NK Missiles Can Hit DC, Record Stock Market Again, Bitcoin Bubble?

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (WNW 311 12.1.17)

North Korea had another very successful missile test. This time it went 10 times higher than the international space station.  Secretary of Defense James Mattis says this proves North Korean ballistic missiles can now reach Washington or anywhere else in the world.  President Trump was quoted as saying “We’ll take care of it,” but didn’t explain what he meant.  Trump also said of the North Korean Missile launch, “It is a situation that we will handle.”  UN Ambassador Nikki Haley was blunter and said, “If war comes, make no mistake, the North Korean regime will be utterly destroyed.”  At the very least, more sanctions are coming for North Korea.

The stock markets set new record all-time highs—again. This time it was on the news that Senator John McCain said he was going to vote for the GOP tax cut package.  You remember during the partial repeal of Obama Care, McCain was the vote that killed the deal.  Meanwhile, all is not a rosy picture, and many are warning that valuations are high and the yield curve is signaling recession.  One of those people doing the warning was none other than outgoing Fed Head Janet Yellen.

Whether you are a fan of Bitcoin or not, one thing is for sure. It’s been on one wild ride this year.  Bitcoin shot over $10,000 a unit all the way up past $11,000.  Then it fell 20%, but it’s still way up for the year.  Now, Bitcoin has gotten the attention of the White House, Homeland Security and the Fed.  The Federal Reserve is now saying that Bitcoin could “pose financial stability issues.”  Could the U.S government try to make Bitcoin illegal?

Join Greg Hunter as he looks at these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

Correction:  I meant to say that the North Korean ballistic missile went 2,800 miles up into space and not 28,000.

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After the Wrap-Up: 

The “Early Sunday Release” will feature Dr. Mark Skidmore. He’s a professor at Michigan State University and is an expert in public financing and government budgets.  He will talk about his recent research project into U.S. government budgets where he discovered $21 trillion in what he calls “missing money.”  Find out why this is a huge threat to U.S. national security and our Constitution.


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  1. Russ

    Not Guilty in Pier Killing of Kate Steinle
    San Francisco, what more needs to be said — sad.

    • FC

      That’s the Just Us system for you

    • Russ

      There are a lot of people who dislike and even hate President Trump, and go so far as to say he’s unstable and not right in the head — and then he turns out to be correct. But then we see a verdict of not guilty of even manslaughter…
      Trump Slams “Disgraceful Verdict” After San Francisco Jury Acquits “Kate’s Law”-Victim’s Killer
      …and Trump is right once again.

    • Russ

      DOJ May File Federal Charges in Kate Steinle Murder Case
      …”DOJ officials told Fox News Garcia Zarate could now be tried in federal court.
      San Francisco’s status as a sanctuary city, which means it does not enforce all federal immigration laws, was exploited after the death and during the trial.”… “I urge the leaders of the nation’s communities to reflect on the outcome of this case and consider carefully the harm they are doing to their citizens”…

    • Karen Rogers

      I noticed the way that they are attempting to water down to a “gray” or neutral area, the sexual abuse scandals. If they flood the media with enough “groping” accusations, it will diminish the real crimes of pedophilia when they come to the fore and are exposed. People will roll their eyes because they will be sick of all the “sex accusations”. What a shame. The real crimes will be swept away in the tidal wave of accusations; a literal drop in the bucket, so the shock and horror which should be the reaction to these most horrific crimes will only create a “more of the same” attitude, a yawn, and a change in the channel. The enemy is so good at propaganda. He is also sending lies into the truth media (alternative media). This way, instead of one side being true (alternative media) and the other lies (mainstream media)–or vice versa to the liberals–there is only gray and confusion. What is the truth anyway? Who can we believe anymore? That is what people will say, and not take a stand for any side at all. They will turn on Dancing With The Stars or whatever mind numbing show is offered to them, and stop trying to disseminate truth anymore. All just more of satan’s deceptions, playing with our perceptions of reality–indeed, he is the author of confusion–and the prince of the power of the air (waves).

  2. Whisky Tango Foxtrot

    This a cut and paste, In the first paragraph I change the 10 in the article to 15 to match the timeline.

    It has been 15 years since Malvo and Muhammad went on one of the most notorious killing sprees in the nation’s history. Over 21 days in October 2002, the pair ambushed 13 unsuspecting strangers, killing 10 of them, in the Washington area. They succeeded in terrorizing the region, as death could come anywhere, anytime: in gas stations and parking lots. They even shot and wounded a 13-year-old standing in front of a middle school. Sporting events were canceled. People cowered behind tarps as they filled their cars with gas. Parents kept their children home. After the two were caught, they were tied to at least 11 more shootings from Washington state to Alabama, five of them fatal.

    Muhammad is gone — executed in 2009 for his crimes. Malvo, the scrawny teenager, the cold-blooded accomplice, is now 27.

    My hope is little Kim and N.K don’t have 100 two man sleeper teams in the U.S just waiting for the word to be given and raise so much hell like the 2 men did.

    Kevin KA7Lrc 146.52 Mhz West of Longview Wa.

    • David

      WTF: We lived in Reston, Virginia during the shootings. So true, it paralyzed the entire region from Maryland to Manassas, Virginia and south to Fredericksburg, Virginia. The acts were so random and so geographically dispersed, that just two people paralyzed an entire region.

  3. FC

    Forget about Helicopter Money…………Spruce Goose Money is needed.

    • Paul ...

      Spruce Goose money (crypto currency) now totals about half of all the $100 dollar bills in circulation … the crack heads sniffing the tulips don’t remember that the banksters shot Lincoln and Kennedy and are now planning wars against N. Korea and Iran for by-passing and threatening the security of the Rothschild Banking Cartel … they are so doped up on greed and imagined “Spruce Goose crypto money” (that is currently by-passing the Rothschild Banking Cartel) they can’t figure the banksters have anything planned for them? … the banksters are obviously monitoring the growth of crypto’s “very carefully” and will soon likely use “Homeland Security” or some “other threat” crypto poses “to the security of the banking system” … to put crypto into a crypt along with Lincoln and Kennedy … those “high on the tulips” don’t know they don’t grow to the sky or high up into outer space like a N. Korean rocket … like Kim Jung-un they have no fear … but the Rothschild Banking Cartel “will soon take care of the problem”!!

      • Paul ...

        Now if I were a bankster … I would simply state that crypto currency “must be outlawed” because it is not an asset with liability to a regulated banking institution!

    • freebrezer

      FC – I laughed – but at the same time it is sad that the USA has deteriorated so!

  4. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter: The news is so insane. Your weekly wrap-ups help keep me sane. It’s so important to find a news source, like you, that I can trust. Thanks.

    • Paul ...

      William … The Saudi’s and Israeli’s now insanely target Iran (who has Russia, China, etc. as allies) because they think Trump is going to send in American boys to do their fighting for them … from my reading of Trump’s words I don’t think he will be insane enough to do it … he wants to end all the insane wars going on in the Middle East … the Chinese are now sending their “Tigers of Siberia” and “Night Tigers” special operations troops to the Middle East … do the Saudi’s and Israel actually think America is going to step into a war “with them” against Russia, China, Iran, Syria and Hezbollah? … they will likely find out “to late” that they are “on their own” with this fight … how much more American blood do they think has to be insanely spilled for them??? … https://www.alaraby.co.uk/english/News/2017/11/29/China-to-deploy-Night-Tigers-to-Syria

      • Paul ...

        I can just imagine the immense pressure being put on Trump right now to send American boys to fight the Saudi and Israeli enemy Iran … Obama with all his faults did not cave in to “fighting other peoples wars” for them … http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-12-01/john-kerry-israel-and-saudi-arabia-urged-preemptive-us-strike-iran-prior-nuclear-dea … hopefully Trump will have the same backbone Obama did and will stand up to these warmongers who want “us to fight their wars” … if “they” want to fight Iran it is perfectly fine with me (as long as they leave America out of it) and fight their own war they think is of such immense importance to their security!!

  5. Derick

    NK missile 28,000 miles need to check those numbers ?

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Derick,
      I posted this last night just before the post: Correction: I meant to say that the North Korean ballistic missile went 2,800 miles up into space and not 28,000.

  6. H. Craig Bradley

    DEJA VU’ ?

    The North Korea Missile and alleged Nuclear Threat is much over-hyped by the Mainstream Media (Group Stink). Why might that be? Well, “politics” for starters but really, its a trite explanation, at best. “Politics” is too simple an explanation, for seconds. Look under the hood and it becomes apparent the real motive is more likely an effort to drum-up public support for a future military operation in North Korea of some kind (Cruise Missile fusillade), similar to what President Bill Clinton did way back in 1998 when he had the Navy fire a bunch of (cruise) missiles on a pharmaceutical plant in the Sudan (covering-up and diverting public media attention about the erupting Monica Lewinsky Sex Scandal at the time). Oh, I remember it (all) so well. North Korea is not a palpable threat to anybody at this time. Trump’s Reality Show. So, Stay Tuned.

  7. zteve.0

    closing sears up her in canada has been terrible. executives bonus year after year and the employees were left totally out in the cold – no severance, and pension decimated – no accountability

    • Greg Hunter

      So sorry Zteve.O, Love Craftsman and Kenmore too.

    • philipat

      Yes agreed. Actually NK is no threat to anyone, it just wants to be left alone. Kim has learned from the experiences of Ghadafi and Saddam that an effective deterrent is the ticket to ongoing security.

      • Greg Hunter

        Japan and South Korea would disagree.

  8. Rodster

    Andy Hoffman left Miles Franklin, some say he was fired appears to have gotten out of PM’s and is now all in on Bitcoin and Crypto’s. Good luck with that because Bitcoin is a bubble.

  9. Chuck

    Great wrap up Greg. Could you please have Chris Duane on to talk about bit coin? People need to hear what he has to say. Thanks.

  10. Robert Dziok

    Roy Moore will win in Alabama! Putting his picture in USA Today alongside known sex harassment offenders is the the old psychological trick of “Guilt By Association”. People in Alabama are long since wise to such political BS/Dirty tricks. Not providing the yearbook for signature authentication means by default it is a forgery since there is no reason not to provide it let alone being fair to Moore to defend his reputation.
    Bitcoin? Nobody knows who created/started it. Central control is by the “minors” so central control does exist. It is backed by NOTHING so it is like fiat currency. Anything digital can be hacked and likely has a back door by creators. Is it today’s version of the “Tulip Bulb” mania of centuries ago? Seems plausible. More important, is it a con/distraction while the big players (e.g. China, Russia, India, etc.) continue to buy up most of the physical gold and silver while setting up platforms in the East to sooner rather than latter set the REAL price/value of gold/silver? Bitcoin, etc. have a lot of impressive technical jargon most don’t even understand. Is it reasonable to get into something backed by nothing, creator unknown, can be hacked, little understood? All have Ponzi Scheme/Pyramid Scheme characteristics. Buyer beware as the saying goes. Is it a conditioning/lead to cashless society and “Mark of the Beast”? Gold/Silver have been REAL money for thousands of years and intrinsic value readily known as well as can be held on hand. Gold/Silver cannot be falsely suppressed in price forever. The East is currently moving via new platforms to correct that BS by the West. How much is Bitcoin, etc. REALLY worth in a place (e.g. Puerto Rico) when the power/Internet is out/gone?

  11. Tommy

    Thanks Greg for another fine wrap-up. On the sex scandals…it seems these have been mostly focused on politicians, news media people and entertainers who were sexually inappropriate with women and men who were in subordinate positions. Is this whole thing going to lead us into revealing the ugly world of sex trafficking and pedophilia rings, or is this just a smoke screen which will play out in getting people tired of hearing stories about some man pinching his secretary’s rear end. Corey Feldman is not getting a whole lot of attention about the abuse of children in movie land. One has to wonder if the feeding frenzy is just a deflection away from other serious issues.

  12. Wayne Swanson

    NK missile: Two-thousand-eight-hundred (2,800), not twenty-eight-thousand (28,000). Easy to confuse, but they are not aiming for the moon.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are correct Wayne slip of the tongue. I posted this as a correction last night: Correction: I meant to say that the North Korean ballistic missile went 2,800 miles up into space and not 28,000. Thanks for the backstop.

  13. Linda L.

    If Neocon John McCain (lap dog for the elite) is supporting the GOP tax cut package then something is horribly wrong with it.

  14. Gookempucky

    Great show….possible BS about the missile even surviving a 2800 mile shot is all the space junk zooming around at 17,000 mph..just food for thought as the the bombardment of BS .aka fake narratives to control perception is also running at 17,000 mph.
    Keep up the great work.


    • Cole

      This is my fear, too.

  15. Tad

    My understanding is Bitcoin has a valuation of nearly $330 billion. I don’t know what the other cryptos are worth collectively, but added together with Bitcoin, almost mind boggling.
    If these funds had been invested in PMs or mining stock, one can only wonder about the cartels effectiveness in tamping down the price.

  16. dachsielady

    Old DachsieLady has taken to noticing what elephants in the living room are not being talked about.
    Dear Mr. Hunter did not say anything in this weekly wrap-up about Uranium One or stories related to the IRS possibly taxing, with penalty and interest, taxes not paid on capital gains from cryto currency trading. Also, on Thursday, there was supposed to be the big release of some more of Hillary Clinton’s hidden emails by the FBI on Thursday, November 30, 2017. I have not heard any reporting the last 24 hours about that. Was that another false, carrot and stick media deception, just like the testifying of William Campbell that was supposed to take place in public before the U.S. Congress, but we never heard about after announcement?

    I think the thing that all of the brotherhood of darkness – deep state – whatever want not to have light shined upon is the human trafficking and Satanic ritual child abuse and murder and the fact that several of the top world’s moneyed people and government leaders of all parties and political orientations and countries are the main purveyors of this Satanic lying, cheating, stealing and murder of the innocents for their god, Lucifer.

    Cliff High is either an atheist or agnostic and continues to wow people with his intelligence and the purported predictive ability of linquistic programming. To me, investing in cryptos is on par with legalized gambling and playing the stock market. Nothing wrong with it unless you become addicted to it and you do not risk the welfare of yourself and your family. Men who have wives and children can end up spending several hours a day on the computer at home playing the cryto game and not loving and bonding and taking care of his family and homestead.

    Also to me it looks like this liquistic promgramming predictions are the newest form of soothsaying and this is totally forbidden, a mortal sin, to Christians by the First Commandment, and Deuteronomy 18.

    I believe wealth means true production. Mr. Hunter is on the right track with his land and production on that land. Silver and gold and cryto electronic digits are sterile and do not produce.

    That is all the radical commentary I have for right now.

    God bless us each and every one in the Name of the One Who is Truth.

  17. Mohammad


    Bitcoin is the feds backdoor for narco / terrorist funding in the coming era.
    Why am saying that?
    There is a systematic destruction of the dollar by the feds, it is obvious and clear as a sun in mid summer day.
    Feds had accessed all the crypto ins and outs when FBI confiscated bitcoins and arrested Vinnik:
    Don’t you think that they put their hands on the mining ins and outs of bitcoin, HELL YES.
    We sense that the monetary system of the world is BURNING cash with debt simply because we are heading to DIGITAL CURRENCY.
    History taught us that any massive change in monetary system happens with the loser dragged kicking his feet into the new system (world war).
    Happened when Ottomans were defeated and gold/silver world currency replaced with paper.
    Happened when sterling paper was defeated by US and dollar is the new world currency.
    It will happen now when the dollar is going to be replaced with the digital currency.
    Hence a logical conclusion is:
    An imminent war is coming and the dollar death is announced with the new digital currency by the same BABYLONIANS who are currently destroying the dollar, using the bitcoin as a back door to the new FEDCOIN that will be for me and you when they will have the bitcoin for the elites.
    Does that explains why tension is on the rise with Korea?
    Does that explain why China is reclaiming the SILK ROAD in Syria?
    Does that explain why Assad is GOING TO REMAIN IN POWER with the blessing of Israel (zero hedge talked about a bomb shell deal between assad/russia/israel)?



    • tin foil hat

      “We sense that the monetary system of the world is BURNING cash with debt simply because we are heading to DIGITAL CURRENCY.”

      You nailed it. The world knows the debts cannot be repaid and it’s way too late to correct the imbalances. That is why austerity doesn’t make much sense at this late stage of the debt based fiat currencies system – dollar, euro, yen, yuan …….. etc.
      I think the NWO Bitcoin will be the new asset based global reserve/trade currency backed and convertible to PMs. Every central bank’s gold reserve will likely be monitored and verified by the BIS or IMF?.
      I wonder if the Fedcoin and other regional digital currencies will be debt based or asset based but I think it would probably float in the FX market against each other and the NWO Bitcoin.

    • Corleone

      It is better to use the official term “One Belt One Road” instead of “Silkroad”. Silkroad is only about trade, so it does not represent what China will do in the middle east.

    • Sam

      It’s hard to briefly discuss any topic that goes deeper than the tip of the iceberg with regard to the topics discussed. The web of evil runs very deep, but the truth WILL prevail. The forces of good and evil are in full play and will become even more engaged as the short time left passes. Dachsielady has her finger right on the button of truth and is referentially on target. God is in control and His plan is being worked out for His good purpose. We are so very close to the end game, the last 7 years of the current dispensation (the tribulation period), is almost too hard to believe, except for the fact that it was prophesied by God Himself.
      If you are not spiritually prepared, ie., born again, you will most likely suffer eternally.
      Greg’s accuracy and credibility are substantiated by his faith in Christ. He nails it on every topic. The daily minutia of melodramatic news media drama can be distracting and deceiving. Don’t let your hearts be troubled, for these things must first occur before the Lord returns to apply His righteousness and restore the earth for His thousand year reign. Be courageous and fear not, neither be troubled for God is working out His plan.
      I look forward to His appearing.

      • Kim

        Nicely written Sam. Thank you for sharing! God bless!

  18. andyb

    Greg: the elites want us to live in a perpetual state of fear, but I doubt that we’ll be at war with NOKO anytime in the foreseeable future. The truth is that our military is woefully inadequate to the threats posed by either Russian and/or China. All of our Navy is useless against Russian technology that can electronically disable any ship at sea (see USS Donald Cook electronically disabled in Black Sea) And, not only are our fighter aircraft useless (see F-35 boondoggle), but Russian missile AA defenses have precluded any no-fly zone over Syria. We would lose in any WWIII scenario. Not to say that the dual citizen psychotic neocons would not start a war with Iran to benefit Israel, but given that Russian and China would support Iran, the whole scenario becomes a Mexican standoff.

  19. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, N. Korea will be the big news in late summer early fall 2018, one thing is for sure, sanctions don’t work, never have, never will, Fidel Castro is just one case in point. There is not enough support for a hot war in N. Korea as of yet, not enough assets in the theater either. When you hear reports of large assets going from the East to the West coast & beyond then things will be heating up. The three carrier battle groups are in position for “what if” only in my mind should the boy king should start something at this stage not for any strike.

  20. Justn Observer

    Greg…what is your thoughts on this message = warning to Michael Flynn to not sign the plea agreement from George Webb….
    Is Flynn being walked into entrapment? Who is Flynn’s attorney?

  21. Justn Observer

    Greg… yes bit-coin did go back up since you posted this report !
    Back to Bitcoin $10,702.30

  22. Daniel Smith

    Nikki Haley is a idiot North Korea knows without a nuclear weapons they will be destroyed like Iraq and Libya they will not stop their development of these weapons are American’s willing to risk a war with Russia and China and put Israel in Iran’s sights sounds awful risky to me.!

  23. Justn Observer

    Greg… On the Allred issue….Do you know if they have ‘filed’ any ‘actual ‘complaints into a court? Or is this still only ‘ in the court of public opinion’? She should know she ‘could’ get disbarred if she ‘knowingly’ puts false- perjured- or fraudulent ( forged) document into a court records. Likely they have not filed any ‘actual’ affidavits or ‘evidence’ since…likely that is handled much like filing a false report and then subject to legal recourse…. I would take all such claims and any evidence as you pointed out…that is being held back from professional examination … as nothing but what it is…a political smear… also know he will likely move on and not bother to file any slander or liable suits being a ‘public’ figure… We know how that goes …which is a travesty for many public figures that people get away with such all the time. All should have equal protection against such attacks on their character if un-provable and which can be so hurtful to people’s careers and reputations -and their families etc. IF such claims are true…there SHOULD BE A STRICT STATUTE OF LIMITATION. Not just in the interests of justice…hurtful as the exposure is….but to stop such people that might be doing such… to protect possible future victimization to others ! Knowing there IS such a predator out there and NOT doing anything to stop them…when you consider the reported recidivism of such acts even if they are caught …is a bad as what happened to the victim in the first place. To let them get away in the first place only encourages such conduct and their arrogance that they CAN get away with it and worse later… Yet- some like revenge —and a ‘payday’ later …so holding out a bit as a matter of ‘future’ blackmail…or a book deal or 15 minutes of fame later…seems the more common occurrence , eh?

  24. Paul ...

    At the poker table in Trump’s worldwide casino … Kim Jung-un calls Rothschilds’s bluff!! … http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-12-01/north-korea-says-it-morally-ready-war-us

  25. Tad

    I hope the American people will have an opportunity to view the tax bill before it’s voted upon. It doesn’t normally happen, and doubtful the White House will have access or ability to publish it online.

    I broach this to reiterate a past post about how the middle class and/or the poor will be screwed here (again), and their only recourse is to vote for Trump issues or candidates next November. I’m hoping Democrats pay special attention.

    Some senators are holding out because they think a tax increase is important should certain growth targets appear unreachable. It’s almost as though spending cuts weren’t discussed. . .because they weren’t.

    Lights flashing. . . that spending cuts are averse to both parties.

    • Tommy

      You are correct in that the lower middle class and especially the elderly will be screwed by this new tax law. A retired couple over 65 who have AGI of $40,000 will see a 15% jump in their federal income tax.

      • Greg Hunter

        Not true Tommy according to David Stockman former White House Budget Director. The but problem is we are borrowing money to pay for the cuts but mot go to high earners and corporations. The little guy does not get a 15% increase just not much of a cut. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-12-02/major-victory-trump-senate-passes-tax-cut-bill-which-nobody-read-heres-whats-it Now the House version and the Senate version has to be rectified and who knows what will happen. One good thing I hope stays in is the Senate put in a repeal of the Obamacare individual mandate to have health insurance or pay a tax penalty. That would be a big win for the poor because they are the ones paying that tax.

        • Tommy

          I’ve done the calculations and posted on here previously. A 65+couple loses the personal exemption plus the additional amount allowed for those 65 and over. That, couple with losing the 10% bracket will cause a couple with an AGI paying 15% more in federal income tax. This tax plan is nothing but smoke and mirrors for the majority of Americans. It does reduce the corporate tax and also for those who operated as Sub-S and LLC, who will pay 20% on the pass-through while those who are wage earners will not get that benefit. Believe me, many, many small businesses are already getting a tax break by writing off personal expenses and not reporting all their income. Now they get another benefit .

    • Flattop

      TAD; Have you forgotten so quickly. ” You have to pass the bill to find out whats in it “

  26. Paul ...

    Wow! … Muller’s in like Flynn … as Flynn drops “truth bomb” on Trump … acknowledges that “through his faith in God he will work (with special prosecutor Muller) to set things right”!! … http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-12-01/flynn-prepared-testify-against-trump-gold-spikes-stocks-plunge

  27. R. Patrick

    Gee! I wonder if this country is looking to become ostracized from the entire world?

    People who live in glass houses should not throw rocks at thy neighbor!

    I believe that social equity will be a must have to get by in the near future. By that, I mean we will all need to help each other just to eat and survive the pain that is forthcoming.

    Get what you need now! It may be unavailable soon enough.

    Thanks Greg Hunter.

  28. Paul from Indiana

    But, but, HOW is this happening? It’s happening SO FAST? Is it? We’ve given the North Koreans 50+ years to build nuclear weapons. Clinton gave the Chicoms the technology, which just happened to get to the North Koreans. Then Clinton gave NK food and oil to allow them to allocate all their resources to this nuclear program, the “source of national pride” for the North Koreans, or so we are told. North Korea is the cork in the bottle of China. If the cork blows or is pulled, the Chinese will witness an exodus and an exposure they cannot withstand. So don’t expect help from the Chicoms. You don’t think Kim will push the button when it’s all ready? What’s he got to lose? Just like everything else, by refusing to deal with unpleasantness, we did this to ourselves. Best always. PM

    • JC

      Right on PFI.
      Clinton should have been hung on the white house steeps.
      Preach it brother.

  29. Paul ...

    Like the Deep State doesn’t have enough problems trying to do a “regime change” in the USA to get rid of Trump … now they have Turkey’s Erdogan seeking the arrest of the Deep State CIA operatives who tried to do a “regime change” on him!! … http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-12-01/turkey-turmoils-erdogan-exposed-trial-leaked-docs-seeks-arrest-cia-analyst-over-coup

    • Paul ...

      The Deep State is so used to doing “regime change” in the US (although they failed with Andrew Jackson) they did succeed with Garfield, McKinley, Lincoln, Kennedy, etc. that they now think they can easily get rid of Trump … their “impeachment route” is not a “done deal” yet … and Trump has a portrait of Andrew Jackson hanging in his White House Office … so the Deep State may be in some trouble getting their “regime change” with Trump!

  30. Sue Patterson

    Every week is full of news that’s crazier than the week before! The Lauer saga and so much of Groper-Gate is just distraction and filler of cable news, which never covers anything important. Or, as in the case of Roy Moore just lies. I think he is headed for a solid win because although Alabamers might be deplorable they aren’t stupid. Thanks for being the watchdog.

  31. Mario

    Hillary Clinton said that she would have Matt Lauer fired because of the unexpected questions that he asked her during an interview before the presidential election. I guess she might have succeeded.

  32. Paul ...

    Like the hand of “Fate” (a perverted transgender sexual deviate) Paul Crag Roberts gets pinched on the back side and is awkwardly awakened to the fact that “there is” a Russia-gate!! … http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-11-30/paul-craig-roberts-washington-most-corrupt-government-history

  33. angieB

    Are you guys starting to realize how badly you’ve been conned yet? Or are you gonna drink the Kool Aid right down to the end?

    • Paul ...

      I know angieB … the apples around the Trump tree are very disconcerting … Kushner is best friends with Bibi and his wife is best friends with Chelsea Clinton … can Trump be “his own man” and not be influenced to fight Bibi’s war or tell us Hillary is not “a nice lady” and begin doing something about the Clinton Foundation fraud? … I have my fingers crossed … as hope springs eternal … and yes … I pour yet one more glass of the Kool Aid!

  34. Da Yooper

    The reason TPTB hate bitcoin is because THEY cant rig & manipulate it like they do gold & silver . Once they figure out how to do that bitcoin is toast. It will be rigged & manipulated like gold & silver.

  35. Jerry

    While its hard to say exactly what North Korea will do since the regime is financed by the Rothschild’s it would be wise to plan for all contingencies .

    I have personally held preparedness training seminars in my community with our local law enforcement over past several years, and have found it particularly interesting that an EMP attack is high on their list of things that could happen to warrant an emergency. According to them both FEMA and DHS both say the probabilities are high. Whether the threat is from North Korea, or a false flag event by the Deep State is open for debate. All I know is that our State and local authorities have been preparing for this event and you should to,because it presents a whole host of problems when it comes to being prepared. Do the research.

    • susan

      Been prepared for an EMP ever since “One Second After” came out. I figure if you are prepared for an EMP, you will be prepared for almost everything. Take heed everyone!

    • freebrezer

      Jerry – the article leaves out an unexpected EMP event via a very large solar eruption/ coronal mass ejection (CME). The last big one was the Carrington event of 1859 – estimated at a X20+ solar flare. In 1989 a flare estimated a 1/3 of the Carrington knocked Quebec and a swath of eastern Canada off the grid. In 2003 a solar flare 2 to 4 times larger than the Carrington blew by and missed earth. Your advice per being prepared is extremely prudent even if a person does not fear the NOKO … the sun is a random event generator that could cause a large EMP next week or in 50 years.

    • JC

      According to James Mattis EMP is his biggest concern.

  36. John Kooiman

    A small correction. The missile went up.28 Hundred miles (2800), not 28 thousand.
    Thank you for everything you, do.I watch all of your videos and appreciate all of your work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes John, You are correct sir. I did post this correction just before the article: Correction: I meant to say that the North Korean ballistic missile went 2,800 miles up into space and not 28,000. Thank you for your backstop.

  37. Tad


    Republican tax bill assessment by David Stockman.

  38. Kim

    Awesome wrap up! You made a great point when you said there is a disconnect with the real economy.

    Our government has $21 TRILLION MISSING and is filling our skies with “geo-enginering” to prevent “global warming” and is now whining about bitcoin? Good thing God is in control!

    Thank you for doing a nice job with the wrap ups. Your professionalism shines through!
    Fear not! Have a blessed weekend!

    • Diane

      Don’t miss Greg’s interview Sunday.
      Missing money is a huge issue.

  39. Wade

    There is a picture of John Tesh on the list of sexual harassers. I think its suppose to be Chef John Besh. Tesh should sue Vanity Fair.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for that. I was wondering why they put him on there I never heard anything about him–ever. I think he quit to play music.

    • Margin Clerk

      Donald Trump once said if he were President she would be in jail. Bill Holter said that scared all of them. That is why Mueller was brought in, they are all scared. They will make Trump one of them or they will all go down. Only time will tell but I hope and pray they all go down.
      Are the Crypos fake or real. Well, the CME/CBOE are looking at listing them, Bit Coin at least, for trading later this month. I guess Cryptos are real and they will now try to manipulate with paper. Will it work or will Bit Coin say free with Gold and Silver to follow? You can ask Rob Kirby again but I think Bit Coin stays free and Gold and Sliver follow.
      Only time will tell. I say get ready, your time running out. Hold you physical gold and silver in a safe in your house right behind your 2nd amendment.
      Great Work Greg, I hope you recognize my name, I watch the manipulation first hand.

  40. Justn Observer

    Greg…. A powerful defense of Gen. Michael Flynn and what is ‘really’ is going thru and why by ex- FBI WHISTLE BLOWER – Robyn Gritz… who as likewise been railroaded for getting to truth out to be people…. This needs to be listened to and gotten out …so please view and re-post ….


    And thanks to Jason Goodman for this at Crowdsource ! And if people get a chance …listen to Robyn’s interview about her case aswell ….
    I do hope you can book Robyn Gritz here as well… these people deserve the USAwatchdogger support also for the destruction of their lives they are going thru for ‘TRUTH’ and trying to help drain the swamp ! This interview is a real eye opener…

  41. Charles Turner

    America would be a lot better place if plea deals were restricted to two areas only: Terrorism and Murder. It is nothing short of corruption to cut a deal with someone that shortens a prison sentence from decades in jail to a few months based on them testifying in court against someone else. It is a legal way to pervert the course of justice. From the immunity given to Hillary aides to the entrapment of General Flynn’s son, I am sorry to say but America now reeks of legalised corruption.

  42. Margin Clerk

    sorry about my grammar, I work a lot with numbers, my writing and grammar need improvments

  43. SusieQ

    The president just confessed to obstruction of justice on Twitter.

    MAGA = Mueller ain’t going away.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are a creep and you are backing a criminal and a traitor. I am talking about Mueller.

  44. Retired

    Greg, great weekly closing! I am prayerfully optimistic that we will begin to see some real serious public exposure to this villainous Deep State viciousness. As I have perhaps here stated previously it is a mystery to me the quietness of AG Sessions in all this as he seems to be more interested in the opioid issues, very strange! Mueller just hired that pit bull Andrew Weissman who has been responsible for the reckless destruction of many firms and the loss of thousands of jobs which were later overturned. What in the world does President Trump know are have plans in place to checkmate these latest actions by the Deep State?

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you “Retired” I am Prayerfully optimistic too. “Fear Not”!!

  45. Flattop

    When msm gets done hammering on Weinstein and the Knuckleheads from Minnesota and Michigan, it will be The Donalds turn. Just heard someone is offering big money to any woman who comes forward with a legitimate claim of sexual activities by him. You gotta know there is someone out there who is ready to collect the big bucks

  46. Dan S.

    Have a Merry Christmas this year everyone because next year we may not be so merry.
    If you thought the last crash was rough you ain’t seen nothing yet. 2018 will be the year that stock, bonds, real estate, cryptos all come crashing down at the same time.

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