Old System Struggling and Dying-Catherine Austin Fitts

7By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Money manager Catherine Austin Fitts says, “You are seeing a tug of war between the new system that’s coming up and the old system that’s struggling and dying.”  Fitts explains it by saying, “Let’s pretend we have a company called USA, and we create a new company called Breakaway Civilization.  We move all of our assets out of USA and put them in Breakaway Civilization.  We leave union obligations and pension funds . . . in the old USA economy.”  Fitts warns, “I think bail-ins are coming . . . the big question is not will we be able to get out insured deposits.  I think the big question is how violent will things get?”  Fitts biggest worry is not financial collapse.  Fitts contends, “I don’t think the people who run the U.S. military or run the United States government are going to say we’re happy to collapse rather than go to war.  They are going to go to war.  They’re going to shake somebody down.”  Fitts goes on to add, “I think gold is the greatest form of insurance you can have during this transition period.”  Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Catherine Austin Fitts of Solari.com.    

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  1. bob

    wow! greg you hit another home run. catherine sounded much better in this interview.many different things to comment on, but when you look at the food industry, catherine was commenting on health choices. if you look at the fast food restaurants and even the processed foods in grocery stores including what is considered healthy which is not, and i don’t mean everything. look at your ingredients, mile long. that is enough to put a lot of people out of work. it’s any industry, cigarettes, wheat gluten is just as bad,catherine even said the gmo’s. monsanto would be destroyed, right here in st. louis mo. does your family and friends here in mo. grow gmo’s? there is going to be such a major set back, that i think it will be unprecedented. i do agree with catherine about money laundering and the drug business. that there would be a major plus to the world. we’ve run amuck and i think the party is over for a while. and millions let themselves be suckered into this mess. i was lucky to see a small part of this country when it was mom and pop who ran small businesses. there was a more since of pride. not anything no matter what for a dollar.

    • Greg

      Thank you Bob for the comment and for sharing your story.

    • DRZ

      Another blog that won’t post comments with no bad language, other than this comment with no P.C. issue. In the bin this link goes.

  2. 8Ball

    This woman has no moral compass… Everything to her is calculated in terms of money and power.

    • Greg

      Nice unfair comment from an anonymous source. Brave.

      • 8Ball

        Sorry, GH, I do not buy into her BS… This present system has been underway ever since the USG drove the native Americans off of their land and herded them onto “reservations”. Smedley Butler summed it up pretty well in his “War is a Racket” treatise. CAF is just another apologist for the racketeers…

        Just look at the expression on her face in the lead photo, it tells you all that you need to know.

        • John

          Whatever else you say about Catherine Austin Fitts, anyone who is in the least familiar with her background understands a few things about her:

          1) She emphatically does not lack moral compass. As a matter of fact, I think she stands as something of a model for moral compass for others.

          2) She is in no way, shape, or form an ‘apologist’ for the powers that be.

          3) She knows what she’s talking about.

          Anyone who doubts either of these assertions should go to her webpage and familiarize themselves with her background.

          That doesn’t mean she’s right, but it means that anyone interested in these subjects should weigh what she has to say carefully and consider it’s validity in view of her credentials and demonstrated integrity.

          Personally, I don’t agree with her, however.

          • Greg

            Bravo! I couldn’t agree more or said it better myself!!! I think Ms. Fitts concentrated on the positive. The U.S. does have a burgeoning oil and nat gas business. It also has a resurgence in computerized manufacturing which includes robotics. That said, the losers in this “Breakaway Economy” will be many and the losses will be so sever it will effect generations.

        • LastRebel

          This country was conquered in 1913. If you know the threat to the bankers that our Constitution was you’d know why they never stopped trying to get a central bank controlled by the Rothschilds. They Killed Lincoln,Kennedy, and probably Garfield, and McKinley.

    • tsuki

      The truth has no moral compass. It is. And that is what I want.

      Catherine Austin Fitts has been speaking it for years. From days at HUD to the present.

      One quibble Ms Fitts, the system is not dying, it is being slowly murdered.

    • Shondra

      Seems like 8ball has either snorted too many “8 balls” and/or drank the Koolaide long ago. Can’t discern Truth and Fact when it hits him/her in the face. Hope ya wake up and smell the Reality soon…
      Maybe try reading: Web Of Debt (Brown), or Confessions Of An Economic Hitman (Perkins), or Secrets Of The Federal Reserve (Mullins), or The Creature From Jeckyll Island (Griffin) for a primer in SocioEconomics 101 and catch up on the learning curve….

    • DRZ

      Yes unlike Hillary Clinton and Terry Mcauliffe pushing for B5 Visa approval for their campaign donors in China to get into U.S….lol the Monster Hypocrisy of the ( Socialism, B.O. healthcare and 2nd amendment infringments for you serfs and sweet taxpayer funded Green Subsidies for our D.C. insiders, with ” assault weapon” protections ) Drugged Narcissistic Communists.

    • Don_in_Odessa

      @8Ball, Wow! And your supporting backup material can be found…uh…where? I mean about the moral compass stuff.

      While we are waiting for that, please help us to understand how you are dealing with potential disaster in your own life. And, your family? Perhaps we can learn how the “real” intelligent people are doing. Or, are you one of those who will be standing in a soup line somewhere, expecting, no, demanding those of us with half your brain power to give you a handout?

      • 8Ball

        What America has is a legacy based upon domination and exploitation via force of arms… Plain and simple; we killed off most of the Native Americans, took their land and forced the remainder onto reservations… We have been doing the same thing around the world ever since under the guise of “spreading democarcy”. See: “War is a Racket” http://www.ratical.org/ratville/CAH/warisaracket.html

        What we are getting is Karmic payback for our past misdeeds. All of these apologists like Austin-Fitts are tools of the rule-by-force and call it democracy system. Do Not be Fooled… or be a Fool.

    • Ron Berluchaux

      8Ball you obviously know nothing of C Fitts or you wouldn’t have made such an ignorant statement. Greg why do you just skip right over the Chemtrails and GMO? Not a word, comment or question on a very serious and deadly problem. While Europeans never allowed fluoride in their water and have for the most part kicked Monsanto and GMO off their continent ignorant gullible stupid American’s still think fluoride is good and have no clue what GMO means. But they can keep you up to date on football scores and the latest Big Brother episode.

      • Greg

        Ron Berluchaux,
        There is just so much to cover. The interview was 45 minutes long the way it was. Hopefully I’ll explore that the next time she is on. Thank you for the feedback.

      • 8Ball

        What America has is a legacy based upon domination and exploitation via force of arms… Plain and simple; we killed off most of the Native Americans, took their land and forced the remainder onto reservations… We have been doing the same thing around the world ever since under the guise of “spreading democarcy”. See: “War is a Racket” http://www.ratical.org/ratville/CAH/warisaracket.html

        What we are getting is Karmic payback for our past misdeeds. All of these apologists like Austin-Fitts are tools of the rule-by-force and call it democracy system. Do Not be Fooled… or be a Fool.

        And you obviously know nothing of American History…

        • ncdirtdigger

          If you beat that drum long enough, you begin to sound like an ‘Injun’.

    • Bruce

      Mathematical truth is cold and amoral. Sorry if it is too distressing. If you want a happy meal, go to MSM.

    • Michael

      I guess you have to define what you call “moral compass”. Yours, mine, Catherine’s or Greg’s can be quite different.

  3. Wilfong

    I’ve said this forever, its not the health care system, however it is the health of the people that we should worry about. America is toxic and needs to detox. The system is just put in place because of the people. Its cause and effect.

    • Greg

      nice to have you back. Thanks for the comment.

  4. Troy

    Catherine is a very sharp lady. She Has a good over all perspective of both finance and world affairs In my opinion. Even if things work out as she say’s, it doesn’t sound like a better world to me, even after the correction phase. MS Fitts will do just fine I’m sure, But I’m more with you Greg, doesn’t look good for the average American. Hard for me to see this debt system continue much longer, and she may be underestimating the unhappy masses, that will NOT, or can not prepare. One big question for me is will the Russians and Chinese be getting enough of the pie to keep playing?

    Very much appreciate you having her on!


    • J.C.Davis

      Good piont Troy. Seeing there population greatly out number American,s. The pie is for eating not just for smelling. A starving man loses all sense of morality.
      Thanks Greg for having C.A.Fitts.

      • Troy

        Aloha J.C.

        I can not dismiss anything of what Catherine says, ever. I have appreciated listening to her for years. One of the smartest IMO. But, perhaps her position in life is just a little, could I say sheltered?

        Perchance; Underestimating the resentment of the masses. The lust for power other nations may have. And last but not least, the pound of flesh that these banks want even beyond just staying on top in a new system, repeat of the old system.

        Time will answer these questions.

  5. Fraser

    Thanks Greg… I really like listening to Catherine.

    One possible reason why there are different views (Faber, Rickards, etc) regarding the end game, is that we are heading into chaos and the thing that distinguishes a chaotic system (from order) is that all outcomes become equally likely. So while each commentator has a view on what will occur and when, the opposite is just as likely.

    That said, while I can see a “new USA” rising from the ashes of an “old USA”, I don’t see how the two can co-exist under the same legal and economic framework, because the “have nots” will always come after the “haves”. In particular, the politicians and military require constant funding and if the “beakaway civilization” has any money, it will be taken from them.

    This leaves us with a “transition period” from the old to the new… And given the starting point of quadrillions of debt and derivatives, I don’t share the view of a smooth transition to an equity based model. Indeed, like the man who went over Niagra Falls in a barrel said: “the top and bottom were OK, but the middle was hell”! In short, I doubt that there is only a “5% chance of collapse”.

    Next, while it is true that a huge amount of capital left the country, (I think that) it did so because it could see a collapse coming and I doubt that it will return until after that collapse. That said, the FED (which is a private bank owned by the banksters) is currently printing public money and giving it to themselves, while at the same time putting capital controls on the rest of us; so that only a tiny select few will end up with all the money. Which is the primary reason why the wealth of the vast middle class now ranks only 27th in the world and is sliding…

    Indeed, doesn’t anybody else find it bizarre that citizens are giving money to criminals while depriving themselves, which action will almost certainly crash the system and then allow the same criminals to buy us out for peanuts, or at the point of a gun? AAARRRGH!

    Finally, while I agree with Catherine that the USA will (continue to) wage war to steal whatever it needs, this does not solve the problem in the long term, because what the USA really needs is a change in its “modus operandi” to something sustainable, which may (or may not) come with the “new USA”.

    In summary, while all commentators seem to agree that we are heading into chaos / transition, I suggest that the only certain thing is that (as barrel-man said) “the middle will be hell”!

    • Greg

      These are all very smart and connected people and even they don’t know how it will all shake out. There are just so many variables, it is mind boggling. Thank you for weighing in.

      • Fraser

        Important word ommission : Sorry, a sentence should read “Which is the primary reason why the MEDIAN wealth (has fallen to 27th place).” The “median” being the mid-point, where half have more wealth and half have less. See, for example:

        History note : It is widely accepted that the Roman Empire fell due to a slow rot from within, rather than any military incompetence. The government became bloated and corrupt, over-taxing and bullying its own citizens. The so called “barbarians” offered to halve the taxes and leave the citizens alone. Guess which government the people chose? Today, nobody can or wants to militarily attack the USA and so its bloated military and security systems are counter-productive, because they only increase debt and taxation and cause internal instability. States rise and fall due to the enthusiasm of the people to support it and things like sacking the constitution, reducing the wealth of the middle class and invading other countries are all counter-productive.

    • Tadski

      All you John Doe’s, average guys & gals, common folk, little people, who are having a hard enough time preparing for whats already here. There is hope. I know the fancy, shmancy, traders say, don’t be a hope dope. But they also say, when all else fails consult the manual, read the directions.
      There aint no atheists in fox holes, thats what the ones that have been there say and a foxhole, or worse yet, a spider hole, might start looking pretty good in the not to distant future. Google Luke 21:25-26, There will be anguish of nations, while men become faint out of fear and expectation of the things coming upon the inhabited Earth. F.E.A.R., False Expectations Appearing Real. So to make a short story even longer, prepare for the worst, expect the best! Let go an let God. Put yer hand in that man that stilled the waters and it’s not Chuck Heston. The only man to claim to be the son of God said, no one knows the day or hour but only the, his father. Matt 24:36, Concerning that day and hour, no one knows not even the angels, nor the son, but only the father. No worries, it’s ah no brainer. Don’t worry about anything, pray about everything! Phil. 4:6. If the son knows now because he’s not in his human condition then how come the holy spirit didn’t know then or now? In other words, the nose knows and it aint the nose on yer face, mate, but Jehovahs! Batten down the hatches there’s ah storm ah brewing! Arma getton outa here, mate!

  6. Allen Ols

    The left behind series was authurd (sp) about the rapture of the bride of christ the church, and thoes un saved who knew the truth and rejected christ NOT about finance.

    I can’t wait to hear the jackass’s response to this.

    Great interview greg

    Al ols. Tennessee

    • Greg

      Thank you Allen.

    • Phil K


      What this article is addressing is the approaching Black Horse Rider of Revelation 6. The economic devestation to come will bring the next horse, the Pale which is Death and Hell. These horses are the “seeds” for the NWO. One-world government, one-world religion, one-world economy and death for those who refuse it.

      The Left Behind series, like most eschatology views depict the rapture in chapert 4. But if you read carefully chapter 7 you will see clear depiction of it there. We are in chapter 6 now.

      And no, just because someone is on a white horse does not make him the antichrist neither does it make chapter 6 one “telling” of the 70th Week of Daniel. The 70th week appears to start near the beginning of chaper 11 which is the building of the Temple.

      The White Horse was in Denver stadium in 2008, the Red is the “arab spring” which began with someone literally on fire in Tunisia in Dec ’10. Next comes the Black.


      • Allen Ols

        I agree with u, I only wanted to make it clear that what cathy was saying about the left behind series really shows she didn’t understand IF she read them. I did not waste my time as my wife is related to jerry jenkins

        Thanks we are in agreement

        Al ols tenn.

      • J.C.Davis

        Allen Ols. I see a time of great deception. The greatest being that the rightious will not be tested threw tribulation. How unfair it would be to Moses,Noah,Daniel,and even the deciples if we all are not tested by fire. Hope Is a testing of faith when all seems hopeless. thanks for your comment.

      • droidX-G

        I’ve seen a group of my peers go bankrupt in the mid-seventies (I think 1976) becuse the end of the world was coming. Maybe it is coming, maybe not. I recall my Bible saying that no man knows the time of the coming, not even the son

        • Phil K

          Allen Ols,

          I didn’t get from the interview that she implied that the financial collapse was the rapture, only that people will FEEL “left behind” & the name of the series was used for effect.


          In the bible Jesus says you won’t know the day or the hour (Mat 24:36, 42, 43, 44, 50, Mat 25:13, Luke12:46.) The exact day or hour reference may have been used because of their familiarity to the uncertain time of the sighting of the new moon. And just as they knew when to expect the sighting of the new moon but it was only confirmed by direct observation, we should know the season of His return by understanding prophecy. In fact it says when you see these things come to pass, look up!

          If my understanding of the Four Horses in Revelation 6 as being the precursors to the 70th Week is correct, this coming financial collapse talked about in this interview may be the Black Horse. It seems to fit. Tragically it will usher in the Pale Horse and bring Death to many. Even the war she mentioned may fit.


          • Gabe


        • Rebecca

          That state of “not knowing” is for the unbelievers.

          Thessalonians 5:1-11 (KJV) “But of the times and the seasons, brethren, ye have no need that I write unto you. For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night. For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape. But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief. Ye are all the children of light, and the children of the day: we are not of the night, nor of darkness. Therefore let us not sleep, as do others; but let us watch and be sober. For they that sleep sleep in the night; and they that be drunken are drunken in the night. But let us, who are of the day, be sober, putting on the breastplate of faith and love; and for an helmet, the hope of salvation. For God hath not appointed us to wrath, but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ, Who died for us, that, whether we wake or sleep, we should live together with him. Wherefore comfort yourselves together, and edify one another, even as also ye do.”

          I agree with JC Davis that the rapture theory is the great deception of this age. It will leave many believers confused when it does not happen.

          The first judgment was at the time of Noah, when it was a judgment of water. When the second judgment comes, it will be a judgment of fire. But how will the second judgment go for mankind, the same as the first. God is the same yesterday, today and forever.

          God did not translate Noah out of the flood and then set him back down safely on the earth after judgment was past. He did not do it for Noah; He is not doing it for us.

          He told Noah that judgment is coming — build a boat.
          God did not build the boat for him.
          He told Noah to prepare the food.
          He did not miraculously provide all the provisions Noah, his family and the animals needed.
          Noah had to EXERCISE FAITH, believe and prepare.
          It will be the same for us.

          God did sustain Noah THROUGH THE FLOOD and THROUGH THE DAYS IN THE ARK when the torrent was roaring outside.
          He will do the same for us.

          There was not supernatural rapture in Noah’s days of the first judgment. There will be no rapture in the days of the second judgment. It is a great deception.
          Please, do not be deceived by the doctrines of men.

  7. Eric

    A very powerful interview Greg! She brings in a very different perspective than most of the rest of the crowd. I think it is well worth listening to what she is saying. She is challenging several of the concepts that are generally agreed upon. She might have me change my mind on more than a few things! Many thanks for your work and you should bring her more often. She is a visionary smart person we should listen to.

    • Greg

      Thank you Eric, Barry and Jerry.

  8. Barry

    Catherine Austin Fitts: “Don’t worry…be happy…here, drink this”.

    • arcadia11

      lol. the most concise comment on this thread.


  9. jerry

    Greg when Mrs. Fitts talks about the collapse of the “old system” is she referring to the “Bretton Woods” Banking system that was set up after WWII? I’m not sure how you differentiate the Banking system from the economic system. Aren’t they interlocked? The other question is how long will the Chinese continue to loan us money with little or no return? Not long I wager. The Golden Rule still applies here. He who has the Gold “makes the rule”, and right now China has the Gold, not us. I’m sure what corporations Mrs. Fitts is talking about that is part of the “new system”. From where I’m sitting all I see is government takeover, and regulation. The free enterprise system that built this country is dying under the weight of government. What corporations is she talking about Greg? I would like to invest in one. Thanks Greg for your continued unsurpassed reporting.

    • Chip

      I’m with you Jerry, too much government and complete take over of the free economy…

    • cptn

      The TV show Revolution gives a good idea of what it would be like if the lights went out…………………………………………

    • droidX-G

      I am with you gents. Banks are as much a faith based establishment as churches. After the Depression, with the USA backing the banks with FDIC, most people trusted the banks again. The difference between then and now is that the US was a nation of laws, and we were a net exporter with payment being in gold. Today, the US is a nation of influence and graft where the government sanctions financial statement fraud (mark to fantasy instead of mark to market), where the AG acknowleges the big banks have commited fraud and theft but he claims he cant prosecute because it would collapse the system. We are a nation where it is legal to lie and steal if done on a massively grand scale.
      Would any one with an IQ over 70 trust anything set up by the same bunch of thieves that destroyed our savings and economy in addition to our way of life? Gentlemen, count me out!

  10. Nathan

    Wow! I wish that interview was at least another 20 minutes. So much great information from a different point of view. Thanks again Greg!

    All these different points of view still present a problem… What do we do to prepare? Buy precious metals, ammo, stay in the stock market, get out of the stock market, etc. It goes on.

    I think one of the points Catherine makes that gives me hope, is whatever happens, it will be a “slow burn”. This gives people who are still preparing and trying to understand this transition (like me), some time.

    • Greg

      And here I was worrying about it being too long. Thank you!!

  11. Sanjay Kashkari


    Fitts states, “I think the big question is how violent will things get?” She follows up stating that here “biggest worry is not financial collapse.”

    Okay … but if you dissect what has already occurred, we have already endured financial collapse which could have deteriorated into a much bigger calamity. The two events are not necessarily divorced from each other. Give credit to the puppet masters at Treasury and the Fed for convincing everyone at the banks and other institutions that it was best for everyone to just go along with whatever plan was developed for “our salvation.” Lets face it, the grease that lubricates commerce is the monetary system (whether subject to inflation or not) that the majority of participants accepts. Alternatively, the system becomes unstable beyond yield strength once the majority of participants feel they are getting screwed. When that happens, the most frightening result could be significant distortion and disruption of the supply chain.

    What makes our current era vastly different from past complex societies is the fact that we are 95% dependent on the supply chain for basic goods, particularly food and energy, which are things we simply can not live without. Anyone that has endured the days or weeks following a hurricane on the Gulf coast will tell you that obtaining goods is challenging to say the least.

    Now ….. if the financial system deteriorates to the point where the majority of goods suppliers lose trust that their accounts receivable will be satisfied either at all or within some reasonable time frame, then not only would the credit markets and banking system have frozen up, but the supply chain will have as well. This fact should scare the hell out of everyone because we have the Great Depression as a significant frame of reference when a much greater portion of the population lived on farms and thus were not as vulnerable to supply chain disruption as we are today.

    The question is when will we reach the point of instability such that the “over the cliff” event is obvious to everyone ? Ultimately, the answer is really dependent on the success or failure of the next proposal for “negotiated settlement” made during the progress of the game. The central tenet of game theory is that participants will always do what is in their best interest for a given situation even if one perceives conceding some form of loss. We will call it a “trade off.”

    Essentially, there were many such trade offs during the financial crisis of 2008. The people in the know certainly were aware that the entire system is a house of cards. Moreover, since it was just a house of cards anyway (when things appeared so “healthy” … LOL), all that was done was to supplant the current house of cards with an even greater house of cards by “masterfully” shifting things around and stuffing some bits and bytes on computer servers. It was even easier than before owing to this digital age surpassing the capacity constraints of a physical printing press. The prominent players (banks and governments) merely agreed complicitly with the outcome.
    There were some huge winners (Goldman Sachs for one) and then there were those like us (marginal winners) who avoided the greatest calamity of their lives (the rest of us) because we didn’t have to deal with supply chain disruption or the threatened martial law that was discussed right in front of Congress while debating whether to vote Yes for the bailouts. Thus a negotiated settlement put off the consequences of excessive debt and Wall Street brinksmanship. Next time may be different.

    Where does gold fit in ? For some, it is a speculation where the day to day moves are anticipated in order to lock in paper profits. This is perfectly valid as long as the financial system is functional. However, this all goes out the window once you have a chaotic system giving way to a new order. In that circumstance, gold becomes the outlier to the game, since whoever has some once the dust clears will in essence have seed capital. Own a lot and one may have the opportunity for a comfortable start in a new societal paradigm once order is restored.

    Nonetheless, the “transition phase” is going to be the trickiest and most challenging part of what many of us expect to happen. It would be foolish to merely depend only on gold to save ones assets or way of life. For contractual instruments, clearly having some cash on hand to satisfy short term obligations is necessary even if being diluted by hyperinflation daily. After all, doesn’t everyone with a mortgage want to keep their home ? To deal with temporary supply chain concerns, it is also certainly prudent to have emergency food and water supplies available and hidden. The boy scout motto “be prepared” has never been so applicable as it does now. In my opinion, the best defense and strategy for survival is to think on a practical level and conduct the armchair experiment in ones head while contemplating potential scenarios even scary as they may be.

  12. Chuck

    WTF….. is anyone as confused as me now? Should I buy stocks and sell gold, or maybe hold some physical but really go all in on a gold ETF, or should I buy some shot gun slugs for the collapse that apparently isn’t coming to only half the people who may get bailed in but still will be able to get their money whenever they want because we will be in an energy revolution either before or after we go to war with either China or Russia which I guess will make our economy roar back to life. My God I need some Tylenol now!!

    • Greg

      I am also confused. Thank you for weighing in.

  13. Mike

    Thanks Greg. Great interview, CAF always provides interesting insight and perspective to consider. Those who are trapped in the legacy systems (pensions and entitlements) and are unable to see the rapidly approaching cliff are suffering from a ‘normalcy bias’. Their eventual awakening will lead to the inevitable violence that many see coming soon. Your friend is correct in his assessment that we have more to fear from our unprepared neighbors than from a bloated and ineffective government (case in point…Hurricane Katrina).

    • Greg

      Catherine is never boring and always insightful. Thank you.

  14. g.johnson

    thanks for having Catherine back again. i am becoming a fan.
    what i took from this interview was simply:

    the constitutional republic of the united states of America has been overthrown by sociopathic wastrels of subhuman quality who are too cowardly to stand up and simply declare that they have conquered us.

    if their plans are allowed to mature to fruition it can only mean that world will end up being populated entirely by the very worst examples of human kind and a few well conditioned slaves kept behind to serve them.

    personally, i find this to be a completely unacceptable fate for humanity.

    maybe its time to forget about money and metal and start thinking in terms of justice.

    • Greg

      She certainly has a bit of a different perspective. One thing everybody agrees on is there is going to be big trouble and possibly violence. It is going to be a tough time ahead especially for the unprepared.

  15. 8Ball

    in addition to my prior short comment on CAF…

    I wrote this to the SGT article “Did WS miss a payment?”

    Nobody goes to jail… In the movie “National Treasure”, FBI agent Sandusky: “Ben, somebody has to go to jail”.

    I just watched the Austin-Fitts interview at USA watchdog. That is the most cold, indifferent, person that I have seen in a long time. “The new power paradigm” is all that she keeps talking about and whenever G. Hunter brings up the point that a lot of innocent people are going to be left holding the bag when this present system collapses, she blows it off and says: “if people start fighting with one another then there will be problems”. Perhaps problems for HER but to hell with everyone else. Her answer seems to be that the people who screwed up the old system have bailed on it are starting up a new system with the money they looted from the old one…

    Fitts is hell-bent on keeping the present system in place as long as all the crooks can “play nice” and not screw it up. It needs to go away, along with all of the a-holes and perverts that run it and promote it.

    And I will add here that unless there is a total change in the thought processes & ethics of the so-called “breakaway civilization”, nothing will change if we retain the present cut-throat mentality of running businesses in the new system. All we will have is the old system of “debt & death” with a new smiley face on it.

    • arcadia11

      i agree, 8ball.

      fitts belongs in the present world. in the world that most hope will evolve from the death of sociopathic government, there won’t initially be much going on for people like her.

      she lives and breathes high finance. i do not believe she knows or wants anything else. in this paradigm or a, perhaps, milder version of this paradigm, she will never want for anything. not anything physical at any rate. she is above and apart from the mass of humanity and she seems intent on staying that course. and it does appear to me that she calculates existence in terms of finance and power. the tiring, trite, and so recognizable narcissistic pose in the lead photo was not lost on me either. sigh.

      difficult to see her working in a vegetable garden, feeding a hungry person, caring for the sick or injured. voluntaryism and sovereignty doesn’t work so well for those who are used to a life-game such as hers. she simply wouldn’t stand out.

      i do not think she would appreciate a paradise on earth. somehow. i am willing to be wrong.


      ps anyone who was willing to appear in ‘thrive’, well……

  16. craig

    sorry greg, but i don’t find listening to this lady to be very useful.

  17. mark saint

    Very intresting interview. I do belive there is a two sided system evolving and what she says makes sense. But on the other hand this controlled crash landing she speakes of will and is being conducted by the same types that could not fail back in 2008. Thanks for the interview Greg, I turn to you for the most informative interviews in media!

  18. jerry

    Greg I had to watch this interview again. Mrs. Fitts threw out a lot of information I’m still trying to wrap my mind around. I agree with her that Trillions of dollars have been drained out of our current system. But the real question is, where did it go? All of the major cities I have been in recently, Detroit, St. Louis and many others are falling apart. Manufacturing is nonexistent. I’m looking at all this new industry that is supposed to be developing according to Mrs. Fitts, and I don’t see it. Am I wrong here Greg? Am I missing something?

  19. nm

    I just wanted to share this story with people here because out in the hinterland, the majority have no idea about the economic reality coming.

    I was talking to a social worker who told me she believes she’s really making a difference. All her “clients” are on some form of welfare and that’s essentially how they survive (Masshealth, food stamps, section 8 housing, etc)

    When I told her that it wasn’t her making the difference, it was Bernanke’s money printing, she looked at me like I had two heads and got quite angry. She said she spent thousands of dollars in college acquiring her “clinical skills” and this is what was helping the people;

    There was no recognition of the welfare state and it’s expansion. It’s literally paying for everything these people need to survive (Housing via section 8, food via food stamps and healthcare and medications via masshealth & medicare/medicaid.

    Too many middle-class Americans who are on jobs supported by Bernanke’s printing, believe they are geniuses changing the world and this group will really suffer once the cuts begin and they get laid off.

    • Greg

      Good story. Thank you for sharing it here.

  20. AndyB

    Oh Yeah; everything is going to be so hunky dory under this new system she espouses; except of course for the 99%. She’s an apologist for the globalist criminals and a thus a propagandist. Her statements on energy independence for the US is total BS, given the revelations that gas fracking is really not any panacea; in fact creates more problems than it solves and is grossly inefficient BTU wise than oil drilling. She offers no solutions to bloated government, the abrogation of the Rule of Law and obviously feels that the stock market can rise forever; certainly the views of a FED or TPTB enabler. She redeems herself slightly on the value of PMs, but all in all, I cannot buy her overall thesis.

  21. Faye

    Where ever John Mayer is, this article would make him smile … he too was waiting on the world to change .. Seems like we are that blessed generation

  22. Rod

    Greg, Who are “They”. Catherin keeps talking about they, and they are going to do this or that to keep North America strong and above the rest of the world. They won’t let that happen and they are creating this new economy and so on. Well who the heck are “They”? Everybody knows how inept our government and leaders are so if they aren’t doing it who is? All great societies have collapsed through moral decay not because They were or weren’t in control. The US and the world is collapsing from bankrupt morality and corruption and “They” aren’t going to save it. I guarantee the powers that be couldn’t save anything from anybody. I’m sure that “They” were also in charge in Sodom and Gammorah. Sorry but I live in the real world and I don’t know anybody named “They”!

    • Chip

      Good post rod…

      • J.C.Davis

        Rod. I believe C.A.Fitts is speaking of a Oligarchy. A oligarchy is the oldest ,and most widely used form of government. America is no longer ruled by a republic. We are now controlled by a oligarchy. Oligarchy,s never reveal the leaders.
        please see this.

  23. M.Smith

    Greg, if you are confused you are not alone, we hope for the best & try to be ready for the worse!

    I sure would not want to live no where close to a big to mid size city, so I bought me a lot on the TN River & found that all the folks who also seek to be away from the madness going on inside the cities are doing as I have chose. All of the lots are for RV’s only so we can pick up & move if needed & it seems all these folks know that water, food, ammo & power is a need we have all agreed to share if the power is shut off & the city turns off the water. There is plenty of wild life & local farmers sell fresh food(non GMO) at prices you can’t beat. It like CAF said, get with a group of like minded people & ride it out!

    Thanks for the different point of view CAF gives us all to think about!
    P.S. We also police or stand watch over other property when someone has to leave their place for what ever reason.

  24. Bert

    The new economy is entitlement and debt. Housing-bubble II to collapse this fall. Euro to fall after German “election” in September. America’s heyday ended with the closing of American Motors and Zenith.

  25. Bert

    Make North America the strong Juggernaut? How does she propose getting the under-educated, lazy, fat, greedy welfare couch potatoes into these new ** low paying ** high tech jobs? They wouldn’t be moving to North America unless they could get people to work for even less than an Asian. Just curious.

  26. George

    you keep hearing about Orwell’s “1984” and correlations with the Bush and Obama administration. Want proof?
    The new GDP methodology: What you need to know U.S. economy over $500 billion larger due to new definitions
    Better archive the real data now and hide it!
    except: “The Commerce Department has made changes to how it calculates gross domestic product, designed to have the data better reflect the so-called knowledge economy. The U.S. government adjusted data all the way back to 1929, and other countries have or are about to make similar changes to their data.”

  27. George

    Add the above to Greg’s example “Obama Erases Campaign Promises from Election Website”. Do you need any other examples?

  28. Lynn Brizendine

    For reference, this is the specific network Catherine may be alluding to: http://www.newscientist.com/article/mg21228354.500-revealed–the-capitalist-network-that-runs-the-world.html

    Thank you Greg for another timely perspective.

  29. George

    Snap…Its everywhere!
    Warrantless Cellphone Tracking Is Upheld

  30. M.O.

    Pay more attention! She didn’t agree with all your ideas, so listen to what she is saying and stop putting words in her mouth. When she first said “bail-ins” she was talking about other foreign countries after Crete, and you thought she meant U.S. banks. Keep your questions shorter to figure out what she means, and stop going on and on to emphasize things.

    • 8Ball

      Yes, GH seems over-awed by her “credentials”…

      Like AndyB said above, she is a NWO apologist.

  31. Wayne plusquellic

    There is no way this is going to go down like she says

  32. LindaB

    Greg, I think Ms. Fitts was sounding a bit like Bix Weir in the interview you had with him recently. If there exists a faction of the powers that be that wish to re-establish a gold standard, could they not also be the same folks that are transitioning to this new system she’s referring to. Maybe she’s been reading fed comics as well. In any case, their strategy for the transition phase is essentially the same.

  33. Chip

    Catherine Fitts is an intelligent woman. However, her explanations are far too simplistic and too optimistic. And the we’re all complicit? We all knew this was coming and was an unsustainable trajectory? No, I was out fighting for my country and others for 25 years. I didn’t know much about all this until 2008.

    No show me the “breakaway system”. Where is it? Yes I see the oil exploration boom here in south Texas. But where is this boom in manufacturing? I don’t see it. I see cities crumbling even here in Texas. Dallas and Houston are doing well but Houston even is going broke just like Detroit. China is buying up everything in the Corpus area and investing billions. But not US corporations.

    G7 and leaders pulling back to North America? Huh? There is HUGE regulatory and tax burden that will make sure that doesn’t happen. I’m not seeing this AT ALL. The EPA, IRS, FDA, Obamacare, no way there is a big boom coming back to US with all this friction.

  34. jerry

    Rod & Andy..
    I’m with you. The whole time I listened to this interview I had a picture in my head from that movie “Thelma and Louise ” of the car going off the cliff. Women can look pretty stylish right up to the point of impact. Mrs. Fitts definitely has a different perspective from the world I live in. I guess the view from the top is a little different from those of us trying to scratch out a living at the bottom. The truth is, economic collapses have never hurt the rich. Only the middle class. The poor don’t know any different because nothing ever changes. An economic collapse to the rich and well connected, is like changing into a new suit. And that is what I garner from her interview.

  35. jim dotson

    Good interview, Katherine is a very sharp lady who I have listened to for years….But here is our situation, live in the Detroit area, retired Firefighter(29 years of service in local community),US Marine Corp (six Years), have many friends who are Detroit Police Officers and Firefighters…We are all older now, do not qualify for Soc Sec.,and the people in power, emergency managers, are informing the Detroit Police and Fire, pensions and medical benefits will have to be cut…These are good people who risked their lives for their city and gave many years of service, sometimes paid the highest price…Now that we are older with small pensions they want pay cuts…Loved us when they needed us, but now…Something is very wrong here. Thanks Jim

    • Greg

      Jim Dotson,

      I feel bad because firefighters and police were lied to. Promises were made to get the votes of large blocks of people. Now they have sold you good people out and I feel bad. The Detroit pensions are a total of $9 billion underfunded. That is simply a crime to promise that much while management knew full well they could never deliver Please update us in the future.

    • Troy

      It’s not right, but welcome to the new reality coming to other cities in the near future.

      Someone has to pay.

  36. Bill Blaze

    I have to say I’m a bit more confused that ever. I’ve had the tendency to to lean toward WW111 and total hell-on-earth. I do know that I’m getting screwed no matter what actions I take to protect myself financially, and if I sit and do nothing I still get nailed with losses.
    I look around me and I don’t see things nearly as positive as Ms Fitts does. One way or another there will be a culling of the herd, slowly or quickly. Criminal psychopaths are in control and I don’t see them having a change of heart anytime soon.
    It is up to each individual to wake-up and only then, once truely awakened will each of us be able to take correct action to save ourselves and our loved ones. People will begin waking-up only when their suffering becomes too much and by then it will be too late.
    Anyone can wake-up any time they truely wish to, but they’ve been having a great party in the US for a long time and they’ve avoided any real suffering for the most part. Well, their about to get a whole heaping helping of it soon. Nothing is this life is free, a payment is always required.
    We’re certainly living in interesting times and we’re simply rounding another cycle. These things aren’t linear, they’re cyclical and we’ve been here before, many times and will be again until we understand the nature of the laws we live under, universal laws that cannot be broken or bent but that we may learn how to be free from, and this is how we evolve. Obviously we’ve got a long way to go.

    • babette

      Agreed. May I add, Fitts said 3 things that gave me fits:

      1- She kept repeating the “new” system (as in NWO) for NORTH AMERICA! There is, right now, under cover of many distractions the full-on unification of North America and the EU. TPTB’s (Zionists) goal is to have it in place (dismantling sovereignty is #1 on their agenda) by 2015. Fitts knows this and seems to think its a great idea.

      2- She said things are booming in “BIOTECHS”. If that doesn’t worry you, nothing will.

      3- She said things are booming in “ROBOTICS”. If that doesn’t worry you…

      Fitts is obviously a NWO shill. She’s been promised a nice piece of pie when it’s complete. Though pretty rotund already, seems she’s still hungry.

  37. Davis

    MOPE, Blythe and a Derivatives Dreams

    Ok so let’s get this straight, the dirtbags in Washington don’t like the way the economic numbers are coming in so they revise the way the numbers are calculated (all the way back to 1929!) to make them stink less and so they can claim that the (non-existent) recovery is even better than the last batch of lies they told about it.

    Have we reached the point that all this MOPE (management of perception economics, i.e “the new normal”) has finally over estimated the stupidity and naïveté of the American public? Sadly I think not, as there is a scarily large number of people who will believe whatever garbage the government puts out because the implications of questioning the validity of it are just too scary, or they want to believe it because “their guys” are in charge. Neither of these forms of intellectual laziness or the governments deliberate miscalculations will change the reality of the looming disaster.

    So what evidence do I have that we’re looking at another disastrous bubble bursting crash? Well for anyone with the courage to shed the dangerous combination of politically partisan horse blinders and the heavily tinted rose colored glasses it will be as plain as the nose on your face.

    The so-called powers that be have not learned a single thing from the last crash, not a single damn thing!

    It is widely acknowledged that the 2007-2008 disaster was brought about by the collapse of that segment of the Derivatives market (thanks Blythe Masters of J.P. Morgan) known as CDOs, collateralized debt obligations, and more specifically the bundling of sub-prime mortgages into RMBSs (Retail Mortgage Backed Securities), that were sold to the public and institutions as “prime” investments. Well the weren’t so “prime” after all and that led to Lehman Brothers, AIG, and Morgan Stanley going into the toilet, (and onto the taxpayers back) and ushering in the that other “new normal”, the Too Big to Fail financial institution.

    So what then are these TBTF geniuses up to now that would evidence either they haven’t learned anything from the recent past (or they are just to damn arrogant to care)? Let’s look at the evidence.

    A recent study showed that home ownership is at an 18 year low and that residential rental rates are at an all time high. (Don’t worry the FED says there is no inflation!) The so called “recovery” in housing construction is being driven by the building of more rental property. The so-called “reduction” in available homes for sale is being driven by foreclosed properties being either withdrawn from the market or being put into the rental market.

    So now in order to respond to this “new normal” in the housing market banking and financial friends have decided to reduce their risk in holding all this previously foreclosed and newly constructed rental property by coming up with, you guessed it, a new Derivative instrument!

    I give you the Rent Backed Security! What could possibly go wrong?!?! Isn’t terribly hard to figure out. Lot’s of individuals and families either lost their jobs or got downsized to lower paying jobs, so they ended up in default on home loans they couldn’t really afford in the first place. So now with some income or cash freed up from those mortgage payments, and not being able to re-qualify for a downsized home and mortgage they have no choice but to rent.

    Many of these families are of course either still unemployed or underemployed and are scavenging from what savings they have left to make ends meet. When that money runs out and they can’t increase their income if they have any, they will be forced to either go onto public assistance of some sort or will move in with other family members or friends. They will default again, this time on their rental contracts.

    I doesn’t take a genius to figure out what will then happen to these Rent Backed Securities. Their value will fall to absolutely zero, any institutions or individuals stupid enough to have bought them will get wiped out and our friends (We are “richer than you are”) like Blythe Masters and Jamie Dimon at J.P. Morgan will still own the real estate and will still get their multi-million dollar year end bonuses, and they will kick bake a few hundred thousand in campaign contributions to the politicians that let them set this mess up in the first place. The banks themselves might face a few million or a billion dollars in fines for their manipulations but the criminals that set up and personally profit from the fraud will walk away scott free, or at the very worst will retreat to some non-extradition treaty county and set themselves up in new digs that would make The Great Gatsby blush.

    Oh yeah and they will figure out a way to stick the taxpayer with the bill!

    • cptn

      You know, this system didn’t come into place over night and It has been inherited. If people actually did something for themselves and it collapsed I would find compassion for them, but since we live in a system where everyone is taking from everyone else, I find no pity for those who are suffering, with exception to the children who will grow up homeless on the continent their forefathers conquered.

      Nixon is partly to blame with his I want a nation of labors not thinkers Ideology, however it was not something that we all had to go along with. A chicken in every pot so long as you sign on the dotted line and sell your kids into slavery, as well as exchange your natural rights for privileges out of fear, now does not seem so appealing does it.

      But when you get a fat check off the backs of Chinese kids, or you purchase your goods at corporate owned companies, who is really to blame? What did you produce for yourself/family or community to help offset this takeover?

      Most people did nothing and simply stood in line to checkout, get a handout, or ask for a job someone else created.

      Its one thing to understand what is happening and why, its another thing to watch it happen and plan on making money from the devastation. I can tell you, if this system collapses we will see warlords, fractions of all walks of life emerge as groups of crazy people looking to force their ideas on others, no different then what is happening today but in a much more chaotic state. At least today you have the chance to push their hand to a place where they have no choice but to do things in a way that keeps the illusion going.

      By enabling the weak out of altruistic notions and emotional drivel, we have effectively destroyed ourselves. This is what happens when you defy natural law. Lincoln made it clear when he said you can never make the weak strong by making the strong weak. He was right!

      All of us no matter rich or poor will suffer unimaginably if we let this ship sink. Certainly it needs to be overhauled and the corruption reigned in but that takes time, not exactly something you can put in a microwave and have done in 30 seconds.

      Anyway, life is short, make the best of it, love your children, teach them yourself, and prey.

  38. Nichole


    Thanks for sharing this great interview. It is very alternative in comparison to your other guests.

    Ms. Fitts is a a “straight shooter” which may seem unmoral to some people. However, it is completely accurate to state that there will be “haves” and “have nots” as we go through this wild transition.

    She is so balanced with her views making a case for peace and war at the same time…it just depends on the location and choices we make during this period.

    Nothing is within our complete control which is why I see a revival of self taught (Renaissance type) group of people coming out of this era. These people will value their time more than they do shifty currencies and will use their most valuable assets (time/health) to seek knowledge to improve their lives. They will always be in a better position than the masses.

    I think the most important thing to take away from all this madness to cultivate balance in our own lives. Before we invest in anything like stocks bonds or any other counter party asset/liability we have to cover our bases. It’s about having the basics first. (clean water, food, shelter, energy dependance)I don’t think anyone would disagree with this.

    I recently learned that there are small groups and communities developing their own alternative currencies. Check out the Metacurrency project. This gives major leverage to the “people” It is not sought to replace the old established system, rather to create a new diversification tool that stays within the community and hold value within the community businesses. It is the best news I have found in the past few months.

    Lastly, Ms. Fitts stated that people just need to start learning to live without old legacy systems. She is spot on. Don’t waste your life trying to get your money back from the crooked casino. Figure out ways to work around it and take care of yourself. “Want nothing” from a system that threatens to put you in jail if you do not slave your whole life away… to find out they cannot keep their promises.

    That is the largest scam ever!

    • Greg

      Thank you for your comment.

  39. Roderick

    Greg,you ask the right questions at the right time.

    Catherine lives in a world of insulation.

    She makes many good points but I think she is not street wise and forgets how things really work. If not for your relentless tacking toward reality Catherine would only be talking how those in power can restore the economy. You bring her back to face the real problems.

    I wonder if she wore the same rose colored glasses Bush and Bernanke were wearing when they were asked on national tv if the sub-prime mess would have a damaging effect on the over all economy. I remember President Bush and the Federal Reserve chairman looking into the camera and stating (paraphrasing) “no the overall economy will not be affected”.

    It may have been reassuring to the public when those leaders spoke those words.The facts are it was only weeks later that reality proved them wrong as the weight of a system of corruption and fraud like a disease was spread thru-out the economic landscape kicking the pillars of commerce in the knee caps. In a instant the facade of prosperity and the cult worship of leadership crumbled.

    I see your vision of the near future as the likely outcome. Keep pointing out hardship is coming and the best defense is preparation.

  40. Doc 454


    Strategic Relocation with Joel Skousen (World Affairs and Connecting Dots)

    Dear Greg, Excellent full spectrum discussion. Consider posting this documentary to go along with it. Mr. Skousen explains WHY there will not be a collapse and offers a theory on war. (Please watch it if you do not know this point of view. Mr. S answers many questions you asked Ms. CAF) Connect the dots.

    • Greg

      Doc 454,
      Posted. Thank you.

  41. Dennis

    I have to agree with 8 ball, maybe I have been to brainwashed to listen to her for very long. Seems she thinks everything is fine and the fed is simply spending 85 billion a month to shred the debt. Stating to the uninformed that these criminals actually had the publics interest in mind. Couldn’t make it to the end.

  42. Dwain


    The reality is there are no real jobs. Only 8% of the economy is manufacturing. 45 million work in government, health care and education. These are fiat parasitic jobs and the economy is dependent on them. Debt and printing makes them possible.

    Ms. Fitts is saying good things, but she does not consider the reality of our upside down economy. There is no way a new economy will compensate for the old. The numbers don’t work. Machine efficiencies, corporate consolidation, and job offshoring destroy opportunity and suppress wages.

    She is right that it will take war to force nations to support our worthless reserve currency but Bric nations will not put up with our bullying for long. They will find a way to covertly eliminate our pornofied spiritually destructive hegemony.
    The US is destroying religion, traditional family, and sustaining traditions. This is a great threat to much of the world. They will unite to overthrow our debauched keep.

  43. Liquid Motion

    CAF doesnt hit a home run with this. She skirts around the real issues.
    “Breakaway Civilisation” ..hmmmm !!! Why doesnt she just come out and say what she really means ? Because she doesnt want to put some noses out of joint.

    The USA is BANKRUPT.
    Pure and unadulterated. It will have no choice in the matter about how to deal with the financial and economic mess it will endure.
    Closing down cities and wiping out debt obligations (ala Detroit)implies losses (on the debtor side) will be made. That includes state employees and any business that operated within the jurisdiction of the city/state and all investors who mistakinlgy believed that the FED Government would stand behind state debt, when they initially took delivery of state/muni bonds.
    Relocation of citizens to other more amenable areas = FESA Camps.
    The case in Cyprus fully explains what is in a practical sense, a failed corporation (the USA). It gets wound up and liquidated. If you are lucky, you get to retain some value, but dont have access to it until the system is ready to let you have it. Ultimately You lose.

    The FED has committed the biggest fraud in history.
    It was always about Moral Hazard. Only a few benefit and are rewarded for gambling and for ensuring that our debt based system grew at exponential rates until it could no more. QE is simply recapitalising the Elite Banks to ensure “they” have sufficient capacity to undertake the rebuilding that CAF talks about. I’m not so sure that this will achieve the desired effect although.
    “They” refer to the BANKS.

    It doesnt depend on which Bank you have funds invested in. CAF mistakingly believes that some are better than others. What she doesnt consider or put forward is that there still exists a very dark cloud over the financial system in the form of OTC Derivatives. These unresolved and unregulated financial instruments will put undue stress on the system when the bond market implodes. There simply is no value underpinning the assets that these instruments are created on. All Banks are subject to the effects of the unwinding of the Derivative market. No Bank is safe.

    No need to be confused Greg. Just put the pieces of the puzzle together..piece by piece. It all makes logical sense when you can see the bigger/whole picture. A singular piece gives you absolutely no clue whatsoever.

    The “Old System” is making way…for a new “forced” system. The good Ol’ USA will be dragged kicking and screaming until it finally succumbs to what the EAST have been planning for the better part of two decades now.

    You still in the system ?

    • Greg

      Thank you for the comment and analysis.

  44. Jim H

    Thanks so much for the interview. I for one appreciate your willingness to allow differing opinions in those being interviewed. Here’s a little tidbit from Katherine from 2002. I corresponded with her a couple of times back then because I worked for (and still do ) the company in question. Like many large corporations it’s full of good little people who believe they’re doing the right thing and “putting food on their family” as George Bush once said. Believe me she knows more about the way things really work than most. Not saying it’s good or bad. It is what it is. Not sure if she’s willing to discuss these things anymore and couldn’t blame her if she wasn’t (Manning & Snowden). Can’t really agree with any for profit solution myself because in my life it’s only ended up with communism, socialism and now what we are about to experience. Would love to see what a world doing the right thing for mankind (wouldn’t be perfect of course) for free and for nothing would look like. Don’t believe I’ll have the chance but maybe my great grandchildren?
    Enjoy Catherine from 2002 and have her back often Greg. THANKS!


    • Greg

      Jim H,
      I try to put many views on the site and let you guys find the nuggets. Thank you for your support.

  45. art barnes

    Greg, Ms. Fitts had too much baloney for her dinner prior to your interview. They system is not changing to another system, its the same old system which has been deteriorating under a debt ridden, non gold standard backed currency with paid for politicians who would sell their own children for a vote that its ever been. Simply stated, its a system that has played out, got too greedy and took away their economic dinner engine, the middle class. Part time low wage jobs are whats left behind after Ms. Fitts and her cronies the elite she works with sent the good jobs overseas and the good parts of the chicken with it. As the old saying goes: sooner or later the chickens come home to roost.

  46. Tanya

    Great Interview Greg. Also some very interesting comments. Here is my take.

    I thought Catherine was ambiguous at first as she spoke of ‘systems’ and described how one system was replacing another. Her term “breakaway civilization’ was interesting, but as she went onto to describe it I got chills down my spine. Toward the end of the interview she used the term ‘legacy systems’. I had to think about what this meant. Does this mean systems where the greedy benefit and the honest and hardworking and the children of our children are left to pay? Haven’t we seen enough LEGACY systems?

    Someone commented here on who is ‘they”?? I was left asking that too? Ms. Fitts says the leadership will pull back into North America and radically re-engineer at a LOCAL level. And they dont want interference…or be bothered with peoples rights! What? Sounds like United Nations Agenda 21. So, who is this leadership? Is it the elite? the bankers? government? Exactly WHO is this leadership?

    I will say thanks though for the new red flag words…legacy systems and breakaway civilization.

  47. JJ

    This has agenda 21 written all over it. The way you eat, where you live, gov entities that don’t want to go along with the fed, people being corralled into larger city’s. I think she loves the idea.

    Bottom line: If you believe in freedom you will never be happy under her new system. Socialism or slavery they mean the same. You better get used to the words “for the common good” I give her credit for one thing I think she told the truth as she believes it.

  48. Donna


    I had to respond to some of the comments on here about the gov’t handouts. I lost my job on July 1st. I live paycheck to paycheck, literally, so NO savings. I am finally getting my unemployment after a three week wait (thanks to my former employer on taking his time). I had no money and was accepted to get emergency food stamps (SNAP). If I hadn’t been approved, I wouldn’t have ate, simple as that!!! Now that I getting unemployment, I will NOT be getting SNAP. I think that most of the US is going to be in for a rude awakening to what is really going on here. The people I talk to are either not interested in knowing or just do not care. The problem is until it hits them in their face, they are clueless. I try my best to tell those in my circle to start buying extra food, medicines, batteries, toiletries…..etc. (I have done this by the way). They look at me like I am a crazy person!!!! I do not have extra money to buy gold much less silver! I do not have the money to buy a bunker and go “off grid”. I have NOTHING, so I am SOL!!! Obama is a Muslim in sheep’s clothing and he wants One World Order. I am so gave my soul to the Lord when I was young………………..

    • Greg

      I hope you find another job soon. Thank you for sharing your perspective.

    • mohammad

      “Obama is a Muslim in sheep’s clothing and he wants One World Order”
      two things here:
      As far as i can remember and Greg can confirm, it was BUSH DAD who spoke openly about being in the NWO and accelerated the march of the nation in that direction that was started in 1913 when they took control (they=zionists which is totally different than Judaism that i believe in as Muslim and have great respect to) of our currency and set the path to NWO.
      To describe Obama as a muslim in sheep clothing is referring indirectly to muslims as wolves, and that is false, I am a muslim and am a doctor, god knows how many lives i saved in my over 20 years career of medicine, who knows since i do not know who you are i might of saved your life or the life of a person you love!

  49. Mohammad

    Thank you Greg for the informative interview, it is an eye brow raising forecast for what is coming!
    This positive outlook is different than the most of your channel’s interviews or the non MSM that always indicate the landing won’t be soft and a collapse is imminent, what she says about waging wars and shaking someone down is real and it is already happening, I am an American citizen from middle east (SYRIA) and what is going on there is no doubt a world war III by proxy, it can turn at any moment into an OVERT war if lines drawn in the sand are crossed, same thing is happening in Egypt, do not believe for a second that it is “ARAB SPRING” rather it is a COVERT world war III, so what she says about this resonated well with my experience in that part of the world.
    Interesting indeed what she said about laying out the foundation for a lean mean new America, we will watch carefully if what she said will materialize and if the road to this new America is not bumpy enough to derail the whole project that she anticipated.
    As usual great interview thanks a million.

    • Greg

      Make no mistake the landing for many will be very hard. Thank you for your comment.

      • Mohammad

        I agree with you it won’t be pleasant, something she said though that caught my attention when she referred to the price drop of gold as a kind of CONFISCATION, thinking of what she said is a brilliant way of hoarding the gold instead of having an executive order as in 1933 that will draw attention to gold as money, here gold is trashed but hoarded, yes a lot of the physical buying is going east but according to what she said how would we know how much of that gold is hoarded and stored somewhere under the ground here in the states?

  50. Mike R

    It was great to hear her perspective. She’s actually the first person I’ve heard who sounds reasonable, and not all this doom and gloom crap.

    Frankly, all of this (the old system “collapse”) has been going on for decades. Certain really weak links in the chain, like a Detroit, are becoming more apparent as time wears on. What she describes though is essentially Darwinism. The strongest survive. In this case, far too many people are going on the defensive, and worrying about gold, ammo, etc., when in reality they need to go on the offensive and adapt.

    Catherine’s right about that, and it’s the most important part of the message. Get yourself aligned with the new system. Get out of the system doesn’t mean just get out of banks. That’s stupid. Sure you don’t want to have all your eggs in one basket, which means not all your assets in cash, and then that cash in banks.

    And these bail ins are truly about where the tax havens are. The big money from corporations or private investors in the grand caymans, Bahamas or wherever. It’s not going to happen at a Fifth Third Bank in Joe average neighborhood. Unless of course the bank is engaged in something like money laundering and you just aren’t aware of it yet.

    And for the last comment, can you please stop interrupting your guests rights about when they are saying something important. If you can’t wrap your mind around something, do so privately, please. Listen a little more. You were trying way too hard to ask what you thought would be questions from your viewers, and what I think everybody needs to stop doing is asking so many questions, and just listen. And not just listen to people like your guests , but listen to what’s really occurring right now, and try not to put words or thoughts and biases into the situation.

    Everyone needs to accept, that the world doesn’t revolve around them, and their paradigm. What I mean is, you have to stop worrying about all those people on food stamps, the retirees on pensions that might collapse, the people who aren’t going to make it because they haven’t adapted to the new economy fast enough, or whether we are going to war with another country. Those things are frankly out of your control. And stop worrying about a dollar collapse. Have you seen even one sign the dollar is collapsing ???? I haven’t. It keeps on showing strength and everyone is “confused” by that. Well don’t be confused. Like. Catherine suggested here, it ain’t going to just collapse on its own, unless the government collapses and the military collapses. And those things won’t collapse as long as we have all the big money players like JP Morgan, or Goldman Sachs, and wall street. Think about it. All those folks live here. They got the money. They control it all. Obama doesn’t. Dc doesn’t . Buffet does, Koch brothers do. Adm, coke, Pepsi, Cargill, monsanto, and everyone we make out to be evil. We should be thanking our lucky stars all these CEOs and people at these firms that dominate the world, live here in the US. They are the new economy. Apple is too. Google is. Facebook is. These new economy firms have been growing and growing for years. GE became a new economy firm when jack welch transformed it into such. Now GE capital controls more real estate than the US government. Bet you didn’t know that ! That’s the piece fitts is talking about. She mentions big oil, big Ag, but those are the obvious pieces in mainstream news so she knows you and the viewers will relate. Big pharma has been the new economy too. Industrial has been making a comeback for years, but it’s not the big industrial with huge numbers of jobs. It’s lots of output with way fewer people. Illinois has 23,000 manufacturers. A lot of these may be shops with fewer than 20 people. They are private and the owners want it to stay that way. Thats only one example of the 50 states. Maybe you ought to see how many private business owners who are doing well, will come on your show to illustrate its not all gloom and doom ? I have hundreds of clients in industrial and commercial, and they are all doing fine. It’s a vast majority, not minority. The sickness is truly being left , and these businesses have inoculated themselves from the billions in debt state government has wracked up, in making promises to pensioners and the like that they can’t keep. These businesses in Illinois won’t be pulled under by this crap. And neither will most of these banks. However, that said, there are way too many banks, and that industry is sure to get consolidated. The fed will make sure of that. It doesn’t mean bail ins like Jim sinclair is saying, and In everyday banks that are the big names. I went to Jim’s session, in Chicago, the private ones he holds, and while I think he has a message for the right people, I think too many people are coming to the wrong conclusions from his message. I must say, I nor anyone else has any clue if miss fitts will be right. I think though what she says about violence is not just to be interpreted as civil disobedience type violence, or war type violence, but rather it’s the “violence” within the system that will occur in the weak pockets and where there is tension, and it might be things more like “violent” cash flows exiting situations, cities, or even country’s like cypress. They may seem sudden. That may seem violent to many. Same with the bankruptcy declaration of Detroit. Now Detroit just came to the end of their line, and it’s now violent in that there is no recourse for a lot of people, including creditors. Detroit sure has seen its share of physical violence, leading up to this, but that’s been for years, if not decades. I think people are surprised, they finally did the bankruptcy thing. We think everything is going to get bailed out. Not so. Chicago is getting more violent by the day, in many of the worst neighborhoods. But right by those worst hoods and the dozens of killings we see here EVERy week, there is still business going on in the not so violent neighborhoods and businesses that have adapted to the new economy or new system. Check out the trains that for example, come in packed from all corners of the large metro area, where people come to work in the high rises. None of that ever stopped, even through the collapses of 2000, and 2008. Eventually though, those violent drugsters and gangsters will snuff themselves out. They will kill al of each other or just move and get the hell away from it. Their world is shrinking geographically in Chicago, and business will thrive around them and snuff them out too, bc it will just get too expensive for even the rich druggies to live there, as their recipients dry up. Chicago for as violent as it is, and in debt as the city government might be, won’t ever become a Detroit. Its business people diversified long ago. They adapted long ago. Detroits did not. Come to Chicago some time, and go in the loop, and see how wonderful and thriving it is. Many many burbs are the same like that too. Sure there have been foreclosers, and rough spots, but this ain’t going to collapse suddenly or anytime soon. It’s too big, too much wealth, and until you see the money people leaving, there is just no reason to panic. This goes for a lot of the US too.

  51. Paul Mallinson

    Hi Greg,

    I just listened to the Catherine Austin-Fitts interview. Wow, certainly a different take on things. However, I’m not so sure they are very realistic and I agree with sentiments expressed by AndyB, Rod and Chip.
    As soon as I heard that she thought aircraft contrails are “Chemtrails” and that both they and GMO foods poison people, her credibility took a big dive. It is absolute nonsense that contrails are anything other than water vapor condensing in cold moist air from aircraft engines at altitude, and I have never heard of genetically modified foods poisoning anybody.
    And who are “They”?
    I was also bothered by your never getting a direct answer to any of your questions about what will happen to the little people. It seems to me that if the electricity goes off for an extended period, or there is no food in the supermarkets etc, and people don’t have any money, then they aren’t going to stay reasonable for very long! I think things could get very nasty.
    I agree with her that people should be self reliant and that PMs are likely to be somewhat of a haven, but in general, I’m afraid I couldn’t buy her thesis either.
    Paul M

  52. Liquid Motion

    Oh and btw…

    – The dollar’s collapse is by definition a market reaction. This has been happening for the better part of a century. Its current accelerated debasement is a manifestation of money printing/Debt creation. The alternative to the USD is the only true money…GOLD. Gold will reflect in due course the real value of fiat… = ZERO. Trust(in the Government)is the critical issue in determining the resilience of the USD.
    – The suggestion for a LT Bull Market being engineered to replace the Bond Market is a fallacy. Just like the Equity market as it exists today. Simply put it is the fabrication of money printing. Nothing fundamentally strong about the levels in the indexes other than a reflection of money injected into the Banks.
    – “Ugly” does include chaos, riots, violence and Marshal Law. What would you expect when the masses lose their livelihood and assets. There will be retribution.
    – “Engineering a slow Burn” – how on Earth can you expect the brain dead central planners who screwed around and gave us all the “Joy” of 2008 with their expertise, any chance of engineering a slow recovery or slow meltdown? IMHO …absolutely no chance. They haven’t got a clue. Not even the FED Chairman has a solution. They are literally holding it all together with Band Aid remedies. Its a short term fix for a massive haemorrhage akin to trying to plug the Hoover Dam with a cork.
    – The USD collapses because of the need for ongoing printing. It is a market reaction to the loss of confidence/faith. Interest rates cannot be kept at ZIRP indefinitely. Bonds will reflect that sooner rather than later. Tapering brings wealth destruction and deflation.
    – Get out of the grid system. AND WHERE DO YOU GO…when there is no system that supports human rights and legal protection. That’s a fantasy world of Utopia. Trying to self-protect in a world of calamity would be futile.
    – The only Asset one should hold is Physical Gold. All financial assets will become worthless in due course.
    – The USA will create a Hyperinflation in its currency. That is an inescapable fact. They will not permit a recurrence of a Depression. The only path they will choose will be the one that brings the country (and the world) to the brink of a collapse of the entire financial system (much worse than 2008). The loss of the “Reserve Currency” status will not come without pain (for everyone).

  53. Chip

    Greg, see this article from ZH. Here’s part, link below. It is precisely these Government policies that will prevent the reinvestment in North America that Ms. Fitts predicts…

    The dividing lines between success and failure in achieving the goals of strong growth and high-quality job creation are easy to see. A stable, predictable and relatively low-tax regime is an attractive feature for potential job-providers, whereas high and rising taxes combined with class-warfare messages are detriments. Policies that reduce the power of special-interest groups to set wages at uncompetitive levels and/or dictate corporate or governmental staffing are additive to growth, compared with rigid employment rules and structures.

    …what has caused America to spend the last five years mired in recession? Bad policies are to blame. The Administration’s rationale is that things would be much worse in the absence of such policies.

    …Bad choices were made, and they are still in effect today. The ultimate consequences may prove to be disastrous.

    …Perhaps the best approach would be for the government to just get out of the way.


  54. Bill Sodomsky

    Hi Greg;

    I’m a loyal listener to your program and a fan of the work you do. I consider you one of the consumate professionals whose genuine concern is to help your listeners and the population at large. Please keep up the great work!
    My reason for connecting this morning, three quarters of the way through the “Magoo” Fitts’ interview (I couldn’t bear to watch or listen anymore) was to vent about you allowing this psychopath to voice her demented opinion without first positioning her in the context of which she deserves. I’ve tolerated her before, but NO MORE! It’s not that I only seek out people or programs of like mind, but I’ve studied a great deal of history, philosophy, psychology and economics and worked in the financial services industry for the past two decades to know when I’m in the presence of the consumate psychopathic insider.
    This woman did not even flinch about the prospect of going to war to defend the most corrupt financial regime in history for which her criminal cohorts in her words, could divide the spoils. She could care less about those robbed of their life savings which I’m sure finds its way into her investment portfolio, and she delusionally believes that the USA (a mere shadow of its once predominance) is in the process of creating a NEW SYSTEM that will be the envy of the world. I’m certain this new system will be run by her old crony insiders including her. She never mentioned once where the actual trillions of hardworking people’s monies had gone. My god, this is precisely what america has come to!
    I strongly suggest that the next time you allow a criminal stooge to pollute your well-intended program, you refrain from introducing them with such adornment. Introduce them for what they are, what they intend, and what they’ve already done.
    That is my only complaint with your work Greg. I’m all for for giving certain people an opportunity to voice their opinion and reveal the kind of person they really are. No problem. But I will not be a part of any organization or media outlet that does not call them for what they really are and who they represent . In “Magoo’s case, despicable and maniacal, fall considerably short.
    I want to look forward to watching your program on a regular basis, but if you’re not prepared to call them out, I will unfortunately pursue other outlets.
    Bill Sodomsky

    • Tad

      Give a man a gun, he can rob a bank, give a woman(ms.fits)a bank she can rob the world!

    • babette

      Sodomsky: Thank you for your comment. No one can put it better, nor truer words ever spoken. Again, thank you!

      Best Regards,

  55. Kenny the K


    The following quote was taken from Jesse’s Cafe Americain and it sums things up rather nicely.

    A credibility trap is a condition wherein the financial, political and informational functions of a society have been compromised by corruption and fraud, so that the leadership cannot effectively reform, or even honestly address, the problems of that system without impairing and implicating, at least incidentally, a broad swath of the power structure, including themselves.

    People of privilege will always risk their complete destruction rather than surrender any material part of their advantage.”

    John Kenneth Galbraith, The Age of Uncertainty

    The status quo tolerates the corruption and the fraud because they have profited at least indirectly from it, and would like to continue to do so. Even the impulse to reform within the power structure is susceptible to various forms of soft blackmail and coercion by the system that maintains and rewards.

    And so a failed policy and its support system become self-sustaining, long after it is seen by objective observers to have failed. In its failure it is counterproductive, and an impediment to recovery in the real economy. Admitting failure is not an option for the thought leaders who receive their power from that system.

    The continuity of the structural hierarchy must therefore be maintained at all costs, even to the point of becoming a painfully obvious, organized hypocrisy.

    The Banks must be restrained, and the financial system reformed, with balance restored to the economy, before there can be any sustainable recovery

  56. Myste


    I was frustrated by the way you kept interrupting CAT when she started talking about the bigger picture and you kept steering things back to the issue of money alone. I really wanted to hear more about the “covert war” and the “overt war” being waged and just WHO makes up this “breakaway civilization.” Looking at her own blog at solari.com/blog, I found the following list that suggests exactly what and who they are:

    –The Breakaway Civilization – Nazis, National Security Act, CIA, NSA and the Evolution of the Black Budget
    –Globalization and the Shift to Empire
    –Centralization of the Global Financial System
    –Reinventing North America
    –Geopolitical Tensions: G-7, G-20 & the Vatican
    –Who is Really in Charge? And What Risks are Driving Them?
    –The Bond Market Turn – Are We Shifting to an Equity Model?
    –How Does Crowdfunding Fit In?
    –Recreating Culture: Our Powerbase
    –Implications for Successful Strategies

    In other words, she is describing a fascist system in which the corporations rule the rest of us. In another interview with you (September 5, 2012), she makes the statement ” (our leaders are) “. . . doing a number of things that are going to depopulate or bankrupt the rest of us.” I found it interesting how cavalier she is about the way people are being systematically poisoned and made ill on purpose RIGHT NOW. I don’t care what euphemistic term she chooses to call the “breakaway civilization,” but it’s got all of the hallmarks of the plans laid down by TPTB. Depopulation HAS to be part of the landscape of any system that will be sustainable. The carrying capacity of the planet has been variously estimated at 500 million to 1 billion, so that means getting rid of a very large percentage of those currently living and consuming resources.

    Just like there is a second “internet” being developed in parallel and in tandem with the one the “rest of us use” (which was originally developed by the DOD, BTW), it seems that there is a second civilization being developed in parallel and in tandem with the one most of us can see. Speaking only for myself, although I recognize that overpopulation is the elephant in the living room that no one wants to discuss and only the Chinese and the Western oligarchy are willing to confront, I do not wish to live in a world controlled by the very few at the expense of the many such as what I see forming up and CAT seems to feel is already here.

    I think to only focus on the monetary aspects is to only see the tree and not the forest, and if you have her back again, I would hope you would let her talk at more length about her particular views and that bigger picture that she sees. I, for one, would like to know how she can be so cavalier about such a system as she seems to be describing.

  57. Jason Emery

    I listened to the entire interview. I don’t believe that C. Fitts specifically mentioned the size of the new, ‘breakaway’ economy. The current conglomerate is about $16 trillion, of which $5 trillion plus is govt., which only leaves $11 trillion for both old and new.

    It can’t be more than a couple of trillion in GDP. And that is going to take the place of a couple of hundred trillion (present worth) that must be written down? She needs to think this through, unless she sees a big write down of the size of the population as well.

    When asked about hyperinflation, she asked what currency the dollar would decline against. I would answer ‘gold’. The dollar has been running dead even with the comatose Euro for almost two years, and she’s bullish on the dollar?

    Regarding her ‘war’ comments, she is probably correct, to some extent. However, we have yet to get any economic benefit out of Iraq, owner of one of the largest petroleum reserves on the planet. And now we’re mucking around in Syria and Afghanistan, both of whom have much more modest energy reserves.

    She also mentions dividing up the planet with Putin (and presumably China and EU), but again, what good is that going to do us? We need to write down $200 trillion, or perhaps much more, in unpayable debt and bad derivative bets. What good will it do us to acquire a few assets that we essentially control anyway, through petrodollars?

    I think her basic premise is sound. Out with the old and in with the new. But what is the plan for the transition? The dollar is going to die or be banished. But to this she mumbled something about ‘digital’ money. We’re already 90% of the way there. The question is, when is the bank holiday, and do they banish the dollar, or just lop a couple of zeros off the end of it, like they do in Latin America at the end of a currency crisis.

  58. BK

    This sounds like a new world order based on military strength, corporate control of all major essentials such as food supply and energy, and the law of the jungle.
    Since this doesn’t involve a collapse but a soft, slow transition into a new type of world centered energy-food mega empire, there really isn’t much need for older people to be concerned about this.
    They’ll just die off as the old system gets replaced.
    New worker bees (white collar and blue-collar non-union day labor) will live in a company town, be paid just enough to pay their rent, fight for the empire in the armed services, or have some other corporate drone role to play as they live out their lives as pawns in a game, eating GMO foods and drinking fluoridated water.
    The dollar will probably be fine as long as the military can force others to use it.
    Well, this Breakaway Civilization sounds just wonderful!

    There’s not much need for gold or silver except in the case of a low probability all-out collapse.
    Lucky for me that I’m a senior and will probably be dead in a couple of years.
    I certainly have no desire to stay in a rathole world, and that’s what this is shaping up to be regardless of whose scenario plays out.
    CAF paints a picture of the same garbage with a slightly different frame around it.

    • babette

      Exactly! Thank you for your very insightful, albeit disheartening comment.

      T’is true, t’is true.

      Best Regards.

  59. Mack D

    Greg what i don’t understand is and perhaps you can explain clearly for dummies like me is, why the MSN can’t have an open dialog with the American people like you and your guest Catherine have done here?
    Do they, and I mean MSN truly believe that the average American is incapable of understanding this simple change of systems, the one of which your guest Catherine speaks of, the old to new? I consider myself to be fairly average intelligence, but i don’t have a hard time of understanding what you and Catherine are saying here. I just don’t understand why the Media is so hush hush about reality, when it is so obvious to almost everyone.

    • Greg

      Mack D
      My take is quite simple. The truth is bad for advertisers. I saw that first hand at ABC and CNN (mostly CNN in my opinion.)

  60. This Guy


    BRILLIANT interview!

    CAF is always such a fountain of concise, intelligent, info…from a very different perspective than the rest of us, for sure! I always learn when I listen to you guys have an exchange; you always ask the questions the average Joe wants to ask, and she always gives forthright, informative answers that don’t steer straight into the ‘sky-is-falling’ meme, but instead show us the way AROUND any such events in terms of survival AND thriving.

    Greg, once again, Thanks so much for all you do!

    • Greg

      Thank you This Guy.

  61. agent provocateur

    Yea, I’m thinking along the lines Ms. Fitts is, Those who have been living large on union wage scale and overpaid government workers and retirees( old system ) are the ones that are going to loose it and snap
    when this debt based paradigm crashes and make no mistake it will.She seems to think it’s not… but as Bix Wier theorizes what better way for the Federal Government to walk away

  62. Top Hat

    Greg, thank you for letting her share her ideas/viewpoint.

    So, when do we get to hear her and Jim Willie go 3 rounds? That would be soooo awesome. That, as a listener of yours is what I really want to hear. I am willing to pay for that one!

    • Greg

      Top Hat,
      I’ve got him booked and you will not have to pay. Stay tuned.

      • Top Hat

        Greg, obviously, I must be respectful of other people’s time. But I would love for him to hear this interview and get his thoughts on CAF’s thoughts, how his differs and why.

        We do know that no one knows what will really happen – just compare Rickers, CAF, and others, but I do like Jim Willie’s ear to the ground and his thoughts on the matter.

        Thanks again for what you do! What a marvelous piece you bring to the alt. media.

        • Greg

          I have Dr. Willie booked next week. Look out for the interview it is a good one.

          • Kenny the K


            Looking forward to the interview with Jim Willie next week as well. He hs not trouble in stating that the whole system is nothing but graft, corruption, fraud, and cronyism from the top down. Incidentally, I believe CAF and Jim have a mutual respect for each other and agree on many more things then they disagree on.
            I think it may be time for another interview with Gerald Celente as well. Great work! Keep em comin

  63. Diane

    This is the best interview I’ve seen on your very informative website, Greg.
    Thanks for having this lady on. She is very interesting, and I believe accurate.
    She reminds me of a guy who used to be on Charley Jones Overnight radio show, early Monday mornings 12:00 am to 2:00 am on KRLD Dallas/Fort Worth.
    Mike in East Texas, we used to listen to him since 2008. He was amazingly accurate, said most of the stuff, Catherine talked about.
    Good stuff.

    • Greg

      Thank you Diane for weighing in here.

  64. Rebecca

    Catherine’s interview did solicit a myriad of comments.

    If I understood her, she spoke of the “rich” (breakaway society) who are getting richer in oil, agriculture, technology segments. They are not creating a lot of new jobs and taxes they are due on their newfound wealth is being hidden away in tax havens.

    Taxes are what helps pay for nation’s entitlement programs, but this new society of entrepreneurs don’t want to pay their fair share taxes. That means they are prime candidates for the government to do bail-ins and “take their fair share of taxes” from them. (Two wrongs do not make a right.)

    Although she believes there is only a 5 percent chance of a total collapse, she definitely is predicting the collapse of the Society Security and Medicare safety nets.

    I found her advice to think about how you are going to sustain life without SS or Medicare to be quite sobering and thought provocative.

    I also thought her advice to think about maintaining your health, in order to circumvent the need for medical services to be sound, wise advice. We all need to take steps to maintain our/regain our health. Soon no one is going to be able to afford medicine and medical treatments — collapse or not.

    I found her comments intriguing.
    I enjoy hearing other people perspectives.
    I believe NO ONE has all the truth, no one.
    Hindsight is 20/20. When the day comes that we are looking back on how it all unfolded, we might be surprised if it turns out to be a mixture of many economists’ perception of what was to unfold.

    Each person must decide for themselves what is the best way to prepare, for each person’s circumstances will be different. People with wealth can preserve their wealth as they see fit. Those without wealth, must figure out how they are going to supply themselves with the bare essentials: food, water, clothing, shelter and warmth.

    I agree with Catherine: There is not a “one-size-fits=all” answer for the coming crisis. Each man/woman must find their own right answer.

    • steve

      Let’s see now, Becca. Fukushima is spewing radiation all over the globe (CANCER). Monsatan insists on every peon ingesting as much GMO as possible (CANCER), drinking water is mostly fluoride + medicines you don’t (yet) need to take etc.

      Chemtrails (containing alumimum, strothium, barium and whatever other toxic concoctions are on the menu) have been sprayed over your benighted head almost daily for over a decade. Ever wonder why the honeybee is disappearing? Don’t worry your pretty, little tiny head about these things.

      I could go on, but why bother.

      The future, Becca, looks positively rosey, doesn’t it?

      Smug, dimwitted tarts such as yourself will endlessly rationalize whilst happily marching into the NWO.

      Wish I could see the look on your mug when you finally realize what the NWO has in store for you.

      • Greg

        Please make your points without the derogatory name calling. Rebecca or anyone else doesn’t deserve that kind of tone. Thank you in advance for respecting my wishes.

      • droidX-G

        Wow…I guess we didn’t take our meds did we 😉

  65. Koala

    Thanks for having Catherine on the site. I have much respect for you both, and it’s always good to get multiple perspectives on an issue. I hope the best possible outcome does occur: a smooth transition to an equity-based system. At the very least, thank you Greg for being an example of a kind, diplomatic, honest human being. No matter how dark things get, living by Gandhi’s quote, “Be the change you wish to see in the world,” is the best policy.

    • Greg

      Good Quote! Thank you for posting it here.

  66. Derrick Michael Reid

    No Responses to “How Do I Protect My Assets?”
    December 7th, 2009 Watchdog post.

    Derrick Michael Reid says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    August 1, 2013 at 11:47 pm

    How Do I Protect My Assets?

    Now look at the title, and ask yourself from whom?
    You cant ask the question from what, because all whats are derived from whoms.

    So, answer the question, from whom?
    And if whom want to take your asset, are you going to roll over?

    Soul search. Have a good day.


  67. Brian

    By trying to be the smartest person in the room Catherine paints the worst picture possible, that being one of a slow steady slide into a deep deep malaise and muck hole which we will wallow in too sick and too broke to even care about our situation. What a bummer!

    The only way the guys at the top bring back all the capital to the US and preserve this “nations” position in the world is by keeping everyone else (foreign and domestically) down, and that will at some point, regardless of what Catherine thinks, most definitely require the use of military force on a grand scale, period.

    • Diane

      What would happen if the United States defaults on all their debt to foreign countries…”sorry we’re broke”?
      We bring all the manufacturing and jobs back to the U.S.
      Bring all our troops home from the over 200 countries they are in.
      Reform our tax system.

      We stop trying to globalize the world, stop trying to save other countries, save ourselves instead?

      What would happen? It would be very disruptive and painful…..at first….but then….we restructure everything?

      Possible or not……what do you people think?

      • steve

        It would be the logical, the sane and the anti-empire building (NWO) solution. Hence, it will not happen.

        Didn’t you hear CAF blithely say “they” will DEPOPULATE OR BANKRUPT the people/peasants? There now. That’s what TPTB are debating.

        Perhaps they’ll do the latter first and then go on to the really nasty stuff? Just for fun, ya know.

        Hey, wait a minute! Think they might have already started?!

        Without a massive hue & cry by the people, without a revolution, the great unwashed/useless eaters/humanity won’t survive.

        Good Luck.

  68. mark

    Hi Greg,
    Thank you for having Catherine on. Indeed though as you mentioned, you sounded confused trying to reconcile her views with much of what predominates this space and I am not saying that to mean that I do not value what you do here or the work of the guests you bring. But let me see if I can help out both you and some of the listeners whose comments posted above I also read.
    One, at the onset of the interview as a compliment you named Catherine together with Marc Faber and Jim Rickards and someone else whose views are widely disseminated but whose name I fail to recall right now. Her response was that she ACTUALLY VIEWS THINGS VERY DIFFERENTLY FROM THE GENTLEMEN YOU NAMED and that when you further described a coming crisis ( I can’t again recall the words you used to describe such a view),she actually stated in no uncertain terms that she “IS TAKING THE OTHER SIDE OF THAT ARGUMENT”. She then proceeded to attempt to articulate her view with the company called USA and Breakaway to describe a phenomenon that even Jim Willie doesn’t spend a lot of time acknowledging or developing as he is working with a whole different, though overlapping in many cases, set of data points. Catherine pointed out that 4 trillion dollars went missing and that money went somewhere. She contends that there has been and is tremendous investment in building out a new infrastructure of food and energy in this country apart from the legacy costs which are collapsing the old system. Jim Willie says that because of the action of powerful eastern entities we will be shown the door to the 3rd world by way of forced currency devaluation/split with a new currency issued for US only use that reflects the real value of (what I suppose Catherine would understand to be the “old system”). I don’t necessarily see her view as contradicting Jim’s. I do agree as well as Jim and Marc and Jim Rickards that China is not ready to assume the role of having the world reserve currency. Now it will be interesting to hear Jim’s take on who is calling the shots here, the G-7 or the G-20. I think Dr. Paul Craig Roberts pointed out that the refusal by so many countries to give Eric Snowden asylum (even though they too agree the US policy of spying is wrong) is a sign that they still want the money and therefore are subject to US leadership influence. Now I think Jim Sinclair would be in agreement with Catherine in that we will continue to see a “slow burn” deterioration of society (old company) while the restructuring takes place and a new is prepared. I think her comments on going to war do not reflect, as some have stated as a cold hearted new world order callousness to the suffering of citizens, its just the cold hard POLITICAL reality, that history has time and again affirmed. However, I do wonder how aware she is as to the deteriorating nature of our military’s state of readiness with all that is influencing it on so many fronts in comparison to those of Russia and China (witness Onyx and Sunburn missile systems etc.). She doesn’t seem to realize as Dr. Willie has so often emphasized and documented that there is a new sheriff in town. Deutsche Bank and the use of Interpol to prosecute bankers is very significant and not to be underestimated. We already are at war with China in South Africa if I recall according to Jim’s Hat Trick Letter Report. As a money manager I see Catherine doing exactly what she says– investing in businesses that offer the solution for folks caught in the old legacy system failure as a way to get out and that while many may be preoccupied or even too preoccupied with the coming, or as she argues, already happening collapse, she would tell folks to get on with investing their time energy and savings into things that will make it possible for them to survive and thrive in spite of the old legacy system collapse. Now how easy will that be if we are cast into the throes of a full outright depression with fascist dictatorship and iron fist rule who can say, but her contribution to the discussion is valuable and thought provoking and I appreciate you having her on.

  69. sensetti

    I have posted many times over the years, this ends in war. No where in history has the most powerful nation on the planet ever gave up because they went bust, we will invade countys and take what we want and or need. A major war will start before the dollar falls.

    Thanks Greg, I really like this woman and agree with many of her points.

  70. Randy

    I certainly understand the “left behind” reference. However, it appears to me that the vast majority of us will be left behind. At one point she says the new system won’t be great for employment. It seems to me that at least 70-80% of us are in the “old” system. So what about us? I think when she describes a slow burn she probably means that it will happen slowly enough that we can adjust. That seems unlikely to me. There will likely be hundreds of millions of us across multiple generations who are just out of luck. That’s very close to our current situation. Very confusing (at least to me). In some places her view sounded as though things would be great- you know… USA,USA. Then she sounded very negative about the need for ammo for instance. I generally enjoy listening to Ms. Fitts but honestly this sounded simply like the rich get richer while the poor get poorer.

    I appreciate your site very much and applaud your hard work, honest reporting and the fact that you have lots of different opinions represented. Thanks Greg!

    • steve

      Just wondering: Why not tell all the poor saps NOW who have worked their whole lives in hopes of savouring their hard-earned retirement that they are working for NOTHING.

      Why not tell people NOW that if they get sick somewhere in the foreseable future, well, it will be tough toenails! No more healthcare so they’ll be “encouraged” to die quickly and quietly.

      Why not tell them NOW? Right now? Oh, that’s right. We must continue to sweat and toil for those valueless paper bits under the “old system” until the “new system” is unveiled and the monsters are on their thrones!

      Otherwise, whoa! What a ruckus there might be!!!

  71. Albert Tesla

    first off, amazing interview.

    catherine had some interesting opinions, however, i was somewhat surprised of her views on chance of revolution only being a mere 5 percent…

    i am not for or against a revolution, but as i look out into society today, there are so many collapsing sects that are bound to eventually hit rock bottom as well as tensions that might over boil, just a small list so you know what i mean.

    sects that are bound to collapse ——————————–

    all things social security related, welfare system, 401ks, retirement funds, etc.

    youth restlessness over various issues from unemployment, rising college education costs, and privacy concerns

    public awareness of the falsehood of most mainstream media

    issues that are bound to reach tipping points ————————–

    where to begin so many, lets start with racial division and tension at all time highs in the usa, the south is a prideful place, i think its not a light threat when they say the south will rise again.

    imbalance of powers, irs going to war not with guns and bullets but with paperwork against its own citizens, like they say, before real wars you have currency wars.

    syria, need i say more?

    plenty of more examples out there but i feel like the ones i’ve listed alone represent demographics that that would eventually begin some type of social unrest, 5 percent revolution chance with issues such as the ones we are facing? i think catherine might be a little disconnected from the common mans daily life.

  72. thanachai

    USA will be trapped in debt maze and exporting war will not help. you know very well that printing money cannot go on forever. one day dollar will be devalued drastically and decrease purchasing power hugely.

  73. jesus_loves_you!

    CAF sure makes the rounds… and with nothing new to say.

    Perhaps you could also interview the “Numbers Lady”.

  74. Gary Stamper

    This is still “old system paradigm thinking” but with new bosses, and it won’t be pretty except for the elite and the rich. The rest of us will be “system slaves” and is ultimately a very sophisticated global totalitarianism. Start supporting and building your local economies where you can.

    • steve

      Yeah, independent, off-the-grid, self-reliant communities like WACO for instance. Uh, scratch that.

      In fact, these One-World-Gov types won’t look kindly on communities that think they can go it alone, go their own way. Lots of WACOs on the horizon.

      Good Luck.

  75. TylerDurden

    Miss Fitts talks about the “new system” while being very vague about “they.”

    Here, let me fill in the blanks:

    Ben Bernanke authorizes 85 Billion a month in interest free capitol to approximately 11,000 investors.

    Said investors invest in the stock market.

    The closet inflation while borne by all, hits the middle class and lower classes hardest.

    The money (that 85 billion a month) is paid back by the American taxpayer. (Those that can find jobs)


  76. Jose Jimenez

    This video left me reorganizing my toy soldiers in my battle field, worldview and expectations. Lots to think about. I am moving out New York going to Texas. Thinking of buying property in the mid-west area.

  77. Ken

    Excellent interview Greg.

    Catherine Austin Fitts explained her point of view very well, and in a way I’ve never thought of before: As a sort of leveraged buyout of America.

    What she describes has another name: Fascism.

    If large corporations are going to supplant municipal governments and even state governments in some areas, then what you have is a corporate-government “partnership” where the large corporations will use their positions to squeeze out competition and monopolize markets, using the government as an enforcement arm.

    Indeed, this is already happening.

    Laser Guided Loogie

  78. Matt

    Greg – thank you for having Catherine on again. Different perspectives but agreeing on the bigger picture is healthy and good for your listeners to hear.

    Audience – At the very end Catherine says she drives around the country and see’s places booming such as Dallas. This is no lie. I live in DFW, and I was laid off from my senior leadership technology job last week. I’m not worried about finding something else. I have a healthy amount of cash in savings thanks to the horrors of 2008 as well as constantly educating myself since then while 90% of the time not going down the tin foil hat rabbit hole. Plus, this area is truly is thriving in infastructure, technology, healthcare, etc. I’ve had to drive through crazy road infrastructure improvements for ages back and forth to my past job, and it’s not changing any time soon. But at least I was prepared for a job loss so I have confidence.


  79. mr bear

    the new economy looks a lot like mexican economy. the very very rich at the top and everybody else struggling at the bottom.

    • Greg

      Mr. Bear,
      Good point!

  80. joe

    Hi Greg,
    Really enjoy your interviews; thanks for the good work! Have a few questions regarding your latest interview with Catherine A-F. “The US is going to shake somebody down” Who?, you asked. No real answer. However, this could probably lead to WW3. Extremely dangerous. Robotisation is taking over manufacturing. Great, nor more tedious work; where are all the jobs though? How are people going to pay for all these “wonderful” products coming out of these factories? There has been a tremendous shift of wealth from the 99% to the less than 1%. Great for them, not so great for the rest of us. How are they planning to “deal” with us.
    “People on GMO foods are zombies, they’re dying” Ah, that’s a great way to get rid of us. But does she seriously think that people are going to take all of this without getting any more benefits. She must be living in dreamland. She comes across as a very savvy lady, however with a double agenda. Remember, she’s was a gov’t official under Bush I. When she talks about the supremacy of the “Anglo-american” empire with its military force, shows others “Who’s boss” I tend to associate this with somebody that serves TPTB. Your thoughts on this? Thanks,

    • Greg

      What is happening today on all fronts has never happened before in recorded history. You better be ready for anything.

  81. chomskyite

    Wow! That was one of the most powerful things I have seen since “waking up” post 2008, and I’ve been reading what I thought was some informative stuff on the web. This needs to be shared with those who need some “coffee” shall we say.

  82. michael

    Corporations versus government,to me means, globalists versus sovereign nations. It’s a restructure of the 1% to forever and always control the 99%. The breakaway corporation is buying the government corporation. And we the people are funding this transaction.

  83. Oracle 911

    Catherine Austin is wrong at least in 1 thing, USD will die and Russia, China, India and few other nation (mainly from BRIC) are killing it.
    The facts:
    -pushing out the USD from their bilateral deals;
    -China setting up chains of swaps;
    -China and India is able to buy oil for their own currency;
    -China the biggest gold producer is buying gold like crazy, and I think India and Russia is doing the same (but more discrately);
    -BRIC came up with its own bank.

    Everything is setting up for new gold/silver baked currency, and if US Government will try anything “funny” for example get directly involved in a war, they will stop accepting USD.
    In that case USD will imminently loose 95-98% of current purchasing power, because ~40% of world population stops accepting it, and you wold say ‘welcome hyperinflation from Wiemar Germany’.
    Footnotes- USD will die either way, because:
    -Russia changed its money emission, no longer uses currency market, from now, Rubel emission is easier and base interest rates are lower and Russia now has a lot more currency and no longer subsidizing USA or EU;
    -China stopped buying US T-bonds and started get rid of USD and US T-bonds;
    -now both countries are buying hard assets and access to resources+Russia is rebuilding its industrial capacities while they are using USD an US T-bonds as tender.

    So the real question is, the death of USD will be slow and painful or fast and violent (because of shortages of goods and fuel)?

    • Oracle 911

      My post may gave you a wrong impression, it is true Russia, China, India and few other nations are actually killing the US dollar, but the FED and every government since JFK did everything to kill USD and US economy.

      US economy is dead and US dollar is brain dead and waiting for finishing blow.

  84. Riverwatch

    I think Catherine is the most interesting person talking about economics and the US & world political systems whom I have ever heard. She is alway spot on, she is innovative and she self-corrects her course and views as information surfaces. She is state of the art. Thanks for having her on.

  85. Lennart

    Bad interview.

    As soon as Austin Fitts became really interesting, interuption…

  86. Deanna Clark

    As a Christian I’ve long been bothered by the hypocrisy in churches. My husband works in a school and the diocese has his retirement fund in a Waterhouse investment. This is typical for churches.
    But magazines, leaflets, sermons, mail outs and internet preachers are full of “Peace” and “Justice”.
    I believe it is up to each of us as citizens to clean up our own act first before we rant about Obama or Wall Street or sweatshops.
    When he retires soon we plan to get the money out of the system and do better things with it…more Christian things.

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