Fed Hike Economy Down, Assad Stays in Syria, ISIS Gets Texas Truck

1By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (WNW 220, 12.18.15)

The Fed finally did it. It raised a key short term rate by a quarter of a point. That is not the real story. The real story is how the non-functioning mainstream press swallowed the economic recovery story hook, line and sinker. Fed Head Janet Yellen boasted “The economic recovery has come a long way . . . .” Not a single reporter brought up new data that the Baltic Dry Index (released just a few days earlier) had hit record lows clearly signaling a downward spiraling global economy. What we just got was a real rate hike going into a phony recovery. What could go wrong?

Secretary of State Kerry just rolled over to the Russians and Iranians and agreed that Basher al-Assad can stay in Syria, at least for now. The Obama Administration wants Assad to eventually leave, but I don’t see how that is going to happen. I think Russia and Iran drew a line in the sand, and Obama backed off—again. The U.S. is going to recall the F-15’s it sent to Turkey.   That’s right, it sent 12 jets to Turkey last month, and after Turkey shot down that Russian jet on its border, the U.S. is recalling the fighters. It looks like the U.S. does not want to come between Turkey and Russia. Maybe it’s because Russia just deployed its new S-400 missiles that are capable of shooting down aircraft flying at 2,800 miles per hour, 10 miles high. Putin has dared Turkey to fly jets into Syrian airspace. This is far from over.

Meanwhile, a used plumbing truck from Houston, Texas, has ended up in Syria in the hands of ISIS. It converted the truck into a military vehicle by mounting a machine gun on it. How did that happen? According to the former owner, it was wholesaled back in 2013 after he traded it in on a new truck. The former owner filed a million dollar lawsuit against the dealer for not removing his company decal before the sale. The former owner, who owns a plumbing company, says he has gotten a thousand threatening and harassing phone calls. Here’s what the lawsuit revealed. The truck was shipped to Turkey after it was sold at auction back in 2013. Then, it was shipped to Turkey, and now it is a military vehicle in the ISIS terror army in Syria. Once again, Turkey, a NATO member, is helping ISIS. How can the U.S. not know that Turkey is funding and supplying this terror group? It is also clear that the U.S. is funding and supplying ISIS through the so-called moderate rebels. What kind of a foreign policy is this?

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.


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  1. vincent_g

    You may have a error in your reporting.


    The story maybe fake.

    Bush didn’t say your not gonna be president.
    He said your never gonna be president by insulting your way to the presidency

    Some people seem to think it is more than that.
    I say lets see what happens.

    It’s obvious that Bush took this election personally.
    At this point going after Trump makes no sense for anyone running with a poll of less than 10%
    But bush went after him over and over.

    For what purpose?
    Bush is an establishment republican and there is no one he can help that is also establishment.

    So my guess is he just wants to show Trump he still has a jab or two left in him.
    Maybe Bush should watch the Movie Civil Action and take a good look at the lawyer who also went off the deep end because he allowed his feelings get the better of him.

    One interesting point is maybe we now know who Trump will pick for VP.
    Trump attacked no one.
    And it seems Cruz is Trumps choice for Vice President maybe.

    Dana said “a month ago you said you were open to naming him as the running mate.” and trump said I did.

    I personally noticed in the past that Cruz was playing up to Trump.
    He avoided attacking trump and seems to be Trumps attack dog.

    • diane s.

      I don’t watch TV but my husband does.
      He watches Fox News…every other paid commercial seems to be a Jeb Bush for President.
      People don’t like Jeb Bush . He will never be President.
      If you watch TV News…watch Fox Business News. Less biased.
      Keep attacking the Main Stream Media Greg Hunter……they deserve any and all your criticism.

      • Galaxy 500

        Not only does the MSM deserve criticism, they deserve our contempt and animosity.

  2. Calgirl

    FEAR NOT! GOD THE FATHER IS IN CHARGE! We need to continually remind ourselves of that fact as we watch the traitors in D.C. continually disappoint. I certainly hope that we will clean house in a big way at each election opportunity, assuming that we have the opportunity to vote going forward, that is! There are very few that are worthy up there in D.C. IMO.

    Thank you for sharing the truth even as it is overwhelming to see how inept and corrupt my country’s leadership is at present. I’m having some gutters installed on my home and it was very interesting to hear the man the company sent to provide an estimate tell me that I should buy some gold! (This was as I nearly fainted at the quoted price!) It is heartening to realize that some are “waking up” to the peril in which we find ourselves. I wish I had asked him where he gets his news as there are so few sites such as yours that present the unbiased truth. Looking forward to Egon Von Greyerz.


      Calgary, if you still have the quote for the estimate give him a call. I too am curious. NEWS WORTHY…….. thanks

    • Timothy Toomey

      FOX not bias ……ROFL

  3. RichM

    I’ve heard Jeb Bush say similar things in recent interviews where when asked about Trumps rising poll numbers he most assuredly guaranteed Trump will not become President. The way he said it was like he was stating a fact too. It gave me a very ominous feeling for sure. May God bless Donald J. Trump. If the people decide not to elect him, then so be it but I sure hope he watches his 6 and we the people are indeed allowed to decide.

    • jc Davis

      At the 7:20 mark

      • RichM

        Yes, this one was not as blatant as the one I saw. I saw a different one where he was even more direct in saying Trump will not win….. my perception upon seeing it was it was a point blank statement and sounded quite conclusive. I think it was on Fox. Sorry I don’t have a link or remember exactly where and when but it was about 3 weeks ago.

      • NC Gal

        What Jeb actually said was, “Donald Trump is not going to get the nomination. I have enough confidence in the Republican voters in these early primary states and beyond…I’ll trust them to make that decision.” That does NOT sound like he thinks Trump will be assassinated in the conventional sense. I also think he has no idea what is going to happen, unless he has insider information and the vote will be rigged.

        • Greg Hunter

          He said he would not be President.

          • Terry

            I don’t think it matters a mousefart what Jeb Bush said. And that’s a good thing! Keep up the good work Greg.

        • Neo-ConWoman

          Maybe they’ll send Trump to Turkey, then the turks will hand him over to the Islamist state [ISIL], then he can take the plumbers logo off the truck and save US. a million bucks. Kill two birds with one reason for the treason!

    • Mike Gleason

      Trump could have an unfortunate “accident” just like Paul Wellstone.

    • 8Ball

      If Trump is frozen out of the nomination there will be a revolt…

      Bush can pretend that DT doesn’t exist but Trump’s thoughts and opinions are going to continue resonating in the minds of the American people.

      If Bush somehow gets nominated then the majority of the remaining sane voters left in the US will be totally alienated to the political process forever.

      Perhaps this is what the PTB want? To instill helplessness in the masses…
      “We are going to run the country and do whatever we want despite what the people think…” They did it to Greece and they can do it in the USSA.


    Greg, all your WNW’s are terrific but this was by far and away your best. … Keep rocking

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Michael!

  5. Zoey

    Thank you J C Davis, Doug Krause and Deanna Johnston Clark!

    JC, yes the Holy Spirit definitely guides and blesses us all the time! A while ago I was watching Messianic Jewish Rabbi teaching about God’s warning with El Shaddai Ministries and at the end he gave blessing in Hebrew, and it was amazing! I felt so loved and blessed by the Holy Spirit that it moved me to tears. Here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-c8vgCnoPM. That’s when I learned that besides Catholic and Christian platform, one can also be touched and blessed through the ancient Jewish teachings.
    Doug and Deanna, When Jesus came as a Sacrificial Lamb and spilled His Holy Blood, He earned our passage back home to heaven, and He empowered us to pray and also cast away the devil in the name of Jesus Christ. However, its sad that many Christians are asleep or are not aware of the increasing persecutions on the Jews and Christians. What happens to the Jews will affect us Christians. The events, and daily drama that’s being played out in Syria are drawing a lot of attention, and keeping Israel in the shadow. Syria and ISIS are good excuses for all these nations to gather in close proximity to Israel before ultimately attacking it as prophesied in the bible…things are much simpler when we focus on the “Divine Will of God.” When Jesus gave us “Our Father” prayer He embedded deep treasures for us to find in those words. Here’s a quote from a book I’m currently reading “He taught us to first pray to Heavenly Father – that His Kingdom come and that His Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven – was Our Lord in the “Our Father.”…And in transmitting His prayer to us, He appealed and prayed to all to ask the “Your Will be done” on earth as It is in heaven.” When I think of the Divine Will of God, I’m led straight to Israel. Blessings

    • jc Davis

      Greg, Zoey is linking to Jonathan Cahn you have had in your interviews. Although the timeline of troubles did not happen the way Jonathan Cahn had said there has been many other changes. I would like to see you interview him again.

    • Doug Krause

      Hello Zoey
      Thanks….there is so much hidden wisdom in the bible and untaught truths that once we get to heaven we will get schooled by the King himself, who I believe will tear down some man made doctrine and traditions to reveal the oracles of God which are available to us now in this world. Keep seeking…cheers Doug

    • Carolyn

      Anyone interested in the inside out take-over of Christianity by the catholic pagan system should see if they can find the book, “Babylon Mystery Religion” by Ralph Woodrow, It is an oldie but a goody and fully explains the pagan origins of the rituals used by the catholic religion and why they were adopted even though they directly conflicted with the Word of God and the foundational fellowship set up by the apostles of Jesus. Satan first tried to destroy the true church by state-sanctioned massacre of its members by Rome, but it did not work. The message of hope delivered by Christ, His miracles, death and resurrection, spread like spilled milk all through the Roman Empire and new converts were everywhere and eager to share. Unlike Mohammed and his murdering “convert or DIE” hordes who came later, Christians converted people by healing them, feeding them and giving them an inner peace and assurance of God’s love. So Satan’s new plan called for destruction from within: Take over the church, disguise the message, pollute the truth, counterfeit the system and allow the masses to come to mass and bring their pagan practices- such as the widely popular worship of the virgin fertility goddess who went by many names- with them. We’ll just call her “Mary” and make her into a savior right alongside her Son. The sun worshipers will be pleased with the sun-disk “bread” we serve at communion- AFTER our priests (which are nowhere listed as an office in the early church)- magically make Christ return from heaven to be sacrificed on our altars…AGAIN! and “become” the sun-disk itself! So the people will think they are ACTUALLY EATING GOD!! They’ll worship the DISK, kneel before it, pray to it along with all of our statues of “saints”, Mary and Christ Himself! A blatant offense against the 1st commandment! But we won’t let them READ the Bible in their own language, so they’ll never know how messed up our “church” really is! We’ll even sell them “Indulgences” and tell them that they will get them into heaven- guaranteed! We’ll be RICH beyond belief! We’ll control all the Kings! We’ll buy up lands and fool folks into leaving their money to us- because only WE will be able to write and read their Wills! It’s brilliant! It will work like a charm- until someone starts teaching the commoners the Truth from God’s Word…. Oh well, if anyone tries to do that, we’ll just kill them.

  6. Zoey

    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Thank you, Zoey! It’s good to connect.
      I agree. In the 300s Christianity was chosen as the official state religion. others were crushed brutally and the crucifix was established as a wedge between Jews and Christians deliberately. Also the hellenization of Christian art took over, which we’re stuck with now, even though the original cast was the semitic peasant class and probably looked like Columbo.
      Before that the Christian symbol was first the Good Shepherd, then the fish, and a simple cross. Hence the great divorce pitting Christians against the Jews…rather than against the Romans who actually killed Him with Jewish collaborators.
      So many in both faiths are finding their way back to each other.
      My grandson’s public school has several Muslim families. I notice people being deliberately nice to them…they are our neighbors and people here in deep Dixie are very deliberate in being courteous with people who don’t look just like ourselves. The Muslim nurses, and the Jewish are working through Christmas to give the Christians time off. That’s what America is all about and why I love her.

    • susan

      zoey, thank you!!

  7. DLC

    I went to a nursery to buy some heirloom seeds. They were selling Xmas trees and they had a very nice array of plants and arrangements for the season and landscaping in general. The place was empty, in other years teaming with people, especially it being a week before Christmas.

    I then went to Joann at Desert Ridge, a fairly upscale area in NE Phoenix. All I got was a fistful of buttons with their “buy one get one” and an extra 25% off at the register. I was not paying much attention to the atmosphere of the place until I went to check out. I was the only one checking out, and the 1 and only cashier was also covering for the courtesy desk.

    In other years, the lines INSIDE the store were wrapping around the walls of the store and they had to get creative with checking us out. This year, there could have been another false flag in that same store with no casualties to show for it.

    When I left the store, I looked around the parking lot. Once again, “training exercises” would have come up empty.

    I just skated through the last 2 weeks with 16 dollars . I don’t think I’m the only one in this fix. Because I went through this in the early 1980’s, I take it in stride. I owe nobody, I eat very well, I’m very self sufficient without looking and acting destitute. I look around and my lying eyes tell me that the rest of the herd senses something too.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you DLC for your comment and your view on the local economy.

    • Smaulgld

      My report is similar
      I went to a few stores. The crowds were slightly larger than normal but the big increase was the number of EMPLOYEES
      Lines were short and people had just one to three items

    • Galaxy 500

      Thanks for the western person in the store report. Seeing the same back east.
      I went to Dicks Sporting goods Thursday. It is in a mall. Easy to find up close parking. There were less than ten people in the store. They have a good price on 556 and 40SW. What I noticed most of all was the mood of the people. I didn’t see anyone smiling. Everyone looked stressed. In years past, the shopping carts would have been full and the people on a festive mood. People were not spending much and they sure didn’t look festive.

      • WD

        G 500,

        Ditto!! I was at Penny’s in my local mall, same thing. 50-70% off BEFORE CHRISTMAS? I have never seen this before. Crowds were up but nothing huge. Easy to park. 1 to 3 items at most. No smiling faces there.


    • Southern Girl

      DLC (formerly Donna),
      I hear you girl. I keep my seeds in the freezer. They say they can last 10 years. I will probably start mine next month inside.

      I went to JoAnne’s a sewing center with button, cloths, etc. There was one check out girl and 12 of us standing in line. What that tells me is that more people are sewing than buying. Have not been to the mall in years. You can do a whole lot better online on ebay. You can buy brand new items for at least 50% off. The dollar stores around here are giving Wally World a run for their money…even just across the street from a huge Wally World.

      I live in a new city in central Arkansas. When I first moved in 15 years ago everyone had lights on and decorations outside their houses. We use to go out for a drive to see all the lights in the town. Now almost no one has lights.

      Talking to a couple at breakfast and told them the average credit card debt use to be around $8,500…and now it is $15,500. I said I don’t charge anything I cannot pay off monthly…They said that is about where there debt is…$15,500…..you got to be kidding me. They weren’t fazed a bit. Holy Smokes I could not sleep if I had that much debt.

      Glad to see you made it through another month. I get SS check next month…..my first….wonder how long that will have any buying power. Sure wish I had extra to buy some more silver…what a bargain. Maybe in Feb. or another month. Need to stick some back for emergencies.

      • WD

        Southern Girl,

        No need to worry about seed life. I remember a few years ago they planted wheat seeds from an Egyptian pharaoh’s tomb. They had to have been in there for over 3000 years.

        The wheat seeds were planted and they grew. 3000 years old and they still grew!!

        Testament to the wonder of all of Gods creations!

    • aussie jeff

      Enjoyed your post,
      especially your comment “skating through with 16 dollars” ……I also went through some tough times back in the eighties and early nineties, and literally at times survived on as little as you have had to.
      Those days taught me some great lessons in life, firstly how little one can live on if one has to.
      Recent years have been kinder to my financial situation, and I’m able to own my own place with some acreage. {praise God for that}
      With that being said,those hard times have shaped the way I now live,like you I eat well, but their is only me and my trusted dog.We get along on about 40 dollars a week,but that could even be cut down further if need be.Chickens and goats provide meat eggs and milk,throw in a vegetable garden and most of your needs are taken care of. Being out where I am in good farming area,folks are still holding to the values of yesteryear.If anyone has a problem, they are on your door step to help, idea’s are shared,and bartering for services and or goods is much more welcome than cash.
      The world we live in is all about “consuming” they want us to spend and consume,whats more,for the most part our lives have become more and more dependant on out sourcing our daily needs,and that is precisely what we should be trying to avoid.
      When I was a boy growing up in the sixties,everyone in our street had chickens,everyone had a vegetable garden,we lived in suburbia yet my parents had a milking goat,times were tough and this was the only way that most could make ends meet.
      Now no one keeps chickens, everyone is to busy to have a garden, and I have not seen a goat in anyone’s backyard for decades.
      With soo much uncertainty ahead,I believe its time to get back to doing all those things now!!!
      Thanks again for posting.

  8. frederick

    This question is directed at “Jerry” What do you think of the investment plan of purchasing the Russian Ruble at this time It has been beaten down and is trading at 70 to the dollar up from around 32 in 2013 My thought is once oil bottoms the ruble will gain value quickly not to mention Nato capitulating in regard to Assad staying in power Thanks Frederick

    • Jerry

      I have been monitoring the BRIC nations for quite some time, and based on what I’ve seen they have a strategy going forward of completely decoupling from the dollar when the time is right. The X-factor in all of this will be the Gold Price Fix. Once the Chinese reset the Gold benchmark, it will be like shuffling cards, and the economic game will make a dramatic turn from where it is now. I wouldn’t want to be holding paper of any kind.

      • frederick

        Thamkyou Jerry I do own some silver and was thinking about getting some gold soon Ive been waiting for sub thousand dollar an ounce but lately Im not sure we will ever see that number Have a great weekend

    • Sam Hill

      Doug Casey recommends these foreign currencies at this time – Australia, Canada, Norway, Singapore, Swiss Franc. He’s not too keen on the Chinese Yuan as its a massive bubble searching for a pin. There’s more information on his site. You should ask him about the ruble. He’s the expert.

    • Galaxy 500

      If we have an economic collapse, why do you think the ruble will be immune. They are dependent on the west buying their commodities.
      Just my two cents. When the world economy tanks,
      all fiat will be in trouble.

      • Jerry

        Check this out. Here’s somebody that knows something about printing money embracing the Yuan.

        • Galaxy 500

          An article from Zimbabwe?
          Hahaha not my first choice for taking financial advice
          The Chinese are in bad shape too. If they back their currency with gold you can to, the arbitrage will rip them a new one. Just like it did us in the 70s
          But I will give you your due. I never thought the US controlled IMF would allow the Yuan in, but then that very thing prevents them from backing their currency in gold as it is barred by IMF rules.
          And they print money in China too? Except theirs is backed by the Communist government. I am not a taker of any fiat from a nation that doesn’t have clear property rights

      • frederick

        I never claimed that it would be “immune” just less vulnerable than the greenback as it has already dropped from around 30 to the dollar to over 70 and Putin just won a major battle in Syria when Kerry got back from Moscow and declared that Assad could stay(nice of him) sarc off

        • Galaxy 500

          I think you will see the ruble go lower. Their currency and economy is commodity based.

      • WD

        That is why they are furiously buying gold!!

  9. Tommy

    The clowns are running the circus as the lions devour the spectators. We truly need a third party for the disaffected and disillusioned. We also need a free and independent press. I believe sadly that you may be right about the Republicans feeling that it’s all over so what difference does a few more trillion dollars make. But at least our ruler told us that there is no terrorist threat for the remainder of the holiday season so you know what that means. Duck and cover!

    • frederick

      Tommy that’s what Jesse Ventura has been saying for years Wish Greg would get Jesse on USA Watchdog

  10. Androgynous Anonymous

    Great as always.

    Turkey is a fascinating country. Much more interesting than the majority of Islamic nations., in my opinion.

    It is literally where the east meets the west at the Bosphorous.

    It is also figuratively where the east meets the west.

    Istanbul is a cosmopolitan international city. They have corner stores that sell beer all over, nice restaurants, djs, clubs. There is a national beer, Efes, as well as a national liqur, Rake. (Ra- kuh).

    Simultaneously, you have the call to prayer and people walking around with the full veil.

    One of my favorite people I saw in Turkey was a well dressed western looking Islamic man wearing a T-shirt saying, “don’t panic, I’m a muslim dude.”

    I have met a few western leaning turkey people.

    Politically, Turkey has been going backwards, favoring more religious instruction in school, banning alcohol sales after 10 pm. This is in the last few years.

    This Erdogan guy seems pretty scary. I don’t know where any of this leads. Hopefully nowhere.

    • frederick

      I first traveled to Istanbul in 2004 and by 2008 I got married to a Turkish girl on the Bosphorous across from the maidens tower and live in Turkey today Great people great food and a great life under the sun Don’t regret a thing

  11. Mike from the North

    Great summary Greg.

    Nice how the truth is begin to emerge.

    On that subject here is another great summary of how we got here.


  12. opalboy

    I like it Greg, “not fear porn, fact porn”
    And the more they attack Trump, the more I feel he is exactly what we need.
    The media says he is short on details, so what , here is a guy that can get things done, I don’t think anything is beyond him for that reason.

    • Neo-ConWoman

      Details, hows this for details. The Donald says he’s going to bomb the hell out of ISIS. Build a wall on our southern border. Send all Illegals home, with option to try again legally and save us a billion resettling young Syrian men and a smattering of women and children here in the US. and a pause in all Muslim immigration. Best of all send Jeb packin back to Florida, to retire! Now hows that for being specific and setting the agenda since this race for the white house began. Has anybody come close. What has Marko detailed, ask any American. they wouldn’t have a clue, but ask any American and he and she knows what Trump will do!
      Bank on it!

      • Neo-ConWoman

        sCuse me, that’s saving a billion not resettling!

        • JC Davis

          N C W Is America a democracy or a republic ?

          • Neo-ConWoman

            Republic, public knowledge.

          • JC Davis

            N C W. Under a Republic Trump can not accomplish anything without Congress, and a constitutional plan. The Democrat’s insist we live in a democracy over and over they insist. Then when in office they operate by dictatorship with the image of democracy. The best move Trump could make is to say he is a Democrat, and run as a Republican. He would get 1/2 the Democrat vote. A lie spans the world as the truth is getting its shoes on.
            Public knowledge is dependent on the information ,and perspective of the receiver.
            Merry Christmas.

  13. Jerry

    I continue to report almost daily that China and the BRIC nations are preparing to break from the dollar, and very people are willing to accept it. Here we have a primary example of China priming the the Yuan economic pump.

    Last week the Swiss Banks signed trade agreements with China establishing a trade hub in Zurich. It seems like almost daily that China is signing some type of economic agreement while we sit here and debate what the Fed will do.

    I’m telling you now, when the Chinese decide to set the Gold Benchmark (sometime within the next three months) establishing Shanghai as the central trade hub, that will be your signal that they are officially shoving off from the U.S. Titanic.

    • Jerry

      Addendum to my last post. Do you think maybe Peter knows what the Chinese are preparing to do?

    • Greg Hunter

      Keep is posted Jerry. You have been nailing this one!

    • Macray

      I agree with GREG, Keep Posting Jerry!
      Came across this comment from Andrew Magurie today over at KWN!
      Makes you wonder if he visits the Comments section at USAWatchdog!
      “Next comes the very unwelcome (for the LBMA) Shanghai Gold Exchange competing fix, and a recent update suggests earlier than that as recently leaked for April. We know this is something the People’s Bank of China has been waiting to bring on-stream for more than a year now but almost certainly timed to be announced after China’s toehold in the LBMA auction process was established and subsequent acceptance of the yuan in the International Monetary Fund’s Special Drawing Rights. Note that China plays its own game, totally missed by the mainstream media.”…………………………………………………………………………….


      • Jerry

        That’s absolutely fascinating. Love them or hate them, either way you have to admire the Chinese for their economic ingenuity. Rather than ride our coattails off the cliff, they came up with their strategy to save their economy. Is it any wonder why the western cabal is so desperate to start a war? Here’s their latest fiasco.

        • WD


          Stephen Leeb states the Chinese economy is not nearly as bad as we think it is. And that they have seen this and have planned for this way ahead of time. It is an eye opening interview.

    • Jerry

      Here you go folks. Citigroup cuts 2000 jobs while PBOC gives 15 Billion in liquid funds to multiple international banks. Are we still taking bets on who has the strongest economy?

  14. Calgirl

    From Bill Holter’s latest missive:
    Now, for the biggest story(s) of the day! Did anyone see what John Kerry had to say after his meeting with Mr. Lavrov and Mr. Putin? After four years of steadfastly demanding “regime change” and the ouster of Assad from Syria …now he can stay? http://www.businessinsider.com/john-kerry-regime-change-syria-bashar-assad-2015-12 Not only that, Kerry called on Turkey to withdraw troops from Iraq http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-12-16/dramatic-reversal-us-vice-president-biden-calls-turkey-withdraw-its-troops-turkey. Another story that “snuck in” so to speak was the House budget bill …where Paul Ryan and company will pass a bill which includes raising the status of BRICS nations within the IMF http://www.rferl.org/content/us-congress-to-pass-imf-reforms-raising-status-of-russia-china-/27432701.html. (remember, “R” stands for Russia and the “C” stands for China.) So it looks like the U.S. has finally backed down at what has been contentious for five years or more?

    All of these “backdowns” on their own are HUGE and certainly a sign of U.S. weakness but the real question is WHY? Why would the U.S. completely and out of the blue change their policy(s)? I would also ask this, does the “timing” of all of these “face changes” seem a bit coincidental …and compressed within the timeframe where the Fed raised rates …something China has been demanding since at least 2013?


    • WD


      I agree….Why does US reps keep going over there to talk..?

      • Calgirl

        What really fries my fritters is Lindsey Graham repeatedly boasting that he has traveled to the ME 38 times. THIRTY EIGHT times. I can only imagine how much that cost the U.S. taxpayer! Is he so slow that he must constantly update or is he avoiding doing something PRODUCTIVE here in America.

        • WD

          It seems to me that when you ” go over there” to there home base you give them the advantage….and it looks like Putin told Kerry what he wanted and got it….a sure sign of weakness.

          As far as Graham going to the ME 38 times….deals were to be made!

    • andyb

      Both the Russians and the Chinese know full well the truth of 9/11, other false flags, the downing and disappearance of 2 Malaysian airliners, the farce of American foreign policy. I smell a little blackmail vis a vis Kerry’s 180 degree turn.

      The US neocons cannot afford to have certain info released to the general public; although the Sandy Hook hoax is close to being exposed.

    • Neo-ConWoman

      Dont underestimate the Neo’s
      They can let go__That’s when you__Find out, Find out

      Everybody knows__That there just__Aint no, Aint no

      Easier way out__I know it might not look that way

      But they thinks they gonna live to fight another day!

      • JC Davis


    • Jerry

      The U.S. is being isolated. Financially. Militarily. Politically. You name it. Its mind over matter. The rest of the world doesn’t “mind” giving us the middle finger, because we no longer “matter”. Its only natural to have a “welfare community organizer” that had someone (I wonder who?) pay his way through Harvard, rule over the largest welfare government state ever created. Castro is so envious he decided to normalize relations with us.

  15. NC Gal

    I also noticed that rosy glow in CNN’s coverage of the rate hike (http://money.cnn.com/2015/12/16/news/economy/federal-reserve-interest-rate-hike/index.html). The lies being told are too numerous to mention here (read the article to see them). Paul Craig Roberts had a different take on the hike:

    “Look at it this way. The banking system as a whole does not need to borrow as it is sitting on $2.42 trillion in excess reserves. The negative impact of the “rate hike” affects only smaller banks that are lending to businesses and consumers. If these banks find themselves fully loaned up and in need of overnight reserves to meet their reserve requirements, they will need to borrow from a bank with excess reserves. Thus, the rate hike has the effect of making smaller banks pay higher interest expense to the mega-banks favored by the Federal Reserve.

    A different way of putting it is that the “rate hike” favors banks sitting on excess reserves over banks who are lending to businesses and consumers in their community.

    In other words, the rate hike just facilitates more looting by the One Percent.”

    Once again, the Fed just pushes the can down the road while robbing what’s left to rob from those who are “too small to be protected.”

  16. MAL

    Hi Greg,
    Like you said, the plumbing company probably didn’t know their truck was going to end up with ISIS. Perhaps the wholesaler and the shipping company didn’t know either. However is it plausible that our government that intercepts and stores grandma’s chocolate chip cookie recipe email didn’t know or can’t find out? Complicity here is a given.

    • Deanna Clark

      Yes, of course…all that “We don’t have the intel on the ground” is beyond ridiculous.

  17. CrazyCanuck

    “It is also clear that the U.S. is funding and supplying ISIS through the so-called moderate rebels. What kind of a foreign policy is this?”

    Greg, easy answer. When you frame within the exceptional nation’s national security imperative, “the end justifies the means”. ANYTHING can be justified thusly — drone strikes, regime change, half a million children murdered, wholesale surveillance of own citizens, the list is endless. Long live the Empire!

    • frederick

      Absolutely disgusting what is happening and yet so many Americans are oblivious to the evil being perpetrated by their own government God would NEVER condone what is going on

      • Greg Hunter

        God is always in control.

  18. Zoey

    If only Christians knew the kind of power Jesus empowered us with through His sacrifice. If the majority of Christians repent and called upon God, angels, saints, and heaven for help, there would be a tsunami of Divine Intervention which would totally knock out all the satanic cults and their evil webbings in an instant. But,these cults have the whole world under their thumbs by merely doing their magic tricks because much of us are “unaware” of our power and feel quite powerless regrettably. The Divine Power of our Creator and satanic magic are not even in the same spectrum. We all need to wake up!

    • Doug Krause

      Amen Zoey…you preach it girl….Greg …God is in control through the Christians who are bold enough to rise up and take back the dominion He gave us though His Son.
      God has done all He is gonna do in this world…He is waiting on us….cheers Doug

    • Robert

      Right now Almighty God is allowing satan to do his thing, but for a limited time only. 2 Corinthians 4:4
      New Living Translation (Satan, who is the god of this world, has blinded the minds of those who don’t believe. They are unable to see the glorious light of the Good News.)
      1st John 5:19 English Standard Version
      (We know that we are from God, and the whole world lies in the power of the evil one)

      When tempting Christ why would satan offer all the kingdoms of the world if he was not in control of them. God has allowed satan to use many forms of government over thousands of years, to no avail and to show man cannot rule himself, and for people to repent and change their ways. There is only one government that will work.
      Daniel 2:44 New International Version
      (“In the time of those kings, the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be destroyed, nor will it be left to another people. It will crush all those kingdoms and bring them to an end, but it will itself endure forever.)

      Satan, and the kingdom’s of this worlds time is quickly running out because we are in the very end of the last days. 2 Timothy 3: 1-5 New International Version

      1But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. 2People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, 3without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, 4treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God— 5having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people.

      His time of intervention is near.

  19. john duffy

    Free press! What a joke! Thank God we still have the likes of you, Greg. Here is a powerful new documentary on 911 and the war in middle east if anyone is interested. Warning, you will be enraged after watching.

    • frederick

      thanks John Im watching it now I worked as an engineer for the company that built the foundations for the trade centers and spent a lot of time in those buildings in the early 80s and I am 100% sure that it was an inside job and controlled demolition of some sort The USA will never survive as a nation until the truth is revealed and those responsible are brought to justice IMO God bless and lets keep the honor of those murdered that day alive by pushing for justice

      • Robert

        Correct me if I am wrong but the towers weren’t built like any other sky scrapers in that they were not built with cellular construction . They had huge expanses without support. Outside metal walls with very long trusses to the center where all the concrete elevator shafts formed the core. Also I read somewhere that asbestos was outlawed in 72 or 73 when the towers were at about the 30th floor or so. An inferior insulation was used instead the rest of the way up. When the planes hit they blew all this insulation protecting the steel girders and trusses off. A wood beam will last longer than a steel beam before collapse. The steel beams looses it’s strength at a certain temp. and therefore the collapse. The expansive floor area without pillars like in cellular construction, would have meant thousands of square feet of heavy concrete would just pancake down one story to the next with great fury. I am not an engineer but have been in construction 50 years. Does this make any sense.

        • Robert

          I meant that a wooden heavy beam will withstand fire longer than a steel beam which has a melting point. I really do wonder about building 7 though cause it was built of cellular design. It shouldn’t have collapsed like that.

          • Agent P

            Building #7 fell in ‘sympathy’ with the twin towers. It was just so sad that it couldn’t bear the agony of seeing it’s brothers go down, so he fell down too.

            The End… (Fractured Fairly Tales)

            • Greg Hunter

              Agent P,
              I have found no science to explain how this building fell straight down hours after NOT being hit. I agree it’s “(Fractured Fairly Tales)”.

        • frederick

          No it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever Ive seen the central columns at the base of the trade center personally and they were massive The plane COULD NOT have done the damage they are said to have done Not to mention bldg. 7 wasn’t struck by a plane and dropped at freefall speed into its own footprint Sorry to be blunt but the lies and deception are extremely clear to see if you are brave enough to look

      • sk

        Agreed, Frederick. You have to drain an abscess before the tissue will heal.

  20. Russ

    Good wrap-up Greg. We’ll see where the economy goes with the Fed’s rate raising tactic. It might work; OTOH the Fed may need to fold if the economy tanks. Wednesday following the announcement the market was way up (was that the PPT at work?) but Thursday it gave everything back, not exactly a ringing endorsement.

    Regarding Turkey v. Russia in Syrian airspace. You seem to credit Russia’s S-400 with the F-15 aircraft suddenly departing Incirlik; my gut tells me that after the Turkish-ISIS oil connection was made public the U.S. did not want to get into a situation where the U.S. was seen backing Erdogan’s oil smuggling business.

    Turkey’s leadership may have become a bit more ballsy with U.S. air superiority fighters in country and that confidence may have led to the SU-24 shoot-down — they took advantage of our presence. We’ll probably never know for sure, but now that the F-15’s are gone, I doubt Erdogan repeats that stupid act. If there is a repeat and Putin needs to slap Turkey, we have essentially told Putin and Erdogan that we aren’t interceding. Somebody doesn’t want WWIII breaking out over an oil smuggling for personal profit motive.

    As I recall, NATO was established to protect a member state from attack by Russia, not to back them up while a member protects illegal oil shipments. NATO’s Article 5 – http://www.nato.int/cps/en/natohq/topics_110496.htm – is silent about protecting member states acting as the aggressor, but I doubt it’s in the charter.

  21. Zoey

    The satanic cults are quite aware of this too. They too fear God, and that’s why they give a warning in a cryptic way before attacking. They believe the satan had made a deal with God that if they warn the mankind before doing their evil acts, they won’t be punished. It’s the rest of us who’s totally ignorant of it.

    • frederick

      That’s an interesting point Zoey I think I remember some cryptic 911 messages on an episode of the Simpsons You may be on to something there Keep thinking and praying

  22. ConcernedAmericanDad

    Greg, outstanding! ‘Coukd be your best welekly wrap ever. It has been extremely hard lately to listen to all the BS form the msm regarding the Fed. Also togh to see how they continue to keep it all together- from “hyperinflation in 2014”, Sinlair’s “not making it out if september “, never raisingg rates, and now Pento’s 2018 trouble, seriously??? Been feeling like corce- feeding myself the blue pill again lately. Also, I, like you immediately caught jeb’s comment and had the same thought….. He does know it really doesn’t matter- the first commentor has it all wrong

  23. dbcooper

    Greg, Thank you for the WNW… For perhaps 9 years now we have had a homemade 4×8 sign in one of our hay fields that says “Ron Paul The Only choice for President”. We recently threatened to finally take it down and was told ‘Don’t do that, that sign is famous’!! Well we are considering a new sign… ‘ The Penalty for Treason is Death, No Plea-Bargain, No Time Off For Good Behavior, Death. Know Anyone Who Fits The Bill ?? (Note: the list is Long!!)
    Thanks again Greg, Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you DB. I’d keep the Ron Paul sign too.

      • jc Davis

        Greg and DB I have been thinking if Trump won the nomination who would be his running mate ? Ron Paul or Trey Gowdy ? Outside of these I don’t know any other honest politician’s.

        • Greg Hunter

          I think it would be Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio.

          • Smaulgld

            Not rubio
            He is bought and paid for

          • Calgirl

            Trump with his common sense and fearlessness and Cruz with his knowledge of the inner workings. They will probably be the most hated in the government, but they will turn out to be just the right ticket to purge DC of all the sludge, reduce the government footprint and maybe give the Bill of Rights back to the citizens. That is “change” I can vote for. I hope they find a nice spot for Sen. Sessions and Chris Christie. Fiorina also has some badly needed knowledge and abilities. She could oversee a complete makeover of the computer systems.

            • frederick

              sorry Cruzs wife worked for Goldman sachs so he is eliminated in my book anyway

        • diane s.

          I have a hunch on Chris Christy…he would be a good attack dog for Trump while Trump becomes “more presidential ” and spells out plans for making America great again?
          What do you think, Greg?

          • Greg Hunter

            Him or Cruz would make good AG’s. That is a powerful job. Probably second to Sec of State.

    • brian

      If you want to hang people guilty of treason I’m with you…..so long as the alleged offenders are charged and tried in an open and honest court with a jury and are not simply rounded up and lynched based on the mood of some assembled mob—that kind of stuff only goes to a place much darker than where we are now.

      • Galaxy 500

        Hey, if a lynch mob would clean out Washington, I am all for it. If you have a jury and the ideologues are on the jury, it will deadlock the jury and there will be no justice. These people believe by any means necessary to achieve their goals and they don’t believe in justice. Now that I think about it, a lynch mob is the only way to have justice unless we exterminate all the progs before the trials. Of course, you could put a good citizen citizen it charge of the jury and if someone votes not guilty, the foreman can shot them as a traitor.

      • dbcooper

        Brian, Agreed, the largest problem as we see it is the absence of the Rule Of Law, and as Gregory Mannarino has told us “Everything in the world is functioning in Fraud” So how do you fix this mess. Listened to a good interview on Trunews with Steve Quayle about the Nazis that in our mind connected a lot of dots. Yours in Liberty, DB

    • Neo-ConWoman

      The reason for the season is not the reason for the treason!

    • Jerry

      Not to ruin the discussion, but do you all still believe there will be an election next year? I don’t. If we make to July without being under martial law it will be a miracle. By the way I saw a yard sign the other day I really like. Its said “Hilary for Prison”.

      • J C Davis

        Jerry. I don’t believe our last election was a honest election. In the next election ? Not likely.

  24. steve

    If you sale your vehicle with logo’s on the side for your business and you didn’t chose to remove them before the sale you gave your consent for the new owner to use your logo’s as they wish. I am tired of a world where there is no personal responsibility and its always somebody elses fault.

    • brian

      I tend to agree with that, although I can imagine the owner of that truck would argue his only real crime here is that he was naive and trusting….I’ll bet he is not so trusting now; not after getting hassled like he surely did.

    • jc Davis

      I saw it Steve. Just when you think this may not be so bad this happens.

      • jc Davis

        Granny should not have to be investigated at the air port, and Mark the plumber should not have to be investigated by the FBI, and Homeland Non-security. The NSA is so far up/ in our stuff interconnecting info is a must if we are to get Islam Terrorist removed from America. How I long for incompetent Obama to disappear. My rant of the day.

    • frederick

      I fully agree It seems the only people are good at lately is calling a lawyer to serve you a lawsuit The judge will throw this case in the bin where it belongs

  25. Andrew

    It would be too obvious now if the Bushes tried to take Trump out. If I were him I would send Jebby a little message that if anything happens to me, your entire family and lineage will be wiped out. I have money too bub. Maybe he is referring to the delegates. In that case, we will have a relvelution . People are that pissed off now.

  26. dave roselle

    Hi Greg
    Nice post except for the end.It sounds like your Trump advocate.Let me remind you who runs this country.It’s the corporations and big money.It’s the elites.Now think of who Trump is and who he sleeps with.He doesn’t eat the foods we eat nor even live like we do.Also look at his past then look at where this is made..http://www.amazon.com/Donald-Trump-Mens-Solid-Regular/dp/B00JM5QUU8/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1449016383&sr=8-2&keywords=donald+trump+clothing+suits

    • Greg Hunter

      I am not a trump advocate, but I think it is absurd that USA Today hired a writer to make Trump look more evil than two people who murdered 14 and wounded 22. This is the false narrative USA Today wanted to put forth, and I pointed out how wrong and off the mark it was. This is thought shaping by USA Today to get people to hate Trump. It’s not “journalism.”

      • dave roselle

        Just don’t be fooled by the elites .trust me i say they are very much in command and to blame. Else ware is just foolish.I don’t believe you are part of the establishment,or i would not be typing you.Know who the enemy is and question more

    • Neo-ConWoman

      Dave, here’s Trump in the day’s of old;
      Seem’s the man upstairs provides the man for the right time!
      Here’s Jeb tryin to knock him off once and for all!

    • Galaxy 500

      The elites are scared of Mr Trump and that works for me. Vote for Jeb if you like or sit at home and let your on action be a vote for Hillary

      • dave roselle

        Trump is the elite !!! He eats and sleeps with them.What are you new or what?Look at my first post above and see where that suit is made.

        • Galaxy 500

          So you are upset he had a billion or ten. I couldn’t care less of her wears a five thousand dollar suit. I care about him fixing things.
          If he was such an elite, they wouldn’t be trying their best to quash his run.
          But to each his own Dude

  27. Tom

    If you are going to mention the poor plumbing company’s truck which ended up on the wrong side of the world, why don’t you mention the name of the car dealership that auctioned it off?

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t think the dealer could have know it would end up in the hands of ISIS. According to the lawsuit the dealer did not remove the decal as part of the deal. What happened after that was not the dealers fault. You can read the lawsuits for yourself on line.

  28. dee garmon

    The most scary part of it is that everybody knows Turkey is a vassal state that does
    whatever it’s told to by its puppet masters. So the question arises: Are Turkey’s puppet
    masters trying to bring about the World War III?

  29. Doug Williams

    Mike Gleason, Paul Wellstone did not have an “unfortunate” accident, God swatted him out in the sky, and I thought there was no god, THANK YOU GOD ! Doug

    • tulip

      maybe he’ll swat you…

  30. Diane D.

    Could someone please explain exactly what gives the US the right to choose the leader of another sovereign nation?

    • Greg Hunter

      Diane D.
      We Don’t.

      • czzi

        Greg Doug Wilson posts that Paul well stone was killed by God, yet you post it! SO God is a murder and that is OK with you. When I post how you all so badly you want your country to crash and it must transform into some phony Christian nation ran by Christian white men you do not post it! IF YOU CALL YOU SELF CHRISTIAN AND SUPPORT YOUR GOD MURDERING PEOPLE AND CELEBRATING THE DEATH OF A FELLOW HUMAN BEING BECAUSE YOU DISAGREE WITH THEIR POLITICAL VIEWS, YOU ARE JUST PLAIN SICK IN THE HEAD! MAYBE WHEN YOU MEET YOU GOD HE MIGHT SAY TO YOU , YOU SHOWED NO LOVE FOR YOUR FELLOW MAN , YOU GO TO HELL!

        • Galaxy 500

          Please Dude take your meds.
          Let me guess, you’re a moslem? You are a Christaphobe and you worship the dark one and are upset Greg won’t put your antisemitic anti Christian rants up. Am I right?
          America was founded a Christian nation and we plan to keep it that way. If you don’t like it, blow something up.

    • sk

      Thank you, Diane! Can you imagine the furor if China/Russia bombed us ‘to the stone age’ because we elected Mr.XYZ for president, and they preferred Mr. ABC? And, by the way, that infamous sarin episode seems to have been done by the ‘free Syrian army’. What a mess.

  31. don

    Greg, Obama is helping ISIS because he wants them to over throw Assad. Turkey wants that as well. It’s why Obama was adverse to actually bombing ISIS.

    It also explains what are people were doing in Benghazi…they were helping to run weapons from Benghazi weapon depots, via Turkey to ISIS. Other terror groups opposed to ISIS, like Al Queda, found out and took out our people.

    Obama stopped a rescue effort because if any of the key people survived the attack Congress would have found out the truth.

    • Calgirl

      Don, You wrote:
      “Obama stopped a rescue effort because if any of the key people survived the attack Congress would have found out the truth.”

      What makes you think that Congress didn’t know all along?

      Is it possible that Obama wants to overrun America with Muslims? Is that why so few Christians are being admitted as refugees? Obama has done everything possible to bring down America and he has succeeded unfortunately with the help of the politicians on both sides of the isle. I don’t know if America can take another year of his “leadership” without divine intervention.

  32. Romo (not Tony)

    Donald Trump for President.
    Greg Hunter for Vice President.
    Make America Great Again.

    • Greg Hunter

      I’d probably be Press Secretary.

      • diane s.

        I love it! Greg Hunter for Press Secretary!!!!
        Trump’s revenge on the Main Stream Media.

      • JC Davis

        Great answer Greg. I would fear for your life then. Cleaning up the Media would give you the title of radical constitutionist.

      • RTW

        Oh no you wouldn’t! Being press secretary means you check your soul in at the door and look people straight in the eye while you lie to them each and every day. Afterward, you go home and sleep like a baby. That’s not who you are. Stay put, where you belong.

        • Greg Hunter

          OK RTW, I think I will stay. Thank you for waking me up.

      • Calgirl

        Ha Ha! Just wondering what USA Today would have to say about your appointment! It would be a glowing article (not an op.ed)……….and glowing as in nuclear!

        • Greg Hunter

          Yes Cowgirl they probably hate me by now. I ride them pretty hard, but it’s so easy because they are so transparently unobjective.

      • RichM

        That would be excellent Greg. You’d do awesome as Press Secretary for any competent and honest President. Notice how I said competent and honest. haha Maybe I should just say for any President who honors his oath to uphold the constitution of the United States and does so with integrity.

        With Trump, there would probably soon be no more need for a Secretary of Education or a Secretary of Energy… or at least not such a lofty and over-funded positions.

        • Greg Hunter

          Rich M,
          That lets Hillary out on both counts.

          • RichM

            Exactly… that’s what I meant. Even if hired by the Clintons, you would never lie for them. You are a patriot Greg. I am blessed to know you though your site….

    • frederick

      I think the country would be far better off if you reversed those roles Romo

  33. Dale

    Hi Greg, I agree with most of your comments but when it comes to Donald Trump, I cannot agree. He says whatever comes to mind without thinking about it. He criticizes anyone who doesn’t agree with him. If the criticizm was based on any real substance, it may warrant some credibility but he attacks their looks, their native country or whatever he can think of. I hear very little substance in his remarks. He is the scariest thing I’ve seen since Hitler. God help us. It seems like every President elected gets worse. You guys need a real leader not Trump the Tyrant.

    • freebreezer

      Dale – I am at a loss “the scariest thing I have seen since Hitler”. Really? I think of Stalin, Maybe Pol Pot and the killing fields in Cambodia, or throw in the nut case in North Korea, or the brutality of ISIS, or most of the dictators, past and present, in the Middle east and in most of Africa … I personally believe they are all (and a whole bunch of other soles) lot more scarier then Trump. Trump is an independent, very successful businessman, who is use to calling “crap” as crap (as he sees it) and is not a politician who speaks out of both sides of his/her mouth to appease the crowds. At the very least, I know were Trump stands on things, and he is not owned by the “TPTB”. Trump has agitated/stirred the American political pot … Good for him! … I hope the cream floats to the top and not something else! I would be interested to know who you think is a real leader?

      • freebreezer

        At the end, I should have added – in today’s political field.

      • Dale

        I don’t see any of the candidates as a real leader. Trump is for Trump not America. I can see Trump being a dictator. I’m glad I don’t live in America !!! I hope that we will never find out if either of us is right.

        • JC Davis

          Dale. Trump is not wanting to be a dictator because a dictator would want to remove the 300 million guns in America that would be pointed at him if he tries to take away our freedom.

        • Galaxy 500

          And we ate glad you don’t get a vote

    • Galaxy 500

      Sorry Dale. But Trump is a leader

  34. Jerry

    If you can make it through the profanity, George lays out the overall game plan the globalist have had for the United States pretty well. No wonder they had to put a hit out on him. https://youtu.be/fgAVpPNusTs
    Don’t believe in hit squads? I’ve got news for you. They exist. My cousin was a mechanic for the mafia in Chicago for years. He would take the money he got paid, and send it to Shriners Hospital. Somehow it eased his conscience. He once told me “accidents happen”. We don’t always know what causes them.

    • frederick

      Exactly Jerry I had a neighbor growing up who was the “best” Catholic in town because he was a car dealer and donated new Lincolns to the Catholic church every year and it turned out he was involved with the mob talk about hypocrisy

  35. Lynn

    Great wrap up, many issues coming to a head. Probably the last joyous holiday we will have for quite a while. Dont forget to check emails for holiday gifts from some of us. Sending your family some holiday treats and sweets from your dedicated listener to thank you for all you do.

  36. pgg1507

    Maybe it’s my not being an american (or Muslim either) and not a pro-gun person, but I don’t understand the extent of the coverage the 2 killers Husband&Wife in California have in Greg’s rant. Yes there is a problem, but this is a fairly recent development. For years and still ongoing and getting worse is the daily shootings by Americans upon other Americans. What about Timothy McVeigh bombing of a federal building in Oklahoma? A group of bad Muslim apples are becoming a Threat to the world, so was the Nazi party (not all germans were bad), McCarthyism (not all Americans are bad). And not all Muslims are bad.
    Please Greg, take a step back and take another look at the global (including your part of the world) and see the trees for the forest.

    • Greg Hunter

      Anti-gun America bashers like to bring up Timothy McVeigh. He may have been Christian but nothing in Christianity is preached for violent Jihad and violence against non believers. This is not the case in Islam and not the case (according to the FBI and Studies of American mosques) in some American mosques. The problem is a religious when it comes to radical Islam. Most Muslims radical or not will not acknowledge the problem but quick to point out how they are negatively affected. There is NO RADICAL CHRISTIANITY!!! Hope you get that and get off your condescending commie/socialist, atheist high horse. Please “take a step back” and get a clue.

      • Agent P

        If anyone still believes that the Murrah building was brought down by a couple of disgruntled white men, and a rental truck filled with loose fertilizer did the damage to that building that it did, then they truly Deserve the government they now have and are going to richly receive in the very near future.

    • frederick

      SSRIs are a big problem especially in people under 21 They say the percentage of nrgative side effects is way under reported and from my experience they definitely ARE otherwise if they actually told the truth it might scare off some potential customers You know how moral big pharma is On par with bankers I would guess

    • sk

      The incessant drumming coverage has to do with American public opinion. Someone really, really wants us Americans to hate Muslims, no exceptions nowhere, nohow. It is so transparent.

      • Greg Hunter

        We just had 14 murdered and 22 wounded from Radical Islam. The problem is real, and well documented by the FBI and three separate studies done between 2005 and 2011. We hate being murdered and attacked by radial Islam. Where are the Muslims standing up to condemn radial violent Jihad being taught in American mosques? Stop posting here like this is not a problem. Violent, RADICAL ISLAM IS A PROBLEM.

        • sk

          Well, Madeleine Albright thought it was OK to kill 500,000 Iraqi children, old folks, and ill people via sanctions on Iraq. That towers a whole lot over 14 dead and 22 wounded. Or are Muslims lesser humans? ( one Muslim death is worth 14/500,000 Christian/Jewish deaths, LOL) Might that not inspire a wee bit of hatred for the perpetrators, even in the most irreligious of Muslims?

          • Greg Hunter

            So two wrong make it right, and we deserve this? There IS A PROBLEM WITH RADICAL ISLAM IN SOME U.S. MOSQUES AND THEY ARE PREACHING HATE, VIOLENCE, AND JIHAD. I am not preaching hate. I am pointing out a legit problem, I want it to stop. I want Muslims to stand up and condemn this murderous activity and it is not happening. SK, why don you comment here? You obviously have a disdain for America, Jews and Christians. Why come here and comment?


            • sk

              I have a disdain for people who do not apply UNIVERSAL morality. Parenthetically, it is I who LOVE America – precisely because I believe in equal rights for Muslims as well as Christians, Jews, Hindus, Zoroastrians, Shintoists, agnostics and even (shudder) atheists in America. So did the founding fathers, you know.

              • sk

                You are a good man, Mr. Greg Hunter. You care. Sometimes I think you are being played by those who, as Robert Kirby has said on your own site, ‘have a contempt for mankind’.

              • Greg Hunter

                I an talking about clearly identifying a radical Muslim terror threat that is in the world, no equal rights.

    • Galaxy 500

      Not all Germans were Nazis, true. And they still killed six million Jews. And millions of others. Your argument is a non sequitur.
      The daily shootings you speak about are mostly blacks killing other blacks in cities like Chicago. These thugs are criminals and our is illegal for them to have firearms. Tell me what is the weapon of choice by criminals on your country? Or are you in some fairly tale land where there is no crime.

    • Vince Shook

      If you are really interested in seeing the trees that make up the forest, watch this video of a courageous Muslim woman telling the truth about the total number of Muslims that are with ISIS and similar groups, plus those that are fundamentalists and plus those that are radicals. The total is eye opening. And these are just the ones not practicing teqiyya.

  37. Chris B.

    Greg, this WNW is really drives home the issues of today that no one in the mainstream DARES to even whisper about. Absolutely one of your best – outstanding! I would give a weeks salary just to see you grill obama and yellen on these issues!

  38. Smaulgld

    You see the fed rate hike was NEVER about the data. It was always about promoting sales of US bonds to combat de-dollariation and lower oil prices leading to lower demand for US Treasuries .

    Higher rates mean more UST bond demand and if the markets crash, people will rush to the safety of US Tbonds – Fed Mission Accomplished

    • Galaxy 500

      I for one will not be rushing for T-Bills.

  39. Art Barnes

    Greg, on at least 2 other occasions besides last Tuesday’s debate Jeb Bush made his same statement that “you will not be President” and or “you will never be President” or words to that effect. I assume Donald Trump knows just how dangerous the Bush dynasty can be, building 7 comes to mind on Jeb’s brother’s watch. The Bush family’s religion of peace is not playing ball as they had expected. Further, the Bush family are very angry that they just can’t demand Jeb’s coronation for the nominee. This is an very old & rich American family on Jeb’s mother’s side & almost 70 years of politics on his father’s side, very wealthy and powerful friends and associates both foreign and domestic. It is also being reported that the Bush family just bought 600,000+ acres in South America, I guess Texas is just not big enough. In any event, Donald Trump better well watch his back side from the Bush family, i think he has been warned. I truly believe that Bush’s statement was meant for Donald Trump to step off and pull out of the race, I mean find a way to bow out and let old Jeb to take over. I will say this, if something happens to Donald Trump, they will have to blame it on a long wolf radicalized angry white man all the while millions including this blogger will be out in the streets demanding justice for a fine American Businessman who simply wants to make America great again. Donald, just in case your staff reads USAWatchdog.com, sometimes, have him be super careful, don’t trust the secret service either, as they didn’t protect other great Americans in the past who had the American people behind them & were leading in the polls.

    • frederick

      Art not just I have been reading about that acerage in South America(Uruguay or Paraguay)for some years now but I agree they know whats coming and want a good plan B Think about it if bldg. 7 was wired weren’t all 3 Of course they were and I know those buildings inside out from studying steel structures in University The official story is a physical impossibility

    • Ladavieau

      My feelings are more running towards something will happen to Jeb. The bush clan doesn’t do defeat and they don’t have any qualms with sacrifice either. Maybe Jeb is getting the royal heave ho and knows if he doesn’t pull this off he is in danger. Maybe he doesn’t know, but I think Jeb needs to be careful.
      Perfect plot, take out Jeb, make it hook back to Donald….hmmmmm

  40. Craig Bradley


    Your left eye has been pretty red for weeks ( Pink Eye). It looks better, but should be normal by now. Suggest the Following Rx:
    Bausch + Lowb
    Neomycin and Polymyxin B Sulfates and Dexamethasone Ophthalmic Ointment USP (sterile)

    It is an antibiotic ointment for eye infections. Apply across the left eyelid once a day just before bedtime. It will get better.

    Also, as a follow-up, get some eye wipe pads from your Eye Doctor ( M.D.) or eye wipes from CVS drugstore. ( It is over-the- counter). No Rx for the eye wipes. Do it daily to keep eyelids bacteria free.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your advice. I got drops from the eye doc and it is getting better.

      • mike

        I thought the red eye was given to you by your wife!
        Great stuff !

  41. Sayonara

    I was astonished that the Republicans passed this insane spending bill. In light of your comments that the Republican leadership sees the economic implosion being imminent and doesn’t matter any way. I think their strategy is to give Obama and the Democrats everything they want and help push the economy over the cliff because they cannot stop it from happening. Then the Republicans will claim that it is all the Democrats fault and we are victims of their policies and recklessness. Now elect us and we will fix everything. Then it is their turn.

    • Robert

      In the last 2 midterm elections the repubs won by land slides the most sense the civil war. What have they been doing, with there overwhelming victories? They are just as responsible in my humble opinion. The people know this. Same body different head every election cycle. Probably why Trump is doing so good. I am not politically very sharp, but even makes me wonder.

  42. Michele

    Thank you Greg! Hope you have a blessed Christmas! My husband and I watch you every week and enjoy the insight that you provide to all. By the way your eye looks better this week and have been saying a prayer for your health. God Bless All during this season and beyond.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Michele for you support and prayers–they work!

  43. Cathy

    Interesting regarding John Ellis Bush’s (AKA J.E.B) comment regarding Trump not becoming president. Obama in a recent interview basically said the very same thing-very matter of fact. Wonder what they all know.

    • RTW

      Yes, it is both interesting and disturbing, what they know as opposed to what we don’t know. Given the results of the last four presidential elections and what is taking place in Congress, currently, it is evident that the voters do not matter at all except to act as shills. The ruling class puts these shows on periodically to give the illusion that we freely elect our leaders, who go on to govern on our behalf. Historically and currently this couldn’t be further from the truth. They tell the voters what they think they want to hear and then after they are elected they do what they are told to do. Much to the chagrin of the establishment, Trump admitted to “buying” politicians in the past because it was good for business. Trump makes them nervous and there isn’t a thing they can do about it. Let’s see how far he makes it. So far, it appears he is what the VOTERS want.

  44. Benjamin F

    Obama care going up by 35% or did “civilian income tax” just go up by {[(previous years healthcare cost X 1.35) / Net Income] — [previous years healthcare cost / Net Income]} / [previous years healthcare cost / Net Income] % ? (not sure about that formula)

    I don’t think the American people should have a direct tax on being a civilian imposed on them, which is almost what Obamacare means except for civilians who don’t fill out a tax reform or don’t have income . Obamacare might be legal if it was funded directly through inflation, defining inflation as (an increase in money supply relative to wealth supply.) Single payer healthcare would be wiping out healthcare insurance companies which may just happen, single payer to me being defined as government funding healthcare through inflation. I don’t think there should be any debt attached to the money government uses to fund healthcare.

    I mean if the top 10% of the population owns 76% of the nations wealth, while the top 1% own 35% of the nations wealth, then doesn’t it seem more economically sound to tax wealth to pay for healthcare as opposed to taxing civilian income?
    Maybe there’s a better way that doesn’t invent a debt-free-monetary instrument because I’m talking about hybridizing the monetary system.

    It looks like Hillary “The Peoples Champion of Truth” Clinton and Bernie “Oh s*** the wages” Sanders are breaking up. Good Lord

  45. Miro Markovic

    Hello Greg: I thank you for providing to us another good weekly report. I enjoyed both your written presentation as well as spoken narrative.
    If I may, I would like to add a few more interesting news that took place this week. Namely, after the West introduced the specific punitive sanction against the Russian people, who were not allowed to use Master and/or Visa Cards any more, the Russian government banks introduced their own credit card called “MIR” (World). Some 170,000 Russian people lost their American credit cards, but now they can use their own and everything will be fine and convenient for them. At the same time, the Chinese government introduced their own credit card call “Union Pay”. As expected, their government is advising their people to avoid using the American issued credit cards. The big losers in this political game are the American credit card business. Also, both Chines and Russian have introduced their own banking system exchange, which is equivalent to the SWIFT, and by doing that they will be able to avoid the absolute control and eventual black mail by the USA and EU, in the case of some serious political disagreements between those big powers. We all remember when the sanctions against Islamic Republic of Iran were introduces, Iran was kicked out of SWIFT immediately and that country had so many problems in trading with other countries. Our MSM remained mute about these major news.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Miro for adding this.

  46. Coal Burner

    I will repeat one more time. Hillary sent Kadaffi’s weapons to Syria to create ISIS. IT backfired like everything the incompetent Obama administration has done. That is what is being hidden about the Bengazi killings. Hillery was a lot more interested in her ISIS strategy that saving an Ambassador. That was Obama’s plan to get Assaud. The disseentigration whole mess has been slowed by Putin. OBama wants him in charge of the ME. That way he can cut the military and continue to make us a third world country.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Coal Burner 100%.

  47. frederick

    Greg my problem is with branding any group based on color religion or nationality as bad as the Republican candidates seem to be doing. Ive been coming to Turkey off and on for 11 years and have never had ANY problems with predjudace or hate My wives family is secular and not overly religious and are wonderful generous loving people I cannot speak much about the radicals as I have no personal experience with them but I m sure they are dangerous as are radicals of any color or religion All I have to go by is my experiences and I feel much better here than where I was born and raised New York City Have a great weekend everyone

    • Greg Hunter

      Great!! The majority of Muslims who do not believe in Jihad and radical Islam should stand up across the country and around the world to condemn radical Islam and violent Jihad being taught in some Mosques. Thank you for your perspective.

      • diane s.

        You bet,Greg
        That would indeed solve the problem.
        Oh wait……maybe they don’t want to solve the problem

  48. Matthias

    Yay, Egon von Greyerz! I was already starting to wonder if he was still around. Looking forward to the Sunday interview!

  49. Sid

    Greg, this may have been the best installment yet. Just some thoughts here:
    ECONOMY: Should come as no surprise. The GDP calculation was changed a couple years ago to ‘add’ 3 percent a year. So now a GDP less than 3 percent can be called a growing economy when the country is really in recession (or worse).
    POLITICS: If Jeb Bush’s comments are ‘creepy’ just consider the things his grandfather Prescott Bush did. Look it up and you will instantly understand. (The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree).
    TERRORISM: Muslim violence has created fear and paranoia. But the official narrative of the San Bernardino shooting veers away from multiple eyewitnesses who claim there were THREE shooters of athletic build and white skin. Where’s a security cam when you need one?
    SYRIA: Hopefully Obama, the neocons and the military industrial complex will wake up before they have a General Custer moment or worse.
    GOD IS IN CHARGE: The curses for national disobedience in the Old Testament are quite chilling if you take them literally. Is this nation disobedient?
    Keep up the good work Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Sid for adding your analysis!!

  50. notyourPatsy

    Just a heads up Greg, recently I was made aware by several LEOs from 5 different depts in my rather large Nj county that they were being measured for gas masks. I never ask them ‘why’ I just listen and file it away for my ‘2+2 +4’ mind sessions when I’m not busy. Seems they are preparing for many unhappy folks about something soon.

    Another disturbing ‘trend’ I’m hearing from these LEOs is that they have fortified THEIR residences or have ‘bugout plans’ in place. Hmm? Not going to stick around and ‘serve and protect’ when the SHTF eh? Just want to make sure they get their union raises every time their contracts come up. Pisses me off as a taxpayer. I’m just aquaintences with these folks as I would not trust any of them to have my back when it came time. They all seem out for themselves and their immediate families. They love to discuss and showoff all the expensive and cool gear us taxpayers are paying for THEM to obtain, while you and I have to pay, if we are even allowed to own such items!

    So heads up people, secure yourselves and families because no one has your back!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for the ground level reporting from the Garden State!!

  51. Galaxy 500

    Hi Greg,
    I was at a shooting range yesterday with a good friend I haven’t seen in a while. As we were sitting, catching up, waiting for a lane to become available, in was four young moslems. They were on their early twenties. A lane opened up and we started popping some caps while one of us watched to see what the moslems were doing. The two couples rented some guns and bought some ammo. They ended up three lanes down from us. My buddy and i had loaded guns on the counter in addition to the ones we were shooting and I put a M60 in jacket pocket. What was telling was the range master stood behind them going instructions but never letting them get behind him.
    This whole deal seemed surreal. We were not hoping for trouble but us and the two guys next to us were ready to resolve any conflict that arose. Strange times we live in.
    I couldn’t help but think that here was two couples training to be terrorists. The problem is, belief wise, there is no difference between those that decapitate us and the moderates. You know, the ones that hold our feet.

    • Greg Hunter

      500 that’s creepy. I’d report it to your county Sheriff.

    • Shadow of Doubt

      The Fifth Column is already here! A former FBI Counter-Terrorists states “Zero Hour” is a given. So stay alert my friend!

      • Galaxy 500

        I don’t have a shadow of doubt that they are here. I think this group was part of them.
        These moslems are evil. If we don’t deal with them on our terms, we will have to deal with them on their terms. I prefer the former

  52. Zoey

    JC Davis,
    Both Jeb Bush and Obama both have stated that Trump won’t be president and they both belong to that same exclusive group. Sadly, I think they’ll come up with some false flag events which they will use to justify marshal law and Obama will continue. God showed Benjamin Baruch the persecution coming to the Church, America, and world. In a vision, Benjamin saw a concentration camp where families, husbands and wives, parents and children being torn apart!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8P1a6qpA7Fk http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/benjamin-baruch

    • JC Davis

      Zoey. Very likely. I think they’ll come up with some false flag events which they will use to justify marshal law and Obama will continue. A lot of time left for mad men like Obama to make big moves.
      Cruz also said he did not believe Trump will win the nomination. Around the 1:10 mark.

      • Galaxy 500

        Forget false flag. There could very likely be bad shiite coming from many corners of the globe and from inside America.
        JC, some times a cigar is just a cigar.

        • J C Davis


  53. Zoey

    Kitty Worthman, a Nazi survivor says so many things that occurred in Nazi Germany are happening right here in America. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IiRglk0Kx_k

  54. Andrew

    The company I work for just delayed paying its 4800 employees. It’s reporting to the media that it will be paying us Monday, but internal memos say that it may be longer. Its offer of “assistance” is in the form of loans from the company that will be allocated from future paychecks. It is offering all employees a $100 gift card as compensation (an offer that was only made after the story was released to the press), but the gift card is only good for merchandise and services from the company. Recently they have been closing several of their smaller stores due to losing their leases for the locations. Could they be delaying everyone’s until they see what the markets will be doing?

    • Greg Hunter

      Andrew, can you name the company? 2016 is going to be rough.

      • Andrew

        I work for the Kum&Go convenience section of Krause Holdings out of Des Moines. An update is that they did deposit our pay this morning as had been promised in the papers. I have been concerned as the company also owned Liberty Bank which recently closed the doors of some of it branch locations. They did receive a large boost of incentives back in August from Iowa for its new headquarters, but there has been a concern among the employees.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Andrew for the street level reporting.

    • Shadow of Doubt

      I live in a community that is quite dependent on the energy sector, many insiders are awaiting one of our nation’s major coal companies to soon close its doors permanently. The lay offs to date are considerable, and the revenue and tax losses have already lead to our institutions of higher learning foregoing future pay raises. A couple of retired individuals who worked for the Teamsters have been told to expect smaller pensions than promised. I think Greg is spot on when he states 2016 will be rough!

      • Galaxy 500

        My mother in law lives on WV and is pro coal but votes Demoncrat. Doesn’t make sense.

  55. Tom


    Would you consider posting a daily cup-of-coffee video in which you talk about whatever is on your mind, either political, personal, the weather, etc? Every day I am on edge trying to figure out what is happening, the range of outcomes during the coming year go from one extreme to the other. I need the calming influence of your voice, sort of a combination of your own version of Good Morning and a Fireside Chat and London Calling. I also would like to make sure you are okay each day, I see your eye is healing. I have also asked Paul Craig Roberts to do this. The coming year is too difficult to face without moral support.


  56. RichM

    Its out of control…. Like Lord of the Flies…… Obama is King of the RINO’s (Republicans In Name Only.)


    There goes my GOP again who have the majority in both the Senate and Congress….yet they just continue on recklessly and out of control and too cowardice to stand up to even the most incompetent President in all our history. Not standing up for principals or fulfilling promises despite having been given the power of the purse via a majority representation to use as leverage…… Nearly all of them are RINO’s and weak. Congratulations Democrats, it seems you have a majority of votes regardless of how many seats you hold. Your plans to make us the United Socialist State of America remains unchallenged by the RINO sell-outs. This is why I am hoping for a Trump who will clean up Washington.


    Many people say Trump will not be able to work with Congress because he cannot FIRE them. I think he will be highly successful and influential to finally get things done in a very broken Washington DC.
    HERE’S MY OPTIMISTIC GUESS HOW IT WILL HAPPEN: With a Donald Trump Presidency and him trying to “Make America Great Again”….. his idea’s he will want to implement will also be very popular with the voters just as they are resonating now and they will be good for the countries economy, Veterans, security, etc. Trump will have all of these RINO’s and many Dem’s alike, who dare play Washington DC politics with him by voting against any of his popular “Make America Great Again” measures shaking in their boots….. He will call them out. Trump will have no qualms in telling we the people point blank, which “LOSER’s” are not voting for the right measures needed to make America great again. He already called out McCain and Lindsay Graham for being LOSERS along with many others. It won’t take long for these RINO’s and DEM’s to stand along side Trump for the good of the people as all they want is to be re-elected anyway. I so can’t wait to see the real life movie “Mr. Trump Goes To Washington.” haha

    • 8Ball

      “Mr. Trump Goes To Washington.” haha

      Jimmy Stewart would like that.

  57. Mike R

    Every poster on here sounds a little bit too freaked out. The sky is not falling folks, and I’ll tell you why in a moment. First though, every time you think these dire thoughts, take a step back and think for a moment, is what I am fearing actually going to happen, and if so what will I do ? If you do that long enough, and often enough, you’ll find that 99.99% of your fears come to pass. That’s a good thing, right ? So just as easily as you think these horrible thoughts, you can turn your mind around to also think positive thoughts. Being grateful for something, will do far more good for your physical and mental spirit, than worrying about who will be President, and whether Jeb Bush might be involved in some sinister plot to oust the Donald. Putin also is of little relevance to each of us in any given day. The only thing making any of this ‘relevant’ is the garbage printed every second on the internet. I’d suggest each of you take a break from the internet for the next 2 weeks. Don’t look at your computer, and just be with your family. 2 weeks from now, Greg and this website will still be here, with people expressing the same fears, and nothing new will have happened, and certainly nothing as dire as being made out. Even if you are expecting something 3 months from now, or 6 months from now, at this very moment, it is absolutely impossible for you to do anything about that. Just do what you can do in THIS MOMENT, today, right here, because if you believe in God, then you know that you have given your best, and the rest is in his hands. Merry Christmas everyone, chill out a bit, and enjoy the holidays with your close families. (or friends if you have no close by family).

    • Galaxy 500

      And the .01% fears utterly wipe you out because you were unprepared. This sight isn’t about fear. It is about current events and the economy. And that is enough to frighten anyone.

  58. Cry Me a Ruble

    The latest revelation from Bill Holter which may contain long awaited info we have been looking for. From jsmineset.com 12/19.

    Dear CIGAs,
    Normally it’s not a good idea to write about the same subject twice in a row because not much can be added and reader boredom sets in. What happened last Wednesday deserves another look because I believe it marked a huge pivot point and very few are even talking about it. Last Wednesday the Fed raised rates one quarter of a point but that was not the big story. The big story was the about face the U.S. did geopolitically!

    We saw markets around the world convulse on Thursday and Friday. All attention has focused on the Fed rate hike which no doubt was a contributor. How wise was it for the Fed to tighten credit conditions on a system already struggling and burdened with debt? There is no arguing we have systemically moved from the 2008 crisis which is now widely understood as a “credit event”, into an even more highly levered situation. The recovery that never was is now met with a central bank’s policy error.

    I believe the “tell” on Friday was a weak dollar. Much of what happened in the markets could have been expected as reaction to the Fed tightening credit conditions …but not a weak dollar. The meeting between Mr. Lavrov, Mr. Putin and John Kerry far overrides anything the Fed could have done or said in my opinion. The foreign policy about face where Mr. Assad no longer “needs to go” and Turkey being ordered to withdraw troops from northern Iraq was astonishing! These statements were followed by Mr. Putin establishing a no fly zone over northern Syria. In another twist, Turkey still maintains Mr. Assad must go and they are refusing to withdraw troops from Iraq http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-12-19/turkey-blasts-breakthrough-un-resolution-syria-it-lacks-perspective-assad-must-go. When in your lifetime have you ever seen anything like this? An “ally”, ANY ALLY publicly denying U.S. will? We all saw an IN YOUR FACE BLACK SWAN but few have recognized it yet!

    We have no idea what was “told” to Mr. Kerry, we do however know he was “TOLD” something and in no uncertain terms. As you know, I have been in the camp thinking Mr. Putin (supported by China) would drop some sort of “truth bomb”. I originally thought this truth bomb would have at least some ties to 911 because the outrage this would create amongst the U.S. population. No doubt it would create a stir but I’m afraid we are just to dumbed down to really even care anymore. After pondering this further it occurred to me I have missed the obvious. What is the ONLY thing the U.S. has left and the final pillar of support? What is the Achilles heel? The dollar and the ability to issue endless debt!

    I believe it is a high probability Mr. Kerry was told what he already knows. Russia and China know, you know, I know, the whole world knows …the U.S. is broke! We have “faked” solvency for many years. The insolvency really appeared in 2007-2008 but “damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead” we went … We were even “aided” in this effort to hide our insolvency by China who bought our debt until the 2011-12 timeframe. In short, we were given enough time and “rope” to hang ourselves!

    I believe it is most likely Mr. Kerry was given an ultimatum by Mr. Putin who spoke on the behalf of China …either play the game by our rules or we will pull the plug financially on your shell game. The U.S. has toppled regimes and assassinated rulers over the petrodollar and the recirculation of capital back through our Treasury market. It is highly likely the threat of wholesale dumping of Treasury securities was unveiled! Please do not tell me China would never do this, they know the position is ultimately valueless and the reason they have accumulated so much gold and gone all over the world tying up resource properties http://www.mining.com/feature-chinas-scramble-for-africa/. China (and Russia as their bulldog) hold the key to exposing the fraudulent financial system of the West. Everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING we in the West believe in as value has “Treasuries” as the foundation. Kill the Treasury market and everything goes. Stocks, bonds, real estate, pensions, retirement accounts …it ALL GOES and “power goes with it. China has the ability to do this!

    Think about this for a moment, Russia and China have been stockpiling physical gold for years. China is in the process of “pricing” gold with their equivalent to the London fix …only theirs will be physical where actual physical trades set price as opposed to paper contract shenanigans. We know gold has been in backwardation in London for quite a while, this impossible market scenario finally reached the COMEX last week. We also know the December delivery will take everything the COMEX claims to be able to deliver. Do you really believe Mr. Putin does not know all of this? Do you really believe he doesn’t know the “gold scam” is at the very center of our grand Ponzi scheme? Mr. Kerry now knows, “they know”?

    Please do not laugh at this because the gold China has been gobbling up has pushed the supply demand equation into deep deficit for quite a few years now …and the gold had to come from “somewhere”. For the U.S. to all of a sudden acquiesce geopolitically after ruling the world with an iron and immovable fist is a HUGE change. This “change” obviously has a reason behind it. The reason can only be military or financial and could be both? Can a country fight a war if it is bankrupt and cannot finance the war? Was John Kerry informed of this little inconvenience?

    Rational minds do not want World War III, those who need to cover up fraud must have it. I can only think the threat of exposure and or destruction of the mechanism (Western financial markets) used to project power has forced the U.S. to back off. The Fed does not have the power to absorb Chinese selling and no amount of market/mind/media manipulation can stand against the destruction of our paper markets should the Chinese choose to do so. The other side of the Treasury dump card is of course breaking the paper metals market. In today’s scheme of things, less than half a ham sandwich could do it! And the irony of it all? They only need threaten to do this …

    The above is speculation on my part but it is obvious “something” really HUGE just changed and the U.S. no longer appears to be calling the shots! In my eyes it is also obvious “what” it was. The U.S would not back down for ANY reason other than one financial. Then one must ask where the U.S. vulnerable? The ability to issue the world’s reserve currency the dollar, the ability to issue unlimited debt and the dirty little “empty secret” called Fort Knox! I believe we are seeing the very beginnings of a “new world order”, decisions are being made where the public can deduce were not “made in America”. This could be a very interesting shortened week after the gyrations Thursday and Friday. I have said for quite some time, once the unravelling begins it will go very quickly. We will soon know for sure whether the great unwinding has truly begun. I believe it has!

    Could it be the black swan we have been looking for already landed and in your face fashion but very few have recognized it yet? No one could have foreseen the U.S. being “ordered” to do anything, yet this is exactly what appears happened last week!

    Standing watch,

    Bill Holter

    I personally believe we have seen the “black swan” in that the United States is clearly no longer running the affairs of the world. The markets only now need to catch up with that information.
    Cry Me a Ruble

  59. RichM

    Its fun to think we will even survive long enough to have a possible election and a possible fair election where Trump can possibly win the presidency… and then its more fun to put together a dream team under a non-puppet President Trump…..

    As mentioned above, wouldn’t a Trump / Ron Paul ticket be like, WOW…. amazing????? It would be true justice for We The People and stop our forefathers literally turning in their graves as we speak… haha

    But other VP’s and/or who could be Secretaries of State being…… Ron Paul, Cruz, Fiorina, Carson, Trey Gowdy (although he should be his chief Justice), even Huckabee or Christie UNDER a Trump so they will not be puppets… Or let Trump pick his own kick ass, non-politician, brutal, brilliant savvy businessman/businesswoman VP. I am sure as a billionaire, he knows literally THOUSANDS of people who are way more qualified, competent, intelligent, and ideal people to fix Washington DC than anyone in the political spectrum. Although Trump has stated that he likes and respects a few who are in it… Cruz, Carson, Fiorina, Huckabee, Santorum, maybe others??????

    And I again vote for Greg Hunter as his Press Secretary. Are you up for that Greg? Not putting you on the spot but really Greg, YOU THE MAN!!!!!! haha 😉

  60. RichM

    haha or what about Peter Schiff somewhere in a Trump Presidency?

  61. Donna

    I still find it horrifying that a Python purse sold in Calif is illegal but satanic Planned Parenthood butchering and selling Baby organs is legal

  62. diane s.

    I was wondering if the shocking Rebulican vote was…. to coin your phrase “too stupid to be stupid”
    Do you think they might know our economy is going to crash or something very bad is going to happen and they want to say….”we went along with Obama and Dems and look what has happened “?
    Politicians care only about themselves…becoming wealthy taking dirty money bribes and staying in power.
    They don’t give a tinker’s damn about us…the people?

    • Greg Hunter

      Diane s.
      I think they (GOP) don’t want to give Dems any ammunition for the fall election. I think the Republicans feel simply must win if they don’t America is over or in a bloddy civil war. I think they also know there could be a huge financial calamity (or two, or three) before November and they don’t want any blame. So we got this sort of huge spending bill. This is just what I think and have no sources to back up my analysis.

  63. notyourpatsy

    I second Tom’s post above that you (Mr Hunter) have some kind of ‘Daily Updates Show’ for your loyal readers in the future if your time allows such. I realize you have your own family needs to fulfill, and business to conduct so it may be too demanding of your time. I’m certain most of your readers would understand if you can’t do this. Maybe consider trying to do something like a Mon/Wed/Friday shcedule if your time allows. Otherwise, I’ll continue to read your page as I have done for the past years. I find it one of the least bias-ed websites discussing (like adults) politics and World issues which do affect each of us on the Planet we share.

    I also would consider Mr Trump to be our only solution to the ‘problem’ of the self destruction of America by the political circus. If he ran the Country like a business instead of ‘pay for play’, then it would right this ship IMO.

    In passing I would like to remind all Christians that just the fact that you Believe is not enough in today’s World. I encourage each of us to ‘mention the Bible’ when speaking to anyone. You can reference a specific passage or just say, ” I was reading in my Bible..” and then see the other person’s reaction to your statement. You’d be surprised at how many people are open to learning about The Word of God, but are’nt for whatever reason, capable of sitting themselves down and opening a Bible on their own. We must encourage people of all ages and walks of Life to engage in the study of the Bible if we are to return to a civilized society. It is only ‘too late’ if we stand idley by and keep this Gift to ourselves.

    Have a Blessed Holiday with your families, Thank You Mr Hunter for giving decent folks a place to post and discuss World Events. Pat

  64. RichM

    I think this is the start of how they will cheat Donald Trump out of his bid for the White House and try to dis-qualify him….


    • JC Davis

      Rich all trump has to do is make fun of the monkeys and he has it won. Sad we Americans have come to such a degree. Is it too much to ask for a Andrew Jackson ? A Jefferson ? on and on America has had great leaders, but now because of oligarchy control we are stuck with the lesser of two evils. In such case there are no winners.

  65. RichM

    Whether people realize it or not… this is absolutely true. No establishment GOP nor establishment DEM will do what needs and has to be done to fix this mess. This is why they both fear Trump so much. Trump is like Obi-Wan-Kenobi…. he is our only hope….. short of the Lord Himself coming again.


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