Massive Sell-Off Coming Buy Gold-Gregory Mannarino

Greg MannarinoBy Greg Hunter’s

Trader and financial analyst Gregory Mannarino was bullish on the stock market a few weeks ago, but he’s now done a 180.  Why the reversal?  Mannarino says, “What the Fed was doing was driving cash from the emerging markets into the U.S. equity market and driving cash into the U.S. bond market, and it worked . . . This is played out now . . . and I told everyone that this would not last. . . . We are right now on the precipice of a correction phase, and it could be severe. . . . The market is moving further and further away from the fundamentals that support it.  This cannot go on.  We’ve already had no less than six bad rounds of economic news over the past two weeks.  This is going to impact, and I think it could be profound. 

You think Mannarino is way out on a limb?  Think again.  Billionaire investor George Soros is doing the same thing as Mannarino.  Mannarino says, “We are doing the same thing.  Apparently, he has added to his short position on the S&P 500 for the third time now.  I believe he’s holding a $1.3 billion short against the S&P 500.  It’s not just George Soros that is short this market right now.  You’ve got Goldman Sachs who is short this market.  You’ve got JPMorgan who is short the market. . . . You do not need to be Lloyd Blankfein to see what the charts are trying to tell us.  Again, you have a market that is moving away from the fundamentals that support it; and JPMorgan, George Soros and Goldman Sachs are seeing something big on the horizon. . . . We could be weeks away from a major market event, massive sell-off here.” 

When the next crash comes, gold and silver will sell off briefly and then rocket higher in what he calls an “X-Wave.”  Mannarino explains, “What I mean by an X-Wave is we are going to get a drop off in commodities which is going to parallel the market for a little while, and then as the market continues down, we are going to see commodities go up forming an X-Wave. . . . as cash is leaving the equity market and the bond market, it is going to seek a place to go.  Cash is going to go into commodities after that initial drop.” 

Mannarino says the next crash will be no accident.  Mannarino contends, “The Federal Reserve is a serial and deliberate bubble blower.  They have hyper-inflated the stock market.  Why?  Because they are going to allow this thing to blow off . . . . This is a wealth transfer.  We’ve had the pump, and now we are going to get the dump.  The dump is the wealth transfer. . . . I want people to understand, if you are long this market, you are very vulnerable right now.  If you have a 401-K plan, you are very vulnerable.  Remember what happened in 2008 to your 401-K plan?  It’s going to be worse this time.” 

What’s going to happen at the next Fed meeting?  Mannarino thinks, “I they are going to ‘taper’ again.  They’re responsibility is to the banks that support them. . . . What we are witnessing here is a decimation of the middle-class.  This is a fleecing that has been set up here, without any doubt.  The middle-class, who are relying on these retirement accounts, they are the pawns that are being set up.” 

How do people protect themselves?  Mannarino says, “You need to be diversified.  You need to be in precious metals.  People need to buy it now and not wait for a sell-off, without any doubt.  That’s what I’ve been doing for years, and I will continue to do that until the cows come home.” 

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Gregory Mannarino of

After the Interview:

Mannarino told me he just spoke at an investor conference with many big name people.  According to Mannarino, all the experts at the conference think 2014 will be a pivotal year.  Meaning, it will be a disaster for stock and bond investors and the resumption of the gold and silver bull market for precious metal investors.



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  1. allen ols


    from the HT letter, J. willie;
    “I am not worried about how high in price gold is going. Instead, I am worried about what the world around us will look like when it gets there.” ~ The Voice

  2. allen ols

    I thought this important, HT Letter just came out;


    Vendors are required to conceal the tax, advised to pass it on in hidden form. It is called a 2.3% Medical Excise Tax, as part of ObamaCare. The tax began to be collected on January 1st. But hunting and fishing store Cabelas has instead decided to show it as a separate line item tax on their sales receipts. The IRS website verifies the imposed tax, with reference Chapter 5 of IRS Publication 510, Excise Taxes, and Notice 2012-77. Very clearly stated, but surely not part of the publicity behind the high cost across the business world. See the IRS federal website (CLICK HERE and HERE).

    Further investigation reveals the device tax is to be imposed not only on medical devices, which is as labeled, but other items too. the manufacturer must apply the tax on sport fishing equipment, fishing rods & poles, electric outboard motors, fishing tackle boxes, bows (quivers, broad heads, points), arrow shafts, coal, certain tires, gas guzzler automobiles, and vaccines. The Affordable Care Act is not all about health care, but instead a giant wet blanket that freezes its victims in winter. The American public has been deceived. Look for the excise tax to be extended to sales of condoms, sex toys, lotions, then maybe to car & truck parts, and possibly to prescription drugs. The Golden Jackass, small portion of the LETTER.

    • Charles H.


      This is the ever increasing meaning of – “You have to pass it, to see what’s in it.” It was a blank check against the whole of America; with maybe an emphasis toward certain groups. And I fear you are right: once in effect – rates go up; and new items are put on the list. I always wondered if government would be able to push tax beyond 50%. Squirrels in a big wheel. But I like what old Long John Silver said: “Some things in Nature, can’t abide a cage.”

      • allen ols


        We agree

    • Galaxy 500

      fishing tackle and tires, firearms and ammo have had excise tax for years. I am looking to see how much our ” benevolent despot” has increased it.

  3. John

    Great guest you had on Greg. When will Jim Willie be on Next?

    • Greg Hunter

      Dr. Willie will be on soon. I promise.

  4. Liquid Motion

    Edge of the seat stuff again, thanks for that white knuckle ride.
    One thing in life….”If it smells like a rat and acts like a rat, chances are…it is”
    If what Greg M says is true about the FED engineering this market takedown… have to consider the possible consequences of those actions (which can be interpreted therefore as “intended”):
    – A market correction – transfer of wealth (from the middle class) triggering
    – An initial rally in the USD – contrary to stock market move
    – The subsequent fall then rally of commodities including PM’s
    – A reaction by the FED ???? more QE and about face on taper talk to remove the risk of a more substantial fall. Yellen to the rescue.
    – A negative reaction to more QE on the USD….will see the dollar decimated
    – A confluence of wealth transfer, dollar crisis and commodities soaring leading the economy right back into the dumpster…..its 2008 all over again….but this time INflation is going to bite on a global scale.
    Hmmmmm… that sounds like a plan straight from the “Communist Manifesto” playbook.
    An “Engineered” correction, whilst highly probable, would only create more misery and pain for the masses, who in turn would look to government to rectify and provide a solution ( Hegelian Dialectic). Only sinister minds could create the alternate parallel world in which we live. This may in fact expedite the move to a new global currency system with a one world corporate controlled centralised government.
    I feel that the people of USA are about to experience a dramatic change in their falsely created standards of living. It will shock most people to their core and bring the world to its knees. Nothing happens by accident…… its all planned. Its not fundamentals that are driving the market (since 2000) nor the coming market correction….everything is distorted. Get out of harms way…is the best advice.

    • Greg Hunter

      Nice additional analysis!!

    • Ken Alexander

      It’s “all planned’. Why is it planned?

      • Liquid Motion

        If you can provide me the answer to the 2 x World Wars and the 3 x Revolutions and the existence of Naziism and Communism, then you may have your answer to the question that you posed.

  5. Michael

    He may be short. But, since March is usually a down month, that’s reasonable. He did not draw the Elliot’s Wave correctly. If he drew it correctly, he would have 7 legs in the displayed uptrend. However, if you expand his chart past the 1 year range, you will see a constant Elliot’s wave. Again, another technical analysis error.

  6. Michael

    In addition, GLD is still in a sideways trend. While it’s above the 200 day moving average, it has not performed a breakout. It is still showing lower highs, if you check the daily chart. With reasonably constant bottoms.

  7. OnThe Beach

    Sounds just too cut and dry fer me. I think all the people who want out of this market are out, and trouble is we all know it. If we get any good news, ah la Ukraine or any of the hot spots out there, saying “peace and security,” this market could go to the moon , killing all the hotshot shorter’s along with it. With a stock market crash coming further on down the line during 2014, catching the next wave of know it all’s, because their now thinking it’s to the moon forever, we would get maximum damage with a crash on the way down to the big Kahuna of crashes. Don’t ferget, theirs a God in heaven and he just loves to show us humane humans we just don’t know it all , all the time.
    So buyer beware!

    1st. Thessalonians 5:3 ESV While people are saying “There is peace and security,” then sudden destruction will come upon them as labor pains come upon a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.

    L A S T ~ D A Y S
    Definition: The Bible uses the expression “last days” to refer to the concluding time period leading up to a divinely appointed execution that marks the end of a system of things. The Jewish system with its worship built around the temple in Jerusalem experienced its last days from 33 to 70 C.E. What occurred then was pictorial of what would be experienced in a greatly intensified way on a global scale at a time when all nations would be facing the execution of judgment decreed by God. The present wicked system of things, which extends worldwide, entered its last days in 1914 with the start of the first world war, and some of the generation alive then will also be on hand to witness its complete end in the “great tribulation,” during its last world war.

    Sounds pretty cut and dry too!

  8. Jeff Bertrand

    Great interview and show. I visit weekly. Thank you for this great service. Quick question- Greg says move into commodities. It wasn’t clear if he was okay with buying gold, mining and commodity stocks. How do you get long commodities without buying paper…with the exception of buying physical gold/silver?

    Thanks again.


    • Greg Hunter

      I know for a fact that Mannarino converts winning stock trades to physical metal. I think he means metal. The risk with any stock is the solvency of the brokerage.

      • Jeff Bertrand

        Thank you Greg. I really appreciate what you are doing for all of us. Your guests are excellent.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Jeff for the comment and support!!

  9. JC Davis

    Greg and Greg I enjoyed the good instructional info. Question? How will the worlds economy play out when wall street becomes wacky. Seems in the crazy environment billionaires will play location more then ever. China could make the big swap as the worlds currency when gold increases this time. As for me being the little man on the street I am focused on silver, copper, and gardening. This market is not a game to play in unless you can take the loss with a smile. Always great to watch the Greg, and Greg show.

    • Greg Hunter

      JC Davis,
      This has never happened in human history on this scale. Who know what it will look like but the Great depression will look tame compared to what is surely coming.

      • OnThe Beach

        First its a recession, then the great recession, then a depression, then great depression, followed by repression. Last but not least, the big kahuna, the great tribulation! And if mankind is still alive?
        Revelation 7:9 shows that in these last days, there would be a “great crowd or multitude out of all nations who would not experience death but would come out of the tribulation and have the prospect of living forever on a paradise earth!

        After going through all those ion storms well deserve a break after that (Great Day! youtube Bing Crosby 1929)

        • OnThe Beach

          Check out the {Bing Crosby Great Day 1975} version

    • Rodster

      It very well may look like Kiev around the world times 10. We could very well see the breakdown of human civilization. Check out Michael Ruppert.

      • JC Davis

        Rodster I watched the full documentary collapse by M Ruppert. He really makes it clear why the collapse is happening, and who is causing it, Yet he chocked up describing what it will look like for the common man. I think it will be much worse the predictor’s expect. thanks for the info. Think I will watch Bing Crosby Great Day 1975 next. Doing the best I can to stay informed and still get somewhat prepared. got my bucket garden ready for growing on chert dirt.

        • JC Davis

          Didn’t like Bing Crosby. Sorry On The Beach. It is all music.

          • OnThe Beach

            I agree, the 1975 version is too much. By 75 they no doubt wanted it to sound much hipper, but instead, all the instruments and their volume just take it away from Bing. You cant beat the 1929 version which was recorded October 9, 1929, days before the greatest stock market crash in history, which was triggered in late September by the crash of the London exchange and ended in late October with the crash of the big kahuna in New York, followed by the 10 year Great, depressing, Depression. May it never occur again, and if, be mercilessly over, quick, with plenty of divine inspiration to follow. We’ll
            need it!

        • Rodster

          JC, Michael Ruppert recently did some videos on Youtube entitled “Apocalypse Man”. It’s a 6 part series in which he said he has had a rethink and he is not as optimistic for the future of mankind as he was hoping for in the movie ‘Collapse’.

    • Geo. T (formerly , George)

      For the US dollar to be replaced by the renminbi you need reasonably liquid vehicles for this and you need confidence in them. JC I doubt that China can make that happen quickly. Trust is earned and if you want to deal in communist bonds where there has never been law, well lets just say that you are much braver than I am. This is way our system is failing, people are realizing that the dollar is not worth the paper its printed on…a loss of confidence

      • JC Davis

        Geo.T I agree with you about communism not being able to be trusted. What I am seeing is no one is trusting any form of government. In this case trust is overcome by power to provide wealth, and security . At the rate the dollar is falling the time will come when China will control the worlds currency not by influence but rather as the last resort. What a sad day for the world.

  10. Christina Murphy

    This was an outstanding segment and I listen to all of them. Thanks you Greg and Gregory!
    Will take action today.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your support and comment Christina Murphy.

  11. Jerry

    Greg I really enjoy Greg Mannarino. He’s one of my favorite guest that you have on your site on a regular basis. I think he is correct on most of his predictions but I do have one question regarding the “Elliot Wave Theory”. In a normal free trade based market I think the wave principle would be correct, but can it still work in a manipulated market?

    In my mind the reset is going to be more about the collapse of the dollar than anything else. The Banker purge that is going on, is very similar to the Military purge that went on a few months ago in the Military. The table is being set for the transition of wealth into a new global exchange system, and any component of the transfer that poses a threat will be eliminated …..period. Its happening right now. George Soros transferred his money out of the Stock Market because he knows the reset is coming and he is part of the Banking Cabal that is going to do it. The amount of money that has been lost in the derivative market by the Banks is so massive , that a total collapse of the market is the only way out for the Banks. In the end the dollar will be sacrificed to save the Banks.
    Wealth has and is being transferred into foreign accounts to reboot the Banking system after the collapse. Have you ever wondered where all the Tarp money went? I have even heard of transfers of up to 2.5 Trillion Dollars into the Bank of England by the treasury department. Is it any wonder that most of the Banker deaths were associated with executives of JPMorgan who has direct ties to the Fed? I wouldn’t be surprised if the vast majority of the QE is being used to prop up the Banks in Europe right now. How do think the American people would feel if they knew their tax dollars were being used to support French Banks? Geeeez…. No wonder no one in the media wants to touch this story.

    • Liquid Motion

      The Bank of England and the FED are controlled by the same group. It would not surprise me in the least about “intra”-Bank transfers.
      Maybe …just maybe….JPM are doing some fancy footwork to assist the FED in order to get the funds into the BOE (under the covers so to speak), to avoid overt transparency of those underhanded transactions.
      What’s not surprising is the support for the Euro Banks…..Its not called the Anglo-American Banking System for nothing.

  12. art barnes

    Greg, yea, I agree, the commodities rise (food, fuel, energy) will mean inflation to the basic working people, all the while the means of supply of such will benefit from the high prices. I am beginning to believe your guest may have it right that the FED is destroying the middle class. I hope the FED & our government has take a lesson in the Ukraine this weekend. Let me rant one more thing, Obama said to the Ukraine government “show restraint”, I’ll bet our government will start shooting too when the middle class takes it to the streets. Why else is out government buying up ammunition at record pace? Hypocrisy is alive and well in Washington D.C.

  13. JC Davis

    Greg. Good news for Germany ! There gold is safely there. In the following interview the head of the transfer of the gold answered questions. If he is believed it clears up a lot of questions. Note: He called gold money.

  14. Merc

    The Good Stock Broker – Mr Gregory – refreshing, forthright and passionate. Good luck to the brave!

  15. smaulgld

    Greg is different than Peter Schiff. They both see the same disaster coming and advocate precious metals but Greg also realizes before it happens there is money to be made being in the stock market and he seems to be a master at it.

    • Greg Hunter

      Mannarino has been on a roll. Very smart man!! That said, there is risk in trading and when this blow up–again expect some brokerage houses to fail! Thank you.

      • smaulgld

        He really is good and has shared his wealth of information for years.

  16. Ugly

    Diversify is the ‘Truth’ in this interview. That means spread your spending out into basic needs. Again, have storable foods for at least 3-6 months, if not more. Have some cash in hand. Have some PMs in hand. And if you don’t garden, then get going. Finally, know some farmers that you can purchase directly with. Lastly, Good Luck and Praise The Lord!–we all need it….

    • Greg Hunter

      You will need everything. Good point!!

    • Anne Elliott

      Ugly – you said what I believe too! Add a couple of rain barrels, a medical kit and a library, and that’s what diversity (and paradise) is for me!

      • Greg Hunter

        I think that kind of preparation is very smart and very little downside risk. Just my 2 cents.

        • JC Davis

          If Noah had time he would have made 2 arks.

      • Ugly

        Yeah, but I am afraid that Paradise is not where we are heading. I think within the next few months to few years it will be Biblical, but more in Revelation and Daniel order. Thus, you are correct. Need to have the basic needs for your household. If that Day comes (I hope it never does), then I do not want to hang out with crowds in that are desperate and in need. Lets hope we can get some positive changes this November 2014….

    • farmboy71

      I’m showing my age, what are PM’s?

      • Tommy

        Precious metals.

  17. karl

    SO Greg is confirming almost the Nwo agenda ?
    I mean if all of this is planned and not the consequence of ill conceived economic principles where does this end ?

    • Greg Hunter

      It ends badly, especially for the unprepared.

  18. Ugly

    Just Google Earth and look into the back yards of your nearest 500-1000 neighbors. You will find only a few legitimate garden spots. Thus, food inflation this year alone will hit all Americans. Also, it show just how dependent we are on someone else putting food on our tables.

    I will sign the new American Document ‘The Declaration of Dependence’

    If you don’t prepare, you will be on the streets like everyone else. How many days do we have left to prepare until those days are long gone?

    • Jerry

      In my planning scheme, I plan for what I think I need, and then I take it X 10 .

  19. Larry Carter

    Gregore is hot on where we are and where we are going. I love his strait forwardness
    and willingness to project that. Great interview!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Larry for your comments and help.

  20. Glen

    Gregg, Great interview. Mark Twain said this-“Sometimes the return of your investment is more important that the return on your investment.” Mannarino did a pretty good risk assessment of the stock markets and I agree that the risk is very high. Timing of the this event is the big question. Lots of the people that read this blog are not stock market investors nor do they have the stomach for the risks of precious metals ownership. In that case, cash is a great option. Yes, cash carry’s it’s own risks but it is better than losing everything in a market down turn. For myself, phyzz gold is the place to be but I do not recommend it to others in light of last years bear market that really put a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouth. I own gold along with silver and just keep my mouth shut. This market down turn is going to hurt a lot of nice people that don’t deserve it.

  21. Calgirl

    Greg, I cannot describe adequately the incredible service you provide to your audience. I have given up trying to warn my friends of what is coming and the reason most people won’t listen is
    lifted from three enlightened paragraphs from recent editorials by Dr.Paul Craig Roberts. Check out his website for more.

    “People ask for solutions, but no solutions are possible in a disinformed world. Populations almost everywhere are dissatisfied, but few have any comprehension of the real situation. Before there can be solutions, people must know the truth about the problems. For those few inclined to be messengers, it is largely a thankless task.

    The assumption that man is a rational animal is incorrect. He and she are emotional creatures, not Mr. Spock of Star Trek. Humans are brainwashed by enculturation and indoctrination. Patriots respond with hostility toward criticisms of their governments, their countries, their hopes and their delusions. Their emotions throttle facts, should any reach them. Aspirations and delusions prevail over truth. Most people want to be told what they want to hear. Consequently, they are always gullible and their illusions and self-delusions make them easy victims of propaganda. This is true of all levels of societies and of the leaders themselves.

    I have often wondered if Spock’s Vulcan ancestry was Gene Roddenberry’s way of underlining by contrast the fragility of human reason. In the context of modern military technology, is it possible for life to survive humanity’s penchant for emotion to trump reason and for self-delusion to prevail over factual reality?”

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for adding this perspective to this interview. Everyday you get before this crash is a gift from God. I know you are using your time wisely. The Bible says 365 times the phrase “Fear Not.” That is not a coincidence. Fear Not Calgirl for you are fully awake.

      • JC Davis

        Greg you said this statement about fear last week. I quoted you to my church friends Sunday. I have discovered much threw this statement. Thanks.

        • JC Davis

          Greg I have also discerned to him that has a ear to here in our times would be. WAKE UP! lift up your eyes in the bible is in today -WAKE UP! I find it amazing how the gospel of JESUS Revelations is happening In front of us.

          • JC Davis

            Consider this. In a world where everyone has a horse a man without a horse is not a man. Yet a man with a horse on a interstate today would be arrested.

        • Greg Hunter

          I find you cannot go wrong quoting the greatest book ever written. It is still very relevant today.

    • Linda

      I’ve heard that the reason people won’t listen is due to what’s called “normalcy bias” which means that they can’t imagine something they’ve never experienced before so they continue to think things will stay the same. Normalcy bias will be a very big problem for a whole lot of people!

    • Roxie

      True patriots do not defend their governments, they challenge them constantly as another check and balance to defend freedom.

      Why is patriotism thought to be blind loyalty to the government and the politicians who run it, rather than loyalty to the principles of liberty and support for the people? Real patriotism is a willingness to challenge the government when it’s wrong.
      – Ron Paul 2012

  22. Geo. T (formerly , George)

    One would think that Obama and his jack booted thugs would have learned that actions have consequences however they never do.–finance.html;_ylt=AwrTWfz.cAtT4nwACq3QtDMD
    In addition to the Obama administration making the US irrelevant in Global affairs, he has made US businesses irrelevant. No one is buying US company products (Cisco routers and switches, etc) because they are concerned about backdoors the NSA and CIA has put in them. In addition to spending more money than all the other Presidents combined, Obama and minions have destined Americans to the third world. Who would have thought five years ago that hope and change meant relegating Americans to poverty, destroying the Constitution, and setting up a surveillance network on its citizens the envy of all the world’s despots.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      I agree totally with you on this one Geo.T.
      There appears to be no end to the hypocrisy, arrogance and ineptitude in the way Obama and his thugs handle world affairs.
      It is quite tragic for me as a NZer to witness the rapid destruction of the US economy and also its diplomatic standing in the world.

  23. AL. Hall

    Greg: Greg M. is spot on. Many things are lining up for a stock market deep correction.
    As I have sent to you and other, I was told in 2008 that the markets would be forced higher again, but only to be collapsed and steal the little peoples money. As you mentioned in this piece- George Soro’s and the big banks know in advance what is about to happen. They own the Federal reserve- you think they don’t know what is about to happen- whenever it happens. The markets are corrupt- and the little guy can’t beat the insiders. Get out of anything connected to “paper” in any way!
    Also, I was told years ago that the ‘elite’s” are going to crush the middle class, and Greg M. mentioned something like this. The rich and government want “no middle class”.
    And, if you look at the # out there– they are succeeding!!
    Another great interview.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Al Hall for the comment and additional perspective.

    • Ken Alexander

      Why does the government and the rich not want a middle class? Once all the little peoples’ money is stolen, what is left?

      • Liquid Motion

        The Government and the Rich people…!!

  24. Robert Burke

    I am not stating that the markets are not over extended but mentioning Soros shorting the market means the markets are about to crash is a bit disingenuous.

    Here are some facts. Soros has a 13.7 billion portfolio and he is shorting 1.5 billion. What was not included in the above interview was Soros also added 2 billion long position.

    Soros added the 1.3 short as a hedge, not because there is going to be a major crash.

  25. Contrarian

    Greg – great interview as usual.

    It was an epiphany – a flashing neon sign – a revelation for me … when it was suggested in your interview that the Fed Federal Reserve might actually be in the midst of orchestrating a massive pump and dump scheme.

    I assumed the Fed would take extreme measures to prevent the market from crashing, even un-tapering the taper at some point to prevent a sell off. Maybe I was totally wrong in that assumption. Perhaps the Fed wants a major correction?

    The Fed gives their partners, the TBTF banks, an assurance that they are going to taper (even into weakness), which gives the banks and well connected insiders (like Soros) the confidence (and the time) to build a massive short position, so when the Fed yanks the rug, the banks make a bloody fortune from their shorts, thus helping them banks recap, in what amounts to yet another huge wealth transfer. Wow… just brilliant.

    Makes total sense when you think about it: The Fed clears it’s galactically huge balance sheet, builds confidence in the weakening USDollar, prevents a currency crisis, and recaps the banks … all in a single orchestrated market clearing event.

    Holly sh*t!!

    I believe we are experiencing an eye’s wide shut scenario. We see the growing divergence between economic reality and the markets, but we cannot believe our eyes. How is it possible that the mainstream pundits, the financial community, banks and brokerages – they all in unison are singing the same song

    • Al Hall

      Contrarian: Your thinking is near spot on! But, if the banks etc are winners– who will be the losers? Right — the little people, many of which are now just jumping into the markets. These poor soul are always late to the party, and get crushed. The IMF is planning a global currency reset in the very near future. My CIA friend told me about this in late Dec. 2013 and said within about 90 days. Said US dollars will go down by 30-50% . be careful out there. Told me also not to be in anything paper! Comment was ” if it’s printed on paper- it’s worth the paper it’s printed on and that’s it!!”

  26. Alyce

    Elliot wave shows gold and silver have one more correction coming….soon…. maybe when silver gets to $23 – $24, then it’ll go down to $17 -$18. Will be the last time because gold and silver will go much higher after that. I’m watching for that $18.

    • lastmanstanding

      Alyce. My bet is that you will place your order, pay your money and 3 months later you will receive a silver paper iou…and you will have deserved it.

      If you have the money now, you had better buy it.

      • Liquid Motion

        April 2014 is apparently going to be one for the record books.
        LMS you have sound logic… imho 😉

  27. Linda Majors

    Greg, thanks for having guests like Gregory Mannarino. I attempted to forward your email with his video interview to family members, but it would not forward. After several attempts, I made a copy of your email and forwarded it. Thought you might be interested in knowing. I find it rather strange. This has never happened to me before.

    • Greg Hunter

      Linda Majors,
      Even if your family will not listen you will still need to help them. I hope they listen.

  28. Wayne Olson

    Hi Greg,
    Good Lord, GM’s Elliott Wave count was awful and he doesn’t know what he’s talking about with his “C Wave”, so I question his understanding of Elliott Wave Theory. Elliott counts 5 waves in the UP phase and then three in the DOWN phase (A wave is down, B wave is a rally, then C wave is down again). What he called wave 4 and 5 were clearly the classic continuation characteristic of a wave 4. No way wave 5 was parabolic and its supposed to be far above wave 4. This is obvious.

    His wave count was correct until he got to wave 4 and 5. In Elliott Wave theory wave 3 is the longest wave, which he correctly indicated. Wave 4 is a continuation wave sideways. Wave 5 is a parabolic move up which we have not had yet. WE ARE IN WAVE 4 and have yet to see the final up wave. It could occur this Spring and then the first down wave (A) could occur in time for the “sell in May and go away” saying to ring true once again. Then a summer rally (B wave), then down hard in the Fall for the C wave. Thats my take. I don’t want you to publish this. Greg is a good guy but I wanted to put in my two cents here.

  29. art barnes

    Hey Greg, another CNBC special broadcast notation today, basically saying that nothing can stop this rally, implying its bigger than any bad economic news come what may. I watched it in complete disbelief. I’m wondering if they are out of their minds or just paid for individuals of small character willing to sacrifice integrity for the security of their photo op jobs. Either way, it was a abomination of intelligence. Today’s broadcast was indicative of the late 1920’s when the rise of equities markets were marketed as no end site, the sky’s the limit; its well documented how the media played the bull market as the best thing since apple pie before it crashed.

    • Greg Hunter

      art barnes,
      Outrageous and reckless reporting.

  30. Chris

    I am a big fan of this site and most of the regular guests but this guy is not one of them. Real traders don’t tout newsletters and him giving trading advice is quite dangerous. He is obviously a legend in his own mind–putting his name in the same sentence as Soros and the big banks multiple times was simultaneously hysterical and pathetic. And as far as using the short positions of Soros or JP Morgan or Goldman as a reason for main street to go short–come on. The amount of money and the sophistication of the positions that these entities have in the market does not apply to the average person or Gregory Mannarino for that matter. And let’s not forget the amount of money said entities have on the long side–a fact that he either didn’t know or deliberately left out–either way it doesn’t make him look all that credible. Mannarino may make some money trading but after this interview it is clear that he is overly interested in pushing his trading prowess and market analysis on internet audiences. Viewers beware…

    • Greg Hunter

      Mannarino does not have a newsletter. He has a totally free trading advice site ( If you check his calls he’s been very accurate, especially his prediction he made on USAW in early Feb that the Dow would vault back up–it did. Thank you for the comment and feedback.

      • JC Davis

        Greg, I agree with Chris in principal. Greg M has no way to compare millions with billions. The guys Greg M refers to can stand to lose, and walk away with a smile. Chris: It is a point well made.

  31. andrew

    Richard Russel has another perspective: all markets are heading up as money (currency) inflates. It might all keep rising until we start hyperventilating….or is it hyperinflating?

    • Charles H.


      The interesting issue Russell brings-up is that hyper-inflation will possibly consume all the resources available: only the rich may have the cushion to absorb such prices. Average to mid-ling Americans may end-up like the Egyptians during the time of seven years drought which Joseph supervised. First, prices made the Egyptians sell their own goods; then lands; then themselves in order to obtain food to survive. My fear in this scenario, applied to this modern day, would be that even moderate Stackers will have to sell their gold to meet hyper-inflated prices. No telling what the future holds.

      • Liquid Motion

        So then you have to ask how long does an “Hyperinflation” event manifest and persist in a pure economic and societal stability sense… it until everything becomes dysfunctional ? Other accounts of this event in history give us some precedence…but I realise its not absolute when now the globe faces the simultaneous issue. Its truly the death of fiat globally and the remedy is in the hands of so-called responsible people who have labelled themselves as central planners (mistakenly bestowed upon them through their self interest, Power through Wealth and Money and self -assigned postings as Rulers).

  32. art barnes

    Greg, don’t forget the about the “law of unintended consequences”, its a law that can’t be denied no matter how much is planned in advance to dampen it. Funny thing about that law is the more careful you plan (scheme) the more it comes into to fruition. The elite’s planning of the demise of the middle class, to take its wealth & change our way of life, will have to contend with “the law” and It has another amazing element as well, it always outsmarts the planners & the schemers.

  33. sommers

    In my opinion greg m. is all over the place. He sounds a bit panicked.

    ” Things go up, things go down ” is what I hear. ” Do your own homework “.
    Basically, ” Buy low, Sell high “.

    • Greg Hunter

      That’s not what I heard. He clearly predicted another downturn, and a big one at that.

    • Al Hall

      sommers: Greg is correct. My CIA insider friend says a big event is about to happen also.
      He called in a world currency reset, done by the IMF and world bank. This would shock the stock markets of the world. It’s not just up and down, the markets are totally rigged, the whole system is corrupt.
      The money of the world’s elite’s is gold and silver. They have told me- be in gold and not in paper of any kind. You may have heard many gold experts say gold and silver will sky-rocket when the collapse happens. I was told gold to $50,000+ per oz. I believe my friends- so I have been in gold / silver now since gold $700 and Silver $7/oz.
      You want to be where the elite are!

      • Jerry

        Bingo Al
        You win the prize. The problem is the transition phase will not go as smoothly as the NWO thinks it will. Americans are rebellious by nature and will not tolerate a heavy hand.

        • Liquid Motion

          Sounds like the National Guard might require some assistance from the friendly folk across the Pacific/ west of Alaska, to stem the outbreak of anarchy.

      • Liquid Motion

        I dont like the sound of that AH !!!
        The Elitist Bankers are the ones who got us into this fine mess in the first place. Their wholly owned/ created corporations (IMF, WB) being involved in a “reset” sends shivers down my spine. They may come to the table to support the USA’s case, but the upper hand will be with BRICS and the M.E. given their Gold holdings, Petro-Dollar/Yuan bargaining chip, and a fistful of Debt (which underpins the USD’s ongoing stability).

      • lastmanstanding

        Al…good call. Folks, you must believe in things that are REAL that you can hold in your hand or store within your reach. Revert back to the way that your parents and grandparents made it.

        Americans have had it to easy, myself included…we have been conditioned to take the easiest path and accept what they place in front of you.

        Please make the right choice, our children and grandkids need our help and direction.

  34. Diane Ryan

    Greg, all this talk about destroying the middle class. What middle class? I’m retired so maybe my view is skewed, but it seems like most of the middle class has already been destroyed, albeit some don’t realize it. God provided so much to my generation and we squandered it. What a shame…

    I am 100% with you on your prognosis for our nation. Yes, Fear Not… and use our the blessings (spiritual, physical and mental) that God has ALREADY bestowed upon us to protect our loved ones. Greg, thank you for helping us do just that.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Diane.

    • sommers

      Al Hall…I might have sounded a bit blunt/ brief in my post. Understand, ( Greg H . also ) this is one of favorite sites . I visit U S A Watch dog every day. Some of the other sites I spend much time on are KWN , SGT report , Max Keiser and several PM sites. So I hear a lot of heavyweights on a daily basis.
      I’m sorry to say I’m just not impressed with Mannarino. He flashes a few charts , repeats a few clichés and then starts over again. To me,
      he sound confused, uncertain. Sorry.

  35. Herb Drake

    None of my children or friends will listen to opinions on USA Watchdog. What can one do? What I try to do is to put enough au, ag, food, and water away to cover their needs when the crash comes.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are a good man Herb.

    • Jerry

      Old religious saying. Even a prophet is a stranger in his own land. Just remember people laughed at Noah right up until the time the Arc was closed……..then the rains came.

    • JC Davis

      Herb Drake. I have been there done that. It takes some time but eyes will open. They will change and prepare with you. Give it time. If we have time.

  36. george

    for those who may want to see the future of happenings, maybe this chart will tell the story – its just my opinion but i recognized the start from 1987 to now, just look at the chart and be the judge of whats in store;range=my;compare=;indicator=volume;charttype=area;crosshair=on;ohlcvalues=0;logscale=off;source=

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you George for the chart.

  37. Francis Peters

    Hi Greg,
    First of all I love to listen to all your interviews and tonight was no exception with Gregory Mannarino! I bought and read his book and my son is now using the advice from the book to his benefit in helping a good friend with large credit card debt. Great advice! Loved the book by Greg M.
    Second of all none of my extended family will listen to all that I have learned from people like you Greg Hunter and all the guests I have been blessed to be able to listen to from your broadcast. A Great Pity indeed! Bad times are certainly here on this world as we see happening and they are a foretaste of bad things that are certainly coming our way.

    I will say this though…we are now living in the Dispensation of Grace as taught to us by the Apostle Paul given by THE RISEN AND GLORIFIED JESUS CHRIST! Not the earthly suffering Christ of the Kingdom gospels! Sorry I had to capitalize that as it is important that WE keep things in perspective while we are here on planet earth. God has a program for Israel which is on the “shelf” right now (Romans 11:1-2 et al) and is dealing with all human beings through another program or Dispensation and that is one that was given to us by Paul. Israel’s failure allowed God to then deal with all humanity on the same level and that’s when he raised up Paul to usher in the Grace period so that “all might be saved” through Grace without works. During the Kingdom plan or Dispensation a Gentile could only be saved through the auspices of a Jew! Jesus in the flesh came ONLY TO THE JEWS and He said so himself. I say all this to say that the church the body of Christ today since Paul is a different entity than the saved believers who made up the “church” during the 12 Apostles ministry (church just means called out assembly) so there are more than one church in history and recorded in the Bible. The book of Revelation ‘churches’ are not talking about our church, the body of Christ. We are a completely different called out assembly than Peter’s and the twelve Apostles church or the future Great Tribulation churches during the Kingdom gospel period and we will not be here during the Great Tribulation (Day of the Lord’s Wrath) because that time is when God’s program or Dispensation then goes back to fulfill the prophecies regarding Israel and the Jewish people. Gentiles ARE NOT JEWS and we are not Israel nor are we “Spiritual Israel! So just to say, we will suffer much tribulation as people and especially many Christians are suffering today unto death simply for being Christians, but we will not suffer the “Great Tribulation” as talked about in the book of Revelation or the Old Testament scriptures because Revelation is once again God picking up where He left off at the point just after where and when Steven was stoned in The end of Acts chapter eight. Steven saw Jesus standing up and according to prophecy He was about to fulfill the prophetic scriptures of visiting His “Day of Wrath” upon the world and the unbelieving Jews but instead He saved the chief persecutor of believers, Saul, and then used him to bring in this period of Grace for both Jews and Gentiles. During the Kingdom Gospel period there were conditions to salvation (faith and belief plus water baptism, law keeping etc…) today salvation is an utterly free gift to whosoever believes in the death burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. No works can be or will be accepted by God! Jesus’ atonement paid the sin debt IN FULL for whoever chooses to believe and ask for salvation! Done deal forever sealed with the Holy Spirit! Can’t get any more secure than that! Free gift means exactly that but it gets confused by the many many “Christian churches”. (See 1st Cor 15:1-8. This is Paul’s gospel! Not anyone else’s! It is The Mystery that the risen and glorified Jesus gave to him to preach and teach and we should all know that. We need to ‘rightly divide’ between the Dispensations (or programs) so we don’t apply Israel’s program or Dispensation blessings OR CURSES to ourselves. (See 2Tim 2:15) So we don’t have to worry one whit about the horrific and incredible supernatural things that are going to be visited upon earth at that time because as I said we won’t be here. (See 1Thes 4:13-18-the Rapture of Christ’s church) (In 1Thes 5 Paul now switches and is talking about God’s program with Israel not our church and he says in verse three “they” shall say, Peace etc. talking about those who are left after the Rapture, Harpazo or snatching away of today’s believers…the church the body of Christ) see also 1Cor 15:50-58 which talks about the instantaneous Miraculous transformation of our bodies when Christ comes back for His Church…not His Day of Wrath which comes later. This church program was a mystery hidden in God before the foundation of the world but revealed through the new Apostle Paul and his writings. All scripture is for our learning and edification (2Tim3:16) but only Paul’s was specifically written to Christ’s church the body! That’s us! So…our Apostle to the Gentiles (and Jews too) the Apostle Paul said that we must provide for our families and we would be worse than an infidel if we didn’t so even though I know terrible things are happening and I see them happening, I know there is a normalcy bias that has affected most people who do not want to hear the truth or accept it. I am trying to put enough aside for both my wife and son (and my greater family who will listen to none of all the great speakers such as have been on your program Greg.) I don’t know about anyone else but I DO fear cut throats and thieves and murderers especially when they are wearing police badges and operate under governmental authority. I don’t fear death but I certainly hate physical pain BUT I know where I am going after death. Heaven!
    So I guess the difference is I am trying very hard not to let fear of pain and physical suffering (or whatever) paralyze me into inactivity. It’s quite the opposite, as the dangers have spurred my wife and son and I into actions that hopefully will take us through this massive period of uncertainty and evil that is of and over the world today. May God bless you Greg and thank you for such great stimulating guests on your broadcast! We really appreciate it very much.
    Francis Peters

    • OnThe Beach

      Dear Francis
      Will all faithful Christians be taken miraculously from the earth by the Lord before the great tribulation?
      Matt. 24: 21, 22: “Then there will be great tribulation such as has not occurred since the worlds beginning until now, no, nor will occur again. In fact unless those days were cut short, no flesh would be saved; but on account of the chosen ones those days will be cut short” (This does not say that the “the chosen ones” will all have been taken to heaven before the great tribulation, does it? Rather, it holds out the prospect , along with others in the flesh, of surviving that great tribulation on earth.)
      Rev. 7:9, 10, 14: “After this I looked, and behold, a great multitude which no man could number, from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and tongues, standing before the Lamb, clothed in white robes, with palm branches in their hands, and crying out with a loud voice, ‘Salvation belongs to our God who sites upon the throne, and to the Lamb!…’These are they who come out of the great tribulation'” (To “come out” of something a person must GO INTO it or BE IN it. So this great multitude must be persons who actually experience the great tribulation and come out of it as survivors.)
      Francis you explained the rapture as an escape plan for Christians, but I find not everyone has the same thoughts as to what, (being caught up in the air,) entails, and of course we certainly want God’s protection at that time. (Zeph. 2:3) ‘Interestingly, the Bible shows that god will safe guard some faithful ones right here on earth. (Prov. 2) That is in harmony with Gods purpose when he first created Adam and put him in Paradise.
      So if you find yourselves experiencing the tribulation that Jesus said will be worse than anything thing the world has ever seen, or will ever see again, (Matt. 24: 21), thank God the father and the one whom he sent forth his, only begotten son, our Lord Jesus Christ, along with the holy spirit, the promise to preserve us alive through this little blip in time and all eternity. [See Isaiah 26:20]
      Thanks also to the two Greg’s and the world wide Watchdogs for your courage and support! It’s amazing how you can have any good feelings about whats going to be coming down, but I do come away rather encouraged after fellowshiping with you dogs. {pardon the pun!}

      • Greg Hunter

        OnThe Beach, Thank you for your comment and support!
        the Gregs

        • Francis Peters

          On the beach;
          I do understand that people look at the Rapture as an “escape plan” and can be quite derisive about that in not believing it. However that is exactly what it is but that does not mean in any way that Christian believers will not or are not suffering ‘great tribulation’ on earth now because quite plainly they Are! But…no Christians will suffer God’s Wrath as described in the prophetic scriptures which are all those scriptures in the Old Testament and those from the book of Hebrews and onward to the book of Revelation. Again we must be careful to make sure that we do not apply the scriptures that were written expressly for the Jews and Israel. I might read a letter to my brothers wife that discloses that she has inherited a million dollars and rejoice with her and my brother’s good fortune but that does not mean that the letter’s contents in any way to me. I can’t come with my hand out expecting that they have to give me part of their good fortune because even though the letter has great news I wasn’t written to me! Unfortunately we as Christians read mail that was written to Jesus followers while He was on earth during His ministry to His people and nation (the Jews and Israel) and too often apply their mail (scriptures) to ourselves. I read about a small Christian fellowship in China who were forced to watch their pastor tortured and then run over and killed with a bulldozer. It was said that this was to teach the people a lesson about the penalty of spreading Christianity. No one could ever deny that all involved in that horrific event especially the pastor, suffered, great tribulation because they did. But as horrific as it was…it was not “The Great Tribulation”! I am not diminishing any suffering or deaths Christians suffer but we will not suffer at the hands of God’s Wrath. He will as He promised take His church (true believers) off planet earth before He delivers His judgment against this world which is promised in many of the prophetic writings. Again…today’s church was never known about or prophesied about in times past. Paul teaches that if the devil ever knew that God would use Christ’s death to reconcile the heavenly realm back to himself the devil never would have crucified Jesus. The Devil knew Jesus would reconcile the earth through His death and the use of The Jews and Israel and he was willing to let the earth go because he figured he still would be in control of the heavenly realm and so would end up in control of earth anyway. Obviously his plan totally Failed! The Great Tribulation is God’s Wrath against the unbelieving world and against the nation who were supposed to accept Him as King and Messiah. The believers then…are not Christians but are simply believers…first Jews through the ministry of the 144,000 and then the multitudes that get saved through their ministrations all over the earth. But those believers won’t be part of this church or “Body of Christ” . All the dead in Christ (todays church) and living believers will be removed BEFORE THE DAY OF THE LORDS WRATH OR Great Tribulation. We are Ambassadors of Christ and ambassadors are removed from the country they are in before any war starts. Anyhow…may God bless you:-)

          • OnThe Beach

            I do know there are people walking around that experienced 2 world wars, the moral breakdown of society and all the things Jesus said would mark a last generation that would be around to see his return and I do know he wont be such a nice guy when he does come back. If only the father and not even the son, or even the the holy spirit know that day or hour, I prepare for the worst but pray for the best, and I do prefer to go through the great one because I still have a lot of things I’d like to accomplish down here. But iron sharpens iron and I love you scoundrels, so feel free to help my poor soul, and hope to meet you all on that Great Day with Bing Crosby youtube 1929, check it out and give a listen!

    • Galaxy 500

      The Disciples thought the end times were near 2000 years ago. Make no mistake, hard times are ahead. One should always be prepared to be called home. I tend to discount people preaching the end times. When Christ was asked when the second coming would be, he responded that no man know the time, not even the son of God. So when its discussed here I find it uninteresting. Christ’s return will happen when God gives him the go ahead, and the saved will be rapture out of here…outside of being saved no preparations are needed. Now, for economic and social upheaval, much preparation is required.
      However, your other points have merit

    • Galaxy 500

      And I do disagree with your interpretation of the Bible but to each his own.

  38. Rebecca

    A good read:

    12 potentially life-threatening errors you’re making in food preparedness and survival strategies by Mike Adams of Natural News

    Learn more:

    • Galaxy 500

      When i read garbage like this i laugh and realize that its based on someones perception of reality who is not taking their meds. Here is an excerpt from your link:
      “Conventional, popular foods are intentionally stripped of nearly all beneficial minerals in order to cause widespread disease, impaired cognitive function and premature death. The easiest way to restore your mineral balance is to ”
      Can you please point me to the cabal in charge of this as I want to sell them fluoride?

    • Herb

      As a seminary graduate with two theological masters degrees, I can only add a few thoughts. First, my colleagues at the seminary are among those who ignore the opinions on this web site and don’t want to even discuss it — but their response is a bit different than most: “Herb, you are a Christian. You don’t have to worry about all that.” But I can also add one thing that I have learned in seminary studies — in the last 2000 years of church history, persecuted believers have said again and again, each time the world turns particularly ugly, that the end times are upon us. They have always been wrong. I warn you not to assume that this coming crisis will be any different. Personally, I believe that believers will suffer though this crisis and their calling will continue to be witnesses to the gospel and act as instruments of caring and help.

  39. nm

    “You need to be diversified. You need to be in precious metals”

    In all honesty, the middle-class doesn’t even have the savings to do the above. What they need is more practical advice about how to EARN a living based on what’s coming

    • Greg Hunter

      Many people will simply be lost. People need to cut spending now and divert the saved cash into preparing. I mean lose the smart phone, cut the cable, start eating rice and beans, take the bus to work or ride a bike. This is not going to be easy, and you simply cannot give folks a few tips to help them get by. You should be doing a full court press to stockpile food and get yourself prepared the best you can. You also need to take the time to learn some real skills like auto mechanics or medical skills. If that includes night school and giving up weekends–do it. Preparing will soften the blow without a doubt. You simply must be able to help yourself. That is my best advice.

  40. Galaxy 500

    One think that can’t be stressed enough is your contention that Gregory M. is taking his winnings out and buying PMs.

  41. Rich M

    If his prediction is right, would buying an inverse DOW/S&P500 ETF fund like: DXD, HDGE, or DOG be a good hedge/protection if the market does adjust dowan-ward? I would like any input that anyone can offer on this?

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