placed on a table in the center of the room. By trapping the heat from the candle with the parachute I was able to keep the room at a balmy 55- 60 degrees.

  19. Mark

    Great interview. Thanks once again for asking “When?” Everything seems to be dependent on some black swan event of which by definition is an unknown event at an unknown time. So… we know something is going to happen and we don’t know what and when. But we all feel its coming…. Kind of like Noah and the great flood. The question now becomes is gold and silver the ark.

    • g.johnson

      good tip jerry, but how did you manage to get in and out of the door?

      • Jerry

        Made an entry way through it.

    • Bill Holter

      Yes they are for “after” the re set.

  20. Marcin

    If Jim Willie’s forecast about Germany turning East to join Bricks is true, which I believe it is possible, they will need all gold back from Federal Reserve to add it to the pot, and this is why they will not get this gold back from US.

  21. Timco

    Excellent guest. Mr. Holter is one of the best writers of our time. If you don’t read his articles, you should!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Timco. This is why I booked him and I thank you for noticing and telling everyone what you think.

    • Bill Holter

      please tell my wife this!

  22. vincentg

    The biggest gamble right now is the push on Russia.
    This could backfire in more ways than one.

    If Europe does a 180 then the US is no longer in control.

    That could be a big problem for the country.

    Leadership would then be in question and from there the dollar could be in question.

    Missing Jets in Libya – ISIS in Iraq – what next?

    The track record doesn’t look very good.
    Will not take much to convince people that the US is no longer to be trusted.

    • Bill Holter

      this is the action of an aging fighter in the middle to late rounds throwing haymakers.

  23. Don Chapin

    Thank you to Bill and to you, Greg.
    my interest is in the reported takeover, by majority interest, of the Federal Reserve by Chinese interests and the reported substantial interest the same Chinese have in the income-stream committed to the IRS from U.S. taxpayers. Reportedly, the U.S. defaulted on their lease payments after the Chinese allowed the U.S. to ‘lease’ gold to bolster their assets backing our currency. Does anyone know if this report has any veracity to it?

    • mark

      I first heard this reported by Dr. Jim Willie ( He documents his sources in his Hat Trick Newsletter which is by subscription, but he has expressed this view in public articles and interviews. Try e-mailing him directly with your question.

    • Galaxy 500

      The US hasnt backed its currency with anything since we left the gold standard.

      • Jerry

        Totally correct. In fact I watched a documentary about how much Gold is in Fort Knox. Turns out a news crew was allowed to go into the vault in 1968 to see if it was still there. They only got to go in one 12 x 12 room. They were not allowed in any other vaults on a 5 acre underground complex. So. No its gone.

    • Bill Holter

      I personally believe there is some validity as they are our larges creditor.

  24. Mike Hunton

    I think that advertizing and media are involved: through Holly Wood, nsa, the cia, and other governmental agency’s.

    I agree with having to wait it out, if you have any money, negotiable paper, pension, etc.

    Everyone will look to the tv and do what the government tells us, because remember, that’s how the SNAP people live. That is half the population that just gives into the advertizing, media, and government. They are supported by these agency’s and their lives depend on them.

    If you haven say 8O% of your money taken, these people will think you got what was coming to you (you deserve it), because they have been unwittingly programed to believe these things. I could see persecution being the norm, and blame games, and terrible things, all in an orderly fashion. History does tend to repeat.

  25. Jerry

    Greg the explanation of why the economy hasn’t collapsed is simple. Its because of a formula known as (PMS)
    – Print off of selling worthless bonds.
    – Manipulate …the markets (especially gold)
    – Screw…the middle class for taxes to support the government.

    To understand what’s really going in in Ukraine, you have to understand the plans the globalist have for the “silk road” that runs through it. The globalist want to merge our economic replacements , ( China, Russia, India.. all emerging economies) into a one world currency trade platform that will run directly to Frankford Germany and all of the EU. Angela Merkel recently signed currency swap agreements with China and Russia. because she wants Germany to be part of it.

    Unfortunately for the Ukrainian people the western banking cabal installed a puppet government in Ukraine during the Olympics, so that they could continue pillaging its resources, to help prop up the western banks. But like all good things, it will come to an end because the Russians and the eastern globalist have bigger plans for Ukraine and it doesn’t include us. In fact this will be the snow flake moment that everyone has been waiting for. The players are on stage. The shows about to start.

    • Jerry

      Its always funny to me how the MSM cranks up the propaganda mill just about the Air Force One lands.
      All of sudden there’s a peaceful settlement for Ukraine just about the time BO meets with NATO. Yea right. No one is buying that baloney except the dumbed down American sheeple. This is for all intensive purposes Putin’s ” we tried to negotiate” card being played, just before he moves on with the globalist agenda .

      • Bill Holter

        made for TV

  26. John M.

    Greg, you made a good choice in bringing us Mr. Holter as a new guest. He seems to have his eyes wide open and a mind working on all cylinders, just like we would expect every human being to be seeing the reality of our world without censorship, propaganda, and editorial filters.
    I really don’t think that the majority of Americans are watching ABC, NBC, or CBS, as I think they prefer to be “comfortably numbed” by watching sports, the Kardashians, Dancing with the Stars, Dating Naked, or other such meaninglessness.
    I think it is the Guerrilla Economist (V) that claims that Russia has accumulated 30,000 tons of gold, China 20,000 tons, and the Indian population about 30,000 tons in the form of gold jewelry as their savings. America touts to still have 8,000 tons of gold or so, but I strongly suspect it (and German’s gold) has left the vaults to the private hands of the elites to put in their own emergency prepping stashes, and much has gone to Asia of course.
    It seems that Asia has all the true wealth, which has become the new home of productive resources and precious metal money. Russia alone has the vast energy resources and strategic metals and minerals. America is left with its depreciating paper money, a bunch of consumers that cannot provide for themselves, an overstretched military machine, and a strong belief in hedonistic materialism and environmentalism as their unofficial gods.
    This cannot end well for the West, as it would seem logical that Europe and America are dying.
    It’s difficult to predict what might happen, but it’s had hard to imagine that this all can keep going on for much longer. The anniversary of 9/11 is next Thursday (13 years), so it would seem logical that if you own a tin hat and believe in the manufacturing of false flags– that would be a most opportune time to reinvigorate the War on Terror, again. The War Industry is one thriving industry we still have in this country, but Russia and China are actually superior in many areas of these new military technologies. Let’s not forget as Putin recently reminded us, they also have offensive first-strike nuclear capabilities. I agree Greg, it is sheer stupidity to keeping poking Russia and China with a pointy stick.

    • Bill Holter

      thank you John, you make some very valid points.

  27. Eddie Laidler

    Let’s go back and read Putin’s letter to Americans.
    Sometimes looking back can allow one to gain more perspective on the future.

    From the New York Times.
    A Plea for Caution From Russia
    What Putin Has to Say to Americans About Syria
    Published: September 11, 2013
    MOSCOW — RECENT events surrounding Syria have prompted me to speak directly to the American people and their political leaders. It is important to do so at a time of insufficient communication between our societies.

    Relations between us have passed through different stages. We stood against each other during the cold war. But we were also allies once, and defeated the Nazis together. The universal international organization — the United Nations — was then established to prevent such devastation from ever happening again.

    Continue reading

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Eddie for posting this.

  28. SimCity

    Blast from USAWatchdog past; Sept. 4, 2013

    Former Assistant Treasury Secretary Dr. Paul Craig Roberts says, “Let’s cut to the chase. It’s got nothing to do with Syria. The reason they are looking for a fabricated excuse to attack Assad is to continue the radicalization of Muslims in the hopes this spreads into the Muslim populations of Russia and China. . . . Washington intends to weaken the two giants it cannot run over.” Dr. Roberts goes on to warn, “I think this will lead to World War III, and that, of course, will be nuclear.” One big dilemma Dr. Roberts points out, “The issue is will any aspect of the government have any credibility if they back Obama when the rest of the world already knows he’s lying through his teeth? . . . This time the big lie didn’t work like it did in Iraq.”

    The “BigLie,” did fail to work and Assad still is in office safe and sound and holding the cards, “our kin-ones,” but were the one’s surrounded now by these radicalized Muslim jihadist’s, instead of our new-found enema’s Russia and China and now we can add the rest of the BRIC’s to that enemy’s list were making longer and longer each day these deep-state goof-balls stay in office and out of jail!

    • Bill Holter

      PCR is correct.

  29. AndyB

    Greg: BH is one of the very few “real” commentators out there. He logically connects the dots, doesn’t pontificate or rant, and takes great care, as do you, to respond to comments. Please have him on more often.

  30. Gregory Mannarino

    All we need to realize is this: without exception looking back at on history, every bubble will eventually burst. It is a mathematical certainty. And this global debt bubble is no exception. It is bar none the greatest threat to human kind because it is not just a financial issue, but an issue about resources.
    Thanks, Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Gregory for weighing in here my friend!

    • Ugly

      Yeah, but this bubble will be the bubble of all bubbles. WWII should have woke us up where about 15% of the entire earths population died. Today it will be Biblical and on the magnitude of trillions gone and people starving. Our times are ripe for an Anti-Christ to come along and solve all problems, basically ushering in a cashless system and a number that must be used for all world trade….

      • Bill Holter

        sadly you are probably very close to correct.

  31. willy groper

    I agree with most of what Mr. Holter is saying, but take major issue with his definition of a bail-in. Perhaps he is confusing it with a currency devaluation. His example of having $200K in a bank account & waking up with $50K is total crap. From my understanding about Cyprus, the losers were the depositors that had in excess of what would be the equivalent of the USSA’s FDIC limit. This fits the description of devaluation, NOT a bail in.

    He’s also incorrect regarding “Bail-In’s” being discussed by the FED. I can ASSURE you they were put in place with Dodd-Frank. Should this play out, you’ll be issued worthless stock in the failing institution with derivatives way ahead of you in the line for collection of your unsecured loan to said institution. One need look no further than the website to garner this info. There is an MOA, memorandum of agreement with the BOE, Bank of England (on their website also) that clearly spells this out for systemically important banks. For those interested in looking up the FDIC pdf dated in 2010, I’d highly recommend paying close attention to the following:

    page 3, item 12
    page 4, item 16
    page 6, item 24
    page 6, item 28

    • Bill Holter

      Willy, I understand the difference between the two, I believe we will have both…bail ins going in to and during a holiday ad devaluations during and after…this way they get you coming and going.

      • allen ols

        Bill Holter;

        sorta, like being “groped”

    • Jerry

      You are correct, Willy, people in Cyprus who had 100,000 euros or less, which was insured, did not lose one penny of it like Mr. Holter wrongly claims when he says that the depositors lost 87% of their funds.

      These bail-in plans are not referring to covered or insured deposits. In some of these bail-in plans it is even stressed that covered or insured deposits are to be protected. And it is very important for any country to protect insured depositors for obvious reasons. Iceland protected the insured deposits, Cyprus protected the insured deposits and the US will do it too. And the U.S. is even in a better position to do so compared to Cyprus. Those who are at risk of a “haircut” are uninsured deposits, bondholders and stockholders.

      And for those “fear-mongers” that wrongly believe that insured deposits are really no longer protected because the FDIC is “broke”, the Dodd-Frank Act gives the FDIC the authority to borrow from the Treasury 100% of the book value of a bank’s consolidated assets in cases of insolvency. So the FDIC can borrow to pay insured depositors if they have to.

  32. Bradley

    Bill Holter writes great articles on Miles Franklin website. I read them most everyday and his style is very easy to understand. Appreciate the interview as it is not often I see Bill in this video format. He has great insight and hope he is on again down the road.
    And Thank You Greg for all your great interviews. I watch all of them.

    • Bill Holter

      Thank you Bradley, this may have been only the 10th time I have spoken publicly since retiring in 2006 …a little bit of dust on the bottle and rust on my spurs?

      • Collateral Damage


        Thank you for coming on to be interviewed and sharing your knowledge.



  33. Vanelli56


    First off… thanks again for bringing great guests on that we would never hear on the MSM. I dont know about others, but I watch your site, along with other alternative media sources, in addition to the MSM just to get a sense of what is being said from every angle. Its amazing the spin different sources will put on the same story. Keep up the great work.

    I wanted to share this little tidbit …
    Its a local story about a food bank laying off workers. You know its bad when they have to lay-off people despite being as busy during the summer as they normally are during the holidays. Economic Recovery anyone??? I think not.

    Take care and God Bless.

    • Bill Holter

      mainstream would never have me, they would go to commercial as soon as my mouth opened!

      • Greg Hunter

        I can tell you one thing, It is a treat for you to follow-up your interview by coming here and commenting to folks!!!! Thank you.

        • Charles H.

          Bill and Greg,

          Absolutely – it is totally heads-up; and far and away the BEST involvement I have seen on ANY site. Hats off to you Mr. Holter – for coming here and replying to our comments. Your interview was great: very down-to-earth and comprehensive. Your comments here distinguish you as ONE OF THE BEST guests Greg Hunter has brought on.

        • allen ols

          ditto, greg, and greg Mannirino follows up also, I wish all u guests would follow up. tks BH.

        • J.C.Davis

          Yes indeed. Thanks .

  34. Deanna Johnston Clark

    Thank you, Greg. As usual I am hoping for some news to pass on to those living on Social Security and small incomes…or working class people with small houses and some savings.

    All these articles are Big Picture…could anyone refract things a bit?

    • Greg Hunter

      Start stocking up on storable food and water. Cancel your cable TV, cancel your Smart phone data plan, take the bus, make sure your vehicle is in good repair as is your home, stop eating out and save all you can outside the banking system. Think about growing some food in a garden in your back yard. If you can, start buying a few ounces of silver. I prefer silver Eagles or “junk” silver (both are U.S. minted coins) This is going to be very bad for the poor and folks on SS or getting any kind of government money. I have no magic bullet or plan that can save you. So you must start doing everything you can Right Now and do not look back. I am not trying to be mean. This is serious and it will rain on us all.


      • allen ols


      • Collateral Damage


        Greg’s recommendations are the best. I would also add the following: pray, build your own internal strength to withstand hardship, build community amongst your friends and neighbors and enjoy every day we have, the here and now, for all it is worth.

        Remember that every breath we take is a gift. Cherish life.

    • Bill Holter

      do the very best you can, that’s all you can do…and do not beat yourself up for it. We all have our limitations.

    • allen ols


      I started with bags of rice, beans of all colors, and canned tuna, salmon, peaches, pears, honey, sugar, then branched to the wheat berries, and on.

  35. Hugo

    Hi Greg,

    Interesting interview, thank you. I read some reports that showed that there are Academi (better known under their old name, Blackwater) mercinaries around fighting together with the Kiev forces. There are also reports there are ”volunteers” from the former Soviet states fighting along their ranks. Guess that always happens in proxy wars.

    On the point mr Holter makes on gold being money and not an investment I disagree since I cannot pay with it (smile). Even if I could, I would not. I consider gold wealth (aka near money). It is there to be hoarded and not being spend. Accidentally it also raises its value (smile) and that is what happens. Most will not be spend for long, long times (sometimes centuries). See the Indian temples for example, they only receive it as tribute and deploy it to help the devotees when a huge disaster has happend. Besides that, it is the only financial asset that has no counter party risk.

    Here in the Netherlands we had a period of around 3 months when one could not (at least me and I tried hard) could buy real, thus physical, gold. That was after the crash of 2008 happend. Many, many people rushed to buy it and there was no (retail) gold (and very limited silver) available for purchase.

    regards Hugo

    • Bill Holter

      “truth” is always the first casualty of war … I find it hard to believe they are as coordinated as they are …most probably mercs.

      • Ugly

        Truth is the casualty of MSM reporting….that is why we are here.

  36. 02144pomroy

    Greg, really enjoyed this interview. When you guys were discussing where the gold was coming from to complete these transactions, I was hoping you would ask Mr. Holter if he thought some of it was coming from Karen Hudes’ 170,000 ton hoard of Yamashita’s gold sitting in the Bank of Hawaii.

    • Galaxy 500

      You cant be serious can you? Even crazy Karen admits it was supposedly paper gold deposited in HI, and that the real gold was at a super secret location in the Philippines that.only Batman, Superman and Aquaman knew.
      Duh….lets keep things real here and leave the the Syfy network

    • Bill Holter

      please read “Yamashita’s Gold” at the Miles Franklin website, I wrote it in late Feb., I think she is on drugs.

  37. Jeff

    When Russia fell apart and the walls came down, somewhere like 120 dirty bomb suitcases came up missing…….. My money has been on that for quite a while. Reason being they would be marked as coming from Russia and thus the blame…….. I also wouldn’t be surprised if we (US) took the bombs to be used for false flag events.

    • Bill Holter

      yes, they will find “made in Mokba” in pristine condition.

  38. smaulgld

    I agree with what Bill says that most Americans don’t understand that gold is not an investment- it is an asset or an insurance policy. Americans have been convinced that the dollar is money and are not interested in gold the way people and countries outside the US are.

    US Mint figures are down for gold and silver but they are still far higher than the years prior to 2008. Some speculate that most of the buying at the US mint is not by Amerians and by just a few select foreign buyers. I agree that people who are aware probably already have made their buys of precious metals and that in an odd way if gold and silver started to go higher, Americans would jump on board BUT they would probably buy the paper gold and silver etf products.
    It’s also possible that people are buying more non US mint silver rounds and bars.

    Bill’s colleague at Miles Franklin, Andy Hoffman does some terrific writing too and does some good podcasts.

    • Bill Holter

      buy low sell high does not work when a currency goes away.

  39. Ugly

    People. We know what we need. The dollar will crash and mayhem will proceed. Cover the basics and keep preps simple. You need:
    Warmth, clothing
    Seeds/ garden
    Money stuff like silver
    Barter stuff like brandy of vodka

    Keep it simple, but get going. On my next list is solar stuff. Then I am looking at communication stuff such as handhelds and also SW radio. You cannot buy everything, so keep it to the essential survival basics….

    • Paul from Indiana

      Your name may be “Ugly” but your advice is “beautiful”. Best always. PM

    • Bill Holter

      you will definitely forget something…do your best. with the best you can do!

    • allen ols


      bao feng hand held ham radios, I have 3 so far, and get the long 16″ whip antenna.

      • Ugly

        Do you have a website link where I can order online? Thanks….

  40. Andreson

    Great decision to get Bill Holter on the show – he is an absolutely brilliant analyst of economics and geo-politics. One who really understands the shenanigans of elite interests.

    His opinion that China has 10,000 tonnes of gold is likely an underestimate. The western elites are of the view that the gold reserves of China and Russia will be recovered at some stage in the future – no doubt under some flimsy pretext such as “reparations” (as a side note, imagine the “reparations” for which the US would be liable given its conduct over the past 40 or 50 years…).

    Things are getting extremely interesting – September is the month to watch. Western instigated false flag, war, comex default – who knows.

    Something is on the horizon and very soon.

    The truly staggering issue is that so few are aware of the world around them.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Anderson.

    • Bill Holter

      thank you Andreson!

  41. danoT

    the metals dealer I use can’t keep silver eagles in stock and what they keep in the store is pretty poor compared to what they have had on hand in years past. Call them and find out for yourself and place a order while you are at it. Silvertowne coin shop. While silver is on sale I think I will call Miles Franklin this time around and see what they can do. I have also had very good experience with Colorado Gold.

    • Bill Holter

      please do, we would love to compete for your business!

  42. danoT

    Having silver and gold is wise but I have to agree with several of the posters here that having supplies laid up is
    even better. We have been blessed to live in the country all our lives. We have a 7 acre mini farm with large garden, fruits,nuts, berries also hogs, cattle, chickens ,turkeys and goats and plan on more bees next year. Good friends live 1/4 mile down the road and have three ponds and can step out the back and see four Amish dairy farms. We heat the house mostly with wood and solar gain from attached greenhouse on sunny days. (hydroponics going in there, hope to do aquaponics next year). We can, freeze, smoke and dry food and we can butcher our own meat. I make beer and wine and have made cheese, butter and ice cream. Heck I even grow a little tobacco and roll some cigars. I have accumulated some PMs but I figure most of that will be given to family, friends and neighbors because they have done not a thing to prepare for the worst only hoping for the best. For all we have done there is more to do but not just incase SHTF this is just the way we have lived the last thirty years and like doing things this way. “The wise man sees the trouble ahead and prepares himself but he foolish go on about their way and suffer for it.”

    • Bill Holter

      you need to have as much of EVERYTHING as you can! ,,,discreetly and put back a few imported cigars!

  43. Dwain

    According to BLS, 70 million US jobs out of 137 million total reside in government and health care as of Jan. 2014. I include education and construction with government since universities, public schools and the construction industry are supported by government. Law, insurance and finance account for another 13 million. Retail and leisure 30 million.

    This is the real upside down scenario causing government to act like lawless desperate fanatics. When the dollar crashes, so goes the 70 million jobs dependent on government printing presses and debt. Without the 70, this will create a chain reaction causing all other 43 million to fail or be significantly marginalized.

    How will jobs be reset with a currency reset since over half are dependent on printing presses and debt? Will government be able to keep printing and going into debt to support these “jobs” after a currency reset and loss of its world reserve status? I don’t see it.

    Still have not heard a comment from one media outlet on this mother of issues.

    Its difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on him not understanding it. Upton Sinclair

    • Bill Holter

      we produce very little …except for our #1 export …little green FRN’s and electronic digits.

  44. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    Great interview Greg.
    I think this guy shoots straight.
    The estimate of $240 trillion in debt and promises in a truly scary figure.

    Talking about scary.
    The nato summit begins in Wales tomorrow!
    IMHO the Nato Nato Secretary General is a war crazed lunatic and a habitual bought and paid for liar. I will take the liberty of quoting PCR:

    “My Ph.D. dissertation chairman, who became a high Pentagon official assigned to wind down the Vietnam war, in answer to my question about how Washington gets Europeans to always do what Washington wants replied: “Money, we give them money.” “Foreign aid?” I asked. “No, we give the European political leaders bagfuls of money. They are for sale, We bought them. They report to us.” Perhaps this explains Tony Blair’s $50 million fortune one year out of office.”


    • Greg Hunter

      I am very doubtful about this “cease-fire” in Ukraine. I wonder if NATO is stalling for time. On the other hand, Russia is representing eastern Ukraine according to the AP. If Russia was not involved why is Mr. Putin spelling out a “7 point plan” for ending hostilities in eastern Ukraine? This whole thing gives me the creeps, and it could escalate into something unimaginably horrible. Hope it is worked out peacefully though.

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        That makes two of us!
        The prospect of the Ukraine situation and the Nato summit scares the crap out of me.

        My Take;
        Putin is the chess grandmaster.
        Nobrainer, Kerry, Cameron, Merkels and Rasmussen are having huge difficulty with the intellectual challenge of even playing chinese checkers. No good trying the traditional old game of snakes and ladders either as this is quite frankly completely beyond their meagre levels of comprehension. However all of these fools are receiving bag loads of money anyway and they are just too stupid and thick skinned to experience the complex and unpleasant sensation of embarrassment.
        This scenario fits in with saying;

        The STUPID PART with the above leaders is obviously not going to change.
        The DEAD PART is however highly likely to change if they pursue their current agendas.

        • Greg Hunter

          I am very worried about this and now we hear the U.S. and EU are preparing more sanctions for Russia!!! What?! I thought they were trying to negotiate an end to the conflict. I am very worried.

          • Bill Holter

            “cease fire” is hilarious

            • Greg Hunter

              I am very worried. I think this will spin out of control. God help us all.

          • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

            I think Putin is very puzzled.
            It is a complete mystery to anyone what is required for Russia to avoid these sanctions.
            IMHO this is not a complicated problem. It all started as simply a discussion in Ukraine as to whether or not they should join the EU. Washington then meddled , as they do, and deliberately escalated the conflict into a full blown civil war all the time blaming Russia for everything that happened. The monolithic MSM misinformation machine of course got on board and now we see a distinct possibility of WW111 developing.
            WW111 is of course exactly what the military/industrial complex wants and the dumb talking heads western leaders are paid to go along with it all.
            I turned 60 two days ago and I believe this is the most serious threat to mankind that I have witnessed in my lifetime.
            The situation is made infinitely more dangerous by the fact that the western leaders are such reckless , irresponsible liars.
            Greg, I am very worried too.

    • Bill Holter

      I shot 248 out of 250 for my CHL …pulled my last shot for lack of concentration was really pissed!

      • Charles H.


        Texas passed recent legislation that doesn’t require classes and proficiency testing for renewal – bless them! Also lowered costs.
        My instructor, fired a couple extemporaneous shots through MY target – which stunned me. But figuring it out ( my initial license) – I got 250, with an original IMI Baby Eagle. I carry a stainless CZ75B.

      • Ugly

        Thanks for doing the post comments. Sounds like you are concerned. Thanks for your knowledge and input….

  45. allen ols

    As I have said before, Politicians are bought with bags of money, ALL POLITICIANS.

    Paul C. Roberts writes;

    My Ph.D. dissertation chairman, who became a high Pentagon official assigned to wind down the Vietnam war, in answer to my question about how Washington gets Europeans to always do what Washington wants replied: “Money, we give them money.” “Foreign aid?” I asked. “No, we give the European political leaders bagfuls of money. They are for sale, We bought them. They report to us.” Perhaps this explains Tony Blair’s $50 million fortune one year out of office.

    The Western media, the largest brothel on earth, is desperate for war. The editorial board of the Washington Post, now a trophy newspaper in the hands of’s billionaire owner, ran an editorial on August 31 that projected all of Washington’s (and the Post’s) lies upon Putin.’s owner might know how to market products on the Internet, but he is hopeless when it comes to running a newspaper. His editors at the Washington Post have made his trophy a worldwide laughing stock.

  46. Tommy

    Two years ago silver was at $30+ and we were told that the mint was running out of silver and couldn’t produce enough eagles. Dealers did not have enough on hand to satisfy demand. Junk silver was not to be had. Now silver is $19 and you can buy all you want. Why would the people who were buying at prices almost double what they are now not be backing up the truck today?

    • Bill Holter

      when al is said and done, you will count your net worth in “weight”.

  47. HTC

    Greg… I’ve got a feeling Israel will use nuclear weapons on Syria/Damascus to neutralize the Isis threat on their borders. This would turn the world’s attention and aggression on Israel fulfilling biblical prophecy. I think the US could see a crippling attack on US soil as a sort of black swan moment proceeded by some big treasury dumps and a mass exodus out of the dollar leaving the US unable to aid in Israel’s defense when the world turns on her. A family member brought this to my attention, they said Isis is by or on or even inside the Texas border and we have found evidence of a possible Isis attack on Texas army base and Washington. If that didn’t start the ball rolling I’m not sure what would. Israel’s use of nuclear weapons would however gather the world’s attention and rage and she would be labeled a nuclear rogue state and any attempts made to subdue her would in their eyes would be “justified”. I foresee the great tribulation just around the corner. But when these things start to happen do not fear, but trust in our heavenly father who gives peace that passes all understanding that we may rest in his sovereign plan and grace that is given to his elect.

    • Greg Hunter

      There are two really big stories out there and they come from the M.E. and Ukraine which how China will react a close third.

    • Bill Holter

      we do have an “anniversary” coming up.

  48. Langtry

    What Does the Future Hold?

    WHY DOES THE ANSWER MATTER? A person’s prospects for tomorrow affect the way he acts today. For example, those with little hope for the future may adopt the attitude: “Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we are to die.” (1 Corinthians 15:32) Such an attitude often leads to overeating, heavy drinking, and anxiety—not to genuine peace of mind.
    Granted, if the future were left entirely in human hands, our prospects would be bleak. The earth’s air, water, and land are being polluted on an unprecedented scale. The threat of nuclear war and terrorist attacks is mounting. Disease and poverty affect billions worldwide. Yet, there are sound reasons for hope.

    • Bill Holter

      God helps those who help themselves …then he takes care of you when you cannot in my opinion.

      • allen ols


  49. Eddie Laidler

    There is only one man, that I know of, that is risking his own safety and reputation by heralding a call to arms using civil disobedience to make the real changes we need in this country.
    Chris Hedges may not be a perfect fit for everyone’s taste but he risks a lot in this video.
    Change will come from us .
    Unfortunately I believe it will be after a great motivating event has taken place.
    I respect Greg and all that engage on this site but we really are left with very little we can do to change the course of events coming our way except spreading the wake up call.
    There may be a time when we are called to civil action to take back our country and our freedoms.
    God Bless everyone.

  50. Mason

    – Mysterious Fake Cellphone Towers Are Intercepting Calls All Over The US:

  51. Langtry

    Study: Millennials less trusting than Gen X
    CHICAGO (AP) — They’re often pegged as the civic-minded, do-gooding generation. But while they’re still optimistic about their own personal prospects, a new study finds that today’s youth are often more skeptical of the country’s institutions than the young generations that preceded them.

    “Young people today feel disconnected and alienated,” says Twenge, who wrote the book “Generation Me,” which examines the attitudes of today’s youth. She finds these outcomes “especially distressing” for a generation that had been expected to be more trusting of government.

    Young people, even those from differing backgrounds, say the findings ring true.

    “I do not trust the government as far I can throw a car, which is not very far at all,” says Steve McGlinchey, a 21-year-old who lives in Burton, Michigan, outside Flint, and works for a company that installs industrial furnaces for auto companies and other businesses.

    Like a lot of young people, he says he’s been disappointed by people in positions of power who’ve abused that power or seem to have forgotten about the little guy.. . . .

    • Bill Holter

      maybe the chemtrails are not mixed correctly and kids think more clearly?

  52. Jerry

    For those of you who doubt market manipulation, explain this.

    We have:
    – Continued QE printing
    – Talk of losing Reserve Status by the Chinese
    – 2 consecutive months of low GDP
    But yet the dollar continues to spike upward. I guess in an imaginary world you can create whatever you want if you control the press.

    • Bill Holter

      absolutely obvious.

  53. Charles H.


    Jim Sinclair posts that France will belly-up on the Mistrel ship delivery to Russia over the Ukraine. This will go over about as well as when the Vishy French capitulated to Nazi occupation during WWII. Russia will not forget or forgive such reversals amid this tension. Allies to the US will pay a price. NATO will not be saved.

    • Silence is Golden

      “Russia will not forget or forgive ” ….. disturbingly frightening reality. Well said.

  54. Jerry

    The globalist agenda laid out like I’ve never seen it.

    Do not be deceived by the press coming out of Ukraine. There is more going on than is being reported . Just a reminder the Rockefellers had a hand in forming NATO, as well as the Rothschild’s. There is a globalist agenda, and so far it is on schedule . Anyone who doubts that, has already become a victim of it.

    • Bill Holter

      a wedge between the U.S. and Europe for sure.

  55. Galaxy 500

    The fastfood workers and the union pushing them will get what they deserve. Jobs are not a social program. You want more money, finish HS being able to read, get a skill set that leads to employment. Minimum wage jobs are entry level jobs and are not meant to support a family. By.definition, they are low skill positions.
    Some places already have the customers entering.the.order and swiping Soon, there a robot cooking your food and the.dumb a$$ picketing the fastfood restaurant will be unemployed.
    We have a tidal wave of.structural unemployment coming and.its being pushed by the idiotic unions. While a machine may break down, they dont.get.raises and they dont get sick, drunk or go.on.strike.

  56. mohammad


    Great interview, especially when he said it should of happened 2-3 years ago, well ….. what happened 2-3 years ago to delay the collapse?
    all commentators and experts are lacking this single view of “harvesting countries one after one to keep the dollar afloat”.
    No dollar collapse will happen as long as we are meddling with other countries, destroying them, harvesting their GDP after displacing their population with civil wars that we are very good at engineering and manufacturing (am here describing and not advocating) and yes, all of Americans will push the red button CAF talked about if that means they will keep borrowing at the expense of other’s misery.
    (by the way, my debt is 0).

    • mohammad

      Greg if i may correct my statement:

      “all of Americans will push the red button…… ”
      “MOST of Americans will push the red button…..”

      Simply because most of them are in debt and very few consolidated their debts and are debt free.


      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Mohammed. You are a good man!

        • mohammad

          WC ….. Greg, You are a good man too. I am privileged to be on your forum.

      • Bill Holter

        or take the blue pill?

    • Silence is Golden

      “all commentators and experts are lacking this single view of harvesting countries one after one to keep the dollar afloat”. Too true. They are all in the hip-pockets of the financial elite. They are paid well to keep their SILENCE.
      The proverb …”can’t see the forest for the trees” adequately describes this…but adding that it extends to the population at large.
      Iraq, then Libya and now Russia were/are threats to the USD Hegemony and to the Saudi control over the ME Oil. The US has the entire globe stricken with the threat of having a gun literally pointed at their heads should they have any views of disloyalty.
      The bully in the schoolyard is another fitting description. With the strength of the armed forces, cooperation and participation in the greatest Ponzi scheme is ensured.
      There is one more vital target still on the Radar. A sovereign nation that all and sundry have temporarily forgotten about.
      Sanctions did not work. Destabilisation by overthrowing the existing power structure will be the option (using Democracy as the driver which will free the people). We all know how the previous attempts to install democracies in Ukraine, Iraq and Libya turned out. Avoidance of USD settlement has been the trigger and will continue to be the reason for further attention. Having Russia and China on side will be its saviour. The mistake that Iraq and Libya made will not be followed. Assuming Ukraine doesn’t become the final battlefield before the ME Armageddon.

      • mohammad


        Russia will take over TURKEY……!
        It is in the cards and they will return their Hagia-Sophia, that is why Turkey is IN the NATO but is OUT of the EU (because it is a muslim country), NATO knows what Hagia-Sophia means to the Russians.
        It is a rolling fire ball that is just gone get worse.
        Fasten the seat belts folks we are in for a LONG ROUGH RIDE.


    • Bill Holter

      until no one left allows u to harvest more.

  57. Jerry

    Greg, keep an eye on this. Things are beginning to ramp up quickly with talk of more sanctions as NATO is playing army in western Ukraine.

    • Greg Hunter

      My goodness we look to be headed for an awful war. I hope people are stocking up on supplies.

    • wd

      Hi Jerry,

      I heard the most recent interview with Jim Willie. States that Germany and France want to leave EU/NATO…join BRICS. ( According to his sources).

      As I observe NATO clowns stumble and bumble towards warm I see one absolut; Putin never blinks, backs up or alters his course, NEVER! Over half my life I lived was under that shadow of the USSR looming. But no matter what happened, what the situation was, the USSR leaders always blinked. They always took that tiny step back.

      Jerry please answer me this, what is Putin’s ace up his sleve or aces? Nothing is fazing this man nothing!! What is his seceret any plan we come up with he counters and his plan is more effective than ours. He just waits and barely reacts, what does he know…what is everyone else missing?

      Please xplain if possible…..Thank you

      • Jerry

        Putin is not in charge. He’s a puppet like Obama. Deals have already been struck with China concerning the role Russia will play in the NWO. Namely the gas and natural resources in Ukraine to be used in the new Asian trade platform that is coming. NATO is just a fly in the ointment, that’s about to get flicked off. Obama can’t do anything to Russia because China has an economic gun to our head and will pull the trigger if we attack. Get your house in order, its about to come down.

      • Silence is Golden

        1) Edward Snowden.

      • DIllinger

        The trouble with Putin is he might think the US. Is no longer exceptional but he knows we were before this present generation of goof-balls took over our country, he has really taken to the rule of law and he has an inherent trust in it, ask George Bush whom Putin admires and he did meet Ron Reagon also back in the old Cold War days. vlad is a good ole boy who is loyal and not a liar or a thief, the guy has honor and he loved his mother who by the way believed in God, now the goof-balls think that’s his weakness but as we know it’s his streanth, other than that, we’re all up against a very evil bunch, the whole world has gone to Sheol in hand cart, we’re all vulnerable here, pray for your leaders, mine is Barrack, I pray he can hold up against the scoundrels that want to push him to first strike and that the man or whatever he is upstairs has mercy on our souls . Long live the good old USA, USA!

        • Greg Hunter

          Yes sir Dillinger. USA is worth saving and fighting for!!

  58. Jeff

    Correct, Mohammad…… you forgot one very important thing…..We STOLE the gold from ALL these countries only to wastefully sell it to keep the dollar image up. Even Ukraine’s gold was “airlifted” out….. We took their riches while mostly just blowing the hell out of them. Took everybody’s gold after WWII also……. It really is amazing anybody likes us. It’s more like an “agreement” with a threat held over their heads.

    • Silence is Golden

      YES !!!

    • Bill Holter

      can you imagine that?

  59. Bill Holter

    is this not true?

    • MJ

      I have to say, Mr. Holter lost me at “Mr Putin is trying very hard not to have a war.”

      But I do agree with many of the other ideas presented here. We are in debt over our heads and the Fed is still printing money), we have let the financial institutions which caused much of the problem off relatively scot free, and the only recovery is phony.

  60. vincentg

    Was looking into this credit card theft problem.

    First it was Target and now it’s Home Depot

    Seems they find out about it because the credit cards are sold on a website.
    The person that is selling the cards is from guess which country.

    If you guessed Ukraine you are 100% right.
    Seems they just can’t find him.
    Maybe we will find him dining with the US ambassador

  61. Dan Howe

    Hi Greg,
    Another great guest! Not only was he informative, but he took the time to reply to a number of the comments – OUTSTANDING!

  62. Ugly

    And I was going to get a good nights rest tonight….

  63. Donna C

    Happened across a movie recently, “Brest Fortress,” Russian movie, English subs. It had many disturbing elements: a vicious, sneaky, brutal attack on a population during operation Barbarossa (location – Brest, Belarus in this film) where Nazis invaded in the wee hours, you know, Stalin’s “allies” while Stalin was too busy hassling his own population (familiar?). The movie shows you what thirst and hunger is all about, not to mention desperation itself when even the children realize they’re in a fish barrel. Just like currently, no one wanted to believe the Russian major who tried to warn of what he felt was coming, was accused of fear mongering and about to be disciplined. When all the blood/guts and dust settled 6 days later, he was one of the few who survived. I felt like him with my own family, Greg. I was met with hostility and snide remarks. I tried to suggest they buy at least some silver. I never mentioned food, that would have been a bridge too far. Scare talk, crazy ranting.

    • Greg Hunter

      Donna C,
      You are dead on and do not back off one inch. At some point everyone in your family will know what you know now. Count on it and same some extra food and water for them.

    • Bill Holter

      Food? Yeah, that would be WAY to crazy?

  64. Jeff Bertrand

    Greg, you are a good man for providing this service. It’s some of the best on the web. I have another take on what is going on. What if all the stuff we are seeing is simply a show. I remember when Obama got caught with a hot mike before the election with a senior Russian diplomat. Didn’t he say that he would have more flexibility after the election? You see, I as many on these boards, believe that there is a globalist agenda. It started with 911. 2008 was to keep it going and the Ukraine and related issues are more of the same. What if Obama, Putin and the rest of them are really working together. The US can pretend to be beating up on Russia. Putin can pretend to be tough (I believe he really is tough) etc. the world gets afraid. Everybody submits, and the end result is the same. USA gets taken down. What have we seen from Obama? He wants to give away our sovereignty. He won’t do anything about a group cutting off American’s heads. He leaves the borders open. He bows to foreign governments. He is cutting the military. He is against anything that is makes the economy strong. 24 million small businesses don’t trust the gov so they aren’t taking the normal risks which is producing zero growth. There is no velocity in M2. So, why do we believe that Obama wants to stop let alone fight the Russians? His behavior on everything else seems to say the opposite. I say it’s one bit fat ruse. All these guys are working together playing their parts to make it all look a certain way so more and more fear is generated. The end result will still be economic calamity and lots of pain for all. In the end, the globalist win and Obama, Putin and the rest of the main cast get their share. However, Beyond the pain, I still believe in what we stand,for in the USA and our Constitution. I believe Americans have more fight in them then what most believe. We are a well armed society with very individualistic tendencies. The powers that be better be careful of waking a sleeping giant…the American people. Good luck and God Bless. Lots of good advise on this site.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jeff for your comment and kind words of support.

    • Bill Holter

      Putin did say to Americans “do not give up your guns”.

  65. Hyperinflation

    When there is Hyperinflation in the USA, the price of gold may become $50 000 an ounce, but a bread may be $ 1500 dollar. The real value of gold is the cost to manufacture, refine and mine it, just as any other metal or item.

    • Greg Hunter

      Then you should open up a savings account and go long the USD.

    • Bill Holter

      not necessarily, what is coming is a monetary event and when the dust clears, gold will be seen as “money” …the best money or the last man standing so to speak. The cost of production acts now as a floor to the price, when hyperinflation sets in, the cost of production is meaningless because “production” is very finite and VERY inelastic. If the price were to double tomorrow morning, supply would not even budge higher for maybe 3-5 years because creating a mine or even ramping up an existing one is very capital intensive and takes time to build out.

  66. Money creation

    Many people take joy in saying Wall Street and Jewish bankers “financed Hitler.” There is plenty of documented evidence that Wall Street and Jewish bankers did indeed help finance Hitler at first, partly because it allowed the bankers to get rich (as I will describe below) and partly in order to control Stalin. However, when Germany broke free from the bankers, the bankers declared a world war against Germany.

    When we look at all the facts, the charge that “Jews financed Hitler” becomes irrelevant. Los Angeles Attorney Ellen Brown discusses this topic in her book Web Of Debt…

    When Hitler came to power, Germany was hopelessly broke. The Treaty of Versailles had imposed crushing reparations on the German people, demanding that Germans repay every nation’s costs of the war. These costs totaled three times the value of all the property in Germany.

    Private currency speculators caused the German mark to plummet, precipitating one of the worst runaway inflations in modern times. A wheelbarrow full of 100 billion-mark banknotes could not buy a loaf of bread. The national treasury was empty. Countless homes and farms were lost to speculators and to private (Jewish controlled) banks. Germans lived in hovels. They were starving.

    Nothing like this had ever happened before – the total destruction of the national currency, plus the wiping out of people’s savings and businesses. On top of this came a global depression. Germany had no choice but to succumb to debt slavery under international (mainly Jewish) bankers until 1933, when the National Socialists came to power. At that point the German government thwarted the international banking cartels by issuing its own money. World Jewry responded by declaring a global boycott against Germany.

    Hitler began a national credit program by devising a plan of public works that included flood control, repair of public buildings and private residences, and construction of new roads, bridges, canals, and port facilities. All these were paid for with money that no longer came from the private international bankers.

    The projected cost of these various programs was fixed at one billion units of the national currency. To pay for this, the German government (not the international bankers) issued bills of exchange, called Labor Treasury Certificates. In this way the National Socialists put millions of people to work, and paid them with Treasury Certificates.

    Under the National Socialists, Germany’s money wasn’t backed by gold (which was owned by the international bankers). It was essentially a receipt for labor and materials delivered to the government. Hitler said, “For every mark issued, we required the equivalent of a mark’s worth of work done, or goods produced.” The government paid workers in Certificates. Workers spent those Certificates on other goods and services, thus creating more jobs for more people. In this way the German people climbed out of the crushing debt imposed on them by the international bankers.

    Within two years, the unemployment problem had been solved, and Germany was back on its feet. It had a solid, stable currency, with no debt, and no inflation, at a time when millions of people in the United States and other Western countries (controlled by international bankers) were still out of work. Within five years, Germany went from the poorest nation in Europe to the richest.

    Germany even managed to restore foreign trade, despite the international bankers’ denial of foreign credit to Germany, and despite the global boycott by Jewish-owned industries. Germany succeeded in this by exchanging equipment and commodities directly with other countries, using a barter system that cut the bankers out of the picture. Germany flourished, since barter eliminates national debt and trade deficits. (Venezuela does the same thing today when it trades oil for commodities, plus medical help, and so on. Hence the bankers are trying to squeeze Venezuela.)

    Germany’s economic freedom was short-lived; but it left several monuments, including the famous Autobahn, the world’s first extensive superhighway.

    Hjalmar Schacht, a Rothschild agent who was temporarily head of the German central bank, summed it up thus… An American banker had commented, “Dr. Schacht, you should come to America. We’ve lots of money and that’s real banking.” Schacht replied, “You should come to Berlin. We don’t have money. That’s real banking.”

    (Schact, the Rothschild agent, actually supported the private international bankers against Germany, and was rewarded by having all charges against him dropped at the Nuremberg trials.)

    This economic freedom made Hitler extremely popular with the German people. Germany was rescued from English economic theory, which says that all currency must be borrowed against the gold owned by a private and secretive banking cartel — such as the Federal Reserve, or the Central Bank of Europe — rather than issued by the government for the benefit of the people.

    Canadian researcher Dr. Henry Makow (who is Jewish himself) says the main reason why the bankers arranged for a world war against Germany was that Hitler sidestepped the bankers by creating his own money, thereby freeing the German people. Worse, this freedom and prosperity threatened to spread to other nations. Hitler had to be stopped!

    Makow quotes from the 1938 interrogation of C. G. Rakovsky, one of the founders of Soviet Bolsevism and a Trotsky intimate. Rakovsky was tried in show trials in the USSR under Stalin. According to Rakovsky, Hitler was at first funded by the international bankers, through the bankers’ agent Hjalmar Schacht. The bankers financed Hitler in order to control Stalin, who had usurped power from their agent Trotsky. Then Hitler became an even bigger threat than Stalin when Hitler started printing his own money.
    (Stalin came to power in 1922, which was eleven years before Hitler came to power.)

    Rakovsky said:

    “Hitler took over the privilege of manufacturing money, and not only physical moneys, but also financial ones. He took over the machinery of falsification and put it to work for the benefit of the people. Can you possibly imagine what would have come if this had infected a number of other states?” (Henry Makow, “Hitler Did Not Want War,” March 21, 2004).

    Economist Henry C K Liu writes of Germany’s remarkable transformation:

    “The Nazis came to power in 1933 when the German economy was in total collapse, with ruinous war-reparation obligations and zero prospects for foreign investment or credit. Through an independent monetary policy of sovereign credit and a full-employment public-works program, the Third Reich was able to turn a bankrupt Germany, stripped of overseas colonies, into the strongest economy in Europe within four years, even before armament spending began.” (Henry C. K. Liu, “Nazism and the German Economic Miracle,” Asia Times (May 24, 2005).

    In Billions for the Bankers, Debts for the People (1984), Sheldon Emry commented:

    “Germany issued debt-free and interest-free money from 1935 on, which accounts for Germany’s startling rise from the depression to a world power in five years. The German government financed its entire operations from 1935 to 1945 without gold, and without debt. It took the entire Capitalist and Communist world to destroy the German revolution, and bring Europe back under the heel of the Bankers.”

    These facts do not appear in any textbooks today, since Jews own most publishing companies. What does appear is the disastrous runaway inflation suffered in 1923 by the Weimar Republic, which governed Germany from 1919 to 1933. Today’s textbooks use this inflation to twist truth into its opposite. They cite the radical devaluation of the German mark as an example of what goes wrong when governments print their own money, rather than borrow it from private cartels.

    In reality, the Weimar financial crisis began with the impossible reparations payments imposed at the Treaty of Versailles. Hjalmar Schacht – the Rothschild agent who was currency commissioner for the Republic — opposed letting the German government print its own money…

    “The Treaty of Versailles is a model of ingenious measures for the economic destruction of Germany. Germany could not find any way of holding its head above the water, other than by the inflationary expedient of printing bank notes.”

    Schact echoes the textbook lie that Weimar inflation was caused when the German government printed its own money. However, in his 1967 book The Magic of Money, Schact let the cat out of the bag by revealing that it was the PRIVATELY-OWNED Reichsbank, not the German government, that was pumping new currency into the economy. Thus, the PRIVATE BANK caused the Weimar hyper-inflation.
    Like the U.S. Federal Reserve, the Reichsbank was overseen by appointed government officials, but was operated for private gain. What drove the wartime inflation into hyperinflation was speculation by foreign investors, who sold the mark short, betting on its decreasing value. In the manipulative device known as the short sale, speculators borrow something they don’t own, sell it, and then “cover” by buying it back at the lower price.

    Speculation in the German mark was made possible because the PRIVATELY OWNED Reichsbank (not yet under Nazi control) made massive amounts of currency available for borrowing. This currency, like U.S. currency today, was created with accounting entries on the bank’s books. Then the funny-money was lent at compound interest. When the Reichsbank could not keep up with the voracious demand for marks, other private banks were allowed to create marks out of nothing, and to lend them at interest. The result was runaway debt and inflation.

    Thus, according to Schacht himself, the German government did not cause the Weimar hyperinflation. On the contrary, the government (under the National Socialists) got hyperinflation under control. The National Socialists put the Reichsbank under strict government regulation, and took prompt corrective measures to eliminate foreign speculation. One of those measures was to eliminate easy access to funny-money loans from private banks. Then Hitler got Germany back on its feet by having the public government issue Treasury Certificates.

    Schacht , the Rotchschild agent, disapproved of this government fiat money, and wound up getting fired as head of the Reichsbank when he refused to issue it. Nonetheless, he acknowledged in his later memoirs that allowing the government to issue the money it needed did not produce the price inflation predicted by classical economic theory, which says that currency must be borrowed from private cartels.

    What causes hyper-inflation is uncontrolled speculation. When speculation is coupled with debt (owed to private banking cartels) the result is disaster. On the other hand, when a government issues currency in carefully measured ways, it causes supply and demand to increase together, leaving prices unaffected. Hence there is no inflation, no debt, no unemployment, and no need for income taxes.

    Naturally this terrifies the bankers, since it eliminates their powers. It also terrifies Jews, since their control of banking allows them to buy the media, the government, and everything else.

    Therefore, to those who delight in saying “Jews financed Hitler,” I ask that they please look at all the facts.

  67. Gary causer

    Not another sales pitch for gold, please. What good would it do if the currencie collapses and the price sky rockets. No one will be able to buy it. No one will exchange anything for it because they wont have anything to spare.

    Bullets, whisky, medicine, shovels,and especially food are worth something because ALL currencies would disappear… Besides with 2 or 300 guns in this country think we’ll let you keep it if it is worth anything!

    Hey, if gold and silver were such a good investment why are so many people Hell bent on selling it…..

    Molon labe

    • Greg Hunter

      This kind of comment shows you know very little about the enormous risks the world faces. Good luck-you are going to need it.

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