Hemlock Moment Coming for Financial Markets-Gregory Mannarino

2By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Trader/analyst Gregory Mannarino says don’t be fooled by a stock market near all-time highs. Mannarino explains, “The reason we took out the last all-time high is the speculation that the world central banks are going to continue to stimulate and suppress interest rates and go deeper into negative territory.  This is what caused this recent run-up here, but what you are not going to hear on mainstream media, and this is huge, this run-up we have seen, record high, record high, record high is on no volume.  What does that mean?  There is no conviction to this.  We have seen this before at every single market top. . . . This can only go on so long.  These stock buyback programs, these stimulus programs, at some point the medicine is going to turn to poison.  It can only go so far. . . . It’s going to be a hemlock moment. To put a timeline on this is almost impossible because world central banks have become very resourceful.  Nobody would have ever imagined the central banks would have done what they have done for so long.  They have flipped the system upside down.  They are so desperate now to keep the market propped up.”

Mannarino, who predicted the last market top 13 months ago, now predicts, “There is better than a 90% chance we have seen another top with regard to the DOW. The S&P, I am not convinced just yet, but then again, what’s going to happen with the Fed?  This is Fed week.  I think the Federal Reserve is going to walk a very fine line here.  They are determined to keep this market at or near all-time record highs because politics is playing into this.  This is an election cycle, and I think people get that right now.”

As far as what is going on with the WikiLeaks email dump that showed the Primary was rigged for Hillary Clinton, Mannarino says, “I think if these people thought about it, they would realize they have been made puppets here. It’s unfortunate, too, because this is just going to blow away just like everything else.  This is the state of affairs that we are in right now.  Nothing is real.  The politics aren’t real.  The markets aren’t real. We are existing in fantasy land. All of this, every single aspect of it is going to correct at one point.  Whether it is a distortion in politics, whether it’s distortions in this market, no matter what it is, at one point, there is going to be a return to the norm or to the mean.  We are so far away from that right now in every single thing you want to look at.  It’s not just in the markets.  It’s everything connected to everything else. . . . We are in the collapse or the correction to fair value.  Everything now we are seeing, strife around the world, strife right here in the United States with people uprising, it’s all part of the mechanism that is playing out right now.  It is just a matter of time where there is going to be a rapid fix back to the norm.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Gregory Mannarino, founder of TradersChoice.net.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

Mannarino, also, is very concerned about global banking and contends, “I think bail-ins are coming big time. It’s just a matter of time.  If they have to take peoples’ money to keep the system propped up, they will do it.”  You can fine free analysis and information on TradersChoice.net.

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  1. Scott

    I’m always ALWAYS happy anytime Mr. Mannarino returns to USAWD – great analysis, great insights – he’s taught me _much_.

    Thanks for bringing him back on, Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Scott!!

      • Leslie

        Do you guys ever change gears? Really dooms day predictions for the 10 000 th time . Tell every one to buy water filter and get gold because it is going to 15 thousand an ounce . Really Greg many would gold dealers accept your readers soon to be worth less dollars for their preciousness hold . Come on Greg give I up will ya. Please publish this if you believe in free speech I will wait to see if this is published if not then I am dead right

        • Charles H


          You don’t understand because you don’t share a point of reference. Until you do – you won’t. Gold is historic and real; paper money is fake and false. You choose one thing; others choose another. Which is right, and will have value when the future knocks on our doorstep? When we all find out: you won’t be back to tell us about it. Is that rest enough?

  2. Fred

    Why bail-in when you can create virtual money? WORLD is set to add $180 billion EACH MONTH through end of 2017. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-07-26/global-central-banks-are-all-qe-running-record-180-billion-month-and-rising?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+zerohedge%2Ffeed+%28zero+hedge+-+on+a+long+enough+timeline%2C+the+survival+rate+for+everyone+drops+to+zero%29
    Clinton Cash, the Movie (MUST SEE TV) explains how the Arkansas Hillbillies went from rags to billionaire riches since leaving the White House… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LYRUOd_QoM

    • Dan

      I also saw this article and was wondering the very same thing as you. Gregory, again – what’s to stop them from doing this for many more months (or years?) to come if everyone is playing the game?

      I think that unless we can get an answer to this question, it will be the same sh*t going on for a very long time and we will all (including Greg) be playing the same record over and over and over just like for the last 5 years. If you can rob a bank and never get in trouble, why would you stop? Anyone?

      • Dale

        Oil. When oil can no longer be pumped at the rate its being consumed then its game over. That is the million dollar question…

    • al hall

      I watched “Clinton Cash” last night. The height of discussing- the Clinton’s are so evil.
      If only most people knew and studied these criminals.
      But, people have been brainwashed by the elite’s. I agree with you=
      Clinton Cash, the Movie (MUST SEE TV) explains how the Arkansas Hillbillies went from rags to billionaire riches since leaving the White House… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LYRUOd_QoM- all must see this!! The corruption was so bad I stopped watching it. The Clinton’s will screw over anyone and everybody!! Not to mentions Bill Clinton’s sex parties- I was told he only had sex with Killary once=Chelsea. They knew they need a child to make the marriage look good.
      Killary is a gay women!! Like the Obama’s- Michelle is actually Michael Robinson-a man, Obama is gay too! And the lies told and covered up by the communist media- shameful! Not the country I grew up in for sure!
      When will people wake-up???

      • JC Davis

        Al Hall I saw the movie a day before Bill spoke at the DNC. I kept talking at the TV the entire speech. Corruption at its highest.

        • Robert Lykens, Bible Thumper

          Talking at the TV lol!
          I do that too only it’s more like yelling.

      • Brad27

        It’s worse than that. The photos and the stealth dna tests show that Webster Hubbell is Chelsea Clinton’s father.


        • Dr. J

          I thought Janet Reno was Chelsea’s daddy…

      • DBCooper

        AH, Personally we believe that Wade Hubble is the father and perhaps Bubba and Killery never had sexual relations at all!! Just a thought, Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB

        • DBCooper

          Sorry folks … meant Web Hubbell …oops …DB

      • Freebreezer

        Al, Al, Al … Quote “I was told he only had sex with Killary once=Chelsea” I put forth the theory that it might be Zero. see http://www.wnd.com/2015/10/webb-hubbell-no-comment-on-fathering-chelsea-clinton/ or better, just google/bing/Duckduck (what search engine you like) “Chelsea and Web Hubble” and decide for your self who daddy is!

        • al


      • al

        Mike: Got the Mike Robinson(MICHELLE) info from my long time CIA officer friend – long before the other input. He also told me about Obama is a true Muslim- 1. google Obama’s ring- It’s not a wedding ring- 2. Obama changed his name from Barry Soetoro to a muslim name for a reason. – because he is

        Also-of interest that most don’t know- CHECK this –
        OBAMA: The Mars Jump Room Story Revealed Part 1 – YouTube =https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0C_oHCpQto – AND ALSO

        Third whistle blower confirms Obama’s participation in CIA jump room program of early 1980’s – http://exopolitics.blogs.com/exopolitics/2012/07/third-whistle-blower-confirms-obamas-participation-in-cia-jump-room-program-of-early-1980s.html WHITE SPIN SAYS IT’S FALSE- BY ANOTHER LIE FROM THE LAIR-IN-CHIEF!!

    • Paul ...

      Fred … they can print … but they know printing all that they need will cause inflation and drive the price of gold and silver higher … so … the banksters will print “some new money” and steal the rest from everyone’s bank account … the criminals have no moral principles … they will steal your retirement money out of your bank account to keep inflation down … not only by not having to print trills more but by making everyone so broke they can’t spend and drive prices higher … the goal is to keep the price of our gold and silver down … then after they collect all their immoral profits they will go to church for the first time … tell Jesus they love him and that they are born again and get a free ticket to heaven … but I’ll tell you something … if I’m in charge at the Pearly Gates of Heaven … none of these crooks are getting in … that’s a promise!!

      • Hatemail

        The gates of heaven are St. Peter’s gig. You can guard them when he’s on coffee break.

        • Paul ...

          Peter and Paul … sounds good … but I’ll be sure to bring plenty of donuts … and send Peter for coffee very often!!

    • BobT

      I am no expert. However, bail-ins are about stealing wealth in my opinion. That is why their will be bail-ins. People with money / wealth / assets are hard to control. Broke(en) people are easy to control. My 2 cents.

      GO Rebels!!

      • BobT

        their should be there

      • Robert Lykens, Bible Thumper

        Bob, 100% correct. The banks know their depositors trust them and so they think they can act with impunity. Bail-ins are absolutely stealing.

        Go Vols!!

  3. Gregory Mannarino

    I am a true Greg Hunter fan! Thank you for the opportunity my friend, I hope that everyone enjoys this one.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Gregory–good stuff man.

    • al hall

      GregM.- I’ve told Greg H. this several times- years ago(2009) I was told by one of my inside contacts that the elite’s would raise the stock market back up to all time highs. They said money from around the world would be forced into the US stock markets because all others would be to risky. EU countries are now way to risky so that money is flowing into the US markets. The elite’s plan to collapse this market again a steal trillions of dollars. They will get out just before the collapse as they will know the date- I believe it will be soon. This person has told me so many time and you have said it- ” nothing is real- we are in a fantasy world”.
      Greg’s followers are a smart group. Hope they realize this will be the biggest financial reset in world history, and will effect everyone. When it happens- don’t fight each other, go after the politicians and banksters who have done this!!

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Allen. I can back you up on this. You have commented here and sent me emails describing this many times over the past years.

      • allen ols

        al hall
        Yes, I remember, and the next pres. will not build a wall, re jig Obama care, re build our military, AS WE ARE BROKE, we will have martial law as allen greenspan says, we will be like Venezuela, voting is rigged just like the markets, central banks, fed reserve, voting since BUSH ONE, till NOW, has been rigged by the oligarchs, it is rigged N OW, they will put in who they want. Best to prepare and hunker down just like the jewish did in the new test. under the roman empire. fema camps, ovens, body casket liners, guillotines.

        • al


          Planet X 101: Who, What, When, Where, Why and How HD 1080p …

          • allen ols

            al…I think I heard George nori talk about this, but really not informed, and u never know.

        • allen ols

          al hall
          and remember this IS A BINAIRY ELECTION, so vote for one really aged piece of bovine fecal matter, or one fresher piece of goat fecal matter. oh my, what to do.

          • allen ols

            as Gerald Celente quotes TRUMP; “NOBODY knows the system better than ME, nobody, nobody,” – Hey Mussolini calm down- “I alone can fix the problem” can you imagine the arrogance!!
            GO TO; 16 min mark to hear.

            • Greg Hunter

              Far better than Hillary the neo-Marxist.

              • allen ols

                I will reiterate, Trump is a blowhard, & power hungry, very arrogant, and we are broke. The oligarchs/elites decide who is in Washington.
                we disagree.

          • Greg Hunter

            Don’t mess around Allen this year your vote really counts otherwise the dark powers would not be fighting this hard.

            • allen ols

              Putin just commented that they don’t put stock in Americas elections, because, as soon as whomever gets into office, reverses on everything they have said. I find this to be TRUE.

              DAVID STOCKMAN writes;

              So the U.S. economy is now stuck in the ditch because it has leveraged itself to the hilt over the past three decades. The vast majority of Americans are no longer living the dream because Wall Street speculators and Washington politicians alike have led them into a debt-fueled fantasy world that is coming to a dead end. Much of the elites actually think that the Obama’s ballyhooed 78 straight months of jobs growth and high stock markets is evidence that the U.S. economy has been fixed, and that the chilling financial crisis of 2008 was just some aberrational bump in the road.
              No it wasn’t. The meltdown of 2008 was just spring training for what comes next.

              • Greg Hunter

                Just on Trumps supreme court choices alone, we are better off with him than Hill. If it didn’t matter they would not be fighting this hard.
                I just want the country to do as well as possible given the state we are in.

                • allen ols

                  I know, they say all kinds of things to get elected. “we wont get fooled again”

                  • Charles H


                    Greg has a very good, big point with the Supreme Court Justices. Don’t get too wound-up.

    • David Clumpner

      Thank you Greg and Greg for another one ‘over the fence’…Also Allen, Spot On from my contacts as well!
      One issue however does deserve considerable more attention and that is the ‘Helicopter Money Thesis’ of Bernanke and proposed from time to time by Trump.

  4. David Morris

    Greg try to understand capital flows, the world is about to have a tsunami of paper money crashing down on it. Tangible assets will rise everything else will be washed away. Faced with a choice of 100% loss of country x sovereign debt or a percentage loss of a multi national stock value there no real choice. The US stocks will rise with the dollar which will cause more worldwide economic pain which creates more paper money as a treatment for the symptoms. The real cure will start with a reset of the international reserve currency probably in 2018. Governments never repay debt when the masses realise that the ‘fun’ starts.

    • Al

      ditto… but 2018 ? could be sooner

    • Michael


      I agree with your assessment. Not only are there trillions of dollars that must eventually come back to the U.S. but the Fed can print an unlimited amount of dollars to prop up any market. The question is How long can they keep printing currency before it becomes worthless? My guess is they will attempt to keep things going until Ms. Clinton is elected POTUS. It appears from recent history that all recessions and depressions occur in the beginning of a new presidential administration and they can blame the problems on the last guy. When in reality it is simply the bankers fleecing the sheeple again.

  5. Oxfarmer

    Greg lays out Armaggedon so calmly!

    Everytime I hear these things I think, not of Rome, but of the Byzantine empire. They knew their politicians were corrupt. They knew their society was morally decaying. Yet, they did nothing.

    As nation, we got what we deserved in O. He promised things no sane individual would believe could be delivered. It was all greed, and a huge sense of entitlement.

    Now there may be a chance, and I talk to fools who haven’t taken the time to watch a single Trump speech, but find him offensive or inexperienced. So, we need the kind of
    ‘experience’ Hillary brings?

    I wish I could see some sign that fantasy land is behind us, but I don’t.

    • Diane D.

      Oxfarmer, yes we got what we deserved. God has a habit of giving his people the leaders that they deserve. Americans wanted a King. He gave us one.

      It is still incredible to me that 60 million Americans voted to RE-ELECT Obama after 4 years of tyranny. It begs the question, ‘Are Americans blind, or have they been blinded’?

      Thank you Greg H and Greg M for another excellent interview. You are our ‘Team Truth’.

      • susan

        Diane, very few Americans understand the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament). They wanted a king and looked what happened to them. If we don’t elect Mr. Trump, it is probably over, but the shout. And the trumpet blaring.

  6. Paul ...

    Charles … you confused my mind in your previous post when you said that even Hillary can go to Heaven … God can’t be an idiot … when he got rid of 1/3 the population of Heaven he must have had some “moral criteria” he used to make his Judgements … you say if Hillary simply repents after a life of crime and evil doing she gets to go to heaven? … why did God even write the 10 Commandments if someone like Hillary can flaunt God’s word her entire life … and then “at the last minute” say “I repent and believe in Jesus” and that gets her into Heaven??? … all that does … is turn Heaven into Hell … and God can’t be that stupid!

    • Jerry Snyder


      God knows the intent of our hearts. If Hillary has demonstrated a life of evil, corruption and lies, there is her heart, thus, there is her judgment. God will not be mocked. His Son did not sacrifice himself to be mocked by death bed repentance. The Atonement applies to those who repent of their sins and transgressions with a heart of thanks. Those who wait to the last minute, do not demonstrate this life long commitment, rather show a single blip on the EKG, not a steady pattern of improvements which lasts the whole life of a person. It is by His grace we are saved.

      • Paul ...

        Jerry … that sounds a lot better!!

        • Charles H

          You think the repentant thief showed ‘a steady pattern of improvements which lasts the whole life of a person’? He was dying on the cross next to Jesus Christ. As repugnant as it may seem, to some: the reality of what God can do, doesn’t conform to our little minds. If you are going to read the Bible: you must believe what it says, without changing it to your own ideas – or it will do little or no good.

          • JC Davis

            Thank you Charles H.
            My Dad was pulled out of the gates of hell at 74 years old. There is a way that seems right to men but are the ways of death.

            • Charles H

              My eyes rejoice with tears, JC. Man doesn’t fathom the mercy of God, or His long-suffering. Thanks for sharing this.

    • Mick

      Putin left a message for Hillary, “If you ever show your
      dirty face in Russia again, I will rip your heart out and
      burn it on a stick”. I would like to buy Mr. Putin a Guinness
      or three.

      • frederick

        You and me both Mick that character has sure earned it right?

    • Galaxy 500

      Matthew 20:1-16New International Version (NIV)

      The Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard
      20 “For the kingdom of heaven is like a landowner who went out early in the morning to hire workers for his vineyard. 2 He agreed to pay them a denarius[a] for the day and sent them into his vineyard.

      3 “About nine in the morning he went out and saw others standing in the marketplace doing nothing. 4 He told them, ‘You also go and work in my vineyard, and I will pay you whatever is right.’ 5 So they went.

      “He went out again about noon and about three in the afternoon and did the same thing. 6 About five in the afternoon he went out and found still others standing around. He asked them, ‘Why have you been standing here all day long doing nothing?’

      7 “‘Because no one has hired us,’ they answered.

      “He said to them, ‘You also go and work in my vineyard.’

      8 “When evening came, the owner of the vineyard said to his foreman, ‘Call the workers and pay them their wages, beginning with the last ones hired and going on to the first.’

      9 “The workers who were hired about five in the afternoon came and each received a denarius. 10 So when those came who were hired first, they expected to receive more. But each one of them also received a denarius. 11 When they received it, they began to grumble against the landowner. 12 ‘These who were hired last worked only one hour,’ they said, ‘and you have made them equal to us who have borne the burden of the work and the heat of the day.’

      13 “But he answered one of them, ‘I am not being unfair to you, friend. Didn’t you agree to work for a denarius? 14 Take your pay and go. I want to give the one who was hired last the same as I gave you. 15 Don’t I have the right to do what I want with my own money? Or are you envious because I am generous?’

      16 “So the last will be first, and the first will be last.”

    • Dan S.

      Paul and Charles
      Jesus was once asked { by Paul I think} what is the best way to get into heaven and Jesus replied ” obey the commandments”. Here are 5 reasons why Hillary will hopefully {in my view} never see inside heavens gate. The 6th commandment is “Thou shall not murder” { Exodus 20.13} The 7th commandment is “you shall not commit adultry” (Exodus 20.14). The 8th commandmet is “You shall not steal ” (Exodus 20.15. The 9th commandment is ” You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor ” (Exodus 20.16 ) and finally the 10th commandment “Thou shall not covet”{Exodus 20.17). I’m pretty sure Hillary is guilty of disobeying the above commandments and you could probably add the 3rd , 4th and 5th to the list as well. I guess only God knows if she gets a pass on the first 2 commandments as I don’t know that much about her personal life.

      • JC Davis

        Dan S if you disobey one commandment you broke them all. Jesus died on the cross that we could be forgiven of sin threw his Godly blood ,born from the Holy Ghost he is the only way to reach peace with God. Actions do not over ride the word of God = Jesus. All people alive can be saved, yet some by the skin of their teeth.

    • Charles H


      I allege that she COULD – as anyone could: it is set up this way. The reality is, that how she lives her life does condition her against 1) coming to real, Biblical faith; and 2) meeting the condition of salvation by Grace (through faith).
      I currently enjoy a life of poverty directly because I, as a full-time missionary, REJECT the idea of “Easy Believe-ism”, or this: “I repent and believe in Jesus” thing. Do WE get to decide that our faith is good enough for God? Or does God decide what is ‘good enough’ for Him? I contend that God decides. (Without all the Calvinistic baloney out there) We have the Bible, that spells it out; and the Holy Spirit, Who convicts and enlightens: the issue I contend (and have lost 90% of my support because I hold to this position) – IS WHETHER WE WILL COME TO GOD HIS WAY, OR NOT. It is not, and never has been, a matter of just saying a formulated prayer – then you’re good. THAT’S what my ex-supporting churches back home wanted: and I’ve refused to play that game. Between the “many” and the “few” of the Matthew 7:13,14 verses – NOT MANY, and in fact only a FEW find the way that leads to life – indicating that an unknowable minority ever respond to the Truth and are Saved. If you don’t take the (KJV) Bible as the authority above even yourself – as it is, the Word of God: you aren’t even to first base. If one cannot humble themselves to realize the condition of Grace – that Jesus Christ died in your stead to pay for your sins and penalty, and nothing you ever did could justify merit – so impleading God’s mercy is all that’s left to man; “Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us, (by the washing of regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Ghost)” Titus 3:5 – then forget second base. Repentance is the formalization of turning from evil (unbelief, sin, etc) to good (Biblical faith, holiness, etc), in an unconditional and permanent way. (Third base?) I contend, that we must act to the best of our ability with what God presents; and IF He sees it in us – then the born-again, spiritual adoption of home-base is God’s move. All these are only realized by conditions of honest sincerity of the heart before God. Those who LIE, and the proud, shoot themselves in the foot. It is unlikely that this type of people will come to Salvation – but, again: nothing is impossible. Is not Jesus Christ’s death sufficient for the VILEST of sinners? (I answer, yes.)
      Go back and read my posts, without skipping or reading-into what I’ve expressed.
      The Ten Commandments form a perfect moral system: which serves to condemn mankind who cannot but break that Law (conclude ALL under sin); for which a New Covenant (God’s blood of Jesus Christ), and another Dispensation (Grace and not Law) should of necessity come.
      And since this isn’t exactly a ‘spiritual’ blog – my comments should be enough, to this point. Let us not try Mr. Hunter’s patience.

      • Paul ...

        Charles … I think Dan S above explains things more clearly … God has very specific rules we must follow to get into heaven … saying we can violate all those rules and still get to heaven “because Jesus died for our sins” doesn’t cut it with me … how could Jesus’s horrific death be used “to nullify the very Commandments of God Almighty (that were “intentionally violated” to kill his only son … Thou Shall Not Murder!! … you can’t tell me that by “murdering Christ” we get blessed with an instant pardon for murdering him ?? … this sounds like something neocon Hillary dreamed up to get into Heaven!

        • Charles H


          You are a nice guy – but persist in a view which reflects back to a superseded Covenant. Just WHY did Jesus Christ die on the cross for? (To pay the penalty of Death for sin. The soul that sinneth shall surely die.) And the blood that He shed – is it not for the cleansing, the remission of sin?? (It is.) Because Jesus Christ is God – the sacrificial atonement, in substitution for us – is sufficient for the sin of the whole world. All this is clear New Testament scripture. If you have ever sinned once: you are guilty of the whole Law. It isn’t a matter of rules anymore. All have sinned and come short of the glory of God. By the woks of the Law shall no man be justified.
          In New Testament fashion, we appropriate the guilt of putting Jesus Christ on the cross: because He DID die upon the cross for that purpose – it was a substitutionary and vicarious atonement, done for all sinners and because we ARE sinners, we DO share the measure of guilt. If in your personal case – you refuse to accept He died for you: then you have no atonement. The Lord said – I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance. You persist in maintaining “good works” by the Law: and the Law only condemns because nobody is perfect. You are stuck in the past, and behind the curve on Christian doctrine.
          I assure you that what I have written is NOT something any neocon might have thought up. I have poured-out the experience of twenty-five years study and work in the field in these replies. That they do not fit your theology is no reason to be unkind in return. My approach to evangelism has always been to give the lost the very best chance to understand, not short-cutting anything to convey truth or form faith, and not playing at Churchy-anity.
          You say that I am wrong – OK: then what is right? Spell it out.

          • Paul ...

            Charles … you already spell it out … and I quote your own words: “If you are going to read the Bible: you must believe what it says, without changing it to your own ideas” … so there you have it Charles by your own words … just read the 10 Commandments in the Bible … and lets believe what it says without changing it to some other ideas … the fact remains that we must abide by Gods rules (to get into Heaven) otherwise why would God write the rules to begin with!

            • Lester

              Exactly ” once we repent” are baptized and receive the Holy Spirit, then we are put in right standing with God. The laws and commandments of God are to be then written in our hearts on the frontlets of our minds, we are to not to WILLFULLY live in sin anymore, but are to keep Gods works not our own (being a good person) all the laws and commandants are Gods works and his righteousness not our works. When we do sin we are quickly forgiven upon repentance because as he said we are not perfect, but we are not to live in willful sin. When we are converted we want to keep Gods laws and are not hostile towards them. Then at the resurrection from the dead at the return of Christ we will be born again as a spirit being and enter the family of God.

              • Paul ...

                Lester … good point … your words “we are not to live in willful sin” are key to God’s saving grace!!!

            • mark

              If you would be so kind Paul please consider that with respect to the 10 commandments or “ten sayings” please note that the first two have their priority in the order they are listed for a very specific reason. The Lord knows that the way we are created, we are “hard wired” in finding the fulfillment of our existence in the context of RELATIONSHIP with Him in Whose image we have been created and He gave us that relationship in and through the death, burial and resurrection of His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. Any deviation from that relationship (Him Who is the Way, the Truth and the Life) is a counterfeit of idolatry which results in slavery to sin and to the fear of death and ultimately judgment. Remember the first two “sayings” refer to “not having any other gods before Me” and “not fashioning or making any image” of any creature under heaven to worship it (paraphrase). The rest follow in order. The point is Paul that God gave us His Living Image in the Person of His Son not just that He would come and pay the price in His body of flesh for the sins of the world in His body of flesh on the cross of Calvary, no, but that by His Spirit in resurrection we could be born anew, or born from above by His Spirit in our spirit with His image revealed in us that we may be conformed to His very image by the same power which raised our Lord Jesus from among the dead and gave Him glory. That is why the Lord Jesus said His kingdom is not of the this world and that we must be “born again” or “born from above”. This is a birth of a spiritual nature in our human spirit by the Divine Spirit of God through incorruptible seed, the living and abiding Word of God, which is why if Paul says if ANY man is in Christ Jesus he is a new creation, old things have passed away, behold they have become new and Christ in you is the hope of glory! The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit Paul!

    • mark

      The danger of indulging the lusts of the flesh over time is that eventually even if one should be reaping the full wages of his or her sin in the way of disease in the body or illness in the mind, the conscience can become so calloused that repentance is near to impossible, but the Lord knows. That is the danger of sin. What I posted to you about man being created in the image and likeness of God and finding the fulfillment of one’s existence in the context of relationship with the One in Whose image man was created was an effort to point out the danger which we as men (male and female), being created in the image and likeness of God, face by refusing that gift (relationship) of eternal life by faith in the Person of His Son through regeneration unto a living hope by instead choosing to become slaves to gods of our own invention (idolatry) which results in being given over to serve various fleshly appetites of the baser sort under the rule and direction of demons whose judgment then we prove ourselves worthy to share. The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit Paul and with all who come here to read and post. For “God has not given to us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sober mind” 2 Tim. 1:7. Let us then be workman who need not be ashamed, but those who cut straight the word of the truth. amen.

  7. Anthony Australia

    Thanks Mr. Hunter for another insightful video.
    I have pasted these names on multiple news media forums here to help bring the knowledge so greatly needed here. Your work has had a profound affect on my life.

    Max Keiser
    James Rickards
    Gerald Celente
    Peter Schiff
    Rob Kirby
    Nick Barisheff
    Jim Sinclair
    Bill Holter
    Andy Hoffman
    David Morgan
    Bix Weir
    Paul Craig Roberts
    Gregory Mannarino
    David Stockman

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Anthony!!

      • Robert Lykens, Bible Thumper

        Speaking of David Stockman, Greg, any chance of having him back soon?

        • Greg Hunter

          Yes Robert but it take little guys like me a bit of time to get him. That said he says he will come back on sometime soon. In do not know when-Yet.

  8. Jerry

    Let me finish the headline. AS PANIC BEGINS TO SET IN.

    • Jerry

      Are we there yet?
      When a banks profit margin falls 98%, what’s left? As I have already posted, my sources have said vulture capitalist like Morgan Stanley (who would sell their own mother for a buck) are already in there picking the financial bones clean before they decide to go public with an announcement. Once a default occurs all of the assets are frozen until a loss mitigator is appointed by the courts to disperse the assets. The main problem is the credit default swaps that are tied to the derivatives have to be paid upon demand. This is the fuse.

    • Greg Hunter

      Deutsche Bank (DB) is in very big trouble and I doubt it makes it out of 2016 without a huge bailout or a default and bankruptcy. There is not wonder the Fed and IMF recently deemed Deutsche Bank as the most systemically dangerous bank in the world. Thank you for reminding us the end for DB and the rest of the financial system is near.

    • Shadow of Doubt

      Just got a FYI from an Italian National I worked with: One of the oldest surviving banks in Italy(est.1450) is at the point of collapse. A number of this institution’s customers had all of their funds taken because-drum roll, please- “the bank needed it”.

      • Shadow of Doubt

        Alert: Monte Paschi was the bank referred to above, it just failed its stress test and Italians are bracing for a possible “bank run” if the EU doesn’t fund their requested back stop!

    • Daniel Song

      We’ll see if the $1 million in puts on Deutsche Bank cash. The stock needs to go below 11 by August 19th for the bet to show a profit.

      Stay tuned…

  9. Nick-dog

    As always, great to see Mannarino back. Thanks for having him on Greg H. I regularly follow his work at Traderschoice. And thank you Greg M for doing the interview! Best to you and yours, especially your dad! God bless, N-D

  10. Brian Vaci

    Mr. Hunter;
    Thank you for another great interview. The truth and insight presented by you and your guests have helped bring my family out of the financial darkness and into the light. I believe Matthew 7:13 applies to both the spiritual and financial realm; “For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.”

  11. Larry W. Bryant

    == A Tanka Moment ==
    Whither U.S.A.
    with Hillary at the helm?
    sinking in quicksand,
    she gasps for air, repeating,
    “what difference does it make?”
    — Larry W. Bryant (27 Jul 16)

  12. eddiemd

    More WikiLeaks will destroy the Clintons and expose the corruption/background of Obama. Another reason to push for war with Russia who is getting blamed for hacking. Certainly the NSA is aware of all the corruption that Clinton, Obama, the FBI, and the treasury department are involved in.

    WW III to start in South China Sea, Koreas, Ukraine, or Syria? China can always allow North Korea off of the leash and stir up problems. Perhaps a Spetznat sabotage attack on missile batteries in eastern Europe.

    Two more weeks until the world stage Olympics. Maybe a good time for a dirty bomb terror false flag attack presented by the NWO.

  13. Dan


    I think me and many other viewers are confused about a couple of points you make:

    1) Regarding the VOLUME you often mention (esp. for S&P 500) – what exactly constitutes low volume as you mention? For instance, last few trading days was around 510 million shares. What is a healthy range? What is low volume? How much of typical volume is HFT (for instititional investors + dark pools) and how much is retail investors? Would 85% – 15% be about right?

    2) Regarding BOND yields, what levels would make for something “dangerous” or what levels are you looking which could be telling or some major event? Levels of today are:

    US 2-YR = 0.77
    US 10-YR = 1.167
    US 30-YR = 1.577

    and what is to stop the authorities from simply making the first two NEGATIVE? If Europe and Japan can do it, why not US? In other words, why couldn’t this simply go on for many more months to come? What could stop it?


  14. Al

    Welcome to the collapse. It takes time but we’ve been in it since the low of gold last December. It’s slow because it’s Global but we’re in it and the pace is accelerating.

  15. Ken

    Your interview with Gregory Mannarino on July the 7th
    “ Collapse of Empires is Upon Us “

    I made the following prediction.

    Ken 07/06/2016 •
    Vladimir Putin has already proved to be a great chess player. He has to sense the country is divided right now. After the Democratic convention it would be the opportune moment to start dropping her emails. That would be the match that ignites a fire storm with Obama all in for Hillary!
    Now that the rule of law in this country has been shown to be a two tiered system, Laws for them and laws for us!
    Also don’t forget the damage done to Putin when the Panama papers we dumped.
    Revenge anyone?

    Why Experts are Sure Russia Hacked DNC Emails


    My timing missed the email dump as it happened just as the convention opened. The effect looks to have driven a stake thru the heart of the DNC. THE FIX WAS IN! What might have sped up the dump was Hillary flying on Air Force one with the big O same day she slipped the noose. This set the hook as O was backing her 100% the last piece that Putin needed.
    It points out vividly anything to do with the Clintons is corrupt and O is going down the tubes with them.
    The way I look at the current situation…..Hillary was such a disaster as secretary of state!
    Just look at trail of destruction in her wake Egypt, Libya, Iraq and the whole middle east!
    There is no way that Putin would want her in the White House, talk about a lose cannon!
    Russia felt they had no choice but to go into Syria and clean up the mess she and the big O left there!


    • Greg Hunter

      Good call Ken!!! and now there is this: http://dailycaller.com/2016/07/26/exclusive-irs-launches-investigation-of-clinton-foundation/

      • OutLookingIn

        Changing Horses Mid-Stream

        Are the elites about to throw Hillary Clinton under the bus?
        Is this why the IRS are going head with an active investigation?
        Just like Al Capone, the DoJ could not get him on anything, but enter the IRS and Al spends time on the “Rock” for tax evasion.
        Is all of the above because of Hillary’s overloaded corruption baggage, now becoming public knowledge?
        Allowing the elites to give Bernie the green light, to go head-to-head with Donald Trump? Food for thought.

        • OutLookingIn


          DNC = Determined to Nominate Clinton

          How come the Dem’s were so SURE that Hillary’s private server was not hacked, least of all by the Russian’s, yet are quick to accuse the Russian’s of hacking the DNC emails?

          Not sure how that works?

          • Paul ...

            I think the whole Hillary server episode was a Trojan Horse approved by the neocons to accuse Russia of hacking secret information … then the neocons were going to use this “hacking” to launch a joint NATO – US nuclear first strike against Russia! … Russia was not fooled (nor we who can see evil) … this is likely why Hilary had to be let off the hook (she was following neocon orders) … but the IRS investigation into her Foundation is a different ball of wax!

            • Greg Hunter

              Come on Paul. There are plenty of other ways to start a war.

              • Paul ...

                You are completely correct Greg … the server ploy was “but one option” the neocons were likely using to get WWIII started!

        • Boo Who

          Not Bernie, but uncle Joe! Wait and see. Biden is the only one who can possibly beat up Trump. In debate! [remember he saved Obombas bacon [in debate]and turned the tide, when he humiliated Ryan] Hill would/will, wind up in the dumpster against the Trumpster? The deep state cannot afford to lose this one, no way Jose.

  16. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, Bush and Obama and now Hillary’s religion of peace is at it again, this time killing a elderly priest in France. Every other day or so brings another slaughter of Jews, Christians and people of the West. What could be worst you ask? Hillary follows Obama’s plan to bring in another 100,000 from Syria and other American hating countries. Go ahead America, plant flowers at the next slaughter slight, that will slow them down, and the candles at midnight scare them as well. But the best deterrent is the moment of silence, that makes ISIS & their related friends scatter like cockroaches when the light is turned on!

  17. E.J.Finnegan

    Greg; Great article my friend.Great but really scary.Two things that were brought up in some of our”Old Guys round the barrel discussions”(1) Have we always had these brush fires in Calif,or is this a rather new phenomenon. If they are arson,whats the purpose? (2) One of our “experts” brought up the thought, that to be sure all of our Monies (that we have hidden) would be worth -ess,would be to simply change it’s basic color.Any thought’s
    Again great article.God Bless.

    • Robert Lykens, Bible Thumper

      EJ, I’m no financial expert but it seems to me that once a currency crashes, a different color won’t instill any confidence. I’m personally spending all the paper I can before it no longer has value.
      I’m happy to receive items of value for worthless paper as long as it lasts.

  18. Paul ...

    It’s going to be a Hemlock Moment financially …
    Politically the question to be answered this November is …
    To War … or not to War !!!

    Every mind should be asking whether it is nobler to just sit back and watch TV and continue to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune (constant wars, drugs, 9-11, ISIS attacks, etc., etc.) or take action against this sea of troubles and by voting for Trump end them!

    Do we simply vote for Hillary and accept even more evil, corruption and war in which to die and sleep no more? … Yes it will end the heartache and the thousand shocks we are heir too under neocon control … but the problem with simply accepting death to sleep no more and be rid of our problems is that in death “we are still aware” … yes, we may cast off this mortal coil but still be tortured in death (for all eternity) by the thought that “we could have done something while alive” to stop the coming nuclear Armageddon the neocons want so desperately … but alas did nothing to oppose the oppressors evil plans … but as WWIII has not begun yet … we still have a chance to vote for peace, compassion, law and order this November … as opposed to allowing Hillary in to bring more war, more lies, more theft and corruption to the world we leave to our children!

  19. Robert Lykens, Bible Thumper

    Left-wing protesters demonstrating outside of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia on Tuesday night torched Israeli and American flags amid chants of “intifada!” and “go home, F*** Hillary!”


    While I completely understand the views of these leftists toward Hillary, what does it say about them that they would burn Israeli and American flags, and wave “palestinian” flags?
    Cursing one’s own home is foolish on its face, but to curse Israel is absolutely mindless.

    I hope everyone here knows that I support and bless the Israel of God, and I hope that you do too.

    • Paul ...

      I believe it is not Israel and America “the Nation’s” they are disgusted with … it’s the “Hillary type” neocons that are ruling in both Israel and America that they want to justifiably burn for their constant and unceasing killing of women and children!

      • Paul ...

        To quell the riots and the burning of our country’s flags … we need a national leader (i.e Trump, Putin, etc.) to go before the United Nations of the World and show a picture of murdered women and children and ask to stop the insanity! … No … instead we get shown a picture of a bomb with a lit fuse and are asked make war and kill even more people! … it is “all the neocons at the top” that have to be removed to make our world what God intended … a peaceful loving “Garden of Eden” once again … with “Greater Israel” at the center of God’s Kingdom and “his people” faithfully following his Commandments!!!

  20. Tinfoil hat Canuck

    Hi Greg & Greg
    Great chat today lads!
    Greg M, correct me if I am wrong, but in past Watchdog interviews you have mentioned that the bond market is where it is really at ( although most investors and media focus on the stock market) and where the real danger lies.

    Today you fleshed this out a bit more for this non-economist and noted that a key indicator is the yield curve, and whether it continues to flatten into an inversion.

    My question is whether this process is the tipping point in changing market psychology/sentiment and hence causes a rush for the exits and safety? Or if a process is too vague, what event is most likely to become the aha moment, the tell that spurs the aware into action (safety) ahead of the investing herd?

  21. Dee Garmon

    Greg is probably right that Bernie was a pawn to make it look like a real contest.
    The real left always knew what he was all about and he certainly proved them
    right. Hope people got the lesson and won’t believe Elizabeth Warren.
    If somebody cared about working class, like Dennis Kucinich, Democrats would
    go out of their way to eliminate their seats.

  22. foggygoggles

    Continuing to understand markets using old metrics is an exercise in futility. For a good explanation of why this is, check out David McAlvany’s recent interview with Richard Duncan: http://mcalvanyweeklycommentary.com/ As I’ve suggested in the past, he would be a great guest.

    • JMiller

      I agree FOGGYGOOGLES. David McAlvany is one of the few people that I make it a point to listen to each week.

  23. Fredrick Getzschman

    Greg, another good interview with Mr. Mannarino. I noticed his comment about Bernie Sanders shilling for Shillary from the beginning and I for one can tell you it is absolutely true. My son and grandson went to an organizing meeting for Mr. Sanders early in the primary process at in school in the suburbs of Des Moines where they live. The woman who was working on behalf of organizing Iowa for Sanders (really Clinton) told the attendees that “at the end of the primary process we will all be throwing our support over to Hillary Clinton.” My son asked why? The woman organizer would not answer but said “that was the plan.” I thought your readers may be interested in that info.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Fredrick Getzschman for adding this info!! They forgot to tell millions of Bernie voters the whole thing was a sham and a fraud on democracy. The DNC wonders why Bernie voters are pissed?

      • Paul from Indiana

        Greg, the fraud known as the Superdelegate assured the final product. Why even bother with the travesty of the vote, when you hold out the so-called superdelegate who can be bought, intimidated, coerced, drafted, bailed in, whatever? It is a scam that they don’t even try to hide! Best always. PM

        • Greg Hunter

          All the Bernie voters which is 46% of Dem voters. There is going to be a downside to this fraud–a big one. Thanks Paul.

      • Brad

        More on Sanders. Lots of Democrazies HATE the Hildabeast. She’s gotta go.

        Feel the BURN: Bernie Hot Mic Proves He Was Never a Real Candidate!

        Half The Convention Walked Out at Hillary’s DNC Coronation, No Media Coverage

        Bernie Sanders threatened with loss of Senate committee position if he didn’t endorse Hillary.

        Trump said:
        If Russia or any other country or person has Hillary Clinton’s 33,000 illegally deleted emails, perhaps they should share them with the FBI!

  24. Fredrick Getzschman

    Greg, another good interview with Mr. Mannarino. I noticed his comment about Bernie Sanders shilling for Shillary from the beginning and I for one can tell you it is absolutely true. My son and grandson went to an organizing meeting for Mr. Sanders early in the primary process in a school in the suburbs of Des Moines where they live. The woman who was working on behalf of organizing Iowa for Sanders (really Clinton) told the attendees that “at the end of the primary process we will all be throwing our support over to Hillary Clinton.” My son asked why? The woman organizer would not answer but said “that was the plan.” I thought your readers may be interested in that info.

  25. Chip

    If the fed is buying stocks it does not show on their balance sheet. so how would one really know, not speculate, that central banks are buying stocks? fed balance sheet is flat…


  26. Bill

    GREG: Mr Mannarino says” There will be a rapid fix back to the norm. We have been unnormal for so long. I don’t know what the norm is anymore. Please refresh my memory.

    • Robert Lykens, Bible Thumper

      Free Market Conservatism.

      • Paul from Indiana

        RL, don’t forget honest money. Redeemable currency keeps politicians honest and on a leash. Best always. PM

        • Robert Lykens, Bible Thumper

          PM, my honest money is shiny and heavy.
          I’m hanging onto it and using the dishonest money as long as they’ll take it.

  27. Dave

    First off, thank you Greg for having Mr. Mannarino on your site. It’s always a treat.

    “If they have to take peoples’ money…”

    Perhaps that’s what it’s all about. Maybe this crisis is engineered to bring the government to the point of agreeing that the only best solution is to take that money, for the good of all. Then, and only then, we shall be safe.

    • JC Davis

      Right Dave. First the currency(cash) then the gold , then the resources. Communism is knocking on the door.

      • JC Davis

        The time 3:o2 am has something behind it. not 3: 01 Not 3: 03.

  28. andyb

    It is surprising to me that the financial pundits ( including Mannarino who is one of the better ones), never talk about the true agenda of the central banks and their criminal associates which should be apparent to all; namely eventual totalitarian servitude of the masses. It is interesting that these same people are “all in” for Hillary who will continue the same psychotic financial interventions and war mongering that will yield the chaos that is essential for more unequal distribution of wealth to the 1% while impoverishing whole countries and populaces. “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” tells the monetary side of this agenda, while Libya is a perfect example of when brute military force is required.

    But perhaps change is coming, one that might disrupt the best laid plans. With the new investigations on the Foundation, the D’Souza film and the revelations in”Clinton Cash”, Trump should win in a landslide. The only question will be the efficacy of the inevitable voter fraud. I remember when it was reveled that 100% of all voters in some precincts in Ohio (and elsewhere) voted for Obama; a statistical impossibility.

  29. al hall

    Greg: I believe Greg M. is wrong- we’ll see, but my insiders said he was told the dow will go above 20,000- maybe 22,000?? Only the elite’s know for sure!

    • Mike Horkey

      I think your source is correct al hall. I haven’t been to Martin Armstrong’s website in a bit but at one point he seemed to be indicating that the dow would go up and up rather significantly prior to a big implosion. I need to get back over to Martin’s blog to see if he’s still stating that but my strong belief is that you cannot underestimate the ability of these governments to kick the can down the road. And we have absolutely no idea what other tricks they have up their collective sleeves to keep on kicking. I do believe a great reset will come, but not today…

  30. Charles H

    Greg & Greg,

    Quite a while ago I said something like – ‘the FRNs (Federal Reserve Notes) don’t belong to the common man, but we’re mandated to use them. At some point they will CHARGE us to use ‘their’ money.’ I was aiming at a specific “processing fee” for each and every transaction – oh!, wait… we already HAVE this in taxes!; but even at every deposit, or withdrawal, or ANY movement. We, as a nation, are using something that does not belong to us: consequently we are held captive into ‘their’ system – and ‘they’ know it. Dupes since 1913. Seeing the world now from Mt. Killary – the lawless landscape means that they can do anything (like corrupt political parties): it’s their system, and we are in it. As long as there is enough sheeple (there will be) – the (absurdly unbounded) game will go on: until some portion of the world pulls the plug. It’s a real Matrix-like rabbit-hole: no wonder Jim Sinclair called for GOTS (Get-Out (of )-The-System).
    “… and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws;” Daniel 7:25b. This, then reflects going from the frying-pan into the fire of the One-World Government. There’s a ways to go: but some things are coming into focus.

    • Kevin Price

      I believe he’s wrong too, like when he said the market would crash in October of 2014. It didn’t.

    • Mark

      Hi Charles,
      The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit Charles and with all who come here to read and post. According to the Scriptures man was made in the image and likeness of God which sets him apart from animals who were created ” according to their kind.” So we learn that while animals largely behave by instinct, it is man who asks the larger more philosophical questions related to his reason for existence etc. It is worthy of note that animals are not plagued by the larger existential questions such as “why am I here?”, “what is the purpose of my existence?” What happens when I die? ” , “Is there a God?”. All of these questions stem from a consciousness possessed by mankind, both male and female and is an indication that while animals were created according to their kind as recorded in the Scriptures and largely behave by instinct, it is only man (both male and female) who are said to be created in the image likeness of Him in Whose image he was created and that image is the Person of the Son of God and that if we consider the way in which the woman was builded from the rib of the man and brought to him we can receive tremendous instruction from the Scriptures in that the woman finds the fulfillment of her existence in the context of relationship with him in whose image she was made and that apart from relationship with him in whose image she was made she does not find fulfillment in her existence and must resort to some sort of idolatry to define her existence. It is highly instructional to note that that the man, in whose image she was made, is her reference point and covering for all things related to this sphere of creation and she is his glory. Now consider what God has wrought in Christ Jesus concerning us as His members by faith through regeneration by His Spirit sent forth into our hearts crying Abba Father and you realize that what God is offering the world in and through the death and resurrection of His Son on our behalf is that place of sonship in the glory of the Firstborn Son of God by which we shall enjoy forever an inheritance in glory as His habitation, the Father’s house which has many abodes, forever more. This is what He has wrought and it was not with little coins of gold and silver that you were redeemed from your vain manner of life handed down from your fathers, but with precious blood as of a lamb without spot and without blemish, the blood of Christ. So we realize that without honest money there can be no fair trade, but the Lord Jesus has paid the price by His own blood to secure for us and for all ” who so ever will ” that will place their trust in Him, a place of eternal glory in that place of Sonship which the Son Himself has occupied and known in the bosom of the Father since before the foundation of the world as His inheritance and for His glory. The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit Charles and with all who come here to read and post.

      • Paul ...

        Mark … you are right ” According to the Scriptures man was made in the image and likeness of God which sets him apart from animals, the crooks, the thieves and the warmongers, etc., etc. … and because the evil neocons “are animals” that don’t believe in the 10 Commandments … they have no right to God’s inheritance or to share in his glory in Heaven!

        • Paul ...

          The murder of Christ on the Cross can’t be used “by animals” as a way to get into heaven … Christ died to save “men” (men made not only in the image of God but in the likeness of God ) … the likeness of God means what? … it means to have belief in what God says … and “Thou Shall not Murder” is one such statement of God! … the crooks on the cross beside Christ were promised salvation because they “were men” … not murdering neocon animals that demanded Gods Son be nailed to a Cross!

  31. laura m.

    We have several blue chip div. paying stocks as a retiree, six in- state muni’s, a 401k in US bonds, also military pension and three jumbo CD’s for income. Should we dump the stocks and buy more tax free muni’s? I really feel sorry for people close to retirement that don’t know what’s going on or don’t read their monthly statements.

    • Greg Hunter

      Laura M.
      I cannot give you that kind of detailed advice, but, in general, you need to think much moor defensive than what you are asking. I would prefer physical assets over paper assets at this point. Your bonds could be crushed by non payment–look at the $70 billion in defaulting Puerto Rican bonds. They could also be cru=shed if rates spike. I am not an investment advisor.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Laura, my Dad famously said advice is worth what you pay for it, but how you proceed all depends on how you view the future. In a total collapse scenario, tax bases of the various governments will evaporate, bonds will be worthless, and you will need currency for transactions and gold/silver for wealth preservation. Make sure you own your assets, especially real estate, while realizing that title does not shield you from property taxes, for which you will be responsible regardless of the economic scenario in play, and for which a desperate government will be very eager. (All of this can be seen graphically played out in the movie, Gone With the Wind.) Minimize/eliminate debt. Your current plan revolves around paper/electronic assets. These are perishable. If things continue as they are, you could ride the market and currency bubbles, but sooner or later, it’s time to get off the ride, if for no other reason but to be able to buy back at the low prices in the next big correction. Like Greg, I am not an investment adviser, but you are obviously capable of thinking for yourself, so go to it. I’m not a prophet, either, but I’m convinced that nothing big happens until our election is over. The system is vested in Hillary. A breakdown or collapse works strongly against her. But all bets are off as of Nov. 9! Best always. PM

      • Kerry

        Laura M.-
        I sure hope you have some hard assets and invest in yourself as in “skills”; self defense, weapons and tactical training, food preservation, repairs, hunting, fishing, tracking, etc. Think 18th century skills. I would MUCH rather have a remote (away from the city) defensible rural location with a sure source of clean water and a solid little cabin then electronic or paper money in the bank. You need some cash on hand and some precious metals but you also need resources and the skills to use them.

  32. NC Gal

    While I admire and respect Greg Mannarino’s expertise as a trader and his passion to try to warn people about what’s coming, I do not agree that the markets will EVER return to “normal.” That’s just as much a fantasy as dreaming that the central banks will save us. Mannarino’s dire predictions about collapse and millions dying as a result are more likely to bear (ugly) fruit, IMO. Things have gone way too far and the choices we are facing as a country are between worse and worst. Neither Hillary nor Trump would be good for this country or this world.

    • Tracy Welborn

      I think when he says “normal” he means normal in terms of functionality. Not a “normal” world. Your right, it could look like Mad Max out there and you might trade two bushels of potatoes for a dental filing – but that IS normal. A willing buyer and a willing seller coming together to exchange goods and services.

      • Tracy Welborn

        It would be nice if we could trade using a currency that was not in reality, debt. BUT, that’s not the situation right now. Eventually, we will have to have a currency backed by something of value. Money has to become money again.

        • Mark

          Amen brother!

    • James Hastings

      You are correct NC Gal. I will feel “better”, collapsing under Trump….but most of these kind patriots on the USA site, don’t think it will end. They are of the opinion…this lifestyle….will go on as usual. America is invincible. Pax Americana. I’m afraid….I am considered an outcast and waco christian. 🙂 …As I once referenced Billy and killery….”Pride cometh before a fall”…

    • Arthur Barnes

      NC Gal, I agree, never back to normal, the crash comes and we go back into the dark ages. Can you say Got Armageddon?

    • Hatemail

      After this bubble pops they will blow another one. Look at Mannarino’s bubble popping charts, the stock market takes off like a rocket after each blow off.
      This pattern will continue until we are all sleeping in cardboard boxes and digging in dumpsters.

      I just an alert from Fidelity that my 401K needs adjusting, they say I need to allocate more $$ into the stock market. That was a great laugh for the day!

    • laura m.

      Kerry and Paul: We moved to the city after the y2k farce, will stay here as we are retired and enjoy living in town. We don’t plan on starting over in the country at this point. We have weapons, hubby is retired military, we will stand our ground here. I don’t invest in gold, etc. as gov. can outlaw it making it worthless. Other things we have for bartering. I have been reading stuff about collapse since the early ’80’s and people I knew then that bought all the preps, are now in the cemetery. Food storage was donated to food banks by their heirs, stuff thrown out, and what I buy is only from the grocery stores. Long term foods tastes bad and loaded with chemicals. People can only store and do so much as space is also an issue for many.

  33. DLC


    Operation Sleeping Giant, 28-hour INFO marathon. Great line-up of guests covering wide array of topics of vital interest — Matt Bracken, Stan Deyo ……

  34. Charles H

    Just a litte aside… John Hinckley Jr’s release, today. ‘Cry havoc!, and loose the dogs of assassination!’ Timing is everything. Na-ner, nan-er boo boo; rub your face in do do.

    “All of the experts who testified at Hinckley’s 2005 conditional release hearing, including the government experts, agreed that his depression and psychotic disorder were in full remission and that he should have some expanded conditions of release.” [citation needed] Wikipedia

    Funny me – I always thought that if you crossed the line of Insanity: coming back to the Real World – was just a visit. So, Insanity can be ‘down-graded’ to a “Psychotic disorder”?!?? That’s just nuts!

    • doctorno

      “So, Insanity can be ‘down-graded’ to a “Psychotic disorder”?!?? That’s just nuts!’

      To clarify, insanity is not a medical disorder. Psychotic disorders ARE medical disorders. Insanity is a word that many people use when they can’t believe something that someone does or thinks, ie “that’s insane.” A psychotic disorder is diagnosed by a doctor, usually a psychiatrist. There is no downgrading here. He has a psychotic disorder that has been treated for years.

      • Greg Hunter

        This nut job tried to kill Reagan to impress Jody Foster. He should never be let out.

        • Arthur Barnes

          Greg, that’s right, but he should of hung from a tree after the shooting under natural law.

          • Greg Hunter

            He tried to assassinate a President of the United States. He also shot White Press Secretary James Brady in head, an injury that he barley survived and made him a cripple the rest of his life. He never fully recovered. I don’t give a crap about “natural law.” This kook should have never been released.

            • Sam Hill

              Agreed. What’s he going to do, work at McDonald’s?

      • Charles H


        What stands in legal terms -“insanity”, is substantiated by medical term “psychosis”. If this man was dismissed from legal penalty by reason of insanity; but afterward be rehabilitated to the condition where he does know the difference between reality and unreality – should he not then face the consequences of his actions? The duplicity is horrific.
        James Brady, who Hinckley shot – had his death (legally?) declared a homocide: but there’s a temporary and premeditated “my bad”, where one gets off free, room and board, and plenty of drugs – and finally, freedom.
        So, one can be psychotic, and go kill others, but due to such a medical condition – be legally excused, for medical treatment. What we have here is the Medical Profession intruding into the courts and Justice System: so that killers can be excused – which is just plain wrong. Either lock away those who are declared insane for their whole lives (if that State wants to bear the burden of costs); or IF someone gets “remission” or rehabilitated: let them then face the music – it shouldn’t go both ways.

        But then, being the son in a rich family has always “bought” justice. In this case: the Doctors function as prostitutes. Defend them if you want.

  35. Eric From Raleigh

    See guys – the slogan was correct – just the timing was off a bit.
    2008: “Hope and Change!”
    I hope Putin changes his mind and embraces US Hegemony and NATO aggression.
    I hope there is still some change left in the Social Security fund.
    I hope the second amendment is not changed.
    Ps. Too late for the first – freedom of speech is gone.
    I hope law enforcement changes back to a non-paramilitary group.
    I hope NIRP does not change my 401K to dust.
    I hope the US Gubment does not change it’s stance on owning gold.
    I hope the bank bail-ins leave me some change for food when I retire.
    I hope.. ??


    • Hatemail

      Don’t get your hopes too high, you will be disappointed.

  36. Robert Lykens, Bible Thumper

    Mr. Mannarino is perfectly capable of calling highs in the Dow – as long as normal, legal economic principles are in play. Once these are thrown out the window, however, no one can guess what will happen.
    Doesn’t make him less of a professional. He just needs to realize that chaos, by its very nature, cannot be predicted.

  37. Todd Salerno


    Great chat today. Your talk about the “when” we have the hemlock moment gave me a thought; if it becomes obvious that Trump has such a lead even the Clintons can’t cheat or kill their way out, will they pull the pin, drop the grenade and head for the exit? And by them I mean the ones that have been pumping blood into the corpse saying “look his colour is returning”. They can then say Trumps rhetoric caused it.

    Todd from Canuckistan

  38. Robbie41

    Hello Greg, This was a really good interview with Greg. I am suggesting maybe it would be a good idea to start to let all your listeners know to start gathering their preps & such, Food, Water, first-aid, Medical supplies, Pet & Bathroom Supplies, Camping & Survival Gear, & start to share this with everyone at the end of every show you do. You can share this with Good people & they would be ready for this crash in the next 2 month’s, & of course everyone will need about 2 years worth of food, but please start now. It is very important.. I know you know this as well as Steve Quayle does too.. Stay close to the good lord too.. (That Planet is getting closer by the day, as it is being seen by many webcams around the world)..

  39. Pinocchio

    Oklahoma nuclear bombing (Alfred P Murrah Federal Building, 1995) + High Frequency Trading Machine + Zero Interest Rate Policy + Gun Control + Bio Chip = USA 666.

    We have enough of these frauds. We have to secede.

    Secede !!!!

    • Diane D.

      Pinocchio, the tree of liberty fell on our watch. It is our duty to save it. I joined the ‘Liberty Movement’ six years ago. Sadly, there is no Movement because there is no movement. We are stalled like the proverbial frogs in the pot of water. The only thing that changes at every patriot event is that the sea of gray heads keeps getting grayer.

      Every time a suggestion is made to take the offense, LM’s so-called ‘leaders’ say, ‘The time is not right’. I give up on us taking any offense (including serious secession). The elites are going to play their hand. We’ll go from there.

      • Pinocchio

        Tree of liberty has been being weakened for the last 100 years by the federal government, but it still grows anyhow. Before the end of this year, some people will find a way to make the tree fastly getting stronger. Federal government and its compradors will be stunned.

        Secede !!!!

        • Greg Hunter

          Stand and Fight!!!

          • Pinocchio

            The Secession will prevail, Greg. It will. People who take care of the tree of liberty will be taken care by the tree in years to come. They will get authentic peace and prosperity that they never found in current poisonous federal environment. Someday they will look back to this year (2016) and cherish it as the most bitter year of their lives which enabled them to appreciate the gentle power of liberty and fairness, and so the year which helped them to decide to fight for Secession.

            Secede !!!!

      • Shadow of Doubt

        Love your commentary, Diane! The reason we have no movement, is because we lack knowledge, desire & vision, psychologists once referred to this as “Helen Keller Syndrome”!

  40. Da Yooper

    Greg love the Head & Armpit chart

    2008 is a Head & to the left & right are Armpits

    We are now at a Top ( head ) & the right side Armpit that is coming will be a doozy

    Greg calls for a 5000 Dow yep I agree

  41. Ken

    Todd from Canuckistan

    “They can then say Trumps rhetoric caused it.”

    That’s very possible……but only after Trump wins the election.

    Also does anyone know just how much a Presidential pardon will cover?

    Look for Bill And Hillary to get on if she comes up short.


    • Todd Salerno


      The problem is that it seems Obama is obsessed with his “legacy”. You ever play a board game and are about to win and your sore loser opponent kicks over the game board? These Demoncrat ass clowns are no different. The polls are already showing a Trump rout that the mocking bird press can’t hide, the Bernie supporters are going berserk, and Trump is going to absolutely mug her in the debate. They have to do it before the election, otherwise they lose the SCOTUS nominations, TPP, and all the other globalist goodies. I’m willing to bet $5 it happens… 🙂

  42. Gregory Mannarino

    Greg I think your fans will like this video, “FED. BLINKS AGAIN! CANNOT RAISE RATES: US ECONOMY TERMINAL.” Click here:

    • JC Davis

      Thanks for your info Greg M. I got out of it all to save my sanity. Good health to you, and your dad.
      BTW S.H.I.T. was first used in shipping. Ship High In Transit. Word of description nothing more.

  43. Beano McReano

    You guys have been saying this when the market was at 6000!

    • Greg Hunter

      Go back to sleep Beano. You are right everything is OK.

  44. Galaxy 500

    Greg Mike knocked it out of the park.
    Thanks for having him on.

  45. James Hastings

    New post on my part….each broadcast will get a Biblical response as to why we are collapsing….I am applying tuff love…..to both the man and the woman…

    Their partiality witness against them; they proclaim their SIN like SODOM, they do not hide it. Woe to them….My people…children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, your leaders mislead you, and confuse the course of your paths….IN THAT DAY…(last days) the Lord will take away the finery…the head bands, the pendants, the hand bags, the nose rings,….your men shall fall by the sword and your mighty men in battle…..Dual prophesy, for the end times…always preceded by….IN THAT DAY…Isa 5:9

    Remember that old MAN…..floating in the boat, inside the super tanker. Always measuring the level of the oil….in “Water World”. At the end, he looks up as Kevin Costner drops that flare down the hatch and the old man says……..

    “Thank God”.


    • Paul ...

      Neocons are “animals” they don’t belong in Heaven with us … God would go crazy listening to Hillary’s voice for all eternity … she belongs with insane Lucifer in the “Nut House” called Hell!!

      • Paul ...

        They say God has many “houses” in Heaven … besides the “Big Nut House” (Hell) he probably has a Scull and Bones House” … an “Illuminati House”, etc., etc. … and one more thing … although my dog “Amen” is defined by us as an “animal” he never murdered, lied, cheated or defrauded anyone and always showed “only love” his entire life … so I know God would make an exception for my “Amen” and allow him into heaven before allowing any damn evil neocon in!!

  46. JC Davis

    G 500 I am back to not voting this year. Just when I think trump is a smart leader he goes and ask a communist country to spy on top secret emails of his opponent. Unbelievable stupidity. This is a non election.

    • Shadow of Doubt

      JC Davis,
      What??? You don’t believe that these emails were just yoga schedules and personal interactions with friends and family. Hillary wouldn’t lie, she’s a paragon of virtue! Why would this request by Trump upset the DNC? After all Hillary assured the Nation that none of these email were top secret therefore a flippant request like this would certainly never warrant a charge of espionage. The DNC’s concern is either laughable or damning. This was indeed a clever ploy on Trump’s part.

      • JC Davis

        SOD You underestimate the (strong delusion) 90% of our country is under. For you and people on this site awake and thinking clear a lie is seen way off. The most of the country just goes along to get along. Many of them believe what the MSM says over their on common sense.

        • Charles H


          I will vote – not because I think it matters; or the vote’s not rigged; or Trump is a -rump. I will vote as a matter of conscience, and the importance of this time in history. I will drive 600 miles, one way just for it – and my money is scarce. The whole thing is stinky. I just hope you’ll hold your nose and be a part.

          • JC Davis

            CH I am a small ways behind you, but on the same track. Love you brother.

        • Shadow of Doubt

          JC Davis,
          You’ll get no arguments from me regarding the “spirit of delusion” which has settled on this once great country. Just wanted to let you know that your insights and commentary are a great addition to this website! Be blessed.

          • JC Davis

            Love you Shadow of Doubt.

    • Tin foil hat

      JC Davis,
      Why does Putin prefer Trump? Putin is trying to avert WWIII by freeing the Americans from another administration control by the war mongering banksters.
      Btw, Trump didn’t have to ask a communist country to spy on us, communist countries and our allies have been and will continue to spy on us with or without Trump’s invitation.
      The only thing unbelievable is Hillary made it so easy for these spies.


      • JC Davis

        TFH. I did not read it all but I get your point, and agree. Putin has shown great restraint to avoid a world wide war. I think there are two mind frames 1 Globalist using freedom as a tool. 2 Communist hanging on to sovereignty. Trump is a sovereign, yet non communist.
        That said Trump may be running to get rid of the IRS audit. If his audit is cleared he will do something so stupid, handing Hillary the election. That’s what I think. I don’t believe Trump really wants to be president. Like Hillary there are hidden reasons for him running. This is a non election.

    • MCasey

      Hello JC Davis…..If I know the conversation you are referring to, Trump said he was being sarcastic.

      Hillary has stated these are not “top secret emails”….. they are just about yoga class and Chelsea’s wedding.

      If Hillary is telling the truth, exposure would only vindicate her. But by the “distractor” Trump received from the DNP (which some people fell for), Hillary is probably afraid she will be exposed as a liar and for putting our security at risk.

      If some foreign government has them; then they already have them….blame Hillary, not Trump.

      • MCasey

        And by the reaction to Trump’s comment, it seems people just assume the emails ARE “top secret”….. this reaction seems to reveal, that in their hearts, people know Hillary is lying about yoga class and Chelsea’s wedding.

        • JC Davis

          MCasey. In my heart I know these emails were some top secret, but mostly emails that would jail her, and destroy the Clinton foundation. Possibly sending Bill, and Chelsi to jail with her.
          That said, Trump gave the D- MSM a load of ammo when they were out. As Trump would say ( We got to be smart ). He should have worded it better.

          • Shadow of Doubt

            I wonder how much “Freedom of Speech” we would of had “if” at our founding stipulations were set forth that required all public statements to be; well conceived, smoothly worded or palatable to all who heard it?

            • JC Davis

              SOD the same as what we are seeing. The republic has been removed by Bush, then Clinton , Baby Bush again, Obamu now what? I don t see a future without law. My words may not be acceptable because I mis spell with my 6 grade level. Truth is greater then the one, or ones speaking it. The day is quickly coming when truth will rule. The Spoken word has eyes of fire.

              • Shadow of Doubt

                Agreed! The “Rule of Law” is the glue that keeps our society together, without it we will look like just any other war torn third world country (the left has always believed that a crisis is necessary to foment change). You are most eloquent and your points are well taken, my point was “political correctness” undermines our freedom of speech and perverts the truth!

    • Paul ...

      JC … Trump is being smart … by asking Russia “to spy” … what he in effect has done is take Russia off the hook for the neocon crime of “hacking our computers” … thus preventing NATO-US military neocons from using the “hacking” to order a nuclear first-strike against Russia … and thus get their WWIII started (they so desperately need and want)! …

      • JC Davis

        Paul I don’t think Russia is giving Trump much thought . They know the oligarchs, and they know the want to be oligarchy. If nothing else trump is a sign that the door is closing.
        He is running scared. Point blank Scared he will not be involved in the inner circle.

        • JC Davis

          You caught that. LOL Love the EWO.
          I said more that was not posted.
          EWO = eyes wide open

  47. David Clumpner

    Greg and Greg,
    Just as the dozen blind men attempting to describe the elephant,
    The Two Quadrillion Elephant is so humongous that no one has a handle on it,
    not even the Uber Elites.
    There are just so many power brokers such as the BIS awa Euro & London Covert
    Shadow Masters pulling the strings.
    We all know the reset/reboot is coming but I say it will be truly a ‘Black Swan’ which
    essentially means that no one can predict it.

  48. MCasey

    Just (painfully) listened to Joe Biden’s DNC speech. The economy is wonderful, the military is wonderful and the only thing to fear is Trump himself. Be happy, don’t worry and everyone takes home a trophy!

    • JC Davis

      MCasey there delusional. Clear cut perverted minds. Characterized by sexually abnormal and unacceptable practices or tendencies: The foundation of there lives is based in lies, so the lies have become truth for them.

      • JC Davis


  49. Karen

    My two favorite Gregs! Thank you both for all you do to keep us informed and aware.

  50. Sayonara

    I thought that GregM’s call was the top as well. I think it comes down to this:
    The stock market is the last frontier before the reset. The Federal Reserve out of desperation must do what ever it takes to keep the market at all time highs in spite of illogical fundamentals.
    Pension plan returns are the canary in the coal mine as they are now investing in investments that are ultra high risk in order to attempt to achieve returns to meet their obligations. Google “Dallas police and fire pension lawsuit” and you will see what a complete mess their pension system is in. The Google Calpers and one of the largest pension funds in the country cannot make returns. We are in very deep deep you know what. I think the pension funds will be ignition of the bond market collapse. I do not handle high altitudes well and I am really starting to get queasy.
    I thank both of you for your excellent analysis!

    • Tin foil hat

      ZIRP has not only forced the Pension Funds into the stock market, Insurance Companies are investing in the various high risk investments for yields too. That’s why I know Puerto Rico Bond would be saved for the same reason the market would continue to levitate.

      The debt based currency system forces us to “live” in the future. We make our decisions about the value of all tangible things that exist in our world today, based on how we predict thoughts will change tomorrow. And when tomorrow comes, a new future advances, which again forms these thoughts and predictions of an ever changing present. The wizard behind the curtain knows that and, with the help of HFT algorithm, molds the collective thoughts in the stock and bond markets in order to keep the debts/currency whole.

      I believe everything will be held up until the little Dutch boy runs out of fingers to plug the leaks. Like Grey, I made the assumption that the boy has 10 fingers.

    • matt

      Pennsylvania pension fund (SERs) for 2015 earned net 88 million after Fees. It paid out 3.1 billion.

  51. Peter

    This guest speaker needs to acknowledge that
    US trading volume is usually low this time of year. If you examine US
    stock market internals, many are positive today.

    Linked is a report that claims that the Democrat party
    may have committed election fraud and robbed Bernie Sanders!
    This is scary stuff if true!


    • Paul ...

      Wow … look at the pie chart … the neocon Hillary stole a pretty big chunk of the pie … and even got Bernie to support her after screwing him royally … watch as Hillary steals all Gina’s retirement money from her bank account and Gina can’t fly to Conventions anymore … Gina will still be supporting Hillary after her royal screwing! … fraud, robbery, lies, war, etc., etc., are the neocons forte … they love screwing the people … look at what Bill does every chance he gets!

  52. Jak

    I never miss Greg Hunter’s interviews and I also highly recommend McAlvany Weekly Commentary every Wednesday. I’ve learned an incredible amount of priceless information from both Greg’s and David’s sites in the past 3 years. I’m sorry that the average guy on the street has no idea what is taking place in this country. Pokemon Go is a lot of people’s reality, sad to say.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jak. We try to prepare and warn folks one person at a time.

  53. Wilfong

    It’s time to get out of the market. I mean look at P/E ratios, companies buying back their own stock, and the low interest rates. Everyone wants to ride the wave up, but when the music ends, some people are going to lose their seat. I think this is going to implode right after the election, but I wouldn’t bet on that, and would go ahead and get out before then.

  54. Drno

    Bloomberg’s speech was bloody EPIC.

  55. Chip

    Greg, this is beyond sick, please do something on this and get it out to as many people as you can. It is on ZH website but I also discovered the story on ACLU Texas Website. You can also find the 19 page lawsuit in PDF if you Google case 3:13-cv-00406…


    EVERY American should be livid and ready to march on Washington DC!!!

  56. Pvt. Mushroom

    Thank you again Gregs.

    Sanders was a scam from day one. He packaged up the left wing and tried to deliver it en mass to Killary. I was wondering what happens to the $ millions left in Bernie’s campaign contributions. Does he get this payola…?

    Thanks again…

  57. Peter

    Dear Greg,

    Again: all what I hear, is: maybe this and maybe that and it could be this but maybe also that and what ever it will be but maybe…etc etc.

    So: what do you think and your friend ‘ mario’ think.

    Love to hear.

    Regards from Europe


    • Greg Hunter

      Well Peter you can always go back and watch your EU media and let them lie to you about the murders from the “refugee” program you all have choked down. What is coming is Biblical and you better account ]for all of what “maybe” or you are toast.

    • Tracy Welborn

      I know this will fall on deaf ears, however, there is not a math equation whereas we are able to keep the global economy working. It does not exist. No matter how hopeful you are for the future, or, in your case, I think its is fear – the economy will colapse. Facts are facts. They don’t care about how you “feel” about them. The debt will continue to grow and we will move more and more toward negative rates until there is a default. They will ALL default. This is what will happen.

    • Robert Lykens, Bible Thumper

      Hey Peter, Greg’s guests say ” maybe, could, maybe” because they know they are not prophets of God. They are doing their best to prognosticate what is coming based on the evidence they have, but they’re smart enough to not state definitively what they think might happen. Therefore they say “maybe” and “could”.
      Since you know better than they do, why don’t you tell us what the real future holds? I’m sure everyone is waiting on pins and needles to hear your wise opinion.

  58. anonymouse

    The the wealthy elite through big banks they own also engineered one of the biggest bond bull markets in history 1934-1937 most assuredly with the help of the FED which they also own at the expense of the American People.
    America must be informed somehow that the wealthy elite are unionized by an organization which is the Council on Foreign Relations. Hillary Clinton is their tool, owned body and soul by the “Mothership” in New York as she calls it. They and their tool Hillary are the enemy of the American people who they consider a sheep to be clipped and sheered of their wealth.

    Isnt there any way to let the American people know that this relationship exists and to make it go viral??

  59. Just'n Observer

    Greg H and Greg M… thank you both…excellent !
    Foggygoggles – thanks for the reference as well.. http://mcalvanyweeklycommentary.com/ – Explains a lot…and gives one pause as to which way to play things for how long !

    Greg M… and Prayers and Best Wisher for your father and family…!

  60. Just'n Observer

    Does this explain the Fed actions Greg Mannarino talks about regarding ‘dark pools’ and extreme shanigans they pull to keep the market bubble going?
    Take a listen….creditism vs capitalism

  61. Oxfarmer

    If you have to drive 600 miles to
    vote, for Mercy’s sake, make it the right vote.

    Paul and Jesus never had a recorded conversation until Acts…better read your Bible a bit more often.

    A priest is murdered at the altar in Normandy and they LET THE CREEP GO!!!!! Islam is a PEACEFUL religion!!! Where is Pope Francis…golfing? You Christians who aren’t Catholic, think this over carefully.. How long before it’s YOUR Pastor? There should be a major howl over this one.

    As to preparing…get out of the stock market while you can. Metal, cash under the mattress, anything is better than being in this corrupt and dying system. Pay off your debts, house etc.. Think of the realities, things you would need if there was a collapse. Don’t participate in the fantasy land.

    • Paul ...

      The Lucifer worshiping neocons want to flaunt God Almighty “with right in your face acts of evil” … like murdering a priest at the alter … or chopping off Christian heads … and are helping these ISIS stooges with money, weapons and passports to other nations … where their evil ISIS stooges can do the same God defying evil acts!

  62. google

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    I mean, what you say is fundamental and everything.
    However just imagine if you added some great images or videos
    to give your posts more, “pop”! Your content is excellent but with
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