Neocons Need War Because Monetary System Collapsing – Martin Armstrong

By Greg Hunter’s

Legendary financial and geopolitical cycle analyst Martin Armstrong said at the end of last year, the U.S. is being set up for a “nightmare fall.”  Train derailments and political problems are spinning out of control, but the biggest threat is war.  Armstrong explains, “They want a war, but they also need it because the monetary system is collapsing. . . . You have had interest rates at negative since 2014.  So, suddenly interest rates are rising.   Any bond owned by any institution in Europe is a loser.  They have lost so much money, it’s incredible.  What happens?  Nobody is interested in long term debt – period. . . . If you have interest rates rising, and rates are going to be going up because the Fed cannot stop this kind of inflation, then, you’ve got war.  You have untold billions of dollars being shipped into Ukraine, which is absurd.  This is what you have. . . . You also have to look at what Janet Yellen said, and she was concerned with the tons of new debt coming out.  You are exceeding the balance sheets of the Primary Dealers.  To be a Primary Dealer, you have to be able to guarantee you will be able to buy X amount of debt.  If you can’t sell it, what happens?  The bank is stuck with the debt, and then they go bust.  So, we have a real problem here.  They cannot continue to issue this kind of debt in perpetuity.  They have been borrowing money since WWII with no intention of paying anything off. . . . The Fed is independent, and they don’t want the long-term debt.  They have been moving towards the short end of the curve.  How do you continue to fund a government if there are no buyers for the debt?  This is on a global scale.”

So, war checks all the boxes?  Armstrong says, “Absolutely.  They get to default on all this debt, which is the real objective.  That’s why (Klaus) Schwab is out there saying you’ll own nothing and be happy.  He’s trying to make it sound like they are doing this for you.  We are going to default on all debt and relieve you of all your debt.  This is because they are going to wipe out everything.  Pension funds will be all gone.  That’s why they are coming out with guaranteed basic income to replace your pension.  They’ve got this all worked out.  That’s what the end goal is here because they cannot continue to function this way.  They cannot continue to borrow whatever they need with no intention of ever paying it back.”

Armstrong reveals why the 2024 elections may not happen.  Can the Deep State commit enough voter fraud to keep Biden and the rest of the Neocons in power?  Armstrong says most of what is happening today is the fault of the Neocons, and they have control of both parties.  Armstrong points out Democrat Hillary Clinton paid for the phony Trump/Russia dossier, and Republican John McCain delivered it to the FBI.  Armstrong calls it the “Uni-party” and goes deep on the problems the Neocons are causing on purpose.

Armstrong also talks about the dollar, gold, civil unrest, tangible assets and the Ukraine war.  Armstrong’s sources say the real number of casualties of the Ukraine Army stands at a whopping 250,000 dead.  Armstrong says Russia is NOT losing the war.  It is winning.

There is much more in the 47-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with Martin Armstrong, cycle expert and author of the upcoming new book “The Rise of the Neocons,” for 2.22.23.

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After the Interview:

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Armstrong’s book, The Rise of the Neocons,” is coming out in March.  So, be on the lookout.

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    Martin is always a great interview.

    It is not only the neocons that seem intent on WWIII, but also the entirety of western governments. Governments in the West are full of beholden moral prostitutes all too willing to say ‘YES!’ to any demands of their Globalist puppet masters.

    Canada has signed on to the WWIII insanity as well, having donated around 1.5 BILLION of lethal weaponry to Ukraine.

    Thanks for being a decent and moral person Greg.

    • Jimmy

      Europe has committed suicide by allowing their evil immoral politicians “to get away with what they are doing” especially with regard to immigration and their war with Russia, etc., etc. !!

      • BriteLite

        Just like America.

      • Mat

        Hi Greg

        Are you not able to upload just an audio version of your interviews? I have not been able to watch any of your interviews since John Rubino a few shows ago.


        • Greg Hunter

          (Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec. This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it. In addition, try different browsers. Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them. All the above is a way to censor people like

    • Shirl

      For those with Stage 4 TDS do not click on the link below, it’s too late for intervention.

      For the Love Of God Almighty & for those with Eyes to See and Ears to Hear…President Trump’s response to the Consequences of Stolen Elections that coincide with MA’s views and of those whose braincells have remained intact despite all of the coercive Clot-Shot attempts, Toxic Chemical Exposures, and Food Poisons that surround them – Bravo BTW!!! :

      • Connie


        Why don’t you apply as Trumps campaign manager. You seem like you would like that.

        • Greg Hunter

          Why don’t you become the Deep State press secretary?

          • Connie

            I am trying to help Shirl. Her campaign slogan can be Donald Would’ve, Should’ve, Could’ve Trump.

            All the while Obama is half way through his 3rd term as President.

            • Greg Hunter

              Thought you were being mean, and you are not. My apologies.

          • judy mcpherson

            Right on, Greg!

          • Akdave

            Howdy Greg, maybe this is a good time to remind everyone that antifa, blm, and hardcore libs took the shot way more often than patriots. Even trump got boo’d when he said it was a great shot. He had to immediately say “but no mandates”

    • Kurt

      44:00 Wait a minute Armstrong contradicts himself. Do we have a republic or a dictatorship? THEY ARE 2 SEPARATE THINGS! A republic means a respect for law. Watch “Overview of America” produced by the John Birch Society. A dictatorship (more accurately an oligarchy because 1 person never rules supreme) means a small group of politicians have supreme rule over the government. Seems to me that is REALLY what we have and Armstrong is merely acknowledging this reality. So he shouldn’t say we have a republic when he really means we have an oligarchy. Someone ought to tell him.

  2. Farmer Johnny

    Russia is taking its time sapping away at NATO and the West. It has already destroyed the labs and other strategic sites throughout Ukraine. It will probably sit and wait and fight the scermishes as they pop-up. Time is on their side, not ours. Every day is another day of de-dollarization. Within a year, the moment won’t be able to hide reality from the public.

  3. Jimmy

    The Globalists – reading that Caligula wanted to make his horse Emperor of Rome [so as to demoralize the Roman people – and make their enemies look upon Rome as weak (as they would be taking orders from a horse “without any protest”)] – probably decided it would be a great idea for them to install Biden as President – and it has worked – they have successfully demoralized the American people and brought us to war!! – the Globalists have also succeeded in flooding our nation with immigrants (who have no knowledge of our Constitution or Bill of Rights) and have “jabbed to kill off” all the Americans who support the Constitution with their “clot shot” – thus leaving the immigrants to replace the American people (immigrants who have no knowledge or understanding of our Constitution or the 1st and 2nd Amendments (and thus will the not fight to uphold them)!!!

    • Jimmy

      And in addition – the Globalists are burning down our food processing and chicken, egg producers along with shutting down our oil and gas pipelines and de-railing our trains with toxic chemicals aboard “right in the heart of our farming districts” so as to poison the land and our food supply with “dioxin” (a toxic chemical thousands of times more deadly then Monsanto’s glyphosate)!!

      • Art Simpson

        Hey Jimmy, If the 1st seal was covid and the 2nd is the Ukraine war and the 3rd is famine, this is how we get there. When the apex of the famine crests maybe about the end of this year or so, then the 4th seal war starts, Gog/Magog Re 6:8 and Ez 38 wrapped into one. Martin says 2924. This is followed by Christian persecution – mark of the beast and then 6th seal Planet X when Martin Armstrong’s house, and all of Florida gets to be a few hundred feet under very fast moving water. But only for a few hours. Both Habakkuk (3:17) and Dane Wiggington of say that the earth shall not produce food in about 5 years. What you prep now is what you eat then my friend.

        • Wanda

          according to some one who has studied the Bible all his life, and knows what he is talking about? B P Earth watch, (YT) Jessie, said in his last video there is no Planet X and is telling every one to stop saying it. It was a cooked up plan by certain people to believe in a false narrative. I have followed him for years and he is truthful. He is tonight, going to go back to where we all left off reading Revelations. The last 3 chapters, and for the first time in my life, he has made clear all those words so many of us did not understand. Why not listen to his videos on Revelations? What have you got to lose? Only gain!

        • Jimmy

          Christian persecution will likely include be-heading’s using Obama’s Guillotines (bought and paid for with American taxpayer dollars)!!

    • Earth Angel

      Wait a minute Jimmy, One thing I would say is that many American’s- with any knowledge and understanding of the Constitution did NOT take the clot shot, nor would they ever. How many are in this category? I don’t know. But rest assured those of us who KNOW and RECOGNIZE our God Given Right to protect our own body and to choose what and what not we will put into it DID NOT take this toxic bioweapon kill shot. So there may be more of us to fight back for our nation that it might seem. Let’s HOPE SO! I know I will never give up the fight against the pure evil that has done this (and many other equally bad things) to us.

  4. Marie Joy

    What countries do not belong to the UN?
    Deagle/Deagel was right.

    • Jimmy

      The smart ones!! – those who belong to the UN have effectively agreed to be controlled by the Globalists!! – Lets get the UN out of New York (like we got the Globalists Guidestones out of Georgia)!!

      • Earth Angel

        I second that emotion Jimmy. GREAT IDEA!!!.. An idea whose time has definately come. As the bumper sticker once read..Get US out of the UN!

  5. Marie Joy

    Putin/Russia saw this coming and they have been on a war footing for a decade. Years ago, Putin was pictured visiting bullet factories, etc. Our treasonous politicians are throwing Americans into a meat grinder and they are paid money, by foreign governments, corporations, and crazy Billionaires to do it. This is one more genocide. It is the nature of genocides that too few patriots go after the owners. Guerilla.

  6. Jimmy

    The Fed has to raise interest rates because the Fed cannot stop inflation (especially when trillions in new dollars will have to be printed “out of thin air” to fund WWIII) – printing all this new money for war will bring the purchasing power of the US dollar even lower then seen in this chart – – but the Fed is in a box – no matter how much interest they pay for people to hold US dollars – unless they can pay out more then the real inflation rate we now have (16%) – people will get rid of US dollars to hold things that will protect their purchasing power (like gold, silver, etc.) – if the Fed does raise interest rates to 16% (or higher) to protect the purchasing power of the US dollar – they will create an economic downturn unparalleled in American history – putting the very factories and industries needed to fight a World War “out of business”!!

    • judy mcpherson

      Precisely! The Sixteen Year Plan….we will go to war and lose

      • Jimmy

        How is it that our American Generals (who lost every war since World War II and according to Putin also lost that one) have no shame that they can’t win a war?? – and by General Milley just saying “Russia Lost The War” does not make it so (unless he is planning to launch all our nuclear weapons) – but even then – “There is No Winner”!!

  7. Shirl

    Impeccable Timing with Nuclear War being Forced upon the World by the War Mongering Election Thieves who want to STEAL everything else imaginable.

    Stand Up Speak Out Take Action!!!!!!

    • Jimmy

      With respect to “Timing” – from the following gold chart – – it looks like the Fed will be pushing gold lower for the next few months to help make the US dollar look strong – but at the $1600 mark – I’m going to be doing more buying!!

      • Shirl

        Hi Jimmy,

        Been Dollar Cost Averaging in for years, I find it to sleep better at night.
        Thanx for the visualization charts though, very interesting as is that web page they come from:

        When Martin Armstrong speaks, I listen. Can’t go wrong with Long Term Storage Foods and those other essentials, especially where what appears to be sabotaging and poisoning going on full-tilt…

        Another Great interview Greg!

        Stand Up Speak Out Take Action !!!

        • Shirl


          With all of the purposeful seemingly insanity going on from WW3 being orchestrated, the depop bioweapon push, to the train derailments with Toxic Chemicals…and more…consider this on the engineered Global Famine that is coming :

        • jomer

          Cost averaging is the way to go. When it comes to gold, I am a fundamentalist. Gold is so heavily manipulated, and they can paint the chart anyway they want. Then a again we do need the technical (chart readers) to come in which will then bring in the momentum players, who are needed to get to next all-time high. So, they do play a part.

          I to have been in the metals game for years also. The vast majority of the time when I see someone say “when it gets down to $1600 I am back up the truck” it never happens, or if it does happen then they say, “when it gets down to $1450, I am back up the truck”. They end up chasing the price and will end up eventually saying, “when it is back to under $2,500 I am back up the truck.” They were better off cost averaging in, using the chart to determine if they buy a little or a lot, but main thing is to buy some. Assuming you have all you other preps in.

      • erick

        Blame Billy Boy for a lot of this mess in the 90s with de nuking ukraine. An escaped biological scientist escaped NK at that time around 92 i think tried to talk to clinton and he would not allow him past those doors he was more pre occupied with talking to 2 reps from NK on peace deals. I remember reading the article. I wish i kept stuff before I owned a computer i got this information from attending a few groups at that time hosted by a christian college who let a speaker come to a small group we had. What i still do not get is the distruction of statues violated federal Criminal law and crickets.

      • regaleagle

        At the $1600 mark the premiums will more than double…..just sayin’. Probably better off loading up now while the premiums are low. Same with silver.

  8. Really Awake

    Nicely done interview. One of your best. Great questions and great follow up questions. Marty is my favorite secular analyst.

  9. John Maskell

    Great work Greg . Martin Armstrong has made good predictions . Unfortunately these forecasts are proving to be real. What a good platform this is “USA Watchdog”. Great guests and a great interviewer . CNN must be jealous Greg !

  10. Colleen

    I don’t know how you continue to get these great guests booked back to back ,but you do! I think God is pleased with your TRUTHFULNESS and blesses you with the opportunity to interview the cream of the crop! Thank you. May God continue to bless you Greg. 🙏🏻

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Colleen!!

      • Tim K

        Great job as usual. Nuclear war would be game over for everyone.

        What say you?

        God bless my friend


  11. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    Just getting started into the interview with Martin Armstrong and the early focus is on the ‘neocons’. Made me think about Dr Paul Craig Roberts who has been warning about ‘neocons’ – seems like forever.

  12. Anne

    As bad as senseless wars are. The world economic forum, the world health organization, Bill Gates and other human survival threats won’t go away either. Now I’m hearing talk of over 100 nations (Nato members I assume) may very hand over their country’s sovereignty to the World Health Organization. This organization is starting to sound more like the world hell organization. The monsters in this organization actually expect to have the first and final say over how health pandemics are handled around the world. Maybe if the WHO club members would focus on shutting down biological weapons labs and production. The people of the world would stand a chance of existing without pandemics and disease epidemics.

    • Michael

      Kĺn⁷I no chance. The WHO is a mortal enemy of mankind. They consider climate control a pandemic and are forcing people into 15 minute cities now. Complete censorship, strict rules on all of us, forced jabs and anything else they choose, control of money and how much you get, what you eat, where you can go etc
      Check the wef website. Complete horror show.

    • Paul

      As I see it their attempts to dissolve our national sovereignty to the North American union and the un who, wef orgs will be enforced as much as our nation’s enforcement of the constitution and laws.
      No picking and choosing of enforcement
      Don’t comply to slavery.

      Paul from arkansas

  13. Ron

    It’s all very criminal. Or maybe satanic better describes it. How can a country continue when its representatives value profits over human lives. Silver and bitcoin will be handy in the future. I wonder about my children’s future.

  14. erick

    Never forget the bonus army where people wanted what was promised to them the senators escaped out the back and sent in the U S army and one Leutenant at the time who later became the president of the united states of america who later in his closing speech warned about the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX. I am near the border and everytiem i get near I5 canadian military are going south last time seen a transport of 200 vehicles. All canadian little flag plates on the back. I have seen on flight radar where shipments of things going from louisiana to the middle of nowwhere vancover island. No stops. By dawns early light is a good movie. A professor when fukishima happened said to the japanese govt plant hemp/cannabis to take toxins out of the water and they laughed at him. Now japan just releasted a lot of radio active water from the failed cryro freezer they spent a lot of money building. I hear its a mess from a friend there. What do i care i am someone with no power these people pass laws and do not regulate them even if you call a senators or governors office. Keep this in MIND the Executive has fema,dhs and usda keep this in mind the cluster we are all in because these fools have no critial thinking skills. A friend went through training for one of them at the border told in class you are now gods. Imagine that. Julia Davis goog.le her and know her story. Keep in mind this was ratified in 1809 and in 1812 the british burned the white house destorying proof this was a law by the 13 colonies learn your history ppl. The “missing” 13th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States reads as follows:
    “If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive, or retain any title of nobility or honour, or shall without the
    consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office, or emolument of any kind whatever, from any
    emperor, king, prince, or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be
    incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them.”

    • Jimmy

      If according to the 13th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States “any citizen of the United States who accepts money or emolument of any kind whatever from any foreign power shall cease to be a citizen of the United States and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust in the US Government” – so why is Biden still in office getting WWIII started without the consent of Congress?? – is it because Congress is also accepting money from foreign powers not to enforce our Constitution???

      • TonyLV

        Do you mean the XIV Amendment?

        • Jimmy

          No! – The “original” 13th Amendment!! – before it was used to abolish slavery!! –

    • I Dig Au

      The original 13th Amend. also banned lawyers from holding public office. These Esquires were granted special privileges and immunities which forbide them from public service.

  15. goat

    Once again. Collect the current coin. It has been money since post 1964. It is what the paper represents. We are basically on a copper nickel standard. It cost nothing to hold them. Even a zinc washer cost more than a zinc penny. And as collectables, they could end up being like a roman denarius. If we all started to collect the current coin we would have a monetary system in place if and when they pull the plug and it would be very hard to break us. Though I wonder sometimes if we are smart enough to self governing because we always do anything but the smart things.

    • Jimmy

      Yes! – Save all your pocket change (it is money created by the US Treasury not the private Fed) – although the Banksters have one of their operatives at Treasury (Yellen) she does not have the power to overrule the Constitution which specifies what money is (and our Constitutional money is not defined as a an electronic bit on a computer)!!

  16. Astra

    Who are the neocons? Wolfowits and Perls who wanted Iraq destroyed – and they are still not satisfied. The seem to want to destroy the world.

    • Earth Angel

      Don’t forget to add both Bush’s, Dick Cheney & Donald Rumsfeld to that list. They belong there too. We must not forget 911. Once ALL the dots begin to connect the ‘forest’ becomes VERY visible and the ‘trees’.. do form a BIG picture that NONE of us want to see. Unless of course, you are one of them. Their plans MUST FAIL. We MUST make sure of it if we want to have ANYTHING left of this planet and its myriad of life forms. These are EVIl BASTARDS.

      • Earth Angel

        EVIL BASTARDS! (sp)

  17. Brent

    I forget who said it but,
    “when all else fails they bring you to war”

    God help us,

    • Alice Cooper Tires

      Gerald Celebrity Celente

    • Akdave

      Gerald celente says it all the time. He’s right.

  18. Astraea—putins-russia-is-bulw.html

    It is really worth while watching Putin/s entire speech from yesterday.

    • Jeramiah Johnson

      Truth hurts…….

  19. Russell Holmes

    Every war and military operation where we’ve bombed innocent civilians and got 100’s of thousand of our brave youth killed and maimed over the last hundred plus years was, yes, to throw trillions at the Military Industrial Complex but really they were more about protecting the petrodollar. When Libya was hoarding gold and Gaddafi announced that they’d issue a gold back currency for all of Africa, Hell-ary had them bombed back into the stone age, Gaddafi was murdered and all their gold, 143 tones, wound up in the Bank of England. WW1 was 100% about bailing out JP Morgan, who had massive loans to England, and protecting the pound (the world currency at the time). Bloomberg, hardly a conservative outlet, had an article (which has “magically disappeared” from the net) about how we bailed out the European banks after 2008 giving them a massive $9 trillion. The Europeans know full well that it was the US who blew up to pipeline and that it is 100% about keeping them dependent on US supplies and forcing them to depend on the petrodollar. Russia doesn’t only have massive reserves or oil and gas, they have a ton of other minerals and all the money and military actions, Vietnam especially, had little to do with ideological differences but were to keep them from having wealthy, powerful allies so they could trade with them in rubles and thus replace the dollar.

    In case anybody reading this doesn’t get it, the only reason the swamp is able to print 10’s of trillions and burry our grandchildren in massive debt is because the rest of the world accepts our more and more worthless dollars. It’s the entire “game.” They’ve buy off the votes of 40% of Americans by throwing almost $50 trillion at them in welfare since 1966 and they buy off the top 20% with 10’s of trillions more with government contracts, “subsidies” and by giving huge tax brakes to big corporations (big oil profits are up from $1.5 to $4 trillion since they stole the White House from Trump and actually it’s around $4.5 trillion because they don’t count the 100’s of billion in stock buybacks (which should be illegal) ).

  20. Marcel

    Simple truth ignored by the idol worshipers of godless America and rebel planet earth –

    God was never going to make Sodom and Gomorrah USA GREAT AGAIN. He’s going to destroy it. Job 12-23, *Isaiah 24.

    • Greg Hunter

      There are more than 210 million Christians in America, and we are far from Godless.

      • John

        If God does not punish America for its immorality, then He’ll have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah. Where is the Church speaking out about all this immorality that is opening taking place in America, they are no where to be found. It seems to me that you are in denial about your beloved America.

        • Greg Hunter

          You act like everyone in America is in the gutter and we are not!!! 210 million Christians in USA and most are praying everyday. We still get destroyed? Is that how God/Jesus works?

        • Steve Bice

          “If God does not punish America for its immorality, then He’ll have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.”

          If you are going to assume the moral high ground, it would be better if you didn’t plagiarize Billy Graham…

      • Jerry

        Your way is wide. Yeshua’s is “narrow is the gate”.

        • Greg Hunter

          So, YOU were the one without sin. That rock hurt!!!

          • Justice Roberts

            It’s Yahweh, or the highway and that settles it.
            Father God, Son of God and Holy Spirit. H
            Yes, however you believe it. if your not ready to give it?, all. Ferget it.
            In God we must, trust!
            I pledge allegiance, to my God. Of the United States of America, and to the republic, for which it stands. One nation under God, indivisible.
            In truth and justice for all.
            Father fergive them, fer they do not know, what lying lies, they do tell.
            A Hillbilly eulogy.
            If God can forgive a hillbilly like me. Can I forgive a eugenicist, elitist prig. Like Billy boy, Gates?
            I’ll tell you on the other side. After Armagetton, outta here!
            Till then, pray for me and not prey, on me. You all come back now, ya here.
            From the dead or a survivor! Of the fast and curious approaching, Great Tribulation.
            Be there, or be a square!🗽

      • Try logic

        In name only. Fornicators and hedonists in behavior and thoughts. Americans want to breed with Japanese and Mongol horde (Vietnamese, Koreans, Thai, Hmong, Mien, et Mongol extracts). Why do you think China has become so powerful with American economic help then complain about having freedoms being taken away in America?

      • Takuto

        May I add that the great Christian seer Alois Irlmaier from Bavaria, Germany told us in the 1950s everything that happened until now: rich Germany like never seen, godless Germany, then immoral Germany, credit cards and smartphones, then aliens from the South flooding the country, then Russian war, then shift to Syria/Israel again, then WW3.
        I say this because he said that in the (short) war there will be (only) some nukes, in the North Sea (London, Hamburg etc flooded), and some big cities in the “big countries”. No need to worry too much if you live in the countryside, with or without seers.

  21. Dale Whitmore

    I liked the program but mentioning SOCRATES left me clueless.
    What is SOCRATES?

    • Greg Hunter

      Predictive computer program the CIA wanted to control. Armstrong said No.

      • Stanley Bolibruch

        Greg like always fantastic journalism Martin Armstrong didn’t allow CIA to have it because they didn’t wanna competing version of something they already had themselves. Why do you think all the three letter agencies comb the net for all information possible on all of us, even now, because there AI systems conglomerate this information and derive scenarios for the future in real time. Think about it it’s us that create the future, and they try to shape it through us virtually farming, our consciousness. Through the media through movies through print advertisements symbols why do they always have satanic symbology, during huge sporting events and where they know many people are watching through our subconscious minds where all the heavy lifting is done 95% of your thinking? This information is getting out and this is what scares the hell out of them because this is their religion and they’ve been pretty successful at it if this is been going on for millennia. The Colosseum in Rome. ? God has given us free will because he loves us so much, to do anything less would be tyranny. It is only you and you alone that can give this away, for that is still your free will, even into the hands of Satan. This is a covenant that can never be broken. Thanks to Christ.

        • Jimmy

          We “can fool” the AI computer by pretending one thing and doing another – like telling the Globalists we believe in global warming (but then lighting a campfire in our back yard at night and burning wood to roast some marshmallows as we recount stories about how the Georgia Guidestones were destroyed and how we will initiate boycotting the Businesses of the evil Globalist Corporations)!!

  22. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Armstrong the near future looks horrifying for us plebs as we will be forced to send our children off to die for the glory of Victoria Nuland/Kagan’s Neo-Con mess.
    Here in the UK you cannot have a conversation with friends or colleagues that mentions Russia. Russia is viewed as some monumental devil whilst the West is angelic,whereas the opposite is true. Our leaders here in the UK under the direction of their WEF handlers are out to destroy what little is left of our economy,cheered on by the likes of Peter Zeihan who has exploded onto TY as a “genius” of Western democracy and politics and geography. As long as we demonise Russia and Russians we are acceptable,query anything,does this sound familiar,and we are verboten?
    Are Americans so keen to go to war and die for the likes of Hilary and Victoria that they are silent again about what is being done to them? You cannot take the state on,correct,but you can be civil disobedient.

  23. Dale Whitmore

    Referring to Martin Armstrong interview.

  24. Neville

    The dollar is NOT worth a thousandth of its trading price 1,04 …GET OUT OF BLOOD MONEY AND BUY GOLD AND SILVER!!!

    • Randy Best

      I agree with you 100%.

  25. Nicholas

    Ukraine was a country centuries ago. The king of the nation named Kievskiarus, (spelling), essentially Ukraine/Russia, was the ruler of the area as far back as the 10th Century.

  26. A+Jones

    If you want to see for yourself what it looks like inside Ukraine go to the link below and watch a few videos on Ukraine life during the War. A picture is worth 1,000 words. I have always believed that there are two Worlds, one rural and one urban and all the problems of the World are rooted in urban life. Pick a video showing rural and urban and see for yourself. When people become totally dependent on others for survival bad things happen. Not just Ukraine, watch videos on life in Eastern Europe like Romania. Be your own news source and self educate. Stop relying on others to filter what you see and hear.

  27. Colorado Cowboy

    Consider the tenents of Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 …
    Think about the multiple train derailments and toxic contamination. EPA website says that all land contaminated by toxins can be seized and the occupants can be moved to 15 minute cities. The Ohio flows into other tributaries and finally the Mississippi River. They can claim all lands from Ohio to Louisiana toxic, seize it, and have the people living on the land moved to 15 minute cities. We will see what happens but it is a possibility. We must ask why so many trains with the tank car sections are being over turned. It seems beyond coincidence. All three involved railroads are owned by Blackrock, Vanguard and JP Morgan.

    • Patagonia

      Great commentary! And Blackrock has investment funds problems according to Martin Armstrong. JP Morgan could have precious metal issues. If so none of the 3 owners has interest to decrease profits thru safety measures. What if the railroads or involved leased waggon companies do not pay? Is it posible to charge Blackrock, Vanguard, JP Morgan? Who can dare/pay the lawsuit? This is seems to become a very big mess, spotted by accident.

    • Earth Angel

      What are 15 min. cities?.. Pls. explain?

      • tim mcgraw

        Earth Angel: You can only travel within a 15 minute travel distance from home.

  28. Marie Joy

    Our government is conducting a guerilla war against us. The intent is genocide.

  29. Da Yooper

    Well done Greg & Martin

    Some folks here may find this Telegram channel informative. It is from the Russian perspective but it is a good resource to follow.

    “Wars are created by politicians ” sorry Martin YOU are wrong
    ALL wars are BANKER wars. Where do the Neocons get their money to start wars from?………BANKERS.

  30. Mike D

    If Donald J Trump is re-elected as President, there will be no nuclear WWIII sometime between 2025 – 2027 as Socrates predicts.

    • Tommy

      Hi Mike D,
      Perhaps, “Sacrates” is merely projecting the current trajectory as it is without change going into effect that could alter circumstances including President Trump re-entering the path either by 2024 or Earlier? The situation would change If the Supremes and Or The Military either separately or together would stand up and do their sworn duty of Sacred Sworn Oath Taken to Hold those positions in the first place that even Pee-Ons like myself are expected to adhere to or by default get DEMOTED, FIRED, JAILED, and then be 4-eva BRANDED a Dishonorable Felon…or worse… tried for TREASON and HUNG. This isn’t hate speech or mean tweets folks, it’s reality including the consequence and penalty for up to including TREASON.

    • The Seer

      In meditation I do not see Trump in the picture as President again.
      I have posted this before.
      Re the ongoing war-
      Years ago read that software hack bugs were sent to different sites that would make any launches incapable.
      As for galactic neutralization of launch sites and on carriers and satellites the messages I see is they have commissions/committees decrees to not interfere on Earth. Have also seen some protective energy belts/shields of some sort placed around Earth to help protect or maybe to prevent something – need more feedback in meditation about this from the galactic. Maybe that was all they could get approval for to intervene but strong to not involve themselves. There are advanced levels/areas we do not yet understand.
      Overall, the human species continues in low consciousness levels and needs education and leadership into pure thought and truth and understanding how the universe really works. Increase free time in nature and in inner development and self introspection- quite priceless what you will experience, learn and find – be able to share and lift humanity- lifts life for other species care as well. Metaphysics are involved and some will advance into a more complete human being with this soul integration.

    • Garfield

      The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.
      – Albert Einstein

    • Earth Angel

      He should simply be re-instated as President- because he won the last election by a landslide- if not for the TRUE election fraud which put the current imposters in place. LOOK- The Emperor has No Clothes!

    • Pete+only

      But not if election reforms fail to materialize. That is why the WEF + WHO wants an endless supply of pandemics, as it gives these people the chance and opportunity to cheat with mail in ballots, but not before more jabs will be killing even more people. If Trump tries to cheat like the Dems, the courts will just bring him to justice unfortunately. Trump might want to start buying District Attorneys to have some hope for his cause. Soros is presently buying them enmasse, and some can be bought for only a few hundred thousand dollars. We might luck out a bit if Soros health continues to fail. He wasn’t at the past Davos meeting for this reason.

  31. Susan R

    Thank you Greg. You continue to be the main source for a pulse in what’s up. You and Martin Armstrong together are a shot of adrenaline. It is now obvious we are setting up for war. We are a warring species who will apparently never get along with each other. Our building blocks only fit one way and anything else is unthinkable!

  32. Joe


    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Joe!

  33. Marie Joy

    TellMeSweetLittleLies on Rumble. Usually Short clips. Recommend.

    • Jim Hall

      Excellent interview as always Greg. Martin Armstrong is a brilliant man and he is amazingly humble considering his level of accomplishment. He was charged with the liquidation of the Onassis platinum holdings which accounted for 40% of the worlds platinum. Aristotle Onassis landed in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1922 at the age of 16 with his cousin. He had $60 to start his life. He and his cousin worked different shifts to allow each to sleep in the bed as the room was too small for them both to sleep. He got a job as an overseas operator for $.25 per hour which allowed him to learn English. The point is that he was not a man of low intellect and he dealt with Martin Armstrong. There is no one who would not have given their eye teeth to have Onassis as a client. Thank you for your integrity, it is the gift that a man gives to himself.

  34. Geneva Thatcher

    My Angels told me ‘all on Capitol Hill are guilty of crimes against children, crimes against humanity, save a small few who are trying to make a difference for good.’ Many are luciferians in political positions of power. These luciferians in political positions of power want us all dead and enslaved,

  35. Rodster

    Hey Greg, excellent interview. Hoe about bringing on Douglas McGregor for what is really happening in Ukraine?

  36. ron martin

    Armstrong says Biden’s puppeteers “want” war. My term is they “lust” for war & will not stop until they achieve it since it solves all their goals in one fell swoop. 1. It will depopulate the “useless eaters” faster than plandemics, H5N1 & train derailments. 2. CBDC/social credit control system can be forced immediately after the dust settles. 3. NWO survivors colonize Russia & it’s resources. The fly in the ointment is that China will never allow hegemony of the WEF elites so survival of the fittest will continue until the Son of God returns and puts a stop to all of this nonsense.

  37. Nicholas

    When someone says that a Republic is the worst form of government, you have to question everything he says.
    The Constitution clearly places all power in the hands of the people, including the means by which we can LAWFULLY “execute the Laws of the Union.”
    The problem we have is that of an electorate that is not only ignorant of their powers, but also ambivalent.

    • Jimmy

      The Laws of our Nation “have been executed” – by truly evil “Law-breakers of the Union” – most of them running around in Washington AC/DC accepting bribes from Foreign Nations and un-Constitutionally posing as “our” representatives!!

    • Colin Maxwell

      Yes, Nicholas… I just about fell off my chair when I heard that one.

      What’s the alternative… a constitutional monarchy with a hereditary Monarch?… surely this system belongs in the dark ages?

      NZ, Australia and Canada have this system and they are all screwed because their Head of State, King Charles dah Turd, is Klaus Slob and the WEF’s favourite wingman. Democracy in these countries is completely dysfunctional with almost zero separation of power between the 3 branches of Government. There is no recourse whatsoever even when the Govt of the day has been subject to a corporate coup d’etat and our citizens are being openly democided.

      Why did Martin make every excuse in the book for the FED and its accomplices’ massive hand in this looming debacle? There was no mention of the fact that if the FED and the private banking cabal were dismembered with all money and credit created as a public utility, then there wouldn’t even be a looming crisis.

      At the 30-minute mark, he actually defended the FED and blamed almost the entire situation on fiscal policy and the treasury. He let the FED off the hook almost Scot-free. The $7 trillion dollar 700% balance sheet expansion, AKA blatant bubble-blowing, that the Fed conducted ever since the Lehman crisis in 2008 is a part of the problem. A balance sheet of that size means the FED is a market maker… they are an integral part of this entire financial debacle.

      So too in the Aug 2019 crisis when the Repo market went tits up. The FED stepped in and covered the short-term liquidity market with billions, otherwise, there would have been a Lehmans x10 situation before the covid debacle even kicked off.

      This move effectively put the taxpayer on the hook for these loans and once again saved TBTF banksters… oh and guess whom two of the biggest advances went to… yep the two majority owners of FED shares mentioned below.

      None of these thieving shysters trusted each other’s collateral any longer… not even Govt treasuries, because with the rampant hypothecation, half of the time that collateral doesn’t even exist. And these are the crooks that own the FED!!!

      He also claimed at the 29-minute mark that the FED is “independent”! The only thing that is independent about this wreckless parasite is its ability to dodge audits and oversight by Govt and all its domestic agencies.

      It is farcical to even suggest that it is “independent” when all of the shares are owned by a cartel of private banks. Just Citibank and JPM alone own ~72% of the NY FED shares.

      The FED is in cahoots with the other main central banks and they all work closely with the BIS based in Switzerland. They collaborate as a sinister Troika with the IMF and the WB.

      This Troika is the backbone of the western neoliberal oligarchy which has raped and pillaged the entire globe for more than a century. These are the modern-day money changers and they operate the counterfeit printing presses churning out essentially worthless paper tokens with zero physical backing.

      The new Zone B BRICS+ bloc is moving towards all member countries having their sovereign currencies backed by up to 20 commodities, including PMs. Their international trading currency instrument will also be hard-backed. This is the biggest financial renaissance in 2000 years and yet it was pretty much glossed over.

      I look forward to reading Martin’ new book and observing how he manages to tiptoe around the subject of the FED and the global central banking industry. Especially when this network is the head of this bloodsucking monster ensconced in bed with the warmongering neocons he is writing about.

      Remember too that WW1 broke out within a year of the constitutionally illegal FED being incorporated… this was a bankers’ war orchestrated by their Neocon accomplices… the timing was no coincidence… bad omen!

      G Edward Griffin didn’t call this Frankenstein monster “The Creature From Jekyll Island” for nothing.

      I agreed with pretty much everything else in the interview but I am sorry, these glaring anomalies really have me scratching my head.

  38. Jerry

    Citizens of the States used to have a vote on war in that war bonds had to be sold to finance the conflict. Our form of government isn’t necessarily the problem but the uncontrolled government finance and unConstittutional legislation such as the War Powers. Another Constitutional point that should be tested is the “Commander-in-Chief”. The President isn’t the Commander-in-Chief unless Congress declares war.

    • Jimmy

      When Biden stated: “I’m the Commander-in-Cheat” – Congress figured that covered everything (including the starting of World War III without their approval) !!

  39. Led Skelton

    Congratulations!! A new all time record!!

    According to an announcement made by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York on February 16, 2023, credit card debt has surged to roughly $1 trillion.

    The average credit card interest rate in the US in the last three months hovered around 21.6%, per a report by WalletHub.

    $216 BILLION in annual interest, soon the people won’t even afford to make the interest payment on this trillion dollar debt.

    Isn’t it sad that most Americans will agree with Mister Putin addressing America’s lack of morality?

    “And the people bowed and prayed
    To the neon god they made” -Paul Simon
    Cancel this US freak show – I want my money back, return to the American values our forefathers fought for.

    • Pete+only

      Led, it is these people with so much credit card debt that will be offered a digital currency if they say good bye to cash.

  40. Prospector

    Food plants, manufacturing fires , train derailments are not the only attack vectors.
    Moles activated.

    Unsecured DoD sever was spilling terabytes of internal U.S. military emails to the open internet for the past two weeks. – @DiscloseTV

    “We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.” | David Rockefeller

    By their words you will know them.

  41. Ken

    East Palestine, Ohio is a stage hoax event.
    Vinyl chloride when burned emits “white smoke!” Another fear based distraction event to promote more Federal government involvement into our daily lives. I’m certain there are other secondary and profitable agendas for the players of this hoax.
    See page 11
    P.S. Think the name of the movie named “White Noise” is just an accident?

  42. Enrico

    Something is wrong regarding’s website. Anybody know anything about this?
    This is the error message that has been displayed for a couple of months now. Greg can you check up on them?

  43. John

    If one has to rely on a computer to give you answers about the future, I pity that person. The last time I looked, God was still sovereign over His creation. I don’t give two craps what Socrates predicts about the future, God is still the deciding factor of what takes place in this corrupt world. Look to God for your answers not man. Anybody who puts a computer before God for answers, isn’t a Christian, period.

    • Greg Hunter

      Please stop with the righteous judgment. Nobody here is putting a computer before God the Father. Stop.

  44. jon

    Hi Greg, Whether the SMO started off this way or not. The Ukraine war does not operate in a vacuum. It became increasingly clear. About 6 months in, Russia began to coordinate “Multiple” timelines of actions. Putin is in effect attempting to move acceleration and deceleration of each event line. The coordinated timelines are the Ukraine War, BRICS, End of Swift, break EU, Break from western hegemony, Multi-polar world. Shift of power and economics from Western sales to eastern, end of Dollar as Reserve currency, Gear up Africa and Middle east, deletion of NATO, depletion of Western weapons stockpiles plus ++ others.
    Each timeline requires a certain amount of administration by Putin and Russia, China, India. Each has significance to the others. Unless we gauge and analyze these factors working together in unison, focus on just the War is not going to yield insight.

  45. Robert Will

    It’s NeoCons. & NeoLibs = War Party. They are followers of Trotsky.

  46. George Parker

    High Greg
    Long time listener. What I am about to mention I am sure you will not post and that is ok. I just wanted you to know what may be happening with DeSantis. I hear he may have been executed. Remember I had heard many have already been taken out such as the usual ones. The big O and Mike, Bushells, Clintonians , etc. As for DeSantis I believe this could also be credible. Apparently he was an infiltrator if you understand.
    Just take this little bit of info and keep it under your hat for future reference. The Dessantis that you’re seeing is either a made up look alike with mask or clone who knows yet.

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t think so George. Zero sourcing for that claim.

  47. Rodster

    The latest from retired US Army Lt Col Douglas McGregor with the situation taking place in Ukraine.

  48. Enrico

    /big/dom/xshadowstats/www/Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL.

  49. Rich Rozmarn

    Great interview Greg, thanks for getting Martin on. I came upon this link and it’s scary.
    This is mortality data from every state . Cumulative Excess Deaths [United States] shows 1.2 million dead the rate escalates right after the vaccine started.
    It’s all happening what Cliff High said a year ago. Millions are dying from the clot shot.

  50. Prospector

    Uranium fire reported at Oak Ridge Natl. Labs in TN.
    An incident has occurred
    . Y-12 emergency response personnel are at the scene of the incident. Appropriate precautionary actions have been initiated for Y-12 employees. There is no off-site impact to the public as a result of the incident.
    At approximately 9:15 a.m., one of the Y-12 production buildings had a fire in a hood. Emergency Services have responded to the event.

    Not the first time for fire / break ins.
    Fort Knox of Uranium” under fire after break-in
    Updated: Aug. 18, 2012, 11:41 p.m
    Y-12 contractor fined $123750 for uranium fire –
    Jun 16, 2008

  51. stephen

    Greg I have enough money to pay off my house in April. Should I go ahead even if the housing market is going to crash?

    • Greg Hunter

      If you are not planning on selling it makes no difference if the price is high or low. It will still function as a paid for asset that all you have to come up with on a monthly basis is taxes, utilities and you don’t even have to insure it, but I would.

  52. WilliamtheResolute

    Great interview Greg, you showed great restraint and let the guest fully present their thoughts and answers! BTW, great questions too.

  53. Jeffrobbins

    There’s an interesting story about “Greater Idaho”. A number of counties in eastern Oregon have voted to goin an expanded Idaho. There’s a very real divide between east and west in Oregon and Washington states. I won’t hold my breath, but in a time of national crisis those votes could real credibility to this and other movements.

  54. Tom Grier

    I was buying world war I era European coins (roosters, Nicholas II, Wilhelm II, Napoléon, etc.) for about $80. Same coins now about $320.

  55. James

    If there is war and the west looses, what happens to the dollar? It takes a lot of money for war. How can war boost a fake money system?

    • Pete+only

      During the last major wars, things used to be manufatured in the U.S, so the government converted those factories into making materials for war, but things are much different now without having the industrial base to start from. Add to that, Taiwan produces most of the better quality chips that go into aviation, guidance systems, tanks, etc. at a time when the U.S may no longer have a fully endorced global reserve currency. As well, the strategic oil reserves are all at record lows, and ammunition supplies are also at the low end. Finally, NATO may not survive the actions of the U.S blowing up the NORD Stream pipeline.

  56. Gene Urtel

    It is kind and thoughtful of you not only to read these comments, but also to leave responses in a polite manner. This is commendable. It is encouraging to us.

  57. Joe Wong

    I agree with Mr. Armstrong regarding same. The USA is NO LONGER UNITED, with all of the current infighting taking place, and a break-up is a healthy way of rejuvenating same. It’s the SINS & CORRUPTION by these Neocons that is destroying this once great nation, by following and reading Robert Kagan’s book called “THE PROJECT FOR THE DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA IN THE NEW CENTURY”. I’m also assuming NATO will ultimately DIE-OFF as well, since it has outlived its usefulness after 1989.

  58. James

    Is SOCRATES an AI controlled system? From where is it getting the information about the future?

  59. swimfinz

    Victoria (F^^k the EU) Nudelman and her nazi husband, Robert Kagan need to be delivered to Moscow—along with George Soros. Satanists. Many more. John McCain was given a choice: take the death shot or suffer a national defeat. McStain took the jab with rapid results. We need more of this amongst the NeoCons. Dire times.

  60. Esperanza Creeger

    They “need” war for loosh harvesting. That’s it.

  61. Tom Grier

    Believe it or not, gold was only $320/oz in 2002

  62. Rodster

    Pretty much what Martin Armstrong has been predicting. China says they are ready to join forces with Russia. Yay, WWIII.

  63. Justn Observer

    Greg, Martin Armstrong sees it clearly….
    The complexity of the game now is simply 3 bullies and Biden wrongly along with MIC decided to fight Russia…who now will attempt to beat each other up…= advantage goes to China! Trump knew it, and but knew the rule of 411…and that timing matters. Sadly, he was not left to finish his plan…to bring back and strengthen the U.S. industrial base in time as well as our finance/economy…
    Good insight on this = Book, WHAT MAKES TRUMP TICK by Peter Ticktin

    Biden, as reported by many has been on the WRONG side of every decision and can F up things more reliability than no other …seems proven AGAIN!

    The ARCTIC claws at the food and energy supplies of the northern hemisphere= U.S., Europe and Ukraine just a foreseen in the interview about.

    the U.S. will find itself going into another ‘endless’ war at a time of economic weakness, industrial weakness, and civil unrest and unstable and out of control migration and collapsing safety nets and collapsing/shrinking world GDP while it steps down also into a ever cooling Grand Solar Minimum as we have been following now for years with a failing electric grid incapable of meeting it let alone ‘transitioning’ into ‘new’ green energy insufficient to meet the required energy needs any time soon or fast enough!

    Greg, any idea how long it would take to get U.S. fossil fuel industry back up and running…along with increased and adequate amount of diesel and gasoline production facilities.

  64. Coal Burner

    Thanks You GReg and Thank You Martin! I want that book naming names.

    Oh yes, we all have always known that the US blew up the Nord Stream Pipeline. Only Lib- “TARDS” would have thought otherwise.

  65. Linda

    Well, I haven’t listened to the interview yet, BUT I suppose what Armstrong means by the fact that WWIII will take care of the monetary crisis issues etc. is: it will give our “sociopathic overlords” cover. It will certainly not fix anything. Have you seen the documentary, HyperNormalisation- A BBC production, I think. Welcome to the screen play that is your life, if you don’t exit stage right or maybe we are in the audience and not actors at all.

  66. Linda

    I respectfully disagree that a Republic is the “worst form of government”. Otherwise, in a Democracy, the possibility exists for a tyranny of the majority- 50% + 1. In a Democracy in the US, states such as California & New York and any state with very large cities (usually blue) would totally run roughshod over the rest. At least, now, they have to steal elections to accomlish this.

  67. Harry

    refuses to hear Brunson case

    Did anyone with a half a brain think they would take this case? Of course not—scotus just as corrupt and compromised as other two branches

    How dare anyone question election integrity because it’s above reproach including oath of office

    Unfortunately we are slaves forced to feed the criminal cabal called the US Government

    A world wide criminal enterprise

    Refuse to pay your taxes go straight to prison

    Get ready for WW3

    As Celente says, when all else fails they take you to war

    • Fred Daake

      Although I do not like the current legal monopoly, this is what he have. “They” do not like “pro se” litigants. ProSe litigants are people who go into court without hiring a cartel approved lawyer. When you go into court according to their rules, there is no separation of interests. The judge and the “opposing” lawyers are all on the same team. Brunson did not follow the style of challenge that is approved by the syndicate, so their case will never be heard, regardless of how many times they file motions for reconsideration.

      Another comment about this. The Supreme Court does not have the authority to remove them as requested by the Brunsons. So, the Brunson case has two strikes against it. 1. They are pro se. 2. They are asking for a remedy that is beyond the scope of the Supremes.

      Faith without works is dead. You cannot merely sit around and hope that some magical force will solve everything without your involvement. There is only one way to solve this mess. Trump said it last night. “Fight Like Hell”.

      • Greg Hunter

        You opinion is just that, the Brunsons say otherwise. 22-380 is still at the Supreme Court. It has not been voted on.

  68. GEORGE

    The Third World War will start from the EU. And it will be NOT a nuclear war.
    It is in the Bible.
    And what am I saying?
    USA will fall. Will be not any significant power.
    Pay attention what I say-you will see it.

  69. Marie Joy

    So, our American government will have WWIII to hide 2 things:
    the bioweapon genocide so they are not brought up on charges of Crimes Against Humanity and
    the complete collapse of our financial system they destroyed so they could steal America out of existence.
    So they will kill Billions of people to hide their crimes and we will let them.
    A side note is communism is always about worldwide genocide and, first, they have to make the population passive.

  70. i: a man; travis the ted and austin broer show; people you need to put these guys on your to listen list; these guys get into alot of the topics that we are familiar with along with others that we might not be; here’s today’s summary: Another train derailment, ridiculous. Clot shot now at no cost? Is lab grown meat a cancer tumor? Home sales sink 12 months in a row. Is New housing becoming lease only? Is physical silver a good choice? Floridas growth is not sustainable! Why won’t planning commissions stop it? Desantis responds to NYC mayor. Are American schools safe? Plus much more. High energy must listen show! And yesterday’s The brilliant Harley Schlanger is our guest today. Todays show is a must listen green broadcast. Detailed explanation of who runs the world. How nation states are divided. Who controls the City of London. Why Russia and China are being used. The Corrupt Ukraine war. Did Biden really go to the Ukraine. Is Trump good or bad? How evil is Biden? Plus much much more! Information packed. Wow what a show!

  71. Don

    One of my favorite interviews, Martin Armstrong! The hell that guy went through, Oh my God!

  72. Fred

    Martin I live on the west coast of FL. Traffic is absolutely nuts.

  73. Danforth Gentry

    Bill Kristol, Victoria Nuland and the majority of Biden’s cabinet are KM. A related problem is that Evangelicals tithe to the Rosthschild established nation in the midEast that is bombing Christians in Syria and Lebanon. This how Evangelicals believe they will attain graces on earth. Pastor Hagee has sermons about it on youtube.

    Also, Martin Armstrong defends the Federal Reserve in ways that are offensive to all those who perished upon the RMS Titanic, which was sunk because of the American bankers who opposed the central bank tyranny. Furthermore, his Socrates system, esp the awe Greg Hunter has of it, is a violation of the 1st Commandment given by Moses.

    • Marie Joy

      Interesting Titanic theory. How could anyone know they would hit an iceberg?

  74. Thomas Fiust

    Vital topics covered. Classy tie again Mr. Hunter. Yet Mr. Armstrong’s rugby shirt is so beach classy. Florida style, I reckon. Is Socrates an OLS Regression model program on steroids?
    Aloha from Hawai’i

    • Rodster

      He does live on the beach.

  75. rv

    Former CIA Officer in Front of UN Security Council Yesterday. Supports Sy Hersh.
    China Says Ready To “Join Forces With Russia” To “Defend National Interests.”

    Greg Awesome Interview!

  76. Mark

    Just in time Greg!! I needed a Martin Armstrong fix!!! He is my favorite of your guests. Thank you…..

    How about getting Ken Schwartz of C60purple power on your channel??

  77. John Barry

    Nuke war because HE found no Faith.

  78. Justn Observer

    Greg, with the whispers of Mexico mulling over joining BRICplus, now we see IRAQ is also moving to trade in YUAN?
    Iraq To Drop Dollar For Yuan In Trade With China
    Thinking the ‘threats’ and bullying of the WEFers, FED, and Canada with their push to control access and choices of one’s own currency and savings does not bode well for ‘their’ plans ?

  79. Stan

    Gold dropping again today – its over for gold.

  80. Steve B

    I hope Martin’s book maps out the players and institutions like

  81. Jake

    1. Modern Neocons are descendants of Jewish Trotskyite Communists who were kicked out of Russia.

    2. They have been attempting to seize control of the USA ever since they arrived.

    3. American Christians have been duped into supporting them along with the hostile foreign nation of Israel.

    4. Greg is one of these Christian dupes who will censor my comment.

  82. judy mcpherson

    Could it be our national law enforcement ARE the criminals?

  83. Randy Best

    The price of gold continues to drop down. It always seems to be in weak hands.

  84. Frank

    I am always speechless after such an amazing “360 degree space station view” talk. Thank you Greg & Martin. Martin should come over as teacher for our little German Foreign Minister Girl….
    The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs published this week (2023-02-20) an VERY interesting article “US Hegemony and Its Perils”.
    Another loud voice from the outside world.

  85. Justn Observer

    Greg, So now India MAY ALSO be helping give Putin’s ‘special operation’ cover as well? Ouch, has Biden/Obama neo-con plan now also pushed India together to join Russia, and China alliance?

    So, some want to liken it to an ill thought-out eastern push by NATO…that caused Putin to ‘overreact’ and start a war…

    but now most of the world is seeing it as a ‘legitimate’ POLICE ACTION…by Russia to push back against a meddling and overthrow of a legitimate gov’t of Ukraine by them standing up Zelensky?

    A bit of a stretch, but one might think Biden might have been stood up and helped to be cheated into office…and the Fentanyl coming across the borders killing our youth, and the jab release and lockdowns are in fact a PROXY war by China?

    Can’t help but see some similarities with ‘their’ war migrants and those crossing the U.S. borders=

    The most popular reason for Ukrainian refugees opting to head to Germany was because of the country’s “respect for human rights.” Other reasons cited by respondents include the country’s welfare system, its education system, and the fact they consider Germany to be a welcoming, tolerant country.
    The results come at a time when local authorities in Germany are reporting to the federal government that their social services are saturated, and many local authorities have pushed back against further plans to accommodate even more immigrants.
    “There is a lack of apartments, daycare places, teachers for schools and language courses. This is one of the reasons why social tensions are increasing,” warned Reinhard Sager, the president of the German District Association, earlier this month.
    The tide of public opinion is also swiftly turning against the federal government’s liberal asylum policy. A survey conducted by the INSA opinion research institute for the newspaper Bild am Sonntag revealed 51 percent of Germans think the country is accepting too many refugees.
    German tenants in the town of Lörrach in southern Germany were informed this month that their apartment contracts were to be terminated and they would be evicted to make way for Ukrainian refugees.
    The current state of play led Germany’s conservative Alternative for Germany (AfD) leader, Alice Weidel, to call for the government to close the border last month, insisting the country’s welfare state is under severe threat due to mass migration.

  86. Amanda G

    Minute marker 12:58-13:37 blew me away. Thanks, Greg, for having Mr Armstrong on again!!

  87. Catherine cronin

    Greg, could Socrates predict where the nuclear exchange war might wind up….in your opinion what state is worth its salt regarding keeping safe and away from neocon control. Also can Socrates say what will happen to America if we become a participant in a world war/. Would we become a battleground coiuntry? Or would we just give supplies and money? And after the war would we continue to be in this quandary…

    • Greg Hunter

      I think Armstrong hinted at this in the interview when he gave war dates.

  88. Justn Observer

    Greg. How long before Whitehouse bothers to report on the fire at the Uraninum plant in Tennessee?
    Think the EPA , Fema will bother to show up there either?
    So where is the Secretary of Energy? hmmmm maybe she didn’t get the memo?
    Uranium fire contained at Y-12

    When it rains it pours….in these cases radiation? and chemical and acid rain as the winds taking the burn clouds of Ohio and Tennessee across PA and as far as Bufalo now, dropping the particulates everywhere…

    Sure seem to be a lot of food, fuel, chemical, facilities going up in smoke the past few years….or is that just me?

    Prayers to the Amish and their many farms that produced so much food for that wider area!

  89. David Caron

    I am right with him until he talks about gold. According to him gold goes up ONLY when we lose confidence in government..
    uuuuuhhhh! Why has gold gone up from 200 to 2000 dollars in the last 20 years? Why did gold go from 1200 to 2200$ from 2020 to 2021??? 
    I rest my case!

  90. tim mcgraw

    Thanks for the interview with Martin Armstrong. I don’t see how things hang together until 2025 with the way things are going. The nukes fly sooner or not at all IMO. But what do I know?
    I can tell you that it snowed today in Calistoga, CA for the first time in decades. I can tell you that Seattle is setting a record low (21F) for Feb. 24 and a record low high (34F) for this date. Must be global warming.
    Here in Healdsburg it is raining heavily. The local reservoirs are at about 70% of capacity.
    I can attest to the fact that a 3 bedroom, 1 bath old frame house on our block with a garage sold for over a million dollars a month ago.
    I can also say that our favorite restaurant had to close last year here in town because the landlord doubled the rent.
    Tourists continue to flock to Healdsburg. I still see people wearing masks. There will be no apologies around here from progressive Democrats about the Covid lockdowns etc.
    Thanks again for the interview.

  91. Mat

    Hi Greg

    I have tried everything. In the past your vids have always been difficult to view (3 countries – Turkey, Greece, Thailand – now in 4th country) with constant stoppage and taking forever to load but now it is completely unviewable. This goes for all rumble. I am computer literate as I work with computers. I suggest you add a simple audio version or you will lose people.

    • Greg Hunter

      I post on I am not giving away an audio version. Why do you supposed this is happening?

  92. nobody

    Can you please asky Martin Armstrong next time what does his computer say about the price of oil per barrel. I could have sworn I heard 250 a barrel.

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