Giant Fiscal Bloodbath Coming Soon-David Stockman

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release) 

Former Reagan Administration White House Budget Director David Stockman says financial pain is a mathematical certainty. Stockman explains, “I think we are likely to have more of a fiscal bloodbath rather than fiscal stimulus.  Unfortunately for Donald Trump, not only did the public vote the establishment out, they left on his doorstep the inheritance of 30 years of debt build-up and a fiscal policy that’s been really reckless in the extreme.  People would like to think he’s the second coming of Ronald Reagan and we are going to have morning in America.  Unfortunately, I don’t think it looks that promising because Trump is inheriting a mess that pales into insignificance what we had to deal with in January of 1981 when I joined the Reagan White House as Budget Director.”

So, can the Trump bump in the stock market keep going? Stockman, who wrote a book titled “Trumped” predicting a Trump victory in 2016, says, “I don’t think there is a snowball’s chance in the hot place that’s going to happen. This is delusional.  This is the greatest suckers’ rally of all time.  It is based on pure hopium and not any analysis at all as what it will take to push through a big tax cut.  Donald Trump is in a trap.  Today the debt is $20 trillion.  It’s 106% of GDP. . . .Trump is inheriting a built-in deficit of $10 trillion over the next decade under current policies that are built in.  Yet, he wants more defense spending, not less.  He wants drastic sweeping tax cuts for corporations and individuals.  He wants to spend more money on border security and law enforcement.  He’s going to do more for the veterans.  He wants this big trillion dollar infrastructure program.  You put all that together and it’s madness.  It doesn’t even begin to add up, and it won’t happen when you are struggling with the $10 trillion of debt that’s coming down the pike and the $20 trillion that’s already on the books.”

Then, Stockman drops this bomb and says, “I think what people are missing is this date, March 15th 2017.  That’s the day that this debt ceiling holiday that Obama and Boehner put together right before the last election in October of 2015.  That holiday expires.  The debt ceiling will freeze in at $20 trillion.  It will then be law.  It will be a hard stop.  The Treasury will have roughly $200 billion in cash.  We are burning cash at a $75 billion a month rate.  By summer, they will be out of cash.  Then we will be in the mother of all debt ceiling crises.  Everything will grind to a halt.  I think we will have a government shutdown.  There will not be Obama Care repeal and replace.  There will be no tax cut.  There will be no infrastructure stimulus.  There will be just one giant fiscal bloodbath over a debt ceiling that has to be increased and no one wants to vote for.”

Stockman also predicts very positive price moves for gold and silver as a result of the coming budget calamity.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with financial expert and best-selling author David Stockman.  The author of “Trumped!” The book that predicted Donald Trump’s 2016 victory.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

There is some free information on  You can also get much more if you become a subscriber to David Stockman’s Contra Corner.  If you do become a subscriber, you can get a free copy of “Trumped!”  Click here to become a subscriber.  You just pay shipping.  If you just want to buy a copy of “Trumped!,” click here.




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  1. Rory Christensen

    So in other words no matter what Trump does, even if he has the best of intentions it’s simply too late, the debt monetarist system is coming down!! Ron Paul was right it’s too little too late!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Default is an option and I think that is what Trump will do although it will be called a reset, haircut or reorganization. Something like that.

      • al Hall

        Rory/greg: You were right- bombshells for sure. Rory is correct as you might remember Greg- I told you years ago that Congress met behind closed doors and they were told that the USA would default on their debt. This is why they spend like drunkin’ sailors- they know we are going to default- planned long ago.
        As a gold and silver bug- – bring on the high values for the metals. Note: Clif High in Jan. 2017 told you silver and Bitcoin would increase higher, silver starting in Feb.- this has happened.
        Mr. Stockman should have stressed more that this economy Trump inherited- though he will take all the blame from the communist left and the national corrupt media!
        Stockman is not the only person calling for this economic collapse this coming year- it is long over due! For one example- see this: – by Jim Rickards!!!

        • Paul ...

          We don’t have to default if Trump uses the Plunge Protection Team to make money for “The American People” instead of “Wall Street”!!!

          • Uncle Remus

            Paul, we’ve kicked the can so far down the road now previously that we’re now at that sign in Key West on route A1A that says “90 miles to Havana.”

            • Bob Hanson

              I that’s US 1, not A1A.

      • Petedivine

        The Soviet Union also opted for a default. They had a lot of things going for them like cheap energy, free housing, and a lower standard of expectations. We in the U.S. have expectations of instant gratification and generations that are woefully unprepared physically, mentally, and spiritually for a reset. It’s not just a monetary reset. It’s a reset of the American way of life. There will be great repercussions beyond anything we can imagine. If March is our breaking point and as Jeri the commentator often points to the IMF meetings forthcoming in April, then the stars appear to be aligned for massive change.

        • al Hall

          I agree totally!

          • Lansing

            Maybe that’s why Ivanka chose the Lords prayer, give us this day, our daily bread….

        • Freebreezer

          P-divine – I think the stars align in August when the total eclipse transverses right through the middle of all of America … … at this time, either Trump along with middle America will be digging out of this mess or you need to be able to hunker Down! Some eclipses harbinger big changes, and it is my guess this is one of them!

        • Frederick

          Rural areas will manage but the urban centers won’t do so well Simplify your life Start a small farm get some gold and silver All good Get out of debt if you can

      • ross

        Trump won’t be successful unless he has a plan to create his own currency via the US Treasury and let the US Fed just die. I doubt that he has the time or backing to achieve this.

        • Chip

          Just like Nixon who came out of nowhere and closed the gold window, President Trump could come out and announce something just as dramatic… Chip

      • shae

        Greg, why will this March 15 debt ceiling be any different from previous times when they just vote to raise the ceiling?

      • Gary Marshall

        Hello Greg,

        With a sovereign currency, the US cannot default. All the Treasury need do is drop off its bonds at the Fed. However, it will have serious consequences for the economy as in “The Japanese Disease.”

        I would just caution that in Public Finance theory a very bad premise is operating. It is imagined that the deficit of the US Federal Govt. is $1 trillion, with approximately $4 trillion spent and $3 trillion in tax revenues. I only ask what is the US Government’s contribution to its expenditures? The answer is of course zero. So the deficit is actually $4 trillion, taxed or borrowed, not just a meagre $1 trillion. The public debt, unaccounted though it is, is actually the accumulated expenditures of the US Govt. from its inception, way back in 1776. You are chasing a ghost.

        Taxpayers fund government. Government does not fund government. To properly examine public finances, one must examine public finance from that which funds it, i.e. the property, assets, and income of resident citizens. This we have done, and the conclusion drawn is startling.

        Take a look at our video that comes up on the main page of the site below that explains all of this.

        Gary Marshall

        • Greg Hunter

          If you take your currency and print trillions of dollars of it to pay your debts, then that is, in fact, a form of default. You are destroying the buying power of the currency lent to your government.

          • Gary Marshall

            Hello Greg,

            You are correct and I do not disagree. I did say that such actions will have serious consequences for the economy, but it will not be a formal default. As you say, it will be more like a severe deterioration in the value of money.

            But you must understand that the deficit is every dime government spent because government does not have the means to fund itself. And the true public debt, unaccounted as it is, is every dime spent by government since its inception.

            All is explained in our short 5 minute video as well as a possible solution to the ills of big and avaricious government.


            Gary Marshall

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        What does default mean for the poor? Many Americans, including military non-coms, are living week to week. Could someone here give us a rough idea?

        • Gary Marshall

          It will be devastating for the poor. A deteriorating value of money means less to by with the money you receive.

      • Natty Bumppo

        Rory & Greg,

        I believe we have at least 2 years before all this falls apart….just my opinion. With Trump, we must think outside of the box. For example infrastructure; with $1 trillion spent, I doubt that the U.S. Gov. will pay much at all.

        It will be a private/public partnership. American investors buying Make America Great Again Bonds (MAGAbond). These federally backed muni bonds will finance projects and then generate revenue from the roads, bridges, airports and dams paying off the bonds. Only if the project fails for whatever reason, the feds will come in and do what is necessary. Think FDIC. FDIC has $25 billion insuring trillions in deposits.

        Everything will come down eventually. March 15…..I don’t believe so. There were contingencies put in place last time for that.

    • Tin foil hat

      Rory Christensen,
      The only reason I switched my support from Ted Cruz to Donald Trump is due to the fact that Trump is more multifaceted than Cruz.
      If Cruz were elected president, I believe his honest conservative value will likely bring us Great Depression II. Trump may be able to pull it off by gradually pulling the plug on the Ponzi without freezing up the credit markets, I hope!! However, tariffs and border taxes are not the optimal starting points in this endeavour. He should focus on devaluing the dollar (winning the currency war) which is much less hostile (lessen the possibility of trade war) and more flexible (up & down in the FX market is much easier than the up & down adjustments in the import/export taxes).

    • Andy

      “Trump remains as incoherent on foreign affairs as he is on fiscal policy.”

      I think this is true, but it is not correct to say that Trump is more out of his league as POTUS, compared to any Obama or Bush jr. They are all puppets, except for CIA creature HWB.

      Trump is trying to first create some WINS with the business community and avoid the congresscritters. With immigration he is solidifying his middle America constituency. He needs to establish his base before moving on to the more controversial issues.

      I say let’s give it a little more time before we write off his efforts as misguided. He knows how to rely on the intelligence of others, and to remove them if their advice is faulty. All POTUS are on crash courses to get a handle on governance.

    • RichM

      Plus Trump is reversing TPP and re-vamping NAFTA. Bi-lateral trade deals are the way to go and this alone shows that Rump knows what he is doing.

      • RichM

        Trump…. oops

    • Chip

      Trump is INFINITELY more qualified than ANY president since DDE… Chip

  2. Gina M Mancarella

    David Stockman speaks the truth. Trumps jig is up on March 15th. FAILED PRESIDENCY !!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Troll Gina,
      Trump did not build up this $20 trillion in debt in the last month. Get real. Don’t you ever take the night off or do you need the money this bad? One stupid, dishonest comment after another. If you are going to be a paid troll at least do some homework and try to make some kind of progressive/communist/Marxist/ comment.

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        She’s your catfish. Did you see that adorable film, “Catfish” about a young man who fell in love on the internet only to visit his beloved in real life? She was a complete fraud…a middle aged artist with a kind husband and a seriously disabled stepson and a big family….and the young man from a NYC computer bedroom learned a great lesson.

        The husband described his wife as a catfish. When Pacific cod were shipped to China, they all wasted away from lack of stimulation. So they learned to put live catfish in the hold of the ship. The catfish drove the cod nuts and all arrived in a healthy condition.

        I agree your catfish needs to real Engels and earn her/his keep with more challenging stuff. Blessed Sunday, Greg!!!!!

      • Macray

        Anything Trumps Hillary
        By David Stockman
        Troll Gina “David Stockman speaks the truth.” !!!! Ok, Troll Gina, I”ll give you that one !!!!
        But as Greg has respectfully asked, “Don’t you ever take the night off or do you need the money this bad”?
        Troll Gina, if this should be of any benefit…………. It is our understanding that Ms. Meals made easy Hedin is looking for a dishwasher.
        Greg, Excellent Interview! Off to Dragon Boat Racing workout this morning. 2 hours of stamina work and then if I’m not totally wiped out will listen to David Stockman interview one more time to make sure I didn’t miss anything!!!! THANKS!!!!

      • Jerry

        Relax Greg,
        Gina will have her pay, along with her pension cutoff come March 15th.

        If President Trump has to cut something in order to balance the budget, and avoid a government shutdown, it will start with the bloated bureaucracy in Washington before it ever reaches the American citizens. I see Government pensions and wages first on the chopping block. There is more time to rob Peter to pay Paul. And besides Peter is broke.

        • Jerry

          I meant to say no more time. And you were right in what you said Greg about bonds. The selloff will continue because the emperor has no clothes and the rest of the world knows it.

      • TJP

        Thank you, Greg. Troll Gina is of the ilk that called for President Trump’s impeachment before he took office or had a record upon which to impeach.

        • Deanna Johnston Clark

          Gina probably has a night shift trolling against the left….if he/she were authentic the quality of intellectual background would be better. Anybody cry over Engels’ descriptions of gin fed babies in Manchester and opium for day care? There’s plenty of genuine food for thought there that demands a response from Christian conservatives writers. Let’s have a go, Gina. This site is much too good to just be a cheerleading discourse! Bring it on…

      • Donald Hicks

        With all due respect, Greg, I’ve made comments on your blog before…..I do not see Trump perhaps in the way you do, sometimes I get called a troll for my differing opinion, which on some of the sites I comment on, shows intolerance, same as “the Left”….. I am an individual that believes “question everything” do not believe in the “right/left paradigm( which to me keeps division in play), even if the person is “my guy”…….

        that said, I have followed Mr. Stockman’s work for a number of years and he is a trusted source IMO for financial info and is not wedded to Trump….he is objective(he can see the good and bad)……there have been good things Trump has done, I.E. dealing with illegals, etc……to offset those things a huge red flag for me was when the elite’s pressure concerning communication with Russian officials ended with Michael Flynn’s resignation and Trump accepted it…..that called into question Trump’s character IMO……it showed me he does not stand by people that are loyal to him..If he truly was the tough guy he says he is, he would have told the elites to go to hell and retain Flynn…..I feel Trump’s presidency is over, the neocons and establishment have him…refer to this article:

        One thing Mr. Stockman did not mention about the upcoming reset was that this thing is going to be global……I f Trump defaults on the debt, our foreign creditors will not like it, and may even go to war….He said during the campaign “I am the King of Debt”, I don’t know about you, but that is not a designation I would be proud of….

        the US would definitely lose it’s world reserve currency status, maybe even the petrodollar…..this is NOT like a business bankruptcy like he is familiar with, this is a default with global consequences of the kind he has never seen……….

        prepare. my friend


      • Dan

        YOU are wrong.

        She is not making a “Progressive, Communist, Marxist” comment.
        She is making an “incoherent” comment.

        I know for sure, as many of your guests do the same, week in, and week out.

        Why don’t you get David Rockefeller on your show. I am sure in 30 minutes or less, he can get this whole mess cleared up for you. After all, Rockefeller and “associates” have been busy bees for over 50 years now, “community organizing” the “Old Fashioned” way…..just buying the suckers out or having them blown away, to establish one good ole fashioned GLOBAL MONOPOLY (excuse me, New World Order).

        And the work MUST go on. And it will. On that you can be sure.

        • Deanna Johnston Clark

          Absolutely…”Gina” is too predictable and negative to be authentic.

      • Jason

        It is very obvious that the debt was built under Clinton, Bush and Obummer. I find it hard to believe that the powers that be would let the economy fail this soon and then let Tump say “It was’nt me. I have not been here 100 days.”

        The only possible scenerio that I see the collapse happening in Marh through June would be a war. That way there is an excuse in place that keeps those in power seemingly blameless. Why do you think Russia is being provoked? The Russian bear may awakened and give the cover of a sudden war to hide our debt problem.

      • Jeffrey

        HERE HERE ! ! !

        • Rus

          Why would Russia help Americans … when Americans have murdered 4 Russian Ambassadors !

          Maybe WAR in America … thats possible !

      • Doug C.

        Bang on Greg. Gina is a poor unfortunate sitting in a basement somewhere with a box of greasy chicken lying on the floor making stupid comments for $200 a week. Paid by ? Soro’s “charities”, or the DNC etc.. Pathetic actually, but the world we live in right now, or for the next few months anyway. Keep up the good fight Greg.

      • diane

        Gina is a pathetic woman…with her attention getting comments.
        First was her fetishes with Hillary Clinton, now it seems she is obsessed with Greg Hunter.

    • Paul ...

      Hey Gina … all Trump has to do is tell his Plunge Protection Team to sell trillions in bonds “short on margin” right now … before interest rates rise and the budget crisis hits on March 15 … then when rates rise and bonds crash Trump will have tens of trillions in profits on his “bond short trade” to cover all his infrastructure, military and other programs on his list to accomplish!! … he can also tell his Plunge Protection Team to begin buying trillions of dollars worth of gold and silver “long on margin” … then as the stock and bond markets crash … both gold and silver will rise exponentially providing even more trillions of dollars in profits for Trump’s programs … now if I can figure this out … don’t you think Trump has?

    • eddiemd

      Obama had the failed presidency; 10 trillion dollars worth of failure.

      Trump is trying to fix it for you. He won’t be able to because the Deep State will not let him.

      Wake up.

    • al

      Trump INHERITED over 20 years of failed presidencies and the subsequent result is what Mr. Stockman brings out. As Trump rightfully says, “it’s a mess”. Please direct fault where it belongs. (troll alert)

    • Mme Hedin

      Hello to the famous “Gina”! Greg keeps telling me that I’m you, a “paid troll”, simply because I vocally disagree with his political positions. Nice to meet you! Let’s keep this reminding Greg and his Trump fans that truth, justice and freedom of speech will ultimately take down tyranny !

      • Greg Hunter

        You tyrannical party cheated to get Hillary a win in the primary and that is fact troll.

        • Mme Hedin

          You keep forgetting I voted for Bernie….

          • Greg Hunter

            How did you vote for Bernie. He backed the Wall Street candidate in the general election.

          • al

            Trollers… you can’t win. You’re on the wrong side. Chill out and join the light of truth. Sellout Bernie got my attention too, but he SOLD OUT! Too easy to be bought. Get it? How much does it cost for you to prostitute yourself?

          • al Hall

            If you voted for “I took my honeymoon in communist Russia ” Berie– your a looser!
            You have no clue what happen in the world!!
            A graduate of 4th grade level public school system!!


          • Claire Doll

            Greg If she voted for Bernie she must be part of the cabal that decided on stopping Bernie in his tracks. Bernie could have been president and most likely Joe Biden but Soros owed Hillary and the Leftest Muslim CIA guys wanted the war mongrel.

        • Justn Observer

          Greg, Tryannical? Is that all ? I wonder if Mme. or Gina or in fact you have run across this yet? About a SUPPOSED ‘spy’ ring outed by a F.B.I. whistleblower you likely have heard of about Chicago , it’s mayor, and DNC campaign operative Creamer that went to see Obama 30 times? and his wife a Representative that is being sat on like the Hastert case for years now?

      • Paul ...

        Mme … Glad to see you are in favor of truth, justice and freedom of speech that will take down tyranny (out of one side of your forked tongue) … yet deride (with the other side of your forked tongue) truth bombs from Wikileaks ,,, justice from Sessions … and freedom of speech from Trump … that will take down pedophile tyranny, the wanton killing of women and children and the main scream media!

    • This sceptred Isle

      “EXCLUSIVE: Illegal fundraiser for the Clintons made secret tape because he feared being ASSASSINATED over what he knew – and used it to reveal Democrats’ bid to silence him”

      First time I have read somethin like this in the Mainstream media.

      Read more:
      Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

      Trump says his administration is committed to ending human trafficking. Human trafficking is the achilles heel of the old order.

    • James Hastings

      Boy, I hope he cuts off the Security we provide for Berry and Killary. 🙂

    • Paul Atreides

      True, but not for the reason you conclude.
      He has been put there to oversee the default of the corporation known as the U.S.A.. How many bankruptcies has he presided over????? It is his Forte.

      • Paul Atreides

        I was speaking to Gina.

    • al Hall

      Gina– realize if you can- Trump inherited this mess– maybe it falls on Obama who doubled the debt in 8 years and spent $100 million on just his vacations in 8 years- That’s a lot for a super guy guy married to another man- Michelle is actually Michael Robinson!
      The man is fake from start to finish- birth certificate proven a fake- Better proof- Obama real name is (1 example site)- -Barry Soetoro !! If this is the name at birth- how is there even a certificate with Obama’s name on it? Fake!- It would have his birth name- Barry Soetoro on the certificate!
      I could go on and on- the guy is a fraud from start to finish! Info rec’d from a CIA friend before he ran for president.

    • gregd

      I’m happy to see you’re still doing your sarcastic comedy show. I guess what we and PRESIDENT TRUMP should be doing, is ask ourself WWHD. She has all the answers. I hear she’ll be running again in four years and I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to that!!

    • Robert S


      The titanic is going down regardless of who is at the presidential helm. (Can I have purchase a clue for $200 Alex). When Stockman said the problems are one thousand times worse than Trump understands, he is alluding to the fact that the situation is beyond easy repair unfortunately. Things will unravel at breakneck speed once the tide goes out and we find out who isn’t sporting a swimsuit.

      • Paul ...

        In addition Gina … Trump understands things “very well” … why do you think he has a couple of Goldman Sachs men on his side … he needs their technical help to make the Plunge Protection Team “work for the American People” … by selling the bond market short Trump will be able to not only balance the budget, pay off the National Debt, make Social Security solvent, etc., etc. but also eliminate the IRS (we will be totally debt free and Americans won’t have to pay any taxes)!!!

        • FC

          Paul to every trade there is a profit and loss if the American Government makes the profit who is taking the loss?

          • Paul ...

            The elite will pay … like the Saudi’s, China, etc, … even the private Fed itself … they will all probably look upon their losses as a “default” (but it won’t be) … it will simply be losses created by a “downturn in the market” … like the market crashes we ordinary Americans have been constantly subjected to almost every seven(7) years to benefit the elite as they shorted the market!!

    • Mike R

      It’s gonna be a long 8 years for all those who mistakenly hope that Trump has a short tenure. It’s amusing though to watch everyone of you squirm with pain at his existence. Everyday for the next 8 years, you get to wake up and see his face on nearly every fake news MSM websites, with at least 4 or 5 articles, and even many alternate real news websites, and then get to experience his Tweets. No more hopeless Obama, and no more hapless clinton. Gone. Kaput. Vaporware. By the way, the debt ceiling is a non issue. Always has been and always will be. Its been a artificial figment of politicians imaginations, and our Federal government will keep creating debt as long as we are the world’s premier currency. They will roll out 50 year and 100 year US T-bonds. Why ? Because they can, and they will be gobbled up voraciously by many nations, large pension funds, many corporations, who need places to put their cash, and get any sort of yield and most importantly stability. With that paper, the US will be able to roll over tons and tons of short term debt and have far lower debt servicing payments. The timing is most obvious here, because every other nation on the planet is in far worse shape than the US financially, and structurally, and their currencies truly stink too. Look at all the negative yielding debt. People will flood from that debt to any other debt that has a positive yield. Which the 50 and 100 year issues by the US will most certainly be positive. Our nation’s energy supply and hundreds of years of natural gas, oil, nuclear, and fast growing renewables infrastructure, guarantees that we will be able to prosper enough to service said debt. With this issuance, we will be able to continue Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, and whatever version of Obominablecare or Trumpcare comes out of the next 8 years of a Trump Presidency. Look at it this way on a local individual example if you don’t believe me. I had mortgage that was 15 years, and had paid down to $125k on a $500k home. Sure I could have kept paying down the $125k, but it’s stupid to lock up all that equity. So I re-fi’d back to a 30 year, and my payment is now a measly $640, versus previously a $1168, and its at a very low rate of 3.15%. And I took some more cash out. So my payment dropped to less than half. The US could very easily do the same with its $20 trillion, and drop its debt servicing costs to way less than half with 50 and 100 year issuance. Debt is constantly rolled over in the real world every day, with changes in terms, and so on. With all the new technology coming out every day, our country is going to continue to grow, and even expand. That same technology has reduced shale oil extraction down to where the drillers can make money at $50/bbl. Production cost keeps getting lower every month, which is why you now see the US not only producing in excess of 9 million bpd, but also increasing exports of this light sweet crude. If you haven’t noticed, US demand has actually been decreasing, despite increases of vehicle miles driven. What you are witnessing is technology of fuel efficiency. Everyday the very old and very inefficient cars, are being replaced by new ones that have MPG’s at least twice the old ones, and sometime 3 times better. (i.e. think 16 to 20 MPG cars from the 80’s and 90’s being taken off the road, and replaced by 40 to 50 mpg Prius’s, or 100 Mpg equivalent Chevy Bolts.). Same thing with all trucks, and vans and SUVs. This is also happening in our commercial buildings everyday with replaced HVAC and lighting equipment, all sorts of efficiency improvements in building design, and continuous building renovation. This also applies to new factories and machinery. And then it applies to hundreds of thousands of residential homes replacing light bulbs, and other expensive to operate HVAC, with far more efficient equipment. This takes years, but much of this efficiency impact is so dramatic, and has been in place now for the past 20 years, that its actually impacting our total energy consumption, while our population still grows, and our GDP still grows. Stockman is a smart guy, but he has zero energy background, and zero real world business background, and does not have the wherewithall to understand the impact of technology like I do, and many others do who are also in the energy space. I’ve been in for 32 years, and the improvements have gone largely un-noticed by the public and MSM, as it has been gradual, but continues to make significant total impacts. Folks our entire progress as civilization, since the 1800’s, has never been paralleled in history, and its all due to the better use and leveraging of energy, particularly oil and then electricity. Trump is going to open up years of terrible energy policy, that despite that bad policy we’ve still done well, but its going to be even more dramatic now that we have the new oil extraction technology, and now keep finding more and more reserves that previously we didn’t now about, or thought they could never be extracted for a low cost price. That is why you see oil at less than half what it was in 2008, where it was at $140/bbl. This has not been an aberration folks, and is why oil will continue to remain in a very low range (below $60/bbl) for decades to come. Furthermore, the US has not transferred much of any of these new extraction methods from our shores to other countries yet, so whatever you believe is finite in other countries that have oil now under traditional extraction methods, their supplies too, have doubled or tripled and it hasn’t yet been counted by the industry. They’ll all continue to extract oil using old methods, until that gets too costly, or the US big oil companies decide to take the technology prowess we have to their shores. We are in at least the beginning of a 100 year, golden age technology expansion, that started in the late 90’s. We don’t need any new ‘alien technology’ to ‘save ourselves’ or other silly notions of the sort for energy, and technology is being applied thousands of new ways in very industry including health, and food production, water reclamation and on. I’m a technology expert personally, have been with 12 different tech firms launching new products in the energy space for the past 30+ years, and while I have been watching this board with amusement, its been apparent that few people here understand or take the time to learn what is going on that is very positive in this world regarding technology advancement. Folks, its not always gloom and doom out there. Progress in our society and your world often seems slow, and then sometimes seems to come with rapid launches, such as with firms like Uber, or things like the Apple Iphone and smart phones in general. But the adoption of those things lead to all sorts of minor improvements each day, in peoples lives. If they weren’t improving people simply wouldn’t be buying those things, and firms like Apple or even Google, would be penny stocks. Keep the faith folks. Maybe there are some nuggets of truth in Stockman’s commentary, but also know that there are many many positive things going on in society that rarely ever hit MSM news, or even alternate news websites like this one.

      • eddiemd

        Could you make the paragraph a little longer? Most people bypass comments that are too long and not broken down appropriately.

        • Charles H

          I went right by it.

        • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

          I did! Kevin, west of Longview, Wa. KA7LRC 146.52

      • The Seer

        Well, most of the tech improvements come with a great cost to everyone’s health – smart meters? 5G? Radiation? Microwaving us all in wireless?
        Uh uh.

    • Justn Observer

      Are you so sure? Since President Trump has been elected he does have access to ALL of Hillary’s emails as well as a DNC ‘spy ring’ out of Chicago and to a terrorist network it appears from a distinguished F.B.I whistleblower — the same one that took down Dennis Hastert! Likely? or not? And so early now – almost two years till next election and all this surfacing? Goodness…! Am thinking if someone is going to get out in the streets and protest and riot…they might want to make sure not to support pedophiles, terrorists or people being exposed as a spy first? From what is purported – there is much more coming from these Gov’t whistleblowers. Just saying !

  3. dlc

    J. C. Penney closing 140 stores, the restaurants such as Outback losing business. My next door neighbor went from a Motorola job to working at a dollar store. Her husband used to have an Intel job. People on my block mostly subsist from under the table earnings and gov’t supplements including help with food and utilities.

    In the early 1980’s people were not up to their eyeballs in credit card debt. We were not a nation of broken homes. The generation ahead of me were not totally out of their minds on booze, street drugs, and pain killers. Everyone hauled out in the morning to either find a job or work a bad one until things picked up, but then we didn’t have an onslaught of illegals and H1B workers to compete with.

    My last job out of the home was completely taken over by H1B workers. A guy from India rode down the elevator with me to reclaim a company computer from my car. The guy at the front desk from Romania waved good-bye. I watched all my coworkers shuffling through the building in a bewildered state. At the time it really hadn’t hit home to me personally as I had another job by sundown, but it was just the beginning of the end of good pay and plentiful work. I didn’t realize at the time that things would never again turn around.

    I don’t like to think of the 1980’s. I was soft and certainly not used to roughing it. I finally understood why my parents were somewhat kneecapped by the Great Depression.

    My dad was a fighter and a doer and accomplished much from a kid of immigrants who went through the Depression to owning his own business that covered the entire East Coast. He often said that people today could never accomplish what he did because of gov’t breathing down your neck with taxes and regulations.

    I heard it said by whatever guest on whatever site that, if things were going to hit the wall, better it be at the front end of Trump’s presidency. Clif High said that, if Trump pursues the child trafficking in earnest, he would eliminate a good deal of opposition in the Congress. Apparently it is a nest of pedophiles. Interesting times around the bend, and very shortly.

    • Mike R

      People focus WAY too much on the news of these store closings or restaurants closing. Folks, first of all we have WAY too many retail businesses. Gazillions ! Penney’s closing 140 stores, is what every retailer needs to do times 10, and we’d STILL have way too many stores in this country. Same thing with restaurants. We have thousands of restaurants here in the Chicago area, and seems like new ones open every week, whether its chicago, or any number of the burbs. yes, certainly businesses are closing too, but on the whole we keep getting tons more retail businesses opening, and restaurants closing that the MSM simply doesn’t track. Its only news when a BIG name closes stores. As many billions as Amazon takes in, they are in no way close to dominating the retail scene. New on-line business keep opening every day too, as its dirt easy and simple to start an on-line business. Here is something very simple. Just go to any state’s government website, and look up data for all the new LLC’s being filed, INC’s being filed, and DBA’s being filed. It will stun you silly. Its actually quite amazing that this many new businesses keep being started, with the ridiculous thousands of regulations the Federal government keeps piling on. So imagine when Trump starts blasting away at removing these onerous regulations, how many more people will be emboldened, encouraged, excited to start new businesses. And he WILL succeed at doing this, because no President or congress-wussy has ever run on a platform of removing regulations. Trump is a man of his word, even if he makes mistakes. Even if he only makes a small dent in the billions of regulations and laws on the books, its far better than the past 10 Presidents combined, because they all did absolutely zilch toward removing onerous regulations, because not a one of them had the real world business experience Trump has had for decades, dealing with the crappy regulations first hand. He ‘gets it’ and not one of the prior Presidents we’ve had for at least the past 10, actually even considered what Trump has made a big deal out of it, because it IS a huge deal.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Good post…I love reality stories. Such a relief from polemics.

      • Ronald Smith

        I totally agree with you Deanna…..Mike’s post is right on. Unfortunately for this country, there are tens of millions that can’t see anything real. Been reading Greg for a long time….great site Greg. Don’t agree with all the hate (I’m gay, successful, two great grown and very successful kids). Most all we meet can’t believe we are gay, and have been together for 26 years. Never had one bit of trouble anywhere, except for my partners brother-in-law, who is a real bible beater, but does hard drugs, cheats on his wife, and kids are a real mess……but so many on this site believe that religion is all that matters in this life. Not here to debate all that. Just saying there are millions of gay men and woman that make great neighbors, and productive members of society. Too bad this site can’t just put more into what is most important…..getting this country back to basics…. born in 1951….been around the block thousands of times….seen it all. Large family, very religious, men beat their wives and kids….but stayed married….but all you hear is the “broken” homes. Sorry to go so long Greg….love your guests, and your intellect. Been reading them for 15 years. One day, the SHIT will hit the fan. And, all I buy is “physical”.

  4. Jim Taylor

    Stockman is the man. More people should listen to him.

  5. Frederick

    I agree with Mr Stockmans prediction for gold and believe silver could do even better based on the out of whack gold/silver ratio Gina says it’s a failed Trump presidency when we all know this collapse is decades in the making and whoever is POTUS will be blamed however unfairly so I agree with Gregs “troll” assessment

    • Chip

      a progressive led white genocide movement is patently observable on a world wide basis…

      Have you ever gotten the feeling that “the Left,” however you personally define it, is trying to get rid of you? I’d advise you to trust your gut, because that’s exactly what they’re trying to do. Why? The answer lies in what is known as the Curley effect.

      I would like to see you do something on this Greg… Chip

  6. Edmund Dantes

    they will bump the debt ceiling again in March . they will not raise rates. ( kick the can down the road again)…we will be at war with Russia by summer, thanks to the neo-cons infiltration of the Trump administration , Trump will not be calling the shots, the deep state will….. the party will only end when the dollar is refused for trade by the rest of the world, but most of them are even in worse shape than the US…. so they have no choice but to accept the dollar for a little longer .

    • Paul ...

      When Trump pays off the National Debt with the help of the Plunge Protection Team … backs the US currency with gold and silver … stops all the unnecessary wars … destroys the drug cartel and releases “hidden technology” … the US dollar will be the strongest in the world for the next two centuries!!!

      • Paul ...

        By Trump using the PP Team to sell the bond market short … he will be using the elites own weapon against them … turning the elites “short selling sword” into a “plowshare” that brings untold wealth to the American people!!

  7. John woodhead

    The inevitable,but maybe the debt could be inflated away as opposed to the more honest default,either way it is very hard to see this money as debt system carrying on,in a perverse way the central banks could be given credit (pardon the pun) for keeping the system bumping along for as long as it has but the reality is they have only made the problem much worse since 2008,I think Trump will be allocating the spending but no matter what money as debt is coming to its end

    • Paul ...

      There is no need for more inflation or a debt default … if Trump can get the Plunge Protection Team working for the American people instead of Wall Street … just have the PP Team sell bonds “short” and buy gold and silver “long” and America can earn enough money “the old fashion way” to rebuild our Nation and eliminate all our debts (without inflation and without a debt default)!!!

  8. So Called

    The leftist Marxist Jihadist Intel traitors and corporate main stream media lackeys just cant understand the appeal of our 45th president the Donald.
    Maybe this little ditty might get it through their thick skulls, ya think?

    Our “swashbuckling” president!

    Is he the most famous/infamous, in the world?.

    He was all male with no apologies.
    Excellent, what a man/actor! Obviously extreme hard working talented sole. Charlie Chaplin? Not!
    Before the Donald, there was
    The Tasmanian Devil: The Fast and Furious Life of . ..
    After Harrison Ford had solidly established himself as “Indiana Jones,” a poll was taken in one of the magazines as to who was the greatest of the “swashbucklers”:… he blew Ford out of the water.
    Great actor and great video, he was real!

    Question is, will/has, the Donald blown him out the water?
    Second question is, hope so/or hope not? Please weigh in here and reach for the star’s, Ms. Gina Macaroni, baby doll!

    He’roes die with Their Boots On
    Always remember them, though they play hard and fast. When their country calls, they die with their boots on!

    In commemoration of the upcoming northern hemisphere spring time battle betwixt big Government and government by the people and for the people, may the best men win!
    Zulu Men of Harlech & Welsh anthem

    If that aint enough, last but not the least.
    The guy himself………………………

  9. Cookie

    Donald Trump Interview: Gina don’t wanna hear the truth!

  10. Oxfarmer

    It might be useful to remember that President Trump is a businessman. Yes, he wants to accomplish all those things, but he also knows how to bargain for lower prices. He just shut down the 7th floor, and a fiscal crisis would be a great time to return education to the states by getting rid of the education beaurocracy in Washington, etc., etc. I agree that he will probably default, because he understands how to fold when a project is not going to make it. Yes, the debt problem is huge, but America could become a powerhouse if some of his ideas could just get a chance to get going before fiscal night falls.

  11. AA 🇦🇺

    Th aka so much Greg.
    “Like the sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives”

    • AA 🇦🇺

      *Thanks so much Greg!

  12. al

    I waited with baited breath for this one, woke up at 4AM EDT to listen to this brilliant mind on your excellent show. Many astute bloggers in the TRUTH MEDIA are referring to the month of March. Something has to happen soon…
    Who can argue with David Stockman? Regan’s Budget Director.

    The only thing I fear is hyperinflation which was not mentioned. I could be wrong but Trump has hinted on Hyperinflation in the last few speeches he gave. In Melbourne FL he spoke of more quality jobs, higher wages, going after the “currency manipulators” (code for, our Dollar has to start falling / ie: inflation / ) and he also blew me away when he pointed to the stock market being an indicator of confidence in his presidency. All of this points to hyperinflation and a runaway stock market.
    Then in the CPAC speech a few days ago, about 40 min in to the video he denounces Globalism and says “No such thing as a World Currency”…. I’m still chewing on that bit of info.
    Who am I though? Just an IT Simeon.
    Aweseome show as always and I see Soros has his little snowflakes on your tail.

    PS: Your show makes my smart TV truly smart. Thank you for being there to cover THE TRUTH in a concise and professional manner. I really appreciate the professional look and your precise timing on the videos.

  13. Carl Boone

    Trump Interview

    General Thomas McInerney and Scott Uehlinger join Guest Host Jonathan Gilliam to share their thoughts on President Donald Trump’s National Security record so far. There has been a shadow government operating where folks on both sides of the political spectrum have spent time and effort making themselves wealthy without putting the country first. General McInerney and Scott Uehlinger discuss the important next steps for President Trump. Riveting!

  14. Bruce

    Excellent interview and I agree with most of what was said. I don’t think the Fed will raise rates and take the blame if the wheels come off the economy. Also I think the Congress will extend the debt ceiling for at least 6 months to give Trump enough rope to hang himself. To do otherwise would place the blame on Obama and not Trump. I think the Elite want Trump to be the fall guy. Either way time is short.

    • FC

      Bruce I would have to agree that if they allow things to happen too early into the Trump presidency, most people that I know at least will doubt Trump is to blame for the collapse but then again we do live in a world filled with Fake News and gullible people who will believe anything MSM tells them…………my popcorn is at the ready.

  15. Mme Hedin

    Fact check this and you’ll see I am correct: When Pres. Bill Clinton left office on January 20, 2001, he left behind a federal budget SURPLUS of $128 Billion and total debt of $5.77 Trillion (54.6% of GDP). When Pres. George W Bush left office on January 20, 2009, he left behind a federal budget DEFICIT of $458 Billion and total federal debt of $9.98 Trillion (67.7% of GDP). In other words, Bush spent ALL of the surplus AND he spent another $458 Billion, during his eight years in office. During his eight years, Bush also started two wars and bailed out Wall Street and the banks with our (taxpayer) dollars. Bush DOUBLED the total federal debt, from $5 trillion to $10 trillion! It was clearly Pres. Obama, sworn in on January 20, 2009, who inherited a mess!! And his term began at the beginning of the Great Recession! He managed to keep us out of default …can President Trump?!?

    • This sceptred Isle

      don’t forget that ‘catalysing event’ that kick-started the mess in the middle east, but I realise that would require peoples’ memories to extend all the way back 16 years!

      • Mme Hedin

        Most of us now realize that 9/11 was, sadly enough, a pre-planned false flag event, courtesy of “Wicked Dick” Cheney and his neo-con friends…

        • Paul ...

          I think 99 percent of the public now realize how evil … evil can be … and by electing Trump … want him to wipe all evil off God’s good Earth!!!

        • Frederick

          Thank you Mme Hedin is NO troll

    • Mike MC

      WRONG. Smoke & Mirrors, Ignorance & Lies

      The total national debt went up each year of the Clinton Presidency. Mathematically you can’t run a surplus and have the debt increase. What they did to claim a “surplus” is increase borrowings from Intra-governmental holdings (i.e Social Security). So while the stated Public debt went down intra-gov holdings debt went p. Total debt = Public Debt + Inta Gov Holdings.
      It’s all of the Treasury web site for your education. Go fact check yourself. Or I suppose you can continue your economic and financial education from the back of a cereal box.

      • Lake M

        Right on Mike for posting the facts on the debt and deficit.
        The Democrats have been lying about this for 16 years. They repeated it
        over and over, election after election. It became and is still indisputable truth among the Dem’s.

        “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” Joe Goebbels

        Joe’s theory seems to work on all lies regardless of size.
        He makes a good point that truth is the greatest enemy of the state.
        At Greg’s website we have the freedom to visit this virtual room and voice our opinions as to what truth is …. And the Deep State may attack alternate news sites and make it difficult for them to continue to exist on the web. The State does not like crowds gathering, whether in the street or at a website talking truth. I read somewhere that Alphabet was planning to begin culling some on their hit list by taking away their revenue sources. A shrewd plan to silence their biggest enemy.

        Maybe Greg could come up with a guest and discuss the threats to alternate truth media. PC Roberts? Miss Fitts? It could become a dangerous threat to one of our most important freedoms. Be alert.

    • diane

      Wow, Greg Hunter you are really powerful…you have these snowflakes trolling USA watchdog!
      LOL…very entertaining. ..Comic relief for Greg…who works too hard with his USA Watchdog and YouTube websites.

      • Mme Hedin

        Having an opposing opinion does not make a person a “troll”. It’s called “freedom of speech”, and USED to be highly valued in a democracy like the USA.

        • Deanna Johnston Clark

          I try, gently, to keep this likable site from being a mutual admiration society. It’s great that Greg monitors the comments, because if it fell into personal attacks, everyone with half a brain would exit….as they have all over the net. Who wants their name on another bathroom wall?
          Thanks, Greg!

    • FC

      If at the end of a two-term Trump Presidency he manages to double the current deficit like every other President has achieved, well then the answer is yes.

    • Scot

      Bush was part of the establishment, which Trump voters figured out and voted against in the last election. Even though Bill Clinton rescinded Glass-Steagall, made expunging student loan debt through bankruptcy more difficult, replaced long-term debt with short-term debt to make the debt look better, Dems never learned their lesson. They nominated an establishment war mongering hack that had more baggage than Bill, and that’s saying alot. Now, they nominate another establishment hack to lead the DNC. DEM’s are hopeless sheeple who feel obligated to follow their kings off a cliff, because they choose to depend on them from cradle to grave.

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        Yes…corporations that love government perks are sheeple!! I assume you’re talking about limousine liberals and Wall Street.

    • WK Swanson

      Clinton surplus is pure fantasy:

      “When it is claimed that Clinton paid down the national debt, that is patently false–as can be seen, the national debt went up every single year. What Clinton did do was pay down the public debt–notice that the claimed surplus is relatively close to the decrease in the public debt for those years. But he paid down the public debt by borrowing far more money in the form of intragovernmental holdings (mostly Social Security).”

      Full explanation with US Gov. stats:

    • Mike R

      Dude – the so called ‘surplus’ was accounting chicanery. You’ve been fact checked and called out. Go do better homework, because Clinton fraudulently changed US Gov ‘accounting methods’ used by the CBO so his terms in office could ‘show’ a surplus. Of course no one opposed it, because every President since, doesn’t want to be held accountable to tougher standards. FASB is also now a total joke, thanks to Clinton, and Clinton also gutted Glass-steagle, the only real protection we’ve ever had from corrupt as all get out banksters, which led to the financial crisis of 2008 (allowed to foment for years leading up to the final Lehman debacle) and then the debt derivative cascade. Clinton with the aid of Rubin (a Goldman accolyte), was a very ruinous President, triggering most of the next 2 decades financial problems. In fact LTCM would never have been allowed to come into existence, were it not for Clinton gutting Glass Steagle.

      • Mike R

        And here you go in black and white…. NO SURPLUS during Clinton years. Total political smoke and mirrors, and accounting chicanery. Its like the old adage if you repeat a lie frequently enough, it becomes ‘fact.’ That people actually believe Clinton balanced the budget is the same as when so many on the planet used to believe the earth was flat.

    • Fernando Berwash

      Ms. Hedonist,
      Franklin Delano “Frank” Raines, is the former chairman and chief executive officer of the Federal National Mortgage Association, commonly known as Fannie Mae, who served as White House budget director under President Bill Clinton. His role leading Fannie Mae has come under scrutiny. He has been called one of the “25 People to Blame for the Financial Crisis” [he gets even more credit for the housing bubble] according to Time magazine. But they blame Bush because it happened on his watch which at the time he was busy fighting a war and couldn’t stop the Dem’s from raiding the cookie jar because they had his hands tied behind his back and if he reigned in [pardon the pun] Freddie Mac & Fannie May, our boys doing the fighting would have died in vain even more so in that political mess because they would have pulled even more shenanigans to keep theirs hands in the jar! Everybody was expecting Bush to throw Raines in Jail and prosecute after he beat Gore, but for the good of our fighting men relented. But Uncle Sam always gets his man so don’t sit tight. The jig is up for all scum! See the movie “For Whom the Bell Toils to see our future!

      Question of Raines and Obama connection

      On 16 July 2008 The Washington Post reported that Franklin Raines had “taken calls from Barack Obama’s presidential campaign seeking his advice on mortgage and housing policy matters.” Also, in an editorial on August 27, 2008 titled “Tough Decision Coming”, the Washington Post editorial staff wrote that “Two members of Mr. Obama’s political circle, James A. Johnson and Franklin D. Raines, are former chief executives of Fannie Mae.”
      On September 18, 2008, John McCain’s campaign published a campaign ad that quoted the Washington Post reporting regarding Raines and Obama. The ad also notes that “Raines made millions and then left Fannie Mae while it was under investigation for accounting irregularities”.

      Neither Raines nor the Obama campaign had disputed the Post’s reporting before the ad. The text in question consisted of one sentence in each article. After McCain’s ad however, both denied that Raines was or had been a provider of advice to Obama or the Obama campaign.
      Eventually when Obama became president the Washington Post backtracked on the whole thing! Were waiting for, when the Post will backtrack on Trump and admit their CIA leftist muslim brotherhood connections along with MS[NBC]/COMCAST. LOL!

      There’s an old saying government shysters love to quote, “If you steal a loaf of bread you’ll go to jail for life. If you can manage to steal a million, you’re a hero, then you can buy a beautiful wife!”

      Whats a Shyster our young snowflakes might ask?
      shy·ster/ SHīstər/Submit, nouninformal plural noun: shysters
      a person, especially a lawyer, who uses unscrupulous, fraudulent, or deceptive methods in business.

      • Fernando Berwash

        I appreciate Congressman Davis’ candor in admitting Democrats let their ideology get in the way of what was right for the country.

        Don’t you see Ms. Hedonist why we need the Donald. Do you know of anybody braver?
        After being featured on Hannity & Colmes in a damning 2004 video showing Democrats fighting tooth-and-nail against greater Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac regulations, Democrat Congressman Artur Davis admits Democrats dropped the ball on reigning in the failed institutions and calls on fellow Democrats to do the same.

  16. AA 🇦🇺

    I’m not sure if it’s ‘Chemtrails’ or Economic hardship. A few days ago I conducted an experiment, deciding to eavesdrop on people conversations around the city CBD. I was not surprised but saddened by the amount of negative chat and ill feelings society here has. This is meant to be the ‘lucky country’, by the tone out there and the crap ‘reality’ TV, I’m afraid the world is in the poo. If people here can’t be happy then I’m at a loss.

    • Roger D

      We don’t have an unalienable right to happiness. But we do have from our Creator unalienable ‘Rights of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness’.

      The government instituted to protect those rights has systematically destroyed them.

      Jefferson warned us that these days would come. It is once again, Declaration of Independence time.

      • AA

        People are far from pursuing happiness and good will, rather set on mayhem & destruction.
        Why do we not use our own judgment instead of be lead to the slaughter by our elected officials.

        • Deanna Johnston Clark

          I’ve known people who pursue racism and negativity until they die alone with no friends or relatives that care to see them . Venting is natural, but we have to decide life is worth living and find things to like…there are plenty of sweet people of all shapes and sizes out there.

      • Claire Doll

        Good on ya Jolly Roger D. I like that, Declaration of Independence time. But from whom or what? We already shed blood over our last king, King George. How bout a Declaration of Independence from the likes of George Sore Arse Soros, Obomber and John CIA leftist Muslim Brotherhood neo-conman media-boss Hillary Clinton lackey Brennan? Wise choice? Yes! Free at last, free at last!

      • Paul ...

        Hey Demon-crats … supporting millions of “alien’s rights” to come “in” to our country was not what the Founders meant by inalienable rights!!

  17. Mme Hedin

    Correction: Pres. George Bush logged a DEFICIT in ALL BUT ONE of his eight years in office (that year was 2001), averaging an ANNUAL deficit of around $400 Billion! Basically he overturned Clinton’s policies of taxing the rich, cutting taxes or allowing tax credits for the rich instead, while spending huge sums on his military- industry cronies (including Dick Cheney’s Halliburton). Too bad Pres. Obama couldn’t turn this around; apparently having a Republican Congress STONEWALL his every move put a real crimp in his efforts! Greg, aren’t you as tired as I am of having Republican Presidents rob the common man at every step of the way?!? What makes you think Mr. Trump will change this pattern of robbery?

    • Robert Lykens

      It doesn’t even matter. If Trump paid off the national debt and achieved 100% employment the snowflake leftists would accuse him of favoring the rich at the expense of the poor.
      Admit it.

    • Fernando Berwash

      What makes you think Mr. Trump will change this pattern of robbery?

      He’s our hero, Ms. Hedonist. A bird doesn’t hit the ground without your creator knowing about it, so how much more is he/she/it involved in the presidency of the greatest country in all inhuman history? This stuff is biblical. There are turns in inhuman history and were in it. People aren’t knocking on our door’s for nothing!

    • eddiemd

      Obama had a democrat congress for a period. That is how he was able to pass his healthcare bill. He raised the debt ceiling with the help of the republicans. The republicans were not stonewalling him, they went along with the outrageous spending.

      I am tired of both parties robbing me. It is not a partisan issue.

  18. darren


    Great interview with David. Basically March 15th is the day we see the real Donald Trump. If he really is an outsider…He won’t raise the debt ceiling. If he is “One of Them”…..The can gets kicked down the road. Congress can pass a Bill to raise the ceiling and over ride Trump’s veto. I’m not sure any Executive Order can stop that. It will be interesting. By the Middle of June…We are out of cash…..I’m a little skeptical of Stockman because I remember he called the day the Dollar would crash(When the Chinese Yuan entered the reserve currency basket) and that didn’t happen. Time will tell…Thanks again

    • ConcernedAmericanDad

      yeah- notice the book pitch…….and he likes to take credit for anything positive related to the Reagan years. How’ bout Holter, Sinclair, Kirby, failure to deliver, two weeks away…..this has been going for so long. I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if the 15th came and went and then focus will shift to June. After that 2018. and the whole time- Dow’s up 100 pts per day.
      Whos’ in charge?

  19. Johnny Walker Red

    Stealth Jihad for Transforming America
    Muslim Brotherhood Infiltration of U.S. National Security Agencies
    February 22, 2017 Columnists , Mike Scruggs , News Stories 1136 Views

    • Beligarant

      Great interview. Regarding raising the debt ceiling I think this was put in place on purpose which would allow the Deep State to bind and help control any new president. I’m sure once they fail to raise the debt ceiling it will be all over the news again with protests everywhere. Surprise, surprise! The pressure will be put on Trump to “make a deal”. In the end they know the debt ceiling must get raised and that’s what will happen just it might be a long hot summer.

  20. NH Watcher

    The only debatable point I have with Mr. Stockman’s presentation is his answer to your question about whether or not what is coming will be the “greatest Depression.” He seems to hedge around Wall Street being decimated, but Main Street somehow weathering through the worst. Surely he believes in human sin, human pride, and human greed? Isn’t it clear now that Wall Street will “bail in” whatever they need from Main Street to survive? If the middle class is stagnant and only growing poorer, you may as well accelerate that process, and coupled with the ensuing fear among the populace of Main Street, you’ll have them completely tied around your finger, agreeable to most anything. To predict (from what I heard) that Wall Street will take the greatest hit and just accept it, seems laughable. No billionaire that I can think of is going to reduce themselves to only being a millionaire again or less, just so that some grandmother in Iowa can keep her Social Security and Medicare. Most of these billionaires already have walls around their properties, private security teams, private islands to escape, etc. I do not foresee a 21st century version of the “Storming of the Bastille.” The inner cities will certainly become uninhabitable, and the rural areas will simply be isolated to the point that the citizenry there will voluntarily come out once food supplies, etc. no longer reach them, and they are starving.

    I hope that you have Ron Kirby (for his gauge on Elite thinking) or Ellen Brown (for her expertise in bail ins) on again soon. Either of them would be a good extender of what Mr. Stockman laid out today. I voted for Trump too … mainly so that when the s*** hits the fan, we might have the chance of someone being truthful with us, rather than continuing the Elites’ disinformation campaign or some other form of BS.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Yes, it was a great interview, but I think the next crash will be devastating for mainstreet as well as Wall street. When did the public not have to pay for political screw-ups?

  21. William Betts

    Greg Hunter:
    As I have said on these pages about 3 times now is that Trump has one ace in the hole. He either uses it to beat the system or the system will destroy him and probably the world economy. I think he can do all this without congress until he can’t get away with it any more. Disband the The FED. Have the Treasury issue debt free money to get the infrastruture going. This is the biggest problem we have. The treasury issues 20 billion US dollars that are debt free to spend into the system fristly. The velocity of money will immediately pick up. Banks will be stopped from issuing debt money and stop fractional reserve banking. Banks will do what most people think they do now. The treasury takes over the good things the FED does now. With debt free money the military can be rebuilt for defense purposes. If the Treasury handles this right there will be no inflation. Once we get a debt free economy going we can try to figure out how to liquidate the 20 Trillion we owe. The crooks on Wall Street will try to have Trump killed as per JFK in 1963, but Trump will know what is coming. This has to done without congress or it will never happen…….Betts

    • This sceptred Isle

      The other ace is to investigate the child trafficking properly

  22. David John Williams

    David Stockman is the man, calling it like it is, and there is no better person to oversee the bankruptcy than Trump; best to get this underway as near to Obama’s nightmarish lie-gacy as is appropriate. Greg, you had me splitting my sides at the 13:40 mark!

  23. rob coxon

    Seems that Trump is going to be the banker’s fall guy he’ll get the blame they’ll get the money and we’ll get the bill. Very clever Rothschild – you win again

  24. Jonathan O'Quinn

    Thank you Greg for sharing such an informative article.

    This website is fairly new to me, but I will start checking it regularly, Sir.

    It seems as if the powers that be have in part, deliberately left a message that they knew Mr. Trump would have to deal with.

    I’ve read the globalists allowed/wanted him to win so that the coming economic and other problems coming to America can be blamed on him and that the public outcry over that can be used to try to keep liberal progressives in office afterwards and destroy conservatism.

    At any rate, I think his heart is in the right place, and he andv his family and administration need our prayers and support.

    In the meantime, people should hope for the best yet try to prepare for the worst.



  25. Jonathan O'Quinn

    Sorry, mess not message

  26. The Devil Real?

    Yup, the Devil is real. He is “the ruler of the world,” a spirit creature who became wicked and rebelled against God. (John 14:30; Ephesians 6:11, 12) The Bible reveals the Devil’s personality through these names and descriptions:
    Satan, which means “Resister.”—Job 1:6.
    Devil, which means “Slanderer.”—Revelation 12:9.
    Serpent, which is used in the Bible to mean “Deceiver.”—2 Corinthians 11:3.
    Tempter.—Matthew 4:3.
    Liar.—John 8:44.
    Some view Satan the Devil as just a principle or quality of evil that exists inside us. However, the Bible records a conversation between God and Satan. God is perfect, so he could not have been talking to an evil part of himself. (Deuteronomy 32:4; Job 2:1-6) Likewise, Satan tempted Jesus, who is free of sin. (Matthew 4:8-10; 1 John 3:5) Thus, the Bible shows that the Devil is real and not merely a personification of evil.

    Should we be surprised that many people don’t believe that the Devil is real? Not at all, for the Bible says that Satan uses deception to accomplish his aims. (2 Thessalonians 2:9, 10) One of his greatest tricks has been to blind many people to his existence.—2 Corinthians 4:4.
    Lucifer is another name for the Devil.
    Fact: The Hebrew word that in some Bibles is translated “Lucifer” means “shining one.” (Isaiah 14:12) The context shows that this term refers to the dynasty, or line of kings, of Babylon, which God would humiliate for its arrogance. (Isaiah 14:4, 13-20) The expression “shining one” was used to mock the Babylonian dynasty after it was overthrown.

    Does Satan work for God as a “prosecuting attorney?”
    Fact: The Devil is God’s enemy, not his servant. Satan the Devil opposes and falsely accuses people who serve God.—1 Peter 5:8; Revelation 12:10.

  27. Bad Boy Bad Boy [what'scha gonna do?]

    The Bible describes Satan as a real person who exists in the invisible spirit realm. (Job 1:6) It tells us about his vicious and ruthless qualities as well as his evil actions. (Job 1:13-19; 2:7, 8; 2 Timothy 2:26) It even records conversations that Satan had with God and with Jesus.—Job 1:7-12; Matthew 4:1-11.

    Where did such an evil being come from? Long before man existed, God’s “only begotten” Son, who eventually came to be known as Jesus, (Colossians 1:15) through the father God created other “sons of God.” (Job 38:4-7) All were perfect and righteous. However, one of those angels would become Satan.

    Satan was not his given name at the time of his creation. It is a descriptive name, which means “Adversary; Enemy; Accuser.” He came to be called Satan because he chose a life course in opposition to God.

    Feelings of pride and rivalry toward God grew within this spirit creature. He wanted others to worship him. When Jesus, was on the earth, Satan even attempted to get Jesus to “do an act of worship” to him.—Matthew 4:9.

    Satan “did not stand fast in the truth.” (John 8:44) He implied that God was a liar, when, in fact, he was the liar. He told Eve that she could be like God, whereas he wanted to be like God. And through his deceitful ways, he achieved his selfish desire. To Eve, he made himself higher than God. By obeying Satan, Eve accepted Satan as her god.—Genesis 3:1-7.

    By fomenting rebellion, this once trusted angel made himself Satan—an adversary and enemy of God and man. The designation “Devil,” which means “Slanderer,” was also added to this wicked one’s description. This leader of sin eventually influenced other angels to disobey God and join his rebellion. (Genesis 6:1, 2; 1 Peter 3:19, 20) These angels did not make mankind’s situation better. Because of their imitating Satan’s selfish ways, “the earth became filled with violence.”—Genesis 6:11; Matthew 12:24.

    • eddiemd

      More subtle JW drivel. Jesus is God. That is something that the JW doctrine denies.

      He was not just the only Begotten Son, he was the Word made flesh that dwelt among us. The JW deny this fact.

      Jesus Christ the same yesterday, to day, and forever.
      Hebrews 13:8

      • Charles H

        What should first grab attention is the ‘hooky’, or hokey no-name come-on’s. Then the smattering of verses and ‘short attention-span bible lessons’.
        It all amounts to a sub-prime phishing scheme – to see who might bite.
        Good call, eddied.

  28. BDS

    Most people don’t comprehend the magnitude of what is happening! There are so many dysfunctional distractions going on at home and abroad and only certain people will be able to keep it together pre and post economic reset. Look at social unrest around the world caused by political and economic pressures and things haven’t really gotten started yet.
    Information provided by your website and the sites of many of your guests have helped me understand, not completely, the complexity beyond the economic problems. My family and co workers have a better understanding to prepare on possible problems in many aspects of life we take for granted.

  29. Jerry

    This interview should be bookmarked and framed as one of your best. I plan to listen to it several more times to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Just in case your readers didn’t get it David Stockman laid down a March 15th marker as a date of financial default. I find this particularly interesting considering the fact that the IMF and World bank will be resetting currency weights on the 21st of April. Talk about the perfect storm? With the Euro and Yuan collapsing, and possible debt default by the U.S. I see this as the most opportune time for the IMF to roll out a new global currency to try and stem off a global financial collapse. What that will consist of is anybody’s guess, but it will either be digital, or gold backed.

    In any event, until the dust settles on how this plays out, I would suggest prepping as hard as you can by getting your food storage in order. The church I am affiliated with is having an Emergency Preparedness Fair this coming weekend to educate our local community on the things they need to do to prepare for a disaster, in whatever form it comes in. One of the women I’m working with helped develop this program.
    If you haven’t got your food storage in order because you can’t afford it, with this program you no longer have that excuse. Enjoy.

    Thank you Greg, for keeping us informed.

    • Jerry

      The selloff continues.
      Its survival mode now for the Euro and the Yuan. The dollar continues to crush these global currencies…….but not for long. Enter the IMF board of governors to make things right on April 21st. In a socialist mind everything is shared……including the suffering. Americans may think we’re exceptional, but in the eyes of the world when it comes to GDP and Debt relationship, we are no more than a beggar.

    • Faith

      Jerry, I agree! Thank you for the link on affordable prepping, too!

      Which day does the debt ceiling holiday end? March 15th.

      “warned over the weekend: I think what people are missing is this date, March 15th 2017. That’s the day that this debt ceiling holiday that Obama and Boehner put together right before the last election in October of 2015. That holiday expires. The debt ceiling will freeze in at $20 trillion. It will then be law. It will be a hard stop. The Treasury will have roughly $200 billion in cash. We are burning cash at a $75 billion a month rate. By summer, they will be out of cash. Then we will be in the mother of all debt ceiling crises. Everything will grind to a halt. I think we will have a government shutdown. There will not be Obama Care repeal and replace. There will be no tax cut. There will be no infrastructure stimulus. There will be just one giant fiscal bloodbath . . .”

      • Jerry

        Yes Faith, sadly it will come to pass.
        Here is a prime example of the Chinese lowering the gangplank to let the central bankers on the S.S. Yuan.
        While the rest of us sink with the U.S. Titanic, eating rice and beans, they will be drinking champagne and eating caviar. The game is, and always has been, RIGGED.

        My advice to anyone who is willing to listen is, get out now.
        – Get out of debt if you can.
        – Get out of town if you can.
        – Get out of sin, if you want the destroying angel to pass you by.

  30. Dr Darryl Jewett

    Thanks, Greg, for interviewing David Stockman. His assessment of the situation is accurate. But his assessment of the outcome or consequences is not. Nothing’s gonna happen on March 15. Because there’s plenty of slave labor on which the entire system will continue. Although it’ll run out at some time, it won’t be March 15. Most people don’t understand that the entire critical infrastructure of their country is dependently entirely and exclusively on slave labor. Look at the dam in California. That’s the result of dependence upon slave labor. And that’s a snap-shot of things to come. The men on whom this country is entirely dependent for mere survival are broke in every possible way. The well’s dry. That slave labor on which the country has been increasingly depedent during the past thirty years and particularly the past nine is expiring rapidly. And when it does breach a threshold of critical mass expiration, THEN will you see collapse. But not March 15. Enslavement is measured in the increasing imposition by income taxes, child support, passport suspensions, mass incarceration, child trafficking, prison labor, suicide, homelessness, etc… And David Stockman is correct1: Trump is not a solution to this imminent catastrophe. He is a symptom of the problems leading up to it. The US is about to reach it’s Mad Max moment it so richly deserves.

  31. Table Rock Jayhawk

    Great interview !

    Although I’m left to wonder, why can’t they just vote to raise the debt ceiling again ?

    Seems like that’s the likely outcome by March 15.

    • stonewall

      As I understand it the debt ceiling can only be raised if democrats and
      republicans agree on the how that will be done. With the visceral
      hatred the democrats hold towards Trump I don’t believe they
      will ever agree with Trump on any issue. Their primary objective
      is to have Trump gone and if that means crashing the system then
      so be it. I expect the situation to get extremely ugly. People better
      get prepared.

    • JCD

      Jayhawk. I have the same question without answers. I do see a problem with trade. The more currency we create, the harder it is to trade because other currencies devalue to compete with the dollar. Will they just decide to stop trading with the dollar ? I don’t think so. I wish someone could explain the big picture. Maybe the debt don’t matter, if it did why have we not collapsed ?

      • Paul ...

        Debt does not matter in an ocean of fiat … that has tributaries worldwide constantly feeding it … only cutting off all the tributaries constantly supplying fiat into this ocean … will we be able to turn the world’s fiat ocean into a Dead Sea and get back on a gold standard!!

        • Congressman J C Davis

          Paul I believe Trump has a secret plan to move fiat into tangible If the Fed is federal I can be congressman. End of the fed is near.

    • Congressman J C Davis

  32. James C Davis JCD

    WOW Greg the biggest and best interview I have seen in a long time. If everything David Stockman said comes true this interview will be one for the record books.
    I agree with everything he said except the man on the street will be hurt greatly. Rich folks will surely pass the pain down the row. As they say S… rolls down hill.
    Thanks for a moment of truth in a world of illusion. Before church !

  33. Deanna Johnston Clark

    Trailer for Catfish….you’ll love it.

  34. Keith wilson

    What happens in the big cities of USA,when the Hispanics and the black criminal gang members on benefits and entitlements,don’t receive there cheques for food and medicare.It will be something out of mad max,and walking dead come summer.The only person too blame is Obama and his beard,who spent all of 8 years playing golf and playing with Michelle’s trouser python.
    Time to get prepared only 3 weeks left before the SHTF.Food water,ammo,and plenty of toilet paper if you live in Chicago.

  35. James C Davis JCD

    Greg I thought you would want to know this interview is top on a Bing search for David Stockman. Bombshell interview.

    • JCD

      Greg, and site after reading youtube commenters. What happens to the crashing Yuan, and Euro if Trump agrees to create another Trillion ?

  36. NC Gal

    An interesting theory, and it jibes well with what Clif High’s linguistics predict for the period of March through May. However, while the numbers don’t lie, historically, the can has always been kicked down the road and that debt ceiling has been overridden in the past, so it remains to be seen what Trump and Congress do with regard to that. The entire global system is bankrupt and failing, and at some point there WILL be a day of reckoning. Whether it comes now or is postponed yet again remains to be seen, and we don’t have long to wait to see how it will go. Thanks for continuing to keep us informed with speakers like this.

  37. Teeter

    Gee, were have we heard this before ??? smh, all we know is that we don’t know whats coming, making predictions year after year after year just shows you don’t know didlley. Take all the interviews and throw all their predictions into a pot, mix it all up and what you got is an unknown future, that’s it.

  38. George

    Hi Greg, Unfortunately Pres. Trump is a victum of circumstances. Since 1913 we have been fighting a losing battle and didn’t even know it. It will come to a head in the very near future when we are forced to default, have hyperinflation or the economy simply crashes. It’s really sad to see what has happened to my country. I’m 70 and never expected to see this kind of mess when I was young … and all because we kicked out God. An immoral country cannot stand. I feel sorry for those who will not accept the Son and walk the narrow path.

  39. Larry White

    Thank you Greg for your email heads up on this significant interview. I’ll put a link to this in my monthly Crisis Watch Update on my blog so readers will know to monitor the events and time frame David Stockman talks about starting in 3-15-17.


  40. Jeannette

    I’ve always thought the economy would crash no matter who got elected. But I feel the handling of the coming disaster is in good hands. Trump is a brilliant man and will sail the ship through the rough waters. Who knows? Maybe congress will even start working with the President instead of against him in a common effort to save the country. We will all suffer some discomfort and I am preparing for that. Interesting days ahead!

  41. pat the rat

    Keep all of your records for the mortgage in paper work form ,times like these you can not trust the internet or the banks! Gather together what cash, and silver you can brace for a rough time.

  42. Ray Jones

    the last goobermint shut down was just an omuzloid show of how he could swing his little prick in a circle and scare the idiots and i think your 100 %wrong in your above assumtion and we all know what an assumption does do we not…

  43. Steve Thornburg

    It seems all this is predicated on Congress closing the purse…but when have they ever done that? The mechanics of the debt insist on more debt, but that has always been the case. The question has always been whether it was growing faster than the economy, which it seems to be doing now. That being said, we have 2 options: Grow faster or cut debt. Unfortunately, the grow faster option requires higher inflation. This starts with higher wages which is exactly what I believe they intended all along. Its the only practical means of paying the debt. The immigration cut will stimulate wages, and cash injections into citizens wallets will increase spending. Voila, stagflation is back. Now, if inflation happens faster in the Dollar then it does in other currencies, we will have an international problem and some sort of “reset” will be inevitable. Whether that is by agreement, default or war, i don’t know, but history suggests the latter. Peace.

  44. Tim

    Yes! David Stockman is one of the few who really understands the predicament we’re in. What I like about Mr. Stockman is that he is original in his thinking, unlike most in the alternative media who parrot what they hear from others. Mr. Stockman is the only person I’ve heard mention the looming debt ceiling debacle, which could very well be the catalyst for the next downturn in the economy.

  45. Alyce

    Great interview, Stockman is a favorite, thanks Greg.

  46. andyb

    Greg: excellent interview with a man who has been on the front lines and knows the system. What he omits, however, is that when the reset occurs, all credit will dry up. As Bill Holter has often said, that’s when the grocery shelves go bare and the ATMs cease to function. I would imagine that will occur sometime during the summer, and not on or by March 15. After all, there will have to be the pontificating dog and pony show of Congress, guided by their puppet masters, in a fight to the death to maintain the status quo.

    As to your comment to Gina: Unfortunately, most do not realize that Progressive-ism is really Marxism lite, but the insidious nature of Marxism is still there. Even the most well meaning and ardent Democrats do not understand that the agenda they fight for must eventually lead to overwhelming totalitarian control, with every one of the 99% fully debt enslaved with the loss of all freedoms. This has been the game plan of the Red Shield for centuries. At some point you need to have Ed Griffin on to explain the illegal machinations done to establish the FED and its collection agent, the IRS.

  47. James

    Trump should have all the US government debt incurred for the last 20 odd years, to see if it could be classified as odious debt. Let the buyers of US debt suffer the loss if the money was used to benefit Halliburton, for example, instead of the United States of America.

    If this happened, future buyers of US debt would certainly examine more carefully what the money they were loaning the US is being used for.

  48. Katie Stec

    Instead of bailing out the banks directly can he give vouchers to mortgage holders who then pay off the mortgage to the banks. Freeing up trillions in consumer income so that we spend it and kick start the economy.

    • Paul ...

      Excellent gem of an idea Katie … lets turn things around on the banksters … instead of CON-gress allowing the banksters to steal “our money” out of our bank accounts with their “bail-in” racketeering idea to pay off “their” debts … lets have Trump turn the tables on these crooks and sign an executive order to grab their money making machines for a few days (and simply print out of thin air) enough money to give to us ordinary Americans what “we need” to pay off our mortgage and credit card debts!!

  49. Chris

    That date Mar 15th pops up again. Victor Sperandeo interviewed with king world news and said “all hell could break loose”.

  50. Linda L.

    Yes, there will be a restructuring of the system at some point, and I think President Trump, who has said repeatedly that he inherited “a mess”, understands this. David Stockman says President Trump’s goal is to increase military/veteran spending, cut taxes and build the wall, but he doesn’t go into too much depth regarding what President Trump wants to do to create incoming revenues. What about all the programs President Trump intends on eliminating or reducing to increase government revenues such as cutting down the EPA, elimination of tax payer dollars to sanctuary cities, renegotiating trade deals to create jobs in the US (more employed in America means MASSIVE increases in those who can pay taxes, which brings in desperately needed revenues). What about all the money our federal government gives NON-STOP to foreign powers that don’t support the US? I would imagine that the billions of dollars given to IRAN by traitor Obama (to increase our deficit, and to develop nukes against US/Israel in the “deal” that US Citizens weren’t allow to see) could have financed building Trump’s southern border wall. President Trump won’t stand for all this unnecessary spending and ineffective layers of corrupt government that has contributed to our national debt any longer. When the restructuring happens, versus what could have occurred in an election outcome, I’m thankful that our current POTUS is at the helm during a transition.

  51. Tad

    I like the possibilities of Trump in control–if only temporarily–of government spending. This may be the reset your talking about, but doesn’t allude to a declared default–at least not yet.

    I do think the illegal immigrant self deportation policy could take hold if he cuts relevant programs, initially.

    Go Trump go!

  52. JohnH

    What an interesting commentary!
    If Trump indeed gets the power, after the debt ceiling is maxxed in March, of choosing what NOT to fund, then all (subjective) non-productive financial commitments (Palestine, etc) could-would be canceled and all remaining programs actually cut back. What a great thing for our country!

    Got Silver?

  53. R B

    Dear Greg, Considering what we had to work with in this time of events ,President Trump is the man for the job. RB.

    • R B

      I do pray ,God ,the One and only true God, Creator of heaven and earth,who sent Jesus His Son,as saviour to this fallen world, would use Trump to stop the killing of our unborn babies.

      • Paul ...

        God is on the job R B … God has already had Trump move to stop the killing of our “born babies” by evil pedophiles, the vaccine and drug traffickers, warmongers, etc. … saving of “the unborn” will come!!

        • Paul ...

          Remember when Hillary was against abortion … until she found out that she could make pedophilia “legal” … simply by extending the time to where “killing children” would be legal … Killary was probably getting ready to to call for abortions up to the age of 4 years old by claiming that children were not really fully developed by then … I can hear her saying “What difference does it make if a child is undeveloped in the womb or undeveloped out of it”? … thus allowing pedophiles to kill children legally up to age of 4 years old … and at even higher ages … if say the child has autism!!

          • Paul ...

            Lets get things straight … a child is “alive” once its heart starts beating!!!

  54. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, WOW, just WOW! Sounds like the S is going to his the fan this summer. I’m ready, let it blow! Thanks for having him on.

  55. Mike Brooks

    Trump knows exactly what he’s doing, he and Bannon have both indicated that they do have a plan for the future even if it is to let the house burn down and make an orderly plan for recovery after the fact, problem is there isn’t fire insurance for this one, will be interesting to see how this all shakes out, the whak-a-libs will believe whatever idiocy they wish regarding where to place the blame but 100+ years of Fed policy got us here, I hope the majority of the voting public remember the boom/bust creationism we have been placed under by the oligarchs.

  56. Icarus

    I thought that the Book was old news and not worth my time, now that the election is over. I’ll have to revisit that opinion and go buy the book now.
    I’ve always liked Stockman. Ever since he resigned (in protest, if I remember correctly) when he saw that the Reagan Administration wasn’t doing what it set out to, with regards to the deficit spending piece, back in the 80’s.
    Fantastic interview. He cuts to the chase and explains it all in easy to understand terms that even Wall Mart shoppers can understand. Too bad this all will be blamed on Trump, and Hillary or someone of her ilk, gets the nod to pick up the pieces and install communism in 2020! That’s when I leave the country I served for 30 years, for good.

    • Robert Lykens

      Icarus, where would you go?

  57. Mike Brooks

    By the Way, another Great article in a long string of excellent interviews, keep up the good work Greg, love your website! Best Regards, Mike

  58. Chip

    Boy, I sure hope he’s wrong but fear he isn’t. We’ve all known that something bad this way cometh, but WHEN still looms. Fact is it could happen at any moment. Excellent interview Gentlemen… Chip

  59. Casey

    Greg you weren’t kidding, that’s a stunner about the President directing spending.

    Obviously David is brilliant but I think he underestimates Trump. Either way this is a fascinating time to be alive.

  60. Ismar

    Bravo David

  61. Cassie

    I agree that a default is possible. It is all fake (fiat) money anyhow.

    However, there is so much fat in the federal bureaucracy that serious trimming of that fat could result in a huge reduction in debt.

    While Stockman has a lot of valid points, he offered zero solutions – and like so many, harped on the expenses of SSA & Medicare – see below for more.

    Dismantle all of the agencies that are now wholly owned by corporations, such as the FDA, CDC, DEA, BLM, Department of Education and EPA. They not only don’t help Americans, they harm us.

    Severely restrict and reduce the FBI, CIA – get rid of DHS. Slash military spending and pursue peace instead.

    As for Social Security and Medicare, only provide benefits (and no, SS is not an entitlement as I was forced to pay into it my whole life), to those who actually contributed. There are so many feeders on this food chain that it is likely more costly than the benefits paid to those who actually paid in.

    Like Dallas recently did for their police & fire departments, reduce their pensions derived wholly from the taxpayers such that all government workers, who today make a generally larger salary than their private corporation equivalents, plus government EEs have very generous health and retirement benefits, seriously slash those pensions.

    I can go on and on but won’t. Too many can’t handle anything longer than a tweet – something I don’t do.

    Lastly, make all lawmakers subject to their own laws. That CONgress excluded themselves from Obamacare certainly tells us that we ‘common folk’ mean nothing but they are happy to take our money to support their extravagant lifestyles. (See Pelosi for example).

    Good work as always Greg. Love your channel and will soon contribute after I am able to get back some of my tax dollars after filing!


    • eddiemd

      I would add the dismantling of the IRS. They are public enemy number one.

      I say that they should investigate Lois Lerner. Enemy of the people. Take away her pension and throw her in jail.

      • Paul ...

        Some in CONgress may DIEgress about eliminating the IRS … but if that’s what it takes to eliminate public enemy number one … let’s get on with it … who needs CONgress when we have Executive Orders!!

    • Mike Mc

      Cassie I concur with your comments except the on about SS. It is in fact an entitlement. It is a government “benefit” created by Congress. It can be modified or eliminated by an act of Congress or real world economics. We have no property rights interest in SS. What we have “paid in” is simply another form of tax. They are not “contributions” as sold to the masses. Sorry but that’s the hard truth.

      • Charles H

        IF Social Security is simply another form of tax, which we have no property rights to: then WHY is is taken under the PREMISE as a suppliment to Old Age (interest) income? Just because it is collected in the form of a tax doesn’t make it a tax. What does it then tax? Old Age?
        Sorry, but the hard truth is Social Security is OWED to those who made contributions to it. Just because the government turned it into a ponzi scheme: does not absolve their responsibility to fulfill the terms of that “program”. And redifining terms around it does not change the nature or purposes it was created to fulfill.

  62. Thomas Molitor

    Thanks for having the always sobering David Stockman on. Several issues here, starting with the debt ceiling expiration on March 15th 2017. Question: the people who set the rules can change the rules. We have a GOP controlled presidency and both of Congress. Will the heated negotiations go smoother under these conditions? You guys didn’t talk about the bond market, but we could see another S&P downgrade of U. S. Treasury debt. How will this affect the markets?

    “Trump allocates the money.” Well, if Mulvaney puts a bridle in Trump’s mouth and rides him dow the path of prioritizing debt payments over other federal obligations, this might be a better outcome than those in the past.

    A final comment on Trump, the person, absolutely agree with Stockman’s assessment of his personality. I think of Donald Trump as a “labyrinth with no center.” He does not have an ideological framework in which to guide his economic decisions (does he even understand Mises’ business cycle theory?). The key, as always, is to reduce government spending, and no president has done that since Eisenhower. You guys didn’t talk about the $USD index, but I assume a significant drop if the US debt incurs a downgrade?

  63. Tin foil hat

    Gina M Mancarella,
    The homicide rate in NYC is half that of Chicago but most liberals in NYC still consider Mayor Giuliani as a failed mayor who discriminated against blacks and minorities in the ghettos via the now infamous Stop, Question & Frisk policy.
    I think Trump will be remembered as the failed president for bring forth the hardships we will all have to deal with sooner or later. The mainstream media will make sure of that.

    • Frederick

      Tin foil I’m not sure the lower crime rate in NY can all be attributed to Giuliani The gentrification of the city also plays a big part in those numbers I believe

      • Tin foil hat

        NYC used to average 5 to 6 homicides a day until Giuliani took over. I still remember mothers in the ghetto put their children in the bath tub at night to protect them from stray bullets. Most of these murders happened in the ghetto and the first black mayor, David Dinkins, didn’t do much other than moving his lips incoherently. As the matter of fact, his black constituents were so emboldened by his weakness that the city suffered two major riots under his reign – NewYorker were hoping that Dinkins, the first black mayor would heal the racial tension and bring people together, we had horrific race riots instead. Hence, I predicted Obama would be a disaster just like Dinkins from the get go.
        Anyway, do you think the ghetto dwellers who average 5 – 6 murders a day just packed up and moved as the snowflakes moved in? The snowflakes started to gentrify Harlem, East Village, Ft. Green and Bushwick when homicide was down to 2 – 3 per day, then they moved into ENY, Coney Island and Washington Height when it was down to 1 – 2 per day.
        Now, we are down to one per day as I wonder why the homicide rate hasn’t gone up with the current libtard mayor de Blasio. Perhaps you do have a point, gentrification is keeping the numbers down since the former gangbangers no longer have a home to go back to in NYC when they get released from jail.

    • Arthur Barnes

      T F hat, Trump may well be the guy the Demogods want in there to crash the system, the fall guy if you will, that way they look great coming out of the ashes and become the vast large majority party in perpetuity. If so, look for future America to be the biggest banana republic in the history of the Americas. The pile of vile crap called Congress deserves to live in a Mad Max society for all of their graft and traitor-ism they have bestowed upon their hard working constitutes also known as working stiffs, who by the way built this country.

    • Mike R

      The problem in Chicago, is besides all the black oriented gangs, there are 4 major hispanic gangs. Many of these people are illegal immigrants, and further, there is a straight connection pipeline of heroine, cocaine, and more right down Interstate 55, into Texas, and then across into Mexico. Thus Chicago is much closer to Mexico than NYC, and much easier to get the drugs into, that the gang violence centers around, for control of street money (drugs) and territorial turf wars. Drug lords from the cartels in Mexico, are also deeply embedded here in Chicago with very sophisticated communication networks, and distribution. The massive hispanic population here in Chicago, provides major cover for these operations. More than 400,000 illegal immigrants work in factories here, and so they have protection by day as ‘workers’ but then by night earn tons of extra money, through networks of participants in these gangs. Children as young as 12 are constantly being recruited by the gangs. There is also easy access to guns, military style rifles, and so on just across the state line in Northern Indiana. The money though is here in Chicago on the crowded streets where the drugs are widely consumed, people get addicted, and then taxpayers foot the bills of overwhelmed hospitals, treatment centers, clinics, and so on. The local papers are hideous in that they don’t talk about the depth of the real problems. The news in conjunction with the highly corrupt and unethical Mayor, Rahm Emmanuel, also covers this stuff up. They don’t want to make Rahm look bad. So all they do is report the homicides, but never connect the dots for people as to why all the homicides, thousands of shootings, etc. Trump wasn’t just shooting his mouth off, when he says Chicago has a very bad problem, nor was he when he said there are some ‘really bad hombres’ coming in here from Mexico. Its going to need massive Federal intervention, likely even troops from our military, to even begin to smoke out the embedded criminals in this city. I live here folks, and so I can tell you straight faced, that not even suburbanites understand the depth of the problems directly in the city, and also the burbs. We have a metro population of more than 10 million, with about 2.5 million within “Chicago city limits.” The drugs are flowing way out into the burbs too. Gangs will soon follow. Their home base though is the city itself.

      • Arthur Barnes

        Get out of the violent crazed doped up city; all of which the Demogods built and are so proud of. Can you see Mad Max coming?

  64. Danel Riqar

    Hi Greg.
    So what do you think this Trump reset is going to look like? My understanding is limited, though some things are obvious. Certainly, the whole government shut-down will be happening. Thing is, it’s not really gonna matter to the average citizen if they don’t do stupid crap like the last time. I can clearly see austerity on the horizon, with a lot of government employees jobs hitting the chopping block.

  65. Da Yooper

    I find it interesting how stockman never – never addresses how Social Security has been systematically stolen from over the last 40 years or more to pay for many other government programs & never paid back & yet he sings the globalist song about cutting Social Security . Those folks earned their due & deserve what is OWED them.

    • Galaxy 500

      What can he say about SS after the money has been stolen? You can not get money back squandered on overpriced acquisitions and contracts. The money is spent, gone, vaporized…
      All Stockman or anyone else can do is deal with reality. The here and now. Have you ever heard the phrase, “crying over spilt milk?” Its what you are doing.
      People can lament all they want over the past, the shoulda, coulda, woulda but you can not alter the past (yet).
      The only realistic thing we can do is change FDR’s fraudulent scheme to make it reflect reality, it was never designed to pay people anything as most people in FDR’s time died before 65.

      • Paul ...

        Trump will foot the Social Security bill because it is the right thing to do … he can let Wall Street pay by telling them to short some stocks “for the people” in the crash to come … rather then to enrich themselves!!

    • Mike Mc

      See my earlier comments to Cassie about SS. Owed? The laws of economics don’t care what you put on a piece of paper.

      • Charles H

        The people who paid into Social Security don’t care who wants to change or redefine them out of what is coming to them. Addressing all the congressmen, their families’ businesses, legacies, properties, and wealth might well be confiscated – as a start. One good rip-off deserves another. Or give me Lake Superior, and I will oversee leasing and transports…

  66. R.Patrick

    Greg as always, Great job of getting it out there for the people to see!

    David Stock man is correct on so many fronts. As I have heard so many times in my life, We can deny reality but cannot deny the consequences of said reality! I am worried for America, but brave, strong and steadfast in my belief that once the people take their medicine, the healing can begin.

    Thanks for being our Reporter Greg! God bless America!

  67. Galaxy 500

    Off Topic but important as it shows the lengths evil liberals will go to to damage an opponent. These people are all about thought shaping, character assasination and fake news to push their vile agenda.

    David Evan McMullin is a former CIA operations officer who ran as an independent during the 2016 United States presidential election

  68. Roger D

    Excellent interview. Thank you Greg and Mr. Stockman.

    If we default now as Greg mentioned, doing so just two months into Trump’s presidency might help undermine the inevitable ‘Blame Trump’ ploy for impeachment.
    Two things are crystal clear. We need to stop trying to save a system intent on destroying us and we need to divorce.

    • Claire Doll

      Good on ya Jolly Roger D. I like that, Declaration of Independence time. But from whom or what? We already shed blood over our last king, King George. How bout a Declaration of Independence from the likes of George Sore Arse Soros, Obomber and John CIA leftist Muslim Brotherhood neo-conman media-boss Hillary Clinton lackey Brennan? Wise choice? Yes! Free at last, free at last!

      • Paul ...

        And lets give a cheer for our new “two party system” … composed of “dumb ass” gay Shia-libs (who believe they won’t be executed) and “intelligent” Nudie-libs (who believe they won’t have to wear Burkas) when they protest against Trump to bring more ISIS aliens here to American shores!!!

  69. Everett

    Greetings Greg,
    Thank you for bringing us Mr. Stockman, great interview. As I said in my last post, the greatest Doctor in the world cannot help a terminally ill patient. This “false economy” if you will, is terminally ill. Jesus spoke of a time coming upon the earth that would be the most horrific ever seen. “For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.” (Matt.24:21) Better than 8 years ago, Mr. Paul Craig Roberts told me that what we were looking at is the greatest financial crisis the world has ever seen. I agree whole-heartily, and when it finally goes upchuck, Matt.24:21 will kick in full force. Thank you for all you do Greg, truly.

  70. T.S. Phillips

    David Stockman is right on target. Brilliant mind and a class act. Please have him on again soon as a guest, Greg.

  71. Oracle 911

    Trump is aware of debt ceiling problem and he is working on it. So let ourselves surprise how he will allocate the money.
    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

    • Paul ...

      Add your 2 cents to the trillions the PP Team can add for us … and we should have plenty of money to solve all our financial and budget problems … the greedy Fed banksters have been keeping the “golden goose” in their hands to enrich only themselves … now with Trump on the job … the wealth will be shared with all the people!!

  72. Paul Anthony

    Great interview Greg. The only thing I disagree with Stockman on is when he says Trump doesn’t understand what’s coming on the March 15th date and into the summer. I think what you said …surely he’s been in meetings and it’s been discussed and as you said he keeps saying we’re going to deal with the debt. I think we should give him more credit on what he understands.

    The thing I really agreed with is when this whole thing goes down the markets go down and that’ll hurt THEM more than it will Main Street because we’ve never recovered. I’ve had those same thoughts myself.

    However, The Main Street people who will hurt the most are people depending on pensions and 401’s and whatever retirement funds are tied into that …. Those people we have to help. I’ll be helping my family and friends I am sure. And we’re suppose to be worried about illegals first ? Nope. I’ll take in anyone hurt here in America who got their pensions destroyed before I help an Illegal.

    Great interview.

    • Arthur Barnes

      Paul, I don’t know where you live but I don’t see main street around any longer to be destroyed. Fast food, Walmart, Target, big oil on the corners selling gas, etc. is all I see, certainly not the main street of my youth. Jobs out here are 1 in 3 working for the city, country, state or federal agencies, the country was lost without a shot being fired. Today’s Paul Revere might be in his BMW speeding down the by-pass cities yelling “The Walmart’s are coming, The Walmart’s are coming”, but of course today no one would listen as they have a Chinese trinket 30 per cent off.

  73. john duffy

    Must watch for Catholics

  74. eddiemd

    Stockman is part of the problem. Now he is a prophet of bad news.

    I can remember being in the Army fro 82-86. The money for training and reenlistment was a goldmine.
    This was the early begginings of the deficit.

  75. Steven

    or they will just raise the debt ceiling, print more money and the party continues…

  76. Doug

    Best interview yet by far. Realism in your face if ever there was.

  77. Dan

    About Donald Trump . He has had success in dealing with at least 3 bankrupted casinos (not sure it was his fault in any of them) what’s not better than having someone with the experience to close down the largest casino of them all !!!? The Federal Reserve tied together with wall street and the central banks !!

  78. Gadfly


    David Stockman has been presenting the same (old) message of financial Armageddon. I happen to agree with him, but David Stockman is not the Profit Isaiah or Ezekiel either. So, all he can say and keep saying is the inevitable conclusion of such excessive debt, mismanagement and corruption in our Federal government and politics, and the final collapse. Someday.

    Only Rome never collapsed in one day and neither will the United States, absent a War and Nuclear First Strike that curbs our military, permanently. Otherwise, we have the biggest stick on the planet and can continue of as-is indefinitely ( for many more years). That is reality.

    David Stockman will be dead (pass-on) and long buried before any of his dire predictions are fulfilled or come to pass. There is no immediate gratification here for anyone, unfortunately. I’ll bet my money on that one fact. Life is often what happens after you have made your plans. So relax a bit. We have more time…until we don’t.

    • Robert Lykens

      He never claimed to be a prophet did he? That’s why he makes no date-specific predictions. “Someday”.
      I’m sure Mr. Stockman would be ecstatic to die of old age without an economic collapse happening.
      Not sure what you are accusing him of?

  79. Becky C

    If the U.S. collects 3.1 trillion in tax revenue per year (according to the IRS) what’s the problem with “blowing through” 75 billion a month?

    • Charles H

      75 x 12 = 750 + 150 = 900 Billion a year; or just under ONE-THIRD total receipts – for just ONE PROGRAM?!??

  80. Chris Morrison

    As for Greg Hunter’s introductory comments about Stockman’s anticipation of a Trump presidency, for the record, after the second presidential debate on Oct. 9, Stockman sent out a letter via Agora Financial’s Daily Reckoning in which he stated regarding Trump, “…the 2016 election campaign is over. The establishment media have destroyed his candidacy…” The should remind the reader to take Stockman’s prognostications about the future with a grain of salt.

  81. Jay Logo

    WOW, Greg interview top of the fold at ZEROHEDGE. Greg’s knowledge base has grown significantly since he started. Hold’s his own now with some brilliant guests.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jay!

  82. Stephanie Cramer

    Dear Greg,

    Your programs are always deeply appreciated and this one is in particular. I know that David Stockman certainly understands far more than I do. a) If a person is scheduled for a trip “out of state” for after March 15, would you cancel such a trip or make sure to be home by March 15? b) Is Mr. Stockman suggesting that banks, brokerage accounts, credit cards might not work for some time around March 15th? I’m a little confused by what the full inferences are. Thank you for any clarification. S.C.

    • JMiller


      Nothing is going to happen on March 15th because of the debt ceiling that should cause you to cancel any trips. The government will still have the means to keep itself going for a number of months after that date. Banks are not going to shutdown and your credit cards will not stop working on March 15th just because of the debt ceiling.

    • Mike R

      Steph – take your trip, and don’t worry about anything being frozen on or after March 15th. The government won’t shut down, and the debt ceiling will keep being raised. Generically it makes sense to be ‘prepared’ for the unexpected, but there is absolutely no way that anyone, let alone Mr. Stockman, can make such a specific prediction on a particular date, that would be so catastrophic. There will be many obvious warning signs well before any bank freeze ups, or wholesale shut down of every credit card issued by every bank. The economy is humming along pretty well right now, stocks are doing even better, and most importantly we are not entering any major wars across the globe. I would take Mr. Stockman’s concepts as things that eventually could happen, as anything is possible, but in terms of probable near term, I would say odds are very low. Mr. Stockman seems to be an intelligent man, but being intelligent and having such an accurate crystal ball, is not the same thing.

  83. Scot

    Will the market correct to get more bag holders to jump into govt bonds?Probably. However, will stocks double from here because the euro and EU are toast, and Japan is worse? Even more probable. Think globally. The US is not an Island, and since it is govt that is defaulting this time around, this greater depression will be nothing like the last.

  84. Kim

    I am trying to wrap my head around this timely and important information. March 15th is the debt ceiling freeze. No more government spending. The Fed may raise interest rates. There is a remote chance of a new debt ceiling may be voted in then?

    If the new debt ceiling is NOT voted in, The federal government will eventually run out of money around June 2017. Then the following may happen:
    1. Federal Government shut down for program spending.
    2. The stock market may correct by 20% or more.
    3. Bonds will default?
    4. Trump will have the authority to allocate spending.
    5. This may result in a new debt ceiling being voted in anyways?
    6. Gold and silver will benefit long term.

    If the whole system is heading for a “crash landing”, it will effect the wealthy with some spill over to the middle class (or what is left of it). The wealthy are effected since this is where all the QE money shifted to. It will not effect the middle class that much because there really was not a recovery there. My personal standard of living is definitely not better!

    This seems to fit in with what other guests Bill Holter, Clif High, etc. have been saying. Money flows will begin to shift and asset ownership will change.

    Trump will save the country with a fresh start, since the federal government is a dead man walking. Best we get out its way and let it go belly up! Maybe Trump new this all along and wants to make America great again!! Thank you Greg for having David on!!

    • flattop

      Kim: When Prez Trump in his news conference, ” I inherited a mess, a real mess ” guess what he was talking about… He has a plan!!!

  85. AA

    Nobody stuck up for the Aboriginal (Original rights holders), Europeans & Asian immigrants like this;

    • Borned Free

      The man was clearly upset and angry, but a racist? He wanted the woman to show her face and dress like an Australian. He asked why did you come here if you don’t want to be Australian. Sounds sort of like he was saying you came this far, now join us. You can’t call that racism because he’d probably feel the same if a Norwegian came over and dressed like a Viking horns and all!
      Going out to dinner tonight at The Sahara. Ordering some Taboulie, my favorite! I’m sure everybody will be dressed like an American not Australian, it’s still winter up here. At least another month before were dressed like an Aussie. But then aren’t they going to be dressing a bit warmer by then down under? I’m confused!

      • Paul ...

        Your right Borned Free … how many Dutch, Hawaiian and American Indian people in Australia still wear wooden shoes, grass hula dresses or feather headdress? … they keep them in the closet now … and without fear the gays (that used to be in there) will come out of the closet wearing them!

  86. Henny Penny

    When you’re at all time highs all previous crashes are meaningless. The amount of debt is meaningless, it is actually a yardstick on how big the planet economy has become, that’s all, nothing to worry about, it isn’t meant to ever be paid back, it is the grand total of all things created. The only thing that will stop this infinity fiat digital debt creation will be a world war III, an act of god so big it kills 1+ billion people, the realization that oil production is on a forever decline, germ pandemic, 50%+ crop failures on N America, Europe, or Russia/China. DO YOU UNDERSTAND? Otherwise, strap yourself in, the markets are only beginning. DJIA 500,000 and gold $15k by 1/1/2030… this is the way they will cover the $75 trillion in unfunded liabilities. DO YOU UNDERSTAND? I want to see the same guests on this channel in 13 years, all rerunning the same skip-in-the-record “…the sky is falling [skip], the sky is falling [skip]…” sorry, you under 30 don’t know what a skipping record sounds like!

    • Roger D

      Said the grasshopper to the ant…

  87. WK Swanson

    Greg, you and your interviews are a treasure. Thanks for your great work.

  88. Pete

    If this is a hint contrary to a debt default…
    Steven Mnuchin: “Honoring the US debt is the most important thing. I would like us to raise the debt ceiling sooner than later.” During his confirmation hearing before the Senate Finance Committee 1/19/17.

  89. dlc

    Alexandrov Ensemble in Kremlin Palace.

    It took only 2 months to reassemble a choir since the Christmas Day flight that took out 90 plus percent of the previous choir — typical Russian can do to regroup so quickly.

    A lot of Ivan brass in the audience along with Putin. Not sure if this is their maiden performance. I did recognize 2 men from the previous choir.

    Film behind choir is impressive, a reminder of why they win. Do we really want to mess with these people?

  90. Paul

    Congratulations Greg! Great interview! And frontpage of the DrudgeReport no less!

  91. Mustafa

    I remember the ONLY person you have had on this show who said the Dow would go above 20,000 was Harry Dent. He also said Gold was heading to $600. He got the Dow > 20,000 right on! How come you haven’t brought him back? Have you asked him, but he wasn’t available? I’d be very interested in what he thinks right about now.

  92. Niki

    Awesome work Greg – so great also to see that Zero Hedge picked up on your interview and the Drudge Report linked to it! Soon Drudge will link direct to more of your interviews! Keep up the good work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Niki!!

  93. notyourpatsy

    Mr Greg Hunter, More good information for your faithful followers on WD to help them be ready for whatever comes what may in the near future. I’ve been really busy checking into other things like…

    Houston we have a problem>

    ‘So what can you do? Sign our petition for equal rights at www. Contact Congresswoman Plaskett, Governor Mapp, and Senate President James to ask that they support full enjoyment of the right to vote in the Virgin Islands and other Territories. And when legislation is introduced in Congress, encourage family and friends living in the states to contact their Congressperson to support the legislation. In 2017 as we commemorate the centennial, let’s start making history together.

    Neil Weare is President of We the People Project, a non-profit advocating for equal rights and representation for the nearly 5 million Americans living in U.S. territories and the District of Columbia. He and St. Croix Attorney Semaj Johnson, a Junior Partner at K.A. Rames, P.C., are co-counsel is Segovia v. Board of Elections Commissioners, currently on appeal to the Seventh Circuit, which argues for expanded voting rights in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, and Puerto Rico.’

    NOTE the part>’Neil Weare is President of We the People Project, a non-profit advocating for equal rights and representation for the nearly 5 million Americans living in U.S. territories and the District of Columbia’ Chief • 2 months ago “We can’t come together to even move a glass of water, inclusion to what??? Let us begin to be accountable to ourselves first then seek to be whatever we desire.”

  94. notyourpatsy

    MR Greg Hunter,

    This portion of my above post was some how redacted when I posted, but not by me?

    NOTE the part>’Neil Weare is President of We the People Project, a non-profit advocating for equal rights and representation for the nearly 5 million Americans living in U.S. territories and the District of Columbia’ Chief • 2 months ago “We can’t come together to even move a glass of water, inclusion to what??? Let us begin to be accountable to ourselves first then seek to be whatever we desire.”

  95. AA 🇦🇺

    It does go on in secret, not anymore. Bilderberg Group

  96. Oxfarmer

    I agree with Cassie and others who say Trump has the savvy to handle the financial crisis looming. Just because he is a poor public speaker does not mean he has missed something as important as a reset.

    I also agree that date setting is an exercise in futility and damages the date-setter’s credibility.

    As to the prepping for $300 a year, if you plan to do this, you should feed your family beans at least twice a week now. Besides the fact that some people do not tolerate beans well, they are high in fiber, and that could be a big dietary change during a time when people will need their strength to survive. A container of Beano
    would be a great addition to the buckets as the enzyme does help some people digest beans.

    Also not mentioned is how long it takes to cook dry beans and the cost of fuel involved. Even with pre soaking we are talking a couple of hours.

    As to who will pay when the stock market corrects, the rich have their contacts and know when to get out. It is the middle class working guy who stays in or buys in, hoping to recoup the losses already sustained by drops in interest, etc. in their investments. I personally think that the market is already soaring due to ordinary people’s money and the rich are poised to sell out and rob Mom and Pop but good. The market IS a casino and no one who does not have money to burn should be in it. Just remember, when things start to go west, the savvy rich will have their algorithms and robo sales in place…Joe Sixpack does not. In nanoseconds millions could trade, leaving hopeful Joe in the dust.

    • Paul ...

      We need Trump to force the Plunge Protection Team to work “for” Joe Sixpack!!!

  97. Rapier

    I believe that the debt ceiling will not be raised any time soon but the government will not be shut down. Instead the White House will simply tell the Treasury which bills to pay. This will be a constitutional crisis for in part the constitution says that the legislature has the power to spend and after all the money is appropriated. That is why Clinton shut down the government. He said any non payment was default. But then who is going to stop them? The money isn’t there to pay all bills. The legal fight could go on for months.

    Then there is the political crisis. Music to the Trump adminstrations ears and those of its fans. Then too without a Treasury supply the money has to go somewhere. Can you say stocks.

    Lastly the approximate 3% of GDP deficit spending carries will disappear. Can you say recession.

  98. Michael

    David Sockman and Gerald Celente have successfully predicted 25 of the past 2 recessions.

  99. Mohammad


    One common denominator between two epic interviews (Robert Steele. David stockman) that flashed neon red in front of my eyes…… This coming SPRING is going to be an ugly one, and I have seen it before.


  100. Roger D

    Greg, your interview with Mr. Stockman is also headlines on today. Congratulations!

  101. flattop

    GREG; Mr Stockman is speaks negatively, and rightly so. What should I be doing to position myself to survive.. What about my cash under the mattress, will it be worthless???

  102. Bill

    Is Lois Lerner now history, or is her case still pending?

  103. dlc

    Wonder of wonders, George W found his voice. Never a criticism of Barry the whole 8 years. Now he’s the go to man for his insight on the press, taking his swipes at Trump. Does the term beloved now describe George Bush?

    All Bush and McCain had to do was eat their own to be exalted by this same press who really cannot stand either one of them. Well, there is alternative media. Let them have their contrived hug fest.

    George W’s daughter, Barb, in full support of murdering of the innocent, a spokesperson for Planned Parenthood. Way to go, George, with all that pious posturing.

    Chelsea Clinton in NY in full support of Muslim invaders. Barry’s daughter up on the Indian rez to counter the pipeline. All of them just positioning themselves for power to keep their mitt in our pocket. One big familial free for all now that politics is an extended family affair.

    • AA

      Outrageous wasn’t it!

  104. Tracy Welborn

    Well Greg, if you go to the Drudge Report and click on the Stockman Zero Hedge article, there you are, just a click away. Two clicks from the Drudge Report. YeeHah! The message is getting out there.

  105. Rich M

    Its 2:25 Eastern time, even though I am out west, but I am watching the Spicer news conference live and the budget deadline came up as a question. Talking about what is coming mid-March. Slicer mentioned they are working on what he called a “skinny” budget….. meaning that rather than an all out shut down, Trump is open to a stream-lined temporary fix.

    That makes me think that Trump will not let the GOV shut down completely but will allow some services until everyone gets their act together. that at least was my interpretation of it. It makes sense for Trump, who is just 35 days in, would not want a GOV shut-down even though he is well aware of the waste and that that is what they deserve. Still, think about it… Trump has an agenda and a shut down, although it means wasting and selling us out more which I believe he does not like…. still he would maybe not be able to get some of his “Make America Great” goals done if the GOV had to be shut down. In the past, I often thought, if we had a Resident focussing on not being wasteful, I wouldn’t so much mind paying more taxes and/or allowing a temporary new budget…. for the greater/long term/macro goal.

  106. Dean Harman

    Why does David Stockman make a dire prediction every year? His record shows a call for a “drastic” event each year. 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016. This is the one for 2017. If you are an investor how are you supposed to rely on and use information like this to make sound decisions? If you keep saying it every year then eventually you will be right….there will just be a lot missed along the way.

    • Greg Hunter

      You do realize what the global governments and central banks of the world have done to put this crash off–right????? Sounds like you don’t.

      • Rich M

        It is true though, I have been hearing these (there will be a collapse this year) predictions every year since 2009…. It is very possible this could go on for another 20 years. The main reason (I think) is that everyone wants to avoid a Nuclear War. The USA is like a spoiled child with a nuclear weapon and no one wants to see that temper tantrum when its credit card is cut up!!!! So China, Russia, and the world will allow it to go on and on with little princess USA remaining the world reserve currency. So instead of us flying around like Captain Kirk in 2040, we might all still be talking about the same thing and saying “I can’t believe it is still going on.” I somehow doubt it will last THAT long…. but it is possible.

  107. red

    I’v been banging this drum for 12 years but sooner or later
    I’ve always believed the “supply side” will be the problem,
    this from Z H, hope you don’t mind Greg

    of course if you follow the Dow we’re all gunna be billionaires soon!
    have I mentioned the problem of infinite credit before? lol

  108. Jerry

    Can you say Beta Test?
    Once again the bank of Jerry wins. I know where my cash is, do you? If its in a bank it could be lost in cyberspace and no one would be the wiser.

    I can hear it now. Banker: Gee Mr. Smith I don’t know what happened. Your account was wiped out in a cyber attack. Mr. Smith: Well don’t you keep any records? Banker: Well yes, but they got wiped out too. Mr. Smith: Well what am I supposed to do? Banker: Well you can file a claim with FDIC insurance. Mr. Smith: How long does that take? Banker: Oh between 60 to 90 days from the date of filing. Mr. Smith: ####!

    • JMiller


      I know that your Mr. Smith story is just that, but let’s clear some things up so some one does not get the wrong idea. First, the FDIC does not insure deposit accounts for losses because of theft or fraud. The FDIC insurance only covers accounts when there is a bank failure because of insolvency or illiquidity. So unless the bank fails because of the cyber attack, there is no claim to be filed with the FDIC. And if the bank did fail, insured depositors never have to file a claim and wait. Uninsured depositors in rare cases may have to though.

      However generally speaking, banks do have insurance to protect against theft, either physical or cyber. This is something that I would check into especially if you have money in a smaller credit union. About half of the credit union failures in the last couple of years have been because of theft or fraud.

      • Jerry

        It was a joke. But let me clear the air. Have you are anyone you know been through a Bank failure? I have first hand knowledge of what happens, and believe you me, what is said on a contract is utterly worthless when the truth comes out. Case in point County Wide. They defrauded millions of people on bogus bank loans, and then sold their paper to Bank of America while collecting government Fannie Mae guarantee’s on the back end. Let me be be clear. You’d have better luck pissing up a rope than getting you money back from a bank that is in financial trouble with or without the FDIC. You may say you believe in contractual agreements, but somehow I don’t see you ever putting your name to a contract to back it up?

        • JMiller

          The FDIC is not Countrywide. And of course you are wrong about the odds of getting you money back from a bank that is in financial trouble that is covered by FDIC insurance. History has proven that time and time again.

  109. George Vassallo

    If March 15th is to be such an ominous day, then a perfect counterpoint a few days later would be a press conference by President Trump outlining the spectacular American discoveries just uncovered in Antarctica. The media would be blindsided and the U.S. public will be amazed.

  110. The Seer

    Trump is more informed than said or made pubic. He has to get personnel in place and clean up a step a day. Some of the easy quick stuff first. Also, he purposely does some things to rein in MMS into his game to then twist them later and double expose the shenanigans. It’s a chess game everyone!
    The general markets top in March. Remember also the big IMF meeting is also on March 15.
    Readers here are informed except for poor ignorant who egotistically refuses to wake up Gina.

  111. Tim McGraw

    I like Stockman. He made some mistakes in the Reagan administration, but he was young. I did get to page 640 of Stockman’s opus “The Great Disruption”. He makes good points both in the book and in this interview.
    Hi Greg,
    Just donated more to your site. I believe in supporting websites that tell the truth. I also support the site and the RonPaulLiberty site. I support the other sites with an automatic monthly contribution. Your site doesn’t have that setup so I will pay you for the year up front. Thanks for your site.
    Tim McGraw

  112. David Coddington

    Greg, here’s a fascinating guest idea.

    Richard Sauder, Ph.D., is the author of “Hidden in Plain Sight” and other books on underground bases. He’s also mentioned that the deep state knows about fast encroaching ice ages, which ties into Cliff High’s work.

    His site is:

  113. AA

    Greg, you know I love and support your gift to us.

    I would like to see more of the guests providing solutions and advice on survival rather than reflection and statements on ‘the situation’. I really like their take on current affairs via the research and insight they conduct and have.
    I often hear ‘it’s coming’ and that they ‘don’t give financial advice’ but please help us to understand the best form for a better existence.
    The thing is I pass on my wisdom however questions are often raised on “what to actually do?”

  114. JC the legal illegal

    If silver and gold are coming back as real money, I would suggest that all those near the Mexican border to buy Mexican Libertads or Gold coins. They are sold at Elektra electronic stores. There is usually a Banco Azteca inside every store. You can pay in cash and no record of a purchase is recorded. Here in the states if you spend more than 600 dollars the store needs to report it to the IRS.
    Good luck to all.

  115. AA 🇦🇺

    I have just read one too many abusers posts on here Greg directed towards me.
    You moderate these yet allow them to be posted.
    The first couple of times I gave you the benefit of being busy to notice.
    I’ve had enough!
    Jesus said only nice worlds, perhaps some should really follow his message, who continue to hide behind his name.
    So long and fairwell.

    • Anthony Australia

      Final words…….Lyrics by Midnight Oil

      US Forces give the nod, it’s a setback for your country
      Bombs and trenches all in rows, bombs and threats still ask for more
      Divided world the CIA, who controls the issue
      You leave us with no time to talk, you can write your assessment

      Sing me songs of no denying, seems to me too many trying
      Waiting for the next big thing

      Will you know it when you see it, high risk children dogs of war
      Now market movements call the shots, business deals in parking lots
      Waiting for the meat of tomorrow

      Everyone is too stoned to start emission
      People too scared to go to prison
      We’re unable to make decision

      Political party line don’t cross that floor
      Lt. Ron Hubbard can’t save your life
      Superboy takes a plutonium wife
      In the shadow of Ban The Bomb we live

  116. Borned Free

    Vive Le Pen!
    France Blames Russia for Rise of Marine Le Pen and Nationalism

  117. Mme Hedin

    Also, Mr. USA-Watchdog, if you are so interested in the USA’s wellbeing, you need to watch ladt night’s absolute bombshell of investigative reporting – absolutely NAILs the ties between our pres and Russian money laundering….
    Now THAT’s journalism!!

    • Greg Hunter

      There is no there, there to this story. On the other hand, Hillary gave Russian interests 1/5th of US uranium production (Uranium One) after a $145 million “donation” to the global charity (fraud/treason) that the Clintons are now shutting down. That’s a real story. Why isn’t MSNBS doing a story on the closing of a so-called global charity that former President Bill Clinton said “has done a lot of good.” Are the Clintons tired of doing good??? MSNBS is not “journalism” it is one-sided Marxist propaganda, or as Trump says, “Very Fake News.”

      • Robert Lykens

        Never seen true journalism from MessNBC.
        Still haven’t.

    • Justn Observer

      Mme, That was NOT journalism…it was a ‘hit piece’…of allegations and whata – coulda -maybe… Nails ties? what that pile of unsubstantiated reports? Please show the PROOF of what Trump did do or did not do …which accounts – their numbers – that passed between which people? Knowing people that know people who has kid’s that got large amounts of money and moved to the U.S. is proof of nothing! Now what there is PROOF of is Sheriff Joe Biden’s son Hunter deeply involved in resources in the Ukraine and the violation of arms placements in Eastern Europe…missiles for one thing…that can be ‘offensive’ or defensive depending on the type of warhead attached…there are some systems that are ‘seeking’ surface to air and some that are but can be also surface to surface… and various from HE to Nuclear…the latter in both application and attaches…would be considered – OFFENSIVE. Which is what Putin was concerned about since some time ago…widely known and widley under reported by your – choice of news= fake MSM! Just say’n !
      If you wish to push on more strings maybe you could comment on these threads? A suggestion would be to try and unharness yourself from ‘party’ politics and seek truth where ever it leads…truth usually and more likely when you focus not on party but ‘establishment’ !
      David Zublick-
      AG Sessions was briefed on names of 72 pedophiles names? , Hillary attempted to leave country and was stop from boarding a plane to Bahrain? VP Pense friend that Gen. Flynn would not name reportedly here is Jeff Flake?
      Glenn beck coverup:

    • Diane

      MSNBC and CNN are competing for who can tell the biggest lies. It no longer is fake news it’s VERY VERY FAKE NEWS.
      Any of Greg’s local USA Watchdog trolls….please keep up these bullshit stories…maybe Greg will have a poll….Biggest Fake News of the week…..

  118. Billy Jack

    The debt ceiling will be raised like always. Trump will have no choice but to agree to raising the debt as he wants to spend billions of dollars on the military, the border infrastructure and cut taxes.

    • Robert Lykens

      Let’s hope not. Let’s hope Trump seizes the opportunity to change the leftist trend to a true, right-wing conservative path.

      • Congressman J C Davis

        No one knows what the Trump card will do in this game.

  119. dlc

    Robert D Steele/Jeff Rense interview regarding George W, Muslims, Trump. The more interviews the better to counter MSM.

  120. Diane

    A real news story out of the Socialist Republic of Caliifornia…….

  121. Country Codger

    Wow, Greg! You and Dave Stockman have gone viral. Your friend Rick Wiles talked about the interview in depth on 2/28/17. Everywhere I look you two are being quoted. Congrats my friend.


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you CC!!


  122. Congressman J C Davis

    Greg Trump just gave the best address to congress ever ! Makes every other speech look like child’s play. Well I did notice he did not speak much about what he plans to do about the debt. I listened with your question for him in the back of my mind.
    Note if the federal reserve is federal I am Congressman.

  123. Donna

    I do not know how families pay for groceries and the cost of living.Trump has God on his side and real Americans!That is a fact.Waiting for Ted Nugent to be voted in next,God Bless the USA!

  124. SBOBET

    Great information. Lucky me I found your website by chance (stumbleupon).

    I’ve saved it for later!

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