Ignoring Dire Economic Warning Signs – Greg Hunter

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

On the surface, everything looks to be going swimmingly for the U.S. economy. The rest of the world may not be doing as well as the U.S., but according to the legacy financial media, there is no real trouble being reported. Below the surface, warning signs abound that the economy is in trouble now. One of the biggest warning signs is coming from the repo market that provides lending to financial institutions. Since mid-September, the Fed has been getting increasingly involved with providing funding as the banks that provided it in the past simply do not trust the other banks.

On Friday, the Fed pumped an eye popping $258.9 billion into the repo market. We find out now the Fed’s balance sheet has abruptly reversed, and added $500 billion in the last three months of 2019. Other reporting from the Fed’s own records reveals loans that amount to “roughly $215 billion per day flowing into the trading houses on Wall Street. . .”

This is far from normal. The Fed intervention has now established a “permanent” repo facility. What gives? Why is the Fed panicked into pumping billions per day into the repo market with no end in sight? This Fed action is warning of dire financial risks. One thing is for sure, if the economy was as good as being reported, there would be no need for this kind of Fed action. How long can this go on for? Are we close to another 2008 financial meltdown moment? What could trigger the next crisis?  Is the Fed really fighting off a financial extinction event for the masses? These are all good questions that will be answered sooner than later. What people should do is look for ways to reduce risk and exposure in the markets, but for the most part, it seems people are ignoring the financial warning signs.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about the financial signs warning that trouble is ahead.

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  1. paul ...

    As Greg says: Fed intervention has now established “a Permanent Repo Facility” … https://zh-prod-1cc738ca-7d3b-4a72-b792-20bd8d8fa069.storage.googleapis.com/s3fs-public/styles/inline_image_desktop/public/inline-images/%E2%80%9CLast-Hurrah%E2%80%9D-for-Central-Bankers-650×360.jpg?itok=T9EaAXbB … QE2 and QE3 did not stimulate the economy (this has been the weakest economic expansion in US history) … so all the Fed’s dropping of Repo helicopter money on the banksters and Wall Street is doing … is creating asset bubbles in stocks, bonds and real estate that need to deflate (crash) … what the Fed really needs to do is “put money in people’s pockets” by taking the chains off the CPI and sending every American citizen a “Make America Great Again Bonus Check” of at least $1000 dollars … to make up for the past inflation we were denied … and watch the economy boom!!

    • paul ...

      The Fed helping corporation CEO’s (who’s job it is to lose money for investors … borrow money … and buy back their own shares to increase the value of their stock options … has to be reversed and the common people given some money in their pocket … 33 percent of the 100 biggest companies “reported losses over the last 12 months” … and their PE multiples are going higher and higher … any glitch in the Fed’s “Repo bailout” is going to put a lot of stock investors in big trouble … even those who are smart enough out get beforehand and get into cash “will take losses” … as the value of the US dollar is now on track “to be cut in half” as the Fed doubles the M2 money supply this year (trying to prevent a recession before the election)!!!

      • Warren B.

        We aren’t even close to the melt-up phase in the Stock Market. We’ve only had six years of positive momentum in stocks. There were two periods in those last 6 where stocks did nothing. The current rally only really gained traction in Q4 2019.
        You are forgetting that common people have invested funds in stocks too Paul….via Mutual Funds, Pension Plans, Trusts and 401K’s. Its not only a win for Wall Street or the C-Suite Executives, a broad cross-section of the population has an interest and is benefiting too (Greg even gave an example of this with his friend’s position).
        Our President constantly reminds everyone that he is acting to ensure the benefits of an increasing stock market are shared.

        • paul ...

          Warren … how close do we have to get … 33 percent of the 100 biggest companies “have reported losses over the last 12 months” … are you saying we need to get to 99% of the 100 biggest companies reporting losses before you will agree the melt-up phase is over???

          • paul ...

            Actually it is higher then 33% Warren … 40% of US listed stocks are losing money … https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EN8bn4CWAAA2SfS.jpg

            • paul ...

              Utilities are doing well only because the oil price is down (that won’t last long if the warmongers have anything to say about it) … https://www.investmentwatchblog.com/nearly-40-of-u-s-listed-stocks-are-loss-making/

              • Warren B.

                As you would be aware Stock Indexes are averages. I never invest through Averages or Index Type Funds. Stock specific is the way to go. I buy winners – ones that have a track record of improved Earnings/Cash Generation on a YOY basis.
                What you have failed to provide is the weight of those loss making entities making up the indexes. 40 % of companies does not equate to 40% of Total Value.
                What % of those 40% are retail based? Or Energy (Fracking related)?
                Additionally there are a slew of Investors out there who buy/trade “potential future earnings” , “market disruptors” and “competitive advantage”. The investing world has changed dramatically. The mentality of “buy and forget” has longed past its use by date.

      • JC

        Greg, paul… is there madness to the method, or method to the madness?

        “NY Fed considers becoming sugar daddy to hedge funds as distress grows…”


        • paul ...

          JC … the Fed is not “just considering” … but is “currently operating” a permanent helicopter Repo facility right over Wall Street … dropping super-cheap repo loan money to both the bankers and the hedge funds!!!

          • paul ...

            This is “evil” … as the Fed is promoting the destruction of our the nation … by widening the wealth/income inequality … giving money to the wealthy while putting chains on the common peoples Cost of Living Adjustments … which is working to break down the nation’s social order … https://www.zerohedge.com/political/if-promoting-wealth-inequality-social-breakdown-evil-fed-evil

          • JC

            Ok paul… but that doesn’t answer the question.
            Is there method to the madness, or madness to the method?

    • steve

      The Repo is not about QE but about stopping the rise in interest rates, its not for stimulus

      • Greg Hunter

        I think it is to stop default because the collateral is no good and no good on a very large scale.

        • Jack

          I could not believe that figure of $6 trillion in 6 weeks . At this rate the DOW will double in 40 weeks.

          • H. Craig Bradley

            Investors should jump-in while the water is warm. If the FED is giving the trading houses more “chips” to play with, then ride along on their coattails.

        • Jerry

          This is worse than I originally thought. They keep moving the goal post back. They are now saying April.

          1. They have increased the amount of the injections.
          2. They have extended the injection period.

          If you recall they originally said it would end in January. Last week they said mid February. And now they’re saying April.
          What does that tell you about their confidence level?

  2. Major Payne

    Greg – Thanks for this important update and view. Carry on!

    • Thomas Nacey

      They don’t want the common people to have money, just debt. When they create money out of thin air they call it quantitative easing. When that money drives up stocks they call it a bull market and evidence of a strong economy. When that money drives up the price of real estate they call it wealth creation. But when that money drives up the cost of labor (other than CEO’s) now that is inflationary!

  3. paul ...

    Trump Tweets out and identifies two “Iranian sleeper cell” leaders … https://usawatchdog.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/trump-tweet-300×158.jpg … it is up to us patriots to fire a “voter missile” at them this Nov 2020 … and take them out!!

    • paul ...

      Iranian “sleeper cells” in the US are warning Demon-rats “that evil Russia” is trying to undermine Joe Biden in his bid to become President of the United States … Russia is trying to weaken Biden by fostering “bad press” over Biden (and his son’s) past criminal involvement in taking money from the Ukraine … Deep State “sleeper cells” say Russia is trying to tap into American’s brains and cause them to lose confidence in Biden by exposing his criminality and his “women touching proclivities” … Deep State Director of the US National Counterintelligence and Security Center (William Evanina) says “Russia is trying to convince the American people of outright falsehoods” … telling the American people about such things “sows distrust in our government leaders” and thus “can influence elections” … one question never answered is … how is it possible for Russia to hack into “brainless” Demon-rat minds to brain wash them??? … https://www.zerohedge.com/political/americans-beware-russia-can-hack-your-brain-make-you-believe-joe-biden-unfit-oval-office

    • Chip

      Voter missiles will not be voter fraud. The demoncrats got away with it in 2016 and bigger in 2018 when they took the house. BANK on it, they will cheat (and get away with it under media cover) like never before… Chip

      • Chip

        Voter missiles will not “beat” voter fraud.

        • paul ...

          Seems your right Chip … “cyborg” mind control technology can be used to deflect our missiles!!

  4. Stan

    I see a booming economy with the Dollar at the core of it all. A friend of mine who works at the NY Fed took delivery on a new Bentley Continental GTC and I went with him to pick it up. I never saw so many people in that dealer before. The cars are flying off the showroom floor. Check out the car:


    • Greg Hunter

      So you don’t see that permanent Fed repo market? Too stupid to be stupid.

      • Rodster

        Why do you waste your time posting stuff from this fraud and troll?

    • paul ...

      Stan … I sort of like the car you have parked in your garage now … https://i.pinimg.com/236x/a2/16/ee/a216eebe95b2f775acfedba653a92a0f–vintage-trucks-old-trucks.jpg … how much have you been offered to trade it in??

      • paul ...

        Stan … Anyone “using the brain God them” (and is not blind) would see the “Economic Warming Signs” staring them right in the face … it began on Sep 25, 2019 when the Fed initiated its Repo operations (because the financial system ran out of cash) … this Fed Repo operation is “a modern day version of a bank run” and it “must continue” as this bank run is not over yet Stan … the Fed must inject billions into the nation’s financial system to keep the bank doors open … otherwise it will be necessary to close down the banks (the way Roosevelt did) and declare a bank holiday … when Roosevelt declared a bank holiday “it was fixed by raising the price of gold” … however the banks have not yet bought enough gold … so this Repo operation is necessary to give your bankster buddies “more time to accumulate it” … and as they do “the gold price keeps rising” (so try as you may Stan … your feeble attempts to keep the public out of gold … is not working)!! … https://www.clivemaund.com/charts/gold3year120120.jpg

        • paul ...

          Stan … you have been telling us you’ve been shorting gold since it was at $1200 … we here at Greg’s site “are not blind millennials” interested in buying cars, boats or chocolate bars!!

      • Stan

        Very funny Paul

        • William Stanley

          Well done, sir.

  5. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    Thank YOU!
    Thanks, especially, for so forcefully reminding us to get off our butts and to keep doing everything we reasonably can to get ready and stay ready.

  6. R. Patrick


    Dial up George Gammon. Invite George on and he will explain very clearly what is really happening and why it is happening.

    • MarkP

      R.P. – why don’t you give us an executive summary of GG’s opinions so we can decide if he’s worth the time. MarkP

  7. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report Greg.

    • R. Patrick

      Because I’m not concerned about auditioning for your EXECUTIVE approval. As it means nothing to me. I’m double passported, I’m positioned, I’m ready, I’m insured so go rest your neck!

  8. Arizona

    OH GREG,I think it may be worse then everyone thinks,I’am sure you guys haven’t heard yet,BUT ..those sorry traitors at DHS,are going around to the state governments,and taking just the politicians them selves onto MILITARY BUSES,then taking them to a military base, into secret meetings to tell them about something so scarey they come come out of the meeting white as a sheet,not even their staff is allowed into the meetings,THEIR being told to keep everything a secret from the people,IT must be BAD or they probably wouldn’t tell them to keep quite,HOPEFULLY IT’LL ALL BE ON THE INTERNET TOMORROW,we’ll see, HAL TURNED had a piece on it,but he really didn’t know much either,take care my friend.AND KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN…I HAVE A FEELING THE “DOG AND PONY SHOW” IS ABOUT TO END…

  9. JC

    Greg, excellent presentation.

    What is going wrong? Maybe everything?
    People are ignoring the financial risks? Why, because this time is “different?”

    Boeing? No, don’t worry.
    Deutsche Bank? No, don’t worry.
    Geo-political risk? No, don’t worry.

    Martin Armstrong says European banks have no liquidity! Is there a connection here with the Repo situation? No, don’t worry.


    Nobody wants to reduce market exposure because this time is “different!”

    Let’s think again about what John Hussman of Hussman Funds recently wrote…

    “Future generations, seeing the collapse of this bubble in hindsight, will marvel that today’s speculative extremes were ever possible; that they were ever invited and embraced by investors. They will look back on the entire episode, just as we look at the aftermath 1929, and 2000, and 2007, shaking their heads at the utter madness of it all. They will believe that they have actually learned something from history. And then, they will do exactly the same thing themselves, because they will imagine that this time, their time, is somehow different. ”


    • JC

      And let’s think about this piece of the puzzle….

      “China is running a massive U.S. dollar shortage both on a corporate and a national level. A great deal of debt has grown within the Chinese system. Chinese companies owe roughly $2 trillion U.S. dollar-denominated debt owed to international investors.”

      “Ironically, the Fed has become the great enabler in this game of allowing China’s currency to hold together. The rubber will meet the road as more countries that export to China question the value of the Chinese currency and demand payment in dollars and refuse the yuan.”


      • paul ...

        The piece of the puzzle about people getting rid of Chinese paper to buy American paper “does not fit JC” … try getting rid of “all paper” and buying gold and silver instead!!!

  10. JC

    Sooner or later, after ignoring dire economic warning signs, a lot of people will end up in a situation like this guy, saying “Looks like I picked a bad week to quit….”


    • paul ...

      Yes JC … The Fed picked “the wrong people” to drop helicopter money on … they should be dropping money on “the common people who don’t own stocks” to boost the economy (by removing the chains off the CPI) … by them dropping money on the people who currently own stocks they are simply giving it to the people who will put it all into the stock market “which does not fire up the economy” … all it does is “blow a bigger paper bubble” boosting the prices of companies “who’s earnings are falling” because they can’t sell products “to ordinary people” who have a monstrous CPI chain around their necks!!!

  11. Rodster

    Martin Armstrong recently chimed in on the Repo Market and he said people in the know, including him are scared to say anything to avoid being blamed for causing a financial crisis. He said it will take a concerted effort by all banks and government to address and correct the problem BUT so far there is no such desire to do so.

    He also feels the situation is extremely serious with a potential bad outcome for everyone.

  12. Mike R

    Why the September to present, Fed massive injections ????
    “…because the repo-funded arb was (ab)used by most multi-strat funds, the Federal Reserve was suddenly facing a constellation of multiple LTCM blow-ups that could have started an avalanche that would have resulted in trillions of assets being forcefully liquidated as a tsunami of margin calls hit the hedge funds world.”

    It’s the hedge funds people. And high leverage. (1998, 2008, and once again, nobody went to prison so they just do it all over again). This time, Abusing the repo market, which the big banks decided to pull the plug on ALL of them, and not give them any of THEIR money. So the Fed had to step in, OR TOTAL DISASTER.

    Problem is, this isn’t over. Not by a LONG shot. None of them can be rescued by these temporary injections (i.e. ‘loans’), and WORSE, Trump is in on the cover up, trying to get Powell to boost the markets as high as possible, before the entire thing implodes. Not one person has told you the truth people about any of this, and the stock market itself is blissfully ignoring ALL OF IT, accidentally on purpose. The FED is trying to paper this over, but its dwarfing, totally what happened before 2008’s collapse. Just check out this link and chart on repo flows from 2008 to now… https://slopeofhope.com/2020/01/repo-depot.html

    Don’t believe me ??? Just look at how the S&P 500 is ‘sailing along’, and the ‘Dow’ along with it, but most of that is a very small cluster of big names, while the Russell 2000, not only peaked 18 months ago, but it is utterly collapsing right before everyone’s eyes, in a massive head and shoulders death formation. AND no one is saying word 1 about the Russell. No one. Small caps are dead. DOA.

    Everyone still in the market is a ‘dog’, and Trump and Powell are basically yelling ‘squirrel’. (look over there, not here)

    The FED is now going to inject monetary heroine directly into these dead and imploding heavily leveraged hedge fund corpses. (bypassing banks entirely). Even Warren Buffet doesnt have enough money to help them, like in ’08, and in fact, Warren is stashing cash like nobody’s tomorrow. Folks, We are mere steps away from the Fed sending you all money directly into your bank accounts. Worthless money that is. Watch the dollar, drop like a freaking rock over the next 12 months. Stocks are going to skyrocket ! But based on a very quickly debasing dollar, so in reality they are already becoming worthless, as everyone is now jumping in them bc it looks Like they are just going up,up, up. This is like Argentina folks, and Zimbabwe.

    If you aren’t nearly entirely in gold or silver, you are doomed. The media is going to now publish articles that gold is going to crash. Well its just the opposite. If you are in stocks, you wont ever be able to get out, bc you will follow the market up parabolically, THINKING you are getting ‘rich’ by the minute. You wont want to sell. Everyone in it is now totally ‘addicted.’ Until it just stops going up. and then it falls faster than an elevator in Sears Tower, that just had its cables snipped. I call it Sears, bc the Willis name has never taken hold, and Sears is collapsing and will be completely buried (finally) just like the rest of the market will.

    The global cabal, has finally decided they HAVE to collapse the market on Trump’s watch, since they couldn’t get him impeached. Connect the dots. This is why you are now witnessing a few dems SUDDENLY this week, starting to talk about a ‘terrible’ economy. They all know whats coming, since they are connected to the cabal.


  13. Rodster

    This is the Martin Armstrong blog post I was referring too.

    “Could the Fed Ever Exit the Repo Market?”


    • paul ...

      Wow Rodster … according to Armstrong: “exiting the Repo market is beyond the powers of all central banks combined (it is simply unattainable without political concessions which are off the table) … it will require a major reform (that is unlikely to be recognized or take place until a much larger scale crisis erupts)”!!!

      • Greg Hunter

        And thus my warning to take risk off the table wherever possible. I don’t know how long this will last but I do knw it will end quickly–all frauds do.

        • Gary C

          Greg, when you look at a company that has 20 million in sales and a 150 million market cap valuation , typical of the stock market these days, there will be a meltdown.
          The Fed has to keep the Repo rates down AT ALL costs, when they spiked to 9% overnight it would have taken down the whole system, banks not lending to other banks because they do not trust the collateral, ie example above.
          Time to get Martin Armstrong back on, although he will not get into the nitty gritty in public, however on his private blog he will.

          • Greg Hunter

            Good point Gary!!

          • paul jr.


            It may not be so much that banks do not trust the collateral but that the banks excess reserves have fallen to almost half of what they were 2 years ago. They may not feel comfortable lending out money that they themselves might need.


            I checked what the largest banks had in cash and in balances that were in the Federal Reserve Bank and the the two largest had dramatic decreases from 2 years ago. This is at least one of the reasons as to why some banks do not want to lend out the money.

    • dadiz

      thank you

  14. Robert Wade

    What if the Fed was part of an orchestrated, ultimate false flag? This false flag, a horrific attack on New York City, would be blamed on Iran and President Trump. Wouldn’t the bad guys get everything they want: war with Iran, USA economic chaos and collapse, the end of Mr. Trump, a revolution, the end of America, etc.?

    • paul ...

      Wade … The Fed was a big player in 9-11 so they likely will be in on the next false flag!!

  15. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    It’s healthy that you are taking some ‘time out’.

    Regarding geopolitical risk, Tom Luongo is not optimistic about the impeachment process – see article – and if Trump is railroaded out of office by corrupt Senators it will trigger massive worldwide upheaval. https://www.zerohedge.com/political/flying-monkeys-have-taken-over-asylum-impeachment-soleimani-pull-swamp

  16. Bob the Blessed

    Greg interviews Greg! Yay. Love it.

  17. JC

    Is this true?

    “According to Iraqi Prime Minister Abdul-Mahdi, he had planned to meet Soleimani on the morning the general was killed to discuss a diplomatic rapproachment that Iraq was brokering between Iran and Saudi Arabia.”


    • paul ...

      JC … If there was any rapprochement between the Saudi’s and Iran … it would have lessened the need for the Saudi’s to buy billions and billions of dollars worth of military equipment from the US … so we know the people selling all this war equipment would obviously be dead set against such a thing happening!!

      • paul ...

        Warning (to those currently invested in defense stocks) … get out of your defense stocks now … “before” America begins “to subsidize domestic producers” with our foreign aid money!!

  18. Alan

    There is another major risk factor that TPTB cannot & will not address lest it create massive panic on the part of the masses leading to complete anarchy. Food shortages are already beginning to show themselves, cold weather crop losses and related agricultural failures around the globe are happening far faster than even the most knowledgeable experts anticipated, all part and parcel to the phenomenon that is the Grand Solar Minimum (GSM). “Global Warming” is a total sham and misdirection psy-op narrative intended to keep the majority locked on to a lie as long as possible. All world governments know this to be true thus they continue to practice what would otherwise be considered utterly insane fiscal policies that have zero chance of ever being corrected/resolved.

    The scientific data are out there if one chooses to look, and historical records bear out the severity of the implications as empires have fallen again & again throughout the centuries. Preparing for the eventuality of food shortages, price spikes, and supply disruptions is still possible but one would be wise to take steps now to at least provide oneself and one’s family a bulwark of some level of self-sufficiency in the times ahead. Also linking up with neighbors, community members, and others of like mind will be invaluable as things continue to ratchet up while temps ratchet down and weather patterns wreak havoc on life as we know it.

    Seismic and volcanic phenomena are also more frequent and more intense, add’l aspects of the GSM and a consequence of a weakening magnetosphere coupled with increasing galactic cosmic radiation making its way to the planet. No fear porn here, just sharing some actual facts for those who are able to maintain a degree of situational awareness and take appropriate steps… now.

    • iwitness02

      Alan, have you noticed that Dutchsinse has been removed from every platform?
      That to me, is a red flag in itself.

      • paul ...

        Iwitness … Very obvious (very in your face censorship) and outright destruction of our right to freedom of speech and thought … now we will need to keep track of rising earthquake activity “ourselves” at this seismic monitoring site … http://ds.iris.edu/seismon/ … earthquake activity “is increasing” along with increasing volcanic activity!!!

        • paul ...

          Interesting how Dutchsinse has been removed from every internet platform in the US … while Weibo accounts for the Iranian and American embassies in Beijing “have been allowed to express their views and opinions and even trade barbs on Weibo (a Chinese-language social-media site like twitter) … so while the US becomes “more restrictive and communistic” … the “commies” are allowing the US and Iran the freedom to express themselves in full view of the Chinese public … it’s total insanity … in the US our First Amendment Rights are restricted and in Commie China they are allowing freedom of speech????

  19. Justn Observer

    Greg, Some headway, Legislature in Virginia starting to back down on anti-gun laws?
    Good luck for re-election of those Democrat legislators that though that was a good idea.
    Am hearing as many and 1/2 million might be marching on Virginia on MLK day !
    If that occurs …that will be an interesting sight… Half a million militia with guns to surround their capital? What could go wrong? lol

    Also New Jersey bill to end vaccination exemption also failed…

    MAGA? Winning !

  20. Clippert

    Your work is thanks enough. As far as we are concerned, we know you appreciate support and we do not need a formal acknowledgement. We prefer you spend your time doing what you do best: we love you. I don’t need to see my comment posted.

  21. Jerry

    You are spot on giving this warning. The Fed is so worried about keeping the markets propped up, that they’ve announced that repos will run until mid February.

    And then what? The ugly truth is when we pump our currency up, it pushes other currencies down. I would love to know what’s in the China trade deal. As I’ve reported the past several years, the Chinese have built an alternate trade system to replace the dollar as reserve currency. It now appears they are close to finalizing a digital currency, that will no doubt be backed with gold. It’s a perfect fit for a communist system. Especially with the bank runs that happenedin the fall. President Xi wants total control.

    As far as the Fed repo? It’s a death rattle of a dying financial system, pure and simple. How can a bank make any money by constantly giving it away? From my experience dealing with banks, they only do this when they’re in to deep to get out. The bigger question is, what’s going to happen next? War? False flags? Bail ins? Global currency reset? Civil war? Take your pick. The central banks have used them all in the past.

  22. Revd Andrew de Berry

    Greg sometimes you’ll feel the pressure of being that prophetic voice crying in the wilderness. So thank you as always for being so steadfast. Sadly the multitude will go on believing the illusion that everything is okay. I can hardly find a kindred spirit here in the UK who recognises how critical everything has now become. True, there’s a common understanding that we’ve got some debts to repay, but no-one has an inkling how far over the precipice we all are, making it all but impossible to share these truths.
    Re the Boeing debacle with all its Max 8s grounded, Zero hedge reports that John Barnett a Boeing quality manager of thirty years warns people not to fly in the B 787 Dreamliner due to safety standards having been compromised significantly.
    So surely Boeing is now teetering.

  23. David

    Excellent message, Greg.

    Indeed, we are ignoring the underlying problems. Noteworthy, is that no candidate for president has even uttered a concern for our national debt. All they talk about is how to spend more money on more things. It’s pathetic.

    • paul ...

      Yes it’s pathetic David … they resist pulling out of “even one” of the 800 military bases we have around the world (without threatening economic sanctions)!!

  24. Matt

    The Final Heist in The Final Days. see two latest videos youtube: The Final Days ..none of this may not matter anyway in May. Money going to increasing chemtrails, space-force protection, underground cities rapidly stocking, no consequences for debt-to-default path, circus distractions & sideshows. Gervais golden-globe speech was elite-rulers flip-off to celebrity pawns & idolizing fans, as they stack gold/silver at suppressed prices before pulling the plug. God, or aliens, intervene and help humanity from these dark forces & cosmic chaos!

    • paul ...

      We definitely need “Heavenly Help” Matt!!

  25. Doug

    ‘People are ignoring the risk’

    They aren’t ignoring it as much as they are oblivious to it. What you had to share today is so very important Greg. Sometimes you have to just be blunt. Their is a $hitstorm coming the likes of which none of us have ever faced before. And most people if they discern any problems on the horizon are just so busy trying to keep the bills paid that they are the proverbial ostrich with their heads in the sand.

    People need to take what you shared to heart and prepare like there is no tomorrow. Like Rob Kirby and Bill Holter have shared [get em back on please] that when this thing breaks it’s going to go so fast that our heads are going to spin. It’s going to be so quick you won’t be able to react to it. Your going to have to make a go pretty much with what you’ve got. Go into overdrive and get your stuff done and your house in order.

    God doesn’t warn his children so they can sit on their hands doing nothing.

    Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding but in all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your path. Prov 3:5

    • paul ...

      Noah didn’t sit on his hands doing nothing … the least we should do is put two chickens in a coop in the back yard … to generate eggs we can use “as money” with millennials who know nothing about gold and silver being a longer lasting money!!

      • paul ...

        Golden “eggs” have no expiration date!!

  26. J.

    Greg, initially, I got a good laugh, when I saw your video thumbnail of Schumer and Pelosi, in Muslim headdress.

    Then, the sad reality struck me, that, unfortunately, they seem to be seditious traitors, and it appears very little is being done to stop them, or hold them accountable. I will continue to pray for justice.

  27. Da Yooper

    Greg good job you are a true journalist dont worry about “low tech”

    The US economy is a dead man walking & I have to wonder if this continual shit show political circus from the communist party is being used to keep the American public from focusing on how bad the economy IS? Otherwise these clowns should be – being tried for high treason ( not going to hold my breath on the rule of law here)

    Does the Fed really have a balance sheet when they can print all the money they need out of thin air? Also I am getting sick of Trump telling me how great the economy is when I see NO proof of this in my local & the booming economy has left me & mine far behind. Everything I buy has gone up in price 20 – 30% except gasoline. Yet inflation IS 1.6% B…………S……

  28. Marie Joy

    Various YouTube Channels are concerned about American, and worldwide, famine. One is Ice Age Farmer. They expect, severe, shortages and price rises in potatoes, rice, flour, sugar, pork, chicken, beef, soybeans, onions, cooking oils, milk/dairy, canned vegetables and batteries. Please take this very seriously.
    Stock up and/or grow your own.

  29. Papa Randy

    Greg I maintain a very small, obscure blog if you are low tech then I’m no tech. Still it consumes an incredible amount of my time and energy. The rewards are hard to explain even to myself. Most definitely they are not monetary. Still I can’t fathom the effort you are putting in, but I do appreciate it.I have come to rely on your weekly news wrap-up to keep me informed on current events for I do not listen to mainstream news outlets. Where do you get the strength. The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid ? When the wicked came against me to eat up my flesh, My enemies and foes, They stumbled and fell. Though an army may encamp against me, My heart shall not fear; Though war may rise against me, In this I will be confident. Psalms:27

  30. Sue Patterson

    Greg; you should plan to take a month off every year around Christmas, to re-energize your innerards. I suggest to ask 4 of your most popular guests, like Catherine Austin Fitts, Kevin Shipp, Gerald Celenti, Michael Pento, to do an hour of broadcastable time for USAWatchdog. Break it into 3 segments and run these in place of you for your month off. None of your faithful followers will begrudge your need for some time off, especially if you can fill your absence with stuff we will also enjoy. Any of your guests could speak on a multiple of topics for at least an hour. You could start advertising this a month ahead so we all get prepared to your time away. Don’t burn out, we enjoy you too much.

  31. Mike

    The easy money policy has corrupted corporations to the point where they borrow cheap money to buy back their own stock and give themselves fat bonus checks. So many corporations sit on the edge of a downgrade to junk status that the event to end the “everything is fine” charade could be a cascade of downgrades. Even with a debt reset, the corporate culture will need a dramatic reset.

    • paul ...

      Exactly right Mike … people should not own stocks manipulated by corrupt CEO’s … nor should they own dollars manipulated by corrupt Banksters … they should own physical gold and silver in their own possession … and eliminate all the corrupt crooks from “their way” of storing wealth!!!

  32. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, love the cartoon, can’t believe the Demogods love the Muslims, a religion & culture who puts down women & hate gays, mind boggling to say the least. The Demogods have truly lost their way with respect to the average American working Joe out here in the heartland.

  33. Diane

    Thanks Greg. Your personal reports are very important to your loyal readers.
    I sure hope you posters who regularly post, often multiple times on this site, are donating what you can afford to support Greg.

  34. andyb

    Greg: excellent treatise on where we are financially; quite alarming really. But just as alarming is that it seems that all of the corruption will go unpunished. The latest being the cookie jar of foreign aid that all the pols have their hands in to fund those growing off-shore accounts. That’s what Ukraine-gate is all about. The impeachment trial should have witnesses, for both sides. But the RINOS, along with the Bidens, Kerrys, et al, have also had their grubby fingers in the cookie jar. Proper interrogation of witnesses should establish this fact. The Giuliani investigation should be laid bare.

  35. Charles

    Steve Sjuggerud Of Stansberrt has been preaching we are in a melt up now.He says that the crash will be hard,but there is plenty of money to be made before the crash comes.

    I have a ton of stock in Sinclair’s TRX. Losing my pants.

    • paul ...

      Charles … gold stock certificates are pieces of paper … that pay you “when they rise” with other pieces of paper … but if the pieces of paper you are paid with … are becoming essentially more and more worthless with each Fed Repo helicopter drop … you lose your pants even if your stock goes up … buy physical gold and silver as your store of savings!!

  36. Horsenut

    Greg, take a little time for yourself,,,, We’ll be here when you get back!

  37. Country Codger

    Great report Greg.
    Von and I appreciate everything you do to make your reports so full of good timely info. Leave the special effects to Disney and Spielberg.
    Lo Iyrah!!!

  38. Dave

    Pelosi outsmarted McConnel over impeachment. She waited and got several Senators to propose a dismissal. The votes were not there. McConnel admitted so and said, as to witnesses, the Senate would vote on that after the initial presentation to them. McConnel thinking he had to votes to block witnesses. Only then Pelosi agrees to move the impeachment articles to Senate and voila – suddenly 5/6 Senators want Bolton to testify. GOP Senators. Schumer has the votes now to take control of the process. This is why Bannon has been and is worried about the trial.

    As to Bolton, new e-mails have come out which Ben Shapira rightly points out do not help Trump’s case. It all hinges on Bolton an perhaps Giuliani and the head of OMB who are key to the truth as to what happened. Andrew McCarthy says if Trump did a quid pro quo to hurt Biden in 2020 it is impeachable. Folks like Levin are now all about process. The process must control the trial even to denying fact witnesses the chance to testify. Yet Levin is the first to harangue against process that allows criminals to get out free in the justice system. Why shouldn’t we hear from Bolton and Giuliani? What is Levin so afraid of? To the point he is now attacking Bolton whom he once admired. Do controlled conservative media types not want the truth? And if it does come out there was an impeachable quid pro quo Levin and Hannity will choose to ignore the law and let is slide when they were all about convicting Clinton for a lesser crime. I have no idea what Bolton and potential other witnesses will say but always Trumpers seemed fearful of it.

  39. Justn Observer

    Greg, Was that $$$ to Biden’s from China about partnershs in Uranium mines?
    Probably not good for Biden’s to be tied to ‘blood mines’ with record of human rights abuses while running for President?
    TruthLeaks – Investigative Journalist George Webb‏ @GeorgWebb · 4h4 hours ago
    How long have we been talking about Skinkolobe uranium mine in the Congo on our channel? Two and a half years? Three? As predicted, Hunter Biden’s Blackberry hid the Chinese interest in the mine for China Nuclear Group. I had to laugh when I saw the OANN pics of Shinkolowbe !
    TruthLeaks – Investigative Journalist George Webb‏ @GeorgWebb · 4h4 hours ago
    How could Deep Blackberry have possibly known about Shinkolobwe if he didn’t work for Joe Biden and Hunter Biden? Shinkolobwe now turns out to be pretty important in Hunter Biden’s world. He still has sold his 10% even after he quit Burisma!

  40. iwitness02

    Thank YOU Greg!
    I have always been one who listens to warnings, and act accordingly.

    • Greg Hunter

      You will be happy you did and there is very little downside in preparations.

  41. Bill the Cat Guy

    There are claims that several US banks are in serious trouble with their derivatives. The Fed is probably bailing out Deutsche Bank too. They have a quadrillion in derivatives.

    • paul ...

      Stan’s bankster friends at the Fed likely told him that Deutsche Bank “would be bailed out” and he idiotically jumped on the stock … little knowing that Deutsche Bank would be bailed out for pennies on the dollar … Stan would have been better off buying Deutsche Bank bonds (which will probably pay back “a lot more” being they are higher up on the creditor list)!!!

  42. gary L defries

    One thing I have heard from many commentators is the claim that if Clinton would have won the election America would have gone into depression. Since when has political party or personality of the President changed the goals of the Deep State? I believe the plan would not have changed. They are on the path of stalling the depression as long as possible in order to steal as much money from the world as possible. I also think they will unwind the economy slowly so that as hard assets fall in value, such as companies, railroads, buildings etc, they can use the trillions in cash they have BEFORE the dollar completely crashes. If they caused a depression in 2016, the value of their hidden trillions would evaporate. Trump or Clinton, no difference in plan!

    • Greg Hunter

      Since Trump was elected there was BIG DIFFERENCE. He stopped the Paris Climate accord, TPP, opened up the country for drilling oil and nat gas, brought back $1 trillion in repatriation of corporate money, cut way back on money draining illegal immigration, got NATO countries to put up many billion$ more in their own defense, massively cut money draining regulation for business, and that is just off the top of my head. This was all driven by President Trump and that is a fact. Hillary would have done none of this and that is also a fact.

    • Rodster

      Remove all of the phony unemployment numbers and phony inflation numbers and it starts to look like a “Depression”. 😉

  43. Fatima Message

    “Already inside the gates of hell…”, Bill Holder in your Dec 10 broadcast.
    Your broadcast today came across as very DIRE. Your words: “an Extinction event.”
    The last extinction event for mankind was the termination of the Forgotten civilization
    of Noah’s time. More and more scientific evidence points to the fact this event was caused by a solar Micronova which melted the 2 mile thick polar icecaps almost overnight in geologic terms. More and more evidence is accumulating that these solar events are cyclic and occur roughly ever 12,000 years.The termination of the Younger Dryas event was approximately 10,000 BC, or 12,000 BCE.

    The great Prophet Isaiah and the minor prophet Joel (and others) and
    Saint Peter spoke about a coming “Day of the Lord,” when all evil will be removed
    from this earth. Physically terminated! If one researches what this
    “Day of the Lord” describes: the very elements will be melted worldwide, the moon turning blood red. Only a Micronova can cause these. Right now the sun is locked and loaded and a Micronova is waiting to be “triggered.”

    Many today would say God would not do this without warning us. Many warnings have been given. A warning even in graphic form. This “movie” like warning was given mankind on Oct. 13, 1917 at Fatima, Portugal. It was called the “miracle of the sun.” Sun or Solar! In the visible solar gyrations of that day, the solar disk appeared to fall towards earth and, in effect, would kill all 70,000 plus witnesses. Only when Lucia yelled “pray” and the 70,000 witnesses fell on their knees to do so did the solar disk recede and become NORMAL. In a Micronova event, the solar corona is blown explosively outward and would appear from earth as the solar disk expanding, causing the sun to be seen “falling” towards the earth as at Fatima.

    When the infiltrated Catholic Church (Vatican) failed to announce the “Third Secret of Fatima” in 1960, Our Lord again used His Mother, The Blessed Virgin, to warn the world. This occurred at Akita, Japan, in 1973. This apparition, approved by the church, was termed an extension of Fatima. Our Lady’s words: “If men do not better themselves…fire will fall from the sky wiping out the greater part of mankind.” Catholic prophecy throughout the ages has warned of the “Three Days of Darkness.” If one researches what this entails one would find a realistic view of Plasma and intense heat striking the earth for 70 hours, clearly depicting a solar Micronova event.
    Physicist Dr. Paul LaViolette in an interview said “the first three days of a Micronova would be the worst.”

    In the synoptic Gospels, Our Lord tells us that the elect would be protected in some way to survive the end of the Tribulation/Chastisement (the time will be shortened or all flesh would disappear). Catholic prophecy about the three days of darkness details how the elect will protect themselves and survive this event. (Matthew chapter 24 for example for Our Lord’s words)

    Please, do not take my word for the above. Research, check it out! Micronova, Miracle of the sun at Fatima. Day of the Lord, Three days of darkness. Apparitions at Akita.
    A excellent scientific documentary of a soon coming Micronova event is now on YouTube, SuspeciousObservers channel by Ben Davidson called Catastrophe. Here you will find footage of Astronauts on the moon exploring and gathering evidence of Micronova events that struck the moon. Glass deposits in the Sahara are similar!

  44. Jerry

    More funny business here in the midwest.

    Kansas legislators loaded up on national guard busses and driven to a DHS base for a briefing. A briefing on what is yet to be determined? News leaking out is it has something to do with cyberattacks. Who knows? But once again, I have posted information about DHS activity around Kansas City for over the past year from my sources. Arrest being made and people being loaded in satellite vans and driven to military installations. ( check my post) These are not isolated incidents. DHS has been active for months and now this. Make out of it what you want, but it clearly spells trouble anytime elected officials are doing a private briefing with government agencies.

    • MCasey

      THEIR COVER STORY (for all the secrecy):
      Lawmakers who attended said they were warned to BE CAREFUL ABOUT OPENING EMAILS from foreign sources. But they also said they did not hear about immediate threats.
      “We need to be careful in responding to people because everyone’s looking for an in, some way, somehow,” said state Rep. Jim Gartner, a Topeka Democrat who attended the first briefing. “That was the gist of it.”

  45. wondering

    Hey Greg,

    Great talk. Thanks for the reminder about the stock market. I have relatives that have millions in the market. They aren’t prepared for any kind of collapse. No extra food or water or protection; just big fancy houses with big glass windows. I see them getting richer every week and I’m tempted to follow along, thinking maybe I’m wrong. So, once again, great talk.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the street reporting and sharing your story!

    • paul ...

      Don’t be tempted wondering … simply set up a chicken coop in your back yard … the eggs you get every day will be like having your own Fed printing press … when the collapse comes you can barter your eggs for gold … then when things recover … you will be the rich relative … and they will be poor!!

  46. Jerry

    Thirty good reasons you can’t trust the MSM.

  47. James Brown

    Hey Greg, I love You Man!!!
    The Fed is “backstopping” the repo market.
    It looks like Deutsche Bank has failed (or somebody like that).
    Every other bank will not lend in the repo window (for fear of not getting paid back)…….so, the Fed stepped in to provide
    The crisis is in Europe. What will start on January 18th (in a few days) is, all bonds will revert to an 8% yield. What does that mean?
    Let’s say I have a $100,000.00 mortgage bond on my house at 4% interest.
    Let’s say, you, Greg Hunter, own that bond (I borrowed from you – Thanks Greg!).
    You are getting $4,000.00 in interest from me every year, all is good.
    Now, this banking/liquidity crisis hits (BANG) and you panic (again, this is hypothetical, of course, Greg Hunter would never panic). You feel strongly you need to sell your bond. Prevailing market interest rates have risen to 8% and when you sell your bond, you only get $50,000.00 (50k times 8% equals the $4,000.00 in annual interest on my mortgage).
    Now Greg, I know that you know all this, but all debt worldwide will move in this direction. You talk about a debt jubilee, this is what will actually happen – a debt evaporation.
    Mohamed El Arian has spoken of assets adjusting to their real value. I just gave you an example (poor Bill Gross will only be worth $200 million).
    Eventually, banks here in the United States will not be able to fund 30 year mortgages. If you want to buy a house, you will have to pay cash (cash is king).
    All your friends that make a living as realtors or commercial real estate – no income, no business. Forty percent of bank employees – gone. Car dealerships, gone (think about their finance offices). On and on. Where will all these people work? James Altucher says they will have to become “self employed” (good luck).
    Now, if all this debt evaporates in the free market, who will want to provide debt liquidity in the future? Who will buy any bonds after watching their 401(k) balance drop by 50%? NOBODY!!!
    The debt market is where capital formation begins. A world without capital formation?!?!
    Good luck everybody.
    God bless You Greg and all your people.

    • paul jr.

      “The crisis is in Europe. What will start on January 18th (in a few days) is, all bonds will revert to an 8% yield. What does that mean?”

      It means nothing because you are wrong. All bonds are not going to have their yield changed to 8% on January 18th. Where are you getting this fear mongering crap at?

    • Gary C

      James, you NAILED IT, this is exactly what Armstrong has revealed on his private blog,
      and REPO report which I subscribe to, and it scared the shit out of me.
      Europe goes down first, then the counter party risk spreads to the rest of the Banking system internationally.

      If you have money in Europe get it out fast, no wonder the Germans just made gold purchases of more than 10K reportable.

  48. Rock

    Many thanks again Greg for all that you do….we appreciate you brother!

  49. Sue Robinson

    Great piece Greg. There is sooo much nonsense out there, especially from outlets and people who sound like they know what they are talking about. You give us all a clean, accurate, if sobering look at what is actually happening. I guess a lot of people are stuck in ‘normalcy bias’ in spite of all evidence. But, I do sense a kind of overarching unease
    out here even if a lot of folks try to ignore it. I think that ‘unease’ manifests in cranky, oh shut up! memes that are not helpful. But the unease is there, percolating along. So, we do just need to keep our heads, do what is necessary for those we love, and keep the faith. In that effort, you are a great help. Thank you!

  50. Jeff Martin

    Greg, I appreciate your site very much, low tech or not. You give out the meat and potatoes and that is what I am looking for – not sparkly do-dads. Someday, your site will turn into a subscription snail-mail news letter like in the old days because that will be all there is of honest journalism.

    All the signs are there. The economy is ready to implode, but not after the Fed gets done with the repo market casino and pumps trillions to their billionaire buddies. Remember that even though this money is created from nothing, the American taxpayer is still on the hook for “losses” of a market implosion – only 100 times worse than 2008 era.

    But, no one is going to jail. REPEAT no one is going to jail. It’s everyone for themselves because Trump is just buying us more time to prepare. SO, TAKE THIS EXTRA TIME TO GET YOUR AFFAIRS IN ORDER. Guns, Grub, God, and Gold/Silver.

    • paul ...

      Jefff … Don’t forget a chicken coop in the back yard … it will put meat on the table during a monetary crisis and provide you with “eggs” you can use as “money” … to barter with people (like Stan) who have no idea what gold and silver are worth!!!

  51. eddiemd

    Extinction level event. Sounds correct. For many people, everywhere.

    Pestilence, famine, natural disasters. All in the end time prophesies.

    War in Syria and the MENA. Again. Gog and Magog. Destruction of Damascus.

    All while the American public remains deceived and distracted. Eating and drinking.

    The wrath of God will be revealed. Repent before it is too late.

    Thanks for all your hard work Mr. Hunter. You are a voice in the wilderness.

  52. John M.

    Greg, the quality of your content and research is the best and clearly shows. Thanks for all your hard work, but do take the time to rest and smell the roses. Your strength will be needed to fight the battles that are ahead.

  53. al

    Excellent Excellent Excellent! But I’m numb, I’m numb with the numbers. $259 Billion? Why not $259 Trillion? Quadrillion? Quintilian? etc… What does it mean any more? They make it look like everything is fine because gold, the money printing barometer, doesn’t move. They somehow got cryptos to do the same thing. Alternative money is no longer a hedge. They rigged EVERYTHING Greg! I’m numb Greg! I can’t feel my pocket so to speak, let alone my head.

    I keep reminding myself though, right before 2008, and before 2001 there was this type of euphoria of never ending gains, and I remember feeling the same numbness in the past, albeit less pronounced, yet numbness nonetheless. What happened at those time periods?

    Thank you for keeping the numbers in front of our eyes, I stopped hearing this sort of talk from the usual sources as if they are numb to it too. Let’s face it, very intelligent and astute economists you’ve had on all waved the red flag for years. This farce is making them look WRONG! AND THEY ARE NOT!

    I’m beat up, somewhat bloodied but will NEVER EVER do what your friends did, it’s economic suicide at their age! I will NOT CAPITULATE! EVER!!!
    Although I’m numb and worn, like a torn up Zombie I move forward clawing my way through the financial desert sands of bulllllshit. I will never give up! NEVER! And they will have to pry my metals off my gun powder laden dead hands!
    Yeah, I’ve been pretty upset lately. That’s my barometer that something unexpected is about to happen.

    God Bless you, Happy 2020 and thank you for reminding us to never fear.

  54. Paul Anthony

    Reset will be painful for many. Prepare as best you can is all the advice you can give, along with having Christ with you.

    I have no clue what the end game the dems have in mind. I can’t see the party surviving when people wake up. At some point truth wins and perhaps that’s the trigger that ends that party and forms several new ones of constitutional value.

    Happy belated New year Greg.

    Paul Anthony

    Looking forward to whenever you start weekly wrap ups again.

    Thank you,

    Paul Anthony

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Paul. Christ is the MOST important part of preparation.

  55. K.Wayne

    Greg…..you say “this is far form normal”.
    I look at it from a different perspective.
    What is normal is this world? What was given to be “standard” is no longer accepted nor provided on many levels.
    Instead ….I see a new paradigm. In fact what we have now…. is the New Normal. This is the world that is being intentionally created for everyone. Expect the unexpected and do not rely on past actions as guidance for future actions. Same is true for what one would anticipate in the Cauldron of Fire that is the FED. They have proven countless times that they do not act for the populace in general. Protection of their system and the member banks that operate within it, are their first and only priorities. Their sanctimonious behaviour clearly demonstrates that …..it is not about saving the financial system ….but more so about the avoidance of Bank Bankruptcies and the concurrent destruction of the enormous wealth that their shareholders have….should they not act. They could care less about the pain and suffering that would ensue should they revert to a more tempered and rational behaviour and policy setting.

    • K.Wayne

      Ben Bernanke was quoted recently that “The Fed has some powerful tools in its toolkit and that it needs to get creative”…… or something to that effect.

      A more thorough analysis of the current REPO program throws open many questions and importantly raises numerous alarms.

      One such question ….which seems to have been overlooked…..
      If we cast our minds back to pre 2009 …..when the implosion of the financial system was averted…… FED Chairman (BB) went to POTUS and pleaded his case …then CONGRESS passed the TARP Act as well as the Emergency Economic Stabilisation Act (Treasury Sec. – Paulson) … permitting the bailouts to the tune of $700 BLN++.
      Point is….the FED and the Treasury both sought CONGRESS/ POTUS approval before commencing the debt monetisation scheme….. aka ..printing of money.
      Fast forward to Sept. 2019 ….. The NY FED has opened the flood gates (TB monetisation), replenishing liquidity and controlling the interest rate/Bond yield curve (FFR).

      In essence and given the increase in the FED Balance sheet, what we have is an unlimited extension of a Revolving Line of Credit, a window that remains permanently open…. only to the primary Dealers. This is TARP on steroids and the important aspect is that it never received Congress approval/sanction.

      The FED has indeed gotten very creative…..simply by using its existing (REPO) mechanism and taking it to another level. The revolving line of credit was never supposed to have a net increase…..and yet we are almost at Net $500BLN +. The critical point is that it is nigh on impossible to see who in fact is utilising this window and to what extent … given the numerous terms and maturities offered at the window. The FED has in effect by-passed the Law (Congress) and implemented TARP 2, QE4 or whatever term you wish to apply covertly and yet it is completely overt in its actions.

      This country and its citizens are beholden to this monster and the Masters it serves.

    • Greg Hunter

      You have not seen a new paradigm –yet. That is what the Fed is trying to stop.

      • K. Wayne

        What is or was considered to be ” Abnormal” has now become Commonplace = New Normal.
        A shift in the underlying economic rules and factors that affect the markets = New Paradigm.
        Have the FED changed the Rules and have those changes affected the markets and economics of everything…? YES !!!
        This is the real crux of the issues at hand and too many people cannot accept what is occurring (Denial) by burying their collective heads in the sand. The sheeple truly are asleep and will gladly follow the flock.
        The FED isn’t attempting to stop….it is creating the very platform for our new world….right here right now!!

  56. War Monger

    I’m absolutely convinced now that each and every single day I wake up with a grateful heart and attitude I have a somewhat viable chance at surviving for the time being at least emotionally, mentally, psychically and spiritually what is actually unfolding throughout the entire western world. As this momentous tragedy comes to pass, primarily through the apathy, greed, corruption, cowardice and sheer ignorance of ‘parliamentarian democracy’, I stand totally committed and resolutely firm in my resolve to never, never… ever surrender to Marxism and the demonic aspirations of a Bolshevik world view. I do not give a God damn what anyone thinks, says or does in regards to how I feel or how and why I live my life. The principals enshrined in the instinct for self-preservation and self-determination within myself cannot and will not be altered let alone eradicated. When the time comes to meet my creator face to face I’ll be going down fighting while standing on my feet facing the enemy. Millions of western Europeans from many nations allied themselves with the Axis Powers and fought a war of total annihilation against ‘social democratic’ Marxism and eastern Bolshevism during the Second World War.

    Their sacrifice has not been in vain.

    See you in Valhalla…

    • Montana Guy

      War Monger, and we should care what you think, say or do in regards to how you feel or how and why you live my life because…?

      By the way, the Nazi’s were no threat to the Liberty of Americans. Prove me wrong.

      • Greg Hunter

        Montana Guy,
        The Nazi Party was the National Socialist German Workers Party. That name was deemed to long so they cut it to National socialists and thus Nazi Party. The Nazi also called themselves “Progressives.” FDR loved the name, but it was tainted by the Nazis. Now, the Democrats call themselves “Progressives” and we all know they claim to be socialists. So, the Progressive socialists ARE a threat to Liberty.

      • MCasey

        Montana Guy,

        Thank you for exercising your 1st Amendment right.

        Not surprisingly, you seem to have no tolerance for War Monger exercising his 1st Amendment right.

        By the way, had the Nazis won in Europe, you would have seem what kind of threat they were to the Liberty of Americans. Prove me wrong.

        • Montana Guy

          MCASEY, War Monger couldn’t prove me wrong and Greg dodged my question. Can you? (This is Greg Hunter. I told you to give me a verifiable name. Not arguing with an anonymous source that hates America. Please start your very own site. There is nothing stopping you. This is the Farmer from New Zealand and I kicked you off here before. Please use your money and yeaers of time to develop your own site so you can espouse your atheist, socialist America hating dogma crap from a tiny country nobody knows where it is.)

  57. Russ

    Thanks Greg. The Senate finally has the articles of impeachment and Pelosi’s prosecutors have been named. Interesting times…

    As for the Iranians hating us for killing Qasem Soleimani — for an informed Iranian’s opinion on the subject, check out:
    “Truth From An Iranian”

    • Russ

      Just so you know, Laura Ingraham had Erica Kasraie on her show Friday evening.
      “The Ingraham Angle”, Fox News January 17, 2020
      Slide up to time 34:15 for that segment.

  58. Ed

    Greg, there’s another circumstance where 20 Republicans might vote to oust the President; because the Deep State decided Donald Trump had served his purpose and it is now time for Plan B: President Pence. I predict a political 9/11 right in plain sight.

    Ike Eisenhower was right. My parents ignored Ike’s warning, but maybe it’s not too late.

    God help us all.

  59. Justn Observer

    Greg, A whole ship container of bombshells for you and the crew here… too much !
    Has to be a mocie when this ‘impeachment’ bs is over…. Can’t thank Hillary emails and the DNC for kicking off all the investigation and crowdsourcing metadata… Revisiting and churning up old history and new information long buried…covered up or forgotten.
    Welcome to Terror land is an understatement !

    • Justn Observer

      For those that have yet to pick up on the ”’Baltimore”’ connection to Florida and its to ‘the Bay of Pigs thing’ and what it MAY have to do with what/who a ‘deep state’ might be…of the interesting coincidence to all of it to a little island, Gibson Island…and who/what the ‘owners/investors’ of the MIC might have been up to … in the planning/execution of not just the WW’s, Cold War, and endless wars after, but that some have strong ties back to the same as founding families back to the Revolutionary, Civil and Opium Wars = war,
      JFK speech = https://youtu.be/1wXf08-42×4

      MORE THREAD, MORE COLORS! Good grief ! lol

      • Greg Hunter

        To many links. I will not vet them all. so I will delete posts with too many links. Please post shorter comments with way fewer links. Love your spirit though.

  60. Montana Guy

    Fear Not. God gave us Trump.

    • Greg Hunter

      God the Father is the kingmaker in the Bible and always has been. Your sarcasm is truth but you don’t realize that.

  61. Montana Guy

    Marie Joy and others, do you have loved ones who are still unprepared for hard times? Maybe they are on the fence?

    Send them a copy of ‘After Armageddon’ (2011), a surprisingly good docu-drama produced by History Channel ($7 Amazon). It is about a young family caught up in a very realistic situation. It has a POWERFUL and UNEXPECTED ending. They have heard talk of ‘civil war’ now. This video might be just the motivation they need.

  62. Jerry

    And so it begins.

    Seventeen states have now passed red flag laws. Day by day, the deep state and their globalist friends dip their hand further into constitutional rights to see how far the American people will go to have their rights removed. But guess what? They can pass all the laws they want, and buy as many liberal judges as they can, but not until they actually come in person to take our arms away will anything change. Thank God our forefathers saw this day, and prepared for it.

  63. paul ...

    The Demon-rat “sleeper cell” that took over the State of Virginia through voter fraud is in a panic … as “Armed Patriotic Militia Groups Plan To Storm The Capitol” and take their government back … https://www.zerohedge.com/political/northam-declares-state-emergency-virginia-because-armed-militia-groups-plan-storm-capitol

    • paul ...

      Our Founding Fathers were geniuses … they knew that people revolting against a tyrannical government (i.e like in Iran or Hong Kong, etc., etc., etc.) would be no match against “a governments with guns” … unless the people “also had guns”!!!

  64. Eins Codek

    Though I have doubts that Trump is in league with the NWO,
    I really think Trump supporters are turning a blind eye to his reneg of his campaign stances and putting alot of trust in his rhetoric rather than his results
    Some Trump campaign stances:
    massive infrastructure spending (none.. instead massive military spending)
    pull out of the middle-east (still in Syria, Afghan, Iraq, and a host of bases surrounding)
    investigate Clintons (no investigations no results)
    drain the swamp (how many major DC players have been indicted???)
    I could go on and on..
    He sweet-talked middle America and then did an about face on many of his stances.
    Draining the swamp? Sounds like hes now part of it. You can’t pick a side and say you are draining the swamp. The swamp is ALL sides in DC.

  65. Diane


    California has become socialist republic!

    • paul ...

      People in California see the writing on the wall … and are fleeing the State in droves … before the Commie Government “imposes a 90% exit tax on all your wealth” … if anyone even dares to think of leaving the “Commie Utopia” (however an exemption may be granted if you are moving to Virginia)!!

  66. Bill B

    Greg: RE Virginia
    The citizens of Virginia are in a battle with their state government. The state government is going to take away their 2nd Amendment rights unless something happens to deter them. There is a 2nd amendment rally scheduled on MLK day by the gun owners, which I believe could possibly turn violent.
    The legislature and the Governor are claiming they will show the rest of the states how to do it.
    I realize the citizens of that state elected those anti gun legislators, ands you have to ask yourself ” What were they thinking ”
    God Bless

    • Justn Observer

      Am hearing the same thing…and from there a push on to D.C. to confront the Demc rats hoax… supposedly a huge deal , bikers and trucker grid lock and lock down the Capital…Guess we will see? Truth or Consequences coming to what now appears to be but a ‘fake government’ = criminal cabal of deep state of compromised career politicians and agency collaborators ? Maybe POTUS should just declare a national emergency and invoke martial law and round up the ‘usual suspects’ and let ‘them’ prove their innocence? Guilty of decades of crimes and now an attempt coup… lOCK EM UP AND THROW AWAY THE KEYS … Don’t forget Benedict Arnold got away to England and died of natural causes…this time if not a rope…at least imprisonment at Gitmo = Justice for the JUST US crew is warrented. The death, drug dealing, compromise, bribery and use of underage youth … has to be addressed and answered…

      A whole new litnay of stuff on brassballs this am…along with more HUGE revelations if you follow George Webb, and Mcduff’s work…( look at above when Greg gets done reviewing it for post) work … anyone waiting to hear the truth via MSM or FOX? Total deception and obscuation to confuse the people of the truth and depth of the situation…
      AND =
      TruthLeaks – Investigative Journalist George Webb‏ @GeorgWebb · 16h16 hours ago
      Now the pre-IPO FR is out of the bag, may as well run the pics of ahmadnejad with Odeh. I have reason to believe Odeh was a schoolmate of Peter Strzok Jr at his high school in Tehran.

      • Montana Guy

        Justn Observer, you want Trump to declare martial law? Which fundamental principle of conservatism supports that?

        We will not regain our Liberties using the tyrannical system that destroyed them.

      • Justn Observer

        Good article on
        Posted January 16th, 2020 at 12:29 PM (CST) by Bill Holter & filed under Jim’s Mailbox.
        Could Monday be the start of the 2nd American Revolution?
        If other states stand up and take notice of what’s going on in Virginia, it could turn quite ugly.
        The abuse of power to take away our Constitutional rights (and misappropriate the taxpayer money) is something that has been festering a long time. Increasingly greater numbers of articles are highlighting this in recent years.
        In Virginia, it all began about taking away peoples’ 2nd Amendment rights. Your right to bear arms.
        Criminals are already banned from owning guns….and how’s that working for you?
        Now the citizens of Virginia are looking to remove the Governor and his cronies by petition. They will NOT wait till election time to vote them out. The law states that 10% of the voters (240 thousand signatures) petition to remove the lawmakers, they’ll have to leave office immediately.
        So what do the Governor and lawmakers do? They change the law to make it 25%.
        “Virginia says we’re not going to wait, we’ll petition your removal from office and gets almost a 3rd of the 240K signatures to remove the governor and starts petitions to remove deligates.
        Virginia govornment responds by introducing a bill to raise the amount of signatures from 10% of the prevailing vote, to 25%.”
        As the article states, this is the very definition of TYRANNY.
        Changing the laws to circumvent the wishes of citizens and keep yourself in power.
        Watch closely how this evolves. People are getting tired of politicians.
        CIGA Wolfgang Rech W,
        They may have underestimated how many true Americans there are left? Best, Bill

    • paul ...

      The Demon-rats came to power in Virginia by shipping in Demon-ratic voters “from other states” … the Virginia State Government “not only took power illegally” but they are now in Violation of our United States Constitution’s Second Amendment … if such an “illegal tyrannical government now brings troops against its own citizens” … then those citizens “Have a Constitutional Right to Defend Themselves” and Remove the Tyrant!!!!

      • paul ...

        Seventeen states now have “Red Commie Flag Laws” on their books … which is a Trojan Horse stealth maneuver by the Demon-rats to raid an individuals home and remove his guns in order to gain greater power over a blind, unsuspecting and largely gullible public … our Founding Fathers provided us with the tools to fight back against such tyranny when they forcefully stated: “A well regulated militia, is necessary to the security of a free state, and the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” – The Second Amendment to the US Constitution

  67. Stan

    Hope y’all own Deutsche Bank . The stock has been surging big time lately. See you at $30 soon 🙂

  68. paul ...

    After careful consideration on whether to issue 50 or 100 year bonds … late on Thursday the Treasury announced plans to issue 200 year bonds … https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/us-start-issuing-new-20-year-bond-first-half-2020-fund-soaring-deficit

    • paul ...

      err … I was off by a zero (not 2000 year) but 20 year bonds … the effect is the same in either case … you get “effectively zero” when the bond matures!!

  69. JC

    Michael Snyder has a list of 18 signs that social decay in America is worse than ever. This is very sad.

    1 America has a very serious drinking problem. According to new numbers that were just released, the average American consumes 500 alcoholic drinks a year. That is the highest level in modern American history.

    #2 The number of alcohol-related deaths in the United States has reached an all-time record high. In fact, the number of alcohol-related deaths has actually doubled during the past 20 years.

    #3 The number of Americans dying due to a drug overdose has reached an all-time record high.

    #4 The number of Americans that are killing themselves has reached an all-time record high.

    #5 The suicide rate for young people in the U.S. rose 56 percent in just one recent 10 year period.

    And he goes on…


  70. Jim

    I can’t understand how in the world banks could ever be in trouble. They are allowed to lend out 10 TIMES THE MONEY THEY BORROW FROM DEPOSITORS. They produce NOTHING and after all this criminal usury they are in trouble. Something like the Federal government I guess—totally incompetent.

  71. Justn Observer

    some other interesting facts including metadata about Elizabeth Warrens family =


  72. Glen

    I would like to see you interview Karl Denninger on this REPO madness.
    Karl Denninger at Market Ticker has two quite informative post in recent days.
    https://market-ticker.org/akcs-www?post=237886 REPO – What is going on?
    https://market-ticker.org/akcs-www?post=237899 Follow up on REPO

    His take on this enigmatic madness was enlightening.

    All made possible by repeal of Glass Steagel under the Klinton administration.

  73. paul ...

    To the people who bought Bitcoin at $20,000 dollars per coin and still buying at $7,000 dollars per coin to dollar cost average … consider buying silver at only $16 dollars per coin to make back any losses you have … John McAfee (finally used his God given brains) and is now predicting Bitcoin is going to $0 dollars (not the $1 million dollars he previously predicted for 2020) … he changed his mind … saying Bitcoin “will go to zero” because the crypto currency is based on “ancient” technology!! … https://www.naturalnews.com/2020-01-12-john-mcafee-withdrew-famous-2020-bitcoin-prediction-obsolete.html

    • Justn Observer

      Lite coin is the right coin for use as a digital transaction type ‘currency’ for global website purchasing that negates the need for forex exchange costs? Each person can ‘purchase’ them at the $ cost of ‘their nations currency…then use them to transact purchases directly on websites for shipment and delivery thru international free trade zones drop point depots…and shipments from there via FEDEX OR UPS, maybe drones in the future. BITCOIN lacks the transaction speed but is better for ‘savings’ of larger amounts and purchases is what is said…say transfer of larger industrial/ag shipments or sovereign wealth transfers ? Of interest is what is behind the Reggie Middleton Veritesium story… Might try Bix Weir or Clif High on those points…

  74. paul ...

    Listen to this Demon-rat “double talk” … impeaching Trump “is not a question” of “proof” … it’s about “allegations” … this retard “just admitted” they have “No Proof Trump Committed An Impeachable Offense”!!! … it’s time to remove Pelosi from office Nov 2020 … https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=18&v=7dzhIxeF204&feature=emb_logo

    • paul ...

      Try explaining to a prejudiced Demon-ratic mind that the Constitution “allocates to the President of the United States sole authority over foreign policy” … if the President wants to cut off foreign aid to any nation … he can … without Congressional approval being required … and he can also legally tell these nations their foreign aid will be cut off (if they spend the foreign aid funds we give them on weapons of war)!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/political/gao-wrong-dershowitz-confirms-trump-had-right-withhold-ukraine-funds

  75. paul ...

    An “un-aborted” child fights for her future … https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=174&v=mamMP6g2uzw&feature=emb_logo

    • paul ...

      Cuomo and all the other Demon-rats for abortion are likely saying: “How did this one get away??

  76. Sylvia Sterling

    TO START WITH. Why don’t you explain to your listeners what the definition of the word “REPO” is all about. Many don’t have a clue as to what the “REPO MARKET” represents, or its function. You can not get new listeners when you begin by talking over their heads.
    Being a long time listener and contributor to USA Watchdog , I have noticed the tendency to assume that everybody is familiar with your terminology. It is a big mistake. Most people watch your interviews to learn more about what is going on politically and economically.

    • Greg Hunter

      I expect people to come to class prepared. I am not here to spoon feed people basic information. I put out cutting edge material, and I do it for free. No offense, but I do not have time to take people through basic economics in every video. Thank you for your support.

  77. Ashley

    You are disgusting for posting that picture of polosi and Schumer , would you have done the same if Schumer were wearing a Kippa and polosi and a Star of David ?

    • Greg Hunter

      Booth were backing the terrorists. Along with the rest of the crazy left. Remember this action started with Iran attacking our embassy. That is considered U.S. soil. What is “disgusting” is the seditious and traitorous actions of the Democrats including Pelosi and Schumer.

      • eddiemd

        Roger that.

    • paul ...

      Ashley … President Trump (when accused of Islamophobia) gave the middle finger to his accusers … by purposely re-tweeted the image of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer (in Middle Eastern garb standing in front of an Iranian flag)!!

  78. robert heartland

    I have often thought that the repo funds are for propping up the markets because more and more people are realizing that the companies are not making the money to justify investment in them so the investors are leaving the marketplace. So I believe there will come a time when this will be so over the top dangerous for anyone with a working brain to put money into except only the most compulsive gamblers and greedy get something for nothing fund managers. I mean the two graphs “repo and Dow ” are parallel ! The rest of us are small time investors. The system is just running itself , until the wheels come off. Even the Super Rich can’t pay it off. It now dwarfs even them! It is surreal and if anyone in government or the news media would even attempt to explain it to the American people they might cause a panic so they say nothing and let Trump be the fall guy who has to explain it all when it falls apart and that day I feel is close.

  79. regaleagle

    Thanks again for all you do, Greg. The 98% or more of your veiwing audience is captivated weekly with your news, guests, and reporting. You have a great number of well-informed astute regulars that post vital information here each week for all of us to stay abreast. The great majority of us all want the same things and wish for some of the same results. Most of us are patriotic Christian believers……although probably not all. Just hope you stay well and keep up the great service you provide everybody to keep us informed of what’s really happening that the MSM is not reporting…..or wrongly reporting.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you “Eagle”!!

  80. Edward Quince

    Thanks, Greg. You have done and do so much challenging and good work.

    • Edward Quince

      Btw, what do you think happens after CB’s achieve nirvana for the investing class?

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks EQ!!

  81. Mike R

    Well to confirm that the shampeachment is nothing more than political theater, Trump has hired arguably 2 of the best legal showmen, in Dershowitz and Ken Starr. Pretty much Trumps anything the dems can gin up.

    Its like the New England Patriots (Trump) in their Super Bowl winning years with Tom Brady, going up against a high school junior varsity football team.

    Point forecast: Trump 72, Dems 0.

  82. JC

    Hmm…. what is this all about?

    Alex Jones says…

    In case you didn’t fully realize that something big is about to take place in America, file these two facts in your brain:

    The U.S. military, Carrier Strike Group Four (CSG4), is jamming GPS signals from Jan 16th – 24th, which may overlap the planned deep state false flag event in Richmond, Virginia.

    Fact #2: The FBI is now claiming “eminent domain” to essentially seize high-end night vision tubes (that power night vision goggles) from distributors in the United States.


  83. David L

    Greg, Excellent as always! Hey, I would really like to see you interview Bix Weir! I think you are both a couple of titans in the Freedom Movement! He was a founding member of GATA! He was a banker! He is an expert on the Repo / Pomo Market! He is an expert on the Fed and Silver! I think the cross traffic between both of you would be great! Thanks again, Greg!

  84. lightning

    Woke up and read this on zerohedge….


    Trump shouldn’t be impeached and I’m sure the evidence will show that with or without witnesses. Equally, the American people have the right to know the extent to which corruption occurred in Ukraine, Iran etc. with USAID or other federal dollars. Just the frickkin truth would be refreshing . But Washington hates the truth because it generally implicates the entire system of fraud and kickbacks.

    The DOJ (which includes the FBI ) , CIA and the Federal Judiciary have shown themselves to be a large crime syndicate and its got to stop.

    Even the President of the United States can’t get a honest shake and why he doesn’t surround himself with credible people from outside the beltway people, defies logic.

    And we are still waiting for Bill Barr to actually do his job. What a criminal he’s turning out to be by all the delays, allowing Huber (who works for him) to wrap up his investigation into the Clinton Foundation with no findings. Having Epstein killed in Federal Custody (broken video, lost video, new guards, off suicide watch and now forensically strangled) and having Epstein’s finance guy mysteriously suiciding two days before testifying.

    Nothing on Uranium One, nothing on Obama’s giving the Iranians enough Uranium for 10 Nuclear weapons while simultaneously giving them $150 + billion including $1.5 Billion in unmarked bills of foreign cash literally strapped on Pallets. Nothing on the Clintons stealing billions from Haiti.

    As the Attorney General Barr is the head of the DOJ and he should be bringing criminal charges against Rod Rosenstein for illegally surveilling Sheryl Atkinson… who as a private citizen is doing more, in spite of DOJ obstruction, to highlight everyday criminality occurring in the DOJ, FBI etc.

    He should be clearing house at the FBI to re-establish credibility in an organization that now has none).

    Instead he acts like he’s a victim with no power to change these things.

    He smugly tells everyone to be patient….. Trust me he has access to the “truth” and his inactivity is an admission of his criminality.

    The country will go down the drain because of his criminal actions. We are all losing faith in the integrity of the system.

    It Bill Barr’s job to insure its honest and lawful.

  85. JC

    Is this the Book of Revelation’s mark of the beast? Purchases by credit card using the palm of your hand?

    “Amazon plans terminals to let consumers link credit card information to their hands.”


  86. Gina M Mancarella

    Greg, I admonish you to stop fear mongering about the financial system while touting gold and silver as a panacea. The financial markets and banking system is in fact 100% BACKSTOPPED by the FULL FAITH and CREDIT of the United States !

    Furthermore, I have good news about 2020. This coming summer, we will nominate Hillary Clinton for President and this time we are in it to win it. None of the current candidates have the needed votes and so after the first convention ballot, you can expect our loyal super-delegates to step up to the plate to do their duty. In just a little over a year our nightmare will be over as Hillary is inaugurated.

    • Greg Hunter

      Hillary???? Here we go again.

  87. Chris in Arkansas

    If the Fed is injecting substantial amounts of money into the repo market, what’s the end game? Aren’t they getting some form of return on these injections? If I understand it correctly there are expectations that the money is repaid in a very short period of time with interest. So this doesn’t seem to be a case of printing money that doesn’t exist to buy equities or give to the banks to shore up reserves. In addition to providing stability to the repo market – isn’t the fed actually making money on this? I guess my question is “Is this really a crisis intervention or is it a more efficient money making operation for the Fed vs. their historic QE manuevers that began in 2009?”.

  88. paul ...

    Breaking News: Platinum breaks over $1000 dollars per ounce … historically platinum usually rallies as the valuations in the stock markets begin to overextend … watch for platinum to continue to move higher as valuations in the global markets push higher … fear is creeping back into the markets … as more cautious investors expect some type of price bubble reversion event … silver (a cheaper alternative to buying platinum) should now begin to move higher following platinum’s lead as it extends its rally … https://www.thetechnicaltraders.com/platinum-breaks-1000-on-big-rally-and-what-is-next

  89. Sylvia Stering

    So you are not interested in informing the average person? But hello…..they are the ones who need to be informed. Your readers are not that over intelligent.
    The word “REPO” normally means REPOSSESSED to many people.
    Telling people what your slang words mean is certainly NOT ‘”spoon feeding the public”
    I strongly disagree.

  90. paul ...

    Investors are placing themselves in grave danger … if they ignore what their God given brains are telling them … and assume “in extreme confidence” that markets “can only go up” … how long do they think extreme valuations and a lack of earnings can be ignored (company cash flows are collapsing and the chains on the CPI have not been removed)???

  91. Justn Observer

    Greg, More ‘breaking news’ connections…=

    • Justn Observer

      Is POTUS Trump’s wanting to ‘drain the swamp’ taken as the same threat that JFK was also planning to do …de-tooth the CIA and their covert drug, weapons ops and return them to intel gathering only? You can almost hear them say – WHAT! , back to drawing a paycheck without opportunities for the skim and kickbacks of drug and illegal/unauthorized plans of weapons and tech transfers? We’ll see about that ! and so they did ? …. JFK ,…. RIP !

  92. JC

    Ashley, why don’t you go fly a kite or something? You are out of line to say Greg is disgusting. He is a gentleman and a scholar, and he has a free site. Go away if you don’t like it, we don’t need you here busting balls.

  93. Samantha

    Thanks for this article Greg. This is very informative .

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