Gerald Celente-The First Great War of the 21st Century has Begun

By Greg Hunter’s 

Top trends forecaster Gerald Celente says, “The first great war of the 21st century has begun, and people are afraid to call it what it is.”  Celente says the extreme violence in in the Middle East and North Africa is Not because of a movie that pokes fun at Islam.  It’s because of decades of bad U.S. foreign policy.  Celente calls people like Rudolph Giuliani a “s***head” and a “scumbag” for lying to the American people about the real reasons why the Muslim world is enraged.  Celente goes on to say, “If anybody says I went over the edge, this is a matter of life and death.”  Celente also believes the world is being taken to war because the world economy “. . . is collapsing.  It’s collapsing in front of our eyes.  The numbers are there.”  Celente tells people to “buy gold and silver” to preserve wealth and says, “All around the world they are dumping dough into their economies to keep them going.”  Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Gerald Celente of the Trends Research Institute.

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  1. Blue Dog

    The problem is that Islam wants to rule the world. There’s no peace unless you bow the knee to Allah and accept sharia law. That’s why Islam must be opposed everywhere and Israel must be supported.

    • Wroots

      Islam does not want to rule the world! Islam wants to be left alone by greedy oil-and-mineral hungry western nations. It is in the USA’s interest to ensure that there is a war going on somewhere all the time so they lay the groundwork to manufacture consent for war over and over again.

    • Frank

      Sure, thats why we need to fight WWIII with nuclear weapons, idiot.

    • Tyson

      How true Blue Dog, how true! Mohammad failed to spread Islam in a “peaceful” method. He was rejected as was his message. It was not until he instituted jihad and forcing populations of people to convert or die did Islam rise to power. Every country where Islam has been allowed to force people to convert sees persecution of other beliefs to the point of death and disappearance.

      • Greg

        Let’s not call folks liars here on either side of the argument. Please, this goes for everyone.

    • JosephConrad

      Blue Dog, you need to go back to college! America was founded on the 5 RAGES- RACISM, ARROGANCE, GREED, EGOTISM & SELF-ENRICHMENT! If you’re making less than $100,000 a year, the Wealthy Old White Boys running this racist nation into the ground see you as a slave looking for a master! Euro-nations have ROBBED, LOOTED, PULUNDERED & RAPED every Resources-Rich Non-White Nation since the 1500’s! Grow up and see America as it really is – Selfish, Racist, Violent & Arrogant!

      • Alan

        I disagree. America is an amazing nation and did fine without taxes and Israel for 350+ years.

      • HeartOfDarkness

        Yeah, go back to college for your “reeducation” on the 5 RAGES.

        No nation will lead the future without some degree of critical self examination. No nation, or for that matter individual, will ever survive with JConrad’s extreme degree of self loathing. Go ahead and immolate yourself J before your diseased thinking spreads. Oh too late…


    • Stephan Larose

      The problem is that many Americans are as ignorant as you. Radical Islam exists BECAUSE of the U.S.A. Reagan recruited Osama Bin Laden to lead jihadis against Russia in Afghanistan but had no plan for what to do with these extremists afterwards. The U.S. then went on to support brutal dictators like the House of Saud which create more extremists by endorsing the fundamentalist Wahabi school of Islam. The U.S. has caused millions upon millions of deaths in the Middle East. The C.I.A. put Saddam Hussein in power in Iraq because they didn’t want the oil nationalized there, they overthrew Iran’s democratically elected president Mossadegh for the same reason, that time installing the brutal Shah dictatorship, a regime so odious Iranians turned to the Ayatollahs to get rid of them. The U.S. also supported Saddam’s attack on Iran, opting to increase weapons sales to him after he’d used banned chemical weapons in the field. Then comes a genocidal sanctions regime that kills 500,000 children in Iraq, a program so horrific both heads of the U.N. program quit in disgust, this followed by an illegal war waged on the basis of false WMD claims (now being repeated against Iran) that kill yet another million Iraqis. If the Middle East came over here and killed 30 million Americans, I think you’d go pretty crazy with bloodlust trying to get the bastards out of your country too. And you wouldn’t need to be religious to feel that way. Learn your history bro.

    • retiredpara

      Absolutely. But you won’t get anywhere with logic here, Bluedog, as Libertarians need to believe they are smugly superior to anyone else, and are the holders of the “real truth”, namely, that there is no left/right struggle, no good or evil, no east or west, etc. There is only the evil, Jewish controlled shadow government that pits us all against each other…Totally naive, not based in history, not based in anything except hatred of Jews.

  2. art barnes

    Greg, “the numbers are there” is a truism. Its just a matter of time so get prepared for war and a collapsing inflationary economy. Be that as it may, these are the times of our lives. Thanks for the interview.

    • RICH99

      It will simply collapse straight into a new system

      • Frank

        yeh, sure, no prob, right, rich?

  3. Mitch Bupp

    Thank You Greg and Gerald! Without voices like yours there would be opposition to the banker elite and their planned war. More people are maimed in the US from pillow fights than terrorism. I find it interesting that since we went to a preemptive war footing the has been less peace and more radicals are being created.

    I agree this is economic driven and I see another push for world government to be part in the aftermath….

    predicting=trending events ??? anyone who questions Gerald’s trend forecasts is not listening!

  4. Marcel

    Like Bush before with his Saudi lovers, even Obama knows that he has to sacrifice Israel to the jihad hordes from hell.
    Because Israel and Islam can’t co-exist ,one will have to disappear.
    It’s more than economics or repression,it’s the kingdom of darkness versus the kingdom of light,the spiritual battle behind the curtain has now coming out in the open.
    Here is what Celente ignores.

    Everything offends the threatening,intimidating,death loving dark spirit of Islam
    Israel is the greatest of all offenses to Islam because those they deem as ‘infidels’ who now control land that was once under their domain exposes the big lie.
    If allah is really,really, God than how can ‘infidels’ take what is supposedly His (Dar al Islam) and be so blessed and successful while the followers of their god are so backwards,so impoverished, so miserable and so evidently cursed.
    They have to get rid of Israel because it is prima facia evidence of the ‘biggest lie ever sold’
    There is no avoiding the clash between the lie and Israel.
    And those who know the God of Abraham,Issac and Jacob already know the outcome of this apocalyptic war.

    • Greg

      There is a lot of anger and distrust in the world on all sides. I hope we do not have war because there will be no real winners.

      • Wroots

        Apart from those who profit financially from war, there are never any winners in a war, only losers.

    • Frank

      Marcel! Say it ain’t so! This will go nuclear, you eternal optimist.

    • Tyson

      You are correct, in fact, if Islam can not defeat and eliminate Israel, then in a Muslim eyes that means Allah is a liar! They will do everything possible to make sure their false god is not a liar.

    • Stephan Larose

      kingdom of darkness vs. kingdom of light? Dude, what are you, three years old? Israel is a country founded on an act of genocide that wiped out 50 000 Palestinian villages. That conflict is about an illegitimate state founded on an act of violence and the resulting fallout and ongoing military occupation by Israel.

      No wonder the world is f’d up when there are retards like you living in a racist fantasy world.

      • Rassy May

        Mohammed and his followers were terrorists, killing with the knife, rapping etc… That how he imposed his social/political so called religions.

        • Greg

          Rassy May,
          I am going to allow this comment but you are way off base posting this. I am sure you could say the same about any religion if you went to the right time period historically speaking.

          • retiredpara

            How is he way off base Greg? Islam demands that it’s members spread the “faith” with a sword. Christianity does not. Before you call up the revisionist history of the Crusades, remember that was a Catholic invention, and a righteous reaction to Muslim murder and pillage of Christian holy sites. Muslims demand three things: Conversion, Death, or Dhimmi status. Does anyone here know what that is? How can anyone equate the murderous daily routine in Islam to any other religion? You are blinded by your hatred of the Jews.

            • Greg

              You are a newbie here. I have zero hatred for the Jews or any other religious group. I have plenty of work on the site for you to check out my story. I have both Jewish and Muslim friends. None of my Muslim friends have ever tried to convert me or threatened to kill me. Oh, and by the way, I just posted an interview with Peter Schiff. He’s Jewish, and I certainly don’t hate him but respect him greatly. Thank you for your comments.

      • retiredpara

        An illegitimate state? Why is the area called Judea? Who removed the Jews from their homeland? Who was charged with creating a sperate Jewish state after WWI and failed to do it? What Arab nations offered land to their “Palestinian” brothers? What nation in the middle east is the only true democracy? What nation in the middle east protects the civil rights of it’s non-Jewish citizens and workers? Why do Muslim workers want to work in Isreal? How many Jews were murdered globally before they had a homeland? Why do the Muslims hate the Jews? Why do you hate the Jews?

      • L - sa

        @Stephan – So right you are! We created this, just as Israel created Hamas. What goes around comes around, eventually and that applies to societies and countries, too.

  5. speakyourmind

    I have a question for Gerald, should we take the penalty on our 401ks, iras, etc to get the things we need or just to transfer to gold/silver?

    • Greg


      I can’t speak for Mr. Celente but many people who comment here have done just what you are thinking about. Only you can make this decision. Anyone else want to answer please do it.


      • Buddy

        Sure; my answer is that because of the availability of ETF investment vehicles, most any investor can invest in gold, silver, platinum, etc., and in precious metals mines, mining royalty streams, etc. Of course, the 401Ks, IRAs, etc., are controlled by the USA government, so there is some risk. But risk is all around. A WW can limit any investment returns, so getting the cash out now can provide a lot more vesitility.

        Also, if the anticipated tax rates for 2013 increase as is rumored, it may be that 2012 tax rates plus a penalty may not be too bad when compared to 2013 taxes.

        • Greg

          I would only advise people to buy physical and stay away from ETF’s. Thank you for your comment.

          • retiredpara

            Better advise Celente of this…But keep buying his propagana nonetheless…

    • JT

      I’ll tell you what I did. I’m not advising anyone or offering any financial planning advice. You need to examine your own situation and make your own decisions.

      I borrowed everything I could against my 401K and am paying back a minimal amount each pay period. I turned around and dumped it into silver. I bought junk silver, 1 oz rounds, and 10 oz bars. I also had a numismatic coin collection and dumped that and used the proceeds for the same purpose.

      Now, if nothing happens, and everything settles down but with radically higher commodity prices, I can liquidate some of my holdings and pay off the 401K loan. If everything goes in the crapper…..

      One note.

      I did my research. I went to COIN SHOWS and PAID CASH for my stuff. No tracked transactions. No receipts. No one knows what you have except for the guy(s) you bought from. Spread out your buys. Don’t hit just one table all in one day. Don’t take all your cash with you just in case. Park within view of the doors to the venue. DON’T get distracted! You are there for the value of the metal only. Skip the baubles and trinkets.

    • Perry

      Don’t buy silver/gold as your only investment. However, pay taxes on the money now while the rates are this low. Buy something useful like guns/ammo, food stocks and other things that you’d need to survive a 2-3 month period of anarchy/chaos. Silver and gold prices will continue to be manipulated by the government. When the crash happens, so too will silver/gold be forced down by the government (and it will become illegal to possess.)

    • Frank

      Take out 10% and invest it in gold. That’s pretty conservative.

    • Tyson

      I could not take everything out of my 401k since I am still employed. (What a scam, but that is for another debate) I took out the maximum loan possible and purchased preps and silver. My wife cashed hers out since she left her job to home school our daugthers and we paid the penalty and taxes, converted it all to silver and gold. We have already recouped the penalty and taxes and now hold our wealth with no third party.

    • Jason

      Yes, but before buying gold and silver, put it in YOUR OWN banking system; take it out of that entity and then buy your metals. I can help you understand how and why to do it if you want. [email protected]

  6. BigTom

    Hey Greg – I predicted this mess back in Feb. 2011 commenting on your article about the rising Egyptian democratic revolution titled ‘Egypt Will Explode’ – where is my public interview!…..Caliente is right, this has nothing to do with an Arab spring and people fighting for democracy…..But he badly misses the point with his conclusion, ‘to few have to much and to many have not enough.’ He falls back on the same ‘ol same ol western analysis to middle east issues with, ‘the U.S. government propping up dictators’ and bla bla bla. We have all heard that stuff countless times. That is boiler plate analysis already scripted! This is not at all about money. This not at all about jealousy or desire about who has the material wealth. This is all about fundamental islam and the spread of 8th century thinking throughout the middle east and creeping into and threatening the enourmous humanistic gains of western civilization over the many past centuries. This is totally an ideological thing going on and his analysis of the ‘why’ here badly, erroneously and dangerously misses the mark. One must not be blind to a thorny issue else he gets run over by it.
    Thank you for your articles Greg, as they sometimes do get me fired up to fire off an ‘unvarnished opinion’ as you like to call them……

    • Greg

      Thank you Big Tom and Ontime.

    • retiredpara

      Absolutely correct. Islam is ideologically driven and is in possession of technology that makes them a threat to anyone who dares publish a cartoon, video, or anything else they deem offensive. Last I checked, the Norwegian Lutherans hadn’t issued a Fatwah to cut off someone’s head, but guess who has? Yet here they are considered peaceful and equivalent to all other religions…

    • L - sa

      Have you ever been to the Middle East? It is very cosmopolitan and people embrace pop culture just like anywhere else. It’s silly and ignorant to say these things about fundamentalism; people only embrace it when the alternative is much, much worse. Take Syria, for example. Many people who do not like Assad are embracing him because of the alternative: A country run by Western interests funded fundamental loonies. All countries choose the lesser of two evils and this time Assad is it. But Western media would lead you to believe otherwise.

      The thinking that Israel is so advanced and the rest of the middle east a backward backwater is so ignorantly absurd it’s laughable. You simply don’t know what you are talking about.


    Mr. Celente has been a very accurate forecaster and has helped putting the proper perspective on confusing situations, he is among those to whom I look to make my decisions and place the sand bags needed to protect my wealth and protect my family…’s going to get even more tough and strong leadership is what is needed…

  8. Martin

    Calling Guiliani a s—head and a s—bag is below any true New Yorker. I personally had a good friend die working at Cantor Fitzgerald. We destroyed Al Qaeda and killed Bin Laden we should exit Afghanistan. Iraq was a mistake in HINDSIGHT after they invaded Kuwait and bad intel said go.
    The entry into Vietnam should have been dealt with by holding LBJ and his corrupt friends feet to the fire. WW III ( God forbid ) potentially starts with an Israeli invasion which is about the only thing I can commend Obama on – don’t do it.
    We were attacked an 3,000 plus people died — Celente should take his carnival barking and his 3 G-s to Canada and take the first flight out to a “better ” place if he can find one.

    • Ron


      Investigate the facts as these gentlemen have. Perhaps it might alter your opinion.
      It did mine…

    • Tyson

      How many times has Bin Laden died now? Three?

      That’s right Israel has no right to protect itself. Self Defense should be outlawed. Pre-emptive war is O-kay for the Unites States but any other country that is threaten with being eliminated should hold their peace until they are attacked.

      Would you if confronted with a robber holding a gun threatening kill you wait until actually shot or shot at before defending yourself? Not me, I am firing first.

    • josh

      watch this and you might change your mind about guilliani:

    • retiredpara

      Amen to Martin.

  9. RICH99

    I believe that they will just roll out a new currency when this one dies and we will continue where we left off without missing a beat !!

    • Frank

      Way to go, Rich! Yay team!

  10. George Too

    You have this under “Top Stories” and it dove tailes with what GC is saying.
    Excerpt from BI article:
    “But Deutsche Bank analysts Daniel Brebner and Xiao Fu say gold is seriously misunderstood, and in a new report – wherein they update their gold target to $2000/oz sometime in the first half of 2013 – they explain that “gold is not really a commodity at all.”

    The undisputable evidence for the case that gold is money, according to the Deutsche Bank analysts:

    While it is included in the commodities basket it is in fact a medium of exchange and one that is officially recognised (if not publically used as such). We see gold as an officially recognised form of money for one primary reason: it is widely held by most of the world’s larger central banks as a component of reserves.

    That’s their take. But there’s more – the analysts differentiate between “good money” (gold) and “bad money” (fiat paper currency):

    We would go further however, and argue that gold could be characterised as ‘good’ money as opposed to ‘bad’ money which would be represented by many of today’s fiat currencies. In describing gold as such we refer to Gresham’s Law – when a government overvalues one type of money and undervalues another, the undervalued money (good) will leave the country or disappear from circulation into hoards, while the overvalued money (bad) will flood into circulation.

    What’s interesting is that all of the arguments against gold propogated by the anti-goldbugs – that it’s not really a consumption good, that it serves no industrial purpose, etc. – are all the exact reasons why Brebner and Xiao call gold “good money.”

    The analysts elaborate on this point in the report:

    In our view the ideal medium of exchange must balance the paradox of representing value while having little intrinsic value itself. There are very few media which can do this. Fiat currencies physically have no use other than that which is prescribed to them by government and accepted by the public. That fiat currencies cost little to produce is of a secondary concern and we believe, quite irrelevant to the primary purpose.

    Gold is neither production good nor consumption good. Jewellery we see as a form of storage or hoarding (the people of Portugal have all but exhausted their personal gold stores – hoarded in the form of jewellery – having converted them to survive the crisis). If gold did have a meaningful commercial use we believe that it would make the metal less attractive as a medium of exchange as the value of the metal in whatever market it was used in could periodically interfere with its medium-of-exchange role…

    Other characteristics are important of course in fulfilling the requirements for ‘good’ money: indestructibility, divisibility, transportability and universal acceptability.”

    • Greg

      Thank you George Too for the analysis and comment.

  11. chowthen

    Gerald Celente is another “dickhead” still blaming Bush and Cheney for all the ill’s. How long do we have to keep Obama to solve all the ill’s created by Bush? Obama hasn’t done anything in reality he expanded the war to the Middle East and North Africa. Remember Iraq and Afghanistan is Asia.

    • Steve

      “Obama hasn’t done anything in reality he expanded the war to the Middle East and North Africa.”

      Does drone attacks count, or am I missing something? Obama has had more drone attacks and “kills” than any other president. I think he has done something… oh how about Pakistan, is that Asia? To me it doesn’t matter. Obama has done plenty to continue the “wars” anywhere!

    • Frank

      Your problem is you can’t see past your nose. Celente isn’t just blaming Bush, he’s blaming the entire political system, the dems and Obomba included. Wake up, yourself, dummy.

  12. chowthen

    Political Atheist? He’s a big “D” he serve as aid for a Democrat senator. He couldn’t help himself but mention in blame the Republicans in all his newsletters, speeches and interviews. He seldom if ever mention blame on the Democrats if he does only for small segment to fool the audience and justify that he doesn’t have bias.

    • jay 2

      Chowthen celente coined the pharse republicrates ,and demopublicans.
      You may be right,I may be fooled by celente, but im glad to be fooled into believing theres only one party, and we the people are not in it.Of all iv learned from celente this is number one..We are a country controled by a oligarchy.

  13. Johannan Baptiste

    How can you not watch this and figure out we’re all up the creek? This has been going on for years. It’s just now come to this. Too late to react. Too late to wake up.

    Great piece BTW. Keep it coming Mr. Celente.

  14. Ben


    I can’t say he lacks passion. I would have preferred to hear more economic discussion and less political commentary.

    Thanks for your “rogue/maverick” journalistic accomplishments,



    EVERYONE RUNNING THIS GOVERNMENT,ARE ROTTEN TO THE CORE,the whole system is failing,THE DOG AND PONY SHOW IS ENDING,the RUSSIANS and CHINESE are here ,and they aren’t here to kiss us and give us a birthday present,THERE HERE TO KILL AMERICANS,THATS YOU DUMB ASS,800 FEMA CAMPS can’t feed 300,000,000 million americans who are straving,THESE ARE DEATH CAMPS, PERIOD……WAR is COMING,this country is ending and that means a BLOOD BATH in the streets of america,get your family ready and BUY AS MUCH FOOD,WATER,AMMO,SUPPLIES as can be collected in a hurry or face you and your families death……………………

    • Frank

      Look, Arizona, shut up and keep up those re-loads, ok?

  16. Patriot Ken

    Thomas Jefferson warned us that banks were more dangerous then standing armies and he was right! The bankster’s took control on Xmas eve 1913 when they created the fed and a great name to confuse the american public that they were a part of the federal govt, NOT. Although a federal govt oversight board was created to manage them, yea right.

    In 1913 the US was the largest creditor nation in the world and almost 100 years after letting the banksters run the show the US is the largest debtor nation in the world and cannot repay it’s debt.

    The elite’s (Illuminati) plan is to destroy the currency of nation’s which will destroy countries sovereignty so they can implement a One world govt and monetary system. The United Stated government in conjunction with the banksters and the corptocracy has just about completed their mission.

    The government is out of control and “The People” need to take it back, but the people or sheeple are asleep and it’s too late now, the banksters with DHS are staged to implement their new world order.

    I do want to ask Jefferson why he and the Founding Fathers didn’t implement a National Public Referendum if any major changes were made to the US monetary system, this would have prevented their sneeky takeover on Xmas eve 1913, the fed and the IRS.

    Checks and Balances, that is how you regulate your monetary system, which our lawmakers ignore!

    Thomas Jefferson stated,”The Tree of Liberty needs to be refreshed from time to time with the Blood of Patriots and tyrants.”


    OUR GOOD LORD SAY’S,The crys of the dieing children,KILLED by the american people have reached his ears,now I know all you americans denie having anything to do with the death of children here and around the world,but you did nothing to stop it either,your military killed them by the thousand while you cheered,this was really a bad mistake,worshipping LUCIFER,was another mistake,spending every dime you could steal for wars was another mistake,NOW the new enemy in america is the OLD AND POOR,another mistake,being STUPID won’t cover all these mistakes anymore,THE eyes of our dear LORD have looked our way and he’s really MAD NOW,HE HAS SEEN WHATS GOING ON,NOW AMERICA WILL REPENT OR HE WILL DESTROY THE COUNTRY,I personaly think the people of america would rather go to hell than REPENT but I could be wrong,…..KEEP worshipping LUCIFER,see where that gets you……………..OH,going to church once a week doen’t make you a christain anymore then standing in your garage makes you a car…….

    • Frank

      Right on. Hey, this is the imminent fulfillment of the Ezekiel 38-39 war.

  18. Stan

    Hey Greg,

    How do I protect two sons who are turning 18 and 17? I am worried for them as they are now draft age. Thanks for your work…

    • Greg

      I don’t know but thank goodness there is no draft right now.

      • Steve

        From what I have read, there will never be a draft, what “rich” parent is going to let their “baby” go to war these days. They, the rich, will NEVER let it happen.

        • Greg


      • Frank

        There will be.

    • Buddy

      My first guess is to try to enroll them in an overseas school or college. Make contacts,learn a foreign language, see other cultures in action.

      I am acquainted with a guy who went to college in Alberta (Canada) and who made it big by staying there.

    • James

      Apparently swastika tattoos make you ineligible.

    • rikthestik

      get the f**k out!!

  19. Robert E, Salt

    Gerald is much too kind when he speaks of Guiliani. I lost friends and coworkers on 9/11; he was in on it.

    • Frank

      Giuliani ain’t the smartest guy around but he wasn’t in on it. It was a Mossad action. There might have been some possible American involvement but only at a really “black” level. Now, the Steinbrenners, yep.

    • chowthen

      @Robert E, Salt says, “he was in on it.”. Do you mean Guiliani? How was he on it? Was he one of the people that placed the explosives at center post structure of the world trade center or he hired the Arabs to fly the plane into the building. But it couldn’t be due to airplane going into the building because, as you believe, it was a controlled demolition so Guiliani must have planted the explosives or hire people to plant the explosives that’s why “he’s in on it”?


    A little note for you would be censors here ,I don’t need you changing my spelling or the way I intend for my comments to be understood,I probly have a much better education then you do anyway,I WORK FOR THE LORD FULL TIME,you might not understand that if you work for lucifer,he keeps his people decieved,but I will tell you this,PRAY FOR REPENTANCE,maybe if your lucky he’ll hear your prayers and save you from the coming BLOODBATH,and stop your PAGAN WAYS,theres no PAGANS IN HEAVEN…………

  21. Larry W. Bryant

    == Navigating a Sea of Selfish Behavior ==

    More a spiritual man than a religious one, the late psychic of Virginia Beach Edgar Cayce noted that more wars have been fought over religious differences than anything else.

    Expect that sad state of affairs to plague civilization for millennia to come, alas.

    Cayce also declared that the greatest sin is SELFISHNESS — because it leads to most of the other sins. Are hard-core religionists the most selfish segment of society? — Larry W. Bryant (24 Sep 12)

  22. Baja Bryan

    It’s always refreshing to hear the candor of Gerald Celente at a time when so many are afraid to speak up and out. And to that end I quote Edwin Starr…”War what is it good for? Absolutely nothing!” Keep up the good work Greg, you continue to open both minds and eyes and I salute you for that.

  23. landolincolnneedsdough

    The last couple of minutes of that interview confuse me. China,Japan, Brazil are printing money because we are in a currency war and they are trying to keep the price of their exports down, or their economies are collapsing just like the U.S. and europe. Which is it?

  24. Dan

    Bless you Greg! I recommend you having Gerald Celente on every other month. I can’t tell you how many times I have gone back to re-listen to Mr. Celente’s July 4th interview with you. Good Great Stuff. I love his passion and I love his firebrand approach to try and get people to wake up. You can tell he truly is involved in the work he does. It really was a good interview. Not many questions on your part, though. Just lob a question in his direction and he switches into autopilot mode and he’ll run with it for 5 mins.

    I do have to disagree with BigTom above regarding the cause of this Arab unrest. It does in fact have to do “…too many have not enough”, which Mr. Celente stated. There is such a high unemployment rate among men between the ages of 18 – 40 all throughout the middle east. When you have that many unemployed people with nothing to do there is bound to be trouble which is in fact manifesting itself. How does the saying go: An idle mind is…

  25. BOB D

    Gerald is right about education. We need people who can pick crops not pick pockets.

  26. TNT

    The Persians have been trying to eliminate the Jews since 486 BC they never will because they are Gods people.

  27. Rebecca

    Mr. Celente seems to have stirred a lot of emotions.
    But then, that is exactly what he wants to do.
    I listened to the interview twice and took notes the second time.
    The first time, his rhetoric stirred my emotions. I was angry at him for injecting so much “passion” into so few meaningful words of advice.
    My second listen, I took notes and discovered he actually said even less than I thought he did the first time I listened.

    My main contention with his speech: Iran doesn’t want war. Israel has been in many, Celente said.

    Let’s review history:

    1948 Israel is granted statehood by the United Nations. Israel was ATTACKED (surprise attack) by the armies of Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq on the very day it gained its independence.

    In October 1973, Syria and Egypt ATTACKED Israel on Yom Kippur, the high holy day of the Jewish nation. Another surprise attack, which cost Israel severe loss in life and equipment.

    Excuse me, Mr. Celente: “Israel just wants war.”
    I hope you were listening today and the multitude of other times when Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said “Israel must be destroyed.”
    Ahmadinejad and his leaders in the Revolutionary Guard are continually saying Israel must be wiped off the face of the earth. Mr. Celente must have “select” hearing and a “select” memory of history.

    I usually enjoy the economists you have on your site, Greg.
    Mr. Celente is all wind and little substance.
    If people like Celente use enough “passion”, they can deceive the people into thinking they are getting something of great value when it is only “snake oil.”

    Most good economists give statistical proof/evidence to back up their forecasts. Mr. Celente seems to think the only evidence he needs is more of his own words, i.e. “It is because he said it is.”

  28. jay 2

    Greg. I love this interview.My take is one should never kill because someone scares you.To kill a person that cant defend themselves is called murder.We have laws that protect aginst murdering someone.Why cant these laws apply to war.Kill only in self defense.Iran has done nothing but (talk), and maybe try to arm themselves incase they are attacked. One last note: Abortion is wrong. Shouldnt agression of war be also? seeing it kills more babies then any form of abortion.
    Thanks agian.

    • Greg

      Jay 2,
      Iran doesn’t help itself out by arming Hamas and Hezbollah with rockets to shoot into Israel from the North and South. I am not choosing sides here but that is a fact. Iran is not without sin here.

      • jay 2

        I stand corrected. thank you.

      • retiredpara

        “Iran is not without sin”? Really? What do they have to do before libertarians will stop being so blinded by their own propaganda before anyone will admit they are a global threat? I could cite volumes of evidence as to how they are actively destabiling the middle east, but no one would care. Will you care when our ships are sank at sea by one of their new missiles, or will you blame that on wall street as well?

        • Greg

          What about the weekly rocket attacks from Hamas and Hezbollah from the north and south? It takes two for either war or peace.

  29. Pete

    America may have made some mistakes in the ME. But we didn’t tell these people that “Anywhere there is a mosque, the kafir there must die and eventually Islam will prevail”. They came up with that belief themselves. Have you checked your own country, Mr. Celente – because you might discover you have mosques in your neighborhood too.

    War is coming to the ME, and it will be severe. But many countries and religions will have a hand in it. You can’t just pass the blame off to America.

    • retiredpara

      Dont try to make sense here Pete. It is all the Jews fault dontcha know.

      • Greg

        It’s never all never one sides fault. As I told you before, “It take two for war or peace.”

  30. tsuki

    Dear Greg,

    Gerald Celente is a political atheist. I have listened to him excoriate Bush, Cheney, Obama, Liberals, Conservatives, NeoCons, Clintons (both}, Powell, etc., in almost the same breath. Mother used to say if you cannot stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

    I do not see any difference between fundamentalist Islam and fundamentalist Christianity. The priesthood of both seek power and wealth by supplanting God with their divinity and limited vision of the Divine. They use hate, bigotry, racism, and victimization. They subjugate their congregation by substituting superstition for science and magical thinking for reason. It doesn’t matter which group gains supremacy, I will end up in a burqua.

    Finally, my snark. If I tout how brilliant and educated I am, and misspell probably, please correct.


  31. tsuki


    I started above comment to put in my 25% worth to speakyourmind.

    We had the same question. We looked at our payment, the nut we need each month, and our investments. Our investments were paying 1-2% and our note was costing us 7.65%, but the payments were 50% interest, 50% principal.

    We have reasoned that their will be an assets grab either shortly before or after the Ponzi Scheme finally collapses. Still, we consulted a financial expert before we made our final decision. That is what I say to you. Consult an expert or two.

  32. Frank Brady

    Celente has it exactly right. It is unfortunate that so many Americans seem incapable of understanding that the same gang of lying neoconservative thugs that managed to engineer an attack on Iraq–at a cost of thousands of American and tens of thousands of Iraqi lives–are at it again. So as not to be misunderstood, Obama is no better in this department and he is worse in many others.

    It is unfortunate that on the first Tuesday in November, the American people will in all likelyhood elect a socialist to the Presidency. The only question is whether he will be a Leftist socialist or a rightist Trotskyite (Fascist) socialist.

  33. He Taketh

    I work for the lord full time. LOL

  34. Victor

    Thanks again Greg, Gerald is Right On! back on the 13th of Sept I said I was digging my gas cans out, From the Y2K days. Finally Got $7000 from my IRA acc. Only have to wait 5 days more days until the check clears! What’s the matter? The Fed can print it fast enough? Remember checks were going to clear over night thanks to computers now!

    About Gas: at this time of year(I’ve got four years of data) reformed gas is not required anymore and the prices should drop $.50/Gal. We’re running late late. Too much inventory or something else going on? Or is Hy-per-in-Falation under way?

    By the way, I don’t watch Fox News or any TV news, Radio man, radio, and internet. Oh and USAwatchdog!

  35. Jason W.

    Hi Greg,

    Thank you for all that you do. I just wanted to comment on this particular interview. Firstly, Gerald is just great, I enjoyed watching his fiery rant and the way he responded to both America’s completely lackluster foreign relations and also in the way he described “Rudy” Giuliani as a shithead. I could really sympathize on that comment.

    Also, I just wanted to say to a previous commenter, Martin:

    No offense, but… you’re an idiot. Just wanted to let you know in case you didn’t already know it yourself.

    That’s it! Thanks!

  36. retiredpara

    Gerald Celente, Snake Oil Salesman extraordanaire 21st century style. Why does anyone here trust a man who is a proven hypocrite. “ALWAYS take physical possession of your gold”, Gerald would say…And what happened to his paper? Hmm?
    Gerald Celente has been right about NOTHING. He can point to NOTHING he has been right about, yet he can call Guiliani names. Very 3rd grade Gerald.

  37. retiredpara

    How can anyone here equate Islam to anything remotely peaceful? You all sound like the German Bund of the late 30’s, early 40’s, apologizing for Hitler. Ah, but I forgot, many of you libertarians believe Hitler was a great man, ridding Germany of the Jews and all.

    • Alyce

      Agree with you.

  38. Alyce

    People who worship Celente and those similar, are SHEEPLE themselves. All he ever does is knock everyone. Romney is “mittens”. America is evil. It’s bad to side with Israel because “they’re no different than Islamist terrorists”….what craziness!! We have a president, who is a Muslim, who caters and apologizes to middle eastern countries, denies the latest attack in Libya on 911 was a terrorist attack, even pronounces Pawk-ee-stan so he’ll “fit” in. And what do we have? The middle east still HATES us and are currently chanting “death to America”. We even send them billions of $$, but they want us dead! Sorry if it’s not cool, but I’m with Israel.

  39. Saq

    Blame the Muslims! They hate Amerika and are jealous of us! Blame the Christians! They are a warmongering people! Blame the Jews, they run the banks! We are all to blame here people. I am a Christian, but I am deeply saddened but what is happening to our once great country…. and the world. I don’t have any easy answers, but i do know we need to end the Fed. It truly does seem to be the root of all evil. Funny how so many on here completely overlook the fact that our wonderful fractional reserve banking system has now been set up in all the countries we now occupy. When will people wake up and realize that these wars are about making debt slaves out of everyone, everywhere and stealing/controlling the worlds resources….

  40. Chaim Ber

    B’nei Esau; you are in debt because you became fat and uncaring towards your fellow man. You lived by the sword and prevailed; yet you pursued your lusts until corruption became your norm and nature became perverted.

    B’Nei Ishmael you are impoverished because you failed stop the violence towards your brother. You instead use the holy one’s name for your own evil purpose. Indeed, you twist the name of the one who gives us all life to create darkness and death.

  41. beli pulsa listrik online

    Hi there colleagues, its enormous paragraph about teachingand fully explained, keep it up all the time.

  42. Mark

    Ron Paul was/is right. And the MSM makes him out to be a fool.

  43. rey

    no the problem is not islam. that is propaganda. isreal is just as bad. Support neither. blessed are the peasemakers.

  44. Matt

    The problem is the stupidity and ignorance of people who believe islam is a “religion of peace”. Why do you think there will never be any peace in the Middle East? Oh wait, because the quran says it’s ok for them to lie to non-believers, including when they sign peace treaties (quran 9:3). DUH! Oh yeah, and they do want everyone to believe in allah, otherwise they will chop your head off as instructed by the quran (quran 2:193). islam is an evil and bloodthirsty religion. Don’t even get me started on what their prophet taught about the treatment of women (honor killings ring a bell?).

  45. Greg

    Amen Rey!

  46. retiredpara

    Isreal is just as bad. Ahem. Why do Palestinians living in Isreal have such a higher standard of living than others just over the border? Why to Muslim day workers flock to work in Isreal? Even non-Jews in the area can see that freedom, security, and economic liberty produce a higher standard of living than the mullah’s ever can, or will, allow. Please study the Islamic world before you make such a statement.

  47. shakedowncrews

    Islam is not the problem? All the evidence points to the contrary. All one must do is observe their actions all around the world. Some folks say “all they want is to be left alone”. How does that explain the violent attacks on Christians in many nations, including Nigeria and Ethiopia?

    Are they attacking Christian churches and burning Christians there because of an American presence in Saudi Arabia? Please.

    Listen to the religious leaders who proclaim that they will create a global caliphate, impose Sharia in Great Britain and the United States, convert or kill all the infidels.

    Listen to the repeated calls for extermination of the Jews coming not from one or two drunks on the street, but from top level officials. Look at the massive rallies across Muslim nations where tens of thousand join in and repeat the same calls for genocide.

    Let’s be clear: the last time we heard this, was in 1930s Europe. Just like now, there was an economic crisis that racists and fascists took advantage of and used relgion, and specifically hatred of Jews, to gain support and power. And then, like now, fools ignored the evidence until it was too late.

    Combine a global economic crisis with racial and religious hatred fueled by trillions of petro-dollars, and you have the recipe for a new Muslim “reich” that shares most of the Nazi beliefs. I believe this author is correct, but cowardly fails to acknowledge the role of Islam in the upcoming disaster.

  48. Derek

    You seem to remind me of a person from an article on Not Always Right (the website)

    A woman who was in a video rental store had rented some dvds and had just returned them and had just returned them but refused to pay the late fee becuase she worked for the Lord and was “rightous”. Heck everytime the employees tried to explain anything she just responded with “i’m rightous” and continued to not pay. She eventually paid the fee and left with some new rentals. She went on to never return them or come in the store again. But hey, at least she was RIGHTEOUS…… >:)

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