Petrodollar Death, Davos Demons, Brace for Economic Crash

By Greg Hunter’s

(WNW 565 1.20.23)

There was big global news coming out of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, and it’s not the usual tyrannical pompous crap you are used to hearing about.  The finance minister of Saudi Arabia signaled death of the petrodollar was officially announced.  Mohamad Al-Jadaan said the Kingdom is open to settling trade in currencies other than the dollar.  Oil trade has been exclusively done in U.S. dollars since the early 1970’s, and this is a big reason why the dollar became the world reserve currency.  This move may not actually kill the dollar, but it will hurt its buying power.  You have been warned.

The optic at WEF has never been worse.  The conference attendees are being openly mocked by everyone from to Elon Musk to FOX News.  Is this showing the world that the WEF is not as important as it thinks, or is every one of the so-called “useless eaters” finally getting wise to the pompous tyrants who think they are running the world?  They act more like demons than caring people trying to save the world.  It’s the most disrespectful coverage I have ever seen of the WEF, and rightly so.  Now, organizations like Rebel News are running down the elite at Davos, such as Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla.  Rebel News reporters confront Bourla about his ineffective and deadly CV19 vax.  It’s amazing reporting, and bravo, Rebel News.  Enjoy the embedded video below:

Finally, forget all the good news you are hearing about the economy because the real news, without the spin, is telling you to get ready for a massive economic downturn.  There is the new debt ceiling fight, record high unpayable credit card debt, more big layoffs at big banks and economist John Williams of warning of a “new and significant recession” that is already here.

There is more in the 36-minute newscast.

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After the Interview:

Biotech analyst Karen Kingston will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.  She has new information about Big Pharma and how one company is controlling a huge chunk of the CV19 bioweapon/vax.

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  1. Bobby Massarini

    Haven’t been able to get any of your last 3 videos to play. Is something wrong with the feed? I’m using Brave, never had a problem before. Tried on two different computers.

    • Greg Hunter

      change browsers. It works on Edge and it also works on Google.

      You can also try this: (Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec. This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it. In addition, try different browsers. Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them. All the above is a way to censor people like

      So sorry you are having trouble.


      • Wendy Merrill

        I am having troubles also — Firefox. I will try Edge

        • CJ

          I too use Firefox and I also use Duck Duck Go cannot watch with the emailed link recently. I’ve started to go directly to Rumble and watch it there.

          • Greg Hunter

            Please COME TO USAW first. I own USAW and NOT Rumble.

            • robert

              I use the site called uncensored and can watch no issues the videos also bitchute is easier to watch content. Keep in mind I have sta rlink for some reason it is harder to watch rumble and you tube not so difficult. I use brave.

              • robert

       has a younger crowd if you want to get your content out there i have posted content from you tubers and ironically had more views then those channels on you u tube

          • mikem

            Try the Brave Browser. works for me.

            • Ray

              Try going to
              Has worked for me for over 10 YEARS you imbeciles.
              What the hell is wrong with you?
              Are you so far phucking gone down Satan’s throat that you cannot fathom the intelligence to go to THIS MAN’S WEBSITE?
              “Oh no……..I’ can’t do that…..I haven’t got the sheer intelligence to type a web address into a computer. I need to go to a site where lots of other sites may or may not play videos”
              Fair Dinkum…….piss off imbeciles… you go to something that more aligns with your intelligence level…….like Kim Kardashian’s Economic Forecasts Dot Com.
              I AM SO SICK of seeing multiple IMBECILES whinge again and again and again at this site because they haven’t got the basic intelligence to come to the source.
              Nup……..they want to be spoon fed.
              Oxygen thieves all.
              Ray, Canberra, Australia

              • PersonaNonGrata

                Hi Ray,
                Say it as you see it – don’t hold back! 🙂 🙂

                • Ray

                  Both barrels were given I do believe old mate 😉
                  Take care PNG……keep the good stuff coming.
                  I always consume your input here at USAWD…….thanks for your wise counsel on many matters.
                  Ray, Canberra, Australia

              • Cry Me a Ruble

                I concur Ray. Been coming to this man’s website for over twelve years. Never had a problem unless everyone had a problem.

                • Ray

                  Bravo for you Ruble Legend.
                  You give me hope that at least 1% of us will survive what is coming.
                  ……..the most intelligent 1% of what remains in this ridiculous Truman Show world.
                  Ray, Canberra, Australia

        • Joshua

          Fire fox not working for me either:(

          • Joshua Porter

            Never mind it was the add blocker.

          • Deb

            We can’t get any of your videos to play today. Went back all the way to the interview with John Titus, which we watched shortly after it was posted. It won’t play. We see the video with the arrow, when we click on the arrow, it turns green but nothing else happens.
            Tried going to USAWATCHDOG.COM and clicking on links to articles from there, same result.
            How do we turn off ad blockers like some have suggested trying?

            • Greg Hunter


              Try this Deb and tell me if it works:

              (Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec. This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it. In addition, try different browsers. Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them. All the above is a way to censor people like

              So sorry you are having problems.

        • Coal Burner

          Firefox is tuned up and working now! 1/20/23

      • Steve Twitchell

        I have never had a problem playing the videos until last week. Then I discovered that my ad-blockers stopped it. Turned the ad blockers off for Greg’s site and all OK. Somewhere, somebody has made changes to limit conservative thought. BTW I had not done anything different to my computer settings. Just a confirmation of what Greg is telling all.

      • Anthony Australia

        Davos Attendee Says ‘Quiet Part Out Loud’: Agenda Is To Create A “New World Order”

        • Harry

          While the current FBI Director Christopher Wray is at the Globalists WEF Meeting (admitting that the FBI has been working with Corporations “against the American people”) – the former FBI Director Chris Swecker states: “That the FBI has been infiltrated by ‘WEF Goons’ who want TO DESTROY AMERICA” – and he is now asking the US Senate to investigate the “WEF Coup d’Etat” of our FBI” and is asking the US Senate to begin imposing reforms immediately!! –

      • CJ

        I’m using Brave and never have a problem at USAW…thanks for this info Greg!!!

    • Rodster

      I can’t believe how do many people are having problems watching the videos. I have no problem watching Greg’s video’s on a Windows PC, Mac or various tablets including Android and iPad.

      • FastMark

        Same here, all of the videos play fine for me on windows or android.

    • JB

      Hi, Paisano: I use Brave and have no problems watching Gregg’s vids either here on his site or on Rumble. Have you clicked on the Brave logo to see if the shields are up (mine are, but it works nonetheless). Maybe try that. Have you tried listening on Rumble ( In the past, when I living in NM, I once or twice called my local TaosNet folks and asked directly if they were throttling me because they didn’t like the sites I visited. I never had a problem in NM after that. No problems at all (except Hurricane Ian blackout for a frigging week!) in Florida now. I hope you can get it to work.

    • Dave Barabash

      The only time I’ve had trouble getting a video to play on Greg’s channel, was the recent one with Craig Hemke. The video showed up, but wouldn’t play when I clicked on the play button several times. So, I went over to Rumble, and had no problem playing the video. Weird. I’m using Firefox by the way.
      Greg’s current WNW video, played on his channel.
      Best regards,
      Dave Barabash

    • Nika

      Like Greg says, “Edge Works” I can testify to that.

    • Anthony Australia

      Davos Attendee Says ‘Quiet Part Out Loud’: Agenda Is To Create A “New World Order”

    • Anthony Australia


      Davos Attendee Says ‘Quiet Part Out Loud’: Agenda Is To Create A “New World Order”

    • Brad

      I am using Newpipe as I always do and lately the videos a out of sync with the audio. No problems in the past, but now yes.

    • L Nonamaker

      I use Brave all the time on I have had no problems with Greg Hunter’s videos. I have watched all three of his last videos.

  2. Harold Windsor

    The weather stole the headlines in Florida 46 years ago with a startling feat that has not been repeated to this day. By Jesse Ferrell, AccuWeather Jan 19, 2022
    On the morning of Jan. 19, 1977, something very unusual happened in South Florida: It snowed.

    • Harry

      It must be that damn “Global Warming”!!

    • Earth Angel

      They must have been test piloting artificial ice nucleiation technology in Florida that day. Climate engineering (aka the hacking of Earth’s natural climate systems for fun & profit by globalist psychopaths) has been engaged in since at least the end of WW2. Back then most of us barely suspected anything so outrageous could even be possible. Now more of us know differently, eh?

    • L Nonamaker

      Meh, it snows or at least makes ice of the sprinklers every few years in central Florida. I think there are 100 year flood plains. So, maybe there are 100 year heat waves and arctic blasts. There’s also the tilt of the earth that varies on a very long timeframe and the shift in magnetism resulting in movement of due north.

  3. Harry

    Mohamad Al-Jadaan said: “The Kingdom is open to settling trade in currencies other than the dollar” – I think Mohamad needs to wake up to economic reality – if he is accepting other worthless fiat paper for his oil “he is still getting screwed” – he needs to understand that all the fiat paper in the world is worthless – he is simply giving away his precious oil away for nothing – if he is not getting gold (or silver or copper) for it!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Any way you cut it, it is bad news for the dollar.

      • Paul

        The dollar was slated for dilution with the imf sdr – special drawing rights introduction formulated many years ago. It’s fruition is coming to pass with the saudis announcement. These basket of currencies will be based on gdp, global competitiveness and the vital resources a country possesses. Basically an economic hit mans wet dream. Look for this to surface again.
        I love the Canadians.

        Glad to hear your targeting your presentations which you can be effective.

        Paul from arkansas

    • Tin foil hat

      If he strayed off course, he’d likely get Gaddafi on his way to the yellow brick road. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t think his life is worthless.

      One thing I’d like to know; is it going to be a crash up or an ordinary crash down?

    • Barbara

      That why so many countries are buying gold

  4. James

    Have reposted the 1st video on

  5. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    WNW565 – one of your best. Wide ranging, yet concise.
    At around the 28 minute mark you are talking about vaxx damage to pilots and you consider ‘all the other people, the flight crew and the ground staff, who are affected’. Your commentary caused me to think of the MOST mentally stressed people of all, the flight controllers. These people need to be mentally alert at all times, maintaining a three dimensional mental image of ALL the traffic in the airspace they are responsible for. The vaxx diminishes mental acuity, per Lt Col Theresa Long. Perhaps this is a major reason for so many flight cancellations – to reduce the complexity of flight control?

    • PersonaNonGrata

      P.S. Loved the report from Rebel News. Thank’s for that.

    • Earth Angel

      A very good observation PNG and worth checking up on. Also Love the video by WEF Reports cornering the weasel from Pfizer in the streets of Davos! Now that’s some REAL on site reporting. We all should send donations to that group’s journalistic efforts too. Thanks for posting it Greg. ; )

    • L Nonamaker

      Both, pilots and flight controllers suffering. As you stated, air traffic controllers have an intellectually challenging job. Few, even among high intellect people can handle it because not all highly intelligent people have 3D mindsets. Plus, it is a high stress job.

  6. Mary Lou Longworth

    Elon Musk may be multi-faceted with his own
    agenda. Jason Bermas and good company have an opinion worth

    • L Nonamaker

      Greg needs to mention that there are multiple elite factions. Some are US centric (Jamie Dimon, Fed Chair Powell, CFR), some are EU centric (Biden Admin, Treasury Yellen, WEF). Some are Malthusian (Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab) and some are not (POTUS Trump, Elon Musk). Some are Luciferian and some are not. It is the Malthusian tribe who created the covid bioweapon and the bioweapon jab and foisted it upon the people of the earth. All of them are at war right now for dominance and money. Most of them are bribed and/or mortally threatened (congress).

      Musk is deep into transhumanism, so, he believes in the ability of man to become a god. He may be controlled opposition because he is beholden to the Federal government. At the same time, he and Fed Chair Powell seem to be working against the Biden administration which is trying to destroy the US. The Federal government and congress are divided, not just on GOP/Democrat lines, but woke/not woke and MAGA/not MAGA, pro Ukraine/not Ukraine, etc. Making sense of the news these days is a puzzle and an enigma.

      By their fruits, you shall know them. The jury is still out on Musk, he needs more time to fully clean up Twitter. I expect Twitter to remain a source of information for .gov just like Facebook is. One wants to keep most of one’s business off of social media. I regret at least half of my participation in Facebook.

  7. Rodster

    If Martin Armstrong is correct, the USD will be the last to fall. Greg, perhaps that would be a good question to ask Martin Armstrong the next time he comes on your show. I’m not too worried about SA dealing in other currencies. What I do see is a message to the US that countries are getting fed up with the bullying by the US Neocons and Warhawks.

    This article posted on ZeroHedge, highlights this that the US is considering helping Ukraine by attacking Crimea. That is total insanity and the rest of the world is taking note. It is also something that Armstrong has noted, that Joe Bidet and the Deep State are helping bring Asia together.

    • Nika

      Crimea is protected by Russia? Is that Enough, to get us into WW3?
      And China Joe loves China’s money. ($900,000 for 4 speeches @ UPENN)

      • Rodster

        It’s possible because as Paul Craig Roberts has stated many times, the US views Russia’s red lines in the sand with mockery. So far every time Russia has issued a red line, the US has crossed it.

        Eventually the red line will be such that it cannot go ignored. As Armstrong has repeatedly stated and he knows the area very well. If you remove Putin, NATO will be dealing with Russia’s Neocons and Warhawks. They hate the West and NATO as much if not more than John McCain, John Bolton and Lindsey Graham hating Russia.

        They would have NO qualms about removing the US off the map.

        • Sergey Paige

          All the good news you are hearing about the economy is as fake as all you hear about Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. Because the real news, without the spin, is telling you to get ready for a massive economic downturn and WWIII over Cry Me ah river, Crimea. Russia’s warm water port longer, then the existence of the United States, itself!
          Listening to our intelligence agency’s controlled project Mockingbird brained mainstream media, you’d think Donald Trump and Vlad Putin were the biggest existential threat to our existence and yet they’re supposedly washed up and shanghaied at this same time? And space? You can’t make this up and have it both ways Langley and that British intell propaganda psyop’s unit, that seems to be losing it’s collective mind in all it’s Orwellian gobbledygook, nonsensical Gibberish.

          Except The Great Dictator Soros’s son’s hand is hidden in his control of the west and his puppet Barry Obama. Barry known effectively as the Obomber. As he proved, breaking up wedding party’s in Yemen.
          They’re not fooling we the people, as the Davos Soros bunch have clearly blew their new world dis-order reset, for all the world to see, of such a no-show. Especially of no show Sore arse himself and with all the mockery of the staged and staggered arrest of the little pip-squeak Greta Thornbirges hair brained arrest in all the mud of Germanys last coal fired plant. Those fake cops should have planted her arse right there in all the mud! BUT THIS IS NORMAL FOR CELEBRITIES OR PUBLIC FIGURES AND JOURNALISTS DOING THEY’RE JOB? Wtf!

          Rest assured were in good hands with our future young puppets!

          Elon Musk just DESTROYED the WEF as globalists panic in Davos | Redacted with Clayton Morris
          380,701 views Streamed live on Jan 19, 2023
          You’re seeing a growing trend… people are questioning or even saying enough is enough of these global economic elites in the World Economic Forum running our lives. They’re having their Annual Meeting in Davos this week and many people have questioned the legitimacy of the unelected group of elites, including Elon Musk… he slammed the WEF publicly, which is something billionaires are not allowed to do.

          You can jump to the 33:50 mark🗽

          “It’s over!” – NATO is making Ukraine “weaker” by the minute | Redacted with Clayton Morris
          350,884 views Jan 19, 2023

          Former UN Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter says NATO is making Ukraine weaker by the minute as it continues to pump weapons into the warn torn country. These disparate weapons systems don’t work together and require manpower and resources Ukraine doesn’t have. Meanwhile 99-year old Henry Kissinger says Ukraine needs to become part of NATO in order to bring peace to the country. Are all of these leaders living in a fantasy world?

          Massive Russian offensives are annihilating Ukraine
          Straight Calls with Douglas Macgregor
          108,982 views Jan 19, 2023

          Straight Calls with Douglas Macgregor

          Russia-Ukraine War Live: ‘Significant Forces’ Amass In Zaporizhzhia, Says UK, Deadlock To End Soon?

          Started streaming 55 minutes ago
          Russia and Ukraine troops are massing ‘significant forces’ in Zaporizhzhia, according to the UK Ministry of Defence. The troop movement may be the consolidation before both sides go for the big push to control the crucial area. UK says the war in Ukraine is in a deadlock.

          Gravitas: Is NATO becoming war-weary?
          WION 209K views 1 day ago

          Is NATO becoming tired of the Ukraine war? Germany is non-commital on providing more tanks to Ukraine. The Polish PM says the is West no longer emotionally involved in the war. Molly Gambhir asks: Has fatigue begun to set it?

          It seems the west does not want to supply Russia with so many tanks, tanks a lot Obomber!🤦🏻‍♀️

          Reply to Obomber?
          Trump Takes Aim At ‘Biden Crime Family’ In Pledge To Curb China’s Influence In US

          Forbes Breaking News 451K views 1 day ago

          Wait till Donald meets with Vlad and ends, WORLD WAR THREE!__Stranger Things Have Happened
          LIKE THE LAST 7 YEARS! ! ! ! ! ! ! !!

          Were all gettin weary, when are we gonna start throwing all these white assed elites in jail? One arse is yellow, high yellow! _Lol!

          At least Mike Morell was honest in wanting to kill Russki’s,
          Not this propaganda B’S!

  8. Gordon

    Nicer version:
    The Wickedly Evil Forum.

    The not as nice version:
    The Wickedly Evil F_ckers.

    • Gordon

      Wickedly Evil Fools.

      Cliff High says:

    • Mike G

      The US government, for a bunch of take the knee, rainbow flags, corrupt thieves, in 30 trillion dollars in debt they sure believe they rule the world and if others do not believe it, by God they will just blow it all up. Demented children is what the US ruling class have become and they have become a danger and an embarrassment to the world.

  9. Jeffrobbins

    I always go to for the videos and never have a problem with the video playing. Thanks Greg. Good news= spring is coming and its a good time for planting trees and getting some backyard chickens.
    By the way, if i have 20-ish chickens and they get this bird flu, how many will really die? Our birds are very healthy, outdoor, table scrap eating, grain scratching, bug catching, cage free birds. Is this thing with the chickens really more about all those nasty smelling chicken farms? I remember driving by those Frank Purdue Farms. Somehow it smells like a scam. They would probably like to outlaw backyard flocks.

    • Mesquite

      Hi…I give my chickens apple cider vinegar in their water when they are ill. I also add those small packets of minerals and probiotics to the water, as well. They are able to kick any illness they get with this protical so far.

  10. Maria Das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter.
    Curiously here in London(UK) former gold card holders from Russia who owned magnificent homes, well those homes still seem to be owned by the gold card holders even in the midst of a war.So much for your ally,the United Kingdom,having your back. I suppose a lot of property owned by the Russian oligarchy has been seized in the USA although that seems again to be a story absent from the media.After all those Aluminium plants and oil wells and fertiliser plants still seem to have the same owners that are supporting Russia and the same lawyers and accountants.
    Nice to see the FHLB are supporting crypto coins and its demise,
    From a poverty strewn UK where our economy is barely alive and foreign elites are having a marvellous time.

    • andyb

      I hope you are not buying all the anti-Russian propaganda spewed by the globalists and American neocons who are the bad guys, Putin is a Nationalist and also a Christian and has seen, since 2014, a coup by the US in Ukraine, and Russia’s encirclement by Nato to destroy his country. Under these circumstaances, what would you do?

      • Coal Burner

        I have observed most of the same things. I do not believe Putin is a crazy , depraved whatever the Deep State likes to call him. He is a strategist well versed in checker playing with idiots we have in charge. One of his failures is he did not try hard enough to get that Nazi Zelensky in the beginning of this idiot circus! No one needs to call me some Commie name, I am calling out all the Chinese commies in the USA and the politicians they own right now. That includes most of our University’s or so called “Universities” filled with greedy Communist Traitors. Throw out the Commie beside you Professor if you are not on their payroll! We know Mitch, Joe, Hunter, Kameltoe, Schumer, Shifft, and 500 others in Washington are on their payroll now. How about you Democrats vote a few of them out. All you Trump haters who wanted him out so bad, faults accepted, must be happy to be heading for nuclear War and a dead dollar with inflation at 100% because that is what you voted for and that is coming unless someone stops it.

      • David Dansker


      • Harry

        Good article by Bob Moriarty titled “The Ukraine War is Over Except for Some More Dying” (and more money printing by the Fed to pay for the undeclared war) –
        PS: If Poland stupidly enters the Ukrainian war with the 100,000 Polish soldiers they have amassed – they will most likely get their asses kicked just like the Russians annihilated the Ukrainian army!!

  11. Vince

    Being a pilot, that’s real interesting FAA news. Let the trials begin, Nurenberg! that is. Can’t wait for the civil suits too along with some record penalties, fines and awards.

  12. Carol Hudak

    BRAVO, REBEL NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Chris

      The Rebel News journalist in the video is Australian, Avi Yemeni. He is fearless, and was one of the few Australian journos with enough moral and intestinal fortitude to stand up to the medical fascist dictatorship, and its militarized cops (particularly in Melbourne – Leftwing fascist central), that Australia’s become since 2020. Like the other Western fascist countries (particularly the Anglophone states making up the 5 Eyes spy network), Australia is still pushing the jabs like nothing has changed. The mass psychosis is still there, but thanks to people like Avi, some portion of the population is waking up to the real threat to their lives. And it isn’t Covid or Vladimir Putin.

      • Nika

        They held his feet to the fire!

  13. Harry

    Your so right Greg – the prognosis for the dollar and for the international monetary system is grim indeed – we are currently in a runaway inflation accompanied by expanded money printing to fund the insane war in the Ukraine and all the socialist programs and pork at home (that we cannot afford) while the Fed raises interest rates to show it is doing something to give the dollar some value (but where the interest payments are also simply printed out of thin air) – the BRIC nations “want out of this crazy American monetary system” which they know is destroying the purchasing power of all the US dollars they hold – their stated goal is to return to a free market “commodity based money” (backed by gold, silver, copper, oil, etc.) – and the implementation of Basel III is another nail in the dollar’s coffin where physical gold is now treated as a Tier One Asset – at some point – all the people of the world will awaken to the now worthless US dollar – – and will simply not accept it in exchange for physical gold (unless the US dollar supply is backed by reserves at Fort Knox “assuming they still exist”). Until then – all we can do “is continue to accumulate gold and silver on the dips” to protect the purchasing power of our savings (with real wealth)!!

  14. Roger Stamper

    tks greg

  15. Jameson Sandlewood

    please ask Karen K what she thinks is rattling around in Trump’s cranium as to why just a couple days ago reitterated that his vax is the best thing since sliced bread. Love to hear her opinion because the women on USAWD are 10000x smarter than the host who believes Trump is anointed because some redneck in Florida was visted by a spirit one night while finishing a liter of Ten High.

    • Greg Hunter

      So, you are not upset that Biden mandated this bioweapon injection two years ago? You don’t need any explanation of this?

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Greg, I am a fan, but rebutting everyone who challenges DJT’s stance on the bioweapon kill shot by assuming that they support Joe Biden is IMHO unjustified. I find Trump’s position vis a vis the vaxx to be inexplicable and, frankly, disgusting. Is it fair to assume therefore that I support Biden or his stance regarding the vaxx? NO! Biden is a creature of the evil cabal. Why should I concern myself with Biden whom I have never supported. I do concern myself with Trump because, pre 2016, I expressed faith in him and he has made a chump out of me – and everyone else. Refusing to reevaluate Trump is akin to the Covidian cultists holding fast to their belief that the vaxx is good for them . . .

      • FC

        Mandate is not Law, they need our consent to make it mandatory.

        People need to understand Maritime Law and why sometimes there’s a gold fringe around the flag.

    • David Bagley

      Any politician still silent about the 💉 is complicit..

      We are being placated by kabuki theater.

      Musk is also rolling in the New World Order.. the Anti Christ will defeat the old world order..and be seen as a global hero

    • Stephen Haskell

      Jameson. The woman in Florida you reference. Do you know her name? Is it public information?

  16. Tommy

    “They won’t be able to walk the streets!” …..and yet there will still be TDS Stage 4 Loons crying about Orange Man Bad 😂😂😂

  17. Robert Hood

    Local hospital here in Nova Scotia usually had one or two bodies in morgue lately has six or seven. Rare cancers becoming more common. My wife’s doctor has myocarditis. This is a very small town. At my business I bring up the vaccines and people are much more receptive than a year ago. Th wake up is accelerating.

    • Mario

      Thanks for the update Mr Hood!
      Blessings my friend!

  18. Ed Mustafo

    NTV- German television news channel reports, China declares Biotech vaccination to be lethal injection…..

    • Greg Hunter

      Please get the link for this and post it.

      • Ed Mustafo

        Greg, I can’t find a link for it but the article was written by Christian Herrmann. That was the headline except I meant to say BioNTech vaccine. The really interesting thing is that it was written on January 31st 2021 in the politics section. Perhaps you or someone else can dig it up.

  19. Steven Kayser

    Is the US about to -try – to ‘Spread Democracy’ to Saudi Arabia?
    Casus Belli coming right up! Peak Oil Happened

    It appears that the leaders of ‘The West’ would rather risk it all in a winner take all battle for the world’s remaining oil resources rather than mature into a low consumption, advanced peacefull society.

    I don’t know what Real war drums sound like, because I was not alive during WW2. These stories, however, when added to my last post, Peak oil – requires – actions – irrespective – of – enduring – values, have the hair on the back of my neck tingling.

    First, an oldie but a goodie:

    Saudi Arabia And Russia Sign New Military Agreement Aug 25, 2021
    “Shoigu … noted that Russia had many new weapons systems that have “proven themselves well in Syria,”

    …and now…

    Saudi Arabia Says Open to Settling Trade in Other Currencies
    “There are no issues with discussing how we settle our trade arrangements, whether it is in the US dollar, whether it is the euro, whether it is the Saudi riyal,” Mohammed Al-Jadaan told Bloomberg TV

    Once upon a time, not long ago, when any country openly stated that they would accept other than us currency for oil, democracy came-a-callin. Why would this time be any different?

    Since the The Entire fracking industry says “We can’t increase production because we have to make money”, it makes straight line logical sense that Saudi Arabia, with all the distasteful beheadings and the Khashoggi affair and all, might soon gets some democracy.

    Coincidentally, that would solve two problems with one democratization. Taking control of Saudi oil production could also keep the ball rolling down the road for quite a few more decades years.

    Of course, the form of America going to War after being sneak attacked by the cowardly enemy must be obeyed, so cue up an attack on Saudi Arabia. Damm, it would be great if Netanyahu was back in charge in Israel. He could stir up a hornets nest down there for us. Oh, yeah…

    Here is the punchline:

    1. Israel attacks Iran.

    2. Iran retaliates, along with allies China and Russia, and whether by false flag or other accident, Saudi and other strategic ellipse oil facilities get damaged.

    3. US military engages to protect American interests.

    4. The Straights of Hormuz get closed, even temporarily.

    5. Russia, China, and Iran target US aircraft carrier groups and bases with significant success.

    6. Tactical new generation Nuclear weapons get used. Both sides suffer horrific losses. The global population recoils in horror.

    7. A ceasefire ensues.

    8. The devastation to the fossil fuel energy infrastructure of the strategic ellipse that occurs in just a few days would take decades to rebuild.

    9. Western Banks all fail. Stock portfolio’s, pensions’s, non-productive real estate, all fall to near zero.

    10. World falls into currently unimaginable depression.

    11. Bill Gates ‘the next pandemic will get attention this time’ erupts. (Incidentally, people realize it no longer matters whether Karen Kingston or Sasha Latipova is right.)

    12. “Countries with heavy investment before the war, probably through private companies, in renewable energy production, renewable drive technology, and an advanced technical society that stays out of the worst of the conflict far relatively much better.” (Paraphrased from Lietenant Colonel Thoms Witt and team.)

    read the whole thing at:

  20. The Seer

    Tucker has content freedom in his contract so earning less to have his 1st Amendment rights.
    Safely made it back to Queenstown New Zealand and few new cars available at dealers and they only have two new per 2023 model coming in and some models no
    Supply. If you want to order a new car they are quoting 12 months + subject to change.
    No geoengineering here. Clear skies.
    Drinking much less water without aluminum barium strontium etc spraying in the sky. Safe to go hiking and walking alone. Food shelves are full. Petrol stations are pricy. Diesel vehicles have to get a sticker permit every 10,000 km so could control and not renew these ……
    My friends are pure bloods but their kids and grandkids are jabbed against their attempts to keep them safe. One was a bridesmaid and wanted to travel to the wedding- they are disappointed 4 kids and
    7 grandchildren jabbed.
    Vision- Seeing that Russia provides alternative banking system not Fed Reserve not BIS or IMF. More to

    • Greg Hunter

      He does? Bull crap.

  21. Mary

    Hi Greg, I look forward to all your posts. Thank you. Prostitutes had an excellent week at Davos.
    Real scumbags at Davos.

    Clif High states 50% of those who RSVP’ed Davos and paid 20-30K USD didn’t show and others leaving early.

    A bunch of arrogant dirtbags.

  22. D. KEENE

    Was watching GMA 3 What you need to know, on 1/18/23 & Dr Jen Ashton still promoting the booster shot saying no increased risk of strokes for people 65+ & then asked the other 2 hosts of the show if the got their booster, they both said, “Yes”. On UTUBE if you would like to check it out. Just terrible that this popular TV doctor is still promoting this clot shot!!!

  23. Ranlar

    Granted Tucker Carlson isn’t able to cover everything on Tucker Carlson Tonight; however, Tucker Carlson Today which is on Fox Nation has interviewed some of the very same people USA Watchdog has. This includes Dr. Peter Mccullough and other scientists, and Tressa Long. Almost every hour-long interview with his guests comes down to two primary America’s downfall… Removal of God and the destruction of the family. Tucker is limited on his evening show but has full control of his daytime show. Tucker also doesn’t hide his Christian faith. Fox Nation subscription is free for the first year for all veterans.
    He is against the war in Ukraine, Climate Change, vaccines, and most of the very same topic that is discussed here. Godspeed Greg.

  24. Marie Joy

    WE should make sure congress, Birx, Fauci, Gates of Hell, Schwab, etc, etc, all have their proper vaccines and boosters. Is it 7 vaccines they want EVERYONE to have?
    Gates of Hell wants food/meat/livestock to be injected with vaccines to make sure EVERYONE is vaccinated.
    In 2023, I think they will up their game and we should too. Buckle up.
    Protesting, in America, doesn’t work and it puts Patriots in danger.
    WE should, all be in better shape for what’s coming.

  25. Mitchell Bupp

    Howdy Greg and Everybody else, The Russians were betrayed in the middle of diplomatic negotiations about the movement of NATO’s east by the Biden administration. The Russians were told that a framework agreement was agreed to by US representatives in December 2021. The next month in January 2022 the Biden administration attempted a color revolution in Kazakhstan using revolutionaries of the Ukrainian overthrow. The USAID program provided the money from my understanding The common thread to all of this is Victoria Nuland. The architect of the color revolution in Ukraine and Biden’s lead negotiator. There are reasons the Russians can not negotiate with the ling USA.

  26. Andrea

    if it’s in the ” news” it is already a fact ( secret agreements behind the scene’s ). YES the dollar will sink soon ! now that banks are having problems with (cash), “ZELLE” what nearly all banks have . Here is your warning and writing on the wall(s). take heed, get old constitutional silver ( old silver us coin) or Gold ( for larger products or legacy savings for the future).

  27. Earl Thornburg


    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Earl!

  28. Arch

    Correct. China Russia India will be King.
    China Bank 8% interest
    China 1. credit card
    Energy pipelines , Oil cartels on board
    Billions of people

    Silk Highway anyone.
    China owns America’s land, precious metal mines, government,
    technology, and tik tok zoom ect ect ect

    Try to keep up, and get some exercise, you look soft and squishy.

    Try to keep up

    • Nika

      Trump told the House, to pass Legislation to keep them out! When Trump comes back, he will make sure, everything is done right.

  29. Cathy Palmer

    Q. When I google recent news with “Pfizer CEO”, this video pops up all over? Even Carlson at Fox. I am suspcious.

    • Cathy Palmer

      PS I’m suspicious of Rebel News and its founders Ezra Levant and Brian Lilley.

      • Pete

        I personally believe that the incident was staged. It seems to me that the globalists best weapon seems to be controlled opposition to keep everyone passive.
        How was it that Bourla was freely strolling down the street and these two “reporters” just happen to be there with the perfect flurry of questions, and not even missing a beat? How was it that Bourla had a man with him that appeared to be security and also a woman that appeared to be an assistant, yet the two “reporters” were given free reign to take a long walk and HARASS Bourla with virtually no resistance? What happened to all the police guards and the 5000 Swiss troops?
        Even Bourla knows that those questions are being asked about him all over the world. Now that those questions were asked and he didn’t talk, why would anyone legitimate try to ask him those questions again?

        • Greg Hunter

          Sorry Pete,
          This is just an opinion. I think it is legit. You are giving these fools way too much credit.

          • Pete

            Greg… I appreciate your point about giving them too much credit.

            • Greg Hunter

              Romans 1:21 – 22

  30. Stan

    The world is littered with the carcasses of people who bet against the US Dollar.

    • David Bagley

      Why would Greg be thrilled..he’s always said he has compassion for everyone.. he just doesn’t have compassion for evil..

      Do you actually listen to him?

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi James,
      Greta Thunberg is a creature of the Cabal. She was promoted as a ‘child prodigy’ to harangue leading political figures – because her controllers figured any adult arguing against her would be perceived as a bully. Although used, she is responsible for convincing many younger people, perhaps a majority, that the world is about to end unless we ban fossil fuels. Banning fossil fuels will kill off most of the human population. Job done!!! Now she denounces the Davos crowd, at Davos, for being ‘the core of the climate crisis’. This is a faux attack, a simple device to gain the ear of those who detest the WEF et al, and to further promote the ‘climate change’ agenda. Thunderg is poison, period!

  31. Mike

    If the DOJ cared about classified document mishandling then Hillary would be in jail and they would have thrown away the key. Pretending they care about Joe Biden classified document handling while ignoring his massive and more obvious crimes is hypocrisy of the highest order.

  32. Michael

    “Albert Bourla.” Wasn’t he a commandant at a Nazi concentration camp in Eastern Europe? Oh that’s right. The Pharma Companies were involved in that too.

    • Harry

      One thing is for sure – Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla (the son of holocaust survivors) is making damn sure he kills off “all the Jews this time around” with his poison jab!!

    • Fred

      No, he would be one of the ones demanding payments while simultaneously demanding that anyone asking basic forensic questions be put in jail.

  33. Lance Kelly

    Great work again & always. Thanks Greg Lance

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Lance for all your support!

  34. Johnny Sic

    I have a couple of questions for Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla.

    Are you afraid of getting shot in the face for what you have done to people around the world?
    Are you afraid of a bomb placed in your families car?
    Are you fearful of someone spitting spike protein in your restaurant food?
    Are you a secret transgender like Kamala Harris?
    Do you have parachutes in your plane?
    Can your yacht detect explosive mines?

    Are you human?

    • Harry

      The rats are running for cover hoping no one kills them like they killed us!!!

  35. Really Awake

    Don’t become too sure that the dollar is finished anytime soon. The day of reckoning is coming, but not as soon as the goldbugs think. I remember when the goldbugs were calling for the end of the dollar just before it shot up to 160 on the index – back in the 80s. Look it up.

    I remember watching goldbug Doug Casey on the Phil Donahue Show cira 1980.. You, too, can still watch the rerun on Youtube. I read Doug’s best selling book. Good book. I liked Doug then, and I like him now. One day Doug and the goldbugs will be right. And, if you ask me, the goldbugs are really great people. I just don’t listen when they talk their book.

    Just don’t be supprised how long the dollar remains the most relevant currency in the world. And, BTW, when the dollar does crash and burn I hope you’re ready for Mad Max.

    And don’t be supprised when the latest goldbug narrative proves untrue. For example, one of the goldbug narratives is the the U.S. government cannot afford its interest payments if rates keep rising. Really?

    Tax receipts are way, way up. Tax receipts are what pays the interest payments. And the local, state and federal government(s) haven’t even started their new hunt for tax money, yet.

    The interest expense as a percent of tax receipts had hit a historic low in Q1 2022, and has gone up a little from that historic low but remains near historic lows. Interest expense as a percent of tax receipts is the primary measure of whether or not the government can afford the interest expense: It was around 50% in the 1980s; in Q3 2022, it was 22.9%. Let that fact sink in.

    So Doug Casey back in 1980 made a better case for the U.S. government not being able to pay its bills than do the goldbugs today. So what happened back in the 1980s? Why didn’t the U.S. government and the U.S. government crash and burn like Doug said it would? Ronald Reagan and Dr. Paul Craig Roberts and Jack Kemp came along and started the biggest borrow-an-spend spree in the history of the USA. That’s why. And you know the rest of the story. Here we are with trillions in debt that will never be paud back. Let that sink in.

    I happen to agree with Marty Armstrong who has pointed out that the final crash and burn of the U.S. government and the U.S. dollar is at least a few years away. At least. Until then it’s going to be really, really rough to properly position ourselves to keep our heads above water.

    I have been buying gold and accumulating silver for decades. I buy physical metals, and I never sell. But the real wealth has been made by buying and selling with the dollar. In 2023 gold and silver shall do well, and that’s why I bought some back in the summer of 2022…. You can still buy now and watch it go up.

  36. Rod Brumley Sr Lt. Colonel USMC (ret.)

    I continue to buy pre 1965 US Dimes, Quarters and Half Dollars – my goal is to accumulate an additional $1,500 face in 2023. Great for Barter purposes
    The USA has plenty of Oil of its own – just finish the pipeline and start drilling and we can tell Saudi to go to Hell.
    Biden the Despicable Incompetent Traitor and his Ho Karmala have to Go

  37. Ed


    You are on a tear. Keep it going. God Bless.

    • Greg Hunter

      Your support is appreciated, Ed.

  38. Ralph

    If Camel takes over now, she could be installed for 2 full terms now. How would like you like 10 years of her? NOOOOOOOO THANKS!!!

    • Nika

      That would be a Horror Movie!

    • Harry

      First the WEF Globalists give us a dementia patient for US President (who belongs in a nursing home) – now the WEF Globalists want to give us a Camel for US President (who belongs in the Sahara Desert)!!

  39. Peter Schaps

    I view replacement of the petrodollar reserve status as a pretty tall order and here is why. Just evaluating the utility of the petrodollar as it stands today and how it is utilized by the entire world to purchase everything from A to Z . While the petrodollar has its problems no other currency has achieved this level of velocity and utility and I see the information being put out that the dollar would be replaced by a Chinese yuan unreliable. As far as i am aware to today when people stuff the mattress with a currency, they continue to stuff it with petrodollars. In the meantime, keep stacking.

  40. Marie Joy

    Fraud vitiates Big Pharma’s immunity. Mass murderers hang by the neck until dead.

    • Marie Joy

      Minute 22:14, “At least, 50 million Americans were given heart damage”, purposely. That falls in Holy Mother of God territory and it’s genocide.

  41. stonewall

    The piece on Rebel News trying to interview Pfizer CEO was outstanding. More media need to get in the face of these criminals walking free. I must say Bourla looked very

    • Nika

      Bourla picked the wrong day to walk.

  42. Won Witness

    WEF agenda is now a WOUNDED animal/BEAST !
    CAUTION to all:

    1. Should the internet , or electricity, or ? be cut, no news no email no text…
    How will Free Citizens come together to help and protect ourselves ?
    I will be making contact at or through OUR COMMUNITY CHURCHES. Together we can help and support each other materially and more important SPIRITUALLY.
    Isolation is their goal,
    Our goal Must be unity,
    (for wherever two or more are gathered in his name..)

    2. Another Caution,
    Ruthless Evil loves to foment it’s own opposition, to identify and destroy all opposition.
    be wary.
    past examples :
    FBI agent provocation in peaceful Jan 6 th, protest to insurrectionists.

    Governor Witmer’s inserted bad actors in the kidnap plot.

    The mysterious German National that taught Timothy McVeigh And Terry Nichols how to build the large fertilizer bomb that was set off in Oklahoma and yet he briefly detained then allowed to fly out of the country unhindered.

    Janet Reno’s decision to wipe out the religious branch davidians, when they could have simply arrested leader David Koresh in town when he picked up the mail. So She could advance the Clinton gun control agenda. Let’s all pray the government dosen’t start calling your church a compound !

    Chairman Mao’s “let 1000 flowers of thought contend” to identify opposition to be eliminated.
    If some of these incident details are unfamiliar to you it’s because controlling the narrative is not a new thing, Pravda means truth but was lies. Good called evil and evil called good.
    Sweet Jesus Thank You for your salvation.
    I shall not fear being on the enemy’s lists as I know YOUR is the ONLY list
    that matters.

    • Don Bass

      Won Witness,
      Will mudder Russka, save us through the BRICS DEFIANCE OF THE GLOBALIST, SORE ASS h’Olé! Soros, Davos cabal!?
      The Beijing Bought, O’Biden adMunster’ation, a puppet of the Fascist Nationalist Socialist World Econo’matrix’s Forum’ation of Sore Ass and Klaus Schwab, Swabians and big tech’er, Bill Gates. Of the three stooges, only Klaus had the guts to be dare, there! At Davos.

      Sparta commander: “We are fighting against the genocide of the Russian-speaking population”
      Eva K Bartlett 8.6K views 4 days ago
      During my last trip to Donetsk, over the Christmas & New Years holidays, I joined RT in some reporting. We filmed Artem Zhoga, commander of the Sparta Reconnaissance Battalion, on NY’s eve:

      1 reply@tubthump 4 days ago
      Thank you Eva and thank you Sparta Reconnaissance Battalion. The commander referred to Russiophobia…here in Britain the government and compliant media bombard us constantly with Russophobic propaganda…but I would like to convey to him that very many Britons see through the lies and support the heroic efforts of those fighting to liberate the Donbass.

      Kherson Refugees Reject Western Media Claims of Russia “Kidnapping” Them
      Eva K Bartlett8,159 views Dec 30, 2022
      Western media claim up to 1.6 million refugees seeking safe haven in Russia were “kidnapped”.
      According to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs as of September 9, 2022, Russia has nearly 4 million refugees from Ukraine.
      Anyone following Ukraine’s over eight years of war on the Donbass understands why people would seek refuge in Russia.
      I went to refugee centres in Anapa, a southern Russia city and spoke with a number of refugees from Kherson.
      Western media won’t speak about those refugees, nor those I interviewed, fleeing Ukraine’s shelling or due to the risk of being persecuted.
      By the way, unsurprisingly, Western media pulled this “kidnapped” stunt before. In 2019, Western media was so concerned about Syrian refugees from a camp in Syria’s east, which Western media alleged were being held at gunpoint in refugee centres in Homs.
      After interviewing a number of such IDPs, I wrote a detailed article noting the deceptive media reporting on Rukban. […] I emailed two different high level UN employees, whose replies contrasted the wild claims of Western media reports.
      They noted the UN had visited the shelters multiple times, “and has found the situation there adequate and in compliance with standards,” and that claims of refugees being shot or threatened were “unfounded”.
      So much that happens in the Donbass & Ukraine has happened in Syria, with Western corporate media again inverting reality and lauding terrorists, in order to manipulate public opinion in favour of NATO’s wars.

  43. David Gordon Dunne

    Satan’s time is short, Jesus will be here soon so be one of his Elect. You have nothing to worry about then. The AC comes first and will do great miracles and will deceive so many. I never see anything the last 3 years that makes me feel positive but I feel like I am a water slide heading down. I feel so fuc-ing helpless to help my kids and grand kids now.
    Maybe many are now awake but these mfers just keep steam rolling humanity down. I want the BAMS to go BAM now and take these demons down NOW.

    • Harry

      Just as Jesus whipped the criminal Pharisees – so can we whip the WEF Globalists – but be on guard for possible extermination with Gates’s next virus and Schwab taking down the power grid – however – as Jesus we should have no fear “as we too will rise from the ashes” and defeat Satan and his minions!!!

  44. foggygoggles

    As Charles Hugh Smith points out, what can people actually buy with other currencies?

  45. Nika

    I love it, when Bo Polny is correct. Bo said, “30% haircut” So, I am curious, will we see the stock market and Dollar, both start to tank today and next week?(large drops?) Or do they, both gradually go down over a period of 4-8 weeks?

  46. John Geis

    They forced all the Air Force pilots to be vaxxed! Imagine a fighter pilot trying to handle 6 G’s with a damaged heart!! This is why they have delayed the no fly zone.
    SOON they will be forced to try to enforce a no fly zone in Ukraine because after Bakmut falls it is wide open snow covered ground where Ukraine’s forces will be defenseless against Russian Air Power just as Saddam’s vaunted army was in the open desert! They even surrendered to drones!.
    When NATO loses they will likely go nuclear because they have said “Putin cannot be allowed to win. THE GREATEST THREAT OF NUCLEAR WAR IS A RUSSIAN VICTORY!!
    All you need to know who wins is look at Daniel 7-4 and 5. In 7-4 America’s wings are clipped (the vaccine) and Russia rises and devours much flesh

    • David Dansker

      Agree with your interpretation of Russian victory, which I think is inevitable. Have another take on Daniel 7, and beasts. I am persuaded to the view of Clarence Larkin:


      “The first was like a LION, and had eagle’s wings: I beheld till the wings thereof were plucked, and it was lifted up from the earth, and made stand upon the feet as a man, and a man’s heart was given to it.” Verse 4.

      The “First Beast” that Daniel saw emerge from the seething foam of the “Great Sea” was like a LION, with this difference, it had wings like those of an Eagle. Its appearance would recall to Daniel the colossal figures of lions, with the wings of an eagle, and the face of a man, that adorned the palaces of Nineveh and Babylon, and would suggest to him that the “First Beast” was a symbol of the Babylonian Empire, and its first king, Nebuchadnezzar, and that it corresponded to the “Head of Gold” of the “Image.” In this “Eagle Winged Lion” we see a combination of the “King of Beasts” and the “King of Birds,” typical of the “Absolute Monarchy” of Nebuchadnezzar, and his conquering flight over the nations. But as Daniel gazed upon the “Beast” its wings were plucked. That is, Nebuchadnezzar satisfied with his conquests gave himself up to building palaces, and to the pursuits of peace, and from that time the glory of the Empire began to wane. Then Daniel saw it lifted up and caused to walk on two feet, instead of four, like a man, and a man’s heart was given it, ‘but otherwise it was still a beast. That is, it no longer resorted to the use of its teeth and claws to overcome its enemies, but to its intellect. The plucking of the wings may also refer to the insanity of Nebuchadnezzar, and the standing on two feet like a man, and the receiving of a man’s heart, to his recovery from his beastly state, and his humane conduct thereafter.


      “And behold another beast, a second, like a BEAR, and it raised up itself on one side, and it had three ribs in the mouth of it between the teeth of it; and they (the heavenly Watchers, verse 16) said thus unto it – ARISE, DEVOUR MUCH FLESH,” Verse 5.

      The “Second Beast” was like a BEAR. The Bear is the strongest beast after the Lion, and is distinguished for its voracity, hut it has none of the agility and majesty of the Lion, is awkward in its movements, and effects its purpose with comparative slowness, and by brute force and sheer strength. These were characteristics of the Medo-Persian Empire. It was ponderous in its movements, and gained its victories by hurling vast masses of troops upon its enemies. Xerxes’ expedition against Greece was undertaken with 2,500,000 fighting men. It is easy to be seen that the movements of such enormous bodies of men would “devour much flesh.” Not merely in the shape of food, but by death by exposure and disease, and in battle. The side of the “Bear” which raised up, preparatory to attack, represented Persia, which of the Dual Empire was the stronger and the most aggressive. It corresponded to the “right shoulder and arm” of the “Image.” The “Three Ribs” stood for the three Kingdoms of Lydia, Babylon, and Egypt, that formed a “Triple Alliance” to check the Medo-Persian power, but were destroyed by it. As the “Bear” is an inferior animal to the “Lion,” we see that the Medo-Persian Empire was inferior to the Babylonian. Not however in power, but in wealth and magnificence, and in its form of government. Thus the “Four Wild Beasts” correspond with the “Metals” of the “Image,” in that each succeeding “Beast” is inferior to the one that preceded it.

      • Olaf from Oz

        David, what seems to be rather confusing is your interpretation of Daniel 7 and that of the Babylon Image of Daniel Chapter 2.
        Daniel 7 EXPANDS the period of the Feet and Toes of the Image of Daniel 2 which PRECEDES the ROCK (God’s Kingdom) coming down to destroy ALL of Mankind’s Kingdoms.
        Daniel 2:34. Thou sawest till that a stone was cut out without hands, which SMOTE THE IMAGE upon his FEET [that were] of iron and clay, and brake them to pieces.
        35. Then was the iron, the clay, the brass, the silver, and the gold, broken to pieces together, and BECAME LIKE the CHAFF of the summer threshingfloors; and the wind carried them away, that no place was found for them: and the stone that smote the image became a great mountain, and FILLED the WHOLE earth.
        Daniel 7 STARTS with 1914 where the SEA of HUMANITY is STIRRED to WAR – (WORLD WAR).
        Dan.7:2. Daniel spake and said, I saw in my vision by night, and, behold, the four winds of the heaven strove upon the great sea.
        3. And FOUR great beasts came up from the sea, diverse one from another.
        This was – THREE Powers + ONE Power.
        The LAST Power came into BEING after the SECOND Attempt (WW2) was Completed.
        Power # 1 Was LION = Deutchland – With EAGLES Wings – in 1945 had its WINGS (Swastica Luftwaffe) Plucked and LIFTED UP (Government was replaced) and made to STAND on TWO positions (East & West), and the HEART that was GIVEN to it was that had “MAN” in the NAME (English GIVE “GerMANy” and French GIVE “AleMANgne”) The National Anthem for the NETHERLANDS refers to Deutchland (the Lion)
        Dan.7:4. The first [was] like a lion, and had eagle’s wings: I beheld till the wings thereof were plucked, and it was lifted up from the earth, and made stand upon the feet as a man, and a man’s heart was given to it.

        Power # 2 is Russia. = Bear. Became USSR.
        Took MUCH Flesh (East Block + East Germany) (On one SIDE) with Yugoslavia (Balkan war later) with 3 ethnic groups in teeth.
        Dan.7:5. And behold another beast, a second, like to a bear, and it raised up itself on one side, and [it had] three ribs in the mouth of it between the teeth of it: and they said thus unto it, Arise, devour much flesh.

        Power # 3 is the UK (+USA)
        4 “Heads” or Governments = England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.
        The British Emblem is a flag with SLEEK – Leopard-like Lions.
        It was only in WW2 that the USA had their AIR-FORCE Stationed in the UK – MAKING TWO sets of FOWL Wings. (Become a PILOT = Get Wings).
        UK was GIVEN Dominion = British Commonwealth.

        Power # 4 = UN – after League of Nations FAILED.
        It had 7 Heads (G7) and 10 Horns (WTO with 10 World Divisions.
        Dan.7:7. After this I saw in the night visions, and behold a fourth beast, dreadful and terrible, and strong exceedingly; and it had great iron teeth: it devoured and brake in pieces, and stamped the residue with the feet of it: and it [was] diverse from all the beasts that [were] before it; and it had ten horns.

        Revelation 13 Tells about this 4th POWER (The UN) with (G)7Heads and 10 (WTO) Horns. HAS a BODY of ENGLISH Language, MOUTH of NAZI Germany and FEET of the SOVIET Russia Bear.
        Rev.13:1. And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast RISE UP out of the sea, having SEVEN heads and TEN horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.

        The 3 FIRST Powers is making up this FOURTH – 10 horn POWER.
        2. And the beast which I saw was like unto a LEOPARD, and his feet were as [the feet] of a BEAR, and his mouth as the mouth of a LION: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority.

  47. Richard

    What I honestly don’t understand is why the MSM keeps protecting these criminals – Big Pharma, Big Tech, the WEF, etc.??? People are STARVING for TRUTH! Imagine if they decided, NO MORE! Are they that afraid of losing advertisers? Many companies would step in once they saw their ratings triple! Tell the TRUTH Fox!

  48. Marie Joy

    Credit unions have lower interest rates and fewer fees.

  49. Patricia Carrowiano

    Greg you consistently provide top notch reporting and even more, THE TRUTH!! THANK YOU!!!
    I LOVED the video ” We got him” Many thanks for posting it.
    It takes courage to do what you do. One thing I love is you tell people not to be afraid and that Jesus is real. That is priceless. Love the interviews with the docs who are courageous and Bo Poiny, this gives people hope! Keep doing what you do. I will continue to be a big fan. Don’t listen to the nay sayers they are on the wrong team.

  50. jon

    For those having video playing problems. There are multiple variables and settings which could be preventing your system from playing. To ask Greg to solve your issue is not possible. The issue is more than likely in your system. (Although not 100% of time)
    When a computer interfaces with a remote system, for example between a browser and the hosting Server (website), it requires a handshaking between the two that need to match up with specific settings and coding, communication versions etc. Any mismatch can create a problem.
    Each browser will have multiple settings which specify security and internet working values and other related code language specifications. Either too tight or too loose can be an issue.
    What you can do. Consider, checking your security settings, upgrading your browser version and make sure your O/S is updated with most recent patches and updates. If on a vpn, test on then off. Then do a periodic full system scan for malware. Consider doing these things on your system. These are standard although “Not” a complete list of things a computer tech would perform.
    (One real caveat, anything in IT and Internet has built in obsolescence, because system on both sides of the equation require updated coding, equipment etc. There is “always” a parallel updating required between the two)

  51. John Maskell

    Well done Greg , great weekly wrap up. At the end of the show you say ” fear not”,
    that to me is the best advice anyone can give . We will always have each other here on USA Watchdog even if we’re separated by different countries . Such a good place to be on this channel , with good minded people who leave kind and pleasant comments . Very few trolls here but they are realising that stupid can’t win . Looking forward to Saturday night with Karen Kingston . Such a brave and honest lady . Many thanks , John from England .

  52. jim

    Tucker should hire a food taster. Fox news is deep state. Tucker is on the borrowed time express.

    • Greg Hunter

      What tucker is doing is approved by his globalist/CRF bosses. You think they are on your side?

      • Shane


        Why do you think Trump is any different than Tucker?

        If “They” won’t even allow an independent to be on a TV show why in the heck would they allow one to be President?

        CAF needs to slap you around some more…heheheh…

        • Greg Hunter

          Because Tucker still has his job.

          • Shane


            Who says Trump isn’t still serving his masters?

            Despite him initiating the WEF’s Great Reset in 2020 he is still controlling you… heheheh

            • Greg Hunter

              And the evil Biden globalist government is controlling and paying a weasel troll like you.

        • Harry

          In my opinion “Trump is Damaged Goods” – there seems to be a high probability “he will be indicted” a few months from now for “Sedition” (for supposedly promoting the Jan 6 protests) – if Trump is found guilty of “Sedition” – it will automatically by Constitutional Law “disqualify him from running for President in 2024” – in addition – Trump also serious problems with his New York businesses which are under criminal investigation by the New York Attorney General for multiple crimes (that include tax fraud, falsifying business records and conspiracy) – and if all that is not bad enough – we have Trump still supporting the damn Kill Shot “as a benefit to humanity” – it is my opinion that – it is probably time – “To Let Go” – and begin looking for a more viable replacement to carry the MAGA Flag into the 2024 election (as getting rid of the evil Demon-rats “who now want to get rid of our gas stoves” should be our first priority)!!!

          • Greg Hunter

            I don’t think so Harry. How about Biden with real crime? Not worried about that?

  53. Coal Burner

    Greg, thanks for the Rebel news interview video. I tried to watch it yesterday and it was blocked. That video was absolutely amazing! That these unknown guys pulled this interview off was amazing.

  54. Justn Observer

    Greg, I doubt POTUS Trump had any clue of the complexity and evolvement of the NAZI – US – CHINA virus programs…or ‘maybe’ that so many people would be as evil as to use it for such a world-wide de-population/de-nationalism effort to bring down world debt and install a NWO to the magnitude it is going to….or… he did realize it, knew he could not stop it outright as all those in the Whitehouse surrounding him we working against him…along with ‘maybe’ his lack of understanding just how deep and wide ‘the swamp’ really was? THAT said, he needs to put his pride away, realize and admit what occurred on his watch should not have happened and admit NOW the jabs and whole mess needs to stop…or there will be no A to MAGA left in the future.
    NOW….I suggest many of the nay sayers and those that think ‘JUST PRAYER’ is going to fix-stop this mess ‘NOT THAT GOD CAN NOT’ but why would he with the current gov’t of the U.S. – abortion, promotion of the CRT, drug, sex, child,organ transplanting still be tolerated ?
    PLEASE, get out a note pad, and pen…..and TAKE THE TIME and listen to these – ya I know ‘they are soooo long’ ! Too bad for the lazy bastards that just want to bitch…whine and finger point their ‘poitical views’ and then spout ‘bible quotes’ while (they) HE wiped out about all on earth for about the same thing – right?
    Maybe this time HE will just allow most of those on the whole earth to go up in smoke rather than drown? When one realizes what is happening was in the works for DECADES…why should be think EXPECT DJT was aware of all this D T R A, CABAL, DS, SES, NAZI RATLINE BUS= now PHARMA, OSS-CIA collaboration that has been going on SINCE WWI! Where have all those watching their hedges funds and 401k’s been all these years? Themselves being drawning into and taxed in about ALL nations to fund these ‘endless wars’ let alone drafted or participated as military SOUL gatheres for them thinking one was just doing their ‘patriotic duty’? THIS IS a war…one now being fought -globalist elites vs nationalist ‘deplorables’ and ‘the unwashed masses’ and middle class used to fund them AND the ‘free Obama phone and free healthcare’ and free heliocopter money parasitic drugged up and dumbed down and entrained ‘poison’ IVY league minions ?
    HERE ya…go…you do not have to put in the last six years of compound searches and tagging and gathering and dot connecting meta data…. all you have to do is…POUR A DRINK or get a few cups of coffee…pad and pen for notes….listen for a few hours….then….. COMPARE what you are reported here by Greg and his interviewees, and the notes….with what you hear, see, in LLM, MSM or FOX NEWS. THEN ask, how much did POTUS DJT really know and when did he KNOW IT -really!~ and then what did some try to tell him, that was as some admitted, was taken off his desk or NOT told to him by many of the swamp surrrounding him? AND too… as you will see, it is NOT just what some Dr’s are now saying…..BUT….what they are NOT about their part in all this?
    This NOW becomes…WHAT DO YOU KNOW….and what ARE YOU going to do about it! yeah, sounds like what it is….A CHALLENGE to at least explore the possiblilities, connect some dot. Protecting one self and family IS YOUR JOB…and doubt just hoping someone else is going to come save you is at this point …NOT an option any longer. As to those who lost family, or got sick, this might also clear up what may have happened to them and WHY! at least more clarification…
    I noted the views of these so we can see who just rants and who really put in the time to try to find out the facts as the rocks get flipped!
    KNOWLEDGE AND SOME CRITICAL THINKING HIGH-OCTANE SPECULATION AND TIME SPENT can result in UNDERSTANDING rather than mere shallow spewing, ranting and finger pointing. Time to go get you and your family’s own ‘lab work’ to ‘verify’ the damage and potential risk = that will in the end be the only REAL data – we need to know who was in what condition when – before and after…and stop the specualtion as to with deaths were caused how or by what. Did one get the jab, get sprayed at an event, get vaped to give the ‘appearance’ of a breakout’, give the wrong medical treatment intentionally, by mistake or ‘just for the money’? Calvary might indeed be coming…and we might be the ones now being led there !

    As to the testing program mentioned in the vids…might send a donation to get enough for a good survey of 300 to 1000 willing participants for the data…to those in the process of setting it up ….
    Greg, might do an interview with Georg Webb for info on that…or maybe PH’D Skidmore, CAF, Karen Kingston OR other can help in that?
    We really do not expect WHO, NIH, CDC, FDA to do it do we?

  55. Randy Best

    It amazes me how many still have faith in worthless Government/Central Bank fiat money.

  56. Randall Maxwell

    The ways of men are suffering and death, while the ways of God are the tree of life and every spiritual blessing Gen. 2:17-4:12; 2 Thess. 2:1-11. We have been struggling mightily in the Babylon/Rome apostasy 2 Thess. 2:3; Rev. 18:4; Rom. 5:13; Acts 17:30, having fallen away from the Royal Law, one faith from God Christianity, and the Kingdom of Jehovah for the past 1680 years.

    Satan, the man of sin Rom. 5:12-21, who as a demon possesses the bodies of men, claims to be God 2 Thess. 2:4. The father of all liars rules over us by lying and claiming we will not suffer and die, that we can preach, judge, and save each other just like the righteous judge can. The preaching, bibles and religions, and moral standards of men were the authority behind the crucifixion of Christ and the authority utilized by evil modern men to try to destroy the world with their pseudoscience environmentalism.
    Because the second age of Christianity will involve billions around the world, the Lord gave to men a strong delusion and hid away His face, power, glory, and majesty so that we could suffer under the ways of men and as preachers of men demonstrate how badly we need the perfect preacher in the last days or end times of Satan’s rule Heb. 1:2.

    We have just had to patiently deal with the suffering of the ways of men until the coming of the Lord Job; James 5:7-11; Rom. 5:13; Acts 17:30.

    THE FIRST COMING, IN 70 AD, WAS WHEN the Holy Spirit delivered the Bible to Christians, once and for all time, through the seven prophets of Asia Minor Judas 3.

    THE SECOND COMING IS APPROXIMATELY IN 2065 AD. This is approximately 43 years after the perfect preacher is back with the Sword of the Spirit. Satan knows now that he has but little time to battle against the Lord with his mega sword of every wind of the doctrine of men Rev. 6:2.


    Our Lord Jesus Christ, the chief spokesman for Elohim, is omnipresent, and now the Father grants to us the wisdom James 1:5 to visualize the Lord in heaven as our Champion Rev. 5:1ff and observe how He is the only one qualified to restore the Sword of the Spirit by breaking the seven seals, lies of Satan with the Wisdom from Above. Christ is the only mediator or preacher between God and man without a beam in His eyes, or thumbs on the scales of justice 1 Tim. 2:5, or that shed His blood to preach the GOOD NEWS or the gospel of the kingdom Matt. 4:23; 13:11; Jer. 10:23. Another lie of Satan destroyed is the lie from apocryphal books of men that Satan is lucifer the fallen angel! No, he is a demon, the antichrist. All demons are spirits of dead evil men. Satan was the first preacher, he had a miraculous education, like Adam and Eve, and his spirit was in the body of a snake. All demons are spirits of dead evil men, and spiritual warfare is between the ways of men and the ways of Elohim. The truth about the meaning of life is not complicated, we just can’t see it without the light of God’s Word. Lies are complicated, “Let God be true and every man a liar Rom. 3:4.

    SCIENCE IS BACK. The Destroyer, the Messenger of Death, and Space Weather are avatars representing Christ. Throughout history, the Lord has utilized His countdown clock of doom to save the righteous and destroy the wicked cf. water with Noah. In 40 -43 years, He will utilize fire to save the righteous Eph. 2:17; Matt. 5:5; Rom. 5:13; Acts 17:30 and destroy the wicked 2 Pet. 3; Rev. 18:4; Acts 2:17-21; Joel 2; Rev. 6; Rev. 8, etc.

    It is time for me to follow Jesus, to put my hand to the plow and never look back, are you with me Luke 9: 61, 62?

  57. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great news report.

  58. Andy Randazzo

    Thanks again Greg for another great video. I am not having any problems viewing the videos. I access directly from your web site using Duck Duck go or Safari.

  59. Kenneth Noga

    The word De-escalation is not even used anymore!!!!

  60. Crewton Ramone

    Ridiculous slaves, oooh!: they asked questions at the murderers, it’s f****ing embarrassing.

    “Shame on you!”

    That’ll teach them! Getting sick of the peasants…

  61. Bill Heuschele

    Great job Greg, thank you.

  62. Joseph Boudreau

    I bought enough popcorn to last me alllll year, Greg! I’m ready for anything…

    • Harry

      Do you think “a pop corn gun” has enough firepower to keep the Globalists from going after your children??

  63. Led Skelton

    I got the solution for those that spend their entire life pretending to be victims, someone/sexually that they are not.

    Don’t make UNCONSTITUTIONAL laws that force existing STRAIGHT MEN and WOMEN {{things}} to also include the pretendsexuallyconfused LGBT+.

    MAKE LAWS THAT FORBID the pretendsexuallyconfused LGBT+ from entering STRAIGHT MEN and WOMEN {{things}}.

    If the pretendsexuallyconfused LGBT+ want such {{things}} force pretendsexuallyconfused LGBT+ to make their own bullshit businesses that cater to the mentally sick.

    Straight people shouldn’t be forced to comply to the pretendsexuallyconfused LGBT+ mentally sick. Prior to the 1980 we had good mental institutions that catered to the pretendsexuallyconfused LGBT+.

    It is time to bring back the work farm, debt prison, loony bins and “funny” farms. And force them to grow all the food they consume. Make said freak houses a zero cost to the working taxpayers.

    Insisting to be a stupid confused deviant victim is not a virtue.

  64. S W

    Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) officials recently discussed how to deal with the next approaching market collapse and hide alarming data from depositors to prevent bank runs, video of a meeting shows.

    The G-20 met in Brisbane Australia in 2014 changed the banking laws saying the depositors funds will be the first source of bailout in the next crisis. Another Obama act.

    BIS Bank for International Settlements head Agustin Carstens about CBDC and control

  65. S W

    (i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population;

    PUBLIC LAW 107-56-OCT. 26, 2001
    (a) DOMESTIC TERRORISM DEFINED. – Section 2331 of title 18, United
    States Code, is amended-
    “(5) the term ‘domestic terrorism’ means activities that-
    “(A) involve acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or of any State;
    “(B) appear to be intended-
    “(i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population;
    pg 106

    What is COERCION?
    Compulsion; force; duress. It may be either actual, (direct or positive.) where physical force Is put upon a man to compel him to do an act against his will, or implied, (legal or constructive.) where the relation of the parties is such that one is under subjection to the other, and is thereby constrained to do what his free will would refuse. State v. Darlington, 153 Ind. 1, 53 N. E. 025; Cliappell v. Trent, 00 Va. S49, 19 S. E. 314; Radicli v. Ilutohins, 95 U. S. 213, 24 L. Ed. 409; Peyser v. New York, 70 N. Y. 497. 20 Am. Rep. G24; State v. Boyle, 13 R. I. 53S.

  66. Nika

    In the Alec Baldwin case, Alec and his Attorney, are basing his defense on “liberal” principles. Namely, that the armourer was ultimately responsible, for leaving a “live” round in the bullet chamber.
    However, “conservatives” would say Alec Baldwin, was at fault, because he didn’t check the gun chambers for bullets after receiving the gun from the armourer.
    Will a liberal judge, use liberal principles to acquit Alec Baldwin of his responsibilities?

  67. James Swiger

    You may want to listen to some of the research done by George Webb and possibly ask him on your show. He has followed much of these deep state operations for years. You may find that many who appear to be a white hat now have a vary nefarious past.

  68. Nika

    On May 4, 2022 Will Chamberlain on Twitter, said his best guess was, that Elizabeth Deustch (?) was the “Leaker” on the Supreme Court.
    Elizabeth Deustch is currently a law clerk for Justice Breyer. FBI said recently, they couldn’t figure out, who the “Leaker” was!

  69. Chance the Gardener

    Hi Greg. It should be noted that last week QANTAS had an emergency may day when an engine blew up returning from Auckland. Flight to Fiji also had to return. Total of four messed up flights last week. Considering QANTAS near perfect past record it seems very strange to have four inflight problems that demanded flight cancellations. It takes more than the pilot to keep a plane in the air. Clif High commented that all sorts of problems will evolve from the phony vax.

  70. Paul in Oz

    Hi Greg, good to see your presence back again on twitter. Hoping to run into some of my Aussie brothers there and perhaps arrange a get together

  71. Lucas Doolin

    Tony Luongo thinks a Kamala Harris presidency might be different. She hasn’t been treated very well in Washington and might not do what she is told. Interesting take from an interesting man.

  72. Nanny Granny

    Russia Ukraine War Live: US Doubts Kyiv’s Capability, Says ‘Very Difficult To Eject Russian Forces’ NOW Besides you guy’s tested all your gizmo’s. They failed! As long as Putin holds all the cards. The Hypersonic cards that is! He’s got your hands tied behind your backsides, you ninny’s!

  73. Granny

    Oop’sy daisy,

  74. Led Skelton

    Wouldn’t it be nice if Americans had only one thin layer of laws to live by,
    and those fair laws were all made by WE THE PEOPLE of State you’re in.

    OUR FOUNDING FATHERS WOULD BE IN TOTAL DISGUST BY THE ENDLESS LAYERS OF POWER AND LAWS BY UNELECTED AND UNACCOUNTABLE BUNGHOLES. OUR FOUNDING FATHERS WOULD GO FULL REVOLUTIONARY WAR 2.0 and the founding fathers would not allow themselves to be called terrorists, the leftist MSM would be hanging at the ends of many ropes, we would even have to import some rope from Russia to finish the job.

    I shouldn’t have to pay for the endless CA, OR, NY, IL, blue city/state bullshit using my federal tax money. If there must be taxation of the wage earning citizens, require all of the tax proceeds to remain within that school district for their people and businesses to thrive. There are no handouts in my America because they become endlessly increasing entitlements and always expanding in the number of entitlements.

    Run the new stripped down and nearly powerless against the people federal government on money collected entirely by corporations, you know the ones with all the lawyers and lobbyists that draft create all the laws.

  75. Ken

    Am I the only one who is seeing the Rebel News as a staged faked event?? Does anyone believe that Rebel News is going to just walk up to the CEO of Pfizer a 100 billion dollar revenue company?? Not a chance especially for such a high profile guy as Bourla. These guys always have security around them at all times and at Davos it is increased significantly. If you are not authorized no matter who you are you – you don’t even get close to these so called elites.

    So what is going on?? Simple. Nothing but controlled opposition pretending to slay the latest dragon so you will sit on your butt being entertained, never get organized, and most importantly go back to sleep as so many of our citizens do.

  76. Paraclete

    Also, Col. Douglas MacGregor could be a good interview concerning the kraine

  77. Shiloh1

    So, much to my surprise this morning Denninger posts the recent Tucker Carlson monologue. I say surprise’ because I’ve been following Denninger’s blog for about 15 years and know that he does not post ‘tin’ (tinfoil hat fantasies) nor allows any in the comments.

    So Tucker goes to the obvious ‘why now’ question about the apparent Team D takedown of FJB in the context of the classified papers in his garage. Tucker says that would be like going after El Choppo for expired license plates. Tucker says there had not been a peep from them about the illegals -borders or drugs free-flowing into the country. Tucker and Denninger then go into the whole JFK deep state murder, Nikons overwhelming win in 72, Nixon telling a deep stater that he knows who (them) shot Jack, Nixon being replaced by Ford, who just coincidentally was on the Warren Commission. (Not mentioned by with of them, but RFK jr has recently stated the connection of CIA to killing JFK.

    So we are seeing real-life theater in the works with the current FJB stuff. The Garland being lead by the deep state will find an overdue library book in Joe’s garage and force him out. The last thing they want is an investigation into the contents of Hunter’s laptop, which they’ve had for around 3 years, with all of the bribes including the Ukraine money laundering machine back to the DNC, including the slob front-man SBF as one of the launderers.

    About a week ago Kunstler was talking about the parade of liars at the first Trump impeachment, including CIArmello, Vindman, Schiff, Marie Yovanovitch and many more.

    Do the deep state is going to try to flush their actions down the memory hole with by burying slimes Joe. And nobody mentions the Big O (powered by Valerie Jarret, Susan Rice and Rahm) in any of this.

    With the Fauchi Flop Died Suddenly becoming a daily event (Karen Kingston has connected the bio weapon to the DoD and deep state) and Ukrainian becoming a more obvious deep state action with roots going back at least a decade…

    How will McCarthy (and Graetz, Jordan, Massey) play it? Go along with the plan or take it in a different direction. What about the absolutely corrupt McConnell? Will he do his “That’s ….that’s a joke, son.” impression?

    This stuff is about to get un-real.

    Looking forward to your interview with Karen Kingston on your Saturday Night Post, Greg.

    All the best.

  78. Ken

    This Baldwin affair is fake as a 3 dollar bill. My God people this is all for gun control agenda and yes it is FAKE NEWS! I was never much of Trump fan – [Biden makes me want to throw up!] – however he did inform the public regarding FAKE NEWS. The problem is the American public has no idea as to the gargantuan level of staged faked event that occurs. And it is going to get far, far worse. One of Greg’s repeat guests stated for 2023 our monsters in charge will throw the U.S. into extreme chaos. Just go through Greg’s past interviews here is the title:
    Desperate Deep State Planning Intense Chaos in 2023 – Alex Newman

  79. Justn Observer

    Greg, this is an interesting treatise on the ‘EURO’ dollar SWIFT system and why it will NOT go away as assumed any time soon…

  80. Jim

    Why is Trump so committed to promoting sodomy?

    Is he mocking the Christian dupes who blindly support him?

    • Greg Hunter

      Maybe he thinks he has to do this to make a third party run? The Bible says this is wrong.

  81. Justn Observer

    MORE on those links that people need to absorb to get the timelines and development of vaxes and jabs straight?=

  82. Alf and Ralph

    A 12 minute video worth viewing regarding the world and the rulers, divide and rule.

  83. Danny McPhee

    Greg, Thank you for this excellent weekly wrap up.
    IMO, as reguards a nuclear event, I do believe it is possible, but I believe it would be a very small one. I do not think God would allow these idiots running these governments to completely destroy this earth. Ecclesiastes 1:4 points this out.
    It’s like a person who owns a home and rents it out to individuals who utterly wreck it. Does the the owner destroy the building, or remove the tenants.
    Once again, thanks for keeping us well informed.

  84. Wadsworth Binghamton

    Ukraine live briefing: Kyiv’s frustration mounts as West fails to agree on tank delivery
    Story by Niha Masih • 2h ago
    Ukrainian officials aired their frustration after a key meeting of Western allies at Ramstein Air Base in Germany failed to come up with a deal to supply Kyiv with the battle tanks it says are a crucial part of its bid to take on entrenched Russian forces.

    The west knows there’s no way to un-intrench da Russki’s, short of banging us all back to the stone age. So any tanks to Ukrianutze will ultimately be in Russian hands, because as Albert Einstein so prophetically foretold. WWIII will be fraught with sticks and stones, that only break yer bones!

  85. Steve Bice

    Just wondering: Notice how the ubiquitous faces shilling for the vaccines have all but disappeared from public view? With Fauci, it is somewhat understandable because he “retired”. But what happened to Rochelle Walensky?

    It’s like she fell off the face of the earth. Officialdom is still pushing the vaccine, but the efforts no longer have a public face. Perhaps no one wants to be a target with what is coming?

  86. marti baker girl

    you are sooooooooooo funny!!! You are one of those folks who could quit their day jobs. The video was excellent, but I needed the laugh you provided where you were trying to find the key holder on the inside of your wife’s large purse. That was precious. Love ya!

    • Greg Hunter

      Tanks Marti,
      CNN and ABC News let me go because They knew I would tell the truth.

  87. bill

    I’m not sure that not being afraid of stupid is good advice.

  88. Vince

    Greg. Please try and get Clif High back on. He has lots to say about the Mother WEFers.

  89. PersonaNonGrata

    Paul Craig Roberts:
    “Medical Clinic Treating People Injured by COVID Shot Opens in Italy.”

  90. Paula D.

    Hello Greg,
    I have some thoughts about Elon Musk’s recent actions/activities regarding freedom of speech and his current stance on subjects that have a more conservative bent. I am not really an Elon Musk fan and have wondered if he isn’t a form of “controlled opposition.” But. I also heard that he took two doses of the vax. Perhaps he took it willingly and then found out that it is a bioweapon shortly thereafter, which has caused him to become angry and is lashing out by tweaking the Deep State’s nose. He bought Twitter to be able to have a say in the global conversation. It’s just a thought, but it could be something that might turn one’s head. Also, who knows if his wife and kids were also vaxxed. That could create a change of heart, leading to a more conservative point of view.

  91. blamb61

    Yuan is pronounced much closer to “uwhen”, in Mandarin, than “uwan”. Thanks for the info. No need to post.

  92. Sara

    Thank you, Greg! Please look at Tucker Carlson’s recent review of the Southern Border! It appears that we are being inundated, and he has some newsworthy concerns. I love your channel, and your investigations! Thank you Again!

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