Massive Dollar Selling Ahead-John Williams

john%20williamsBy Greg Hunter’s 

Economist John Williams has been forecasting a dollar selloff for a few years. It now looks like the manipulators are running out of options to keep propping up the U.S. dollar.  Williams explains, “I think we are going to see massive dollar selling ahead.  We have problems here not just with the economy, but you have the Fed faced with a circumstance where the U.S. banking system and the global banking system was threatened with collapse in the panic of 2008.  The Fed and the Treasury decided they did not want the system to collapse. . . . All they did was buy time.  Now, that time has basically run out.  The economy has not turned around.”

One major indicator Williams looks at to see if the economy is getting better is the good old fashion help wanted ads that have now moved online. What does Williams see there?  Williams says, “Beginning this year, it turned down and is negative year to year.  It has just been plummeting, and it took a big hit in November.  That is a leading indicator, and it shows that the economy is getting worse, and it is going to be worse in the near term.”

So, as the economy turns down, the banks will come under pressure. Williams predicts, “Solvency stresses on the banks will mount.  The Fed will come back as it needs to keep the banks afloat, and at the same time, it will also hit the funding needs of the U.S. Treasury.  The weak economy means the tax revenues fall off, and then you will tend to see stimulus packages which tend to widen the deficit.  Then, you will need to borrow more. . . .  You are going to see a big widening of the trade deficit, which again is going to pressure the dollar.  You have a confluence of factors now that are going to be working against the dollar, working against the U.S. economy and working against the solvency of the U.S. banking system.   The Fed will give preference to the banking system, and as they move into a new easing mode, that’s going to kill the dollar and spike inflation.  They will save the banks against any concerns about the dollar and inflation.  They have to keep the banks afloat.”

Williams closes with a dire warning and contends, “Unless the long term solvency of the U.S. Treasury bonds can be addressed, there’s no hope of avoiding a hyper-inflation and the complete demise of the dollar. In that case, gold will be the traditional hedge that keeps you solvent.  Gold and silver are a hedge and store of wealth.  They maintain the purchasing power of your assets.  So, as the dollar becomes worthless, the price rises (for gold and silver).  I am not talking about a trade where you get in and make some money.  Prices may go up and down, but they are going up a lot as the crisis, which has been brewing for years, finally does break.  I think it’s going to hit, unfortunately, before the efforts of Mr. Trump can start to stimulate the economy.  This next year is particularly dangerous because whatever the Trump Administration does, they have to work around the problem of the Fed, and the Fed is trying to keep the banking system afloat (and not the economy).  You will need to see a drop off in the dollar before you are going to see the inflation.”

Williams adds that if the banks on either side of the Atlantic get into trouble, the “Fed will take action.” That means print money to bail out banks, and that will speed up the inflation that Williams is predicting.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with economist John Williams, founder of

After the Interview:

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  1. Gerty B.

    Dozens of buildings collapse after 6.5 quake in Indonesia (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)
    7 Dec, 2016 04:34

    Is it me or has it seemed like were hearing about more earthquacks, a lot lately?

    Sweden charges 5 teenage refugees with beating, gang-raping boy for over an hour
    Published time: 6 Dec, 2016 22:45

    Italy referendum: ‘People don’t trust establishment, want more radical changes’
    5 Dec, 2016 17:21

    • Zak


      • Freebreezer

        Nope – just the earth rumbling … it always has and will continue for our lifetime. here is a great site, and given the USGS does not like him … gives Dutch a whole lot more credence! I have been following him for about 6 months and he has a pretty good track record!

    • Paul ...

      800 earthquakes of magnitude 4 and above in one month is unprecedented … when I was following this data just a few years back we were getting about 400 (mag 4+) earthquakes per month … gravitation or magnetic forces of “some massive object” must be tugging on the Earth … and I bet Kerry and Buzz flew to Antarctica to see this object with their very own eyes!! …

      • Paul ...

        To keep the population calm as this close encounter takes place the government has put a lid on it and has spread disinformation while the MSM has been instructed to avoid telling the truth … but here at USA Watchdog,com we deal with the truth head on …

  2. Herbert Armstrong

    Stock Market Topping, Gold Looks Lower
    By Brad Gudgeon of BluStar Market Timer
    Tuesday, December 6, 2016 11:47 PM EST

    The stock market looks like it is making a distribution top into the FED meeting. We may see a small pull back into late week and then higher prices into the 14th. We could see a sharp drop into the 5 week cycle low due around the 19th of December. Overall, the market should be lower into March/April 2017 (Minor Wave Wave X of Intermediate Wave Z of Primary Wave 4) next year due to a FED rate hike.

    I believe from top to bottom, 14% could be taken out of the market into the Spring. The recent pattern begs for a summer top and more selling into the fall of 2017 that could be a lot worse than the one in the spring. The final wave up before the BIG CRASH should take most or all of 2018 to accomplish. A lot of experts believe the crash will come sooner than that, but the wave count begs to differ (a word to the wise: start taking advantage of your financial and prepping affairs before this coming market crash hits you and your family like a ton of bricks, because it will catch the majority of Americans by complete surprise).

    Gold stocks still have room to fall further. The pattern is bearish. A move down to GDX 16.50/17.00 could happen after the FED meeting along with the stock market down to 2150 SPX or so.

    • Zak

      Is this disinformation Herbert?

    • ross

      No one can predict a totally manipulated market as described by Jim Sinclair. They can pull the pin at any moment or pump money into collapsing trouble spots to keep it going. Bo Polny is the latest victim of false predictions. This is a Casino in which the house pulls all the levers to rig the outcome. In this climate the charts and market analysis means nothing.

      • This sceptred Isle

        Is Bo a victim or a perpetrator?

  3. FC

    Commonsense tells us to sell, sell, sell………but Common Core has taught them to buy, buy, buy.
    Fortunately, Commonsense will always prevail.

  4. Herbert Armstrong

    Here’s link to;

    Stock Market Topping, Gold Looks Lower
    By Brad Gudgeon of BluStar Market Timer
    Tuesday, December 6, 2016 11:47 PM EST

  5. Herbert Armstrong

    Add it all up and a picture emerges of a system that can’t handle rising interest rates, but is nonetheless getting them. The result? At best a global slowdown and at worst an epic crisis. Wonder how the world’s governments will respond?

    Bill Johns • 10 hours ago
    “Wonder how the world’s governments will respond?” Is this a trick question? By massively devaluing the currency. Helicopter money, pay off all those unhandy bond/interest rate debts with low cost paper. The little numbers printed on the bonds won’t change and if everyone becomes millionaires, it won’t matter. Is it wise? No, but it’s what is always done. Basic economic history. [The south American way coming to El Norte, north Americano!] First fed made millionaire to exchange his fancy toilet paper with real stuff wins! Anybody up for second, third, forth place, R.I.P_

  6. Scott Miller

    Don’t believe Jonny. He has been at the front of the line of wrong predictions. 2014 used to be the year. Shadow stats is really in the dark. Williams numbers are used but not verified by all the other predictors.

    Relax and enjoy the stock market numbers. Fear not.

    God the father is n control.


    • Neil

      No, he is right. Its just the on-going and ever larger covert interventions ruin his anticipation of economic gravity setting in. As far as his methods go he continues to reproduce the government’s own way of counting things from before the rigging started to cover up the woeful predicament we have. If you are confident and entertained by stock market numbers rising and see no issues then you probably don’t have any grasp of what is going on and likely never will. USAWatchdog probably isn’t the site for you.

    • Zak

      I’d rather believe Johnny than you – Schill!

    • Frederick

      Scott you really are a nasty troll Are you working for the banksters or the govt kid?

      • Scott Miller

        Ahhh, troll. The word belittling those who tell the truth when the truth upsets your pathetic world view.

        Go hide under the covers coward.


  7. Herbert Armstrong

    The Variable-Rate World Stares Into The Abyss – Again
    December 6, 2016 1 Comment

  8. Svedska Vodka anyone?

    ALERT, ALERT, WATCH Donald Trump Change On Russia may Suggest Briefings On A Military Strike

    Hillary gets her war with mother Russia after all and we get WWIII? Crikey!
    Just when we thought it was safe to come out the closet. . .

    • Sammy

      The ultimate Trojan horse. everyone has been played.
      Tip of the hat to the elite, well played.

      • Greg Hunter

        Absolutely disagree. They spent billions trying to stop Trump.

        • Tin foil hat

          I’m having second thought about Trump too but I will give him 6 more months before I’d conclude whether he is a Trojan horse or not.
          The squids did spend billions trying to stop Trump but they probably decided to make lemonade with lemons. The fact that Trump is considering the CEO of Exxon for SoS is alarming.

        • shadowrising

          maybe they did spend billions. but i wonder.came across a you tube video that showed a magazine from 92 or 93. had trump as president and also has his wall he wanted. even more was the simpsons episode having trump as pres. its almost as if they have to tell us in some sort of fashion what there doing. once again it makes me wonder if there doing exactly as they want while making us believe they are being defeated. this very well maybe manipulation at its finest.

          • Greg Hunter


    • Frank D

      That Israeli video is from Oct 5….a full month+ before Trump was elected. As old news now it may not reflect his current thinking.

      • Svedska Vodka not needed!

        The youtube channel say’s Dec. 5th. but your right Frank. I listened again and the gentleman does say in the piece today Oct. 5th.
        Well lets get back to true peace and security and make America great again!
        Make love not war
        and tall buildings!

    • Diana Dee Jarvis

      Check your sources. That video was made Oct. 5th and quoted a Reuters article also dated Oct. 5th. Somebody uploading it to their YouTube channel 2 months later is nothing to get excited about.

    • wondrouscat

      If you listen at the one minute mark the speaker says “today, October fifth . . .” so old news. Still, that vodka sounds good.

  9. Frederick

    I believe John is right The dollar is overbought and topping out Gold and Silver will benefit of course in a big way Im going to sell the remainder of my dollars before the FOMC meeting on December 14th maybe keep some just in case Im wrong but I dont think I am

    • Scot

      The rest of the world that is relatively much worse off than the US will be happy to buy your dollars. Think globally, if you want to survive the next five years.

      • Charles H

        Relativity must give way to Economic Literacy. If I conjure trillions of play money out of a computer – however I need it: the rest of the world will catch-on and move away.

    • Brewmaster

      You may want to hold off on that move Freddy.

  10. This sceptred Isle

    Many people say the dollar will stay strong because there is no viable alternative. The US dollar index may never decline significantly, as Andy Hoffman contends, as this index compares the dollar against the Euro, Yen, pound, Canadian dollar etc. all of which are in trouble. However, China has been getting rid of dollars and buying physical assets such as gold, real estate oil etc. Entities converting dollars into physical assets could be the dollar’s undoing.

    • Charles H

      Lots of people are dumping the Dollar. “The Index” may be subject to collusion also. China and Russia, with Developing countries will unhook from the train-wreck. America will sink into Third-world reality, while being fed lie upon lie upon lie… you get the picture.

    • Paul ...

      And we gold bugs are among those entities converting dollars into physical assets … if the Fed raises rates it will make the dollar “even stronger” and push gold lower … but remember it is all Alice in Wonderland magic … because by doing QE to buy bonds creates even more fiat in the world and this monetization must eventually provoke a run toward gold not away from it … the factor that will eventually push people into gold is actually seeing before your very eyes milk, meat and gasoline prices triple from here!

    • Scot

      China has been desperate to stop the capital flight over the last two years, which is the oposited of what hyperinflationists have been selling. One way or another, all roads lead to the dollar, which will be used to buy US assets. Since the stock market is the only market deep enough to absorb the GLOBAL flows, stocks will outperform. The dollar, stocks, and gold will all be rising together next year.

      • Tin foil hat

        China is merely trying to do what they always do best – imitate what the U.S. is doing with the dollar.
        They don’t want the reserve status but they don’t want to be slaved to the dollar either. They figure the best course of action is print as much as they can and convert it as fast as they can to real assets before the dollar/yuan collapse. What they didn’t expect is that the yuan is collapsing before the dollar as the dollar gets stronger and stronger.
        The Chinese are amateurs currency manipulators. We are the experts.

  11. Oracle 911

    Saving the banking system is not really about saving the banks, it is about preventing SEVERAL dozen another Bhopals, Chernobyls and Fukushimas.
    Lets step few steps back, when Argentina collapsed a lot of factories were shut down in disorderly manner because they were unable pay and unable receive for goods and services due bank failures. Luckily factories with continuous production cycles like steelworks, chemical plants, refineries, nuclear plants etc. had foreign accounts.
    But if the global banking systems now collapses, then the world is LITERALLY toast.
    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

    • This sceptred Isle

      I wonder if one of the ways in which they will confiscate banking assets is to announce that Russian or Chinese hackers have stolen it all. Who could prove otherwise?

      • Bill

        Bingo, .glad somebody else is paying attention. Were bombarded in the news how were constantly under cyber attack from other countries and bang the banks and stock market goes to .ZERO and russia etc is .blamed and WAR is the answer and depression occurs. The history books never mention the bankers caused the destruction of public wealth but another country was at fault like all wars.Secrete soceitys run the show and they write every chapter of history to keep there
        Influence in the shadows.

        • Charles H

          If a computer can take all the money you put into a bank: is it really money?!?? Is it really safe?

    • Tin foil hat

      Oracle 911,
      If the central banking systems collapses globally, I think IMF will step in by printing massing amount of SDR to re-liquidate central banks, which can’t print anymore without losing credibility.
      If the SDR were not accepted broadly, gold will be added to the basket of currencies. If that didn’t work, which I think is highly unlikely, gold will be money once again. And if that didn’t work, then the world is LITERALLY toast.

      • This sceptred Isle

        I am thinking of buying The Road to Ruin by James Rickards. Read The Death of Money and found it interesting. I don’t know what to make of the whole SDR expansion thing. Could rising Nationalism scupper the SDR?

        • Tin foil hat

          This sceptred Isle,
          If the masses believe SDR will get them jobs and away from long lines or welfare, they will embrace it like the fiat currency they are using now which is mostly back by the U.S. Treasury or $20T in real debts and over $100T in liability.

          Btw, when Nixon closed the gold window, 99.9% of the people had no idea what it meant. As long as they could see the currency in their wallet or bank account are unchanged, they would have no idea what had happened.

        • Tin foil hat

          95 out of a hundred people in America would give me a blank stare when I told them the dollar is the global reserve currency. That is the signal for me to stop going any further.

  12. Anthony Australia

    Buy the things you really need not what is pushed.

    • Robert Lykens

      I really need gold…

  13. Dan

    After I watched John Williams I watched:

    The System Is Set To Crash, All Currency In The Banks Will Disappear:Bix Weir

    which I think is an expansion on the things that John Williams discussed – namely on the future of the US, the dollar and new monetary system. A lot of what he says is plausible and should be considered as a possibility for 2017. Enjoy. Please post your thoughts below.

  14. Jerry

    Americans have short memories. Who was it that essentially bailed us out in 2008 by loaning us close to 3 trillion dollars in order to continue our Quantitative Easing programs? Oh that’s right China. And what have we done since then to recover? Ah NOTHING! In fact we thought that Quantitative Easing worked so well for us that we exported it to the ECB, and now they are as are as trapped as we are.

    The tail doesn’t wag the dog. While we’ve been selling bonds and printing money, the Chinese have been buying gold. Massive amounts of gold. And should the Yuan continue to slide, you’re going to see China implement extreme measures to save its economy and reshape the landscape of the global economy. Watching Donald Trump throw down threats to China, is like a tale from the story “the mouse that roared”. While leveraging may work in the business world, it does not work in country that is still based in communism. Currency manipulation is no different than market manipulation. They’re not doing anything different than we are. If DT pursues his strategy , something is going to have to give. Most likely us.

    • Jerry

      I’ve noticed from some of the post that people are clamoring for some type of prediction. In a hyper manipulated system like ours, its is next to impossible to make a prediction for a timetable for collapse. Having said that, if you’re tuned in, you can look outside the corporate controlled media to find a pretty good indicator. Here’s a prime example:

      What will President Xi do?
      A. Continue to devalue the Yuan.
      B. Instruct his banks to clamp down on capital flight.
      C. Buy more gold in preparation to reset the gold prices.
      D. Selloff any remaining dollars on his banks balance sheets.
      E. Get IMF approval to trade globally in Yuan.
      F. Set up an alternate exchange system in place to trade with.

      Answer: Figure it out for yourself.
      Hint: The Chinese new year is January 28th 2017.

    • Jerry

      The economic game of “Chicken” between the dollar and the Yuan.

      Place your bets folks. The wheel is spinning. So far because of QE and the ESF buyback program the central bankers have been able to control the game, and hedge their bets on the dollar. But like any rigged game, it only works as long as you have other players willing to loose money at the table. Decisions have to made. Will China pass, or will they continue to play? We’re about to find out.

      • Newman

        We’re about to find out, Jerry. In a couple of years. At least. The Chinese economy is also an accident waiting to happen. You can be sure the politburo is very fearful of revolution if they do anything overly drastic. You’ve got to stop beating the same old tired drum. You’ve been doing it for years. Time for you – hopefully – to start thinking outside of the box. Once in a blue moon for starters would help.

    • Alex

      If you mean that China is going back to golden standard then she will inflict far more damage to her economy by doing so than just sit back and watch her currency depreciate. Actually the strong dollar works for China. On the other hand the Euro is probably heading south, so all in all the RMB might not depreciate that much.

    • This sceptred Isle

      A lot of emerging markets are struggling (strong dollar, low oil prices etc), leading to selling of US bonds to cover losses and fund deficits I guess.

  15. BLT

    It’s amazing to think how many people are not paying attention to the fed and only concentrate on what they can see in front of them. It’s extremely hard to save money nowadays but it is much easier to convert it into a stash of silver or something not spendable that glimmers when you look at it. I absolutely love being able to open my lock box and see stacks of silver coins and a loaded .45 caliber. Does that make me a “guns and gold” guy?….minus the gold part?

    • Charles H

      One of the most gratifying comments read in recent posts. I never got to that caliber. I’d say the gun IS as good as gold – so yea, you’re in the ballpark.

    • Robert Lykens

      Me too!

    • This sceptred Isle

      Guns are scary!!! but I am European…

      • Charles H

        They ARE! Handling them – they seem benign; another configuration of metal materials: but like razor-sharp instruments – you can’t play or dis-repect them. There is a competency to having one, a greater responsibility; and even a higher moral maturity to hold and wield immediate power of death. But this was codified in this country as a Right and reasonable method of self-protection. If the country had not changed, I might not have embraced this facet: but things have gone down-hill substantially – and the sense of having them has come full circle.

      • Freebreezer

        A gun is just an object … the scary part is who is holding it! Same thing goes for a knife – just an object, but in the hand of ISIS it is a weapon of horror as your head is cut off.

    • DB Cooper

      BLT, What’s a lock box !! … LOL, DB. PS … here on the homestead there are multiple long guns behind the front door … and a pistol right next to that same door and oh … by the way I have never had a key to the door … just a lot of insurance … Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson … Yours in Faith and Liberty and self reliance !! FN, DB.

  16. Al

    CNBS doesn’t talk about this… So much detailed info for a “fake news” site. Had to view this information twice to absorb all the data. Awesome stats. Awesome points and yes, it’s apparent by now that they will keep throwing money in to the system until it hyperinflates. I don’t think Trump will stop the Fed, not just yet. Wow!!! Such information on a “fake news Russia propaganda” channel. ( I’m being facetious)
    The new CNN… GNN!!! The Greg News Network coming to a future network near you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for the GNN Al!!

  17. stonewall

    Great stuff Greg. John Williams is the best in laying out in a very understated
    factual way the true state of affairs and the outlook despite all the lies and
    propaganda of the powers that be is not good. The only question I have is
    whether the start of the dollar sell off happens before or after Trump’s inauguration.

    • Scot

      If you bet against the dollar, you will go broke.

      • This sceptred Isle

        Only if you over-commit.

  18. Anne Elliott

    Thank you for coming on Mr. Williams, even though you don’t feel well. Your knowledge is a needed and valuable commodity in this twisted, grey-shaded world!!
    And thanks Greg for having him on!

  19. Russ

    Thanks Greg, that was an excellent update from John Williams on the state of the US economy and debt situation. I hope something transpires to buy (President) Trump time to get his policies/programs in place to maybe ameliorate the situation. Otherwise we could all be like Greece or Venezuela. Don’t even want to think about that.

    Too bad about whatever throat/lung he has, but we’ve all been there.

    • Scot

      Williams and the rest of the hyperinflationists have been wrong for years. We are not Greece or Venezuela, or the Weimer Republic. No one wanted their debt, so they had to print. Everything we print is gobbled up by the rest of the world. Why do you think stocks continue to make new highs in the face of a lame economy? What blows up the world is a rising dollar, not a falling dollar.

      • Charles H

        Not yet. You can’t DO the SAME thing and expect different results.

  20. Tinfoil hat Canuck

    Sure SOME big foreign buyers of treasuries in years past are becoming net sellers ( China, the Saudis ) but what about the Belgians? They need to step up again do they not? /sarc

    • Charles H

      They sure WILL! It’s all a shell-game; entries into a false ledger; OZ, the great and powerful – but little men pulling levers behind the scenes.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Yes the Fed will have to give them some more dollars soon…

  21. This Sceptered Isle

    I think there will be intentional delays to the recounts going on in the 3 key states so the recounts will not have been completed by the Electoral College vote on December 19th. Should this be the case will electors from those 3 states be free to ignore the results from the US election and vote for Hillary? So the recounts do not actually have to overturn the election results, just delay them until after Dec 19th when it will be too late.

    • Charles H

      I saw that in Detroit, Michigan – that half the votes for Hillary were discovered as fraudulent. Delay elsewhere is tactic learned from the other side. Trump won by a landslide. If recounting continues – it will be proved; unless they can corrupt that.

      • This sceptred Isle

        They are now saying that Hillary is on course to get more votes than Obama did? Now that shows something is not right.

        • Charles H

          It shows the depth of collusion and the commitment to falsehood. Trump WON in a landslide both the popular vote and the Electoral College. Not everything they could do to falsify was enough to overcome the results of a national repudiation.

  22. andyb

    Greg: JW is one of the few true economists worthy of his profession. Too many are elite government shills who will prostitute their academic background to curry favor and gain funding or a media voice (think Krugman, a prime example). The genuflection of faux economists to neokeynesian claptrap (fostered by the criminal FED) has done much to destroy our financial markets, and as consequence, the American Dream.

    The most important take away from this post and one that cannot be overemphasized, is that the FED mandate is not for the economy but instead to maintain the health of the banks. This means that, in the ultimate, bail-ins of your bank and retirement accounts will occur in the event of an economic implosion.

    You have been warned; buy gold and silver.

  23. Greg Hunter

    No being early is just that.

    • Zak


  24. Shadow of Doubt

    Hey Greg,
    I don’t know if you’re old enough to remember ‘The Bullwinkle and Rocky Show’ but they had a show on it called ‘Fractured Fairy Tales’. Here are some stories that would make for more great fodder in the tales department:
    1. In Italy the banks that can’t make good on what they are now sitting on just got a 16B loan. Now their once beleaguered bank stocks are on the rise-all must be well.
    2. In India the cashless push is going so well that their courts have come up with an answer for the riots, violence and general discontentment. Their courts have made it mandatory to stand in theaters and cinemas while their national anthem is played. If you don’t stand you are either bullied or arrested.
    My great grandfather who was a card sharp during the hey day of the great Mississippi gambling boats had a saying, “The most insidious tales you’ll ever hear in life, should begin with “Once upon a time”-in this way the ‘marks’ would have an inkling it was time to run for cover”.

    • Charles H

      Narrated by Edward Everett Horton?

      • Shadow of Doubt

        Correct Charles,
        I can see you’d be a tough opponent in Trivia Pursuit!

        • Charles H

          I have a fair amount of old movies, where I get to enjoy the actor himself. It’s like seeing the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz – Ray Bolger from a What’s My Line show, or the movie Stage-door Canteen. Bullwinkle and Rocky was American genius, while it was still clean.

    • FC

      Wow, Fractured Fairy Tales, what a blast from the past………….it was a time in my life when the saying ‘ Oh, what a tangled web we weave. When first we practice to deceive’ really had no meaning.

      • Shadow of Doubt

        Thanks for the link!

    • Pinocchio

      In India, cash is king and Narendra Modi is god. In Zimbabwe, cash is king and Robert Mugabe is king kong.

      • Shadow of Doubt

        Modi, Mugabe and King Kong will all undoubtedly see a similar end.

  25. This sceptred Isle

    depends if you are a short term trader or looking to hold long term.

  26. flattop

    GREG: New Subject. I have heard nothing of an appointment for IRS chief. Is our Pres Elect holding this position open till after bridgegate is settled?

  27. Doug

    BE HAPPY EVERYONE !! !Obama took the budget deficit to 19 trillion. Gold got to $1900. before the it collapsed by half. Gold also reached $1900. before the stock market reached 19000, before it collapsed to ?????? ( See a pattern ?) Gold will reach $3200. in Trump’s. Trump will take the budget deficit to 320000 trillion and the stock market will get to 32000 with bumps along the way. Just think about this people before you put your foot up your ass. I wish they would never raise rate ever again. That way these country that take our dollars, like Japan, China, Russia, yea they can buy our bonds for safe keeping but they don’t get any interest. The key is, they don’t get any interest but they will get they money back. Now can you say that with other countries? Before you mouth off, would you buy a bond from Brazil and hope you get your money back? At least the U.S government will print to dollars you have, how worthless they are is your problem. The only problem we have is when countries don’t accept dollars anymore. And how we have Cuba we can pawn off dollars to. Their people could rather have dollars then the ruble or that worthless peso.

  28. Kerry

    Mr. Bradley-
    The timeline really doesn’t matter, it’s so much better to be prepared. (Re: Charles Joughin, the baker on the Titanic, who stayed on the ship until the last possible moment to keep himself out of the water, and who had a 1/2 tumbler full of liquor before riding the deck down to the water). Even if Trump has brilliant strategies to save the economy, this HUGE debt crisis just can’t be wished away. It will take time for things to be corrected (if they can be corrected) and just like the Titanic, by the time they really understood what was happening it was too late to do anything about it. The coming crisis will be Biblical because it is described in the Bible. “For when they shall say, peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.” 1 Thessalonians 5:3
    Always keep a flask of liquor handy, Mr. Bradley, just in case……

  29. Paul ...

    So there you have it … as Williams says there is not much that can be done except try to save the banking system once again … which means more upfront and hidden QE (monetizing) that will eventually drive the value of our dollar from one cent to 1/100th of a cent … although “the initial” effects of QE lowers interest rates as the Fed goes in and buys treasuries (will tend to strengthen the dollar and lower precious metal prices) keep you eye fixed on the underlying monetization that is taking place that should be highly inflationary … in the “crazy world we live in where printing money to buy bonds lowers interest rates and makes the dollar stronger” it may still turn out that the dollar price of gold falls from $1200 to $800 dollars per ounce (losing 33% of its purchasing power) at the same time the price of milk and gasoline triple (where the purchasing power of dollar buying necessities loses 300% of its purchasing power) … so when you compare a 33% loss in gold to a 300% loss in your buying power for food and gas … gold effectively rose in value by 9 times!!! … its Alice in Wonderland economics folks … if a re-set does not occur you can actually gain nine (9) times your purchasing power as gold falls from $1200 to $800 dollars per ounce!!

  30. Alanon

    I wish I would not have “woken up” as I would have been in much better shape financially and my friends and family would not think I’m an idiot.

    • This sceptred Isle

      “You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.” The term redpill refers to a human that is aware of the true nature of the Matrix.

      No-one ever said taking the red pill is easy. In fact waking up is in many cases a painful process and one that is irreversible.

  31. Scot

    The majority are always wrong because that is the fuel that drives the markets. So don’t worry, be happy, we need those people to make money and survive.

    • Charles H


      This mindset is the INVERSE of times past. What you describe is a shark tank for suckers. Even surfers with three limbs go back to surfing. At some point – people figure things out.

  32. Jesse

    I’m with Craig Bradley. Being early is being wrong. Timing is everything. Buying silver at $30 a few years back was early, and it was also WRONG. Selling the S & P at 1900 was being early and it was also being WRONG. Trust me. I know. The only way being early isn’t wrong in my opinion is if it’s inconsequential. But when you can buy nearly TWICE the amount of silver today with the same “set amount” of fiat as you could have a few years ago, it is consequential, and you know what? WE WERE WRONG. I’d love for one of these experts to use their interview to examine their last 5 years of worthless predictions and talk about where they screwed up, that is if they’d ever admit it. Instead of perpetuate their broken record hyperbole into the future. There needs to be some accountability with a lot of these guys. These “experts”. I hope Greg holds some of their feet to the fire one of these days.

    • This sceptred Isle

      It depends on your goals. If you over commit to the trade and go broke waiting for the tide to turn, being early is wrong. If you are buying and holding for the long term then you have all the time in the world.

    • Charles H

      Done that. Still there. Upset, for sure. But what resources I translated isn’t for profit. When paper turns to toilet paper – whatever value silver may hold will be ‘stable’. I just can’t play in the casino of falsehood, or risk losing to a bail-in. I’d rather hurt now, than hurt worse later. Technology will at sometime demand silver: so it is only a matter of time. Modern now means artificial. I’m behind Natural Law, which cannot be foiled indefinitely.

  33. Mike R

    Folks… go a look at a chart of the Venezuelan currency, the bolivar, since 2008. Then compare it to the USD chart. Even if you know nothing about TA (technical analysis) for charting you’ll be able to see how utterly weak their currency has been. And how strong our USD has been.

    That’s what needs to happen before you get anywhere close to hyperinflation.

  34. Paul ...

    Breaking News: Globalists in the EU (and UN) think they have a right to shut down American alternative news sites … just who do they think they are??? …

    • Shadow of Doubt

      Why do you think Obama so quickly relinquished “control’ of the Internet to an outside agency that isn’t hindered by an antiquated construct like our 1st Amendment?

  35. Robert Lykens

    Being early means you correctly see it coming and have more time to buy gold/silver!

  36. Zak

    Thank you Greg and thank you the excellent John Williams. Much appreciated.

  37. Diana Dee Jarvis

    Greg, have you considered interviewing Martin Armstrong again? He’s predicting more capital will move into dollar, not out. I think you last interviewed him in April 2015.

    • Gary Canuck

      Diana, no one has a better track record than Marty,I subscribe to Socrates
      and it has been deadly accurate, because it track capital flows.
      Gold bugs are going to get killed.
      Last month in Orlando the main theme from the conference was, short all currencies except the greenback, buy blue chips, on the TSX, S&P, avoid commodities unless there is a specific shortage.

      Greg, please get him back on the program.

  38. helot

    This is what a, ‘bank holiday’ looks like, in the year 2016:

    ‘Banks run by the government control more than 75% of the market in India. These banks don’t have money to fund these populist schemes of the government and this is the reason they are confiscating cash from people, and in the process draining private investment, and further weakening the fundamentals of the economy.’

    The Currency Crisis In India Seeking Alpha Predicted Is Here
    SchiffGold – December 8, 2016

    How can that relate to the U.S.? Re-read the first sentence in quotes, then consider that the astute Ben Jones over at TheHousingBubbleBlog demonstrated that the worldwide Housing Bubble 2.0 just popped. <- Ponder, that!

    Then, add the unfunded liabilities charts Daniel Amerman provides in his latest, 'The Imminent Multi-Trillion Dollar Surge In Social Security and Medicare Costs'

    …And then, add… [the newest and bestest Ginormous centralized spending plans of mice and men.]

    Turtles, all the way to the top! …Spooky stuff, I tell ya. And, I really do feel for the misguided people who think that real estate (and stawks) only goes up. 'I pity the fools', er' I mean, I feel a smidgen bad for the losses which the 401K/stock/bonds/treasuries gamblers (cheerleaders) and all the other debt donkeys will incur. But, only a smidgen, they should've listened to their mother's tales of, 'The Little Red Hen' and made the unmentioned connection between sloth and easy Central Bank fiat money, a.k.a. poof, money out of thin air!

    It's disgusting for how long the sloth of easy Central Bank money has seemed to pay. Some people – seemingly proving us all wrong – have even ridden this false prosperity all the way to the grave, while the younger generations are left to pay or do without, which all the more makes this seem like it's similar to the thirty pieces of silver Judas Iscariot receives. Idk.

    I do hope the gamblers and debt donkeys learn from all this and how their greed, avarice and envy contributed to the mess we are all in. Afterall; it takes two to tango. I suspect that Time will make this more evident. Hindsight is 20/20, and all that.

    Dear CAD, I wrote some of that with you and yurn in mind (and, me and mine, quite the same). I share your frustrations, as I'm sure many others do too. I imagine you're interested to hear what Mr. Mannarino has to say about his DOW top call, too. How can you not be? Human Action, is a, 'funny thing', eh?

    “Fate is a fickle bitch. Just when you believe you've secured the goose that lays the golden egg, she back heels you in the bollocks.” ― Ken Scott, Jack of Hearts

  39. Richard G

    This may be an over simplification but could the SDR be the financial instrument that allows sovereign debt to be transferred off of an individual countrys’ balance sheet onto a global debt balance sheet? The affect being a new bond pool that relieves the immediate threat of sovereign solvency and at the same time moves the global financial system toward a more dependant unified construct.

  40. Jerry

    People who think John Williams is peddling the same old fear porn really need to study this report. A precedence is clearly being set in the Bond Market.

  41. A W Garrett

    Greg, Has not Mr Williams and many others called for the collapse of the dollar for years? Have not most of your guests called for a collapse of the market for years, yet a Dow Theory Buy signal was just given. If Mr. Russell was still alive he would be saying buy stocks. I will admit that your guest Catherine Austin Fitts has been the most correct in her forecasts. She goes opposite of the collapse is right around the corner. In fact she is in a class all of her own and I think you should highlight her forecasts against all the others you have on. This fascination of a collapse I think is unproductive. I can confidently say that a lot of readers on your site rue the day they convinced friends and family to take the advice of get out of the markets and buy gold. Staying in the market and buying a little gold was the only good advice for the past 4 years. Preparing food and water for a disaster prudent.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Russell advised his subscribers to stay out of the stock market and buy gold and silver. He said the stock market may end in a blow off top but it wasn’t worth the risk.
      Austin-Fitts doesn’t really say what will happen to all this debt growing at an exponential rate except that it will all magically flow into equities. If the national debts are all payed down with no impact on the stock market, GDP, pension plans etc. she will be correct and stocks will go into a massive bull market, otherwise I can’t see it. Also, the stock market going up in nominal terms due to a devaluing currency does not count.

  42. Jerry

    The plot begins to thicken. Now we know what is fake news and what isn’t.

    Some of your readers really need to let this bit of news soak in. If multiple banks are involved with price rigging for silver, what other criminal activities are they involved in? And more importantly how long will it be before the Chinese say they’ve had enough of this price rigging and reset the price to market standards ?

    • Charles H

      Patient Chinese – will suck the juices from it’s victims as long as they last. SILK Road – and silk comes from???

  43. MATT


  44. AlbertaDoc

    As a retired banker I’m extremely concerned with what I see in our globally connected economies. I see a broken system and desperate manipulation of the free markets in an attempt to keep the whole thing from unraveling. Markets are now driven by speculation, not the fundamentals of investing in a successful business. We can no longer trust what the markets are telling us, because they are no longer free. They are markets manipulated by central bank policy, that is not based in the sound business fundamentals which in the past gave us all prosperity. This has become one great experiment that is looking very much that it’s about to fail. History will repeat itself. All known historical fiat currency systems have failed and so will the current ones. A study done by of 775 fiat currencies shows, 20% failed through hyperinflation, 21% were destroyed by war, 12% destroyed by independence, 24% were monetarily reformed and the 23% still currently in circulation are approaching one of the these outcomes. The fiat U.S. dollar is 45 years old and lost approximately 97% of it’s value during that time. It will continue to decline until some financial event occurs that will replace it. When that happens the power brokers will have no choice but reinstate an asset backed currency that everyone will trust or try to convince investors that a new fiat currency is the way to go. Would you trust a new fiat currency, given their history and what is happening with the current ones? The Chinese and Russian certainly won’t. Stable economies are the result of certainty in the markets and currently there is little of that. Expect more of the same from our leaders who are being led down the garden path by a wrong financial model. The only thing that has every held value when these systems fail is AU and AG. I say it again ….. history repeats itself. Heed or bleed, it’s your choice.

    • This sceptred Isle

      It takes too much effort and risk to find and invest in good businesses. Easier to bet on a sure thing – like rigged markets

      • Charles H

        That only works when you know how long the rigging will last.

    • DB Cooper

      AD, Good Post. DB.

    • Gary Canuck

      Great Post, as Martin Armstrong has indicated, we all have to crash & burn.
      Jim Dines: Right now the US Dollar is the least ugliest horse in the glue factory.

      PS-27 C today in Alberta.

  45. Diane

    Another opinion
    The View of Gold Internationally | Armstrong Economics

  46. rahrog

    In regard to trade deficits, I wonder if now is the time to restart the “buy USA” movements?

    Just a thought.

  47. Todd S

    They are only wrong in underestimating the lunacy of central bankers.

  48. 8Ball

    Greg, Did you change something regarding your video embedding? When I visit your website and go to a particular interview, all that appears on the page is a blank space where the player is supposed to be. USAWD is the only site where this happens. Thanks

    • Greg Hunter

      8Ball, I have not changed anything. So sorry you are having trouble. Who know about You Tube. I stopped trying to figure them out. They are very arbitrary and capricious.

  49. Dee Garmon

    There is very little left in the financial system if we remove the element of fraud.
    Williams did not invent the models he is using, quite the contrary, they are the
    very same models the corrupt government used to employ

  50. Edmund Dantes

    Well now that the criminal bankers have gone into India and trying to slow gold imports , and the fact that China is also restricting gold imports, we see huge premiums for gold in India and China; however in the corrupt COMEX both metals are rigged at lower prices; however, I think that Indians and Chinese will turn to silver in the shorter term , since there are NOT YET any restrictions on Silver imports. I am going to enter into a paired trade tomorrow , going long silver and short gold in equal amounts , because I think silver will outperform gold for the reasons cited above and also that silver is trading now at a 68:1 ratio compared to gold. To me it seems like a low risk trade to pick up a few bucks , but more for a piece on mind to make a little money off the riggers. Of course I must state the standard disclaimer that this is not investment advise and everyone should do their own due diligence…Blah, Blah < Blah… Greg run this by Mannarino and see what he thinks and let us know

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