Narrative Continues to Collapse with Vax, Voter Fraud & Fed

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 511 1.7.22)

I predicted at the end of 2021, the narratives would collapse with the vax, voter fraud and economy propped up by the Fed.  I did not realize the collapse would happen at this speed, but it has. There is more bad news with the vax injection narrative.  The sick are overwhelmingly the vaxed, and now more autopsies have been done on the injected that show 93% in one study died of the CV19 so-called vaccinations. The vax attacked the body and all its organs, including the heart 100% of the time.  The doctors that performed the autopsies have never seen this before.

More is coming out with voter fraud from the 2020 Election season.  One whistleblower says he was paid $10 per ballot to rig the election for the Democrat candidates for Senate in Georgia.  The whistleblower says 240 other people did the same thing in the Georgia runoff for Senate, and that adds up to $11 million in illegal money and voter fraud to throw the Senate to the Democrats.  New information is coming out almost every week, and the fraud is being cut off by state legislatures.  The Dems are panicking and trying to change the voter laws on a national level to make legal their fraud of 2020.

Minutes of the Fed meeting in December are out, and the Fed looks like it is worried enough about inflation to do something about it.  They can stop the money printing and kill the economy, or they can go full speed ahead with debt monetization and kill the U.S. dollar and probably kill it as the reserve currency of the planet.  Tough choice and both are bad.  You best be ready and that means own your stuff and cut back on the risk.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up 1.07.22.

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After the Wrap-Up:

Top Covid expert Dr. Pierre Kory of the Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care ( Alliance will be the guest on the Saturday Night Post.  He will talk about the FDA cut-off of life saving drugs and increasing deaths of the vaxed.  He will also talk about the dangers the unvaxed are still facing from the vaxed.

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  1. Steven Fishman

    The collapse of Bitcoin will destroy the banking system, and said collapse is inevitable. 2022 will bring a collapse of digital currency [Bitcoin], which have NEVER been audited and has been manipulated by Tether and Bitfinex [by hyperinflating the value], which will result in a global economic collapse of the banking system now heavily dependent upon Bitcoin and its ilk that will make the Tulip hyperinflation and collapse in February 1637 in Holland look like a walk in the park. There are trillions of vapor paper Bitcoin assets waiting to bring Bitcoin down to its actual value of four cents in 2022. One day we will wake up to the biggest crash in Cryptocurrency imaginable, which is what the World Economic Forum desperately wants, since they alone want to issue global digital currency and Bitcoin is an impediment to them. Furthermore, the CCP have shorted Bitcoin when it was between 60-67, and they will be financing their takeover of Taiwan and Australia with the profits they make on the collapse. US banks like Goldman Sachs and Bank of America will be forced into bankruptcy since they have a highly leveraged position in that digital nonsense.

    • Greg Hunter

      I think you are correct Steven but it’s going way up first. (I am not a trader or market player.)

      • jack

        With people awakening to the Certificate Of Vaccination ID = COVID scam, they need desperately to crash our economies with rising rates to impoverish the masses even more. People need to work on their local police force to march these criminals in chains to justice. Once the masses realise their criminality , the Deep State is done. Do not use violence because this is what they need for more oppression.

        • Robert

          I’ve been trying to get my Mayor and city council to read a recent article by Dr. Robert Malone on the insurance CEO who said deaths are up 40% the last two quarters. Malone also made some similar comments he made on his Joe Rogan interview. I even sent the YouTube video of the CEO making the statements. He was on zoom and attending a meeting by the Indiana Hospital Association and the Chamber of Commerce. The meeting was to increase COVID vaccine rates. I sent it to democrat and republican city council members. In all honesty, I’m not so sure they want to hear anything but the official government narratives. The mayor did say he’d take a look at it and I did send him the 3 hour long Joe Rogan interview but I still think they don’t want to hear anything contrary to the official narratives. I think he may have been just pandering to me Everything is conspiracy theory even when it’s coming from the mouth of the creator of the mRNA technology. It’s an odd phenomenon. It’s like brainwashing has happened to at least half of our society.

          Sometimes I worry that being so vocal about not supporting these particular COVID vaccines is going to get us on a list. Sometimes I think that even people who I know are against these particular vaccines shy away from conversation about what’s happening in our nation and western societies.

          • Mario

            Good post.
            We are definitely on a “list”.
            I once read on another site that if we weren’t on a so called “list” that we should be ashamed of ourselves!


          • Laura McDonough

            It’s too late, deacdes ago my elders said local and state governments will stick w/the narritives on any issues to keep their jobs. This is why church leaders don’t speak out on issues thru the decades, their hierarchies/councils are controlled by globalists who muzzle the clergy. Today others against these shots are self censoring for same reason (jobs, business oe social reputations), refusing to take a stand. Most people don’t care about the younger generation’s futures incl. their own kids or g’kids. Most sup. court justices are pro globalists and this may happen next on their ruling:

      • joel guth

        Happy New Year Greg, I believe the governments around the world all know that their economies are ready to collapse. Since they will not be able to pay social security, pensions, medicare, etc. they created covid and the vaccines to kill the masses to try and stop them from coming after them with pitchforks. It won’t work.
        Thanks for all you do Greg. God bless you and your family!

      • Mike

        Wow you look cold.
        Hate to sound like a broken record, but, Cliff High, regardless of past performance, is aiding and abetting a vaccine pusher named Trump.
        Cliff could be 100% right, but, it does not negate his future telling expertise, promoting an alibi for a deadly vaccine advocate, TRUMP, and especially Trump. I voted for him, last election. I am of the 2% that voted no in your poll, as the dead Trump people of the vaccine could not vote.
        I am a combat Marine. Trump horrendously aided and abetted the enemy. Sentence? We shall see at Nuremberg 2.0

      • eugene anderegg

        Could you provide a link to the study cited here?

    • Rusty

      The theft of crypto currency has been skyrocketing (but then again, so has all other crime).

    • Danny

      Reassuring to see lights out there in a sea of darkness.

      • Laura McDonough

        There are afew lights out there, but I am a retiree and most are now in cemeteries, the real fighters of decades ago when many of us were still school kids. Unfortunately, there are so few men w/ backbones alive today and almost none in the E.U., Canada and elsewhere. Majority will follow their friends, seeing celebrities and politicians as infallible no matter what they push on the masses along w/ TV news (ABC, NBC, FOX, CNN, etc) Apathy, self absorbed and nihilistic people are majority today. Churches are social clubs and haven’t spoken out on issues/warnings in many decades, only very few do.

    • Julie A Cohick

      Steven, So many people try to get us to invest in Bitcoin. I cannot see what they see. I cannot see how people invest in something that someone made up as a good idea. To me it looks like a pyramid scheme & they always eventually come crashing down after the ones who start them get filthy rich. We are not in the stock market or anything like that. Hubby has always been very good with our income & output. We have no debt. But when all this comes crashing down, many family & friends will be in very big trouble, I am afraid for them.

      • Robert

        Julie, I don’t trust the Bitcoin craze either. Earlier in the past year through the fall, the talking heads were promoting Bitcoin at $200,000 by the end of the year. I knew then they were probably early buyers at the lows of the past few years and they were drumming up volume to sell into. It’s that corrupt in the whole stock – crypto market.

    • shane

      When you say Bitcoin do you mean crypto or do you mean bitcoin. I do not invest in bitcoin but I do in crytos. I always thought bitcoin needed to fall for crytos to take over. Is that something you think or do you think the whole market will just die? I never personally liked bitcoin. It seemed to manipulated to mess with. Coins like dash, ltc, digibyte, xml, (xrp? maybe), pokidot, veri, ect.. you get the picture. I know the whole market will crash with bitcoin but do you think that money will go to coins with more use case.

  2. Steve

    Greg’s on fire again even in 17° weather without a hat! Thanks for being a patriot with the courage to speak the truth!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Steve!

      • Doc

        Great Comments Greg! 100% Agree with your scenarios… I’m out of my Free State of Florida back up in Nebraska ~ Oh Jezz it’s Cold up here !
        Prices are going to be going CRAZY! … Fertilizer is doubled- Round up is is up 250 % …
        It’s going to be crazy.
        Hold on 🙏🇺🇸👍

    • tim mcgraw

      Steve, I agree. Greg should wear a hat. 30% of body heat is lost through the head.

    • travis moss

      Before the video started, and i saw greg sitting out in the field, i said to myself “it must be 40,50 there

    • BonnieB

      Have to agree with you Julie.
      Bitcoin is only as good as the electricity coming into your home. One EMP or total utilities failure and it is all gone. If the system goes down what can you do? It is so nefarious.
      My son held 10 Bitcoin very early on. No amount of telling him to keep a physical record of his password key would sink in. He kept it on his computer. Computer crash.
      He holds a degree in computer Science, but he could not revive that hard drive no matter what.
      He was devastated especially as it started to rise.

  3. henry wale

    its just wrong that trump didnt say a word , or even go to the jail to see these folks who stood up for him

    • John Birch

      Tucker Carlson did a short piece on those 80 patriots who have been held in jail for a year without a speedy trial or attorney visitation. Golly gee FOX, thanks so much. The FBI said it was NOT an insurrection. We lost our country in November and it was probably our last election. There have been prophetic words that Trump will be back for a short time but he is one of them and will only be used in some staged event to keep the masses pacified.

    • Rob Lindeman

      Hey Henry,
      You have to remember that history always repeats itself:

      “The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which
      is done, is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.”
      Ecclesiastes 1:9
      The modus operandi of the Deep State has always been, “In order to control your opposition, you have to run it.”
      I am not saying this is categorically true, but you cannot disregard the possibility that Donald Trump may indeed be the “controlled opposition”.

      • Malachi

        I agree that Trump may be controlled opposition. Been saying so since and while he was president. I notice Ted Cruz also stepped on his tongue and showed his true colors. When Patriots finally respond ‘with vigor’, they’ll know it. I do expect Patriot reaction will be spontaneous and leaderless as we can trust none of our supposed champions. I was a member of Oath Keepers for a couple of years. Our chapter withdrew because our CO was getting ‘bad vibes’ from Stewart Rhodes. Seems our CO was prescient.

        • Terry Bartak

          It is hard to imagine that Mr “Youre fired” wouldnt fire Jeff Sessions or Bill Barr or dozens of others that needed GONE.

        • Laura McDonough

          All presidents since W.Wilson have been controlled by Rothchild/globalists. Trump incl.

    • Derek Sinclair


    • walter johnson

      It saddens me to say you are right. Trump will remain a hero to me for exposing the extent of the corruption but he has made mistakes and not little ones. It’s a mistake to burden one man with so much responsibility but I do not know another man to replace him. We must remind ourselves that the people have the ultimate power.

    • Donald

      I can’t think of another President who betrayed his supporters as badly as Trump did.

      • Greg Hunter

        Really??? How about the fake President in office forcing everyone to take a death shot!!! You must be a paid troll.

        • Donald

          Sorry Greg, not trolling, just expressing my sincere opinion.

          Lots of Biden supporters AGREE with vax mandates or at least aren’t strongly opposed to them—living in California I encounter them (even in my own family) regularly. They LOVE how Biden & company demonize conservatives.

          Meanwhile, when Antifa/BLM were rampaging—even to the extent of attacking Trump supporters & rallies—Trump couldn’t be bothered to lift a finger.

  4. aj

    We are at war with China this very minute. The virus was created in Wuhan and released accidentally or deliberately, with assistance from treasonous Americans. Chinese women are seen in security video footage in stores in Seattle, Portland, and California pulling spray bottles from their purses, spraying and wiping an unknown liquid onto merchandise and touch screens. Fentanyl from China flows freely across our southern border with cartel mules. Chinese PLA fill research positions in US institutions. Rockets were fired at HI and WA and intercepted by US missiles. Our President openly parrots a foreign political policy of ‘build back better’. What will it take for the American people to wake up and rise up?

    • Robert

      I’m afraid even those on our side are waiting for the other person to take a stand. I try to talk to people about what’s going on and many are aware, but I think they don’t want to believe what’s happening with this mandated vaccine surely coming to us soon and many have no clue about the passports coming or what or who the World Economic Forum is.

      Sometimes I think why bother. Just take care of yourself.

      • Laura McDonough

        All I hear people say is they will only defend their family if someone tries to break in or assualt one of them. Not enough men today w/ backbones esp. overseas in other oppressed countries. Most the old patriots now are elderly, younger ones too busy w/ social media and electronic devices to have any clue about globalism and socialist agendas being pushed. Apathy rules. They go along w/ friends, gov. school and college mandates, hollywood celebrities, and liberal politicians now in office.

    • sevenmilebridge

      Thanks Greg, You are spot on as usual thanks and I have been a Missourian my whole life. Very few people around here wear a mask or social distance ect. and to those who took the jab I am praying for.

    • Paul from Indiana

      AJ, I appreciate your position and sentiment, but there will be NO uprising no matter what happens. All of this has to run its course. Let’s look at some modern case histories:

      Have the North Koreans rebelled against their government?
      What happens in China when some brave but misguided souls merely protest?
      Did the Germans rebel against Hitler?
      Did the Chinese rebel against Mao?
      Did the Russians rebel against Stalin?

      Rebellions, uprisings, and related were 18th century phenomena. Americans today are less idealistic and too dependent on the system. It would have happened by now, were it going to happen. We just have to wait it out and position ourselves as best we can. Happy New Year and best always. PM

      • Edward Ulysses Cate

        Unforunately, “Social scientists have shown that, when even knowing what is the truth and what is a lie, 75 percent of people will consider the lie as truth as they like the lie better.” Journalist Dmitry Muratov -Nobel Peace Prize winner from Russia (12/10/2021)

    • Eagle1

      AJ, respectfully you are very misinformed regarding the Chinese. The CCP is run, and always has been run by the same Rothschild scum that is in control of our government. It is just another example of divide and conquer through controlled opposition and the evidence is hugely overwhelming. Who do you think funded and mentored Mao Zadong and his brutal Communist take over of China? I could give you all their full names but then my comment would not be permitted on here as I’ve learned in the past. First of all, there is no real Covid virus as it has never been isolated, and that is a provable fact that I could go into a great deal of detail about. Secondly, and more importantly, how anyone could think China/Chinese are at the root of this globalist evil is beyond me if you simply look at the evidence. For one thing, you mention Chinese people infiltrating parts of our government, etc. Did you ever stop to think that Chinese would have to hold key positions and/or have great influence in our government and corporations for many decades for them to be this far up the chain of command by this time? Remember, China only started to become powerful and influential in the late ’90s, while clearly Marxist globalist protocols and conditioning have been going on for decades longer than that, and really China did not become any kind of power until after 2000. Remember, arguably the biggest reason China was able to become a super power was because of all the high tech that was covertly transfered to them during Clinton’s Presidency in the late ’90s. Now think about it, just how much huge systemic Chinese infiltration into the deepest parts of our government and Corporations would have had to exist back then to actually initiate that huge transfer of high tech? Obviously it would have been impossible from a country (China) who was still so backwards it was still relying on old out of date Soviet Tech for most of it’s defense and infrastructure, yet you want us to believe that they had enough control of our deepest military industrial complex at that time to initiate a huge transfer of super high tech to them? Pleeeease! Obviously this was done by a non-Chinese group, who I will not name that has long had huge influence in our government long, long before any Chinese, and were doing this to make the Chinese a monster to us to shield them from being blamed as the true evil, as they always very cleverly do. This is nothing new!

  5. John Birch

    Sooner or later one must admit we are in the end times the Bible describes using 25% of the whole Bible. In Acts Chapter 2 we are told,
    And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams: And on my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out in those days of my Spirit; and they shall prophesy:

    • John Birch

      Current events in Ukraine are matching Bible prophesy here:
      And now Kazakhstan is in the mix here:

      • John Birch

        Film footage of the street fighting using automatic weapons in Kazakhstan in this updated explanation of Christian prophecy being fulfilled. It’s the CIA & MI6 rerun of 2014 Ukraine, Maiden Lane but this time Russian troops are not standing by watching. Three thousand Russian troops have moved in. This is the Cuban Missile Crisis in reverse. Excellent analysis here by Stan Johnson of Prophecy Club who was just banned by YouTube:

      • Mark Maples

        “No man shall no the hour” or something close to that in that bible

        Maybe it is the end times, but I bet people thought the same during crusades, or more recently WW2

        Several points in history since our savior rose from the grave, people could have looked at the chaotic dysfunction in society and determined we were in the “end times”

    • John Birch

      The New York Times just reported, “The United States is coming to an end…”
      It’s time to stop talking about the next election and start focusing in on Bible prophecy of the end times which we are in. Only a few alternate news sites are reporting events happening in Kazakhstan: Hal Turner, What Does It Mean, The Prophecy Club.

  6. Marie Joy

    Public hangings.

    • Olaf from Oz

      For what its worth – I don’t know how truthful this site is.
      Thanks Greg for all your work in waking us up to the REAL facts.

      • Greg Hunter

        Who is arresting them? I think this is total BS.

      • Jerry

        Be careful what you read. I’ve heard this same story for years. The globalist and their deep state puppets use the “ help is on the way smoke screen “ as a psychological operation to lure people into a false sense of security so they won’t do anything. How many times have I heard Hilary was arrested? But there she is. Oh no. It’s a clone. An actor wearing a mask. Meanwhile we are being slaughtered by the globalist and the vaccination agenda. If it’s true. So what? Get prepared. Physically and spiritually. That you can count on.

  7. Justin Wolf
    I pray that Anonymous is lying, because if not were in over our heads..
    They say the music is to confuse the algorithm, so they don’t get banned.

    Happy new year’s Greg.
    from the pharmaceutical prison colony of Canada

  8. Robert

    I am sorry but Bitcoin is not collapsing. The dollar will collapse. I am friends working for the Federal Reserve stating the opposite that Bitcoin will go up and dollar will collapse. When you have a criminal organization like the Central Bank who controls the dollar then we have a problem! Crypto is decentralized and will be more decentralized moving forward.

    • Tracy Brown

      The U.S. government just bought 240 million Small Pox anti-viral “vaccines”. The fact that there are only 240 for a present population of 330+million is immediately troubling. The fact that small pox was eradicated globally in 1979 and in 1949 in the USA is doubly troubling and poses the question: what are they planning next?

      Only two countries (as of 2019) are known to keep the virus: Russia and USA – CDC.

      According to this article, a new “pandemic” could only be started from a specimen from one of these two stocks as the virus no longer exists in the wild. The CDC has possession of the virus.

      That should make us all feel warm and cozy.

    • Earth Angel

      They are stating that because that is what they WANT to happen.. The Fed. Res. is used to having its own way and calling all the shots– but it is HIGH time for that to END! The Fed. Reserve criminal cabal HAS GOT TO GO- and the time is NOW. They finally may not have a choice in this. By their century + of criminal misbehavior they have done this to THEMSELVES.. and good RIDDANCE to BAD RUBBISH! (as my dear great aunt used to say)

  9. Peter. Erikson


    So can it honestly be said the the Experimental nMRA CLOT SHOT – “Does Reduce the Incidence of Serious Illness , Hospitalization and Death.” ? Is that true or not?

    Did they Just Lie About that ? If so Who Do we Sue and How.

    Lies about this medical procedure ( unwanted injection ) should be a Cause for Tort.

    Not sueing for Damage caused by the Injection. ( at this Juncture ). But For Pushing a Deadly Experimental Procedure on us and lying and causing mass fear and coercion. You are a bad stupid dangerous person to not get the shot.

    Thanks Greg. This is the most helpful News I get on this COVID Fiasco. Wish I owned a farm down in TN. Stuck up here. for now.

    • CeCe

      “Did they Just Lie About that ? If so Who Do we Sue and How.”
      It has been a lie since inception.
      You lose the ability to sue anyone when you KNOW it is “a voluntary opportunity for those employees wishing to be “vaccinated””
      AND you sign the totally voluntary release for the experimental gene therapy.
      I hear many saying “I had/have no choice, it’s for my job”
      God gives us free will, choose wisely.
      He also cautions us to not be misled,
      Yet so many are signing away their very lives
      On the informed consent forms when the patient inserts (people WON’T ask for) are intentionally blank.

      • Peter Erikson

        “Does Reduce the Incidence of Serious Illness , Hospitalization and Death.” ? Is that true or not?

        If the Narrative Pushed by CDC, Pharma and Media is –Reduce the Incidence of Serious Illness , Hospitalization and Death. and That is False then it is more than Just a Dangerous Injection. It is Criminal to make the false Claims the lead to Damage and death. . In the years to come Torts can follow. Thats how I see it at the moment. You are entitled to whatever view or opinion you like. The Messaging is a problem.

  10. Benjamin Golan

    I’m shocked that those patriots from Jan 06, 2021 are still in prison. Where is the outrage? This should scare everyone. Trump’s silence is disgusting. I’d add Ted Cruz is also barking the same narrative of the leftist democrats and insinuating Trump is at fault?

  11. Robin

    I saw an article today on zero hedge that said I fed overruled the vaccine companies wishes to have such a long period before the truth is exposed and that he made it eight years. So I guess they have eight years to push it out further continuously like they’ve done with the assassination of JFK. We Shall see.

    • Robert

      Actually it’s 8 months.

  12. tim mcgraw

    Thanks Greg for the WNW from frigid Missouri. I talked to my Mom today (1/6). She lives in a senior living center in St. Louis, MO. She is 89. Mom told me that there is almost no help in the SLC. All the help tests positive for Covid and stays home. The chef quit. The elderly have to come down to the lobby once a day to pick up a meal in a bag. Some elderly can’t do this. My Mom and the others pay a lot of money to live in this facility. My Mom can still drive so she can get out and get food, but what about those who can’t?
    This Covid BS has got to end. People are going to die even faster than they are now if it doesn’t.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is a pandemic of the vaxed. Thanks Tim for the street reporting.

      • George

        Ready for a new year of true news with Greg Hunter I read that a federal judge told FDA to up the vac data now

    • Robert

      I went to my healthcare provider today for a blood draw. There was a sign they were closed. I went to another associated facility to have it done. They didn’t know the other facility was down. My phlebotomist hoped she didn’t get the Covid. I have to assume most of those employees are vaxxed. It’s a hospital associated satellite facility. I’ve found that the employees in the hospital office really just parrot talking points about getting the jab.

      • Robert

        In today’s local news there was a story about one of the local healthcare clinics that had to temporarily close due the COVID and not having enough staff. These healthcare facilities have 95-99 % vax rates but for some reason COVID is creating absentee issues. We have local drs from the hospitals try to tell us it’s the unvaccinated in all the hospitals but yet a healthcare facility had to temporarily close because of COVID absenteeism.

  13. PeteM

    Amen Greg
    Jesus is Real.
    And so is a head cold, hope you find your toque.

  14. Rob Lindeman

    Another great show Greg ! Again, you’ve hit the nail right on the head.
    (Just be glad that you didn’t have to film it in Minnesota, it is 15 below zero
    here tonight). lol

    • Greg Hunter

      Got me beat Rob!! 17degrees is darn cold though.


      • Brooklyn


        It is soooo good to see you back, even if it has to be from the frozen tundra of Missouri. And, a Happy New Year to your Family…;)

        We are also pleased that Dr. Kory will be your Saturday night guest. We have been reading JFK, Jr.’s book and Dr. Kory, and his team, are on every other page.

        My wife and I know that most of our good friends are VAXX’D, and are playing it as safe as we can, with a daily routine of nine (9) or more vitamins and supplements, with the combo of Quercetin, Zinc, and NAC. At the end of the day, WTFK…? And, so we pray…

        All the Best!

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks Brooklyn!

  15. PeteM

    Could it be that Trump was placed as other presidents were maybe to test the waters for the elite to see how many patriots there are?

  16. PeteM

    Glenn Beck has just interviewed Donald Trump have a listen.

  17. Earnest

    So Rob Kirby is wrong? I don’t think so.

  18. Southernpatriot

    During the Presidental campaign, I saw a yard sign and it read like this. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior and Donald J. Trump is my President,still. It seem that there is plenty of evidence to prove
    fraud and so far it’s not seeing much daylight. So what gives?
    Regarding the economy, we have worked very hard to eliminate our debt & we can now freely give back to our church and several charities that are dear to us. I say this not to impress anyone, but to tell you that there are many of us who have worked hard all there lives.We are the John & Janes Does of the world. we are the ones who make thing’s work. If it’s broken, we fix it. We cut the lawns all over the neighborhood . We rake the leaves after they fall and haul them off to the dump. We are the clerks at the stores and the ones who restock the shleves. We John & Jane Does are every where you look. From mechanics , to carpenters,masion’s,policemen & policewomen. Firefighters,emt’s and nurses. We work in the restrants,gas stations. We are America!
    I would venture to say that every one is feed up with those at the top who are running America. Running America into the ground and spending our tax money, like they own it!
    We the people need to start marching for law and order, for school’s that really teach our children to read,write and to do arithmetic and for putting a stop killing children and each other!
    Well, I’ve said my peace, With declining health I’m coming to a point where my memories are all I have.
    Don’t let the popin -jay’s take away your spirit to live or your love for the country. In a nation as blessed as America is, we are very lucky to be free. Let no power in the universe take it awayfrom you and your children
    Take care America.
    Take care Greg Hunter. I have learned much from you and Rush.
    Southern Patriot,

  19. William Mitchell

    As Hunter Biden says “these are times that try men’s souls”.

    • John Birch

      This isn’t the same country we once loved. The population of the U.S. was 200 million. Everyone is welcome to come in and join the Democratic Party and grab a welfare check unless you’re a European Christian. Washington, Adams and Jefferson all agreed that a republic can’t work without a Bible reading, God fearing people.

  20. Susan Verdon

    Happy New Year Greg !
    If I recall Joe Biden did not give a State of the Union last year and I doubt he
    will give one this month. Proving he’s not really President.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good point Susan!!

  21. John Wade

    Another Patriot doing what he can to get the truth out to folks so they can find out what’s really going on so they can use their own brains to make decisions for themselves and their families on how to survive and thrive in these “adventurous” times……..Sitting in a lawn chair, in a wheat field, at 17 degrees F, with some decent wind chill, somewhere in America……Keeping the truth flowing to a thirsty public. You Da Man 🙂

  22. Roger Hubbard

    Good report Greg, especially when it’s 17 degrees, you don’t see that kind of reporting on CNN! You are a real news guy!! Unfortunately I think you’re gonna be right about the vaccination deaths. I think you’re also right about the feds situation, they put themselves in that one..

    Greg, I think a lot of very evil people Are going to finally pay a price For the crap they’ve done to our country,

    Your friend
    Roger Hubbard

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Roger!!

  23. David Gordon Dunne

    I listened to one great patriot in jail now for a year, with never getting to see his parents or wife and kids now for a year. He is being tortured and abused. He was on Stew Peters Show yesterday by phone. Trump not standing up for those who stood with him and for him, is past shameful. Now, he won’t come out against the kill shots me makes me wonder if he is really a traitor and one of them now??? Greg, You are a great patriot and this country of Thailand just went on lockdown AGAIN as for two years, it is like jail here and now just starting to open up and BAM. Thank you UN and the Globalist as living here, you can see who pulls all the strings and it ain’t the people like in most countries. I pray 3 hours a day now for all I know and love. Greg, you are in those daily prayers too. If any of you think things will ever be NORMAL again, I agree with Bill Holter, “It will now take Jesus Christ coming to take the EVIL Satanist down.”

  24. nathan dunning

    Thank you Greg Happy New Year.

  25. roy miller

    it is clear that price of gold and silver will not go up , simply because the banksters dont have any. whereas imaginary coins will go to any price. i firmly believe we need 1000+ people creating one simple website each selling gold and silver@ 100,000USD an ounce. this will create an avalanche and bring out the truth….

  26. Loop Garoo

    Where are Gina Haspel, Big Mike, and the original TV Biden? I’d like a closeup photo of the braided rope used to hang perverts and traitors at The Spa (Gitmo)?

  27. Jayna Williams

    More than likely. they are being held under the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act as “enemy combatants” without probable cause, suspicion, evidence, without benefit of an attorney, no habeus corpus, no right to trial. And will likely be held there for a verrrrrrrrrry looooooooooong time. When Trump told everyone to be there, I no longer trusted Trump and tweeted out and used every social media I had (very little) to tell people not to go, that it was a trap. People thought I was crazy.

  28. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter for all the unpalatable truth we have and no one else bothers to report.It really is as if we await the stamp of Satan before being escorted to our own grave and shot, the police here in the UK are being trained in this technique anecdotally,the Scottish police seem most keen.
    Meanwhile harping back to 2019 and the disaster tat Autumn was,
    So many of those loans were to European and British banks who have branches in the USA so that they can have access to the Fed no other reason. I am sure American tax payers are thrilled to be underwriting loans to the Bolshevik Communists here in Europe that are leading us to war and your sons and daughters will have to come here and die for these Bolshevik Communists inconvenient lies.

  29. Ralph Kenniston

    Hello Greg from the Lake of The Ozarks. Keep your arrows of truth sharp and your quiver full. Never give up never surrender! The truth will always survive the attacks of evil. Truth comes from above, does not originate from man!

  30. Tommy

    Stolen elections have consequences. Our country has been flipped upside down because of it. And as I remember it, the FBI released a report back in April that said their was no “insurrection” and that Trump had no involvement in the Jan 6 protest. But I’ll end as I began; stolen elections have consequences.

  31. Derek Sinclair

    A very Happy New Year to you and yours Greg.

  32. Steve Liversage

    Thank you for freezing to bring us the important news

  33. al

    As usual, your WNW is very informative and refreshing. I enjoyed it but the thing that had me laughing out loud was when you dropped the notes and had to get up and pick them up off the floor and you said “yes, I’m wearing pants”
    What a total opposite of the Marxist Enemy Media which talks about nothing and presents it with robotic practiced fear mongering goons. Happy New FEAR

    Happy New Year Greg to you and your Family

  34. Derek Sinclair

    Looking cool Greg – in more ways than one.

  35. Robert J. Gargasz

    From communist occupied territory formally known as the State of OHIO under the former United States of America.

    The fridge winds of China Joe Beijing Biden’s threatened Covid winter has arrived! Common death and fear abound all is shutting down people are in such fear they do not even go to church or pray to God for fear of offending satan! DeSwine the governor has pledged $100 for every welfare Re spirit to get the death injection. People are lining up for the free money and food laced with poison. Then THNK GOD I was awoken from this nightmare but felt as if I had not been sleeping?

    God Help Ohio and America!
    Thank You Greg Hunter!

  36. Andrew Cox

    Great news roundup!

  37. M. Sansone

    Well, you’re a REPORTER! Tell us all about it. Go into detail. Clear, concise, and complete! Don’t hint around at things. When it comes to stating your facts and convictions, don’t be like Beaky the Buzzard: “Uh-huh, no no no. Uh-huh no no, nope. I don’t wanna. Nope, nope, nope. Uh-huh, no, I don’t wanna do it. Uh-huh.”

    Otherwise, you’re propaganda — just like the others.


  38. Woody

    Edward R. Murrow would be proud, Mr. Hunter!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Woody!!

  39. Robert

    A clinic in our town that provides healthcare for poor and homeless is temporarily closing do to staffing shortages. From the photos, its a sizeable bldg. This coincides with my experience yesterday going for lab services only to get there to see it was closed do to staffing issues. Of all places you’d think the majority of employees would be vaccinated at these types of facilities. Hhhhmmmm

  40. William Burley

    Greg I would like to Advertise on you site.
    We will send samples so you know it’s not a snake oil.
    Cu Pain Away is our USA Product with NDC From FDA so we have our regulatory work done.
    Worlds Best Cream is the Canadian product with NPN From Health Canada.

    Our product is for Arthritis & Sore Muscle.
    Copper in the Cream makes it work.
    You can read testimonies on Amazon,Costco & YouTube.
    Look forward hearing from you & very like & enjoy your informative vids.

    Tks Bill
    Ph 705-262-9074

  41. A+Jones

    I agree Greg, the worm has turned. I spent the last five days watching hours of interviews and I watched three of the most convincing and comprehensive interviews I have ever seen. I am referring to the two interviews my Joe Rogan with Dr. McCulloch and Dr. Malone. That was almost 5 hours, and I enjoyed every minute of it. The other one is just as effective but has not been widely viewed I believe. Here it is and I encourage all to listen to it. It was put out by a group of 500 Canadian MD’s.
    Then the last was a video by an MP of the UK government. He came on Youtube and was exuberant about the fact that the new O strain was mild, and he clearly declared the end of the pandemic and praised the British government for stopping the lock downs. Then he closed with the real kicker. He said that the lockdown was a big failure and big mistake in the Western countries and all western countries would and should end the lock downs and the jab. He then said we should concentrate on giving the Jab to all undeveloped third world populations instead. Translation: We got caught red handed by the Western populations (White People) so we will focus on killing all of the brown and black people. I took this as a sign of the establishment coming to grips with reality and this MP just leaked it out. I think this will be their new narrative. “Truth when crushed to earth shall rise again. The eternal years of God are hers, but error wounded writhes in pain and dies amist her worshipers. “

    • Pete+only

      A+Jones, many thanks for letting us in on the 500 Canadian Doctor podcast analyzing Pfizer’s own data. Many lives can be saved if even parents can watch it. I will be watching the other podcast that you suggested watching shortly when I have time, but the main thing is that things are now starting to unravel, but we all need to try to save as many lives as possible in the mean time, and it is still difficult to talk vaccinated people into saving others. The problem is also with so many people’s immune systems compromised, they are all vulnerable to whatever else comes along….thanks to Bill Gates and George Soros. Betty White died 3 days after getting her booster shot…and at age 99, of course it was death from natural causes…Thanks Greg for allowing us all to try to save more lives….

  42. Kerry Funk

    Ted Cruz really let us down for what he said in front of the Senate. Tucker really let him have it . Tucker told Cruz that he new exactly what he was saying. There true colors are coming out, and it’s not for America or American’s. One party rule.

  43. Forbush Jim

    You forget that President Trump has probably been threatened with bodily harm/death if he comes out publicly against the vax. I agree with Bo Polny in that all President Trump has to say is “We were ALL lied to!”.

  44. Olga

    How would I find that 15 minute video you mention at the beginning?

  45. Richard Stone

    Greg,did you send the poll results to Donald Trump.(He needs to see this) keep up the good work!

  46. phil calton

    Hi Greg

    very good report…I get freezing cold just watching you..

    Some MSM reports “Betty White died of natural causes 3 days after booster..booster didn’t kill her!! she died of natural causes.”
    how can that be??? no one dies of natural causes anymore!!!!!!
    Betty White perfect example of Hollywood sucker elite you were talking about..
    She would have made it well passed 100 without jabs.. She is an icon still..Her handlers want it to stay that way..the jab is perfect because Betty says so..She couldn’t die of Covid 3 days after the shot ..after all she has been supporting the jab..!!

    Greg keep it up!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Phil!

  47. Da Yooper

    Judge Rejects FDA’s 75 Year Delay On Vax Data, Cuts To Just 8 Months

    “A federal judge has rejected a request by the FDA to produce just 500 pages per month of the data submitted by Pfizer to license its Covid-19 vaccine – and has ordered them to produce 55,000 pages per month. Assuming there are roughly 450,000 pages, that means it will take just over eight months for the world to see what’s under the hood.”


  48. RJ Wije

    Good info, Terrible video quality, outside, windy, poor sound, papers flip flapping, DSude why sisnt you do this video inside and also provide to to sources, links to doctors sites and videos and also where we can get the meds to fight covid…That would have been better to help us…Thanks

    • Elias Andrinopoulos

      Greg is showing a “boots on the ground” perspective of winter wheat, the progress of which dovetailed into his section on crop growth as they pertain to the markets and food prices. Sheesh! Give the man some credit! And a break. Greg has decades of journalism experience at major networks! He tries to give us a clear perspective, and for free! And it beats the crap out of the CNBC’s of the world! Don’t listen to them, Greg, we’ve got your back.

  49. Greg

    The world at the moment is like watching a Looney Tunes cartoon! The only way to wipe Bitcoin is an EMP! If that happens then we are all dead anyways!
    Jesus Christ the Son of God who walked on the water,raised people from the dead and knew the ending from the beginning told you how chaotic things would become. So fear not! Just put your trust in him and him alone! Fiat or crypto, gold or silver; in the end what does it matter?

  50. Carlo M

    Greg, Trump saying get the vaxx, is not a big deal. First, anyone who follows the advice of a politician, any politician, gets what they deserve. Second, anyone who takes medical advice from a politician, any politician, really gets what they deserve. Third, at this stage if you’re not vaxxed, you’re not going to be, so Trump is preaching to the choir and not changing any minds. He can now show that he is on the same side as the CDC and FDA, so when he takes them down, it wont look vindictive. He’s keeping his enemies closer. He has shown us that justice, financial, medical, pharma, News media, entertainment, law Enforcement, military, elections, and governments around the world have all been infiltrated and corrupted. And when you were born, they told you that you were free; That’s the big lie.

  51. Neil

    I thought PCR tests ended Dec 31,2021. What tests are being done to keep case numbers up?

  52. Randy Avera

    Big shutdown in Xi’an, China…’s-the-real-story-about-the-outbreak-in-xian-china-omicron,-delta-hantavirus-or-a-new-reassortant-zoonotic-sars-cov-2-strain

    New hospital under construction in Xi’an, I don’t know…

    Ben Harnwell , based in Rome, hinted at a new variant in Xian on the war Room, Pandemic with Steve Bannon around Christmas.
    More recent video…

    Harnwell GETTR Account

    Some People Are Paying Attention, But Are We Being Played,

  53. Jerry

    In advance of Doctor Koreys interview, I found these numbers by the WHO interesting.

    Yesterday I wound up in the ER room with the beginning phases of a heart attack. For the record I’ve never had heart issues my entire life,
    I didn’t even have high blood pressure. Now I’m on heart medication and blood thinners. I find it no coincidence that only two months ago I was in a covid19 hospital ward and was given remdisivere. It seems the globalist have thought through every aspect of their attack. If you recall I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer after recovering from covid19 back in November so I’m beginning to think the whole covid19 attack is just one great big cluster screw to kill us off one way or another. Look again at the graph.

    • Southern Girl

      So sorry you are having such a sad sickness. The remdesivir is to kill either your liver/liver. Remember the hospitals get $10,000. if they mark you covid and $39,000 if they put you on a ventilator. This is such a sad part of your season with the loss of your son and now you with the cancer. I took HCQ back about a month ago and will take my Ivermectin if needed. You didn’t get the jab did you?? Can’t remember if you did or did not. I believe they say the jab will accelerate or start cancer. From the number Greg was mentioning, Clif High was right. The die off has begun. So dang sad that we are losing people. But at some point, in time they need to wake the hell up, excuse the French word I used.

      • Jerry

        Southern Girl,
        Thank you. If you get the virus and take ivermectin make sure you’re dosage is correct or you will wind up in the hospital like I did. No. I have never taken the vaccine, and probably never will.
        I am convinced that had my wife and I not taken ivermectin we would have died. We took 14mg of ivermectin when we should have been taking 22mg, so there’s no one to blame but me.

        By the way, ( a poster on Greg’s site “ lightning”) shared some information with me about cancer that may have saved my life. It’s to early to talk about since I’m still in the treatment stage, but apparently fenbenozole is to cancer, what ivermectin is to covid19.
        Please keep me in your prayers, because if this works it could save the lives of millions of people that are being victimized by the drug companies.

        • Keith Wilson

          Jerry all my neighbours got the two jabs during the summer and the third booster jab in november. All are sick in bed with covid this week. I have been looking after them getting milk and bread and newspapers to keep them supplied with get them over there sickness. I have never been vaccinated and have never been sick in three years. I take 5000 iu of vitamin d. Take five zinc tablets and Korean ginseng daily. Plus plenty of chicken soup and vegetables like broccoli and carrots. Never been stronger and fitter in 55 years. Just concentrate on boosting your immune system and you need not to worry about catching the covid-19 sickness. Look after yourself Jerry and I pray for your loss regarding your families miserable 2021. All the best for the new year.

        • Southern Girl

          Keeping you in my prayers. You said take 22mg of Ivermectin. Is that daily?? I ordered 12mg. from India. But have some I ordered a long time ago. I took HCQ as a prophylactic
          about a month ago. I also take 10,000 of V- D and take plenty of V-C and other supplements as well. Have not been sick in a long time and will not take the jab for sure.
          Keep us posted on that drug so we know how well you are doing. Take Care!

    • Steve Bice

      Jerry: Another possible explanation. Both Covid and the vaccines presumably cause endothelial inflammation/dysfunction. You have probably seen the slides of blood cells that are irregularly shaped and clumped together after exposure to the spike protein from whatever source.

      It takes roughly 120 days to replace the entire blood supply. My thought is that at least some of these clumped cells may continue to circulate freely until the body eliminates them via replacement of the blood supply. Based on this admittedly unproven theory, I have stayed on two 81mg aspirin daily for 4 months since my Covid illness to mitigate clotting risks. I will probably continue for about two to four more weeks.

      It is unlikely that clotting risks disappear as soon as the acute phase of Covid passes. Without multiple d-dimer tests run on a test cohort for a couple months after illness, we can’t know for sure. But for me, the potential cost/benefit of a couple low dose aspirin is a winner.

      You’ve had more than your share of heartache, illness and loss…and many of us pray for you. Take care…

  54. wayne reeves

    Thank you for what you do, polling by you is trusted, keep going.
    Also want to ask you to consider another expert to discuss spike proteins and shedding.
    Specifically shedding of spike proteins by those who have been vaccinated and those who have not been vaccinated contracting the spike proteins and how that happens.
    And added to that how do the spike proteins remain viable once they are shed and not in a persons body. Any further explanation on this would be greatly appreciated, again Greg, thank you for what you do.

  55. Russ 2

    Thanks Greg –watching you in a 17ºF wheat-field was very entertaining. But I digress…

    “Judge Rejects FDA’s 75 Year Delay On Vax Data, Cuts To Just 8 Months”

  56. Pam

    It’s not enough that these pedo CEOs step down. They need to be prosecuted. It’s not enough to expose these criminals who participated in a fraudulent election. They need to be prosecuted. It’s not enough to fire these propagandists who call themselves reporters. They need to be prosecuted. It’s not enough to expose these tech companies for interfering in the election and for censoring people who express beliefs contradictory to their own. Those companies should be sued into bankruptcy. It’s not enough to get Biden, Harris, and these corrupt democrats and rhinos out of office. They should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, many of them hung for treason. And then there is our beloved Fauci, Gates, Schwab, etc. Skip the prosecute and send them directly to hell!

  57. Marty

    The poll should have had another choice… “It doesn’t matter because Trump got the shots and a booster”. Hate to think that this is possible but, by 2024, Trump may be disabled or dead from the shots… so, it may not be possible for him to be the President again.

    Honestly, if what people are saying comes true (most of the people who got the shots become disabled or die)… it is unlikely government of any sort will even exist.

  58. Scott


    Way to take the Missouri. – Show Me – motto to the next level! To all you city folks, that is what a “green” screen really looks.

    My in-laws live in NE Missouri – Lots of fans in that area! Stay strong !

  59. Jim

    On your poll. I voted “YES”! No, I don’t like everything Trump does or has done, but he did a h*ll of a lot that I did like. If not Trump who? DeSantis? Everyone is going to put him on that golden pedestal too then drop him when he does something they don’t like! Yea, lets see how that works out!

  60. Rich R

    Happy New Year Greg, something big is about to happen. thank you for all you do man. God Bless brother.
    Judge Rejects FDA’s 75 Year Delay On Vax Data, Cuts To Just 8 Months

  61. Diana Brown

    Greetings Greg and Happy New Year. I appreciate your dedication and look forward to another year of truthful news coverage.

  62. The Ogs

    It’s simple, the interest rates need to go up! This is what all traditional textbook economics says to do.
    If you tell me the U.S. government would go broke almost overnight, because they owe thousands ands thousands of billions of dollars, I say tough.
    I turn 65 in a few months and the hundred grand I have in the bank is getting me nada, zero, zilch… it’s pathetic.
    I remember (in the early 1980s) I held a $500 Canada Savings Bond for one year, and I made $100. The interest rate it paid was 20%!
    So, tell me again how the economy will immolate if interest increases to a lousy 2% or 3%… whatta joke.
    How could the American people willingly mortgage their grandchildren and great-grandchildren to an impossibly huge debt in this manner? I don’t understand.
    Canada should increase interest rates, like, yesterday – but will they? Oh no; wouldn’t want to agitate the insane siamese twin…

  63. Neville

    The use of the word “Narrative”’ has been so obscured from its original meaning
    which is this>>>>
    a spoken or written account of connected events; a story.

  64. Linda

    Greg, a couple of weeks ago I told you et al that I had the dreaded Covid. My doc gave me a prescription for ivermectin which I had filled at a compounding pharmacy. I took a 5 day course and by the 6th day I was basically recovered. I also nebulized H2O2 per Dr. David Brownstein’s protocol. By the 5th day my husband became ill (he also took ivermectin etc.) He went to the ER on Christmas Day and passed away on January 2 in the ICU. He had suffered from legionella pneumonia several years ago and I think his lungs were somewhat compromised, BUT I want to say that his death was preventable at many points, if he had received the care needed quickly. His death was a true case of DEATH by HOSPITAL. The way these Covid health care workers go about their business is very sad. I didn’t meet any one person who’s intent was evil (lots of little “hall monitors”) but the system is not your friend. It is a machine, that will chew you up and spit you out and move on to the next unsuspecting “patient”.

  65. Mark

    The hundreds and hundreds of Patriots held in DC being tortured are POWs. Nothing short of that. They are not “political prisoners”, as many say. We are at war.

  66. Rod Brumley, Lt. Col USMC (ret.)

    Greg Hunter the ultimate Patriot
    Happy New Year
    Thanks for all you do

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Rod!

  67. Tim

    Hi Greg,

    I read that the 40% death rate for the working class (18 to 64) reflects only up to the 3rd quarter of 2021. How much worse is this going to get?

    God bless you and thanks for your accurate reporting. I really like how you show us the evidence by holding up the paper. It giv s it a personal touch.

    Christ is Real!!!!!!!

    • Robert

      It was for 3rd and 4th quarters and it was implied that the succeeding qtrs would trend similarly.


    Happy New Year – still 80 here in Tampa!

  69. Dwight Branson

    I wonder how much it cost in fake federal reserve, freshly printed dollars, to slam the price of silver and gold yesterday?

  70. Doug

    It has been said before but I must say it again. We are so very grateful for the exceptional work that you do; it is second to none. The guests you arrange and the efforts and dedication you display for all to see and hear is a beacon of truth in a world that is dark.

    I also thank you for your unending dedication to our Lord and savior who shields us from the enemy. You are loved!

    PS. For those frigid outdoor broadcasts, you might consider one of those Davy Crockett style hats to stay warm !

  71. Roger...

    5 G will be the Kill Shot!

  72. patriot 1968

    today is the DAY if SCOTUS votes for vax mandates CIVIL WAR is coming, this could be the most important day of our country life.

  73. George

    Thank-you Greg. The “jab” mandate is failing, but still 30-million new jabs per day worldwide are happening, and we-the-people must slow it down and finally stop it; and today I saw a video and a website that can allow a few good men to stop an entire county government law or even state government. The video with Mr. Key of Vaccine Police is at: and his website with downloadable/ printable Documents is:

  74. Dwight Branson

    I know it was freezing and the battery was dying, so I’ll end the Wrap-up … God the Father, God the Son, and the Holy Spirit are all firmly in control! Jesus is REAL!!!

  75. rob marks

    ON the Fives they made a good point that the Dems only chance to win is to have Trump run again because if anyone else runs they got nothing to attack.

  76. Tracy Brown


    Thank you for everything you do. May God Bless you and your family!

    I agree their narrative is collapsing. But I also think they are getting ready to take it to the next level. That said, have you heard about the 240 million anti viral small pox vaccines just purchased by our government? The 240 million figure came from Monkeywerks Youtube Channel (his informants are military and his is former). This in conjunction with open borders – well, enough said.

    This raises several disturbing questions.

    • Doug

      Could this be in preparation for war?

  77. Elias Andrinopoulos

    Greg you are a trooper and a Patriot I appreciate you very much! The boots on the ground crop reporting is great for us eastern seaborders who are (somewhat) disconnected from the main source of our food supply, although one need only to look at stock prices of food to see what is taking place, which could be the prep for a hyper-inflationary event that will make the ‘29 crash look amateurish . There are so many black swans, the horizon is littered with “birds” (potential calamities).

    God Bless you! ☦️🙏🏻

    • Doug

      Could this be in preparation for war?

  78. Tom

    Greg, can you link the Michael Yeadon video you cited? Thanks for all you do.

  79. Rusty

    Greg, you may well be right about an “awaking” regarding the death shots and the election theft/coup of 2020. But when” I see many, probably most, of my “conservative” friends getting the “vaccination” AFTER they just had COVID, including “geniuses” like Trump, I just have little hope. Too, even if 10’s of millions of Americans do start demanding honest elections, what can they do about it? The answer is “nothing”—just as we’ve lost EVERY battle over my entire 70 years on this planet. We’ve lost the battle against child sacrifice, schools are an outright horror and cost SIX time more per student than 60 years ago and we’ve gone from 1st in the world in education and health to 27th, sexual perversion is rampant as is crime and drug use of every kind, debts of every kind and for every level of government has gone astronomical, our “intelligence agencies” like the FBI, CIA as well as then entire (in)justice system would make the Gestapo envious, all our freedoms and all of our Western/Christian culture and values are being attacked and undermined on a daily basis and with the full support of 10,000 fascist judges, illegals and so-called refugees from mostly Islamic nations along with their offspring make up 60 million or our population and by the time of the 2024 elections the communists will have registered 10 million more to vote, and on and on. And that’s not even to mention that Europe is already just GONE, Islam is getting stronger by the day, China and Russia are getting stronger and stronger and will like start a war (or 3) and almost every nation on the planet is “socialist” (really fascist by definition).

    BUT, believe it or not, I’m the ultimate optimist as I know Jesus is coming back….and I CAN’T WAIT till Judgement Day. 🙂

  80. paul lilliott

    Welcome back Greg. One very interesting and powerful indicator that the narrative is falling apart from sunny So Cal where the library books are quarantined for five days and the hospitals don’t allow flowers to be taken in. My neighbor, who is very charismatic, was fanatically pro vaxx last year. Yesterday I spoke with him – He is an officer at the local Moose Lodge where they only allow vaxxed on Fridays. He SPOKE OUT at a meeting there and said that the whole CV thing was ‘BS”. And the amazing thing is – they all agreed – except one! The fact that his wife had a stroke from the vaxx and is still in hospital may have helped – and the fact that he has to pay $150 for a ‘test’ each time he visits – may help – but still. All of these absurdities and inconsistencies are piled on so thick that even the die hards are seeing thru it all. This, in fully vaxxed total-lie-tarian Los Angeles where the Pharmafia bosses reign , is surely a sign of change!!

  81. JJ Powers

    Semper Fidelis, Greg

  82. sung choe

    “Bitcoin is a limited supply of nothing”. – Bill Holter

    • FastMark

      Better than an unlimited supply of nothing. Enjoy your worthless dollars.

  83. iwitness02

    Truth, Justice and God’s way.
    A spin on Superman’s intro.
    2022 and we are off and running.
    I imagine the next 12 months will be newsworthy.

    Seen a headline that claims Japan has stopped the shots
    and switched to Ivermectin. Hope this catches on worldwide.
    India and Japan have stopped the shots. Who will be next?

  84. Southern Girl

    I got so cold just watching you. We are at 21 this morning. BRRRRR!! Hope your holidays were great. Thanks for all you do. I went out to feed the birds and squirrels and my hands almost froze. Need to wear gloves.
    Still holding out to not get the jab. Went to my Primary Care doctor and what does he want to know??? Did you get the jab? I explained AGAIN how I will not take fetal tissue into my body God made. He was so beside himself he checked my breathing. While he was behind me I said the moment God put me into my mother’s womb He said,” If everyone says yes, you will say no. “The end. PERIOD. Well, that did it because I also wore no mask into his office. He didn’t even want to look or send me to a specialist about a skin disorder. Never asked about eye exam, mammogram, etc. I left his office and wished him and his family a Blessed Christmas. I guess he didn’t make money off of me for no JAB!! Tooooo bad.

    • eddiemd

      Stay strong in the Lord.

      Ephesians 6:10-20

      Don’t be bullied by any medical provider. He probably has regrets that he fell into the trap and took the injection. Or he is taking hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) behind the scenes or even ivermectin.
      I knew many physicians who started writing HCQ for their fellow MDs in March/April 2020 and still are writing scripts for each other. Probably writing them for their pharmacist friends also…

  85. Robert

    Is anybody listening to the oral arguments being made to the SCOTUSA today regarding the Biden vaccine mandates? Scary….
    One of the female judges said the point of the mandates is to protect the health and safety of the patients. The attorneys arguing against the mandates are not saying these vaccines don’t protect from transmission. Why? The vaxxed can still spread the disease. These mandates to my knowledge don’t require welfare and social security recipients to be vaxxed. Only workers and government employees at CMS. I don’t think any of the mandates require social security recipient’s to be vaxxed. Anybody hear or know differently? If yes please provide source.

  86. henry wale

    the globalists have been molding humanity for generations , into this selfish , self centered , selfie , individualized , nation feeding you soy to soften masculinity , plastic bottles to increase estrogen in men , fluoride to dumb you down , food laden with toxins to increase disease , masks to weaken immune system and it goes on and on , death by 1000 cuts , and still ya’ll wait for someone to do the heavy lifting for ya which will not happen , people must learn to stand up for themselves or submit to an eternal terrany and a life of servitude ..its that simple die on your feet or live on your knees , God is giving you a choice , pick one , stand or die , trump or no one else is gonna help you , men if you have any balls left , protect your women and children or crawl back into your cowardly holes , this constant wynning is disgusting to those of the generation that died ” FOR YOUR FREEDOMS ” that you so willfully cast aside as worthless

  87. mike troutt

    Hi Greg,
    Can you do a short story about how and where to get ivermectin?

    • Greg Hunter

      Start here:

    • Robert

      I saw a video claiming how to make your own ivermectin. They used the peeled skins of 3 grapefruit and peeled skins of 3 lemons. Covered with water and boiled. Don’t remember the boil time..then strain and refrigerate… That’s all I remember and there was no dosing detail. Maybe you could use your search engine and find the video.

  88. Wade Greg, please look at this video. It is quite shocking. It shows different levels of toxicity based on their batch number. Pfizer had to know of this. So batches starting with the EN series were the super toxic followed by ER87 series, which wqs less toxic, closely followed by EL series and so forth.
    The next website below has a great deal of useful information. Want to know what the killer and safe batch codes of the “jabs” are? Go here.

  89. CatherineCronin

    Here in Nassau County NY we have a Republican County Executive who passes a law stating that Nassau County stores etc and schools have the right to not wear masks or be vaccinated or choose to wear masks and be vaccinated. the unelected Governor Hockel has declared that everyone in the state has to be vaccinated and wear a mask everywhere.

    So I went to a local store without a mask and they wouldn’t let me in unless I wore a mask. They said it was a state law to which I replied NOT IN Nassau County it isn’t. so they just dont give a shit about that because everyone here is COMPLETELY LIBERAL ASSHOLES who believe that they will NEVER die or get sick EVER AGAIN if they just wear a mask and get the vax.
    There is a part of me that says….I hope Clif High is right…we dont need the idiots who believe that the world is flat and everyone lives forever without suffering!

  90. Doctor X

    Half the US population have an immune system that naturally destroys COVID.

    The other half of the population will have to get jabs every single month until death, with such a weakened immune system from non-use, the millions of vaxers will soon die of the common cold.

    You’ve got a healthy immune system only if you give it real viruses to practice on.

    • jon

      Hello, I know what you are saying. I have never gotten the vax for anything since I left the Service in 1989. Never intend to in the future. Follow the Zelenko protocol and C60. Pushing 70 and zero health issues. And we all know any virus is too small to be stopped by a Mask. Okay, However a few things to consider. When a person exhales their material, it is probably on spittal and the problem is also with the Vazxx’ed. We do not know what they are shedding. Or how big that material is. So in both cases, perhaps a silver impregnated mask in high crowd areas is the way to go. Who cares about the vaxxed zombies, be more concerned about your own protection, mentally and physically. The best resistance to tyranny is both Covert and Overt.

  91. Eb

    Please do whatever you can to publish ways to counter the negative effects of the COVID shot.

    Warm regards,

    • Coal Burner

      EB, if you ask the question , you probably know already to hit all the vitamins hard, starting with 1000 IU daily of Vitamin D! Get your Ivermectin on hand and stay out of hospitals.

  92. Paul murphy

    Welcome back Greg
    Your absence made our hearts fonder
    For your work
    The events playing out were broadcasted to to us and hope people listened
    Biden-the largest organized voter fraud organization ever assembled statement before election

    Federal reserve meeting in Jackson hole couple years ago -going direct to business and ending dollar

    Event 201 – the plandemic players dress rehearsal
    Nothing is by chance is has been gamed out

    I hope mike Tyson quote proves right outside of ring -all plans essentially vaporized when your punched in the nose

    I hope and pray for this country that this punch in the nose for these evil doers materialize

  93. Paul murphy

    One more comment
    Bernake response when ross Perot talked about the sucking sound about jobs moving to Mexico after nafta- we will lose our middle class- bernake replied it’s a necessary adjustment

    So pay your stuff off
    Invest in yourself for means of production
    Learn to preserve meats and other foodstuffs and learn to be comfortable with the uncomfortable, regardless future, it’s going to be no country for weak Americans

  94. Steve

    Thanks for all you do Greg. Always looking forward to the next news update.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Steve for all your support!

  95. Frank Stiles

    Thankfully a District Court judge just ruled that the FDA must release the documents Pfizer submitted for their approval of Comirnaty. They must dump 12,000 docs by 1/31. Then, another 55,000 per month from 3/1 til done releasing all (est. 451,000) pages.
    Greg, tell Karen Kingston she may be a bit busy soon.

  96. SkeptiSchism

    Thanks for the weekly wrapup Greg. I just wanted to add that recently:
    “A federal judge has rejected a request by the FDA to produce just 500 pages per month of the data submitted by Pfizer to license its Covid-19 vaccine – and has ordered them to produce 55,000 pages per month.”

  97. Paul murphy

    Welcome back

    • Greg Hunter


  98. Terry Bartak

    Greg, I have always respected your opinions and continue to. Keep up the good work. These communists need to be smashed worlwide

  99. Rachel.M.

    Thank you Greg for your farmland info, check out this article …
    Elon Musk is making a mind control move using AI…. just when we thought things were evil enough!

  100. Jeff robbins

    Has anyone got in the weeds of why Biden is doing most of his speaking from the stage with the fake window and cheap desk. The whole thing looks tacky, certainly not Presidential. At least they could have brought over some of the White House art work for the walls or sculptures on pedestals. I thought it might be so he could view a really big teleprompter, but the conspiratist in me thinks its messaging- there is no one at the helm- a confidence game.

  101. Randy

    Food price increase is just the beginning, fertilizer and weed control inputs are through the roof. I’ve been begging for Greg to interview David DuByne of Adapt2030 for years:

  102. Greg Morrissey

    The most important words of the Bible, if you need more Bible help contact me
    Deuteronomy 6
    4 Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one. [a] 5 Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength. 6 These commandments that I give you today are to be on your hearts.

  103. James

    Why did Trump…? Why does TRUMP still push vaccines now?
    _That answer is connected to Military TRIBUNALS TRUMP WILL [EXPOSE] ALL the world corrupt SYSTEM … And he WILL have ALL the EVIDENCE and POWER to bring down the WORLD CABAL SYSTEMS…. and why The scientists( FAUCI) NIH CDC NIAIH WHO World health boards orgs ALL COLLUDED To give him false evidence and information of a PANDEMIC/ILLICIT VACCINES and pushed through corruption to have him release vaccines.
    >How the first batches of vaccines released through operation Warp speed were mainly fake VACCINES ( PLACEBO )
    >Why [ INFILTRATION ] into the [DS] VACCINE world was > NECESSARYHow do you [EXPOSE] a World Wide corruption SYSTEM, connected to World Banks, Big Pharma, Big Tech_CIA UN.WHO. NIH.CDC..CDC CHINA ECT ECT ECT ECT ……..????? How do you [EXPOSE] ALL those who colluded in the CRIME OF THE CENTURY, by creating the VIRUS’S, BIOWEAPON VACCINES????
    One day you will understand why TRUMP released the VACCINES in recorded time ( [DS] never thought he could do)… the release of the vaccines early threw the DEEP STATE PLAN into CHAOSPANIC half Trillions of $$$$$$$$$ were lost in the unsure world stock money markets in first few days of January 2020 /// panic set in and millions of investors pulled their money!
    How do you [EXPOSE] a World Wide corruption SYSTEM, connected to World Banks, Big Pharma, Big Tech_CIA UN.WHO. NIH.CDC..CDC CHINA ECT ECT ECT ECT ……..????? How do you [EXPOSE] ALL those who colluded in the CRIME OF THE CENTURY/creating the VIRUS’S, BIOWEAPON VACCINES????
    [ Infiltration ]
    If TRUMP never released the VACCINES in his last months.. The World would have been in deeper TROUBLE , harder lockdowns, DESTRUCTION of economy to>nothing>>REAL MASS DEATHS different Bioweapons,
    For now it’s hard for people to understand, why so much PLACEBO, mRNA, cancer causing vaccines are in the markets….( The PLACEBO is there because TRUMP SAVED LIVES BY PUSHING THE DEEP STATE AGENDA EARLY>>>TOO EARLY FOR THE DEEP STATE TO BE READY…//// So alot of PLACEBOS were put in place.. Even now the world [DS]can’t keep up with vaccine productions and installing PLACEBOs < IN THE MILITARY COURTS TRUMP WILL EXPOSE EVERY INSTITUTION AND CORRUPTION THAT GAVE HIM the false data, evidence, falsified information on the COVID-19 & Vaccines
    (In a way…. Trump was a sacrifice…. He had to make these moves and knew he was going to get into TROUBLE in the END… But also knew. He would be insulated by the Mil. Who placed him…. These moves had to happen…. The DEEP STATE WAS STILL GOING TO RELEASE THE BIOWEAPONS. THE DEADLY VACCINES with or without Trump in office.>>> There was no way to stop the CABAL PLAN.. The only way was to seize control of the CABAL plan was through [infiltration] [ EXPOSURE] > in the END through MILITARY COURTS > FULL [ DECLASSIFICATION ]

    • Greg Hunter


      Please source this information. I hope you are right by the way, but the science says you are not. and


    • Jerry

      Great plan! It’s comforting to know that my son and countless friends didn’t die for nothing. I guess I can sell all my food storage and silver, since they’ve got this in the bag. 🤣

      • Ray

        Happy New Year to you Jerry.
        I hope this year will be one of redemption for you mate, given all that you went through in 2021.
        As for James’ view of the situation……..seems to me he spends a fair amount of time at X22 report.
        X22 report has painted itself into the corner of all corners with this line of “Trump & The Patriots” allowing “the Cabal” enough rope to one day hang themselves with.
        It’s sad, because X22 was once a really good place to pick up real information.
        Anyway…’s hard to fathom what’s really going on in this lunatic asylum called Planet Earth these days.
        Keep your faith in Jesus, Jerry……and keep throwing out the left jab mate.
        Thoughts & prayers are with you.
        Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

  104. DanKnight

    Greg … put a hat on … you’re gonna catch a cold … ;-)) …

    … and it’s like the jab … you’re making me cold …

    God bless! And travel safe!

  105. a. bonaminio, m.d.

    mark ellias, a clinton attorney, working with the corrupt doj and garland, want to criminalize anyone who supports the 1/6 political prisoners, and by extension anyone who believes the election was stolen. note section 3 below does not imply one had to actually be rioting. they want all patriot maga republicans to be ineligible to run for any office again, and trump is at the top of the list. they will continue to prosecute innocent people who were at or not at the capital. here is section 3 of the 14th amendment which they hope to hang their hats on in this evil plan:

    Amdt14.S3.1 Disqualification from Holding Office

    No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice-President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any State, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any State legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any State, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability.

    • Greg Hunter

      They are desperate and this is not going to work. They have not charged or convicted a single person of insurection. Not going to work and a sign of sheer desperation on the satanic globalist Democrats.

      • Neville

        Our LORD GOD CREATOR hates so-called Globalism and he will punish the actions of those trying to implement this unification of the worlds diverse structure which GOD
        put together is HIS wisdom.
        In time those lucky enough will live to witness the disappearance of shwarb and all those that worship at his shrine……. In short GOD hates treachery !!!

  106. Not So Free

    Welcome back. I hope you had a restful week.
    Now I’m going to watch the video.

  107. Robert Holmstead

    Paramount importance’: Judge orders FDA to hasten release of Pfizer vaccine docs | Reuters

  108. Bible Reader

    07 Jan 2022

    Ex Satanist John Ramirez Reveals Secrets of the Underworld

    05 Jan 2022


  109. Merry Piper

    Greg: Bravo for yet another outstanding WNW while sitting in a Missouri wheatfield! You consistently dig deeper and deeper to get to the truth. You are a true news hound…arf arf arf!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks MP!!

  110. BOB

    This is a post from a relative who flies air cargo in 747’s shipping things all over the world. “Early morning arrival from Wuhan, China into Anchorage ironically carrying 210,000 lbs of Covid test kits” It would seem the Government does not believe the optic of new outbreaks is over. And What better way to spread around a new variant than with tainted/infected test kits from China.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Bob for the reporting!!!

  111. Donald

    The bitter truth is that America was in a FAR better situation in January 2017 when Obama left office than in January 2021 when Trump did.

    Trump campaigned on a promise to Make America Great Again & ended up leaving the country & his supporters FAR worse off in the end.

    • Greg Hunter

      Not true. The evil bastards that stole the office f’d “We the People.” VP fake President Biden killed 10,000 union jobs on the first day in office and $1.2 billion in payroll. It went downhill from there.

      • Donald

        Greg, in 2017 the concept of state & nation wide “lockdowns” (prison terminology) was been unthinkable—same with mandatory face-diapers & faux-vaccines.

        I’m almost positive that Trump’s SCOTUS appointees will ensure that OSHA’s vax-mandate easily pass.

        Can you name one other single person who is as responsible for our current mess as Trump? Remember he could have halted this whole mess before it even started!

        How many of his supporters lost businesses, jobs, homes while Trump ensured that Big Business was taken care of?

        How many will be faced with “no jab no job” BECAUSE of Trump, how many killed/maimed by his ‘ beautiful vaccine’ (which he is STILL promoting)?

        I appreciate what you do Greg but it’s WAY past time to admit that Trump was/is a slimy NYC Liberal Democrat who fooled a whole lot of people…

  112. Skip Havely

    Thank you for this week’s update. PLEASE BUY A HAT!

    God Bless You.

  113. Mark R

    The media continues to absolutely lie about the hospitalizations , and keeps saying its the unvaxxed that are filling the beds. They get these sounds bites from a hospital representative,where they comvince the public that its something like 95% of the people in them are unvaxxed. All the hard data sources that cam be found show maybe 30% are unvaxxed. Its sickening and the bull crap is dividing my own family. Part of us have chosen to be unvaxxed and part are. The vaxxed are the ones leveling threats, totally dispensing and deriding any information that would prove them wrong. They accuse the unvaxxed of all the disinformation and that is what the media portrays as well. The extent that the media and ao many public officials continues to crush, suppress,deny, exclude, ostracize etc just reeks of tyranny and total onesideness. Its worse than religious cults fighting each other,and the fact that it is withing families,then extending to work places,communities all social media platforms, demonstrate to me that our country has been broken by this.

    I have never seen anything more reprehensible than what the media and our government is doing right now. This has to be blown up, and stopped,and nothing short of martial law, implemented by our military and including immediate arrests of the President, Fauci, most congress people, all of the FDA officials, CDC officials, big pharma execs from Pfizer. moderna, etc will resolve this tragedy and humanitarian crisis here in the US and worldwide.

    There is otherwise going to be a civil war, and families and communities will absolutely be torn apart. Im at the point where I may need to throw family members out of the household. It will take legal proceedings and a divorce to accomplish this.

    We desperately need a public admission and conclusive evidence that our President and all his ilk. And mostly the democrats have in fact pulled off a major coup, and that this virus is being used to separate and then silence, imprison,oppress, even murder the unvaxxed. This is worse than the holocaust by many fold. Something has to be done very very soon. I pray to God for our lives.

    • Ralph Brentner

      We are already in a civil war, you just don’t see it yet. It started on 1/20/21 when Biden in a coup seized control of the Whitehouse.

      The dice are on the carpet.

  114. Tom Ranger

    I’m not a vaccine or science denier. I’ve had several vaccines, and science is a word that means to study. I am a scientist specializing in theoretical physics and computer science but consider myself to be a student of all the sciences and engineering arts.

    I listened to the arguments before the Supreme Court to decide if OSHA could mandate masks or a vaccine and I wasn’t impressed with either side of the arguments. First, it’s an unalienable right to life and liberty. Unalienable rights can’t be given away and can’t be taken away; they aren’t subject to contract and they aren’t subject to law. Unalienable rights are above the authority of the courts and even above that of the U.S. Constitution. I have been given my rights of life and liberty by nature or a creator, not by government. If you are a person of faith then have faith in your creator and the body he gave you, and if you’re a person that believes in evolution then trust in 1,000,000+ years of evolution that provided you the lungs to breath the air unfiltered, and the immunity system to fight off infection; if you don’t then you are putting all your faith in government and big corporations that have a history of bad mistakes and human rights violations.

    Second, all sides of the argument talked about the “pandemic” as if it’s real. It’s a real virus, but not a real emergency, not a real pandemic. I hear the same reports on TV from the government as you but I can’t confirm those and the data they provide doesn’t add up; I can only judge it by the evidence around me, and I don’t see bodies on the side of the road, I don’t see pyres lighting up the sky at night, people I know that have taken cameras into hospitals have confirmed they are NOT overrun with COVID patients and it’s not even sure those claimed to have COVID really do. I can only judge by people I personally know or encountered and of them I knew about a dozen that died from cancer, a dozen that died from heart attacks, two from aneurysm, three in car wrecks, and even two from a lightning strike, but I don’t know a single person that died from COVID-19, not one and that indicates to me that it’s not a real emergency.

    Third, I’m not convinced this “vaccine” is even safe. If it is then why do manufacturers of it need legal immunity? How many times have we seen medications on the market get recalled years down the road because they cause kidney failure, or liver damage, or some other side effect? Whenever we see a new one advertised on the television it’s always accompanied by a monotone disclaimer, except when it comes to flu shots or the COVID vaccine; don’t you find that strange? Even the polio vaccine took nearly 20 years to develop safely, yet this one was rushed through, and there are hundreds of thousands of reports of deadly side effects and the evidence is mounting. We have video interviews of hundreds of medical experts including the inventor of the PCR test and the chief creator of the mRNA technology in addition to others saying it’s dangerous the way things are being done and it will have deadly consequences on you and your family and society as a whole.

    Even entertaining the idea that any government agency could mandate such things without any culpability or accountability, without any check and balance is too much power in too few hands. It opens the door to tyranny where a year from now they could walk outside and just declare something to be an emergency just because they say so and implement all kinds of controls on people. Declaring a snow emergency in the middle of July when it’s 90 degrees out could become common place.

    This whole chain of events and behavior of government is alarming and bizarre… At the very least.

  115. tim

    It all started under Trump. He could of stopped this covid stuff real quick. I side with the good looking blond lady.

  116. Marti Baker Girl

    are you a hot head or something? Just watching you without a hat on makes me shiver it’s so cold where you are. Well, when a guy has nice hair like you I guess you can go hatless in cold weather(:). Anyway, thank you so much for all that you do for your viewers and your country. Thank you for your service. I pray God’s blessings upon you, your family, and your ministry (this is a ministry that you do) in the New Year!

  117. Eugene

    I see your poll about Trump and it makes me sad. Politics is a big show. Voting is not going to change our situation. Banking and corporate powers usurped our country long ago and nobody gets into positions of power unless it is OK with tptb. The only thing that can save us is us. We must not comply on a large scale. Violence is what they want and are equipped to deal with. We need to follow the teachings of Christ and love our enemies. We must love one another and build our new paradigm on a foundation of truth, justice, and compassion.

    • Todd King

      Correct. We can’t vote our way out of this. Somebody said to me one day: “I’m sure most people know what must happen, and I’m sure many are just waiting for their oportunity, but for some strange reasons the focus of the attention has not met any opposition.”

  118. Paul Simmons

    You probably know this. Micros0ft Edge put up a notice that they have blocked this video. If you wait for a few minutes and continue to click on the video the video will come on. Still, the video will stop and start for a while. The watcher needs to wait through the interruptions until they eventually go away. Microsoft Edge has done this with other of your videos.

    • Rich R

      Do not Use EDGE, it is controlled by guess who.

  119. Rich R

    El Camino Hospital CMO admits that 57% of their hospitalized COVID patients are fully vaccinated.
    Currently, 57% of our hospitalized COVID patients are fully vaccinated.” In other words, a clear majority, almost 2/3 of the COVID patients in the hospital, are fully vaccinated. This suggests that the vaccines hardly work at all since this is slightly less than the vaccination rate in the area.
    Whoops looks like the vaccines do not work but only reduce symptoms, meanwhile the vaccinated spread the virus and new variants around the world. This is selfish to get vaccinated and sick by the people who are trying to control the narrative. They are all about to be exposed. God is not mocked…..

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