One-on-One with Charles Biderman

By Greg Hunter’s 

The European debt crisis seems to get worse every day with no real solution in sight, just bailout after bailout.  This may look like it is an effort to save heavily indebted countries, but it is really all about saving insolvent banks.  Charles Biderman, CEO of, says, “. . . what we need is a central bank wipeout, which I think we really need to clean the decks so we can go forward and prosper as a globe.”  Biderman predicts the Euro will fail, and we are in for strong inflation and deflation–at the same time.  Greg Hunter goes one on one with this investment pro to get his take on what’s going on now and what to prepare for in the not-so-distant future.

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  1. Ross

    Like the new format with interviews.Keep them coming.

    • Greg

      Thank you Ross.

  2. street report

    Dull interview. I think Mr.Biderman is wrong about Iran.The world has greatly under estimated the power of a timeline.A timeline always speeds up the process of progress.
    having a diverse portfolio is useless if its base if a lie.When the fake money falls it will take all its confidence with it.

    Yesterday i went to buy a primer bulb for my weed trimmer. the same bulb that just 4 yrs ago costed 2.00 is now 7.00 . On things rarely bought prices go un-noticed. Its all in the timeline.
    The Iranians are not as slow as those trying to prevent them from there goals. I loved the video on the 12 yr old girl in your last post. Well done.

    • Greg

      Street Report,
      Thank you for the feedback and CPI reporting.

  3. George Too

    inflation and deflation at same time depending on commoditiy…now that is scary

  4. Warren Raftshol

    Please visit and ‘Like’ and ‘Share’. Thank you.

    • Greg

      Warren Raftshol
      I think there should be a committee to recall John McCain too. McCain also had a big hand in the unconstitutional clauses in the NDAA, jut to be fair.

      • Warren Raftshol

        I agree, but I’m from Michigan and can only get after Levin.

        • Greg

          Then have at him Wayne. Thank you for your comment and good spirit.

  5. M SMITH

    This video says it all about congress, heck all 3 branches of gov. I like the part where is was said let them serve two years & go back home, I would add if they passed any law that did not pass muster with the U.S. Constituion, they go right to jail, no more two court systems to protect any of them period. The law of the land applies to all! Even UN & NATO! The people of the USA has allowed this to go on to long, time to shake the tree of Liberty to get all the rotton fruit off!

    Another good fact filled interview, he is right, let them fail, wipe the slate clean & rebuild this Republic as it was befor the Rothschilds & Rockerfellews took over the banks & break up all these huge corps. With out economic freedom, monetary freedom & food freedom, we will have no freedoms!

  6. Mason McDaniel

    Love the interviews. Appreciate the time you spend doing research
    to bring us this information. Keep it up!

    • Greg

      Thank you for the support Mason.

  7. BuzEaston

    Excellent interview. Very insightful.


    • Greg

      Thanks BuzEaston.

  8. Wayne

    Greg….as I’ve read several of your recent posts about the Euro crisis and the comments from your readers one thing that’s crystal clear is that ‘globalism’ has been an utter failure across the board except for the usual suspects….multi-national corporations and legions of highly placed political whores.

    The fact that so many people in the press, banking community, etc. are sitting around in this country wringing their hands, shaking and twitching about how a bunch of incompetent Euro-socialists are handling their business is proof positive that this country took a major step towards national suicide when we cast our future and fortune with the concept of merging ourselves into this sovereignty draining worldwide trading system.

    The proof is irrefutable…..depression-like unemployment figures, a national debt (with unfunded liabilities)over 100 trillion, the loss of millions of middle class jobs, ever increasing trade deficits & on and on.

    Pat Buchanan described this mess perfectly years ago (while everybody laughed at him) when he coined the word ‘globaloney’ which is very accurate because that’s all we’ve been fed over the last couple decades.

    • Greg

      “globaloney” Love it!! Thank you for the comment!

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