GE Fraud, DB Trouble & Bo Polny on Coming Biblical Market Crash

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 396 8.16.19)

If you wanted another sign the economy is not doing well, look no further than the latest allegations General Electric is a “bigger fraud than Enron.”  The person making this charge is Harry Markopolos who uncovered the $60 billion Bernie Madoff scam years ago. This is a DOW 30 stock, and downside of this news, if proven true, is dire.

Deutsche Bank (DB), the financial institution the International Monetary Fund (IMF) called the “most systemically dangerous bank in the world” back in 2016, hit a fresh new all-time low of $6.44 per share. Charles Nenner predicted that if DB went below $6.40, it would head to $0 in the not-so-distant-future. Will world renowned, market cycle expert Charles Nenner be proven correct?  This also has dire market implications!

Analyst Bo Polny, market cycle expert that applies the Bible to his work, says a “worldwide market crash is coming in 2019.” Polny says gold and silver prices are headed to new all-time highs, and there will be severe market down turns coming in the months ahead. This is a first ever live interview included within the Wrap-Up.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about the big financial stories of the week and also interviews Bo Polny of about a market crash of Biblical proportions coming soon.

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After the Wrap-Up:

There is free information on and free videos on Bo Polny’s YouTube channel. Bo is also giving a free link to the slide show he talked about in this interview. Click here for the free slide show.

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  1. Stan

    Hey Greg: Bo Polny is Jerry, right?

    • Greg Hunter

      Are you stupid?

      • Rodster

        Me thinks this “Stan” person has been trolling you and everyone else for quite sometime.

        • Frederick

          Oh yeah, no doubt As I said previously, Nobody could possibly be that stupid He/she/it is a troll sent here to trash the truth Paid for by satanic forces in our lovely banking sector probably

        • paul ...

          I believe Stan is a bankster trying to turn us away from buying gold!!

      • Galaxy 500

        To answer your question… Yes. And he is also evil

        • Uncommon sense

          let’s get some perspective. Stan is a bit of a tease but evil is a bit harsh. He has not called for genocide like some…

          • Frederick

            Uncommon Very true

      • Rob

        Stan is just another example of those who refuse to open their eyes to the fact that Father is completely in control of every facet of the globe including the economy that He is moving toward a climactic end of its fiat. He showed David Wilkerson many years ago a series of “events” which agrees with much of what Bolpony is seeing including the restoration of a collapse 6 months later right on time for the reelection of Trump:

        This “restoration” in the fall of 20/20 just may include a “covenant with many”:

        Daniel 9:27 And he shall make a firm covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease; and upon the wing of abominations shall come one that maketh desolate; and even unto the full end, and that determined, shall wrath be poured out upon the desolate.

        Which ushers in the tribulation:

      • Steve Bice

        Better question: Is Stan Baghdad Bob?

      • Dennis Skorek

        Right on

      • stanley

        Mr. Greg Hunter, You and Micheal Savage are the last two men Standing as far as I am Concerned….I Listen and watch you faithfully every week….you don’t kiss yourself like that Hannity guy, and aren’t at all narcissistic like most……I kinda think you should be on OAN the One American Network…….
        Sincerely and Respectfully,

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks Stanley!

          • Tom Wigand

            Ditto re: the OANN idea. It would be a great (adjunct) platform for expanding’s Greg’s audience.

        • Frederick

          Stanley I love Doc Savage But He’s the MOST self centered and egotistical guy around But that’s what I love about him And he’s from New York like me

      • Beverly

        Too much mean talk going on with these comments about who Jerry is. Not good to make accusations of stupidity. If somebody doesn’t agree with a comment, they can let if fly. Everybody is able to make their own assessments of what might be going on. Shouldn’t we have kindness on this site? If I feel like I see a troll making a comment, I can ignore it. But, we don’t need to be mean. Enough of mean going on in the world.

        • Greg Hunter

          Good point Beverly. Thank you for this.

    • paul ...

      Stan … you know Deutsche Bank has the largest short position in silver then any bank in the world, right? … and you realize that as soon silver goes to $20 dollars per ounce Deutsche Bank will be forced into bankruptcy (along with the five other largest banks in the world who own short derivative positions in silver), right?

      • paul ...

        And Stan … as for your short position in gold … you do realize that you only have one lifetime opportunity “to buy gold” cheaply up to $2000 dollars per ounce … because once gold reaches $2000 … all the world governments will be shut down the gold market … and a gold re-set imposed (that officially prices gold at $10,000 per ounce when the market re-opens)! … so you only have “a few hundred dollar window” in which to purchase your gold (before the re-set occurs) … in fact all people (bond fund managers, stock fund managers, insurance and pension fund managers, etc.) need to realize they won’t be able to buy gold “at any time they please” … there is only a small (once in a lifetime) window of opportunity left to buy gold cheap (below $2000) … because the re-set will be instantaneous … and the price will go from $2000 to $10,000 overnight … so if people don’t get their gold below $2000 now … they will have to buy it after the re-set at $10,000 plus!!

        • paul ...

          Bo Polny stated the gold silver ratio should be 10 to 1 … with gold re-set to $10,000 … silver should sell for $1,000 … people should buy their silver before it gets to $20 dollars per ounce … because once silver get to $20 dollars per ounce the five largest banks in the world will go bankrupt … causing such a world wide economic panic that silver opens “gap up” hundreds of dollars higher … so buy your silver below $20 … don’t think silver will be easy to buy when the major banks who shorted silver fail and collapse!!

          • paul ...

            And don’t try to get smart and buy gold and silver stock frauds like GLD and SLV that don’t own physical metal … they only own “paper IOU’s” for gold and silver … stick to buying “physical” precious metal coins!!

        • William Stanley

          paul …,
          I’m pretty sure that you’re a prepper and not just a PM enthusiast.
          As for me, for some time now my focus and energy have shifted to prepping . . . not that I don’t still enjoy the discussion surrounding PMs. Indeed, I’m entirely willing to sell PMs should I conclude my other preparations are in need of further investment. Perhaps counterintuitively, the recent run-up in my PM portfolio has made me more inclined than I was before to spend money on preparations. Right now, ALL of my free cash is going toward prepping.

        • Galaxy 500

          You think this “guy”, Stan even has a pot to piss in?

        • Stan

          After reading your post I’m going to short more Gold today.

          • K.Wayne

            Stan….or is it Stan Ly….Stan Lie or Stan Li….or Harry…or .. Patricia…..Sally….Susan or Wendy?
            (We often make assumptions with regard gender and I certainly don’t want to be “labeled” for having any bias).
            I do believe you have this upside down.
            Short DB…..Long Gold. Try that instead.
            There you go. No thanks required.
            Your very welcome.
            Oh … its the Blue pill you need to be taking not the RED one. Everything will be fine in a few days. The toxins will flush from your system and your body and soul will start to heal.
            Here’s to happy days ahead.

        • Mike myer

          Doesn’t make much difference if they settle at $10,000 for a tank full of gas. guaging it in dollars likely means nothing

    • Frederick

      Stanley, you’re losing badly chump Better shut up now

      • Jodyp

        Two of the things I enjoy here. Jerry’s posts and his his ankle nippin’ chihuahua.

        • K.Wayne

          Feisty little devils aren’t they!!! 😉

      • paul ...

        Frederick … Stan is making the people here “who are silver buyers” so mad that they may purposely buy a few more ounces of physical silver (the way I am) to drive the price of silver up the two and a half bucks needed to put Deutsche Bank into bankruptcy … at the $20 dollar level all the short derivative silver positions Deutsche Bank has accumulated will drive them into bankruptcy where they belong (Deutsche Bank has the largest short silver position in the world) … it is Deutsche Bank that is the world’s biggest “silver manipulator” among the five largest world banks who have been manipulating the silver price … we are very close to “getting all these banksters” for their present crimes and past misdeeds (i.e killing Christ, Lincoln, JFK, etc.) and putting them out of business once and for all … and all we need to do is drive the price of silver up by just a couple of bucks … but remember … it must be done by “buying physical” silver coins and bars (not fraudulent paper silver stocks like SLV)!!

        • K.Wayne

          The insanity of it all.
          Buying DB – which shorts silver.
          &….Shorting Gold.
          ….doing the same thing over and over …expecting a different outcome….is the definition of…..

    • Jerry

      I am not Bo Polny, even though I happen to agree with many of his assessments. Unfortunately both Bo and I underestimated how badly the markets have been manipulated by central banks. Greg is entirely right. “ The pretending is ending”.

      The central banks have been manipulating the gold markets for years just so they could load up on cheap gold in preparation for a new exchange system that will be backed by gold. The clues are everywhere you look if you’re paying attention.

      The COMEX and the SGE will merge their exchanges in the 4th quarter of this year. My guess? October 31st when Brexit will take place. Once that happens, the central banks will release their hold on price discovery, and once again rig the system all over again. Only this time it will be in a new exchange system comprised of gold backed dollars and yuan? Essentially China and the United States are economically joined at the hip.

      The debt? It will all die
      in the old Bretton Woods System along with Deutsche Bank derivatives Stanley. Deutsche Bank is the Jeffrey Epstein of the banking world. The only question left is where to hide the body and all the endless victims like you Stanley . Trust me. Hank Paulson and Timothy Geithner were fully aware of the plan, if you take the time to read their objectives of “ The Working Group”. They and Hilary Clinton have been working with the Chinese since 2007. But, they didn’t plan on Donald Trump being elected. Now he knows the plan to, and why “ This is the quite before the storm”.

      • Occasnltrvlr

        Jerry, over several years here on Mr. Hunter’s forum, you have stated plainly and unambiguously that, by this time, China would back their currency with gold, and that the US Dollar would have lost its preeminence as the world’s primary reserve currency.

        Just as I tried to explain to you then, years ago, you were wrong.

        Now, you conjecture that there will be a new exchange system based upon gold-backed currencies, and that all existing debt will die. Absent the appearance of the Antichrist as Christ (the timing of which we cannot know), you, again, are wrong.

        As I have explained over the years, yes, the existing system is unsustainable, and yes, change is afoot.

        If you believe that the likes of Hank Paulson and Hillary Clinton did not expect Donald Trump to be the President, then you are sorely detached from reality.

        • paul jr.

          Could not agree more. Jerry has made a number of predictions that have not happen as he said they would in the time given. It is quit common for him to get his facts wrong and to exaggerate. He is the kind of person who sees a wastepaper basket on fire in an office building and yells that the whole building is on fire and then jumps out of the window.

          • Jerry

            Paul jr.
            Here’s a prediction I can guarantee will come true. You’re never going to be intelligent enough to insult me.

            There’s no reason for me to post anything further on Greg’s site since you apparently know everything.

            • paul jr.

              It has nothing to do with my intelligence but your stupidity. And yes, I do know more than you about some of the things you post. You should thank me for correcting your mistakes.

              • Greg Hunter

                Stop it. Last comment between you two.

            • paul ...

              I’m getting the feeling paul jr may be “a bankster” trying to discredit those who tell the truth!!

        • Jerry

          Once again I supply the links to support my statements. All you supply is your asinine opinion. Hilary Clinton expected that Trump would be President? Really? I guess three years of election investigation by Hilary and the Dems wasn’t enough for you. You and Stan are both ass clowns. Grow a pair.

          • paul jr.

            I guess you were insulted Jerry judging by your typical childish name-calling response.

      • Jerry

        I meant “ quiet before the storm”. This is what happens when you’re forced to use an iPad to avoid cyber attacks by the handlers. I had to quit using my desktop after having my spyware programs breached twice after posting sensitive information. Unfortunately cyber hounds like Stan still follow the cookies left on the trail, but that’s o.k. Every time Stan barks, I’ll be happy to lodge my foot in his behind.

      • Jerry

        They weren’t hacked by the Chinese, Hilary sent them.

        Gee I wonder why? It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the fifty billion dollars she gave the Chinese for the Silk Road project when she was Secretary of State could it? Oh not that couldn’t be possible. She was to busy working with the Russians on the uranium one deal, right? Folks these globalist are hip deep in corruption and theft everywhere you look. The hell with draining the swamp. Blow it up!

    • Oky1

      Stan, Hi Fredo!

    • stanley


  2. Anthony Australia

    Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

  3. Marie Joy

    President Trump has a thing about gold. Gold drapes, Gold paint in his homes. Is there any chance he will bring back the gold standard? IF he did, gold would go to the moon.

    • Frederick

      Doubt it because he wouldn’t fare very well Remind me again who tried to do that ? Oh right Saddam Hussein, Moamar Kadaffi And JFK

      • Galaxy 500

        I support you. When someone says we live in Biblical times now, I believe the it starts the BS. Why? We have always lived in Biblical Times. God gave Jesus, His Son and Our Salvation, all authority and power over Heaven and Earth. When did that stop?

        • paul jr.

          The fact is every generation, including the first century church, thought that they were living in the last days. They thought that they were seeing the end times prophecies being fulfilled at that time. They would name Nero or the Pope or Hitler as the Antichrist. They were all wrong. And people are doing the same today. Even claiming God told them just like others claimed in the past who ended up being wrong.

    • Lucas Doolin

      From Qanon post 2619. Many believe he is real.

      Gold Standard Coming Back?
      13 Dec 2018 – 8:01:15 AM
      13 Dec 2018 – 7:57:57 AM
      Q: Do we have the gold?
      Gold shall destroy FED.

      • JC

        regarding Q, check out this post at The Age of Desolation site.

        “I hope readers can appreciate some of the calls I have made on future events. One of those predictions unrelated to anything Nostradamus wrote is that The Q PYSOP is bait in a trap. It was most likely constructed as a tracer. Like the radioactive isotopes that Doctors inject in patients to look for disease, The Q PYSOP seems to have been constructed to identify Conspiracy Theorists.”

  4. Lazzo

    Thank you Greg and Bo,
    Buckle up my friends, this is it.

  5. Skyler Tone

    I know the Father is in control, but $120 silver, and $5000 gold within 9 months is crazy!

    • paul ...

      Sky … Don’t let yourself miss the opportunity you have now to get into silver below $20 and into gold below $2000 … for “it will be crazy” to wait to buy into these markets “after the banks have collapse and a re-set imposed”!!

      • paul ...

        How do I define crazy? … giving up the opportunity to buy silver under $20 and gold under $2000 … and waiting 9 months for a re-set of gold (to $10000) and silver (to $1000) to do your buying!!

        • paul ...

          Don’t let Stan influence your judgement … use your God given brains … Stan is likely selling gold short because he looks at reports like these … that show gold has now reached “an exhaustion point” … but look carefully at the chart showing previous exhaustion alerts in Jan 2019, in Feb 2019, in July 2019 and now in Aug 2019 … and tell me … has it stopped the rise in gold??

        • john

          …or you could pay off your mortgage and car loans. lets say your mortgage is $1600/month at a rate of 6% – you have enough saved to “punch out” of your house debt – do you pull the trigger on the house or do you buy Gold? Your mortgage debt is a known figure – now and into the future. Gold, although an essential part of a portfolio, is not. Will there be QE into negative rates – perhaps but nobody thinks this is a good idea. Will there be QT – perhaps not but this is what is needed to correct the ship from eventually sinking – bringing housing, stocks, bonds and the money supply into reality mode. Paul, I see gold at $10,000/ounce only helpful to retire personal debt (house/cars) prior to a reset – but you have to time this correctly. You have no idea what is in store for gold if its valuations become absurd – confiscation vs capital gains. You know right now what your debts are – pay off debt and the liquidity you realize can purchase gold/silver and buffer inflation. $10,000 gold is great- until they reset your debt commensurate with the gain in gold/silver after the reset – then you have that potential capital gains issue to deal with. In this day and time I do not have faith in charts because what is real in regards to inflation, the dollar, housing, rates, stocks, bonds and anything worth investing in such as gold, copper, silver and platinum. Crazy can be having the liquidity to cancel debts now but taking a risk on what gold MAY do in the future based on technical analysis that is skewed by widespread manipulation in order to stave off a correction that we all know is coming – either by inflation or deflation. IMHO – the time to have accumulated gold/silver as a hedge against financial disaster was between 2008 and 2018 – now may be the time to liquidate and hunker down in a paid off house and car. We are going to have to see velocity of money pick up drastically in order to see the amount of inflation needed to drive gold to $10,000/ounce. One would think that gold would be much higher at the current rates but it still is below its all time high of $1900/ounce despite much more QE since it made its all time high. True, you may see Gold back in the financial sector as a means to peg the money supply as a means to see lofty gold valuations but will you be allowed to possess it if this occurs? Remember, gold is poised to re-enter the financial sector as a tier one asset and make no mistake – dealers do record when you buy and sell gold. If things get bad enough – and I think they will – gold may be nationalized. I am becoming more in the deflationary camp and seeing the need to retire debt and increase liquidity to get through this pending disaster. Gold has been a good anchor for the last ten years to preserve wealth/savings but it may be time to retire debt and live simple – I fear the party is almost over.

    • Frederick

      Maybe, maybe not Jeffrey Epstein story is crazy too and yet it happened If and when things come unhinged a lot can happen in 9 months believe me

  6. Leo

    wow Bo Poney I believe you are correct. I said a few days before Epstein was murdered that it would happen. I will also say the silver will be 100 by October and gold will be 3000k. The Lord showed me in a dream that a civil war is coming very soon and we will not be able to stop it. Like you say Greg be prepared in all ways especially Spiritually.

    • paul ...

      Leo … This war against the banksters will be won by the followers of Christ (who was murdered by banksters for overturning their tables) … just as Lincoln was murdered (for refusing the banksters loans) … and JFK murdered (for printing silver certificates instead of the banksters paper)!!

      • andyb

        Not too many people are aware that when Lincoln required funds for the Civil War he was approached by Rothschild interests that would loan him (the North) all the money he needed. The problem was that the interest rate would be 17-18%. Lincoln promptly gave them the middle finger and started the Greenback program which is the principal reason he was assassinated.

        • Frederick

          Andy Giving the middle finger to sociopaths is a bad idea, regardless of how much you want to I learned that by doing it to a lesbian couple from NY who worked at NBC and tried unsuccessfully to stab me in the back when closing on a great house that I was selling them Turned out OK for me in the end The judge dismissed their ridiculous suit

      • Galaxy 500

        Dude, Lincoln was killed by a Southerner with delusions of grandeur.

        • Uncommon sense

          yeah, yeah it is always the ‘lone madman’ isn’t it?

    • Frederick

      Leo, no offense but nearly everybody keeping track knew that Epstein wouldn’t last long in prison, whatever happened to him

      • leo

        thx Fredrick no offense taken it was a no brainier i do believe he was strangled in cell and then it was set up to look like suicide.. Only question left is if the mossad will take G Maxwell out or it will be on to war. The world economy is so shakey something is gotta give real soon.

        • Galaxy 500

          So it’s was the Mossad? The Jews did it? Ok, good to know

          • Occasnltrvlr

            Perhaps this isn’t about motivation. Simply, when you need a difficult job done, if you can, you hire the best.

          • Frederick

            He didn’t say “ Jews” he said Mossad and it’s not unlikely Open your closed mind just a crack and you might wise the hell up putz It’s morons like you that are letting our country be taken over and destroyed from within

            • The Zionist 2A American Patriot


          • Uncommon sense

            makes a change from the Communist conspiracy theories you spread on here.

  7. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report.

  8. paul ...

    Trumps Folly??? … not at all … buying Greenland would be even better then the US buying Alaska (and all its mineral resources)!! …

    • paul ...

      Once Trump buys the continent of Greenland … he can use Greenland’s land, water resources and mineral wealth to back a new “Greenback” … since Clinton leased out all the American peoples gold and we have no silver!! … wonder how Trump is going to pay Denmark for the continent?? … with newly printed fiat IOU’s? … or perhaps better yet use the $21 Trillion sequestered from HUD and the Military??

      • paul ...

        You know … Trump should also seriously consider buying Canada … we don’t need a “commie” country that does not believe in free speech on our northern border!!! …

      • Frederick

        He’s NOT buying Greenland Paulie It’s NOT for sale

        • paul jr.

          Paul says a lot on here that is bizarre and not true.

          • paul ...

            Right jr … like when it comes to assessing real-world inflation … it’s obviously bizarre and untrue how the Fed is printing M1 at an exponential rate since 2010 that is having a direct impact on consumers … like how it’s bizarre and untrue that gold and silver should be selling at much higher prices … like how it’s bizarre and untrue that the banksters are a bunch of thieving crooks … like it’s bizarre and untrue that “The Word of God” created our universe “where gold is precious” … and how it’s bizarre and untrue that the BLS calculates the CPI “to purposefully understate inflation”!! … it is your statement jr that is Bizarre and Untrue!!

    • Clare Doll

      Well make sure if you buy DANISH property (Greenland), you get a DANISH mortgage!

      • paul ...

        LOL Clare … And sign contract over a cup of coffee and DANISH <(: – D }

  9. billy

    will there be a 2020 election?

    • Chip

      That’s a great question. If there is, there will be a lot of demon vote tampering and it will be out in the open. Neither side will accept the results and that’s a fact… Chip

  10. JC

    Greg, I like your idea of doing the weekly news wrap-up and having a guest on as well. Nice bonus. Thanks.

  11. JC

    Regarding DB and gold and the economy, check out what George Ure (he’s another smart guy like Greg that tells it like it is) at Urban Survival has to say.
    Using an analogy of fire…. he says;
    The “seat of the fire” is Deutsche Bank.

  12. roman

    Observer thinks…
    EPHESIANS 5:11 is as valuable; as
    EPHESIANS 2:1-10 is priceless.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Roman!

      • susan

        Greg, I always have my Bible handy when I go to your site. Thank you for your gift.

  13. Tom Deplorable Raleigh

    Greg. The unfortunate outcome of his is total economic collapse worldwide. What does that mean? If silver is $100 per oz then a gallon of gas will be $25 and a loaf of bread $25. The system will shut down immediately until a reboot occurs(if ever). The Seneca Cliff explains what happens clearly. A system takes a lot of time and energy to build but can fall apart quickly. I encourage everyone to prepare. Get your food and water and keep your 2nd amendment and a few silver coins

  14. Roger Stamper

    tks for post

  15. DJW

    That was a fantastic “China’s not winning the trade war” rant!

    • K.Wayne

      true….but in reality no one wins.

      • DJW

        K.Wayne, China has already won. The “trade war” delays the transition of power but China’s economy will surpass that of the US with ease…they have the demographics, the technology and the infrastructure. No amount of wishing it weren’t true will change it and no amount of western media propaganda will prevent it. This is a paradoxical world whereby both the enemy and the ally of freedom are transnational. Massachusetts and California are more communist than China.

        • Greg Hunter

          Not buying this load of crap and either is 4-time best selling author Jim Rickards who does not write anonymously:

          • DJW

            Not buying Jim Rickards load of crap is best selling author Jim Rogers.
            Your appreciative viewer, (who doesn’t always agree with your perspective but always respects your position even when you yourself are disrespectful)
            David John Williams

            • Greg Hunter

              What are you talking about David? Rickards is a best-selling book author. I know the content is free, but you don’t have to read it and you certainly don’t have to comment. What compels you to do so? I don’t understand the nasty attitude with some people on a site they pay nothing for. You know there are brands of decaf coffee that that just as good as the caffeinated stuff?

              • Frederick

                Hey Greg David is deserving of his opinion even if it doesn’t jive with yours IMO respectfully Hey I didn’t get any bread with my soup

                • Greg Hunter

                  Well Frederick, you read his opinion here, didn’t you? Still not criticism about Turkey or your leader? I know, you are not “involved on politics” there but you are not “involved in politics” in the USA either. Still, that does not stop you from criticizing America. What stops you from criticizing Turkey or the leadership there? Jail? Beatings? Arrest?? Death??? all the above??? You simply hate America but live to comment on a site that allows free speech for the most part? You funny Frederick.

  16. Paul H. P.

    The tremendous drop in 10yr rate, in such a short time frame, woke up a lot of the main stream business media and low and below they are now giving Gold and Silver much greater coverage. Bo Polny is a forecaster and cycle analyst. No one forecaster is 100% accurate. But GOD is 100% accurate. Michael Pento correctly forecast the coming BOND crash; Jim Willie has made some astonishing claims that are now coming to fruition and BO Polny’s work in Biblical in nature. Yes, their timing is off because Man’s solutions supported by corrupt means stalled the inevitable. The storms clouds are NOW visible for all to see. Should be NO surprises when the storm hits. Greg , you have been a GOD send because you gave us guests who know the truth and the truth always wins! Thanks for all you do.

    • Galaxy 500

      No it did wake up the Marxist State Media. They decided they could use it as anti Trump propaganda

  17. paul ...

    How can anyone (who supposedly believe in God) discriminate against dogs who have the purest of hearts??? …

    • Galaxy 500

      Just one more example of the evil that is islam

      • Uncommon sense

        It’s always the Muslims is it? I suppose white Christians never did anything wrong like paedophilia in the Catholic church for example.

    • Frederick

      Nonsense Paul Lots of People love dogs here in Turkey It’s a cultural thing more then religious and its changing fast We have a dog and my wife loves him like a child Don’t feed 500 please The “evil Muslims” meme is getting really old

      • paul ...

        Very glad to hear that Frederick … because the article said: “they refused to take dogs for reasons of faith” … Muslims should write a letter of complaint to the editor stating that “it is not a religious” but a cultural thing that is changing fast!!

        • Frederick

          We were at an outdoor shopping mall yesterday and I saw a Muslim girl, blonde blue eyed maybe 16 wearing shorts and a tee shirt carrying a gorgeous golden retriever puppy and kissing it so there ya go But that said I’m in the most liberal part of the country Saw some young boys throwing stones at a street dog and I gave them a stern warning They won’t be doing that again at least near here

    • Boswell

      You need to remember back in the 15th century middle East when Islam was invented, before modern veterinary medicine, etc. Dogs were pretty nasty, digging/eating trash, dead stuff, had worms, other nasty diseases and weren’t exactly the friendly pets we know today. Same deal with the pigs, even Jews aren’t supposed to partake.

  18. Da Yooper


    I feel like you rushed through this interview. You should have taken more time to flush out the talking points between you & Bo. When you commented “we are running out of time ” while interviewing Bo no you are not…. it’s your you tube channel take the time necessary dont rush. I believe you do a better interview when you spend more time & allow your guest to expand on what they are trying to say.

    Just an FYI when I come to the website I am finding that it does not update ( yes I cleared my cash etc. ) with new comments until you have a new interview to post. In other words this comment I am making now I will not see until Sunday morning. Between now & then no new posts. Chrome is my browser FYI.

  19. Mike

    Gold and silver can help to preserve wealth but what will happen to the purchasing power of the dollar? Silver at $1000/ounce sounds great if you own some but what if dollars have 1/100 of the purchasing power? Future price inflation is the quadrillion dollar question.

    • paul ...

      Mike … your not going to buy silver because when it goes up things will be more expensive?? … you rather just pay the higher prices with the highly depreciated dollars you saved under the bed???

      • JC

        paul… maybe what Richard Russell once said will help Mike understand.

        “The way the world is going, ‘gold will be the last man standing’. Gold will be wanted because unlike everything else, gold can not go bankrupt. Gold has no debt against it, gold is not the product of some nation’s central bank. Gold is pure intrinsic wealth. It needs no nation to guarantee it. Gold is outside the paper system.”

    • K.Wayne

      Mike … it’s not a question it’s a given.
      Purchasing power…you already answered your own comment.
      Your fractions are slightly out though.
      Any % increase in PM’s like Silver…are directly proportional to the decrease in dollar purchasing power. In truth if Silver happens to achieve $1000/oz…..then the Dollar will be worthless. That’s the Hyperinflationary episode ahead of us.

    • John


      • Mike

        The math is not that simple given that gold/silver have been frozen in an inverse bubble for years. Those years had 9% inflation in dollars and caused massive distortions in the price of gold/silver. I own plenty of gold/silver with no idea how much is enough.

        • paul ...

          Obviously since the banksters manipulating silver have not yet been put into bankruptcy … we have “not bought enough” yet … how much silver is enough in this battle against the banksters? … is when we “buy enough silver” to drive its price to over $20 dollars per ounce! … for it is at that level “we overturn the banksters tables” … and Deutsche Bank’s (DB) silver derivative shorts begin to implode and it will drive them into bankruptcy … within two(2) days of DB going under … five of the World’s largest silver manipulating banks having huge counter-party risk … will follow DB into bankruptcy … once we finally put the manipulators out of business … silver will be able to rise to its true value … and with the manipulators gone … gold will also rise (or be re-set) to its true value!

  20. John Power

    Sure enough your confirmation email went in my spam. Please check the Spam. Thank you for the heads up .

  21. paul ...

    Hope you people at the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) read this before you chain the CPI to 2% this year … … which can only mean rising food prices … Walmart prices are up over 5% since last year and John Williams at Shadow Stats calculates inflation at 10% … so don’t you people at the BLS tell me I can simply eat hot dogs and sausages made of maggots to compensate for higher meat prices!! …

  22. Russ

    Thanks Greg. For this prediction (which is very believable) my primary concern is not for my personal finances (they’re not in stocks or bonds). It’s for the well-being of friends and family. I read an article recently regarding General Electric and it looking much like Enron did. So how many retirement funds and mutual funds own shares of GE?…

    Then there’s the article this morning with Peter Schiff, pretty much agreeing with Bo Polny that a market free fall is close at hand.

    “Schiff: Looming “Great Recession” Will Jeopardize Trump’s Re-Election Efforts“

    According to a report by Fox Business, Schiff, the CEO of Euro Pacific Capital says that the United States economy is heading into a free fall that will be worse than the Great Recession of 2008. The economic forecaster is predicting the Federal Reserve (the central bank) will cut interest rates to zero and launch quantitative easing, a monetary policy where the central bank purchases Treasuries from financial institutions to stimulate the economy.
    “The dollar is going to go through the floor and it’s going to take the bond market with it and the next crisis, it’s not subprime mortgages, it’s going to be in the Treasury market,” he said on Wednesday.
    “There’s no way out and it’s a political disaster for Trump because the recession is going to start before he finishes this term, which means he won’t have a second term” Schiff added. …

    Here’s hoping Trump can get us back on track for Nov 2020, time will be short.

    My only question is whether or not they’ll close that gap down at Dow 6000…

  23. oqwazyme

    It will be too little, too late !! The markets WILL correct, and start a whole new paradigm of money and value protection. Consumerism will stop, some of the worthless rich and famous will be ignored and abandoned, real estate will tank, and food, gold, and the necessities will be hard to acquire.

  24. paul ...

    Let’s take another look at the M1 money supply chart … … now keep that picture in mind … as some say that when the stock (and /or the debt) market crashes … a lot of defaults on loans occur … and banks have to write-off those loans (they consider assets) and because of the financial panic the banks are unable to make up for these defaulted loans with new loans … and as a result checking deposits (and M1) will tend to FALL putting downward pressure on prices (deflation) including the PM’s … still remember that picture of M1 you have in your mind … it spans “many episodes of financial panic and recessions” and do you see any FALL in M1?? … look at the chart again to refresh your memory!! …

    • paul ...

      For example … when the stock market crashes this fall as Bo Polny predicts … and the debts of companies like GE go into default … it won’t reduce the M1 money supply … the money GE got from people for their bond and stock certificates “still exists” in the pockets of the GE Board members … it just that the people who gave away their money “for corporate paper certificates” won’t be getting it back from the Board … but the money is still out there!!

      • paul ...

        God gave us brains to think with … so lets use our brain … think what happens when a bank makes a loan to you … first of all they never create any “additional” real paper money that could be destroyed … they simply take “other peoples deposits of cash made into their bank” and loan it out to you … and make a paper entry on their private books (that you owe the money back to the bank) … now if you don’t pay the debt you owe back to the bank … the money they gave you from their other depositors “does not disappear” you still have it … the bank is simply on the hook to their depositors to pay them back … now that’s where the government comes in through the FDIC and the Fed and prints up “more money out of thin air” to pay back the bank depositors … thus by you defaulting on your debt actually results in an “increase in the M1 money supply” (inflation) … not a decrease in M1 (deflation) as the banksters try to make you believe … and an increase in M1 makes the physical gold and silver you currently own worth even more dollars … which according to the National Debt Clock … is $5958 for one ounce of gold and $725 for one ounce of silver!!

        • paul ...

          Now what do think will happen when the banks lose trillions of dollars of their depositors money on their speculative derivative positions?? … obviously the FDIC does not have the money to make up the banks losses … so the Fed will need to step in with QE and print up the money the banks owe to their depositors … so will the default on all the derivative debt in the world result in deflation of the money supply? … absolutely not … it will result in a massive increase in the money supply (inflation) … to pay back bank depositors … politicians may get a lot of static from their constituents about doing more QE to bail out the banksters … so more likely any QE will be in combination with “a gold re-set” … to give the banksters (who have been buying gold by the ton) the additional money they will need to make up for their loses of depositors money “speculating on derivatives” because that crook Clinton got rid of our Glass-Segal protection!!

          • paul ...

            There are people in this world with moral values like Rickards, Sinclair/Holter, etc., etc., etc. and are warning common folks in every way they can “to buy some gold and silver” as protection from what the banksters are planning to do (in order to save themselves at our expense) … gold is currently under $2000 (buy some) … … silver is under $20 (buy some) … … for once silver goes over $20 the 5 biggest banks in the word will go as bankrupt as Deutsche Bank already is … and the gold and silver markets will be closed down and a gold re-set done … which will forever eliminate any further possibility of ever buying precious metals cheap!!

        • William Stanley

          paul …,
          Re: “[the banks] never create any “additional” real paper money that could be destroyed … they simply take “other peoples deposits of cash made into their bank” and loan it out to you] . . ..”
          That’s a misconception. True, commercial banks don’t print currency; however they do create money via creating demand deposits (part of the M1 money supply; look it up) when they make loans. Commercial banks can create loans and new demand deposits up to the point where their capital requirements would be exceeded — which is a multiple of 10 or more times their capital. (Interestingly, the “crucial” Federal Funds rate is the overnight rate which is charged to banks that, otherwise, would have slightly exceeded their reserve capital requirements. Thats how close to the line banks operate).
          The main reason M1 isn’t seen going down is because the US government and other governments have been borrowing money (mostly via demand deposits) that the Fed and other central banks have been creating and crediting (i.e., lending) to their respective governments’ bank accounts. The governments spend the created demand deposits into the economy and/or transfer it to others’ bank accounts who do spend it, all of which adds to their fiscal deficits and national debts.
          The so-called “problem” with the Fed shrinking its “book” (i.e., it’s amount of outstanding loans) is precisely because doing so would tend to decrease the money supply, which would, it is widely argued, tend to depress economic activity (because prices don’t fall fast enough).
          So far, lending by commercial banks and other central banks has made up the dampening effect of the Fed’s supposed recent cutting back of its loan book. So has capital flight from other countries to the US. That may not continue in sufficient quantity as the depression takes hold. And commercial-bank lending may dry up completely.
          One of the problems is debt (both private and governmental) . . . which is enabled by the creation of money via bank-created demand deposits.
          A related problem for the US is that its balance of trade is negative, which is balanced by foreigners buying US dollar-denominated debt and/or equity securities (especially US Government debt) and real estate, instead of US-produced goods and services. That tends to keep US dollars more expensive in terms of other currencies, which tends to enable the hollowing out of US manufacturing which, in turn, has a long-term deleterious effect throughout the economy.

          • William Stanley

            There was a dip in M1 during the 1995 period. And M2, a broader measure of money, has many dips historically. See, e.g.:

            • paul ...

              William … you are right … I looked at the M1 chart … … and yes there was a very slight almost imperceptible dip in M1 between 1995 and 2000 “my eye just didn’t catch” … but once M1 began moving upward again in 2000 remember how gold and silver took off strongly to the upside … but the big picture is still valid … look at what M1 has been doing since 2010 … “a massive non-stop increase in money supply has taken place” … I say this is “a massive debasement of our currency” ( an inflationary not a deflationary event) … and gold and silver “are both now beginning to reflected this currency debasement” in their market prices!!

  25. iwitness02

    Bo makes reference to Isaiah 26: 21.
    Just as important, is Isaiah 26: 20.
    Look at who is addressed in verse 20. “Come, my people,”
    Then in verse 21 look who is addressed. “the inhabitants of the earth”
    A clear distinction is made.
    If this is the beginning of this prophecy being fulfilled; then the final destination will be the inauguration of the Kingdom. The last 14 words of verse 21 gives us the clue.
    The things described therein can only happen in the Kingdom.
    I will be one of the happiest people on earth, if Bo is right about this.
    Loved this WNW. Thank you so very much, Gentlemen!

  26. Horsenut

    Might be something to what he says….. Something’s in the wind…..
    Powell Issues Gag Order To Fed Presidents: Report
    Powell has banned any public appearances by any Fed Board member, noting that “appearances at conferences have been canceled, all scheduled interviews have been abandoned and any comments on or off the record are outlawed.”

  27. harry wabash

    Heaven forbid that any of your viewers remember Trump’s”pre election “comments about tour Nation being in a “Bubble Economy”. and how we should “Mind our open business ” Internationally. Now we have Trump’s ” Great Economy ” and the USA is causing trouble all over the world with our most vital friends ; Saudi Arabia and Israel. Polny’s unique idea that the Creator is benevolently focused on the Nation of “Gay Marriage and abortion” is simply ludicrous. We are a mere 300 million in a World of close to Eight Billion souls. When are Fundamentalist Christians going to wake up; and realize that they are mis quoting the Bible that was recorded and preserved by Catholic Monks.

    • paul jr.

      “When are Fundamentalist Christians going to wake up; and realize that they are mis quoting the Bible that was recorded and preserved by Catholic Monks.”

      Hopefully never. You do realize that there are many manuscripts that are not exactly alike. There are numerous textual variants among them including some with whole verses missing. So the Catholic Monks certainly have not preserved the Bible.

      • paul ...

        So now you bizarrely go after Fundamentalist Christians??

  28. paul ...

    New strategy by the Fed … no more jaw boning … perhaps people are now seeing into the lies they tell (like inflation is only 2% when it’s 10%) so they are shutting their mouths before someone asks: “Mr Powell how can you justify doing all the QE that is necessary to bring the dollar down (as Trump wants) if the inflation rate according to John Williams at Shadow Stats is actually at 10%)???
    PS: The way they can do a bailout without doing QE … is by re-setting the price of gold high enough to give the banksters (who have bought tons of gold) the money they need “to bail themselves out” … without it looking like the American people are once again bailing out the banksters with more QE from our Treasury!!

  29. paul ...

    People in the US who buy US Government Bonds that pay you less then what you paid for them after ten years … need to exercise their brains more often … like the couch potato brains who bought Argentina’s 100 year bonds (that have now sunk to new lows) … and may have to be replaced by the new Argentine Government with 1000 year bonds!! …

    • paul ...

      You know … to solve the debt problem in the US … the US Government should require the 340 million American people to buy one(1) “Ten Dollar” One Day Treasury Bond ( this will be a “new Bond” that matures in one day) and each citizen required to buy one of these US Bonds each day has $10 dollars automatically deducted from their pay checks, or welfare checks, or Social Security checks, etc.) … then at the end of the day when the Bond Matures “they are all declared worthless “except for one” picked at random that pays out a $10 million dollar dividend (so it is not exactly a tax on the American people) … in this way the US Government can collect 3390 million dollars per day … which at the end of the year will bring in to the US Treasury $1.23 Trillion dollars and we can stop borrowing a Trillion dollars per year from the banksters to balance our budget and we can “freeze” the US National Debt Clock!!

  30. sandra sullivan

    Those of us who have a relationship with Heavenly Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit have heard the beginnings of this for years and have warned family and friends to get ready. Some have listened.
    I really appreciate having Christians like you and Bo filling in the gaps to help others to make moves to get ready because we know it is right and truth in our spirits.

    • Galaxy 500

      I am prepared and still acquiring whatnis think will be beneficial. But as to whether this is the end times, I don’t think so. Why? Because the Apostel Paul thought he lived in the end times. There have been many across time saying this, all wrong.
      In the days of old, Prophets were easy to tell. They had God backing them.
      That being said, those that are not preparing physically and with God are foolish people.

  31. eddiemd

    False prophet.

    God doesn’t care about gold and silver. He cares about your soul.

    Mammon. Idolatry.

    You cannot serve God and Mammon.

    Psalm 119:72

    The law of Your mouth is better to me Than thousands of gold and silver pieces.

    • Galaxy 500

      No but you need to be able to eat. Unless you have found a way. Perhaps you missed Jesus saying “rend unto Ceasar what is Caesar’s and unto God what is God’s”
      Gold is money as it was in Jesus’ day. Even the Disciples had and used money.
      Money is not the root of all evil, that is the LOVE of money.
      Let’s hope you were a better doc than you were a Bible scholar.

      • eddiemd

        Must have touched a nerve.

        As I already said Mr. Galaxy 500, you cannot serve God and Mammon.

        Your response indicates that gold/money is your idol. You will never be able to eat your gold.

      • Andy

        Until Ceasar goes mad. Then you just give to God.

    • Galaxy 500

      Here is some more of Psalms 119. Do you understand that this is David praising God? That the “Law of your mouth” is referring to God’s mouth.
      I disagree with Bo’s interpretation of the Bible. However, what you are doing is in my opinion worse.
      Psalm of David 119
      65 Do good to your servant
      according to your word, Lord.
      66 Teach me knowledge and good judgment,
      for I trust your commands.
      67 Before I was afflicted I went astray,
      but now I obey your word.
      68 You are good, and what you do is good;
      teach me your decrees.
      69 Though the arrogant have smeared me with lies,
      I keep your precepts with all my heart.
      70 Their hearts are callous and unfeeling,
      but I delight in your law.
      71 It was good for me to be afflicted
      so that I might learn your decrees.
      72 The law from your mouth is more precious to me
      than thousands of pieces of silver and gold.

      • eddiemd

        Actually you proved my point. Thanks for posting this.

        It is the Word of God that is precious. Not silver and gold.

        • paul ...

          eddiemd … And by “The Word of God” … He said: “Let Their Be Light” (and he brought our universe composed of 100 elements into being) … and in God’s Universe “brought into being by his own word” he made Gold and Silver precious!!

  32. paul ...

    Is this the same medical examiner who said JFK was shot from behind??? …

    • paul ...

      More then 40% of American’s don’t believe it was suicide … … the other 60% (looking at the ear of the dead body in the cell) likely believe Epstein is still alive (screwing around with some girls on a Pacific Island somewhere freely spending millions a day on a life of perverted pleasure and luxury)!!

      • Bill B

        If Epstein is still alive, I believe he might be in gitmo. The Clintons and the rest of the scum bags can get to im there.

        • paul ...

          Bill … did you see this article about Epstein buying a cement truck? … isn’t that how the Mafia got rid of Jimmy Hoffa (encased him in cement and dropped him in the ocean)?? … perhaps the FBI should look for “cement slabs” in the ocean surrounding Epstein’s house!! …

          • Frederick

            It wasn’t a truck actually just a stationary mixer from what I gleaned from the fake and phony photos Sorry but I’m skeptical of anything (((they))) allow us sheeple to see and for good reason

  33. paul ...

    The likely reason silver is being artificially held “below model predictions” … … is because the banksters have sold so much silver short their banks “will go bust” if silver rises over $20 dollars per ounce … which is even more reason for us to keep buying physical silver and from what I hear big moneyed “good guys” are getting ready to stand for delivery at the COMEX … which should crush the evil banksters once and for all!! …

  34. Bill.B

    GREG: Bo Polny
    The interview was too short. I believe Bo was just getting warmed up when you cut the program, and had much more to tell us.

  35. paul ...

    How about Trump charging “overdraft fees” on all the banksters private holdings after they close down their banks (when silver rises over $20 dollars per ounce) … lets use the RICO laws to claw back “some fees” from them like they do to us!! …

  36. Bill B

    GREG ; One more thing
    This might be a good time to have Michael Snyder on, if you can. He has some pretty scary statistics on the nations food supply. ( the lack of )

  37. Billy

    Greg – you have always said that cnn and other networks would not let you run ay story without facts. Your interview has no facts, you never asked how he is predicting these events!! You never questioned anything.
    The public has lost faith in journalist’s because there is no trust or truth, just be careful because your going down the same path, its all emotional and headline grabbing, you can’t keep moving the goalposts like Bo does with every prediction.
    Be aware that you are putting you reputation on the line and the trust of your audience.
    I believe there is going to be a crash but this was poor interview.

    • Greg Hunter

      You did not see the first 11 mins? Polny got correct calls on gold and silver prices in the May USAW interview and show this in this interview with a chart. You did not see these facts on the chart? Bo had charts and analysis that explained his forecast. You did not hear or see this this? This was not a debate or inquisition. I asked Polny to come back on for an update because of past correct calls. I did point out his market crash in July did not fully materialize, but also said the markets sold off 333 point on the last day of July and on a day when the Fed cut rates for the first time in more than 10 years. I guess this is worth exactly what you paid for this? So sorry this did not meet your high standards for free information and a warning to small investors. I said Charles Nenner said “big money is out of the market,” and that is also a fact. Please start you own site and show us all how it is done. Why don’t you be honest and say what you really think and that is you simply do NOT like Bo Polny.

      • billy

        How can I say I don’t like Bo. could not tell you a thing about him personally though I don’t buy his assessment and biblical references . I have noticed that you don’t take criticism very well, seems to be a character flaw which we all have in one area. don’t let your pride and ego get in the way of a sound analysis of a matter or feedback . from viewers. All the best with your site.

        • Greg Hunter

          I really did not ask for or need your criticism. Why do you feel a need to give it?? Just don’t watch. Nobody is forcing you.

          • Billy

            Its not personal Greg towards you or Mr Polny, there is enough hate in this word and very little emotional control. I just question Mr Polny’s prediction and how he has came to this conclusion. I think they say by there fruit you shall know them. I have liked a lot of your interviews and if i am wrong on this i will be the first to admit i was wrong.To be honest this is the first interview i did not like from usawatchdog, i liked the first 11 minutes, but it seems everyone is playing god these days, i will leave playing god to god.

      • oneno

        It is always difficult to make statements about events that haven’t transpired yet (unless you are Billy Meier with access to human ET contacts that have the technology to travel into many possible future time-lines and then make statements about future events that have low variability over many possible time-line paths).

        The big-money is still present in the PM markets (see this chart of the 15-minute down-draft Tuesday 13-Aug-2019 that lasted for 15 minutes. Those who were watching had plenty of time to load up on CALLs to sell the same day and this is what actually happened).

        GLD and SLV are there for the express reason of manipulating the PM markets via derivative contracts.

      • Jerry

        Billy’s trying to be different by being a critic. Unfortunately critics are like lawyers. Often in doubt, but never wrong. They wouldn’t know truth if it bit em in the ass.

        • Frederick

          You mean like Dershowitz keeping his skivies on duringhis deep tissue massage Ha

        • Frederick

          Now now Jerry being teachers pet will get you beaten up

  38. Richard Herman

    Greg I think the value of gold in dollars does not give us the true story of what is going to happen. I think the value of the dollar is zero at the end. So I say we should talk about the purchasing power of gold when people give us what value gold will be and I can remember people always talking about the fact that an oz. of gold could buy a very good man’s suit.

    Thanks for the report

  39. Red

    Greg change of seasons coming all doggers prepare ,first glimpse of spring in Australia Pardolotes return and males calling!! Trump must tell Americans to protect themselves by holding the metals. He will be relected if he does this and the markets wont matter. Love from Australia. Bo is great!!

  40. tim mcgraw

    Your guest bringing the Word of God into the bad Keynesian economics we have today in the world is distracting. Humans created this mess. Humans can fix it. This isn’t God’s problem. God didn’t invent fiat currency and fractional reserve banking and central banks setting the interest rates. Men did (well, a few women too nowadays).
    This economic crisis is of our own making. We humans can fix it. Sure it will hurt, but we can do it. But let’s hurt the folks who made this crisis, not the ones who didn’t.

  41. oneno

    They are still saying the international nuclear accord with Iran was

    “signed by Iran, the US, Russia, China, Britain, France, Germany and the European Union back in July 2015. The international treaty was endorsed by the UN Security Council. When Trump walked away from the US legal obligation last year, all the tensions that we now see with Iran have transpired.”

      • Frederick

        If it was a fraud then why did all those stated parties sign it? And why was it endorsed by the UN Security Council Sounds fishy to me
        More likely Trump is just carrying water for Satanyahoo and his band of schmucks

        • Greg Hunter

          The JCPOA was a shame, fraud, unenforceable and unsigned. It should have been a Treaty and the US Senate should have ratified it. Of course, the Senate would not sign off on a fraud that delivered cash on c-130’s to the number one “state sponsor of terror” (according to the U.S. Sate Department.) Please don’t answer with some stupid the USA is really the #1 sponsor of terror) I am talking about how Iran was classified in the Kerry/Obama State Department. Signatures? Let’s see them!!! Let’s see this deal!!! The John Kerry/Obama State Department says IT WAS NOT SIGNED in a letter to (then) Congressman Mike Pompeo:

          Scroll down and read the entire official letter for yourself. This was reported in 2015 and of course the lying MSM lied by omission about this. It WAS NOT A SIGNED DEAL. It was voted on in the criminal UN!!!

          Bribery was also involved!! Just ask a top Iranian advisor> Here’s his threatening tweet on the global Twitter record:

          So stop the bull crap that this was some sort of “deal” to save the world when it was in fact a fraud and bribery was UNSIGNED and was NOT a Treaty of the USA!!!

          Oh and by the way I am still waiting for you to give some criticism about you beloved Turkey and your leader there that is destroying what democracy there is left in Turkey. Oh,I know, you are afraid to do this because there is NO freedom of speech and expression and the only thing tolerated is USA bashing!!! Don’t bother to answer because I got this right, and I don’t want to see you or your family get hurt or jailed in Turkey!! You are the one carrying the Water bucket for Turkey and you dictator leader!


          • Frederick

            Greg I’m certainly NOT carrying any water for anybody I just am not involved in Turkish politics in any way I’m a guest here and it would not be proper for me to get involved I haven’t even voted in the US since Perot so I wasn’t particularly involved in wasting my time with US politics either
            That said my wife’s immediate family are all secular and not great fans of the ruling party
            I was in Poland last week and loved my time there Family oriented and conservative sort of like here in Turkey The only real difference is the weather and their religions

  42. Auntie Seize

    We are living at the End of the Age would be a better and more accurate statement than we are living in Biblical Times, IMO. This is certainly the times described by Daniel when knowledge and travel are increased.

    • paul jr.

      Every generation has had people say the same thing, “we are living in the end times”. They also thought what was described in the Bible was happening in their day. Well they were all wrong.

      • Greg Hunter

        Until they are not.

        • paul jr.

          Yes, but no one knows but God and we should not make statements as if it was a fact when we really can’t be sure.

          • Frederick

            well jr isn’t that always the way with Bible thumpers They seem to know everything and if anyone questions things they attack you as an atheist or worse I question everything but maybe that’s just my nature

            • Greg Hunter

              “Bible Thumpers” that’s a rich description from someone holding on to the Black Hole of Nothingness.

        • Frederick

          By the way Greg I’m certainly NOT very pro Iran and I never said the US was the number one sponsor of terror in the world Not sure where you got that
          I just want to see justice for innocents I know that’s a long order and naive to expect but that’s my wish
          I love my country, have ALWAYS been what I consider to be a patriot and only moved here for my wife to be closer to her family as well as have a more affordable , enjoyable mortgage free life style Sorry if that bothers you

  43. Marie Joy

    Regardless of whether, or not, you agree with Bo Polny, and his peers, it’s a good idea to stock up on food, drink, supplies, meds etc, just in case.

    Better to wonder, Why the hell did I buy all these prepping supplies? than to Wish, to God, that you had bought all those prepping supplies.

    When it comes to feeding your family, it is, always, better to have too much than too little.

  44. Darren Zych

    Hey Greg,,, Interesting stuff.. Here is something for everyone to consider: Market volatility regulations
    Circuit breakers
    Circuit-breaker points represent the thresholds at which trading is halted market-wide for single-day declines in the S&P 500 Index. Circuit breakers halt trading on the nation’s stock markets during dramatic drops and are set at 7%, 13%, and 20% of the closing price for the previous day. The circuit breakers are calculated daily.

    Level 1 halt (7%)

    Trading will halt for 15 minutes if drop occurs before 3:25 p.m.
    At or after 3:25 p.m.—trading shall continue, unless there is a Level 3 halt.

    Level 2 halt (13%)

    Trading will halt for 15 minutes if drop occurs before 3:25 p.m.
    At or after 3:25 p.m.—trading shall continue, unless there is a Level 3 halt.

    Level 3 halt (20%)

    At any time during the trading day—trading shall halt for the remainder of the trading day.

    If this does happen…Circuit Breakers will be popping!!!

    • William Stanley


  45. Oxfarmer

    Mr. Polny has taken the NT verse about 30, 60, 100 fold out of context. The harvest mentioned here is of souls.

    I agree that God is coming in judgement, and in fact, looking at the horrible midwest floods and coming food shortages, earthquakes, fires and bizarre weather, it has already begun. But as a prophet, Mr. Polny doesn’t ring true to me.

    • paul jr.

      Every generation has had people say the same thing, “we are living in the end times”. They also thought what was described in the Bible was happening in their day. They had wars, earthquakes, famines, plagues etc… They thought certain individuals like Nero, the Pope and Hitler were the Antichrist. Well they were all wrong. I know of plenty of people who believe that we are living in the last days and that things can’t get worse that what they are. Of course it can get much worse and will in the future, which may be many years if not many decades away. And maybe even centuries. No one knows but God.

      • paul ...

        And every generation has had people like you jr saying the same thing … ever consider the possibility that some people live by a different clock … sort of like the Mayans who’s calendar year equaled 12,000 revolutions of the Earth around the Sun!!

  46. paul ...

    Because we can’t legislate morality … we should take guns away from immoral legislators … who have proven by their actions they are crazy (i.e. killing babies, non-stop wars, pedophilia, drug running, human organ trafficking, drinking blood, worshiping Demons, etc., etc.) …

  47. paul ...

    Finally … Trump has issued a “directive” … to have all US troops out of Afghanistan by the 2020 US presidential election!! …

  48. Daniel H Benson

    Hey Greg,

    I know a senior VP of one of the top 5 banks in America. He has told me that the FED has already planned the deliberate default of the dollar and all our bonds. The focus on the markets is just the cover story. They will keep this going until there is a “trigger event’ that needs to happen to blame the crash on. It’s time-driven but event-driven. Last year as a teacher I was invited to a briefing at the St Louis FED last year. Their Macroeconomic expert reviewed all they did since 2008 in QE and the road to zero interest rates. She stated “there has been no real economic recovery, it has all been govt. spending. I have very serious doubts this will not end well. Everything we did, did not work. Just before the last election, I had access to a very high-level intel briefing. Basically, they predicted the election would be very divisive. That happened. Leading to the 2020 election the political situation would deteriorate and at some time before, during or after the election the Govt will cease to work and martial law will be implemented. Internationally there will be war in the middle east. This leads to global collapse. This will lead to an extended period of time of trouble but the NWO will emerge on the other side.

  49. Mark Baldwin

    When he says ‘God said……’ is this from an interpretation of scripture or some scriptural reference or a prophetic word? If prophetic, who was God speaking through?

  50. Kent Crandall

    Greg you are absolutely crushing it, thank you again for the excellent interview. I was laughing out loud with your China rant at the intro to the Bo Polny interview “…totalitarian, one-party Christian-hating, organ-harvesting, dictator for life, social-credit-scoring nation that steals intellectual property…” just classic.

    Silver is a huge topic and lots of predictions have swirled for years, that someday a breakout will occur. I have received spiritual guidance myself concerning silver, so I am sitting on my horde of coins and bars in the hopes that I can be a blessing on my loved ones if a breakout.

    Regarding Hong Kong, I think there is more than meets the eye. Hong Kong is the last standing safe zone for money laundering – Trump and his junta have already cleaned up the Caribbean, the Clinton Foundation, the Swiss Banks, etc. Now the high-level criminals in Hong Kong, fearing Chinese extradition, are funding the riots and putting a “pro-American” face on it. Sneaky sneaky.

    Keep up the good work,

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Kent!!

  51. Tommy

    So God is speaking to Bo and cluing him in on the stock market? It would put my faith to test to believe that God is giving market advice. Please, enough.

  52. Rob W

    An observation, Greg. At the beginning of the interview, Bo made the satanic hand sign with his thumb and index finger on both hands, with three fingers pointing upward. He tried to conceal it by not fully extending his fingers, but I took notice of it. Is Bo just another schill for the Illuminati, Satanic New World Order, or is he for real. Time will tell as he has made an immediate call for markets to crash. I love your show Greg, and have been following you for years. I tell people about your website and advise them to tune in to you. Jim Sinclair, and Bill Holter and Rob Kirby are correct as gold and silver are going to the moon and a “no offer” to sell gold and silver will materialize. Charles Nenner has called for DOW 5,000 on your show. The future is going to be interesting. I sold my house to get my equity out, and you can very well guess what I am buying now. Regards to you Greg, and keep up the good work. RW

  53. Steve

    Vertical in September/October ? Running out of time….
    Oh Greg, what are you doing ?

    • Greg Hunter

      That was a prediction from a guest.

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