Gold is the Anti-Bubble-Jim Willie

By Greg Hunter’s 

Jim Willie is the editor of the “Hat Trick Letter.”  He has a PhD in statistics and crunches the numbers on things like gold, currencies and bonds.  Jim Willie says, “Gold is the anti-bubble. . . . It is the response to the biggest bubble in the history of the modern world, and that is Treasury bonds.”  It was recently reported the Federal Reserve is buying 90% of all Treasuries.  To that, Willie says, “The supply of gold is lacking and demand for Treasuries is evaporating.  It’s that simple.”  Willie thinks the global economy will not get better because, “. . . they have no solutions, and they are praying they can keep this going.”  Like it or not, gold is going to make its way back into the monetary system.  Jim Willie contends, “The gold standard will return because gold will be the last asset left standing.  Everything in paper is going to go to Hell.”  The transition will be very painful.  Willie says, “We have a climax bust coming for bonds, currencies and the banking system because they are all interrelated.”  Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Jim Willie of

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  1. Mitch Bupp

    Bubble economics have distorted the economic market to the point there needs to be a reset. With every bubble economic sectors blow up and then out dragging parts of the economy up and down as these economic bubbles. This has been a disaster for the average American who has been hit with hidden inflation related to bubble economics. The economy is so twisted out of shape that it is no longer a market based economy but a rigged market with government back-stops preventing real economic recovery.

  2. JoeJustJoe

    The truth is that gold is like any other asset/investment/vehicle for speculation. How high/low it goes depends on the “perceptions” of those who are buying/selling it. Right now the overwhelming perception by everyone touting gold is that U.S. treasuries are in a bubble and gold is the panacea. There are just as many willing to pay up for the “perceived” safety of U.S. govmint debt as there are that are willing to pay historically high prices for gold. Somebody is gonna be wrong about their choice. 🙂 I already pointed out how the “real” market has already begun to tell us which of the two parties are wrong. And I even explained how you will continue to get further “tells” from the real market. Again, the tell is this >>> Whatever happens to the general market will happen to gold and gold assets. Pay attention to the market please. 🙂

  3. AndyB

    Greg: kudos for getting JW who is one of my most favorite analysts for his ability to cut through all the financial BS and the lies and disinformation spewed by “captured” pundits. He has consistently, over the years, warned us that the status quo, so lovingly maintained for the corrupt and criminal, is unsustainable.

    • Greg

      Thank you Andy B. I like Jim Willie a lot.

  4. JoeJustJoe

    WOW! The Golden Jackass just said to buy the Chinese yuan! YIKERS!! FXP (short against the Chinese markets) is gonna make a run over the next few weeks that will astound everyone. I’m buying both EDZ and FXP today actually. China gonna get crushed short term and long term even worse than the U.S. markets will. Gold to $7000?!! This poor guy is just a plain ole raving lunatic. Methinks I heard enuff of this guy, Greg. Where do you find these guys?!! LOL

    • Amman

      Yikers indeed.

  5. John

    Jim Willie is one of the best. I had read that he has a 80 – 90 percent accuracy rate. I have been following him since he went on the internet, about 10 years or so.

    CNBC had on gartman the other day & he recommended that people have 5 percent in gold & avoid silver because it was too volatile. When silver is the poor man’s gold, & you should probably have close to 50 percent of your money in metals, both gold & silver.

    Thanks for having him on Greg. I think by you having such a diverse group of quality guests, that you are helping a lot of people to wake up & turn off the TV. Thanks again Greg for your invaluable service & blog.

    • Greg

      Gartman has been fabulously wrong in the past. I trust Willie in the big picture stuff. He’s been right–a lot. Thank you.


  6. wheedle

    “,,,$5ooo Gold and $200 Silver minimum in the new system,,,,”
    If Mr Willie is right, Communist China may become the New World Superpower. And it will happen due to precious metal price manipulation combined with the theft of massive amounts of wealth stolen from allocated gold funds. The “transition” he refers to may occur, but not until after nations fall, riots, war, starvation, civil unrest, decreases in population densities, and an overall change in what we currently call “civilization”. This is a sobering interview with someone who certainly has an inside scoop. I’m sure the Big Players are squared away and will simply wait for the smoke to clear.
    Thanks again Greg.

    • Greg

      Thank you Wheedle.

    • G Humor

      Jim Sinclair says we’re over the cliff but Jim Willie says we’re actually heading for the canyon floor. Which one is right?

      • Greg

        G Humor,
        Either way we are headed for a crash. I think it now just semantics.

  7. JoeJustJoe

    BTW, Greg, everyone who is “high on gold” will get a very clear signal form the “real” market here over the next week or so. One of the 2 U.S. zombie banks I mentioned, BAC is setting itself up for implosion (along with the Irish bank, IRE, which I mentioned more than once). “If” gold and the gold plays implode along with the zombie banks it will be “interesting” to see what you so called ex-spurts will have to say to that. Gold is “supposed to be” where everybody is gonna run when the banks start to implode.

    • JoeJustJoe

      In my second to last sentence I meant to say “your” so called ex-spurts. Not “you”…as if I was implying you were an ex-spurt on gold there, Greg. I realize you are just looking for guidance. I’m just making sure you stay on the right side of the trade is all. The GoldenJackass was actually quite comical. He’s probably holed up in a bunker somewhere. I find the “extremists” extremly funny. Can’t wait till you follow up with that guy…Yra too come Jan 🙂

  8. jc

    Great interview. Clearly seeing the big picture.This phiscal cliff is a distraction to the real problems. Thanks Greg

  9. JoeJustJoe

    I already have a position in EDZ via shares which I bot at 10.56 as well as Jan call options at the $11 strike. I am also going to be buying some FXP calls at the Jan $19 strike once this 19.66 low gets taken care of. Still holding some of my VIXZens from the previous trade and becuz of what I see with IRE n BAC today I am upping my target sell on VXX calls and UVXY shares. This could get ugly I do believe and once again I hope everyonne joins me to take advantage of some major chachingo…just as all my trades so far have resulted in. I would say the chances are good that the gold shares ETF >>> NUGT will trade to the target in the $7’s I mentioned a few weeks ago. I only wish I didn’t sell completely out of DUST shares. I just didn’t want to be a pig 🙂

    • quick

      If it all fails as you seem to think.

      What good is the paper you hold in an account that goes under.

      MF Global was a beginning

      Wars, chaos and strife. I think gold and silver will come out the other side on top. You can use the paper, if you can get it from the defunct holder, to start the fire to keep warm and heat your beans – I you have any.

  10. frosty

    One immutable law of gold that that Mr Willie did not address directly, although he did indirectly, was explained by William Gouge, an associate of President Andrew Jackson, when describing real money back in 1833…

    “Money of gold and silver is property – it is wealth. A hundred dollars in silver can no more be considered as the representative of a hundred dollars worth of flour, than a hundred dollars of flour can be representative of a hundred dollars of iron. Each is equivalent of the other, but each is real wealth and not a mere symbol or mere representative.”

    The point is that gold is real wealth and it is only because it is real wealth that can it successfully function as a medium of exchange.

    This fact brings another force into operation when paper is issued as debt and its value manipulated so that public and private debt accumulates. First, because this system is based on covetousness, it is morally flawed and can not survive indefinitely.

    When a people desire to possess that which beyond what they can afford, they embrace debt as if it was wealth and become debt slaves. Wealth and power is transferred from these people to become centralized in the State, since it issues the debt, and people begin to lose control of their government. Those, who are able to utilize the State to gain wealth, get richer while the poor become poorer and ever more dependent and the middle class disappears under the burden of taaxtion and inflation necessary to keep the State operational. With a high degree of societal stratification, chaos and revolution become ever more certain while the State grows ever more tyrannical trying to prevent it.

    There is a sliver lining however. As debt accumulates, there is a steady, but hidden, flow of gold from the various government treasuries and banks into the hands of provident and thrifty people who recognize that disaster is inevitable for the enslaved debtor nations. Eventually, after a period of anarchy, with the old establishment broken beyond repair, a new power group gradually emerges.

    I think that Mr.Willie is correct on three points (in my words, not his)…

    1) Fiat money is doomed. Any “bubble” in gold, expressed as having value relative to fiat money is just a Statits fantasy.
    2) There is a high probability of a gold backed currency emerging out of the inevitable ruins of the the current system.
    3) Strife and chaos will precede event number 2 as the earthly “powers that be” try their best to prevent it just long enough to reclaim the gold that has passed into the hands of the people.

    • Greg

      Good stuff Frosty “Money of gold and silver is property – it is wealth.”
      Love the perspective!

    • jc

      I request permission to copy and paste frostys comment…To good not to share.

      • Greg

        I think that is OK by me.

  11. Charles H. Francis

    Dear Greg,

    Congratulations are in order, and profound thanks to both you AND Jim Willie. Jim Willie tied together and hit so many ‘home-runs’ in a row: he walks away with the World Series Award – in ONE interview. This guy is razor sharp. And I appreciate the good work of sharing these amazing resources – because, Lord knows, people need to start thinking of the train wreck that lies ahead. Good work my friend. My thanks to Jim Willie.

    • Greg

      Thank you Charles H. Francis for your support and kind words.

    • Robert E. Salt

      I was unfamiliar with Jim Willie until now. This guy IS razor sharp! We have 20 million empty homes across the nation ready to be bought up when the time is right, and who has the money backed with gold to buy them? Did you catch Willie’s reference to 9/11 and Sandy. They weren’t acts of God.

  12. George

    It appears, by all means, that most people do not pay attention to history. We tend very much to relate all economic talk on “today’s” market and focus.
    So easily and quickly we forget that in 4,500 years of history, and thousands of years of debasing currencies, and many fiat currency systems which not one has even been successful and not failed, there have only been two things that have always made it through and came out victorious, and that is Gold and Silver!

    John Pierpont Morgan (the man, not the corporation) told Congress in 1913, that ONLY GOLD AND SILVER ARE MONEY, EVERYTHING ELSE IS CREDIT!!

    When smart men talk, it is wise to listen.

    • Greg

      Thank you George and Chip.

  13. Chip

    Great interview and great guest Greg…

  14. Edward Ulysses Cate

    Great interview with a great guy. Discovered Jim Willie back in 2003 with his Ass-Backwards Economic commentaries. I have no letters after my name, but did collect old economic books from the 1800’s upwards these last 40+ years. History proved whether the author knew what he was talking about, so those are the only ones I kept. So that’s how I knew Jim was right-on. No one’s perfect, but there are those who try to tell the truth so folks can defend themselves. Just like you, Greg.

    • Greg

      Edward Ulysses Cate,
      Thank you very much for the comment and for your support.

  15. Mickey

    Greg, J.W. I have followed for years & as you say he’s been on target most of the time. To bad most don’t get the truth as it is & you help get out there, we need people like you to replace the bought off MSM, but it will take a while but it will happen one day! I wish he would have went into the f e m a stuff more, but that’s ok!

    On another note, the lack of privacy when using the net, folks should try, it is self explaining & free, found about it on Alex Jones site, soon in 2013 they will offer free email service,I hope folks will look into what they offer. They have worked hard to protect your privacy, every little bit helps to beat off the intrusion into our private lives, just as it is important to keep your health by getting the right foods & nutrients we have been lacking from the GMO grown laced foods!

    Thanks again for a great guest! Like Jim Sinclair says, just hold your ground or fall with the weak!
    Those who say physcial gold is a joke are the same ones who sold OCD’s, MBS’s & ended up being bailed out by us tax payers! We will go thru some hard times but those who prepare will be better off than the millions who don’t!!!

    • Greg

      Thank you for the comment and the link.

  16. Mark T L

    The copies of gold and silver inflated
    which after the theft were thrown into the lake
    at the discovery that all is exhausted and dissipated by the debt
    all scrips and bonds will be wiped out

    Nostradamus C.8 Q.28

    • Greg

      Mark TL,
      If I understand this correctly, it looks like he is predicting paper wealth will be destroyed. Is that what you get?

      • Mark T L

        Sure seems like it to me. But people have been scratching their heads over Nostradamus’ quatrains for 500 years.

  17. justin king

    I would bet on SDR’s or an evolving basket of currencies before a gold standard is resurrected. If there’s not enough gold to go around, how can you have a gold standard at all.- That’s the main reason they did away with it in 1971. In the meantime, gold-silver WILL go up. // Most of all problems can be related to the population bomb combined with supply-demand nightmare scenarios associated with it. Limit 2 kids (hypothetically) and most problems could be alleviated in about 30 years. Where as greed and corruption are here to stay – until a new evolution and paradigm are created. But then again, there’s always nuclear annihilation. Ah,choices-choices.

  18. Hugh

    Nearly everyone assumes that the goal of the Fed, the U.S. government and all the other Western powers is to fix the economic problems. I believe this is not the goal at all, but rather the goal is to destroy the western ideal of the individual as a sovereign entity. Also understand that there is a theme underpinning today’s political culture. That theme is easily stated as: “There are just too many humans on the planet.”

    I believe that the majority of the people in Washington do not hold these beliefs, but the main ones pulling the strings do. Caution: Danger Ahead…

  19. Ryan

    Thanks for the update Greg, always a pleasure.

    • Greg

      Thank you Ryan.

  20. Annie Runningwater

    Greg~ Thank you so much for having a very favorite commentator and interpreter of the these times, Jim Willie. Excellent. What a team you two make!

    My husband and I occasionally have had dreams or I might even call them visions during these auspicious times. We don’t know if they are real, but if they speak to us, we listen. Here’s one — a short dream I had a couple of weeks ago: In the dream I see empty grocery store shelves. Then, I see a gold coin, sort of floating over on the left of my dream vision. A voice says: All of your gold won’t do you any good when the shelves are empty. End of dream. I get chills every time I think of it. Jim Willie made a comment along these very lines in his important interview with you. I was moved to send this comment along.

    Also, I might add: personally, I think We Have Collapsed, it’s just playing itself out, slowly painfully…..a Greenspan “soft landing??!!” Ha!

    Best Wishes and do Keep up the Good Work!!!!!


    • Greg

      Thank you Annie for your comment and support. I have had several requests to get Jim Willie in and I finally got him. I will ask him back again.

  21. Henry

    Thanks again for providing some very thought provoking information, Greg! I also noticed Jim’s reference to 9-11. Learning the truth about 9-11 showed me that what I had previously believed was a rock solid, stable government and country is actually a very unstable and fragile veneer, and that “nothing is off the table”, as they say. I know longer take my relatively free, stable, and comfortable life for granted. Every day with health, food, and shelter is a good day.
    Doesn’t China need the U.S. market? If China adapts a gold based currency and rejects the USD, how will they sell their products to the US?
    Interesting commentary on the FEMA camps, too. I hope never to see the inside of one. Thanks for doing your part to keep us all informed, Greg. Great work!

    • Greg

      Thank you Henry. Yes, I agree, “Nothing is off the table.”

  22. tsuki

    Another great interview. I have been following the news about the BRIICs and gold/silver prices, the currency/trade wars, and it was like a puzzle. I had the outside pieces all together, and Jim Willie just filled in a lot of the interior of the puzzle for me. Good Job!

    About the FEMA Camps. I don’t see them as many. They will not be concentration camps, but rather, modeled on the old CCC camps. They will be filled with young people from the cities many of whom have had a brush with the law and are given a choice between the camps and prison. Three hots and a cot with a pittance. This time, however, although it will be run by the government, it will serve the corporations. Must bring down those wages.

    I am going to listen again. If anything occurs to me, you know, I will post it.

    • Greg

      In think your take on the Fema Camps sounds reasonable. Thank you.

  23. cm1

    Willie is great as always, but I’m strapped to a laptop listening. Is there any way you can supply .MP3’s of the good stuff you post so I can lessen the boredom of the dailyy commute with a CD or two?

    CD is my best option since I will not be buying a newer car with spy software and remote controls.

    • Greg

      Sorry CM1 do not have the staff of the time. Once I put it out, it’s on to the next thing. Thank you for your support.

  24. David Hughes

    Dear Greg,
    Recently in your interview with Jim Willie, you posed a question to him, asking how long it would take for gold to come back into the system, or how long it would take till the manipulation of gold and silver would be stopped. I have an answer I would like for you to consider. It is not completely original, but comes as a compilation of thoughts gleaned from Jim Sinclair, Jim Willie, the Bible, and critical thoughts I have had over the past 25 years.
    Simply stated, I believe that the manipulations will stop, and Au and Ag will find their way back into the system once those who control the system have secured enough ownership in the mines, as well as possession of the actual metals, to satisfy themselves.

    The heavy naked shorting is not taking place only in the metals contracts, but in the mining companies as well. This shorting is for the purpose of securing as much of these items as possible. When they have enough, it will stop. And the price of the metals will remain very high.
    And, it looks like they are about to have enough because, as Jim Willie and others say, this just can’t go on for much longer, even though the longevity of this corrupt scam has surprised so many of us.
    Thank you for bringing us such timely and provocative interviews. I pray you the best in the coming year, and in this holy season.
    Warm regards,
    David Hughes

    • Greg

      Thank you David Hughes for the comment and analysis.

  25. will

    Well done Greg. Great interview….Keep up the good work. Scary when you hear this for the first time. But I think JW is right.

    • Greg

      Yes Will,
      I believe Mr. Willie is correct. If he was a baseball player he’d be batting around 950. His track record is a good one–very good. Thank you for weighing in here.

  26. Christie

    Hi Greg,

    I first heard about you through Greg Mannarino which I am a regular follower. I came across this video from another source as well. I like your style and guests; however, can not listen to you because you talk too low. This interview was brutally painful to listen to as I had to constantly adjust the volume between each speaker. I have noticed it before as well. Is it possible your mic is not close enough to your lips? The volume was as loud as it would go and my face was at the computer screen and I still couldn’t hear you, although I had no trouble hearing Jim infact I had to turn the volume down on him. Not trying to be critical at all and am concerned it could effect your viewers.

    I would like to follow your work if I could actually hear you! 🙂

    • Greg

      Always trying to get better. Some of my more recent interviews are of better quality. Thank you for the feedback.

  27. Melanie

    Indeed, the biggest bubble in history is the bonds & treasuries bubble. And it’s going to pop one day!
    But I think before the US bond bubble bursts, Japan and EU might go bust first!

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