No More Debates, Kamala is Speaking, Sick Economy

By Greg Hunter’s (10.09.2020 WNW 452)

It’s official, there will be no more debates unless Joe Biden decides to take on the President in person.  The so-called “Presidential Debate Commission” now says the next debate should be virtual, and President Trump said no way.  The Trump campaign says, “Swamp creatures . . .  to now rush to Joe Biden’s defense by universally cancelling an in-person debate is pathetic.”  President Trump says he will “do a rally instead” now that he has been cured of Covid and released by his doctors. Something else that is “pathetic” is Speaker Pelosi taking another run at President Trump using the 25th Amendment.  It ain’t going to work.

The Vice Presidential Debate is now history.  Who won?  It’s hard to tell.  Harris went on the attack early and often and looks like she tied up Pence with the phrase “I am speaking,” even though she didn’t really say much.  She pushed identity politics and systemic racism issues of the Left.  Harris did not answer direct questions about packing the Supreme Court with far Left Marxist liberals if the Biden Harris team won.  Pence, on the other hand, scored some points about economic policy, destroying ISIS and continued tax cuts.  Pence missed some opportunities to hit up Harris over $ 1.5 billion in China payoffs to Hunter Biden and did not tag her for the violence encouraged by her party that never spoke out about burning down cities around the country.  Pence won, and the only thing the Dems can talk about is “I am speaking,” which ain’t going to win an election.

Another 840,000 people filed for unemployment claims in the latest numbers to come out of the Department of Labor.  The stimulus deal looks dead as the President has broken off talks because he says Speaker Pelosi is “not negotiating in good faith.”  Trump does have some options to continue unemployment payments, but a stimulus deal would be much better to get the economy back to work.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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Money manager Axel Merk will be the guest for the “Saturday Night Post.” Merk will talk about gold, silver, US dollar, inflation, deflation, where the economy is heading and how he is investing his assets.

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  1. eddiemd

    Kamala Harris is like Hillary Clinton. She has no presence, she is evil, and she is rude. She is dangerous. There is no doubt she will become the president when they remove Biden under the 25th amendment. She will be a part of it to have him removed.

    The debate last night was rigged. Same as with Trump/Biden. Pence was better prepared for both the debate and the bias by the moderator than was Trump.

    The VP debate last night was more important than the Biden/Trump debate. It allowed people to see who the next president will be if Biden were to win. A far left radical socialist named Harris. Jezebel spirit. It will mean a persecution of the Christian and Jewish faiths on a new level. Harris is an evil possessed person.

    • eddiemd

      TV 7 Israeli news comments on the VP debate at minute 7:27. In regards to the Iranian nuclear deal. Harris states that the withdrawal from the nuclear deal was a mistake. Watch for yourself.

      Also the FBI determined that Iran was meddling in the election.

      Hey Paul jr…are you working with the Iranians or the CCP?

    • Russ McMeans

      I voted against Kamala Harris when she ran as attorney General in Calitopia against a very conservative guy in Los Angelos a long time ago. Voted no on her when she ran for Ca senate. Warned everyone I knew about her. And here she is; evil incarnate.

      • Paul ...

        Not only that … Harris makes up her own history … that lie she told about Abraham Lincoln took the cake … absolutely false … but that’s what commies do … they figure Americans are so dumb they can even make up the History of our Nation … tell us we are racist (when we freed the slaves) … tell us we never went to the (round) Moon … then tell us the Earth “is flat” … these lying commies don’t want Mothers and Fathers to own their own children (the commie Hillary wants our children living in a Village under her control like those poor Haitian children sold into slavery) … and the idiotic stupid moron American Nothers and Farters actually vote these Demon-rats into office … to screw up our Constitutional Republic (the commies call a Democracy) so as to bring in their Commie World Order!!!

    • Russ McMeans

      Kamala Harris hates Jews and Christians. When she gets hold of power ( Willie Brown groomed her) she will use it with unrelenting force. She’s demonic. I’ve watched her as a Californian for a long time now. It’s sad to watch so many stupid Americans allow her to get this close to power and our perdition. 2021 will be far worse than 2020 I smell evil coming.

      • notyourpatsy


        • Paul ...

          What Harris did to Abe Lincoln (who never told a lie) is unconscionable … “she made up a complete and total lie” about what Abe Lincoln did in the past with respect to appointing a Supreme Court Justice!!!! … this is what Demons do … they try to change history (making our Founding Fathers into terrorists instead of freedom fighters … who unlike their beloved BLM “peaceful” protestors did not go around burning down colonial businesses and setting cities on fire)!!

      • Self Exiled

        It’s already here. I have watched it for years, sense I was 13, when I became aware. Older than I, have also made me aware. Thank You Lord for their speaking out. They are gone now. That’s why we must keep sounding the alarm, others are hearing as you and I heard. Ours is not to reason it’s effectiveness but to declare it’s destructive presence. The results of the declaration working are HIS.

    • notyourpatsy

      EddieMD, EXACTLY what I posted about Harris previously. She IS the DEVIL incarnate! She was extremely rude, as are the majority of liberals when they don’t like what they are hearing. The new Left’s Commicrat Demoncrat speak for “SHUT UP!”, is that BS line, “I’M SPEAKING!” which they ALWAYS yell not speak. I hear it everyday in this cesspool of liberal Communists here in NJ. It’s no wonder people BORN & RAISED in NJ have such a reputation for being A$$holes…because they WERE BORN THAT WAY! Their parents have no values and taught no values to their children for generations. It’s quite obvious, if you spend any amount of time in the state you’ll quickly see the similarities between the people of California and NJ THEY REALLY ARE COMMUNISTS BORN AND BRED!

      Now I prefaced my statements with ‘Born & Raised in NJ’. Because people through no fault of their own who are transferred here for work, or moved here for some other reason are NOT included in this group. You can tell those people from the Commies. There’s probably a 25% population of US not from NJ…We’re the Trump Rallies, Flag on trucks folks.

    • JC

      Ronald Reagan debate. Good stuff.

    • Jon Vaughn

      Yes, she is like Hillarious in many ways. But, we have no evidence (yet) that she does little children.

      • Paul ...

        But we do have evidence that “the commie” is … Speaking “lies” Now!!!

  2. Justin Facts

    Kamala Harris ‘pulled the sexist card’ on Pence when she ‘realised she was doing bad’
    110,134 views Oct 8, 2020 SkyNewsOz

    Ingraham: What to expect under a Biden-Harris admin
    Oct 8, 2020

    •Oct 8, 2020 Black Conservative Patriot

    [DS] Pushing The Last Part Of Their Plan, Countermeasures In Place, Playbook Known
    •Oct 8, 2020 X22Report
    Propaganda doesn’t work. The Operation Mockingbird US., “bird brain dead,” media, for the first time has been going against truth and facts! Propaganda does not work against Truth and facts and a Donald Trump fighting back!

    Cantillon Effect: Global Elite’s Secret END GAME Agenda Exposed!
    •Oct 8, 2020
    As George Carlin said, “It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it.”
    Trump is our entrance in, wait and see. True Peace and Security incoming!

    DS] Has Failed With Their Economic Narrative, The Economy Is About To Change Oct 8, 2020

  3. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter,for being a siren in these dangerous times,but do we listen?The Bolsheviks are within your front room as they are here in the UK and they want you dead along with the Greens,they simply want you dead.No matter who is president or prime minister,the agenda is the death of us plebs and soon.
    This Bolshevik elite are out in force everywhere,”Just recently an American was jailed in Thailand for giving a holiday report a bad review. Seriously”.Expect the same in the USA and Europe(we already have this anyway)soon.”I’m speaking”only the descendant of slave owners have a voice.Meanwhile we plebs in our silence are seemingly complicit,but we are forbidden to speak.
    Still the economy here is dreadful and frightful here in the UK,but the Potemkin village of the elite,central London,is marvellous whilst even the Royal family sells us plebs out.Still missing Uranium from the Ukraine.

  4. gregd

    It’s very clear to me that if the voting public instills no penalty for the Democrats for lying, fake evidence, complete media bias, and impeaching a President when THEY know for a fact that he did nothing wrong and yet they voted to impeach! And spending 3 1/2 years doing it while NOT DOING THE PEOPLES WORK. Enjoy it because you voted for it and you will get it non stop till the Country is over. It is good to be old and watch the show. Oh, wait let’s not forget the crooked FBI, CIA, IRS, and others. And you have Hilary and the DNC paying for fake evidence and the fake crime of the Russian hack along with the murder of Seth Rich. Blood running in the streets every weekend. Believe me, you’ll get a lot more of that too. It really is a good time to be old.

    • gregd

      P.S. I had forgotten with everything else the media and the Democrats have tried and if it should fail they fall back on the 25th amendment. They tried it 4 years ago with one of the top FBI people who’s working with the Democrats willing to secretly tape Trump and now they are trying to muddy him up again with it as Pelosi, Clyburn, and the rest of them
      chime in with the 25th amendment as if he’s not of sound mind as they ignore Biden’s corruption and mental capacity which will save him from being prosecuted but will not likely save his son Hunter.

    • Lansing Michigan

      Some one said, freedoms is only for a morale people. Not using their freedom as a cloak for lying, stealing, killing ect., Like Demonrats.
      If this election is won by the Dem’s, the next election under Demonrats, will be all out warfare!
      Someone else said, we get the government we deserve.
      So what do we deserve? Even Jesuse said he will rule in his Kindome come, with an Iron rod.
      The only ones complaining are the you no what’s, ones deserving!

  5. Marie Joy


    • Diane

      Yes, we are

  6. Anthony Australia

    Announced today that no overseas travel till 2022 most likely!

  7. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    Thanks for USAW452.
    Pence should have rehearsed Tulsi Gabbard’s brilliant destruction of Harris . . .

  8. Robert

    What’s interesting is the timing of this supposed bust of rightwing militia operatives out of Detroit trying to kidnap the Minnesota governor … and the recently prefaced claims by the FBI that white supremacist groups pose the biggest threat to the USA, all in the backdrop of the past 4 months plus of antifa and BLM rioting ( far left identity politics groups who get no mention as being the real terrorist) and burning down cities across the nation and at a time when Trump demands Barr to indict Comey, Obama, Biden and Hillary for their role in the coup to destroy Trump…and then Pelosi doing her probable final attempt to takedown Trump by gathering a committee to look at using the 25th amendment to take out Trump. Deep staters are getting scared.

    As far as these rightwing militia involved in the planning of the kidnapping of atleast one governor, it’s been my experience watching undercover FBI deliberately find loose cannons they can radicalize then arrest them in a sting and claim they broke up a criminal endeavor. It’s my understanding the Minnesota governor knew of the plans against her for several weeks so these arrest were timed imo . An author wrote a book about this tactic by the FBI…I think it’s called The Terror Factory…it’s all about how the FBI radicalizes impressionable minds so they can swoop in and make a big sensational bust. All these anti government groups get infiltrated by undercover agents, informants, and psychologist who do profiling for the FBI. All groups who challenge official government policies and narratives get infiltrated. Many undercover agents act like radicals when they infiltrate these groups to see who they can radicalize for the eventual bust. The FBI even infiltrate peace groups like the Quakers. That’s where I first heard about this style of infiltration. They will often times ask participants in these groups they infiltrate how can they be like them. Its part of the profiling process. Heard about this on a liberal talk show hosted by a well known liberal. Two years later in a peak oil meeting, I would experience this very thing. The FBI also infiltrate chat rooms and comment sections. Just saying. That’s the real world we live in.

    • notyourpatsy

      Robert, Your post IS SPOT ON!

      I recently posted similar comments in a previous thread this week on UWD regarding the domestic terrorists accusations by the three letter govt agencies. They ‘work’ EXACTLY as you say because at one time I was (naively) ’employed’ after my military service. Once I got wise to what was going on I quit. Yeah, how’d that work out for you? NOT WELL! The three letter agencies destroyed my life until they saw nothing they could do to me further. The only reason they stopped was/is due to my ‘deadman’s switch’ that is in the possession of someone I trust with my LIFE……Someone of the caliber of EddieMD let’s say.

      Another point you make is exposed in Mike Stanton’s book, ‘Prince of Providence’. I URGE readers here to get a copy and read it themselves. It details some of the points you make with actual documents and names!!

      Thirdly, that MI gov setup is just that. The three letter agency ‘profiled ‘ some of the ‘flag wavers’ who continually protested at the State House during the past year’s lockdown. They zeroed in on the most out spoken ones until they got ‘inside’ the group. Now they have timed the ‘media release’ for the most damaging effect right before the election. Typical work for them, as the majority of govt employees ARE DEMONCRAT COMMIES!

      In the end we, the REAL AMERICAN PEOPLE who believe in this Country, and it’s Founding Documents, must vote and pray to our Lord Jesus Christ GOD that HE watches over our Country during the remainder of the year going forward. Violence never equates to ‘justice’, morality does.

    • Tin foil hat

      I concur the FBI knew this bunch is all talk and no action. They would wait otherwise and set them up for Attempted Kidnapping rather than charging them for mere Conspiracy.

      • Robert

        Yup. Just like they did to a muslim kid in Portland about 10 years ago. The FBI met him on a chatroom where they radicalized him. Even his father reported to the authorities his son was being radicalized by people on the internet but the FBI did nothing as it was a sting. They got this kid, I think he was about 19 or 20, to agree to blow up a car by the annual Christmas celebration downtown. There were 1000s of people there. This kid thought he was going to be a hero to his religion. Then the nite came and they had the kid in a van and gave him the button to push. When he pushed it and there was no explosion is when they arrested him and he became front page headlines. I think he’s still in prison and will be for a long time. It was entrapment but he fell for it and did push the button. If I recall his attempts to challenge his long sentence have been denied.

    • sk

      It was the Michigan (female) governor this right wing group was supposedly planning to kidnap and/or kill, wasn’t it? Not Minnesota. I once stopped reading an otherwise good article when the author said, among good arguments, that the PCR test was antibody-based. Don’t discredit yourself by a factual error.

  9. R. J. Wolf Jr

    Greg, Another outstanding Friday wrap-up commentary, good job! I would have loved to have seen more fireworks during the VP debates, but I can certainly understand why Pence was so restrained, a lot of missed opportunities on his part. I know I’m putting “the cart before the horse”, but I can’t stop thinking about the next four years. I think the last several months
    of riots and just general social unrest is a preview of coming attractions, only raised to a whole new level. The Republicans definitely need to recapture the House and hold onto the Senate. This has to happen if the President hopes to accomplish anything of any substance in his second term. If the American people learned anything this election year, it’s how socialistic the Democratic Party has become. They are definitely NOT the party of JFK. Looking at 2024, I’m sure VP Pence would like to be President, but I’m not sure if he would be the right person to have in that spot in 2024. I expect to see some kind of financial reset between now and then. Possible a Debt Jubilee that Dr Paul Craig Roberts has mentioned. The Fed needs to be neutered and we need to get our currency back on the GOLD STANDARD. Term limits would be nice to see, Balanced budget, Obamacare overturned, Roe vs Wade overturned. Planned parenthood shut down. These are just a few things that come mind, of course there are many more. In the mean time I feel we all should be embracing God, Gold and Groceries. Or not, it’s really an individuals choice. Thanks again,Greg. God Bless!!

  10. Justin Facts

    Hey eddiemd,
    More Laura, she’s GRRREAT!!
    The Ingraham Angle 10/08/20 FULL | Laura Ingraham Oct 08, 2020
    A really BIG shoe! Ed Sullivan
    Old Joe’s only running because he’s just trying to shield his families reputation and it’s repudiation /rɪˌpjuːdɪˈeɪʃn/ denial of the truth or validity of something, over the families ill gotten gains. Sad but true, bad Karma always comes out in the wash. There is a God after all, JimCrow Joe!😈🦨

    Joe Biden and Kamala Harris ADMIT its the Harris Administration

    • eddiemd

      They took down your first video.

  11. Paul C

    Great Weekly News Wrap-Up! I agree completely that people need to pay attention and button up the hatches. A lot of Biblical prophecy in play and there is trouble ahead. Prayers to you and your love ones. Jesus is our only hope !

  12. Paul ...

    From the Brennan letters (now being released) it seems the Deep State CIA Shadow Government (concerned about Hillary’s e-mail scandal) helped Hillary Clinton in her evil plan to smear Trump (as a Russian asset) … but feared that Russia could derail their plot by injecting some truth … so they asked the FBI to investigate … probably figuring that Hillary could then say “the FBI was looking into Russian interference in our election (if Russia dared to released information showing Hillary’s evil plan to smear Trump was a lie) … the CIA probably thought that Hillary Clinton’s anti-Trump collusion smear operation would look a lot better with the FBI investigating (because it would then seem to the public like Russia “was trying to help their agent Trump”) … the FBI didn’t investigate!!!

  13. Bruce

    if the democrats really believe Biden/ Harris are 14 points ahead in the polls, Why does Pelosi need to pull the 25 amendment crap? Could it be that They know the real numbers show Trump in a historic win and the democratic party in ruins.

    • Greg Hunter

      Very good point Bruce!!! Thanks for posting that here!!!

    • Robert

      I’m hearing the 25th amendment crap is more about getting rid of Biden after the dems steal the election. Get ready for President Harris. Theres a reason why deep state Barr didn’t get the Durham Report in place and indictments made. We’ve been punked, unless Trump can somehow manage to survive this end stage coup. He’s survived all of them so far.

  14. Jerry

    In case you haven’t figured it out yet, the globalist have an agenda to reset the global economy, regardless of who wins the election. Agenda 21 is in full display, with event 201 the precursor. Now that we are all in on “ Lock Step” with social distancing, and mask wearing, the next phase will commence soon with vaccinations. Get ready. They will be coming to your town soon.

    Aside from politics, the technocrats are meeting behind closed doors to implement the next phase of the plan. Can you guess what it is?
    Oh I get it, you still think you have a choice. Really? I was informed by my cell phone company yesterday that my flip phone would be shut off once 5G becomes available in my location. It doesn’t matter what I want. They want me on an iPhone. Gee I wonder why? Do the research. That thing the stick man is holding in the Microsoft cryptocurrency 060606 patent is an iPhone that links your biological data to a cloud. The linkage? That’s you, via hydrogel implantation by injection.

    When you see the bigger picture then you’ll understand why I don’t jump up and down about the election. On the grand scale of things there are two plans going forward. First Lucifer’s plan of a one world government in which we’re all involved with now. The second? The second coming of our lord Jesus Christ to finish the work of agency before the final judgement. Trim your lamps friends. The darkest hour is just before son rise.

    • Jerry

      The second and final wave is building.

      Make final preparations now.

    • Jerry

      Do you remember this?

      We’re from the federal government and we’re here to help you stick a needle in your arm. Sure? Folks it’s either mandatory vaccinations or preparations for war. The last time there was a call up this large was the Iraq war.

    • JC

      Jerry, how do you find this stuff?

      ‘Your ProPac medical clinic trailer will be custom designed and outfitted to match your requirements.’

      I think I need to watch an episode of Leave It To Beaver now, to zone out.

      Other than that, Whitey Ford, the great NY Yankees pitcher, died today, 91 years old.
      When I was a kid, he was my hero. However, when the New York Mets were born, I switched allegiances, as they were very close to where I lived.

      • eddiemd

        Whitey Ford. 91yo.

        Yankees all time wins leader. Great pitcher.

        I remember back in 1971 as a 10yo I went to see the SF Giants here in spring training. My friend and I jumped the fence and went out behind the center field wall. Willie Mays was the centerfielder. We were talking with him when he had a moment between hitters. Mays is 89yo.

      • Jerry

        My wife’s cousin is Mickey Mantle so the Yankees have always had a place in our home. As for me, I’m a Cardinal fan at heart. I’ve actually sat down and had breakfast with Whitey Herzog before. He’s first class all the way.

    • notyourpatsy

      Jerry, I agree with you on the outcome of what’s portrayed ‘between the lines’, ie, cellphone, etc.

      Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ IS COMING and Lucifer’s ‘Angels’ on Earth WILL BURN IN ETERNAL HELLFIRE!

    • JC

      Jerry, what a wonderful future we have. S

      ‘The Rockefeller Foundation and the Clinton Foundation have developed a series of COVID apps which will tightly control your post-covid life. The initiative is launched by non-profit trust Commons Project Foundation which is part of the World Economic Forum. The Commons Project include three COVID apps – CommonHealth, COVIDcheck and CommonPass. Together, they will collect, store and monitor your health data based on which the apps will decide whether you are eligible to travel, study, go to office, etc.’

  15. JC

    Since Greg mentioned ‘The Good Ship Lollipop,’ perhaps we should all sing along… and pray.

    • Lake M

      I was thinking the other day how I miss my old flip phone.
      These phones have brought so much alienation to our society, even though there is much contact between individuals, the communication is mainly impersonal and destructive.
      Unlike a physical implant chip that could be removed, I’ve heard the hydrogel is permanent. If the vax also contains RNA components, it can alter chromosomes
      and make all who receive the so-called medicine, a GMO transhuman. Courtesy of
      Satanista’s Bill and Melinda and their fellow creeps using bioscience to warp the world to their liking. Time for massive arrests to bring this evil to justice for the tyranny and destruction they have unleashed on the globe for the past 100 years. Otherwise, we all will end up in the American gulag with no way out.

  16. Self Exiled

    Undermining confidence in the 2020 election.

    • notyourpatsy

      SE, I’ve been shouting from the tops of all the mountains in America for over 25 years…GET THE UN OUT OF AMERICA! The UN IS the WORLD GOVT people get a clue! They have NO business on AMERICAN soil! President TRUMP the AMERICAN PEOPLE WANT YOU TO OUST THE UN FROM OUR COUNTRY! DO IT NOW BEFORE THE ELECTION PLEASE!!

      • Self Exiled

        And many in my generation yelled ”Get us out of Vietnam”. Evil intent learned their lessons well to reconstruct the media [no more caskets shown on TV], no more draftees, more spectacular false flags and we all know this. I quit yelling and I was prepared, disgusted, angry, appalled, and tired: so, I focused more on HIM, and who/what was I really trusting, me , my preparations. {not that one should not prepare, always listen and prepare for those you love}. But for me He said walk and trust. I was not walking, I was waiting but not complete. He will personally guide you. I have posted all this before.

  17. Self Exiled

    “Even Democrats may find it hard to imagine, but the “leader of the free world” would benefit from United Nations oversight.” Absurd but then I didn’t think I would see people wearing mask world wide and he’s so polite about it.

  18. Tommy

    Who’s the nut? Crazy Nancy says Trump is not mentally fit to be president and wants to figure out an end around to invoke the 25th. Yet she has no problem with endorsing her party’s nominee who is suffering from dementia.
    Send in the squirrels.

  19. Country Codger

    Definitely one of your best wrap-ups.
    Lo Iyrah!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks CC!!

  20. al

    Joe is a super dunce! Krumelah’s demeanor is worse than Hitlery, over the top worse! It’s a LANDSLIDE for Trump and they know it!
    So how do they get back at the majority?
    “No Stimulus money for anyone and anything because you’ve been bad, smack smack smack. How dare you vote for Trump? Wear a mask and eat your crumbs! Pay high taxes and accept riots and looting! That’s your punishment!”

    How about a 25th Amendment for Pelosi? She’s undeniably CRAZY and abusing her powers as the Speaker!
    Take this tiff as a lull to stock up on everything non perishable and even canned foods. Just wait until the Stimulus monster rises his ugly inflationary head again. Oh boy.

    NYC is a sh1thole! My whole Family in NY is basically crying over this, but others are in either shock or denial because of exactly what you brought out Greg, no “news” coverage from the Marxist Enemy Media. This makes living there that much more dangerous!!! They are starting to see taxes go up. What a surprise.
    I told them GET THE HELL OUT! But it’s not that easy.

    *Another Democrap bites the dust*
    A neighbor of mine who was a staunch Democrap with Hussain signs all over their lawn back in the day, then Hitlery signs (remember? <> 💩️

    • notyourpatsy

      AL, You misspelled a word in your post, ‘NY is a SHITHOLE’ (<there fixed it for you!) with a jackbooted governor (cummo) that does'nt hide HIS facist demeanor in the media! Imagine spending BILLIONS of TAXPAYER's MONEY building a new MEGA bridge, and then having the AUDACITY to name the bridge after HIS COMMUNIST FATHER who (ny cronyism politics) preceded him as governor!!

      The whole tristate region, CT, NJ, NY, IS turning into a COMMUNIST stronghold. Those who can afford to flee these states have mostly moved South to Fl, NC, GA, etc from what I've heard here in NJ. I'm talking about REAL AMERICANS fleeing taxation without representation due to overwhelming DEMONCRAT politics.

      AL, if you live in the tristate area, let me know in a post. We could meetup and you could verify somethings I've mentioned here in previous posts to other UWDer's that I'm the REAL DEAL.

      • al

        Hey buddy, I wish we could meet up but I live in NE Florida, have been for decades.
        Most of my Family members live in NY. My Brother in Law says there is a big Chinese community where he lives and they are all for Trump because they know communism, which is why they moved out of China.
        They keep asking him about guns because he’s an X-police officer.

        My Family and I experienced NY in the 1970s, Frankly, I remembered being scared 24X7 , the place was crime ridden to the hilt! I got married there and my Wife (my angel) moved us south, we never looked back.
        My NY Family tells me NY is 10 times worse now than it was back then. I can’t imagine that, wow, in just less than a year NYC turned in to a total nightmare ! A dark depressing movie like 1984 but on steroids. Wow.
        My Wife was on business in NYC in January of this year, she loved it but it’s not home. Now her company moved out of NYC and everyone is working from home. No more conferences in NYC.
        It’s sad my Friend. Very sad.

    • Tin foil hat

      I live in NYC and I don’t blame Trump for none of the mess which are happening here. Believe or not, most of my liberal friends put the blame squarely on de Blasio and Cuomo too (they will still vote for Biden).

      Even the Hassidic Jews are backing Trump, I saw them protested against the tyrannical BS mask law, waving Trump 2020 and “Don’t tread on me” flags.

  21. Marie Joy

    Winter is coming. Shutoffs will cause frozen people and frozen pipes, in northern America. Millions will be affected.

    • notyourpatsy

      Marie, prepare accordingly, and help your neighbors prepare so they don’t need your help. GOD helps those who help themselves and their neighbors.

  22. Dave

    The accusations against Cunningham do not carry the negative weight they once would have. Just look at how questions about Trump’s moral behavior had no effect on his winning in 2016. Both sides ignore such things – when it concerns “their” candidate.

    Dismissing all the polls is getting untenable. As Ben Shapiro and others have been saying recently. These polling companies do things other than politics. Their bread and butter is not politics and it does them no good to be wrong in their polling. They will lose business. Mark Stein seems somewhat resigned to a Trump loss – and he has connections to the White House. Yesterday he said if Trump loses things can’t go back to the way it was in the GOP. Essentially McConnell and Romney (who wants to be a part of GOP Senate leadership) can’t be allowed to take control. Stein and others are positioning themselves for a battle as to who will control the GOP. Conservatives or the McConnell wing. Among conservatives a younger movement could emerge. People like Ben Shapiro and Ross Douthat. Young turks who have problems with “Conservative Inc.” which includes everything from the George Will to establishment talk radio (Limbaugh and the rest). Neither group has been able to impact the broader society or halt the progress of progressivism which has continued for decades now. A new model of conservatism is needed and perhaps a new party.

    • Greg Hunter

      Dream on Dem Dave. Cunningham is toast. The Dems spent $60 million telling us to “trust” Cunningham–Not. Toast.

    • Tin foil hat

      McConnell and Romney are not conservatives, they are establishments. Ted Cruz is conservative, Rand Paul is a libertarian but I like him, Trump is not exactly a conservative but his policies are conservative.

      You are wrong on so many aspects …..

      • William Stanley

        Good catches!
        “Dave” is an accomplished purveyor of psyops. His specialty is complete falsehood packaged among half-truths (which, functionally, are whole lies). Greg should be proud that the deep state is so afraid of him that it assigns one of its better operatives to his site.

  23. iwitness02

    Not only is the political class parasitic, they are also like termites. Quietly eating away at the supporting structure until there is a catastrophic collapse. Lucky us. We get to witness the collapse.
    To me, it appears that Trump is trying to ‘right’ the ‘wrongs.’ On the other hand, I worry that too much damage has already been done through treason at the highest levels.
    We are most likely, only months away from finding out.
    We have to pass the election to find out whats in it.

  24. Rusty

    If Biden wins the election, do you think he is going to give it up? Pelosi’s 25th amendment commission is also designed to get Biden out of their way should Biden win.

    • RTW

      I agree that this 25th amendment b.s is meant for Joe but I would add Trump also. She is covering all her bets. Even though Joe stated that he had to choose a running mate that was young enough to take over, should he become unable to finish his term, he can’t be trusted to remember that. (Joe has a hard time remembering anything) that’s where the 25th gets played.
      It will definately be used on Trump sooner than later, possibly the following day after his inauguration. Their trick bag has been exhausted so that’s all they have left and one thing is for certain, they will never give up.

  25. Lightning


    Excellent WNW . You gave me a needed laugh with your Kamala Harris impression “ I’m talking”.

    Your thoughtful insights into the William Barr / Bill Durham investigation planted a seed of hope for me…. namely that the Russian Collusion / Hillary/ Obama / Australia/ UK conspiracy to bring down President Trump is so big that it needs to wait until after the election to be adjudicated properly.
    That’s a hell of a gamble and only believable ( in my opinion) if Barr declassifies an irrefutable amount of evidence that can’t help but survive the election, regardless of who wins.

    That would give his apolitical fairness doctrine some hint of credibility.

    Given Barr’s complete apparent disregard for transparent action ( e.g, no charges or investigation into Epstein’s suicide while in Federal custody) I remain dubious.

    Keep up the good work.!

    • Brooklyn


      As we all know, FIRST President Trump must be reelected, and then, according to the article from Mike Adams, Barr and Durham will begin with the Insurrection Act and the 14th amendment to immediately after the election to arrest many demiz , including mayors, governors, of all the states who aided BLM and Antifa, with the list including senators and members of congress. Please see:

  26. Wallis Sibley

    Larry Pinkney former member of the Black Panther Party speaks
    174 views•Sep 12, 202

    Larry Pinkney & Alex Jones – The Subversion Of America
    15 hours ago
    Larry Pinkney joins Alex Jones live via Skype to lay out the racist, commie history of the Democrat party and calls for unity from ..

    Brother Against Brother? No, Brother Finding BROTHER!

    Michael Che Talks About the Black Lives Matter Protests
    •Jun 2, 2020
    Late Night with Seth Meyers

    The Song of Freedom at the Estonian Song & Dance Festival
    •Jul 18, 2014
    Eastern Eropeans celebration of freedom The United States has fought for over 200 years

    Battle Cry of Freedom – EXCLUSIVE SONG – 2nd South Carolina Stringband!
    1,855 views•Sep 28, 2020

    Admiral McRaven Leaves the Audience SPEECHLESS | One of the Best Motivational Speeches
    •Jul 17, 2018

    One Step Beyond (TV Series) Night of Decision (1961)
    During the American Revolution, Gen. George Washington is suddenly visited by visions that convince him the revolution will be successful. However, he is also troubled by visions that tell him there will be a great civil war that will occur after his death, and he doesn’t know how to stop it.
    7:27 help me.. Then:
    I Am Optomcas Chief of Shawnee
    “Your God has came to your aid before, He WILL Again.”
    “good and great purpose”
    The “good and great purpose” was sanctuary against tyranny.
    The miracle that is this country still lets me believe we are something special on this planet.
    Jeremiah Quinlan 9 months ago
    I was born in county Cork Ireland in 1966 April 1 I came to America in 1988 ! I have come to love this great nation with all my heart ❤️ I so love this young nation with all my heart ❤️❤️❤️why would I not?.the greatest people on our little planet. God has blessed this great nation. Give thanks and praise to God for America the great !!!🇮🇪🇮🇪☘️☘️❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸…….

  27. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    There’s zero chance of unseating Trump via the 25th Amendment: it would not only require a majority betrayal by Trump’s insiders (not inconceivable), but a two-thirds vote in both Houses of Congress.

  28. Dave

    Barr has apparently told GOP Senators there will be no report before the election. He does not want to influence the election. Any surprise? Barr has talked a good line but basically done nothing. Is he part of the Deep State or just another poor Trump appointment? If Biden was implicated in the Russia scandal why shouldn’t voters know that prior to the election? It brings into question Barr’s integrity. Anyway, if the Democrats win the report will be watered down to nothing (maybe it is already and that is why Barr won’t release it). Certainly the “players” seem emboldened and are front and center in the media. They know nothing will come of Durham’s investigation.

    • William Stanley

      Re: “Certainly the “players” seem emboldened and are front and center in the media. They know nothing will come of Durham’s investigation.”

      Another clever effort. Well done!
      However, one is led to wonder why “the players” would bother being “front and center in the media” if they (or the media) were confident of either a Biden victory or the outcome Durham’s investigation.

  29. Marie Joy

    One day, WE will wake up and a loaf, of bread, will cost $1000.

    • Paul ...

      That is why when the “commies” offer us”free money” … we should just say … NO!! … if you put the two $1200 dollar stimulus checks under your mattress (they will aimply buy you 2.4 loaves of bread) … better to by 70 ounces of silver with the “free money” … then when silver reaches $600 ($600 x 70 = $42,000) you will be able to buy 42 loaves of bread with the money!! … however silver and gold are going much higher (as Bill Holter has recently revised his gold target to something like $120,000 dollars per ounce meaning silver at a G/S ratio of 15 will put silver at $8000 dollars per ounce) so 70 ounces of silver will buy 560 loaves of bread!! …

  30. Matthias

    A bit more 9/11 Truth news:

    David Chandler from “Scientists for 9/11 Truth” has published a new video summarizing all the recently collected evidence pointing to the fact that a Boeing 757 did indeed hit the Pentagon on 9/11:

    David Chandler: “AA Flight 77 at the Pentagon”

    Nevertheless I think it is still very likely that the plane that crashed into the building was a remotely controlled Boeing 757 drone aircraft that was at some point swapped for the actual flight AA 77 in mid air as suggested by the infamous “Operation Northwoods” memorandum from 1962. This would explain the unusual flight path including the 180 degree U-turn, the turning off of the transponder and how the “hijackers” could have flown the sophisticated Pentagon attack maneuver.

    The alleged AA 77 FDR data file that was presented to the public and analyzed by Scientists for 9/11 Truth could in this respect be just a merger of the actual AA 77 FDR data up to the rendezvous point with the drone and the FDR data produced by the drone from the rendezvous point onward to the Pentagon.

    • William Stanley

      Thanks for posting this!

      • Matthias

        You’re welcome William!

        The 9/11 Truth movement isn’t done yet! It’s good that people like David Chandler still try to continue to separate the “red herrings“ and disinfo from the hard evidence.

        Also Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth are now using all the evidence that has been collected with respect to the controlled demolition of the Twin Towers and WTC7 to open up a new “inquest“ in the United Kingdom court system in conjunction with an UK victim family:

        Family of Geoff Campbell to Submit Petition for New Inquest After 9/11 Anniversary

  31. Dogwood

    I live in a Missouri district that is historically conservative but to my surprise, I have 3 neighbors thus far with Biden/Harris signs in their yards. I haven’t seen a Trump sign anywhere thus far. Trump and his supporters blew it. Trump had the opportunity to clean house but he allowed his (ostensible) enemies to pursue bogus charges against him and run amuck in the streets, targeting innocent people and causing instability. His supporters sat on their fat asses listening to “Q” and expected Trump to take back America, but nothing really happened. The criminals (Hillary, et al) never got indicted, and the Swamp never really drained. In fact, they were appointed to Trump’s administration. If the communists gain control in 2020, Trumpsters’ blood will be on their own hands for being indolent the past 4 years.

    • Dave

      Trump waits until weeks before the election to release all documents? And the FBI is balking and there are still redactions. The agencies are ignoring him in a way they could not if he had done this a year or two ago. Wray is Deep State yet Trump appointed him. Sessions may have been Deep State. He knew this stuff and refused to initiate an investigation Finally Barr – as Deep State as one can get. He has been in the swamp all his career. He talks a good line but is now pushing release of the Durham finding until after the election. Now Biden was complicit or not in the Russiagate. If he was Barr has a duty to let the country know before the election. Maybe he isn’t complicit? It’s either that or Barr is in this cover-up as much as any of them.

      • William Stanley

        Re: “Maybe [Biden] isn’t complicit? It’s either that or Barr is in [the Russiagate] cover-up as much as any of them.”

        We definitely know that Biden was complicit. However, Barr’s failure to have already indicted him does not ineluctably imply that Barr is part of the cover-up. Remember, we are still awaiting the appointment of Judge Barrett to the Supreme Court. A lot hinges on that.

  32. Paul in Oz

    Unbelievable to more unbelievable, there are virtually no sources of actual journalistic efforts being made in America today … the evidence … about a week ago the country was advised POTUS contracted cv19 … There was both legitimate concern and well wishes, pretenders and those who were completely contemptible. Since then, the president by all appearances has made a miraculous recovery. I have looked, but have not seen any indications of this being good news, that should legitimately be a source of optimism to allow the country, and the world to put the virus behind us and move on … Instead we have an increased level of panic and mayhem be it suspicion of POTUS not being well, recklessly endangering SS while simultaneously demanding more information about his condition, being unfit for office, a present danger who could plunge the world into war, Trump derangement syndrome is reaching new heights. The desperation by the swamp things to slow the speed of drain is creating a frenzy … they will stop at nothing to prevent the draining … NOTHING …. as Mr. Nenner said this is a very dangerous time … heed the warning and be vigilant, keep your eyes open and see through the barrage of lies …. Thanks Greg for you continued efforts to present the truth.
    P.S. the left leaning newspaper The Australian had a very good op ed last Saturday … indicating that the election of Biden would lead to the death of democracy worldwide … NOTHING could be more true than that assertion.

  33. MCasey

    The 25th Amendment is about the stability of the presidency and the continuity of the office.
    Pelosi is finally telling the truth about her proposed Commission on Presidential Capacity to Discharge the Powers and Duties of Office.
    She said,”it’s not about Trump”. Because, it’s about Biden.
    She’ll have Biden out and Harris will be President within a month.

  34. notyourpatsy

    Rusty, That’s right, DEMONCRAT pelosi has alternative plans for their loss in a few weeks time. Win, lose, or draw, nothing good will come from this election cycle because it has successfully divided the Country. Divide and Conquer is a Marxist play!!

  35. Paul in Oz

    Great episode … Trump derangement syndrome has reached new heights! A week ago it was announced POTUS has cv19, in addition to concern and well wishes, we had fake wishes and outright contempt. By all appearances he has been cured in record time. Where is the optimism for the future? Where is the enthusiasm that the worst of this deadly disease is behind us? We have suspicion that he really isn’t cured, that he is a danger that could cause war, unfit for office, not being forthright, but when he is publicly seen taking precautions accused of recklessly endangering the SS. The MSM is now on full display doing everything possible to distract from the swamp draining while every asset is deployed to avoid further draining … visibility is improving and any way they can stop further drain, regardless of the cost will be employed. They will stop at NOTHING to stop the continued draining …Mr. Nenner said this is a very dangerous period … be vigilant and careful. God Bless POTUS and those who support POTUS!

    P.S. The Australian (a left leaning newspaper) had an op ed basically asserting that if Biden is elected … the death of democracy worldwide will occur. Nothing could be Truer and those who support liberty everywhere should do anything possible to support POTUS.

  36. notyourpatsy

    On ‘Lou Dobbs’ tv program (wed 7oct20) while he was interviewing Dr Lipkin about the CHINA VIRUS. Around 5:45pm est there is video of President Trump saying,”Remdisvar (sp) is a cure for the CHINA VIRUS…etc”

    Can other people here view that and verify the video tape please. It looked to me like it was ‘President’ Trump standing in front of a ‘green screen’. I have some TV production background, and it SURE LOOKED like a ‘green screen’ to my eye at the time.

    Also, who’s to say that Our President Trump was not abducted by the Deep State once inside the hospital, and his ‘double’ ‘released’ from the hospital. Mr Hunter can you get an expert on to verify or deny the post in a thread here on UWD this past week showing an image of such an imposter existing? I think it was Self Exiled who posted the link, not sure. Our Country, AMERICA IS IN MORTAL DANGER, and Patriots need an answer to this question NOW! Not another person telling us ‘how much PMs may be worth’ in a future that may not exist.

    • Self Exiled

      I don’t remember posting about a double but did post about Trump in Walter Reed and asking ”what’s really going on”, being concerned about him taking these medications. Tried to find, no go.

  37. Paul Anthony

    Always a great weekly wrap up every single Friday!

    Hows Mark Taylor doing? Will he be on any time soon?


    Paul Anthony

  38. mark

    The 25th Amendent Pelosi is working on is not about Trump, its about Biden. If he wins they will use that to remove him from office for a complete radical takeover

  39. Marie Joy

    One problem is that dead voters always vote democrat.

  40. Self Exiled

    US Could Attack China, Seize Disputed Islands In South China Sea Before 2020 US Elections – Military Experts Possible I guess/I doubt Trump would do this. He would show force, but actually pull the trigger, we are definitely sitting on the edge.

  41. Lord Nasdaq

    Great weekly wrap up brother, Greg. Add this to the hit list!
    Greg, is it me or were summer riots a cover up for Corona Virus, and Ghislaine Maxwell? Strange how Wuhan province and many areas in China get flooded completely due to so many dams all of a sudden collapsing in early summer! Is Maxwell with Epstein on some island? Forget Waldo — where’s Maxwell?

    Eighty year old Pelosi is a career communist and politician as is most of the Democrat party in the 21st century.

    News and Record Fish Wrap — always floors me!!!
    Strange times, my friend.

    Preparing “my hedges” around late October. More than likely, I’m going a different route – “old” large cap value (consumer staples) or more precious metals. I damn sure (as others I know) not buying socialist media companies with 2000 PE levels. So many growth equities like taxpayer funded TSLA are not even on my radar.
    So probably going old school – old value large cap this round. Thus a win/win for me regardless of “fixed” election results or (I pray and hope) a Republican sweep in house and senate.

    Western N.C. ALWAYS supports USAWatchdog! But if you are from New Yowk or Kalifornia you’ll like and fit in with Winston -Salem and east of the state.
    PLEASE transplants, move there!!! Don’t bring that bullshit that YOU voted for to the western part of the state.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks “L N” !!

  42. tim mcgraw

    Debates? Votes? Will Americans accept the outcome of the elections? Secession? Tax revolts? Civil War? Wars of Secession? Race wars? Class wars?
    What do you see in your neighborhoods?
    In mine here in Sonoma County I see acceptance of masks and edicts from Gov. Newsom and County Health Officer Mase. I see masks and obedience to the state.
    My wife was walking down the street, no mask, and a house painter, no mask, suddenly appeared and he was so scared that he put an empty paint bucket over his head!
    In my town I see cowards. I don’t see Libertarians. The Catholic Church a block from our home stays closed. No protest from the bishop or priests. Cowards.
    Good luck to you all. My wife and I live in Communist quicksand. No escape.

    • Greg Hunter

      I’ll bet he got a lot of hang ups!

  43. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    Someone just sent me a report on Covid-19 from Northern Ireland. It’s a bit ‘folksy’ but very revealing – especially at 6 mins 30 seconds. Chimes with the lack of need for the emergency hospital in Central Park and the virtually unused hospital ship sent to NY.
    More and more medically qualified people speaking out . . .

    • Robert

      I may have mixed up the state. You’re right It was Michigan. And it was the female governor. This all plays into the toxic male outrage the left loves to promote.

      I’m now hearing now these supposed right wing white supremacist actually had more affiliation to BLM and Antifa. Plus there was another killing of a right winger at a protest-riot in Colorado.

  44. Justin Facts
    Laura Ingraham

  45. Victor

    Greg, how did you come up with the conclusion that the 13 men arrested for planning the kidnapping/killing of the governor of Michigan are leftists? They are members of a right-wing militia group, and the governor they planned to kill is a Democrat. Do you just automatically think that all violent criminals are leftists? These men are domestic terrorists, and I have no doubt there are more of them out there. I would bet good money that every last one of them is a right-wing Trump supporter.

    • Greg Hunter

      Sorry Victor they are lefties and at least one was a BLM rioter. Stop making crap up to fit your political narrative. You can “bet” all you want the fact is these are left wing anarchists tied to Antifa and BLM!!! Oh and these stupid weasels are quoted as calling “Trump is a tyrant.” More facts that prove your opination and “bet” id not facts. Only a stupid and evil lefty would conspire to kidnap a sitting governor and plan all sorts of explosions to hurt people. That’s what the Obama’s buddies in the Lefty organization the Weather Underground did back in the day.

  46. D

    A person I know caught something very interesting in the 10/7/2020 debate between Vice President Mike Pence and Kamala Harris. When asked by moderator Susan Page if China was competitor, adversary or enemy, Harris responded with:

    “Susan, the Trump administration’s perspective and approach to China has resulted in the loss of American lives, American jobs and America’s standing.”

    Did Kamala Harris’ reply confirm the CCP virus was deliberately released by China as an attack on America? Joe Biden called President Trump a xenophobe for banning anyone coming to America from China unless that person was an American citizen (an effort to stop or at least slow down the CCP virus). Does the comment by Kamala Harris and actions of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris indicate that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris knew that China had released the virus as an attack on America in January of 2020 or even earlier? Were the actions of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris done to help the virus cause as muck damage as it could to Americans and America. I believe Joe Biden and Kamala Harris need to answer the following about the CCP virus.

    It appears Harris’ comment confirms the virus was released by China. If so, when did Biden or Harris know the virus was released by China? What did Biden or Harris know about the virus and when did they know it? Did Biden or Harris receive any intel/info from China directly or through indirect channels? If so, what was that information; and did they give this information to the Trump administration to help protect Americans and America from the virus? Were the actions/comments by Pelosi (marching in the Chinatown parade saying there was no danger) and other never-Trumpers done to help the virus spread in America?

    It has been reported that the CCP has endorsed the Biden/Harris ticket, and it comes as no surprise.

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