Hillary Clinton Email Trouble, China Devalues Yuan, No Iran Deal Kills Dollar says Kerry

4_jpgBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (WNW 203, 8/14/15) 

Hillary Clinton is in big trouble with her private server and how classified and “Top Secret” documents were handled. It is reported she turned over her private server to the FBI, and it is also reported it was professionally wiped clean. She was legally required to keep it intact. ABC News is reporting she got tips on “How to delete something so it stays deleted.” Wiping the server clean is not going to save her from a huge and growing legal mess. It is already known that Top Secret documents were not handled correctly, and that even the words “Top Secret” were removed when sending some emails from the State Department to Clinton’s private server. This happened while the Democratic front runner ran the State Department. This story is not going to go away, and now people are openly calling her a criminal and calling for a Special Prosecutor. This is not just Mrs. Clinton, but also her staff are being implicated in alleged national security breaches and outright crime to cover it up. Clinton maintains she has done nothing wrong.  There are numerous allegations of criminal acts and conspiracy that is surrounding this growing scandal.  My prediction, a few months ago was Hillary Clinton will not be President, and now I am wondering if she will drop out before the first primary. Please keep in mind that General Petraeus got a $100,000 fine and 2 years probation for having a stack of classified papers in his desk. This is far worse by orders of magnitude. Not only that, but Clinton has long said that she “no classified information,” which we now know is a blatant lie that she said* under oath to Congress. If President Obama wanted a solid case to trash his nemesis Hillary Clinton, this is it and totally legit. Hillary Clinton will be lucky if she does not end up in jail. She certainly will not be the next President of the United States. She and we do not deserve it.

China has devalued its currency this week multiple times. When China did the first devaluation of the yuan, we were told by the mainstream media not to worry. It was a one and done event. That is not so, and it is looking more and more like a trend. China looks like it is panicking over its sinking economy, and devaluing its currency is a way to make its products cheaper and allow it to export more.  Donald Trump said this was “devastating to the U.S.” Why? Because it makes everything exported to China more expensive virtually overnight. Top export states that do business with China such as California could be hurt. California alone dose $15 billion a year in trade with China. This could and probably will touch off a currency war, and everybody will devalue so they will not lose market share. The global economy is clearly losing steam, and everybody is desperate to keep this debt bubble from popping. There are extreme amounts of debt in every corner of the world, and it is getting harder and harder to keep up. In the long run, if you devalue the currency, you devalue the bonds. What will the U.S. do? They certainly are not going to be raising interest rates unless they intentionally want to crash the economy.  This move by China is a sign that things are getting worse, not better.

Secretary of State John Kerry says if the Iran nuclear deal is not passed by Congress, the U.S. dollar could cease being the world reserve currency. Is John Kerry already setting up the blame game for the huge economic problems coming? Maybe, blame every economic woe coming on the Republicans because of a NO vote on the Iran nuke deal. This is an odd warning from a man who was the lead negotiator who told Congress he “does not have access” to the side deals between Iran and the UN inspectors. This deal hinges on verification, and he does not know the details of the inspections? He is either a liar or a buffoon, and he may be both. I told you last week that I did not know how Senator Chuck Schumer could vote yes on this deal. The next day, he announced he would not vote for it. I suspect many Democrats will follow his lead and vote NO with the Republicans. It is looking like Obama’s veto will be overridden, especially with news of top Iranian and Russian military personnel taking turns visiting each other’s country.

Join Greg Hunter as he looks at these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Gina Mancarella

    Greg, This is so unfair. Hillary Clinton has honrably served this country with devotion and loyalty. I dont see the video yet, but she is really our last hope to save and preserve our nation. Who could we propose in her place ? Donald Trump ? We know how that ends. Or Jeb Bush ? Do we really need to create another ISIS ? Please Greg. Lets make a sensible case for the American people. I beg you. There is a lot at stake. I know that you love this nation. I know you do. Your sincerity is unquestionable. Lets bring this back to the America we once knew.

    • Greg Hunter

      Clinton is a liar, criminal and she has breached US in National Security. This is what the overt data shows. You better start liking Bernie Sanders or Martin O’Malley. Hill is toast. Not sure she will make it to the first debate, and keep in mind, President Obama is the one who released the server story.

      • ConcernedAmericanDad

        Gina has to be a sarcastic fake. Then again, since Hillary still has any approval rating pretty much speaks to the point that there are plenty of morons out there that will vote for her simply because she has female organs. The fact that she is not already behind bars illustrates what a farce the whole “system” is.
        The 277 point turnaround the other afternoon is also evidence of a farce. I turn around and look up at CNBS this morning and their ” headline” across the bottom of the screen is EURO RISES ON GREEK BAILOUT. Those blithering cheerleaders shrug everything off, nothing is ever a big deal in the face of US strength, not Greece, Euro, China……

        I think China’s move has something to do with the fact that the IMF already postponed any discussion of yuan inclusion until sometime into 2016- go check their web-site.

        Things do seem to be accelerating at a quickening pace. When is Willie coming back with you-it has been quite some time?

      • andyb

        From a very cynical viewpoint, it seems that the elite are in big trouble with their planned and orchestrated ticket of Bush and Clinton. What people like Gina don’t understand is that all the candidates are preselected; the primaries are all smoke and mirrors. The MSM is ready and able to slander any non-selected individual, the DNC and RNC will work behind the scenes to ensure that the “chosen” is chosen, and then there is massive voter fraud (especially in absentee ballots) to cement the “proper” result.

        • Paul from CA

          … and your proof that they are “chosen” is what? Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy unfounded allegations, but I know you want to provide us with the supporting facts. Right?

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'


        I don’t think Gina is genuine.
        My call is she is not a Hilderbeast supporter at all.
        I think she makes these ludicrous statements to goad us into making massively negative responses that actually criticize the hell out of the HB.
        In Gina’s way ‘she’ is creating much more critical comment than she could possibly achieve by just mentioning the negatives herself. She does it differently. She gets US to blast the crap out of Hillary. And you know Greg….. it works for her.
        Just my view but let Gina rock on with her farcical comments – to some of us she has become quite amusing. Perhaps we need an element of comedy on WD, goodness knows most of what is discussed is pretty grim stuff.

        IMHO HB is gone anyway, and in spite of the fact that she would be a neocons’s dream come true in the big old house.
        It was quite clear in the Presidential debate the other day that most of the R runners would love her to be their opponent when it comes down to the wire. Surely no country in the world could take this women seriously as a presidential candidate.
        Not even America!


        • Greg Hunter

          You may be right Colin.

        • ConcernedAmericanDad

          right on Colin. She’s the MillionDollarBonus of USA Watchdog

        • aussie jeff

          on the money Colin, never gave her that much thought,I say give her free reign and don’t pass comment,game over!!!
          BTW Colin>>>>>>>> nice to get one back on you guys finally.
          Cheers Jeff.

        • diane s.

          You’re right KIWI.
          Hillary for PRISON in 2016

          • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

            Diane s

            Lock her up and throw the key away.
            She has already caused far too much carnage around the world. What makes it even more tragic is that she jokes and laughs about the killing and the chaos she has orchestrated.
            I quote re Libya;
            “We came we saw we killed, ha ha ha”

            To me in the antipodes it is absolutely incomprehensible that she could be considered as the best bet that the democratic party has to offer. This is a very sad comment indeed on where politics has come to in the US.


      • David

        It doesn’t matter how well and professionally that server was wiped- there is an electronic trail of EVERY e-mail sent to or received from that server. Any investigator worth his or her salt KNOWS this, and the picture of criminality and TREASON by Mrs. Clinton can be recreated with, or without her server. And like you said, this came to light not because big fat meanies in the Republican party are out to conduct a witch-hunt on an opposition candidate. My guess is, they would have rather just let this sleeping dog lie, but she was outed by ‘others’ in her own party, so what can Republicans do now and how would it look if in spite of the leak, they just looked away as if it was a non-issue? Clinton was playing on the sympathies of uninformed, lock-step supporters like Gina to build up this underdog scenario of the poor picked on woman who “honorably served” but because she’s a democrat, and this is an election, she gets thrown under the bus and We The People have to rally for her. NONSENSE! She is not, nor has ever been as pure as driven snow, and she sure as hell deserves at least jail time, rather than a spot light on the national stage during an election campaign.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you David for adding this tech information. Hillary is in very big trouble no doubt!!

    • Brent


      It does not matter who gets into office. The president is nothing other than a puppet for the multi national corporations. Even if Miss Clinton had great intentions it would not matter. However, Miss Clinton is backed by the multi nationals such as big pharma and Monsanto so I do not know why you think she is so great.

    • eddiemd


      Why allow this rubbish to be posted?

      • Greg Hunter

        It sparks comment and debate. It also is a window into how some in this country think. I know this might be fake and maybe a troll, but “Gina” says she is not. She might be for real and maybe she might be positivly influenced here.

      • ConcernedAmericanDad

        Agree Brent. It’s all a big game- the illusion of a choice. Rather than a candidate they should just put either an elephant or a jackass in the oval office and still the course would be followed and nothing would change.

        • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'


          Rather than an elephant or a jackass maybe they will just settle with Biden.
          The guy acts like a half wit and we all know that he most definitely sounds like one every single time he opens his mouth.
          Wouldn’t Joe be ideal for the neocons to have in the big old house?


    • Papa Ooo Mao Mao

      Gina…I strongly suggest you Google Clinton, Bush, Mena Arkansas to find out why Barbara Bush calls Mrs Clinton’s husband her “good son” Hint: Drugs, Guns, Iran. Billy wasn’t some hick Arkansas governor, he was hand picked as president as a result of his “favors’ to GHW while he was running Arkansas. That is why the GHW “no mas” campaign against Billy was so lackluster. It was a simple football hand off from one crime family to the next.
      There is no difference:
      For the Patriot Act – Bush and Hillary
      Takes big money from Wall Street – Bush and Hillary
      Refuses to prosecute Wall Street criminals – Bush and Hillary
      Willing to indefinitely detain american citizens – Bush and Hillary
      In favor of warrantless searches and seizures – Bush and Hillary
      In favor of tapping phones without cause – Bush and Hillary
      Open borders – Bush and Hillary
      In favor of the Iraq fiasco costing tens of thousands of maimed US troops – Bush and Hillary
      Worked together with Bill in Mena Arkansas for Iran/Contra – Bush and Hillary
      Political assassinations: “We came we saw he died” – Bush and Hillary
      The list is endless…….
      How does one choose?
      The lesser of two evils is still evil.

    • Galaxy 500

      Isaiah 5:20King James Version (KJV)
      20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

      • Greg Hunter

        Amen brother 500.

      • dbcooper

        G5, don’t know if you have seen but I noticed a photo of a “Hillary For Prison 2016 ” yard sign… Where oh where do I get some?? And then there was the story on Trunews of some place in Ohio where the aclu sued to remove the Ten Commandments from public buildings and I guess won so a local church had printed Ten Commandment yard signs and put them in people’s yard all over town… One Hundred and Ten THOUSAND of them!! What a hoot… you don’t want Four?? How about 110,000 !! Yours… DB

    • George Lenz

      Hello Gina,
      Your letter is based on hope as you see it. However, you have not been paying attention and studying the machinations on what has been transpiring. As American citizens, we no longer have the luxury of watching others do our bidding and hoping that everything works out for us. We are living in a society where even the most well educated people have been “dumbed down”. The networks run stories that they want you pay attention to while the most important and pressing stories are omitted or kept in the background. If society as a whole will tolerate the malfeasance and criminal behavior that continues to permeate all around us, then people will go willingly to the gas showers. If you think I’m being an alarmist here, just study your history. In the words of George Carlin, they don’t care about you!

    • Southern Girl

      Gina or should I say Jim,

      Stay off this site you male troll. I for one am tired of reading your comments. We all know who you are and you are not fooling anyone but yourself. Go find another job on another site.

    • Sandman

      Unfair? Are you serious? People like you are a huge part of the problem in this country. You are morally blind…

    • Mark

      Gina, don’t you read and listen?

    • Alyce

      Unbelievable, wow. You need to do some research. Hilary and her husband have received probably millions of dollars from our enemies in exchange for favors. Did you know how Bill Clinton received $700k for his speeches after she went into office vs what he used to make…$170k? That’s what she was doing as sec of state. She lied about Benghazi insisting it was caused by a video, and I’m sure that goes much deeper, there are books written on the subject. Did you ever ask yourself why she needed a personal server for her emails? I don’t know anyone with a personal server. And it’s against the law for Sec of state anyway. If she was innocent, don’t you think she would’ve voluntarily offered the server immediately, rather than be forced to by the FBI? Greg, what do you think of that explosion in China that coincidentally happened after their devaluations?

    • Andymal

      Wow. Now I see why this nation is a goner with folks this clueless. I’m sure a good , nice person but utterly in the dark. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

    • FC

      Gina, you’re a shiny beacon in the greatest growth industry in the world……..stupidity.

    • Chip

      LMAO!!! You cannot be serious!!! Nebbish troll… Chip

    • Ken Multitaski

      Is this post a joke? You are really barking up the wrong tree with these utterly misplaced comments. Or, perhaps there is another possibility:

      Under Ordknorrville Bridge, West Nordenshire Bend, 386 BC:
      Weedowney Cullcutty, midwife – “Congratulations Mrs. Mancarella it’s a troll”

    • aries

      Is this person Gina Mancarella for real??????????????? Shill maybe???????

    • RTW

      Gina ;
      Surely you jest. You cannot listen to this woman constantly get up and lie about her devices, her server, and her e-mails and believe a word of it. She is beginning to sound pathetic each and every time she opens her mouth. You are one of her most loyal supporters, I’ll grant you that. I don’t know who her other supporter is but he/she is nowhere in possession of your devotion to her. Hopefully she will be incarcerated in a facility near you so you would be enabled to make frequent visits, to bolster her ego. She’ll need someone to fortify all the great things that she’s done in her life. God Bless and Good Luck.

    • NC Gal


      The only loyalty Hillary has it to herself and her Illuminati controllers. None of the choices you list — including Hillary — would be good for this country. Those who had the integrity to stand up to the banksters were murdered or otherwise done away with. Hillary would be only too happy to “serve” the puppetmasters and reap profit all the way to her grave. However, we will probably be under martial law by the end of 2015 and Emperor Obozo will remain where he is, elections suspended and no replacement in sight. Agenda 21 goes to the next level on September 25 and our country will not be going back to the way it was, ever again.

  2. vincent_g

    Correct me if I’m wrong but just having a server in one’s house should all by itself to jail someone.
    This is operating outside the bounds of the government!
    If this was done in a private company the person would be charged with cooperate espionage.

    But here what we have is you, Greg Hunter, pleading to have the law enforced.
    How low can the country go?

    How low?

    • Sayonara

      It really unbelievable and it really scares me that so many people like Gina have such absolute blind faith in a politician who has repeatedly lied and that their policies have created chaos across the globe. Then again, I watched the video of several people choosing a large Hershey bar over a 10 oz. bar of silver. We really do live in country where the average American is one of the stupidest humans to roam the planet earth in history IMO. The problem with stupid is that you are not just stupid for the day.
      we are in deep deep trouble.

      • Diane D

        Sayonara, what a great question for the first Democratic debate. Better have some Hersey bars ready.

  3. Galaxy 500

    Hillary Clinton for Prison 2016

    • Southern Girl

      Galaxy 500,

      Thanks for the new chant…..I love it. I gulped my coffee and had to spit it out. Warn us next time you are going to lay out a funny so I can save my computer screen from coffee.

    • brian

      I bought the tee shirt, but you know, I just don’t have the guts to wear it in public.

    • Charles H.


      And I always thought that Hillary was made of something better than Teflon – some inter-planetary alliance of Kryptonite and Teflon. She has mowed many a body under her bus. It’s hard for me, in light of all the never-to-be-jailed Banksters, to believe Liberal Democrats could ever commit one of their own to bars; or a powerful woman be reduced to a political side-show, in this age of empowerment. Great slogan, though!

  4. Smaulgld

    Great wrap and points re Hillary Clinton and her server.
    How is this scandal not centered on Obama? Did he not interact with his secretary of state via Hilary’s server?
    Wasn’t he aware of this breach?
    Isnt HE responsible for his direct reports?
    Didnt he know about the server?
    How is it that he can just dump this on Hillary?

    • Greg Hunter

      All good questions but it is Hillary who appears to be the one in trouble here.

      • Chip

        I agree with small gold, the president and his advisors should have known this was wrong. I had TS/SCI clearance. I would have been in jail with the key thrown away for this kind of breach of security. One law for us peons and one for the politically connected…. someone needs to go to jail. Chip

  5. Smaulgld

    A common retort to the observation that the labor force participation rate dropping is a function of retiring baby boomers.
    This is false.
    I pulled the charts and they show:
    The labor force participation rate among 25-54 year old -the prime working years has dropped since 2009.
    CHART: https://smaulgld.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/labor-force-participation-rate-25-54-through-april-20151.png

    Indeed the labor force participation rate has declined for all age groups other than one-older and retirement age workers!

    The labor force participation rate for those 55 years and older and those 65+ Has INCREASED since 2009!

    CHART https://smaulgld.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/labor-force-participation-rate-65-thourgh-may-2015.png

    This indicates that boomers are not retiring in the numbers they should as they are forced to stay or return to the labor force because the economy is bad and/or they cant live off interest on their retirement savings because banks no longer pay interest due the Fed Zero Interest Rate Policy.

    More labor force participation rate charts and analysis: https://smaulgld.com/why-the-job-recovery-is-a-farce-illustrated-in-six-charts/

    • Bob Lamb

      It doesn’t matter what the labor rates are. If we were all wealthy, the labor rates would be low and that wouldn’t be bad. What is important is how much we are spending on welfare and if that number is going up or down. It is high and going up, so yes we are in a big mess. Just saying what you did in different way I think, and that is the labor rate numbers annonced don’t tell the whole story.

      • Russ McMeans

        But money can be ‘printed’ to fix the problem! ….. Don’t worry, be happy!

    • andyb

      Boomers retiring early is a constant lie in the MSM as you point out. The only boomers that are retiring are doctors who cannot afford to operate a practice with the payments they receive under Obamacare from either reimbursements from Medicare or from Insurance Companies with their game-playing denials.

    • Chip

      Spot on small… Chip

    • WD


      The older workers are the ones keeping the LPR from plummeting!! Without them trying to work we would see the real dreadful numbers!!


    • Paul from Indiana

      Brother Smaul, thanks for this excellent research. The media engage in confusion. They have to put the information out there; they just make it laborious to connect the dots. Pick your topic: labor participation rate, unemployment, debt, deficit, QE, Gold/Silver suppression, LIBOR, whatever. It’s all lies/scams. Best always. PM

      P.S. Humpty Dumpty, the dyed-blonde version ($600!) this time, (Hillary) and All the King’s Horses and All the King’s Men (the media) are BAAACK…

  6. Michael

    Greg, China is not doing what it appears to be doing. For many years China PEGGED it’s currency to the US Dollar. THAT is currency rigging. This is the same thing the Swiss National Bank did with the Swiss currency when they pegged it to the Euro. That didn’t work because of the tremendous cost. For China to stay pegged to the US Dollar they have to print money at the same frantic pace the Federal Reserve expands our money supply. This results in very high inflation in China. Now China has unpegged their currency allowing it to freely float like every other world currency. That is the normal state of a sovereign currency. A PEG is the abberation. If China stays pegged to the US Dollar their currency could never retain credibility. By being pegged to the US Dollar as the Dollar has been rising on the Forex exchange their currency has gained against all of their trading partners in Asia. This hurts their own exports and the imports of their trading partners. No country has to peg to anybody’s currency. It is just too costly, ask the Swiss. Love your show, never miss it, God Bless.

    • Winston Churchill

      Indeed, the yuan was pegged at US request(Geitner) as a condition of SDR inclusion.
      The Chinese finally realized there was never any intention of giving them a seat
      at the table.De pegging has sunk the TPP, and thats good, but brought us fully into
      trade wars.China no longer needs to play Mr. Nice Guy,watch out below.

    • Charles H.


      You sir, are correct. Good call.

    • Chip

      It is not floating yet. They have just “adjusted” the peg, lowering the value of the yuan verses the dollar…

    • JC Davis

      Michael exactly. What china is doing is the equivalent to flipping the light of so the dollar can see how to soft crash, Also take the leftover world to there advantage.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Yes, but when Switzerland “depegged” from the Euro, the Swiss Frank went up 40%! That was a beating they didn’t want to take, but they were getting the heebie-jeebies watching the Euro start the printing game. China’s currency has indeed gone down vs. the Dollar and the Euro, so I see your point, but maybe don’t agree altogether. China is not the great monolith everyone wants to think. They have their own problems and weaknesses. Many thanks and best always. PM

      • susan

        Paul, that is what FoxBusiness said this morning.. I don’t think I believe them. China is going to “fix ” everyone or at least try. I believe China is stronger and has more power than everyone thinks.

        • Paul from Indiana

          Susan, we have a tradition of overestimating our rivals. We showered a generation’s worth of praise on the USSR, and for what? Yes, China is a legitimate world power/player, but the Chinese are humans and therefore fallible. They have even more governmental control, and therefore more distortions and screwups, than we do. The difference is that our economy is mature, and their economy is nascent but coming into its first real crisis. I think they have an older culture, and a longer time perspective, but I am not willing to ascribe invincibility or inevitability to them. And they’ll find out just how wonderful they are, if and when the US tanks and the world descends into chaos. What do you do when over 1 billion people riot on your watch? Best always. PM

          • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'


            So your economy is mature is it?
            Yes maybe you are right!
            It has matured into something where the distribution of wealth is akin to feudalism.
            Your central bank is owned by banksters.

            • frederick

              @Colin İ agree most Americans have no clue just how immature we truly are END THE FED

      • Charles H.

        Still, isn’t the idea of distancing or independence-ing from Dollar swing or direction? Less ties, less control.

      • JC

        P F I The one thing we can know is (all ) fiat currency will crash. China may be the first country to restart there motor with gold, and 1.4 b slaves to trade/ transport it. So in that light China would be the first leader with many following. They are willing to crash with the rest of the world as long as they have a good back up plan going forward.

    • NC Gal


      Thank you for that. It was very helpful to me in understanding what is going on with China and the yuan. It also sounds like that move was a “Who needs YOU?” response to the IMF delaying China’s admission to the SDR. Yet another move to do business without using or being influenced by the USD.

  7. frederick

    You know Greg İ first met Hillary back in 2005 while walking my dog at my neighborhood beach maybe 300 yards from my cottage in Sag Harbor NY She was shilling for a pollution control project or should i say for votes and İ didnt care for her demeanor much back then

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Frederick for the story and perspective on Hill.

  8. libertarian jerry

    Greg,another great WNW. I always look forward to your excellent Friday synopsis of the week’s news. You do the job that the MSM refuses to do and you do it well. With that said,I bet you a dollar to a donut that the Democrats will run Joe Biden for President in 2016.

    • Greg Hunter

      Libertarian Jerry,
      They are going to have to run someone other than Hillary. I stand by my prediction of months ago and that is she will not be President. Either she will blow herself up or the Dems will get tired of the drama and pull the plug on her. It will not be inspired by the Republicans in any way. Remember is was the Obama White House that first released the private server the Hill had at State.

  9. Tommy

    I agree with you that HRC is toast and she will be tossed aside sooner rather than later. The democrats don’t have time to waste in replacing her. Obviously Sanders is not the best choice for them. O’Malley and Webb have gotten nowhere fast. So that means a white knight or fair lady. Biden? I don’t Uncle Joe is going to get the nod (too nutty). That means someone new and someone fairly well known; no time for getting a no name. My bet would be on Elizabeth Warren who would get all the support of the wackos backing Bernie while pretending to more a more traditional democrat to appeal to the not so far lefties. I would think this will happen several weeks before the presumed first debate in October.

    • Greg Hunter

      My bet is they must do something before the first debate and primary. Time is short for the Dems. I really think they can do much better than Hill. I don’t agree with Senator Sanders on much, but at least he is not a crook and a liar. I know that is a low bar but that’s what we have been getting with most leaders in both parties.

  10. David

    Great week Greg. Thank you!

    • Greg Hunter

      Hope you like next week.

  11. Cathy

    Don’t under estimate those who pull the strings. I agree- Hillary is burnt toast, but they’ll find a way to scrape her ‘clean’

    • Greg Hunter

      I really do not think so as it was the Obama White house that first disclosed the private server that Hill had at State. That discloser was willful and it’s intended consequences are unfolding as we speak. I wonder if the Petraeus prosecution was so they would be “forced” to prosecute Hilary? I have no evidence of that but it is a thought.

  12. Southern Girl


    Thought you might want to see how many companies are giving to PP. They include large BANKS and corporation. In the 3rd paragraph click on the list of donors. http://www.crisismagazine.com/2015/why-mainstream-media-protect-planned-parenthood. Thanks for staying the course with this issue….we have certainly done an great injustice to God’s creations and will have to pay the price He demands.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is pure evil and, although I am not the judge, I expect judgment to be administered harshly.

  13. Hank


    IRT Hillary’s email shenanigans, lets not forget that she gave access (to her thumbdrives & servers) to her attorney and other handlers, doubtful any of them had security clearances. Top*secret docs are tightly controlled in very secure buildings, NO recording devices (Phones, cameras, Thumbdrives, etc) are allowed.
    If there is Justice, she will be convicted and go to prison.

    • Greg Hunter

      They all could be charged with multiple felonies. This is a very big deal and I am sure the Dems are in panic mode behind the scenes. Hill will probably be out before the first primary. Remember, the “Clinton Foundation” is currently under investigation in Congress. Wait until those dots are connected. Toast, Hill is toast and the burned smell and color will not be scraped off.

      • Charles H.

        Let’s hope this will be so, Greg. Toast or not – the woman is dangerous.

  14. Russ

    Mmmm, Greg the coffee is really good this morning. I wonder how long Hillary will be able to enjoy the simple things… never mind, she’ll probably get home confinement with an ankle bracelet so maybe some of those simple things will continue. I’ll bet they take away her cell phone though.

    There is no way someone in the CIA/DIA/NSA community sent those emails and oops, forgot to add the classification line; it doesn’t work like that. People in that community are hyper vigilant when it comes to security, need-to-know and access. There is what appears to be a fairly accurate description of the government email systems (plural) at:
    “Your Serve, Hillary: Email Scandal Deepens” http://wemeantwell.com/blog/2015/08/12/your-serve-hillary-email-scandal-deepens/
    Unclass, class up to Secret, and TS/SCI are processed and retrieved on three distinct systems; employees have separate log-ons for each. You can’t ‘accidentally’ send a classified doc to an unclass address.

    Sources, methods and people’s lives are on the line. This was not an accident, it was deliberate and a felony. One of those aids/assistants at State will talk and when one starts talking the floodgates will open and evidence will flow like a stream of consciousness.

    I highly doubt that any of Hillary’s aids/assistants will voluntarily go to jail so Hillary can avoid her anle bracelet, whether those aids are State Dep’t careerists or people like Huma. The act of removing the classification line to provide cover/deniability for Hillary is a felony — felony as in criminal. The thought that anyone would think information of that type would be considered unclassified and appropriate for an off-the-shelf unencrypted cell phone is laughable, with or without a classification line. BTW, who is Hillary’s cell phone service provider? I wonder what information is in their records. Then there’s the NSA vacuum cleaner that stores every single email ever sent at NSA’s Utah facility. The information the FBI needs is just waiting for a warrant. The folks investigating this have a great starting point with the emails on the thumb drives. Start there…

    I wonder why Joe Biden is waiting to join the Presidential race… Maybe he wants Hillary totally destroyed first so it doesn’t look like he was involved in her destruction.

    Thanks again Greg, that was a great wrap-up.

    • Greg Hunter

      HRC makes Biden look like genius and a saint. I think he is getting in the race, and that is a big tell in and of itself. You know Joe Biden knows what is going on in the background. He knows Hill is in very big trouble, and Obama and Biden seem to actually like each other. If nothing else, Biden has been loyal, and in todays backstabbing environment that is of some value.

      • conman

        Biden’s also credited with turning around the the debates in Obama’s favor in Biden’s debate with Ryan, saving Obama’s bacon and cementing their friendship!

  15. Mark


    Concerning Hillary’s email issues I also heard from several sources it started in the White House due to Obama still being in a feud with the Clinton’s. I also heard from Judge Napolitano that the difference between Hillary’s and Gen Petreaus’ security matters is that there was a sample on 40 emails reviewed on Hillary’s server and 2 were defined as “top secret” information which falls under espionage laws. Gen Petreaus’ info was under the “confidential” category and therefore a lesser crime. I guess this is why I hear rumors about VP Biden and even Al Gore’s possible entry into the campaign circus. Democrats must feel the rest of the field is weak and need all the help they can muster.

    Bill Holter confirmed with me this week that the IMF’s refusal to allow China entry into the SDR until next year prompted the Yuan devaluation. Also consider China’s drop in exports over 8% in July and the spiraling stock market this summer.

    I hope since we’re heading into the fall that you invite Jonathan Cahn back to discuss the shemitah/blood moons, etc to see where his predictions are now based on current events. Hugo Salinas-Price will be a great guest again and I look forward to any updates he has on Mexico’s silver mining story. Until next time!

  16. Larry W. Bryant

    == The Yin and Yang of Debt ==

    we’re drowning in debt,
    powerless to save ourselves;
    we’re weary and lame,
    searching for the right answers;
    we find them here: karmic debt
    — Larry W. Bryant (14 Aug 15)

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Larry for the comment!!

  17. Russ McMeans

    Hillary was fired by a very prominent Democrat boss back in the 60’s or 70’s. I think she was employed in a legal internship type setting. Her boss said she disregarded legal / laws, and could not be trusted.
    Maybe one of you could post that story. I have a babysitting job soon. Thanks for all you do Greg. A most excellent website!

    • Mary Casey

      Russ, just curious so checked several sites: (copy and paste)
      Calabrese interviewed Jerry Zeifman, the man who served as chief counsel to the House Judiciary Committee during the Watergate hearings, has tried to tell the story of his former staffer’s behaviour for years. Zeifman claims he fired Hillary for unethical behaviour and that she conspired to deny Richard Nixon counsel during the hearings. The now-retired general counsel and chief of staff of the House Judiciary Committee, who supervised Hillary, says her history of lies and unethical behaviour goes back further – and much deeper – than anyone realizes. Jerry Zeifman, a lifelong Democrat, supervised the work of 27-year-old Hillary Rodham on the committee. When the investigation was over, Zeifman fired Hillary from the committee staff and refused to give her a letter of recommendation – one of only three people who earned that dubious distinction in Zeifman’s 17-year career. Why? “Because she was a liar,” Zeifman said in an interview last week. “She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality.” When informed that public evidence (Douglas impeachment files) showed a precedent for the right to counsel, SHE ABSCONDED WITH THE FILES TO ELIMINATE THE EVIDENCE. http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/1995873/posts

  18. Wayne

    I think there’s another level to this story. What if her personal server was hacked and someone put Trojan viruses in there that went to everyone on her address list? They could all be infected too.

  19. Andymal

    All I know is if the govt. ever wants anymore information from me or my computer, I will lie and erase anything I want. Presidence has been set.

  20. Russell

    I don’t give a damn about Hillary Clinton and her private server or state secrets that it contained or if they were compromised. It’s a distraction at best. Since I don’t believe in statism in any way, shape or form then it shouldn’t have secrets – top or otherwise. Republicans are foaming at the mouth about this and will use it to their advantage to grow government and the police state even more…if that is possible. I am no fan of HRC but from the cheap seats that I occupy the whole political system is a sham meant to enrich and empower a select few morally bankrupt and power hungry individuals and their cronies.

  21. Lake M

    Attorney General Loretta Lynch also takes her marching orders from President Obama.
    Loretta got her start in big government courtesy of none other than Bill Clinton. What a cinderella story and a big conflict of interest. Its Obama’s call. Calling Joe Biden

    Petraeus was charged with a felony. It appears we may get the chance to show Hillary “what does it matter” Also a big distraction as the economy crumbles. Big job cuts this fall, big salary jobs. Soon to be bartenders and waitress’s.

    • Greg Hunter

      Lake M,
      Petraeus should have gone to jail. He is still on probation. You said, “Also a big distraction as the economy crumbles. Big job cuts this fall, big salary jobs. Soon to be bartenders and waitress’s.” This is why folks should NOT take on any debt and try to pay some of it down while they can. Thank you.

  22. RTW

    When trying to figure out who dropped the dime on Hillary, we only need to ask ourselves, who has the most to gain by her wearing an orange jumpsuit, other than the entire nation that is. That person would be “Bubba”. Think about it. He would know where she was every night and friends like the “energizer” wouldn’t have to coordinate their visits around Hillary’s comings and goings.

    • Greg Hunter

      It is widely reported at the time of the news of the Hillary server revelation that is came for Valery Jerrett in the Obama White House. Obama wants her gone from the campaign trail, and he is going to get his way.

      • Mary Casey

        Reading the comments, I’m wondering if Obama isn’t actually concerned that if Hillary (i.e. Bill) were in power, “they” might turn on Obama, tell his secrets and put Obama in jail. (Yes, I’m a “birther”.) Maybe Obama needs someone in the WH to protect him from Hillary.

        • Bob Lamb

          I think it could be Obama protecting himself and it might also be setting up a crisis where dems might go along with him being in for a 3rd term! How’s that for a conspiracy theory.

  23. dee garmon

    Hope you are right that Hillary a.k.a. the walking corruption, will not become the
    president. Even her supporters admit how corrupt she is and go with the logic ( or
    lack of) that in a corrupt world, we need a corrupt president.

    • Greg Hunter

      I really don’t think the Democrats want somebody that corrupt. It is so much drama, it drowns out the Democratic party and hurts them. The Dems need the voters in the middle (Independents), and Hill is certainly turning them off–way off.

  24. Don

    Greg, You spoke of Hilary in an honorable way. Its always best to allow the law to judge her actions. The unemployment in Oklahoma is rising quick because of oil and gas job loses. My son works as a welder an is very concerned over layoffs. If theirs a connection between the Iran deal and the petrol dollar, it seems it would only be that a petrol dollar deal was mixed somehow with the nuke deal. If so, how stupid would that be? America is in deep trouble my friend. Lord bless

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for the street level reporting from the Great State of Oklahoma!

  25. Coalburner

    Yes; I know it seems our leaders Obama, Kerry and others are total morons. The only way to convince me otherwise is if the secret trade deal and the secret Iran deal requires them all to trade in dollars and not ditch them for another reserve currency no matter what.

  26. Coalburner

    P.S. Greg;
    This wrap was a Home Run, maybe your longest hit yet! And maybe Kristine Powers is not so bad. We have seen glimmers of hope from her, lately. Sounds like the ugly videos have kept boring into a lot of minds. WOW! You cannot get that Dr. Nuctola evil look out of the minds eye. Photo burned into memory!

    • Greg Hunter

      I am happy Powers can see the pure evil in killing babies for money. I am surprised the USA Today let her post it. If I ran USA Today I’d start by firing the editorial staff, and I’d start at the top. I used to work for a Gannet TV station (actually two of them, one in Greensboro and one in Tampa Fl.) Gannett was NOT like this when I worked there. The folks I worked for had very high journalism standards. (I left in 1999 to go to work for Good Morning America and ABC News.) The folks running the place now are mostly left wing wacko spin doctors.

  27. Bruce Hedge

    To Greg from your neighbor and friend>
    Hello Greg,
    Keep up the good works!
    Baby’s are “alive” as soon as the egg is fertilized.
    How do I know this for a certainty?
    In November, 1983 my wife and I were visiting family in Bozeman, Montana.
    It was the celebration of my mothers birthday and we were in town for several days.
    One evening, I was sitting down and my wife was in the same room seated a few feet away.
    We were alone, there was no one else in the room with us.
    I was 31 years old at the time. We had taken time off from work for the visit.
    My wife was working for US West and I was working for Merrill Lunch.
    It seemed normal what happened next, but it must sound somewhat difficult to believe.
    When I looked up to the ceiling, I could see the sky and stars above the house.
    What looked like a “shooting star” came from the depths of the sky and fell in a trajectory headed for us.
    It actually fell upon my wife. When it got close it was like a bright white sphere and it landed right on her abdomen.
    Well (I am gasping in retrospect) then everything was “normal” again. I mean visually, just as before, we were just sitting in a room with the ceiling above us.
    I was very calm at the time. Looking back, there must have been something calming me, because today when I think about what I saw, I tremble.
    Anyway, I remember very clearly that I calmly said to my wife ” we are not alone.”
    She calmly responded ” yes we are” as she casually looked around the room and then looked at me with mild curiosity, as if to say, what do you mean?
    I clearly remember repeating myself and then finally saying “there are 3 of us here now.”
    My wife still was trying to figure out out what I was trying to say, so I finally blurted out, ” you just got pregnant, I mean I just saw a star fall on you, I mean life was just delivered, I mean there are 3 of us here now.”
    After some further explanations, she confirmed that she understood what I was trying to say.
    But she wasn’t sure what to think about it all.
    Anyway, two weeks later, she figured it out. She came to me and said “Guess what, I’m 2 weeks pregnant.”
    Nine months later, on August 5, 1984 Nichole “Niki” Hedge was born.
    I believe that God showed me a life being delivered: a life being delivered from Him, by Him.
    I will never forget. It is all as clear today as then.
    Love God with all your heart, mind and soul and love your neighbor as yourself.
    Thanks Greg for having the courage to stand up and be counted, “by our words we will be judged.”
    Sleep well Greg for you are entitled to the peace of the Great Comforter -for it is written, it is His promise.
    In Jesus name,
    Bruce and Jan Hedge
    Boise, Idaho

    • Bob Lamb

      Thanks for sharing that!

    • Mary Casey

      Wow, Bruce. Amazing to hear you recount this! A very similar experience happened to me; however, the white light sphere came through the ceiling as I saw it appear in the upper corner of the room; it then came towards me. I, like you, knew immediately what it meant.

      • BetterChetter

        My son’s mother reported a similar event in July 1983, moments after our having had ‘relations’ – she saw an orb in the upper corner of the room – and at 38, she acknowledged that if there was ever a time for her to conceive, it would be now. 9 months later, our son was born ~

    • JC

      Bruce. God has blessed you. Thanks for sharing.

    • Southern Girl

      Bruce Hedge,

      Thanks for sharing your wonderful story of how creation begins. God let’s us see into the spiritual realm every now and then if we have our spiritual eyes on.

    • David

      What a beautiful account; there’s a lot of us who know that we know what you know. But ever since this ludicrous debate that defies God and the science inspired by and upheld by his Word began, it continues to rage to this very day. The occult spiritual significance of the abortion question was ignored by the SCOTUS decision, in favor of nonsense motive to protect privacy and “a woman’s right to choose.” Our human concept of ‘right’ goes only as far as violation of God’s law. It hits a brick wall there, but the spirit of rebellion continues to throw itself against it, as if that will change it. In the end it won’t, in spite of any short-lived social victories it may revel in presently. Ultimately the consequences incur the ultimate punishment. That’s how it will end. And Satan knows it. So, why does it tirelessly urge the debate to continue? Simple: Because it knows the upshot will be our self destruction. The witches who promote “Planned Parenthood” should know this, and if they don’t, they are delusional. They know that which they serve does NOT share power. So they should logically conclude it will seek to destroy them too along with us.

      Meanwhile, God in his Glory continues to remain faithful to us, and to the gift of Life that comes from him, as you so eloquently illustrated. Blessed be God Forever and ever!

      I digress to say, Just because the be-laureled SCOTUS hands a decision down to the unwashed peons does not make it infallible. Why, it most certainly is not that, and what is more, if it’s wrong and we know it is, we are not obligated to obey and we are duty bound to repudiate it. But the opportunity that was presented in 1973 to the states was missed, for the most part, and that is truly why the pro-aborts have been allowed to kill 55 million or more innocent lives. We can protest in the streets all we want, and we can write to Congress until we’re all crippled with carpal tunnel injuries, but that will not remove a despicably evil decision that was parlayed into permission to murder at will. The states MUST respond. But they acceded their right to let SCOTUS run roughshod over us instead; SCOTUS is NOT all powerful, You People, and We The People certainly do NOT have to tug our forelocks; regardless how righteous their decision may seem to be: If it violates God’s Law, it is NULL & VOID. The states’ opportunity to respond in the form of enacting their own law to nullify bad SCOTUS decision is protected by states’ rights, and here’s the kicker: SCOTUS IS POWERLESS TO REFUTE IT, no matter how contemptible the states seem to them. All the states’ governors have to do is tell them, no thank you!; refuse to obey subpoena, or any enforcement thereto because SCOTUS has NO authority to summon the states, unless the states allow it. This will show The People, SCOTUS is NOT infallible, its word is NOT final or sacrosanct, and they have NO POWER except that which was granted to it by our Constitution. The right of final word was left to the States, but so often they relate this right to another, which opens the gates to the tyranny we now endure. The last thing I want to say is…IT’S NOT TOO LATE! As long as the sun God created continues to rise in the East, there is still time; the states can use powers granted to them by our Constitution to shut down Washington DC and put them in their proper place as servant to the master. This is the form of our rebellion, under the constitution, and a call to arms, with resultant bloodshed and death is not called for at all! If we don’t make it happen, here in our states…then shame be upon US, we have none other to blame.

    • dbcooper

      Thank You Bruce and Jan, Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB

    • Hilde

      That was beautiful !

  28. Ken Multitaski

    Regarding Hillary Clinton’s deleted e-mails, some open questions to ponder –

    Doesn’t the NSA have indirect control over worldwide data interchange nodes? How can anyone permanently delete anything? With all the government surveillance we have in place this shouldn’t this be a fairly easy discovery process?

    For once, when we finally need the data they keep, where is it?

  29. Cryptic Little Sister

    I hope that everyone is well.

    I would like to emphasize again: in September, the president will sign a very large increase in military aid in the budget for the NDAA . This will occur just before a collapse in the stock market, accompanied by a rapid drop in the dollar, by roughly 30 percent. Plans anticipate very high unemployment in the months following September. The Euro has been written off. It will be allowed to die.

    You will see various attempts at propping up the American dollar, and they may work for a very brief time, but I want to be clear that I do not see how these attempts can succeed for very long after the crash.

    I and others like me cannot conscionably participate in what is going on now in the media. The news is completely immoral and without a conscience. It is evident now that the media are very actively pushing aside the truth in the past few days in order to lock up the exits.

    Thankyou for this venue. I will attempt to post this information each week in order to keep it in public view.

    The crash is being manufactured.

    With the death of the Euro, a new currency will be unveiled, instituted by France and Germany.

    The word that I have seen concerning next year’s elections is “suspended” not cancelled.

    Watch the currency markets: the dollar is being bumped up to clear out traders. When you see the large NDAA defense budget increase, look for a crash in the stock market accompanied by a single drop of 30 to 35 percent in the dollar.

    Inflation will continue to rise. These events involve no deflation.

    I cannot stress this enough: events have begun to move politically rather than financially. A lot of the pressure is coming not just from China but from within the U.S. at the state level. The U.S. military is not really a single entity any longer. What you are not being told by the media is that governments are fracturing nationally and internationally. The changes that are being planned are primarily political not financial.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for giving us this perspective and info. Can you say anything about how you know this information without jeopardizing you cover?

      • Paul from Indiana

        Greg, I appreciate the newsman in you wanting documentation. We’ll know in 6-8 weeks whether this guy is on the level or not. If what he says actually transpires, then we have proof. If not, either his timing is off, or he is not so much in the know as he professes. In the meantime, his input goes into the communal pot here, and it is welcome in my view. (It will be worth the price of admission to see Obama commit ANYTHING to the apparent benefit of the military!) Many thanks and best always. PM

    • JC Davis

      CLS. Good post. I agree 100% there will be no election 2016. This crash will be a National Emergency . A few more years with Obama and freedom will be done away with.

    • brian

      Hey ‘Lil Sis,

      Perhaps you could shed some light on what it is you are doing to personally prepare for all of this. Are you purchasing gold and silver, guns and ammo, food, water, paper plates and toilet paper? Do you have a ticket to some secret bunker or orbital life raft, did you buy a multi-acre compound in the cook islands? Or perhaps you have been inoculated against some soon to be released raft of disease?

      Can we expect that one day you will perform a more overt effort to renounce your conscionable participation in what is going on now in the media? Or will you merely dispense upon us these occasional arcane intimations for reasons that are as equally nebulous?

      There is more we would like to know and there is more you can share….and as you allude to; time is not in infinite supply, but is instead rather limited.

      • Cryptic Little Sister

        Brian, let me give you some real insight into the way things are unfolding: people are preparing at the highest levels for very bad things–they are doing bad things and preparing for bad things. Events are more complicated than you seem to believe. The entire global arrangement of power is falling apart. People here talk a great deal about the AIIB or the BRICS. They don’t appear to have a real grasp on the situation as we speak: I can tell you that China has been complying with sanctions against Russia, to bring them to the table over Iran. And then they went and started buying oil from Africa instead of Saudi Arabia. And then Saudi Arabia started talking with Putin on a way to hold Iran and Syria. Together they began to lower oil prices against the U.S. and Chinese interests. And now China is ready to exit the sanctions because we seem unable to comply with the Vienna Agreement. All of which means: no sanctions, no reserve currency.

        Having guns and ammo and food and so on is important, but that really isn’t going to help you or anyone for what is coming, not in the way that you mean.

        Would it surprise you if I told you that at the highest levels no one believes that they can take control of the globe? None of these people really believe that buying an island is anything other than buying time.


    • Southern Girl


      I too have heard that next years elections will be suspended..I think that is why they are going to fry Hitlery.

      Will the new currency, you are writing about coming from Germany and France, be backed by gold and silver?

      Are you Southern….everyone in the south has a little sister (Sissy)?

    • Your fan in Japan

      your doom and gloom are centered in the US and Europe. I have seen/heard (from You Tubers) that Japan is going to tank first. So don’t forget us in the Far East. Interestingly, there was a news article about two weeks ago that showed that Japan was changing how it calculated its CPI. (John Williams at Shadowatas would love this). It seemed to me that they were changing it to show that the economy was getting better- likely so that they would be justified in raising the sales tax to a scheduled 10%. This aside, Mr. Abe did make a nice “70th end of war anniversary” speech- published in Japanese and English in my very rural local paper.

      • Greg Hunter

        This is what legendary investor Kyle Bass has said as well. You are in good company.

      • Cryptic Little SIster

        Thankyou for your comments. Around the time of Fukushima, some people very high up made the decision to let Japan sink. They wrote it off. Japan has been collapsing ever since then. This decision was made for various reasons, part of which was the radiation from Fukushima and the failure to play ball with the economic model internationally.

        The events coming in the U.S. will cause enormous hardship for the Brussels and the Euro. And yes, for Japan.

    • Clay

      CLS, in your May 31 posting you said that there would be no economic “collapse”. Have you moderated your views on this or do you define the economic result of what you are disclosing as something different than a collapse?

      • JC Davis

        Clay. Allen Ols, and I have decided he has learned a lot since may. The comments on this site enlightens all thinking folks.

      • Cryptic Little Sister

        I was referring to something rather arcane. The important thing to recall is the fact that the markets are being intentionally destroyed. A crash in the dollar and a collapse of all paper is not an accidental “collapse.”

    • Margie

      CLS, thank you for your posts, I look forward to them in the comments section. I am hastening in finishing the items on my “to do” list. Your posts help put the urgency there. What very strange times we live in, I hope it comes out ok in the end.

    • Thomas

      Greg, are you seriously giving credit to CLS ? lmao, maybe he knows what happened at Roswell, or does he know Big Foot too ?

  30. Clive

    Thanks Greg great wrap, I would like to remind people of the corruption throughout Bill Clintons career as governor and president, Hillary would have to have been involved in most of this, she and billy boy have an unique relationship that spans decades of drugs sex and money laundering activitys that were all covered up by dirty cops, polititions and judges, if she becomes president then ultimately she will bring all these svum with her just like Bill did.

  31. Gertsie

    God’s Holding Back But Biting At The Bit!

    Innocent people are suffering and the innocent will continue to suffer, especially in the treacherous times ahead. You may wonder, ‘If God cares for us and is all powerful, why doesn’t he get rid of the causes of suffering?’

    God allows suffering to continue at present for good reasons. Consider just one: It is often people who cause suffering to others. Many bullies and tyrants who inflict pain are unwilling to change their ways. So for God to remove a major cause of suffering, he will have to destroy such people.

    Explaining why God has not yet destroyed those who do wrong, the apostle Peter wrote: “God is not slow respecting his promise, as some people consider slowness, but he is patient with you because he does not desire any to be destroyed but desires all to attain to repentance.” (2 Peter 3:9) God’s patience is an expression of his loving and merciful personality.

    Soon, though, God will act. He will “repay tribulation to those who make tribulation” for the innocent. Those who inflict unjust suffering will “undergo the judicial punishment of everlasting destruction.”—2 Thessalonians 1:6-9.

  32. Leonardo DiSanti

    The Clinton’s are running a highly profitable family business. (Period)…

  33. Liarson

    According to Doug Casey:

    We are exiting the eye of the giant financial hurricane that we entered in 2007, and we’re going into its trailing edge. It’s going to be much more severe, different and longer lasting than what we saw in 2008 and 2009… The U.S. created trillions of dollars to fight the financial crisis of 2008 and 2009. Most of those dollars are still sitting in the banking system and aren’t in the economy. Some have found their way into the stock markets and the bond markets, creating a stock bubble and a bond super-bubble. The higher stocks and bonds go, the harder they’re going to fall.”

    What’s more, according to Casey, the average American is totally unprepared for when this next phase of the crisis hits:

    This huge recession that started in 2007, and the bottom was 2009 and 2010, has cyclically recovered. So, people think it’s going to be happy days again, but it’s not… You’re going to see very high levels of inflation. It’s going to be quite catastrophic.”

    • Paul from Indiana

      Yes, the money is in the bank “corral”, and the reason it’s not in circulation is the FED is paying the banks interest on “excess reserves”. The FED can raise interest rates, but that will make keeping the corral closed that much more expensive. Sooner or later, all that printed excess has to land somewhere. If it hits M1/M2, hello Weimar. Best always. PM

  34. Harvey

    If Hillary goes to prison, will the Secret Service be there to protect her? Just asking. Hey Greg, you are the coolest and I just love your site. It is actually getting better all the time, and is probably on the “bucket list” for many high profile pundits. You virtually never have a bad video or guest . . . always great.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Harvey. I just keep plugging away.

    • JC Davis

      Harvey funny question. Maybe she will have her on jail made, and with her own private guards in a few months she could have the guards killed, and say she never went to jail.

    • Paul from Indiana

      It won’t get that far. Just as Ford pardoned the unconvicted Nixon, someone will let Hillary off the hook, but not until she has been generationally discredited. Best always. PM

  35. Myron

    When I heard John Kerry blurt out that failure to pass the Iran deal would lead to the discontinuation of the US Dollar as the world reserve currency I pondered what would cause him to say such a thing. I honestly don’t think he is smart enough to have spontaneously developed a line of logic in the middle of a discourse that would make this a reasonable thing to say. I would posit that the impending failure of the petrodollar , and thus the dollar as the reserve currency, had long ago been explained to him, particularly when the Turkey, Iran, Dubai gold for oil deal was running around the sanctions. It may well be that the entire Iran deal was about securing an agreement for Iran to settle oil in dollars, and in exchange we lift the sanctions, give cash infusions, give technical help…. basically gave away the farm to try to keep the petrodollar alive just a little longer. This may also explain Kerry’s resistance to giving information about side deals, ie; oil settlement.
    The only other explanation might be,as I read somewhere in the MSM, that to continue the sanctions would be ineffective or impossible because we cannot control other nations. We can’t very well sanction China for trading with them. Then Iran would just settle with China in Yuan, gold, or finished goods. The problem with this explanation is that we would be better off to have just kept the farm and just let the sanctions die. There would be no logical advantage to give anything since the outcome would be the same. They would just get their nukes slower and without our help.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Myron.

  36. conman

    US and UN Responsible for Alleged ISIS Chemical Attack Against Kurds in Iraq

    Mustard agent at al-Muthanna raided by ISIS sold to Saddam Hussein
    by Kurt Nimmo | Infowars.com | August 14, 2015

    On Thursday the corporate media went into overdrive reporting a sensationalistic story on the unconfirmed use of a mustard agent by ISIS in Iraq

    The US claimed it had “credible” evidence the Islamic State used a chemical weapon against Kurdish Peshmerga fighters in Iraq, but on Friday the Pentagon dialed back the accusation.

    Air Force Col. Patrick Ryder, a U.S. Central Command spokesman, told reporters said he did not have conclusive or even circumstantial evidence an attack actually took place.

    “But in terms of the current status of that capability, I don’t have anything further to provide from here,” he said. “We are looking in to these reports, but beyond that I don’t have anything further.”

    ISIS Chemical Weapons Courtesy of the United States

    In October a report issued by the Middle East Review of International Affairs stated ISIS had used a mustard agent taken from a Saddam Hussein-era chemical weapons facility near the city of Samarra, located 45 miles northwest of Baghdad, and had transferred the munitions to Syria.

    The New York Times reported the chemical weapons taken from the Muthanna complex that fell into the hands of ISIS had been “designed in the United States, manufactured in Europe and filled in chemical agent production lines built in Iraq by Western companies.”

    Saddam Hussein’s Chemical Weapons

    That the United States facilitated Saddam Hussein’s chemical weapons program is not new or especially surprising news. In 2002 prior to the second invasion I wrote about US complicity in the Iraqi chemical weapons program.

    Chemical and biological weapons sold to the Hussein regime by corporations were used in the Iran-Iraq War.

    “Corporations that have sold dual-use chemicals and biological samples to Iraq for its weapons program include: Phillips Petroleum, Unilever, Alcolac, Allied Signal, the American Type Culture Collection, and Teledyne,” I wrote.

    Declassified CIA documents reveal the United States knew the Iraqis planned to use chemical weapons against Iran beginning in 1983. SEE CNN VIDEO BELOW;


  37. Vince Shook

    For those waiting for perhaps a somewhat return to sanity in the physical precious metals’ market, it may be important to note the timing for implementation of the Volker Rule as mandated by the Dood-Frank legislation. Current indications are for a target date of June 2017. That could change (it was originally June/July 2016) but should that new date hold, banks and their hedge funds will no longer be allowed to speculate in a range of “financial instruments”. Please note that in the legislation “instruments” are defined as being different than “assets”. Physical gold is defined as an “asset”. Short positions on the Comex are defined as “instruments”. This could be why the big banks have recently been buying the physical metals in a very big way. They may be preparing for less price manipulation in the paper markets = higher physical metal prices.

  38. diane s.

    Wow…Greg? Is this a “black swan” event or what!

    In case anyone didn’t read this yet…….

  39. Liarson

    GOP elites plot to purge Trump: New Worlder’s Want Trump OUT!

    Posted By Patrick J. Buchanan On 08/13/2015 @ 5:04 pm In Commentary,Opinion | No Comments

    In the Cleveland debate, Donald Trump refused to commit to support whomever the Republican Party nominates in 2016.

    Trump would be wise to maintain his freedom of action.

    For there is a plot afoot in the Washington Post Conservative Club to purge Trump from the Republican Party before the primaries begin. MORE BELOW;


  40. Southern Girl


    Street reporting from Arkansas…today’s front page…Cut Planned Parenthood ties, Hutchinson Orders. Our Gov. Asa Hutchingson ordered the state Dept. of Human Services to terminate the existing agreements with PP of Arkansas and Easter Oklahoma, after several law makers asked him to do so.

    He further states that ,”It is apparent that after the recent revelations on the action of PP, that this organization does not represent the values and Arkansas …” We now have become the 3rd state to do so. Guys keep those prayers coming…they are being answered. God Bless!

  41. Bob Lamb

    Obama setting up a crisis so dems can justify him being in for 3rd term because there will not be any other viable dem candidates available. Wouldn’t surprise me.

  42. leland

    this whole planned parenthood thing is well????
    i guess we can pretty much conclude there is no longer a crime/action that
    is labeled murder. now there is only abortion. your honor i am innocent
    of murder. i simply aborted that planned parenthood director at 46 years,
    three months and twelve days. sounds logical to me.

  43. Vince Shook

    This, in large part, is why there will be no economic recovery going forward. Too many dollars are being extracted from American families to fund government.
    As a brief reminder for those who forgot or for many that didn’t know:
    Here is what happened, quietly, on January 1, 2015, via ObamaCare et al:
    Medicare tax went from 1.45% to 2.35%
    Top Income tax bracket went from 35% to 39.6%
    Top Income payroll tax went from 37.4% to 52.2%
    Capital Gains tax went from 15% to 28%
    Dividend tax went from 15% to 39.6%
    Estate tax went from 0% to 55%
    A 3.5% Real Estate transaction tax was added.

    And of course everyone’s health insurance increased substantially, sucking more disposable income from Americans.

    • Charles H.


      I read this morning that Americans are paying between 30 -50% of monthly income to rent housing. Add-in Healthcare costs – and there isn’t much left to eat with after shopping. Living with parents?!?? Choices are getting thin.

  44. Jim

    Hillary was in Benghazi running guns to overthrow Khadafy . Everyone knows it.
    When things went bad, to cover her sorry ass…she left John Stevens twisting in the wind. (Talk about a guy that got screwed… being in the wrong place at the wrong time)? Poor son-of-a-bitch.

    The Rebels went on to become ISIS and Yada.. ..Yada…..Yada…..

    Bottom line? We don’t belong in Libya, we don’t belong in Iraq, we don’t belong in Afghanistan, we don’t belong in Syria, we don’t belong in Yemen, we don’t belong in Ukraine, We don’t belong in….. ( insert your favorite war here).

    How bout fixing a few pot holes on Interstate 40 instead?

  45. John M.

    Have not commented for a long time, but always come to your great site, and read and listen carefully.
    It’s interesting that the hot seat for Hillary is getting hotter. Her and Bill have gotten away with so many crimes throughout the years, so it makes me wonder why this is all happening now. It’s possibly a distraction like musical chairs, or perhaps they pissed off the globalists one too many times. You have to think that the Clinton duo must have a lot of blackmail material on everyone in Washington in addition to Obama and the Bushes. Very interesting.
    You might want to google: Shemitah Exposed by Jeff Berwick, approx. 30 min video, very timely about everything lining up for craziness in September. He would be an excellent guest.
    We farmers are surviving this drought in California better than I thought we would, but most farm product prices seem to collapsing as is evidenced by other commodities and economic data. I got a really bad feeling about the next few months, besides just the likely unavailability of food.

    • Greg Hunter

      John M.

      She will not be President and Obama is going to make sure of that. Than you for your comments.

      • Mary Casey

        From Perry Stone Ministries: https://www.facebook.com/perrystonevoe?fref=nf Also I received information that the administration is working against Hillary Clinton, knowing here is no other Democrat with name recognition to run, and the President is hoping the party will call on him for a third term, and he can change the Constitution to enable this. This is not a “conspiracy theory,” but from someone who knows. Obama in Africa said he would win a third term. Watch this unfold. They are planning now for future riots in cities, especially food and racial riots. What we see is all a part of the Saul Alinsky “Rules for Radicals” that many in the administration studied under.

        • Mary Casey

          That’s a quote from Perry Stone Ministries….not me…I forgot to put it in quotes….

    • Southern Girl

      John M.,

      Thanks for the heads up about Jeff Berwick. Watched the video and he has connected a lot of dots. He is shooting for Sept. 15th, but I’m preparing for the 13th. Even he said they will do this a lot of time over a week-end so the banks will be closed. Heads up everybody and make sure you print out a statement of what bills you have paid and your bank statement….they may just be erased like Hiltlary’s server…then they will say prove that you made your house, car, etc, payments.

    • susan

      John M, thank you for the shemitah link. WOW! what an eyeopener.

  46. John M.

    Also, I heard Jim Willie recently say that Hugo Salinas Price has had his life seriously threatened by the PTB. You may want to ask Mr. Price about that?

  47. rambo's monster

    Hillary likely will not be president IMO. Makes little delta when one accurately gauges the state of the more populous and still prodigiously propagating segment of our society and their need for free shit, where white and black mothers alike celebrate the birth of grandkids regardless of whether there is a family unit intact or not and haven’t a clue how the food ended up on the food lion shelf with a snap or wic tag on it. Water still seeks its own level.

    Let’s just get the bs over with. I’veboCryptic Little Sister 08/14/2015 •
    I hope that everyone is well.

    I would like to emphasize again: in September, the president will sign a very large increase in military aid in the budget for the NDAA . This will occur just before a collapse in the stock market, accompanied by a rapid drop in the dollar, by roughly 30 percent. Plans anticipate very high unemployment in the months following September. The Euro has been written off. It will be allowed to die.

    You will see various attempts at propping up the American dollar, and they may work for a very brief time, but I want to be clear that I do not see how these attempts can succeed for very long after the crash.

    I and others like me cannot conscionably participate in what is going on now in the media. The news is completely immoral and without a conscience. It is evident now that the media are very actively pushing aside the truth in the past few days in order to lock up the exits.

    Thankyou for this venue. I will attempt to post this information each week in order to keep it in public view.

    The crash is being manufactured.

    With the death of the Euro, a new currency will be unveiled, instituted by France and Germany.

    The word that I have seen concerning next year’s elections is “suspended” not cancelled.

    Watch the currency markets: the dollar is being bumped up to clear out traders. When you see the large NDAA defense budget increase, look for a crash in the stock market accompanied by a single drop of 30 to 35 percent in the dollar.

    Inflation will continue to rise. These events involve no deflation.

    I cannot stress this enough: events have begun to move politically rather than financially. A lot of the pressure is coming not just from China but from within the U.S. at the state level. The U.S. military is not really a single entity any longer. What you are not being told by the media is that governments are fracturing nationally and internationally. The changes that are being planned are primarily political not financial.ught more than Rickards suggested percentage
    I sayw

  48. rambo's monster

    Hillary likely will not be president IMO. Makes little delta when one accurately gauges the state of the more populous and still prodigiously propagating segment of our society and their need for free shit, where white and black mothers alike celebrate the birth of grandkids regardless of whether there is a family unit intact or not and haven’t a clue how the food ended up on the food lion shelf with a snap or wic tag on it. Water still seeks its own level.

    Rip the band aid off already! Going to happen eventually. Gots minses.

  49. Rick Thorne

    I love your show. Just a quick comment about the decrease in the labor participation rate. I think if you look at the demographics this trend is related to the baby-boomers leaving work force. Therefore, overlapping unavoidable demographic trends will certainly help us sharpen our economics forecasting. I believe this trend will continue to increase or we will fall off the cliff as our baby boomers exit the economy exponentially over the next 8-10 yrs.

  50. Tom H Walker

    Hello Greg, I have been visiting your website for almost a year now. I appreciate the fact that it never varies from its aim to present the truth. The values that have always been bedrock in successful civilizations have been severely eroded over the seventy years since World War II. Poor choices often come from lack of experience or skill, but the present situation is a classical example of a degenerate and dissolute society. In that respect I feel so gratified that you entertained Rabbj Jonathan Cahn as a guest on your program. I believe it will take a radical change of heart on the part of society at large, including a deliberate decision on the part of the many to live at peace with their neighbours, individually, societally and internationally. A deliberate pulling back from the brink of environmental catastrophe in order to provide a sustainable platform from which the many may derive the benefit that all men, created equal, are entitled to. Otherwise a horrific period lies ahead in which the rise of a Hitlerine monster may make the lives of all of us a living nightmare.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Tom.

  51. alan

    Hillary is going too prison, Bill is going to have a harem of hookers, and Vince F0ster will Finlay get his revenge. YES THERE IS A GOD. THANK YOU JESUS.

  52. RidgeRunner

    Permanently remove all security levels from Hillary Clinton and her attempt to become President are over.

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