Mueller Investigation Now Doomed, Fake News Awards and Economic Update

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 318 1.19.18)

A bombshell memo will probably cause the end of the Mueller investigation into the Trump Administration and the so-called Russian collusion story. New evidence, in the form of a four page memo, shows the entire case against the President and his Administration is based on a phony dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton. The President called this Special Prosecutor investigation a “witch hunt” from the beginning, and it looks like he was correct—again.

You think the Trump “Fake News Awards” are just good hearted fun? Think again.  The fake news awards are being used by the President to show the mainstream media (MSM) is one-sided propaganda.  The “awards” are meant to destroy the credibility of the MSM.  It looks like it’s working nicely.  The best part is the propaganda press is suppling all the fake news in the form of inaccurate and biased reporting that is easy to define.

Interest rates are on the rise, but the U.S. dollar is tanking. Shouldn’t the dollar rise as rates rise? Yes, but we live in the era of massive money printing, and things are backwards.  Greg will explain.

Join Greg Hunter as he looks at these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Wrap-Up:

Two time, best-selling author Nomi Prins will be the guest on the “Early Sunday Release.”  You will be stunned at what she has to say in her new book call “Collusion.”  Prins will talk about how global central banks “rigged the world” financial system and why there is no exit strategy for all the money printing since the 2008 meltdown.   Prins also gives her views on stocks, bonds, the dollar and buying physical gold and silver for protection.

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  1. Justn Observer

    Greg, An even BIGGER BOMB then you reported here on Hillary and crew . They will be fried – done, and…. she is ….going to be prosecuted ! OIG report on it’s way !
    WATCH FOR COMING REPORTS to be posted soon on …. = COMEY – HOLDER – LYNCH – CLINTON on what was ‘really’ known when and who ….and what has been covered up by who !
    and on Twitter TRUMPSOLDIER @DaveNYviii

    • FC

      J.O, Unfortunately World War 3 will be the greatest distraction on Earth where our own survival will be our only focus in life and nothing else will matter.

    • William Stanley

      Mr. Thanks once again! It looks like you’ve been identified by some well-placed good guys as a high-credibility media outlet. Congratulations! I can see that you know more than you can yet prove. Thanks again, I’m very encouraged that the good guys are getting it back under control.

      • William Stanley

        Mr. Hunter: Thanks so much!

    • William Stanley

      Justn: I found your links to be very credible and informative. Thanks!

      • Charles H

        Top- notch follow through; and crediting. Bravo.

    • Collateral Damage


      I have been busy this past month and have only been able to catch your interviews and reports on the go and in small snippets.

      At 2 a.m. this morning, I couldn’t sleep, so I turned on your interview with Dr. Dave J. thinking that I would listen a little and then gradually fall back to sleep.

      Well it is 4:30 a.m. now and I have listened to it in full – twice. I am absolutely amazed by your (and your guest’s) integrity, and passion for fighting the good fight and for seeing truth and justice prevail. It certainly appears that with the election of Mr. Donald J. Trump the tide has turned and that God’s will is being done. 🙂

      I am eminently grateful for his decision to retain his private security force, since without them, I don’t think that he would be alive right now. I think that we all, also need to continue to pray for his continued safety regardless.

      Your interview reminds me of a quote that I heard once from Margaret Mead:

      “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead

      I would caveat that to say a small group of committed citizens, backed up by the unnamed and unwashed masses of humanity who voted for Trump in 2016 (i.e. ‘us’). 🙂

      God’s work is at hand. Thank you and the good Doctor, for all that you do!!



    • Jon Donn

      How dumb does one have to be to swallow this pile of swill?

  2. Paul Clinton

    Luke 12:3

    New Living Translation
    Whatever you have said in the dark will be heard in the light, and what you have whispered behind closed doors will be shouted from the housetops for all to hear!

  3. Nick de la Gaume


  4. Bill Cochrane

    Great Report, As usual! Thanks Greg

  5. Frederick

    HA Goodman covers this Hillarygate very efficiently with his YouTube channel

    • Leslie Piper

      You guys are sooo funny! Adults scared witless, trying to whistle past a graveyard.
      Say what you want. We’re going to hang the traitors, especially Twimpie-poo-poo Bonespurs, by the NECK until DEAD. Hurry and pledge To Putin publicly, you could make it.

  6. Frederick

    Jeff Flake and John McCain correction Two flakes

  7. Erika Miller

    I like to donate whenever you have a dynamite interview but you have so many now that I have to cut down on my donations.
    You and your guests are truly awesome.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Erika!! The site is free but I do appreciate your $upport!!

  8. Aussie Clive

    And perhaps when this band of hoods is behind bars and out of the way, Trump will initiate a thorough and transparent investigation of Bush, Cheney, Saudi and Israeli involvement in 911.

  9. Laura Snyder

    Your latest news wrap up was beyond powerful, insightful, enlightening, revealing. informative…Thank you for being such a great teacher, researcher, & presenter. You have made your best better, & I have been granted more of your wisdom in a manner that kept me spellbound & entertained from start to finish.

  10. Paul ...

    As was written long ago … God the Father was very big on “Freedom” (but not “total” freedom) … as we know he allowed Adam and Eve to do what ever they wanted in the Garden of Eden bound by “very limited law” … however using “God’s given freedom” to flaunt his very limited law “will not be tolerated” … today we have many people who flaunt God’s law (like thou shall not lie, steal or commit murder) … the MSM thinks “freedom of the press” means they can lie and publish “false” news … Hilary thinks “freedom” means she can “steal unlimited trillions” in her pay to play operations … the Demon-rats think they the “unlimited right” to bear false witness against “or kill” anyone who reveals the truth … and the neocons and banksters think they have the total freedom to create “continuous wars and murder women and children” for immoral and greedy profits … etc. … etc. … but now that “God has returned to our world” … these Satan worshipers (not abiding by God the Fathers Ten Commandments) will be appropriately punished!!

    • Paul ...

      Appropriately punished … what does that mean? … well for the greedy ones who would not listen … bitcoin has been dumped after being pumped to a market cap of over $800 billion … losing over $300 billion in just the last 2 weeks … this greed and recklessness by common people is only bested by the illegal behavior of the largest financial institutions in the world … the Fed has made Wall Street into the biggest gambling casino in the history of the world … they have failed to regulate financial institutions and have printed simply out of thin air trillions of dollars (given to the large banks at virtually zero-interest) so the large banks can buy up the 7 to 8 trillion in treasuries being held by China and other governments (who don’t need them anymore to buy oil) … they then use these Treasuries “as collateral” in margin accounts to purchase stocks on Wall Street to promote the illusion of an economic recovery with low inflation … when in fact (according to John Williams at Shadow Stats) inflation has been roaring ahead at 8 to 9% each year for the last decade! … so we have Central Banks throughout the world creating trillions of paper US dollars, Euro’s, Pounds, Yen, etc. each year (out of thin air) and no one “gets a bad feeling” that something is wrong? … and silver that is worth $1000’s of these fiat paper dollars produced out of thin air remains at $17 dollars per ounce while people are mortgage their homes to by crypto bitcoin at the current bargain basement price of $10,000 dollars each???

      • Paul ...

        Bottom line … providing artificial stimulus to markets is the exact opposite of what free markets are all about … so how can anyone invest confidently or logically in anything … so to be truly safe and secure … one must remove ones self from all the “fake markets” … and concentrate on buying something cheap that has “time tested historical value” like physical gold and silver!!

  11. David Larsen

    Greg, you always inspire me. I’m doing what I can to help, and boy is it an uphill slog. But the work must be done. Thank you thank you thank you.

  12. Robert

    Greg, Robert Mueller should have discovered this hoax long before this, but still he persisted in trying to discredit Trump. He too should be prosecuted, because just like you noted, even a first year law student could see this whole Russian collusion investigation, based on a fake opposition research dossier turned into intelligence to get FISA warrants , was designed to take down a legally elected president.

    This should be frightening to all people as it shows anyone can be destroyed by deep state players who can create falsely created documenation with the intent to destroy anybody who isnt part of the club. That’s most of us. PS-there’s no way Obama didnt know this too.

    • Paul ...

      Do you know what “Russian interference in the election” Mueller and the Demon-rats are probably so incensed about … the fact that the Russians cut the heron supply lines from Afghanistan to Saudi Arabia that was providing the money for Jeb Bush’s Presidential campaign … forcing Jeb to drop out of the race giving Trump a big boost … Mueller knowing Trump also wants to cut the heroin funding of the Deep State probably figures if he looks hard enough he will find some link that ties Trump to Putin to win the election … Mueller just can’t believe that Trump and Putin may have had similar ideas and goals to go after the evil Deep State heroin trade “independent” of one another!

      • Robert

        That’s very believable. Afghanistan is the biggest heroin producer in the world and yet we’re told that America’s heroin is coming from Mexico. Ive read that USA dollars built the new airstrips to help the Afghan poppy farmers get their product to market, all so they would support our war efforts in their country, yeah right… Heroin is not only a problem in the USA but also Europe and Russia. Trump is being forced to antagonize Russia into a war and China will side with Russia. What a mess we’re in.

  13. Boz From Oz

    Hang em high, both Bill and Hillary that is. Not joking either!

    • Leslie Piper

      Bozzie….you could have a career in stand-up. I wonder what tripe you’ll spew when the traitors are arrested, tried, convicted, and hanged by the neck until dead, an hour after the trial. I also hope that each of THEM do duty as Pinatas for three days. I don’t care whether it’s BEFORE or AFTER the HANGINGS.

  14. Mitchell Bupp

    Thank You Greg, The “sheep dipped press” is on the game. Please look at who the judge that was assigned to the Uranium One case? He is an Obama appointee from Hawaii who blocked Trump I believe. I am not 100% sure but something to look at…..

  15. Boris

    Trump about to do what Putin
    once said he would do. He said to Hillary, “if you come
    to Russia I will burn your heart on a stick”. That is why
    Putin and Trump are actually friends. They both detest

  16. Jerry

    It now appears a new Petro Yuan launch date has been set for sometime in March.

    This is troublesome for two reasons.
    1. The Globalist are meeting next week in Davos .
    2. The Military buildup for war with NOKO is picking up speed,
    Its all coming to a head.

    • Jerry

      This is proof that the U.S. Treasury selloff is picking up steam.

      The bigger question is why? Apparently the central banks know what’s coming when the Petro Yuan officially kicks off, and they’re positioning themselves to take advantage of the shift. Prepare accordingly.

    • Jerry

      Russian news media spills the beans.

      Folks at some point in this economic game of Chicken, the Russians and Chinese are going to call for an audit of U.S. Gold holdings. While western banks have been playing with paper contracts, and cyber currency, to stall off a global currency reset, the BRICS have been busy buying physical gold. This is not going to end well.

    • Paul ...

      Didn’t Dr. Janda say … a delay in the Petro Yuan date would mean a missile may have actually been launched at Hawaii by Chinese warmongers working in cahoots with US neocons to get WWII started ?? … it is a wonder we are all still alive!! … supposedly according to Dr. Janda the Chinese destroyed the sub that launched the missile and the US fired anti-missile missiles at the Chinese missile to take it down!!! … seems the US Deep State (just as they did on 9-11) have people (even in China) that will do their bidding to create another false flag attack upon the US so they could blame it on N. Korea and have the US respond and begin WWIII … which they probably figure will take some of the heat off their pedophile child trafficking drug running asses!!

  17. Kerry Alan

    Well Sir, these are truly exciting times. During Dr. Janda’s interview he discussed whether the petro yaun would go live are not based upon that issue with the mystery sub and missile launch. I never heard anything about the petro yaun so perhaps Dr. Janda has some very good resources after all, interesting. Secondly, if I was a FISA judge it would cause me a little heart burn if I found out some of the DOJ & FBI treasonous rats were selling me a bag of goods. And finally, my Congressman, Hensarling sent out a email saying he was done after sixteen years whether that has anything to do with anything who knows but certainly Mueller and his gang of thugs should be shutdown. Graham, Durbin & Flake must be miserable creatures with all the non-truths they spew at the liberal press. I honestly believe you have one of the most reliable news/interview programs airing today. Let the games begin!

  18. Mohammad


    This is a follow up on an escalating hot spot in Syria where obviously Turkey is departing from US and coordinating with Russia to hit the US backed Kurdish forces in Ifrin :


    • Paul ...

      Mohammad … Seems that Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Russia and Syria are in full agreement that the US-led system of “regional stability” in the Middle East (that has resulted in the death and slaughter of over one million civilian men, women and children over the last 30 years) is due for a change … the US warmongering neocons need to make a case that the Iran deal is a bad one (because Iran did not give up its missiles along with pursuing a nuclear bomb) … this looks like an obvious ruse … so as to give the US “an excuse” to put even “more of its own missiles” in Poland “aimed at Russia”!!

  19. Latney Davis

    WROL in the USA is becoming less apparent in 2018. I’m not from Missouri, but “show me”…I have “heard” enough. Trump at the very least provides a potential for/of HOPE that Hitlery, and her loyal minions, would have ELIMINATED, CRUSHED, and DESTROYED. Just like EVERYTHING else that “gets in her/their way”.

    Is Trump a “divine reprieve” ? IMHO…YES!

  20. BHLiberty

    Yesterday, Mark Levin brought up the subject of Dreamers! Like you mention Mr. Hunter, he also reiterated that it wasn’t 800k children (which are not children) but in fact, it is 3.6 million adults. Not only will it be 3.6 million illegal immigrants but perhaps millions more since the family members would be allowed to follow their children (aka chain migration). We are talking possibly up to 75 million to 80 million additional immigrants allowed to enter the country. You can bet that the Republican Party would never, ever be able to vote in another U. S. president for the duration of the American existence since the Democrats would have gained votes by these illegals granted amnesty. The President campaigned on controlling the immigration system and eliminating criminal illegals from crossing the border. I would say that this is the largest issue in our lifetimes! The US is at the precipice of change if this is not stopped! I pray President Trump will prevail on his campaign promises & help Make America Great Again!

  21. Angelo

    This is a long time coming! Dr. Janda may be right about why President Trump is there in the WH. He is an expert in negotiating delinquencies. I just hope that him and his crew know what they are doing because people’s lives are at stake here. Mostly those who did not take the time to prepare and lived in their ignorant bliss. Nonetheless, they have lived under false pretense and chose not to be informed with the truth!

    I can’t wait until this IG report unravels. I hope that they won’t make deals that would leave these evil people with any power at all. Apply the law on them and prosecute them as they would do to us regular people.

    Thanks for brilliant journalism. You are one of the few left out there Greg!

  22. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, Muller is a bought and paid for by the Democrats, especially Hillary & Company, he is not to be trusted and was well aware of the “memo” a long time ago. Hillary, Comey, & now Muller should be indicted. The witch hunt is about over, what will they come up with now to try and take the Presidential election away from the will of the people? Who know, but one thing is certain they won’t stop until they make sure Trump is ineffective. The swamp is large, wide, and deep, criminals & traitors abound in it, privilege above the law is addictive, Trump has his work cut out for him but he is up for the job with the help of the hand of Him who makes Kings! Hey Nancy & Schumer & gang, can you hear the sucking sound of the swamp draining?

  23. flattop

    GREG: The cartoon.
    You have had some very clever and humorous cartoonx for your WNW, but none as good as this one. I would buy a poster of that one for my wall.

  24. Frederick

    Lionel Nation did a great interview with Richard Gage AIA regarding 911 Well worth a watch

  25. al

    GREAT NEWS! Soon you will have the likes of Lemonhead or Madcow knocking at your door for a job. LOL!!! OMG. What a change!
    I can’t wait for Nomi’s interview. Smart lady and very well informed.
    All I can say is IT’S ABOUT TIME!
    Thank you Greg for another great REAL NEWS segment. MORE!!! MORE!!!

  26. D. Wainscott

    Greg – You’re fantastic but the mic sounds like you’re in the bathroom with a handheld cassette recorder. It makes you sound rinky-tink/small-time and is not worthy of a speaker of your caliber. Give your program a big boost: Change that broadcast-from-the-bathroom sound!

  27. Karen Merritt

    As I post today’s weekly news wrap up on my FB page (which I never go on) I imagine the rolled eyes and smirks from many who doubt your prediction of what will happen. I can also imagine the negative comments I’ll receive but I want you to sincerely know that you inspire courage in me…as I’m sure to many others. Thank you for your courage, tenacity, and your public devotion to God. You are a treasure…

    • Charles H

      Make that TWO treasures, Karen. Greg and yourself.

  28. Jodyp

    Yes Greg, people will go to jail. Maybe some big names. But Top Dogs? Never! Please God,make me wrong.

  29. Roger Good

    H Greg — I am so grateful that you are talking about the pedophilia thing. I agree with the idea that it’s bigger than the drug problem. There is not only huge money there, but power as well. Political and financial power.

    • Paul ...

      Roger … Perhaps we can all feel better about the fact that the crackdown on the trafficking of women and children is beginning to have some effect … as some pedophile criminals have now put up their dungeon for sale in London … the only bad part is that they can still get $3 million pounds for their evil dungeon of unbearable pain and suffering…

  30. STFB

    I’ll look forward to Nomi Prins on Sunday = As in the past Greg, you’re program is great. Gives hope in the face of MSM’s unending Bullsh*t…

  31. Allen Starr

    Thank you for your best wishes. I wasn’t ignoring you. Right after I posted on 1/8, my computer crashed again. I’ve been fighting it for almost a year now and threw the piece of sh-t in the trash this time. My new computer just got up and running tonight. Thought I’d better get back to you before cleaning off all the useless information that had to be put on the new system. That’s going to take a few days. Wishing you and yours a really good new year. I thought I was going to freeze to death when I went to the garage to shovel a little snow away from the entrance. It was in the low -30C and the wind was blowing so hard between the rows of garages it was picking up snow off the ground and blowing it in your face. I have no idea how cold it was with the wind chill factor. At least the Russian wind was at my back going home.

  32. brian

    I don’t know, ultimately the people that embody the real problem here of corrupt lawless government fully possess just about everything the baby boomers worked their whole lives for and a lions share of what the subsequent generation has worked a couple decades for; that being any asset denominated and payable in FRN’s, which would include all your bonds and equities, at least 2/3 of your real estate value and absolutely everything sitting in a bank account, haha and lets not even bother to mention the fate of whatever obligations a state or federal level bureaucrazy “”owes” you.

    UMMM, so, at the end of the day it boils down to just one question, if the guilty just flat out declare open tyranny and simply walk away from the law outright what exactly is a bulk of the population that matters, that being the people who will in fact be outraged by all this, do if it comes to that, because it probably will.

    The cost of doing anything more than some mildly energetic public protesting will be forfeiture of everything you have entrusted with these scumbags. Now is that a cost the American people are even willing, let alone prepared to bear? The ruling elite think not and they have just about everything to lose, as they always have throughout history, so I would expect them to openly defy any attempt to remove them from their elevated positions and to do so as boldly and violently and diabolically as they find within themselves to do.

  33. Corleone

    FRN gets stronger, Yellen injects more heroin. FRN gets weaker, Yellen injects much more heroin. She has been injecting so much heroin that she can finally conclude that there will be no other crisis in our life time.

  34. Pete Shepard


    I love your show and greatly respect what you do. I also respect Catherine Austin Fitts, whose opinion apparently differs in that all of this talk of reestablishment of law and the corrupt being exposed and brought to justice is, in her words, “hope porn”. She apparently does not share yours and Dave Janda’s views.

    When do you plan on having her back on, and will you address this with her? Please and thank you.

    Pete S.

  35. Diane

    Love this one, Greg.

  36. Diane

    Love this one, Greg.
    CNN the most trusted name in vile propaganda?

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen Diane!

  37. Daniel Smith

    Obamagate is about to be exposed.!

  38. Stan

    Hey Jerry: January 18th came and went – where is the Oil/Yuan/Gold contract? I can’t seem to find it. Can you check your sources for more info? (ha ha ha)

    • Frederick

      Give it up Stan

      • Occasnltrvlr

        Absent a comma, yours is a very unseemly directive.

      • Charles H

        It is the ridicule, that brands Stan like a tatoo across the forehead.

      • Paul from Indiana

        It’s not just Stan. “Galaxy 500” used to take on Jerry on a fairly regular basis on this forum, but I haven’t seen any posts from him in quite a while, maybe years. (Greg can tell when he last posted. ) The fact is, Jerry hasn’t delivered anything other than reporting on what his “sources” are “feeding” him. So far, little that Jerry has predicted years running now has transpired. Should the so-called “gold-backed” (it isn’t gold-backed! It’s exchangeable, one futures contract -oil- for another futures contract-gold) petro-yuan actually launch, there will likely be little immediate effect. If Jerry is right, I will publicly acknowledge same and take my lumps, but it won’t matter. If Jerry is wrong, we will continue much the same as we are now in functional servitude to the elite. While not desirable, I think that is far more likely than what Jerry is predicting. I believe that Jerry HOPES the Chinese oil future gambit brings the current system down, and if so, he and I are ultimately in agreement. I see no deliverance on the horizon; too many people are making too much money with the status quo. Best always. PM

    • Paul ...

      Stan … the Chinese are fighting their own neocons (who seem to be working with US neocons to keep the petro-dollar) … they need just a bit more time to successfully launch the Yuan/oil/gold contract!

    • Occasnltrvlr

      In Jerry’s defense, if I recall correctly, he did post on or before January 18, 2018 that the oil futures contracts denominated in yuan would be delayed. (Yuan may be used to purchase gold on the SGE; that part isn’t new.)

      The esteemed Jerry seems to have dropped the Chicken Little routine (employed, among several other times, prior to the opening of the aforementioned SGE, if I recall correctly), and may or may not have dropped the absurd assertion that China will back the yuan with gold. However, he seems to still believe there is an “us” vs. “them”.

      Critic though I’ve been (especially for someone alleged unable to find his derriere with both hands), I’ll concede that Jerry’s colorful enthusiasm may have been beneficial to some folk.

  39. Julie Tyra

    We the people have been waiting for the law breakers to finally see justice done. They swear an oath to defend the constitution and follow our laws. Their GUILT IS UNQUESTIONABLE and by God it’s time for them to see prison time. We the people should be able to bring charges against them. I call McConnells office almost daily in hope that he will snap out of this trance like state he must be in. And listen to what his constituents ( I hate that word) are saying. Mr President Trump is the people’s choice and it’s PASSED TIME FOR THE HOUSE AND SENATE REPUBLICANS TO STAND BEHIND HIM.
    Thank you Greg for your wonderful show
    Julie Tyra

    • Silence is Golden

      Did you catch the interviews with Dr J and Shipp ?
      The Political and Judicial systems have been hijacked….according to them.
      I could tell you the same….in fact I have over the years. But my word means NIL.
      Justice is not something that you should count on. Indeed it is well past midnight.

      • Charles H

        I’ll take your word.

  40. This Sceptred Isle

    I think the Fed has been engaging in clandestine QE all along, which is beginning to catch up with the dollar. That’s why the Dow never corrected or they never lost control of interest rates after announcing the end of QE.

    • Silence is Golden

      TSI……Home Run….!!

      • Paul from Indiana

        It was a great scam so long as the “money” never hit Main Street. They didn’t count on hurricanes and fires temporarily revving the economy. Best always. PM

    • Charles H

      There is a Front Door, and a Back Door.

    • Russ McMeans

      Bingo! TSI. The good old days of free markets are gone…. but not here in our hearts at USA WATCHDOG.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Russ!!

  41. Mohammad


    Here is what it boils down to:
    So trade war is something Trump hinted to recently and he said if it is a trade war then it is.
    China says he is bluffing and he cannot tolerate the fallout of any serious trade act he may take against China,
    Then what ammunition Trump has to fire if he goes ahead into his threat?
    financially ….Nothing

    are we at the edge of an all out war?


    • Silence is Golden

      I invite you to read my comments from Shipp interview and the prior one.
      I concur.
      The writing is on the wall.

  42. Russ

    Thanks Greg. As I started listening to your News Wrap this morning I was also opening and what was that top headline?
    “ “Explosive”, “Shocking” And “Alarming” FISA Memo Set To Rock DC, “End Mueller Investigation” “ Cool

    Yeah, release the memo, rock DC to its core.

    Looking forward to Nomi Prins. There’s no Plan B? I’m shocked 😉

  43. Tim McGraw

    Thanks for the great WNW. I tried to find out if the Chinese gold backed Petro Yuan went into effect today and was unable to do so. Does anyone know if the gold backed Petro Yuan went into effect today? Dr. Jang said to watch for that to see who is in charge of China. Just as an aside, it really bothers me to see Chairman Mao’s image on the Chinese currency. Mao was one of the worst mass murderers in human history.

    • Frederick

      Dr Janda

    • JC

      Tim see Jerry’s post links above.

  44. Julia

    Good report. I wonder how the die hard Clinton supporters are going to handle this? How about the Obama worshipers? Maybe this will be the galvanizing point when all the people come together and say we have had it!

    Cant wait to hear the Sunday release.

    • Silence is Golden

      There’s a pattern there Julie. Past Presidents and their respective followers/supporters. No different this time around.

  45. Jeff

    Amen Greg,

    Great Job! God The Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit ALL firmly in control
    Thank you brother, keep up the great work!

    • Paul from Indiana

      Whatever gets you through the night, brother. Best always. PM

  46. Mohammad


    Zerohedge is reporting what i did earlier on your site:


  47. coalburner

    Jerry said prepare accordingly. Just what does he mean? Does he mean more than we have been preparing for in the last five years or last twenty years?

  48. Justn Observer

    Greg, Currently at this point only I thing to say or email to everyone’s elected officials:
    you might email your Congressmen and Senators and the Whitehouse with the same message?
    The White House
    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
    Washington, DC 20500
    Comments: 202-456-1111
    Switchboard: 202-456-1414

  49. JC

    Greg. There is nothing in the MSM about the entire case against the President and his Administration is based on a phony dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton. Maybe on cable news, but not on basic antenna reception.

  50. Paul ...

    Breaking News: Government Shuts Down … you know … the stupid Demon-rats are so intent on bringing in “new voters” (so they can win the Presidential election in 2020) … that they have royally screwed their own warmongering neocon buddies (that want to start WWIII) by shutting down the US Military! … for us Americans this is a good thing … in fact … why don’t we shut down the government two(2) weeks out of every month … and cut our Federal budget expenditures in half!! …

    • Paul ...

      And lets not forget “to stop the paychecks” of all the Senate and House leaders … as for how we Americans will fair? … we will likely very easily get used to not having an immoral and corrupt Federal government over their heads and not paying Federal Income Tax … we will all live just as well just having our State Governments … and the likelihood of a State getting us into a Nuclear World War with Russia, China, etc., etc. is exceedingly low!!

      • Paul ...

        And further … for every day the federal Government is shut down … we American citizens should all be allowed to deduct 1/365 of the taxes we owe to the IRS each year!!

        • Paul ...

          Hopefully this shutdown will last a long long time … but with our luck … it will be to good to be true!!

  51. Dr Darryl Jewett

    Did anyone beside me notice…

    That if Trump farted, it was a breaking news banner on Yahoo, MSNBC, Google, CNN, etc… It was breaking news no matter how small as long as it supported the globalist authoritarian feminist agenda.

    But when Dems shut down the gov’t, there were no “Breaking News” headlines anywhere. Crickets.

    Does anyone need any more evidence that your media is controlled by globalists who want to enslave and then exterminate you?

  52. wondrouscat

    Greg – Could you have Warren Pollock on again soon? Thanks.

  53. flattop

    GREG: A question;
    What is the purpose of our Presidents visit to the Davos conference??

  54. flattop

    Help Somebody:
    Didn’t get the full understanding of Dr Jandas comment on the Chinese sub missile shot. Did the Chicoms shoot down the missile or did we?

    • Greg Hunter

      US did according to Janda. Chinese sank the sub.

  55. Tad

    In February 2014, Russian President Vladimir Putin was attending the Sochi Winter Olympic Games. Simultaneously, a US-instigated coup was underway in Kiev, Ukraine.

    While few analysts expect North Korea President Kim Jong-Un to attend the 2018 games in Pyeongchang, South Korea, it’s important to reiterate to those more ignorant that history often repeats.

    What great teachers we have within State and CIA!

  56. Tad

    Read this, and a similar article at Sputnik which purported to show Russia’s gold supply. I’ve come to a tentative conclusion that Russia and China could end a US military engagement by a live presentation showing their gold stores.

    The US wouldn’t be able to counter to fool the experts.

  57. Mohammad


    When everybody is scratching his/her head about bitcoin, i am putting it here on your site first and no one on the net had contemplated this theory ever:
    Bitcoin is the gold’s beard.
    I have no evidence, no solid proof and i doubt if anyone has for any theory about how and who started it but here is where i reached my conclusion, and am waiting for zero hedge to read this and dig deep and when they reach the same conclusion i will copy their link and post it here:

    If i was NEW TPTB and i want to move the world into digital currency away from OLD TPTB, I will definitely make sure the new digital currency is backed up by something solid that has been around for thousands of years and every one on the planet accepts as MONEY, and that is gold.

    SO Accumulate physical, invent bitcoin the precursor of digital currency that the old clan cannot suppress with COMEX, move it in a bull market benefiting from the experience of the best in the trade who by chance was assigned to Singapore Precious Metals Exchange (SGPMX):

    Not far from China…ding ding ding…Mr. Jim Sinclair, and use his angel magnets for the gold bull market and run Bitcoin under the same curve (I can say now bitcoin is what?…. 10k+?…. that is where gold should be….right? RIGHT.
    Then when the valuation reaches the intended target (what Mr. Sinclair said 50000$/bitcoin….oops i mean an ounce of gold …lol) then REMOVE THE BEARD and voila bitcoin is BACKED BY THE PHYSICAL GOLD CHINA HAS BEEN ACCUMULATING for years since 2008……

    Smart way Mr. Sinclair to answer the cabals who are in control of the gold by paper, Comex, London Fix.
    Genius Sinclair will be in history the new Hunt brothers that was able to corner the gold market with the help of the Chinese invention of Bitcoin.

    A theory

    Toss it in the recycle bin if you wish
    But when it materializes and Zero Hedge digs deep and finds a smoking gun and start talking about it i will link it to this post and put it on your blog Greg.


  58. Mohammad


    real action from the turkish side had started and it seems it is pissing off both US and Russia, their invasion to Syria had begun:


  59. Loren

    I fear that everyone is way too optimistic about this memo. If is really had the bombshell evidence that would send Comey, Muller, the Clintons, etc. to jail, it would have already been leaked by those in Congress that have never been able to keep their mouths shut about anything. I am afraid that this won’t in the long run change much in the total war against Trump. After all, Clapper lied directly to Congress and he still is given a microphone on CNN and is still collecting a nice pension on our dime.

    • Russ McMeans

      Loren; I hope you’re wrong and everyone goes to jail, but in view of history and the Bible, I suspect you may be right. The wicked thrive, but at least their lives are temporary. Time snuffs them out. All of them. It’s Zero Hedge’s banner. ( Thank you Tyler).. Trump IS upsetting the status quo though. Why? Because the people cried out and God allowed us kind of savior. He’s far from perfect but he sure kicks ass. Beautiful to watch. He’s a bit like King David mind you.

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