First Ever Global Government Crash Coming-Clif High

By Greg Hunter’s “Early Sunday Release” 

Internet data mining expert Clif High uses what he calls “predictive linguistics” to spot trends and make predictions for future events. In his latest in-depth report, High sees a “huge” calamity coming for humanity.  Clif High explains, “There is all kinds of data for money and lack of money and lack of funding and all kinds of emotions around this.  There are hints in the data that something huge is coming for August and September that is being exposed by the language now.  I think it’s a bond crash or not a bond crash because I don’t know how that works.  It’s not a stock market crash.  The data I am looking at now says the stock market is not meaningful.  We may lose 50 cents on every dollar in the stock market in just a few days, but it’s meaningless.  It won’t make any difference at all to anybody according to what the data is showing me because the real crisis is in the crash of government.”

High goes on to explain, “The emotions at the moment are projecting a crash of the ability of the state to function. . . . We have the projection that there is going to be some sort of big government crash. It concerns funding, interruption or something. . . . We have something akin to a definition change relative to bonds. . . . One way to think about this is there is going to be a human collective or re-understanding, or new understanding, about the whole bond market as we go forward in August, September and October.  This is going to cause huge disruptions for governments, which basically depends on the bonds as its source of funds.  I don’t know what that definition is going to mean, but the way the language is presenting itself, it’s very much like the same language that appeared in newspapers ahead of the Bretton Woods conference. . . . At that time, a bunch of countries got together around WWII and talked about how to deal with gold, money and the dollar after the war was over. . . . We have that same kind of language now relative to the bonds. . . .This redefinition is going to cause real problems relative to governments.  If I had to guess, I don’t think we will have a stock market crash, but a government crash or Fed crash or bank crash.  I don’t think a stock market crash will be meaningful because by the time it crashes, nobody will care because before we get there, the Fed will crash.  The Fed is the market.”

Maybe this is why Clif High is also seeing language that prices are going up for things like Bitcoin, gold and silver. Clif is seeing the term “gold fever” repeatedly.  He is also seeing the term “silver rush” for the white metal.  High contends, “The amount of pressure they have had to use to push down on gold and silver prices means when it starts to go up, there will be a bit of a flutter.  Then, they are going to push down harder, and then it’s just going to blow.  The language is suggesting that this is really happening around silver.”  High also says at some point in the not so distant future, prices will be rising so fast that “no one will be selling gold and silver.”

High says another thing he sees is chaos in politics and the economy, and he contends this is all part of the “first ever global government crash.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Clif High of

(There is much more in the in-depth video interview.)

After the Interview:

You can find Clif High’s latest report, which is 42 pages long, on Just go to the site and scroll down to the latest report which is called “Two Tribes.”  The report is only $15 and there is a 100%, no questions asked, money back guarantee.



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  1. Paul ...

    As Clif sees it … the hand writing is on the wall … child trafficking is a “Dying Core” business … the blood sucking baby eating pedo-elite vampires who need “continuous war” to generate all the blood they need “to drink and bathe in” will soon begin to be “sewer-sided” … watch for deaths of prominent politicians to begin by mid-year … other pedophiles will be sent to FEMA camps … to be “re-educated” about abusing and killing children … as for the hopeless cases guillotines await!!!

    • Paul ...

      Clif says silver could soon be $600 to $1200 per ounce … as the Fed and its paper instruments are severely curtailed … Trump’s Goldman Sachs pick (Gary Cohn) just dropped a bombshell on the banksters … by suggesting a return to Glass -Steagall!!! …

    • a

      Paul- exactly!! On the energy front- Dr. Steve Greer is ready to expose the free energy Clif is talking about. Deep State has hidden this for 50-60years-called Zero point energy. In this system- about the size of a shoe box- you can run your car or home for free- pollution free. About oil- the USA has approx. 800 years worth of oil already found, but the globalist have keep it off the market- controlled oil pricing.

    • Eric

      Paul I can’t help but think you have it all wrong. The amount of FEMA camps are not there for a few sickies (few being relative). They are for the patriot side. You know, Bible carrying, gun toting terrorist.
      It is now Trump’s policy to remove Assad. He has surrounded himself with swamp creatures.
      Remember the old adage….. watch what they do NOT what they say. Also, that 3-D terminology regarding Trump’s plans is hopeful thinking. Trump is not a deep thinker. Our leaders are not capable of long term, deep thought. That’s why they were put there.

      • Roger D

        Eric, you make a good point. Few would actually resist. We are in the heart of the so-called liberty movement. Lots of good hard-core patriot here. But everyone of us could be corralled in our local Home Depot.

        Why build huge FEMA camps? The vast majority of Americans have already surrendered.

    • Dan

      I appreciate Clif’s comments except that I cannot go along with Clif’s idea of humanity being somehow podded from aliens. That is goofy. What does bother me is that Greg at the end of his broadcasts says “God the Father is in Charge”. That would fly in the face of Clif’s ….moonbean point of view.

      • Shawn G.

        You also have plenty of abandon malls to stuff people….

      • ccwaters

        If you lived in Fairborn, Ohio . . . you would know that the ET thingy is real. Very real. In fact, There are old hangers with 24 hr armed guard instructed to shoot without warning. Signs everywhere. Oh yea, the woo-woo world is real. The part that is open to the public just hints at what else exists. But this doesn’t fly in the face of Creation theory any more than Creation theory detracts from it. . . . . . Woo-woo is as real as your neighbor’s cat, but it’s not a religion. God is our spiritual father. He knows woo-woo and the neighbor’s cat. Thought of like that, faith is real and woo-woo is no big deal.

    • Dan

      Please Greg, explain to me how you can post anti-Biblical people’s opinions and then say “God the Father is in charge?” I’m sorry but people believing that we humans are here because of podding from Mars is …well,…retarded.

      • Greg Hunter

        I put a lot of comments up and let people see what is being said and see how people are thinking (right of wrong.). It does not alter by belief in God the Father or his Son. It should not alter yours either.

        • ZAk

          Well said that man!

      • Kerry

        We have meteorites on Earth from Mars and probably on Mars from Earth, as well. Lots of trash out there in the solar system that gets bumped around. It is not inconceivable to think there has been “cross contamination” or seeding of organic material, even microbes, from one planet to another. Comets come in from the outer solar system and impact the inner planets periodically. There is even some evidence that extremophiles (life that can exist in extreme environments) can exist in the depths of space for long periods. In a way, we may actually be Martians, or Martians may be us.

    • Paul ...

      Actually what Clif High is doing with his “predictive linguistics” is a sort of remote viewing and exploration of human consciousness … where he can pick up humanity’s combined thoughts (sort of like people praying for a particular outcome so as to eliminate the rot at the heart of society) … governments do not want people to galvanize their thoughts to bring about a higher order of consciousness and morality … governments depend on sequestering the truth and creating hate, fear, suspicion and division to control the masses … but they can’t defeat people with galvanized minds seeking harmony and morality in the world … and this is why the combined thoughts of people who want peace (not war) … who want pedophiles locked up (not pardoned) … will without fail bring about a “crash of government” if their “praying for change” is not answered!!

      • Paul ...

        You know what is so ludicrous about the Demon-rats making a big deal over Russia supposedly influencing our election … Obama actually gave Soros billions of dollars in “US taxpayer money” to overthrow many other nation’s governments around the world (the Ukraine, etc, etc.) … it is this double standard and lack of morals by the Demon-rats that has completely destroyed their Party … and the Reptilicans are just as bad … America has already lost the “moral high ground” by having its military conduct wars of conquest that are prima facie both morally and Constitutionally illegal!!

  2. monty bissett

    Greg there is a crazy story out there on this Seth Rich who was murdered. I imagine your following it. Wiki put up a 20,000 reward for his capture of his killer. Wiki has just released some new news on this. Rich was a DNC worker right when the stuff leaked. For Wiki out of blue to offer reward this is too much of a coincidence. I don’t what is going on here but I think Rich was a Bernie supporter or just a decent American who couldn’t stand watching his party try and wipe out Bernie and then of course what ever else they were up to. Would be nice if did a bit on this story on your thursday chats.


    • Paul ...

      The problem with “suiciding” people is that the exact same tactics can be used against the evil people who do these murders … when the coffin of Vince Foster was exhumed “his suicide” was officially changed to “murder” (as they found two bullet holes in his skull) … and they say “dead men tell no tales” … in this case Vince “talked” … and his murderers (who are obviously still around) were so incensed they set the ambulance (carrying his body back to the cemetery) on fire burning Vince’s dead body to a crisp … remarkably upon putting Vince’s ashes back in the grave the skeleton of a young girl was found … so this picture gets even more gruesome … as it reveals “yet another murder” was committed (possibly a witness to Vince’s murder)!!

  3. Eric

    This has been coming for a long time and this is why our leaders have done nothing the last few years. They know it’s coming and there are no solutions.
    Remember Paulson’s request for 850 Billion ? That is mere peanuts. We will be talking quadrillions+.
    As I stated on Friday, war is needed for cover so we can blame it on someone else. I feared it was starting this weekend. I still believe we are going to be nuked on the east and west coasts.
    We have pushed our enemies in a corner and they will respond.
    They have stated just that. 100’s of prophecies describe just that. Revelations 18 describes just that.
    “In one day” her plagues will come, death, and morning and famine, and she will be burned up with fire. “In one day”. Sound like a nuclear attack to me.
    They already have nuclear warheads along our coast, besides their nuclear subs.
    Argue all you want. It only takes a few (nukes) to change life as we know it.
    No electrical power and 90% are gone in weeks. Then they invade.

    • Allen Starr

      When the nuclear war starts, you can guarantee that the East and West coasts will be hit with dirty nuclear weapons. Their submarines are also equipped with new dirty torpedoes that are twice as fast as normal torpedoes, can go much deeper and go for thousands of miles and are almost undetectable. Since their backs are against the wall and they don’t want a war, they will kill as many as they possibly can. I’ve lived here in Siberia for 16 years now and am so thankful I live here rather than in the US. The US is screwing with the wrong people. These people are tough as nails and can survive in this environment where any invaders won’t. You people are in so much trouble and there is no way out. With any luck I will be working on the Dacha when the Nukes start flying and I could possible survive the blast. I live 2 miles from a huge dam and that will definitely be hit and I will be turned into glass for sure if I’m here. I have so much more truthful information about Russia and it’s people but I’ve known for quite awhile that my e-mails have been monitored by the NSA just like this one will be. The MSM lies about everything when it comes to Russia. Read my reply below which I’d already posted as everyone should have this information.

    • Jared


      The Chinese and Russians know it’s coming, that’s why they are almost complete in setting up their new gold trading system. Meanwhile the people here in the USA have their heads in the clouds!

      • This sceptred Isle

        also physical gold is immune to cyber theft.

    • Freebreezer

      Eric – I am sorry – but the invade part really gets me ire???? with what? … the couple of hundred sailors on the subs? And there is a huge discount that if they (who ever) nuke the USA, that the USA does not nuke them back? We have multiple subs to each Russian and Chines sub … Gees I wonder if the USA subs might be lurking off the coast of Russia and China just in case … nuclear war very possible and scary. Invasion – not going to happen! Nuclear war needs to be relabeled as mutual destruction!

      • Frederick

        Free reeder of course you are right both sides have huge nuclear arsenals however the US is much more susceptible to a nuclear attack in my opinion for a variety of reasons The Russians are very tough as history has shown us and have weathered a lot of horrendous situations before right inside their homeland Modern day Americans have NOT and I believe many wouldn’t be able to handle much actually It’s been time to prepare since 911 and many have done nothing at all

    • Finn

      No one’s invading America.

      • ZAk

        Correct. Just nuke from orbit …

      • Frederick

        Finn It’s not about invasion in the historical sense A lot of damage could be done by an EMP attack by some rogue crazy like Kim Jun Un Wed Better get on the horn with Dennis Rodman soon

    • Anne Elliott

      It’s a toss up; either nuclear war or Yellowstone’s super volcano blows…

      Does everyone out there know that certain companies have been allowed to do fracking around the Yellowstone caldera? There’s going to be nothing like hitting the right magma chamber on that monster.

    • Polk

      The CIA brass has put Trump on notice that he either tows the line and plays ball or he and his family will be executed. So now there will be no Obama care replacement. No tax cuts. No more do gooder activities. The only way, the neocons will allow America to be first is by going to war in Syria, Iran, North Korea and Russia unless Russia backs down. McCain, Bill Kristol, Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz boots on the ground. By golly, they are going to have them. We are the new Roman Empire.

    • Mohammad

      They never lost the reins to gain them back…!


      • Mohammad

        Unfortunately reading history tells you that empires fall from within, Rome is not that far historically 0n the human history timeline.


    • Kerry

      You don’t even need a nuclear blast near the ground to reduce the U.S. to a pre-industrial state. An EM pulse weapon exploded above the continental U.S. of sufficient tonnage would fry almost every electronic system not shielded. Most telecommunications, computers would be useless. A much bigger problem than the Y2K effect. By the way, a really good solar flare could do the same thing. Our electric grid is very vulnerable. Read “One Second After.”

  4. Gigi

    Excellent work from Clif High. Please invite him back as often as possible. Thank you, Greg, for a great presentation.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Gigi!!

      • FC

        Greg, after the bombing in Syria last week, rumor has it that Trump will be signing Executive Orders on the removal of all sliced cheese in America……………..because that’s the only way he can Make America Grate Again.

      • Macray

        Agree Gigi !!!
        Will make some comments later, but first wanted to point out that Russia is sick and tired of the US – BS. I am too. If the Don cannot prove to the world that Syria used chemical weapons last week, they didn’t. Same old garbage as weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.
        Latest statement from Iran and Russia …. “What America waged in an aggression on Syria is a crossing of red lines. From now on we will respond with force to any aggressor or any breach of red lines from whoever it is and America knows our ability to respond well.”
        AND AMERICA KNOWS OUR ABILITY TO RESPOND WELL implies to me that Russia has already demonstrated this in no uncertain terms on US assets.
        Sad to say that if the last presidential election was held today, it would be Pres. Hillary. I would never vote for her, but Trump has lost a large chunk of his base and Gina is all smiles today.

        • This sceptred Isle

          Isn’t a big part of the NWO plan to dethrone America as a global superpower? Taking on Russia and China simultaneously seems like an effective way of enabling this.

        • Allen Starr

          As usual none of the truth ever gets to the US public. When the Syrian Army was deliberately bombed in Eastern Syria and all the Syrian soldiers were killed. There may have been some Russian Special Forces with those troops killed. I’ve met some of those people here and they are interesting to talk with. Later on in Aleppo, a bunker was being used by coalition forces to give information and help ISIS fight the Syrian Army. There were about 40 killed which were mostly Jewish Massad but also included a few Americans. I’d understood that the bunker was hit by 3 Kalibr missiles originally but I’ve since heard that it may have been hit by a tactical nuclear bunker busting bomb. Doesn’t make much difference as they are all dead. Nothing has been said about either incident by either side about the dead but both sides know what happened and why. That’s why none of the false flag information which Trump used to hit the Syrian airbase makes any sense unless it is because the Syrian airbase was used by the Syrian army to shoot down one Jewish fighter jet and damage another a little earlier. Israel told Syria that they can violate Syrian air space any time they wish and that is why the plane was shot down by Syria. Israel will not go up against Russia about sovereign territory so Trump found a way to get around Russia without starting a nuclear war. Russia has cancelled the agreement it had with the US in Syria and now can use their defense systems or planes on any intruder in Syrian territory. I’m probably thinking wrong on this but what Trump has done is so stupid I can’t believe it. Anyone else have an idea why Trump is willing to risk a nuclear war with Russia when he already knows Russia will respond if it thinks it must. The whole incident of the false flag chemicals and the attack on the Syrian airbase doesn’t make any sense to me at all unless the US is intent to start a nuclear war. This is all insane.

          • Allen Starr

            My God
            I’ve not been concerned about China going to war with the US but this US threat to take out North Korea has backfired. The meeting just finished in Florida between China and the US didn’t solve anything and the intimidation of China didn’t scare them anymore than it did with Russia. China is closer to a nuclear war with the US than Russia is as of today. I know much about the situation inside Russia and also with Syria and Ukraine so I pretty much know what will force the Russians to go nuclear. I’ve just read a few articles after the meeting in Florida and they gave a lot of information about the situation inside China which I wasn’t aware of. Forget about the South China Sea for today because a US attack on North Korea is going to start a nuclear war but it’s not for the reasons you might think. Trump and his advisors are total imbeciles and no wonder Russia, China, Syria, and Iran have come together to defend themselves. This government in the US is totally insane and if the Congress doesn’t stop them we are all dead.

  5. Allen Starr

    He is totally correct in predicting that there will be some kind of big Government crash this year if we aren’t all dead first. Trump has turned out to be a liar and I can’t support him any longer. He promised to get us out of Syria and not be involved in regime changes. I want to pass on information I obtained yesterday about the supposed Saran gas attack in Syria. First off the U.S. intelligence community already has information from their military as well as intelligence people who are on the ground in Syria that Assad did not use Saran gas on his own people. There is a group of retired Intel people who also have the information and may already have some of the names of the people on the ground who will verify this. The only question is will these people be silenced and this information buried. These people say that Syria bombed a munitions dump and that set off the release of the gas. This is also what the Russians think happened. You should also be aware that after all chemical weapons were destroyed in the past, the Syrian Government has reported to the UN about chemical weapons being used against them during the last few years. There is a trail to support this. Terrorists in Aleppo also had chemical weapons stored which were discovered just recently. The one question you need to ask is why would Assad use chemical weapons against civilians when the US had just agreed to cease its efforts for regime change and agreed that ISIS must be destroyed? You have to be totally brain dead to think Assad would do this. I am so disappointed in Trump over his stupidity in attacking Syria while also putting himself in the position of having to admit he screwed up because of the Intel he was given or lying and trying to cover this all up. The missile attack on the Syrian airbase is also a sham. Syria doesn’t have any missile defense in that area so the Tomahawks couldn’t be defensed so this was a cowardly act by the US. At least they warned Russia ahead of time so they could remove their personnel and helicopters from the area thus avoiding a nuclear war. Russia also has an agreement with the US and Syria where they can only use their S-300 and S-400 to defend their assets in Syria. The Syrians removed their aircraft from the area also. If they would have used these systems to attack the Tomahawks, that would have started a war with the US. Neither the US or Russia wants a nuclear War so this nonsense continues. Russia will not leave Syria and will defend Eastern Ukraine because there is nowhere else to retreat too. Russia is no match for the US and NATO in conventional warfare over Syria so any war with Russia will be Nuclear. You should also know that Terrorist attacks are taking place in Russia and terrorists are and have been trained in the Middle East and the US is one of the prime sponsors of this and the Russians know it. There are other reasons why the US should back off these two countries and stop pushing troops up to the Russian border because Russia will go nuclear when it thinks there is no hope of resolving the attacks coming from the US and NATO. Last year Putin reinstated the KGB in Russia and put together a 2,000,000 man army which will report directly to him. The US is already interfering in Russian politics and Putin is ready for them . There were already 300 KGB agents hired in Russia as security agents that were hired by Trump and are in America. My only hope is that something comes out of the meeting next week between the US and Russia or we are all going to be dead very soon.

    • Mohammad


      Ahhhh. what to say…?
      They did it in 1973, I was a kid then and I remember when the Israelis (Americans in essence) were roaming Syrian air to provoke their defenses then, the Syrians (Russian actually) DID NOT RESPOND…The Israelis thought what they thought and gathered whatever intelligence they needed up until the shit hit the fan, then we started in Damascus looking up in the skies to see the Israelis jets being hit like flies with Sam 7 that the Syrians (Russians…in essence) did not fire at the beginning, I was then in elementary school, certain days we saw the sam’s lines in the ski charging and then the flash of the hit Israeli jets 4-5 hits in one day or so.
      From that recollection I see similar tactics been used, provocative actions may sound to us nonsense when in reality it begs an action that may never happen on the US timing.
      I sense they want to test how effective those S300/S400 are because the real round will be in Russia.


      • Allen Starr

        Thanks for your comments. About the only comment I have is it will not get to Russia and will start in Syria or Ukraine. All of this carnage in Syria is because Assad wouldn’t let Saudia Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Israel, and the US build a pipeline through Syria and in the end to screw Russia and their NG pipelines in Europe. Syria wants Iran, Iraq, and Russian involvement in a pipeline through Syria. Russia will go nuclear before letting the West screw them over on oil and gas. Syrians are being murdered to force Assad to give them their pipeline. One item on the US, Russian talks today is that Syria must allow the US and allies to build their pipeline in Syria. This idiotic air strike on Syria is supposed to scare Russia and it’s allies. That air strike is a joke, didn’t prove anything when you start putting all the facts together, and made it impossible for Russia and it’s allies to ever trust the US again. China is building a base in Syria and will have somewhere between 5,000 and 15,000 troops there. Three shiploads of construction equipment is already there. Please read anything that Jerry posts as he is totally current on the Chinese financial system and that new system is fully operational where they can avoid using the $. There is no way that the US can split up the Russian/Chinese cooperation. They desperately need each other for the future and their needs are a perfect fit. They can’t trust the US and will not turn on each other. They still seem to want to wait for the coming financial crisis to kill the criminal US and its allies. The only hope we have to avoid a nuclear war is for the Congress to listen to it’s people and not authorize a war.

        • Mohammad

          Gas/Oil/Pipelines/…all is the change, the real money is much deeper than that, Greg knows how much I talked about it in earlier posts when I first joined this blog years back, now I am tired repeating my self.
          IT IS MUCH DEEPER …!


    • Linda L.

      I don’t think that saran gas was used either. Doesn’t saran gas leave a residue on clothing and articles in area for some time after it’s dispersed? Notice in the post gas pictures that the men who are carrying/handling all the infected women and children don’t appear to me to be wearing protective gear, gloves etc. The whole affair seems to be staged or wouldn’t everyone (directly or indirectly) be dead/infected from a substantial saran attack?

      • Allen Starr

        Linda L
        I should apologize for using the term Saran gas but that is the term that most people are using and what you say is correct. I don’t think it was Saran gas either but more than one other gases. It’s highly possible that these pictures are also fake. The other problem is that it is a Sunni terrorist controlled area and they can’t get into it yet. Mad Dog Mattis says he personally saw the intelligence proving that the Syrians gassed it’s people but he was unable to furnish any proof. He’s probably telling the truth because the intelligence information given to him was false and fits right in with the Giraldi information saying that Syria was not responsible for the gas attack. Now you need to ask why they didn’t wait to confirm who did the gas attack and why didn’t the correct information from US intelligence in Syria not get to Mad Dog Mattis. Something still stinks but at least we know in which areas the problems lie and the truth is known by US intelligence on the ground in Syria who want the information revealed. He also killed the lie that Russia had anything to do with the chemical attack. By not continuing to accuse Russia of being involved in a chemical attack and not honoring their agreement to destroy all chemical weapons in Syria will also help to quell Putin’s anger. Now Trumps decision makes some sense as he and Mad Dog got smoke blown up their a_s by their own intelligence agency. By all the back tracking going on by the US now, they know they really screwed up. We may be out of the woods as far as a nuclear war is concerned for now but all trust between Russia and the US has been totally destroyed.

  6. roy M.

    Each month i wait with anticipation for an interview with clif high. Interesting stuff. With all the existing oil and gas wells in production we have a lot of free flowing product. I don’t see this negative cost factor anytime soon, that clif refers to . I think we are heading into a greater economic depression, more so than in the 1930’s , its been difficult to prepare for the that event . As Mr. T might say ” I pity the fool that doesn’t have silver” . Always remember “Fear not ……….

  7. Silverado

    Great interview Greg. I have only one question…what if he’s right? Anyway, thanks for having him on. I think…

  8. J. Bethune

    In Case You Missed it!
    Andrew Butterworth 04/08/2017 •
    Hi Greg
    Martin Armstrong tells it how it is in Syria.
    He is a brave man to do this and I thank you Greg for keeping this honest, even when it rocks our own boat and our own beliefs.

    Did our Robin Hood embrace the hood?

    “What Is Truth?”

    THAT question was cynically posed to Jesus by the Roman Governor Pontius Pilate. He was not interested in an answer. Like the talking heads of today, Jesus did not give him an answer and neither will he give them an answer, as they wag the dog. We want the whole truth and nothing but the truth!
    Perhaps you view the truth as Pilate viewed truth, as too elusive to grasp.—John 18:38.

    This disdainful attitude toward truth is shared by many today, including religious leaders, educators, and most certainly today’s lying so called politicians. They hold that truth—especially moral and spiritual truth—is not absolute but relative and ever changing. Like the self- righteous corporate bought and paid for media. This, of course, implies that the people who pull the media strings can determine for ourselves [us the American sheeple] what is right and what is wrong. Follow the money. (Isaiah 5:20, 21) It also allows people to reject as out-of-date the values and moral standards held by past generations of real journalists and real fair dink-um leaders. Why we liked Ike!

    That statement above that prompted Pilate’s question is worth noting. Jesus had said: “For this I have been born, and for this I have come into the world, that I should bear witness to the truth.” (John 18:37) Truth to Jesus was no vague, incomprehensible concept. He promised his disciples: “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”—John 8:32. is certainly proof of that statement, unlike the faked news media!

    Where else can such truth be found? On one occasion, Jesus said in prayer to God: “Your word is truth.” (John 17:17) The Bible was written under divine inspiration and reveals truth that provides both reliable guidance and a sure hope for the future—everlasting life.—2 Timothy 3:15-17.
    Yet those innocent little children and babies were sacrificed and then in death, used for a bold faced promulgated lie. Yes, they never let a trumped up, “ginned up” [from the 1800’s British slang term “ginger up,” which referred to the practice of putting ginger up a horse’s butt to make him spirited and prance with a high tail, for show or sale] false flag atrocity go to waste, do they. Un-believers, who put their trust, in their lies, to unleash the gods of war, for their own nefarious purposes. Making themselves gods, by putting forth their efforts to steal, kill and destroy the lives of those in the way of the lie’s they wish to foster on you and me and all inhumanity to man!.

    Yes, Pilate indifferently rejected the opportunity to learn the truth. What about you? If you chose the truth and nothing but, the God who determines who lives or dies forever in this present wicked scheme of things, will be glad to share that simple truth, with you.
    Even when things don’t look so good. . . .

    Mr. President,
    We trust in you. We love you! You’ve been in jams your whole life and came out of all of them all smelling like a rose! Like Robin Hood things don’t always look so good, but their is a God in heaven and your proof of that Mr. President! Please never forget he will always be with you, and so will we, the American people!

    American Standard Version
    Be strong and of good courage, fear not, nor be affrighted at them: for Jehovah thy God, he it is that doth go with thee; he will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.
    ◄ Deuteronomy 31:6 ►
    New Living Translation
    So be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid and do not panic before them. For the LORD your God will personally go ahead of you. He will neither fail you nor abandon you.”

    The battle has only just begun and we know it_
    Were with you Sire!

  9. Diana Dee Jarvis

    Clif’s prediction of a government crash sounds much like what Jim Rickards said last week, especially if you allow for Clif not being as knowledgeable about financial markets. (Clif did say he didn’t know how the bond market worked.) It’s a bit eerie how much they echo each other.

  10. Mr Mister

    OMG, that was a spectacular interview. Have a plan, keep an eye on the exits, stock up on food, ammo, and firewood.

  11. dslarsen

    Per the connectivity thing, Clif may have had connection problems but I did not see any issues. I heard every word.

    You know, pedophilia has been a perk of the elite for centuries. It was even presented as a gift more or less to be selected for this. Look up Catamite in your favorite search engine.

    How hard is it to believe that there are people unfortunate enough to be swept up in some exploitive web to be used in this manner?

    The real promise of this age is that these webs can be uncovered and disrupted and old rich connected bastards will lose their privilege and the exploited people will be freed.

  12. Gadfly

    Pretty wackadoddle stuff if you ask me.

    • Greg Hunter

      Microsoft flew Clif High all over the world to fix the toughest problems the company had. High is the real deal.

      • Steve

        You know that or took his word for that ?

      • Frederick

        Greg just because he’s brilliant in software doesn’t mean he can’t be nuts There are lots of examples of eccentrics with very high IQs I know some personally And I’m not saying he is just that it’s possible

        • Greg Hunter

          Yes “Frederick” and you can be nuts too and we don’t know what you do, or who you really are because you comment anonymously. Clif High is a real guy with real credentials that does not offer his opinion anonymously.

          • Frederick

            Low blow Greg Just because I point out how dissed you are toward religious people you agree with And by the way I have posted what I do and what I did in my career many times So your attacking me for anonymity is pretty lame I’ve promoted you on other sites and defended you when others made claims against you Evidently I was wrong to do so

            • Greg Hunter

              Not a low blow, just a direct answer and thank you for the viral promotion.

      • Gadfly

        Does Microsoft predict the future or what markets will do this FAll or next year? Clairvoyance is not a transferable skill, as it turns out. When October comes and the Federal Government has not collapsed or the Treasury Market is copacetic, then what will Cliff say next. He is simply a person who follows what internet gossip and speculation there is. People forget his misses in Antarctica. So, Don’t bet on it.

        • Greg Hunter

          Real name and credentials if you would like to comment and share you huge amount of knowledge. Real verifiable name and a resume of your experience. I post mine on this site in the “about” section.

  13. David Morris

    A lot of similarities with Martin Armstrong’s Economic Confidence Model. The timing seems to be the biggest difference. If it doesn’t happen this year it will happen next year. Don’t get caught out! Lack of confidence in Government leads to inflation, the US Dollar will be the last ‘old’ currency standing.

  14. Fran Polk

    Syria intervention plan fueled by oil interests, not chemical weapon concern
    Massacres of civilians are being exploited for narrow geopolitical competition to control Mideast oil, gas pipelines U.N. chemical weapons experts visit people affected by an apparent gas attack, at a hospital in the southwestern Damascus suburb of Mouadamiya. Nafeez Ahmed Friday 30 August 2013

    EXCLUSIVE: Syrians In Ghouta Claim Saudi-Supplied Rebels Behind Chemical Attack
    Rebels and local residents in Ghouta accuse Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan of providing chemical weapons to an al-Qaida linked rebel group.
    By Dale Gavlak and Yahya Ababneh | August 29, 2013

    Saudis offer Russia secret oil deal if it drops Syria
    Saudi Arabia has secretly offered Russia a sweeping deal to control the global oil market and safeguard Russia’s gas contracts, if the Kremlin backs away from the Assad regime in Syria. By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

    Complicated Business!

  15. Gadfly


    WE must All ” Crash and Burn ” before any reform or change can occur. Crash, burn, then return.

  16. Fran Polk

    Alex Jones (FULL SHOW Commercial Free) Friday 4/7/17: U.S. Strike on Syria – The Real Analysis
    Elites and Neo-Cons In The Whitehouse?

  17. Pete

    I feel a little slow catching on to this. I don’t dissagree with most of Mr. High says. What I don’t understand is with all the language that I think is mostly coming from ill informed people and is fake news, outright lies, fraud, gossip, rumors, etc. that bombards the internet daily, how can the data mining information even closely resemble actual facts and trends?

  18. This sceptred Isle

    “We have the projection that there is going to be some sort of big government crash. It concerns funding, interruption or something”
    They haven’t come to an agreement on raising the debt ceiling yet have they? Eerie silence. Why is mainstream media silent on this?

  19. George Mubarek

    I read about ALL Governments “Crashing” in the Bible Book of Daniel 2:44, when the God of Heaven sets up His Government and destroys all the governments of the World and stands to Rule Forever! Pretty clear and reliable “language”. All in favor…say I.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you George!!

    • Frederick

      Yes thank you George

  20. Mohammad


    “The role of world gendarme, especially one that acts while ignoring international laws, is fraught with ominous consequences,” Vyacheslav Volodin was quoted as saying by TASS on Friday, soon after the media reported that the US had launched a massive missile strike on the Syrian military’s Shayrat air base.


  21. Jay Dee

    For those still assessing Trump’s actions on Syria, I would direct your attention to a proposal put forward by pastor Rick Wiles on
    President Trump secretly worked out a plan with Putin. Assad is to be replaced. Syria is to be carved up into regions. Trump-Putin share Nobel Peace Prize for settling Israel-Palestinian feud. Everybody goes back to making money. – See more at:

  22. ccwaters

    Thanks for bringing Clif High on. I hope this becomes a monthly event. I identify with him and his predictions. Historically, I have been remarkably successful in predicting events, but I have failed miserably with the aspect of timing. (Like Paul Craig Roberts, I didn’t allow for the astounding levels of lies and corruption.)

    Clif’s real-time perspectives are such a welcome addition to the technical work presented by Your trusted visitors. Clif’s observations are the context around which the rest of us (our ideas) evolve. (He, the puzzle-board; we, the pieces.)

  23. dlc

    Clif said “ice age” twice, NOT warming with all the ice melting. In other interviews, he mentioned the challenges of simply growing food to eat in a hostile climate due to lowering temperatures over a good part of this country.

    Looks like the price of getting rid of politicians and other crooks in general is near extinction. Do you think there will be crying and outrage in DC over our own starving and dying children when our money tanks? No tears for the used, the duped.

    At least the rich and privileged will no longer have the luxury of using this country’s sons and daughters as the poorly-compensated Hessians to take a military fist to anyone fed up with being a looted vassal.

    At age 6, I hid with my classmates in the school cellar — from the Russian bombs. Been played for 6 decades now over “the Russian threat.”

    All along, the worst creeps were stateside — molesters, child killers, looters, murderers, the sickest of psychos — personally enriched for all the abuse, too. They of many mansions (on our backs), the exclusive club. “George Carlin, we hardly knew ye,” says they.

    We had to know deep down that this could never end well. I’ll be with family in a few days whom I haven’t seen in over a decade. I won’t be mincing words with them cause I feel there won’t be another reunion. So much for MAGA.

  24. Randy

    What about the pyramids in Antarctica? There was supposed to be a major announcement by all the world leaders going down there. Did the story just vaporize?

  25. al

    You have got to get Mannarino on. I’d like to hear his take on the Bond issue Clif talked about. Awesome REAL NEWS Segment Greg. You are my main news source.

    • Greg Hunter

      Soon come Al. Mannarino is a good idea!!

  26. Mike Kramer

    Jim Rickards in his latest video says that on April 12, there is a meeting of the IMF. Part of the meeting will be a discussion of removing the dollar as the reserve standard. I believe it is the BRICS or the AIIB that for the first time ever, will have more voting power than America to make this change. This may be what Clif High is referencing without really knowing it.

  27. Teeter

    WOW, some crazy predictions, as in the past not one of them will actually come true. All we know is that we don’t know whats coming, signs are everywhere that we and the rest of the world are at a crossroad. Life will go on,might be different but its not going to be as dire as 99% of the guest say. If half of what is predicted on this site were to come true over the past 2 years, nobody would be left to read this. Jerry, whats the latest on China/Yuan/BRICS/IMF and the death of the dollar ?

  28. James Hastings - Cherokee center of the world

    I enjoy Clif High. He is interesting and his information tingles the imagination. I make note of his analysis. Just like Bo Polny’s, who’s latest teaser calls for April crashes.

    But, I make preparations in my life, knowing, there is a lot of information available. I just stay focused on the end result. I have planned, with common sense and stay in the middle of the road. I understand all humans are in err. Therefore, much information will be wrong. Preparing for 3 or 4 possibilities, is just cheap insurance. Using open source intelligence, including ancient texts… all boils down to the following.
    “He that tilled his land shall be satisfied with bread”. You got to work it.

  29. Doug

    Clif High is hugely entertaining. He is always so forthright in his explanations that they sound plausible. Unfortunately most of his predictions never happen or they are so vague that there is always a possibility that something somewhere will happen especially with weather predictions. Clif never refers to the ones that ‘miss’. Still he is good fun.
    I’m still waiting for his predicted $600 Silver… supposed to be this year.

  30. Tad

    I’ve read those stories about remarkable energy devices that either government or big oil silenced.
    One can hope peace will break out, and energy-related wars become extinct.

  31. Jerry

    I normally don’t post alternate media sites, but this time daboo7 got it right.
    The attack on Syria as I have previously posted is the central bankers last ditch effort to safe the petrodollar. But this time is different. They are not going up against third world military’s like Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, or Ukraine.

    There is a reason two NATO tank divisions are massed on the Polish border, and why U.S. carrier battle groups are headed toward the South China Sea, and why Trump happened to pick the occasion to have President Xi present at the exact moment Syria was attacked. The reason? April 21st. Check my previous post over the last three months. The central bankers are sending a message to the BRICS alliance. De peg from the dollar as global reserve currency and there will be hell to pay in the form of WWIII.
    I’m sorry to break it to you, because I voted for him too.Trump is not putting America first, he’s putting the central banks first, and if war is needed to cover the economic collapse he will be more than willing to pull the trigger. God helps us all.

  32. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    Good report. I know you get tired of me saying this but the next Super cycle corresponds with Clif’s timeframe July 27th through October 2nd, which coincidentally corresponds to the August 21st solar eclipse that will cast the shadow of the moon across the United States. Something not seen in this country since WWI, almost exactly 100 years.


    • Country Codger

      Oh, congratulations once again. The interview with Clif appears to be going viral. Keep it up my friend.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you CC.

  33. mushroom

    Energy from outer space?


    • Tracy Welborn

      Before you pass judgement, you should take a look at this. The double slit experiment says that electrons can behave like particles AND waves. Depending on whether they are being observed!
      There are things beyond our imagination that are true. We just don’t know it yet.
      I can EASILY believe that there are energies from space that affect us and our surroundings.

      • Kerry

        Cosmic galactic waves/particles impact the earth all the time and can alter DNA.

    • Country Codger

      Hello Mushroom,
      Just Google “energy from outer space” and you will see that it is a fact. Nicola Tesla experimented with energy from outer space and developed a low energy harmonic power source. What makes this particular energy more potentially damaging is that it comes in massive bursts and is very rich in gamma radiation. It is believed that the energy was emitted from a long dead star and the energy is just now reaching us.

      Gamma rich radiation from the sun has a direct correlation to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, and if I remember correctly the correlation is greater than .80 which is quite high. These periods of gamma rich radiation generally occur during periods of minimums rather than the previously thought maximums. ((It is believed by many scientists that we are in a minimum such as the Maunder Minimum which has a profound effect on the weather here on Earth as well as all planets in the solar system. Why are the Martian poles thawing at the same time as the Earth poles? Not SUV’s on Mars for sure.)

      Please research thoroughly such topics before you dismiss them. Some, as in this case, are very measurable and have very profound effects on humanity.


  34. Galaxy 500

    APR 5, 2017
    I’m a little late on this, but it’s one of those miraculous and wonderful links that you just have to see to believe. I’m talking about a gun-related piece at a mainstream newspaper that has actual facts and information in it, as opposed to scaremongering nonsense.
    The Washington Post entitled “Are firearms with a silencer ‘quiet’?” is a solid rejoinder to some of the anti-suppressor propaganda making the rounds as a result of the HPA.
    So what are opponents of the law talking about?
    “We aren’t necessarily talking about being out in the middle of the woods deer hunting where it is extremely quiet. Instead, gun crimes often occur in cities and in other very noisy places,” said Marc Brumer, a Gillibrand spokesman. “The shots would be heard by law enforcement or witnesses at the gun’s typical decibel level, but they often cannot be heard when a silencer is added. There are many sounds in cities that are far louder than a gunshot masked by a silencer.”
    A nightclub, he noted, has a sound level of 155 decibels, while a subway is 102 decibels. (Actually, while sound levels as high as 155 decibels have been detected in night clubs, that’s not an average and would be very damaging to a person’s hearing.)
    “Relative to their normal decibel level, particularly in those urban environments where gun crime often occurs, I outlined in previous email, silencers make guns impossible to hear over many common sounds and therefore ‘quiet,’ ” Brumer said.
    But gun experts say that noises are not equal. “While these items/instruments/environments may be louder or as loud as firearms, none carry with them the easily recognizable sonic pulse of a gunshot,” said Bob Owens, editor of Bearing Arms, which advocates for expanded gun rights.
    Peters pointed to a 2013 article in The Washington Post that said the ShotSpotter detection system may have trouble detecting shots fired from a silencer. But ShotSpotter says that information is out of date.
    Read the whole thing, and pass it around to your friends to share. It’s not often that you see this kind of real reporting on a gun issue, so savor it and reward the Post with what they want most — clicks.

  35. jeff White

    Thanks Greg and Clif, your insights, delivery, great questions and professionalism are unparalleled. What a treat. Jeff

  36. dlc

    Unless we operate on selective emotionalism, we need to meddle in Egypt pronto. Any dead children? Don’t leave us to ponder. Send our busybodies in.

    Hearing of Ivanka Kushner’s sorrow over the dead children in Syria brought to mind a nursery rhyme my mother often sang to my sister and me: “Ladybug, ladybug, fly away home. Your house is on fire and your children are gone.”

    Ivanka, Ivanka, fly away home. Your nest is a shambles and Jared’s prone to roam.

  37. Dana

    Thanks Greg
    Cliff High has been right on lately and our future doesn’t look bright at all. I think what is going on lately is that they are trying to take our eyes off whats really happening. I believe the U.S. is going be a third world country soon. When the world wakes up to what we have done to it. They are not going to be happy campers and we are going to have a very hard time in trading items.That is one of the things that made this country great.
    Greg thank you so much for your hard work and having great guest. Keep on stacking and packing.

  38. ConcernedAmericanDad

    ‘always months away just out of reach. ‘thought there was going to be April mayhem.
    Maybe that’s why the missiles have already started flying? 15 minutes in-sorry can’t make it through this one………..

  39. Brad

    Great interview Greg, lots to consider.

  40. dlc

    If we’re going to sink down into the muck, I’d rather slide there with a potato head like Bannon than the pretty boy Dukakis wannabe that was sent to Syria. I’m fast getting over the anger and disappoint phase. My Irish side goes for the humor in all of this, even if the joke is on us.

    Goldman boys, NYC libs, hope there’s a winning method to this madness. This simply cannot be another bait and switch, Art of the deal as in Art Carney’s “Chef of the Future,” a total bust with all of us looking like MAGA chef hat wearing fools.

  41. Patty

    I wanted to say I doubt bitcoin would be the new digital currency, because there are only 20 million of them (I think). I don’t think that would work for America. Also, is it worth looking for a job now if I may get fired this summer? Just wondering. Great show!

    • Frederick

      Depends on how much value each Bitcoin has You can trade a hundredth of a coin from what I’ve read Same goes for Gold If its valued at 50 thousand an ounce no problem

  42. dlc

    The current sell job cabinet. Free to attach names. Incompetence or inexperience with a load of hot air claims.

  43. Mohammad


    Time wise I find it very odd and very troubling to have the position of the Egyptian envoy in the security council just yesterday opposing unilateral action by US and asking for some time and wisdom for an independent investigation to make sure if really Assad’s regime used chemical weapons and then this happen:داعش-يتبنى-تفجيري-الكنيستين-في-مصر.html

    تبنى تنظيم داعش التفجيرين اللذين وقعا في كنيستين بطنطا عاصمة محافظة الغربية، والكنيسة المرقسية في الإسكندرية.
    وأسفر التفجيران عن عشرات القتلى، وكذلك أكثر من مئة جريح، حيث هاجم انتحاريان الكنيستين، في أحد الشعانين، الذي يحتفل به الأقباط في مصر.

    “DAESH adopted the bombings in two churches in Tanta, the capital of the province of Gharbia, and the Church of Alexandria in Alexandria.
    The explosions killed dozens of people and wounded more than 100. Two suicide bombers attacked the two churches on Sunday, celebrating the Copts in Egypt.”


    My heart and prayers go to the victims and to the wounded.

    BIG QUESTION deserves a real stop and reassessing our position in M.E. ….. Did we embolden those fanatics when we hit the ONLY FORCE that is kicking their ass in Syria…?????



  44. Sylvia Sterling

    Greg…. Another. extremely interesting and thought provoking interview.
    Would be difficult to top this one. Thanks. His comment concerning the mistake
    this country made in putting. lawyers and politicians in charge of running things instead
    of. accountants and engineers. was well taken.


  45. Gregory Boyd

    I’ve followed Clif’s HalfPastHuman for over 7 years and truly appreciate you for presenting these interviews -he’s always provocative yet sincere and scarily right on the money most of the time. This time around, money being the operative word!

  46. Peter Baillie

    Not sure what to make of Clif High but never the less, interesting take on things.

    Here’s another take on the US air strike on Syria which I find quite believable.

    Great interview as always Greg

  47. Wayne Jett

    Greg, thank you for this far ranging interview. I write to call your attention to one point made by Clif High on which I believe he has an important misunderstanding. This relates to his description of what FDR did in 1933 to force Americans to turn over their gold to the USG, and then to inflate the dollar in early 1934. Clif said that FDR actually paid Americans more dollars than the gold was worth, and then raised the price of gold because that was the only mechanism available for introducing inflation into the economic system.
    First, FDR did not pay more for the gold than it was worth. From 1879 until 1933, every American had the right to exchange $20.67 for an ounce of gold, so they could hold the value of their money in their hands if they chose. FDR took that right away, making the dollar a currency with a nebulous promise of value for labor/products given in exchange. As you know, foreigners kept the right to exchange dollars for gold at $35/oz until 1971, but Americans living here could not.
    Second, and importantly, the way FDR devalued the dollar was NOT the only way to introduce inflation into the economy. He could easily have printed more dollars and traded $35 for each $20.67 already owned. That would have provided Americans more purchasing power in the domestic economy. Instead, FDR carefully designed his devaluation to provide not a single additional dollar into the economy, while at the same time giving foreigners much increased purchasing power over US products and assets, including of course American grown food. While US food sold profitably abroad, Americans starved to death by the millions.
    As you know, Greg, you have my book on this, The Fruits of Graft – Great Depressions Then and Now, fully explaining this and more with references footnoted. I’m happy to discuss it and related historical facts that show the true role of the USG in imposing the Great Depression.

  48. Don

    Google baby

  49. Bill Howland

    What the heck is Cliff talking about here? He seems to get more extreme with each interview.
    As regards energy, the cost of Oil currently is low, and will take a long time to get to ‘100 bbl in, 102 bbl out’. If they get desperate Russia will sell them some. Before we got to that point, oil obviously will increase in price, and then they’ll revert back to OTHER low cost energies, such as COAL, Solar Power (which is inexhaustible), low-cost Wind Power (currently competitive with COAL, and getting cheaper all the time. Finally synthetic oil and hydrocarbons can partially be made out of Coal liquification
    and gasification plants.

    That is FAR more likely than any ‘free energy’ scheme the big experts have touted for the last 50 years.

    Oh, and now that the US is officially a terrorist state, I’m totally off the Trump bandwagon even though I reluctantly voted for him.. You and all his cheerleaders must love that he is going against his OWN campaign promises, and criticized me for being skeptical.
    No less than Ann Colter has stated: “Syrian Christians will have no one to protect them if Assad goes away”.. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  50. francis m reps

    Thank you Mr.Hunter, Mr. High has made our Sunday interlude with your program a delightful distraction. High does a great job reiterating the obvious in his unique manner. His observations on energy recovery are spot on. He seems to overlook the innate human desire for people to gather around a leader because of their fears and need for someone to guide them. Governments may become corrupt ; but seem to be part of the inherent human condition. The intergalactic forces Mr. High alludes to may be gleaned from his “linguistic” programs…..but when are his vaunted computer programs going to address the constant..clearly visible…clearly damaging ..particulate spraying { worldwide } that are being ignored and or denied by people in authority ?. We appreciate your variety of interesting guests….and hope you book Mr. High again. My question to Mr. High is this : Mr. High ;”how do you keep a straight face when you make your pronouncements?”.

    • ccwaters

      Clif High reported recently on chem-trails in his February report. I think it was February. I suggest you buy a month of his reports and wade through it. He is careful to be as explicit as words allow, but occasionally the subject has so many facets that I find myself reading the white space as well. If you are an exceptional reader, you will gain a great deal of perspective from reading. If you are an average reader (or listener), You might struggle with the many concepts. Good luck with your new adventure.

  51. Agent P

    You can ‘step outside the fight’ in theory all day long, but as long as your feet are planted on Terra-Firma, the ‘fight’ ~will~ touch you. Knowingly, or unknowingly, you ~will~ choose and you ~will~ be involved. In simple terms: No one gets outta here for free —

  52. Faith

    I watched this interview last night. Interesting point of view. Thanks!

  53. Derrick Reid

    yes, clif is very interesting, but like the sun being a mere reflector, this outer space energy is way out there. He have a gift of presenting a comprehensive view, but with some far out perspectives mixed in. HE IS A VERY DIFFICULT READ, interesting for sure.

    He has …………………… “A beautiful Mind”

  54. Julia

    Great interview. I am glad for the pedophile news! Hideous behavior! I have also heard of the coming cold period which will last for a while. About 2029 its suppose to be really bad. Important thing is to have food and heat. I also liked the part about people getting out of the two tribes and joining together to help when the mess goes down. Catherine Austin Fitts has discussed this on her show.

    Thank you Mr. Hunter for your shows.


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your support Julia.

  55. Justn Observer

    For all those with an affection for ‘stock’ vs. the ‘stackers’ they chime about….this might interest you if things such as Clif High mentions might occur…

  56. Wayne

    Clif High’s latest observations from datamining our linguistic-based collective psyche. Who wouldn’t be interested in hearing them? As he says, his methodology does not infer intent. But it does suggest likely outcomes. So over time we can “see” changes that weren’t apparent a short while ago. That’s why we keep wanting him back as a guest. Thanks, Greg, for another edition.

    His reference to the global government crash would incorporate the interdependent fiscal-economic-financial systems and their central bank Ponzi schemes of fiat currencies. The market capitalization of equities is tiny compared to bonds. The latter market is a trainwreck waiting to happen. Most countries are insolvent, reflecting their banking systems’ status. Is it any wonder why China continues to buy all the tangible assets it can, aside from 1,000s of metric tonnes of gold, while dumping its toxic (paper) US Treasuries?

    High mentioned most parts of the world as (collateral) damage in this crash. But I was surprised he did not mention the Middle East. (Perhaps the only way the US will get out of there is if the Afghanistan poppy fields are destroyed, taking with them the drug-trafficking revenue.)

    But as he notes, there may be hope for us yet. At the individual level, people can step outside of the government-engendered “divide and conquer” (a.k.a. “Let’s You And Him Fight”) contention. Collectively, perhaps collaboration using new technology (from Antartica? terrestrial or otherwise) will provide free/nearly free energy by which humans might avoid a species-extinction event.

    With how we are treating our Earth, a new Ice Age approaching and our apparent death-wish inclination toward thermonuclear war, we better deal with this contention quickly. As High said, one faction of the Deep State wants to force a return to the 1950s heydays. That idiocy is symbolic of the whole can of worms now. They have opened Pandora’s Box.

    Do you remember the original “The Day The Earth Stood Still” (with Michael Rennie)? If we survive, we may still need a race of Gorts to keep us under control.

  57. Mike R

    Something tells me all this nasty rhetoric about “red lines” being crossed spewed by multiple countries, is going to pull us into WWIII.

    “A statement issued on Sunday by a joint command centre consisting of forces of Russian, Iran and allied militia alliance supporting Syrian President Bashar al Assad said that Friday’s US strike on the Syrian air base crossed “red lines” and it would “respond with force” to any new aggression while increasing their level of support to their ally.

    In the statement published by the group on media outlet Ilam al Harbi, the pro-Assad alliances says that “what America waged in an aggression on Syria is a crossing of red lines. From now on we will respond with force to any aggressor or any breach of red lines from whoever it is and America knows our ability to respond well.”

    You just knew these people (Russia nor Asad, and now Iran) would not stand down, and take this 59 tomahawk missile strike passively.

    If there is one more strike by either side, may God forbid, it’ll probably require that we simultaneously nuke Syria, Iran, and Russia, and expect that our soil will be hit too by Russia’s nukes. Pray really hard folks, that our President and military do not make anymore mistakes like they just made. I mean this in all seriousness.

    • Allen Starr

      Mike R
      Russia has it’s own NeoCons involved in the decision making process and there is 0% chance of the Russians ever trusting the US again after the missile attack. Putin did not beef up his forces because he was waiting to meet with Trump to stop the war in Syria. This missile attack was planned in advance and Putin looks like a fool to anyone who has any idea what really happened. I’ve lived here long enough to know that you never get a second chance to screw the Russians. The Russians have been on auto pilot for some time and have already made a decision on when they will go nuclear and it will be when they decide they will never be left alone to live in peace. Russia has a very small force in Syria and all their assets there are expendable. The other thing people need to know about is Kaliningrad. The Russians who live there can’t sell their apartments because there are so many Iskander-M nuclear missiles there and nobody wants to live there because they are expendable. Because of all this NATO nonsense and pushing troops to the Russian border, the Russians have guaranteed that every NATO base in Europe will be gone in less than 20 minutes. The highly radioactive torpedoes will kill everything on the East and West coast of the US and this is before any of the big stuff is unleashed. Even if the US does have a military advantage, we are all going to be dead because the Iskander-M missiles and the torpedoes can’t be stopped. I don’t believe the meeting between the US and Russia today will accomplish anything long term because Russia can’t trust the US at all so any agreement they might come to won’t be believed by Russia because the US breaks all agreements. These crazy NeoCons are betting everything on the fact that the Russians don’t want a nuclear war but they are so stupid that they don’t understand that the only choice Russia has is to submit or go nuclear. Russia’s own hardliners won’t ever allow Russia to submit and become slaves to the West and the Russian people won’t allow it either and Syria and Ukraine is where they must stand as there is nowhere else to retreat for many reasons. This is it and if the US keeps pushing, the Russians will pick the time of their choosing to start the nuclear war. It will be when they have lost all hope.

      • Frederick

        Scary stuff Allen Lets all hope and pray it never gets to that point

  58. Mike R

    On Clif’s interview….. Re: “prices rising so fast on [gold and silver] that no one will sell it” that sounds like a page right out of Jim Sinclair’s playbook. So how much does Clif borrow from other doomsayer’s video’s and bake into his ‘predictive linquistics’ interpretations, such that they all sort of feed upon the other to make their forecasts sound credible ? (i.e. if everyone is saying it, it must be true).

    • Charles H

      Sinclair makes a call based on his personal experience in the Market; High makes a call based upon the presence of language across the Internet. In this coincidence you see plagiarism. I see greater consensus, that’s building.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Does Cilf’s predictive liguistics have a feedback mechanism? He predicts that something is going to happen therefore the internet talks about it therefore the predictive programming for this event becomes stronger.

  59. helot

    RE; eric’s comments about nukes. I’ve read online how some say nukes don’t work as advertised and/or depend highly upon weather conditions. I.e., it’s a scam of epic proportions, Japan was firebombed in WWII, not nuked, and all major governments play along with that charade.

    I would not be surprised.

    Imho, when The End comes, it won’t be because of mankind’s nukes.

  60. Steve

    Just like for the end of 2016 ! Just like for March ! – “There are hints in the data that something huge is coming …” Clif is entertaining but this is also the guy that says: the sun is not visible from space… Allians are being hidden in Antarctica… That it is impossible for a space craft to leave the solar system…

  61. Everett

    Greeting Greg,

  62. Peter

    The Seth Rich murder was strange. If he was murdered by the Hillary camp, you can bet they paid alot for it. 20k isn’t enough to get someone to confess to Wikileaks.
    The somebody that committed the Rich murder may already be dead!

    The stock market is on fire, while gold and silver are proving to be poor investments.
    Monkey makes money throwing darts at stock board, it’s that easy.
    Note even though interest rates and stocks are rising, gold and silver are not.
    To be sure Trump, is good for the US economy. Although it’s true, too many people can’t find a decent job, Trump is helping the situation. Keeping companies in the US, and renegotiating trade deals is free stimulus and should pay off eventually.


    • Frederick

      Stock market on fire Not really It’s been trading sideways for weeks and looks vulnerable to a big correction if not crash if you ask me If I owned stocks I would sell and buy vastly underpriced metals I’m not sure about 600 USD for silver though

      • This sceptred Isle

        Ironically I think the more exprensive silver gets the more demand will increase for it as a store of value.
        If silver reached 600 dollars big money would start to buy it as a store of value as it would be an easier way to store large amounts of wealth in a confined space, such as is the case with the gold now.

  63. Jerry

    The definition of insanity.
    Sending a carrier battle group into a war zone where Russian Mach nine cruise missiles could be used. Can you say sitting duck? The sparrow antimissile defense system that is currently used by our navy is no match for this weapon.

    • Frederick

      I agree Little Kim might just get an itchy trigger finger and try to be a hero by taking out a super carrier and I’m not so sure the Russians or the Chinese would mind that outcome Of course he would then be dead but the damage done to our prestige would be heard around the globe

  64. H. Van Wyden


    Great interview. Really, just Greg, oops, I mean GREAT!

    Been subscribing to Clif only a few months. He is a genius, a savant, an ‘out there kind of guy’, but despite all of it, I believe him. He is right on. I am wondering Greg, can you do a
    3 way interview with Clif, yourself of course, and Martin Armstrong? Armstrong has many views of facets of the world systems that coincidentally mesh with Clif Highs’ views, and they seem to be worlds apart otherwise except they are both computer gurus. What do you think? Again, great interview.

  65. Steve Smith

    There’s more to the battle between the mainstream and the alternative media than merely advertising revenues. The powers that be need the mainstream media to survive in order to keep the propaganda stream going. We need the alternative media to find the truth. The mainstream media keeps the vast majority of people clueless of the underlying problems which keeps them happy and content. All our government has left is distractions and the mainstream media are the main providers of these distractions. We ignore reality at our own peril.

  66. deano

    third world war / will cause this

  67. Mohammad


    Can someone help me understand this:

    “Between 20 and 30 Islamic State fighters, including some with suicide vests, then attacked the base, which is a staging ground and training facility for the U.S.-backed Syrian rebels.”

    “As the WSJ adds, Coalition forces and Syrian rebels engaged in firefights with the attackers and then called in airstrikes to repel the attack, officials said.”

    “#Assad bombed #Saraqib #Idlib with #Phosphorus bombs 2017/04/09
    — Kafranbel English (@kafrev) April 9, 2017”

    “One thing we can imagine, however, is sequence of thoughts inside Assad’s head: “Well, I just got bombed by the US and I will surely get bombed even more at even the slightest additional provocation that can be splashed across the front pages of western newspaper. So… yes, brilliant idea – I will use a banned, toxic substance – White Phosphorus – and hope it appears on all media channels around the developed world, just to make sure the next US airstrike aims right for my palace.”

    Sure, why not.

    Expect to hear much more about white phosphorus in the coming days: it will be the “catalyst” for the next round of Syrian airstrikes. ”


  68. Mohammad


    “Tillerson: China agrees on ‘action’ on North Korea as navy strike group sails”


    Does that mean that a preemptive strike on N.K. is inevitable?

    If so , Would it be the wild card US may play , which is a simultaneous preemptive strike on Iran by Saudi Arabia/Israel/Turkey….And on hizbulla/Assad in Lebanon/Syria by Israel/Jordan?????

    Can any one think that any of the axis of evil is going to be struck without the rest being hit simultaneously so any possibility of retaliation would of been eliminated?



  69. Charles H


    Clif High’s Predictive Linguistics ARE legitimate indicators of mindset trends; AND he does hit it out of the park in the interviews. That said – if his “off-world influence” means devils and angels: then he has a finger on yet another pulse.
    The Internet is going to be re-invented into a Big Boy Club – and if you don’t please them: you won”t be in that club. The future gets real ‘iffy’ concerning the Alt-Right media. I wouldn’t doubt if the FCC (or it’s equivalent) would interfere – to regualte out anything that isn’t mainline MSM propaganda. Time-Out and Everybody Graduates snowflakes who don’t know what it is like to lose will kick the board over, rather than LEARN and do something else – which doesn’t involve truth.
    Civil War does appear a possibility, due to the widening Right/Left Gap – mainly due to the implacability of the Left to have their way instead of cooperation. Theirs is a societal tantrum, in the face of the Conservative patience – that is understandably running out. The ANTIFA Open Carry arms movement is such a hoot. I bet all the self-inflicted gunshot incidents will never make it to YouTube. It is disingenious and provocative – just another destabilizing factor toward Martial Law.
    Will 2017 be the Year of Fulfilled Expectations or Fears? The parade will go on: but it must sometime end. What are the steps and catalysts to the One World Government? They are all around us now. A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.

  70. Vic

    It was on your website that I first heard about Clif. Now, I regularly follow his work and support the both of you.

    Thanks for opening my mind.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Vic.

  71. John M.

    The US government is not the solution to the problem, government is the problem.
    The Deep State and the Establishment are the most evil and harmful elements of this government.
    The govt elites all know that the US dollar is surely dying (probably after the Euro dies first), and I doubt they will give up power without a fight to the death.

  72. Paul ...

    No matter how hard the government Demonrat and Reptilican stooges work toward bringing America to nuclear war “first” … the people must forcibly make their voices heard … as nuclear war is far too serious a business to be left to moronic, corrupt and demonic bureaucrats … since 9-11 the US has killed millions of women and children in most of the country’s in the Middle East (thus creating millions of terrorists seeking revenge for the murder of their mothers, fathers, wives and children) … but for the US Military/Industrial/Government complex to fight these “terrorists” is not enough for them … they still “want a nuclear war” to satisfy their insatiable greed … these evil psychopaths who live in an immoral pedophile sewer must all be “sewer-sided” … for neither they (nor the MSM also without morals) can ever be trusted to act responsibly!!!

    • Paul ...

      Actually I think Trump “flipped” to the dark side two months ago back in Feb ’17 … because that is when US troops and boat loads of military equipment were being moved into Jordan … the recent “gas attack” to kill innocent women and children was simply “the excuse” the US needed to strike against Assad and to launch an invasion of Syria to take out the Iranian troops who happen to be very effective at killing off the CIA’s ISIS terrorists … Trump needs to attack Iranian troops to officially start WWIII … and will likely need “his own 9-11” (to blame on Iran) … thus getting the full backing of the American people “to go to war” against Russia, Syria, Iran, China and N. Korea … so be prepared for a very big and devastating “false flag” attack on American soil (that can be blamed on Iran)!!! …

      • Paul ...

        Appropriately “Mad Dog” is living up to his name … and wants to begin a ground invasion of Syria in the next few weeks with 150,000 US troops (without a declaration of war from Congress) … then just like in Afghanistan … he can ramp things up over the next 11 years!!!

        • Paul ...

          Where is Flynn??? … Mad dog want to be both ISIS’s air-force and ISIS’s ally on the ground … Trump was supposed to be killing ISIS terrorists not supporting them … Trump was supposed to be joining closely with Russia and Iran to kill the terrorists … and not killing the Russians and Iranians who are doing an excellent job taking ISIS down!! … by Trump helping ISIS to eliminate Assad … all the remaining Christians living in Syria will soon be “be-headed” by an emboldened and ruthless ISIS!!!

  73. WK Swanson

    Cliff makes a lot of sense up to a point, then I feel as if I’m listening to someone in a mental institution.

    • Justn Observer

      Sovereign entities, their borders and ethnic/religious differences must erode and be forged in a Fabian fire for a World Corpocracy and it’s banking system to arise from their ashes…

  74. Deanna Johnston Clark

    Thanks, Greg. I hope this is all hyperbole!
    As for nukes, who needs that? Just some explosives will send Las Palmas volcano up with a ocean wave hundreds of feet in no time. Nukes today are for the movies….too hard to control the blowback storms.
    Then with everybody dead and the cities washed away, the corporations can sign contracts to rebuild the East Coast with underground transportation and energy, etc. The little self driving cars and battery bicycles will be the vehicles.
    The cranks and grouches will be gone…the preppers, the church buildings, the small farmers, the old ladies with cats and dogs that hate apartments and grow tomatoes and lima beans, the poor waiting for SNAP and Social Security….KOWABUNGA! clean slate for robotics. Meet George Jetson!!!

  75. Mohammad


    Please listen carefully to what he says:


  76. MJH1963

    I like Mr. High’s interviews and I do agree that we’re in a great global reset (not his words but mine). However, I don’t believe his timing is any where near accurate. Personally I wish we could just rip off the band-aid and get the pain over with but I see this great paradigm shift taking place over years – not weeks or months… And I don’t believe for one minute anything or anyone from outer space is going to intervene to the benefit us earthlings (“some unknown energy source”). Ain’t going to happen. Regarding the reset, I’m setting my sights on a much longer horizon…

  77. Clare Doll

    Dear Greg,
    I want to analyze just this paragragh:

    High goes on to explain, “The emotions at the moment are projecting a crash of the ability of the state to function. . . . We have the projection that there is going to be some sort of big government crash. It concerns funding, interruption or something. . . . We have something akin to a definition change relative to bonds. . . . One way to think about this is there is going to be a human collective or re-understanding, or new understanding, about the whole bond market as we go forward in August, September and October. This is going to cause huge disruptions for governments, which basically depends on the bonds as its source of funds. I don’t know what that definition is going to mean, but the way the language is presenting itself, it’s very much like the same language that appeared in newspapers ahead of the Bretton Woods conference. . . . At that time, a bunch of countries got together around WWII and talked about how to deal with gold, money and the dollar after the war was over. . . . We have that same kind of language now relative to the bonds. . . .This redefinition is going to cause real problems relative to governments. If I had to guess, I don’t think we will have a stock market crash, but a government crash or Fed crash or bank crash. I don’t think a stock market crash will be meaningful because by the time it crashes, nobody will care because before we get there, the Fed will crash. The Fed is the market.”

    Has anyone thought about what it means for the whole of the American Public to not only have bonds redefined but to have it done ‘en masse’? How do you effect an occurrence of a “Bretton Woods ” (worldwide) magnitude and concurrently destroy the stock market and what it represents and cause a Fed crash?

    Only one way I know to do that : Revalue Gold.

  78. Justn Observer

    Greg, Always enjoy you and Clif High’s insights…
    Also this- a great book review – The Spider Network by David Enrich …who got caught and which bankers got away – so far!

  79. Roger D

    This is not complicated. Anxiety is sky high. The real possibility of nuclear war coming to US soil has not been this high since 1962. This old coot remembers it well. Waging wars against 7 sovereign nations (your count may vary) tends to cause anxiety and we don’t even have any skin in the game. Imagine the anxiety of parents whose children and grandchildren are being blow away by a nation whose people can’t even find you on a map.

    ‘Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.’ Proverbs 16:18

  80. Mohammad


    So now it is clear and loud and blunt that it is the regime change is THE POLICY of US under Trump’s admin …

    Iraq de ja vu …!


  81. Jerry

    The “Soft Takeover”.
    According to recent information I have received there are close to 1800 new RMB trading hubs that are set to open in the next few weeks. Including many right here in the United States.

    American central banks are being totally saturated with Chinese funding. I’ve always said I’ve never met a banker yet that didn’t love free money, and with this free money comes strings attached to the People Bank of China. In the coming weeks the Chinese will most likely reset the gold prices and back the RMB currency with gold once they’ve totally cornered the gold market. (which they are on the cusp of doing).

    As far as Syria? If the Chinese ever needed a reason to pull the financial plug on the U.S. war machine, now they’ve got one. That little display of power that President Trump used while dining with President Xi sent shivers down my spine. Disrespect may not mean anything to someone who grew up with a silver spoon shoved up their ass, but it sure in the heck does for someone who fought their way up through the ranks of Mao’s empire. This is not Trump Tower, and Xi is no washed up actor seeking a reprieve for their acting career.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Thanks for some nitty gritty….Many Americans have no idea how our country looks to outsiders. Heck, now they don’t even have an idea how it looks to poor and old Americans. The 1970s were our best decade…black music was happy, the war was over in Vietnam, most people had a simple lifestyle because of the recession (little envy), Boomers were creative and funny, and America during the Bicentennial still had a soul.
      For someone like me, the last 25 years have been a national nightmare of greed and war. And envy colors everything pea green online.

  82. Matt

    Clif High is FANTASTIC. The Great Waves of Change are beginning to crash down on humanity – resource depletion, environmental degradation, and the presence of alien races who seek to take advantage of a weak and divided humanity. An offer of “free” energy technology by races from the Greater Community will be anything but….

    Thanks for the great interview Greg.

    • Corleone

      Greater Community to Earth: “We will give you the free energy technology after you complete your evolutionary transformation and are no longer half apes.”.

  83. Bill Howland

    (This is Greg Hunter. Yes I did delete your comments and your comment below is a an example of why I did it. You insult me and make fake accusations. I don’t need this on my free site. You should go somewhere else to comment. You are also free to spend your own money (the way I did) and start you own site. Let me know how it goes for you. Please don’t go away mad, just go away. I don’t have the time.

    Yup you deleted my last several comments, none of which were spam. However, I always provide info which might distress the sychophant comments you still let through.

    It is obvious even to the most uninitiated you are deleting most of the comments.
    Congratulations: Your “Reviewed for SPAM” is another one of your lies.

    Move over Lawyers and Used Car Salesmen as the two LOWEST professions.

    There are a few good journalists left, but they’re not you. At least Trump – the best Used Car Salesman I’ve ever seen, lies with such grace and audacity that at least, you instantly know when he’s lieing. Its going to take a bit longer for people to see yours, unfortunately.

    • susan

      Thank you Greg as far as Howland goes. And I enjoy Clif High very much and contemplate what he says for a long time’

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Susan!

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Good for you, Greg. Personal insults don’t belong in a good forum.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you for your support. I run a free site and I put plenty of views up I do not agree with. I want information to flow and sometimes I put up with junk just to keep it flowing.

      • dbcooper

        DJC, Excuse me if I am incorrect but did you not insult me by accusing me of being a ‘Friday Night Drunk;?? DB

  84. Diane

    I think Cliff is right about governments collapsing due to loss of people’s confidence.
    I would guess he’s a big investor in Bitcoin.
    I believe he is mistaken about this.
    How many people around the world own bitcoin?
    I think investing in your own clean water supply and food supply and your own HEALTH
    is more of a prudent strategy.

    • Wayne

      As you note, clean water and food supply are part of necessary preparation in the face of economic-government collapse. But if the electricity grid is offline significantly, all bets are off. A Mad Max environment with massive civil unrest would likely result. Then it’s an issue for survival of protecting what you have. Let’s hope this never happens.

      We know how little our govt cares for its people by seeing what they have/have not done in these key areas. Desalinization technology has been available for many decades but not implemented. GMOs poison our food, soil and wildlife. The infrastructure is not repaired. Antiquated means of energy production keeps raising costs. And ObamaCare (a.k.a. ObamaCouldNotCareLess) is a total farce. Good luck to us all should the SHTF given these existing conditions.

      Re Bitcoin, IDK if High is high on it, but Bix Weir et al. certainly are. Just for fun, though, as with any speculation, imagine if you’d bought 10,000 bitcoins in 2011 for (only) 30-40 thousand USD. That $3-4 price per coin would become $1,250+.

      Back to reality. If one is US-centric, you’d never know Bitcoin is developing great patronage around the world. About a week ago Japan recognized Bitcoin as a legitimate form of payment. And recently, its price for the first time ever surpassed the price of gold (troy ounce in USD).

      It’s the same with physical precious metal (PM) ownership. Only 1 in 100 (maybe fewer) Americans own gold-silver coins/bullion. Yet PM ownership is much greater elsewhere, often a cultural factor (see India, pop. about 1.25 billion). The Chinese govt has encouraged its 1.4 billion people to own gold.

      Of course, there are problems with crypto-currencies. What if the internet is unavailable so transactions cannot be conducted? Could/Will governments try to take them over outright, ban or constrain their usage, or control-manipulate them? China had to deal with Bitcoin exchanges that were not “real” but tantamount to paper exchanges (like the ETFs GLD or SLV, i.e., paper claims on rehypothecated physical PM).

      But this is a small part of the big picture. The current confluence of events — threatened warfare over Syria, its oil/gas pipeline versus Saudi oil, maintaining the Petro-Dollar standard, the USD as global fiat reserve currency and more – all reflect the paradigm power shift underway from West to East. The Dying Empire will likely not go quietly into the night. But maybe we’ll get lucky and TPTB will engineer a softer landing. Some believe the latter is impossible because the current debt-based system must be flushed in its entirety.

      As I said in a prior interview comment, understanding these grand-scale dilemmas usually reduce to two factors: follow the money and cui bono (for whose benefit?). Advocates for the NWO and the bankster cartels haven’t gone away. The Divide & Conquer, Let’s You & Him Fight mechanisms promoting their Hegelian Dialectic strategy have now been perpetrated upon us almost everywhere in so many guises.

      Now that they’ve caused all these problems, they’re watching the reactions to see what solutions to propose in orchestrating this power shift. I’d love to be wrong about all of this. But the only thing I’m sure of these days (daze?) is Yogi Berra’s prescient remark: “The future ain’t what it used to be.”

  85. Jerry

    When it comes to news, I don’t know what to believe anymore.
    If even half of this information is correct, it makes me sick to my stomach. I don’t know how you as a reporter can fact check anything, when every bit of news is filtered and manipulated by the corporate media. Something clearly stinks though when I see MSNBC one day talking about Trump impeachment, and then the next day handing out praises on Trumps missile attack on Syria. It makes no sense! Some in the alternate media are peddling a story that the deep state has blackmail information documenting Trump killing a 12 year old girl. Who knows??

    • Charles H


      Veterans Today – as far as I have heard or perceive: is a government rag now. It is probably along the lines of funding…

  86. GrassRanger (Jim McCollum)

    It is very interesting to see how closely High’s findings are to Martin Armstrong’s predictions, i.e.: October 1, 2015 as the top in “confidence in Government” and the “crash and burn” that is now in progress and without a crash in the stock market. Greg, I think it would be very interesting to get Armstrong back on your program and do a comparative review of these two guys’ observations.

  87. Tim McGraw

    Great interview! At the 40 minute mark Clif talks about the energy problems going forward. That was fascinating to me! I did not know about this. We need free energy and we need it now!

  88. James sullivan

    Hello Greg; It’s Monday PM and i notice fewer comments …suspect you have a slowdown in moderation of the comments….(you work hard for us) …..
    Isaac Asimov wrote the foundation series …based on the numbers of a galactic population could allow for meaningful statistical understanding of long term trends ….i suspect Cliff is tapping into the HUGE volumes of internet traffic ….perhaps in the same vein as Asimov’s Psycho-history.
    What i notice is the deep state is slowly being peeled back, but the news cycle is speeding up to the point that it’s yesterdays news 30 minutes after exposure ….the deep state has to cause increasing velocity of EVENTS to make the people forget … acid test for me will be the Susan Rice revelations …..if she skates, there is no hope that any mis-deeds will be punished. …..until the cyclone of mis-news will finally crash in the total shutdown of any belief in the LAW……perhaps this is what Cliff is smelling from his search bots.
    …….Film at 11…..

    • Greg Hunter

      I am behind and have 140 new comments coming on starting now.

      • Neil

        Greg, its a pity you cant review comments somewhat faster because it kind of kills any conversations the viewers might like to have. Before you get around to it we are on to another guest. I wonder if some other format would allow better participation? A forum? It seems to me if anti globalists can be more interactive with each other they can be more effective as an active resistance.

        • Charles H


          Is USAWD a site used by the author, to disseminate issues as he decides? OR should it be tasked to an ‘anti-globalist’ agenda? Your suggestion gets the tail wagging the dog.

          • Neil

            Yup I agree Charles. Good Americans should do absolutely nothing at this point but be well behaved in the face of certain adversity. If you fancy yourself as a learned individual of some social standing you might concern yourself with spelling and grammatical errors, and issues of logic and righteousness instead. No meaningful conversation with your fellows, no organising, no active resistance, just viewing regular down home wholesome reporting mixed with some harmless wujo and purporting deference to God. As the Titanic went down the band played on…. Is the US a lost cause at this time? Very likely. Why is that? Because people simply can’t get off their chairs and be effective. The dog is infested and mangy. Who cares how the remedy comes provided someone acts. Grab it by the ears if necessary. There is a great opportunity being squandered daily here in my humble opinion. Many people could come together and be a force to be reckoned with but they have no responsive avenue for doing so. The globalists are killing their opposition in their quest because that opposition is pretty damned useless despite being informed.

            • Charles H

              Nice jab, Neil. Good and deep too. But If you read this…

              Just what do you want to spend your life on? Do you have a job or career, or family that you want to blow-off? And for nothing?
              Yeah, I do defend the Bible – I’m a poor missionary in Mexico; keeping afloat on a grand a month for me and my wife. Getting here and setting up cost me years of working to the bone. I’ve no social status: but I’ve made my efforts count.
              America does not appear in prophetic scripture – the One World Government does. As I see it – America stands in the way and will be removed. If you want to get in front of this train wreck, and kick against the pricks: be my guest.
              I served during the Vietnam War; exhausted my GI Bill benefits on Bible College; and subsist on basic Social Security income. I travel 1200 miles (round trip) to vote at a border state. I am disturned and grieved at how America changes and what is lost: but what one faces in Eternity is more important than the political battles of this world. “It may be the devil; or it may be the Lord: but you’re gonna have to serve somebody.” – Bob Dylan. I’ve already served my country: now I serve a higher, Divine, Master: Jesus Christ the Lord.

              • Neil

                Well I can understand your personal point of view in some regards. Surely there must be Americans who for one reason and another don’t want to be on the side lines or plead meekness. I guess if you consider eternity then there is no point considering the inconvenience of the now. Disturbed and grieved but not galvanised to repel it, or able to be motivated or summoned to some action….and I am not talking of revolutionary violence here either. Its a very curious default and surrender to behold from an outsiders perspective. It seems that everything Americans say they hold true is nothing but a sham when tested. The strangest thing is that I am not an American and yet I find I am here with a more active attitude in defending the idea of the constitution, good government etc than many. Why should I concern myself with it then if the pervasive mood is resignation, if not capitulation? Perhaps I should just withdraw and let it all fail in the worst possible way. If 20 million Americans starve to death in the streets I don’t suppose that matters to anyone but them. Possibly they get to eternity a little faster than those doing it the hard way by doing good deeds…hadn’t thought of that…

  89. Mohammad


    Twitter reminded Trump with his tweets:


  90. Mohammad


    “Assad’s Use Of Barrell Bombs Could Lead To More Strikes”


  91. Robin Miller

    Instead of “woo-woo free-energy devices”, please consider putting Kirk Sorensen on your show to discuss the Thorium energy cycle. Kirk has been a presenter at the TED Talks and makes a compelling case for a new paradigm in nuclear power – far less waste (in fact, you could burn the existing waste in a molten-salt reactor) – and far more energy (Thorium is as common as lead)….

  92. Justn Observer

    Greg, David Robert Steele unmasks the truth as he was imformed about the false flag in Syria

    • Frederick

      Steele is great Everyone needs to listen to him I’ve read that he’s controlled opposition but they say that about just about everyone so who knows for sure All I know is he sure goes after a lot of high level people and seems legit anyway

    • wondrouscat

      Thank you Justin Observer for the above link to Steele’s analysis of the Trump move. He sums up exactly my thoughts and suspicions: either this was a Putin-Assad-Trump agreed “attack” (no casualties, runway left intact, only old Russian planes destroyed) for a higher purpose OR Trump was, as Steele says, “chumped” by nefarious advisers and made a grievous mistake. Either way Trump can recover – by ridding himself of bad actors surrounding him (the neocons, and he better hurry up or he’s done) and NOT sending the troops in, or actually being vindicated as some kind of genius. Something about the Russian “one more attack and you’ll be in trouble” threat rings false to me, I mean, who says that, but who knows. The tea leaves yet spin.

    • Mohammad

      Thanks for the eye opener link.


  93. jimmy

    i believe none of this…

  94. Mike R

    We are in the early innings of a major technological energy revolution. For example, just a decade ago, completing a 12 stage frac was science fiction. We are now completing over 10 times that amount, with 10 times more sand and pressure. Pin Point fracturing is the new catch phrase you will hear about in the coming months and years. The earth continues to produce oil, as oil is abiotic, and not from dead fossils. Use your brain, and understand where oil is really coming from and the mainland depths multiple thousands of feet, or 10,000 feet below ocean floors, and so on, and ask yourself if you still believe the non-sense that oil comes from dead dino’s.

    North American innovation is currently being adopted in China (4th largest oil producer in the world) and many Middle Eastern oil and gas rich producing nations. I track these developments closely. Oil production actually continues to get cheaper and cheaper. That’s why the Saudi’s are pumping out as much as they can, while they can, and still losing to cheaper sources of oil. ERoE (on oil or gas) is also bunk. Oil will continue to get cheaper for decades, and is far more plentiful than anyone envisions.

    Any time you hear claims of “peak this” or “peak that,” don’t fall for it. Someone is almost surely trying to sell you something you don’t want to buy.

    We don’t need any ‘magic technology’ that is buried somewhere in the Antarctic, or that the populace has to ‘drag’ out of some secret alien keepers. I’ve been in the energy industry for more than 30 years, and what trumps all, is innovation, conservation, and substitution. We always are finding new ways to harness energy, use less to get more output than ever, and none of that has slowed down or stopped in the past 30 years, and in fact technological advancements are rapidly multiplying so quickly that it is changing the very nature of how our world will evolve into more people and societies gaining higher levels of living, that currently don’t possess anything close to what we have now.

    I’d argue further that what we are seeing in the middle east, is more about their recognition that they are not going to be the major energy cartels that they once were, and are rapidly losing international market power. The mini-wars are not resource wars for a lack of resource, but technology battles they are losing BIGLY. Major oil players realize they don’t need to mess with these little disasters, and having been tapering investment in those Middle eastern areas for years. In fact, the middle east is terrribly behind bc they don’t have the R&D, the innovation, the super highly educated technologists that the US does. Neither does Europe, and neither does Russia, and even China does not. Anyone who is a top notch scientist wants to live where ????? Here in the US folks. And no matter what you hear, no other country is even a close second. Do you see any Tesla’s or anything even remotely close coming out of any other country ? Same can be said for literally thousands of new technologies and products, and its especially true in energy. Don’t despair people. We are in the very early innings of a 100 year golden age of technology era, and these ‘golden ages’ come around once every millenia. Sure, things can look hairy, and scary, and awful, but when you take a step back, you realize things are scary, because there is so much going on technology wise, and we have seen such rapid change, that many times we just don’t know what to make of it all. It’s our thousand year DNA of ‘flight or fight’ that is making us scared, and forcing us to seek out any source of ‘certainty’ or ‘predictions’ that we can find to ‘calm’ our nerves. Clif is certainly a clever guy. But knowing what I know about energy, and (I’ve forgotten more than Mr High will ever know), I can assure you he is flat out wrong on that particular topic, and would be laughed off of any credible stage in any North American Technical Energy Forum or council on energy technology development.

    And just remember, its always ‘darkest before the dawn.’

    • Charles H

      Rose-colored Glasses can always see a better something ahead. Nothing is said of the corruption which overtakes ANY profit structure, and tendency toward monopoly. One can look at the picture two ways – technology will solve the problems and save the future; or technology will give more power into the hands of tyrants. It isn’t the gun in the hand which makes the threat or safety: it is in WHO’S hand the gun is in – that determines the use of the gun. You can’t get humans out of the tech loop.

  95. James Brown

    Thank you for another great interview.
    I like Clif, even though I struggle with the idea of space aliens and underground technologies. I am aware that I could be wrong.
    Clif said people will march on secret underground government bunkers looking for food but end up finding amazing technologies-very interesting, I can see that happening. Kind of like the “Zombie Apocalypse”.
    Interesting how one of the big hit TV shows-Walking Dead-is that.

  96. regular NJ guy

    When Trumps daughter Ivanka saw the pictures of that massacre, she fell to the floor and bawled and sobbed her eyes out. She then told her daddy, “Kill them all Papa.” The implications are clear. Don’t do anything that may disturb Trump’s little girl. Russia, Iran, and North Korea are next with Boots on the ground to come. Congress is going to like Trump just fine as he converts his world view to theirs. If we can ramp up a few wars, we can then ramp up munitions production and our boys will have good infantry and artillery jobs. We will then march in and viewed as liberators to the suppressed subjugated peoples of the world. We can then ensure their rights are preserved including their democratic rights, religious rights, LGBT & TS rights among other things. Trump is now in the club with Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Bill Kristol, Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitcz.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are making crap up. “When Trumps daughter Ivanka saw the pictures of that massacre, she fell to the floor and bawled and sobbed her eyes out. She then told her daddy, “Kill them all Papa.”

      • regular NJ guy

        Okay. Then what do you make of this article from Newsweek? Fake News ? Lies ?

        • Greg Hunter

          You said, “When Trumps daughter Ivanka saw the pictures of that massacre, she fell to the floor and bawled and sobbed her eyes out. She then told her daddy, “Kill them all Papa.” That is a long way from the article you posted.

          • regular NJ guy

            Okay .. I embellished a little bit. Cant a comment employ some creative discretion ?

            • JC Davis

              Hopefully not when I am looking for truth in a world of lies.

            • Charles H

              NO. It’s not alright. When, perchance, are we to know when you are NOT using ‘creative discretion’?

    • Frederick

      Regular NJ troll has a great imagination and gets paid Well to write his fiction online

      • Wayne

        Yes, I think this is the conclusion now most supported. I’ve tried on several occasions to demonstrate the absurdity of his remarks in light of facts, logic and evidence. But that clearly has no effect, just as we see with his latest compendium of drivel. He’s certainly “regular” in this regard.

        Greg, do as you please of course, but may I suggest that you don’t let this guy wind you up? That’s what his goal is because *he is fake news*. I, for one, applaud your commitment to the first amendment. If statements such as these are allowed to be posted, who would take them seriously? Only warmongering profiteers, political hacks and other cult members.

  97. Justn Observer

    Greg, In case you missed it….Ben Carson found 1/2 $Trillion missing in HUD accounts went missing during Obama Admin?…/ben-carson-finds-500-billion-dollar-error-from-obamas-housing-a…

    4 days ago – Dr. Ben Carson discovered more than $500 billion in errors in his … (4) The improper accounting for certain HUD assets and liabilities, and.

    Dr. Ben Carson Discovers Mismanagement and Fraud in Obama’s …

    6 days ago – Dr. Ben Carson Discovers Mismanagement and Fraud in Obama’s HUD … Officials at HUD fixed $3.4 billion in errors from its 2015 books and $516.4 billion in … Over half a trillion in errors from one small agency. … 2012 and 2016 where the democrats lost a lot of seats including the White House, there is …

  98. Jerry

    Considering that the central banks (that fuel the military industrial complex) cannot keep their finger the precious metals dike much longer, the danger level for war has gone to DEFCON 5.

  99. Mohammad


    Very serious matter:

    “Putin: “Idlib Was A “False Flag” Attack And We Have Learned That More Are Coming”


  100. Calgirl

    This from the latest newsletter from Miles Franklin

    This makes way too much sense to be passed. But at least we can make our wishes known.
    Trump is asking everyone to forward this email to a minimum of 20 people, and to ask each of those to do likewise.
    In three days, most people in the United States will have the message. This is an idea that should be passed around.

    The TRUMP Rule
    Let’s see if

    A congress understands what people pressure is all about.
    Salary of retired US Presidents .. . . . .. . . . . .. . $180,000 FOR LIFE.
    Salary of House/Senate members .. . . . .. . . . $174,000 FOR LIFE. This is stupid
    Salary of Speaker of the House .. . . . .. . . . . $223,500 FOR LIFE. This is really stupid

    Salary of Majority / Minority Leaders . . .. . . . . $193,400 FOR LIFE. Stupid
    Average Salary of a teacher . . .. . . . .. . . . . .. .$40,065
    Average Salary of a deployed Soldier . . .. . . .. $38,000
    Here’s where the cuts should be made!

    TRUMP, in a recent interview with CNBC, offers one of the best quotes about the debt ceiling:

    “I could end the deficit in five minutes,” he told CNBC. “You just pass a law that says that anytime there is a deficit of more than 3% of GDP, all sitting members of Congress are ineligible for re-election”.

    The 26th Amendment (granting the right to vote for 18 year-olds) took only three months and eight days to be ratified! Why? Simple! The people demanded it. That was in 1971 – before computers, e-mail, cell phones, etc.

    Of the 27 amendments to the Constitution, seven (7) took one (1) year or less to become the law of the land – all because of public pressure. Trump is asking each addressee to forward this email to a minimum of twenty people on their address list; in turn ask each of those to do likewise.

    In three days, most people in The United States of America will have the message. This is one idea that really should be passed around.

    Congressional Reform Act of 2017

    1. No Tenure / No Pension. A Congressman/woman should collect a salary while in office and receive no pay when they’re out of office.

    2. Congress (past, present, & future) participates in Social Security.

    All funds in the Congressional retirement fund move to the Social Security system immediately. All future funds flow into the Social Security system, and Congress participates with the American people. It may not be used for any other purpose.

    3. Congress can purchase their own retirement plan, just as all Americans do.

    4. Congress will no longer vote themselves a pay raise. Congressional pay will rise by the lower of CPI or 3%.

    5. Congress loses their current health care system and participates in the same health care system as the American people.

    6. Congress must equally abide by all laws they impose on the American people.

    7. All contracts with past and present Congressmen/women are void effective 3/1/17. The American people did not make this contract with Congressmen/women.

    Congress made all these contracts for themselves. Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career. The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, so ours should serve their term(s), then go home and go back to work.

    If each person contacts a minimum of twenty people, then it will only take three days for most people in the U.S. to receive the message. It’s time!

    Pass it on. Let’s drain the swamp

    • dbcooper

      CG, This is a marvelous idea and I am all in !! DB.

  101. Mohammad



    For those who do not know what Montenegro means to Russia and to its path to the warm waters I advise to do some search.
    To include it in the NATO means the threat to Russia with missiles that later on (or may be already in place) can be switched in a blink of the eye from defensive to offensive with nuclear war heads is never been greater.


  102. Mohammad

    “In an interview with FOX News’ Maria Bartiromo, President Trump just gave advance notice – something he said he would not do – that the US will be rattling their sabre very close to China and North Korea…

    BARTIROMO: You redirected navy ships to go toward the Korean Peninsula. What we are doing right now in terms of North Korea?

    TRUMP: You never know, do you? You never know.

    BARTIROMO: That’s all (INAUDIBLE)…

    TRUMP: You know I don’t think about the military.


    TRUMP: I’m not like Obama, where they talk about in four months we’re waiting — we’re going to hit Mosul.

    BARTIROMO: Right.

    TRUMP: And in the meantime, they get ready and like you’ve never seen — look, they’re still fighting. Mosul was supposed to last for a week and now they’ve been fighting it for many months and so many more people died. I don’t want to talk about it. We are sending an armada, very powerful. We have submarines, very powerful, far more powerful than the aircraft carrier, that I can tell you. And we have the best military people on Earth. And I will say this. He is doing the wrong thing. He is doing the wrong thing.

    BARTIROMO: Do you…

    TRUMP: He’s making a big mistake.

    BARTIROMO: — do you think he’s mentally fit?

    TRUMP: I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know him. But he’s doing the wrong thing.”


  103. Newbloomfield

    Just for the record, it is almost mid-May and silver is in the toilet again.

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