Obama’s State of Delusion, FBI Widens Hillary Email Probe, Iran Detains US Sailors

b5By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (WNW 222 1.15.16)

President Obama’s State of the Union should be renamed to the State of Delusion after he said, “Anyone claiming that America’s economy is in decline is peddling fiction.” This is so off base and delusional I simply do not know where to start. There are so many metrics that prove the President wrong. The Labor Participation Rate stands at around 94 million, a record. The Baltic Dry Index has plunged to record lows, and the stock market is off to the worst start—ever. There is one headline after another that confirm the problems with the stock market are real. So is the fear the economy is sinking, and there is nothing the Fed can do about it.

The FBI probe into Hillary Clinton’s email scandal is widening, according to FOX News. This is a huge story, folks, and yet most of the mainstream media (MSM) is choosing not to cover it, even though Mrs. Clinton is being asked about it on the campaign trail. Once again, the MSM is choosing to destroy its own business to shield a Democrat. In this case, a front-runner for president. The only reason a real news organization would ignore a legitimate story is that it does not fit their politics. As Marco Rubio said month ago, the MSM is the “Ultimate Super PAC for Democrats.” This means the MSM that ignores a story about a front-runner and expanding FBI probe is not a news organization. It’s a propaganda arm for Democrats.

Iran released 10 U.S. sailors that it said drifted into their waters in the Persian Gulf. There is an investigation, and Pentagon officials would only say the two Navy boats in question made a “navigational mistake.” The boats were reportedly off course by 50 miles. According to Iranian news services, Iran locked its missiles onto French and U.S. aircraft carriers when they started to do maneuvers after the incident first happened. In published reports, Iran warned of war breaking out if things escalated. No telling what really happened, but one thing is for sure, the Iranians made a propaganda spectacle out of the incident. You can add it to the list of ballistic missile tests and shooting a missile near a U.S. aircraft carrier a few weeks ago in the Persian Gulf.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. DLC


    State of the Union showboating vs everyday reality.

    Pick a department, same applies.

  2. Mary Casey

    COINCIDENCE? 10 U.S. Sailor detainees for 10 Guantanamo detainees?

    WASHINGTON — Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) released 10 American sailors who it had detained on Tuesday. Their release came shortly after the US apologized to Iran for the naval incursion on Wednesday.

    WASHINGTON —The Obama administration on Thursday quietly transferred 10 Yemeni detainees from the prison at Guantanamo Bay to neighboring Oman – so quietly, in fact, that the news was first reported by state-run Middle East news agencies.

    • Greg Hunter

      Wow Mary. Thank you for this.

      • FleaBittenRangeBum

        Coincidences; pre to 9/11 to these 10-4-10. Great article, outstanding comment Mary C!

      • Darren Gale

        You give the impression Iran is bad. Maybe they are not, maybe they have just had a gutfull of beging treated like crap.

        • Greg Hunter

          Maybe the American hostages held in Iran are tired of being treated like crap too.

          • Old Dog

            The American Center for Law and Justice reported on January 16, 2016, that Pastor Saeed Abedini was released earlier that morning after three years in an Iranian prison. ACLJ also reports that “sever other imprisoned Americans were also reported released.”

        • frederick

          I agree with you Darren Greg is blind to the fact that we have been instigating trouble in the ME for a long time and should expect blowback

    • lastmanstanding

      Mary if you want another interesting look at this “incident” go over to http://www.americanthinker.com. On Jan. 13, Rick Moran wrote an article, “10 US sailors held by Iran confirmed free.” Be sure to read the comments section. If it doesn’t upset you, nothing ever will. On of the first comments is by Matt Bracken and it rolls from there. Bracken was a Navy SEAL commander in the 80’s. His site http://www.enemiesforeignanddomestic.com has books that he has written and essays on various topics that many find incredibly interesting and very real.

      You can also find his comment over at http://www.westernrifleshooter.wordpress.com. It is one of my daily reads. The blogmeister and commenters are mostly veterans.

      Any how, I won’t spoil the read, but what I will say is that Matt’s and the others comments on what happened isn’t anything like the official gub story. These were men that experienced and lived that life for a period of their lives.

      The prisoner transfer that you shared was news to me and nothing surprises me regarding obamao. Thanks.

      • Mary Casey

        Lastmanstanding: Thank you for info…..

        Some silly thoughts while reading was the article/comments you mentioned:

        Over production of oil is in preparation for WWIII; and WWIII is in preparation for the over production of oil….and the financial collapse.

        Wal-Mart is expecting WWIII soon against China….thus their closures. (When Wal-Mart would experience low inventory, I used to joke that we must be at war with China.)

        Which of USA Watchdog’s guest warned us to “look out for a financial collapse on a Friday before a 3-day Holiday weekend”…..they said banks would close and we would have 72 hours to get to where we were going.

        • Jeff L

          “Over production of oil is in preparation for WWIII” Mary, you’re the first person who has echoed what I keep saying. We all know war is just around the corner so why would anyone be surprised we’re storing oil wherever we can find a place for it. Now analyst are saying look for $20 oil. Frankly, we don’t have that much time to get there before we reverse and see triple digit oil.

        • Mike R

          Geez, there is NOT going to be any WWIII. Just get that out of your minds. Walmart store closings (which as to do way more with Amazon and shifting consumer habits, and over capacity in everything) notwithstanding, we are not at war with China, Russia, nor will we be anytime soon. With oil prices this low, what we will see is a very prolonged case of deflation, and that is what oil and other commodities are telling you here. That is what world bond markets, and corporate bonds are telling you here. A lot of countries are in a world of hurt economically speaking, but there is no brewing precipitation for any sort of world war, and in fact the situation is the complete opposite. There is a very deep hunger for cooperation world wide. If you are part of international and truly global firms you would be privy to this. Countries and sovereign governments are at the weakest point they have been in years, but we are not seeing that, but rather seeing symptoms that we think are something else altogether. Corporations, and international ones at that, are far more powerful drivers of the globe today than ever. Profits are as well, so what we are witnessing is a continued shift away from any sort of world wars, and towards a corporate centric globe, that will actually prevent world wars. Skirmishes, terrorists, and local rebellions may be more common, but there has never been a time when people/individuals have been this apathetic, and rather easily controlled. Governments of countries are becoming weaker and weaker, and with that, arises the inability, and the wherewithall, let alone the appetite to wage world war. We’ll let the idiots in the middle east, who are pipsqueaks on the global front, beat the crap out of each other all day long, bc they are meaingless in terms of their power. Corporations own the middle east, and the arabs, and the louder they scream, the more impotent they are shown to be. Deflation poses a problem for governments, but corporations can simply retrench, lay more people, yet continue on. They can shutter facilities like Walmart is doing, but those couple hundred facilities that walmart is closing is not even a drop in the bucket for them. Thats just headlines, and warped ones at that, bc the media are a bunch of morons and have lost the capacity to print something with even an ounce of journalistic integrity. (which is why Greg likely isn’t working for the mainstreams anymore). Quit trying so hard to connect the dots, bc you aren’t privy to the data and the ‘dots’ that corporations have that they can see, long before any of us can. And thats not just the Googles of the world who know way more than we as individuals ever can. Its all corporations who do. The recession thats been unfolding for some time now is painfully obvious. (except to the FED). As is deflation. And debt. But that does not mean we are anything even remotely close to a world war.

          • Austin Cassidy

            Unfortunately history doesn’t support your theory. First currency wars (as we speak), then trade wars (ships stop n dock… baltic index), then shooting war. Any avid history reader can verify this. Oil is being pumped and storage fees paid … nonsensical (let it down there n avoid fees). Why oil pumped n stored? WW2 … energy became issue for hitler … battle of the bulge. If hitler would have had the gas, or patton for that matter, dunkirk would have happened all over again. Main bombing missions were on refineries. They learned from their mistakes. If SHTF … primary targets to stop NWO will be refineries, bridges, and railroads. U can’t ship oil by air and the pipelines are vulnerable. Thus … pump n dump it wherever u can prior to hostilities.

      • Faith

        Lastman: I am a huge fan of Matt Bracken! I read Matt’s entire book series in December. The series is graphic and not for the faint of heart. The point of view of the books is hardcore. Bracken doesn’t pull any punches. He wrote the first book more than 10 years ago. These books should be made into movies, they are that good, but of course the subject matter is too strong for the hollyweird types to digest. There was a new TV show last night called “The Colony.” Basically the show is about living in a police state. I don’t know if I will continue to watch as I found the sex scenes gratuitous.

        Matt posted this article about the Iranian event and I found his point of view to be very astute. http://gatesofvienna.net/2016/01/submission-american-style/

        In this article Bracken talks about Jihad and how they operate: https://westernrifleshooters.wordpress.com/2014/08/20/bracken-the-islamic-jihad-conquest-formula/

        This article is quite possibly the best analysis I have read on Islam, the radical left, and nationalism. The article is quite long but worth taking the time to read: https://westernrifleshooters.wordpress.com/2015/11/29/bracken-tet-take-two-islams-2016-european-offensive/

        I now visit the site, Gates of Vienna on a daily basis. Excellent articles along with translations of videos and the comments are worth reading.

        • Allen Starr

          I haven’t been able to get back on this site since I posted on Bill Holter on December 30th. I am having trouble getting this site from my ISP in Siberia. To answer your question about growing 2 tons of potatoes at the Dacha, It would be much worse to grow nothing as the weeds will drive you nuts. we have a weed that has roots 8-10 inches below ground which grows horizontally with one stock growing to the surface. We were dumb enough to grow nothing on part of our land one year and it took us nearly 2 years to finally get rid of the weeds. It’s easier to grow potatoes. We sort our seed potatoes out when we harvest the potatoes in late August and store them in the root cellar in the garage over the winter. We bring the seed potatoes into our apt. 20 days before planting them in late May. It takes 3-4 days to plant the potatoes, 3-4 days to mound the potatoes later on, and another 4 days to to lift the potatoes in late August and do a mini sort before bringing them to the garage for a final sort. First we sort out seed potatoes and smaller potatoes that we eat ourselves and then sort through all the larger potatoes which we sell. Sometimes we need to sort through the eating potatoes and large potatoes to get enough seed potatoes but we manage to get enough of each to make things work out by the time we are done. Its funny that we are talking about potatoes as on Monday we will deliver the last of our large potatoes, a large basket of beets, and a large basket of carrots to one of the schools we sell to every year. This is the best price this year but we also sell to a supermarket chain and restaurant chain as they know we have a quality product. We grow this extra stuff just to put something in the ground as we don’t need the extra money to live on. We’ll also have 550 strawberry plants this coming year. The most expensive thing to buy here is cow manure and you must have this in the ground if you want a good product. We’ll put 2 truck loads in the ground in early May this year and then have it rototilled before putting the potatoes in. We’ll buy 2 more truckloads of manure this year and let it age. Last year we bought 8 tons of chicken manure mixed with sawdust which we will put in the ground 3 years from now. It’s a little work but when you are retired and have the whole summer; it’s not a big deal and helps keep you in shape. We are going to cut back on our potato production from now on and rotate 25% of the crop and grow oats instead to help the soil and it will be less work for us. I am fully invested in Rubles at 12% per year after finishing up on Friday. Just sitting here and waiting for the US to implode otherwise. I get the feeling that the disaster isn’t that far away now.

          • Faith

            Thank you for the very informative update Mr. Starr! Bravo! I have family from northern Maine and they grew up either picking potatoes or carrying one potatoe to the local school. It was hot and kept their hands warm while walking to school and it was also lunch. I am from a very humble family background. Thank you so much for your response! I was shocked when you mentioned that you had two tons of potatoes! That is the difference between living and starving.

          • Faith

            Mr. Starr since you are in that part of the world I am guessing you are familiar with a site called The Saker. Www dot thesaker dot IS

            Sorry for the odd posting but if I post a valid link my comment is wiped. I like the articles posted by Auslander. Interesting perspective on the world and the west.

            • Allen Starr

              I do read The Saker as well as Russia Today and Russia Insider daily. USA Watchdog and King World News are very good and allow you to follow some of their guests afterwards if you like. Zero Hedge, Steve Lendman, or Orlov sometimes have interesting things as you can scan what they have. I am lucky in that many Ukrainians live in Russia and I’ve know how really bad things are there since the US, NATO, and EU overthrew the Ukrainian Govt. I am embarrassed to have to admit that I am an American citizen and belong to a country that murders people. Syria is another example and it’s all about the $ and a pipeline.

          • dbcooper

            AS, I would be happy to trade some home made cow manure for strawberries!! The logistics might get in the way though!! DB.

            • Allen Starr

              Yea, too bad about the logistics or we could probably make a deal of some kind. We just need to fight the chipmunks off as they like the strawberries. The wife really gets upset with them especially when they destroy her cherries. We have young small cherry trees and they go out on the branches to get the cherries and then spit the meat on the ground and just keep the pit. It’s interesting to watch them empty a pea pod because they can do it so fast. I saw my first rabbit last summer at six in the morning and could not believe how big it was. It was black and as large as a big dog. Some Russians who work in the forest told me it was a male because of the color and size and he proceeded to wipe out my 20 cauliflower plants that evening. He didn’t touch anything else.

          • dbcooper

            AS, A couple of comments … I like to say that we have two major problems in our neck of the woods … Noxious weeds and Communists … not necessarily in that order !! I like barley because it is a short season crop and you can feed it to everyone where as there are problems with other grains such as oats/wheat/rye etc. We also grew mangles this past season and will start feeding them out to the menagerie soon … that said we are anticipating spring!! Yours in husbandry!! FN. DB.

            • Allen Starr

              We grow oats for the roots to be turned into the ground and use the 3-4 ft. stalks for mulch for the strawberries. Some years we lose many plants due to the cold. No problem with communists here. These people are smart and won’t support any Government although they did come together over Ukraine. The people here know this is all about the US saving the $ and not caring who they kill in the process. I don’t think I could find one Russian here right now who has a kind word for the US Govt.

              • Faith

                Mr. Starr, you are in good company. There are some of us in the US that do not have a kind word for our government, either.

        • lastmanstanding

          I agree Faith.

          The Tet offensive in VN was a devastating event, carried out by individual groups who were far outnumbered by US forces.

          The stage for the same thing has been set up here in the US for decades. I won’t get into it more than that. I will say that all one needs to do look at a demographics map of the US and look where foreigners have settled since slick willie began letting them in and letting them set up “their way of life” and forcing us to accept and pay for it/them.

          If I was to move to a foreign place or land, I would be moving to embrace their style of life…NOT change it. The same goes from state to state here in the US.

          While we still have a TV, it is used sparingly. Didn’t see The Colony as wife enjoys “The Blacklist.” Ray “Red” Redington (James Spader) is taking down the “cabal”. I wonder why all of a sudden this has been introduced into prime time TV?

          So for a minute, I’ll put on my tin-foil hat and share something. I believe that tptb use all the media’s to warn in advance of their agenda as well as what they want you focused on while they pull some bs ploy behind our back. Many have stated that point far before me here. The bastards destroying humanity are very, very evil. IF they are tipping us off, I must attempt to shape my family, and awake friends futures best I can.

          The listen to all, follow none is how I operate. We work, plan and train for whatever the future may bring.

          Thanks for you comment. I value the man/woman on the street.

          • Faith

            Bracken is very astute. He has an excellent article on a guy in the UK that spent time in prison and lived to tell the tale. Absolutely terrifying to hear about how Tommy Robinson was treated in the UK. If you want to buy the book here is a direct link as it is not on Amazon (of course) tommyrobinson.co.uk and you can use Pay Pal to buy the book and have it delivered in the US . Here is the story of Tommy Robinson, Enemy of the State: http://gatesofvienna.net/2016/01/tommy-robinson-un-exemple-pour-encourager-les-autres-part-1/

          • Faith

            Lastman: I think what you are referring to is known as predictive programming. I certainly think that TV and movies are used to promote ideas and to plant ideas, or seed ideas, amongst the masses. Progrom and program are two closely related words.

            The show I watched, “Colony,” is not new (missed it when it was new) and is showing on USA HD. The show’s premise includes some type of alien (from space) occupation but appears very much like a police state. After watching really excellent sci-fi programs like “Babylon 5” and “Battlestar Galatica” that had very high production standards for the time combined with an excellent storyline and strong characters, most TV programs fail to capture my attention long enough for me to continue watching. The network programs are the worst, in my opinion. I did like a new series on the FOX network, “The 100,” which aired last year. I tried to watch the network show, “Extant,” and after a few shows didn’t continue watching.

        • dbcooper

          Faith, Have you read ‘Unintended Consequences’ by John Ross? It is also a must read about the gun culture in the US. DB.

          • Faith

            DB: no but thank you. Added to my list! I read a lot and always have a running list of books and am always grateful to find one I have not read! Thank you!

      • Faith

        Lastman: another excellent article that is a must read posted by Matt Bracken, today. http://gatesofvienna.net/2016/01/an-encounter-with-a-maqama-troll/#more-38479

        The Gates of Vienna site is one that I read on a daily basis. The information, and comments, are top notch.

    • lastmanstanding

      Mary, do you have a link or direction for that info? I’m not very tech savvy and do not know how to cut/paste/transfer links or I would have in my other comment to you.

      Guess I should ask my wife how to do it!

    • Macray

      Wow Mary Casey! Very impressive!!

    • J C Davis

      Thanks Mary Casey. A soldier friend was in my garage this morning that said there was no way they could have drifted into Iran space without some intent. I cant wait to show him your comment.

      • frederick

        That’s exactly what Michael Savage is alleging that’s it would be nearly impossible to happen as they claim JC

    • JCN

      Interesting parallel Mary, but Ash Carter told Congress in December that they would be releasing up to 17 prisoners at the beginning of 2016. So if that was the plan a month ago, there was no reason to detain our boys for some sort of back-door trade. Just trying to put the pieces together. Good post!

    • Galaxy 500

      Those releases were Sunni where as Iran is Shia. Sorry to throw facts out but these aren’t connected.

      • Mohammad

        You are ignorant on Iran


        I guess Bin Laden was considered Sunni.


        • sk

          ‘Weekly Standard’? Not exactly a disinterested news source….

        • Galaxy 500

          We supplied Stalin weapons in WWII, didn’t make us commies. And yes Bin Laden is Sunni as is his family.

      • J C Davis

        G 500. I was thinking there may have been a distraction plan for some other plan insert. Who knows what is going on? Not me.

        • Galaxy 500

          0bama is doing as much evil as possible. It doesn’t mean that it is connected, other than being evil

  3. FC

    Thoughts of S.S Minnow came to mind, when I heard about the US Sailors had drifted off course.

  4. Faith

    Brilliant, Mr. Hunter, and spot on! Thank you for daring to tell the truth.

  5. Diana Dee Jarvis

    “State of the Union should be State of Delusion.” They look united in their delusion to me. It’s mindboggling how the propaganda gets more and more blatant. FBI may be widening their probe, but I doubt Clinton will be charged unless or until the Democrats nominate someone else. What passes for rule of law these days is pathetic.

    • Philip Szlyk, M.D., Ph.D.

      I am American to moved to Ukraine in 2010 meet a beautiful. Prior to that I was medical doctor but quit because I hated it and became a computer programmer, along with studying America’s history up to the end of the Civil Civil in great detail for more than 50 years!! And also the creation of the Fed in 1913, etc.. The federal reserve is the WORST institution in American history, along the the two central bank under Alexander Hamilton (George Washington’s Sec. of the Treasury) and the second bank of the U.S. killed off by President Andrew Jackson. And it more likely then not that CIA assassinated President Kennedy. because he signed an Executive Order to dismantle the Fed and replace it with U.S. Treasury Notes, eventually eliminating the Fed Reserve notes entirely and abolishing the Fed. Two days later, Pres. Johnson revoked JFK’s Executive Order, since he desperately wanted to be President and take the U.S. to war with Vietnam..The Civil War was a a result of New York bankers trying to control southern commerce with Britain ; and Britain is once again in control of the U.S. and has been since the Fed. Pres. Wilson stated so himself. been – about 300 families that took America one more and final times. If American is ever to regain control of the nation, it must abolish the Federal Reserve and have a true free-trade system of commerce and government. As things stand now with the Federal Reserve, for every dollar printed or in credit, the U.S. Government must pay 5% to the “Big Banker” families of Britain Germany, etc..
      Most people in southern Ukraine are Russian and would be delighted to break away from Ukraine, just as Crimea did. Further, since I have met thousands of Americans to come to Odessa from America. In fact, so many that some friends and form of organization we meet to discuss to discuss what if happening in the U.S. and other economies. We also help our newcomers from America. The comments by some other persons you posted on your web site are incorrect. Northern Ukraine is like a battle zone, so much so that U.S. Embassy sends out warnings to Americans in Ukraine warning about the dangers of war.

      The exchange rate fell from 5 Hryvnia (Hrv or UAH) per dollar to about 25- 27 UAH per dollar -officially. However, the exchange rate on the street is about 29 UAH at this time. Ukraine has not collapsed totally solely because because the Fed did secret “currency swaps” with Ukraine in amounts ranging from 50 billion 100 billion USD each time; but Fed keeps it “off the books” because it considers it an “exchange of equal value”. (My source is the U.S. consul at the U.S. Embassy in Kiev.) Life as good here in Odessa; but when I last traveled to KIev to the Embassy to renew my U.S. passport, embassy workers warned me not to the enter of Kiev; not walk around the city,. Indeed, they drove me to and from the airport with 2 armed escorts!

      We now built a new house in Crimea and intend to move there shortly.
      I stated putting all assets into gold and silver;and sold all of my stocks and mutual funds starting in 2010; an by 2015 have nearly all of it in gold and silver, which I have buried in a large forest near our new house in Crimea. The point is that Ukraine’s economy is about to collapse completely , with the U.S. soon to follow. Russia is the safest place to be. I warned my brother who said I was “nuts” in predicting this falling apart economically – which I had predicted after the Maidan revolution in 2014 withile discussing it with the consul in the U.S. Embassy with whom I spoke to me. I used to use Ukraine banks to store small amounts of cash in U.S. dollars) – keep the rest of my cash at home – after the new regime slapped currency controls on bank withdrawals 2 years ago.
      Obama, the Fed, the CIA and NATO are killing the Ukrainian economy! And there are U.S. military, combat personnel in Ukraine.There a restaurants/outdoor cafe where foreigners (especially Americans and British) who have left their country regularly meet (along with U.S. military personal on leave) and moved here; and we hold meetings there every month – where we rent the entire restaurant at which 500 or more people (primarily Americans, with a few Brits) regularly attend to this discuss worlds events; and help out new newcomers from America.. And there are at least 4 other groups of about the same size in Odessa that I know of. As for U.S. it started as foreign trust between individual sovereign states country to exchange products and settle dispute. Technically, it remains so today as stated in several unpublished Supreme Court decisions – at least on paper, means nothing. Ask any trust attorney! It was written as a contract, in the form of a trust. Each state could join that trust if they wished or not.
      I advise your readers to “out of Dodge” while they can!!

  6. Zoey

    What’s going on with Obama, Hillary, Iran capturing US sailers, Planned Parenthood lawsuit on top of all the facets of world economy crashing has gone from bizarre to “unreal.” It now feels like we are living in a surreal reality where everyone of the above characters have pinocchio noses, and they know everyone sees their big lying noses but they all insist they are right, and also “expect the world to let them get away with it.” None of these would have been possible before Obama’s presidency, but now they will all get away with it including Hillary. The general public have been so brain washed and desensitized with black magic.

    Furthermore, each of these sensational issues appear to be separate, but also compliment one another in a bizzare way to further desensitize the public to prepare it to accept the next level of horrific things…they are kind of reminding me of the cryptic Economist magazine cover for 2015 and 2016.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      I know exactly what you are saying.
      There is good example of this sort of “surreal reality” in the below link.
      In this recent absolutely extraordinary exchange between Thom Hartmann and Gianno Caldwell [of Caldwell political consulting], Hartmann appeared to defend Hilary in her email scandal. This is a brief summary of what was said;

      16.00 mark
      GC….We may be looking at the next Democratic nominee for President in Bernie Sanders and I say that for a number of reasons. One being that the FBI has decided to expand their probe into Clinton’s political corruption so there is a chance that she may go to jail.
      TH….For corruption?
      GC….You didn’t hear about this?…the story came out two days ago.
      TH….You mean the email scandal?
      TH…. What does this have to do with politics?
      Hartman then went on to add that Clinton was doing “exactly what Dick Cheney and G W Bush did”….seemingly as if what they did, somehow justified her actions.


      Hartmann is a well known ‘progressive’ political commentator and for him to be defending Hillary on this issue, to me just beggared belief.

      By the way, Greg…that was a great WNW!

  7. Jerry

    I’m trying not to post too much, but this is important. Look at the Baltic Dry Index for crude oil. http://investmenttools.com/futures/bdi_baltic_dry_index.htm

    It’s almost flat lining. If that index is accurate what does that mean for the U.S. economy? I just don’t see how these oil companies can pay $100,000. a day to transport oil, and not raise prices. Something is wrong.

    • Jim

      Is there normally any downturn at the beginning of a new year coming off the holidays?

      • frederick

        Nothing “normal” about this Look at the Baltic dry index if you want to see abnormal Its at 373 another record low

      • Jerry

        Check the charts as far back as they go. There has never been a decline like this. My sources in China say transports are still sitting at their docks.

    • Jerry

      Want more proof the worlds economy is crashing? The Baltic Dry Index, and Money Velocity Charts, and Stock Market downturns weren’t enough to convenience you? Then take your rose colored glasses off and look at this.
      Zerohedge has put together the most comprehensive shipping information I have ever seen from several different sources, to back up the Baltic Dry Index. You do realize America does rely on imports for commerce don’t you? Our manufacturing is in China.

  8. DLC

    FC/Mary Casey: It’s one or the other, incompetency or intentional. The result is the same either way. I believe there will be an outrage a week until this traitor leaves office. He pretty much has the green light.

    I couldn’t recall S.S. Minnow. Good one. Back then this kind of insanity was pretty much reserved for sit-com.

    It has been a week of whiplash:

    Louis Farrakhan meets with Alex in Phoenix (full interview to be aired on 01/20/16). Claims he has had a change of heart. It’s possible he took a second look at his world view when “O” and Hillary bumped off Gaddafi. Remember his raging at the prez (“Obama, just who in the H do you think you are”) over Gaddafi’s killing?

    Our sailors publicly humiliated, the 1 female made to wear a hijab, our gov’t groveling and sniveling in return.

    “O” telling us in the State of the Union just how far we’ve come – with almost 100 mil adults likely permanently out of work.

    Celente, John Hogue, and several others whose names escape me predicting a Hillary win due to demographics and the female vote.

    • diane s.

      I’m with Greg ,DLC
      No women’s vote angle. People do not like her.
      She is a mean , unattractive, dishonest, ugly criminal .
      I know a lot of Democrats…women , not one of them will vote for her for the above reasons.
      I’m not as polite as gentleman, Greg Hunter.
      Hillary is an ugly old bitch….people are sick of her. Loser.

      • Jeff L

        diane S. You don’t know the mindset of your opponent…… Given the present scenario of Hillary vs Trump and you’re a dem ? I don’t care if Hillary was Stalin reincarnated they would vote Dem because they hate the other side. That’s where we are in this country now.
        Politics aside, it’s a waste of time to dwell on these scenarios. I told everyone here years ago there will be no election. Finally some are realizing that possibility. It’s more than “possibility”, it’s a done deal.
        King Nobama, no elections.

        • Galaxy 500

          I am willing to you one silver eagle than an election is held in 2016.

    • Anne Elliott

      Well, this is one female who will not be voting for her. I think you mean the “feminist” vote, rather than all females.

  9. David

    President Obama’s comment, “…anyone who says the economy is declining is “peddling fiction”, will be words that define his presidency. What was he thinking? What world does he live in? The economy is tanking and anyone who lives outside the Capital Beltway knows it. I find the hubris sickening.

    The political cabal in Washington, D.C. is destroying this country. Americans know it which explains why Trump remains so popular. When will Americans say enough is enough? When are we going to take back this country?

    Regarding the virtual halt of all modes of shipping…. if goods aren’t shipping it’s because people aren’t buying. Transportation IS the canary in the coal mine. It is the one honest metric. Pretty simple, eh?

    Thank you Greg for another great week. David

  10. Berkshire G.

    Why do we rebel against death? The Bible explains the reason. Regarding our Creator, it says: “He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has even put eternity in their [mankind’s] heart.” (Ecclesiastes 3:11) We would like to enjoy earth’s beauty forever, not for a mere 80 years or so. (Psalm 90:10) That is our heart’s desire.

    Why did God put “eternity” in our hearts? Merely to frustrate us? That is unthinkable. On the contrary, God promises us that there will come a victory over death. The Bible repeatedly speaks about the elimination of death and God’s promise of everlasting life.

    Jesus Christ himself clearly stated: “This means everlasting life, their coming to know you, the only true God, and the one whom you sent, Jesus Christ.” (John 17:3) So the battle against death is not a hopeless one. Jesus confirms, however, that only God can win that future battle for us.

    • Galaxy 500

      Tell me. Do the the JWs still limit heaven to 144,000 souls? Not sure why you’re attempting to lead people astray. God has no limits and everyone that accepts Jesus Christ as his Savior and repents his/her sins is welcome.

  11. Chip

    hit this one OUT OF THE PARK Greg!!! Great WNW. Have a great weekend… Chip

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Chip.

  12. James Hastings

    Thank God it’s Friday. Start off the weekend with the Weekly rap-up and hot coffee. Your much to easy on Bankers though. Move over lawyers…

    Good job this week.

    • Greg Hunter

      James Hastings,
      The top bankers should all be jailed.

  13. Tommy

    I found our ruler’s speech really bizarre. Statements such as anyone who says our economy is in decline is peddling fiction, claiming we need to work together in a bipartisan fashion and have rational and constructive debates, that we need to reject politics that target people based on race or religion, and on and on about things in which he is and has been the primary culprit of his complaints. I know he is evil, you can see it in his eyes. Look into his eyes and you get a chill. There’s nothing there. But I think he may have completely lost his marbles. I don’t know how Paul Ryan sat behind him without falling out of his chair laughing.

    • susan

      Amen! Tommy.

    • Diana Dee Jarvis

      Same way they all applaud like mad for so long when Obama walks in. Participate in the circus or you’re toast. Very Stalinist really.

      • frederick

        Just like how they applaud when Netanyahoo arrives How pathetic is that They must be well paid

        • sk

          Reminds me of trained seals.LOL

  14. Cindy Stonum

    Thanks for all you do to help us get ready for the future. I am a health insurance broker in Missouri. Every fall during the Medicare annual election period I get the opportunity to visit with hundreds of my senior clients. Sadly this past fall many of my clients shared with me the fact that come July 1, 2016 they will get their teamsters union pension cut by 40%!!!! This news has devastated them. Clients tell me that the union representatives state that $9 BILLION dollars is missing from the fund and NO ONE can tell them where it went. Possibly the Obama campaign several years ago? Clients are now planning for poverty. Selling their homes, cancelling vacations with their grandchildren, and a general sense of shock has settled into their spirits. It hurt my heart to see the looks of despair on their faces.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Cindy for the real world reporting from the “Show Me State.” Another sign of how our elected leaders are working for the bankers.

  15. Jerry

    I realize the main focus here in the United States is on the 2016 elections. But there are events taking place, that will ultimately determine our economic future, and possibly even IF there will be an election. China is officially launching AIIB tomorrow.

    For those of you who fail to see the significance of this information, let me remind you that for every country who does business with AIIB, will be one less country using dollars for trade. This will add more debt to the already overloaded Federal Reserve balance sheet, as they will be forced to buy more U.S. Treasury’s to continue the stealth QE program currently being used. Have doubts about stealth QE? Go to http://www.u.s.debt clock and look under currency creation. I will post a link.

    • Jerry

      Here is the link.

      • Donna S from AR

        I am sorry but I do not see anywhere on the “usdebtclock” the words “currency creation”…..

        • Diana Dee Jarvis

          “Money Creation” is the 5th stripe down on the left. In that stripe “Treasury Securities” is 3rd from left.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are helping to add content that is important that I don’t get in. Thank you and please keep posting especially when it comes to the AIIB. We all thank you.

    • Smaulgld

      Here is a recap of many of China’s de-dollarization initiatives
      not included is the YUAN gold fix set for April

      • Jerry

        Thank you SMAULGLD.
        This is critical information that most people are NOT getting. At the same time the Fed is increasing QE to make up for falling GDP (look at the debt clock) the Chinese are preparing for separation. The dollars economic engine isn’t going to simply slow down and collapse. Its going to explode into a million pieces. The launch point will come with the Gold Fix in April. From that point who knows what will happen?

  16. Jallen

    Greg and Watchdogs,
    As far as the Liberal press / media and Liberal Politicians are concerned the following statement applies; There is no truth in them! As far as the Federal Reserve is concerned the following statement applies; The biggest fraud in the history of mankind! Wake up America you are about to go into financial and political slavery. The following statement applies to our Liberal Colleges; You have poisoned the minds of American youth! Wake up America you are being Spiritually deprived! As far as the Liberal Supreme Court is concerned; Your charge is to interpret the law not make it!
    Woe unto America as Liberals are the modern day Pied Piper and America is about to go off the cliff! Liberals want open borders and that will open the gates of Hell!American Liberals defy Judeo / Christian principles at their own peril!
    America, beware of the destructive force known as Liberalism!
    America, beware of the detructive force known as the Federal Reserve!

  17. Willard Ferch

    Great commentary! Is O really delusional, or is it more nefarious than that? Jeremiah 7:30-34 tells us what awaits the nation that treats their babies like PP does. Beside that, the Supreme court has ruled that evil is good and good is evil in several different ways. Many years ago I prayed that the skulduggery of the Clintons would be revealed to all, & it appears this may be happening now. All these things hardly increase confidence in the future of this country. Keep the eye-opening going, Greg! Fiddlin

  18. Jerry

    I guess “because the shipping containers are larger”, is the real reason why Walmart is closing 265 stores. http://www.cnbc.com/2016/01/15/

    What a dumbass answer for why the Baltic Dry Index is collapsing. Greg it absolutely astounding how many people don’t understand how the free enterprise system really works. For you government employee’s let me lay it out for you. Without sales you have nothing to tax. No taxes= no revenue to pay for all the umpteen government programs you’ve created. Its an upside down pyramid scheme getting ready to tip over. My advice. Get out of the way, while you still can.

    P.S. As far as printing money? That’s about to go bye, bye to. The Chinese are preparing to break away from the dollar.

    • Greg Hunter

      Hey man, according to the President you are “peddling fiction.” Just kidding. Great example of how the economy on main street is working.
      Thank you for the posting.

    • lastmanstanding

      AWESOME! I hope they close every damn one of them. They destroyed mom and pop and rural America…what comes around, goes around. That and the fact that my daughter feeds my grandkids from there against our wishes and we offer other ops for them.

      Thanks for your time the other day when you were off duty. We both know along with the others here that evil is so damned close to our daily lives that we will ALL be forced to deal with it. The banking scam must be destroyed. Never to return.

  19. Mohammad

    Tip of the iceberg ….
    So there is more than just a ranch and freedom:


  20. Macray

    You are correct that the article from the Daily Bail, posted on Wednesday, is wrong to say that derivatives are guaranteed by the FDIC and Federal Reserve.
    And you are also correct that the linked Bloomberg article did not actually state such and thus no retraction was necessary. My bad : (
    The Bloomberg article stated that the Federal Reserve and Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. disagree over the derivative transfers made by B of A from a Merrill Lynch unit to a subsidiary with insured deposits. The Fed signaled that it favors moving the derivatives to give relief to the bank holding company, while the FDIC, which would have to pay off depositors in the event of a bank failure, is objecting. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2011-10-18/bofa-said-to-split-regulators-over-moving-merrill-derivatives-to-bank-unit

    Over the next few years, Wall Street lobbyists tried to pass legislation allowing big banks to trade derivatives through subsidiaries that are federally insured by the FDIC, effectively to have the Federal government come in and bail these Banks out from any derivative trading losses using taxpayer money.
    Such legislation was inserted into the funding bill in December 2014.

    A Christmas Present For The Banks From The Omnibus Bill

    Unless I am missing something AGAIN, it appears that most Big US Bank derivative trading losses will be bailed out by the US taxpayer in some capacity.

    • Diana Dee Jarvis

      That’s what Ellen Brown spoke about last week. Bank derivative trading losses covered by bail ins, by the bank depositors.

    • JMiller


      Thanks for your well written post. It made my day. What you said is correct and you seem to understand what those articles you posted above were saying. Those articles were much better than that Daily Bail article.

      I believe that some kind of taxpayer bank bailout is possible. It will probably be done in secret though since the taxpayer does not want anymore bailouts of the banks. However I think if the FDIC insurance fund needs “bailing out” that most people would not have a serious problem with that since they have their money in the banks.

  21. helot

    Here’s a link to a fuller explanation of ‘the dry cleaner effect’ I mentioned yesterday in relation to oil producers operating at a loss:

    And, here’s an interesting bit from HBB’s Friday Desk Clearing post:

    ‘The price for a barrel of bitumen, the tar-like oil sands that comes from Alberta, fell to just over $8 per barrel this week. That is not a typo. Bitumen traded at $8.35 per barrel on Tuesday.’

    ‘Heavy oil producers are now losing money on every single barrel that they sell, even from facilities that are already up and running. But some companies might stay online and lose money because shutting down carries its own trouble and costs. Shutting down can actually damage a reservoir, leaving a site with permanently lower output. As a result, production shut ins could actually be “extremely limited,” Martin King of Calgary-based First Energy Capital recently told an industry conference.’

    • Jerry

      My sources are telling me that the banks will soon be calling their notes due on several oil producers who have defaulted on their loans. Truth be told, that is the underlying root cause of what is driving the markets lower. Thanks for the info.

    • Jeff L

      helot No surprise there. ALL PRODUCERS are losing money now. Most need $50-60 to be profitable….. So they all shut down until supply is low OR WE HAVE WAR. War solves so many problems for the elect, including hiding the financial condition we are now in. It also makes the masses fearful and easy to manipulate (like 9/11).
      Jerry, I don’t know about your “sources” but it’s no secret 1/2 the producers are in trouble if this continues. Simple math, nothing more.

      • Jerry

        My family has leased their lands to oil companies for the last eighty years, so yes we have first hand knowledge. It has a huge trickle down effect that many people cannot understand. Many small towns are dependent on that business for their local economies, not mention all the subcontract labor that us involved. The backlash is going to be a economic knife to the derivative jugular vein.

    • Gary Canuck

      I go to every oils sands plant in Alberta, they are my customers. CNRL, IMO, Shell, COS, Total, are all cutting back their production, however they will not shut down a Coker, because of the expense of getting it back up.
      If Syncrude shuts down one of it two Cokers, because of the price of oil, than economic life in Alberta will ceases to exist

      Hey, Kevin Oleary might run for PM in Canada, we call him Mini Trump.
      Only Snakes Know The Way Of Snakes, nice to see a couple of rich guys
      going for office that Goldman, does not own yet?

      Kevin & Donald, “Do I like them” NO “Do we need them” “Yes” however
      can we as citizens “handle the truth”= perhaps on this site.

  22. Mark Maples

    I thought Carter and W were horrible presidents. Obama is the worst in my lifetime on many levels.

  23. dave roselle

    Hi Greg
    If you remember when i attacked MSM not long ago and you defended them.Well now you know why i attacked them and why i don’t watch them anymore.They are colluded with corporations and have the greatest minds that are used to misdirect.Same goes as the Trump put down being used as reverse psychology.Very smart people using America by the nose.

    Thanks For reporting


  24. Sayonara

    State of Delusion is spot on. And yes, the MSM is the Democrat Party’s Super PAC.
    Meanwhile, Walmart just announced that it is closing 269 stores – that folks is the State of Reality in our world today.

  25. EvanAvenger

    Dear Greg & Watchdogger Friends,

    In the 80’s and into the 90’s it was the “high Tech” boom that Banksters herded the folks into with lower interest rates for traditional conservative savers and riches galore for those “brave” i.e. dolts chasing those returns on AcmeWidgetzon company at the end of the cliff. Then “out of nowhere”the great kibosh in 99’ – 00’, for those left holding the bag of excrement ( MCI Worldcom ring a bell?)
    Then it was off to “House flipping 101” brought to you by the Fed boyz and a blatant desire for those never ending riches at the end of the rainbow , or at least the other side of town. We all know how that beautiful herding ended along with the sacrificial Lamb of Lehman Bros.
    Then “freew money” for all , at least if you are a big bankster outfit ,that is whilst the rest of us are content to watch everyone herded into “student loans” , subprime auto loans , possible Negative rates (as seen on hacked ZHedge this a.m.) and on infinitum without any reality of ever having “normalcy” again along with what I mentioned in previous post , the big Kahuna of “safety”…….. the US dollar

    and now…The Sheeple are way too busy watching the latest episode of “Keeping up with the Obamadashians” , morally bankrupt, to bother or care seeing what is really going down in our world as it has been Corporatized
    to the max with those few”lawmakers” in the pockets of Bigbiz making laws for the many. Don’t get me started about the ACA/Obumacare…….well maybe later on that one for those interested.

    Until then EvAv

    ………by the way has anyone else noticed the flip on spread with Brent Sweet Crude and WTI crude? Me thinks they are quickly running out of storage capacity.What then…tune in to our next global economic catastrophe..

  26. USAF Airman Rich Treadway

    Our cause once again is just. If the detaining of our sailors is not a cause for going in there and cleaning house, I don’t know what is. We should take out all Iranian leadership with surgical first strikes and lay them out dead as an example and lesson for the Russians. Sooner rather than later. But Obama is a pussy. I guarantee Trump or Jeb wont be so slow on the trigger. Putin, You are NEXT!

    • frederick

      Theres Treadwell with his militaristic nonsense Even the mention of war with Russia in the age of thermonuclear weapons is insane WAKE UP By the way trump has said that he respects Putin and would prefer to work with him and I find that a very refreshing change from the usual neocon warmongering frankly Iran is far from perfect but no worse than the Saudi royal family that’s for sure

      • andyb

        excellent points. US propaganda paints Putin as a villain. He’s not. He hasn’t invaded Eastern Ukraine in response to the neocon coup, theft of Ukanian gold, and mass genocide. That’s lie #1. He was personally asked by Assad to assist the effort against ISIS in Syria which is perfectly legal. US and Israeli intervention is not. Lie #2 Even though our neocons keep saying that Assad used Sarin gas against his own people, the truth is that the gas was supplied by Turkey and used by the “moderate” rebels so favored by McCain and Graham. Lie #3.

        Putin has shown remarkable restraint. First and foremost, he’s a nationalist looking out for Mother Russia. It’s a shame the US doesn’t have such a leader. Secondly, he’s a Christian and will never accept the secular multiculturalism of the American Marxists. Ironic. isn’t it.

    • lastmanstanding

      Rich, take a look at what I left at the top of the comment section.

      If Mary Casey’s comment is true, and I am sure it is, obamao is closing gitmo alright. Population there is under 100. 93 currently…he’s just releasing them back to continue the fray. He’ll probably pardon the rest on his last day in office.

      While I’m not an advocate for more war, we need to bring our troops home and close the US down and deal with the treasonas bastards that are running the USA.
      That includes, all politicians, banker(s), and corporations.

      Finally, we eliminate every trace of the UN from our soil…and every book.

    • sk

      Those danged Iranians!!! Look how CLOSE they put their country to our military bases! And how CLOSE they put their sea to our boats! How dare they! LOL

    • Sam Hill

      I will repeat – Your cause is just – just one damn war after another…

    • Jeff L

      Yea Rich, we need to get into another war. Why don’t you stay home and protect the border. What business is ANYTHING halfway around the world ours ? As long as you’re staying home try reading the Constitution and some history. Maybe then you’ll realize why we are bankrupt financially and morally.

    • jim c.

      Rich , go away, no one wants to here from you, or listen to the fiction you try to pass off as fact.

  27. Robert

    Well another week has passed.
    I want to comment on the Iran issue.

    Two navy boats “stray” in to Iran’s coastal waters…
    That’s what you get for dropping the course on sextant operation at the naval academy?
    Or was this a last gasp to provoke Iran as the sanctions are expected to end officially this weekend…
    America has no interests with Isreal and anyone who claims we do is suspect.
    They are the only ones besides Saudi Arabia who have need of Iran remaining under sanctions.
    Both of those countries are filled with zealots and each is about as crazy as the other because Saudi and Israeli are basically related.
    Iran is smarter as a culture and better to deal with and we Americans need better allies.
    While Jews and nomad tent dwelling Saudis were living in the Stone Age Iran, Syria, and others were building cities and civil cultures a thousand years ago and that spirit is being reborn despite all efforts to prevent that.
    Iran will be traveling to space while Isreal and Saudi Arabia will be footnotes in history.
    And for all the Christians, Jesus never said anyone but Jews are going to heaven so your faith in the God of the Jews is misplaced.
    What greater trick of the Devil than to have all the Christian folk worshipping a false Idol?
    If you need proof just ask yourself “Why is our faithful following of Isreal always ending with death and destruction”? Sounds like something that Satan would enjoy to me…
    Why be upset at Iran? you should be angry at the lies told to you by both Isreal and Saudi Arabia.
    The quicker we as a country learn how much we have lost following the lies of both of those countries the faster we can get back to being “That shining city on a hill”
    Until then, the World suffers our mental illness and we remain lost in our delusion of who is our friends and allies.
    Just saying what appears to be the truth of these strange days.

    • Greg Hunter

      So let me get this straight, you are siding with the people that chant “Death to America” on a regular basis? I guess you do not live in America. There is a lot of treachery in the Middle East but Iran is hardly a saint let along an ally.

      • Country Codger

        Hi Greg,
        I can speak with 100% confidence, even when Iran was an ally (under the Shah) they were no saints. We, (the US CIA), trained the SAVAK and they were ruthless. Only ruthless leaders can hold an Arab nation together. Democracy is weakness to them, ruthlessness is strength. That is why there is so much raping of boys in Muslim nations. Raping a woman is natural but raping a boy is a conquest. I lived and worked over there too many years to be buffaloed.

        Great report Greg.

      • Robert

        Hi Gregg, thanks for reply.
        No, the “death to America folks are not the mainstream in Iran.
        When Americans made trouble for Iran by installing the Shah in power we simply made a fertile field for anger as that regime misused power and was wiped away by the nationalistic Ayatollah structure that grew up during the oppression of the Shah.
        Americans don’t like to think that we did something wrong and a bad thing happened but we did a bad thing in Iran a long time ago and they did not forgive us.
        Now we are starting off on a better footing with a modernizing Iran that is looking to the future more and less at the past.
        As for Isreal and company, I simply point out that we as a nation have given them every possible advantage and we are mired in a constant conflict with death and destruction being the reward.
        Hezbolla will fade away as the need to defend Iran and other Muslim countries from Isreal without committing a national military lessens.
        I also wished for all Christian Folk to consider what we are doing from a faith perspective. There were Christians before Christ ever appeared.
        I believe Christianity is a religion of rebellion where the true meaning of the faith is in that NO ONE OR NO THING CAN COME BETWEEN YOU AND GOD.
        That means no book or preacher or tyrant knows more about your connection with God than YOU do.
        We think it is fine to kill other folks that have done nothing to us now? Satan likes that in my book.
        Making hate and war normal in our lives is a Sin and we should try peace and brotherhood first, second, and third.
        Thanks Greg!

        • Greg Hunter

          You said, “There were Christians before Christ ever appeared.” No there weren’t. Jesus was a Jew.

        • Galaxy 500

          Not the mainstream…?

    • Henry

      Well said, Robert. Looking at it from Iran’s perspective, they’re dealing with a lawless military superpower that recently bombed, invaded, and destroyed several nearby countries in violation of international law and has repeatedly threatened to do the same to Iran. And even though most US. citizens don’t know it, I’m sure Iran hasn’t forgotten that the CIA sponsored a coup in 1953 that overthrew Iran’s democratic government and installing the Shah, one of the most brutal dictators on the planet. Apparently, Iran’s democratic government made the mistake of thinking Iran’s oil belonged to Iranians.
      At any rate, given the U.S, government’s long history of threats and violence against a peaceful Iran, I’d say the Iranians acted with amazing restrain when faced with an incursion into their waters by a U.S. Navy ship. Apparently, our soldiers were treated well and no one was harmed. Well done, Iran.
      Now, compare that to how the U.S. government’s top ally, Israel, used commandos to attack an unarmed peaceful aid ship in international waters, murdering several people, including a U.S. citizen. Where was the outrage by the far right over that incident, which was another criminal act?

  28. Da Yooper

    “Anyone claiming that America’s economy is in decline is peddling fiction.”

    The above quote just shows how delusional the occupant of the White House truly is.

    • freebreezer

      Henry – I get so sick of the CIA overthrow and democratically elected BS crap in Iran. England built out the oil industry there in the early 1920s- The Iranians had no know how. True, The English were stripping out the wealth. Per a democratically election Yah – just like Gadaffi, Saddam etc.. are/were democratically elected. … they get elected via pure power in the mideast … he who counts the vote determines the winner. Your dude that won in 1952 stopped the vote counting after the tally from two cities that he controlled … can you spell rigged! England/USA stepped in in 1953 when Iran was leaning heavily to aligning with Russia. At that time England and the USA had the means to not let Iran align with Russia and they were not going to let all the oil infrastructure that they built slip in to Russian control. And Henry, remember that Stalin was still alive in Feb-53 and he was not a nice person and, all so Ike hated Stalin!

  29. charles turner

    What odds would you have got 10 year ago that the Baltic dry index would drop to 383? …. 10,000 to 1?
    Do economists follow real data anymore or do they hang on to the pony tails of propaganda that has served them so well for the last few year.

    • Greg Hunter

      The drop is stunning and for the financial channels to ignore it is a lie by omission. Thank you for weighing in.

      • charles turner

        lest we forget on 20 May 2008, the index reached its record high level of 11,793 points.

    • frederick

      Chuck try 373 today Hold on tight this suckers going down buddy

  30. Linda L.

    Hi Greq:
    I’ve been thinking (and have posted) that Obama may want to retain his lawless presidency in a Marshall Law scenario. However I’m hearing chatter/reading info. that Obama may have much BIGGER aspirations, desiring to become the next UN Secretary General after Moon leaves in early 2017. I could see Obama taking this power in a world seat to enforce all the horrific damage he has done in the US. Apparently Netanyahu is trying to stop this push. God help us: http://townhall.com/tipsheet/leahbarkoukis/2016/01/10/report-obama-wants-to-become-un-secretary-general-netanyahu–doing-everything-he-can-to-stop-him-n2102416

    • charles turner

      that is now 1/3rd lower than its all time low 30 years ago in May 1989 when it sat at 554. You couldn’t make this up.

      • charles turner

        Sorry May 1986

    • Jeff L

      You are correct Linda. But before he leaves he will dismantle the election process (and completely destroy any semblance of our God given freedoms).

  31. Ken Anderson

    Spot on as usual…Thanks for your work!
    One point that need’s to be brought to the American People is that the Pharma Industry would be “Out of Business” if “The People” only knew that Cannabis Oil CURES CANCER. Pharma makes it’s money treating symptoms……
    It used to be in most of our medicine’s.

    For folks interested in curing their cancer google: The Rick Simpson Story……


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Ken for your support and comment.

  32. 8Ball

    Good 9-11 documentary. Warning: long… 201 minutes
    Shows how corrupt the present system really is.

    • frederick

      Thanks 8ball the official story sure is laughable as an architect and builder

  33. Russ McMeans

    Michael Savage had some strong words to say yesterday on this fiasco in the waters near Iran.
    And all our enemies are watching too.

    • frederick

      I love dr Savage but he is a bit too anti Iran and blindly pro Zionist in my opinion That said I still agree with 95% of his views

  34. Spot On!

    Greg: You do great work. It isn’t the big banks that fail next. It is the small to medium banks that will be sacrificed!

  35. Henry

    Greg, I agree that the state of the union was delusional, but most U.S. citizens still believe the government’s impossible 9-11 “cave man” conspiracy myth, which is also a delusional fairy tale. So at this point in history, the U.S. is living in a state of delusion, so Obama’s address fit right in.
    I’m glad you agree with Bernie’s position on Wall Street, but I don’t understand why you oppose taxpayer funded higher education for qualified students. I listened to an interview with South Korea’s president a while back. He was asked how his country made the recovery from being bombed to the stone age, to a major world economic power. His answer was to focus on education. Educated people make a country strong in many ways, and it’s a very good investment. How do we pay for it? Well, it’s been estimated to cost only about $65 billion annually. How about we start by cutting Israel’s multi-billion dollar U.S. taxpayer funded annual handout? Why should working U.S. taxpayers be forced to pay for Israel’s illegal occupation and land theft of Palestine? Next, we can focus on the hundreds of billions of dollars of fraud and waste in the Military Industrial Complex. Do we really need to pay for military bases all over the globe and weapons systems that nobody wants? The waste and fraud in the offense budget is obscene. And of course, all lovers of freedom should be demanding an end to government’s the failed, barbaric, and costly prohibition of (some) drugs. We learned all we need to know about that with alcohol prohibition. There’s plenty of money available to fund education, and I think it should be a very high priority for all of us, because we all benefit. The ruling elite are not so keen on educated people, though. An good education makes it easier for citizens to see through their lies…

  36. WD

    Addressing this quote the idiot stated on the State of delusion:

    “Anyone claiming that America’s economy is in decline is peddling fiction.”

    The above quote just shows that the White House is aware that this is a sinking economy, and its all over the internet and that they are scouring the internet. Because they know its bad.

    Why else would they address it…”Thou doth protest too much”

  37. Jan

    Dear Greg, I didn’t watch what you so aptly dubbed the “State of Delusion” speech on T.V. I just couldn’t listen to the silver-tongued Nobel Peace Prize winning president that so many people in the world–and the African-American community in particular–had trusted. He has let all of us 99.9 % down: first, far from promoting world peace, he is complicit with the war-mongerers in high positions to make the Middle East ever more unstable to gain power. Just this past week, Hillary Clinton’s email that was released to show the “real” reason that the US went after Gaddafi (gold) and left Libya is tatters. Secondly, on the economy, Obama wants everyone to be in denial that the economy is showing the worst metrics in decades like himself! He proclaims that “anyone claiming that the US economy is declining is peddling fiction.” Au contraire!

    You revealed several metrics on the economy that show the truth. I’d like to mention the report on child homelessness, even though its last data was based on 2013. http://www.homelesschildrenamerica.org/mediadocs/282.pdf

    This report explains on p. 15 that 1 in 50 kids under age 18 were homeless in 2006, four years later in 2010, 1 in 45 kids were homeless, and just 3 years later in 2013 (the year of this report) 1 in 30 kids were homeless. That’s a huge drop in the last 3 years!

    The report gives a the state-by-state analysis and then gives statistics on the major causes of homelessness, which includes that fact that people can’t afford rent! On pages 74 and 75, the report says: “In the U.S., for every 100 extremely low-income households seeking to rent housing, there are just 30 available affordable units.” There was a “2013 county-by-county analysis of wages and rental costs” which found that “in no state can an individual working a typical 40-hour work week at the minimum wage afford a two-bedroom apartment for his or her family. The one- bedroom housing wage also exceeds the federal minimum wage in each state across the country” (NLIHC, 2013b).

    Did you get that? This is why most of my nephews and nieces in their 20s, several of them married, who studied hard for their college degrees and have solid work ethics and good interpersonal skills–exactly the people that should be hired, are forced to take jobs that don’t pay enough for a one-bedroom apartment anywhere close to where they work. Only one of them, now in his 30s, has finally worked his way up to a good job at the Starbucks in Washington to buy (mortgage) a first house. His younger cousin in the area (also married with their 1st child) can only afford a 1-bedroom apt. nowhere close to where he works. Their bachelor cousin in Denver has to live with Mom and Dad because it took him over a year to land a job in his field, a no-benefits contract job doing support work for IBM computer customers, which he’s had now for four years. His reward for hard work was to get regular daytime hours after two years of swinging from nightshift to dayshifts.

    No wonder the number of homeless families has risen! If our new generation of workers raised by the middle class with the benefits of good schooling, etc. can’t get into the middle class, and is squeezed out of housing, where does that leave everyone below that tier?

    State of the Delusion speech indeed! Greg, you closed your speech with the one thing that Bernie Sanders got right. (Bernie Sanders, of course, has his own blinders on. He insists that the US is the richest country in the world whereas in reality, the US is the most debt-ridden country in the world. ) But Bernie Sanders had the guts to call out the big banks for their crimes. When I heard that they got away with “money laundering”, I felt enraged. A major bank in France, BNP Paribas, was forced to pay billions of dollars to the US essentially over the issue of “money laundering”.

    Obama’s law called “FATCA” is being reinforced by international banks that cannot afford to be in disfavour with the US. Did you know that due to FATCA people living in Europe and Mexico nearly their whole lives are being expelled from their local banks and refused new banking accounts? FATCA penalizes people abroad for being born in the US such as a Canadian border baby, for ever holding a green card in the US, and even for marrying a US person! The intention of FATCA is to force all “US persons” to file reports with FinCEN, the Financial Crimes Enforcement on all their accounts, such as retirement savings, that in total on one given day reach $10 K, even if one day you went over the $10 K bank account “limit” because you sold a car. FinCEN is an arm of the US Dept. of the Treasury whose mission is “to safeguard the financial system from illicit use, combat money laundering and promote national security.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Financial_Crimes_Enforcement_Network

    FinCEN treats ordinary American ex-pats and border babies and their spouses like criminals and tax cheats. FinCEN can find any excuse, such as forgetting to file a form, to penalize you with $10 K, which can wipe out everything you saved for. A lot of people pay high fees for professional help just to fill out the forms required by FinCEN, even if because of treaty agreements, they don’t owe any US taxes!

    Yet the US doesn’t play by the same rules as the rules everyone else has to live by. International banks are scared silly of any slight misstep that would result in huge fines to the US treasury. But the US-run banks and others on top of the food chain are fearless as they not only repeatedly get away crimes, they get the US government to cave in to their demands! I HOPE that whoever America elects as president next year is someone who will walk the talk and truly stand up for the 99.9% once in office!

  38. Larry Galearis

    Hi Greg,

    Delusional? Not that I disagree, but the political establishment seems to feel confident about any “whoppers” it can deliver to the American public after their digestion of “mega-whopper” of 9/11. Why should anyone be amazed at any nonsense like was said at the SofUA? One doesn’t know whether one should laugh or cry!

    I think the real question that a thinking person should ask is how dangerous is it for the world that the average US citizen (and we’re talking over 80%) to be this misinformed about the health of their own country and its bellicose relationships with the rest of the globe? Does it matter anymore if Washington wants to go to war with Russia and supports its war aims as the Third Reich did prior to WW2? How much does it matter that the same propaganda machine informs them that the economy is recovering and that too is a lie? How much does it matter if the Clinton Dynasty is continued to the presidency instead of to a jail cell? Could it be that Washington’s efforts to create fictional realities for its people are believed to be of some benefit to Washington’s future goals, or are they based on a need for damage control, a kind of sociological kicking the can down the road? Just asking,…
    Best, as always,…

  39. red

    So ZH has an article on the war between the PBOC & the Fed. Well right there is the reason for the market fall, China has only ever had ONE business model, under cut everyones labour markets’ with a cheap currency, low and behold the yuan starts crashing & next the Dow hmmmm. So the narrative all week has been PBOC “defending” the yuan…right OK roger that….then low and behold the Dow starts going el stinko…no QE coming? yeh OK right roger that.. I’ve said it all along when .gov wants’ the market to fall , well low and behold….so hope you guys’ are all feeling richer out there…lol 🙂

  40. Mike

    I think your integrity, skill set, experience and extensive work in building usawatchdog would couple nicely with this new media venture/partnership- Newsbud . It is time for the informed, media savvy Remnant to join a coalition for building our civilization’s next-generation, decentralized, independent-public media model.

  41. notyourpatsy

    Greg, Your readers should know that NJ Gov Christie was VERY capitulating to the M’slm crowd here in NJ BEFORE his campaign began. He even appointed M’slms to Court postions as JUDGES! Allowed them into the local political realms where they could, can, and did/do know all of the workings/capabilities of the local ems depts!He recently made a couple of cracks about ‘them’ and the state’s M’ pop’lation are all getting up in arms and complaining. Really? Probably with Nj is religion is politics here!

    Find the story for your readers about the 200 or so Somali M’lims in Colorado who walked off their jobs at a Cargill meat packing plant because they were’nt allowed to pray enough times a day during their shifts!! Now they have Cargill management bending over to ‘take them back’ WTH?!! I got fired from a job in MN because I complained that the M’lims were getting all sorts of breaks to pray and then taking their breaks like everyone else, while I as a Christian could’nt even bring my Bible to the job to read during breaks!! Of course the company used a trumped up excuse unrelated to fire me so I could’nt sue them!

    Greg, I’d like your opinion on this website’s accuracy>https://biblicisminstitute.wordpress.com/2014/07/27/jesus-was-not-a-jew/

    Lastly, let it be known that today’s ‘Riverine Boat Crews’ are NOT run of the mill enlisted folks, the majority are SF trained, just ‘homogenized’ to look like ‘standard crew’ not S’OP’s! Anyone who’s ever been in the military will comment to the effect, ‘that you don’t get to be a Boatswain’s Mate/Small Boat Operator without advanced instruction in operation of said vessels’! If we ever get to shake hands Greg, I’ll tell you the story (that’s never been published) on why I had to set up a ‘deadman’s switch’ for myself.

    Oh, and Dr Micheal Savage came to the realization of what the Cabal does to people who they do not want in politics and gracefully bowed out of running for POTUS, MUCH to the LOSS of EVERY AMERICAN!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your NJ perspective.

  42. Zoey

    If you haven’t heard about the continuous episodes of flies buzzing around Obama and landing on his face, then you gotta watch these videos. And, when you closely look at the photos, you can see these flies are huge and Obama has a weird look on his face as though they didn’t really bother him. I wouldn’t be able to stay still if a fly landed on me!

    Rick Wiles said flies landing on Obama may be proof that the President is “possessed by a demonic entity” and the return of the “biblical ‘Lord of the Flies,’ or Beelzebub, which is another name for Satan. “Each time I see the flies buzzing around him I think of Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies” Wiles recounted.

    • jim c.

      flies are naturally attracted to s***

  43. DLC

    Russ McMeans: M. Savage was one of the earliest promoters of Trump. He berates Obama in a manner that makes me nervous. Very few commentators stick their neck out that far. I’m always expecting him to be put in that cell that D’Souza warmed up.

    Some people think he is too brash, but he gets past the average person’s coma. Most talk radio is RNC cheerleading. One other exception is Laura Ingraham. Rubio has avoided her show since April 2013. He will surface on her program if someone else is filling in for her. She can be Michael with a dress when people attempt to skirt her questions.

    • notyourpatsy

      I’d certainly vote for a Dr Micheal Savage, President, Laura Ingraham VP , Dr Ron Paul Secretary of the Treasury ticket!!

      Not for Readers not familiar with NJ politics, it’s a State of Confusion run by career politicians (whose spouses are ‘connected/employeed’ by Big Banking or Corporations) pandering to the various religious groups! People like myself get ‘stuck’ here due to ‘exit taxes’ and employment contracts.

      Greg, let Dr Miceal Savage know you have very decent readership that are also listeners of his. Ditto Laura Ingraham and Dr Paul Craig Roberts! Greg, You are among the Most Respected Journalists discussing politics and the Constitution in America. Keep the Light burning as long as you can!

      Best of Health to everyone, Pat

  44. DLC

    Last Wednesday, I went grocery shopping. I was shocked at the amount of empty shelving, the disappearing items, the more and more limited choices. I spent 4 hours, starting out in Scottsdale and driving to various other stores in the city just to complete my intended list. I am not surprised that they are closing stores, and that explains what I was seeing.

    Someone on this site mentioned that it was not so easy to successfully garden, just buying heirloom seeds and tossing them in the ground. I currently have a good crop of tangerines, lemons, oranges, and limes. I bought those trees at Wal-Mart when they were nothing but sticks protruding from 1-gallon pots. I have rows of bush string beans and carrots, a herb garden also. It does help to supplement food costs. I have compost piles, spent all day yesterday weeding and planting tomatoes. Within the next few weeks, I will be adding various other vegetables. It is not the total answer but it’s a start.

    My Italian neighbor next door has most every vegetable growing that you could name, even fava beans and garlic. The older generations gardened in their stride. The last Great Depression taught them to be handy and self reliant.

    • Mary Casey

      DLC…..What you are observing is a food shortage. Our food is being rationed.

      The business model is no longer, “Super-Size Bag, Super-Size Profits” to sell MORE food. The food shortage has forced a new business model, “stretch the low inventory as much as possible, so we’ll continue to have something to sell”.

      Smaller packaging stretches the food. The “super-size bags”, “king-size packages” and “family packs” have been parsed into “mini-size bags”, “mini-size boxes”, “individual size” and smaller cans, bottles and jars. My personal favorite is the raised bottom of the round ice cream containers to siphon off a few more ounces. Outwardly, the carton is the same size, they just pushed the bottom further up inside the carton.

      When you see this smaller packaging, think “food rationing”.

      And it is permanent, it’s an extensive investment to retool for smaller cans, bottles, boxes, bags and jars; retool for new labels, new packaging, new shipment boxes; and the purging of the old inventory. (They will not put the new smaller cans on the shelf next to the old bigger cans.…so great sales on the old bigger sizes; they also wholesale them off to the “dollar” stores at a great price…stock up if you can still find any!)

      Selling less food in smaller packages, at the same price as the old bigger packages may simply recover the inflationary price increase of their raw materials. Repackaging the extra 3 ounces of Chunky Campbell’s soup skimmed off the 18 oz can requires another can, label, shipping boxes, inventory control and labor. Hardly a way to increase profits as successfully as “Super-Size Bag, Super-Size Profits”. With a food shortage, manufactures must parse out their product to have product to sell and remain in business.

      “It’s just a trick to cloak inflation” is a false narrative……they would like us to think that. Or that it’s the obesity problem and they only care about our health; or that people just don’t eat at home anymore and no need to waste uneaten food. They are in the business of selling food; they don’t care what you do with it or even if it’s healthy for you. There’s no profit in that reasoning.

      And unless they intend to retool every 6 months to mask inflation, that trick only works until the 4lb bag of sugar doesn’t fill the 5lb canister…or the new 15 oz. soup can is dwarfed on your pantry shelf by the old 18 oz can….or Grandma’s recipe, which calls for “a large box of vanilla wafers”, turns runny. Then the public smugly proclaims, “I know this is inflation, you can’t trick me!” Unfortunately, they have already been tricked and sidetracked, but food riots have been avoided for now.

      What is causing the food shortage? Real or fabricated, an increase demand for food is being generated from “somewhere” or for “something”. Or have we simply reached ‘peak food’ where population growth now outpaces growth in food production?

      The drought certainly complicates issues, but warnings of a food shortage were rumored years before the 2013 California drought began.

      To enter the realm of conspiracy, the food shortage could be from one, none or all of the following: government(s) stock-piling; the elites stock-piling; preppers stock-piling; Obama’s private army stock-piling; or China stock-piling. It could just be a case of the food going to the highest bidder. It could just be to put more budget pressure on the vanishing middle-class. And, in anticipation of food shortages, Michele Obama’s starvation “school lunch program” may be to teach our children to expect less, eat less and be happy with it.

      The following is a copy of an actual email from Augason Farms Emergency Food Storage:

      Dear Customer

      We would like to let you know that your order is in queue and we will provide a status update as soon as possible. We’ve had an extremely high unexpected
      increase in demand and are striving to process orders as quickly as possible. We appreciate your business and your patience.

      Jessica Montoya – Customer Service Manager

      They didn’t state just an increase in demand, but an “extremely … high… unexpected ..increase” in demand. So much so, that they ran out of shipping boxes! If you follow this market, they all experienced an extremely high demand. When the item was out-of-stock, shortages were veiled by simply removing the item from the website. Other sites did note items as out-of-stock and the list was extensive.

      When enough people wake up and realize they only have cold porridge for breakfast, then we will learn just how much ammo the government has really stockpiled.

    • Russ McMeans

      DLC; I’m jealous. I want to move down there. Used to have a garden in San Diego – now I’m stuck up on the cold wet coast of Calitopia watching mushrooms grow. My garden is infested with horsetail weed, which cannot be removed. Growing tomatoes and citrus is out of the question too. Salmon fishing- when allowed, and blackberries are the ticket here. Enjoy your warm sunshine climate! Someday I may run away to AZ. ( if Mexico doesn’t take it back)..
      BTW: Michael Savage is unique. And very interesting to listen to. Not always right, but love his story telling and cynicism.

    • dbcooper

      DLC, In my comment I was trying to point out that successful gardening is not as easy as some would lead others to believe. At one time I lived in Brownsville Texas and we could step into the back yard and pick oranges/lemons/limes/grapefruit/bananas etc. Today we are in zone 5 and you are probably zone 8/9 in Arizona … world of difference. My wife remembers a year here when we had a frost EVERY month of the year, tough to garden that way!! I have the impression that this is not your first gardening season and I do not mean to sound condescending. My suggestion would be for anyone who thinks they might sustain themselves to whatever degree from their own gardening efforts to start ASAP so as to work through some of the learning curve.
      Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

      • notyourpatsy

        Folks here should look into using the ‘Earthbox Gardening System’ for high production vegetables in poor gardening climates. One way to insure higher yeilds is to place the earthboxes on a deck, rather than the ground itself. This allows the soil in the boxes to warm sooner in Spring, so one can plant earlier. I get Spring, Summer, Fall crops out of my 25 boxes, which is plenty to put up and eat fresh for 4 people for the year. Also, using vertical growing structures with the earthboxes adds more capacity IME. I have lettuce, carrots, radishes under glass RIGHT NOW Mid- January in Central NJ, and it’s currently snowing outside my window! Gardening skills are not learned on the internet or from books per se, rather one has to get their hands dirty for a few consecutive seasons in order to ‘get in tune’ with what has to be done when, good vs bad bugs, soil knowledge, etc. NOT something to lean on in hard times if one has no experience, that’s foolish, and starving is not pleasent!
        A reliable water source is very important as is good drainage to successful gardening, which is what makes the Earthboxes one of the best choices for beginner’s luck! Hope this info is helpful, especially to the aging and elderly who can’t do the heavy soil work in the yard anymore.

        • dbcooper

          NYP, Thank you for this info … I will insist my partner/wife investigate … and I appreciate your view as to gleaning knowledge and experience by DOING IT !! Once upon a time I lived in Edison and New Brunswick. Remember when the students from my HS hiked to Livingston college and had a sit in … shut down the admin for a time !! Heady times back then and I am dating myself !!

          • notyourpatsy

            DB, and others who are interested in gardening. I encourage everyone to at least make themselves a simple ‘raised bed garden in the style of Square Foot gardening’. It’s easy to maintain and inexpensive once the intial build is finished. Well spent money if you can’t afford to buy alot of Earthboxes. I’m in Middletown DB. I had 10ft tall tomato plants which THEN bent over because I only have an 8ft ladder and could not place supports any higher for the Earthboxes! Ask for photos patmosca16
            sub…….aol, I’ll be glad to send you some of past season’s plants. Love to share knowledge it’s FREE! I learned from old timers when I was young so I’m glad to pass it on to anyone who needs it. I was raised ‘old school’ and was taught to be a good neighbor and citizen…pat

  45. DLC

    Ken Anderson: I am not familiar with cannabis as treatment for cancer. I know that standard MD treatment is a travesty.

    My dad got cancer the first time when I was 14. They gave him months to live. He refused chemo, refused radiation. He came home with a colostomy after extensive surgery.

    He mended, launched a career in politics, and lived every day like it was his last. He lived another 20 years, dying at the more or less natural age for men at age 75. He did eventually die of cancer but, I think, packed 2-3 lifetimes into his one life. A great example of never giving up.

    • Donna S from Arkansas

      DLC and Ken Anderson,

      My mother was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer on August 8, 2015 and died on Sept 17, 2015….she underwent 10 radiation treatments on her brain (it had spread to her brain, liver, adrenal glands, lymph nodes and bone) on the 10th treatment she started chemo. I wish now I had asked more questions, but my mom wanted to do whatever they told her. She died just 8 days after finishing her first chemo treatment. He white count dropped to 0.1 and had to be at 4000 to go home. She never left the hospital. I am so mad at myself for not researching the chemo more. I think my mother would have lived longer without it. We were NOT prepared for her to go in just 6 weeks….please research whatever method is chosen.

  46. Scott

    If the Bankers and Congress think they will take the pension and savings from the Utilities workers (Water , Gas, Power and wastewater) they have another thought. They won’t have any life support. Without Water, Power, Wastewater and Gas their money is not worth nothing. During the depression Utilities issued Coupons in place of money!

    • frederick

      Scott the whole thing is a Ponzi scheme and before its over I believe most pensions will be either cut or worthless and that includes SS

  47. John

    Excellent as usual. Please talk about Trumps FOUR bankruptcies ! While he walked away with his profits using legal loopholes,his partners lost Hundreds of Millions. QUIT giving this Skunk a pass like the mainstream propagandists.PLEASE. I don’t believe that there’s going to be an election ( Marshall Law) but I’d like to think Paul or Carson has a chance. Trumps buddy is Rahm Immanuel’s brother for crying out loud. If it smells like a rotten egg…………….

    • Mary Casey

      John….Since you mentioned it, it would appear Trump is in good company.

      Individuals who have filed bankruptcy: Thomas Jefferson (several times), Abraham Lincoln (twice), Ulysses S. Grant, William McKinley, Henry Ford, Walt Disney, Milton Hershey, H .J. Heinz, Dave Ramsey, Mark Twain, J.C. Penney and John Conally.

    • Galaxy 500

      If you have never risked everything in business, you probably wouldn’t understand. Trump has 100s of companies and 4 went bust. Not a bad record. Paul doesn’t have a chance and Carson scared the MSM so much that they did their best to destroy him . The MSM didn’t destroy Carson, but they did him damage.

  48. Mohammad


    Last week wrap i brought up the incident of the muslim lady that was kicked out of Trump rally and it stirred some heated arguments back and forth here.

    Now am thinking about it with a clear mind, i found my self played out.
    The complex technique of PR had played me out.

    I asked my self why in the world a muslim woman (the only one in hijab ) in the crowd put on her shirt the jewish star?
    What link has she has with that star that represents the holocaust ?

    Then comes the question:
    How GENEROUS of CNN to give that woman that advantage of a WELL PRODUCED interview that seems to be well articulated well rehearsed?

    Then i looked in the pics under her name to find another guy who was standing next to her who is a jewish layer that works for UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANTS.

    Well so far so good, a jewish guy next to a muslim woman in a rally of trump but never in a rally of Clinton….hmmmm

    Digging in the name of Marty Rosenbluth who was standing next to her and escorted out with her (politely i would say from the video) it turned out that he is a communist Jew.

    So who was using the other?

    Him using her scarf since Trump is vocal against muslim immigrants or her using the yellow star to portrait Trump as Nazi.

    It does not matter any more the key is:

    1- CNN is generously giving this incident a well prepped video that really is not coincidental nor spontaneous. when it comes from the corner of CNN i question it right away.
    2- Jeb can benefit form this big time since his brother appeased to muslim votes and got them (not mine though), and this incident appears to play in the hands of Jeb.
    3- Hillary is in deep kaka with all the commotions going on so if any thing takes a stab at the republican party that plays good in her hands and increases her chances of advancing in primaries within her party and eventually she survives if she wins.

    So was i played emotionally?


    Did i learn a lesson ?


    may i fall in another trap?


    I had to share this thought with you guys.



  49. Sam Hill

    “Anyone claiming that America’s economy is in decline is peddling fiction.”

    – Obama

    “Never believe anything until it has been officially denied.”

    – Claud Cockburn
    British journalist

  50. Ross Herman

    Hello Greg,
    We have discussed Hilary’s arrest before and I truly pray you are correct, however each passing day attests to the fact that no arrests will ever be made of those treasonous criminals in DC. It proves to us little people that the Satanic rule is still in control.
    How many laws does Hillary need to break befor she is arrested? The shadow government that supports Hillay is still paying for her “campaign” and the Corporate Media is still talking about Hillary as if the is just the sweetest, and most unjustly criticized person who is only working for the best interest of all those US citizens that can’t defend themselves. It makes me want to puke..
    Love you Greg.

    • diane s.

      No kidding, Ross.
      She’s mean as hell and we all know it.
      If she’s the candidate the opposition will have a field day….there are so many crimes and outrages…..they won’t know what to throw out next.
      I think they are waiting….then they will nail her.

      • Russ McMeans

        If Hillary were prez, she would put a very mean face on obamacare. Google what Betsy McCoy had to say about her Hillarycare fiasco. Betsy read the entire Obamacare law and wrote a book on it.

    • frederick

      She is obviously above the law just as Bush Cheney Rumsfeld as are all the other neocon criminals who have the answer to 911 Ross

  51. Tad

    Don’t know if others are having this problem, but King World News seems to be unavailable.

  52. Robert

    It’s difficult for me to believe that the US boats recently captured by Iran could be that far off course. We pay huge money for state of the art military equipment that’s supposed to be able to split hairs in the most difficult environments. When I think about my consumer level GPS navigation device that can pin my car location down to about 20 feet anywhere I drive in 50 states, I just have to shake my head in absolute wonder and amazement.

    • notyourpatsy

      Robert, when a layperson, such as yourself can easily point this out; then Congress, the US Navy have some explaining to the American people! This was no ‘accident’ it was a ‘planned manuver’ regardless of whatever spin the media or WDC try to explain it away with. My background says it was a ‘planned manuver’ by higher ups, and when you are given an ‘order/command’ in the military one eithers obeys it or faces a Court Martial. Too many people in on this one for someone not to ‘spill the beans’, but that will be a few years down the road when no one cares anymore of course!

  53. Zoey


    Thanks for the cancer info on Rick Simpson, I looked up the site http://www.cureyourowncancer.org/rick-simpson.html, but I would really like to get more info on it if you have more resources to provide. My mom just got diagnosed with lymphoma two weeks ago and she’s scheduled for her first chemo session next week. I have been looking up natural treatments online, but much of them are claims, there aren’t much of consistent step by step proven treatment protocols.

    I cringed when I found out about her diagnosis at a time when everything around us can crash anytime. Hence, my family and I are busy researching and making plans for my mom.

    • Mary Casey

      Zoey…Hodgkin lymphoma or non-Hodgkin lymphoma? I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma….chemo….radiation….still the lump remained. Then, in frustration, through very personal research, I began to make a tea (16 oz per day) of hot water and a few drops of Spikenard oil. I would also add some drops of clove oil, cinnamon oil and peppermint oil. During the day, I would quietly inhale the Spikenard oil as well for 5-10 minutes. And apply a few drops to the lump. I did this for less than 3 months and the lump faded. Maybe it would have eventually anyway…but? This is very personal so will not go into any more detail here. I should add I used the best oils (Young Living) and I should add Spikenard oil is not listed as an oil to be taken internally, but I did. Best wishes for your Mother.

      • Mary Casey

        Zoey….btw….Integris Cancer Institute is the best in Oklahoma City for conventional treatment. I have been “cured” for 3 years now. Praise God for His Faithfulness.

  54. Julia


    Great wrap up. I thought the sailor incident was a setup like Bengahzi. Unlike Bengahzi
    it didn’t back fire and Obama was able to trade. Can’t wait to see what happens with Hillary Clinton. Looks as if the screw has finally turned on the Clinton’s and is long over due. Thank you very much on the final comments! He is the only One Who will get us through .

  55. Timco

    Hi Greg,
    I’d love to see Hugo Salinas Price back on your program. Recently, he has written some very disturbing info about the Fed ‘s actions, that people should be aware of.
    God Bless You Sir.

  56. Jay Dee

    I saw an interview today of Larry Nichols who worked with the Clintons in Arkansas. He contends that Hillary Clinton will be charged but the democrats want to wait until after she wins the nomination. After being charged she will have to withdraw from the political race and the Democrat party will designate Joe Biden as the official candidate. She is such a huge liability that she may be dealt with in a more rudimentary way—another false flag operation.

  57. Grafique

    So today the Dow closed below 16k, oil closed below $30 and gold closed up $15.

    This is the Democrat Party’s version of “recovery”.

    Cruz 2016.

  58. Coal Burner

    Treadway, you got Jeb and probably Trump all wrong. AS for Iran they are just “JV” chuckle! One more thing you can call Obama what he is and the biggest foreign policy screw up in US History but you most certainly cannot call him a man of peace afraid to get people killed for no danged reason at all. He is responsible for more dead people than W Bush. Why do think morons like Michy the coward Moore has shut his dirty mouth? One thing for sure Greg interviewed, was it Pollick, who said that alliances were going to go all upside down several months ago and he was right. I don’t know who are friends and allies are and who they are not after this Obama administration and his FED and the last 70 years of Democrats finishes transforming us and the world into a worldwide Depression. You need to realize the Russians may be our allies soon. Leave Putin alone, he hasn’t killed nearly as many as Obama and they were our enemies yes even if they were Hillary and Obama’s friends, they were still our ememies.

  59. Elton

    Hi Greg, I’ve always enjoyed your program, in fact I call it a breath of fresh air; I agree with you on almost every topic, where I think you’re erring is when you somehow side with savages like the leaders of Saudi Arabia and Turkey against Iran! I am originally from the Middle East and at 70 I think I have a good grasp of what is happening to the poor people of the Middle East and their suffering on the hands of USA, NATO, Israel and now Saudi Arabia and its savage allies. Please don’t misunderstand me Iran is no Saint nobody is, but compared to Saudi Arabia and its ISIS creation Iran might look like a saint! Please don’t make the mistake of thinking and saying that Saudi Arabia is a US ally because first of all being an ally of a criminal nation is not a compliment and second remember 9/11 and who was behind it; a little secret that most people especially Americans might not consider is that Saudi Arabia seems to have the US by the throat and no it is not its money power that I am referring to! They (Saudis ET Al might just know too much details about 9/11 and all the little dirty secrets of USA/Israel/Turkey/UAE/Kuwait/Egypt?Jordan policies and scandals in the Middle East…

    Take care and Keep the good work

    • Greg Hunter

      I didn’t “side” with anyone. I described a Middle East where it looks like the U.S. has no allies.

      • Elton

        Thanks for your reply; there are times when you said things to the effect that USA is upsetting its allies namely Saudi Arabia and Israel when it is working out a deal with Iran! this suggests that if the Saudis and Israelis are upset it means the deal is bad. Well how about the hundred of nuclear bombs that Israel possesses? and how about the billions of dollars worth of weapons that the US is selling to Saudi Arabia, a rogue savage country who as we speak is committing murder and war crimes against the poorest country in the Middle East and possibly in the world, Yemen? Either nobody should have nuclear weapons in the Middle East or anywhere in the world for that matter or picking on Iran alone is really not fair…


        • Greg Hunter

          There is no signed deal according to the John Kerry State Department. This fraud was 5 years in the making.

    • frederick

      Elton I agree the Saudis know everything about 911 along with many others

    • Mohammad


      Iran is Israel.
      this combo will turn out to be the next super power.
      The displacement of Sunni of ME by Iranians is with the seal of Israel.
      it happened in southern Lebanon.
      It is happening in Syria now.
      It was about to happen in Egypt (but will happen eventually).
      Most ISIS top commanders passed through IRAN to Iraq and Syria….It is a fact.
      The nazi go back in their origin and relations to Iran (Persia).
      Those nuke reactors were to be destroyed long long time ago if it was not for the approval of Israel (they did not wait a minute to destroy Saddam’s, they had a mere of 50 years to do the same with the Iranians but chose not to).
      Netanyahu will hit some of those sites for the mere purpose of getting Mecca and Al medina by the Iranians and their proxies.
      Once that plan is completed and the three holy cities (Jerusalem, Mecca Almadina ) are captured then the kingdom of Israel rises.
      that will be foiled on the borders of Mecca and Al-Madina and the tide wave will reverse.
      So yes:

      Time will tell


      • Greg Hunter

        You have said this before and I just don’t see it. Well see.

        • tulip

          Greater Israel”: The Zionist Plan for the Middle East …
          “Greater Israel”: The Zionist Plan for the Middle East The Infamous “Oded Yinon Plan”. Introduction by Michel Chossudovsky

          • Mohammad

            thanks tulip for the link. we knew it in ME long time ago.
            please note that Israel is THE ONLY UN state that does not have a defined borders.
            Just for the knuckle heads arguing other wise ….Show me one single state on earth that does not have a well defined border other than Israel, which is by the way forbidden in Turat.


      • Galaxy 500

        Iran is Israel? And moderate moslems exist in the world too? Right?
        Here, let me break this down for you. The God of Isreal is the one, true God. The god of moslems, whether they be sunni or shiite heads, is Satan. In God’s book, The Torah and the Bible, hate is not preached nor does it say lie or kill those that disagree. Mohammed transcribed the words of Satan into the koran. It is a book of hate, despair, and unabashed perversion. Murder is condoned and even justified just because someone doesn’t accept Satan as their god.
        Sorry, Dude, not buying Isreal is Iran. Taqiyya much?

        • Mohammad

          You will buy it when you see it.

          idiots usually see it late, and usually are attracted to their enemy the way the butterfly is attracted to fire thinking it is light only to burn by it.


          • Galaxy 500

            When Jesus returns and you find out you’re on the wrong side will you admit it?
            Idiots typically don’t see anything or they blame their failures on others. I see you blaming the Jews for a lot. If they were as powerful as you say we’d all be speaking Hebrew.

        • sk

          Oh for Pete’s sake, Galaxy! It’s 2016! Even the Pope is being nice to nonCatholics.

          • Greg Hunter

            The Pope is a weasel and says Christ dying on the cross was a”human failure.”

          • Galaxy 500

            I am being nice but there is a difference between Christianity and islam. I am pointing out the differences. Facts are not unkind

        • dbcooper

          G5 … In this case your use of the term DUDE is very appropriate, DB.

          • Mohammad

            How low and fresh…!


  60. Coal Burner

    When I see flies landing on Obama’s face I think Arafat. He drew flies like pile of horse pou. What is it about them? Not the flies!

  61. Peter

    I believe we are seeing the fumes from QE finally flame out. The US economy
    will likely spiral downward and many Americans will come to realize the last several years have been an orchestrated liberal hoax. Obama and his policies have been insanely harmful to the average man and the economy. Walmart today announced it is going to lay off thousands and close hundreds of stores (How is that $15 hour wages working out for those workers now?) Walmart is a fine company, but even they can’t achieve the impossible.

    • Jeff L

      Change you can believe in……by design and as promised (and voted for twice)…..btw, it’s only going to get worse……….. But even then Americans won’t understand why.

  62. diane s.

    Better not bet against Greg’s prediction on Hillary

  63. Russ McMeans

    An amazing website I found via an obscure website that everyone should check out. Especially Mohammed. It’s kinda like an encyclopedia of all things pertaining to Islam. The menu bar at top reveals a lot to this site. Check out the ‘about Islam/Koran’ tab: http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/

  64. diane s.

    Want more evidence?
    Greg’s prediction is a 1/5 shot.


  65. steven starr

    “State of Delusion”
    What a great title!!! Love it

  66. Mohammad

    Two weeks so far and the situation in Oregon is “stuck in limbo”.


    This is the most under estimated event unfolding in front of our eyes.

    If god forbid it escalates to shooting it will serve as the catalyst that every one is wondering what would it be.

    My eyes on the story is like a hawk.

    My prayers for a peaceful resolution.


  67. Old Dog


    A prophecy from a 90 year old woman in Norway, given in 1968.
    It tells of the coming WWIII.

  68. Tom

    This past week PCR posted a link to a movie on Flag Flag attacks, Incontrovertible – New 9/11 Documentary by Tony Rooke – YouTube, that has quite good cinematic qualities. It is free on the internet at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44LkjAenNzM. It had 170,000 or so views since Nov 30. So I looked to see what had the most views, nearly a million since 15 Sep, on the 9-11 portion. That second film is a technical analysis of how the physics of 9-11 does NOT fit the narrative, called 9/11: Decade of Deception (Full Film NEW 2015) – YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xqqelDq4P48.
    I think from these remarks that though what seems a web of lies is imploding, the liars believe they have something up their sleeve. If 9-11 was a lie, the next one would have to be even bigger. And I think the liars have a limited amount of time before understanding of the extent of their lies reaches critical mass.
    However, I admit I believed the 9-11 narrative. If America believed it, it is no wonder the audacity the liars must have.

  69. Mohammad

    They new it before the plunge ….way before:


    How did the financial news and so called experts here or MSM missed that one?


    • Mohammad

      knew it…sorry for typo.

  70. Dan

    Although Hillary no doubt SHOULD be prosecuted, there’s not a snowball’s chance that she will be – just like all of the crooked bankers. It’s just not the way the system works!

  71. Don


    Imo Nomi is an insider in the way Jim Rickards is an insider (Wolf in Sheep’s clothing). I view her position on Au as somewhat disingenuous and protective of the Fed and banking. Keep up the good work Greg you do a real service to all of us.


  72. Steven Neill

    I have not read all the comments so this may have already been addressed, but, even though there is zero percent chance I would ever vote for Bernie, his stance on TPP/TTIP is also spot on. He is one of the few in Congress that has publicly and repeatedly stood against that sickening mess.

  73. DL

    I don’t understand how the MSM is a SuperPac for the democrats. If Obama — who hates Hillary–is the head of the Democratic party, then I would expect the MSM to be going after her, but they aren’t. Also, about 45% of Democrats are supporting Sanders, so those democrats would surely love the MSM to go after Hillary. So if the top of the Democratic Party (Obama) and half the bottom (Sanders supporters) would like to see something different than what the MSM is doing, I have to come to a different conclusion than the MSM is the SuperPac for Democrats. I come to the conclusion that it is an arm of Hillary for President.

  74. notyourpatsy

    Ironically, there seems to be a very large disconnect as to who still has money to spend. Here in Nj where the other half is a book keeper for a custom home builder, it seems there are plenty of high upper middle class and plain rich people who have no trouble spending large on remodels and new builds?! From what she told me the other day her company is getting ready to start construction on a high end sub division on property the custom builder co owns?! It’s the Middle class down that have nothing to spend, unless they are using a credit card from my observations when out in stores. Lately, here in Central NJ I have seen stores (ususally stand alone Mom & Pop types) sprouting signs on their counters near their registers that read ‘ CASH ONLY NO CREDIT CARDS’. I take that as only one thing, these places are staying open by a VERY thin cash line to their suppliers. Also, their suppliers could be reducing ‘terms’ from 90 days net to 30 days net now. Plus credit card processing fees eat into the small business margins.

  75. Ken

    Won’t it be a sublime instance of schadenfreude if Madam Hillary (as the late, great Bob Grant once nicknamed her) is indicted over the e-mail scandal?

    Oh, what joy to see such political toadies as Alan Colmes, Eleanor Clift, Paul Begala and James Carville try to defend her then!

  76. Dave

    Somewhere between the lines is a truth we must all accept – learn to live and forgive for allowing others to play each of us against each other….for their gain! Brothers and Sisters we were , are, and will be again when the blinders are cast off !

    The Shadows of Power: The Council on Foreign Relations and the American Decline / James Perloff: https://youtu.be/j_gj1uZ6194

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