North Korea ICBM Danger, Economic Update, DNC Server Still Hidden

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW291 7.7.17)

North Korea celebrated the Fourth of July with a bang by successfully launching a brand new ICBM.  An emergency meeting was called at the UN, and the President said it was “dangerous” and would have to be “dealt with.”

The Illinois legislature has overridden the Republican Governor’s veto in that state to pass a spending bill and give its citizens a 32% tax increase.  Lawmakers will not cut anything and will only raise taxes.  The one thing that might get cut is the bond ratings for Illinois state debt.  The ratings agencies are threatening to cut the debt from the Land of Lincoln to junk.

The DNC servers, where Russia allegedly hacked, are still not in control of the government’s special prosecutor on Russia interference with the 2016 election.  The question is why is the DNC server being withheld?  It has  the most critical evidence and proof of Russian hacking.  What does the DNC have to hide?

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

After the Wrap-Up:

Tech expert and startup entrepreneur Kevin Lawton will come on the “Early Sunday release” to help navigate  crypto currencies including Bitcoin.  Find out why there is a “Bitcoin Civil War” coming.

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  1. Boozer Allen Hamilton

    Why Bill Clinton is responsible for North Korea’s Successful Missile Program
    December 14, 2012 •

    North Korea just successfully tested a three stage rocket that can someday soon be easily converted into a delivery system carrying nuclear weapons capable of reaching the U.S. The person to be congratulated is our favorite former U.S. president from Arkansas. Hows that?

    “The Union Leader 4/23/99 Richard Lessner “…The link between the Clinton-Gore campaign and Red China’s military intelligence chief, however, may only be the tip of the illegal contribution iceberg. Millions in Asian money flowed into the Clinton-Gore campaign and the Democratic Party from sources connected to Beijing. The money trail suggests that the Communists used various corporations and business figures as cut-outs to conceal . . .”

    Nice Job Bill!

    Chasing the Dragon: Clinton’s China Policy

    After China’s nuclear espionage, a campaign finance scandal, and two crises over Taiwan, Bill Clinton’s China policy has been venal at best, treasonous at worst. He is responsible for China’s rise as a militant, nuclear armed threat to the United States.[And now North Korea’s ability to deliver same!] China has grown from an agrarian backwater into the world’s third largest economy on Clinton’s watch. While or yearly trade deficits with China have risen to 70 billion dollars a year, they have been the world’s fastest growing economy. China has become a colossus precisely because of our trade deficits.

    With their new wealth, China has sought military parity with the United States. They have been aided by President Clinton and corporate America. [They intern aiding North Korea!] US companies spent over 100 million dollars lobbying congress to pass the China Relations Act. Most of that money went to buy congressional votes with campaign donations. [The swamp!]

    A few American stockholders have profited immensely from modernizing China’s armed forces. Still more US companies have built factories in China. These factories and plenty of cheap, docile labor earn huge profits for these investors. Protecting these profits is Clinton’s China policy.

    In Red Dawn, North Korea aided by China with American missile guidance technology, deliver an EMP nuclear burst. With no electrical power a city in Washington state awakens to the surreal sight of North Korean paratroopers dropping from the sky — shockingly, the U.S. has been invaded and their hometown is the initial target. Quickly and without warning, the citizens find themselves prisoners and their town under enemy occupation. Determined to fight back, a group of young patriots seek refuge in the surrounding woods, training and reorganizing themselves into a guerrilla group of fighters. Taking inspiration from their high school mascot, they call themselves the Wolverines, banding together to protect one another, liberate their town from its captors, and take back their freedom.
    Red Dawn was filmed in Detroit and suburbs Autumn/fall 2009 released November 2012.
    Stars Josh Hucherson, Chris Hemsworth, Josh Peck, Adrianne Palicki, Isabel Lucas, and Connor Cruise.

    Trailer+Review : Cant happen, shut everything down? Preposterous!
    At least Hollywood got this one right? Lets hope not!

    Red Dawn (2012) – Official “Inside Look” [HD]: Chris Hemsworth And Josh Hutcherson On-Set
    Promise’s to fix the grass!

    Full free movie

    Red Dawn Rent or Buy

  2. MAL

    Hi Greg,
    I’ve heard one media account after another refer to this thing North Korea tested as an ICBM. The reports stated that it travelled less than 600 miles in 37 minutes before it fell into the sea. It achieved an average speed of about 900 mph. That is only slightly more than half the speed of an F-15. Russian and U. S. ICBMs could hit targets 5000 miles away 30 minutes or so after launch reaching speeds of 15,000+ mph. Later news reports called it an Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile. The intermediate range scuds launched by Iraq 26 years ago in Desert Storm hit their targets at mach 7! Later news reports said it might have been a test of the first stage of a future ICBM that presumably does not yet exist. If the performance data we have been given by the media/government is accurate then whatever they were testing hardly warrants being labeled an ICBM. Other reports noted with grave concern that the “missile” could strike Japan. Since the Japanese air force could probably shoot it down and since North Korea has absolutely no capability to send troops to Japan why on earth would they want to lob a missile or two at Japan and provoke massive retaliation by Japan and everyone else. It’s clear that Pyonyang is Russia’s and China’s cold war blunder. It’s a burdensome economic basket case run by a little tin cod tyrant that offers nothing in return for the patronage it gets. I think we can and should let Russia and China deal with it.

  3. Donna

    Greg, can you bring Clif High back on to speak about his snafu prediction regrading gold. Originally he had been saying that it too would take off with the cryptos but he has now changed that and admitted he misread the information He says that when he saw terms like “gold rush”, he assumed it meant that the precious metals market would take off, but he is now saying that gold rush meant the excitement around cryptos. In fact, he doesn’t see any movement in metals in the foreseeable future! This is a huge about face that deserve much more attention.

    Please bring him on to expand and to clarify and to go into deeper analysis of the metals market.

  4. James Brown

    Good stuff.
    Can you have someone, like Catherine Austin Fitts, come on and give us a tax plan that our President and Congress should pass?
    You know, the kind of tax plan that would create jobs for the 95,000,000 Americans that don’t have a job.
    I can dream can’t I?

    • JMiller


      Many people mistakenly think that the 95 million that are “Not in the Labor Force” are unemployed people who want a job. The fact is most are retired persons, high school and college students, stay-at-home moms and people who are out of work temporarily or permanently because they have a disability or have an illness.

      These people are not considered part of the labor force and therefor are not counted when calculating the unemployment rate. Some of them however are able and available for work and do want a job. However these people have not worked nor looked for work in over a year. They are called long-term discouraged workers. They are not counted as being unemployed because the government excludes them from the labor force. The government is wrong to not count them. The government counts other discouraged workers (short-term) as being unemployed and are factored into the U-6 unemployment rate which also includes part-time workers who want full-time job. Currently the U-6 unemployment rate is 8.6%.

      How many of the 95 million “Not in the Labor Force” are long-term discouraged workers is debatable. The government says there about 5 million. If correct, then even by the government’s admission the real unemployment rate is over 10%. John Williams of ShadowStats says the number of long-term discouraged workers is much more than 5 million and believes the unemployment rate is more like 22%. I believe the real unemployment rate is probably somewhere in the middle, something like 15%.

  5. Frederick

    Your farm looks great Greg Where in Mo is it located?

  6. Larry White

    Here is a bit of news that may be of some interest:

    – New IMF Paper Supports the Issuance of central bank digital currencies
    -Andrew Maguire mentions a new cryptocurrency backed by physical gold is about to launch soon

  7. Paul ...

    How many countries in the world have ICBM’s? … and how many countries in the world have nuclear weapons? … the countries that have them … have a lot of say ii the world and are very protective of that power … and don’t want to share that power with some upstart like N. Korea (or Iran) … but if you think about it … it’s the nations with ICBM’s and nuclear weapons that are the ones forced (by the same intelligence it took to build them) to become “more responsible” with such power in the world … however they want to be recognized as a major player in world politics… which some members of “The Club” don’t want as they will lose some of their influence … that’s life … if a new gas station opens across the street from your gas station and draws away some of your customers … you don’t “fire bomb” your competition out of existence (like the Mafia) … you “talk” to the new owner … and make a deal not to get into a price war that will hurt both of you … and you learn to share the wealth that is available … so the Deep State US Military/Industrial/Corporate Complex will lose some military contracts and weapon sales to Korea … live with it fellers … we don’t need to start WWIII over it!!

  8. Chip

    Short and sweet Greg… Chip

  9. evan trofholz

    Best in the business, right there. Drawing a comparison to Donald Trump: Greg Hunter connects with his audience in a way that the alphabet newscasters could only dream of.

  10. Joe

    Mr. Greg,

    Any chance you could interview Peter Schiff? And that’s a fancy shirt you got there.


  11. Scott Miller

    Wow. That was a shortWNW. I understand it’s the 4th of July week. And nice to see you outdoors at sunset.

    North Korea is easier to solve than alluded to. Pressure China and NK is going to adapt. Because NK looks behind them at china more than they look forward at SK and Japan, and as a result, the USA. Hypothetically, if NK did strike, it would be China first to respond and retaliate, because if they didn’t, the Chinese would lose leverage. Better to spank your own child than watch someone else discipline them first, because “losing face” matters in that part of the world.

    I understand the danger, but I emphasize how devastating the response would be. That petulant child is out if he attacks. He’d lose everything. Therefore, in order to maintain attention, he challenges, he tests, he provokes, but he fears reprisal. When he doesn’t fear reprisal, he will be removed, probably by his own, secondly by the Chinese, and then, only last, by us.

    So we move on to the economy next. It ain’t worse now compared to when Obama was the man. I concede you can pull up numbers to counter my opinion. However, it doesn’t mean we are closer to a slide. I site Monday night. Amazon and Apple stock crashed. I think it was a test. I saw it as a big story, like Cyprus was a test, like Iceland was a test, like Puerto Rico. Because those two companies are worth more than all three combined. WE know the powers that be test to see reactions before they implement rigging. They did this on the night before the 4th of July. The timing was perfect. It was the best sign they are planning to do something, very much like Bear Sterns back in the day. Yeah, I believe Bear Sterns was rigged.

    Why wouldn’t they be planning something big? It was a stable six month transition of power, and don’t react with the fake news cycles. It’s hyperbole. Trump is solidly in place. His footing is secure. The Russian collusion story has turned on the deep state and the Obama administration, because trump did NOT need Russian help to win. That’s right! I said it. He didn’t need the Russians to take down Hilary. She was good, or bad, enough to do that all by herself. People should be worried about Meuller, but not the ones we were lead to believe. You think after all the losses during the pelosi, Shumer , Reid era that the Dems would not resort to something scandalous? Bury your head in the sand a little longer. My God, Barack has been noticeably silent, and this from a man praised for his eloquence. What happened to his self righteousness? What happened to “he’s unfit” rhetoric of 2016, now having worked the job 6 months? Shouldn’t Obama have more ammo than ever before? Good! He shut the heck up! I noticed he is conspicuously following trump around in Europe, btw.

    I am keeping track of all Trump has accomplished already. I am forced to listen to the others mock and denigrate his so-called broken promises.

    But that is a commentary I’ll save for another day.


  12. andyb

    Greg: aside from the war-mongering and Russia bashing (both of which are a cause for concern), the disinformation about the US and global economies should commandeer much more attention. You need to bring on John Williams again for an update. It appears that every month since the first of the year, all true economic metrics have declined; housing, autos, manufacturing in general, employment, despite propaganda that claims otherwise. The lack of any worthwhile solution to the job killing Obamacare policies indicates the further destruction of the middle class. Some say the FED is clueless by raising rates under these conditions; the reality is that its actions are quite purposeful in order to drive the final nail in the coffin of a dying America. Although many more are waking up (thanks to you and others), we have passed the tipping point. May God have mercy on our souls.

  13. Flattop

    GREG: Doesn’t the special prosecutor Mueller have the power to subpoena the DNC servers??

    • Greg Hunter

      BINGO !!! Why hasn’t he??

  14. Paul ...

    As Lincoln once said “a house divided against itself cannot stand” … the Illinois legislature overrode the Republican Governor’s veto and passed “a spending bill” that will give its citizens a 32% tax increase … can such a legislature endure the wrath of the people??

    • Bill

      Paul: They are all democrats, which makes them , Sheeple.

    • Matt In Pa

      The Wrath will be fleeing feet, which is occurring. Those who can’t are the free stuff army. Even wealthy in Chicago are fleeing. California, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New York same. There self imploding.

      • Tin foil hat

        Matt In Pa,
        Wealthy may be fleeing NYC but they are replaced immediately with wealthier Russians and Chinese. My gym is packed, at least 70%, with Russians who are very much into their physical appearance. Most of the women are perfectly proportion and they all look great.
        There was hardly any Asian in the gym 20-35 years ago. Now, they consist of approximately 5% of the membership.

  15. Justn Observer

    Greg – Your last interview with Ms. Zang was quite informative. Wanted to see everyone get one of the links suggested…
    so people can review their own states, county, and city information that seems to get neglected by the MSM …
    Also Ms. Zang might join Bill Holter next week for an interview which likely will be interesting as well from a PM point of view…

    • JMiller

      Thanks for the link.

  16. Boozer Allen Hamilton

    Trump calls Putin meeting an “honor”, cites “very good talks”
    Reuters 30 mins ago
    Putin, through translator, said that while the two had spoken by phone, a phone conversation is never enough, calling their meeting an important bilateral.
    “I am delighted to meet you personally,” Putin said.
    (Reporting by Roberta Rampton; Writing by Noah Barkin, Editing by Thomas Escritt)

  17. Paul ...

    The “big meeting” with Russia turned into “a very small meeting” of only four(4) people Trump, Putin, Tillerson and Lavrov … so there’s no possibility of a leak … and Putin can feel free to admit to Trump that he indeed “did meddle” in the election … by asking God the Father “to please make Trump win”!

    • Paul ...

      Once Trump and Putin work together to eliminate ISIS … they should then join forces to eliminate the drug trade and the poppy fields in Afghanistan … the slaughter of our American soldiers who find the booby-trap Taliban bombs the hard way … and are killed dead, or become wounded amputee’s … should not be kept going on and on for the benefit of the Drug Cartel … always onward … ever forward … our boys keep dying … lets save our boys to live a good and happy life and bring up families in America … not kill them for corrupt “gay infested” Afghanistan War Lords and the Worldwide Drug Syndicate … yet on and on it goes … 16 years in Afghanistan so far … on and on the surges go on … 2017, 2018, 2019 … perhaps the American families losing their precious children will wake up some year … and in 2769AD demand of Congress … bring our boys home!!

  18. Jallen

    You give a very short leash to anyone critical of modern day Israel. Please read what true Torah Jews think about today’s Israel. Hint; they are awaiting the call from the Almighty G-D of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to regather in Israel. Greg, this is especially intended for you. Why not take the time to interview True Torah Jews for your website and we will all get an education on Israel.
    True Torah Jews website;
    With all due repect,

    • John

      Yes – there is a difference between followers of the Torah and followers of the Talmud – you need to be thinking of the Karaite Jews. The Karaites follow the Torah and stipulate that a persons jewish lineage is by paternal genetics and not a maternal link. They do not accept Yeshua as the messiah. Messianic Jews follow the Torah as defined by the teachings of Yeshua who was of the Nazarene sect within Judaism prior to the destruction of the temple. IMHO – Messianic Jews are the closest entity to the teachings of Christ at present time and their numbers are growing within Israel – this is what all Christians and Jews should be watching very closely.

    • Juia

      Jallen, thank you for posting this link. I have been discovering through the last 10 months what the present day state of Israel is really about. I have wanted a reference to find out what Torah Jews felt about Israel especially since the current PM stated the Babylonian Talmud was the law of the land. If there is more information on groups speaking truth to the real motives of Zionism I would appreciate knowing about them. I agree with you, more information on Zionism, its beliefs and influence on our government and the beliefs of Torah Jews would be very beneficial for all of us.


  19. Dan

    You collapse North Korea by telling China that we are slapping a 100% tariff on all of their goods coming in to the USA. If however North Korea’s nukes and dictator are eliminated, we will reduce that tariff to 50%. Them’s your choices China. Half a loaf is better than no loaf at all.

  20. Alannon

    Well so much for Andrew Maguires prediction on gold surge on the 5th or 6th.

    • nick

      Andrew Maquire tweeted this on Friday ….
      ” Appologies but the delay is small.I will update 48 hours ahead, billions of physcal orders will hit the offer.”

      Like you, I am frustrated with the so called gurus and their predictions. However Andrew Maquire has at least the decency to try too address his early call unlike others …

      Harvey Organ and Bo Polny among others.

    • JMiller

      Concerning Andrew Maguire’s wrong prediction in which he said that 250 tons of sovereign size gold orders would happen on July 5th and would send gold skyrocketing as stated in the link below:

      Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St, who is pretty sound, explains at the 12:25 mark in the video below, why he thinks Maguire is mistaken.

  21. RTW

    Things have been so bad in Illinois, for so long, New Jersey changed it’s motto to,”At least we’re not Illinois”. The single and largest problem with the State is that it has been under (D) control for decades. John Kass, a columnist for the Trib, has referred to Illinois as “Madiganistan” for years. Mike Madigan and his toady, in the Senate, Tom Cullerton, have been treating the budgets like they were their personal piggy banks and all under the protection of the AG, who just happens to be his daughter. (Lisa). The largest population of the State resides in and around Chicago, which coincidentally has also been solidly democratic for decades. A couple of Daley’s Richard J. and Richard M. (The two Dick’s) served as Mayor for a combined total of over 60 yrs. The Gov. (R) wants to do the right thing but until the people wake up and vote the dems out, nothing will change. Tax and Spend has been their mantra forever.

  22. Mike from the North

    It does matter WHEN and it likely will need to be soon.

    This G20 meeting may in fact be the MOST IMPORTANT ever.

    The world population is quickly loosing faith in the Central Banking system. In the view of many that system has only lasted as long as it has because of a miscarriage of justice and a lack of Rule of Law.

    THE PAPER GAME should soon be lite afire with a match and hopefully you are holding something other than paper assets.

    Stay tuned…we should not loose sight of reality just because they have extended and pretended this long.

    It will end.

  23. jai

    Do Cliff Hihgs bots have any new data about the market,war, dates….?



    CNN in meltdown!

    The two most vilified men on the planet earth meet!
    C O M P L I C A T E D B U S I N E S S!
    Were gonna do what they say cant be done, THEY CAN NOT STOP HIM!

  25. Mike from the North


    “Eric, I fully anticipated some 250 tonnes of sovereign size orders to hit on that date (July 5th). The orders are still coming in very soon, and we all know there is no 250 tonnes of available gold to be delivered into the market at current prices. This is going to cause the inflection point that I discussed with you on the 9th of June. I want everybody to be aware that I am 100% certain that this (massive sovereign physical gold purchase) is coming. This actually relates to gold…KWN will be releasing this extremely important and timely Andrew Maguire audio interview as quickly as possible today. KWN will also be releasing one of the greatest audio interviews ever with Dr. Marc Faber that took place on a crystal clear line from Asia. You can listen to both audio interviews as soon as they are released by CLICKING HERE.

  26. Paul ...

    Today the economic “lack of liquidity Tsunami” has drawn precious metals prices way out … so I put in an order to purchase even more silver … when this Tsunami wave finally rolls in and hits the shoreline it should be a big one … as it will hit in coordination with favorable seasonal factors … gold-demand seasonality is well-known and heavily studied:
    “The seasonal gold year starts in late July as Asian farmers begin reaping their harvests. They plow some of their surplus income into gold. That’s followed by the famous Indian wedding season in autumn, with its heavy gold buying for brides’ dowries. That culture believes festival-season weddings have greater odds of yielding long, successful marriages. After that comes the Western holiday season, where gold jewelry demand surges for Christmas gifts for wives, girlfriends, daughters, and mothers. Following year-end, Western investment demand balloons after bonuses and tax calculations as investors figure out how much surplus income the prior year generated for investment. Then Chinese New Year gold buying flares up after that heading into February”.
    June (and July in particular) are largely devoid of recurring seasonal gold buying … so these months offer the best opportunity for accumulation!!!

  27. Paul ...

    Extra … Extra … Read all about it … here it is folks … who needs the DNC server … the Demon-Rat “Whack Job” Podesta just admitted today “that it was HIS E-MAILS that got Trump elected” … he has stupidly shot his mouth off and “revealed the truth” … as he tries to shoot the messenger who delivered “his e-mails to the public (even if it is the wrong messenger)!! …

  28. Tim McGraw

    Hi Greg, I really like the farm background. My folks live in Kansas City so my wife and family visit Missouri often. Back in my hippie days I lived with some fellow red neck hippies in a big yellow farmhouse on Bluff Road outside of Vermillion, SD. That was a fun experience.
    Yes, California is a mess. Our crazy Governor Moonbeam, Jerry Brown, believes that California can save the planet from catastrophic man made global warming. He also wants to build a high speed train from LA to SF. He’s nuts! Taking a plane is quicker and cheaper. Driving is even cheaper than air travel.
    The government pensions are high and unfunded. The regulations and taxes are driving entrepreneurs out of the state. California almost passed universal health care though it would double the budget to $400 billion. California is now a “sanctuary state” for illegal aliens.
    Oh, yeah, but the weather is still very sunny and warm and you can grow anything here.

    • Greg Hunter

      Nice story Tim! Thank you.

      • Tim McGraw

        Thanks Greg. Lots of funny stories from those days on the farm in EsDak, as we called South Dakota. That was how you addressed a letter to SD back then… S. Dak.
        One day our landlord and the farmer just north of us on Bluff Road asked my friend Mark and I to help him in his barn.
        He had a bull who needed help inseminating a cow.
        I was at the front of the cow.
        The farmer was next to me.
        Mark’s job was to take the huge bull’s penis and help place it in the right place.
        Well, Mark started to laugh… I started to laugh… and then
        the bull shot his wad up the side of the cow and hit the farmer squarely in the face.
        Mark and I ran out of the barn as the farmer yelled at us “Damned worthless hippies!”
        Those were fun time.

        • dbcooper

          Tim, Thanks … never a dull moment on the farm !! Yours, DB.

  29. Paul ...

    Moments ago Janet Yellen released the Fed’s July Monetary Report … tightening credit conditions and liquidity mismatches are putting markets are under stress … and downside risk to long bonds is increasing … along with increasing system vulnerabilities … although the Fed can create ample liquidity (will they do so at the same time they are raising interest rates ??) …

    • Paul ...

      If you want to understand why the Fed can’t easily create excess liquidity while they are raising interest rates to pay the banksters money due us … listen to this very smart man …

  30. Jerry

    We are sailing into uncharted waters. The global currency reset is transpiring inside the global banking system with China and Russia even as we speak.
    It appears that the installation is being carried out in stages or tiers with HSBC and AIIB providing the technological bridge into the global banking network. How long will it take to reach saturation before the dollar collapses is anybody’s guess? But when it happens, it will happen very quickly catching 95% of the general public off guard. There are multiple scenario’s involved to including false flags and the possibility for war, if the deep state feels it has lost control enough to pull the trigger. Courage.

    Like I said, we are in uncharted waters. Not even my grandparents who lived through the great depression could imagine the challenges that lie ahead. Those without faith will no doubt find life unbearable, and those with faith will find out what their spiritual metal is made of. May the lord be with you.

  31. Paul ...

    I was thinking … the globalists are really dumb and don’t seem to learn anything from history … the flaming destruction of Rome was achieved by “barbarians entering the city” and the aftermath was pure chaos … and the fall of the Roman Empire sent the European world spiraling into a dark age that took centuries to recover from … but how do these globalists think they are going to bring down the European Union by sending “religious peace loving” Muslims to European shores?? … OK … a couple of crazies drove a truck and some cars into some Europeans and planted a few bombs to kill people in night clubs … but how are the globalists going to make all the people who believe in “the Religion of Peace” bring total destruction to the European Union? … by taking away jobs and inter-marriage?? … seems to me the demographics of adding millions of younger people will only enhance the European economy and make it stronger!!

  32. Bill Golden

    Thank you for all you do. I tell everyone I know if they want to be informed go to your website for the weekly news wrap up and they will be greatly educated with what is really going on in the world. I’m a Oklahoma State Trooper for 27 years and love your website. Where do you go when your in Missouri? I would like to buy you dinner. God bless you.

  33. Linda L.

    I think that the same people behind the DNC issue/associated criminal activity are also involved in organizing global riots with monetary support from folks like George Soros. It’s ironic watching Communist Angela Merkel shaking President Trump’s hand (G20) while in my opinion, giving a wholehearted thumbs up/support for the riots in Hamburg through her back door. I just don’t believe that these rioters (many likely receiving compensation) represent the majority in Europe. So sad to see how everything is falling apart so fast.

    • Frederick

      Linda Actually it’s been falling apart since before the turn of the millennium They have just tried very hard to disguise that fact with things like false flags wars and money printing What we’re seeing presently is the inevitable

    • Flattop

      Linda L: Have you noticed that the rioters are all carrying signs written in English??

  34. Oxfarmer

    It is nice for an old time farmer like me to see crops taken seriously. Here in CT, a cold spring held back planting, so now we are finally getting peas. Lettuce did well. Beans are just blooming. We don’t plant corn, so I don’t know how they are doing, altho there was plenty cheap for 4th July. Winter squash is our big crop as well as tomatoes.

    I listen to what they say in CT about the budget and am astounded. Give aways to everybody in the cities but cut police, fire, pensions…didn’t it occur to anybody to cut the giveaways, force them to get jobs or get out..and who are “they”?…It used to be 3rd and 4th generation blacks in welfare. Now Muslims? Reagonomics cut giveaways amazingly. Now it has all crept back. Wake up, Nutmeg State.

  35. Boston Custer
    CNN’s Jeff Zucker and Chris Cuomo cant stop the fast & furious first couple!

  36. Corleone

    Rocket launches are dispersions. North Koreans are developing a new way to conduct a nuclear strike by using animals to deliver nuclear bombs. Their nuclear warhead miniaturization project is a part of their effort to get this new way of nuclear strike which would make Kim Jong Un remembered as one of the greatest tacticians of this solar system.

  37. Just The Facts

    Linda L., Are you saying that Soro’s is funding the Hamburg protestors and that Merkel is supporting the riots ? I think not, both these people are “globalists” while the protestors are nationalists or anti-globalists. I am thinking you might be a globalist !

  38. Rodster

    Kim Jong Un would make the perfect 007 villian. He even has the haircut to match.

  39. Flattop

    It appears that our Pres. is going after N K through the Chinese banks that are dealing with N K. If he continues down this road, what will be chinas reaction??

  40. Miro Markovic

    Dear Greg, I am enjoying your weekly review of the news as well as all the comments of your readers and followers.

    This week an event took place at the international level that marked “the end of the American world hegemony”. Namely, at the emergency meeting of the UN Security Council, the Russian Federation and Peoples Republic of China stopped the USA in its intention of punishing the North Korea by military means. They demanded that the solution should be found by using only the diplomatic means. Period. Consequently, the USA back off. This event in international politics is equivalent to a major tectonic event, when our world is shifting from the American uni polar to the multi polar world.

    • Tin foil hat

      North Korea is the banksters’ ruse to cause chaos in Asia. They need an excuse to force capital investments out of Asia back into America. North Korea’s ICBM is so rudimentary that it really causes no threat to the U.S. or even Japan.
      If Hillary were elected POTUS, the outcome of the G20 would be very different. Yes, the USA back off but Trump did it with strength, not weakness.

  41. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    Have you heard anything from Rob Kirby on how tight the gold market is at this time?

  42. dlc

    One of John Wells’ intro songs tonight. I would blast this out the WH, an in your face just like the rainbow WH. Would also make good state dinner backdrop muzak. Coumo, Lemon, and Blitzer would go catatonic.

  43. dlc

    “Party like a Russian, have it like an oligarch.”

    Expect a further mindless onslaught of Russian collusion conspiracy by our own lovable Bolsheviks, the legacy press.

  44. Jerry

    Through unverified sources the members of the G20 have signed off on a global currency reset to take place sometime between now and December 31st 2017. Supposedly even the Pope has signed off on it.

    I personally believe that we are living in a day by day moment by moment scenario in which the reset could happen at any time. Keep in mind that the deep state who controls the central banks and the MSM prefer to keep the illusion going as long as they can, and have no intention of informing the general public of what their true intentions are. Fake news? Real news? It makes no difference at this point because everything is under their control. Use your own god given instincts , and let the holy ghost guide you in deciding what is real and what isn’t.

    • Charles H


      There is the CLAIM; and then there is the reality. Only if and when secular governments acquiesce to such a claim is there any authority. Ironically – the Un-holy See accuses secular governments of being mad or insane: but this very power-grab puts it right in bed with them – as just as insane and bad. The mentality at work is diabolic.

      • Tin foil hat

        Charles H,
        My brainwashed brother, who never served and probable will never allow any of his children to serve, questioned my loyalty regarding the latest accusation against Trump.
        When I told him why I wouldn’t care if the Russian did collude with Trump to defeat Hillary, he kept his mouth shut.
        I told him if Hillary or Jeff won the election. They will try to bluff Putin to submit to the banksters (dollar) with the threat of nuclear war. If Putin called our bluff and we back down, the dollar will collapse within a week or a month max. If the dollar collapsed, the U.S. Financial industry will cease to exist and NYC will become Detroit within a year.
        The weird thing is that the Russian and Chinese money are flooding into NYC while we are supposed to be enemies. I often wonder whatever conflicts we have with Russia and China is the claim or reality.

  45. Chris

    Why is o’bum head meeting w/ anyone? it’s time 4 him 2 just BUT OUT completly and GO away! Like bill clinton- harder to scrape the dog excrement off the bottom of our shoes. GO AWAY AND BE GLAD YOU HAVE NOT BEEN INDITED!

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