Gold and Silver End Game Here-John Embry

4By Greg Hunter’s 

Investment strategist John Embry says the market manipulation in physical gold and silver is coming to an end.  How close?  Embry says, “I think we are very close now in the sense that the physical supplies of both gold and silver are being diminished at a fast clip.  I just saw Indian imports (for gold) were up 176% in the latest month. . . .   Basically, all this gold and silver is headed from west to east, and I think this is a very, very disturbing development for people who live in the west.  The timing of it remains imprecise.  I think because of the take down in the paper market is so aggressive, at this point, that there is something that is going on behind the curtain that suggests to me that things are getting very close to reaching a head.  We won’t know until it happens, but you got to be on the right side of the trade the moment it happens.  You can’t be late.”  Embry goes on to say, “I have never seen more negative sentiment in the sector at a time when both gold and silver are remarkably underpriced.  I think gold and silver are as cheap today as anytime in their histories.  This is in relation to the amount of money out there, the cost of credit, the cost of digging it out of the ground and etcetera.  Nobody is interested in buying it, and to me, this is one of the great buying opportunities of all time.”

On the subject of missing the overwhelming take down in the price of gold and silver since it peaked in 2011, Embry admits, “I think what we missed, and I have been thinking about this a lot, we didn’t fully understand the extent of the new financial innovation.  What you have today between derivatives, high frequency trading, algorithm programs and what have you, you can do amazing damage to markets and put them almost anywhere you want.  The only thing that can stop something in the case of gold and silver is there is a physical context to it.  It’s our opinion the physical supply of gold and silver is reaching critically low levels.  When the day arrives, the pricing mechanism will turn over to the physical market, away from the paper market, and the people shorting the paper market are going to have a religious experience.”

On the price of gold going down to possibly $600 per ounce, Embry says, “I take exception to people who say gold will go down to $600 an ounce.  If the price of gold went down that low, there would be no more gold mining activity. . . . Naturally, the paper shorts came up and crushed the (gold and silver) market at the beginning of September, and I think this will pass.   The key thing is you must own physical (gold and silver) outside of the banking system.”

Embry thinks gold price suppression is a key factor in global monetary policy.  Embry contends, “If the gold price truly reflected what is really going on in monetary policy today, I think real interest rates would rise quite significantly.  Given the amount of debt that is polluting the world banking system, to me, this is the end game, and that’s why it’s so vicious in terms of suppression right now.  When this turns, it is going to change a lot of things.  That’s why they are being so aggressive on maintaining pressure on the gold and silver prices.   Silver is especially suppressed.  I don’t think you can dig it out of the ground for less than $25 per ounce.  It’s not like gold.  There is not a huge above ground inventory.”  Embry adds, “I have never seen it any more intense in terms of pressure in the paper market, which indicates we are near the end, and there is something seriously wrong with the system.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with John Embry, Chief Investment Strategist at Sprott Asset Management.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

There is free information and analysis on the Sprott website.  To go to the home page of, please click here.


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  1. Nathan

    Here’s your gold catalyst …. .(AFP) It’s an article about Russia claiming Africa as the pillar of the New World Order . Or as I’ve been saying for months now “The new New World Order” . The United States is not going to go down without a fight (Call it pride call It arrogance ) our leadership is not going to give up gains that took decades to achieve . Grab a bag of popcorn it’s going to get interesting .


  2. Silence is Golden

    Excellent contrast to your previous guest.
    Genuine and factual perspective of many issues and in particular Gold.
    Having the same/similar mindset as John Embry allowed for many of his beliefs to resonate with mine.
    The undoubted pink diamond in that interview is the issue of “When”. John’s wry smile and the unequivocal ” I don’t know” followed with “you better make sure you have some before you need it” covers the decision making process….implying now.

    I too take exception to those that forecast $600/oz or thereabouts on AU.
    John correctly and categorically states that all mining activity would stop. Implying no available delivery (except the apparent 1800tonne deficit that Harvey Organ mentioned was being delivered into the system annually-outside of mined production).
    I have given much consideration to that very topic. Why would anyone (e.g. Banksters/Central planners) want to push the price that low and stop all production – potentially triggering a default on delivery.
    Some thoughts:
    -What is money = Gold
    -Who has the ability to print Money (other than the paper variety) = Miners
    -How does one ensure the continuation of fiat money = remove the competition.
    -Force a non-delivery and use force majeure to settle in digital (fiat).
    -Where do the mining assets go – those banking institutions that fund the industry, sovereign and institutional stock/permit/mining holders.
    Just another option for the cabal. Not only have they controlled the fiat system…..maybe…just maybe…they want control over the real money system too !!!!
    I should put a patent on that idea before the www and the banksters may a meal of it.

    • g.johnson

      our leadership?! what the hell is that?

      • g.johnson

        sorry, that was a repy to Nathan, not silence.

        • allen ols


          “A dark and sinister madness has descended upon the American government. It is madness because it is divorced from reality. It is madness because it is divorced from a desire to serve the human race, which is the ultimate expression of sanity. It is madness because its promotion of violence is certain to cause more violence rather than ending it. It is dark and sinister because its underlying intention hides in the shadows from which it springs out at crucial moments to forward its dastardly purpose. It will be to the everlasting shame of the Nobel Prize Committee that they gave a Peace Prize to the man who is guaranteeing that peace has now become impossible.” ~ Rodney Shakespeare (visiting Professor of Binary Economics at Trisakti University in Indonesia, from Cambridge England)

      • allen ols

        g. Johnson; tks

        “Prizes awarded by the Nobel Committee are not retracted. It remains the obligation of the Committee to disassociate itself from actions taken by laureates that frustrate rather than advancing the fraternity between nations and the abolition or reduction of standing armies. The Committee therefore joins with the public statements of several Nobel Peace Laureates in expressing its regrets over the conduct of the 2009 prize recipient.” ~ Thorbjorn Jagland (Nobel Peace Prize Laureate speaking on behalf of the Nobel Committee about Obama’s prize in 2009, which raises the question of what they were thinking when they bestowed the prize upon Obama so early in his first term, with zero legislation under his name in Congress and zero external projects outside the USA)

      • pessimist

        The leadership that you did or didn’t vote for … not that it matters since it was a silent coup d’é·tat by the bankster cartel a long time ago. They simply kept the sheep fat, happy, and entertained with fun money that stole resources from everyone else around the world. The ponzi trick is a superlinear function from a mathematical perspective … so very few sheep understand how it works or that it always ends in a singularity event. Once the event horizon has been entered into (and we’ve entered well into it), there is no changing course and all there is to do is wait for the singularity to manifest.

    • woody188

      It’s a financial war. The United States would want to see gold lowered to protect the dollar, but also to lower the value of Chinese gold since they are the largest producers. Not to mention it would make all their thousands of tons of physical gold investments the last year worth less than they paid for it. The question is, would they panic and sell it back at $600.00 or will they go long?

      With all the manipulation, does it make sense to go long?

      In other words, if one is losing in a casino, does it make sense to keep playing in the casino or cash out before you lose everything?

      Time will tell…

  3. Mike M

    Greg, definitely one of the better interviewees you have had on. John Embry comes across as someone who is clear, concise and knowledgeable. I enjoyed listening to his take on current events and where he thinks we are headed. Keep up the good work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Mike M,
      He answered the hard question about missing the fall in price from 2011 too. I thought Embry was a stand-up guy!

      • Mason

        Yes, and this hard question needed to be asked. Very much so. Regardless of Embry’s answer. Ordinary people like us don’t normally get to ask these questions. That’s only one of the reasons USAWatchdog beats every TV-journalist newsprogram. Greg listens to his audience, is more knowledgeable as a result of it (mind you, not every audience is as intelligent as the USAWatchdog-audience) apart from his own research and interactions with his guests, and therefore he knows what is on the mind of people who are paying attention, and he then just goes ahead and asks the questions that need being asked. Do you see interaction with the audience or even knowledgeable questions like this on MSMBS, err….sorry MSNBC? No, I didn’t think so. This is just one example of the New Economy 3.0. I am just loving it.

        • JC Davis

          Mason. So many times I wish Greg would list my post faster. Then I realize this is a free site!! If the man don’t want to do anything he don’t have to. Then I have to question where and what would I know without USAWATCHDOG.COM (very little is the answer). I can not tolerate those that scream, shout, and yell there questions. I see them as grasping for straws. Hard questions are answered on Friday in my opinion. I don’t post all I think, but USAWATCHDOG.COM is without a doubt the best site on the web, and therefore the most informative in the whole USA.

          • JC Davis

            This week was top shelf.

            • Greg Hunter

              Thank you JC.

          • Mason

            I agree with you that Greg’s site is very valuable and full of information. All the more so because it is indeed free, unless you make a very well-deserved donation of course. But looking at your reply to my post, I am not sure what your point is. If you read my post, you do realise that I was paying Greg some great compliments, do you not? I was actually doing little else that complimenting him. In my post I was saying that Greg’s site is great, and I was spelling out why I feel this is so. I can’t determine if you missed this, and if so why you missed it but if you have read all of my post I think I was very clear. It seems you may have only read the first few lines before you replied? I don’t know if this is the case. I am asking you this because I do not know and I am not sure what the point of your reply to my post is. I obviously have failed to express myself in a manner that was clear enough.

            For the record, I am not saying that it is Greg’s duty or something to that effect to ask these hard questions. I do not take that for granted. What I am saying is that I am very very glad he does do this. What I am saying is that the people in the perma-gold-bull camp such as Sprott and Emby (but the same is true regarding Turd Ferguson and Harvey Organ) were indeed screaming at the top of their lungs in 2011 on KingWorldNews that gold was going to break through the $2.500 per oz and right up to $5.000 per oz at any moment, and silver was going to $200 per oz in any moment. I believed what they said, and I bought what they said hook-line-and-sinker at the time. I lost a LOT of money listening to the perma-gold-bull camp. What I am saying is that someone (not Greg per se) had to ask them the question why gold has been declining for four years now since 2011. And because I am hurting as a result of it. If you felt emotion in my post, that is why. So I am very glad that someone like Greg did ask the hard question why the perma-gold-bull camp missed the decline from 2011 up to now, and I was complimenting Greg for asking it because someone had to do it. I was stating that ordinary people like me do not have the opportunity to ask these questions and that is only ONE of the reasons Greg site is great. And I outlined several other reasons why I think Greg’s site is great. I know Greg does not really have to do anything he doesn’t want to do, but again I was just pointing out what makes his site great. I still believe in the fundamental gold story, but I am much more careful in just believing anything any expert or ‘expert’ has to say. Some people, if they are making a living off of it are just talking their own book. The trick is to know this and to try to see which people a genuine and which people are not. I call it: “Old (gold)bull versus new (gold)bull”. So, have I explained myself clearly enough for you now?

            • JC Davis

              Mason we are in agreement. I read you post. Hope you understand I was in agreement.

              • JC Davis

                Mason my point is that Greg don’t see gold and silver as a investment rather insurance. I trust Greg’s judgment more then his guest. Greg don’t tell people to invest in gold and silver as to make paper money from it.

                • Greg Hunter

                  A hedge against black swan calamity.

                • Mason

                  JC and Greg,
                  I agree! Cheers to both of you 🙂

              • Mason

                Yes, I understand. Thank you for clarifying.

          • Mason

            We both like Greg’s site a lot it seems, but you and I seem to have a different frame of reference. You say that you would know very little (about what is going on in the world I presume) without USAWatchdog. The same is not true for me. I regularly visit about 40 to 50 different non-MainStreamMedia news-sites and blogs with financial and geopolitical news. I spend about 15 to 20 hours per week reading up because it is a major hobby of mine and I have to invest wisely for myself and my family. I woke up big time in 2010, a large part thanks to Casey Research, and have been reading up ferociously ever since. I just rotate the frequency of the paid and unpaid sites I visit now and then. At present, USAWatchdog is one of the sites I visit every day. So I think your frame of reference and mine are different, since I can infer from your reply that you don’t read/view a lot of non-MSM sites besides USAWatchdog.
            If uncritical, free, perma-gold-bull-interviews people like John Embry is what you want, I would suggest you visit KingWorldNews at
            Or if you only like John Embry go to:
            If that is your fancy, I promise you are going to have an exciting time.
            Me? I like my interviews more realistic, especially after the take-down of 2011, and THAT was one of the reasons why I was complimenting Greg.

            Again, I would describe myself more as an ‘Old (gold)bull’ as opposed to a ‘New (gold)bull’. Or in other words: more cautious/critical who I take my advice from. That said, I think the diversity of guests on this site is perfect: just decide for yourself which of Greg’s guests you take advice from.

            • Mason

              Again, thank you for clarifying! I understand we are in agreement.

            • J C Davis

              Mason. It is true, I don’t spend much time on the computer studying things in stocks. or all the conspiracies’ around the world. I did not even know what a treasury was before coming to this site . I was raised a poor man. It was a long hard road to the middle class. Now I am finding more information I wish I had known years back. For some, by the time they know what’s happening there to old to change it.

    • David Brown

      John Embry, John Williams, Harvey Organ all have a similar take on date, time, and mechanism.

      I probably left out the names of other notable financial analysts, but most Austrianj followers get my drift.

    • cem

      when people buy gold in the east they don’t buy it to trade and make money. They buy it
      as collateral, hedge for Great Depression or war. if it is not needed then it stays under the pillow until they die.
      Well it seems like both are coming pretty fast and ugly.

  4. collateral Damage

    Excellent Interview. Thanks again for all you do.

    It is interesting, my reaction to your interviews. Some of your guests hold positions that resonate with me and some of your guests cite positions that just fall flat. I listened to MA earlier this week and felt baffled by many of the opinions that he forwarded. When I listen to this gentleman it seems to me that he is talking consummate sense.

    I am grateful that both of my parents have passed away by this point. They were born in the 1920s and lived through one great depression and world war. They loved this country dearly. I am glad that they aren’t here to live through it again.

    Joining us all in the collateral damage that we will become.

  5. Smaulgld

    Here is a chart that shows an almost direct correlation between the price of gold and US debt levels from 2000-2013

    Note in 2013 there was a sharp divergence between the price of gold and the level of US debt coinciding with the massive naked short selling that started in 2013.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good chart Smaulgld!

    • Samsara

      Not only short selling but reiterates John Embry’s point that gold has never been cheaper relative to the amount of money that has been created. It will be interesting to see if his viewpoint of the recent aggressive short selling is an indication that the end is near for this downward market manipulation.

  6. JC Davis

    John Embry is a smart man. Greg I have learned to study reactions more then actions. This older grey haired man was telling it the way he believes it to be. Greg you said to me a few years back the paper game would unravel when the treasury’s were sold off. Johns response to your question of treasury’s was a lights on moment. After a week or so I think he will have more info to offer on this question. Thanks for such a good interview. I look for Russia to dump first.

  7. Gee Gees

    Thanks Greg. Embrey is a real favourite. The way I see it, the suppression levels of Gold and Silver price are in direct correlation to the desperation levels of the insidious and corrupt Central Banks.

    Bring on the Shanghai Gold Exchange I say….and bring on the BRICS Bank….

    • Gee Gees

      I’m back again – just finished listening to the entire interview 

      I love how John Embry articulates and explains things – it comes across as non-condescending and logical (the complete opposite of someone like Martin Armstrong).

      Greg, I’m with you —> how much longer can the criminal cabal and elite hold on before the system crashes?

      When you hear roughly the same consensus from very bright people like Dr Paul Craig Roberts, Ron Kirby, John Embry, Peter Martenson, David Stockman, Gerald Celente, Peter Schiff, Greg Mannarino, etc, you know there’s no denying it’s going to blow… it’s a given.

      It’s becoming clearer to me that Central Banks -and the criminal families that run them – aren’t engineering an actual crash…. what they’re doing is everything in their power to stop the inevitable crash and save the banks (and in turn the status quo and system), which is what Embry said.

      Therefore, the coming crash is simply a natural result of decades of wanton and gluttonous abuse of fiat currencies, monetary policy and the power they yield, all simply to benefit themselves. These people are truly bad for this planet, period…………but now, they’re going to meet their maker (though I have no doubt their positioned well when the crash comes).

      Gee Gees

    • woody188

      Right, because the Chinese have shown so much integrity in valuation of their currency, labor, and manufactured goods. I’m sure they won’t manipulate the cost of the metals they are the largest producer for in the world. Right….

      • Silence is Golden

        touché….mon amie…!!! 🙂

  8. dchayden

    This is a man who knows how to answer a question. Probably one of the best interviews yet !! Great chemistry between you guys, the interview flowed effortlessly, and very interesting !! …hope you have him back on in the near future !!

  9. vincentg

    Greg you are doing a super job.
    A good sound opinion by your guest John Embry.

    All currencies are sinking.
    If one isn’t sinking as fast as the others that does not mean it is worth more as it’s still sinking.
    Thus Gold is based on an exchange rate of the worth of the dollar.
    The dollar maybe stronger than the others but it’s exchange rate to Gold is not effected by it’s exchange rate to other currencies going up or down.

    For those in the fiat money camp I say the problem with Gold is it doesn’t know it’s not money.

    As to the pricing mechanism.
    The paper market is broken.
    If you have such movement in Gold as what has taken place without effecting the price then there is no doubt that this pricing mechanism is broken.

  10. Jerry

    Greg the free market does not exist anymore……period. People need to stop thinking in supply and demand terms, and realize the markets are manipulated from beginning to end. The reason gold has be manipulated down is so that the banking cabal that controls the markets, can fill their faults in preparation for the new gold backed Yuan system that will replace our current fiat system that is failing. Its all planned!

    The wealth has moved from West to East right under our nose Greg. Why else did the Chinese purchase the Morgan Chase Bank building in New York city? Two reasons.
    1. They need a place to store their gold when they set up shop here under the Gold backed Yuan system.
    2. It has direct access to the Federal Reserve Bank. Ding…Ding…Ding
    Greg, the Chinese are not only joined at the hip with the Russians, they are in full business mode with the City of London Corporation that runs the Federal Reserve Bank.

    September 30th the Chinese will open the Gold Exchange in Shanghai with real gold, and then the rules of the game will change. I fully expect intense pressure on the dollar, as physical assets will be replacing paper IOU contracts. What do you think will happen then?

    • Jerry

      The Ruble is being turned into rubble with the US economic sanctions.
      Next stop in the twilight zone, crash city for the U.S. and Europe as the Russians retaliate with the help of the Chinese . Folks they’ve been planning this. Why else do you think the Chinese have been buying trainloads of Gold?

      • wd


        I didnt think sanctions would affect the Russian economy this badly. It appears that the West’s sanctions are working. was Russia hoodwinked on this?
        And why would anyone want to invest in any EU countries? ( since money is moving out of Russia- dont understand this)

        Did Russia justy not see this coming? Jim Willie in a very recent interview said that Russia and China are joined at hip and that China WOULD NOT LET RUSSIA GO DONE BECAUSE THEN THEY WOULD BE ISOLATED NEXT.

        Honestly Jerry I did not see this one coming. What is Russia’s next move?

        • Jerry

          See my alert. We are in a full blown economic war, with Russia and China. Have you ever played rock. paper, scissor ?
          The U.S. Dollar is paper. The Chinese gold is scissor. Guess who wins this one?

          • Ugly


      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        An interesting link.
        I quote from it;

        ‘The U.S. and the EU indicated, however, they may reverse some of the sanctions if they see that Moscow is supporting peace process in Ukraine, where more than 3,000 died since mid-April’.

        What complete nonsense that the US and the EU could make such a statement!
        The civil war was caused by the US in the first place!

        • Jerry

          The United States and NATO, are about to have their bluff called by the Chinese and Russians . The Russians will spike gas prices for Europe just about the time a cold snap hits Europe, while the Chinese spike gold prices, driving the dollar down. Its going to get real messy.

      • allen ols


        “If Obama resigns from office now, thereby doing a great service to the country, I will give him free lifetime golf at any one of my courses.” ~ Donald Trump

    • Kasey

      The Shanghai Gold Exchange just announced they are launching early…tomorrow (9/18/14)!

      Let it begin!

      • collateral Damage

        Fascinating! Thanks for sharing this news. We shall see what happens.


    • Jerry

      The Chinese have moved up their launch date for the exchange in Shanghai to 09/18/2014 this Thursday!
      I told you in my last post there would be a response to the UN economic sanctions on Russia because of Ukraine, and here it is. Its all downhill from here. Everything I have told you the last several months has all been true. Only the timing of the events have been off. The economic life boats are now launching for the people who are trying to get out while they still can. I’m struggling with what there is left to post since there isn’t much time left? This may be it. God bless Greg, and everyone at USA watchdog!

  11. Chip

    And yet another interesting point of view versus what MA had to say previous. I think all of the theories are plausible. Nothing is written in stone and will depend much on the actions-reactions of leaders of the various countries to geopolitical and financial events. Protesting masses of folks (good or bad) could have effect on those decisions as well. What we do know is that the USA and much of the rest of the world are flat out broke both morally and financially and that will not lead to a good outcome or happy ending…

  12. Marcus West

    I am very happy when you put information like this up I learned a year ago when I started to watch your show every week about buying Gold and Silver. I took all the advice and purchased a large amount over the last year……. I am ready for the big crash and wealth transfer. Thanks for the help.

  13. HTC

    After September 25th all bets are off. I am a firm believer that this shemitah year will be the end of the USD. We are about to enter the 12 month window starting on the 25th of this month. It is about to get real.

  14. Truthy1

    It seems like we are sneaking up on pandemonium’s liar at the end of a lean winter after a wild fire ! Humpty Dumptys men will never get it back together again.

  15. rick

    Great interview.
    Embry and Sprott are smart guys of course; but they shamelessly rode gold all the way down from $1900, talking their book the whole way down. They do a tremendous dis-service to their investors and others when there opinions are weighed more than the facts. I should know, I am one of them.

    Again Embry dismissed the effect of capital flow into US markets and the dollar that will take place over the next year. He takes exception to those who have been spot on in this regard? Take Embry’s comments with a grain a salt in my opinion.

    • Emeth

      Rick, pretty much spot on. They all talk their book – they almost all have vested interests.
      It never ceases to amaze me how so many ‘clever’ people wholeheartedly support and cheer those who confirm their existing beliefs and viewpoints, and conveniently dismiss the bias and often the known mistakes of the past.
      I am Australian, but previously worked as a Regional Director – General Manager (Asia-Pacific) for a large US company. In the 10+ years I worked for them it never ceased to surprise me how quick my American colleagues were to cheer the captain (CEO) and his policy when first launched, always with confident words and much fanfare, no matter how stupid or unqualified the decisions were. Decisions just needed to be bold, grandiose and different to the predecessors.
      It seems to me that there is something systemic in the US education system or psyche that promotes this form of overconfidence or self belief. Of course, in good times it is very powerful and very successful, but on complex issues it is disastrous as the minutiae of the situation is rarely appreciated or recognized … as we note in Iraq, Libya, and the current worldwide economic debacle.
      I not anti US in any way. I really loved my US colleagues for their frankness, general honesty and hospitality, it was just their naivety that was troublesome.

  16. d. hunt

    You’re one of my favorite sites. I love how you pin down guests on
    gold/silver predictions. But, isn’t it a real possibility that should the
    dollar go in the tank or a major disturbance occur in the world causing
    gold/silver to takes off, that the government will attach capital gains
    ( 23.65%) since they work to keep gold/silver as just a commodity. Or
    would they apply hefty taxation to the selling of gold/silver ( say 90%) to
    squash the popular concept of ever considering gold/silver as actual
    money again. I’d be happy if you’d consider this question for future guests,
    for their response.
    -thank you-
    a commodity

  17. leena

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: If the metals prices are kept down, they will be
    purchased by those in the East. Since the financial system has taken over our economy,
    government and even education system(see Common Core) it is not hard to see where
    this is going. Read the Mission Statement of The Council on Foreign Relations and the Wolfowitz Doctrine( Dr. Paul Craig Roberts has talked about this). This is the policy of Washington. The United States must be destroyed to bring in the One World Government (that Henry Kissinger(and other globalists want)-see his new book “World Order”. We see asymmetrical warfare-TSA at the airports but no border between the US and Mexico any longer… We see Agenda 21 in our cities with Common Core in schools teaching it’s ok to say that 3X4=11. We see Agenda 21 in the massive number of apartments (I call pack and stacks) now located right next to the grocery store along with those blue and red bikes to rent: all in the name of the warm and fuzzy propaganda which has slowly invaded the thinking of the public that WE are responsible for global “change”-even tho’ there is more ice in the Arctic than has ever been recorded. The destroyers (A better word for the elites, coined by Ayn Rand) goal is to overwhelm the system to cause panic, population reduction and surrender of sovereignty and gasp, now how long will it be before the Ebola pandemic?….

    • collateral Damage


      You wrote, “TSA at the airports but no border between the US and Mexico any longer…”

      Go figure on that one! Can anyone tell us how that makes sense? it sure isn’t because they were concerned about ‘national security’.

      • Isaac

        It makes sense in the context of the North American Union agenda.

        • Collateral Damage

          I see how the ‘no borders’ falls in line, but what is the ‘real’ purpose for the TSA?

  18. Outlookingin

    To force the price of silver lower, the bad actors on the Comex “sell” paper silver shorts. For each short position there is a corresponding long position. The present open interest amount in silver on the Comex is at record high levels.

    The silver longs have now withstood attack, after price attack, without capitulating and giving up their positions. These contracts are being held in very strong hands with deep pockets. (China?)

    The amount of silver on the Comex that is registered and available for delivery sits at approximately 60 million ounces. The amount of December silver contracts now sits at 700 million ounces. This is more than a 10 to 1 ratio of paper versus actual physical!

    John Embry (among others) is correct. The end game draws ever nearer. I think the Comex and those responsible for the price suppression, have painted themselves into a corner. They will be forced into declaring a “Force Majeure” if those silver longs stand for delivery in the December contract.

    Settlement in cash is still a failure to deliver, which is a default. Now watch all the trolls come crawling out of the shadows, flaming any post such as this one and Greg’s program today. Thank you Greg for another eye opening interview.

    • Chip

      Excellent post…

  19. John M.

    I’ve listened and have read the analysis of John Embry for years. I have tremendous respect for this gentleman and have always shared his same sentiments and outlooks. It was really a nice treat to have a visual video with him as I have only listened to him by audio.
    Just a couple points. China doesn’t really care about the coming crash of the dollar as they have secretly and not so secretly divested many of their dollar and treasury bond holdings into real things. I will bet that mountains of these paper dollars and IOU’s already have been piling up at the Fed and other shadow government warehouses as the East does not want them.
    The American people will be the biggest losers: 1) as they generally don’t produce real things like they used to during our industrial glory days 2.) Americans and their government don’t own real gold and silver 3.) Americans are delusional because they put too much faith in their currency and paper assets (stocks, bonds, etc.) 4.) They have no contingency plans as they don’t think it’s possible that America will ever fall from its lofty perch or experience any kind of serious economic difficulties.
    God surely has not ordained that the USA will always remain a great nation if it defiantly turns away from God and its own constitutional foundations of private property and personal freedom.
    I don’t really care what the current price of paper gold and silver is on those rigged exchanges that in no way can be construed as “free markets”. They are houses of sin and dens of thievery, like modern-day slave ships for those who have lost their human dignity and the use of their free minds. The ship has already hit the jagged rocks years ago, and most Americans are still chained to the galleys.

  20. Kevin

    Another great interview! As always, the big question is WHEN. I’m extremely skeptical when people (like Harvey Organ) put a date on it. You’d have to know exactly how much metal is still available, how fast it’s coming and going, the Chinese plans, etc. We can only speculate based on publicly available info (that’s probably lies). Just when the game is about to end – they’ll come up with more “schemes undreamed of” (as Gerald Celente says). I’ll just keep stacking and waiting… Thanks Greg!

  21. Jeff

    jfyi….. [ Today the Chinese government backed Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) brought forward the launch date of its international gold trading platform which is hosted in the city’s free trade zone (FTZ). The gold trading platform will be known as the ‘international board’.

    In a surprise announcement, the SGE said today that the international board will go-live this Thursday September 18, eleven days ahead of its original launch date of Monday September 29.

  22. Alarmed

    As a child born after WW2, in North America, my father and every father of my age group were veterans of that war. Despite its faults-sin is as old as Adam- it was unprecedented times in history, the end of the Christian era. I do not, however, agree that it is coming so an end soon. It ended by early 60’s. The great experiment lasted only a little over a decade.

    It is no surprise that wealth is being transferred from the West to the East. Nixon prepped this situation with open doors to China.

    While it is encouraging that gold and silver may be a wise decision for tough times, I do not put it past the bankers to lust after the little anyone actually has and tax precious metals when converted to currency by 60-90%. Obama would like to tax all of us 100%.

    I was a very good interview, and I would like to see another interview with John Embry in the future. Thanks.

    • Chip

      That will only force a black market trade under the table. I witnessed this first hand in West/East Germany before the fall of the wall. Banks pegged exchange rate of west/east German marks at 1:1 but you could trade a west german mark for five east german marks on the economy. The same think is happening in Venezuala right now with their currency and the US dollar (as we are still the less dirty shirt). Eventually all fiat will be worthless…

  23. KSKing

    The key to understanding gold suppression is that the price of gold expressed in US$ establishes the value of the paper/electronic dollar. Hence, gold price going down signals the US$ is stronger and vice-verse. Logically (and understand using logic in our insane world with manipulated markets is folly, if not fatal, but bear with me) every new dollar created lowers the value of each dollar in existence. Therefore as more dollars are printed the price of gold should go up since the value of each dollar is lower and it should take more dollars to purchase the same amount of gold. QE∞ should have caused the price of gold to go up. QE, demand in the East, plus other forces are putting extreme upward pressure on the price of gold, so much so that they can no longer hide their price manipulation(s). I agree what when the supply of physical in the West runs out is when the wheels fly off in the worldwide financial markets. The day is fast approaching and hence why the drums of war beat louder and louder.

    So psychologically the price of gold expressed in US$ is critical. However I’m becoming more and more convinced that the real game is in silver. Silver has become a critical component of industrial fabrication and electronics. Over 50% of silvers yearly consumption is industrial, and this % is lower now because the demand for investment silver has spiked, only 10% of gold consumption is industrial. About 15,000 tonnes of silver and 100 tonnes of gold are used industrially per year. Therefore the price of silver has a greater impact on worldwide economics. This reality also shatters the historic gold/silver ratio since silver is now much more valuable as a raw commodity versus it’s historic usage in coins/silverware/jewelry.

    The suppression of gold is mostly a psychological action with an indirect effect on product cost, whereas the suppression of silver has a direct effect on the cost of goods manufactured. Of course since gold and silver prices are inexorably tied together the suppression of gold also suppresses silver.

  24. Nick

    I was a metals analyst when the Hunt brothers were buying up gold and silver. The Saudi’s were heavily involved and still buying when the fix came in from the FED to stop the market.
    Most of what happened during that time can’t be proven, but certainly the fact that the Comex executive committee made a ruling that was clearly illegal can be verified.
    The war of gold and silver has been going on for decades. I’m not sure if the Saudi’s are keeping the price down on Comex so that physical metal can be bought up at cheap prices, or that it’s a combination of players, but this situation will surely have a devastating affect on the US dollar and economy.

    • West Tejas

      @Nick : That’s very interesting information. We all know the Saudi’s are the main reason for the Petro Dollar. Interesting to say the least. We can only imagine they are hedging their bets. If the Petro Dollar remains strong they continue to make billions plus have the mighty U.S. Military to support their billionaire leaders and if the Petro Dollar falls they have plenty of precious metals to keep them in good standing with the next reserve currency.

  25. Vanelli56


    Just wanted to share this news story…

    A source of mine says that the internal rumors are not good, and they are hoping that this is not going to turn into another Furguson. Nothing official yet, and SLED has yet to release the video yet; But its something to keep an eye on. If I hear anything further, will let everyone here know.

    Thanks again for your great interviews.

  26. John

    John J

    So does this mean onwership in sprott’s phys and pslv are going to be a safe and profitable place to to be?

  27. 8Ball

    Embry: 7:36 “I don’t know”
    neither does anyone else…

  28. Rock

    You are working overtime reaching out to real heavy weights to bring the actual state of affairs to us. Many, many thanks.
    Please keep this great work up.

  29. Angie

    China’s secret? It owes Americans nearly $1 trillion

    China can go to hell.

  30. David

    Great interview, please have Mr. Embry back again soon.

  31. archivesDave

    Thnx Greg:
    Hopefully you’ll get a rebuttal from Harry Dent

  32. Charles H.


    What a great guy. Straight-forward comments and perspective – from someone as well connected as they come. I think China knows not much physical is available in gold; silver is the last straw. I imagine the rest of the world is growing really sick of the West’s games and fraud.

    • allen ols


      Keep in mind what can be called the Second Law of Sound Money: a paper money regime cannot replace a failed paper money regime.

  33. Samsara

    It’s easy to understand why the west dislikes gold when the likes of Warren Buffett with his huge following makes a good argument against it and the main stream media runs with it.
    Until gold earns gold interest as proposed by the Indians, gold will be stuck in this paradigm.
    As I write, gold is having another $20 knock down.

  34. Bonnie

    Greg, Thanks for having John Embry on. I agree with everything he has to say. I appreciate all the time you spend on this website. I am making a donation for my Thank You.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your kind words and feedback!

    • JC Davis

      Love you Bonnie. JC

  35. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    Great interview Greg.
    My view – John Embry is an extremely knowledgeable and genuine man.
    I notice a few other followers have requested having Edward G Griffin on as a guest – do you think there is any possibility of this happening.

    • Mason

      I think it is quite understandable that Greg cannot answer every post (too much posts). However, in an earlier post Greg said he would try to get Griffin on USAWatchdog so I am assuming Greg is trying. But what do I know? In any case, I am paying attention to that one. I agree with you that that would be absolutely great.

      BTW, the G in his name goes first, I am sorry to say that I missplaced it myself on occasion.

      • JC Davis

        Colin. do the leg work for us. contact the people you want to see Greg. Have them contact Greg threw email. I have been trying to get Ron Paul for 2 years now. We are this site. Believe it. Let us ALL go to work spreading the warnings.

  36. Glen

    How do we know that the above ground stock of gold and silver is dwindling? If you go to the Local Coin Shop they have coins to sell. The gold and silver market is opaque. We have no real or dependable statistics or figures to guage the market with. We cannot make predictions based on this information. The guru’s are guessing. All these guru’s were guessing in 2011 as well when they were predicting 100 dollar silver and we ended up in a bear market for silver that has cut our investment value in half or even more than half. Keep on guessing guru’s. Eventually you will be right.

  37. Charles Savoie

    Is 42 the magic number? In October 2007, two silver benchmarks, Silver Standard and Pan American Silver—set all time high prices not seen since (and capital gains taxes were lower). Standard hit $48.16. After 42 months, comes April 2011, and silver hit $49.85 intraday, and gold $1946. November 2014 is 42 months out from spring 2011. This coincides with Embry and Harvey Organ saying we don’t get to year end with gutter range prices. What happens at the next peak? Another collapse as with the first two? Are you using trailing stops in mining shares? In the first event, silver was only $16.27 with Standard bid up almost three to one over silver. Investors thought there would be earnings. If investors again sense leverage, and once physical is very tough to source at rates 20% over “spot”—if there is a “spot”—mining shares are likely to go wild, until governments come in to take more. Stops will therefore save your gains, unless you aren’t using them, which is very negligent. There will be no government increase in royalties until after you-know-who has made their exit. If you take big check from broker, consider depositing it in a credit union—rather than in a “network” bank. Remember that everyone who voted for Obama has deleted 5% more from your long term gains—money you could have given to charities, instead of it being forcibly tossed onto the Federal bonfire. Deny contributions to charities associated with Obama supporters!

  38. Raul

    Why is it that all of these people, Embry included, just sound like apologists for why gold always goes down instead of up? How much mileage can they expect to get out of this worn out lamentation that the “cartel” stages daily “raids” on gold to drive it down? This only means that they are stronger than gold — assuming the “cartel” even exists. Isn’t it far more possible that gold goes down in price because nobody wants it? I don’t see porterhouse steak going down in price!

    • Greg Hunter

      “Isn’t it far more possible that gold goes down in price because nobody wants it?” In a word, NO. In another three words, check China’s imports.

      • billy

        Embry works for Sprott? Sprott who predicted in 2013 that gold would be $2400 by July 2014, then later revised that to $2000 by end of year 2014 and silver over $50?

        How much are India imports up over the last year that they didn’t have the increased import taxes designed to curb imports?

        While I basically agree with these guys about the future of gold and silver, we’ve been hearing it for years, and I think that it could take much longer than any of them will admit, possibly decades.

        Gold and silver will stay down until they go up, and no one knows how long that will take.

        • JC Davis

          Billy. Yep. Your right. Yet consider this. just because I work for someone don’t mean I don’t believe thing will happen the way I see them happening. It is opinion. Numbers, and Facts we all want. In the midst of many counselors there is SAFTEY. Never take my advise or any one persons advise. Cast in all cares on JESUS for he will take care of what you LEAVE in his hand to do.

    • Charles H.


      There is a war going on between government and history. Those who think government is everything will not understand that gold has proven itself time and time again. Those who understand history begin to comprehend that men, even those in dignified positions: are not to be trusted. Between these two poles – people gravitate. Pick one.

    • Chip

      If you followed the COMEX and other metals exchanges you can plainly see the daily raids. They happen at the same time when suddenly everyone dumps a large quantity for no reason. That method of selling earns them LESS money than if they did so in a more responsible fashion. That is reason enough to know that it is the means by which they manipulate the price lower…

    • Ugly

      It is the old stock advice of buy low and then sell high….once the buyers getting all they need at low prices, then watch out. It will skyrocket in value….

  39. Raul

    We keep hearing about China’s imports, but the volume of gold imports seems impossible to verify through any credible source. Much of the “data” seems more like speculation. Many in the gold community even blame China for artificially depressing the gold price. Since when does buying more and more of something tend to lower price? None of this makes logical sense, and it is costing the gold advocates a lot of credibility. Too much of what they assert sounds like wishful thinking in the face of a very harsh reality concerning gold’s failure to behave as promised by so many gold “gurus.”

    • Silence is Golden

      They simply underestimated the power of LEVERAGE.

  40. Tedd99

    Alarmed comment is most alarming.

    Alarmed 09/17/2014 •
    While it is encouraging that gold and silver may be a wise decision for tough times, I do not put it past the bankers to lust after the little anyone actually has and tax precious metals when converted to currency by 60-90%.

    Traveling to Hong Kong to store gold is not an option for many of us. I can easily see the rats taxing converted currency by 60-90%.

    Can you guys comment on this?

    • Mason

      There is a difference of opinion between experts it seems. Doug Casey from Casey Research and International Man say the greatest threat to your investments is political, so it is imperatieve that you diversify your risk internationally: don’t have all your assets in one country. Jim Sinclair on the other hand says that you better be prepared to live in the country in which you have your assets.

  41. Merc

    Paper vs Gold. Alibaba is paper, ok?
    $ 21 thousand million US dollars – 21B- (approx) goes to Paper today!

    Freaky. Can buy money – gold – with fiat. But MSM has us chasing any yield, and the Fed ponzi stays with all the pigs at the tough…so happy, just a win-win, buy the Paper Dips, oink oink…but the reaper will have a say soon methinks….

  42. Sam Grant

    Hi Greg.
    It’s a very very rare person that admits they got it wrong, but Mr. Embry did just that. Kudos to him. A few years ago, even experts like him had no idea that some sinister entity was massively shorting the pms which resulted in losses for people who invested with Sprott. If anyone has listened to interviews given by Eric Sprott, Rick Rule or John Embry in the last three years, you can actually hear the frustration and pain in their voices at the low pm prices and the confusion over why prices weren’t going up when all indicators showed that they should be. While suspected for decades, no one actually knew for sure manipulation (and the massive amounts of it) was going on until it was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt recently. Sad for everyone all around but I am impressed beyond words at Mr. Embry’s admission. I know it doesn’t lessen the pain of those who lost though ………….
    I wonder why China is in such a rush to open the Shanghai Gold Exchange. Could it be the (US) jig is up and the Chinese are anxious to move more boldly into their pre-appointed position as the world’s No. 1?

    • Silence is Golden

      Sam & Galearis,
      One major issue with China wishing to take the mantle……
      Their currency (RMB) is not a floating currency. IT IS FIXED (advantageously so).
      Should China decide to let the currency float, then they would/could stand a chance….but the downside is their currency would be targeted (massively so).
      just one more issue with China…..they are still a communist country.
      Hmmmm.. nuff said. 🙁

  43. Jeff

    Over a $TRILLION debt added over the last year. The bankruptcy of the US is what it’s been all about. Wars and false flag attacks to distract the sheeple will come, but they are secondary. Why anyone could believe things will remain the same is dumbfounding…… 9-11 was the beginning of the END. Since then we lost the Bill of Rights and spent $2-3 Trillion on ghost wars. Sounds like a pretty good motive to me……as Americans sleep………………… [ ]

  44. Galearis

    My brother always maintains that the price action we see in the PMs is the price of the oversupply of derivatives…Many take this as manipulation, but another way to look at this system is that the derivative prices are fair. For example, if a long buys a few million ounces in derivatives gold on the COMEX (from 100 million ounces offered in order to take down the price) the position will not be filled in metal. It will be cashed out…And most of the players actually LIKE this as a cash market; and the lower the prices, the better plays they can make…. And, of course, there is no limit to the amount of derivatives that can be sold – as illegal as that is…..It’s all about leveraged values. If one hundred paper gold ounces are sold for one ounce deliverable, we are looking at a fair price for the derivative….But not for the metal…In theory this whole scheme indicates a gold price, “inflation adjusted” by derivatives, that would be 100 times the metal prices in a free market. This is another perspective of why John urges physical buys. And yes, John is absolutely right that this control will be absolute until something breaks a big hole in this rotten system.

    But really the question is how can the world declare this fraud as a fraud and cease to recognize the price set by a phony market? The conventional wisdom (and a reasonable argument it is) is to blame the Chinese and others who want to accumulate gold for strategic reasons. All China really has to do is open the mint and declare gold backing to their currency. I think they realize that to attack the dollar based American Empire in that fashion would result in war. So do they allow the Shanghai Exchange to do to the price passively what they should fear to do officially by opening the mint to gold? This may be the plan. But it may not avoid war either. The markets have always been the threat to the dollar in the end game. The Shanghai Exchange is a threat to the dollar.

    But in the end we can envisage a coming collapse of paper against gold. That is assured. It might take all and sundry down with it whereupon it would not matter what one paid for gold now (it would not be valuable anyway in the worst case scenario), or it would set ones financial “health” up in the degraded future as well as could be expected. The argument for buying gold remains the same if one is sure that the collapse will definitely take down any asset values of paper assets.

    Unfortunately, my one disagreement with John’s world view is about buying shares. They are dollar vehicles and also derivatives….So I will stick to tangibles only and do also recommend this as the safer investment.

    Well done John Embry and thank you, Greg, for finally getting him on air…


    Now ask yourself why the oil producers tolerate a suppressed oil price? Washington has demonstrated to the world what will happen to countries that rock that boat too….

  45. Jerry

    Greg I can’t help myself, but this is important.
    The President of Ukraine addressing both houses of Congress. Does that seem a bit strange to you?

    • JC Davis

      Jerry. Give it up! you have too much knowledge not to post. I for one love your postings.

      • Greg Hunter

        Me too Jerry.

  46. Pdog

    Dear Greg:
    Not related to your current program, but a story which might supersede the current economic and political turmoil . A volcanic caldera under a glacier in Iceland may soon collapse, I mean like in a month. It’s Bardarbunga. It is slowly collapsing now. It sits at the intersection of tectonic plates which are rifting apart. Please consider.


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Pdog for the heads up. Please feel free to post some links and articles on this.

  47. JC Davis

    Greg. I am in sticker shock. material’s have gone so high in the last few years. I have been looking at buying another used truck. Crazy prices ! My truck today is worth more today then when I bought it 9 years ago. HH Greg has a 10,000 dollar refrigerator. I never dreamed these things could be.

  48. Jerry

    Anyone with a lick of common sense can look at this dollar index chart and see that it is being pumped up.
    You know, like the Titanic rose out of the water, just before it sank? Alarm bells should be going off.

  49. Edbrad

    Who remembers the premise of Ian Flemming’s “Golfinger”?
    Aurrick Goldfinger plotted to make his gold holdings the most valuable on Earth by setting off a nuke at Fort Knox, thereby rendering that largest of all gold hoard unusable for centuries.
    Could this be what the West has in mind for Russian and Chinese gold stockpiles? Paul Craig Roberts tells us that the current US nuke policy permits strategic first strike. Would preventing Third-world beggar status for the US Government constitute a sufficient strategic threat for a first strike?
    Yes, yes, Russia, you and China: hoard away. See where it gets you. . . Muah, ha ha ha !

  50. HTC

    Greg, what is the significance of the shangahi exchange? I understand they will be trading in physical metals but how does that affect anythi g here in the US? Honest question, just trying to grasp why this is such a big deal. Thanks!

  51. Barbie

    What … a crock of crap

    I just saw Indian imports (for gold) were up 176% in the latest month.



    Oh, and by the way … Gold is STILL down Greg

    Good grief

    What if it hits mean reversion up to 1280 ya going to claim a win on this crackpot “manipulation” bologna?

  52. 2015

    You will never be allowed to own gold and or silver if these scenarios play out. The banks will close under heavy armed enforcement, and you will be put on electronic credits. THAT is much more likely over the medium term. What should you watch for? Watch for wireless cash and the managed end of the dollar. And once that happens you are no longer in Kansas. You will have nothing resembling a national or international currency. It will become clear in the following two years that ownership is dead and that a politcally accountable currency is beyond the reach of most people.

  53. Ugly

    Quit worrying about silver, just buy some. Someday it could go to $600. But does it matter? It is a value regardless of inflation….

    • JC Davis

      Same as copper, a old truck, and storage food. FEAR NOT, Yet be prepared for anything.

  54. Coalburner9

    All that gold going to China will not be seen for 500 years, “The Great Supercycle.” Read the Book. Then watch the movie ‘Apocalypto”. Think 1492. Now think 1971. Imagine 2490 or 2510. The Chinese eastern empire, the greatest ever known is crumbling. Better hope we can watch that show from heaven. A mans life is too short!

    Nice interview Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you 9!

  55. Jeff

    Barbie says… “I just saw Indian imports (for gold) were up 176% in the latest month “……… Maybe you should take the time to understand what you’re reading. Gold sales were up 176% from last year. It was September then also.

  56. Jose79845

    Yup, more pump and dump.

  57. Anderson


    Some exceptional guests lately – just brilliant choices!

    John Embry, Bill Holter, Andy Hoffman, PCR, Eric Sprott – the list goes on.

    Keep it going Greg – these analysts are some of the best in the world without question – even from the perspective of a non-American.

    Inflection point looming. These people all know it.

    Embry is a &$@#ing genius.

    Thank you for getting them on!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you, I had some luck in there too.

  58. DavidC

    Hi Greg,
    Superb interview. As you mentioned in one of your replies he answered the hard question about the drop in price in 2011.

    Great piece!


  59. raw658

    When wild stuff, like silver trading $17.90s, happens within a couple of months before or after Rosh Hashanah, IMO one needs to assume it is the NWO/FedReserve behind this silver crash. If there is anything the bad guys wish was never created, its silver. Silver makes liars out of guys who issue digital nothing currency. The SGE seems important to cleaning up, which must done, the CME and the COMEX. But the new SGE is making this big change right near RoshHash, which could/should mean the NWO/Fed is behind the SGE. One would hope NWO/Fed and BRICs are not on the same side. War is deception.

  60. laurence

    Greg-great questions.great interview! Probably the best interview with John Embry I have ever heard.He really lays it out.He’s a straight shooter and a real gentleman.Thanks Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      I kind of put him on the spot and he did great with the answers!! I hope to have him back on again.

      • Mason


  61. Henry

    Mr. Embry said that a trigger to higher gold prices might be someone asking for their gold and not getting it. Isn’t that what happened to Germany a year ago or so?

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