Gold Selling for at least 50% over Spot in Asia-Rob Kirby

4thBy Greg Hunter’s   (Early Sunday Release)

A few months ago, financial analyst Rob Kirby said the gold price was ready to go up. In the international market, where it is sold by the ton–it has. Kirby explains, “For large amounts of bullion in the Asian market, the pricing mechanism has completely and utterly divorced itself from the fraudulent paper prices that are being reflected in the exchanges in the Western world.

In the Asian market, if you could find . . . physical bullion . . . as cheap as spot plus 50%, you’d be doing really, really, really well . . . and you’d be hard pressed to find serious tonnage at that price in Asia.” 

Kirby, who specializes in acquiring large amounts of physical gold for clients, sees physical gold bullion selling for at least “50%” over spot, which would put the price of gold in Asia at least $1,800 per ounce.   Kirby also says, “Prices being paid right now in Asia make a mockery of the prices being shown in COMEX and the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association).  These paper markets have divorced themselves from the laws of economics.  The paper gold price and the paper silver price has utterly stood economics on its ear because rudimentary economics tells you as demand increases, prices are supposed to increase.  Simple supply and demand dictate this.  The precious metals market in the Western world is the only market in the world where increased demand means a lower price, if you want to believe that.”

Kirby contends fraud is the only way to explain skyrocketing demand and plunging prices and says, “So, we’re all being treated to a colossal fraud, and the people perpetrating this fraud are the controllers of the western financial system and the people behind U.S. dollar hegemony. They are pulling a massive, massive fraud on humanity, and it’s not sustainable.  It will ultimately break down.”

What does the extreme precious metals demand say about the global financial system? Kirby thinks, “What the western world is trying to hide from the rest of the world is the U.S. dollar centric money system is failing, and it’s failing in spades. The only reason it hasn’t failed yet is extraordinary levels of corruption and fraud have been used and employed to keep kicking the can down the road.  They are also trying to keep officiating and hiding from the general public how broken the system really is.  That’s been done basically by payoffs, bribes and ownership of the media; payoffs, bribes and ownership of the political apparatus; and payoffs, bribes and ownership of the biggest financial institutions.  It gives things the appearance of being under control, but beneath the surface, things really aren’t under control.  Beneath the surface, we are seeing increasing amounts of the world negotiating bilateral currency arrangements.   If the world really felt as ill about gold as the western financial system would like us to believe, then why are so many nations abandoning the dollar in trade?  This is contrary to what you’d expect if people really believed what was going on in the paper gold market.  They don’t compute.”

So, are we seeing the overt signs of a panic into the gold market? Kirby says, “I believe we are.    I also believe that if we see some justice out of this, there is going to be a gaggle of central bankers put on trial in the world court in The Hague.  This is ultimately where this should go, whether it’s allowed to go there or not, or whether they decide to flip the tables over and say ‘screw humanity’ and take us to a nuclear war, these people are that sociopathic that they might do that.  I put nothing past them.”

As far as all the recent talk of countries repatriating their gold, Kirby says, “They are all screaming at us that gold is money. They are all screaming at us that they don’t trust the dollar.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Rob Kirby of

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview: 

Rob Kirby has a lot of articles and free information on  Kirby also has a subscription service that you can buy for $145 annually.  If you would like to subscribe to his service, click here.


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  1. allen ols

    greg; E S R, WITH rob kirby, What a treat.

    The North Carolina Army National Guard has quietly stood up a new commando detachment for secretive missions around the world.

    On Oct. 18th, federal and state officials held a ceremony marking the creation of Special Operations Detachment-X—a.k.a., SOD-X — in the capital Raleigh. The Guard already has 10 commando detachments spread across the country.

    All of the Army’s commando detachments align with an active-duty headquarters. We don’t know what the “X” stands for, but it appears the Army intends for the new detachment to help out the super-secret Joint Special Operations Command.



    • Mason

      mmmmmmmm the commercial from the illuminati begins and ends with the slogan “Fear Not”.
      What are we to think of this?

      [I mean, what are we to think of this commercial apart from the fact that the illuminati are irrelevant? IMHO they are noise to confuse the issue. The NWO, that is what is relevant. You better check out

      • Greg Hunter

        When I reference “Fear Not” it is straight out of the Bible.

        • Mason

          Yes, you do and that is perfectly fine and I respect that of course. I know your intentions are honorable, you can see that in a man’s whole demeanour. I like the slogan “Fear Not” because it strengthens the ordinary person not to fear. I must say that the fact that is is in the Bible does nothing for me, but it’s fine with me if you refer to it as long as it doesn’t interfere with your journalistic objectivity (which it doesn’t in general: you’re overall an excellent excellent journalist, as in: 100 times better than the average MSM-journalist). I’m an agnostic but that’s okay because from my point of view the Bible is part of Western culture (just don’t take it too literal).

          What these “illuminati” are doing on the other hand: I don’t know and I don’t care. I personally think they went extinct with their leader Adam Weishaupt a long long time ago, and even if they exist today, they are irrelevant. They just function as noise, as a distraction. I actually regret reacting to this post because they have grotten too much attention already. They themselves are irrelevant if they even exist. The only big importance of their role is that their organisation served as an template for the NWO. The NWO’s founder Cecil Rhodes commented on and adopted their organisational structure: their organisation is based upon secret rings within rings (see professor Quigley’s book “Tragedy and Hope”). The NWO as opposed to the illuminati ARE hugely important and should not be confused with the each other. But the slogan “Fear Not” is just something I noticed from the video in Allen Ol’s post and just reacted to in the spur of the moment. If I am forced to think about it I would say the person who made the video probably is gunning for religious people because it is a code in the Bible. I think the maker of the video has dubious intentions and that is why Allen Ol is saying that “the illuminati are getting bolder”.

          Let’s just forget the whole video, okay? I think the new rule for me and for everyone should be: don’t comment on dubious video’s.
          Let me just end by saying: you’re doing a great job Greg, and I find myself relying on you as one of my news sources despite the fact that I consider myself pretty savvy around the alternate media circuit. So you can regard that as a compliment.

          • Mason

            code = code word

      • Silence is Golden

        “Noise to confuse the issue” …really !!!
        Illuminati are the Invisible Hand of the Government.
        The same ones who rule from behind closed doors and drawn curtains.
        Disregard them at your own peril…they ARE part of the NWO.
        The demise of the USA and the King Dollar and the ascendancy of China & Russia does not find its genesis in happenstance…IT IS PLANNED.

        • Mason

          One of the smartest things the NWO did was to not give themselves a name, so that people like us would fight over who they are exactly. It really doesn’t matter what we call them, although I don’t like the term illuminati because of dubious associations that cling to that term. We don’t disagree much if you look at both our standpoints I think. I use the name NWO because they themselves refer to the New World Order. The NWO founded by Cecil Rhodes founded themselves on the organisational structure of the illuminati. THAT is what was important about them. If the illuminati who were founded by Adam Weishaupt themselves exist is not relevant anymore. They played their role in being a template for the NWO. I explained myself in my reply above to Greg. For even more information, I really recommend watching:

          Cheers to you, mate!

    • Whats it all about? Alfie

      Brit special forces show what 2 good shots can do to convoy of murderous Cowards;

      Published on Oct 12, 2014

      SAS Team Halt Islamic State Attack In Iraq With Just TWO Shots

      An SAS team used the AW50 to blast a lorry ­taking Islamic State killers towards an undefended Iraqi village. It is the first report of British ground troops in action in the region and comes after Prime Minister David Cameron said there would be no UK “boots on the ground” in a combat role. Two SAS troopers spotted the Islamic State convoy from a hillside ­observation point in northern Iraq.

      The elite troops feared the fighters were planning to target vulnerable civilians in a nearby village. They tried to call in an airstrike but no jets were in the area. Instead, the SAS pair blasted the lead vehicle with a single round from their AW50 rifle fitted with a silencer. The weapon fires the same huge bullet as a heavy machine gun and can cut a man in half from more than a mile away.

      The first shot hit the truck’s engine and split it in two. The confused IS thugs jumped down from the open top vehicle and radioed for another so that they could continue their advance. When the insurgents climbed into the second lorry, the SAS team fired a second shot, destroying that too. The fanatics then realised they were under attack and fled in their remaining ­vehicles. A senior source last night told: “It was a classic special forces operation. The SAS sniping team didn’t want to engage the IS militants in a full-blown battle because they were part of a small patrol spread out over an area. But they knew they could not just let the convoy pass and start killing people in the villages. So rather than hitting the militants they destroyed their vehicles.

      The jihadis had no idea who was firing at them or from where. “They couldn’t even hear the shot. They panicked and basically ran away. “It’s not always about killing the enemy but neutralising the threat that’s what these guys did.”

      See youtube video;

  2. SReiser


    I think your shows are great overall. Regarding Rob Kirby — if Gold is selling for 50% over spot in Asia, why are not the Gold miners just selling to Asia and by-passing the Comex and the Western markets? Our concern is that this anecdotal evidence is just that — not substantiated.

    You had another gentleman on earlier this year, Harvey Organ, discussing how the manipulation ends this year without much tangible evidence. As you are now noticing — the large open interest orders on the Comex collapsed a few days ago (i.e., no China apparently ready to pounce). I realize that you want interesting speakers for the audience — it just appears that some of them make comments that appear to be half-baked based upon available data — and it may be important to the audience to call these speakers out on these items — so that the truth of the statements come out. Otherwise, the audience can be accidentally mislead. Thanks and keep up all your efforts.

    • Justin

      Good question right there if gold is 50% more over spots in Asia why aren’t these big mining companies in Canada and USA sell directly to Asia . Thank you justin

    • Mason

      code = code word

    • Jay

      Hi greg great interview!
      I really like rob kirby, I feel he is a straight shooter, however, I have to call him out on his claim that large amounts of gold are carrying a 50%+ premium in Asia. Are you serious? Can he prove it any way shape or form other than dropping it in as a sound byte? Jim willie has apparently said a similar thing, but I think it you are going to drop such a bomb as fact then it should be able to be proven. I feel awkward stating it like this because I wouldn’t call RK a liar in any circumstance, but please some more proof plz.
      If this is true and can be proven then we must surely be merely days or weeks from true price discovery! Fingers crossed etc
      Regards from the uk……..

      • Greg Hunter

        This is what he does for a living.

        • Paul from Indiana

          Trust but verify, said Ronald Reagan. Great words to live by in THIS world. But premium-buying is NOT uncommon in secondary markets. It’s called markup. You and I don’t pay Walmart’s acquisition price (cost); we pay a higher, marked-up cost. I don’t know if Mr. Kirby is talking about secondary action or not, as I don’t know enough about commodities trading to be able to judge. When a physical good’s availability gets dicey, and the demand is still “there”, all sorts of things kick in, including paying a premium. I routinely pay more than invoice amount for services such as plumber, electrician, HVAC, so that I go to the head of the list when I need help. Some might call this “tipping”, but I think of it as an investment in a relationship. Best always. PM

          • allen ols


            strong point!!

    • NC Gal

      Sreiser (and everyone else below who questions Kirby’s assertions about the real price of gold),

      Number one point is that Kirby is IN THE BUSINESS of procuring gold in large amounts, and would know firsthand what is to be had, where it is to be had, and at what price it would sell if it could be found in those large quantities that he deals in.

      Second, there is a site called ( whose data closely agrees with Kirby’s assertions. For example, today it shows a price of $1743.00 per ounce, down from the high of $1974.43 on Dec. 15, 2011.

      There is another site ( that shows the kinds of prices being asked by different dealers, that add a premium to the fake Comex price. It shows an average price today of $1229.21, with an average premium of $29.41, or 2.45%.

      Both of those sites are sampling data from real sales. However, the first site explains that “… unlike the ‘spot’ or paper price of gold which can be easily manipulated by various trading techniques, the real gold price is based on actual sales in the amounts most traded by the common investor.” The key thing to note here is the part about “the amounts most traded by the common investor.”

      The second site only analyzes the price for a single ounce of gold. I would conclude that the “common investor” (which is not defined in the first site) is purchasing more than a single ounce of gold, which is what Kirby was talking about — purchases on an institutional level command a higher price, IF you can even get that amount anymore.

      I can’t address why the mining companies are not selling directly to Asia or Russia, except that ALL gold has to be refined before it is sold, and perhaps there is a kink in there somewhere. Most of the gold that was “leased” out was sent to Switzerland first, where it was melted down, assayed, and then cast into new bars before it was delivered. China apparently prefers a different size of bar that London deals in, for example.

      Do your own research before you discredit someone who is as truthful and sincere as Rob Kirby is. He is obviously upset at the criminality of the present system, and I would never suspect him of making things up to support a point. In watching him talk, I noticed how often he paused to consider what he said before he said it, and much of the time it was to make sure he said what he meant to say and said it in a way that he qualified exactly what he was talking about. He was very specific in the details as to exactly what market, what clientele, and what type of transaction he was talking about. Just my (inflated) two cents’ worth.

      On other matters, such as what will ultimately bring about the demise of the paper market, Kirby offered his thoughts, but also identified them as a guess. My own guess is that the system will change when the elites want it to. They have the resources to play it out until they are ready to carry out their next moves, and I am pretty sure that all of their moves are planned well in advance, as stupid as many of them seem to those of us who are watching from the sidelines.

      • allen ols

        nc gal

        great stuff tks

      • Collateral Damage

        NCG, you said, ‘Most of the gold that was “leased” out was sent to Switzerland first, where it was melted down, assayed, and then cast into new bars before it was delivered. China apparently prefers a different size of bar that London deals in, for example.’

        I think that China prefers a different size for a very good reason. When the original bars are shipped to a ‘trusted’ third party to be melted down and recast, the entire assay of the metal can be checked to insure that the original bars did not have a tungsten core.

        I think I heard someone up there earlier say, ‘Trust but verify’ . i think that this is precisely what China is doing.



      • SReiser

        NC Gall,

        We took a look at the sites you suggested, and several others. If you look at Fidelitrade for example you can buy gold in the USA in the 1200s range. Further, I agree with your comments about a $29.00 premium on Realprice gold. However, these numbers are no where close to the 50% premium that Mr. Kirby is quoting. Also, we looked at Koos Jansen’s comments on Twitter who is an intensive researcher and considered an expert on gold — and he was questioning Rob Kirby’s numbers substantially as well (he knows a lot more about gold supply and demand than us and his views should be considered). Our point is this — there are enough countervailing data points that say that you can get Gold today at far less than 50% over spot price. Further, we believe that during the interview — Rob Kirby should have been asked to clarify how he got that number — when so many other dealers will sell for less.

        So I hope you are right. However, there are so many non-confirming data points that we have to ask. Thanks and good luck.

        • Greg Hunter

          Please keep in mind Mr. Kirby was talking about tonnage in Asia.

          • SReiser

            Greg…Yes…do remember that. The point was never substantiated. Koos Jansen and other people that study gold demand and supply closely actively questioning Rob’s assertion. You should as well. Thanks and good luck.

            • Greg Hunter

              Kirby does this for a living. What does Koos Jansen do? Time will tell.

    • Mary

      These guys are a private dealer for precious metals based in Singapore and you can see the real physical prices displayed clearly.

      I buy Pamp and Perth mint bars from them on a regular basis and the price proves that Kirby is dead wrong. If someone was paying 50% over the spot, then everybody would sell to them only and no other buyer would be left in the market.

      • Greg Hunter

        He was talking about tonnage not ounces.

      • SReiser


        Koos Jansen does this work for a living and publishes on Bullionstar. He is very well regarded. Next time — ask Rob to better substantiate. There is a significant case for doubt.

        • Greg Hunter

          They are not even in the same ball bark. Kirby works for foreign finance ministers and big players and helps to facilitate the buying of tonnage in the gold arena. Doubt what you want.

  3. rich

    WOW! Rob is totally awesome. A straight shooter 🙂 Incredible interview Greg and Rob. Thanks.

    • Chomsky

      If you want to buy physical gold in Tokyo, it is 450$. OVER spot.
      On Yahoo auction JAPAN it’s even worse.

    • SReiser

      Greg, I read Kirby’s bio tonight — it says nothing about advising Finance ministers. It does indicate that he is currently a newsletter writer. My feeling is this — I like the show and your speakers. Currently, Eric Sprott indicated in his weekly update that he is going to look into Rob Kirby’s assertion. Koos Jansen, who is a top researcher, and who you didn’t know and now disparage — is skeptical. My view is that this is boiling down to your rhetorical defense vs. our collective questioning. There are number of people who saw the interview who are skeptical. They have a right to be skeptical based upon the information provided. The most important thing for the audience is what is the truth. Clearly, we do not doubt that someone paid a notable premium for an institutional amount of gold — but we do not know the circumstances and how significant in terms of the amount of gold bought and sold (could have been an exceptional situation). Good luck with the program.

      • Greg Hunter

        Do you think every piece of information is posted online? I did not disparage Mr. Jansen. I am sure he is a fine man. My point is simply that Kirby deals with large amounts of physical gold. Much of what he does is confidential. Kirby is a trusted source and I would not have put him on if I thought he was spreading disinformation. Could you give it a rest. Believe what you want.

  4. Pat Ruvolo


    I sent Rob Kirby an email questioning whether his story on $1800 gold in ASIA is legit! I am sorry, it is not believable. If he is correct, then we should get an LC for an order for 5 tons of gold and offer $150 bucks over for ounces of silver ala gold eagles. Hell, we can fill the order in a few months.

    I mentioned the same to Kirby via email as I jut do not believe him.


    Pat Ruvolo

  5. Pat Ruvolo

    fyi, I meant gold eagles, not silver eagles at 150 over.

  6. NC Gal


    Rob Kirby tells it like it is! You asked good questions and he really delivered his thoughts in response. The only thing that didn’t satisfy was his response regarding what they (the elites) are doing with the extra time they are “buying” through their actions. I don’t think that is all there is to the picture. Back in February of this year, I felt that the endgame had gone into motion and that the “game” wouldn’t end until there was only one party left standing and in control of everyone and everything else. That’s why I call it the endgame.

    It’s the final struggle to be the ONLY “top dog” in the heap, and it’s the last grab for control and possession of all of the resources (including people) throughout the world. The elite’s ambition and lust for total power is insatiable, and just like “normal” people can’t grasp the internal world of a psychopath (a sociopath is just a milder term for the same phenomenon), those of us who are not like that regarding power and wealth can’t comprehend the elite’s way of thinking in terms of the rest of the world.

    Kirby’s anecdote about what the former Swiss bank chairman said about our inability to imagine the amount of resources and effort being put toward keeping gold down as an investment, even back then, was very revealing in terms of what resources, effort, and criminality is being expended NOW to accomplish the continued downward pressure. It remains to be seen what the rest of the story will look like.

  7. Donna

    Swiss initiative “overwhelming” rejected by the voters by 77%. The article I read referred to the proposal to boost gold reserves as a right wing effort, as though this was a loony idea considering its supporters.

    Ron Kirby gave the best breakdown on all the elements of criminality involved in where we find ourselves to date. You did a superb job in getting him to explain the murky dealings and likely outcomes. I always like explanations no matter how unpleasant so that I can hopefully make better decisions.

    The world has all but blown apart before over less provocation. This time, I hope there are enough cooler and wiser heads in the population who will not be led by the sociopaths who Kirby speaks of.

  8. Smaulgld

    Another nice one. Mr. Kirby mentioned who is buying gold (China ECB etal) but the giant elephant in the room in the gold market is INDIA.

    I just completed a report on Gold and India. Please take a look:

  9. Dirk

    Really good article. So how do I get my physical metal out of the west and have it stored in Asia and what is the best place to store it

  10. Jerry

    Greg its utterly impossible to listen to people like Rob Kirby and not understand how much trouble we’re in.
    Check out this report that was virtually ignored by the western press a few weeks ago.
    Petrodollar trade hits 18 year low. Let that soak in a bit just in case you’re not getting it. If they’re not using the petrodollars for exchange, then pray tell what are they using? I’m betting on “anything but the dollar”. Gold. Yuan. RMB. Take your pick.
    I believe Rob Kirby is absolutely right. All we have left is an illusion perpetrated by the western corporate media, and that’s it.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Jerry, illusions can go on a long time. We have been masquerading as “America” most of my life, and I’m 62…Keep fighting the fight, and thanks for your participation here. Best always. PM

      • allen ols

        jerry me too

  11. DW

    Greg- I wish i was in your immediate family, and when we had thanksgiving we would break out the tin foil, make cool hats and talk freely about the real story, in front of the rest of the family.

  12. Thomas1

    Allen, I haven’t read your link but with gold and silver near 1140 and 14.80 respectively, I suspect a unit tasked stealing gold and silver stores.

    Wild and outlandish, I know.

    • allen ols

      thomas 1
      I agree and had similar thoughts. tks.

  13. Jj

    Kirby is mad as hell. The world should be equally mad, but the world is happy as a lark.

  14. Mike

    As usual Mr. Kirby does not disappoint.

    Great interview and as always closer to reality than the swill the power to be serve us for supper each day.

    Knowledge is power. Empower yourself and think for yourself.

    Each day that passes allows you more time to prepare. Each day you choose to not prepare is a day wasted.

  15. John M.

    Great job explaining the way things really are, Rob!!!

  16. allen ols

    greg also;

    u said, “My family doesn’t talk about what work i do at thanksgiving, heh heh, and I know they won’t watch this program, heh heh” LOL, I RELATE and thats funny!

    I talked to my meat carver here at the local grocer, and i want to get 20 salt cured hams for long term storage. He has no hams , and says hard to get, and he is checking with smithfield.
    There are local ham places out in Murfreesboro, i can get them and family owned, but 45 min in opposite direction of my main bug out local. We talked about ground beef and roasts pricing, and he said it will go much higher.
    I didn’t hear anything from Kirby on his earlier prediction of hyper inflation?

    • JC Davis

      Allen it is the D… deer hunters driving the price up. LOL I had a ham given to me after thanks giving day. No body showed up at her party. Tic toc said the clock. Hunt for the hungry.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Brother Al, “salt-cured ham” where I’m from (Kentucky) is called “country ham”. You get 20 of those? AND the canned bacon? As Beekeeper (played by Chill Wills) said in John Wayne’s “The Alamo” (1960) when the Mexicans blew up his whiskey barrel, “aw, come on, fellas, that ain’t no fair way to fight a war!” We were hung up on FAIRNESS even then, I guess! Best always. PM

      P.S. Fellow Watchdoggers, IF you want to see where we were in 1960 and how far we’ve fallen, watch John Wayne’s “The Alamo” soon. See if you can keep from crying. (Should be required viewing for anyone who wants to vote…) PM

    • Desert Rose

      Smithfield is now owned by the Chinese.

      The diversion of American products has begun….just as Jim Willie predicted.

  17. Matt

    Don’t back up truck just yet. Let it drop.

  18. LeeK in Singapore

    It would be good if Rob Kirby provided specific information substantiating the actual deals that were done recently when tonnes were sold at 50% over spot price in Asia?
    Small amounts like a Degussa kilo can be bought for around USD 37,500 for immediate personal pickup from Bullion Starshop in Singapore.

  19. paul

    As Rob says the entire system is a colossal fraud, and the CABAL perpetrating this fraud is very bold as they have been doing it for a very long time. These controllers of  the western financial system are perpetrating their massive fraud and imposing their will on “all of humanity” … they will never stop … their lying, their stealing, murders, suicides, etc. for private gain will simply go on and on if a higher power does not intercede.

    Without a doubt we have one bunch of crazy humans living here on planet Earth … makes it easy to understand why the Aliens that have been watching over this planet for centuries never tried to make contact with us.

    If you think about it … would you want to make contact with a species that believes it is being “normal” to commit fraud, rob, steal, murder, burn down businesses, topple other governments, go to nuclear war, etc. for private gain?

    From Ferguson, to the neo-cons in Washington, to the Wall Street CABAL, most humans act “completely insane” and actually think they are “normal” … any Alien in their right mind would never want to try and make contact with such “immoral and deceitful” human beings. 

    This is likely the reason the Aliens told the American astronauts who landed on the Moon decades ago ( in no uncertain terms) to never come back … and is likely why the human structures built on the Moon and Mars hundreds of centuries ago were nuked by the Aliens and now lie in complete ruins … and why there was a Great Flood that wiped out all the evil humans on Earth (except for one “normal man” called Noah who built an arc).

    The Aliens probably allowed Noah’s progeny to repopulate the Earth thinking that perhaps the DNA within Noah was different, and a better human would be the result. The Aliens looking down and watching us for centuries now are probably shaking their heads and saying … “these humans are still insane” … nothing has changed . The banker CABAL and neo-cons now in control of governments and the military have without a moral thought insanely allowed for a nuclear first strike as official policy that can instantly kill millions of innocent men, women and children … human beings today are not normal but are just as evil and crazy as they were before the Great Flood.

    With few exceptions (i.e almost all humans on Earth today are as immoral and insane as the neo-cons and banking CABAL running governments … Arabs and Jews threaten to annihilate each other on a daily basis … from crazy’s at Ferguson, to the crazy neo-cons in Washington, to the insane Goldman Saks CABAL on Wall Street … fraud, stealing, burning down businesses and murder is the norm.

    However somewhere in the “off-world” Councils of Alien Government I bet a decision has probably already been made to impose another “great cleansing” on Earth … the Aliens have watched in horror human evil for centuries … the Aliens have probably already implemented a secret plan for human annihilation … using the evil CABAL on Earth by promising them “rewards” like immortality … they would actually get human help to implement their Agenda 21.

    The power hungry CABAL seeking immortality would without a doubt dutifully reduce Earth’s population to 500,000 humans as fast as possible using nuclear war, viruses, etc. … the remaining 500,000 can easily be dispensed with later. After the Agenda 21 slaughter, the evil CABAL will be expecting “special treatment” by the Aliens because they were the “indispensable ones”.

    However, I think the CABAL (that lies about everything) will find to their horror that the tables were turned on them … and they were “lied to” by the Aliens … the “special reward they were promised” will not be forthcoming. Will they then get a simple hollow point bullet to the head or be put under a guillotine as the CABAL set-up for the rest of us at FEMA camps? I think not … for their evil crimes and colossal fraud perpetrated against all universal decency and morality the Aliens probably have something unimaginably more horrific planned for them.

  20. Jeff L

    No coincidence that gold and oil (true assets) are at multiyear lows while the fraudulent Dow/Spy are posting multiyear highs. This will reverse (soon) as fundaments overwhelm manipulations.

    • JC Davis

      Jeff L. I think we may be seeing hidden deflation in the upper chambers.

  21. Mike

    Good evening Greg.
    History is being made and/or playing out right before our eyes and we wait wondering the obvious. Hearing the obvious, and knowing the obvious.

    #1 Record silver demands and or shutdowns @ the @ both the US Mints and Canada.
    #2 Shanghai is about out of silver. I know, their in a deflationary cycle as well as the West.
    #3 Silvers’ solar apps, screens, medical purpose, etc , ad infinitum. Availabilty.
    #4 The Mines struggle, but for how long before they shutdown.
    #5 Ah, the best for last, ‘The herb gets spooked’. “Wait until you see blood in the streets”
    #6 Statistically, as recently stated on USA WATCHDOG, The American People like buying things on the demand side, increases in their costs..
    #7 Your thoughts to any who might read this.
    Is silver about to, launch? “Too tha Moon Alice, to the Moon” .

  22. vincent_g

    Ron is a man that understands the current banking systems.

    This subject would take much time to cover it well enough for people to understand.
    The history of money and what is money.
    The history of banking and how one family built what has become the foundation of the current banking system.

    If you notice each country in Europe that has huge debt has not sold one ounce or one gram of Gold! One would think they would sell it to pay off their Debt!
    But this is not what you do if you want to cover your bases.
    What if the Euro goes bust?
    Well then Italy or Greece then has Gold to fall back on.
    As far as that nasty Debt – well you just pay it off in worthless Euros.
    For you see the Debt is in Euros!
    Then they are Debt free and have a new currency backed by Gold.

    You need to go back in time to Jefferson who got stuck for a loan he issued on a property which was issued in Continental Damns.
    yes the debtor paid off the whole loan with worthless Damns and Jefferson got stuck with the bill.

    For Jefferson is was a mistake but for all these countries I think it a trick worth repeating.

    They will not sell their Gold and of course they want their Gold back as the ground the Euro stands on is a bit shaky.

    • Greg Hunter

      Have you heard of a credit card? How many tickets do you think were paid with cash? Look at the recent Black Friday shopping figures, and no, it did not all move to the web. Also inflation was not in the sales calculations.

      • Brian Stemmerman

        I know Greg, but people are taking on debt and spending. I read the retail report before I posted this. Maybe people are just waiting for a better deal. The 30 year fixed rate dropped below 4%. Is the economy doing so great that we have to drop oil prices because of the demand? I agree everything seems to be upside down. Please have a guest on that can explain oil prices. I enjoy your site Greg.

    • JC Davis

      I did not see the numbers of free tickets that were given out.

      • Brian Stemmerman

        JC, let me know who is handing out the free tickets. Hoping to get Super Bowl tickets for free for Christmas. Greg does not need to be defended.

  23. Horsenut

    I have been watching the Gold markets for some time too, as well as reading posters on here. I have been telling people for a year that it’s too late to start buying gold or silver. As Kirby says the price being that high in Asia, I suspect that isn’t going to be any quick delivery here in the states for late comers. Unless you just like paper gold.

    I really think the thing we need to pay more attention to oil prices at the moment. The Saudi’s are controlling the price for a reason. There was a great article on Zero Hedge about Oil and Deflation the other day. By holding the price down the US Oil Companies are going to have lower their prices to keep in step, that will lead to shut downs, killing the boom. I was in the oil field in the early 80’s and saw what happened around Oklahoma City. It’s coming again. They’re going to start laying people off. This will kill what little promise Christmas sales have and the whole economy goes over the edge within months, as it did before, the difference is that the country is in worse shape now, so it will have wider effects. Food for thought! Merry Christmas

    • Silence is Golden

      Oil is a commodity traded in the Futures market.
      Say no more.
      Why? are they doing it…..(pushing the price lower)… save the petrodollar….. perhaps. 😉
      Anything (including OIL) priced in USD is expensive when converted to domestic currency of the country importing it. Aim is to get the price lower (on a domestic landed basis) so that it competes with the alternative settlement process occurring in BRICS nations.
      Deflation is real.
      Looking forward to Harry Dent’s take on the world economy and how we get out of this hole that has been dug by our incompetent so called rulers. Wrong/bad policy leads to an ineffective market and economy that relies on data to make informed decisions. If they keep going they WILL blow up the system.

      • Horsenut

        I really think that the petro dollar is over anyway.. The Saudi’s have already made agreements with several countries (including The BRICS) to trade in other currencies. At that moment the petro dollar stopped being important. Even Canada recently agreed to trade with China around the Dollar. Since the Key Stone pipeline has been on hold for so long, Canada has been working the pipeline to their own coast to sell to China. My take on this is that the Saudi’s are pushing these countries to pay in anything but Dollars, they are interested in the dollar anymore. I think this will push Russia and China closer and Yuan will look better as a new world currency when the Chinese start backing it in Gold, which might co-side with Kirby’s take on the prices of Gold in Asia. What currency are all these other countries using to buy Gold? US Dollars…. Someone is going to get stuck holding a lot of USD’s

        • Silence is Golden

          “The petro-dollar is over ” That Sir….is an understatement.
          Explanation for the depressed Oil price… perhaps to alleviate the burden for taxpayers and release billions of dollars in spending into the economies of the world. Deflation is a wonderful thing because we all instantly become richer.
          Looking at the fundamentals does not provide clues in fact it supports the counter argument (higher production and demand)….price needs to go north not south. If the economies of the world are stagnating or in recession then who is buying (STOCKPILING) the extra Oil that is not being consumed.

  24. Silence is Golden

    Kudos to both of you.
    To you Greg…in asking the right questions.
    For Rob with his integrity and calling it how it truly is.
    Gold , whether its from repatriation (loss of trust in FED /USD/US Govt.) or outright buying, will inevitably be part of the monetary system. We don’t have to look far for evidence of that already occurring. China, Russia, India and Iran (& possibly Saudi) are already using it for trade settlement. Acknowledgement of that fact is causing much angst among the Banking / Ruling Class of the Western sphere who deify the Fiat Paper Ponzi Scheme (FPPS). It should by now be clear to all and sundry that without Fiat, TPTB cannot have their cake and eat it at the same time. They will be forced to live within their means (much like what the working class has to do 24/7/365). That would imply curtailment of Military/Social Welfare/ Security Spending, Diminished Government Bureaucrats and increased accountability and transparency.
    The crux of our issues lays in the foundation of Government. It has too much say about how an economy should function. We are being subjected to an Activist Policy Agenda. The Top Down approach will drive us further into the depths of depression where businesses are continually destroyed, jobs are relentlessly lost and investment sits idly waiting for the recognition point of the removal of uncertainty and risk. This will not be arrested until and unless the Bankers and Government get out of the way and let the market resolve the issue that needs to be resolved. As Rob says …..they will not give up too easily. The psychopaths want to destroy us to the point where we will have no choice but to remain under their control endlessly. Its gets uglier by the day.

  25. windcatcher

    “These elite people” Mr. Kirby, are corporate fascist.
    I am amazed that modern fascist (merger of corporate monopoly with government) in Washington spend $22 BILLION a year to propagandize and brainwash Americans into thinking that we are a capitalist nation that flourishes in democracy (government of, for and by the People) and are spreading democracy throughout the world with never ending war to liberate the People from Evil. Ha. Ha. Ha.
    The reason the fascist spend 22 billion a year to propagandize and brainwash Americans is because the American Free Enterprise System (free from corporate monopoly) of Capitalism, our American Democracy and American Rule of Law have been overthrown and replaced with the fascist multinational corporate monopoly– Washington Fascist Global Empire.
    You can still see today the last remains of the doomed American Main Street Capitalism (free enterprise system) and the destruction of the middle class wealth by the Washington Fascist Global Empire.
    The terms “Free Market” and “Free Trade” are not capitalism and democracy as you may have been brainwashed to think, but rather, corporate monopoly fascist that are FREE (no restraints) to steal whatever they want, from whomever they want and do it legally with corrupt fascist secret trade agreements. The Fascist American Dollar is backed by military force, nothing else, we have over 1,000 military posts in the world; Fascist Empire is never ending WAR.
    Everytime intelligent people use the word Capitalism to describe, Free Trade, Free Markets and Fascist Corporate Monopoly Global Empire, instead of the Free Enterprise System of Capitalism and Fair Trade, they are unjust to themselves and their readers; refuse to be brainwashed.

  26. Mason

    Video of the Day – Understanding the 5th Amendment and Why a Law Professor Says “Don’t Talk to Police”:

    • Greg Hunter

      Fantastic video!! Thank you.

      • Mason

        You’re more than welcome Greg 🙂

  27. Varughese

    Can’t even understand what’s the logic of the US governing class in dealing with Russia. US has been the economic powerhouse for so long that they have become too arrogant. They forget that the sustainability of US massive debt and economy depended on the fact that no nation can hurt US economy without hurting their. The petro-dollars served that purpose well. But now driving Russia away from US dollar, US is creating a massive enemy who can create trouble in their economy with getting his fingers burnt. And this is a nation who knows how to play that also.

    This is utter foolishness. Looking at the state of economy it is the time not to drive the Russians away but pull them in to fold( so that they don’t wreck havoc). That was when the entire thing explodes from inside you will not have one guy emerging winner from the ruins.

    Russian economy may be having troubles, but it doesn’t matter as the entire economy is in steroids. Till the time those steroids are injected in to Russian economy, they are safe. US in the beginning looked like interested in a pre-emptive nuclear strike at the Russians. But now that option has evaporated with a number of Submarines closing in on US soils undetected, Regular sorties by Russian bombers and fighters. The amount of massive drills and the complexity involved in each of those Russia is conducting i meant to send a clear message. That message is not to the fools in White House, Congress or Senate. That message is clearly to the Pentagon – the ones who actually have to wage the Nuclear war.

  28. Baron

    Manipulation of Gold (and Silver) what is the reason?

    All Gold orientated internet sites claim that Gold is manipulated down in price.
    All internet sites selling Gold claim that Gold is manipulated down in price.
    All internet blogs talking about Gold say it is manipulated down in price (there are a few exceptions).

    They way I understand the argument is that Gold has to be manipulated down in price to make the $US seem valuable.

    This argument has lately puzzled me because who is it that needs to be convinced that the $US is valuable by pushing the price of Gold down?

    It cannot be other Countries or other Central Banks. Countries and Central Banks maybe untrustworthy or even corrupt but they are certainly not stupid. Why would they be taken in by this ploy?

    They say Western Banks are used to manipulate the price of Gold down and that the net result is that Gold is being drained from the West to the East (Russia, China and India). That eventually the West will run out of Gold. This doesn’t make sense. Surely nobody in their right mind in the World is fooled by the argument that the West thinks that the World is stupid enough to believe that they are trying to trick countries into believing that the $US is strong because they have manipulated the price of Gold down?

    They say that Gold is manipulated down in price to dissuade the average person from buying Gold. This also doesn’t make sense. The amount of Gold purchased by individuals is a drop in the ocean to the amount purchased by Countries and Central Banks. So it’s obviously not manipulated for this reason.

    So are we being fed a totally false paradigm? I have no idea. Any ideas?

    • Smaulgld

      Gold bought by individuals is THE largest component of gold demand and most of it is for jewelry

    • Mark_BC

      Baron, the Fed / western banking cabal / Exchange Stabilization Fund is still the most powerful entity in the world. While all the other countries know gold is manipulated down, as long as they see it continuing then that signifies that the Fed is still king.

      The amount of gold purchased by individuals is definitely not a drop in the bucket. Almost 3000 tons per year get net imported into India + China and this is all for individual private sales. This is more than the entire world mines per year. Central bank purchases are in addition to this and likely significantly smaller; otherwise we would have already run out.

  29. OzFan

    Thank you Greg. Kirby is unreal….up there with PCR, Willie, Schiff, Rickards…..very smart and fantastic ability to put it all together.

    I truly believe the whole thing is going to crash. No doubt whatsoever in my mind. My conviction is that firm and strong that I decided 6 months ago to self manage my super (as opposed to leaving my destiny to risky super funds like Colonial First Choice) and went 100% PMs.

    It’s gold vs fiat currency…..a fight to the death that fiat has ZERO chance of winning.

    Either Japan finanicially implodes (‘Japan must go under’), Russia/China can’t get anymore physical and decide to its time to address the world and let the USD collaspe, a soverign goes belly up, the derivatives system triggers a meltdown, whatever…..the whole thing is literally like a out of control train and the end result is inevitable. This collaspe can’t be stopped…..its past 3rd base heading for home. Mike Maloney’s ‘nail in the coffin’ analogy for the USD is so apt.

    We are in best of times for unbelievable wealth opportunities and we are in the worst of time for pain the man on the street will experience.

    Thank god I woke up several years ago and my mind was wired to follow the path of truth to where I am today (with still so much to learn).

    Thanks for your efforts and site and devotion and passion…..much appreciated.


  30. Snorky

    At this point, my strategy is to take are or my health and pray. The trash needs to be taken out, soon (figuratively and literally speaking).

  31. doug

    If what he says is true, should not the legitimate gold funds like Sprott
    Physical Gold Trust be selling at 50% premiums? After all, holders
    of the this etf can redeem in actual gold. Whatever happened to efficient markets?
    The Chinese are unaware of this?

  32. mac

    Thanks Ron. What a world these Central Banksters have made! Wars, lies, poverty, 1% dancing in wealth while the middle class sinks into a fearful existence with little hope.

    Who really is the Fed? Why do they dictate to us all? They r a private company with a ‘private’ agenda. What fools we are to allow this. Their fear of Gold (money) really outs them, doesn’t it…?

    • Silence is Golden

      Sinclair refers to the current malaise as the “Great Levelling”, where there is a tremendous transfer of wealth to occur.
      It will progressively get more difficult to make ends meet as the middle class fights the price inflation and asset deflation whilst surviving on negative real “part time” wages in an economy that is shrinking (through reduced spending). The government adds to the woes of everyday citizens by being inconsistent, unequal and ineffective in its policies. The FED does not work or function for main street. If it did then why do we have ZIRP destroying the capacity of those with savings to spend 100’s of billions of dollars otherwise earned in a normal interest rate environment. They have destroyed the concept of a “Market” and by doing so are destroying businesses and the people that run them.
      Time is upon us where the re-hypothecated collateral supporting the paper show, begins its journey of being called in.

  33. CrazyCanuck

    … But at the same time, one has to shake their head at the ability of TPTB to break the rules and carry their agenda forward. Take the Swiss referendum for instance. Was it not part of the ” rules ” that the government could not campaign against a proposal? Yet we see them getting involved in a big way, swaying the public with fear of terrible consequences. To me, it boggles the mind when the current system benefits the elites and not the common man, yet 78% ( made up of mostly 99%ers ) vote to continue on taking it in the ….

  34. Matt Jaymes

    Standing Ovation! Cheers, whistles, screams and assorted pandemonium. Here’s a ping for Jim Sinclair.

  35. ConcernedAmericanDad

    Greg, Thanks for another great interview. It is discouraging and disheartening to try and spread “the word”. At the family holiday gatherings, all is well: fantasy football, the next vacation, Black Friday…….I can’t get a comment on my blog, let alone a ” hey I’ve been checking out your blog, some interesting things on there”- nothing- not a mention. People in general don’t want to hear any of it. And with the 78% rejection of the Swiss referendum is it time to throw in the towel and surrender? They win. They control everything and everyone is just fine with it. I imagine it would be over 90% here at least from those I know. More bad Macro news this morning but I’m sure by day’s end we’ll be “off the lows” or “bouncing back” so why all the bitching and complaining?@#$%

  36. andyb

    Greg: Bravo for Rob Kirby. It’s amazing to me, as a avid pursuer of the gold truth, that his statement about the enormous premium for weight in Asia is unknown even in the alternative financial media or at least non-reported. I wonder why? Do the tentacles of the banking cabal reach even to excellent financial sites like Zero Hedge?

    • OzFan

      Dude, it WAS reported on ZeroHedge.

  37. mohammad

    That sheds a light on why the regime is so powerful in Syria:

  38. Chip

    Greg, for more on the gold situation here is a great read IMO….

  39. whatsreality

    As much as I like Rob Kirby and appreciate his analysis I’m afraid I have to question his statements on Canadian silver maples being tight. I just called my dealer and yes there is the annual end of year slow down in production as the 2014 year comes to a close and they prepare to start minting 2015, which does cause some tightness in supply. But this is an annual condition, happens every year in December, not something specific to the current price crunch. For example, my dealer has never had a wider variety of silver coins for sale than right now, with many of them being “on sale”. Who would have their products “on sale” if the supply was tight and premiums were supposedly going up? I’m just trying to get a grip on reality here.

  40. brian

    I could get one ounce gold buffaloes delivered to my door for about $1300 per coin, and thats with a credit card. Show me who is paying around 2 grand for the same coin in hand and I am on a plane this week.

    I am not questioning the existence of such a price difference, but I am wondering how long a discrepancy in price like this can last before people with money start taking advantage of it to the point everything falls apart? I mean this makes the housing bubble yields look razor thin and look how everyone and their landscaper ran around buying old shacks thinking they would sell for the price of a mansion a week later. How are they going to control or prevent the frenzy that comes out of this? Thats what should scare us all.

    • Greg Hunter

      Big difference between coins and tons in Asia.

      • Smaulgld

        Going to have to call BS on Kirby
        The Shanghai gold exchange will deliver nearly 2000 tons of physical gold this year and its not at a 50% premium.

        • JMiller

          I agree. I think Kirby is exaggerating. People on other forums also believe that he is BS-ing.

          • Greg Hunter

            Think what you want. It’s what he does for a living. This is not trading. It is strategic national interests taking shape behind the scenes.

            • JMiller


              After thinking about it I could see having to pay a big premium to a acquire a large amount of gold at one time. May be other cost involved such as transporting ect… So I retract my previous comment. Thanks.

    • Silence is Golden

      He did qualify it with “in volume”.

      • Smaulgld

        Yes but I would think as many here have suggested that gold could be rounded up for less than 50% mark up, even in large quantities.

        His point is well taken esp in silver- given that there are only about 800 million ounces produced by miners each year valued at today’s prices at $12.8 billion

        If someone wanted to buy 200-300 million ounces it would cost more than $16 an ounce (today’s approx price) or it would take months to procure

        • Silence is Golden

          Have you tried to buy in bulk volume ?
          Let me know when you do and how that goes.

  41. dchayden

    Wow…the Swiss population overwhelmingly rejected this referendum something like 78%. Out of the 23 Swiss regions…not a single one had a majority yes vote. I am aware that the central banks launched an unprecedented campaign of horror unto the public before the vote…however, I find it hard to believe that not one of these regions had a majority yes vote. A little surprised….but not shocked. Chalk one up for the central banks scare campaign… I guess : /

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Maybe it is like stalin said;
      “Those that cast the votes decide nothing.
      Those that count the votes decide everything”

    • JC Davis

      dchayden. I have learned all votes world wide is rigged. If it makes no sense it is not sensible, it is rigged. Votes don’t count.

  42. Chip

    Great interview Greg! I listened to it twice…

  43. Vernon Elliott

    Koos Jansen @koosjansen has said this is not true.

    You can view his comments at @vernonkelliott

    Your comment?

  44. Mason

    This is What Happens When You Call The Cops:

    This is a video that is going viral entitled ‘This is What Happens When You Call The Cops’ Martin Armstrong even commented on it:

    Martin Armstrong says:
    “It is a shocking video putting together numerous clips of Police Brutality that is very disturbing to say the least. It has captured the stark transformation of the police into a militaristic force far removed from the old days…..Once the economy turns down, the frustration against government will rise up like the 1960s. This time, it will not just be a black issue. The militarization of the police has no boundary of race, creed, or gender.

    This video captures the resentment that is bubbling beneath the surface, Anyone who thinks this is just a race issue better open their eyes. The abuse has no limits. The civil asset forfeiture laws are unleashing criminal activity sanctioned by the courts against the people no different from Rome when its armies sacked their own cities to get paid. Indeed, perhaps the greatest lesson of history is that we never learn anything from it. Amazing.”

    This is how the real issue in Ferguson is that the economy turning down ties in with the rise of the Police State.

    • JMiller

      You are correct about it not being just a race issue. In some incidents race does play a part as was the case in Ferguson. Most police are not like those shown in the video but unfortunately they are judged by some to all be the same.

  45. John B

    Rob Kirby a man worth listening to who tells it as it is, instead of listening to stock brokers
    who only tell the story from their perspective.

  46. blamb61

    Why aren’t the big buyers putting pressure on the gold markets?

  47. Mr. T

    Rob Kirby got my attention when he dropped “The Hague” & “Trials”. I agree completely. Great interview, listened to it twice. Thanks.

    • Silence is Golden

      Hanging the criminal bastards is inappropriate /too soft in my book.
      Line them all up and execute them through beheading…one by one.
      Then watch how fast the rest of them run.
      You really feel the passion that Rob has in this interview….he’s as mad as a cut snake.

      • Mr. T

        I share Rob’s anger. And I especially like the psychological aspect in the plan you suggest for those criminals. They need to prepare for hell.

  48. jimha

    I have seen this huge Asian premium stated several places now however I wish someone would provide documented proof instead of supposition.

  49. Odd Job

    Totally ridiculous … if there was a 50% premium the Chinese would be in North America buying EVERY SINGLE Gold BAR for a quick massive arbitrage flip …. nobody leaves a quick 50% profit of millions on the table for doing next to nothing.

    Kirby would do alot better with his time documenting the phony Paper Gold price discovery mechanism as opposed to pushing ridiculous stories.

  50. VShook

    The big question is — WHEN, IF EVER is the manipulation in precious metals going to fail? Central banks can’t afford higher gold/silver prices, the US government cannot abide higher precious metal prices (interest rates would go up on its debt), China does not want to harm its major trading partner (the US) and enjoys the lower prices of gold/silver, Russia enjoys the lower prices, the EU needs low or even lower precious metal prices as it contemplates inflationary actions — in other words, who in power and control does not want lower prices for precious metals? That is who we are up against. Until a large player sees an advantage in changing their position on this, in this battle, I do not see a way of winning (defined as gold and silver priced by the physical market). Does anyone else see something that refutes these facts, so that, even in our lifetime, we see precious metals protecting us rather than being a risk to our finances?

    • Mark_BC

      When the gold runs out. Reliable numbers for import into Asia show huge flows that cannot be stopped. This year, next year, maybe the year after, it will run out. It won’t be 5 or 10 years.

  51. windcatcher

    You are such a coward Greg, to run away from debate by taking down my comment on your web site and on your YouTube site. That same comment, without correcting Mr. Kirby was widely received with affirmation on Zero-Hedge.
    I can tell your site is more of a petting zoo more than it is informative and consists of shallow one or two line comments from your dim sheep followers.
    Greg, you have lost all of my respect.

  52. Jeff L

    HKN says….” Saudi oil play will stress Russian economy and pressure high cost producers. Lower energy prices to boast US economy well into 2016.” ………… The US is far more vulnerable to lower oil prices. Our oil production is based on +$85. The fracking dream is based on +$100…………Russia has oil, gold, and excess reserves. The US has debt, a fracking Ponzi scheme, and no gold. The US will be a 3rd world country by 2016.

  53. Sambo

    Rob Kirby, what a great guest and I will not hold back the thought he is a good as they come Mr. Greg. There is man’s money that a lot of us has prospered with over the ages with and there is God’s money that has endured the test of time(gold and silver). It just so happens that we all should be more concerned in those things that are of God than the things that of man. Especially in the times we are living in. Thanks for all the great info my friend and as you always say fear not. you simply do a great job. Sambo

  54. John Newell

    Why are the gold and silver companies selling at spot prices in North America, when the market in the far east is 50% higher, I guess the folks that run the precious metals companies are ninnies too

    • Greg Hunter

      John Newell,
      Kirby deals and was talking about large amounts such as tonnage.

      • Smaulgld

        50% premiums are preposterous.

        Even in India where there was black market and smuggling this year, the premiums never reached 50%

      • Harry Tuttle

        I ask the same question that some others have asked: why are the miners selling their gold here and not directly to China if they can make a fast 50% profit. Don’t they sell in tonnage?

        • Greg Hunter

          Harry Tuttle,
          Everything is not open, transparent and listed on the internet. Think of this as covert (until now) end game strategy. I have been told lots of fireworks are coming.

  55. Macray

    Thank you for an excellent interview Greg. Regarding the Asian premium of 50 percent over spot, this is really amazing information, if correct. Rob is talking about very large purchases from institutional buyers. Would it be possible for you to follow up with Rob and perhaps ask who is the seller for these very large purchases? And if their is any other strong evidence besides Rob just saying so, that this premium of 50 percent over spot actually exists today. If so, this really would be Game Changing Information! Its difficult to accept a persons claim or opinion without seeing actual evidence. I am sure Rob believes what he is saying and I surely hope is information is accurate. Thank You

  56. Jeff L

    I have no reason to believe Kirby would risk his reputation lying about what his clients paid (50+%) for large purchases. I also have little doubt the gold is coming from our clueless populous ( to answer Macray)……….VShook, the manipulation has been failing for decades. They almost “lost it” when we approached $2000. But we started below $300. I started buying at $290. The MSM will never compare gold’s performance to the market. That’s because it has outperformed the market AND the great (sarc) insider Buffett. I was buying silver when he was selling it ($5)…………. The best part ? As I’ve posted multiple times on Greg’s great site, the market is headed lower and gold is headed higher. No amount of manipulation can change that. Fundamentals ALWAYS trump technicals.

  57. Brad

    I find Rob Kirby quite an interesting guy. He seems to understand very well that the western financial elites are doing everything legal or not to perpetuate their system. Their system is the debt money fractional reserve system which we all know is grossly unfair and resembles a ponzi scheme in that more debt must continually be taken on in ever larger amounts in order for older debt to be repaid and the system kept operating in the bankers interests . It is my belief that the western elites have massively invested in China and other Asian countries and that the two elites are mutually bound together. That is the eastern and western elites compose one “super class” that are the puppeteers of the nation states, including adversaries like Russia and the USA. They alone determine the outcomes of such geo political events to their own ends. We basically view these happenings as the shadows of Plato’s cave wall. My theory rests on the massive investment and technology transfers that have taken place with mainly China since the early 1980’s and accelerating to the present. Not just menial manufacturing labour but massive R and D investments to an end not yet revealed but that China could be the template of. When the monetary system collapses, within a short period of time the masses will be pleading to be rescued from that which the elites created. These same elites will then bring forth their plan to rescue us which will of course be their rescue also by their remaining dominant over us and also with the attainment of the prize goal of global financial domination over all other political and corporate entities.The rescue will either involve some sort of return to a gold standard or another fiat currency such as the IMF’s SRD’s. Forgotten will be the fact that it is the privately owned debt based monetary system that has brought to this point.

    • Mark_BC

      That is a question I have bee pondering for a long time too Brad: how far does western control extend? My personal opinion is that Russia and China are not under control or in bed with the western elites. The recent shenanigans in Ukraine demonstrate that the US is posturing to antagonize Russia and they would not have gone to all this effort if Russia was under western influence. As for China, I think they are being friendly to the west only to the extent that it will allow them to finish their transfer of wealth from west to east, then they will dump us. The elites know this and so they are joining in on the party, but I don’t think they control China.

      I think the western banking cartel covers North America, Europe, most of the Middle East, India, Japan, and I’m not sure about S America. Again, just IMHO.

  58. Dubai Bob

    I live in Dubai and gold kilos are available for immediate delivery at 1-5% above spot. Kirby should stick to the paper gold market manipulation analysis rather peddle the 50%+ over spot nonsense.

  59. Jerry

    Greg I have question for you.
    How can the dollar index be going up so high right now, while the bond market is in free fall? The past several months the Ten Year Treasury note has been on a steady downward track paying only 2.4% interest, while RMB bond sales have been exploding paying almost 3.0% interest. Most large Investors have been buying RMB bonds not only for profit, but for safety from the dollar, so how can this be happening?

    • Greg Hunter

      Look up the Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF.)

    • Paul from Indiana

      Jerry, Yes, it seems to defy logic, but that is until you look at Europe and Japan, whose situation is worse, hence the Dollar’s relative “strength”. As for the RMB “explosion”, right now, on a percentage basis, it’s more like a toe-hold. It does have room to grow; that’s true. But why are you rooting so hard for disaster? You seem to think you can WILL it into existence. Best always. PM

      • Jerry

        I not rooting for anything. I’m just watching the train wreck that’s happening in slow motion. We now have RMB hubs in Toronto, New York, and LA. The dollars days are numbered.

  60. Bobbo

    If true, this is a good arbitrage opportunity for someone. As long as bullion is available through the LBMA, simply pull it out and sell at 50% profit. What am I missing? Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?

    • Greg Hunter

      This is not a trade. It is accumulation and long term policy in Asia.

  61. Chad Jennings

    Earlier in November a Reuters article indicates that the price people are paying for gold in China is the same if not a bit lower than what Westerners are paying. Also the article reflects the perspectives of a few merchants who indicate that consumer demand has not increased although gold prices have dropped. Maybe things have changed over the past few weeks, but its hard to believe people are paying 50% over spot, unless you’re talking about gold jewelry which also includes the cost of labor and markup. Just wanted to point this out as it is in stark contrast to the primary point of the interview with Rob Kirby.

  62. Doolie

    Not true !

    I am in Asia ( Thailand ) and only an idiot would pay 50% over base price.

    Most likely such an idiot has been found !

  63. JamesRav

    “…keep kicking the can down the road”. It seems to be a sturdy can and a very long road.

  64. fracking hell

    who knows what the price for anything is any more?
    well done to those who have slammed the oil price down also.
    I love this stuff!, this is America.

  65. Paul

    Rob Kirby is not alone! Jim Willie has a contact ( who he claims is an advisor to an Arab Sovereign Wealth Fund) who verified that , at a MINIMUM, 35% premiums over spot gold price is being paid for LARGE quantities ( key point). The point is these wealthy clients are prepared to pay-up to get their hands on physical gold. I know it is frustrating when people like Harvey Organ and Bill Holter make prognostications based on their in depth knowledge . But they are far more in tune than most of us! Rob Kirby, is among many who are rightly appalled at what is taking place in these manipulated markets. I for one value their service just as I value Greg Hunter’s contribution to keep us enlightened. Thanks Greg for the great work you do!

  66. Jerry

    While Congress meets today to discuss President Obama’s recent executive action on immigration reform, laugh, laugh, cough, cough, this is all you really need to know about what’s really going on.
    Its all part of the framework for the North American Union. Its happening right before your eyes people. This not just about immigration, its about tearing down the borders, period. That’s why the attorney general in Texas has filed a lawsuit. They know it.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Jerry, excellent point. Once more I will ask the thinking evaluators in our Watchdog midst to read Thomas Chittum’s “Civil War II”. It’s all there in black-and-white. Jerry, I have great respect for your contributions and information here, but I fear this issue of border/sovereignty destruction much more than the dollar “crash” or the ascent of Chinese currency/bonds, as I see much more evidence/progress on that front. Best always. PM

      • Jerry

        This country is being carved up like a Thanksgiving day turkey. Take your pick on what comes first. Its all in play.

      • wd


        I have read that book 3x it is an almost perfect blue print of what to expect. Point for point, even what caliber weapons should be bought.
        Move to smaller towns etc…it really lays it out.

        I have recommended this book multiple times on this site-glad someone took notice.

  67. John Mackenzie

    Utterly irresponsible – Shades of Harvey Organ Hyperbole.

    Without facts to support Greg, you are merely parroting the GOLD Advisor herd.

    The journalistic integrity had declined significantly within in the Gold Community.

    Please put an end to this type of reporting, it is unacceptable.

    • Greg Hunter

      John Mackenzie,
      Acquiring gold tonnage is what Kirby does for a living. You are welcome to go back to the MSM where there is no fraud and the economy is in “recovery.”

  68. Doug Williams

    SREIER, your question should of been, ” Why weren’t the gangsters at the Comex selling their gold/silver at %50 over spot the the Asians and buying the crap from us that were caught up in the “PUMP and DUMP” circus brought on with these talking heads. ( Reminder to the talking heads,(with 2015 coming) you have now, 16 years to talk gold and silver up to new highs.

  69. JoH LBM

    In interest of truth.. . . .

    This is Greg Hunter and I have cut your comment. Here’s why as you say “In the interest of truth” man up and use a real name verifiable name and state what you do for a living. You want to be critical then don’t use an anonymous name. I’ll be happy to put your comment up.

  70. Bill Sodomsky

    Hi Greg,

    I am a long time viewer of your site and an occasional contributor via blog commentary or direct email. Outlets such as yours are extremely valuable considering the current state of world affairs, however, the manipulation of the markets which absolutely includes PM’s, is more symptomatic than causal. The “REAL” story lies in the energy markets, in particular the current crushing of crude oil prices. Our society runs on energy NOT PM’s, NOT FUNNY MONEY or its proxies. The world is on its way to H… in a hand basket not because of slick computer algorithms, but because oil is getting harder to get for what the consumer can afford to pay. That’s where we are and where we’re stuck. I requested of you recently, to entertain bringing on Steve Ludlum from Economic Undertow or someone of his ilk, who can clearly and succinctly explain the root causes of our predicament as opposed to guests who simply harp on the PM market. I repeat, the manipulations across markets are symptomatic and the sooner the public takes on this serious issue regarding expensive oil and tapped out demand, the better off we may all be. The time is running out when matters can be reversed and the current oil shock may bring the world economy to its knees while PM- centric debates rage on.

    Bill Sodomsky

  71. rod

    Hong Kong ebay shows pricing for coins and bullion similar to U.S.

  72. rod

    nevermind i was mislead. sy

  73. Jeff L

    Greg If you have Sinclair on again a question about his mining co. would be very relevant. I believe he is being targeted because he has been trying to educate the public. He is such a positive, moral man…….. [ ]

    • Greg Hunter

      Jeff L,
      Sinclair is the MAN!! and I have a standing invitation with him. He says he will come on at the right moment. I don’t know when that will be.

  74. g.johnson

    greg, thanks for another apt and informative episode. small bone to pick, if you don’t mind.
    if you scroll down the home page you may notice that, except for your weekly updates, the guests are all telling different versions of the same basic story. I do believe that we are all quite well aware that the economy is failing quickly and profoundly.
    I also believe that an interview with the likes of craig hulet would to a long way toward understanding more, the cause and effects that are driving this collapse.
    I believe his contact information can be found at his site here:
    also, for information on the history of money and some very good ideas for solution could be provided by bill still:
    keep up the good work greg, America needs a strong wake up call.

  75. Chomsky

    Here in Japan prices for gold on net auction typically run 300 -500 $. Over spot for one ounce. 1/10. Oz. Coins are 40-60$ over spot per coin. Even in the shops. Perhaps it’s a little cheaper in Tokyo but I doubt it.

  76. Jeff L

    Doug asks …… ” Why weren’t the gangsters at the Comex selling their gold/silver at %50 over spot the the Asians and buying the crap from us. ” ? Well, if they took delivery of their contracts (which is nearly impossible since the corrupt Comex only delivers in cash (ask yourself why) then they could sell at whatever price the “real market” was buying at. Of course your facetious question demands little reasonable thought since you already decided gold is “crap”. The arrogance of today’s intellect who can’t acknowledge anything that existed before they were born. The world obviously revolves around these simple minds………….. It’s not really that hard for the average person to see gold and silver have risen steadily for the last 100 years ( I won’t go back farther because it might be too much of a mental strain for some)……… What really makes this discussing so humorous is the fact that it takes 1200 PIECES OF CRAP (paper) to buy one little coin. Which really makes it worthless crap in my mind.

  77. SilverSax

    “Gold’s in a 6000-yr bubble”.
    Rob Kirby squashed that fantasy, didn’t he?

  78. rbblum

    The ‘classic’ question, the most pronounced question, really is ‘why are the precious metal miners not focussed on selling in the most lucrative/rewarding markets’?

  79. DiscoProJoe

    My favorite author Harry Browne always loved telling one of his favorite stories: he was chatting with a V.P. of a large Swiss bank in 1970. The banker told him the gold price would never go above $40 per ounce. Harry Browne asked, “How do you know?” The big Swiss bank exec replied, “Oh, because *we* control the market!”

  80. John

    I haven’t watched the video, but I have to question this premise about the current spot price of gold in Asia being 50% over spot.

    Granted, this doesn’t qualify as “serious tonnage”, but I was in a gold bullion shop in Singapore in November of 2014 and there was a 400-oz Perth Mint bar simply sitting there, and I doubt it was at higher premiums than all the other smaller bars they had there. I purchased gold and silver there – the silver premiums were actually just a hair better than here in the states, both bars and rounds.

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