French Contradict Kerry, Economy Update, South China Sea Tensions, Planned Parenthood Update

4_jpgBy Greg Hunter’s WNW 201 (7/31/15) 

The deeper Congress digs into the deal to curb Iran’s nuclear ambitions, the worse the deal seems. When Secretary of State John Kerry, the key negotiator for the US in this deal, was asked about the secret side deals in Congress this week, he said he “did not have access to them.” What? You do not have access to details of a deal you negotiated? Kerry also says this deal must be passed by Congress, otherwise, he says, “our friends in this effort will desert us.” Now, details come out from a top French diplomat, who was also in on the negotiations, and he contradicts Kerry. French Senior diplomatic advisor Jacques Audibert has told Congress that if the deal is voted down, that eventually, they “could get a better deal.” When Kerry was asked about continued chants of “Death to America” in Iran, Kerry said he knew of “no plan to actually destroy us.”  

Meanwhile, the Iranians are saying, once again, that the Obama Administration is misleading Americans about the deal in order to “calm opponents in the Congress and Zionist lobbies.”   Congress has 60 days to vote yes or no on this deal. There is no doubt the majority, and that includes some Democrats, are going to vote no. The only question is can Congress override a veto by President Obama?

In the Middle East, Saudi Arabia’s reaction to the deal is to ask for more patriot missiles. It is reported that the Kingdom is requesting 600 new Patriot missile helicopters. It is estimated that this deal alone is worth $5 billion, and sources say many more allies in the Middle East are seeking arms because of this deal. My prediction has been and remains that this deal will ramp up an arms race and speed up the war prospects in the Middle East.

Things are also heating up in the South China Sea as China claims the US is ‘militarizing’ the South China Sea. It is reportedly angered by US flights and patrols in waters it claims as its own. A Chinese defense spokesman said he wondered if the US wanted “nothing better than chaos.”

The spin doctors have revised the GDP in the first and second quarters. First quarter revised up to 6% after originally being negative, and now, the second quarter is revised up to 2.3%. Who knows how the more that 7% decline in new home sales were accounted for? According to, there was also the steep second quarter decline in durable goods. Economist John Williams says it’s the steepest since the 2008 economic collapse. So, is the Fed going to raise rates or not this September? I think we are getting to the real fork in the road, and that is if they raise rates, they collapse the markets. If they don’t, then the Fed and the dollar loses credibility and we still get a collapse, just a little later on. My friend Gregory Mannarino of tells me he thinks there is a plan to destroy the middle class because that’s where all the wealth is. In the end, there will be a two tier system consisting of the wealthy and all the rest of us. Mannarino contends when you are poor, you are easier to control.

USA Today finally responded to my asking why the allegations of Planned Parenthood were not covered much in their operation. They told me “USA Today has in fact covered the controversial video and claims made against Planned Parenthood” and sent me 11 links to their website. One of those links was an Op-Ed piece, so that does not count as reporting. Six of the ten were done in the last three days, and none of the stories they sent me appeared in the Gannett flagship enterprise USA Today newspaper. On the USA Today website, you had to search for any story on allegations of Planned Parenthood selling baby body parts. (Planned Parenthood continues to say it has done nothing wrong.) There were more than 40 other stories highlighted on their home “News” page when I looked. Front and center was the story about “Cecil the lion,” but the alleged misconduct and gruesome details about a federally funded institution selling baby body parts did not rate as high as the murder of a lion in Africa. This is too stupid to be stupid, and in my estimation, this story is being buried because it makes their far left liberal buddies they identify with look like medical Mengele monsters.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Donna

    I’m still trying to absorb the fact that a gigolo blowhard like Kerry is in a position to negotiate anything on behalf of this country. As I mentioned before, since T. E. Lawrence’s time the Middle East has been a no-win mess for anyone whose gotten involved.

    It was the Brits who carved the Middle East up on a map after WW I and created boundaries with no regard whatever as to what it would mean for the people who actually lived there.

    As to China, Russia, Iran (take your pick), it seems we are just keeping all our options open for whatever or whoever will fit a narrative or an agenda.

    If Hillary goes down the laundry chute, we have Bernie Sanders or worse to deal with. The same people that got suckered in on “free” health care are following Sanders around looking for another daddy. Defies all logic.

    Planned Parenthood is just one part of a multi-pronged plan to trim down the population and make a buck in the process. I hope at some point we will hit critical mass, a saturation, a national disgust over our tolerances and priorities over the last several decades.

    • Art Barnes

      Hey Donna, “hit critical mass, a saturation, a national disgust over our tolerances and priorities” I’m already there, have been for a few years now.

    • Anne Elliott

      I agree with you, but have no hope that we will reach a saturation point of disgust about PP. Too many people in this nation were brought up on video game killing, vampires, raping of women even, and other such morbidity that they have lost much of their sensitivity to life. Especially with the unborn. The medical firms have replaced words like “unborn baby” with “embryo”, “non-term fetus” and “fetal tissue” to de-humanize it. Unfortunately for the vast majority of people, they no longer think of a fetus as being a baby unless it is already born; an unborn baby to most is just a “choice” that the woman has the “right” to have or not.

    • brian

      I think the only thing Kerry is negotiating is whether he wants his glass of chilled tea to be flavored with lemon or bergamot for those photo op sessions where he is sitting in some ornate hall pretending to chat through that manicured shit eating grin surgically plastered to his face to dignitaries several orders of magnitude his senior in regard to intelligence, integrity, honesty and refinement….and yes I am referring to third world henchmen for the most part.

      The guys dictating foreign policy are the same guys who wrote the “affordable care act” and the TPP as well as the federal reserve act. We lost our government some time ago just before the civil war, we are a “nation” ruled by the calculated whim of a whirling dervish of international bankers, money printers, monopolists, propagandists, would be despots and general fiends that is allowed to pretend it is a free nation ruled by laws.

      Its all just buttered up BS.

    • paul

      Calling Kerry a “gigolo blowhard” might upset the Iranians (as John Duffy found he is part of the “Iranian family” through his daughter’s marriage).

  2. Michael Harvey

    Is the past couple of weeks we have seen some very suspect action in Gold, is this reminiscent of;
    THE 1999 GOLD CRISIS………….
    The 1999 gold crisis was the turning point in the bankers’ war on gold. Intended to disguise the falling value of fiat paper money, a lower gold price signalled that monetary distress caused by the removal of gold from the international monetary system did not exist, that capital markets would continue to expand despite the ever-increasing amounts of constantly compounding debt; and that the already indebted could safely borrow even more, certain that future economic growth would create sufficient opportunities to pay whatever sums already owed ad infinitum.
    What goes round comes round
    Michael Harvey

  3. Hank

    …we’ve been hearing this Mr Williams and Shadowstats for some time. Is he wrong, or is the gov’t lying?

  4. Smaulgld

    Thanks for another great update!
    The Fed dilemma to raise or not raise interest rates reminds me of the Yogi Berra quote:

    When you reach a fork in the road -take it!

    Here is a chronology of the record July silver and gold sales at the US Mint:

    Oh, and the price of gold and silver have declined all month amid these record sales.

  5. paul

    Some thoughts to consider as Netanyahu now develops plans to lobby Congress “to vote down” the agreement reached between Iran and many world powers that puts long term (10 year) curbs on its nuclear program … Netanyahu is seeking “a better deal” … however remember what Einstein said … if the bee population is decimated by chemical spraying and all of humanity is dead in 4 years what is the point of getting a “better deal” for say a 20 year curb?

    Actually … I personally believe Iran is laughing all the way to the bank as it didn’t give anything up in this deal … because they don’t need “a bomb” to destroy Israel if they simply fill their missile warheads with radioactive waste … Netanyahu is mesmerized by a “bomb phobia” when the real problem before us to protect the land of Israel, its women and children is to “get hold of” all the nuclear waste produced by an exclusively “peaceful” Iranian nuclear electrical generation program. Only a “side agreement” whereby the US gets to “take away” Iran’s nuclear waste will positively impact Israel’s security … not a “better deal” that just adds years to the curb on the building of a bomb the Iranians don’t want or even need!

    To truly protect the Holy Land we must find out one thing … and this is critical … is there “a side deal” to haul away the nuclear waste produced in “the peaceful” Iranian nuclear power plants the Iranian’s will use to generate electricity? … if such a side deal was make … Congress should quickly “approve” this deal as it will be of great benefit to Israel’s security!

    However if this deal is squashed by Congress along with a possible side deal “to haul away Iranian nuclear waste” … on the premise that a longer term delay to building a bomb (Iran does not really need) “is better” might actually put Israel in “greater danger” … as all the nuclear waste produced in Iran’s peaceful nuclear power plants “will remain in Iranian hands” and could be doled out “to others” not friendly to Israel!

    • paul

      As for Saudi Arabia buying more patriot missiles … they just threw $5 billion down the drain … patriot missiles are useless against an Iranian “nuclear waste” warhead … as they will just make the Iranian warhead “more effective” … because by intercepting and blowing up an incoming warhead they will simply scatter the radioactive waste over a wider area!

    • Galaxy 500

      I sure that if Iran or its proxies dirty bomb Isreal they will be gifted many of those atomic weapons they are trying to build.

  6. David

    Great week Greg. Regarding Iran: Past behavior is a good indicator of future actions. Iran will outwit us, again.

  7. paul

    As for the “spin doctors” at the Fed revising the GDP for the first and second quarters up 6% and 2.3% respectively … after originally being negative … suggests to me the Fed wants to lay the groundwork to justify an interest rate hike this fall … raising rates (which implies inflation to fund managers) along with Hillary’s proposal for a massive solar electric build out … makes the case for owning silver even better as its price is manipulated downward!

  8. paul

    The reason Cecil the lion made the front pages of USA Today is because his body parts were not sold by a federally funded institution (the way baby body parts are) … now that news is significant!

  9. paul

    As for things heating up in the South China Sea … the US just has to get used to a Chinese “Monroe Doctrine” being put in our face … what goes around comes around!

  10. Mark

    When I hear you bring up the Planned Parenthood coverup, I keep remembering the shocking and famous words of Charlton Heston…” Soylent Green is People.”

  11. Anne Elliott

    The Iran deal must be in danger, because Hollywood has now gotten involved and stars like Jack Black and Morgan Freeman are doing ads saying that the future will be “melted” in a nuclear holocaust if we don’t pass it! Just PCR said about propaganda being used to get things pushed through – WHEE!!!!! Watch the Iran deal spin!!!!!!

  12. Jedward

    It”s likely that one of the reasons for the terrible Iran nuke deal is to ramp things up so that we can sell more weapons to our so called friends in the region.
    As for China, I think that China has a multi-decade plan to supplant the U.S. as the global hegemon. The Chinese seem to have come to the conclusion in 2012-13 that it is time for phase III of the plan. Call it the period of challenge, belligerance and belicosity where they stop playing nice and begin to unveil their plans by directly challenging a rapidly fading superpower. The final phase, likely in the early to mid 2020’s will be direct military confrontation and conflict. We all might want to learn Mandarin me thinks.

  13. Steve

    Thanks Greg for putting pressure on USA Today regarding the “Nation’s Newspaper” not covering the horrible things going on at Planned Parenthood!

    • Diane D

      Amen. Thank you Greg.

    • Angie

      Yes, thank you.

  14. Southern Girl

    I am in agreement with what Donna wrote about trimming down the population through abortion (slaughter of innocent babies who don’t have a chance). I am not sure these are even people. They must be possessed by the devil. How many videos have I seen of women shouting and cussing out people holding signs against abortion?

    I am glad you have stayed on the USA newspaper. Just doing what a good reporter is suppose to do. Our local newspaper in Arkansas is owned by the same company Gannett. I told you the other day they just now put a piece in because all of our Senators and Representatives are all going to vote to De-Fund Planned Parenthood.

    Someone on this sight said they have a smart meter on their house. Watch this video to see what that little smart meter is telling on you. Remember Lindsey Williams said to have it removed because they all start talking to the other meters around 3:00 AM. It wakes everyone in the house up. It is SPYING on you.

    I don’t nor will ever own anything that says it is smart. I will stick with my flip phone. I am not into any nonsense about texting. Have never sent a text nor will I ever. I tell people it is against my religion and that always makes them look at me like…Huh???

    • Galaxy 500

      Most people don’t have a choice concerning smart meters. But if you live in the country like I do where there is almost zero wireless signal you are less likely to get one

  15. Galaxy 500

    USA Today, America’s Pravda
    All the news that fits the National Socialist agenda
    Remember , if its REAL news you want, don’t come to us

  16. Galaxy 500

    Great wrap up Greg. Obama’s Dept of Injustice is a political weapon just like the IRS, EPA, BLM, ATF and the FBI.
    Is there any wonder why the Obama’s are afraid? They out eviled the Clinton’s, and that says a lot, and have set a new standard for skullduggery. The one thing the Clinton’s are known for its retribution. And vendetta. What has Obama got to worry about?
    IRS, treason, Eric Holder…just to name a few.

    • Charles H.


      The problem with ‘throwing people under the bus’ – is that it teaches others to do the same, with a twist of payback on the side. (Obama will Executive Order himself a free-pass before leaving.)

      • Galaxy 500

        And the next president will un executive order Obama’s free pass.
        If a Statesman gets elected, Obama would be tried for treason. And I know that won’t happen but I can still wish

      • Galaxy 500

        That’s the good thing about executive orders, they are there at the leisure of the current occupant of the White House. If his successor doesn’t like it. He can expunge it

        • Charles H.

          Can he put a “Pardon” for himself in his back pocket before he leaves?

  17. Art Barnes

    Greg, what Kerry said was telling, he didn’t deny that there are side deals, he just denied knowing what they were; beyond disingenuous. However, he knows Congress very well & he & Obama know where the bodies are buried so Congress will capitulate & Iran will get a convert nuclear arsenal. In the meantime,the military industrial complex will start selling arms to the middle east in droves. A few outspoken opponents will be allowed to have some photo ops before the main street media makes the “deal” a old back page uninteresting story – in a nutshell, OBAMA GETS HIS DEAL!

  18. Russ

    Good news wrap-up Greg.

    I’ve never considered John Kerry to be a very bright bulb, he’s more of a “useful idiot”. He talks down to everyone acting as though he is the expert when he doesn’t know jack… He’s the front man and he knows his part in the play. I give what he says no credibility. I’m hoping his little bit of honesty in not knowing the details of the side-deals (I’m surprised he admitted that) takes the nuke deal past the point of a veto proof majority.

    The FED will not raise rates. If they raise rates the collapse will be blamed on them; if they don’t raise rates the collapse can be blamed on the weather or some other lame reason. But they will survive to continue orchestrating the systematic destruction of the middle class. Rates will stay at zero.

    As for Planned Parenthood vs Cecil the lion: I don’t see the two issues as separate but as two sides of the same coin — heads and tails. Both stories are about taking advantage of innocent lives for profit or sport. Unethical killing the innocent. Legal? Maybe, maybe not. Definitely not ethical.

    Planned Parenthood takes advantage of people in a tough situation. We’ve all heard stories of surgeons considering their skills in the operating room to be god-like. That’s why some of them are morally bankrupt, they aren’t gods, they’re highly skilled technicians fixing the human machine. In the case of PP, they’re unethical technicians working in a chop-shop. It may take skill to fix the human machine, not so much to take a small one apart.

    Hunters may take exception regarding the reaction to the killing of Cecil and for them I say this was not hunting; this was at best mere harvesting. When I was a kid my uncle was the hunter in the family. He had one rifle and a box of ammo. He would stalk a deer and get close enough to take the shot with iron sights (no scope); there was a deer in the freezer for every empty case in his box of bullets. That is hunting, stalking the game close enough for a clean kill and doing it on their turf. There was not one set of antlers on his wall.

    When I was a kid we raised a few head of cattle, mostly for consumption. (I know where we get our steaks and burgers; it isn’t Safeway or Albertsons.) The butcher arrived in a truck set up for processing animals. Two steers followed me right to the truck to get the corn I was carrying and the butcher took them both, clean and efficient. Nothing went to waste, nothing — the truck drove off with sides of beef and buckets of parts.

    After baiting the lion out of the park, the great white dentist blew his carefully set up shot, only wounding the animal; and after tracking Cecil for 40 hours took only the head and skin, leaving the rest — not clean, not efficient. That’s not a hunter or a butcher, that’s a poacher. His claims of “I didn’t know” fall on deaf ears here, he knew he was poaching, only an idiot could claim ignorance. Maybe he didn’t know that people would care. I have more respect for the butcher — clean kill and nothing wasted.

    Thank you for the opportunity to comment.

    • Charles H.

      Great comment, Russ. Clear, to the point – balanced and instructive. Really good writing.

    • Terry

      I firmly believe that we do NOT know any of the facts in the “lion” case. None.

      • paul

        Yes we do … the following body parts of Cecil were taken … Cecil’s head and his skin … and I’m sure Symantec would have paid big bucks for Cecil’s other organs but PP was not around to negotiate a price for them. That’s why it was front page news on USA Today!

        • paul

          Dr. Walter Palmer the Minnesota dentist who is the target of international outrage for killing the beloved lion Cecil in Zimbabwe wrote a letter to his patients this week apologizing for any inconvenience the media attention has caused.
          “I deeply regret that my pursuit of an activity I love and practice responsibly and legally resulted in the taking of this lion”

          Not sure if this apology will bring his patients back into his dentist office … what if he decides to take out “trophy teeth” in pursuit of “an activity he loves and practices responsibly and legally”?

      • Galaxy 500

        Just what the media reports and they don’t lie /s
        Hahaha. What I meant was they lie

      • Galaxy 500

        I see this tremendous outcry as an antihunting/antigun side show. I don’t approve of trophy hunting but if its your thing, have at it. If these wackos that are outraged over Cecil win, the next thing will be how evil it is to hunt Bambi, then they will have a campaign to do away with me quail hunting.
        These people are the same guys and gals that think we should just eat grass. Just my two pure copper cents

    • Galaxy 500

      From what I have read, Europeans don’t eat lion generally. A lot of big game hunters do what the doc did. I had a buddy that paid fifteen thousand to go hunt on Kodiak Island about thirty years ago. He came back with nothing but pneumonia.
      As I think trophy hunting isn’t very sporting, I rag him about it to this day.
      If the doc did this for sport and a trophy, he should have used a spear like the early Africans did. That would be sporting. I still wouldn’t approve but that wouldn’t matter as the doc would be mauled

    • Russ

      Cecil the lion, subject of the illegal hunt had a brother Jericho who was apparently protecting the pride he shared with Cecil. Jericho has been taken by poachers inside the park.

      Did I mention I really hate poachers… They are right up there with doctors who sell fetal body parts. In general I have a very low opinion of people who take unfair advantage of animals and the downtrodden.

      • Galaxy 500

        Not sure the hunt was illegal. I know, shooting lion bad but the doc hired a reputable guide. However, poaching is never legal. I am upset by the rhinos being killed to be used as a Viagra substitute. About thirty years ago, I exported a number of rifles for a group of park rangers whose job it was to eliminate poachers. I threw in nice scopes with quick detachable rings so they could use the iron sights. A good bolt action 308 is more than a match for an AK at distance. From what I was told, I am happy to advise that they didn’t arrest poachers, they shot them.

    • paul

      Russ … and when the Agenda 21 butchers lure us to the FEMA Camps with some corn to perform their “final solution” (to the overpopulation problem) … it too will be considered a clean kill … by “them” … the fact that makes it more disgusting is not that we cows (useless eaters) are being slaughtered by an alien species for food … but that some immoral and greedy cows are helping to do the aliens dirty work … for the promise of some extra corn!

      • paul

        What “hunters” should be hunting are the few elite immoral “bulls” that are currently leading all the innocent cows and calves to slaughter!

        The trolls helping the bulls say chem-trails are con-trails (water vapor) … that vaccines must be taken whether we want to or not … that “seedless” GMO food is good for you … that baby body parts being used to enhance the flavor of food is “normal corporate business” … this list can go on and on … but will only come to an end when 99.9 percent of the human population is murdered or “clean killed”!

        • paul

          Once we put down the trolls working for an “alien” agenda we are not done … we will still have a fight on our hands with “the aliens behind the agenda” now trying to wipe out humanity “by proxy” … they are limited in number and fear death (that is their weakness and our strength) … and is why they are trying by all devious means to “take away our guns” … they can be killed … and do die!

  19. Galaxy 500


  20. frederick

    To these left wing loons naturally Cecil the lion is more important than the planned parenthood story You and İ will never understand their way of thinking Greg
    God willing Hillary will get what she deserves Have a great weekend my friend! frederick

  21. smaulgld

    Could it be that this deal is in exchange for Iran to accept dollars for payment for their oil?

    • Galaxy 500

      Well that explains a lot

    • paul

      Interesting … perhaps the US got “a better deal” then it deserves seeing as Kerry is part of the family!

  22. SRV

    PP does not “sell baby parts”

    You are a bloody liar… and I will wager any amount you care to donate to me that they will never be charged, let alone convicted of “selling baby parts” (they recover only their own cost because you and the rest of the RW Nut Jobs would whine and hold your collective breath if they ever use a dollar of federal money on this perfectly legal medical health procedure… abortion)!

    BTW, perhaps your friends in the IDF (those angels of the universe) could consider donating the tissue of the Palestinian babies they murder to fill the science community’s disease cure research needs, giving PP the option of suspending the policy of donating (only if requested by the woman) the tissue to science.

    • Greg Hunter

      I said allegations and alleged. Did you watched the 4 videos from the Center for Medical Progress. They are all on line and have the unedited versions of them on their You Tube page.

    • Grafique

      “Medical health procedure”
      I’d laugh if it wasn’t so tragically sad.

      • SRV

        It’s perfectly legal… and that you’ve been brainwashed into longing for the days of backroom butchers and dead mothers and babies does not change that fact.

    • Gene

      So what do you call them, “chicken nuggets”?

    • Grafique

      SRV, does “perfectly legal” equate with “righteous and just”?

      • SRV

        No one “wants” abortions, and your “righteous” indignation is just… BS!

        It was legalized to address the serious issue of thousands desperate women becoming victims of back room butchers. Yes, abortion was legalized to address over 5000 US deaths, and many more unborn every year.

        Funny how you never hear the “righteous and just” address the facts…

        And of course , not our intrepid reporter, the politicians that pander to anti abortion zealots, or the zealots themselves (hey Graf) ever present a plan on how to deal with the consequences of criminalizing abortion once again.

        Come on righteous and just… lets hear “your” solution.

        • Jim H

          SRV. No Politician is selected (for us to choose from) and no Supreme Court Justice appointed ( by the President who is selected) without funding from the same families who own “not for profit” foundations. Rockefeller, Carnegie, Mellon, Gates and their ilk have funded women’s right to be taxed like men and freedom to kill a little soul and same sex marriage to curb the population. They have not even hidden their wishes in these areas. Our opinion on these matters don’t matter. What really matters is their ability to keep us fighting each other while they rape the world and keep their lifestyle for them and their families. If something is growing it’s alive. That’s just science. The other stuff just divisive issues to help them. They are not benevolent. Not even declaring pro or con it should be clear how things are decided and by whom. Power first and financial gain second have been the order of the day all my 62 years and if we ever get together on this fact things could change.

    • Galaxy 500

      Just because they aren’t charged doesn’t mean they are guilty as sin. I love the way you bring the Jews in to the confession. Did you take your lithium today? You’re a little testy or is it little testies?
      – It’s looking like the reason StemExpress filed for the restraining order is because on the video they admit that they sometimes get intact babies. Which would imply that they were born alive. –…

      • dbcooper

        Little testies… Gotta love it!! DB.

      • Southern Girl

        Galaxy 500,

        When I read your comments I ended up spiting all over my computer monitor I was laughing so hard. Thanks!

        • Galaxy 500

          Thank you. I’ll be here all week. Be sure to tip your waitress or waiter

    • Galaxy 500

      If they were recovering costs, they would have a fixed price schedule. You don’t negotiate to recover costs. You negotiate to get more money.

    • Galaxy 500

      Pepsi isnt using anything that is derived from babies. What have you got against Pepsi? Are you a disgruntled employee?
      I don’t drink soft drinks. Just trying to understand why you continue to slander them (libel in this case) and use Greg’s site to do it.

    • Brian Stemmerman

      Thank you SRV for your intellectual post. As we both know, Mr. Hunter plays the Israel card. As for Israel, God will have to remind them to love thy neighbor. I am an American and Israel is not the 51st state. If Iran develops nuclear weapons, it only makes the playing field fair. I hope I did not upset the Israel lobbyists. John Kerry’s quote, sanctions do not work and war is not an option. Chills went up the spines of the neocons.

      • Greg Hunter

        “If Iran develops nuclear weapons, it only makes the playing field fair.” This sounds insane. Please answer this question for clarity. Does Israel have a right to exist? Please no academic lessons just a simple yes or no answer or see where you stand. don’t bother answering if you do not give a straight forward yes or no answer. If you answer is no the Iranians have a new book you might want to read:

        By the way, you do realize that the Obama Administration is not disclosing much of the agreement. Are the Israelis making him do that? This is from The Daily Beast, which is hardly a Neocon publication.

        Oh, an here is some more on the deal and what the Iranians say: I am beginning to believe the Iranians more than the Obama Administration.

        Only a yes or no answer will be posted for this comment.


        • Brian Stemmerman

          Yes Greg, Israel has a right to exist within its original borders. A question for you Greg, which country has the most influence in American politics?

          • Greg Hunter

            China by far. If you think Israel has a right to exist, then you must be distraught that Hamas and the PA have as their (official) stated goal to wipe them out. You can add Iran to that list. There have been a long line of threats from Iran and here is the latest in book form: By the way, You do know why the borders changed? Arab nations tried to wipe them out in 67 and 73.

        • brian

          To be honest, I do not think Israel has a right to exist in a worldly sense. The God that founded Israel clearly stated and demonstrated countless times that He is not a God of this world and that His people are not to seek to make this their kingdom. To make matters even more clear for me, neither the Jewish people nor the arabs calling themselves “palastinians” are making any discernible effort to get along, mostly because both sides of this conflict have been emboldened and inspired to engage in this lukewarm agonizing squabble for decades now and for the benefit of offshore interests that ultimately fund and enable both sides of the fight.

          I think the nation of Israel that was created by an act of the UN after world war 2 was one of a series of calculated maneuvers to put into place one of several wedges that could be used to shatter the oil rich middle east and north Africa into splinters thus making access to its natural resources more a matter of properly navigating and manipulating the political brier patch than dealing fairly with its people or competing with another superpower on an equal footing for more direct control of the region.

          Had the Jews and Arabs living over there been left alone I am certain that there would largely be peace; but that is water under the bridge, now that the global elite set this fire it cannot be put out so easily.

          • Greg Hunter


            What you think conflicts with both the Old and New testament in the Bible:


            • brian

              Well, then I guess its good that all I do is offer my poorly supported opinion on such matters from time to time and that I am not out proselytizing. It is evident to me that I should give serious consideration to praying to God for a better understanding of things.

              Thank you for pointing out how it is I am in error. In the end that is all we can be expected to do for one another, the rest is up to God.

    • Kerry

      Obviously you have not watched the videos. You have really swallowed the PP Kool-Aid. One of these days you will know the truth, and see exactly where PP docs and supporters have ended up-and I bet you it is not “up there”.

  23. Diane D

    I’d love to hear Stewart Rhodes, Founder of Oath Keepers. He is a savvy, action-oriented man. Stewart consistently earns top honors on the evil SPLC’s annual ‘Hit List’.

    • Galaxy 500

      What is his area of expertise? International financial. An economist?

      • dbcooper

        I have heard from OKs that he has a tendency to screw the pooch… DB.

      • Jim H

        Probably critical thinking and a realization that nothing works the way we think it should in the financial world or any other major world because it’s always been about power over the masses. Oops, gotta go pick up my tin foil hat at the shaper shop.

      • brian

        His expertise seems to be in the maintenance of the civil society and the proper functioning of a community as a means to providing a reasonably sound foundation for liberty, the rule of law, prosperity and good clean godly living (you know, all the stuff we gave away over the last few decades). Stewart spends most of his time reaching out to police officers, veterans and current members of the armed forces.

  24. Grafique

    I’d like to remind everyone (or inform you if you didn’t already know this) how a conflict between Israel and Iran will play out.

    According to Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39, a large coalition of nations led by Russia and including Iran, Libya, Turkey and others will invade Israel from the north. Their plan will be to follow the mountains south into Jerusalem and loot the city.
    Before the invaders can make it to Jerusalem, God himself will intervene. He will cause the invaders to turn against themselves, then overthrow them with a great rain, hailstones, fire and brimstone.
    Only a sixth of the invading force will survive. It will be so overwhelmingly obvious that God did this that the world will recognize God’s hand in it.

    There is another verse from these two chapters that I’d like to point out – Ezekiel 39:6. In this verse God promises to “send a fire” on Russia and those who are living carefree in the other countries across the seas from Israel.
    What this fire is I don’t know for certain, but many scholars who are smarter than I have speculated that it could be nuclear fire. The rest of chapter 39 certainly seems to describe the after-effects of a nuclear exchange.

    The points I’d like to make are –
    – It’s possible that this invasion could be precipitated by some action by Israel – maybe a raid against Iran’s nuke facilities (my own speculation)?
    – Israel will remain safe by God’s own intervention. Iran WILL NOT be allowed to touch the apple of God’s eye.
    – When you see such an invasion about to take place, it would probably be a very good time to get the heck out of any large city and get to a very secure, rural, isolated place. Ez. 39:6 may not be describing a nuclear war, but why take the chance?

    Thanks for reading this. If you think Bible prophecy and/or Israel are a lot of hooey, please don’t bother telling me. You can’t convince me otherwise, and I didn’t write this as an attack against your beliefs or lack thereof.

    • Galaxy 500

      Good advice to leave big cities but I don’t know you out run radiation. If we get nuked, and it its only five or ten, some of us might survive. But a full nuclear strike and the whole world is done

      • Paul from Indiana

        As I often say (write), survive to what? Best always. PM

    • dill mann

      I looked up the verses, didn’t see the name Russia or any other one knows for sure. I can assure you that there are multiple translations to these verses.

      About year ago, Mary’s belt ( holy relic) was brought to Moscow. Putin was first in line to kiss it.

      • Kerry

        That doesn’t mean Putin won’t use nuclear weapons if push comes to shove.

        • WD

          From all accounts the US is the aggressor not Putin…

          I trust Russia more than the US….and I grew up doing fallout drills….who would have thought!

    • Galaxy 500

      I don’t buy your interpretation of the Bible. But I am glad that you read the Bible ands that you are saved

  25. Donna

    AZ power users (APS), listen up.

    I read Southern gal’s remarks and listened to the YouTube site she listed. I then called APS to see if I could get rid of my smart meter.

    In short, they will replace my meter within the next 5 business days.

    I simply asked what my prospects of going back to digital were. I did not request or demand, simply inquired. I was asked about my reasons. I mentioned medical concerns and the surveillance aspects of the smart meter. I didn’t get Alex Jones about it, just said the meter was 10-15 feet from my head when I’m sleeping and that I cut back on all wireless use in general in my home.

    To my shock they scheduled a change out. They said there was NO cost but there MIGHT be down the road (5 dollars extra a month and possibly a 50 dollar one-time charge for the change over) but were awaiting approval by whatever regulation board.

    I figure I can always go back to surveillance lockdown in the future if they try to slowly price us out of a digital meter. AZ has changed a lot but looks like we are still not as Nazi brittle in regard to consumer wants.

    Thank you, Southern gal. I would have never thought to pursue this on my own and it turned out to be so simple. Never know about things until you ask.

    • Galaxy 500

      Wow. What a great deal. I’d gladly pay a five spot. My friend in CA had one forced on him and he didn’t have a choice. That was a few years ago. I’ll send him a note with a copy of your post. The may have changed policy

    • Southern Girl


      I thought maybe it was you who had the smart meter but was not sure. So happy you are getting it changed.

    • brian

      I ponied up the money ( a few hundred bucks) to buy a gizmo that measures microwave (Gigahertz solutions HF35C) given Comed plopped a bank of 4 smart meters outside my bedroom wall. As it turns out every 30-40 seconds theres a pulse that shoots by, but it is very weak (as measured from my bedroom on the rear facing of the meter).

      I did discover that my microwave oven is orders of magnitude worse when it runs (it leaks like a sieve) and that my neighbor has some stupid “smart” appliance constantly radiating a relatively tight beam right up through my floor that is roughly 20 times stronger than the smart meter pulse. Cell phones are pretty bad, checking one of those at point blank range at the transmitter pegged the meter and it sends a regular burst that within a few feet is much worse than the smart meter bank I checked. So don’t leave a cell phone within a few feet of where you sleep.

      I swept the homes of a few family and friends, as it turns out the back side (side facing the living space) of their smart meters were a relative non issue as well. It was smart appliances, wireless modems and wireless video game controllers that were pretty “hot”; microwave ovens and cell phones literally pegged the meter (I’d need an attenuator to see how bad it pegged)…the worst offender of all was a cell phone booster my uncle had in his family room, that thing is basically a little microwave volcano just blasting radiation everywhere.

      Now I live in a suburb of “Chiraq”, so the utility outfit here does not need some monster signal to reach the nearest cell tower, I suspect the further out in the sticks you live the greater the chance your smart meter will need a burst so strong it will dim your lights.

  26. Jerry

    I smell dollar blood in the water.
    The Chinese Gold Price fix goes active this fall and when it does, the bankers manipulation game will be over. This is their last stand before the whole outhouse goes up in flames this fall. Gold suppression always precedes the dollars collapse. The Chinese weren’t ready in 2013 when they collapsed the Gold markets, but they are now.

    • Grafique

      I watched one of those plastic construction-site outhouses go up in flames once. It took about 30 sec. to reduce it to a puddle.
      The banker bubble may take a little longer, but the result is still inevitable.

  27. Donna

    Fast forward to 31 minutes. John Wells interviewed a doctor with my kind of perspective on proper health maintenance. I have never had a primary care doctor. I never used my health insurance even when I worked in the hospital system and had 100% inpatient coverage (save for one time in 1984).

    In 1984 (the day the first shuttle blew up), I had a surgery that permanently solved all my problems but was a traumatic experience nonetheless. On the upside, I came away from it with a different outlook on medical care and my part in it. It hit me that the best way to stay healthy was to live healthy and avoid doctors.

    I avoid all immunizations. Never took the flu shot even when it was free as a hospital employee. I do not get the flu, do not get the common cold. I avoid public places as much as possible during flu season, do not touch my face with my hands while I am out, scrub like a surgeon when I get home from public outings of any sort. I also take 5 grams (5000 mg) a day of vitamin C in granular/powder form that I pour in fruit drinks. If I start to feel run down, I double this to 10 grams.

    A month ago, I ran my front door over my foot in the dark and completely unroofed my big toenail from the nail bed — and my foot in general looked like I ran a cheese grater over it. I took nothing for pain. My big fear was infection. A friend of mine lost her husband to a cut finger (MRSA infection).

    I did hot water salt soaks, hydrogen peroxide, and upped my vitamin C to 10 grams. If I had to get groceries, I used a Band-Aid, adhesive gauze wrap, and a light cotton sock to keep a total barrier between me and the public. Upon getting home, I discarded all of that and soaked my foot again.

    All’s well.

    You do not need Ben Casey for every little thing. This is where we got suckered into Obamacare. A little common sense and self reliance is your best friend.

    Wells’ interview will leave you richer in the knowledge of how health care is conducted and why it is that you go down the rabbit hole with all that “expertise.” I throw “scripps” away, so what is the point of seeing a doc and running up a bill? It is by and large all they offer. They are not knowledgeable about “health” care. They do damage care.

    • Milton

      Was it end of Jan 1986?

    • Thaddeus Thurston Thistlethwaite III

      Good post. As well, I stay away from AMA type doctors. I’ve had great results from acupuncture, chiropractic, and herbs. Recently had some tendinitis in my elbow that went away after a few “doses” of turmeric, a natural anti-inflammatory.

      Meditation, chi gong, and yoga are also great for maintaining and enhancing health.

  28. vincent_g

    What we see over and over is a president that wants to pass anything just to have it on record he got this or that passed.
    The same thing with Osama Bin Laden – just send in the troops if it’s Osama or not.
    I suspect it was not else why dump him at sea.

    Nobody in the world believes a word from the white house anymore.
    Great record.

    I agree with you on USA Today.
    But from my experience where a reporter from a major News Channel here in NY just made the story up as the day progressed.
    Having gone to the John Gotti fireworks event on 101 st Ave in Queens I witnessed a Female News Reporter school some teenagers on what to say and where to say it plus coordinated it with the Chief of Police who along with many top level people from NY’s police and fire dept.
    She told them to stand on the steps of a building chanting preventing the police from entering the building. The police were told to send a few officers to the same building.

    The bottom line was the entire news story was scripted like a movie.
    Why would anyone believe anything in the news from people that make up what ever they think the boss would like to see and present it like it was news!

    I too think Hillary is somewhat burnt out and on the way to being totally burnt out.
    She is so detached – people haven’t noticed it yet – they will.
    I think she maybe suffering from early signs of alzheimer’s.

    • paul

      Hillary with Alzheimer’s? … she should be using cucumbers!

      PS: [To detox the government sprayed chem-trail aluminium out of her brain]!

      • Anne Elliott

        I’m glad you clarified that. Didn’t know they were cleansing that way.

  29. Gene

    Dear Mr. Hunter,

    Thank you for wading through the rotting offal that is USA Today to report their calculated ignorance of “Planned Parenthood” and its murderous practices.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am sure it is purely a political move that they hold so high that they are willing to lose money by the way USA Today is covering the story (burying it). They are not a true “news” organization and you know they are watching what I am doing now! Thank you for your comment and support!!

      • dbcooper

        Greg, Thanks for continuing to hammer USA Today… their actions are indicative of the whole shoddy mess… but my concern is for your health… do you think that they have a hit team? I hope not but as insurance I would suggest ” No More Nail Guns For Greg Hunter”
        Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

        • Greg Hunter

          It’s easy and it’s true. Thank you.

  30. Brian

    You pointed out “My prediction has been and remains that this deal will ramp up an arms race and speed up the war prospects in the Middle East.” BINGO! That is why the shadow government of the military industrial complex is for the deal. $ 5 billion contract for staters is a good beginning.

  31. Ronnie

    Look at who was the “Best Man” at Kerry’s daughter’s wedding. Maybe this connection should have disqualified him as the top negotiator?

    • Cryptic Little Sister

      “Can’t you tell that I came from the dope game? — Blame Reagan for making me into a monster — Blame Oliver North and Iran-Contra — I ran contraband that they sponsored” — Jay-Z Blue Magic

      Look up the name Wanda Pallacio. John Kerry goes back a long ways, as do the Clintons and many others.

  32. Cryptic Little Sister

    Just a few things floating around the grapevine: The “deal” with Iran is not what you think: the deal is very good for Washington. There has been some reaching out to counter the Russian open hand. This started in Cuba several years ago. Athens signed a pipeline deal with Russia and that has figured into the Troika’s negotiations. The IMF deal may appear to be a bad one for Greece, but there are things going on behind the scenes that cut both ways. Washington wants energy diversification in the area, and so that has figured into the pressure for austerity without letting Greece go.

    Behind all this is a lot of talk right now about rare earth minerals. Things seem to be heating about mining costs.

    A lot of stuff flying around right now, but just remember, it is all about the same middle east owenership. They are still talking about owning the middle east.

    • Buck

      CLS, I really enjoy your posts. Don’t go away for so long!

      BTW, not so coincidental Jonathan Pollard will go home in November.

  33. Cryptic Little Sister

    I should mention this too: there has been talk going back and forth between the Rand Corporation and HHS about something they call NAIP. This stands for the National Adult Immunization Program. You will begin to hear more about this in the next couple of years.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you CLR. This is interesting and thought provoking.

    • dill mann


      I used to think you were wrong about deflation until I read the Coming Deflation by CJ Meyers. I have to give kudos to you. That simple book is a blueprint for what we are going to experience.

      As far as the adult immunization program, I think a coming collapse maybe the best thing that happen to us and to stop these complete pcychopaths…

    • Mason

      Thank you CLS for the interesting information and for being less cryptic than before!

  34. mark

    …. If I had a lion he would look like……

  35. Donna

    Edward Woodson was discussing Kerry’s Iran connections on his program a few days back. Kerry’s youngest daughter is married to an Iranian. The best man was also mentioned by Woodson. It seems that Washington has many ties to Iran. And then there is Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s brain.

    If they start a forced adult immunization program, you will know it is game over. Why do you suppose they want to bring this on board? The winning bingo number is the fact that you can add to those immunizations any live virus or element for a certain outcome — like death.

    Mixing medicine with politics was a very bad idea. People simply are not dying fast enough. I always feared government’s plan B, and it sounds like their are accelerating whatever that plan is.

    I imagine that they will start rolling out requirements for receiving gov’t benefits. For example, anyone on SS may be required to take a raft of immunizations in order to continue getting SS. They will tie your compliance to something such as this.

  36. Galaxy 500

    Joke for today

    One day a group of Taliban were marching down a road, The Commander saw an American Solider standing on top of a hill, looking down on them.
    The American Said “I’m An American Ranger! You Are not Worthy to fight me!”
    The Commander of the Taliban was offended. He Told his forces to send one man up there to kill that American. So they sent their bravest up the hill and he got into a fight with the American as the American slowly walked back the other side.
    2 min Later the American was back.
    The Commander said “send 10 men” and they did as the American slowly walked back down the hill.
    4 Mins later The American was back!
    “Send 20” Then “30” Then “Send the Rest!”
    The last order 60 Men went up the hill and after 1 hour of intense fighting One lone Taliban dragged himself back to the commander 
    “Mullah” He Said, “Its A trap! There are 2 of them!”

  37. Henry

    Iran is not a threat to the U.S. or Israel. Even if they managed to create a nuclear bomb, which is not possible under this agreement, so what? They won’t use it, because Iran would cease to exist.
    And remember, we were not attacked by Muslims on 9-11-01. The only people apprehended with incriminating evidence and displaying incriminating behavior were Mossad agents. Some were caught on 9-11-01 driving a truck in Manhattan loaded with explosives, and others were caught filming and celebrating the demolition of the twin towers. All were released after a short detainment. Know that facts and know your real enemies.

    • Greg Hunter


      You are dreaming and the facts are against you. News stories about the M.E. quickening arms race are reported every day. Here is a few of many from this week:



      • Henry

        Greg, I agree that there’s an arms race, and the U.S. government is the world’s top dealer of WMDs. It’s U.S. made weapons that the Saudi regime has been using to bomb women and children in Yemen.
        ISIS also, apparently, has U.S. made weapons, some captured, but others from allegedly “errant” drops into ISIS controlled territory.
        The story about Mossad agents celebrating while filming the tower demolitions is not a dream, unfortunately, nor is the story about Mossad agents picked up driving a van loaded with explosives on 9-11-01.
        Iran has a history of peace, not war, not terrorism, and not attacking its neighbors. And as I’m sure you know, Iran had a progressive, democratic government but the U.S. helped overthrow it and installed the Shah, one of the most brutal dictators on the planet.

        • Greg Hunter

          First of all, the first link in this post was: http://wakeupfromyourslumber. com/blog/andie53 1/9- 1 1-george-washington-bridge-van-further-details The material was not there. I do not know who the writer is (Dave Gahary) but he is no expert on terrorism. I do think there is much 911 material that our own government is hiding. I also think there has never been a remotely good explanation of why building 7 fell straight down (in free fall) when it was NOT hit. This material (that says the Mossad did it) looks totally bogus to me, and there is no real source that I can find where its origin. Secondly, please post a real name that I can verify because you are looking like a paid disinformation troll.

          • Henry

            Greg, you know who I am. I sent you $100 a while back when your site was hacked, and you mailed me a personal thank you card to my home address which was greatly appreciated. So, not only do you know my first (Henry) and last name, but you know my address – or at least you did.
            If you don’t like the link I sent, you can find the truth doing your own research. A Google search of “dancing Israelis 9-11”, or “van explosives 9-11” will prove beyond any and all doubt that what I have written here are documented facts, not a dream. The government’s physically impossible and intelligence insulting 9-11 conspiracy myth is just that – a myth.
            Another interesting fact is that the man appointed by the Bush regime to chair their hand picked 9-11 commission, Philip Zelikow,
            was well skilled in “the creation and maintenance of public myths”. Not an expert on terrorism or foreign policy, but an expert on myth making. What does that tell you? Thanks for not censoring my posts. I’m not trolling, nor am I paid. I’m just a very strong believer in truth, justice, peace, and freedom.


            • Greg Hunter


              It was not a matter of if I liked or did not like the link you sent, It was that I wan not find its original origin. Also the first link it was broken or did not exist. I don’t think for one minute that we know what really happened on 9/11. The assertion that the Jews or Mossad did it is flimsy at best. I would suspect it was a controlled demolition at the very least for building 7 and an operation that was homegrown. Thank you for your help when the site was hacked. I have trolls here all the time and don’t really know who’
              s who and what their motivation is.


              • Henry

                Greg, I’m certainly not saying the Israel or Mossad acted alone. But given the indisputable fact that 9-11 was a false flag operation, and given the extremely close ties between the U.S. and Israeli governments, it’s certainly no stretch to believe that the Israeli government played a role. The five Mossad agents who were seen filming and celebrating the tower demolitions, apprehended and released is pretty damning, in my opinion, as are the Israelis caught driving a van load of explosives on 9-11. These are serious acts that should have been investigated, not swept under the rug. I take it you’re familiar with Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty? This wouldn’t be the first time Israel was involved in an attack against us, nor the first time it was ignored by the “establishment”.

                • Greg Hunter

                  You said, “it’s certainly no stretch to believe that the Israeli government played a role.” You do not know this. This is what you think and you would like to pass it off on the internet as proven verified fact–IT IS NOT. Here’s another whopper, “The five Mossad agents who were seen filming and celebrating the tower demolitions, apprehended and released is pretty damning.” Really? Who saw this? What is the original source. Did you vet this??? Of course not. Do you really think the propaganda all comes from America? Please, stop it. I don’t have time to vet every wild and unconfirmed statement. We all get it. You don’t like Israel and it should be weakened and made to go back to the borders it had before the Arabs tried to wipe them out in 1967 and 1973. I do not have the answers for peace, but I know we don’t get there with bogus so-called facts.

                  • Henry

                    Greg, it seems no matter how well documented or how solid the evidence, if it portrays the Israeli government in a negative light, you will deny the facts. Are you also denying that the USS Liberty was attacked by Israel? Are you denying the Philip Zelikow’s area of expertise is the creation and maintenance of public myths? Do you think a myth maker was the right man to head the 9-11 commission? Five Israeli citizens were apprehended after filming and celebrating the tower demolitions. That is also a fact. Israelis were also stopped with a van loaded with explosives on 9-11-01. These are facts, and if you don’t like the references I showed you, there are may others, including recordings and transcripts of NYPD communications.

                  • Greg Hunter

                    I asked for the source. Which you did not provide unless you are telling me Philip Zelikow was there when these folks were allegedly arrested. I could not find a not a single traceable solid source for what you are alleging as fact. I can find no sound bite or quote that Philip Zelikow said “5 Jew were arrested on 9/11.” If you have this prof, then bring solid proof not internet garbage that is passed off as proven fact. So far ,what you have posted does NOT check out. Do I think the entire 9/11 commission report should be released? Hell yes. Do I have extreme doubt that building 7 mysteriously went in to free-fall, hell yes. Have I had a link on this site for years that calls into question the 9/11 “official” story? Here it is: To blame this on Jews with zero evidence is a stretch to say the least. I am not going to post any more of this unless you can provide solid evidence which you have NOT thus far.

    • Galaxy 500

      Mossad? Really. The evil Joos attacked us on 911 and Iran, if they get a nuke won’t nuke Israel even though their proxies have attacked her for decades and Iran its determined to kill every Jew that exists in accordance with their Koran along with the rest of us infidel.
      I know the facts and I know our enemies.
      PS. Irrational antisemites are on the list.
      Tell me, do you hate blacks too?

      • Henry

        “Galxay 500”, no wonder you hide behind a fake name. The irrelevant, childish nonsense you spew would be an embarrassment to anyone with any self respect or pride. Greg, why don’t you ask this silly clown to use his real name? I’m using mine. BTW, “Galaxy 500”, I’m white and have black and mixed race relatives with whom I’m very close. So, no, I don’t hate blacks. I don’t much care for ignorant fools who spew childish, nonsensical drivel while hiding behind fake names, though.

    • frederick

      @henry didnt the owner of the buildings Larry Silverstein say on live television that they had to “pull it” in ref to bldg 7 İ bet if you gave that guy a lie detector test he wouldnt fare very well İm an Architect and builder by profession and the whole thing stinks to high heaven

      • Henry

        Yes, Larry Silverstein did say that, but the real proof that WTC7 was brought down by an expertly executed controlled demolition is its free fall and symmetric drop. It’s quite literally physically impossible for the upper part of the steel frame to bend, shear, and crush it’s way through the steel frame below at the same rate it would fall through air without controlled demolition. All the steel columns have to fail instantly, totally and simultaneous in order for that to happen. Gradually heating a few floors in a few portions of the building through fires can’t destroy all the steel columns instantly and totally.
        This is explained in detail in this short video by David Chandler of

  38. Michael Harvey

    Greg, I have just picked up on this article iot would be interesting to hear some -Persnally I find this sort of narrative very disturbing is as much it plays directly into the Central Banker’s handsviews

    • Greg Hunter

      Not about price fro the wealthy it’s about possession. There is also a MSM hit job going on now against gold and silver.

      • Michael Harvey

        Thanks Greg
        Love your show , how do I contribute (money)

  39. lee laurais

    A good piece at the Federalst on why Cecil the Lion is the perfect news story.

  40. Donna

    PAUL: Gigolo blowhard, and I stand by it. Kerry raised himself up to his station in life by first marrying a woman worth 100 mil. Mrs. Ketchup is worth 0.5 billion, not to mention the 8 homes. This will free a guy up for things like protesting and pondering.

    Blowhard. We’ve all seen him talk, nuff said. Just another opportunist like Hillary who climbed her ladder as the aggrieved spouse.

    PAUL FROM INDIANA: “Survive to what,” indeed. Imagine the big cities clearing out into the countryside, millions fighting over irradiated food and water, sleeping with one eye peeled. Will also make great targets for gangs and militaristic wannabes. The deer will watch for a change. Cecil’s revenge.

    BRIAN: Very good info. I still do not like the surveillance aspects and the fact that they can kill switch your electricity at a desk. I use my cell phone only a few times a month. My 2-year Internet deal is running out and if Cox Cable will do a package with a land line at a good price, the cell phone goes. My microwave has been little more than a geranium planter for years now, really should just Goodwill it. Thanks for the tips.

    SOUTHERN GAL: You go girl. Too bad your on the East Coast somewhere. I think you’d be a real hoot and could teach you some cottage skills. You sound/write to have some depth and a good heart.

    GREG: Bless you for all you do for us. I think you had Charles ?Coppes on before. I last saw him on CTM. I like how he combines bible verse with his silver/gold acumen. Bill Holter showed his believing side on CTM. Great guys. I even get a kick out of Harry Dent who puts a dent in everyone else’s reading of the tea leaves and/or chicken gizzards.

    • paul

      Donna … “High Five” to you too … neat the way you did this “high five” response!

    • Southern Girl

      Donna from AZ meet Southern Girl from AR (Arkansas). I have extended family in AZ. Too hot for me. We have had hot weather here lately, but we get all 4 seasons.

      I wish you could teach me some cottage skills, because you sound like a hoot also. I am trying to learn different skills; canning, dehydrating, collecting herbs, etc. Thanks for the complement, needed one today. Around too many control freaks that they seem to have lost their hearts somewhere down the road. Stay cool!

  41. dbcooper

    Greg, Early 2002 I picked up Michael Rupert’s book ‘Crossing the Rubicon’ in which he broke down and analyzed in detail the 911 event and the upshot is that the whole thing was rigged and US gov’t was up to it’s beady eyeballs in it… there is So Much info out there that leads to the same conclusion… and then patriot acts 1 & 2 and then the Warner defense act (which McMorris/Rogers told to my face that ‘She had to sign that’!! )
    The only thing the microwave is for around here is to disinfect the mail!
    I am rebuilding a Lister diesel genset for the hard times ahead
    We planted mangle/wursels for winter fodder.
    Just trying to do the best we can with what we have. DB

  42. Gina Mancarella

    Your assessment of Cecil the Lion being maliciously shot and not being newsworthy is absurd. Did you know that it is even worse because his brother Jericho was also killed. These were two beautiful animals on the endangered species list and now they are dead. Plus there are others so if we dont care for them who will?

    Regarding your flip side story I still dont get it. Aborted fetuses can be sectioned so that organs can be cultured and donated for other babies requiring life giving transplants. Are you really this obtuse ? Do you have any idea the stress and anguish felt by parents whose infant cant get a transplant ???????? Not to mention the value of the stem cells.

    • Gina Mancarella

      Sorry for one inaccuracy because I just learned that Jerichos shooting was misreported and so he is actually still alive. I was wrong about that because the news had it wrong on that issue and they have updated this important story.

      • Southern Girl


        Why don’t’ you leave this site we all know your a male troll. Jig is up.

    • Greg Hunter

      Is it the standard operating procedure for Democrats to lie and misquote? My overall premise is that clearly the mainstream media was ignoring and/or under-reporting the huge allegations that Planned Parenthood was selling baby parts and conducting infanticide. It is also my clear contention that allegedly selling baby parts is at least as important as the killing of a lion in Africa. Even pro abortion folks are having a problem with this kind of activity that has been caught on camera in at least 4 videos released so far. The folks on camera are medical doctors in decision making capacity at Planned Parenthood offices in various locations in the country.

    • Cryptic LIttle SIster

      Gina, be careful of television. It is now largely used as butterfly programming.

      The lion is an alter very well developed for a generation.

    • Cryptic Little Sister

  43. dee garmon


    USA Today cares as little about the lion as you do. They mention it because it sells.
    As you mentioned in one of the earlier episodes, 300 species are disappearing every day.
    Animal suffering does not count ( or, it is a trivial detail in comparison to human suffering)
    mentality is going to draw us to extinction.
    I am sure Hillary would agree with you for once as she used to shoot innocent animals
    just to show that though she is a female, she is tough enough to become the president.

  44. Bogdan T

    Hi Greg
    What happened to my post i posted August 2?
    Isn’t your audience mature enough to read facts?
    Bob T

    • Greg Hunter

      What were the “facts”?

  45. Rose

    Wow! We have doctors from many areas of health who talk about body parts while operating on their patients. So you caught a medical provider talking frankly about salvaging a body part for restorative health. Whats new here? Just making a case because its women’s reproductive issues.

    • Greg Hunter

      “salvaging”? You mean “harvesting,” as in harvesting body parts from live human babies. It’s murder, and it’s a crime to sell the parts too.

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