Money Riots Possible in Next Economic Crash-James Rickards

trtr-author-dust-jacket-002By Greg Hunter’s 

Three time best-selling author James Rickards says the next economic crash will lock you out of your money. Rickards has a new book titled “The Road To Ruin.”  Rickards paints a scary possible scenario for what is coming and contends, “The global elites have a secret plan for the next financial crisis.” Rickards goes on to explain, “They are going to lock down the system when the crisis hits.  In 1998, everybody wanted their money back, and they printed the money.  In 2008, everybody wanted their money back, and they printed the money.  In 2018 or sooner, everyone is going to want their money back, but they are not going to print the money.  They are going to tell you that can’t have it.  They are going to lock down the system and close the banks.  Money market funds are going to suspend redemptions.  Stock exchanges are going to be closed, and they’ll say it’s ‘temporary.’  That’s what Nixon said when he closed the gold window in 1971. . . . They will do it to buy time until they can flood the market with SDR’s (Special Drawing Rights IMF currency).”

So, do we get inflation or deflation in the upcoming economic crash? Rickards says, “You might get some deflation first, but I don’t expect that because central banks are trying so hard to cause inflation.  The natural state of the world is deflation right now. . . . But governments can’t have deflation, it destroys the tax base. . . . So, you have natural deflation and policy inflation, and they are pushing together.  It’s an unstable equilibrium, and at some point, it is going to snap one way or another.  If it is deflationary, and I don’t expect this, the policy will be even more money printing. . . . As far as the SDR’s are concerned, it will certainly be inflationary. . . . You may not be able to save the world, but you can save yourself and family by getting into some assets that will stand this inflation and be non-digital.  Any digital money can be locked down with a few key strokes. Non-digital money such as gold, silver, fine art, land, natural resources, water and there is a long list of things . . . those are the things that are going to last. . . . The other point I make is that when this happens, it will happen very quickly. . . . You won’t know it in advance, and the stock market will be closed when you decide to get out of the stock market.  You may not be able to get gold.  Right now, you can get it . . . but in a panic when it’s going up $100 per ounce per day, you’ll be watching the price go up, but you won’t be able to get it.”

Rickards predicts a complete lock down of the global financial system for “at least weeks and possibly months.” Rickards contends, “Definitely weeks and perhaps months, and it could turn into Mad Max. It could turn into what I call money riots with people burning down banks, but the elites are ready for that also. . . . What they have done because you can’t turn the military into police, they turned the police into military.  As the money situation gets worse, states and elites will not go down without a fight.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with renowned financial expert and best-selling author, James Rickards, whose latest book is titled “The Road To Ruin.”

(There is much more in the video interview.)

trtrcover-art-002After the Interview:

There is some free information on The new James Rickards book will be in book stores mid-November, but you can order the book now by clicking here.


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  1. Mike R

    Help me out here. Over on Sinclairs website, today, they have Greg’s interview with Sinclair from back in October 2013. 3 years and a couple days ago.
    According to Jim Sinclair of, by 2016, “Gold will be $3,200 to $3,500 an ounce.” So we are not only nowhere near $3200, but less than half that with only a couple months left in 2016. Why on earth would JS Mineset post something like that, when the call for $3200 gold from 3 years ago, is so far off ? How does that compare to a $50,000/ounce gold call by Sinclair in the same video ? Of course Rickards is smart enough (to hedge his bet) and not to make time specific calls, though he’s been saying for years, something north of $5000, and likely $7000.
    And how many other guests have been on here, touting gold as much as these two guys do ? It sort of erodes credibility from any of them, and on any topic, if you ask me. I’m just trying to understand, does it really make sense to buy and hold gold, when reality is quite different from what these guests proffer ? At what point do people say “time out !” And then call BS on all these fellow’s prognostications !

    • Alex

      That’s a good point and I have been asking myself the same question. I personally don’t believe that most of the traders who have been touting gold for years are altruistic and sell precious metals in order to help people. They know that fear sells better than any advert and they take advantage of the current economic situation. If in fact they were so sure that a new economic crisis was about to hit next year and an ounce of gold would be worth $5000-7000 would they be selling THEIR gold to YOU? Why not keep all the gold to themselves so that they become the new 1 percent of the richest people? I am not saying that all traders are the same, but an altruistic one is a rare bird – a traders’ goal usually is to make profits, not to help people. With that said, I don’t believe everything a trader says about his goods, be it a car, a house, a computer, or gold.
      On the other hand there is a good reason that all these precious metals specialists are being given a tribune to speak so much about gold and silver – the structural economic problems. Debt is a big burden for the economy of the EU and, to some extent, the USA. The current economic experiments, such as negative interest rates and quantitative easing, are surely questionable and worrisome for many investors. The economic growth is sluggish at best. The dynamic geopolitical situation (the war in Syria, immigrants, terrorism, Ukraine, etc) only adds more fuel to the problem. No one knows when a black swan event could occur (and increasing your debts, printing mountains of dollars, euro, and pounds doesn’t decrease the chances of such an event).
      So what is the best thing to do? I don’t know! I guess owing some gold and silver is a wise decision – the central banks (especially of China and Russia) have been buying gold and there probably is a reason for that (they have way more information than me, you, and most of the so called experts, so their actions might be an indicator of what’s coming). In a Mad Max world resources will surely be worth way more than today and having some food, water, land, gold, silver, etc might save the lives of you and your loved ones. On the other hand, I don’t think that putting all your eggs in one basket is what one should do – diversify if you can. Many of these “experts” have been claiming for years that gold will skyrocket tomorrow, that the Dow Jones index will collapse to just 6000 next month, that dollars will be worthless..and they have all been wrong again and again! People who did not listen to them made profits in the stocks and made profits from the real estate market. But in the long run, in my opinion, the guests on “usawatchdog” are correct – one day the system will collapse. Would it happen tomorrow, next year, or in the next 20 -30 years? I don’t know and I don’t think somebody does. That’s why buying some gold each year while not neglecting completely shares and foreign currencies might be the best thing to do now, that’s my personal opinion. To sum up – diversification is the best way to spread risk.

      • markp

        Alex, they don’t sell THEIR gold. How silly is that comment? They run businesses that sell gold from suppliers like RCM, Perth Mint etc., on which they make a small margin. I’m suspecting you are a shill, trying to thought-shape opinion.

    • Robert Lykens

      Mike R,
      It’s impossible to predict the future apart from God’s inspiration. However man does have the ability to evaluate trends and determine where they will lead if nothing changes.
      So looking at the current trends in this world – out of control debt, hostile nations acquiring nuclear bombs, genetic tinkering, the collapse of American and European borders – where do you think we’re heading if nothing changes?
      You must decide for yourself whether you want to hold precious metals as a hedge against the destruction of the dollar or not.
      As for myself, I value the advice of more learned men. So what if their predictions haven’t been precisely correct? It’s God’s mercy that we have not yet collapsed.

      • Robert Lykens

        By the way, you can always go to CNBC and listen to the official government line that “everything’s fine”. They’ll offer you plenty of investment advice.

    • Tin foil hat

      Mike R,
      It’s actually quite simple. Ask yourself one question, why are the Chinese and Russian stockpiling gold?
      What you and I should worry about is rather we can keep the gold after the currency collapse. If Hillary were in charge when things start to fall apart, the only good investment would be your connections to people with power. Hence, what you should worry about is electing someone who will respect law & order and property rights.
      In Venezuela, money gets you a spot in the line, gold may get you to the first in the line but your connection would help you skip the line.

      • Pinocchio

        And AK 47 may enable you to dismiss the line ????

    • Guest

      Mike R,

      I, too, am not sure why JSMineset reposted that interview that Sinclair did with Greg Hunter three years ago. Though there are still 2 months left in 2016, it’s unlikely that gold will reach Sinclair’s predicted range in that time period. It’s possible but not likely, in my opinion.

      As for Rickards, I don’t trust him. He said the U.S. Dollar was going to crash on October 1, 2016. Of course it didn’t happen. There are other reasons that I don’t trust him, but I won’t go into them here. However, I do agree with Rickards that another crisis is coming and that we should put some of our wealth in precious metals.

    • andyb

      Mike: the global economy has been on the verge of imploding since the Greatest Depression commenced in 2008. The financial elites have used the equivalent of rubber bands and paper clips to keep the “all is well” illusion going. At some point, however, the enormous global debt will overwhelm all of the temporary fixes. When this happens, the PMs, within 6 months thereafter, will go hyperbolic as all fiat goes to zero.
      Of course, timing is unknown, but it is important to recognize that it definitely will occur; it’s simple math. I do not blame any of the well respected financial pundits for their failure on the timing. Rather I see their opinions as being a wake up call for all of us to prepare for the inevitable.

      • AlbertaDoc

        Rickards said that Oct 01, 2016 would be the start of the demise of the U.S. dollar, not the collapse. What he’s referring to is the influence the Chinese will have with the IMF because their currency is now part of the SDR package of currencies. The Chinese hold a large amount of US debt and are not happy with the way the US Fed is handling the privilege of having the US dollar as the international currency. They feel that the USA has abused their status at the expense of the global community. They want a a new international currency that can’t be abused. To them that would be the SDR which currently is a basket containing the USD, Pound Sterling, Japense Yen, Euro and the Chinese Yuan. China wants to include gold or a currency backed by gold, aka the yuan to be included giving more stability to the international currency.

    • Paul ...

      Mike … first we have to walk our sleds to the top of the hill … before we get the joy ride Sinclair talks about … yes, it is stressfull and takes determination … but once we get to the top of the hill … the ride will be exhilarating!!

    • Tin foil hat

      Imagine you are a Venezuelan in 2010, you knew analysts said the oil industry was in a crisis since in the last eight years, they haven’t been able to grow production. You also knew OPEC disagreed with Venezuela’s claims of oil output and noticed that investments in oil and natural gas production only amounted to 2/3 of what they spent on social programs.
      Someone like Richards told you the country will fall apart and that lack of direction, investment and maintenance are wrecking the oil industries which will eventually lead the country toward hyperinflation. He recommended that you should protect yourself with gold.
      Now, imagine you got tired of waiting, sold your gold and kept the money in the bank or bought oil stocks in 2014.

    • Tin foil hat

      Predicting the future is child’s play only if we can travel back in time. The vast majority of people can be conditioned with the “promise” of bread and circuses. The Biblical temptations: the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, and the pride of life, suffice to control 95%…give or take a few percent. However, what about that pesky 5%, who insist on defying the illusion of the “promise”? Follow the yellow brick road!

    • john duffy

      Interestingly, if you follow Bill Holter, you will note he does not have much respect for James Rickards, he thinks he is disinfo agent for the ruling elite. They know the dollar is toast, so they are promoting SDR’s (James Rickards) in order to keep the dollar from losing all its influence.

    • KC

      Good question. There’s a few factors involved:
      1) The dollar is the reserve currency of the world. Strength of the dollar is reflected in price of gold and silver. Other countries must trade their currency for dollars to trade gold and silver. In effect, our inflation is exported to these other countries and their currencies.

      2) The price of gold and silver is also reflected in the paper price determined from the trading of an ETF (exchange-traded funds). Paper markets are and have been subject to manipulation. You can research the multitude of settlements most recently Deutsche Bank.

      3) We live in an oil-driven economy and thus the price of oil affects commodities. Oil has dropped in price over the last few years and this lowers the cost of mining and refining.

      Hopefully this helps. There’s a little bit of Arkansas engineering that goes into it — everything’s related. Once these systems and factors diverge, you will see a price increase. Hang around long enough and you will complete your education. Enjoy the links!


    • Kim

      I understand your frustration. We must deeply understand that NO ONE KNOWS THE FUTURE! Especially in this new normal of the world wide web with tons of information at our finger tips! (Remember how many people were blindsided by BREXIT!) I would rather be informed and prepared than not know.
      The Jim Sinclair 2013 interview is great! Lets get to the real issue. How does Greg look so good after three years?! Wow, He has not changed one bit!
      The greatest respect for the James Richards, Jim Sinclairs and Greg Hunters ( who is ageless lol) out there who dare to risk their credibility and speak what they believe! It takes great courage to be a patriot and care for others. These are truly good men who have stepped up to lend a hand to others thru information. God bless them !

    • Jim Miles

      Maybe not so good for US$ but it has been good for those working with Euros/Canadian $$/ rubles et al.

    • Freebreezer

      Mike – another way to put it … Is it worth your time to hold drinking water, food and other basic necessities … In the past it has always gone bad and most of the time the food/water is chucked out. Thus, your basis is last year was the same as yesterday which was the same as today, thus tomorrow will all so be the same … If this is your basis, you have nothing to worry about – go have a cooky and forget about what all the guest say. Personally, I think the veil that holds society to together will rip one day, even here in the good old USA. Were and when who knows? And as Jim keeps saying – it is an insurance policy. I do not buy car insurance each month thinking I am going to make money from it … I buy it to protect my assets in case an accident happens. My mother was a young girl that came out of war torn Europe from WII, and has pounded in to me that we (here in the USA) have know idea what hunger, cold and a lack of necessities are like. Those with real money (gold) will be much better off vs. those that did not get insurance if shtf! Rickards is pushing gold as an insurance policy against a major disruption in the dollar/world markets and not as a big ticket investment for profit. And unlike food, it does not go bad and you have to chuck it out!

    • Concerned american dad

      Hmm, so yeah, we were so close to the whole thing blowing up in 2008. Since then it’s all been band- aids and duct tape, but at this rate it appears it can keep going and going and going and going and going…… 2018… 2025 i’d imagine things may be close to blowing up. Meanwhile, crimes are hidden in plain sight and this whole charade plays on….

    • Tin foil hat

      Mike R,
      “I’m just trying to understand, does it really make sense to buy and hold gold, when reality is quite different from what these guests proffer?”
      That is your reality. If you disagreed, you really shouldn’t own any PMs.

    • Aki

      Alex is right. What Jim Rickards say is right, yet no timeline, which is the most important factor. Peter Schiff is another scholar in economics who has predicted (predictions are estimated timeline only) economic collapse. And these reason they keep mentioning about buying gold and silver now is they themselves do not know when the crisis would start and where the plug is pulled by the central banks and governments (closing markets, banks, re-pricing precious metals). They use Zimbabwe and Venezuela as they test ground to understand and history.

      If you have watched the above video, Jim mentions about earthquake (unstoppable) and financial collapse (stoppable). At what point central banks would try to put a hard brake is not known. We’ve seen silver at USD21 and gold at USD1375 recently.

      Its common sense to hold hard assets and precious metals. Not because they advertise it, but just common sense. Jim recommends 10% of your Assets in gold, some recommend more and some less. Look in your location and country what is the pricing status of hard assets and invest wisely. Robert Kiyosaki says invest in your financial education surely makes sense now.

    • Tracy Welborn

      I don’t think you understand what a silver and gold purchase is for. If your thinking investment, you might want to choose real estate – I don’t know what’s hot in your area. The stock market is flat and bonds are dropping.
      I’ve made about 30 percent in metals over the last 18 months. I don’t know how you bought or what you did with yours, but for me, that’s a staggering yield in this economy. It sounds like you bought gold wanting to become a millionaire – quickly.
      Jim Sinclair is the best of the best and an incredibly honorable man. He’s not trying to con you. He believes, and I believe too, that his numbers will come true. Just be patient. Also, take responsiblity for your own life. Use sober judgement when listening to people.

    • Mike R

      Thanks for all the replies to my posting about Sinclair’s posting from the interview with Greg a while back. Just so you all know, I first exited stocks back in 1999, before the market took its first major nosedive. At that time, I bought my first physical coins. Still have them. Occasionally, I entered the markets via etf’s from after 2002, up until once again in 2007, I had nothing in stocks. 2008 was my second time period of accumulation of physical gold, and then silver too. I have not ever sold any physical. While I think real estate, stocks, bonds, etc do seem to be in highly over-valued states of suspended animation, the problem here is, you get no yield from gold, or income, and if you don’t have a lot of capital in one of the 3 aforementioned places, where else are you going to get income ? So for basic income, the answer is largely, you have to take considerable risk. There are no ‘savings’ accounts anymore with yield. That’s an asset class in of itself, that no longer exists. In fact, any money in any bank, is now at risk. Cash becomes a risk too, as currency is devalued. Now if I had been really smart, I would have bought stocks in 2009, many dividend paying, and many small cap stocks, are up 200 to 1000% even since then. So what was in cash, could conceivably have been up 2 to 3 times, well ahead of any inflation or currency debasement. The reason I know this, was I keep a portfolio of my stock choices on paper, using Google Finance. So the entire time, I was watching that value go up up up, and kept listening to folks like Sinclair and others, saying ok “some day Mike, you will be glad you kept your money out” and supposedly “safe.” Nearly all the way up from the lows in 2009, other folks besides Sinclair, who have been Greg’s guests, kept calling for ‘tops’ or crashes. Now everyone tells you to diversify, and so it was my choice to get out of stocks when I did in 1999, and only go in very partially at times, since then, but mostly have my money out.

      Now everyone keeps saying this is once again a top for stocks, and for bonds, and even real estate. Do you keep believing all these guests that this time is a real top ? Now while my gold is up from the year 2000, and even 2008, anything bought late 2010, 2011, is not up, and actually still down a lot. What if this is a ‘collapse’ that just never comes ? What if in fact, QE does somehow keep the markets going up, and you miss out on another doubling or tripling of stocks, or a 30 % increase and income yield on bonds ? From all the explanations I have heard from all these top calling experts, the crash or collapse should have happened long ago. But as time goes on, if you listen carefully, they all keep saying its either ‘just around the corner’ or for sure ‘next year.’ Both of those have come and gone many many times, since the year 2000.

  2. John

    Go to to see how easy it is to rig an election. Greg you have to have this lady on before the election!! This is so unreal. This is how he who can’t be named will rig the election

    • Kevin

      Excellent comment!
      Fear mongering is a time tested way of parting people from their money. The case for buying gold or buying any asset ought to be based on rational assessment of risk rather than emotional choices.
      People do not always act out of rational self-interest and often make irrational decisions which contradict the laws of probability. Many are not good at separating fact from fiction because of fear. The fear-mongers play to a time immemorial script:
      -People are essentially irrational.
      -Since people are irrational, focus on fears.
      -If you focus on fears, then facts don’t matter.
      -If facts don’t matter, you can’t really be wrong.
      -With facts not in play, it’s easier to bend reality.
      -To bend reality, focus on identity politics and blame the people who are not like you.
      Beware of the shape shifting and mind shaping reptilians of the new world order who are massing right now for the final battle. Get your money out of the bank, buy gold, and get out of dodge, run for the hills before it’s too late!

    • Paul ...

      Take a good look America … at the people tampering with and taking voting machines right out of the building … do they look like Russians?? … and Hillary is going to start a nuclear war and bring Amageddon to us and our children over what her crooked crony vote stealers are doing??? … wake up Hillary voters … before you are incinerated!!

    • Shawn G


      That is really scary! Thanks for sharing the link!

  3. Robert Lykens

    Off topic –
    Medvedev of Russia will meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu and PA Chairman Abbas on 11/9.
    The fulfillment of Ezekiel 38, 39 the Beginning of Sorrows and the end of the Church Age draw near. The Bible states that 1/4 of earth’s population will die in this period – from war, famine and disease.

    • Paul ...

      Israel should stop being the stooge of the CIA neocons … and begin to formulate a foreign policy that will protect Israel’s interests … by drawing closer to Russia!

  4. JimH

    Greg, an excellent interview. That complexity theory is pretty interesting. To learn more about this theory which book of Jim’s should be read first? Rickards is always interesting!

    • Paul ...

      I think Trump is using complexity theory against Hillary … by puting her on the Road to Ruin!!

  5. Christopher Martin

    James is a bit too dismissive of things outside his monetary world – there might be civil disobedience but the militarized police will deal with it. I don’t think so. No government can operate without the consent of the governed. The US has been manufacturing consent with its lies and propaganda since 2008 but they are rapidly losing credibility. People voting Trump are not voting Republican, they are voting against this whole sorry corrupt mess

    • D2

      Christopher, you are spot on correct!

    • Hatemail

      The Nazis did, the USSR did, Mao did, and the list goes on and on.

    • David

      Christopher: To add to your point, in 2015, police departments serving cities with populations exceeding 50,000 employed an average of 16.6 commissioned law enforcement officers and 21.4 total personnel for every 10,000 residents. Moreover, those 16.6 commissioned law enforcement officers must cover two to three shifts, 7 days per week, 24 hours per day. The only/only reason that communities can have such a small ratio is that the overwhelming majority of citizens are law abiding. Any police department will be overwhelmed if there is wide scale civil disobedience. The National Guard is unable to handle any protracted widespread civil unrest as well. The numbers just aren’t there.

    • Diane

      I blame the 90% of the MSM for the huge division in our country.
      People are finally reacting to this culture of corruption.
      It’s Anti-Government on steroids.
      Brexit was the big tip off…now watch Italy and France who have elections next year……Social Justice aka Marxism/ Socialism/political correctness is a failing ideology.

  6. Paul ...

    Don’t be an accessary to the coming crimes of the elites who will take your money, your home and even your life by voting for their puppet on a string Hillary!!

  7. David

    Superb interview!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you David!

      • John

        Greg: You must view the video at called Fractional Magic. It shows how easy it is to rig the election in nearly any/every state in the Union. You can give your candidate the exact percentage of vote you want….I do not represent or have any relationship with this woman/organization …..this will open your eyes and scare you to the max.

  8. FC

    An old joke rehashed:

    Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump go into a bakery.

    As soon as they enter the bakery, Hillary steals three pastries and puts them in her pocket. She says to Donald, “See how clever I am? The owner didn’t see anything and I don’t even need to lie.” I will definitely win the election.

    The Donald says to Hillary, “That’s the typical dishonesty you have displayed throughout your entire life, trickery and deceit. I am going to show you an honest way to get the same result.”

    Donald goes to the owner of the bakery and says, “Give me a pastry and I will show you a magic trick.” Intrigued, the owner accepts and gives him a pastry. Trump swallows it and asks for another one. The owner gives him another one. Then Donald asks for a third pastry and eats that, too.

    The owner is starting to wonder where the magic trick is and asks, “What did you do with the pastries?” Trump replies, “Look in Hillary’s pocket”

    • Miro Markovic

      @FC. When I read your joke, I almost screamed out of laughter. I want to thank you for it, because you made my day, indeed. Later, I shared your joke with most of my friends and they all loved it. In these uncertain and hard times, the laughter is the best medicine against the pains that all worries and fears are creating in our minds.

  9. Paul ...

    WeinerGate is a whole lot bigger then WaterGate … I hope you women voters for Hillary realize that “size does matter”!!

    • Paul ...

      You women who love Hillary because “she loves you and your children” better wake up … the Clintons bring heroin to your children and then turn them into sex slaves for their pedophile ring (now that’s criminal vertical intergration for you) …

  10. Robert Lykens

    Mr. Rickards says, “When this happens, it will happen very quickly.”

    This agrees with the Bible. Revelation 1:1 says, “The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him, to shew unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass…”
    The phrase “shortly come to pass” doesn’t mean “before too long” or “soon”. It means “suddenly” or “with haste”.

    So the Bible says that the apocalypse it predicts will happen “suddenly”.

    • Paul ...

      Suddenly means ‘within 4 minutes” if Hillary is elected … she wants our military to launch all 1800 nuclear warheds at Russia within 4 minutes “if she determines” the Russians tampered with her election results … however if it was Soro’s interfering in our election results (with his “fixed” voting machines in 16 critical States) Hillary will likely FedX him 1800 roses!!

      • Paul ...

        Just like Bush going after Sadam for “imaginary weapons of mass destruction” … Hillary wants to go after the Russians for “imaginary vote tampering” … we need a president like Trump who is grounded in “reality” not “imaginary lies” …

    • kevin….Please watch this video
      How can people still believe in religion…..have you read Deuteronomy from the bible? It premotes slavery….torture…genocide…rape. All the word of God……funny that you never hear a preacher breathe a word from that part of the Bible. Its a joke!!!

      • Robert Lykens

        Kevin, I can’t give you a lesson in Christianity in one paragraph, but look at it this way:
        I lived many years thinking that I knew better than God about – well, everything. Then I met God.
        Now I have lived many years studying the Bible – including Deuteronomy. Who knows better – you, who doesn’t know God and who knows very little about the Bible, or me, who has lived many years from both viewpoints? I know both sides very well, while you know only one side.
        By any standard, I’m more qualified to say which is better than you are. Christianity and the Bible are true and are the only way to life.

      • Matties

        Maybe you lack knowledge. Try Michael S. Heiser with his unsen realm series on youtube.

  11. Rod King

    Go All In For Trump – Enjoy The Ride – Never Trumpers Beware . . . Hear how Trump turns the tables on George Stephanopoulos starting at the 26:00 mark, they cant take him down! Much more shakedowns throughout from the beginning.

  12. dabrake

    Hello Greg: Thanks for another informative interview. Mr. Rickards has warned against “digital cash” such as funds held in money market accounts. So then, where would “cash” be safely held? Do Treasury Bills in a brokerage account qualify? Certainly keeping large amounts of currency in the garage would take time to amass and wouldn’t be terribly safe. Regards.

    • Bill

      dabrake, dabrake, dabrake: Don’t you know you don’t hide your money in the garage. It goes under the mattress!!!

    • andyb

      When the SHTF, all paper assets will go to zero. If the banks close, or do bail-ins, so will the brokerages. If you don’t have it in your hand, you don’t really own it. Btw, your pension and/or 401k will be toast as well.

  13. john duffy

    When the light is turned on, there is never just one cockroach

    • wondrouscat

      Thanks john duffy – great link -“Who is Huma Abedin?” Just incredible. Such hubris to keep this woman so close to her, like hiding something in plain sight thinking no one would notice? Hillary on a mission to destroy America for the globalists, took $25 million from Saudi Arabia for her election, in bed with the jihadist muslims in direct contact thru Huma. Unbelievable.

    • Paul ...

      Comey gives Hillary a Hollow-Weiner “trick” … exposing Hillary’s connections to Al Qaeda and 9-11 … you Hillary voters better start using your brains … you claim to want 9-11 truth? … well it is all spelled out for you in Duffy’s excellent post above!

  14. Sayonara

    Welcome to Economics 801 – An advanced master degree interview. Most people (average person on the street) would not have a clue about the subject being discussed. Based on what is transpiring in the world today, you cannot be prepared enough. I am revisiting my plans and will be making additional reallocations this week.
    Rickards is super smart and I get his message loud and clear from a trained fundamental understanding of economics.
    BTW – I got a little worried that this was not released on Sunday – Greg – We watch you like an atomic clock.
    Thank You!

    • Concerned american dad

      If you watch so closely you would have known that when in leu of the weekly news wrap on friday -there is an inyerview posted, hd lets it stew through Monday’s posting

  15. Da Yooper

    I dont know who to believe

    Jim Willie say we are having inflation & deflation at the same time & proves it

    & James Rickards says we cant

    From my arm chair Willies explanation holds more water than Rickards unless someone can explain it differently

    • Greg Hunter

      Da Yooper,
      Every single person I interview thinks the end game is hyperinflation. Do we have both or deflation first? Every model ends in currency destruction. This is what the SDR is fir because the USD is going to be greatly diminished on the global stage. I think we can all agree we are in for some Biblical level . . . storm. Thanks for the comment and for supporting WSAW!!

      • Oracle 911

        Your guest basically said:
        The Ponzi scheme based on debt aka paper promise in case of the US (and the West in general) or slave contract in case of credit card debt, mortgage, commercial loan etc will be papered over and continue.

        The era of empty promises ended (or ending depending on the field/facet of life) because either you keep your words or you are toast in eyes of public.
        And we all know, the promises of Western official representatives and Western institutions are EMPTY (Obamacare for example). This means China, Russia and in some extent the rest of the world will not allow implement the plan mentioned by Rickards

      • Mohammad


        When the monetary bubble pops, the human bubble pops with it.
        No hyperinflation, no inflation, just deflationary by all means.


    • Kerry

      I don’t think it matters if it is deflation or inflation-if you can’t get your money you can’t get it. Prepare for Hurricane (insert name of bad storm here) on steroids. Have some cash on hand but also be prepared to barter/trade, and have some SKILLS, people! Be able to defend yourself. Although I can shoot I am also pretty good with a bow and knife. And make some friends with others who have skills, like my daughter’s good buddy who is a multiple campaign Marine recently back home who has a lot of VERY interesting skills. We already have formed a survival group around his unique skill set.

  16. Michael


    Can’t get the new book until after the election? James should release the kindle version now. His new book might not be worth reading if Trump is elected and everything crashes…just saying.

  17. Jim G

    I suggest people Google “James Rickards” and check his track record. Guy talks a good game but the facts prove him wrong more often than right.

    Sooner or later the doom predictors will be right and he is just one among the crowd. Everyone just needs to get prepared to what is coming and stop listening to these pundits who are not really telling you anything you need to know or will help you in the future.

    • Greg Hunter

      Jim G,
      Rickards whether you like him or not, has global financial experience. The Pentagon has hire him to play financial war games and play the part of potential global enemies. He is a three time best selling author in his first three books, and is headed for his fourth Best-seller. What kind of a guest do you want me to book?? By the way he’s been right a lot more times than he’s been wrong. Rickards prediction about the coming crash and bailout with SDR’s should be well understood what that mean for the USD and life in America for the unprepared. Thank you for your comment even though we disagree.

      • Robert Lykens

        Keep booking these guys Greg. The alternative is booking guests who would tell us that “everything’s fine”.
        I come to USA Watchdog to hear opinions from experts who have much more knowledge and experience than I do. I know beforehand that these people aren’t prophets; when I want accurate prophecy I read the Bible.
        You’re doing a great job.

      • Jared


        Love Jim Rickards! Just throwing this out, but a good follow up to Cliff High would be Steve from srsrocco He thinks like Cliff and Mannarino because he also says the world is going to have a major resource problem.

        Just an opinion offered to you.

      • susan

        Not to mention that he is on all of the business TV channels all the time. He is definitely important to listen to. Thanks Greg.

    • Guest

      Well said, Jim. Everyone needs to prepare because another crisis IS coming.

    • Anne Elliott

      You use the great NWO contractor Google to look people up? They select and de-select information and articles according to what government handlers tell them to do. Try DuckDuckGo site for your information.

  18. Herb

    So a HRC win is priced into the market, and a DJT win would cause the market to re-price. I get that. But why would the direction of that be downward? I can’t prove it, but I seem to recall that the market went up when Reagan won in 1980 because the consensus was that Reagan’s policies were pro-business. DJT’s policies seem a lot like Reagan. Might the markets actually go up on a DJT win?

    • Robert Lykens

      My guess would be that the stock markets would go down because they are addicted to the free billions of QE dollars and the Fed’s promise that they won’t allow the markets to fail. Trump would likely change that.
      The good old days of sound financial principles based on free market economy are gone. Now they respond to socialism.

    • Paul ...

      If Trump is going to build infrastructure … the commodity stocks should advance … but why worry about the stock market? … no one should be invested there because Trump can short “all the neocon stocks” using the Plunge Protection Team to drain the swamp for the benefit of the American people … he should use “unlimited fiat” to drive all the neocon stocks into the ground (the same way they drove our gold and silver into the ground) … put all the MSM stocks, the bank stocks, etc. into bankruptcy … then at the bottom cover our Nations “short position” and rake in enough profit to pay off the American peoples National Debt, fund Social Security and provide free Healthcare for everyone!

    • Paul Anthony

      I think Trump will fight for sound money and going back to sound economic policy and a crash would have to clean up the mess first. Which would mean the DOW and everything else has to tank first before it gets better.

      With Hillary they can probably keep it going awhile longer and then when it does crash still keep criminality policies in place in favor of Wallstreet and central bankers world wide — while they take what assets the people own …. you know… Globalism. We rule the citizens drool

      If we can’t keep the same game going here in America “they” cant keep globalism antics happening in Europe – barley even able to do it now. Trump becomes President we have a good recovery other the next couple decades as possible — and possible we go and actually follow the constitution again – With Hillary — probably in 20 years most of the word is third world

    • BetterChetter

      The market drops if real value enters the price mechanism. The market rises, if Euro takes a hit, from destabilization among those nations. Or this:

  19. Anthony Australia

    My compliments Gentlemen!

  20. Spurr

    Did anyone go read the blog that Robbie 41 posted

    Folks if this true this is unrealllllllll! I cannot see how and why this FBI agent would lie… this is a must read if you are seeking the truth on our present government! Hopefully this blog will still be up!

    Thanks to Robbie 41 for posting this unrealllll blog!

  21. roger


  22. Mme. Hedin

    Thak you, Greg, for bring Rickards on for interview once again. Rickards is generally the smartest guy in the room. Listen up, any “Deplorables” out there. Trump “will likely win” and the market will crash by 10% or more. Lovely. But hankfully, Intelligent people generally take the reins (and are encouraged to) when crisis arrives and good leadership is needed. I do not agree with many of Clinton’s views, decisions and votes. But do we really want someone as President who may be distracted by the +700 lawsuits currently outstanding against him, including a fraud case in November and a child rape case (she was 13 when this allegedly occurred) scheduled to go to court in December?

  23. Mme Hedin

    Excellent. Thak you, Greg, for bring Rickards on for interview once again. Rickards is generally the smartest guy in the room. Listen up, any “Deplorables” out there. Trump “will likely win” and the market will crash by 10% or more. Lovely. But hankfully, Intelligent people generally take the reins (and are encouraged to) when crisis arrives and good leadership is needed. I do not agree with many of Clinton’s views, decisions and votes. But do we really want someone as President who may be distracted by the +700 lawsuits currently outstanding against him, including a fraud case in November and a child rape case (she was 13 when this allegedly occurred) scheduled to go to court in December?

  24. John Tipping

    Release of Bone-Chilling video of Huma Abedin every American Needs to See


    Bone Chilling Questions About 9/11, Abedin and The Clintons


  25. dave

    Great interview. One question i would like to hear you ask your guests in the future is about what will happen to consumer loans during a crisis? will there be a debt payment suspension or will NWO come after us for mortgages, car loans, etc. at the same time banks and markets are frozen? I am preparing for this but would love to hear what your guests have to say.

    • Hatemail

      You know the answer, you just don’t want to believe it.

  26. Andrew Maggard

    There is a consistent message that Jim Rickards focuses upon in both his books and interviews, that of the complexity theory which he uses the avalanche hypothesis as an example. It only takes one snow flake to bring about this avalanche. He clearly spoke of the possibility of the avalanche occurring at any time. Personally I am surprised that such an event has not yet occurred. Based on his hypothesis, anyone not following his recommendation of having in their possession at least ten percent of their portfolio invested in gold, precious metals would be whistling past the grave yard. Just to be on the safe side of his advice, buying a few more ounces of silver or gold would appear to be sound advice. Precious metals could soon be unavailable at any price, buy now.

  27. Russ

    Great interview with Mr Rickards. Unlike others, I realize that this level of analysis is not an exact science, you can only analyze the information available and there’s lots being hidden. The people in charge have turned kicking the can into an art form, so how do you analyze that?

    It’s been said that this will happen slowly and then suddenly. All you can do is prepare during the slowly part (now) and then be patient while waiting for the suddenly part to occur. It’s not like anyone should be in a hurry to reach armageddon.

  28. Bill

    GREG: It is interesting to me that in todays comments there are those who expect trouble and are prepared, and then there are those who feel all will continue as it has been and are not prepared. Sounds like the parable of the 5 wise, and the 5 foolish virgins.

    • susan

      I like your reply, Bill.

  29. Papa J

    Thanks Greg, I so look forward to your interviews. I thought I was going to have to wait until Wednesday for another interview. Glad that didn’t happen. I love learning from people that are smarter than I in areas I do not excel. Pretty much everyone I listen to recommends 10% in precious metals. I do understand that this includes real estate, but I for one REALLY don’t trust the banks and stock market will be in another massive correction soon. So other than some liquid cash for the few bills I have and a little extra for emergencies. I find investing in life sustaining preps very important. Most of your guests state that, but don’t expand on it. Finances are very important, but won’t be worth much if you can’t take care of yourself. A guest with that experience might be good. (Just a suggestion)
    So in the wealth category, other than real estate, G&S is it. That most likely would exceed the 10%. If needed the G&S can always be sold, but really I figure that will be the wealth that my son will get when I am gone.
    Keep up the excellent work and with whatever this future brings us I hope you & your family will be safe.

  30. Lisa alderman

    Good morning Greg

    Why do we need to print? Why would we want the IMF to print SDRs? Why do we want this fiat Ponzi scheme to continue? Let’s go back to the system where the countries mint their own currency? Jeff Nielsen Inflation is Economic cancer. I think you might enjoy this article. Mr Rickards continues the one bank propaganda. God bless. Lisa alderman

  31. Jerry

    Jim Rickard’s was right. The collapse of the dollar started on September 31st when the IMF gave the Yuan reserve currency status with SDR. The transition of wealth from this country into the BRIC economic system has officially begun. More importantly it has been a long standing plan with the globalist for quite some time.

    Some of my sources say that Hillary’s email investigation is nothing more than a smoke screen. The real investigation is centered on the Clinton Global Initiative Scheme. According to them the Clinton Global Initiative has been used as a front for politicians and globalist to transfer wealth from our government into the new economic system created by the Chinese. They say the corruption is so massive and so deep that it goes through every level of our government including the DOJ. They have no idea where to go with this. At this point our only hope Trump.
    (see my next link)

    • Jerry

      Addendum to my last post.
      Here is another example of wealth transfer moving from west to east.

      It should be noted that Uma Aberdeen (Hillary’s top aide) has deep ties to Saudi Arabia and many of the OPEC nations through her family. Once the gold exchange platform is in place, the Saudi’s will begin dumping dollars for gold in exchange for oil, extensively putting an end to the petrodollar hegemony. The globalist plan will have gone full circle.

      • Jerry

        Another example of just how far down the globalist rat hole the corruption really goes. Check out who was heaping praises on the Clintons in 2012.

    • Jerry

      If anyone would like some hard data on how fast the Chinese are transitioning to the new economic exchange system (our replacement), here’s a link to SWIFT.

      Jim Rickard’s is absolutely right. Once the transfer is complete, without warning, one day you will go to your bank to get some money out, and it will be closed. Probably on a Friday. There will be a sign on the door that says “Temporarily Closed until Monday”. Monday rolls around and you go back to your bank, and find it still closed. Only this time there’s another sign on the door and it reads ” under Federal Executive Order this institution is closed until further notice”.

      Warning? Forget about it. You won’t know anything until it happens. The central planners want it that way to avoid conflict. And the news media? Do I really need to explain them? Read Wiki Leaks and you will know what side they’re on. Folks I would heed Jims warning. I know we’ve heard this all before, but at some point the central planners have no choice but to reset the system. Based on the acceleration of CIPS it won’t be much longer.

  32. Colin

    It seems to me the “markets” are pro-FREE MONEY, a.k.a QE4. They are no longer legitimate. Why do you think it goes up with bad econ news? Why do you think it freaks when there is even a .25% rate hike? Nothing is real, its all an illusion.

    • Rejean Martel

      Jerry, i thank you 1,000 times for your knowledge, posts. And To you too Mr. Greg Hunter the BEST website news & comments … Thanx a millions times

  33. Gord Higham


    Crisis Equals Opportunity

    For those that are paying attention and have replaced fear with action.

    Gord Higham

  34. Jerry

    I hate to break it to Mr. Rickards but it won’t matter who gets elected. The globalist have a plan going forward to collapse the current Bretton Woods banking system to install a new one …..and “collapse it they will”.

    Did you really think the Global Initiative was about helping the poor? It was about showing who was going to pony up to get a place at the globalist table. Hillary Clinton just happens to be their spokesman. She takes her orders directly from the “Council of Foreign Governments” and the United Nations.

    Its all rigged from beginning to end.When she was Secretary of State she helped get a 5 billion dollar donation to help the Chinese complete the Silk Road Project which runs from China all the way to Europe. Coincidence? Not hardly. Its part of the globalist agenda for the Chinese to take the lead in the New World order. They’ve even constructed a super highway that runs from the Midwest through Texas all the way through Mexico to the Pacific Ocean. Why? So the Chinese can offload their goods into a more direct route into the North American Union. formerly known as the United States. Rigged? That’s an understatement.

  35. Oxfarmer

    I have always feared that the next reset would be electronic money of some kind. Eventually the Biblical scenario must take place, that no one can buy or sell without the mark. How easy would it be in a full financial meltdown to say, “We can’t give you your money but you can get so much per day with this tatoo pin\chip”?

    Prudent people and those who don’t use much cash would then find themselves under a.microscope and pure socialism would kick in. The government would take everything in the interest of redistribution, with the usual outcome: fat cats live high, peasants starve. For a while, perhaps, black markets. I don’t know how to stop the elites, but a vote for Trump might be a beginning.

  36. Diane D.

    Thank you Greg for another informative interview. I believe your view that the road will eventually lead to hyperinflation will prove accurate.

    There will be many shortages. Watchdogs, how many months are you prepared to feed your loved ones? Food is cheap, and more important it is AVAILABLE today. I can’t imagine the torture of saying, “I’ve got all this gold and silver but I can’t feed my loved ones.”

  37. Doug

    Great interview. I really like JR; always have. One thought…if complexity theory applies to financial markets, does it also apply to political situations? If so, shouldnt we expect social chaos too? Scary stuff… Be prepared!!

  38. francis m reps

    Please stop praising this individual Greg. By his own admission ; he stated he was the General Counsel for Long Term Capital Management. WHY ON EARTH WOULD ANYONE WANT TO TAKE THE ADVICE OF THE HEAD OF THE YUGO CAR COMPANY???. I see this individual as a clever…opportunistic …patent medicine salesman ,who is selling alcohol laced colored water in fancy bottles to trusting Rubes. Ms. Fitts and so many other of your guests provide information. Even the Bishop of BS ; Mr. Celente has more to offer. I cannot even listen to more than a couple of minutes of his blather.

  39. Frederick

    Great stuff from Jim Rickards I agree with his projections and hold physical gold silver and am in the process of buying farmland and hold physical cash of various kinds Im still in the process of emptying my bank accounts though Greg Id love to see someone who is knowledgeable about the new silk road project being done between Europe and China This previous weekend I tooh a train to Tersepol Poland from Warsaw to see the new junction of Asia and the EU they are constructing there and survived a wicked hailstorm on the Belorussian border I stayed in a renovated 14th century castlle in horse country where they breed Arabians and it was amazing Just a report from the eastern front

  40. Charles H


    James Rickards may be intelligent AND connected, with valuable experience: but I view him as a semi-insider, who sees the Sea-Change coming – and is playing his cards for maximum profit. I don’t blame him; but I don’t trust all his information or assertions. Either he is playing an uneasy exit from the halls of power; or he toes an uneasy line with the Establishment like Martin Armstrong.
    Prices are going through the roof – Education; Health Care; Food (more money AND less proportions; and try getting any services done on car or home! Inflation is hidden – and he totally ski-s around it: so either he doesn’t see it, or purposely ignores this.
    China was given the SDR for “political” reasons? The BRICS and the Silk Road promise to ellipse the Western World; and the West cannot make it on it’s own. China is not just a new member of the Club: she is in the (gold) driver’s seat. The West just won’t admit it until it is forced to do so.
    A good Grain of Salt on this one.

  41. Mme Hedin

    My error. DJT has only 73 pending lawsuits, not +700. Sorry, folks.

    • susan

      You must be related to Uma, Mme Hedin.

  42. Kraig

    Great interview Greg. I would like to hear more guests describe what they believe the state of things will be some period of weeks or months after the “big event”. We get all sorts of predictions about the lead up to the big event but little to nothing on what will happen soon after. Will we need to trade our physical assets for new SDRs? Will our contractual agreements be restated in SDRs ? Will we need to prepared to transact as much as we can outside “the system”? Will we have any recourse to obtain our assets still trapped in the system?

    • Tin foil hat

      Will we need to trade our physical assets for new SDRs?
      I think you won’t have to do that unless you want to buy foreign goods. The sticker prices on the BMW or Toyota will be priced in SDRs.
      Will our contractual agreements be restated in SDRs ?
      More than likely not. However, any long term international contractual agreements will most likely be restated in SDRs.
      Will we need to prepared to transact as much as we can outside “the system”?
      We will have to do that when hyperinflation is upon us.

  43. Eric

    I like to hear interviews with Mr. Rickards and he is obviously a smart cookie, but (for what it is worth) I will offer another perspective on a few of his points…

    (1) If you finally have a global repudiation of global currencies, there is no guarantee that the citizens of the world will allow the system to be ‘rescued’ by the issuance of SDRs from the IMF.

    Think about it — the SDR is itself fiat (it is not backed by anything real). So if you acknowledge that currencies around the world are worthless — that we will not accept a reliquification in the local currencies from the various Central banks — what should make us so sure that SDRs will be perceived to have value?

    Second, as Mr. Rickard’s explained, the ‘value’ of the SDR at any moment in time is obtained by running a formula for the value of its component parts — currently five different fiat currencies. If those 5 currencies are under attack in the financial emergency he envisions, then by definition the value of the SDR itself collapses.

    Question: what if a single country or group of countries decided to launch a gold-backed currency during the crisis? My guess is that it would instantly become the currency of choice and make SDR’s worthless.

    (2) Mr. Rickard’s is fond of saying that you only need a 10% weighting in precious metals and that it will more than make up for the losses you experience elsewhere in your portfolio.

    But if consumer inflation finally takes hold and a gallon of milk goes up by a factor of 10 or 100 or whatever (along with everything else), then a commensurate rise in the dollar value of gold will only protect whatever percentage of your portfolio it currently represents.

    For a 10% weighting in gold to make up for total losses in the other 90% of your portfolio (if ‘paper’ based), it would have to go up exponentially versus the price increases of consumer goods during a hyper-inflation. And it is not clear this would happen.

    (3) It was interesting to hear him discuss the militarization of local police forces. A couple of observations…

    first, we have seen during recent small-scale riots and demonstrations, that the resources of a local police force can be somewhat overwhelmed. If you had massive social disorder, there is no way that a local police force could deal with the magnitude.

    He is also assuming that the police officers, themselves, who are citizens first (and equally suffering from the financial collapse), would decide to spend their time trying to maintain law and order. I hope he is right but good luck counting on it.

    (4) People tend to talk about the stock market as it is a single entity. In actuality, each share represents fractional ownership of a publicly traded business (and a claim on the downstream cash flows).

    Thus, when the market re-opens the value of a share of stock in a gold mine might have a very different value than a share of stock in a money-center bank. Some businesses are themselves oriented toward hard assets, others have significant holdings in land, plant and equipment, etc.

    Some stocks might retain enormous value and others could be deemed worthless. Same with real estate, etc. Values within each asset class are never uniform — they vary based on a wide variety of factors.

    It’s all a gigantic game of three dimensional chess and nobody — Jim Rickards or me or anyone — can fully figure out what will happen or much less, when. So yes, hold some physical metals, hold some cash, retain some emergency supplies and continue to pray that we never have to face the scenario he is painting.

    • Tin foil hat

      “the ‘value’ of the SDR at any moment in time is obtained by running a formula for the value of its component parts — currently five different fiat currencies. If those 5 currencies are under attack in the financial emergency he envisions, then by definition the value of the SDR itself collapses.”

      SDR = A+B+C+D+E, if A,B,C and D collapsed, then D = SDR. Hence, IMF allows the inclusion of yuan into the basket just so that it could compete for the position of “Last $ Standing”.

      “Question: what if a single country or group of countries decided to launch a gold-backed currency during the crisis? My guess is that it would instantly become the currency of choice and make SDR’s worthless.”

      If A and E launched gold back currencies, then SDR = A+E. If only E launched a gold back currency, then gold will become the world reserve money once again.

      “Mr. Rickard’s is fond of saying that you only need a 10% weighting in precious metals and that it will more than make up for the losses you experience elsewhere in your portfolio.”

      If the dollar were no longer the global reserve currency, all assets denominated in dollar will become much cheaper for the foreigners with very few exceptions – GOLD is one of those exceptions.

    • wondrouscat

      Thank you for such an excellent, reasonable, rational post. Fully agree with you too.

  44. Pinocchio

    For the financial elites, printing more currency is safer than closing the banks. Hyperinflation is more manageable than large scale riots. It had been seen in Argentina and Zimbabwe. Most of the people (the working class) can tolerate the impoverishment done through hyperinlation as long as foods and sex enterntainments are still around.

    • Tin foil hat

      It’s happening now in Venezuela. They don’t count them any more. They weight them on scales.

      • Pinocchio

        That is right and I could get killed if I go to Caracas and shout to the people “cash is king !”.

  45. Doug C.

    Mr. Rickards is interesting as always, but I wish someone of his caliber would talk about the real problem the Western World has. It all boils down to “Central Banks and the fractional banking system”. The problem is that Central banks create money with a single stroke of a keyboard. It costs them NOTHING to create (a fraction of a minute worth of the keyboard operators wage=virtually nothing for $ billions/Trillions of dollars). Then they lend it to someone (government, you and I etc.) and charge interest on it. Now the “money” that was created out of nothing (no backing of gold, silver etc.) needs more money to pay it back (original money loaned and interest as well). To do this, more money needs to be created to pay back the money originally created. It is a continual circle of creating more debt to pay off money created out of NOTHING. Countries and banks need to continually create more and more debt to pay of the debt we already have. It will never end until we have currency backed by something or get completely rid of the fractional banking system (they only need collateral to cover a fraction of their debt). Why do you think Governments that have a majority of power still never run balanced budgets (even when they were elected on that promise)? They can’t. The banking system we run on is set up to constantly produce more and more debt. Please, everyone needs to read the book, “The Creature From Jekyll Island”, which chronicles the creation of the Federal Banking System, which is not part of the Federal Government at all, and is in effect ruling the Western World. This has got to end before savers can ever have interest rates again that will benefit them.

    • 8Ball

      You can boil that down to two terms: dishonesty and criminality

      • Doug C.

        Agreed. Now what do we do about it? Sitting on our hands and watching mind numbing TV isn’t going to change a thing.

  46. vincent_g

    That’s amazing – they figured out how to sell debt against a system twice!

    I wish I can do that.

    The SDR is backed by a so called basket of currencies and the new bond is selling debt against what you say????

    How do you then go about selling debt against the same shoddy paper again?
    You call it a different name.

    • Tin foil hat

      You are correct. That is why I believe gold will be the last component added to the SDR.

  47. eddiemd

    Went to the local Phoenix silver coin shop to price the mint dollars. They are selling +4 dollars over spot for US mint dollars. Bought four.

    I asked him how sales are going and he says that no one is buying silver at his place. Maybe he is overpriced.

    He sells +3 dollar over spot for amounts greater than 20 0z. He has whatever amount you want in hand for both silver and gold.

    • Mme Hedin

      You might try either or for silver products. They have the the best prices and variety of offerings versus a small local dealer, although for most other goods it’s certainly better to support your small local businesses.

    • Tin foil hat

      I bought two random year American Eagles from Apmex in Febrary. I got two 2015. I bought two more in July, I got two 2012. I bought another two in September, I got two 2011.
      It seems whoever bought high in 2011 and 2012 had given up.

  48. Neil

    Steve Pieczenik has just come out and stated he is part of a faction of intelligence personnel who have undertaken a coup against the US government on behalf of the people. I want people to be aware this guy has worked for Poppa Bush, Kissinger, The Rand Corp, is a member of the CFR and specialises in crisis management and psychological warfare. ie. he is very likely working for the New World Order and the shadow government and therefore is not staging any coup for the benefit of the people. They are trying to dump everything on Hillary to save their own asses, co-opt any dissident action to neutralise opposition and assume control by stealth. Someone in the US should immediately contact the FBI and have this guy arrested for treason and sedition. There is no need to interfere with the US electoral process which by most accounts will be won by Trump regardless of the dirty tricks campaigns. Do not be played by these people. They are very cunning and dishonest.

  49. Val.

    love it, Thanks Greg.

  50. Anthony C.

    Excellent interview as usual Greg. I’ve been following Jim’s trades thru his newsletter for years and been doing well.

  51. Paul ...

    It’s all coming together … Hillary will be decimated on November 8th … Trumps victory will be of Biblical Proportions … … Hillarys tactics for making money have been clearly exposed … when Hillary was in the State Department she would profess to be against something (like for instance a trade deal with Paraguay) … then Bill Clinton makes a vist to Paraguay to give a speech (charging $700,000 dollars per hour) … after the speech and talking with Paraguay officials … Hillary arrives by plane … and signs the very trade deal she was so vehemently against just days before saying she would never sign such a deal … that is how it will work if she ever became our President … likely the same tactic was used with Iran … first she says “if I’m elected President I will go to war with Iran” … then (after a big donation to the Clinton Foundation) … an Iran deal is made! … so go ahead Democrates vote for your “forked tongue” Hillary … and watch Trump take 2/3rds of the vote just as God did against that “forked tongue” Satan!!!

    • Paul ...

      When Trump takes 66.6% of the vote (the way God did when he threw Satan out of Heaven) Hillary will call Trump “the Beast” … however the “true Beast” with 33.3% of the vote will call herself a true 33 degree Mason!! … the world is just the opposite of what you believe folks!!

      • Paul ...

        And why do we have to have all this talk of “sacrifice” in our churchs … training us to eat bodies and blood?? … why can’t we get away from dwelling on such morbid rituals??? … it seems as perverted as ISIS eating hearts and chopping off heads!! … if we can get away from being trained in “sacrifice rituals” from eating bodies and blood perhaps more people will attend church on Sunday!

  52. Linda L.

    This fellows (Steve Pieczenik) appears to have an impressive list of professional accomplishments, having a long history working in high levels of government for various US Administrations. Among other profound points that he urgently shares, Mr. Pieczenik says that the Wiki leaks are absolutely coming from internal, organized sources within our government in order to stop the Clintons and current Administration’s reign of chaos/destruction to US:

  53. Bill

    Greg,the hardest part of watching a lot of the same info is all your guests and many more on other sites are all correct.But it takes patience to see it out and most people expext instant collapse or war what ever the topic.the instant news we get from social media is like live feeds but men like Rickards are giving you a projection that can take minutes to years based on what other conditions exist to effect that scenario.Ive been prepping and watching many sources and like your format big time and quality guests and I understand none of your informative reporting is “chicken little” but a collage of well thought out guests representative of different professions or professions all brought together under your roof to aide us listeners to make important decisions at times based on people that know and deal with more than I know. Your a good personality and genuine in your approach and always ask pertinent questions. Thanks

  54. Bill

    I will use spell check next time lol. Top 5 interview of all ive ever watched and only greg manarino comes across as pouring his heart out to the public to listen up.

  55. David

    Thank you Greg for a very good interview! I do have 2 questions which I would like to ask Jim Rickards: 1) why would any of us in the working class accept another paper/digital fake representation of money (SDRs) which the controllers will then use to steal the fruits of our labor, and 2) what makes the buffoons in the IMF, BIS, etcetera think that we the people will consent to those buffoons remaining in charge, when it was those clowns who have robbed us all for over a century and created the very crisis through their buffoonery that they now claim to have a solution for. I think it’s a fake, don’t you?

  56. Bill

    Cant help but add a little more as the possibility grows closer of a major disruption of our society regardless of what it is but your interviews and the people that respond all have there right to interpet your guests,but what most don’t get or respect is you give a 30 minute “SEMINAR” for free,send donations, from people that give advice for money and you milk them for all its worth and get great insite into war,economy,politics,and I recognize your character for a respect these guest give you and understand they are reaching good people that follow your site. don’t get a swolled head just do what you do and keep us informed.

  57. Sven

    Full marks to Greg and the team for bringing us the outlook and analysis of the best and brightest time and again.

  58. David

    Hi Greg,
    I have listened to every one of your interviews for the past 2 years, but I just couldn’t listen to this one. JT said the market would be in trouble on Sept. 30 at 4:00 p.m. and it was misinformation or deliberate disinformation. In the interview he may have said some good things, but he made a fool of himself by predicting a day AND exact time. I know a fool can state some facts, but generally speaking it is best not to waste time listening to them.

  59. Laura

    Wow! Prayers are being answered! Listen to this video: Thankful for loyalist to the USA!

    The Hillary Clinton Takeover of the United States

    Steve Pieczenik

  60. Independent

    The market is slowly pricing in a Trump win could be correct.

    DOJ’s Peter Kadzik Exposed Colluding With Clinton Campaign

    On Monday we were the first to note that Podesta’s friend Peter Kadzik was the DOJ representative chosen to head up a “thorough” review of the new Huma Abedin emails as revealed by a letter he wrote to Congress. Given Kadzik’s personal relationship with Podesta, it seemed like a “convenient” choice for the Clinton campaign.

    In the letter to Congress, the DOJ writes that it “will continue to work closely with the FBI and together, dedicate all necessary resources and take appropriate steps as expeditiously as possible,” assistant attorney General Peter J. Kadzik writes in letters to House and Senate lawmakers.
    “Ironically”, that is the same Peter Kadzik who has proven his “impartiality” in multiple WikiLeaks emails including this newly released bombshell in which Kadzik provides a very helpful “heads up” about Hillary’s email server investigation.

  61. Linda L.

    Counter coup taking place to stop the Clintons!

    • Neil

      I’m calling this as a self serving intervention/psy-op on behalf of the NWO. I would suggest people don’t follow this guy. We don’t need nut groups taking over on our behalf.

    • Paul ...

      America … our lives must count for something more then money … and sex with children that our politicians bring us … good people within government … with an internal moral code … are now standing up … and won’t allow our country to be turned into an evil Sodom loving nation of perverts!!

  62. Daniel Song

    Speaking of money (real money), gold and silver are jumping. Are they pricing in a potential Trump victory?

    • Paul ...

      Once Trump gets in and finds all our gold was stolen … he should start buying it back with fiat money printed up by the treasury … although the gold price will spike upward … Trump should pay “any price for it” in fiat dollars just so that he will have something of value to support the dollar at some lower level … rather then letting the dollar go completely to zero!!

  63. Larry Galearis

    One would assume that we still live in a market economy after listening to Jim.
    Is he leaving a tad out here?

  64. Billy-Bob Blue

    Richards is very smart but there are those who call him a shill for TPTB.

    SDRs? Come on that hey are even less credible. We need to end the phoney money. Return to sanity and reason. The SDRs biggest component is USD so how would that work when dollar collapse.

    Enough already. I’ll take gold and silver every time!

  65. Justn Observer

    Greg have you interviewed Karl Denninger recently?
    Hope all has the time to consider:

    AS INFORMED BY KARL DENNINGER might be a great guest to consider?….HERE :



  66. Donna Stone

    Why should you be afraid of a mortal man who will die and of a son of man who will wither like green grass?—Isa. 51:12.

    Faith in God the father will help you to conquer your fears. If powerful officials try to restrict your freedom to worship God, it may seem that your life, welfare, and future are in human hands. You might even wonder if it is wise to continue serving the father and angering the authorities. Remember: The antidote to fear of man is faith in God. (Prov. 29:25) Focus your attention on your almighty Father. He sees, empathizes with, and acts in behalf of those who suffer under unjust rulers. (Ex. 3:7-10) Even if you must defend your faith before powerful officials, “do not become anxious about how or what you are to speak, for what you are to speak will be given you in that hour.” (Matt. 10:18-20) Human rulers and government officials are no match for your loving almighty God. By strengthening your faith now, you can come to see your creator, God and heavenly father, as a real Person who is eager to help you.

    • Paul ...

      Powerful officials in the US government have been supporting the chopping off of Christian heads (Obama, Hillary, McCain, etc., etc.) … do they think this will stop us Christians from believing in God and switch our faith to Allah and become Muslims?? … Powerful officials in the US government have been promoting constant war for decades … do they think that we will change our view that peacemakers are the children of God?? … Powerful officials in the US government have been rigging our elections for years … do they think Gods people are going to let them get away with it this time?? … we will not walk quietly to the neocon Satanists FEMA camps where they will throw us Christians to the lions!!! … any Christian Democrat voting for Hillary better make an appointment to get your brain examined before it is chopped off!!

  67. Linda L.

    Russia moves into survival mode:

  68. Jerry

    Take a look at the latest money velocity money chart.

    From looking at the current trend, it sure looks like it will hit bottom at the end of this year, or the first of next year and seize up capital flow. What say you?

  69. karl kuhle

    Rob Kirby and Holter say they don’t trust Rickards. They say ex Coa is never ex cia.
    Look at his involvement in the LTC saga
    I don’t trust him

    • Tommy

      Rickards said Dow would go down 1,000, S&P would go down 200 and gold would go up $100 if Trump won. Oops!

  70. Mike Huff

    “Wikileaks has emails showing Clinton’s willingness to do anything for money”.

    Eww, yucky, i-think-i-just-threw-up-in-my-mouth, gross, gruesome, hideous, icky, nasty, nauseating, odious, offensive, raunchy, repugnant, repulsive, revolting, rotten, scuzzy, sickening, skanky, sleazy, stinking, vile, vulgar.

    Please god, we pray there is no video !!!

    Killary For Prison 2016

    • Paul ...

      And these moral perverts will “do anything” to take away our guns … like shooting our beautiful innocent children at school … just so they can generate support for their gun control legislation!!!

    • JC Davis

      Mike Huff when friends ask me if I voted I simply say yes , I voted to send Hillary to jail.
      Some rarely ask who I voted for after that statement.
      I was not going to waste my time voting cause I think the game is rigged, but when Trump said in the debate she would be jailed , the next day I voted for him. If he wins I bet he will pardon her.

      • Charles H

        Banish would be better.

  71. Mike Huff

    I’ve been a steadfast reader for about 24 months now. I love the site, your wide range of guests and of course your perspective, comments and willingness to say it like it is.

    Your neighbors to the north appreciate what you do…thank-you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mike!!

  72. Mr Mister

    Who is going to slap a foreclosure sign on the US Fed? The American elite are going to fight tooth and nail to maintain the Petro-Dollar system. The SDR is the Dollar in drag. The IMF is based in Washington D.C.

  73. Rich M


    Okay some of you may know that I was all for Trump from way before he even announced in June 2015. I just saw him as the outsider we need…. much like the Ron Paul revolution. It took Trumps personality to be able to pull it off, which I believe he will in less than a week. I am not a troll but just stating just how I feel.

    So now, he is going to win short of it being stolen from him via overt fraud.

    So, given that, I ask of myself and others on this site, that once he is elected, that we need to focus on the fact that there is once again hope for this country. That we can’t be all gloom and doom even though the arrows are still pointing that way. That if Trump does lower the corporate tax rate, bring back trillions from over-seas, clean the swamp of corruption and waste, make fair trade deals, avoid a war with Russia, hold the FED accountable, protect our borders…. bringing back a spirit of the greatness of America once again….. then the painful part will still have to come as it is unavoidable…. the pain needed to fix the economy (primarily raising interest rates) but at least it can be from a better position…. like a boxer, all but knocked out being able to get back on his feet again….. so we may start from a standing position instead of laying flat on our back and down for the count. That is my hope and I ask everyone to try to hope, pray, and have faith that this can be accomplished….. for the sake of our children and generations and freedom. For the sake of beating the globalists and their sick agenda back.

    I still say we all need to prepare for the worse, but do believe in thinking positive and having faith and hope. When Trump pulls this off, that in and of itself shows me that hope is not lost regarding the state of the economy and what we know to be the truth that the sheeple do not.

    Thanks is my hope for us all my friends…..

  74. Sambo

    [NATO’s biggest buildup on Russia’s borders since the cold war. That’s what the Guardian’s calling it.]

    “Britain is sending fighter jets next year to Romania. The US is dispatching troops, tanks and artillery to Poland. Germany, Canada and other Nato countries also pledged forces at a meeting on Wednesday of defence chiefs in Brussels.”

    NATO is already wobblier than a 2 year old without trainer wheels, and EU disintegration will continue to accelerate as nationalistic parties are elected across Europe. With an increasing focus on protecting their self interests rather than that of Europe, NATO’s days are probably numbered.

    Germany, the strongest military power in Europe will remain reluctant to “lead the charge” due to it’s …ahem history, and the Brits reeling from Brexit have little appetite for military aggression, and that really leaves the empire. You see Europe is going to continue building walls. That’s defensive not aggressive.

    Then of course there is the South China sea dispute.

    Trump wants to “make America great”. War with Russia appears thankfully not to have crossed his mind.

    My guess is he’d rather build a new hotel in Moscow and bring reality TV to the White House than sit in the radiation footprint Washington after poking the bear.

    Hillary, on the other hand, is all for it. Her military understanding being that of steamed spinach, and being surrounded by an entire cadre of imbeciles who’ve gone before her: Bush, Cheney, Obama, that guy Bill.

    In a recent speech she made her stance very clear:

    “Our power comes with a responsibility to lead, humbly, thoughtfully, and with a fierce commitment to our values — because when America fails to lead we leave a vacuum that either causes chaos or other countries or networks rushing to fill the void.”

    Oh, you mean like the power vacuums in the middle east now filled by ISIS?

    And this doozy:

    “We can’t cozy up to dictators, we have to stand up to them.”

    Surely she can’t be referring to her push to take down Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. That gambit left Libya in absolute chaos, resulting in the terror group Daesh rising in power and displacing an estimated 400,000 people, all of them mad at America and Europeans and now targeting them in their home towns.

    She seems eager to step up the game from her predecessors who made a habit of only attacked small third world countries with sand.

    Trump is a blowhard and Hillary part of the deep state. Happy days!

    And now it seems that the outcome rests on a large swathe of the electorate drunk on football, Kim Kardashian’s latest antics, and prime time TV. Geopolitical knowledge? Not featuring so much.

    The risk is that Washington in desperation does something phenomenally stupid rather than simply dumb which it’s proven itself quite adept at.

    The empire will continue to lose its grip but if history is any indication (and it is) then it may not do so quietly.
    Question for general Miley Cyprus;
    “Military intelligence is a contradiction in terms.” — Groucho Marx, true?

    Much more;

  75. Mike from the North

    I have yet to listen to this interview or read a post on this interview.
    Very busy with other things this week.
    However, I felt compelled to come here now and quickly state the following.

    Whatever is going to happen is going to likely happen in the next 72 to 84 hours.

    This is a time like none other.

    Thank You Greg for helping us travel this road to awareness.

  76. Justn Observer

    Greg, Hope you can source this….if true…it demands attention to those that have not yet voted and for other’s to pass along since – if true – awareness must be spread thru the alternative news since it is apparent the ‘political’ and MSM don’t want this out !

  77. scott

    why am i not seeing the video interview mentioned in the last sentence of the article?????

    • Greg Hunter

      I will be the “Early Sunday Release” that will feature myself and Jim Sinclair and Bill Holter from

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