Headed for Total Complete Chaos in Health Care-Kerry Lutz

Kerry Lutz: Obamacare Will Lead to Complete Chaos in Health CareBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Financial writer and radio host Kerry Lutz predicted six months ago the ObamaCare website would be a train wreck.   Lutz says, “Hospitals wouldn’t know, insurance companies wouldn’t know if you had insurance or not.  This thing was going to be total chaos, and that’s what we’re headed for–total complete chaos in health care.”  Beyond the health care computer system, there are deep flaws in the plan, such as allowing people to buy insurance after they get sick.  Lutz contends, “You’ve given people incentives to not have insurance until you need it.  That’s bad behavior and guaranteed failure.”  This is going to be a disaster for millions of people who will be canceled and forced to buy new health care policies.  Lutz says, “They’re getting replacement policies that are anywhere between 50% to 300% more in costs with huge deductibles, huge co-pays and co-insurance, which is a new term Americans are going to learn about.”  Lutz goes on to say, “It’s a tragedy for America.  It’s going to speed up the ultimate collapse that we’ve been warning about. . . . There is nothing to be happy about.”  Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Kerry Lutz of the FinancialSurvivalNetwork.com.      

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  1. bob

    iv’e heard that the insurance companies have been pushing for this obamacare. these companies are already making tons of money. they want everybody in on this to increase the profit margins. kerry said he new this would be bad right from the get go. yeah, everything the government touches goes to $#!+. the insurance companies are getting ridiculous. how about looking at the top persons running these insurance companies
    income. are any of these companies on the stock exchange. thats just the beginning. somebody where i work, his wife is a cpa and works for a small hospital. she is in a pretty nice size building where the billing dept. is one floor 5 miles away from hospital. the government is going to help the insurance companies make more money and and destroy the economy. oh, i forgot, fleece the baby boomers for all that money that they worked hard for and saved. kerry is right, get is healthy is possible, cause the future is going to get vey ugly. thanks greg. i’m in the lower middle class, and feel it getting worse. it’s not so much the money. it’s starting to get hard to be a proud american.

    • Greg

      Don’t let them define you and never stop being a “proud American”!! Thank you for your adding your perspective and comment.

    • J C Davis

      Brother Bob I feel your pain. (Same thoughts) Don’t jump the gun. As I tell myself everyday, God is in control. Lie or true for God is where I take my stand.

    • John

      Obamacare was written by the insurance & pharmaceutical companies. Pelosi said they had to pass it to find out what was in it. It did nothing to control the spiraling cost of heath care.

      and it looks like the plan is for everyone who can pay, their premiums will double in order to pay for the 40 millions uninsured americans plus the 20 million illegal aliens that will be added once they get citizen ship under obama.

  2. Rodster

    This program will seal the fate of the US economy permanently and not in a good way. If you were purposely trying to collapse an economic system, you would implement something like Obamacare. This is right out of the playbook of Cloward and Piven, you collapse the system from within. All this will do is create chaos for millions of Americans and will suck money out of the economy.

    I’m self employed, and just the idea of Obamacare, caused me to rethink a new vehicle purchase for my business and I am dropping over $10K of phonebook advertisement for next year. It’s now online advertising and I will need to reassess my business model because not only does Obamacare affect me personally but so will my customers who will probably have less money to spend.

    As far as i’m concerned I won’t have anything to do with Obamacare period and I won’t the fine as there is a loophole where you are not required to pay.

    • JCN

      What’s the loophole??

      • Rodster

        If you are not expecting a refund you are not forced to pay. If you are expecting a refund the IRS can deduct it from your refund or may garnish your wage. I’m self employed so I never get a refund.

        • JCN

          Couldn’t they just place a lien on you home like they do if you don’t pay your other taxes??

  3. Tom

    Lutz is a brother from another mother. I did the same thing two years ago…lost weight, started exercising, got my numbers (cholesterol, etc.) down, started eating better all due to Obamacare. I realized that I did not want to be on prescriptions or have a chronic disease (diabestes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc.) so that if I had to go without insurance that at least I would have a running start. Putting the cost aside, just imagine what the care is going to be like in a few years when this thing is going full bore.

    • tROT

      Just buy accident insurance, so you break your head or bone, the extra money will get ya home, in one piece! Cheaper too ,way cheaper!

  4. Mitch Bupp

    I have to laugh at this administration. In the spring the IRS will be taking money out of tax returns and delaying returns ….. most poor and so called middle class salivate every spring when they get their tax returns ….

    • KO Bossey

      And if you are getting health care from your employer, you will be taxed for it as income.

  5. Rodster

    Well it looks like Dr. Paul Craig Roberts may have been correct about how the US might try to destabilize China and Russia. Now China is having to deal with radical Islam.

    ‘Coordinated IED blasts strike outside China Communist Party provincial HQ’


    “At least one person has been killed and eight wounded after a series of improvised devices exploded outside an office building of a provincial headquarters of the Communist Party of China in Taiyuan.

    Seven explosions occurred at around 07:40 local time near the Shanxi Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China, South China Morning Post reports.

    One person has been killed and eight wounded and two cars damaged in the blasts, according to official reports.”

    • Eye Doc

      The Chinese will not take kindly to Islamist terrorism. They have NO qualms about real justice.

      Same reason why no Russian embassy was ever taken hostage like ours or why NO Chinese or Russian embassy is every attacked.

      Mecca and Medina would be glowing in the dark. Too bad we in the US are weak and pathetic.

      • mohammad

        Eye Doc,
        Nope they won’t.
        Mark my word.
        The reverse of the tidal wave that is hitting the muslim world and slaughtering them in millions is going to stop at the boundaries of Mecca and Al-Madina.
        The Dajjal (Anti Christ that is the father of the Rothchilds , Rockefllers…..etc! is going to get the taste of Mecca and Al-Medina when his project of conquering the world is complete (NWO)shy of those two cities, then his end will be written in Damascus.
        I say let them have their party now and the future will unfold the events!

        • Michael the Marine

          Truly, a dog returns to its own vomit.

          The Word of God.

          • mohammad

            Truly, That dog is much better than some who take lives of innocent civilians cold blooded with a push of a button. That dog saves lives.

        • Ugly


          I view the anti-Christ from a Biblical and Christian perspective. But I do agree with you in that the NWO is real and has raised havoc on us all.

          The Muslim community has most likely been in its situation because of the repercussions of the petro-dollar and loss of control to the NWO. (There is hell to pay if you get in their way)….

          God is in control. Yes, I agree and let them party now, but soon they will be cast into the sea.

          Good luck with everything….

          • mohammad

            I agree 100% with what you said, god is in control.

          • Michael the Marine

            When you add that word “the” to the biblical word Antichrist you give up the right to call it a biblical perspective.

            God’s word is without that “definite article” “the”, and your view, while certainly like the view of churchianity, is now an antichrist view itself, because it rises up against the revelation of God’s Word who IS Jesus Christ. That is what the “spirit of antichrist” is: rebellion against God’s own Son; Christ Jesus; the Anointed Word of God.

            The modifiers the scriptures use for antichrist are “many” antichrists, and “the spirit” of antichrist.

            NEVER in the Scripture (the True Biblical View) is that definite article “the” used in conjunction with that word “Antichrist” because it is not ever just one specific person. It is one specific spirit which does not submit to Christ, does not know the truth, and always speaks from “self” and lies. That spirit is what animates those who will not submit to what God’s Word (Jesus) SAYS. It rejects truth (God’s word IS Truth), it challenges God’s intent, and perverts His message, and worst of all makes them who do such things one of the “many antichrists” John speaks about.

            I suggest you repent and change your mind. True spiritual warfare from a true biblical perspective is to “cast down every imagination that rises up AGAINST the knowledge (word) of God”; who is Jesus, who is Truth.


          • mohammad

            am sorry to say it Michael (and i may be not) you sound exactly like what you described as antichrist by simply putting down every one who does not see things the way you do.
            open your mind you are going the wrong path.
            Think outside the box!!!!!

          • Michael the Marine

            Not the way I see them, ugly, the Way the Lord sees them. Jesus is The Anointed One; “believers” who don’t accept Him as He IS really aren’t believers in God’s Word at all.

            John 3:34 “For he whom God hath sent speaketh the words of God: for God giveth not the Spirit by measure unto him.”

            Herewith are ALL the words of God which include the word “antichrist”: (note how they do not refer to one specific person, but many, and one antichrist spirit who denies Jesus; the living word of God)

            1 John 2:18
            Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time.

            1 John 2:22
            Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son.

            1 John 4:3
            And every spirit that confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.

            2 John 1:7
            For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist.

            It is as Jesus says; not as you have said, and since you have excluded yourself from us who believe and receive God’s Word you have nothing left but your own delusional slumber. Your views are not biblical at all, but against what the bible clearly and plainly says, so stop trying to make it about me, you are simply against (anti) Christ as He has revealed Himself and His Father to the world through God’s Anointed Word.

            I put no man down, I simply lift up and exalt the Truth, and Jesus Christ IS the Truth, and He is also my Father, and He lives within me, just as the Scripture promises.


        • mohammad

          There will be a day of judgment after we die, and we will stand and answer to questions and our deeds will be weighed in a balance that does not deviate from truth. there will be no judges that can get drunk the evening before trial, no juries that will be bought just to write a book and make cheap buck or two.
          There will be one god only asking all of us for what we have done in this life. Once the end of the exam comes and that bell rings and those test papers are pulled and you cannot write one single word on them any more because with all your arrogance you cannot even move a finger then, only then we will find who won and who failed.
          Now as long as we have a breath going up and down we still can write on this exam paper.
          Think out side the box and open your mind to other possibilities WHILE YOU STILL CAN!
          I already did.

          • Michael the Marine

            Your recommendation is precisely the same as Satan’s to Eve; “Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?” Eve opened her mind to think “outside the box” of God’s Word and found herself outside God’s Will (the Father) and challenging God’s intent (Spirit), and His Word (Jesus). Not good. She fell from innocence into sin.

            That is precisely what you are doing, speaking forth what Satan speaks, not what God speaks.

            Keep pronouncing your own judgments against me if you desire, it matters not to me, not even the name calling. Those words out of your own heart and mouth condemn only you. I am simply trying to enlighten you (and those who may be misled by your rebellion) as you oppose yourself by contradicting God’s Word.

            As for judgment, you have the same extra-biblical views on it too. You do not realize that you are condemned already. See John 3:18-21

            18 He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name (character) of the only begotten Son of God (Jesus; God’s Word).

            19 And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.

            20 For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved. (the Light IS God’s word; what He says; not what you think [outside your box] that He means)

            21 But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God.

            John 17:3 tells us what eternal life IS:
            “And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God (Father), and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.”

            The ONLY way to know God is to accept what He says (reveals) about Himself. Since you reject what He says and replace His word with your own concepts and philosophy of man, you don’t know Him – and are dead to God already; having a carnal mind.

            Here’s how judgment works (according to God’s word):
            1 Corinthians 2:15
            “But he that is spiritual judgeth all things, yet he himself is judged of no man.”

            God does not judge to condemn, men who don’t know God do that. God judges to DELIVER people FROM CONDEMNATION. And so do I. But to be delivered you must turn from your error, which I have been very patient in pointing out to you, for your own good. As I said before: Stick with God’s Word and put your own opinions where they belong; under your own feet. That’s what the Kosher laws are all about: not mixing man’s ideas with God’s, but letting God’s WORDS create and shape ALL your beliefs.


        • mohammad

          You will eventually find out how astray you went.
          No further communication with you. Wasted enough time.

          • Michael the Marine

            So I am “a waste of time” to you, eh?

            I don’t consider trying to help anyone a waste of time, even when they turn to attack, moved by their ill-will. The value God places on each and every human being is “Priceless”, and He paid the ultimate price to provide for total reconciliation to God, both Father and Son, for everyone.

            You would be better served if instead of trying to forecast a poor future for me, you would examine your own present – and eliminate the ill-will that dominates your heart, evidenced by your own words.

            My future shall be as my “now” which is enjoying eternal life which God has already given to me, precisely as He has promised all who follow Christ, His living word. It only gets better and better.

            Heh heh heh!!!

      • Reader

        A Boondoggle is a GOVERNMENT SOLUTION to a problem that creates an even more severe problem and headache for the country down the line…

    • tROT

      Prince Bandar Bin $ultan $trikes again! He’s a $unni of a gun, that boy!

  6. lastmanstanding

    Key mention in this interview…”that they never talked to doctors, hospitals, etc., etc…why? Because they didn’t/don’t give a damn about your care.

    It is about control…and taxes…our accountant went to a ACA seminar a few weeks ago. He came back in shock. He said that the
    “tax regs” were over 15k pages. He had absolutely no idea what was going to happen.

    Folks… we have a healthcare related biz…we are making changes in all ways to survive this injustice to humanity.

    People were given the right to make their own choices…make the choice as Kerry said and get healthy. Grow or find someone that grows/raises healthy foods. Boycott the corps…all of them as best as you can. No fast food, no big pharma, no globalism.

    Along with your family, your community is your best asset. Find like minded people and know who is not.

    We are in for difficult times…prepare for the worst, hope for the best.

    • archivesDave

      Excellent, sage words Lastmanstanding!
      Couldn’t agree with you more.

      Big pharma/ food, alopathic medicine, insurance,
      have a colluded symbiotic, revolving door relationship.
      They shove the fast foods on us to get us sick and the drugs
      to get us just well enuf to get us back on the junk foods.

      Currency of the masses: fiat
      Currency of the elites: Gold
      Currency of the Uber Elites: Control and Power

  7. Galaxy 500

    China is making a move.


  8. Jerry

    Greg I deal with Obama Care every day 24/7. This is what is happening in my state. The two main insurance carriers I deal with are sending letters out to their policyholders giving them the option to change their policy anniversary date to 12/01/2013 and retain their current plan for twelve more months. I really believe that the insurance companies know that the exchanges are destined to fail, and are taking this step to retain their business for the time being. After that who knows? The interesting part is that these two carriers were the only ones that were participating in the state exchanges in the first place.

    I agree with Kerry Lutz in every facet of this interview. This plan was doomed to fail from the start. I have no doubt about it. As I have stated before here, this plan was nothing more than a funneling mechanism into a single payer plan from the beginning. Anyone who thinks Marxist believe in free market principles is naïve. I predict the “evil insurance companies” will be the scape goat before this all plays out. And when we hit the bottom the Obama Administration will just “Happen to Have” a government plan to solve the problem. Count on it!

    This was a goody Greg.

    • Greg

      I too thought Kerry Lutz belted out of the park with his research and knowledge of Obama Care. Thank you!!

  9. art barnes

    Greg, nice interview, we are now ruled by a government who lives by “the law of unintended consequences”, sometimes it gets lucky, but most times unintended consequences is a negative outcome. One reason for negative unintended consequences is stupidly, sounds about right with most things Congress and it figure head the President has done for the last 40 years or so, doesn’t it? Well enough America, go on and elect more of the same and see if the consequences change; I suggest it will not!


    The Government Desk people a-want a-more money, capiche? Tis’ all there is to it…

  11. Stan

    My families Health Insurance plan ($600 per month)is being canceled 12/31/13 by obamacare. The new replacement plan from BC/BS and from the federal exchange is double the cost ($1200 per month). The new plan has much higher co-pays and deductibles. I will not buy this new policy. Starting 1/1/14 I will put $1200 per month under my mattress and self insure. It wont be in the bank and it wont be an asset that anybody can trace. I will control my medical decisions and costs by deciding what I need and don’t need with my doctors input no obamacare bean counter telling me they wont pay for a test or procedure I need. If I need catastrophic very expensive care I will join obamacare. If I can join immediately I will sign up as an individual. If there is no open enrollment and there are restriction for signing up then I (or better of my kids) will create a new company (Stan’s kids lawn service) and as a newly hired employee I would be instantly qualified for company paid obama health insurance. I will pay the fines if the IRS is able to collect if they cant I wont…

    • Greg

      Sorry for the bad news for your premiums, but happy you posted your the real world reporting. What a mess!!!

    • Eye Doc

      Here are my actual numbers:

      Presently my family (4 people) monthly premium is $842 with a $2,500 deductible and 80/20 split (the insurance company pays 80% of the bills and I pay the other 20%). In addition, my family and I are healthy and almost never go to the doctor.

      July of 2014 my present policy “expires” and BC/BS has informed me that I will be put into a new COMPLIANT policy which is %1,634 PER MONTH with a family deductible of $12,500. These are the actual numbers. And we are healthy. And my wife and 6 year old daughter get maternity and drug abuse treatments……….my daughter is 6 and has MANDATORY maternity benefits……..Oh, and both kids get “free” dental and free eye exams and glasses (…uh, I am an Optometrist) and we CAN NOT REFUSE this coverage).

      I know first hand how these “vision plans” work since I take them. They are a rip off, for the patients who are dumb enough to have them, even though I make money from the silly things. The last thing I want is a “dental plan” since I know they are just as absurd and dishonest as the vision plans I take (I take the 11 major Vision Plans).

      Yet, I am FORCED to pay for this. Didn’t Obama said we could keep our present insurance coverage? He did say that?

      My wife and I are going to NOT insure our family since we will save $19,200+ on the premiums alone. We will self insure. Also, since we are not eligible for any “subsidy”, there is no downside in NOT being insured. If anybody in my family gets ill then we will walk on down to the BC/BS office and sign up that person. If the coverage for that person is less than $6,000 (the individual deductible) then we will wait till the next year. Since we won’t sign up through an “exchange” there will be no limited “enrollment” period and BC/BS will have to sign us up when we show up.

      Actually, the more I think about this, OBAMACARE will save me a fortune in premiums and bring hundreds of kids to my office where I am going to make so much money giving out free glasses to kids who don’t need them………….Damn…….I think I’ll vote Democratic…..it’s for the kid’s health…….yeah……….

      The fines for the first few years are low, but we ALL know they will rocket up extremely high and force people to opt in. I guess when the fine hits me at $25,000 then I will join. Hopefully I will die by then if I am lucky.

    • Erich

      Stan: A problem with your plan is that cash-paying patients are charged MUCH more for a procedure/test/drug/office visit than an insurance company is charged for the exact same thing. An insurer negotiates how much it will pay and the hospital/lab/doctor agrees because they speak the same lingo, use interoperable software, and accounts are settled relatively quickly. Dealing with humans (especially sick ones) is a lot more trouble and you’ll pay for being a consumer rather than a case.

      • Stan


        As a self employed person I have had times when I have had no family coverage. During the no insurance years my current doctor would give me a cash price that is usually about what the insurance company paid her. she was sensitive to our situation. I plan to change dentist as well. I currently use a dentist that does not offer cash discounts and as you said would charge me much more than he gets from insured customers. I have several copies of bills (cleaning plus bitewing x-ray) where the insurance and copay came to about $95 dollars and the regular non insurance price is $175. I will take those bills and will find a new dentist that will take twenty dollar bills prior to each service for a cash discounted price at or below the $95 dollars I would have paid to the old dentist. It may take some work but I will find a dentist that likes cash and I will keep my current doctor who likes cash too…

    • Rajkumar

      prevention is better than cure. our body is having all the ability to cure itself if right nutrition is given. go natural. learn all home remedies. eat healthy. this is a chance to go organic, if possible grow your own & f*** the system. if everybody come out of the system, system will go broke.

      • Galaxy 500

        What’s the home remedy for polio? Iron lung?

  12. Alyce

    I really like Kerry, nice interview Greg. I’ve been doing the same thing as Kerry…been on a huge health kick for over a year. Lost weight, eat healthy, exercise like crazy & have never been this healthy in my life! I guess I can thank Obamacare, now I’m looking good & feel great AND no doctors or prescriptions for me!

    • Greg

      You cannot go wrong. This is probably the best advice given on this site all year.

      • Michael the Marine

        What do those found in the same boat with me do? I cannot afford the fees OR the fines of ObamaCare. I cannot even afford all the healthcare I need. I don’t get welfare, food stamps or Section 8 housing assistance – just a monthly disability check with a $12-$13 COLA raise next January.

        Now my own Government has tagged us who are Christian and Veterans, both groups; as potential “terrorists”. Sometimes it seems our Government WANTS to destroy the “hearts and minds” of us who are most faithful to this nation.

        It will be interesting to see how God provides for us – because He is able to, and willing, and His mercy endures forever!

        Semper Fidelis (Always Faithful)
        Michael; USMC (Once a Marine, always a Marine)

        • Greg

          Michael the Marine,
          You get VA benefits and you will without a doubt qualify for subsidies. Of all the people in the nation you and any military deserve them.

          • Michael the Marine

            Have you ever been into a VA Hospital Greg?

            Would you think it’s sanitary and well equipped? Would you think their doctors are the best? Would you believe they have adequate equipment to diagnose and treat vets? Would you think vets would get corrective surgery instead of just pain pills, long term? Have you ever been operated on with not enough or the right kind of anesthesia? ‘Think YOU would go back?

            Would you think you would even have the means to effectively complain when their immediate and only response is “hey vet; it’s free so stop complaining; it doesn’t cost you one cent!” And “If you don’t like it pay for your own health care and go somewhere else!”

            Do you think anything run by the Federal Government can compare to private industry? Everything the Federal Government manages; they first manage for their own purposes, which is usually political. Any “real care” is left up to the people you interface with, who mostly don’t care because their sub-standard attitudes fit their environment. Even the few who do care are powerless to make effective changes or offer any good alternative options to vets.

            So maybe you should think again. Or visit some vets who are dead-ended into continual less than humane treatments.

            I need back surgery for busted bulging vertebrae, neck surgery for pinched nerves, hip surgery, hernia surgery, surgery on both hands for torn ligaments, left eye surgery and ear surgery from concussive damage etc… etc… etc…

            I don’t mean to be crass, maybe I’m just having a bad day. I certainly don’t think you were being intentionally trite with me, but I do see that you think like most people who just don’t know what VA care is really like. Unlike private care (where if you don’t trust your doctor/hospital you can simply choose another) we also have NO OPTIONS.

            Neither do I expect a fair shake from anyone anymore. I hope you don’t think me angry, I’m really trying just to inform you that “VA” isn’t really a viable option for many vets.

            No Greg, we don’t deserve the VA as it is, we really do deserve, rather; we have EARNED better than this.

            sign me “broke” in more ways than financial.

            • Greg

              Michael the Marine,
              I have much respect for you and anyone who has served. I am sorry the country has let you down. I guess all I want to say if anyone should get some help you folks (both past and present in the military) should.

          • Michael the Marine

            Thanks Greg, I know you’re a man of good-will, and this site is comprised of people of good-will – far more than any random sampling of the general population. One proof of that is that I have been thanked more times here (for my service) in one month than in the previous 35+ years. I’m very grateful too.

            There are many discrepancies between the perspectives of non-vets and injured vets, which there is no way you could know unless someone tells you.

            One of my doctors had to write my scrips 10 times before he could get them correct. I had to point out the wrong dosage etc to him while he was busy complaining to me about how little the VA paid him; $80k/year. He was absolutely functionally incompetent. The next doctor wanted me to sign a contract (which violated HIPPA laws) before he would write my scrips. When I pressed him for a good reason he refused any explanation giving me a take-it or leave-it choice. I left without any medicine. When a doctor cut off a piece of bone from my jaw without any anesthesia with a pair of wire cutters – I refused to ever return.

            Unfortunately, Government control of healthcare means the bar is being lowered for everyone. Ask any Canadian what their socialized medicine is really like. Those Canadians I know have said you have to pay under-the-table to get quality care there, and I know many.

            Who knows; I may be saying “welcome to my world” to the bulk of people getting ObamaCare, I certainly don’t expect it to be any better than the Government run VA.

            Thanks for your respect, and everyone else here too. That’s new for me. I too have great respect for everyone who works hard, and risks their own welfare to bring forth truth while we have a government labeling us terrorists for so doing.


          • John

            The medical industry is the 3rd leading cause of death in the country. So it would be best to opt out & take care of yourself.

            The body is made mostly of water & has to be at about 7.4 just like pool water. When your in the acidic range, stuff grows in your body just like it grows in the pool water. Our entire food supply is acidic & we are supposed to be on the alkaline side. Thats why we are all sick. Its all about our diet that we eat, and we need to eat healthy. The body heals itself when your at 7.4 or higher.

          • mohammad

            PH of stomach can go down to 1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!
            mostly ranges from 5 down.
            Small intestines can range in mid seven with the pancreatic juice.
            The buffer ability is amazing in the body.
            most healthy fruits are acidic.
            to say you need to eat alkaline to remain healthy is simply false.

  13. lastmanstanding

    ps…few are treating medicaid now…no one will be treating medicaid then.

    • Eye Doc

      You are correct. I don’t take MediCAID since I don’t speaka Spanish and about 70% of those in my area (Florida) on Medicaid speaka Spanish. To see them would be malpractice and I won’t risk my license for NOBODY. And, yes, I have been called a racist due to this. Too bad. Why in the world anybody who does not speak English would come to me is really the question. How can you be so stupid to go to a doctor you can’t speak to !!!!

      There are very few eye docs in my area who take Medicaid. Mostly the Hispanic docs.

      It doesn’t pay, the glasses are so ugly the patients gets mad at us, and the shop-lifting is high if you have a medicaid practice. The few who take it says it is worth it since the medicaid patient won’t wear the ugly frames but rather pull out $300 cash for the Fendi or Prada frames. Plus, they always want the contact that turn dark brown eyes blue…………..

      People, there is a human element in all this that seems to be ignored by the do-gooders. There is vanity, greed, social status, elitism, racism, power, etc. Health care today has NOTHING to do with health but rather it deals with the more base and primitive of the human animal. We are de-evolving into monkeys with monkey behaviour.

      • lastmanstanding

        Doc…hang tough…and get the hell out of Florida.

        Last time I was in Fla. was over 20 years ago…make the wrong turn off the interstate and you wondered if you were still in your own country.

        Illegals have been a tremendous blow to the demise of our country.

        • Eye Doc

          As soon as my oldest is ready for college, we are moving to the North West (with many others) and I will be selling my building & practice. I intend to sell it to a Hispanic couple since by then one will HAVE TO SPEAK SPANISH in the area I am in

          I see the future. I see what will happen and my family and I are prepared. We just hope we can get to the Safe Zone before the SHTF.

          My wife and I have been looking at small towns and farm land in the North West. We just need to make sure same-minded people are moving there since it will be necessary for the survival of my children. I’m not licensed in those areas but I hope to have enough to live cheap.

          The America I grew up in is over. It is dead.

          • lastmanstanding

            Doc…I live in the NW/Redoubt. There are good people and bad people. Our area is not without progressive bs…You just have to know who they are and what their agenda is. The number of their agenda is 21.

            It won’t happen. The earth won’t let it, those that produce will win this battle…it will not be a pretty battle.

            wshtf…skills will matter, not a freakin license.

            “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

      • Charles H.

        Eye Doc,

        Very astute and concise conclusions! In fact – the brainwashing of Humanistic Science, orienting their indoctrinated evolutionary terms and “Survival of the Fittest” mentality sets the whole framework for animalistic behaviors. They don’t believe in a fallen, sinful nature: so why would anything they do – be wrong?!?? This then is a Nature/Nurture perfect storm.

        • George

          Do the Sinful ever believe in sin?

    • mohammad

      They will pass a legislation forcing us to see Medicaid.
      If we say no we will lose our license.
      They have not so funny ways of cramming things down our throats.

  14. Jaime

    The next step in the ACA process is to tie student financial aid to enrollment into the health care business.

    It has been the standard in the state of Massachusetts that all college and university students buy health insurance in order to enroll. This has been going on for over 20 years. The insurance companies wrote it into law and it forces all healthy young people to buy health insurance.

    The FAFSA (federal student aid website) now links directly to the IRS website to import student tax information directly. This started in 2012. This allows the IRS access to student financial aid information and vice versa. Not like this could not be done previously but it now makes it much easier.

    The next step is to force all students nationwide to buy health insurance under the threat of withholding student aid or directly taking the student aid. Similar to the rules regarding slective service registration and access to student aid.

    Whether by decree, new rule, or congressional law healthy young people will be forced to buy health insurance. They will be forced to take out more loans to buy the ACA or the IRS will take it out of their loans and/or grant monies.

    • Eye Doc

      Just be happy you are free and live in the land of the free and healthy young men and women are getting their hands and feet blown off so you can enjoy your freedoms………………….

      • Jaime

        No worries there Eye Doc. I served 10+ years on active duty as an 18D/18B.

  15. brian wilson

    Ain’t it funny how all this stuff just keeps rolling out on us without any sign of stopping? Way things are going, its looking to me like most Americans are going to wake up way way too late and then over react in some totally ineffective manner that the government long ago prepared for. Its sucks to have to say it Greg, but within the next few years it will be totally obvious that we as a people are completely f@#@@ and will be 100% dependent upon folks who give absolutely no shit about our well being, much less our god given rights and happiness. This is bullshit.

    • Eye Doc

      Now you understand why we have the Second Amendment?

      • lastmanstanding

        …it is the last and only right we have left to be free.

        I am standing fast in the face of tyranny and the crooked bankers.

        my SEAL buddy says it best…”don’t go down without one helluva fight”

  16. Wayne Olson

    I received my insurance cancellation notice last friday. Lost sleep that night when I woke up thinking about it. They suggested a plan that “conforms to ACA regulations” which was 300% more. Yeah, right. That’s gonna happen. It seems more are loosing their plans than are signing up for Obamacare. It must be a NET LOSS on how many will have insurance coverage. A loss in quantity AND quality. Nice job Mr. President.

  17. Galaxy 500

    Please make Mr. LUTZ a regular.
    Is anyone shocked Obama didnt asked any real healthcare professionals for input while crafting Obamacare?
    After all, Obama, Reid and Pelosi knows best and will protect us…or was that enslave us. Sorry, I keep forgetting what the lie is this week

    • Greg

      Thank you. Lutz enlightened us all.

  18. Charles H.


    One really good assessment, of an important issue, in a timely fashion. This site just gets better and better.

    As the Democrats are “digging their heels in” by defending this train-wreck – I have to question the whole Liberal mentality at work these days. They lie to us and demand we believe them; they lie to themselves, and are clueless when we don’t see things their way – like “the National Debt doesn’t matter”; and no way can they admit an error, no matter how dis-functional the reality is. Seriously, I’m worried. And they are calling us “nuts”?!? At least they are so sure we are. Uh, huh.

    I have access to the VA; but they don’t clean their instruments too well – so I go only when I absolutely must. I’ve carried (parachute type) insurance and paid for my wife since marrying almost twenty years; but income has tanked and my resources are almost gone. Even if you counted my total income only for my wife: it amounts to $14.00 a month for her premium. (Tot.Inc. x 4% divided by 12)
    I realize it is easy to say something in this vein when I am still somewhat healthy – but at sixty now, I have no incentive to join in the stupidity. I have a congenital heart irrhythmia. I have tried to provide for my wife and carry my own weight in life. My inclination is to take whatever is ahead as a gift: and when some doctor gives me the long face – go without a fuss or expense. It seems that I cannot do without or ignore my conscience and judgment. Too Old School, I guess. And as a Christian, I don’t understand trying to hold onto this life at all costs: when it is the next that matters – and my Biblical faith has lead me to settle that with God already.

    • lastmanstanding

      Their “following” actually believes that by supporting them/this that they all will rise to the elitist level…Really. Every damn one of them has taken advantage of the taxpayer in a million different ways…i can’t even get into it and I am just talking about where I live.

      Every progressive that I know believes that they have all the answers and that you should take their word for it. These people would have no chance surviving without govt stealing the true working mans toil.

      We’ll see how they do when shtf and the govt is no where to be found.

      • John

        Exactly, the politicians live off of our tax dollars, the religious leadership lives off of our tithes & the scribe/lawyers live off of any monetary awards that we may get from them in their corrupt courts.

        Jesus called the above groups vipers & they don’t get to enter the kingdom. And you should be able to tell by their insanity that the time must be close.

        Anyone who has their hand in helping these groups goes into the great tribulation with them.

  19. Galaxy 500

    I am as health as I can get, unfortunately I need regular medication. It is not going to be any fun. It appears the only place that failure or incompetence pays is in the Obama administration.

  20. Michael the Marine

    People DO what they are incentivised to DO.

    Kerry Lutz hit the nail on the head. Since Bobo-Care is financialy dependent on the young and healthy buying it NOW, but the “All pre-existing-conditions-COVERED” clause incentivizes them to NOT buy it until they’re sick (why pay NOW for what you don’t need NOW WHEN you can buy it later [at an overall much lower total cost] IF you even need it THEN?)

    So I agree, why not pay the much lower “fine” now, until if and when you need it LATER you can still “opt-in” without financial penalty?

    So Bobo care is really (as-now-designed) a self-imploding policy and health care program, yes?

    Thanks Greg for bringing more insights via Kerry Lutz for our benefit! We appreciate you and all you do!


  21. Eye Doc

    I am in the health care business and in my line of work, Obamacare is going to make me a lot of money. Lots. You see, I am an Optometrist and with Obamacare, every “child” under 19 will get a FREE eye exam and FREE pair of glasses each year. I can tell you right now that more kids will be put into glasses and won’t even need them. There is going to be fraud out the anus (not my line of work) with this and the more sleazy members of my sleazy profession are going to put kids in “new” glasses every year. There is a fortune to be made. Many kids are going to have their vision ruined.

    That said, this Obamacare is nothing but reparations to provide free health care for the Black community at the expense of the White tax payors. Every single one of the “free” tests and screenings for “wellness”, of which there is NO copay or deductible, are the diseases most prevalent in the Black community. In addition most Blacks will get the government subsidy to pay for their health care (since most Blacks have low incomes) while those self employed with a decent income (mostly Whites) will have no subsidy and will be paying $15,000 per year per family, with a $12,500 deductible.

    You can see by the numbers that $15,000 and $12,500 is $27,500 that the average middle class self employed person (White family) will have to pay out every single year BEFORE the insurance company pays anything.

    Oh, and don’t forget the $500 million earmarked for MINORITY med school students only. You won’t get any of this scholarship money for med school if you are white. Don’t get me wrong, I am no racists, but hey, is this not racism?

    • Greg

      Eye Doc,
      Thank you for adding your unique perspective. Real world reporting from the real economy!!

  22. Eye Doc

    Another point. One of my patients is a top administrator for the largest Hospital chain in my county. He has informed me that Obamacare is really a very clever scam to bail out the illegal immigrant health care problem hospitals are having. Here is how.

    Today, if ANYBODY shows up at the emergency room, or even lobby, of the Hospital, they get treated. An entire family of sick illegal immigrants with TB can’t be turned down. Now? Who is paying for this? Well this exec told me his hospital has 100 million in unpaid care due to illegals. But, here is how Obamacare is going to bail them out so they can make money.

    Paying patients will see their premiums go up really high. This money goes to the insurance companies. Paying patients will also have a $6,000 individual deductible or a $12,000 family deductible. This means the insurance companies don’t have to pay out as much AND take in alot more. Now, step 2 is for the hospitals to bill HIGHER amounts to these very insurance companies, who have a lot more money, and they pay the higher bills from the hospitals. This money is used to cover the health care for the millions of illegals.

    Voila. Hospitals make a profit. Insurance companies make a profit. Democratic Party will win every election and the White tax payor (the only class of people with disposable income) foot the bill.

    So damn clever.

    • Ugly

      Eye Doc.

      The day will come when many of us will vote with our pocketbook. That is, we will quit spending altogether. We will quit hiring. We may even quit work. I am going to look for cheaper premiums, if I cannot find them well then what.

      If they try confiscation, then it may be time to refinance your home and spend it Vegas. Maybe get 6 credit cards and max them out.

      If they want this economy trashed, then we can trash it awfully fast if we want to.

    • Alyce

      About the insurance companies: I believe Obama promised them a few years ago that they would make millions once obamacare takes effect because every American would be required to buy insurance. Must’ve sounded like a dream come true, they don’t even have to advertise, just collect profit. Obama was their hero. Now, the insurance companies, uh… are not quite so happy. Come to find out, the rules for obamacare forces the insurance companies to cancel policies. This is not making them money, they were supposed to gain customers, not lose them! There are people out there who have cancer and now have no insurance or must find other healthcare….people will die soon as a result of this obamacare fiasco.
      What was Obama really thinking? Nothing makes any sense. The funding makes no sense, the propensity for fraud…this is the biggest disaster I can think of.

  23. art barnes

    Greg, the old saying “follow the money” may be at play here. If insurance companies are raising rates while lowering care, etc., seems to me we may know where Obamacare came from & who is behind it. Never trusted an insurance company in my life, there is another (insurance) saying: You are covered as long as you don’t have a claim.

  24. al Hall

    Greg: I have told you personally, we were told before Obamacare even was brought up in Congress by Pastor Lindsey Williams that this Obamacare had “nothing to do with health care, it was totally to control the people.” He is now saying once Obamacare is totally into effect, the government will collapse the economy. There will be no health care to get. Can you say “death panels” via Sara Palin.
    People will be dying from this and some already are.
    Lindsey has also said he was told that the middle class would be taxed into oblizion. You can see this happening- inflation higher than reported by the crooks in DC, unemployment much higher than reported- more government lies. Heck, it’s all lies.
    People had better wake-up, this country is going down,. We are over the cliff already, just haven’t hit the pavement below yet!! I hate to be so negative, but ya got to be real.


    • lastmanstanding

      al…we are already taxed into oblivion…one just has to play their game…the rules are for everyone…they can be beat.

      God gave each of us a brain, it can be used against evil very effectively.

  25. rich

    Hi Greg,

    The solution, and we all know it, is to get out of the system – in this case get out of the healthcare (really “sickcare”)system. I know it’s not easy. My wife and I opted out 13 years ago. We totally self insure. This has set us on a path of a very different life style. When you pay cash for your own health care you start looking at other options. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure is so true. We have many stories here – but to keep this as short as possible: I was on 3 prescription drugs 13 years ago, now on zero. BP lower, Cholesterol lower, no doctor visits in over 8 years. The list continues. Everyone can do the same. The first few steps are the most difficult, but just take one step at a time. Read and learn everything you can about your body and how to feed it and what it actually needs. We are a family on this board. We can all make a difference my changing out individual situation.

  26. Felicia

    Greg, thank you for the guests you have on and the necessary discussions. I used to work for the software development company which sold software to the big health plans, CareFirst was one. But … in short order I saw how totally corrupt the whole healthcare system was. The new CEO of CF was also on the board of the software company (definitely a conflict of interest but what’sa a $100 million among friends). The CF CEO had also been the New York Insurance Commissioner. I was in a meeting with VPs who received word that the CEO Was getting asked by Obama to attend a meeting to start discussions about health insurance. It was then I knew the whole system was a sham. (other health insurance companies I visited exhibited the same toxic behavior) So… the ACA was never about providing quality health care. It was about creating the business model for the few at the top to capitalize on HUGE cash cows (the insurance cos. reserves & now the American people). As Mr. Sinclair said “Get out of the system” and Ms. Fitts said to not financially support known corrupted businesses/people.

    • Galaxy 500

      While the insurance companies may have worked with Obama on the misguided theory they would have some control, the reality is they cut adeal with ccannibals to be eaten last. Pretty stupid.
      Insurance companies have the right to make a profit. Not defending them but pointing out that if you oppose them making a profit, them you are a communist.

      • Felicia

        I’m all for people making money in a free market. But I am against the total manipulation of a market(in this case health insurance) for the small group of individuals heading these orgs monopolozing the market by cutting deals within “the good ole boy club”. Even the news folks in liberal leaning Denver see this corrupted behavior as wrong…TriZetto was the software company I worked for… http://www.denverpost.com/ci_18424591

  27. Allen Ols


    Former top secret service is spilling the beans on s.h.t.f don’t say….



    • Greg

      Allen Ols,
      Feel free to post a link. Thank you for the info.

      • Allen Ols


        IS have an old android and can’t copy or paste, the besr I can do is advise to google

        Shtf don’t say we didn’t warn you .com web site.

        I have to finger peck my words, sorry for inconvience 🙂


    • George

      is this the site?

  28. Suzanne

    My Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Texas plan went up to $1,000 a month for me and my husband. I’m unemployed and my husband is on disability… after taxes he gets $1300 a month. He contacted his insurance agent… without saying what carrier, he said that if we send in a copy of our tax return he can get us on a contract that is $600 cheaper. He’s got full Parkinson’s and can’t be without it… he could need hospitalization at any time.
    I’d just as soon be OFF the insurance altogether but my husband won’t hear of it. I told him not to sign up for anything until after I got us on LifeLock identity protection because Obamacare is not safe at all.
    I really hate this.

    • Greg

      Thank you fore sharing your story. I hate this too.

  29. Donna

    Greg, this is what I worry about now…because it happened here in my home state. We are scheduled for a simulated attack on the electric grid slated for Nov. 13th-14th 2013. Some say it will be the real thing. It is called GridEx II, look it up. Obamacare really will not matter if this really happens!

    Attacks on the electrical grid happen all the time, but most of them are not reported by the mainstream media. The following report of an attack is from a recent Forbes article…

    More than 10,000 people in Arkansas were dumped into a blackout Sunday following an attack on that state’s electric grid, the FBI said today, the third such attack in recent weeks. In August, a major transmission line in the region, around Cabot, Ark., was deliberately cut.

    The FBI said that two power poles had been intentionally cut in Lonoke County on Sunday, resulting in the outage.

    The following is how the FBI described the attack…

    In the early morning hours of September 29, 2013, officials with Entergy Arkansas reported a fire at its Keo substation located on Arkansas Highway 165 between Scott and England in Lonoke County. Fortunately, there were no injuries and no reported power outages. Investigation has determined that the fire, which consumed the control house at the substation, was intentionally set. The person or persons responsible for this incident inscribed a message on a metal control panel outside the substation which reads, ‘YOU SHOULD HAVE EXPECTED U.S.’

    • Galaxy 500

      Snap…be afraid, be very, very afraid

  30. kay

    From his description of the legacy systems, it sounds like there are architectural issues; at the least systems integration. These issues may be multiplied with database design issues, functional\app design issues. These are not quick fix issues for such a major system with multi interfaces. It may be functional with reduced scope, fixing the design, and having a pilot that can be scaled up in phases.

  31. Nate

    Atlas needs to shrug (and soon). The producers should walk away. They are only feeding the frenzy by paying for the looters and moochers. Scary times, especially given the the immorality and deceit at all levels. I’m truly saddened by the way our country is turning into a cesspool.

  32. Ugly


    This economy is not recovering. The USD index has stayed low the longest in its history since I can observe since 1966. What is the one or two events that you foresee that will wake folks up? Is there any?

    PS. Sent a donation, my second one. Not bragging, just saying thanks for getting the word out. I encourage all folks whether small or great to contribute if can. What good is the dollar later? Get the word out while we can….

  33. MAL

    Hell Greg, I’m not a financial analyst, an economist, a radio host or a doctor and I predicted it would be a miserable failure the day it was passed. It was designed to fail and next stop….SINGLE PAYER.

  34. Jerry

    Greg and USA Watchdog readers.
    While we are busy spilling over the merits of Obamacare, lets not forget that there is an agenda going forward by the central planners that will soon have a direct impact on all of us.

    This administration has never lied about its goals. To fundamentally transform America, and Obamacare is just one small step in that process. Here he even states it. Even though he makes a joke out of it. He means it. Its Chicago humor.


    My advice to you. Get prepared NOW! The government is not going to be able to help you much longer. The trouble with socialism has always been, eventually “you run out of other countries money”.

  35. Galaxy 500


    Bush 2 wasn’t the best President we have had but he is ahead of Obama. Above link say Pakistan has sold nukes to the Saudis. Obama has done more harm to America and it’s allies than the previous eight Presidents combined.

  36. Mike

    I’m trying to figure out how higher insurance premiums will help pay for the uninsured. Looks like the insurance companies will take the money and run while we taxpayers get to pay for that too. This is just another form of “bail in” IMO.

  37. David

    After giving it a lot of consideration I’ve decided I’m going to forgo insurance and accept the consequences. And I will not pay any fines levied for not complying with the individual mandate. Everyone has their own personal line in the sand and I have drawn mine. As a free man I will not support the government and its mission to make me a slave. Ultimately it may mean I give up my freedom by being imprisoned or it may mean I die a premature death but at least I’ll do so free of government shackles.

    Three years ago I dropped out of corporate america where I’d spent twenty five years in the healthcare software industry. Ten of those years I spent working for a large physician group in southern California and watched as government intrusion decimated the patient doctor relationship. And it’s going to get a lot worse. This is not about dollars and cents, it’s about control. Government controlling our lives.

    I wonder how many others out there have decided to not participate in the charade, let’s the chips fall where they may. We likely won’t hear their stories because the media is complicit in covering that kind of thing up. But I’m done with the whole thing. Kind of like Ann Barnhardt, I’m simply not going to feed the beast anymore.

    • Galaxy 500

      Good luck and may God bless you and yours

  38. Galaxy 500


    Maybe the Republicans can win if they stick to this plan.

    • Mike

      The words of Bill Kristol ring hollow given his past antipathy toward the tea party movement.

      • George

        I don’t understand the Republican establishments lack of support for the TEA Party. THEY SHOULD BE THE TEA PARTY. McCain is a sellout and Christie is as conservative as Obama. McCain will vote with Obama over TEA Party Republicans.
        I am tired of RINO’s running the Republican show.

  39. Galaxy 500


    No wonder Snowden went to Russia. Being free and righteous is better than being righteous and in jail.

  40. Galaxy 500

    Hi Greg,
    Media is looking to humanize the Iranians and use their plight as an excuse to drop sanctions.

  41. Galaxy 500

    Obama regrets he lied…I mean he is sorry he didn’t explain clearly…and he got caught lying. How does an apology help those who have lost their health care? Obama’s believes people will likely the new better more expensive, less coverage plans you are forced into…if you can afford to pay the higher premium.
    Regrets don’t pay for my doctor bills.

  42. Martin

    Greg, the system will collapse, then we will go back to a 1930s style system. One in which health insurance is not a factor. Doctors will be paid cash, the average person will get average healthcare, things like new hips and stents for your heart will be for the rich, and medical research will dry up to a trickle.

    Except of course there will be far fewer MDs, because they will not be able to recoup the cost of their education which will stay expensive,
    And many Doctors will quit because they will not be able to afford Malpractice insurance and so will be one lawsuit away from bankruptcy.

  43. Martin

    Greg: Thanks for this interview, aside from the Website, or the fact that the ACA can not the work economically, it is just plain wrong.

    However he is right about the Website failure. Aside from the fact that the main vendor has failed in Canada. The US govt IT is a patchwork of systems that though they may work intra agencies they just will not work this way across multiple agencies.

    In the end the ACA will fail because it takes a capitalist system, with some social programs that are essentially a tax on the private health care system, like medicaid, and medicare, and tries to turn the entire system into a social program. The healthcare system will just not work this way.

    But if there is no private system propping up socialized medicine, if all medical care is socialized it will be unsustainable, especially considering that the US Gov., is so in debt that it can not afford to use general revenue to pay for health care.

    Greg, If you want to see what the US health system is going to look like in a few years, watch the first ten minutes of the french Canadian movie “The Barbarian Invasions”

  44. rich

    Mr. Emanual who helped draft obamacare, stated, “if you’re over 65 you had your change to get healthy”. So, their goal is to trim 1 trillion from medicare. Hmmm. My friend who works at a hospital, says if you’re over 70 have a medical emergency, if the odds of recovery will cost money, they will only give you palative care, pain meds and have a nice day. Many seniors who have had doctors with medicare the doctors are being dropped by the govt, doctors are too costly. Many top rate hospitals wont see you if have obamacare. This is the other hidden story of obamacare.

  45. Nick Warner

    I just wanted to put my side of the story from this side of the “pond”. I live in London, England. Ok we had de-regulation, privatisation and a host of other “benefits” of the capitalist system foisted upon us by Mrs Thatcher but she didn’t touch the NHS (the National Health Service) because it works – for everyone – it’s not perfect – no health care system in the world that is free at the point of use ever could be. I was told a month ago I had a blocked LAD – the artery that feeds the heart muscle – one of three important arteries – it was 90% blocked and two weeks later I had three – yes three bio absorbable “scaffolds” inserted – they are called scaffolds now as distinct from stents because they dissolve after three years leaving the arteries open. This technology is American from a company called Abbot now owned by Boston Scientific -only authorised for use in Europe since Fed 2014. I walked out of the hospital that same day a new man. The Sandwiches and the “bangers” and mash dinner plus tea and fruit juice did not cost me a penny…..can any health care system beat that?

    • Greg Hunter

      Life is always great when you can get other people to pay for what you need. It’s not so great when you run out of other peoples money.

  46. Nick Warner

    I don’t mean to be a pain but just so no-one is confused…the whole procedure at London’s Heart Hospital cost me nothing – not just the food and drink…..I could even have got the transport paid for but I am not a greedy man and after all as a London Bus driver I get free travel. Ok sales tax is 20% in UK (except for food, books, travel and children’s clothing and I pay around 100 pounds tax and national insurance on 400 pounds weekly earnings living in a very expensive city) but it is not a bad deal really.

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