Interest Rates will Skyrocket if Fed Keeps Printing Money – Michael Pento

By Greg Hunter’s

In June, economist and money manager Michael Pento warned the Fed was going to kill the economy by “tapering” the easy money policies.  Instead, the Fed ignored inflation, which is obviously not transitory and has kept the money printing going.  Now, Pento says it’s coming down to one issue for the Fed.  Pento explains, “If the Fed does not taper, yields will skyrocket.  That will destroy the economy and kill the real estate market.”  

Pento goes on to point out how bad inflation from trillions of dollars of Covid money printing really is in the real world.  Pento explains, “Why work and get exposed to Covid 19 when they can stay home, do noting and buy stuff online.  That’s your real problem.  That’s why you have inflation, if you measured it accurately, close to 14%. . . . Almost 14% inflation, that’s the highest we have seen in 40 years.”

Don’t expect China to get the global economy going like it did after the 2008 meltdown either.  Pento says, “What they cannot do is repeat what they did in 2008.  The global economy is slowing.  It’s going to go over a massive fiscal and monetary cliff, the biggest since WWII, and there is not a darn thing China can do about it.  They can ring-fence the problem with Evergrande and other construction and real estate companies.  They cannot tell the Chinese citizens home prices are already stalling and falling because of the over-built condition of the bubble.  So, we are going to go on an expedition to build more?  No, you cannot.”

When does Pento think the markets will come under big downside pressure?  Pento says, “The average amount of money printed by Mr. Powell and given to Wall Street to gamble with in the stock market is $250 billion each and every month.  That’s the average, and that’s going to zero by June of 2022.  That is the biggest monetary cliff we have ever seen heading into an economy already suffering from stagflation.  If you wanted to kill an economy, you would perpetuate inflation, threaten to raise people’s taxes and you would raise the cost of borrowing, in other words, raise interest rates.  All three of those things are happening. . . . The odds of a major liquidity crisis happening in the first half of 2022 should lead to a stock market decline and the freezing of the repo market, credit market and the Fed Funds market. . . . A credit market crisis is a Siamese twin to a stock crisis.”

Pento predicts that if the Fed comes back in with another round of money printing, “interest rates are going to go bonkers to the upside, and that’s what I am watching. . . . This is not going to end well.  The salient fear out there is a stock market collapse and a liquidity crisis.”

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with economist and money manager Michael Pento, founder of Pento Portfolio Strategies.

(There is much more in the 47 min. interview with Michael Pento.)

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  1. Self Exiled

    “Behold, it was for my own peace that I had intense bitterness;
    But You have loved back my life from the pit of corruption and nothingness (destruction),
    For You have cast all my sins behind Your back.

    “For Sheol [the place of the dead]cannot confess and reach out the hand to You;
    Death cannot praise and rejoice in You;
    Those who go down to the pit cannot hope for Your faithfulness [to your promises; their probation is at an end, their destiny is sealed]. Isaiah 38 17:18

    Yes there is a finality; an end, lest we forget. My thoughts concerning these days.

    • Anthony Australia

      Mate we are in trouble.

      • Self Exiled

        Yes; I watched the two videos that you posted farther on. I thought the second video tied all together very well.

      • Matt Kaatz

        We need an AmericaOne party.

      • Laura McDonough

        Where are the men w/ spines who will stand up against this tyrannical gov? Do they care enough about their family’s future and freedom? Why did the people turn their gunes in three decades back? Did they not learn history?

        • Ray

          With respect Laura……
          America still has their guns… the tens of millions, yet I am yet to see anyone over there step out onto the street and start “acting like a man” against all the COVID 19 madness being peddled by that government.
          Perhaps you own a gun?
          Step up…..use it against these evil bastards.
          I’ll see you on the news tonight….wish you all the very best as you “man up”.
          Ray, Canberra, QR Code Mirror Maze Nation.

  2. Self Exiled

    And never again will the light of a lamp shine in you, and never again will the voice of the bridegroom and bride be heard in you; for your merchants were the great and prominent men of the earth, and by your magic spells and poisonous charm all nations were lead astray [seduced and deluded]. Revelation 18:23

    Yes; build back better?

    • JC

      Self Exiled,

      Have you noticed that eddiemd is missing in action?

      • Catherine

        Yes I thought that. Hope he’s ok

      • Self Exiled

        Yes, usually not gone this long. Expected a post from him. We pray for him. Lord Jesus eddiemd your faithful servant we request for him ———

  3. Judd

    Some of those ships can hold up to 20,000 containers!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the info!!!

    • Paul ...

      Excellent way for the Demons to create shortages and inflation while our Southern Boarder is invaded by Drug Cartels and the American people purposely physically weakened with mandatory “jab” sicknesses (so we can’t effectively fight back) … however … we are not stupid … we see their Evil plan … and these petty dictator Governors, Politicians and Judges doing the bidding of the insane psychopathic eugenicists better begin hiring huge security forces to protect themselves and their families from the wrath of the American people … “That Is Surely Coming” … FJB … FJB … FJB … “Brand-Him” (with the Mark of the Beast) right on his forehead “666” for all to see!!!

  4. Richard B

    Just heard Murphy is going to institute vaccine mandates if he gets re-elected

    • Paul ...

      So a Demon Rat can “mandate” that every Republican takes the “jab” ?? … is that so all the Republicans die … and NJ remains a Blue State forever???

      • Paul ...

        Of course … they would have to know if you are a Republican … so it may pay if you are a Republican living in a Blue State … to register as a Demon-rat … so they can give you a “jab” with saline solution (as long as you are not black or over 65 years old who the eugenicists will likely kill regardless of political affiliation)!!

        • EricJ

          Are you kidding me! Every black person is precious to these elites. Why do you think they are letting in as many blacks into the country as possible and not requiring them to have the jab. Blacks are their main foot solders of choice because they have the easiest time getting them to hate and commit violence against whites than any other ethnicity, and whites are their obvious main target. Also, why do you think Colin Ferharty was the most censored person on youtube. His channel was committed to exposing black violence, specifically black on white and black on Asian violence by simply showing you live footage and letting you see it with your own eyes what the media and government have gone so far out of their way to hide.

    • Robert

      Neither party is implementing sound medical decisions based on science, they’re being whores for big pharma who owns our politicians in both parties. Mandated vaccines are to benefit the drug makers, not people.

      Notice how even Senator Rand Paul will chastise Fauci but not big pharma. Big pharma owns the politicians, the scientist, the doctors and the media ( including FOX) and social networks through ad revenue. It’s horribly corrupt.

    • Jim Ledayrd

      The worst part was the sneaky underhanded way he did it. He was caught off camera saying that he was going to wait until the stupid people of NJ elect him, then he would “drop the hammer”. Talk about arrogant over reach

      • Marie+Joy

        I’m surprised NJ accepts that. I thought they were tough guys.

    • Rodney

      Tell him to go pound sand, he doesnt have the authority or the legality to do that with an Experimental trial, it cannit be the whole country, it has to be a group of people, and with their full consent !!!

  5. Trinacria

    Greg, I can’t thank you enough for all the work that you do and for the information that you provide for us us “normies” (as Clif High would say) who are trying to earn an honest living and lead an honest life. I like Michael Pento – he is a fellow paesano after all – but I believe he is not correct when he says that yield could “skyrocket” if Fed does not taper. It is much more complex. As the government borrows more and more, paradoxically, rates will decline. Debt levels are a huge unproductive drag on the economy. Europe and Japan are in worse shape than us as we are the “best looking horse at the glue factory”. Also, even if the Fed does taper, rates will continue to decline for the simple reason that banks will step up the bond purchases as they need collateral for the deposits they hold. Also, the fact the the dollar is the reserve currency buys us more time….yes, we are playing fast and lose and eventually that privilege will go away. It could be a number of years yet before rates increase ….I will venture a guess of 5 to 7 years. Loan demand is down, so how are rates going to rise? Michael is forgetting basic supply and demand. Covid “protections” for renters, mortgage payers are going away…these folks are going to face severe hardships. Also, unemployment benefits going away and many folks are not employed at the levels before this insane lockdown. But, getting back to the inflation narrative and QE; when the Fed does QE and buys bonds from member banks, it does so with reserves it creates, HOWEVER, these reserves are not spendable by the banks that receive them. They must be kept on reserve at the Fed – yes, the banks earn microscopic interest, however, said banks are supposed to lend out their own capital against these reserves. The fact that the banks are hesitant to lend their own money tells us that rates will not rise (they may rise a little temporarily, but will then recede right back). Current rise in prices caused by these supply interruptions and shortages. Soon, folks will need to choose between eating and heating their homes which will not allow money for other more discretionary things, in fact demand will essentially be destroyed for these things. It is the latter that causes overall inflation. Rates won’t go negative, again because we are the reserve currency, but they will grind to very low levels in the coming 12 months or so. Also, they dollar is on the rise which is going to inflict further pain. Not because the dollar is strong, but because relatively speaking, the US is outperforming Europe and Japan. Also, China is going to have huge problems as they are far too indebted as well. Their hole real estate complex is built on debt. So, we are all horses at the glue factory and rates simply will not rise. You can “bank” on that. Please keep this in mind and we will see where things stand in the late Spring in these very complex and messy times. Thank you and take care.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Trinacria!!

    • Charles J Schwer

      [ This take of yours makes sense given that the fed does want inflation rates but not want interest rates that will bankrupt our nation. Then their game plan will be to mash together deflation with inflation together so retirements will be defaulted upon through inflation and yet the deflationary forces are sufficient to curtail high prices and scarce materials to allow the economy to function. So we will have inflation with deflation. Now, how do they get out of inflation? ]

  6. Brooklyn

    So, let’s compare the predictions of a few recent guests and see where we are:

    “Clif High’s recent data shows everything is in the process of breaking down.  Food production, trucking, health services, [which we are definitely seeing] and millions will get very sick and many of them will die, the military breaks down, [check!] political system breaks down and the financial system will suffer a horrible unfixable crash. High says the breakdowns are getting so bad that he is calling this month “Red October.”  In short, the breakdowns will wake up the masses to all the evil that has been hidden.” [waiting?]

    Okay, Clif’s “Red October” is running out of days. But then there is Bo Polny who told us,

    “When could this take place?  Bo says, “I think sometime in November the United States goes dark [it does get darker this time of year].  . . . The land will rumble.  Power will stumble and evil will crumble.  This is what’s coming, and these are the events that we are super close to seeing.  This will lead into what is called ‘Hypnotic November’ and death to life. . . . The United States will be reborn to shine once again for all the world to see. . . . We have the great awakening coming [THIS, I truly want to be alive to see]…”

    So, when Michael Pento tells us, “….money printed by Mr. Powell and given to Wall Street to gamble with in the stock market is $250 billion each and every month.  That’s the average, and that’s going to zero by June of 2022. [my money says we never make it to June] That is the biggest monetary cliff we have ever seen heading into an economy already suffering from stagflation.”

    So let’s review: in the big picture, Red October may turn into Red November (w/o a submarine moniker) and Clif could still be right, but for the sake of “next man up” we have to turn to Bo’s Hypnotic November, or will it be Michael’s June of 2022, which, under our current, corrupt and chaotic form of government, will seem like a lifetime from November to June. For right now, I’m with Bo….I’ll take November for the win, Alex…

    • Anthony Australia

      Hi Brooky,

      It will happen soon enough, for some it has already.

    • Jerry

      November will be a month to remember. Forget the markets. The globalist ( IE The World Economic Forum ) are following a script like event 201.

      The frontline battlefield is the vaccines. They must get everyone injected before the die off takes place and the truth comes out. During my recent experience with covid19 I learned three things.
      1. The virus is mutating and the current vaccines are not working to prevent infection, Thus the need for boosters that will weaken the immune systems even further. It’s a death spiral.
      2. The vaccines have already weakened peoples immune systems. My son who took care of me for a week, is now battling some form of pneumonia. He had the MRNA Moderna shot six months ago. It is apparent that Dr. Yeadon was accurate in his warning about the vaccines overriding peoples natural immune system.
      3. The vaccine pushback we are seeing now was planned for In “ Lockstep “ by the central planners. Look for them to double down on the mandates and go after children with the injections.
      I fully anticipate that now that I’m in the governments database as unvaccinated I will be contacted soon by a government tracker. The fun is just beginning.

      • Lady Au Stackers United

        My 86 yo mother suffered cardiovascular problems 6 months after J&J shot: fluid buildup of lungs, almost CHF, and trouble breathing. Now on permanent O2.! With an already compromised immune system and elderly, I warned her of the danger of taking an experimental shot, and that it could cause problems for her 6 months after the shot. And BINGO, I was spot on, she unfortunately succumbed to latent adverse affects of the CV19 shots. And now my father who is 93 with endstage COPD, and although his condition is terminal, my in-law convinced him to take the shot! Not taking the shot could give him more time, but now I think is cut further short because he has taken the dreaded CV19 shot. And it doesn’t help with convincing family otherwise when one member is a registered nurse who is brainwashed my the medical establishment. And my aunt is a retired M.D. who is also mainstream. God save us all who have discernment during these years! … keep stacking friends

        • Greg Hunter

          Even thought this is awful for you Mom, thanks for sharing this story. The lies were good and the psyop was strong.

        • Jerry

          I’m sorry you’re dealing with this. I’m afraid many of us will lose more loved ones as time goes on. The vaccine, apparently mimics the virus in that it attacks whatever weakness you have in your immune system. When I was in the hospital with COVID they found a mass in one of my lungs that had never been there before. Now I have to go for a biopsy. The strange thing is I was a two pack a day smoker thirty years ago. Go figure? The virus found a weakness and exploited it. The vaccines will eventually do the same thing over a two year period according to Dr. Yeadon’s latest warning. Pray for deliverance.

        • Paul ...

          Lady Au … “Time Is Up” (for all the psychopathic mass murderers) … lets bring them to justice … we can do it … sign the Petition at Dr. Fleming’s site (*** include site here ***) … to begin the Nuremberg II trials … “exercise” your Human right to both Life and Liberty!! … the Demon Rats at the FDA and CDC are beginning to jump ship (Gates got divorce to put his assets in his wife’s name) … they know the jig is up … people now know the “jabs” suppress the human immune system and suck the oxygen out of our blood while clotting it … we have the US Constitution on our side … Article 3 of the US Constitution forbids Bribe’n the right “to mandate the jab”)… and if US Judges “give a free pass to these psychopathic murderers” in violation of the US Constitution “they too should be hanged at Nuremberg II” … things must change “NOW”!! … for by next summer … we will begin to see Prion (Mad Cow) Disease of the Brain explode across America (making Americans “even less able to think and do the right thing”) … once our God given brains are totally destroyed by these psychopathic eugenicists … they could mandate you to put your hand in a flame “and keep it there” (as they are now doing to brain dead parents who are allowing their 5 to 11 year old children to get “jabbed” in the heart) … when you are aware you are doing something wrong … “You Don’t Just Keep Doing It” … “You Act to Pull Your Children Out of the Fire” … Save Them (God Damn It) and by doing so … You Will Save Your Children’s Children from the Totally Evil Immoral Twisted Degenerate Psychopaths Who Want To End All Human Life on Planet Earth!!! …

        • Paul ...

          Stop the “Cover Up” … the Evil Psychopaths intent on killing us all … are telling our doctors to list the deaths we are seeing “as due to the COVID virus” … when in fact: it is due to the “jab” !!! …

          • Paul ...

            “The best laid plans of these Rats who are not Men often go awry” !!
            Robert Burns

    • Free_Loader

      Patriot, I feel the exact same way. Those speakers you’ve mentioned stand out to me the most for the most reliable “predictions” going forward. That, and Kash Patel’s Devolution plans that Trump put in place before leaving. Just doesn’t seem right all this would be done for nothing. Granted, we are seeing unprecedented evil, like Clif High mentions – the evil continues, despite vaccine deaths and injuries, nothing is stopping it – this is contrarian to previous years and signals another force is at work here. I’m all in for November as well, one can only hope this nightmare will end before years’ end.

      • Greg Hunter

        I think this is going on for years to come and this is what Clif High said too. It is a control issue. Big problems remain no matter who is in control.

        • tim mcgraw

          Hi Greg, Read about the Peasant Revolt in England in 1320? I think? Lessons to be learned by peasants who revolt against the King. There can be no half way measures.

        • Free_Loader

          Thanks for taking the time to reply. I have to say, the entire “discovery” process of the truth has made me rediscover my love for this country, and hate the traitors and the abusers of our liberties and human rights with a passion. We’re united, holding the line!

          • Greg Hunter

            Never Give up “Free”!!

    • Felicia Musuc

      Adding to your synopsis…if you’ve read Strauss and Howe’s “The Fourth Turning”, the Fourth Turning is also seen as a Winter. Taking the catch phrase thrown around lately, the dark Winter, the collapse of all of society’s institutions, due to a complete lack of trust by the people, will also be in the mix for the next 10+ years. If I’m correct, well see major turmoil in not only the economy, but in banking, education, government, etc. all society’s institutions that are corrupt.

  7. Paul ...

    So Pento says: “The inflation rate (if measured accurately) is now pushing 14%” … as the prices of things begin moving up … does it mean the things we buy “are more valuable'”?? … No!! .. what it means is … “our paper money is worth-less” … remember … that 6% Cost of Living adjustment we are all getting in Jan 2022 … is really “an 8% decrease” in our Social Security Pension check … if the “commies” keep decreasing our Pensions by 8% a year … in about 10 years … “No One Will Have a Pension Sufficient To Live On” … will we be Happy About It (as Klaus Schwab says)? … well … the pension check we get will likely “look huge” (like a Zimbabwe Trillion Dollar Bill) … but it will be effectively “worthless to buy anything with”!! … so take a lesson from history … which shows “every currency” (except for gold) has “always” gone to Zero!!! … and begin taking action by buying some gold (that always retains its value) … Stan will tell you to look at gold’s price … but it is not the price of gold that matters … what matters is … gold is God’s money (that will be around when you need it the most) … as for all the currencies “that Man has created” … they always collapse to zero!!

    • Paul ...

      The Brain is the new battlefield … we need to use our God given brains to overcome the psychological operations of the “commies” who are trying to force us “to their will” … we need to resist their “mandates” … remember mandates by dictators “are not laws” … Mengele “mandated” that all Jews in concentration camps be used for experimentation … “it was not law” as Nuremberg proved … Fauci (millions of times worse then Mengele) is now “mandating” everyone on Earth be used for medical experimentation … “It Is Not Law” … and Nuremberg II will prove that (as it passes death sentences on the mass murdering eugenicists)!!

      • JC


        Is it possible that The Brain from Planet Arous has invaded the body of Dr. Fauci?

        An outer-space terrorist from a planet named Arous – a brain-shaped creature named Gor – arrives on Earth and possesses a scientist …

        • Ann

          There is an interesting video at titled “Cognitive Warfare: The Battle For Your Brain (part 1)”.

      • JC


        You have all the answers…

        Is a “malign force” behind the pandemic?

        Italian priest Father Gian Matteo Roggio claimed some people believe a “malign force” to be behind the pandemic and that these feelings are particularly strong among those who have suffered financial hardship or mental health issues because of Covid-19.

        “We have seen an increase in the request for exorcisms because the pandemic has made people more vulnerable to the idea that Satan or some evil entity has taken over their lives,” he told The Telegraph.

        • Paul ...

          JC … You ask: “Is a malign force behind this plandemic?” … YES! … the same malign force that was behind the Holocaust … the world’s answer should have been lead by Israel saying … “NEVER AGAIN”!! … but … the malign force concentrated “on taking out Israel first” with their “jab”!! … now they are free to come for our children … FJB and Brand Him (right on his forehead with the Mark of the Beast) 666!! … don’t let him fool you by saying “What am I doing here”? … “Were am I” … he is simply using the “insanity ploy” to avoid being hung … when our 5 to 11 year children begin dropping dead from his “jab” mandate!!

    • Stan

      Paul: Golds’s price does matter. Stop talking nonsense

      • Greg Hunter

        The big question is who is pricing it?

  8. John Beasley

    I would say the Fed is putting the American people in a financial pencer squeeze. It seems every asset class is set to decline in value, money, property, stocks, bonds, fuel while food will go up in value.

  9. Anthony Australia

    Brilliant interview Greg, thanks so much.
    Supply chains here are starting to panic but the shortages could be fabricated to drive up costs. One product here was $32 last week, it is now $50.

    Permission to post these links again to highlight what the establishment really thinks of us and what’s coming.

    • AndrewB

      Hi Anthony,
      If you value individual freedom, both links are cause for alarm. It appears the World is made up individualistic, freedom loving libertarians on the one hand, and homogeneous, controlling busybodies on the other. For now, the latter appear to have the upper hand. Time to ‘fight’ back if we value our freedom.

      • Brooklyn


        Hopefully you have a doctor’s note for not getting to the “Pento meet up” on time, but would like to offer food-for-thought for when you offered, “Time to ‘fight’ back if we value our freedom.” and welcome you to scroll down to two (2-2) of my relative posts below Marie+Joy one word post: “guerrilla” where I took the liberty (and justice for all) to expand upon it, with….”As C. S. Lewis mythologizes in The Great Divorce, the only way to deal with evil is to kill it.  “The gradual process is of no use at all.”…

        Plus you have to invest the few minutes for the next post with Jim Caviezel at his very best…. “We’re evil is powerless when good men are unafraid”

        Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum… Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country….

        • AndrewB

          Hi Brooklyn,
          Not sure you will see this as USAW has moved on to WNW501.
          “Hopefully you have a doctor’s note for not getting to the “Pento meet up” on time . . .”
          No doctor’s note. I penned an early response and was on the cusp of activating the ‘Post Comment’ button when I had second thoughts. My draft was critical of MP, and Greg has chastened me previously for such criticism of guests. Also, my opinion was based on supposition, so I thought, “What’s the point?”
          Basically, at 14:54 into the Pento interview, I infered from Greg’s commentary, that Pento believes in the ‘vaccine’. From my point of view, anyone still believing that the ‘pandemic’ and resultant medical dictatorship has anything to do with health, does not have an accurate ‘worldview’. How then is it possible to have faith in such a person’s ability to forecast worldwide financial events, however financially savvy they may otherwise be?

  10. Tar Heel

    Show us where our Supreme Court justices receive monetary reimbursement from Chinese universities as Cliff High stated twice on your shows. Still can’t find anything on them being compensated. I really do enjoy most of your guests. I’m with Brooklyn on tracking some of the statements and predictions. I do think the next 6 months will be turbulent but not the end of the world as some say.

      • Tar Heel

        Greg, thank you so much for putting me on the trail. I knew you would. I absolutely do not have a problem with our Justices making bucks off of books and lecturing in non communist countries when not in session. I will have a serious problem after finding Chinese payments for anything. Seems they recuse themselves when needed ex: Wokea Cola and Alito. Thanks Greg.

        • Paul ...

          Lets look more deeply “when a Supreme Court Justice recuses him or her self” … as that is likely when their dirty dealings can be more easily found … let them “incriminate themselves” when they step aside … and recuse themselves … and then we can remove them from office for taking bribes in violation of their oath to the Constitution!!!

    • Self Exiled

      Okay Tar Heel and Mr Ed, what moral base or foundation are you going to build this on. The people of the 16 and 1700’s were of a much different caliber than today. They were not sitting home waiting for their checks to arrive. Until you’ve seen this devastation in other countries you can not imagine the local impact on a world wide bases. People wondering around hungry at night, dogs barking to keep them at bay. I wish, hope you to be correct but America will never be the beacon of light it once was. In all of history I’ve not seen a nation crawl back to its zenith once it has transgressed the laws of God. I have hope also for a new beginning but not from man kind at this point. With the introduction of eugenics as a world wide political policy and medical qualifications consisting of DNA injection to even control travel and social status; one has to be spiritually blind not to see where this is going.

      • Tar Heel

        Self Exiled – not sure why you’re adding me to your response. I served with the 101st Airborne Division – same as my father. I’ve seen what the death and destruction mankind is capable of. I went 50 mins with as the doctors put it, Pulseless electrical activity. I know what’s on the other side. Heaven is real and Jesus loves you. Planted the seed. Moving on.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks for sharing that with us here!!!

        • Self Exiled

          I read more meaning into your ”not the end of the world” statement than you intended as I reexamine your context. My error. Even as I reread Mr. Ed’s statement I have to agree with His ”it’s every thing.” MY view of the acts being commit toward humanity is very negative so my hopes for a positive in nature recovery are just not there. Please both you and Mr Ed accept an apology for the negative projection of my view upon a much more positive attitude than what I have some days.

          • Self Exiled

            Tar: Thank You for the reminder of what’s real and of His Presence.

          • Tar Heel

            All good here brother! Thanks. Greg, I love sharing my story. It’s what I believe he wants me to do. I’ve spoken to doctors, atheist, believers, people outside smoking, physicist, housekeeping staff at 5am even Vince the shuttle bus driver at the Minneapolis airport who cried and asked me to pray for him at 4am. 6-8-2019, my alive day. Tell someone you love them today.

          • Ed Mustafo

            I understand people’s frustrations and cynical outlooks. I really do. Sometimes things seem hopeless. Sometimes we lose our faith. Sometimes we want to just give up. Having said that, I say to everyone, NEVER LOSE HOPE, NEVER LOSE FAITH,and NEVER GIVE UP !!! Because that’s what “ they “ want you to do. There are more good people than bad out there. We win this war. Darkness always turns to light. It’s coming soon. Believe it. God wins …..

        • susan

          God bless you Tar Heel.

    • sk

      Ed M! Look at history. It has never been “the people” who gain, it is simply that a new group of individuals floats up (sort of like garbage on water) who grab power and material goods. The crucial difference this time is that biotechnology now exists to control “the people” much more efficiently than in the past to do the elites’ bidding. What makes you think that Schwab/Rothschild/Soros/Gates are more benevolent than Stalin/Trotsky/ Lunacharsky/ Yezhov, Yagoda, etc, Hitler/Goering/Himmler/Hess Hoess, etc. I think it is wise to distrust humans who crave to play God, especially now, with the tools of genetic engineering.

    • Brooklyn


      Excellent post. And, agree that at some point in time, out of the ashes, will rise up a new America, one Nation, under God, similar to the one our founders fought for. But, the reality is that we will first have to go through Hell-and-Back to arrive at that day. We can only pray to be counted among those who will still be here on that day.

      Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum….. And, so we prepare!

      • Paul ...

        B … What we need to do is make sure the vaccine the Politicians are taking is the same one we are getting … lets test the vaccine in vitriol “before it is injected into the Politicians” and make sure the blood in the petrie dish turns brown and clots … this way we can be sure they are getting what we are getting (and not simply a saline solution)!!

    • Earth Angel

      Could it be that most of the payoff bucks go to offshore bank accounts for these shills? Just as military whistleblower with Top Secret clearance Scott Bennett found out about (while imprisoned with wall street white collar criminal Brad Birkenfeld – wow what a story he has to tell- I nearly fell off the couch the first time I heard him tell it on Joyce Riley’s Power Hour show! A MUST HEAR of an insider’s proof of the deep and complete corruption at the highest levels of governments. Scott’s site is (

  11. Maria+das+Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Pento.
    Here in the UK inflation in food and fuel is horrendous, the price of goods and services are on a tear and taxes are on the rise. The government and their Bolshevik bureaucrats are unable to keep their mits off our meagre salaries never mind savings. The cost of medicines are skyrocketing so much so that high street pharmacies are unwilling or more correctly unable to hold stock of even the most basic medicines, walk in prescriptions are having to be ordered in .
    Those of us outside the USA are seeing aggressive inflation as our central banks particularly here in the UK aid elitist cronies producing zombie companies which the ECB under Christine Lagarde is the owner of last resort.

  12. Lancelot Fotbes

    An interesting commentary by Pento but a bit misguided. First the idea that China’s economy is based on real estate , approximately 70% is a bit confounding . This is especially confusing considering that they are the worlds biggest producer of goods. Also ,all the buildings that are empty in China have owners. The bond owners in China will lose money which is fine , it’s called capitalism , prices will fall and destroy the bubble which is also good.

    When it comes to inflation there is this recurring argument that it’s the result of too much money printing both in terms of monetary and fiscal stimulus . Personally I don’t see it. The so called helicopter money that people got went to help keep them alive ,and without which the economy would have collapsed and chaos prevail. Additionally, the relentless monetary infusions by the Federal reserve is primarily keeping the stock market in a bubble and the banks from going under. It is not ending up in consumers hands.
    Interests rates are going nowhere, as you cannot taper a Ponzi scheme , and as long as countries continue to use the dollar to finance international trade the dollar will remain strong.
    Inflation is coming from scarcity and an increase in oil prices . But debt deflation is going nowhere. Both consumer and corporate debt is at an all time high. Also unemployment is at an all time high. Thousands of companies have closed and are not reopening. America is slowly disintegrating.
    The biggest problem is currently political however because “the center cannot hold and mere anarchy is turned loose upon the nation” . The central bankers are running the country and trying to take us back into feudalism . The country is divided and political turmoil is straight ahead.

    • Self Exiled

      Amen. That about sums it up sense the creation of the Fed. Roosevelt would be proud. My grandfather hated the Fed and Roosevelt. Lost two sons in the war. When in college I told him what they were teaching me about Roosevelt and after my 20 minute dissertation he rolled his eyes, clicked his teeth and said and I quote “Bxllshxt”. Then he set me straight and I quote again ” He was a dxm socialist, he’d sold his mother for a dime”.

  13. SymS

    I live in Thailand now, and we have very mild inflation for most items. My rent has not increased for three years. I think the US is being seriously mismanaged, and inflation would not be as bad if Biden was not at the helm.

    • Earth Angel

      Yes, I agree. Some are calling this obama’s 3rd term. Note the identical parallels in immediate rising of prices in almost everything as soon as Pretender Prez. was installed this year. Gas was $1.67 per gal here when Trump left office & within 2 months of the imposter & company taking over- gas up by a dollar a gallon. Now over $3.00 and rising fast; so is everything else.. food, rent, energy, durable goods; anyone else feel like ‘deja vu’ to the past obama regime days? Here we go again- only this time it feels like it will be much worse. Now we have the plandemic’s medical tyranny being played and the toxic shots being given, along with Planet Earth’s life support systems literally struggling ON LIFE SUPPORT themselves thanks to the highly toxic climate intervention programs being carried out for decades without our knowledge OR CONSENT. We are being assaulted from EVERY possible direction. Brace for impact & Lord help us all.

  14. Carla hayes

    So excited that mr. pento is back on your program,thank you! I always enjoy mr. pento.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Carla!

  15. tim mcgraw

    I remember 1981 very well. Seattle, cold, rainy, I was 29 with a wife and two small children. No work. Had to borrow Presto logs from the local Safeway to keep the house warm. You don’t want to know that reality. I’ve hated the Fed ever since. 20% interest rates killed the economy. Thanks Volcker. I hate the man.
    My family disintegrated. The American Dream disintegrated.
    And here it is again.
    It’s beyond depressing.

    • JC

      Tim M,

      In 1981, I was out of work too, a depressing time. I remember that was the year the film ‘Outland’ came out, starring Sean Connery. I used to go to the afternoon matinee, ticket was half price.

      Connery is a Federal Marshall, sent to a space station, where he encounters deadly secrets, triggering a showdown. It’s kind of like ‘High Noon’ in outer space.

      • tim mcgraw

        HI JC; I’d forgotten about “Outland”. We couldn’t afford to go to movies back in that year. Thanks for the memory. I don’t think “Outland” did well at the Box Office.

    • mike lord

      Don’t worry tim, Volker’s gone. He saved the country then. Now we need Jesus on the symbolic white horse. Not a Hitler, who said when he’d come back, no more mr. nice guy!

      • tim mcgraw

        mike lord; I remember that great Alice Cooper record. He and his band came to Lincoln, Nebraska around 1970. Their B-727 was painted black. Crazy. Good show, too.

    • Neville

      I sympathize with you and others like you as live in a country administered by
      thoroughly dishonest people ,It run by criminals for criminals and you Joe Citizen
      are not in their club.Hence the name of your country known far and wide as AAcrime as it has an AA rating in crime.Your currency is not worth a bud bottle cap is rigged to the hilt….currency creation out of thin air which is the use of dishonest weights and measures as it is a major part of the system.

      Hang in there

      to all people of GOODWILL

      • tim mcgraw

        Thanks Neville. Our Grand Fuhrer, Governor Newsom, is flying to Glasgow, Scotland for the Global Warming Summit. Perhaps you remember the scene in the Bond film “Skyfall”… “Welcome to Scotland”? You can find it by going to YouTube “Skyfall, Welcome to Scotland” Sums up my feelings.

  16. barsoom43

    When the income tax was first passed, it was supposed to be only for the millionaires, sparing the middle class.. Of course, over the decades, Congress’ insatiable appetite for money meant the middle class would be fleeced as well..
    So now this proposed wealth tax on unrealized gains is supposed to be for the richest 400 in the country. How long do you think it will take those blood suckers in Congress with their Tax Nazis (IRS) to filter on down to rob the middle class?

    • Paul ...

      Bribe’ns plan is to create massive inflation … so your $300,000 dollar home today is worth over $4 million dollars in a few years … then he will tax you about $1 million dollars “on the appreciation in value on your home” (even though you didn’t sell your home) … when you can’t come up with the money … the government will confiscate your home, bank accounts, cars, etc. … every thing you own will be taken away from you … “That Is What Commies Do”!!!

  17. Dr. T

    Wrong. The reason goods are not getting delivered is because this is part of the plan to take down the US and not because people think they are going to get more free money. This is a ridiculous assertion as is covid-19 escaped from a lab in China.

    In the near future you can expect more supposed variants of the virus, a continuing drive for more vaccinations, wide spread shortages/price increases across the board, more bizarre weather conditions, accelerated civil unrest and a financial/economic collapse. Then the real bad news.

    China will invade Taiwan to secure their semi-c0nductor market and its strategic geographic location, Russia will deal with Europe and as WEF Schwab predicted back in July 2020, there will be a cyber attack in the US taking down the grid and basically turning off the lights and everything else needed for survival. The rise of China as the world leader and the demise of the West is where this is all headed.

    The perfect time for this to occur could likely be January or February of next year, though it could be some months but not years later. In any event, this is the master plan they are unleashing, is unstoppable and will occur with certainty.

    So stop listening to and worrying about what is being discussed here, as the real problem is much more serious and catastrophic. Your very existence is what is at stake here but unfortunately this will not be accepted by the majority and will be passed off as conspiracy theory.

    In any event, time is short so enjoy the time you have left and spend it wisely. Over and out.

  18. j. Garfield

    Assange supporters rally in London
    10,167 viewsStreamed live on Oct 23, 2021
    This is not just for the freedom of journalism, this is about freedom of humanity, to save lives that are taken for profits and the killers want everyone to keep quiet about the inhumanity, it can be anyone next, Free Assange!

    US appeal on Assange extradition heard in court | day 1
    86 watching now RT started streaming 10 minutes ago

    Fauci Claims Wuhan Lab Leak Theory IMPOSSIBLE After NIH CAUGHT Lying About Gain Of Function Research
    234,362 views Premiered Oct 25, 2021

    Kim Iversen: FIRE FAUCI ALREADY! History Of Flip Flops And Lies Should FORCE Retirement
    314,046 views Oct 25, 2021

    Cawthorn To Fraudci: ‘This Demon Doctor Must Never Be Allowed To Escape Justice’
    22,788 views Oct 26, 2021 The Hill

  19. j. Garfield

    Adam Schiff DENIES Knowledge Of Assange Kidnap & Murder Plot, PRESSES CIA For More Info /15,805 views Premiered 19 hours ago

    UFOs DISABLED U.S. Nuclear Missiles At HEIGHT Of Cold War, According To Former USAF Officials /57,347 views Oct 22, 2021 The Hill
    Ryan Grim, Kim Iversen, and Robby Soave react to the group of former Air Force officers who claim they witnessed unidentified aerial phenomenon over U.S. nuclear bases in 1964.–rJDqyhs

    • Paul ...

      WELL!! … They can’t be Demons (if they were trying to save us from a Nuclear WAR)!!

  20. James Hall

    Nothing beats Gold or Silver in the long run.

  21. Allen Sachetti

    A good show Greg. I am very thankful you are outnL there searching for TRUTH and then having the guts to publicize it. God Blesa you sir.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Brother Allen.
      Blessings back.
      Brother Greg


    As a trucker I hear rumors. A thing I heard today about the California ports. They can’t unload containers because they have a shortage of chassis’s.That is the wheeled frame the containers are loaded onto. I Heard that they were cut up and hauled away, for no good reason.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the reporting “Dug”.

    • Jerry

      Trump was playing a shell game when he forced the Chinese to sell the port of Long Beach to the Macquarie consortium in 2019.

      I’m s sure if you follow the money it will lead back to the World Economic Forum. All of these multinational companies are connected
      in some way. Food can, and will eventually be used as a funneling device to convince the vaccine holdouts to roll up their sleeves. It’s in the plan.

    • Paul ...

      We have Demons on Earth … who want to “jab” a knife into the hearts of our Children … and a knife into the heart of our Nation … can you Aliens out there reading this (the ones who stopped the psychopaths down here from starting a Nuclear War) …can you please … please stop these immoral perverted psycho Demon Rats from “jabbing” and killing our children … you probably have a non-interventionist policy except in cases where our actions threaten your world … but consider that … the preservation of all life forms “is a universal obligation” that requires your intervention … simply read what the Demon Rats have written on the Georgia Guidestones … they talk about a population reduction that will be greater then what would have occurred in the Nuclear War you stopped by intervening to shut down our nuclear missile silos … we need your help … and soon!!

  23. Craig

    Excellent content as always. Would love to see three videos per week 🙂

  24. Jerry

    To understand what’s happening here, you have to go there.

    The world is being reshaped by the technocrats in these organizations. Global warming is at the center of their agenda, and along with it eugenics.

    • JC


      MARTIN ARMSTRONG: What the rumor is that after the Democrats devastate the Republicans in the 2022 election, then Biden will MANDATE vaccines, but also impose a tax per mile if you drive a non-electric car. I really do not understand such hatred and the refusal to simply rule fairly. They are pushing hard and that push is coming from the World Economic Forum with funding from both Big Pharm and Big Tech all pushing to annihilate Republicans and Independents. The United States I grew up in no longer exists. It is being directed from Geneva.

      I was really praying these were rumors, but it is clearly a political move. They want good Nazis who just follow orders without question. These are not normal vaccines with a sample of the virus. So they fade quickly requiring boosters for the rest of your life annually or every 8 months.

      According to their overlord, Klaus Schwab, anxiety is building over the world’s social and economic prospects. The solution, Schwab maintains, insists that “the world must act jointly and swiftly to revamp all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts, or a great reset of capitalism.” (Source)

      I was really praying these were rumors, but it is clearly a political move. They want good Nazis who just follow orders without question. These are no normal vaccines with a sample of the virus. So they fade quickly requiring boosters for the rest of your life annually or every 8 months.

  25. Barlow BAILY

    FDA Panel Rubber-Stamps Covid Injection For Kids 5-11: ‘Never Gonna Learn How Safe the Vaccine is Until We Start Giving It’
    by Jamie White October 26th 2021, 5:24 pm
    “That’s the way it goes,” says voting member, “And I think we should vote to approve it.”

    • BarlowBAILY


  26. Constance Ford

    I’ve got a bone to pick with you? Bay!

  27. Rodster

    James Kunstler wrote this in his Monday Blog. If this is true, then Tony Fauci is the personification of “Evil”:

    “Some flinched when Dr. Fauci commanded the children of America to take the mRNA shots fraught with deadly side effects, but now it’s out that the agency he has controlled for decades like a Byzantine despot, the NIAID, gave a $1.6 million grant to a lab in Tunisia — that world-beating center of the bio-sciences — to study what happens when puppy-dogs are pinned down so that ravenous sandflies can chew their snouts off.”

    • Greg Hunter

      Important thing to note. Kunstler was a big Dem. (He’s a very smart guy and I have had him on as a guest.) Can you see how many Democrats are turning on this Administration? It’s gotten so bad that many Democrats are going to wake up and not vote foe this. Republicans are not the answer with weasels McConnell and McCarthy at the helm of the GOP.

      • Rodster

        You should have him back on. James Kuntsler is always a good interview.

  28. nirvana

    As my papa would say; you don’t know sheeet from shineola, my friend had a ford pento and was bad from the start, Bo is full of bologna , I dont know what cliff is high on, just get some beans water and a bible and find a cave to hide in as this will get way worse before it is done Matt 24 and america will never be awake again if it ever was.

  29. William Goode

    Greg thanks for having Pento on again to discuss his strategy for the coming months. Pento assists wealthy individuals but I’m a regular guy and just stick with real assets that I understand. I believe he should have held his core position in gold but he probably was in GLD which is paper and not physical. Looking forward to your WNW #501.

    • Greg Hunter

      William. My simple advice is kill off all the debt you can, and don’t take on any new debt. Al. Food and water are a must and Jesus is so buy real thinks they will be in short supply and will never be cheaper. Biggest thing is have a relationship with our Lord and Savior!!! We are going to need him to lean on.

  30. Concerned Canadian

    Here is a good one for you Greg..from Canada
    maybe point out the fact that trudeau’s family makes money from all the oil brought from Saudi Arabia and that’s why he shut down Alberta and thats what biden wants to do to your country his father’s family owned many stations on the east coast and made a deal with Irving when he entered politics and now the Trudeau family still makes money from it…and wants to end Alberta in hopes of killing all canadian oil…until we are so broke the saudies will come in and own it…then he will build pipelines for them …This is Treason and should be dealt with and he should be arrested for trying to destroy…well actually destroying our greatest asset..
    Green is a concept but not reality when the carbon footprint to build wind farms is greater than the oil we pull out of the ground you should scratch your heads and wonder why cant we develop better technology…japan proved it…lay the stacks on their side repurpose all the energy from the smoke produced and filter and capture the smoke..for heating and running turbines to create electricity…its not rocket science but our government cries if you bring that up. Trudeau is in the way of a great Canada…get rid of him…and prove he stole this election with dominion voting machines just like edmonton and calgary mayors…as if they would vote anti oil idiots into office…NO…it was stolen

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for this “Canadian”. You sound correct to me.

    • Paul ...

      It is time for our Satanic Psychopathic Immoral and Perverted Demon Rats to begin following the science … and give “carbon credits” to people and companies “that plant trees” … as every cubic meter of tree wood absorbs a ton of CO2 … instead Demon Rats seem to be intent on telling us we can only get “carbon de-merits” (for burning of wood or coal, etc. … so they can tax us) … I don’t see why we can’t use carbon credits to offset the de-merits … why aren’t the Demon Rats going after California for creating all those forest fires (that are more then cancelling out all their efforts at controlling CO2 emissions)!! … and how about the Demon Rats ordering the Military (that we know can control the weather) to send a few rain storms over California to help the trees grow … and thus help reduce CO2 emissions … instead … they have the Military spray aluminum chem-trails in the air … to block the very Sun (that the trees need to take carbon out of the air) … trees also “produce the oxygen” needed to re-build the ozone layer … the ozone layer reduces the bad ultraviolet rays currently killing the algae in our oceans … algae which are needed to remove CO2 from the atmosphere and to create the Oxygen “we humans need in higher amounts to prevent cancer”!!! …

  31. stanley skrzypeK

    Oct 27 2021…….and people are getting Money to stay Home???…..who is this guy?….My Stimulus and Unemployment ran out in March 2021……….ya mean to tell me that eveyone but ME is getting Free Money?……is he for real?

    • Greg Hunter

      It appears so. There were federal programs people were tapping too. I hope you went back to work.

  32. Self Exiled

    Yes, most of our thinking processes that worked in the past are no longer applicable in the present political/ financial situation we find ourselves in now. My next post to you is of the same nature or follows this type of reasoning.

  33. Mark

    Pento knows the facts, to bad the media hides them. Many people are going to really get destroyed.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for saying this. Simple but very good analysis.

  34. Paul ...

    One of the changes coming when Omarova gets in … is the Fed will “Pump and Dump Stocks for its Own Account” … whereby they first give money to Wall Street to boost technology stocks to new all time highs (while they sell the shares short) … then … they raise interest rates … and Crash the Stock Market … putting Trillions more dollars into their own private accounts!! …

    • Greg Hunter

      Good info Paul!!!

    • AndrewB

      Hi Paul …
      Extract from Omarova’s plan:
      “(4) Eliminate the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) that insures bank deposits”
      This is the ultimate answer to querist who previously asked about the security of bank accounts. IMO, existing bail-in legislation, plus point (4) in Omarova’s plan, should warn everyone – your money is NOT safe in a bank account.

      • Paul ...

        Buy gold and silver and you hold it beyond their reach (in your own hands)!!

    • Rachel.M.

      Hi Paul, It’s just another form of taxation albeit more elaborately and more targeted to those who have some spare funds to invest.

  35. Marie+Joy


    • Brooklyn


      The Queen of Succinct offered as good a place to post this as any other: For “guerrilla warfare” will soon be at hand.

      Please allow me to share a piece a friend sent “Regarding Evil” that was posted today in American Thinker

      “As C. S. Lewis mythologizes in The Great Divorce, the only way to deal with evil is to kill it.  “The gradual process is of no use at all.”
      “Evil is an emptiness.  St. Thomas Aquinas reasoned that evil is not a thing in itself, but rather the absence of good, just as darkness is not a thing itself, but a lack of light.  Because it lacks, evil can never stop trying to fulfill itself.  It is a sucking vacuum.”

      “When we truly understand evil, and don’t flinch from its intentions, we will know in our gut that it must be confronted.  We are alive in this moment to take up a battle.”

      We all may have our own “gut feeling” but there will come a day in the not too distant future, where no choice will remain but to bring violence on this evil, because the only way to deal with it, is to kill it! 

      Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum!
      If you desire peace, make plans for war!

  36. MC

    Yesterday Clif High posted a video entitled “X Form Woo”. During the latter part of it, he gets to discussing the symbol of the cross vs the peace-sign (i.e., truncated cross). He talks about the cross being a symbol of transformational change of the self/soul on its journey.

    He then gets to talking a bit about the person who made the cross famous. He should have used the word “Jesus” to reference this person, but he keeps using the word “Christ”. Remember: “Jesus” is the name, but “Christ” is the title that Jesus claimed for himself.

    The first Pope declares this as true, and Jesus concurs: Matthew 16:16,20 – “Simon Peter answered, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.” & “Then He admonished the disciples not to tell anyone that He was the Christ.” ….. Others make the point similarly; we hear from Elizabeth (John 11:27) & the angel appearing to the shepherds outside Bethlehem (Luke 2:11).

    Even demons declared Jesus is Christ: (Luke 4:41). Likewise, heathen Clif High declared Jesus is Christ, otherwise he would have referenced by his name Jesus while discussing the cross.

    Note: you will never hear a Jew, reference the historical person Jesus with the word “Christ”, for they do not believe Jesus fits that title. And nobody can claim that Clif High was just talking loosely, because Clif High prides himself on being a linguist. He tells us again and again and again how much words and being specific with words mean to him personally.

    These are interesting times indeed where exemplifies, 1 Corinthians 1:25. … Lo! the subconscious of Clif High has acknowledged Jesus is the Christ of God. Clif High is fast becoming the most godly guest of USAWD, for several of the others have proven themselves to be false prophets (by declaring a vax pusher as anointed) and another is mostly interested in the Bible as a insight to trade Bitcoin.

  37. Justn Observer

    Greg, As per other comments, yes your interviews with Mr. Pento always so informative, especially the bond markets. Few know it so well.
    Point to make here is as was said by past President FDR (a lauded progressive of the left), ” NOTHING HAPPENS BY ACCIDENT “, infers then what is occurring is planned. As per the moving of dates up from 2050 to now…as per Mr. Pento’s analysis, @ 16:00 to 18:30. The magnitude of policy alone proves that…this all is no accident or something caused due to being unseen, overlooked, or not considered over decades….
    We all are aware there has been a world interest toward Global Governance 2000 which offer many paragraphs as to what is going on today, ie: ‘Proposals for the governance of peace, security, and conflict resolution begin by addressing prevention of the causes of conflicts, whether economic, social, religious, political, or territorial. This requires assigning more resources to improving people’s living conditions—health, accommodation, food, and work—and to education, including education in the values of peace, social justice, and unity and diversity as two sides of the same coin representing the global village.’
    and from then times set for implementing it from
    to Agenda 2015 to Agenda 21, de-population =–The%20Plan%20to%20Depopulate%2095%20percent%20of%20the%20world.pdf

    Agenda 2030 , re-institute sustainability transformations =


    to combine Agenda 2030 Goal #12 with 2050 =
    “Agenda 2030 Goal #12: Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns Follwing the planned economic collapse, Agenda 2030 will enforce the most brutal austerity programs ever conceived of, or ever enforced. Just as it was in the Hunger Games movie, all food, water and medicine will be rationed. Inhabitants will be forced to take the Mark of the Best, the dreaded but largely unkown RFID chip. We are already witnessing the birth of a cashless society. Soon, cash will be banned. Automation will bring promises of unlimited food production. The public will be sold on the widespread use of robots to achieve this goal. It will be a ruse. The goal is to replace human workes with robots. The globalsists will horde the food in order to help wipe out the ‘useless eaters’ through starvation. Then the population will be forced into a devastating World War III. Subsequently, Ted Turner and the other globlaists will be able to achieve their goals of reducing the world’s population to a low of 500,000,000.
    Predictive Programming of Man’s Demise
    From the early 1960’s, the TV show, The Twilight Zone predicted the obsolescence of mankind through automation. It is chilling that a TV show from over 5o years ago predicted the time and events that we are now living in.
    Humans Are the Excess Inventory of the World
    What do business owners do with their excess inventory? They at first try to get rid of the product by selling at a reduced price and when that fails, they simply destroy the inventory. The latter is the fate that awaits the American people and ultimately the human race. Soon, humanity will no longer be needed because humanity has become the newest form of excess inventory. Over 90% of us will soon be obsolete.
    Soft Kill Methods
    Fluoride, aluminum from chemtrails and specific vaccines, artificial sweeteners, dangerous drugs (VIOXX) have constituted some of the passive means of depopulation. Humanity’s very existence is under assault. Why? Because the majority of humans are no longer needed as a species. One of the popular sayings in our society in regard to how many things causes cancer is to dismiss the danger as “everything causes cancer”. And of course, anybody that writes about our toxic environment, dangerous GMO food supply and tainted drinking water is a conspiracy theorist unless they work for the EPA and are preparing to steal your land. As devastating as the soft kill methods that we have been forced to endure are, these methods pale in comparison as to what lies ahead.
    Take the Globalists At Their Word
    The words of Henry Kissinger tells humanity what lies ahead.
    “We don’t need you anymore”.
    It’s no longer the Third World. Kissinger’s attitude towards all of humanity can be summed as, “We don’t need you anymore”.
    On this point, Kissinger has a lot of company as depopulation has been the order of the day for quite some time among the globalists.
    “A total world population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal”. Ted Turner, in an interview with Audubon magazine “The present vast overpopulation, now far beyond the world carrying capacity, cannot be answered by future reductions in the birth rate due to contraception, sterilization and abortion, but must be met in the present by the reduction of numbers presently existing. This must be done by whatever means necessary”. Initiative for the United Nations ECO-92 EARTH CHARTER “No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a LUCIFERIAN Initiation.” – David Spangler Director of Planetary Initiative United Nations
    The abovde used to be just words, now they form the philsophy of the Fabian Socialists that are running the planet. Through Agenda 2030 and Goal #12, their words are fast becoming reality.
    Why Humans Are No Longer Needed
    The bulk of humanity has become expendable. We were good to the elite when they could exploit our labor and enjoy the fruits of humanity’s talents. One-third of jobs now performed by humans will be replaced by software, robots, and smart machines by 2025, according to a prediction by information technology research and advisory firm Gartner. Some estimate that by 2050, 75% of all jobs will be eliminated by automation. This prediction reflects the evolution of robot capability, said Ryan Calo, a professor at University of Washington School of Law with an expertise in robotics. Robotic abilities are quickly surpassing human ability. Robots do not require food, health benefits nor do they require a minimum wage. The use of robotics in replacing humans will only continue to expand, according to Ray Kurzweil, the director of engineering at Google. Kurzweil anticipates that by 2029 robots will have reached human levels of intelligence and functionality. Many experts predict that these robots will put people out of work and this is exactly what we are finding. Automation has lessened the need for human capital. In short, we have become excess inventory and must be disposed of. For many who cover the misdeeds of the elite, we know at the root of this struggle is the need for the elite to eliminate 90% of all humanity before humanity realizes the true nature of the coming agenda and rises up to oppose this tyranny. In order to accomplish this, the elite need to move from passive soft kill to hard kill methods and they need to do so very quickly. In order to accomplish this agenda, complete political control must be realized. The former beacon of freedom to the world, the United States must be obliterated along with any notion of individual liberties.
    The Final Solution
    There will become a bifurcation point where soft kill methods, and diluting the native population through massive immigration will not be enough to ensure total dictatorial control over the planet by the globalists because its methods of replacement are not expeditious enough. That is when soft kill will need to become the Final Solution of hard kill. In history, the pattern is always the same.
    Create a false flag series of events which necessitates the need for martial law.
    Cordon people off for their own protection.
    Exploit whatever free labor can be extracted from this doomed group while they are being protected.
    Systematically exterminate the undesirable group.
    World War III will evolve out of the turmoil as was the case with World War II. This is when global depopulation will begin in earnest. When the smoke clears and the bulk of humanity has been buried, the New World Order will truly be born.
    Sometimes it is good to be reminded of who we are fighting and what their Agenda (2030) consists of. ‘ =

    Is this ALL CONSPIRACY are their ‘proofs’ of such planning one can point to ? There sure SEEMS to be =
    The Real Illuminati And It’s System Exposed (

    read Silent Weapons and QUIET WARS =

    A short concise view, again =
    What are you going to do in the war? (

    Technocracy attempted to rise it’s ugly head before and apparently is doing so again as warned by Patrick Wood =
    Caravan To Midnight – Episode 250 Patrick Wood: Technocracy Rising – YouTube

    Read too,
    The Anglo – American Establishment, by Carrol Quigley
    The Synagogue of Satan by Andrew Hitchcock to discover the truth about Mr. Rothschild.
    The Fruits of Graft, by Wayne Jett.
    Anticipation, by H.G. Wells
    The Rise of the 4th Reich, by Jim Marrs
    The Brothers, by Steven Kinzer
    The Secret Team by L. Fletcher Prouty
    Follow the book train IF you want the ‘real’ history and not CRT =
    Screaming Ospreys – Home of McDuff: Kennedy’s Man to Smash the CIA

    GET YOUR HEAD IN THE FIGHT against The 4th GENERATION WAR and the propaganda and censorship ‘denial of free speech” we ARE in which is an intent to keep the people dumb down and unaware of their wider goals ?

    It is not left – right, it IS ‘them’ against the people, THE GLOBALIST ESTABLISHMENT OF ALL NATIONS and their minions against what they consider ””the deplorable lower class”” to push their servitude and dominion over the masses…..
    A not unlike the classic war of strategy between Hannibal and Rome: of stealth, evasion, attrition, infiltration, deception, and confusing alliances for the minds and resources of all caught up in between them…
    Chaos is but a tool = confusion
    Propaganda is one of those tools to use in the schools = entrainment vs education AND ‘mockingbird MSM’ AND POLITICS via Bribery, coercion, compromise there going along in concert with the political organs to cause (fundamentally transformation) and to destabilize and weaken the opposition = Collapse the economy (CLOWER AND PIVEN) AND control the populations using food and energy and intimidation in an degradation effort to destroy society but not the infrastructure ‘they’ think is ‘theirs = the use of bio-weapons, division within and subterfuge within the population which thus overcomes Will and replace knowledge and God given rights for ”’privileges”’ leading to a ‘new’ permanence ‘they’ gain DOMINATION by imposing their CULTure as they erode the history and lessons of old learned by the overcoming of obstacles that led to freedom in the first place… In their focusing on slavery of the past to instill hatred….so as deflect and obscure their ‘NEW’ enslavement via technology as they cancel the very rights the people desire as to speech, religion, color blindness, privacy, and personal pursuit of one’s happiness and security…

    There appears to be too much out there in the ether to suggest this is ALL either a conspiracy ‘theory’ and that such an end such as Mr. Pento paints is probable or likely soon and is NOT a planned one…The set up for a crash of the world economies so they CAN BE RE-SET into a ‘new’ world order…seems to be in progress…and the time line seems in adjustment to the proximity of the world GSM which has been seen as a tool, and /or excuse (never let a crisis go to waste) to undermine sovereignty and borders along with fundamentally transform the U.S. society and way of life along with abolish that which it is formed under, The Constitution for the United States of American and the rights afforded therein…

    As Greg has suggested for so long along with many guests =
    Prepare accordingly !

    • AndrewB

      Wow Justn, that’s an incredibly detailed and thought-provoking comment!

      Realising the predicament ‘we the people’ are in, however painful the reality, is a necessary step toward mounting a meaningful resistance. My ‘two cents’: We must unite in peaceful civil disobedience of ALL ‘Covid measures’ – no shots, no masks, no social distancing. It doesn’t sound like much, but Gandhi forced the British Empire to grant independence to India by, among other things, encouraging people to peacefully walk to the beach to make salt – a monopoly protected by English law. So many people took part, it was impossible to arrest them all, and an unjust law was rendered ineffective. ‘We the people’ need to render the unconstitutional ‘Covid protocols’ ineffective.

      • Brooklyn

        Justin Observer & AndrewB,

        Justin, I normally do not invest the time to read long comments like yours, but I must say, you “hooked me” almost immediately with “Nothing happens by accident” and have believed (and agree) for some time that what is “happening” all around us today, is the unfolding, well-developed-globalist-plan of the extermination of the human race.

        AndrewB, Although you and I agree more times than not, I am of the opinion that we are way past a time for “peaceful civil disobedience”, where it is now time to prepare for war.

        I have been posting the Latin phrase, Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum, meaning: If you desire peace, prepare for war, because it is time.

        The first issue is to admit that the Global Elite, with FJB & Co here in the USA are unadulterated evil. Their intentions are totalitarian control by design of the Great Reset, where “you will own nothing and will be happy”- Klaus Schwab. Which is why we say FJB! FJB! FJB!

        The second issue is the realization that there is no longer time for dialogue or discussion, words matter not to this evil enemy.

        “As C. S. Lewis mythologizes in The Great Divorce, the only way to deal with evil is to kill it.  “The gradual process is of no use at all.”

        “Evil is an emptiness.  St. Tomas Aquinas reasoned that evil is not a thing in of itself, but rather the absence of good, just as darkness is not a thing itself, but a lack of light.  Because evil lacks substance, it can never stop trying to fulfill itself.  It is like a sucking vacuum, [with no off-switch”]

        “When we truly understand evil, and don’t flinch from its intentions, we will know in our gut that it must be confronted.  We are alive in this moment to take up a battle.” – WAR!

        This Evil must be Killed

        • AndrewB

          Hi Brooklyn,
          “I am of the opinion that we are way past a time for “peaceful civil disobedience”, where it is now time to prepare for war.”
          Yes. In my gut, I agree with your sentiment. Had people on mass disobeyed the rediculous ‘Covid’ restrictions at the outset, we may have already got ‘them’ on the back foot. Unfortunately, as we have witnessed, the bulk of humanity appear slaves to the media and lacking critical thinking. Truth to tell, this revelation has rocked me more than the, anticipated, evil antics of those who rule us. In any event, the majority will not take part in violent revolution – I have first hand experience of living through ‘the troubles’ in Northern Ireland. The majority will at best offer passive support to the tiny minority who take up arms. As I understand from many prior comments on USAW, it was a relatively small percentage who took up arms to win the War of Independence. Most stayed home to tend their farms. But, to my point, there are historical accounts that early Americans withheld their support of British laws so as to render them ineffective – and British taxes uncollectible. This ‘passive’ rebellion may have weakened the British resolve to fight, and thereby played a part in winning independence . . . ?

    • Brooklyn


      After spending time to review a few of the linked-articles, I came to realize that a good percentage of your comment is cut n’ pasted from an article by Dave Hodges from Sunday, December 6, 2015.

      More times than not, we take Dave with a HUH? I believe he means well, for an example when he went down the Jade Helm rabbit hole, a number of years ago. But, at the end of the day, I’ll take Clif High, Bo Polny, Gerald Clemente or Mike Pinto, and others to read the crystal ball for me.

      But, none of my comment/reply here changes the situation at hand, where we need to come together soon, in our own countries/states/cities and towns, and stop this – dead in its tracks – (using the tactics of our enemy) …by any means possible. Did I say soon!?!

      Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum…

  38. Bailey

    Pento says people stay home and collect free $$$. I’m not seeing that. My 2019-20 job disappeared, new possibilities ask you to get poked first. Not happening. I don’t get free $$$, and savings are done. Many I know are in same boat. How many of those damaged or dead from hokey-pokey aren’t there to fill job vacancies, too? So much covered up, so many lies!

    • Greg Hunter

      Hang in there because so many will get sick and die that the labor shortage is only going to get worse and things will loosen up for the unvaxed. Unvaxed will be in demand.

  39. Rod M. Brumley, Sr.

    Enjoy Michael Pento view on the future. He speaks with a well thought out on plan.
    Greg Hunter is our Ultimate American Patriot 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
    Continue to Buy Gold – Silver & Platinum

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks and do not forget food and water. At some point, this pops and you do not want to be going to a grocery store or a gas station when it does.

  40. Self Exiled

    Taiwan and the great reset—-

  41. Self Exiled

    Tying together the hydra, and nano bots in the vaccination. Turning off the normal genetic human and creating a hybrid. MY question: is that why the babies born to vaccinated parents have black eyes and appear more aggressive: my observations.

    Listen to this several times, to get the future implications. Upregulate and down regulate these hybrids genetics.

    Transvection is an epigenetic phenomenon that results from an interaction between an allele on one chromosome and the corresponding allele on the homologous chromosome

    • JC


      I watched the video. Very disturbing to say the least.

  42. Suzette Lawrence

    Oh boy! when people open those investment/retirement statements tears are going to flow. I hope they don’t wallow to long and pivot…

  43. Rick

    Greg I have to say he lost me at the point where he said that unrealized gains tax will only hit billionaires. We all know how the income tax scheme turned out.

    • Greg Hunter

      I do not think that is even going to get into the final bill. Also, Sen. Manchin said the $10,000 transaction required reporting to the IRS (which is a much bigger deal) is not going to make it into the final bill either. The Banks have to be screaming their heads off for the massive increased workload for that reporting requirement. I think both are non issues for the moment.

  44. Marie+Joy

    For years, I have received a statement telling me how much I would pay for health insurance. The statement has, always, been for the next year, starting in January. This year, my statement was good for 6 months (January to June) instead of 12. I think they expect inflation.

  45. Justn Observer

    Greg, Sound words from the Constitutional Sheriff assoc.=
    Gary Heavin – Constitutional Sheriff’s Association=

  46. Joe Biden

    #1 Song itunes

  47. Jr

    A $1400 a year stimulus checks arent keeping people home –
    B Newsom has passed truck regulations side lining current available trucks –
    C Sane workers are refusing to take a poison jab and losing their job in a planned demolition of america –
    D Pento is a good fun guest but ask him if he took the jab – too many of these “experts” are “normies” and their viewpoints are skewed by normieville brainwashing –
    E When the evil is so in control which it clearly is when they can inject your child with this sewage from hell and nobody lifts a damn a finger -the proverbial shit has hit the fan and you best be very prayed up –

  48. Arthur Amon

    Klaus Schwab and the World Encon Forum say “you will own nothing and be happy”, I wonder how this reset will unfold. The Fed owns Trillions $$ of bonds and mortgages they can foreclose, as do many central banks. My thinking, as Michael states in his assumptions, is when the excrement hits the fan with taper etc. the Fed will have to reverse course since interest rates will increase and the financial system will implode if easing doesn’t immediately start given the unstable nature of the financial system, so easing and lots of printing WILL START! What if it doesn’t? What if the plan is to crash the system as we know it such that anyone without sufficient means to hang onto their debt based assets will lose them to the Fed/Big Banks. The destruction of the middle class is so massive with the lockdowns, with multiple current admin decisions to weaken the country (probably on purpose – not due to stupidity) I have to think Michael (and I) are wrong – they will crash the system. Once in chaos, who cares who did it because we will all be looking for food and protection wherever we can find it. The best reason the outcome generating chaos is NOT the plan is chaos is, by definition, unpredictable and even TPTB potentially fear the unpredictability of chaos. I throw this out BC my recentcy bias of normalcy demands I think outside the box BC we are in outside the box times.

    • Free Slave

      Thinking outside the box is what separates you from the normies.

      Do not waste your time on them. They can never understand you.

      • Bob

        “Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood let alone be believed by the masses.”

  49. Justn Observer

    Dr Richard Fleming, PhD, MD, JD has tested five vials of the Covid-19 Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine on fresh human blood samples in-vitro and made a string of nightmare discoveries confirming the findings of the medical community.

  50. Dave Zanin

    For your weekly wrap up, 4,000 unvaccinated British Columbia healthcare workers were put on leave postponing surgeries and tests. This is happening across Canada.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Dave for the heads up.

  51. Daniel

    the FED does not print the FED makes loans
    to say that when the government goes deeper and deeper in debt this will suppress interest rates as a fallacy and not true
    people just don’t understand the monetary system of debt all of the loans are made the cash is printed by the bureau of engraving and printing and soar the bonds
    but all of the loans are made and all of the cash is printed but the interest the interest is not printed the interest does not exist… metals prices are going to take a dive the dollar will remain strong the stock market will crash the bond market will crash because the issuer of the bonds is insolvent to get dollars to pay down their dollar denominated debt everybody will chase dollars remaining the demand for dollars will cause interest rates to go up the FED does not control interest rates interest rate increases does not suppress inflation

  52. Daniel

    also this PPP loan stipulated that if you hire the same people back your loan will be due I don’t know why these people are not being hired back maybe it’s because if they don’t get hired back the PPP loan will be a grant… Jim Willie says that the container ships are not coming into Port because they can’t get paid in valuable paper treasury bills are printed and printed they don’t want them
    if we were in an inflationary spiral golden silver would be taking off it is not inflation it is supply chain interruptions chasing few goods pretty soon goods will be short…
    the FED does not monetize debt the bureau of engraving and printing prints and the stimulus money did not come from the government it came from commercial Banks accounts your money your money…

  53. Jerry

    Well friends,
    Here is “ operation dark winter”.

    They always give you a warning.

  54. Marie+Joy

    My vaccinated 50 yo daughter insists I have medical appointments so I had one. I took it as a bad sign when CNN was on the TV and it went downhill from there. I am listed as noncompliant.

    • Self Exiled

      I’ve been thought of as noncompliant sense memory, I guess this has been preparation. You’ll get use to it; and I wear it like badge. I don’t look noncompliant; so when I say I don’t think so, it takes them by surprise.

      • Rachel.M.

        That’s funny SE. I think of you as a beacon of light.

  55. Al

    I will make this short and to the point.

    Pento makes sense, but there are wild cards out there, very wild cards, EXTREMELY WILD cards. TRUMP CARDS !!!
    What happens WHEN they find Trump got 120Million + votes?

    WHAT IF TRUMP GETS BACK IN to his rightful spot ? Whether Pento believes it or not, it’s a definite reality. Pento did not touch that one and that raised a red flag. Either he doesn’t know (which I doubt), or he is afraid of what his Clients would say.

    I don’t know, I have some bucks coming liquid to throw around … I was leaning towards Pento but now … Now I’m on the fence with this guy. He’s not as forthright as he was in the past. Omission is as bad as falsehoods.

    If he doesn’t address elephant in the room (Politics/NWO takeover tactics)… I don’t think he is as virtuous as I thought him to be in the past.
    He can play the “I don’t follow Politics” game, but that will bite him in the rear.
    Today EVERY AVENUE SHOULD BE EXPLORED. He did not do a good job at this Interview Greg.

  56. Marie+Joy

    Why are most of you trying to apply common sense to genocide? This is all about genocide, murder, profound evil, and greed. Common sense has nothing to do with it. Decency has nothing to do with it. Get vicious or die.

    • Brooklyn


      You are the very best, and would follow your yardarm (banner) into the battle at anytime. For as it has been said, the only way to deal with this evil all around us, is to kill it! The gradual process of negotiations/discussion is of no longer any use. It is now time for, as Andrew Breitbart famously said – WAR!

      If you desire peace, plan for WAR!

  57. Justn Observer

    Greg, Appears the calling is spreading… A message to the unvaxed and vaxed alike?

    and don’t forget the walk out planned for Nov 8th-11th

  58. Self Exiled

    CNA news the CNN of Asia ——————– Commentary: Your unvaccinated friend is about 20 times more likely to infect you with COVID-19
    The risk of COVID-19 infection from spending time with an unvaccinated person, relative to someone vaccinated, is much higher, researchers say.

  59. Randy Best

    I have always loved Michael Pento, but as the years go by I think his message is getting a little stale. If he feels doom is around the corner he should close his business and tell his customers to take their money and invest it elsewhere. But as we know, they always continue within the status-quo. i.e. worthless Government/FED fiat money.

    • Greg Hunter

      You must have flunked math in school. Delusion is what is “stale”! Go back to sleep and don’t worry be happy.

  60. alfie

    Hmm, I wonder if I shouldn’t go down to the local toy store and start buying up all of the play money, it will probably worth more in the long run

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