Insane Bond, Stock and Real Estate Markets-Mike Maloney

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release) 

Financial expert Mike Maloney says what is going on in the economy is like a mass mental illness, especially when you consider the geopolitical risks and extreme valuations across the board. Maloney explains, “We have a stock market and real estate market and a bond market that are all insane.  We’ve got this crazy world where everything is at these valuations that are just impossible things.  That will cause a peak, and we are at a point where we are way overdue for a recession.  Recessions occur every four and a half years on average.  Just two months ago, this became the third longest expansion in U.S. history. . . . In 11 months, it becomes the second longest in history.  So, the chances of going into another recession sometime soon are very, very high.  The chances are on the order of 90% or higher right now for another recession.  When you couple this insane overvaluation of the stock markets, real estate is back in bubbles in most major cities . . . and this has been the perfect bull market for bonds, and at some time interest rates have to rise. . . . We are at the point now where we are going to hit big ruts and bumps in the economy, and the Fed has just taken the training wheels off of the bicycle. . . .This is the worst recovery in history.”

Maloney, who is an expert on gold and silver investing, says, “With all this geopolitical risk from North Korea, and we just dropped the ‘Mother of All Bombs’ (MOAB) in Afghanistan, which was most likely a threat to North Korea, we are at a very dangerous point in our history. . . . Since Kennedy . . . I can’t remember a time that was this dangerous.”

On gold, Maloney points at what large foreign countries are buying and says, “Between Russia, China and India, their purchases meet or exceed all worldwide production of gold. Whenever they exceed mining supply, the supply has to come from somewhere, and it’s coming from the West.  When the dust settles, the East is going to be very wealthy, and the West is going to be poor.”

In closing, Maloney says that all the money printing and manipulation only pushed off the real crash into the future. Maloney explains, “These things bought us some time, but they made the eventual crash much, much worse.  What we are going to see is that 2008 is going to be a speed bump on the way to the main event.  2000 was a stock market crash.  2007 was a real estate and stock market crash.  This crash is going to be stocks, real estate and bonds.  Bonds have been in a 32 year bull market, and no bull market goes forever.  It’s just impossible.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with best-selling author Mike Maloney of “Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver” and the founder of

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:  

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  1. Paul ...

    Yes … as Mike says “the economy is like a mass mental illness” … but so is the entrenched political class … they are a bunch of mentally ill perverts … Trey Gowdy (the peoples hero) is under extreme pressure to back off from cleaning the swamp (his family is in hiding and he is surrounded by body guards) but Gowdy will not back down … Gowdy has a “Clinton mole” in his organization and Gowdy says when he finds the mole he will waterboard him … until he turns States evidence on the Clinton’s (recently two of Gowdy’s investigators of the Clinton crime family were murdered and tortured)!!! …

    • This sceptred Isle

      Assad seems to confirm that Trump has ‘gone bad’, although I was never fully convinced by him.

      • Greg Hunter

        This from the “puppet” of Russia.

        • Frederick

          Greg Assad has no choice in being a puppet of Russia He’s fighting for his life and that of his countrymen Trump on the other hand does have a choice Pretty poor arguement your espousing there bud

          • Deanna Johnston Clark

            Yes…when did the west save eastern Christians, indigenous tribes, and non-political Muslims who just want to be left in peace? Anybody? Anybody?

        • This sceptred Isle

          Greg, John Pilger gives an interesting perspective on the US election and the Trump enigma.

        • Greg Hunter

          Trump has stepped into an unbelievable mess, both financially and geopolitically. Obama was “party-on” and Trump is “party-over.” Please keep in mind trump stated in the past he would have never gone into Iraq as Bush 43 did.

      • Tin foil hat

        Nixon’s Operation Linebacker in 1972 caused the death of over 1,600 civilians in order to withdraw our military forces from Vietnam.
        It’s too early to make a definitive call on whether Trump has gone bad or not.
        However, I concede that it doesn’t look good.

    • Pablo

      WARNING: Story about Trey Gowdy investigators being killed comes from The last Line of which has the following disclaimer:

      DISCLAIMER: The Resistance may include information from sources that may or may not be reliable and facts that don’t necessarily exist. All articles should be considered satirical and any and all quotes attributed to actual people complete and total baloney. Pictures that represent actual people should be considered altered and not in any way real.

      Re-posting and linking FAKE stories muddy and de-fame REAL news sites like If you can find any local news coverage of this story please share, but as far as I can tell it is FAKE. I do believe the Clintons should be tried for numerous crimes so I’m not in any way defending them.

      • Paul ...

        Are you saying two of Trey Gowdy’s investigators are not missing?? …
        The “deep state” is controlled by Rothschild backed Fed banksters … who will do unbelievable evil to keep the Rothschild world empire intact … Jason Chaffetz (who is working to end the Fed) … has just announced that he will be retiring from Congress … the reason he gives is: “because I love my family” … think about it … have the Rothschild’s threatened Chaffetz’s children (the way Trey Gowdy’s family was threatened)??

  2. Frederick

    Mike says he assumes people are selling silver and buying equities I’m not so sure about that They may be using the proceeds for health insurance premiums or food

    • This sceptred Isle

      They may be selling paper silver. Mike Maloney has said in previous interviews that he expects the paper price of silver to go down during the next crisis but premiums on physical silver to go up as a disconnect develops.

    • AndrewB

      Hi Paul,
      The ‘mental sickness’ does not only affect the politicians in Washington, it extends to almost all European leaders. Within minutes of Donald Trump’s laughable ‘justification’ for his cruise missile attacks on Syria, his words were parroted by the leaders of Britain, France, and Germany. Britain’s Foreign Minister recently suggested that preemptive nuclear strikes would be justified against certain regimes – even those not in direct military conflict with the UK – and as I’m sure you will know, Washington, under Obama, changed the law to allow ‘first strike’ use of nuclear weapons! When I see apparently decent people like Trump subverted to the dark side it makes me wonder, just what happens to these people? Yes, some can be bribed, some can be threatened – especially with threats toward family members – but someone like Trump knew what he was getting into. He was already mega rich, so bribery is unlikely. He already knew the history of assassinated Presidents who tried to drain swamps, so his family’s security would have been a major consideration before accepting the nomination and he would have taken appropriate steps. Ditto for most subverted world leaders. So, while not a spiritual person, it leads me to reluctantly conclude that these people of previous integrity are subverted by something extremely sinister – something beyond even worldly fear of death – something truly Satanic. I would love to be wrong about this!

      • Paul ...

        You are not wrong Andrew … something truly Satanic has overpowered the minds of at least 1/3rd of Congress (who have raped and sodomized our little children) … but there is justice coming … Clif High is seeing it in his web scans … beginning in the middle of this year Clif sees many “sewer-sides” occurring to people in high office … instead of our children being the target … the roles will be reversed!!

    • Paul ...

      Frederick … just so you know … I know the Saudi’s did not act alone … but just because “others were involved” … does not give the Saudi’s a “free pass” … if “a gang” of crooks rob a bank and only one brought before the court … should that crook be released of all culpability in the bank heist just because “the others” have not been caught yet??

    • evan trofholz

      The King James Bible mentions gold 417 times and silver 320 times. The Bible was written roughly 3500 years ago. I’ll take this sort of monetary history over 104 years of Federal Reserve notes any day.

      As a side, I think Mike Maloney is a deal ringer for Daryl Hall, off Hall and Oates, as far as looks go.

      • This sceptred Isle

        and even in societies that had no concept of money, precious metals were valued for their beauty, malleability and resistance to corrosion, such as in the Aztec empire.

        • This sceptred Isle

          just read the Aztecs used cocoa beans as money! I guess precious metals were considered too valuable to use as money.

          • Charles H

            No caffeine – NO TRADE!

            • dbcooper

              Pastor Charles …LOL … DB.

    • FC

      They are fools for selling………..we may be heading into summer but a frosty reception is what to expect in the not too distant future at your local bank followed by door closures. First NBC has closed their doors with the FDIC helping out depositors for now……… billion down only 10 billion to go………….did someone say bail-in?

      • JMiller


        That article, which I also read earlier, makes it sound as if this bank failure is at the taxpayers expense which it is not. The FDIC insurance fund consists of money paid into by the banks, not the taxpayer. Luckily no uninsured depositor lost money since the failed bank was acquired by another financial institution.

        Also the FDIC has a much more than just $10 billion in the insurance fund and they also have a line of credit with the Treasury in case of a major financial crisis like what we had back in 2008 in which over 400 banks failed over a several year period. Even back then the FDIC did not use their line of credit with the Treasury.

        • FC

          JMiller, you may need some visual stimulus to put things into perspective

          • JMiller


            Thanks for that link but I already knew all of those facts. That infographic, while it does say some things that are true, also says some things that are not true and is misleading.

            It says at the top, “This infographic shows the size of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation’s Fund vs. the total deposits FDIC covers”. Well if that is what they are trying to do then why are they not doing that? The comparisons shown have nothing to do with the FDIC insurance fund verses the amount of insured deposits.

            And the FDIC insurance fund has nothing to do with the hundreds of trillions of dollars of derivatives that the banks have. The infographic states that “Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, CitiBank and others have a massive derivative exposure and have moved its derivatives into FDIC insured accounts”. THIS IS NOT TRUE. Oh, it is true that they do have a massive amount of derivatives. What is not true is that they moved them into FDIC insured accounts. They actually moved them into FDIC insured institutions. But just like stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, derivatives are not FDIC insured even if they are in an FDIC insured institution. Only deposit accounts, like checking accounts, savings accounts. CDs, etc… up to $250,000 are insured. Only about half of all the deposits in the big banks are insured.

            This infographic is trying to mislead people into thinking that the amount that is in the FDIC insurance fund has to cover all those bank deposits and all those derivatives when they do not.

          • JMiller


            I understand why some people are warning others about the dangers of having money in the bank and rightly so. Especially money deposited in the big banks and with having deposits that are uninsured. And I understand why people are pointing out that just because your deposits are insured by the FDIC does not mean it is completely safe. Because while it is true that no insured depositor has yet to lose any money when a bank fails, there is no way to guarantee that will be the case in the future. There is always some possibility even if it is remote.

          • Megan Perreault

            no not really.

        • Shadow of Doubt

          Another big Italian bank hit the skids recently. My buddy the retired Italian Investigator tells me its like watching a slow motion train wreck. You seem to follow the international banking sector quite closely—he foresees unmitigated disaster racing their way, do you still feel the Italians can salvage this mess before a full scale panic ensues?

          • JMiller


            While I know more than most people about the FDIC and their plans should a big U.S. bank become insolvent, about the FDIC insurance fund and things like bail-ins, and I do follow what is going on with international banks somewhat because of the possible contagion should a large international bank fail, I would not say that I follow the international banking sector very closely. So I would think that your friend would probably know more about what is going on with the Italian banks than I do.

            However it does look bad from what I have read. One of my favorite websites is Wolf Street. Here is some articles about the Italian and Spanish banks which does not paint a pretty picture.



  3. This sceptred Isle

    One of the problems with countries using the Euro is that they cease to be fully sovereign states. If they need money to bail something out they need to go cap in hand to the ECB.

  4. This sceptred Isle

    Mike Maloney is a very lucid and insightful commentator. It sure does feel like 2007 again with Home Capital Group morgage lender getting into trouble. It is disturbing that they used people’s pensions to bail it out. Is this a precedent?

  5. Anthony Australia 🇦🇺

    Thanks Greg & Mike

  6. Russ McMeans

    Thank you Sir Greg for another great interview. Sure beats the warm milk they serve up on most TV news sites. I would love to buy some more silver eagles but just paid my yearly donation to US treasury and state bill for free education for the little poor immigrant children here in Calitopia. (I.e. Property taxes) bummer! One thing is for sure folks; they’ll print a long as they need to, and that will be always. But nothing lasts forever. And that’s actually a gift from God…. ( hope you understand what that means, too difficult to explain).

    • This sceptred Isle

      “Sure beats the warm milk they serve up on most TV news sites.”

      I’m lactose intolerant as well…

  7. Russ McMeans

    In a nutshell of what I wanted to say a few days ago before the internet was interrupted- hiccuped & page was reloaded due to error: Trump is all we got for the time being….. keep him in yer prayers. Praying works!
    (Swear to God)…. also: the Donald has gotten quite a bit done, first of all getting us a new Supreme court judge that’s not a nut case and rolling back some oppressive regulations. But our big road plug is our Congress…. the old fossils need to be removed asap. They are blocking our President’s efforts to drain the swamp. So too a few close to Him in the White House.

  8. Wayne


    If you really want to know how the Banking CARTEL usurps the US DOJ and never have any of their executives get prosecuted or go to jail, watch the following videos which clearly explain how they get away from this fraud (so many dirty little/big legal tricks and even some illegal ones – such as jurisdiction issues):

    – X22 Report Spotlight: Exposing The Real Sovereign Authority Of The United States: John Titus

    – All the Plenary’s Men

    It is explained how they’ve gotten away with all the fraud and how/why no bankers went to jail. Basically, it is because of a kind of ‘sovereign immunity’ by the UK’s FSA&FSB as well as article 14 from the BIS (the criminal head of the banking cartel) which they claim over most big banks in the US.

    Next crash, they can “legally” loot depositors bank accounts at will (for these “immune” “critically sensitive” banks) under the same shenanigans as well as new – even more devastating – legislation in the books.

    It is my belief (and just a matter of months now) until the CARTEL transitions the banking/financial system into a 100% digital (non-cash) based system. When this is done it is GAME OVER. If you don’t take back your country ASAP, you can kiss your cash and assets (and freedom) goodbye forever; your choice – if I were you I would get EVERYTHING OUT NOW and tell your loved ones to do the same!

    • Gary

      Wayne, could not agree with you more. Mark Carney the former head of the Bank Of Canada set this whole thing up,with the G20, re bail in legislation.
      People think I am a nutcase when I tell them their deposits are not insured in Canada, CDIC = FDIC, has 1.6 billion in cash reserves the market cap of of TD is 122 billion, plus there is dick in the Brokerage Houses, sure they have a line of credit drawn on a major bank in Canada, no different in the USA.
      Right now a Mushroom Farm is looking pretty attractive, at least you can smell your cash, even though it is in the ground.

    • Wayne D

      This thread highlights the dilemma I’ve been contemplating for some time and suspect I’m not alone in this. What to do to preserve your wealth outside of the banskter/paper-based system?

      Most if not all of the Western world by now has legislation in place to allow legalized theft of one’s bank account funds via bail-in and classification as an unsecured creditor. The latter means one is last on the list for compensation following bank failure and, as noted above, when combined with FDIC “insurance” may return a penny on the dollar after who knows how long.

      If one tries to withdraw large amounts of currency (cash) from one’s bank, even amounts as little as a few 1,000 now, banks will delay/deny it. They do not have the cash on hand or want you to cease and desist. If the amount is large enough they are required by law to file a Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) on you. Failure to do so could result in the bank manager having criminal charges filed against him/her, I kid you not.

      Even if you got the cash. you could be stopped by police. Asset forfeiture would then relieve you of it on suspicion you are using it for drug and/or money-laundering purposes.

      Brokerage accounts hold your funds/investments in street name. Many do not even offer the option to get hardcopy registered stock certificates. If one tries to redeem paper claims on ETF paper in GLD-SLV et al. for physical PM, a laugh riot would ensue.

      As you say, the banksters are hoping to move to a digital system so all of your “money” is trapped within their system, can be taxed and subject to fees/access at their discretion. Plus they want to monitor your every behavior. India appeared to be a trial-balloon for the cash ban, so we still can’t be sure what they’re up to at this point.

      If one puts the funds into (vaulted) PM or property (real estate, farmland, art, jewels, etc) then it must be accessible to you with no counter-party risk. Transporting it could be a problem. Or if Armageddon and real civil unrest comes, you have to be prepared to defend it.

      Of course the government can tax, make illegal or legislate just about anything to your disadvantage. Further, the NDAA gives it the “right” to confiscate any property it deems is “necessary for national security.”

      So, maybe you are a smart-enough rat in the maze to have figured out several different ways to get to the cheese. But they are making sure they will put up a wall in that path where none had been before. All doors seem to either have disappeared or are quickly closing. I would love to hear some viable choices that seem better than having to settle for the best of a very bad lot.

      • Robert G

        Wayne D.. Can you provide links to these claims you make about not getting your money out of banks in large withdrawals. No problems with my banks, Chase being one. I took out $11,000 cash today made out to me with no problem at all. Your statements are inaccurate, about bank withdrawals anyway..

        • JMiller

          I agree with you Robert about Wayne being inaccurate about withdrawals. He is also not correct about FDIC insured depositors being last in line to get paid if a bank fails and that they will only getting pennies on the dollar. The FDIC pays insured depositors first.

          • Wayne D

            In the case of the SHTF in endgame, a tsunami by any measure, I doubt the FDIC will be compensating insured depositors on mainstreet first, or maybe at all. I saw other threads in this interview where you discussed FDIC issues. So we’ll acknowledge your prior comment that past performance is no guarantee of future behavior.

            Here are excerpts from the perspective of an attorney who studies such matters. Granted, the article is about 16 months old but still applicable.

            A Crisis Worse than ISIS? Bank Bail-Ins Begin by Ellen Brown

            “Dodd-Frank states in its preamble that it will “protect the American taxpayer by ending bailouts.” But it does this under Title II by imposing the losses of insolvent financial companies on their common and preferred stockholders, debtholders, and other unsecured creditors. That includes depositors, the largest class of unsecured creditor of any bank.”

            “In the US, depositors have actually been put in a worse position than Cyprus deposit-holders, at least if they are at the big banks that play in the derivatives casino. The regulators have turned a blind eye as banks use their depositors to fund derivatives exposures. . . . The deposits are now subject to being wiped out by a major derivatives loss.”

            “What about FDIC insurance? It covers deposits up to $250,000, but the FDIC fund had only $67.6 billion in it as of June 30, 2015, insuring about $6.35 trillion in deposits. The FDIC has a credit line with the Treasury, but even that only goes to $500 billion; and who would pay that massive loan back? The FDIC fund, too, must stand in line behind the bottomless black hole of derivatives liabilities.”

            Going back to Robert G’s objection. A bank having $11,000 *cash* on hand to serve up instantly to just one of their customers? Certainly could happen but that strikes me as unusual. Walking around with at least 110 $100 bills (or 550 $20 bills) – that is a lot of cash to carry — on his person? Be careful, man. Unless you’re an armed courier (and that would be commercial, not personal business to which I was referring), that practice could wind up being hazardous to your health.

            • JMiller


              Beside bail-ins, under title II of Dodd-Frank there is something called the Orderly Liquidation Authority which gives the FDIC a lot of power and money to handle a major bank failure. If a major bank fails the FDIC has stated that their way to deal with it would be to create a bridge bank, which will be solvent, and put the assets and deposits of the insolvent bank into the bridge bank. This will protect the assets and depositors of the bank and will allow for customers to continue to do business as usual. The insured depositors will not suffer any loss because the deposits are now in a solvent bank and the FDIC insurance fund will not have to pay any thing out. The FDIC nor depositors will not have to stand in line behind derivatives in bankruptcy since no bankruptcy will take place. Also under Dodd-Frank there is a fund created called the Orderly Liquidation Fund, which is a fund established by the Treasury from which the FDIC may borrow to carry out its Orderly Liquidation Authority responsibilities. And the amount borrowed could be as much as several trillion dollars should multiple big banks fail and the FDIC needed they money.

              The FDIC, as receiver, also has the authority to cancel any derivative contract, close out any contract and pay the counter-party, or transfer any contracts to the bridge bank or to another financial institution.

              Also while some unsecured creditors like stockholders, junior bondholders and even uninsured depositors could loss money in a bail-in, insured depositors are exempt.

              Dodd-Frank states in its preamble that it will “protect the American taxpayer by ending bailouts”. Bailouts to whom? The FDIC fund? The depositor? I do not think so. They are talking about bailing out the banks, not the FDIC or the depositor. The last thing any government would want is for depositors, especially insured depositors to lose money. And especially if it would cause hundreds of employers to go out of business and millions of people losing their job. So a bailout would take place before they would let that happen. In a crisis I believe that the government can and will do what ever is necessarily to protect the financial system which the insured depositor is a part of.

              Now of course there are still risks of having money in the bank or in a credit union for the insured depositor. It is not bail-ins. It is not the FDIC insurance fund running out of money. It is things like hyperinflation where the dollar loses much of its value at some point, or the power grid going down, or the U.S. getting nuked or perhaps a banking holiday at some point to where capital controls are put in place. Those are my concerns even though the odds of something like that happening tomorrow are currently very, very slim.

              • JMiller

                Just something that I want to add to what I said above. I realize that before the FDIC can be appointed receiver of a big bank that may be insolvent, that the Secretary of the Treasury, in consultation with the President, needs to make some determinations such as if the bank is indeed in default or in danger of default and could the default of the bank have a serious adverse effect on the financial stability of
                the United States. It is possible that may decide that it is not at risk of default when it really is.

                Also Trump recently issued a Presidential Memorandum for the Secretary of the Treasury to conduct a thorough review of the Orderly Liquidation Authority. One of Trump’s concerns is the Orderly Liquidation Fund which I mentioned in the above post. The money borrowed by the FDIC would most likely end up being funded by the taxpayer in the end since there is no way the banks could pay it back especially if it is a very large amount.

                • Wayne D


                  I suspect the major difference between our views is the context in which such bank failures affecting unsecured creditors may occur. What you say about a group of small(er) banks that could be taken over by others, as happened post-2008, might hold true today. But I’m talking about bank failures on a (much) more massive scale given the contemporary horrific domestic/global economic situation.

                  It would be great if what you are suggesting were true should such economic tragedy befall us. But I do not see how it is possible *in practice*. This is because the US, and the world, has now reached debt saturation levels. In short, insolvency is everywhere and some of it has already led to the legal status of bankruptcy.

                  The provision for a bridge bank that is solvent, when applied to a more massive confluence of bank failures that my scenario contemplates, is a bridge to nowhere. Solvency cannot arise from insolvency. Printing fiat currency out of thin air on demand in any quantity or making some officialese claim is just more of the Keynesian crap that got us into this mess.

                  US debt (excluding unfunded liabilities) is well over 100% of GDP, which insanely includes government spending as “productivity.”

                  Estimates for the derivatives liability of the 5 biggest US banks is ~$700 trillion, roughly 10x world GDP. Even the ESF could not help here. The FDIC is not going to cancel any such contracts nor can it pay counter-parties, even if they could be identified in whole or all their (rehypothecated) parts. Worldwide estimates for derivatives are about 1.5 quadrillion USD. Can we assume they’re unrelated to US derivative concerns and also covered exclusively by US law? That would be incredibly naïve.

                  Bond and/or stock market implosion impacting derivatives, or whatever chain of dominoes falling that defines the “economic nightmare” scenario, can only result in *realizing any unrealized insolvency*. In its aftermath, one could *label* things bailed-out or bailed-in, or say hyperinflation could then greatly devalue depositor funds. But this would not change the virtual certainty that unsecured depositors of banks will lose most, if not all, of their “money,” one definition of which should be: a store of value.

                  There’s really nothing you can say to convince me otherwise, so I consider this thread closed. But if the worst happens and FDIC insurance does pay off unsecured depositors first and in full, I will be the first to say you were right and shake your hand.

                  • JMiller


                    I understand what you are saying and I agree with most of it. Yes, in a worse case scenario in which most or all the banks become insolvent and are closed down, the FDIC would not come close to having the money to pay out to all the insured depositors unless the government prints trillions of dollars which of course it could do secretly like the they did in the past. Nor would the FDIC be able to handle thousands of banks failures that could occur over a relatively short period of time. But if most or all the banks fail and the government did nothing, virtually all employers will go out of business, almost everyone would lose their job, and grocery stores will not have food to sell. And what good is gold and silver in that scenario? Not much. No one is going to trade what little they have to survive on for pieces of metal. I heard some people who believe in the worse case scenario actually say that they will be able to go the grocery store or to a farmer and buy food with their silver. Who are they trying to kid. In most worse case scenarios gold and silver will not help you.

                    Now in crises like we have seen in Venezuela, Argentina, the Weimar Republic, which is more like what I believe it will be like, having gold and silver was valuable.

                    So what I am saying is, for now, my deposits are “relatively safe” in a good bank and are FDIC insured and will be so at least the near future.
                    I do not believe that the above worse case scenario has much of a chance of happening overnight or even over the course of a few days as a few people do. It is much more likely to take weeks and probably months based on my knowledge and those who have credibility with me say the same thing. So when I see things getting worse, and I will, then I will make decisions on what to do at that time. So I think we probably agree in general.

        • Wayne D

          I know from my own experience and that of many others that this phenomenon is real. I have also seen many instances of such cash withdrawal limits reported in many website articles through the last few years. While I don’t keep references for them on hand, Zerohedge is one site that comes to mind. Regulations concerning such conditions for large amounts should be on the FDIC’s website.

          To support your point of my “inaccuracy,” perhaps the phenomenon is less prominent now than it was a couple of years ago, when the Cyprus bail-in prompted many US banks to limit cash and ATM withdrawals. There was greater fear then of contagion and possible bank runs.

          When I said “deny/delay,” I did not mean categorical denial or delay by every institution in every location. Of course there will be exceptions. But they’re probably not randomly distributed. Maybe your dossier sports a low threat score to accompany a high credit score. Most other people are nowhere near that profile.

  9. AndrewB

    Great interview with Mike Maloney. I have ‘followed’ Mike for years and agree with his logical analysis of the financial situation and the historical role of gold and silver as real money – as opposed to fiat currency. That being said, the ‘great vampire squid’ encircling the world has no time for fundamentals, financial logic, or historical values. Like all autocrats, it has become paranoid that the people may rebel and remove it from power – power and influence which has taken hundreds of years to acquire. It’s ultimate goal, therefore, is to impoverish people to the point of enslavement – so they have no means to rebel even when, collectively, they eventually (WHAT WILL IT TAKE?) wake up. In light of this, Mike’s predictions, and those of other intelligent and well-meaning experts, can be thwarted indefinately by the ultimate owners of ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island’ – the Federal Reserve.

  10. Teeter

    More opinions and little fact, the “sky is falling” cry from your guests is getting old. No war, no collapse, no shmita, blood moon, georgia stone, gold, silver runs, dollars death, currency reset, fema camps, nuke attack, pizza gate, clinton jail, ect………

    • Greg Hunter

      You obviously get nothing out of this site so please go somewhere else.

  11. Lisa Chance Evrett

    Midwest Invasion?
    Dangerous brown recluse spiders found in unexpected place
    CBS News Jennifer Earl 2 days ago

    Australia, New Zealand hit back at North Korea threat
    North Korea threatened Canberra with a nuclear strike, urging it to think twice before “blindly and zealously toeing the US line”.

    Dear Mister President
    Flash Past Inauguration Day Winter/January 20th;

    American Standard Version
    Jehovah is on my side; I will not fear: What can man do unto me? Jehovah is on my side among them that help me—Ps. 118:6, 7.
    Humans were created with the need to love and be loved. It is easy to become discouraged if this need is not satisfied because of unexpected events or disappointments, loss of health, financial setbacks, or a lack of success in our ministry. If we begin to feel that God, our heavenly father, no longer loves us. We do well to remember, that we are precious to him and that he is there, “grasping [our] right hand” and helping us. He will never forget us if we are faithful to him. (Isa. 41:13; 49:15) Brigitte, who raised two children alone after her husband died, said: “Raising children in Satan’s system is one of the most difficult challenges, especially for a single parent. But I am convinced of God’s love because he has guided me through tears and heartache, and he never let me experience more than I could endure.”—1 Cor. 10:13.

  12. James Hastings - Cherokee center of the world

    “War destroys men, but luxury destroys mankind”

    We will collapse economically and slide rapidly into social anarchy, at some point, soon. If you just try and isolate yourself as much as possible from the “system” and become self reliant to a degree, you can watch from the sidelines. A wonderful side effect is, you become more content, as you become less obsessed, with the corrupt system. You just need to accept, it’s coming to an end soon, and focus on a life of necessities.

    “Give us the luxuries of life and we will dispense with the necessaries”

    • susan

      James, your comments were very wise. Everyone should heed your comments.!!!!

      • diane

        Yes they were thanks James in Cherokee Center if the world.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      I grew up in Dallas in a little post war house without air conditioning…Garrison Keiller says air conditioning ruined America because it fractured us into isolation booths where neighbors are just strangers.
      It is hard to live here in coastal Georgia without it…but the years we didn’t have it were slower and pleasant. We didn’t try to live fast and busy.
      Most Americans can’t remember front porches with their grandmother counting the color of cars and snapping green beans…and for me it was Highland Park, Dallas on a busy traffic circle.
      For cheap slave made clothes, air conditioning, on and on to go the way of history would actually be a relief to a lot of people. We boomers were born into fishing trips and open windows and saw the encroachment of appliance after appliance, the loss of clotheslines and the morning chorus of birds. I’m with you, James. I’ll take democracy over Empire any day as ell.

      • Charles H


        I live below the Tropic of Cancer, and have no air conditioning in my house. We open the house in the morning to let in cool air; close by 10am; and open when the temp drops below house temp. We manage mid 70s even in Summer. Low humidity!

      • David

        Deanna: I grew up in Fort Worth. Those were truly the good ‘ole days. There were only three TV channels on a black and white TV, no computers or video games, and no air conditioning; thus, we played outside. I think back on how many times we were in the hospital getting a cast put on or stitched up. It was all part of growing up. Life was simple and predictable… except for the cold war.

        • Charles H

          Televisons with Tuner Knobs (UHF & VHF)! “The quality went in, befor the name went on!”

    • Wayne D

      Many cultures throughout history have similar sayings. To wit, one can gain the world but lose one’s soul. This is what happens when the need to control others and materialism as a way of life come to define a society. I agree with your comments re watching from the sidelines as something an individual can aspire to in separating oneself from the current mass insanity.

      People in the US, maybe the entire West, have focused on living beyond their means for so long now as a yardstick of “success” that they completely abandoned their responsibility for supervising their leaders. Hence the only ones attracted to and accepted into politics now are those who are willing to do what moral, law-abiding people won’t do, i.e., lie, cheat, steal, defraud, murder. And so we find ourselves captured by a group of omnicidal, power-obsessed maniacs. Perhaps the government we deserve for failure to demand accountability.?

      It is ironic that even during the earlier development of the US, when self-reliance was a virtue and government was small, there were groups of people who became so dissatisfied with their communities that they relocated to start anew. Just look at how many little towns there are called Utopia. But alas, these too eventually became corrupted.

      • diane

        Great post Wayne…
        You guys are good tonight.

    • Megan Perreault

      I don’t have except it.
      you become more content, as you become less obsessed, with the corrupt system
      I don’t have to except that.
      We don’t have too. I a see brainwashed stars, but then again. Or brainwashed by them?
      You should have seen what I wrote before.
      LOVE YA!

  13. al

    Greg, you’ve been hitting it out of the Park throughout. THANK YOU!
    Yes, Gold people do have to know everything and no wonder Schiff and Maloney moved to PR. Makes sense.

    Maloney has been doing the new-media circles like X22 Report, SGT Report and now USA Watchdog. His message is the same and very powerful. The crash he speaks of may be evident to the typical sheeple but I’m more with Jim Willie on this. Hyperinflation will kill dollar valuation, therefore Real Estate may stay at these levels, probably go up a bit. Stocks will go further up and so may bonds giving the notion that everything is ok, but Mike is 100% RIGHT, because in nominal terms the dollar buys less every day. So we can have a 100,000 DOW but it’s equivalent valuation will be 5,000 DOW in today’s terms. In the meantime you’ll be paying $100 for a loaf of bread and the tragedy of it all, wages and income vehicles such as pensions and the like will never catch up and there you go.. a stealth crash. Only the end result will be evident, you can’t buy crap! Everything else will look amazingly great to the non-informed dumbed down sheeple. Just watch the Venezuelan stock market, pull it up then see how they live and look at their stock and bond market valuation. Google “Venezuelan bond market chart”, then hit the Images link below the search field. You will see our future charts.
    What’s more fun is the gold price in Venezuelan Bolivars, try close to $500,000 bolivars per ounce on the black market. The official government rate is about 1/2 that, but still very high.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Al. You OK??

  14. Rock

    Thanks Greg. Great work. It is interesting that Mike states that he is fully invested in the precious metals, as opposed to the token “10% of your portfolio”— which makes no sense to me…

    • This sceptred Isle

      Warren Buffet rejects the notion that you should be fully diversified in preference for focusing on the assets that he knows a lot about. Mike obviously knows a lot about precious metals. I expect he has a lot of cash stashed somewhere as well though seeing as he is predicting deflation first.

    • Frederick

      Rock I agree 10 percent makes no sense if you believe hyperinflation is coming soon Obviously many people don’t believe that scenario or precious metals sales would be off the charts

  15. Tad

    Interesting piece I thought might be revealing. Not sure he’ll have an opportunity to implement it.

    Nine months to a year lag from implementation to “positive” or lowly marginal effect for the 99 percent.

    For redundancy’s sake, being relatively broke or highly indebted won’t change materially.

    The only quick hit I see would come from immediate cessation of Social Security payroll deductions.

    Trump could be extremely daring with an executive order immediately dropping payroll federal income taxes with the percentages of his choice.

    These actions wouldn’t guarantee anything other than his sincerty–if it exists.

    Because all of your recent experts-to a person-suggest we’re that close to collapse.

  16. mushroom

    Dr. Robert’s new thinking is now on the table-i.e., there isn’t going to be a crash. Just a gradual deline into a Dickens-like feudalism. The Fed is exercising enormous world-wide economic power backed by the American military. Nobody is going to mess with the (petro)dollar. Look what’s happened to those that have !

    I wonder what other economic scholars such as Michael Hudson or Bill Black think of this new analytic approach.

    • This sceptred Isle

      China and Russia are already diversifying away from the dollar.

      • Charles H

        I must concur. China and Russia will lead a great portion of the economic world away from the Dollar with them. Conjuring Dollars out of thin air won’t stand much longer.

        • This sceptred isle

          I think they will surely suck all of their neighbours into a dedollarised economic zone with them.

  17. Jejeff

    Hey Greg… I just heard an interview w Danelle diomonti Booth. She wrote the book “Fed Up”. She was a fed bank insider… Great person with. An insiders view of the corrupt fed… Maybe u could get her on your show…

  18. Jeje

    Hey Greg… I just heard an interview w Danelle diomonti Booth. She wrote the book “Fed Up”. She was a fed bank insider… Great person with. An insiders view of the corrupt fed… Maybe u could get her on your show…

    • Greg Hunter

      Already have sent some emails but no response.

      • Teeter

        How about getting Karen H back on ?, and I’ve tried not coming to your site, im addicted.

      • foggygoggles

        IMO, Booth represents controlled opposition. Have heard her give a number of interviews. Key point, she does NOT favor abolishing the FED. As an aside, most discussions regarding a “crash”, fail to consider the role of the ESF (Exchange Stabilization Fund) and off balance sheet shenanigans. This thing goes down when TPTB want it to go down, and not before.

        • Greg Hunter

          You are giving TPTB way too much credit.

  19. francis m reps

    Thank you for another brilliant guest. I believe the reasons for the recent marked decline in US Mint silver eagle sales is twofold ; J P Morgan was a surreptitious purchaser of immense quantities of silver eagles for the last several years……and at this time ; the average American is essentially ” TAPPED OUT “. So many other essentials have risen in price ; leaving very little for the nest egg. Our Federal reserve Bank came into being after the British were scraped dry by the Banking families in Europe. The US is the latest duck to be plucked. Now that our country has been harvested by the bankers;;; either a major war…or China will be visited by the bankers. Russia is too smart to fall for this Scheisse. and is the only country in the world ;to my knowledge to have almost NO National debt.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Francis!

  20. Wayne D

    Maloney along with several of the more recent interviewees indicates the markets, certainly the DJIA-equities, if not all of them, are rigged-manipulated. This has been going on for a long time now. So a comment I made earlier still applies: what is the utility of charting and historical comparisons/practices (such as “sell in May and go away”) to predict future trends in light of omnipresent PPT-City of London-Keynesian controllers?

    Will the proverbial “coiled spring” he alludes to ever be released to produce multiples of an effect so long suppressed? Each time we see yet another intervention-manipulation succeed in kicking the can down the road, despite recanting this “can’t go on forever” mantra.

    Maloney states we’ll likely be entering a recession but does note that the “recovery” never really happened. This despite the trillions of paper reined down on the banksters and economy. But certainly not on the Main Street economy. I’d argue, as have others, we’ve never left the recession following the 2008 crash and have subsequently entered The Greater Depression.

    The prior crashes-corrections did not involve bonds and were hence “containable.” In addition, this time we have resurrected the housing, real estate and auto-loan bubbles to accompany the student debt and stock market bubbles. The bond market capitalization is enormous compared to them all. So the rest of these bubbles are almost a moot point. Just making this statement shows the utter absurdity of the situation within which we find ourselves trapped.

    But wait, don’t order yet, there’s more! A special bonus is the package of derivatives-credit default swaps-etc, a counter-party liability cesspool easily exceeding 1 quadrillion dollars (US $1,000 trillion). So if the bonds implode, the rest just comes along for the ride.

    Maloney stated the public is selling precious metals (PM) to enter the stock market. This can’t be referring to individuals in the US as likely only 1 in 100 even owns physical PM; so their impact would be trivial. The tremendous decline in US-minted coin sales is almost certainly the curtailment of purchasing by JP Morgan, which had been stockpiling Ag estimated to be 6x that achieved by the Hunt Brothers. But much of this “silver” is in the form of paper ETF-SLV. “Control of” (by JPM) does not necessarily mean physical possession of. Speculation abounds.

    Ag supply now is very tight and forecasts estimate continued production declines. Yet its price keeps dropping despite ample demand, especially for commercial applications. Keynesian logic. The market capitalization of Ag is comparatively tiny, which makes it very easy to manipulate and show extreme volatility relative to other commodities.

    China and Russia in particular have been buying gold for many years now, as Maloney notes. Together they are taking the first steps using gold-backed notes for trade. China’s alternatives to the IMF-SWIFT via the AIIB-CIPS are already established and being used to bypass the USD. The other BRICS countries and many other nations appear to be getting on board with this.

    As the power shift paradigm transitions from West to East, all the current interdependent wars (military-cyber-economic-fiscal-propaganda) are being fought to try to gain advantage in answering the major questions of our era: What will happen to the Petro-Dollar standard and the USD as global fiat reserve currency? And what, if anything, will replace them?

    • This sceptred Isle

      ” I’d argue, as have others, we’ve never left the recession following the 2008 crash and have subsequently entered The Greater Depression.”

      Astute observation. The non-manipulated economic data such as the labour participation rate and velocity of money support this view. When the credit bubbles collapse we will have a full on depression/financial dark ages.

  21. Paul ...

    Thank God … but it seems Trump is winding down the war rhetoric … and is working with China to “fix” the North Korea problem … actually now admitting that Kim is “a pretty smart cookie” … now if Trump can get back on track … working for the American people and against the “deep state” … I’m back on board with him … Trump’s heart seems to be in the right place … as he will fire 60 Tomahawk missiles at a country because some children (who were not American citizens) were horribly murdered … so now lets ask the question … how many Tomahawks do we owe the Saudi’s for being part of a crime that horribly murdered 3000 American citizens ?? … likely more then 100 times the Tomahawks Trumps used on Syria (lets save some babies the Saudi’s are now killing in Yemen)!!!

    • Paul ...

      Of course if Trump listens to casino magnate Sheldon Adelson (who poured millions of dollars in “dark money” into Trumps political campaign) and who is advocating dropping a nuclear bomb inside Iran to knock them out (and which would in effect give the evil Saudi’s control of Iranian oil) … then Trump would be helping the very terrorist nation that had a big hand in killing 3000 Americans on 9-11 … very bad … very bad idea indeed … as it will only further the interests of the “deep state” (who are intent on destroy our country) and put Iran’s financial system under control of the globalist Rothschild’s (who have been finding it very difficult to set up their central bank in Iran)!!!

  22. BetterChetter

    At first, it seems to be people & the gov’t money. Then the Fed Res surfaces as an influencer. Later it is other countries’ bank buy-outs of bonds. Then the IMF surfaces as buyers. Do we ever get to the bottom, or can the system keep inventing places to buy bonds to float the economy/hide the truth?
    –>Its like a shell game, where they keep adding shells – what’s to say they don’t keep adding 3rd, 4th, 5th party elements to delay this into 2020 or beyond?

  23. Charles H


    The ills the world is sunjected to is because it has gone off “the Truth Standard”. Living within one’s means, being honest and not falsifying income – like printing money out of thin air or with a computer keystroke; and manipulating everything in order to stay ‘on top’ and in first place is now the norm. Generations now live the axiom of getting away with whatever you can, because it’s more profitable and you usually DO get away with it. Others, at a disadvantage – live by the principle of doing what is right and honest simply because it IS right. One is by Lie; the other by Truth. The Truth never gives cause for incrimination or regret; a Lie always will fail and suffer bad consequences. It’s Night and Day.

    • Wayne D

      Your “Truth Standard” comments echo the change in a major sociological trend over the last few generations in the US (the West?) concerning the socialization agents of the children/teens who become the next adult generation. It had primarily been (nuclear) family-based, often when several generations lived under the same roof. Values of self-reliance, responsibility and what used to be considered “proper morality/behavior” were transmitted as the elders served as role models. Such social learning formed generally accepted norms for one’s reference group(s).

      When the Wall Street machine began its parasitic rentier economy endeavors in earnest, it soon became necessary in many households for both spouses to work to maintain the same standard of living. This led to daycare-raised and latch-key children who, debilitated by the public school drive to (slowly hence imperceptibly) dumb them down and by higher divorce rates, began to see only their peers – not their parents/grandparents – as their reference group and social models.

      For several generations now, impressionable young people have been watching politicians-social “leaders”-celebrities-athletes commit all kinds of crimes and infractions. Usually, to not suffer any consequences but in many cases, to actually be rewarded for such behavior. Many of them internalized a norm that crime does pay/at least isn’t punished. MSM propaganda has reinforced this message that accountability is functionally irrelevant.

      So it shouldn’t surprise us why so many today overwhelmingly seek external validation of their self-worth. Many derive their identities from identity politics and a need to punish oppressors they believe have victimized them. Others see few prospects for success and seem to have just given up. These high levels of alienation, disenfranchisement, apathy and a sense of lawlessness appear to fuel the “elitist” tactic of divide and conquer (Let’s You & Him Fight). Your “Night and Day” dichotomy tells us that as a people we have lost our way. And all this evidence seems to support that unfortunate conclusion.

      • Charles H


        This and preceeding comment shows that you are seeing an ample spectrum, and more than most. I think technology has been the greatest catalyst, and liberal ideology the impetus. Selfish gain has always been man’s dark side – we just have more venues to play with now.

        • Wayne D

          Charles… Very interesting indeed, your premise that development of the moral divide just discussed is jointly fueled by technology with liberal ideology. It invites a few quick thoughts.

          Such liberalism feeds socialism-communism-totalitarianism-fascism. Technology through computing, robotics and AI accelerates modern feudalism, impelled by this ideology. TPTB likely believe they are entitled to decide the fate of the huge numbers of the resultant serfs/“useless eaters.”

          Whereas this cyclical process of societal positive-negative entropy is greatly sped up, human evolution, especially its brain, was never equipped to match such rapid change. Hence effective manipulation via pandering to its fear and greed has been in play for many millennia. This makes your last sentence all the more relevant. Wayne D

  24. Mike R

    Can’t argue a bond crash won’t happen, but the real problem is that the system is so over-loaded with debt, that the Fed has made it impossible to raise rates enough to stem off hyperinflation. Its written in stone that they have to debase away and will hit a cap on their largely symbolic tiny increment and spaced out rate raising. I’ve contended for years this would eventually happen, but now someone way smarter than I am, has put an actual number on what the threshold would be before defaults would start happening like crazy. 3.5%.

    Whether or not the magic number is 3.5%, or something a little higher, its pretty clear that all the debt now accumulated is literally un-serviceable, even if the US economy was growing at a 2 or 3% GDP clip. The magic number for China, or the EU, is likely below 3.5%, and Japan’s is probably lower than 2%.

    Most corporations by the way, also have debt loads that are a growing burden, and a lot of the debt has been produced only to buy back stock shares to keep their stock prices elevated enough, to allow them to go out and obtain more debt. Near zero rates enabled this immoral behavior. It’s been a vicious cycle/circle, caused by absurdly low interest rates near or at zero, coupled with mountains of QE, that perpetuated even more risk taking with larger and large loads of debt. Homeowners and small businesses have done this too, but are capped to an extent by lenders. Everyone thinks if they take out more debt and ‘expand’ they will grow ever larger, or do so faster. Small businesses have done it to attempt to thwart competition. Yet we have substantially fewer small businesses in 2017, than we did in 2007, and in fact, the rate of small business start ups is still being exceeded by the rate of them collapsing. The internet and PC have facilitated this cratering of businesses. Seems Darwinian, but in reality the primary cause is really abnormally, and unsustainably low interest rates, that have removed the ability for anyone to ascertain appropriately, the risks they face. The question of risk, and risk assessment in any industry, has been masked over by these interest rates, and re-written all the rules that used to guide businesses to making appropriate decisions. Its why you have the Musks of the world doing Tesla, or Kalanick’s of the world doing Ubers. Electric car technology, and much of what we use today currently, only exists because of the removal of the perception of risk, due to extremely low interest rates. Those rates essentially suggest money is ‘free.’ Not free as in a give-away, but entirely risk free to burn as much as you possibly can. Here is a real example – if we were in a normalized rate environment, say 5%, or thereabouts, which is the historical long running interest rate by central banks, a company like Uber would not have ever started, or if instituted now, it would immediately implode, as its been burning cash for years. Why ? Because buyers of the stock, or investors anywhere, could get a reasonable return by having their money sit in a bank, where 5% is something that doubles your money, essentially risk free in about 14 years. 1% would only double your money in 72 years. (Rule of 72’s). Every other risk/reward/investment time period is critically based on those ‘normalized’ interest rates. We’ve come to now state the so called ‘risk free’ rate of a 10 year T-bill, is our norm, where the T-bill now stands at an absurdly low 2.28%. Unfortunately, because of how long and for how low Fed fund rates have been held, it is no longer true that the 10 yr T-bill is actually a ‘safe’ benchmark to use to assess other asset or business returns. Its all been distorted, using time. That is the hidden seediness, and immoral behavior of Greenspan and all bankers after him. They’ve ‘tricked’ everyone into believing that the world can handle more risk, and that debt can be accumulated into infinity, by distorting the time value of money, and causing people to totally mis-judge the risks.

    Essentially the extreme moral hazard catalyzed by Greenspan, and then perpetuated by Bernanke, and now Yellen, has allowed the entire world to also create their own moral hazards, as they all mostly transact in the US primary world reserve currency (more than 60% of the world’s GDP is transacted in US dollars.) Japan would have been forced to stop QE years ago, and the EU nor China would have been able to do their own version of moral hazard on QE or rates, had not our US Fed implemented this insane policy.

  25. blackcoffee

    After 100 days, it’s clear that you can either support Trump, or you can support our constitutional republic. But you can’t do both.

    • Greg Hunter

      That’s total bull crap. I guess you missed the fact he put Gorsuch on the Supreme court or addressed the NRA which was the first time a President did that since Reagan. Are you a disinformation troll??

    • Paul ...

      Trump is doing some things right … like putting Trey Gowdy in a powerful position … the “deep state” now has Trey Gowdy’s family in its cross-hairs … and it seems the “deep state” also wants Trump’s family in its cross-hairs … as Chuck Schumer is now pushing to “remove the security protection” provided to Trump’s wife while she is in New York!! …

      • Paul ...

        Schumer should be instantly be removed from office and his pension denied if anything happens to Trumps wife after this evil slime removes her police protection!! … just shows the caliber of evil that exists in this nation is not 30 … but 50 caliber!!!!

        • Flattop

          You have to remember its the puppet master behind chucky shumer who is the problem

      • Robert G

        Paul.. Why do we have to pay for 3 locations. The South White house, the White House and then Trump tower. I have read of Trump tower security up to $4-500,000 per day, not counting all the disruption costs to surrounding businesses.. Live in the white house where all other presidents (and their wife’s) have lived for crying out loud. If this was the other way around the repubs would be screaming blue murder. Good for Schumer. So little Donny ( Barron I think his name is) can finish this school year us tax payers have to pay millions so he won’t be inconvenienced, but lets make sure meals on wheels and other things are defunded for nonsense like this.

    • JCD

      Exactly what constitutional amendment has Trump violated ??

    • Roger D

      blackcoffee, Trump supporters did not want to hear, ‘But what about government by the Constitution?’ And they still don’t.

      I have been fighting (and taking flak) for constitutional government for 40 years. Now it is like getting double-teamed by Marxists and those who call themselves conservatives. It won’t be long before no one will be left who remembers what we lost.

    • Bill

      Blackcoffee; You havnt been drinking coffee, you been drinking the koolaid.

  26. Jerry

    I’m not making a prediction here, but I’m hearing chatter from several of my sources that the currency reset is happening real time RIGHT NOW inside the banking system. Until someone can explain to me why two former Treasury Secretary’s are involved with “The Working Group”, and why nothing has been reported by the MSM, I’m going to take this information seriously.
    Jerry 04/29/2017 •
    For weeks I have wondered what President Xi of China and Donald Trump were discussing behind closed doors and why all of a sudden China is our best friend.

    North Korea? Partly, but that’s not all. Based on what I’m hearing right now from my sources I believe that President Trump has cut a deal with China to put a gold backed dollar into China’s alternate exchange system for international trade. The deal? China would allow the gold backed dollar to be used in tandem with China’s a gold backed Yuan in return for helping China get rid of the hermit king in North Korea and eliminating the stranglehold that the IMF has on international trade. Sounds crazy? Well this is what President Trump has said a few weeks ago.

    Lets not forget that China just signed a trade agreement with Russian a few weeks ago, to use gold backed currency for trade. By helping China get rid of the hermit king it also opens up the entire Asian peninsula for trade with China. North Korea is virtually an untapped market.

    This week congress was called to a closed door session at the Whitehouse just prior to delaying the budget for another week. Why? We were led to believe it was about North Korea. But according to my sources (which can’t be verified) he is laying out the case for a gold backed dollar that will be embedded within the new budget proposal that is to be passed this Friday May 5th.

    Once again this can’t be proven, but it does match up with what “The Working Group” has been doing with the banks over the past several months. Its like moving fish from one tank to another. You don’t shatter the glass or spook the fish, you spoon them out one at a time.

    Don’t wait for an announcement, or a time period, there won’t be one until after the transfer is complete. All I know is insiders are already cutting deals to get in on the ground floor and I’m sure the Donald doesn’t want to be left out. But then there’s the other question. What do we do with the hermit king? Stay tuned!

  27. coalburner

    What Jerry says makes a lot of sense. He may be off the mark a little but I think there is more to this deal than just yammer about a pipsqueak tator head from NK. For Xi to do what he is doing is about more than Kim Un Donkey Dong. The Chinese are all business and if their best customer was promoting a way to save all that Chinese money we borrowed by joining the gold gang and opening more huge markets for China in addition, it may work out for both parties. Trump knows he needs a long game with the Chinese because that is all they play. Well, XI has never seen the US play much of a long game except the petrodollar with the Saudi’s. And that, hey PAUL, is why he has not kicked the Saudi’s to the curb. Trump cannot because the US goes third world overnight. There is no other reason Trump would waste 25 scary fireworks in Syria. That war is all about entanglement of the petrodollar, future petrogasdollar and keeping us afloat until someone finds a way for us to exit the ME without going broke. Trump may be signing up China to be our new trade dollar. Also the Syria mess is why Obuttma and Hiltlery sent Lybian weapons to ISIS who double crossed them. The same entanglement made them(Ob and H) want to get rid of Assad for Saudi Arabia. Their capalibilities are far short of Trumps and we better hope Trump is up to the job.
    Trump is playing for a lot bigger friend than Saudi Arabia. Trump would also get to turn his back more on the Globalists. As for all that other stuff Paul worries about, who knows what the truth is, we never will!

  28. Paul ...

    Looking at these pictures reminds me of the story of Dorian Grey …
    The leaders of todays crime families (who made a deal with the Devil for a life of pleasure at any cost) come to the realization that as their end nears they must explain their sins to God … but how does one atone for sins as dark as night? … have they given up their heroin trade (that supports their evil empire)? … seems their conciousness is not yet fully awake to the folly of their haunting past of evil, power, greed and vanity … and though time eventually takes down all mortal men … it is “hastened sooner” for the pervayors of evil, deceit and mortal sin … their deal with the Devil will not protect them from final accoutability by men of faith (even if those good men’s families are put in cross-hairs) … their pelethia of mortal sins simply hasten their own destruction … look at their faces … see the life of debauchary and violence they lived … no amount of make-up painted on or face lifts can hide the perverted evil excesses or the Satanic rituals engaged in to slaughter our innocent children … faces that they try to hide away as they are too gross and hideous to behold … and yet they think they can make amends for their evil and corrupt life and save their souls? … not if I’m doing the judging!!!

  29. regular NJ guy

    Well, it is now May 1st and guess what ?
    Bo Polny’s prediction falls to the dustbin pile. Oh Greg, I do hope you have him on soon. The next explanation of calculations being off will be very entertaining. In the old testament, they called it false prophecy. In this day and age, we simply give out the DONKEY award by shouting in the award winners direction “DONKEY !!!!!”

    Same old story here ….. Man proposes and God disposes …. So …. if your guests are smart, they will do what Bill Holter does. Point the direction, but never ever quote the timeframe. Anyone who does puts their credibility at risk.

  30. Frederick

    Well it’s May 1st Looks like the disgraced chiropracter was wrong again

  31. Deanna Johnston Clark

    Pray for him…fast and pray for such people.

  32. Russ

    Thanks Greg, excellent information; I have nothing to add regarding the interview so I’ll bring a couple good articles (if they can be called articles) to your reader’s attention.

    Another of your past guests, Egon von Greyerz, (EvG) has an article posted at: which includes a couple graphs and analysis of past market crashes that make a strong argument as to how bad it could be when this coming collapse is finally triggered. Not if, when…

    The second article is way OT and is about the French election.
    It is all about turn-out and Marine Le Pens followers are expected to be much more loyal. Despite Macrons lead in most polls, Le Pen can win. That win could be a trigger. For what? Read the EvG article again.

  33. Len Penzo

    The FDIC has $25 billion to cover $9 trillion in eligible deposits.

    • JMiller


      The FDIC actually has $83 billion to cover about $7 trillion in eligible deposits.

      While people will say that is nowhere near enough, the FDIC begs to differ. Their goal in the next several years is to have an amount in the insurance fund equal to 2% of insured deposits. They believe that this amount would be adequate. The insurance fund currently has 1.2% of insured deposits so they are underfunded. But why just 2% of insured deposits? Because that is all that they would have needed to pay out to insured depositors in each of the previous banking crises. And they do have line of credit with the Treasury should they ever need it. However someone would say that the next banking crisis will be much worse (and it very well could be) and if just one of the big banks fail that would wipe out the insurance fund. Well from what I have read if one of the big banks fail not one penny of the FDIC insurance fund would be needed according to the FDIC. Why is that? Because should any of the big banks become insolvent the FDIC stated that they would create a bridge bank and transfer most of the assets including deposits to the newly created and solvent bridge bank. This is done to protect the deposits and allow customers access to their account. Since the deposits are now in a solvent bank there is no pay out to depositors from the FDIC insurance fund. However I can see that possibly down the road when the FDIC goes to liquidate the bridge bank, which may take years, that there could be a loss to the FDIC insurance fund at that time. But not right away.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you for posting this. Isn’t this like an insurance company having $83 to comer $7,000 in risk? Scary.

        • Frederick

          Not exactly As far as I know insurance companies don’t have a printing press except in the case of AIG in 2009 of course

        • JMiller


          Not exactly like an insurance company since the government can print more money whereas an insurance company can’t. But then again if the insurance company is big enough or has friends in high places, may be they will be bailed out. /s

          I do think however that the FDIC is a little too optimistic on their ability to handle a very big bank failure and to keep all the banks open especially if there are numerous banks that fail within a short period of time which may lead to bank runs. Of course I do not believe that all of this will happen overnight. I heard someone who is knowledgeable about derivatives say that the most important thing when it comes to helping solve a derivatives crisis is time. Almost all derivatives now have automatic stays which prevent the counter-parties from closing out the contracts early and taking the collateral for at least 24 to 48 hours after a default. This gives regulators and governments a little time to decide what they want to do should there be a derivatives crisis. The creation of a bridge bank seems to be their answer. This will give them some “breathing space” to try to deal with the problem. Besides reading about how the FDIC will use a bridge bank I also read the same thing with European banks and even South Korean banks. However because of the potential size of the next (current) financial crisis I can see that their efforts would probably just slow down the contagion and help to minimize the damage.

          Thanks for allowing my posts. I know that there are probably a few things that I am not exactly correct about as I am still learning.

  34. Matt

    Mike Maloney has been saying this for yeaaaaars. Even I can say it´s gonna crash sometime in the future. Soner or later he will be right,

    • Tracy Welborn

      It’s not just that it’s going to crash. He’s telling you to convert a portion of your currency into precious metals – at least 10 percent. He also produces very easy to understand high quality videos that explain to an average person exactly WHY things are going to crash. Another typical rude comment by Matt on a completely free website.

  35. Flattop

    There are people in our world who have too much money.. If they were to spend their money on themselves, ok. However it seems that some are using their money attempting to influence the way I think politically, to conform to a standard of morality which is offensive to me, and more. They accomplish this by purchasing our politicians, our newspapers, attempting to subvert TRUTH and frighten us through street riots etc. Well I would tell soros, rockafellers, rothchilds, it aint gona work in my house

  36. Jerry

    For those of you who still think your money is safe in a bank, I invite you to read this document that was put out by the European Banking Commission back in January.
    Going cashless is a bankers wet dream. Complete control without any shred of privacy. And now you know why Christine Lagarde met privately with block chain at the World Bank of Governors meeting in Washington two weeks ago. Folks we’re being funneled into a world banking system one way or the other so just get used to the idea. For those of you still waiting for some big announcement? There won’t be any. When the time is right, they’re just going to lock you out of your bank account and decide when and if to let you back in. Its just that simple. And what are you going to do about it? File a lawsuit? Its kind of hard to do that if you don’t have any money. That is unless you can find an attorney that works for free that hasn’t been locked out of his account.

  37. Matt

    Great interview Greg. One of my favorite guys, and very well timed. I am traveling to speak to a group of financial planners tomorrow in an attempt to get this message to at least be recognized. I find the financial planning community resistant to this message, which represents another peril for investors altogether. I love the debt issuance example from SOM and will use tomorrow. May just get booed off the stage. But, judging from my previous posts (as you can imagine), that is not a new occurrence in my life. Thanks again.

  38. Solomon

    Hey Greg! Odd how Mr. Maloney described bond auctions to primary dealers the way he did as being different in that the low bidder wins. He was talking about yield, not bond price! Low yield *is* high bid! At first I thought it was just slip of the tongue. But as he continued, it seemed more like he didn’t understand what he was saying. But that couldn’t be possible could it? Strange.

    • Paul ...

      I think what Mike was inferring … is that the highest bidder for “the low yield bond” wins at auction!

  39. Miro Markovic

    Dear Greg, your interview with Mr. Maloney was very sharp and down to the point of easy understanding. Some of our regular commentators are excellent additions to what Mr. Maloney had stated. I enjoyed reading their thoughts here. Since I am able to read in several other languages besides English, I am happy to share with you the latest news, which came from the Asian’s lands. Namely, yesterday the countries of Turkey and India made an agreement to start trading in their mutual currencies instead of using the USA dollar as their exchange currency. Why this news it important for all of us? When Saddam Husein of Iraq announced his plan to trade his oil for euros and or other currencies, instead of using the USA dollar, he was deposed and his country was put into a state of ruble. In a similar move, the head of the Libya, colonel Qaddafi, did not fair nothing better than Saddam Husein, when he have announced his intention of trading his country’s oil for Libyan golden dinars. It is hard to believe that the USA would dare to change the “Indian regime” and/or destroy that country, considering its military might and population size. However, the Turkish autocratic president, Erdogan, with his recent swinging politics towards Putin of Russia, could be sent to Allah soon and his country pulverized by the American mighty military.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Miro.

  40. John

    Greg/ black coffee response. Are saying supporting the Donald, trumps respecting our shredded constitution? That’s the first time I’ve heard you be irrational! Nothing “trumps ” the constitution! I cannot comprehend your constant support of the flipper in chief. How much proof do you need. If his mouth is moving, he’s lying. The way con men work is they bait you with something you want. Then when they need to close the deal, they reveal that it’s a scam! People will divest them selves of all their wealth willing, rather than admit they were stupid enough to be obviously suckered. They will defend their egos to the death rather than admit they were played! I like and respect you very much but you starting to look like someone got to you. I suspect it’s your self importance. You’re losing portions of your audience over your undying and irrational support of the Trumpster. He was selected and groomed to take us to the dumpster. You’ve been having guests on for YEARS explaining why the crash is inevitable. Trump is not God. God is the only one that could stop this and that my friend is not going to happen! Man up! Cut your losses. Show some of the old videos of him espousing his unashamedly leftist views. A leopard can’t change his spots. If its looks like dung and it smells like dung, it friggin is! I dare your ego to print this! I still love ya.

    • Greg Hunter

      We disagree, so, I am “Irrational”? Piss poor argument.

      • Frederick

        Greg I see you’re censoring comments again It’s not a good idea and will catch up with you John is right Sorry to see you’re going that route Thought you were better than that brother

        • Greg Hunter

          Please start your own enterprise and put your thoughts there. No one is stopping you. You are not free to put anything you want on my enterprise. I am sick of you injecting “Zionism” as the great evil when nothing in the interview is referring to it.

          • Frederick

            That Greg in your own words is your “opinion” and NOT fact and you are entitled to it as I am in mine My complaint is your obvious bias in favor of your likeminded fans on here and your verbal attacks on opposing views It’s pathetic and needs to stop

            • Greg Hunter

              I will say this for the last time. This is a site I invested my capital into and then worded for zero profit for nearly 5 years. You are welcome to do the same to build your own platform where you can control the content. No one is stopping you.

    • Charles H


      “You’re losing portions of your audience over your undying and irrational support of the Trumpster.”?!?? There is NO WAY to QUANTIFY such a statement. In fact much of your comment is composed as statement of facts – when they are only opinions. About all I see of your comment is an attempt to push the content of the site in a direction YOU’D like to see it go. No thanks. I’ll stay with Mr. Hunter.

      • Frederick

        Mr Hunter is biased towards Christian reactionaries and denies reality so you do that Charlie at your peril

        • Greg Hunter

          Yes Frederick, I am Christian and I believe in God the Father and his Son Jesus Christ. I am unashamed. There is NO “peril” in believing in Christ. Your “peril” is if you do not. Please start you own site and post what you believe in. You are free to do so.

  41. Corleone

    This is emergency. The north American market is dying. We need another heroin injection. Somebody call Yellen ! Quick ! I will pick up colonel Kurtz in Angkor Wat.

  42. James sullivan

    Hello Greg;
    I also found Mikes comment about ‘low bidder’ to be confusing. It would have made more sense for him to say ‘ the dealer offering the highest price for the bond ….thus the lowest ‘yield’ ……
    I only mention this because i have the hardest time understanding the machinations of the central bank / treasury / and bond dealers. …..could you please have Mike say a few words on whether he was referring to ‘Yield” ?

  43. Megan Perreault

    O-kay you guys are trying to trash the economy.
    Religion and notes.
    Education shouldn’t be you’re hunting ground.

    I do clean up well….so…
    So if it does I’ll do it well.
    If I climb company I drop it.
    In reality this isn’t my type of jump or job.

    • Charles H

      Cryptic, but sharp – Megan.
      Just where do you suppose the answers lie? And how to share that special pie? The tastes of all are not the same. To one is glory; the other shame?

    • geoff boston

      Greg, great show last night. please explain what happens to tax free muni bonds(actual pay out) when the system collapses. thanks

      • Greg Hunter

        Look no further than Puerto Rican bonds. PR filed for bankruptcy today and bondholders will get very little if anything at all.

  44. dlc

    Noted that you will be on Coast to Coast with George Noory this evening.

    Just listened to Matt Bracken’s interview with the Hagmanns. He described our country as a 747 with all four engines on fire. He went on to describe a civil war scenario when this bird crashes. I try to live every day as though someone confirmed I had one month to live.

    • Charles H


      I think I will do the same.

  45. Shadow of Doubt

    Thanks for the reply!

  46. John

    Since when is supporting the constitution a Piss poor argument? Go read Nomi Prins article that posted today at ZH I give you points for having the backbone to post my post. Good show! I honestly hope your trump trust pans out. Trump pretending to be a republican / democrat. Like Paul Ryan and John Boener pretending to be conservatives to get elected. The question is what’s flipper pretending to be today? Integrity, character, morals and ethics are constant.

    • Greg Hunter

      You called me “irrational” when I disagreed with your points on Trump “shredding the Constitution.” Since when is name calling a way to win a disagreement? I disagree and that does not make me “irrational.” Your opinion is not proven fact. I still disagree. Here’s why: Trump said a lot of things when he was not a candidate. He has said many times, he had to get along with both parties and his business depended on it. SO WHAT? It is what he says and does now that is important. Let’s focus on what he did right. He’s done more good for America in the first 100 days than any President since Reagan. Trump just Put a pro Constitution judge on the Supreme Court. Trump just gave the first speech to the NRA in almost 40 years, and did so because he supports the 2nd Amendment. I am sure President Trump will make plenty of gaffs and mistakes. I’ll be the first to say Trump is not perfect, but on heck of a lot better than his opponent would have been. Hillary said (and I herd her say it in the Chris Wallace FOX interview) that there are “limits” to the 2nd Amendment and “limits” to the 1st Amendment. Again, your opinion is not a proven fact and I simply and rationally disagree.

  47. Terry Neelo

    In all seriousness you have got to get Bo Polny back on. I went deeper into the hole in gold and silver after watching his interview. You do a disservice to older folk like myself whose speculative beasts are aroused when viewing “the sky is falling, buy gold before the reset” videos. I want to know what went wrong with bo’s calculation. [at least I’ve had the good fortune of not being convinced to subscribe to bo’s “newsletter “

  48. JCD

    Site . There are homes in TN that are in the news as being traded when they could be sold. Rather then sell the banks choose to trade them to other banks. Can someone explain this fraud game?
    People bought this home at auction, and the bank reneged only to sell to other banks.
    Brings to question how much of this fraud is going on.

  49. John

    Thanks Greg! I love a spirited debate. I shouldn’t have gotten personal. I’m just frustrated at waiting for change or collapse. I apologize. You are providing an excellent service in a world starving for truth. Sincerely John

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you John for being kind in disagreement. You are a stand-up guy!!! Enjoy the wait, and use your time wisely. Tic toc time is running out.

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