Plunge Protection Team Losing Control of Markets-Jim Sinclair

4By Greg Hunter’s

Legendary gold expert Jim Sinclair says what is going on right now in the stock market is just the warm-up act. Sinclair contends, “This is a pre-crash, and we are not making it through September without the real thing. Everybody is on credit. Main Street is on credit. This seems to be a bubble of historical proportion when it comes to the amount of money supporting the accepted lifestyles as being the new normal. Raising interest rates is impossible today. The market is so fragile. Nothing can come out that causes people any concern or derivatives any change, nothing whatsoever. We are going through a period of time where expecting nothing meaningful is a dream. These are times never experienced in financial history. . . .It is very possible that we are going to have a super civilization change. ”

The US Plunge Protection Team is losing control of the markets, and Sinclair warns, “They got the dickens scared out of them. They actually backed off providing the funds necessary. . . . That’s your warning. The warning is markets can overrun plunge protection teams. Markets can and will overrun the manipulation of metals and currencies. The market will overrun the false strength in the US dollar. The idea that a lift in interest rates would be beneficial to the dollar is absolutely incorrect. We do know the limits of the Plunge Protection Team, and we do know the omnipotent power of the Fed is a total fallacy.”

On gold, Sinclair says, “I didn’t call the top in gold in 1980 because of any kind of a system. I was told, I acted on what I was told.”

His sources are talking again, and Sinclair says he was told: “Number one, the downside on gold is extraordinarily limited here. Two, the rally we are facing that will come in gold is going to be stupendous. Three, they tell me we may never call you back because this may be the rally you don’t sell. This may be the rally you don’t sell because gold is moving from a currency form to a valuation form. . . . This may be the last time we call you means this is a rally that is not meant to be sold. What is coming up in front of us is the Great Reset where currencies wear their gold like ladies wear a necklace, and the most beautiful necklace will be the strongest currency. The ladies without the necklace won’t be invited to the ball. Huge changes are coming. The dollar is always going to be with us, and the yuan and all of the currencies are still going to be there. We are not going to one single currency. The SDR (Special Drawing Rights) is nothing more than a glorified index of currencies. It’s a cure to nothing. How can a package of junk cure the problem of junk? It can’t. The two last men standing will be gold and gold on steroids—silver.”

Sinclair stands by his prediction last year of an eventual gold price of $50,000 per ounce. Sinclair explains, “You have to understand we are going into unprecedented deflation, and it’s the reaction of central banks around the world to the concept of deflation that brings about hyperinflation. . . . There will be debt monetization of all kinds of debt to maintain some sort of equilibrium. The price of gold is going to go to a level that is going to surprise everybody. I was told that this is a rally that you won’t sell. That means gold will go to a level and not react violently down from that level. . . . This is when gold is going to levels that today are considered more mental illness than monetary analysis. Silver is best understood as gold on steroids because whatever potential and direction is taken up by gold, silver will be multiplied by 2 or by 5. . . .Silver will outperform gold.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with renowned gold expert Jim Sinclair of

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

Sinclair says the folks with zero debt will be the safest from the coming financial calamity. He also says people should have enough food and water for at least three months, but six months food and water is ideal. Sinclair predicts supply disruptions caused by credit disruptions after an exploding bond market will be a logistical nightmare because producers and truckers will have a hard time getting paid.


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  1. oneno

    Martin Armstrong comment on the recent action on gold: “Today, gold is backing off, as is the euro. Gold showed that the move was over for it stalled and did not rally much on Monday, illustrating that this was NOT a collapse in confidence within government; rather it was the classic Flight to Quality. To accomplish that we needed the crack in equities. Push one end down, and another must rise.”

    On the chance of a Great Depresion: “If we are really dealing with a Sovereign Debt Crisis, then the only place for capital is to hide is private assets. We do not see any chance of a Great Depression in the classic 1929 terms since there is no government that constitutes as a safe-haven as the USA once did back in the 1930s.”

    Uncorelated statements. Guess it’s too early to call. If the market is headed lower, then there will be a lot of selling – does that include Gold? Then there is always the bail-ins…

    • paul

      Armstrong is wrong about gold … Sinclair is right … the China bubble has burst … Japan is a basket case whose economy is sinking into the Pacific faster then Fukushima radiation on steroids … the EU is hanging by a thread … and so it is up to the Fed to “bail out the world” … to counter worldwide deflation QE4 (a US dollar negative and gold positive) is a given … and the QE4 to come will have to be huge (100 to 300 trillion) … the Fed will likely try to put some strength back into the US dollar (and keep the US Treasury market from collapsing) by raising rates a bit (which will be US dollar positive but won’t hurt gold because the rise in rates won’t come near “the true” inflation rate) … the Fed knows raising rates is going to cause a derivatives problem … but the Fed can “neutralize the problem” by taking all the “losing derivatives” off the banks balance sheets … and simply put them onto the Fed’s books … where they will do no harm as the Fed can promise to make good on these derivatives by paying them off with newly printed cash or Treasuries … imagine what inflation that will cause … it will be enough to stop deflation cold and put the gold price at $50,000 per ounce permanently!

      • Bobby

        Actually, I believe it is just the opposite. Marty’s computer model has been spot on ( recall these are not his opinions) and
        Mr. Gold hasn’t had it right in n over 4 years.

        • Beligarant

          Marty won’t even acknowledge that gold and silver is manipulated. That should tell you everything that you need to know with that one statement. I think he’s correct until he isn’t….which will probably be the worst possible time to be wrong.

        • Galaxy 500

          And recall that Marty’s models were so good he bankrupted himself. Great model. Has he made so good calls? Yes, indeed. But his bad calls greatly out number his winners.

          • WD

            Thanks G500 that gave me a great laugh ( your wording) !!

      • Kerry

        I wouldn’t want to bet against Armstrong if the past is anything to go by. Remember, when Armstrong called, from jail, gold to hit $5000 he was praised by Sinclair as the best long term forecaster ever! Then Armstrong, CORRECTLY, called for a huge correction, Sinclair then came out saying Armstrong didn’t know what he was talking about! Sinclair has been calling the bottom for gold all the way down, wrong every time…
        Now, did you see where Sinclair says he was “Told” about the moves in gold? Do you know who he thinks told him? I’m sure he means Seligman and Livermore, who he seems to think he can “Channel” . Now I ask you, is that any way to analyse a market? Can you really take this guy seriously? Where were Seligman and Livermore during the last four years? And yet Hoffman and Holter still refer Sinclair over Armstrong even though Armstrong is clearly a better and more clinical forecaster. This smacks of conflict of interest, working for a precious metals dealer. I’ve been banned from Miles Franklin blog for simply pointing out these discrepancies. It seems they have something against the truth….

      • John A. Koulouris

        We are witnessing an unprecedented Historic Event about to Occur, and it will be MASSIVE. Watch the DERIVATIVES (CDS’s, CDO’s, etc.) PONZI SCHEME Market, and an Attempt of Central Banks to Burn the Economic Forest by injecting MASSIVE Amounts of “FIAT Currency Created OUT of THIN AIR” (QE to Infinity) than Ever Before.
        *** URGENT Re-instatement of the GLASS-STEAGALL Act of 1933 , with TOTAL LIQUIDATION of BANKS and a National CREDIT SYSTEM with a MASS HIGH-END / ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY DRIVER and INFRASTRUCTURE RENEWAL Program to Create Critically Needed New MASS EMPLOYMENT is Required IMMEDIATELY to Kick-Start Economies within the NEW ECONOMIC RESET.

    • terry44

      I would take what people like Martin Armstrong say with a pinch of salt. I remember all the BS that was being said by mainstream commentators before the 2001 and 2008 crashes. Armstrong doesn’t even seem to acknowledge the paper manipulation of PMs.

      • Grafique

        IMHO, Jim Sinclair and Marc Faber are the experts that should be heeded. Each has forgotten more about economics/gold/markets than I’ll ever know.

        On the other hand, you have Martin Armstrong and Gerald Celente, the rumor-monger/snake-oil-salesman/conspiracy-theorist.

      • Galaxy 500

        That’s because he wss in jail.

      • steve

        I used to believe in the rampant manipulation of the gold markets until i got proper information and grew up. If Gold is always manipulated to the downside, why buy it?

        • Greg Hunter

          Steve you grew up to be an idiot. I got “proper information” from Dr Paul Craig Roberts who laid out an analytical case for gold manipulation. Go long the New Zealand dollar and come back and tell us how you are doing in a year.

      • Billy

        So did Gold hit 5 grand when I was sleeping? So much for THAT prediction!

    • Ignatius J. Reilly

      Martin Armstong is such a load of crock. Try reading his prior articles and all of them turned to crock. All these snake oil salesmen preaching to the masses.

      • Ignatius J. Reilly

        I do have a deep respect for Jim Sinclair however. He doesn’t peddle. Straight talker that seems to generally care for the well being of others.

    • Gary

      I have attended Jim Sinclair’s meetings in Canada for years and I respect the man when it comes to GOTS, GET OUT OF THE SYSTEM. I have took it to heart re share certificates etc.
      Jim Sinclair, Jim Willie, have been DEAD WRONG for the last four years if you followed them then your broke, and I hold physical gold, however I HOLD IT IN CANADIAN DOLLARS, which is looking pretty good right now.

      Martin Armstrong blows these guys away, no one can come close to this guy
      his track record speaks for itself.
      Bill Holter is going off the deep end and needs to be on Prozac, I am surprised that Sinclair is letting this guy run off at the mouth the way he is.
      Bottom Line, Who are you going to put 500K with of your retirement funds with some one who has been wrong for the last four years or someone who has been right, regardless of your currency.

      When I read comments on this site that Marty is wrong about gold then good luck on your gold shares, I sold AEM at 80.00 C now its 30.00C

      Marty and Larry Eldeson are the two best guys out there for the small investor period, they have the best track record.

      • Greg Hunter

        What is coming is not about the “small investor” it’s about surviving a financial calamity the likes of which the world has never seen. You thinking is going to get you crushed. By the Martin Armstrong will not acknowledge the markets are rigged. All the best to you.

        • steve

          If the gold markets are always manipulated then why buy them? the gold market is tiny and the big money does not park it in gold

        • Joni Carleton

          That was a $1,000 class right there, Greg! I was trained as a broker and in the mechanics of the stock market in the early 1980’s way before I became a teacher. That was a MEGA-MACRO-ECONOMICS presentation being offered. The ego-driven, sniping comments that have been thrown about by the ‘boys’ HAVE been amusing but what do they prove? By not listening or taking to heart Mr. Sinclair’s sage explanations of the historical facts (many were given) within the context of our present time, I think some people are going to be left, pardon me, with their drawers down. Joni

          • Greg Hunter

            Thank you Joni. It’s been one year since he’s been in an interview anywhere. I have been pinging him for many months. It was well worth the wait! Thank you for your comments and professional perspective!!


    • Bob

      Armstrong is a smart guy, just like a snake oil salesman is smart–to stay alive. He’s sneering at people who advocate precious metals as protection against the collapse of fiat currencies. He maintains that precious metals protect people against governments as if governments have nothing to do with collapsing fiat currencies. He’s good at playing with words and heaping verbal abuse on anyone who doesn’t buy his “Confidence Model” lock stock and barrel. Ok, granted that he has been correct in his cash flow concept wherein the periphery collapses first before the core, and hence cash will flow to the core, i.e. the US, thereby boosting the USD, irrespective of how rotten the core is. As long as the USD is high, precious metals have little room to move.

      He kept saying that the concept comes from his Economics Confidence Model, which is a computer software package that absorbs, synthesizes and analyses ALL facts, and facets of human history, thinking, economy, etc… from the beginning, thousands of years before Christ. He shows Roman coins as proof. This is where I begin to suspect his model is more hype than real.

    • Marco

      I would be very happy if what Mr.Sinclair affirms will happen…the problem is he was totally wrong for the past 4 years!
      I have lost 90% of value in my gold and silver stocks following the suggestions of this guy!
      Martin Armstrong has been SPOT ON for the past 4 years,this is the TRUTH!
      If I had followed Armstrong’s suggestions I would be much more healthy financially speaking now.
      Look at me…..I would like to kill Sinclair but I am forced to pray that he will be TOTALLY RIGHT for the next few years in the hope of regaining the money I have lost in this long tragic bear market in gold.
      But,Greg,the TRUTH cannot be denied.
      Armstrong suggestions destroyed Mr.Sinclairs’s !

  2. oneno

    Forgot to post this by Chris Kimble with charts showing preference to Euro over USD ???

    Is the Euro that much better??? Maybe the Euro will be a major recipient of bail-ins just like they were beneficiaries of bail-outs last time?

    • James

      Armstrong is full of it – pushes his own barrow to ridiculous lengths & makes out he alone on the Planet has the answers. His distain & loathing for Gold makes him totally suspect. I followed his blogs for years until for sanity reasons I deleted him from Favourites. Must say I feel better since dropping him from my reading list. Frankly I think he & his computer are a fraud.

    • bert

      although mr. sinclair is very knowledgeable he has blown it on his gold predictions for the last three years so why would anyone believe him now? the safest place is cash and if you know how to short or buy inverse etf’s, etc. you can make tons if the stock market continues to tank. as always put your stops in. if gold was going to go up it surely would be going up this week and instead the manipulators are much stronger than mr. sinclair thinks and they will remain so. the fed has much more to offer to keep this thing going and that’s what armstrong also doesn’t get.

      • WD


        Where can you learn this type of trading?


        • Galaxy 500

          Dude this is highly leveraged risky and dangerous trading. Sure you might make some money but odds are you will lose your shirt.

          • WD


            Thought it just might be options trading

      • Mushroom

        You’re absolutely correct.

        Save new crisp ten dollar fed reserve notes in #10 cans. A few pre-64 US quarters would also help…

        • Mushroom

          Also – buy TZA….

        • Me

          I have read this exact retort on another website. I think someone here is a bot.

      • Galaxy 500

        Sure might be able to make some money but the question is, will your broker be solvent to give it to you

      • Art


        I have been following Martin Armstrong for about 2 months, and he has been spot on. He has make perhaps some of the most impressive calls ever since he made them years in advance, like the crash of 1987, the crash of the Russian Ruble, the Asian Crisis among others. Before following Mr. Armstrong I have been on an relentless search for knowledge and been reading most of the so called “Gold Promoters”, like Mr. Sinclair.
        Almost all of this experts have been way wrong about gold & silver for quite some years and on the contrary Mr. Armstrong has been spot on.
        I beleive we are all here in the quest for knowledge and this comment is simply to express my experience.
        Having said this I would very much appreciate if you can comment why do you say Mr. Armstrong is a fraud.

        Thanks Greg for your great work!

        Best regards to all!

      • Hilde

        Bert, IMHO you are missing the big picture, and what he talks about in the interview. Quote JS: “It is very possible that we are going to have a super civilization change.” That’s what one needs to be able to think with. Civilizations do change. They have in the past . What on earth could be wrong in being prepared for that and staying informed . He is talking about so much more than gold.

        • Joni Carleton

          Right on, Hilde!

  3. omniversling

    Thanks Greg for having the very highly regarded and respected Mr Sinclair on. He along with several other of your guests suggest that a floor is in on Gold, but I have a nag that I can’t get rid of , and that is that as the paper gold futures that are being dumped to manipulate the $US price of spot physical exist in multiples of 104:1 (the last figure I read several weeks ago), what is to stop the manipulators slamming the price to zero, in effect chasing a collapsing $US all the way to the bottom. Is it just coincidence that the the paper contracts at 104:1 match and exceed the physical available for delivery as a PERCENTAGE? It’s clear that Mr Sinclair’s observation that the COMEX price is being slammed every time the $US or stock market needs to appear stronger or less problematic than it is, so why wouldn’t the same dealers that are doing that now, not continue all the way to zero, actually benefitting themselves by front running the cascade, and buying up the fruit that was shaken loose from the ‘weak hands’ that cannot see this all the way through to the other side (2020 according to Mr Sinclair). Any thoughts or comments in response would be appreciated…best wishes and good luck to all…

    • omniversling

      I may not have bee clear in my reference to the paper:physical as a percentage. What I meant was: at 104:1 there is 100% of the price of 1oz in ‘slam-factor’ available to the manipulators, plus they could create more and more contracts to slam with ..It is absolutely clear that there is no longer a market with true price discovery. What happens if the collapse is so extensive that there is no quote any more. ie no market. Are we to find or make a market locally? If worst case scenario that Mr Sinclair describes occurs, how will physical actually move around the country to settle transactions?

      • Galaxy 500

        You discount all the buying that would be going on. It is going on now. Regardless to how they manipulate gold and silver , people understand its value and will continue to buy it

    • Miggy

      Listen, Everybody needs to look at the facts and where the world is headed and then decide for yourself. Forget about what these guys are saying for a minute. These guys have their opinion regardless if they are salesmen or not.

      Questions I ponder personally: 1. The Fed Balance sheet has exploded. I just read the exact number the other day but you can research it for yourself. It’s insane. 2. Do you think the USA will ever lose reserve currency status? Will the petro-dollar continue forever? 3. Do you think there is a faction above all governments swaying the world toward a one-world government and one world currency? Think EURO and the open boarders in the USA plus all the trade agreements. If so do they want the dollar as reserve forever? 4. Do you think the price of gold and silver are manipulated down to keep the fiat alive? If so can this last forever? 5. Why is China stockpiling metals?

      If I look at just the above questions plus more I personally think metals is a good place for some of your money if you can afford it. Even if its a small amount of silver here and there. I think it is a wise choice.

      I would purchase food, protection, and water first and then chip away at silver and possibly gold. This is where I see the world going and believe it’s a good bet.

      Get right with God. 100 years happens to all of us. John 3:16

    • Galaxy 500

      Gold at zero? Not in the realm of reality but for sake of argument, say they were able to drive it to a dollar an ounce. How long could they hold it at such a ridiculous price? I know I would be buying all that was for sale. They the people trying to prop up the dollar could not keep gold at that price for five minutes.

  4. SandyMc

    What does the rally you don’t sell mean?

    • Greg Hunter

      The price will go up and stay up. It will be repriced at a much higher level.

      • al

        Like Greg said, it’s the currency reset the IMF was talking about several months ago.

      • Guy Christopher

        And, if I may, it means gold and silver will be considered the premier currencies (good money drives out bad money) which means gold and silver will be favored over paper money from any nation’s printing presses, including and starting with Dollars. While only a tiny percentage of Americans understand or value gold/silver, three billion Asians and Middle Easterners favor gold over paper. Why this disparity? Because the East and the Mid-East have experienced
        thousands of years of changing borders, changing rulers and changing flags of allegiance, all leading to failed currencies. The U S has not yet had that experience. But the US is not immune from the lessons of history.

    • Charles H.

      It means the fundamental view of precious metals will become so extreme, so changed – that it won’t be sold, or for sale at any price. Only physical possession will be viewed as the thing to have and do. No amount of money will buy it. This explains the paradigm change where value changes from ‘market’ profits as a common commodity, to a basis of Sovereign (national) currency valuation. SOMETHING must function as a basis for ‘money’; an agreed, stable, non-manipulateable basis for currencies. Printing presses’ abuses must be taken away, so that ‘wealth’ cannot be conjured out of thin air – which is happening now. The world will have to settle-into a verifiable – show me the gold (and silver); and you get the product commerce: so it is REALLY going to slow-up for a good while. Too many first-rated countries have been shifting loss on the lower countries and living high-on-the-hog for this to go on now. It’s back to straight, agreed-on barter. And gold ( and silver) will “rally’ up to heights set by world markets comprised of sovereign governments; not to resemble anything we know or see today. Who is going to sell in this paradigm-shift of a ‘rally’ at ridiculously low price-value? When it settles, by international convulsions and haggling, to unheard of re-valuations – the rally will be done. Why sell your cherry 64&1/2 Ford Mustang Fastback, that cost your $4500.00 back then – when in time, people will clamor all over themselves to buy it for $100G’s?
      Rare is rare; special is special. At some point – people catch-on.

      • Kerry

        Well, I know if the economies of the world tank then I will hold onto my PM because they have always been seen as money. They will always have value. If I were buying or selling food/services on the black market I would use or accept PM before any paper money of any nation. Or barter for same. Or am I just a naïve ordinary person who doesn’t understand all this behind closed door manipulation?

        • Guy Christopher

          Your ‘black market’ comment suggests gold and silver will remain out of the mainstream. The question of using gold and silver as money in the marketplace always comes up, and it’s the wrong question, which illustrates the, may I say, not ignorance, but lack of education of too many. It’s not a question of whether the vendor will accept gold and silver as money. The question is, will you have gold or silver to pay that vendor who’d rather have gold and silver than paper (Wiemar). The question is not whether the vendor can make change for your gold or silver at his set selling price. The question will be does the vendor have enough of his product to interest you in trading for your gold and silver. As I wrote for Money Metals dot com last year, I wouldn’t use a gold coin to buy a loaf of bread. I’d use it to buy the bakery.

  5. paul

    As Jim says “silver will be gold on steroids” … you just know he is right simply by looking at all the silver that will be needed to build the hundreds of solar powered powered electrical generation plants the government is contemplating … … [and the “free” electricity generated by these solar power stations can be used to “disassociate water” into Hydrogen and Oxygen which then should be released into the atmosphere to rebuild Earth’s ozone shield to protect the remaining plankton in our oceans from deadly UV radiation]

    • oneno

      No, take a look at the Wing Generator Grid. It can store energy directly into compressed air tanks – 90% efficient.

      Solar works only for 4 hours a day, provided, your apparatus has an aiming mechanism and there is no chemtrailing. Then there is the problem of voltage level that would be incompatible with the grid and would force municipalities to outlaw solar. The batteries/capacitors are expensive and dangerous for energy storage.

      3-blade wind are failed wind projects subsidized by the government to remain idle. See youtube Downwind.

      No silver needed there!

    • WD

      Money that could have been used ti build desalinization plants for Cali….by why spend money on something that is desperately needed….Duh!!

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'


    • Mark

      Too practical and makes too much sense….. It will never happen.

  6. Brandon W

    Jim’s comments are spot on. That said, I can not get my head around a $50k/ounce evaluation. I just don’t see it happening. Not even close. I’m a buyer of silver & gold. I have been for a long time. I would never expect or predict such a lofty price for gold…I’ve always thought that if gold were to ever reach such a price, the world we live in would have to be turned completely upside down and life as we know it would cease to exist.

    I’m anxious to hear what others have to say…in particular I’m very interested to hear your opinion(s) Greg. Many people comment on particular authors and speakers they would like to hear from but I would advocate that hearing your thoughts and opinions on a lengthier note would be equally as entertaining and valuable to your site and its followers. I always appreciate your articles Greg, it makes for great late night reading, even though the wife is constantly after me to put the phone down.

    Thank you for responding to my emails and requests in the past. You’re a remarkable guy with a big heart serving a tremendous purpose.

    Your friend,

    • Daniel Golcher

      Well gold can get to $50k easily if the currency just crumbles and I think that is the key.
      Gold will not represent the purchasing power of today’s $50k but of the $50K after the dollar crashes and burns.

      It’ll still be much higher priced that today though. I follow these topics as an amateur so apologies if I am absolutely wrong on my comment.

    • Southern Girl

      Brandon W.

      Keep all the silver and gold and don’t sell for anything. Someone once said it is not that gold is going up it is that the dollar is going down. Now that should make more sense, because if the dollar tanks it will take $50,000.00 to buy one ounce of gold. Remember Germany…it can and will happen here. At some point in time the ratio of gold to silver will adjust to what it should be 15 to 1. Right now the analysts say we are 75 to 1…way out of whack.

    • Guy Christopher

      In 1933, gold stood at $20.67 per ounce. No one in 1933 thought gold would go to $1950 per ounce, but it did in 2011, 78 years later. That’s a multiple of 94 1/3. At today’s mispriced dollar value of $1136, that historic example would put gold in the year 2093 at $105,000 per ounce. At the recent high of $1950, it would put gold at $181,350 per ounce. Somewhere along that line, gold has to reach and then pass Mr. Sinclair’s prediction of $50,000. Shortly after expropriating Americans’ gold, FDR revalued gold on a one-time basis by roughly 75% from $20 to $35. Even if gold were honestly revalued in dollar terms (as has been ongoing thru QE to infinity), that would put gold’s current $1133 at $1982.00 for a one-time revaluation. If revalued by 75% from the recent high, that would put gold at $3412. History shows that those numbers are quite possible, even probable. Of course, it’s not gold that changes, it’s the value of the dollar (or any paper fiat) against gold. Again, Wiemar and Zimbabwe are only two of hundreds of historic examples we have. We can learn from history, or we can ignore history.

  7. oneno

    Keep an eye on price action in the pink wedge. If move is outside and below, then there is the red-line for the low. If it breaks out above, then it’s a new story… Also keep an eye on major currencies against USD.

  8. Jason Hall

    Excuse my ‘slow uptake’, but what exactly does Mr. Sinclair mean when we says that “we may never call you back; this may be the rally that you don’t sell”??

    • Charles H.


      Sinclair is owner and CEO of a mining firm in Africa – one that I assume proceeds from the HIGHEST economic and governmental sources. IF, and I restate emphatically: IF this is the sort of source which he refers to – those who operate in the Developing-World, on a national, Sovereign basis: then this is touching a pulse beyond the pale of ordinary, Western sources. Statements like his are a major grain-of-salt sort of thing. Personally, I don’t believe Jim Sinclair to be a person given to blowing smoke.

    • NC Gal

      From the context, I think he was referring to his “source(s)” that guided him in the past regarding what moves would be coming and how he could profit from them. He said that they were always right and he just acted accordingly. He was referring to past trading activities and when they said “We may never call you back,” he understood that as “code” for telling him that he should not sell the peak when it arrived because it wouldn’t come down again. (It’s the opposite of buying the dip.)

  9. Hank

    We still dont know what one ounce of gold will get us. Lets say I want a small aircraft that cost 100.000 dollar today. How many ounces will it cost. I guess that luxury items like hobby aircraft will plunge when compared to other items. Do you have a guess?

    • Grafique

      Assume hyperinflation such that a loaf of bread costs $100.That means an ounce of gold would inflate to about $50,000 (from today’s price).
      Because the prices of bread and gold inflated at the same rate, you would then be able to buy as much bread with an ounce of gold as you can today.
      That’s why it’s dangerous to buy gold in hopes that it will appreciate. It’s better to view gold as a “store of wealth” – because if dollars devalue, you would need many more of them to buy that loaf of bread.

      • Beligarant

        If hyperinflation did happen then gold will most likely over shoot it’s real value. Just read the works on the Weirmar Hyperinflation. One person bought a hotel using a gold coin. A few links of a silver chain would feed a family for a week. You never know the future but when SHTF gold and silver could become grossly over valued for a short period of time.

      • Galaxy 500

        You have the theory right except for the part that things don’t inflate at the same rate

    • junior

      3 ounces

  10. jay

    interesting interview as ever, thanks greg! JS thinks very logically and puts his points across concisely. I have paid money and driven half way across my country to see him talk in one of his lectures. If i had to be critical, Jim’s ‘gold will hit $1600 call’ was spot on’, however his recent calls have been terrible. He said you should take every penny you have, even sell your car and buy as much gold as possible well over a year ago. That is pretty dangerous advice if listened to and acted upon. I think on monday when the dow dopped 1000 points and gold did not even catch a bid should make you question that things maybe are not going to be as straight forward as some people tout.
    As the poster above mentioned, I also like Martin Armstrong although a lot in the gold community dont because he dismisses manipulation, the pluge protection team and says gold is headed lower before it runs higher. They also feel he may have bought his freedom at a price yaaady yaa etc…. Two great minds with differing standpoints……
    So far Martin Armstrong has been right and JS wrong, will that continue, who knows? Make sure you are covered/hedge for either way would be my advice.

    • Average Joe

      Go for Gold.
      I bought up big a few years ago at just under $1800. Now gold has been trading at or under the $1200 mark for about the last two years. Not feeling so good or confident anymore, with my savings having dropped 33%. I’m now wondering if I have been duped … – and when looking at the 10 year graph of gold’s ascent and descent, it looks more and more like the price is normalizing to a lower level. I thought that I entered this with my eyes wide open, but perhaps not. Maybe I was only listening to the one tune. Reading Martin Armstrong now …. he scares the ….. out of me with his comments about gold and the gold lobby.

      • Charles H.


        I diverted a good chunk around 2010. I’ve ran the gambit of of ups and downs – down gold 5%; down silver 55%. Anyone who went into Precious Metals is now feeling like a dead horse. Just hold on to what you have and wait. We are at the wrong end of the stick because of historic injustices. Time WILL prove the wisdom of being into a reality-based medium.

    • John Mackenzie

      ” All else is conjecture.”

      Thank you for demonstrating my point(s).

  11. alex kincaid ross

    Greg, you are not unlike the prophet Jeremiah, fiercely and tirelessly proclaiming the truth in a world given over to mayhem and bedlam. When the dust has settled and the noise has abated , history will accord due credit to your steadfastness and dedication.
    Well done comrade.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Alex. You are very kind.

  12. FC

    Wow, wow, wow, that was a gobsmacking, edge of seat interview, that I thoroughly enjoyed and it also cemented the fact, that the way I have prepared my family for the Reset, has been 100% correct……….it’s a terrible shame that not everyone can see this happening.

  13. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    Great interview!
    It is all starting to look decidedly terminal now.
    Any day now someone will kick over the card table and start shooting.
    Much of the west will spend at least the next generation just trying to pick up the pieces.

  14. Vortex


    Jim Sinclair is the Gold Standard. When this man talks I take him seriously.

    What an incredible interview! Thanks for all you do!


  15. Smaulgld

    The manipulation is endemic. Greg mentioned who is on the President’s working group- ie the plunge protection team
    The president
    The head of the fed
    The treasury secretary
    The head of the sec
    The head of the cftc
    Keep in mind the latter two are also so supposed to look into enforcing anti manipulation rules.
    Ironic when they are also tasked with Enforcement of anti market manipulation laws while also being authorized to manipulate narkets themselves and to do so according to the President Reagan’s executive order establishing the plunge protection team, with the help of PRIVATE parties.

    Here are two posts on gold and silver manipulation
    The first one contains many examples of the suspected but never proven (because regulatory agencies refuse to find wrongdoing) gold and silver manipulation

    The second contains actual examples of legal proven gold and silver manipulation including government gold price fixing, silver proce support , details on the London gold pool, the exchange stabilization fund, the president’s working group and more. It’s all documented with links to original sources, including details on the plunge protection team.

    As mr Sinclair points out, markets can be and are manipulated, but markets eventually overwhelm manipulations.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are talking about short term trading. This interview is about financial paradigm change.

  16. Doug

    Greg, a powerful and sobering interview. Either Jim is dead wrong or the currency is just plain dead. I’ll side with Jim, thank you very much. Great interview and always good work by you Greg. Take care. Doug.

  17. Guest

    “Silver is best understood as gold on steroids because whatever potential and direction is taken up by gold, silver will be multiplied by 2 or by 5. . . .Silver will outperform gold.”

    I love it!

  18. David

    Great interview. The wildfire analogy is a good one. I agree, too, with his comments regarding distribution (as Bill Holter has highlighted in previous discussions). There are so many moving parts that must feed seamlessly into distribution, that any one credit hiccup along the distribution highway will ripple downstream quickly. Thank you Greg for arranging this timely interview with Mr. Sinclair!

    • Kerry

      Just think what will happen when Walmart shelves are empty after a few hours. Your EBT card doesn’t work and there are no deliveries expected anytime soon. Good reasons NOT to have to go to the store. You think its bad during pre-hurricane buying, just wait.

  19. andyb

    Greg: great interview. I don’t doubt that gold could hit $50k, but as most legitimate analysts have stated, if you own some, you won’t be instantly rich, you will have merely kept pace with inflated prices. The best example is the oft quoted value/price of a man’s suit. In 1900, an ounce of gold bought the best available; today’s ounce price will essentially do the same. So if the price of gold triples, for example, the price of a man’s suit will be priced accordingly.

    My problem is that inflation does not raise wages. If we believe Shadowstats (and I do), the 7-10% inflation per year that we’ve had in this century has not been seen in wage growth. In fact just the reverse is true. So when bread hits $20/loaf, and milk goes to $50/gallon, does the whole population slowly starve to death? Or was that the plan all along?

    • Jeff L

      AndyB Gold will easily surpass inflated goods (bread, homes, ect). You can look at recent scenarios around the world where gold over performed……. How about in Germany, where an entire city block was bought for 1 gold coin. How about in the 70’s when 1bag of 90% silver would buy you a decent house…… I have told my son repeatedly that he will buy his dream house with just one bag. History will repeat, only this time it will boggle the mind.

      • Len Penzo

        If precious metal prices are being egregiously manipulated to keep them undervalued today relative to dollars — an I believe they are — then when the manipulators are finally broken, gold and silver will most certainly outperform inflation by at least the same degree that they have been manipulated downward.

        • Carol Smith

          I like what you said, Len

  20. Matt Jaymes

    Thank you Greg! Jim Sinclair is a God Send!

  21. Mark

    I like Jim and like to hear what he has to say. However I still get that sick feeling when I look at the price of gold, silver, and the mining stocks drop… Like today.

  22. Hank

    There has already been massive debt monetization of all kinds of debt to maintain equilibrium as Jim has put it. Trouble is, the Fed did not counter astronomical QE
    by purchasing gold to offset it. Will they now do so?

    • KinSanDiego

      Do not know how much longer we can hold on. I convinced my hub to by gold and silver on the stock market, miners and the like, and we are getting killed. Wish something would happen soon. The money is in IRAs, which will probably be taken over anyway?

      • Greg Hunter

        You are trading and you should be buying and holding physical metal. Do not trade this market. This is nothing short of survival not a money making event.

        • steve

          The only way to make money in the goldmarket is to trade it. I found out the hard way over 7 years of holding,
          find some high quality miners and buy and sell them as the gold price moves up and down.

      • Beligarant

        PPM (Precious Metal Pete) said the paper price of gold and silver would crash. If you hold paper then you will get the crashed paper price no matter if the real physical is trading at $5,000 / oz. He predicts many gold and silver bulls will get fleeced when this happens.

        As the sayin’ goes, if you can’t hold it then you don’t own it.. Play the paper game at your own peril. Might as well just buy dividend paying stocks versus holding paper silver or gold assets.

  23. Andy

    Greg, thanks a lot for bringing Jim Sinclair in. It seems we are entering the final part of the already overdue events, so lets see how this all unfolds till the end of the year. In any case, people like Jim or you have for sure helped a lot of people to be somehow prepared and “hedged” for what is coming.

  24. Jerry

    Once again, another historic interview. Jim Sinclair cannot state it more clearly, “we will not make it out of September without a Stock Market Crash”. This is a fact. Write it down. Post it where you can see it daily to remind yourself, that this is not a weekly economic soap opera. This is a reality.

    Here is another reality. My grandfather once told me that when the Stock Market Crashed in 1929 that the United States did not fully recover until the start of WWII. Almost ten years later! He referred to the thirties as the “dirty thirties”. This is not just going to be a temporary reset. It is going to be a life altering, game changing event. This is going to require more than food storage to survive. A long range plan will be needed based upon your particular set of circumstances and the environment where you live. If you are in a rural area, planting crops will be a necessity. If you live near bodies of water, fishing may ne your best bet for a long range survival. If you’re in a city….get out. Get out now even if you have to rent chicken coop to do it. Whatever your plan is. Review it. Rehearse it. And keep stacking

    • Jerry

      More proof that its starting to unwind.
      Greg what can I say that you haven’t already proven in about 90% of your interviews? If people can’t figure it out by now, they probably never will, and probably deserve to feel the full measure of pain that will come when slothful thinking overrides common sense. Either way you’ve done your best to warn them.

    • Jerry

      Greg I sincerely hope that your readers take this news very seriously, because it appears that China is preparing to decouple from the dollar much sooner than many had thought.

      In my estimation, we only have a few weeks left before the Stock Market Crashes and the dollar collapses. There is simply no way possible that the Fed can mop up this many treasuries, in this short amount of time. In addition I fully expect the rest of the BRIC nations to follow China’s path and do the same.

    • Kerry

      Reminds me of my mom telling me how in the 30s they saved and reused aluminum foil and saved and reused string and anything else they could save. My grandfather worked on the docks at the Houston Ship Channel and was lucky enough to have a job but at much reduced wages. They were able to renegotiate their mortgage with the bank so they did not lose their house, and they had a small farm in a (then) rural suburb of Houston, with fruit trees, and a cow, and they survived by trading milk, cheese and butter for other things. There were many times when they feed the “bums” that came around asking for food, because that was the Christian thing to do. My mom never forgot that lesson and was a “hoarder” till the day she died. She would always stockpile food, even when they could afford not to and my dad had a good job at a local refinery. We were taught to save and reuse and I still feel bad about spending money even when I can afford things, and about throwing things away. Those were good lessons that kids today do not know. My kids tease me about it but I tell them, what will you do when you have no food and there is nothing on the shelves at Walmart? You know what they say, we will just come to your house mom!

    • Jerry

      Don’t look now, but Russia is planning the end of the petrodollar with OPEC.

    • Carol Smith

      Jerry, I do like what you said. Maybe we need much more food than we are storing.
      We practice canning food which I highly recommend for everyone. But even our canned veg and meats will only last 2 or so years. A person would need to buy the canned food at Honeyville farms, etc where their canned foods can last 25 years.

      The only thing I would add is the devastation of living in the country isolated and at risk. We recently went to the country about 2 hours from Houston for gun lessons. The house owner had been robbed just that morning and highly expensive machinery and farm equipment were taken.
      The best thing is to seek the Lord about just where you are personally supposed to be.
      I did this and was told to stay right where we are – in the middle of Houston. The best
      place to be is where He says to be.

  25. art barnes

    Greg, not to worry, the little bald loud mouth on CNBC is touting everything is well, lots of money to made, buy signals in most every sector, futures are up, all is well, nothing to worry about; damn things are good. As to your guest, I’m impressed, thank you for having him on. Can you imagine a depression today with the lazy butts we have in this country now, they are going get real frustrated when they can’t swipe their ATM card for a latte or hit the salon for a $100 hair shaping. And what are they going to do when when they can’t sell real estate, be a gym trainer, or golf instructor, wow, imagine them having to find a job that demands that they actually have to work for a living. The point is the basic American today is a useless spoiled king and queen who won’t survive the coming times. I wonder if the elite can somehow pull it off and keep those lazy asses in salt, sugar, & fat?

  26. Doug C.

    Jim Sinclair is always great. I wish you had of pressed him for a price on Silver. I know, price may meen nothing, you have it or you don’t, but we always hear prices on Gold ($50,000 an oz. etc), but never on Silver. Will it be $100 an oz., $1000, $10,000 an oz.? Silver is all I can afford to accumulate month over month, so that is why I am interested in the predicted price of Silver. Apparently it may not matter the price, just as long as you have some.
    Great job again.

  27. woody188

    If it goes like he says, Ag will hit nearly $2000/troy ounce. Of course it will still take 5 ounces Ag to buy a barrel of hydrocarbons. It’s the dollar losing value, not Ag gaining value. But I could trade a few ounces of Ag to pay off my house and car valued in dollars. That would be epic!

    • Galaxy 500

      Who it’s going to be able to buy $10,000 a barrel oil? That’s $500 / gallon gas. The people with EBT cards wont be. Inflation is never a linear equally distributed thing.
      The countries that weathered high inflation the best were big manufacturing or producers of products for export. Weimar republic and Rhodesia exported and kept the wolves at bay. Weimar was brought down by a global depression and Rhodesia was brought down by persecuting the producers who either left the country or the stupid ones that stayed and tried to work with Mugabe were murdered.
      We don’t manufacture much but we do have some agricultural products. I don’t see us faring well and the house of Saud will have to trade oil for food.
      Just some history and my opinion

  28. Charlie

    Always good to listen to your interviews with well
    informed guests and I admire your hard work and
    interview style. I’m sure Mr. Sinclair has his heart
    and mind in the right place but, 50k for gold ?
    I actually believe that gold will head much lower
    because we are in a deflationary cycle. The most
    interesting point Mr. Sinclair made was that the
    currencies will remain intact and not just go to
    zero and disappear. I know some wealthy folks
    who are preparing to exit the dollar and move to
    the Swiss Franc and British Pound. When I can get
    more in depth information as to why I will post on
    your site again.

  29. Abraham

    Once again Greg I have to applaud you on the quality of your recent guests speakers, HSP, GC and now JS. Thank you for bringing the news from the brightest minds in their fields to the “man (and woman) on the street’ I will continue to share with those that wish to listen.

    Stay Blessed, One Love


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Abraham.

  30. nightswallow

    Jim Sinclair’s knowledge in the the area of gold is legendary. Even if his timing is off a bit, the events stated in the interview are coming and are much closer than people realize! Be prepared, has always been the Boy scout motto!

  31. Mike R

    Folks, I attended one of Jim’s meetings that he has held in various city’s across the US. I can tell you that I truly felt like one of those gullible folks that go to those timeshare presentations, whereby they promise you two gold coins, or give you a vacation for two at $99, so you sit through their presentation. I’ve purchased gold coins and silver coins, since 2008 when gold was at $800. Overall though my average cost sits well above where gold is at today. Maybe close to $1500. So I’m down a LOT. Same thing with silver. And I’ve lost even more money attempting to be in shares of mining firms. Both Jim, and his new compadre Bill Holt have been calling for some miraculous rise. Bill is now saying $60,000/ounce gold is ‘laughably low.’ On Monday when the stock market was down a lot, gold was also down, and NUGT, was down 23%. Take it from me, that I would be very very cautious of listening to someone who says ‘gold is going much higher’, because ‘someone’ (who ?) ‘told him so.’ I feel not only foolish but quite embarrassed to have lost so much money. Hope is not a strategy, and hoping for gold or silver to go higher at this point, or listening to someone’s proclamation about how it will ‘save you’ to get to the ‘other side’, seems to be playing to one’s gullibility. I’m 53, and its hard to admit how gullible I have been, because I have stayed out of the stock market since 2000, except for occasional purchases of gold mining stocks, and have lost money on every attempt to buy. Have also lost money every time I attempt to short the market, using an ETF like SDS. I could blame the FED, for ‘pumping’, but the facts are the facts. I’ve lost money every time I thought things were going to get bad in the markets. Optimism is hard at times like now, and its easy to buy into all of the “doomsday” stuff. This has been going on for more than 15 years with the doomsday stuff. Yet we are all still alive, and most are doing well. If there is no blood coming out of ‘your wherever’, and you are breathing, you are doing well. Just be very careful listening to a guy like Mr. Sinclair, is all I have to say.

    • Greg Hunter

      Mike R,
      You are talking about is trading and short term losses. This comment shows you really do not grasps the enormity of the situation the world faces. What is coming is nothing short of a paradigm change of Biblical proportions. I’d say to you, be careful, very careful, NOT listening to a guy like Mr. Sinclair. All the best.

      • Jeff L

        Greg I’d say to MikeR to be thankful he has all that gold and silver (and miners)……..He will be better off than 99% of them.

      • PeterB

        JS always said Gold/Silver for your savings, currency for day to day. That’s a philosophy I follow.
        Great interview Greg…

        All the best from the UK

      • Jim

        I think there may be prople who will need to liquidate some PM’s to satisfy margin requirements and various obligations as he ax falls. Gold may move after these events play out. The dollar will likely gain strength for awhile as the global situation starts unfolding holding gold down for awhile too.

    • RichM

      Hang in there Mike R. I am in the same boat. I got in in 2010, went up but then way down losing 70% since then in physical PM’s and miners. I saw all my friends play the bubble up and do well… probably triple their money in some cases since 2010. As far as I know, they still do not have any PM’s. They are stuck in a situation now where they will likely find it hard to get out and take big losses in order to get into PM’s…. at least in their minds. If they wait too long, they will not be able to at all. If they do in time, they will be in great shape. So Mike, we bought into this because of the fundamentals which still exist but have not come to fruition yet due to unheard of manipulation. It sounds like, you are still holding much of what you bought in (maybe just not buying more) and so still, when it does happen and goes parabolic, we could very well have made one of the best decisions in our lives. I think we will be proud for the discipline we had and all the frustration since 2011 will no longer matter.

      Also, I think the reason gold is dropping is because this is the initial phase of it. Most of the experts said that initially, commodities and the the PM’s will drop along with the equities… but then that is the time when hard assets will do a big turn around. If this is the time (which it sounds like it is) that should happen soon. I guess my main point is… if I did not have my PM’s, I would be VERY nervous right now knowing what we know. Few will have the discipline to get into it until its too late. So, holding any PM’s at all, even through those tough times from 2011 on, will be well worth it looking back…. someday… IMHO.

    • oneno

      No one is 100% right. It is always best to be diversified. Just imagine how things would be if investments were into the indexes themselves after the lows of 9/11. At all times you need jobs that have some demand. Stay diversified there also and focus on more than one income stream. Moderation is best.

    • andyb

      Mike: what you are missing is the ginormous amount of debt globally, and the illiguidity of markets. Never forget that gold has always been the only true money for 1000s of years, and it will be so again after the great reset. As for silver, the planet is running out of easily accessible deposits and the USGS postulates that silver may be the first element to become extinct, perhaps within a decade. Considering that we can live our daily lives without gold, but not without silver, it is important that you take a longer view as an investor, and NOT as a trader in a greatly manipulated market.

    • DS


      Totally understand. Same thing has happened to me. I’ve been following Jim for years. I feel he has a good grasp for long term, but is NOT good with predicting the short term. I’ve been buying at low, middle, and high prices (mostly low), but break even would be about $25 silver. I lost a lot of money in mining stocks. I have taken everything left in my trading account and bought Jim’s TRX stock at .31 cents a share. I hope Jim is right and his company will return to high prices, but SHORT term Jim has been very wrong!

      Invest in food and other usable goods. Gold and Silver are for insurance.

    • Southern Girl

      Mike R,

      If you have been purchasing PM from 2008 you are ahead of the ballgame. It does not matter what you paid for them..because when the dust settles nothing will matter except gold and silver. I too have been buying since then and still continue.

      I too had ETF’s and made $34,000. in just 4 months in silver, but I cashed out the position and bought the real deal with a company called Fidelity. They will store the coins for you at a price. I have since taken possession and have found a secure place in which to store them. I have never tried to short the market…not my ball of wax…besides I wouldn’t know how to do it.

      Don’t panic and quite beating yourself up. It will all turn out okay. I was buying silver at the beginning for around $24.00 for junk silver. Then when I stopped a silver eagle was $45.00. Now I can get the same junk silver at $15.00 it does not matter. When the rocket takes off your will have made a fortune compared to the person who is in an IRA or 401K, because those will be gone or worthless. If you are in ETF’s get the h@ll out and fast. Paper work takes time and you cannot just do it overnight. If you have ETF’s with a company ask if they have another part of the company that is in real PM’s. They might be able to move your paper ETF’s for real coins.

      Stay out of the stock market and get out of paper assets. You will need some cash at home when the SHTF. For Pete’s sake stay away from mining stocks unless you are an expert. Play in the sandbox you are familiar with. You just can’t jump into someone else’s’ sandbox if you don’t know the rules. You might have gotten in over your head with something’s, BUT you are not going wrong with the real coins.

      Your okay so don’t panic. Wait and you will see you were smarter than you thought. Good Luck!

    • Jeff L

      MikeR Please come back Jan 1st and tell us how you feel about your gold and silver. Seriously.

  32. Julia

    That was a great interview. He is very generous with his knowledge. Thank you for the interview!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Julia for your comment and support. Sinclair is the real deal.

  33. Thomas

    Lots of predictions for September to being the month the SHTF, so who’s buying G&S ? and from whom are you buying from? Also, if Septembers comes and goes Greg, will you be calling out your guest ? Change is coming, adjust accordingly. Thanks for all that you do GH, usawatchdog has sparked many minds to think outside the box.

    • andyb

      Gainesville Coins has some of the fairest prices; never had a problem with them.

  34. Michael Harvey

    Dear Greg
    Since your post of your Wednesday guest Jim Sinclair I have viewed it no less than 4 times.
    It has been fascinating listening. Jim’s prediction has to be correct as retracing what happened in the Weimar Republic and the amount of debt currently flooding the world we are heading for a situation that cannot be comprehended.
    Janet Yellen and a merry band of illusionists are fighting a losing battle against the free market. When have you seen a week like this?, thus far – the movement in stock markets and precious metals is haywire. That in itself is instability at extreme levels.
    I see today the market on Wall Street has opened higher and precious metals have again been crushed.
    I have abandoned my faith in someof the so called experts who are in complete denial about precious metals being manipulated. These people are vultures feeding on subscription, unlike your guests who give solid guidance without obligation, they are to be praised.
    “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”
    ― Winston S. Churchill
    Michael Harvey
    Resident in Ireland

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Michael. There was a lot to take in even for me. I usually take notes off camera and found myself just listening most of the interview.

    • VShook

      I am sad to report that one of our friends and neighbors appears to have committed suicide two days ago due to financial concerns. He leaves a young son (just over 1 year old) and a young wife. Devastation is the only word to describe the situation. These manipulators of markets are sociopaths, just as Jim Sinclair has indicated. They will never see, care about or understand some of the horrible consequences contributed to by their actions. We all try to hide the panic and fear associated with life and its pressures — especially those associated with money and investments. Please be vigilant for signs of extreme financial stress in your friends and loved ones. You may be their last hope.

      • Southern Girl

        Sorry to hear about your neighbor. It just seems to bring it home real fast. I remember Gerald Celente says, when you have lost everything and have nothing left to lose, you lose it. He is right…this will probably just the tip of the iceberg. Maybe you can help them by your kindness.

        • Greg Hunter

          Yes VSHook I too and sorry to hear about your neighbor. Thank you SG for your kindness and compassion.

      • susan

        VShook, I am so sorry to hear about your friend. OMG! I am afraid this may become a regular occurrence as time progresses. Please, everyone keep tabs of those you know around you and try to help those you can. I will be praying for his family.

  35. tee

    I noticed lately merchants paying in new 2015 coins is that QE being done? Also is the white house in dark about this huge finance problem ? If I not mistaken I heard Obama say we don’t have a debt problem. Do you think he might do something harmful to himself if this indeed plays out as Sinclair and others see it?or is it all part of there plan to kick the legs out from America because they ( Obama administration ) see America as the great Satan of the world?

  36. dbcooper

    Greg, Thank you so much for getting JS back on… as he said I will come back when I have something to say!! Whew. Markets will overcome manipulation!! I pictured in my minds eye the PPT standing on a beach with their puny little human hands in the air yelling STOP while the tsunami wave is overwhelming them… Here it comes…

    Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB

    • Steady Steve

      The “we” that Obama was referring to probably means him and his family. He probably doesn’t even pay for a round of golf. Much less airfare to Martha’s Vineyard.

  37. Rock

    Greg, I am blown away by that interview. Spectacular. Thank you for your fine efforts during this unique time in history.

    • Greg Hunter

      “Fear Not” Rock and Thank you.

  38. Jerry

    This is how the BRIC nations see the global market.
    Are you getting it? They see us as the problem. Goodbye petrodollar.

    • woody188

      If one reads the comments they see both China and the USA as the problem. Both are too willing to bend policy to appease their gambling houses versus the real economy. Of course that is human nature to blame everyone else for your own troubles.

  39. al Hall

    Greg: WOW! What a great line-up of super experts you have on. Just excellent viewing for those of us awake, and that’s not that many. All my family and friends are still sleeping! But, your viewers are a sharp crew- that reinforces what a great job and service you are providing.


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Al. Sinclair is one of the very best.

  40. WD


    Yesterday I saw on Fox News ( I was getting lunch and they had a TV on) …that the US budget deficit was down to 426 billion dollars? Is this true or even close to correct?

    How do you go from 18 Trillion to 426 billion in less than two years?

    Could someone explain?


    • Greg Hunter

      In their phony accounting world it’s true. In economist John Williams world ( it’s a big fat lie. Williams has been on this site and on record saying the real deficit has been building up a $5 trillion to $7 trillion a year. even USA Toad did one story back in 2012 that said the real annual deficit was $5 trillion. They only did that story once and never returned to the subject.

    • Manuel

      You are confusing deficit with debt. The deficit is the annual shortfall between revenues and expenses. So, the deficit for this year may be running at an annualized $400B amount, which means that at the end of the year, the US debt will be increased by that $400B, to total over $19 Trillion in US debt.

    • Galaxy 500

      This is THE YEARLY DEFICIT. It it’s added to the 18 trillion. And even that is a lie as they subtract any excess from SS. When I was first doing accounting I was discussing federal accounting with my professor. He advised me not to worry about Federal accounting as it wasn’t real accounting; that they made up everything. He advised me that if they were required to use GAAP accounting, we would have been declared bankrupt forty years ago. And then we would have held the
      politicians accountable

  41. Doug

    Great interview Greg; People simply don’t perceive what is happening even those that should. This is indeed a paradigm change throughout the entire world right now. The issue won’t be what is the price in dollars of silver/gold. The price in dollars will be immaterial. Yes, gold may reach $50000 and ounce and may still only buy what it buys right now.

    The analogy I’ve always used is in 1920 you could walk into the bank and lay down a $20 FRN note and walk out with a one ounce gold coin or conversely you could give the teller your gold coin and walk out with a $20 FRN note. Back in 1920 your gold coin or $20 FRN note would buy you a top of the line business suit with all the trimmings or a beef cow.

    Fast forward to today and that once ounce gold coin can still buy you a top of the line suit of clothes or a beef cow. What will your $20 FRN note buy you? A takeout pizza with the tip? It’s the purchasing power of the dollar that has changed and not what gold will buy. The purpose of gold/silver is to preserve your purchasing power after you have already accumulated the other things necessary for survival. It is a store of wealth and real money.

    I do not personally believe that Sinclair and others have be ‘wrong’ on pricing claims they made a few years ago. Their timing was wrong however and that is because of the enormous amount of manipulation in the system. What do you think the price of gold would be now if it wasn’t for the naked shorting beat down of the metals over the last several years?

    I fully believe that God has everything under control and all is going according to his plan. In the days of Noah God warned the world that a great flood was coming and most mocked. Those that mocked also perished. Be a Noah!!

    Greg, was just thinking this morning that it’s time for Rob Kirby to be on again. Do you have him on the schedule?

  42. Bogdan T

    Thank you Greg for this one.
    All currencies must devalue against gold. Specifically US dollar.
    It looks like it will be forced upon them by the markets.
    US dollar has so may US gunboats, propaganda, false information from media to protect it but the winner will be gold.

  43. al Hall

    MAN– what a great interview and source of info! Thank you Greg and Jim. even though I already knew this. IT JUST DOESN’T GET ANY PLAINER THAN THAT. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT PASTOR Lindsey WILLIAMS SAID TWO MONTHS AGO- FROM HIS INSIDER ELITE FRIEND.

  44. ROCK

    Sobering beyond my understanding of the word.
    I think it is fair to say that we have just received official notice of the immediate and forseeable future.

  45. Andy M

    I began purchasing silver well prior to the 2011 run up. Like Mike R, my average is much higher than current prices. Fortunately however I wouldn’t part with an ounce of it and continue to add more. I concluded some time ago that this experiment involving fiat money and Keynesian economics was not going to end well.
    Speaking of averages, what is the average of successes to failure of fiat currencies? Like Socialism, fiat currencies have failed in every instance where it has been tried. Many could see this coming well before 2008 and acted accordingly purchasing the necessary implements to prevail in such a time as is approaching.
    Remain spiritually aware and mindful of our responsibilities as events continue to unfold.

    • susan

      Andy, we do have responsibilities toward our neighbors. May we all show the compassion of Jesus Christ with everyone we are in contact with in our world.

  46. OutLookingIn


  47. Mike from the North

    Timing something perfectly is highly difficult.
    Analyzing the data and making determinations based on logic is somewhat simpler.

    Mr.Sinclair has experience, wisdom and passion.

    I say do not worry too much on the date and focus more on the eventual outcome.

    The world financial system is broken and yes BROKE as well.

    The fix is likely in and the date is likely set.

    Anyway you look at it there is trouble in RIVER CITY.

  48. Mush.Brain

    MR. Hunter,
    WOW, what a interview today! This one is out of the park. I’ve had the privilege of speaking one-on-one with Mr. Sinclair twice and he is very humble and caring. Anyone who does not follow this man’s advice is financially suicidal. Although no man knows the day are hour there is no reason to not be edified by those who have experience in these areas.
    We are entering a time when a very few will literally burn the earth for their own gain but in the end it is they who will burn. This interview is one I will store and review from time to time to clear my head.
    Thank you Mr. Hunter for a voice crying in the desert of deaf uncaring ears.

  49. Charles H.


    Interesting those who crawl out of the woodwork to question and disparage Jim Sinclair. Something must be biting their backsides something awful.

    The world is staggering, as a drunken person, making progress – but with mistakes and setbacks. The greater context, world-wide, is where the US will lose control. China is selling into this Stock Market panic their T-bonds and Treasuries. When this is generally acknowledged: the shaky trust in the ‘Markets’ here – will gain traction in the world where US threats can’t control. China, Russia, India, Saudi Arabia, the Developing Nations will unload their Currency Reserves and overwhelm any governmental PP Team control. Only the Banks and government will be the ‘Market’, at some point; if you don’t include vassals like Japan and the EU, which are tottering themselves.
    The idea that the USA will fall and virtually become a Third-World country is too colossal for most people to grasp. The consequences of reality will not be ignored though. The “neckless” metaphor is a good one; and the US will be a belle, without adornment – instead of an emperor without clothes. The ‘means’ with in which Americans will have to live – is going to be astoundingly little.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes it is Charles and these folks have never commented before HUMMMMMMMMM.

      • al

        govt bots.. ignore them

      • Greg Hunter

        Then you must have changed fake names because this is your 4th comment. I have a counter in the back-end of the site.

    • steve

      Ummm… could it be they are wrong so many times that people get sick of loosing money under their advice?

  50. Jeff L

    John Nothing is assured ($900gold)……. Your targets for Dow and SPX will occur next month. Therefore gold WILL rise next month. So you and Sinclair agree??? btw Silver has been “money” for 1000’s of years. Longer than you’ve had your trading acct.

    • John Mackenzie

      Jeff L – $900 Gold “assured” is a joke. Take it for what it’s worth. My “targets” extend out to April 2016 and not next month. Gold may well rise next month, I’m quite bullish once 1045/12.02 are hit.

      The 65EMAs are performing very well, apparently you did not extend the effort to see for yourself.

      Sinclair’s Tan Range is DOA – tarnishes as it were.

      • Jeff L

        Please repost in a couple months with your arrogant attitude.

        • John Mackenzie

          Jeff L – it would be useful to provide more objective analysis – review those EMAs and observe their accuracy.

          As for Tan Range – it is busted. If you were caught holding the bag, it happens and is unfortunate.

          • Guy Christopher

            Charts and graphs mean nothing when markets are manipulated by central banks, as Chris Powell of GATA has stated. All those who zero in on what Mr. Sinclair said about price seem to have overlooked what he also said about leveling, reset and markets overrunning the manipulators. To frame this discussion in those terms redefines all the questions and all the answers. Mr. Sinclair has history on his side in this discussion. All else is conjecture.

  51. Southern Girl


    This interview blew my hair back…straight back. I had to listen to it again. There was so much said that I needed to make sure I registered everything he said.

    Jim Sinclair is so right about the 1% living in lala land. He said they are totally out of touch with the average consumer. You think about our political leaders..they don’t live in the real world. Read the other day the average credit card debt is now $15,500. It use to be around $8,000. It had almost doubled.

    He said, “If you don’t have a conscience your can’t grow one. If you don’t have a conscience you don’t know you don’t have it. A sociopath has not idea that they should feel any other way than they do…I deserve it all and I’m going to get it all. Al what ever expense it is, that is the attitude.” He said this is the attitude of Wall Street, Washington, and Markets. Remember the movie with Michael Douglas…Greed is good.
    This is what is happening and they believe the ride will never end, nor will they have to answer for their attitude.

    I keep thinking of Prince Philip and his wish to come back as some sort of virus that would kill hundreds of thousand of people. What kind of person say that???? A sociopath who BEIEVES they are better than the rest of us. This is what the elite think of themselves. They think they are gods. Well God will have plans for them that they have not even thought about.

    Thanks, Greg for this interview. I plan to email it to my family and then wash my hands of trying to warn them.

    • Silence is Golden

      That 1% should be 1% of 1%…..aka the so called “unelected rulers”.
      Round math = .01% x 7BLN people = 700,000 folk who act / think like they are above all other humans. That number is the number we “Ordinary” folk have to deal with in order to rid the globe of their ilk/filth. Not so insurmountable. Included in this esteemed collection of “Inhuman” Humans ….are the likes of the many Royal Families mentioned in your comment. The Bankers, the Religious leaders and the Corporate Aristocracy round out the others.

  52. Southern Girl


    He also talked about the food not being able to be distributed….because of lack of confidence in the truck driver and what he is being paid and what it will buy. So all the railroads, trucks, etc. will accentually be off line. He said that looks like hell.

    I live down south but have a sister in WV and she says every time they are going to get a 8-10 loaf of bread snow the people up there buy chips and beer. They say there is maybe 4 days worth of food in the stores. Greg, your friend will be over at your place to eat and drink. I have over 100 gallons of water and canned, bought can and box, and dehydrated foods enough for probably 8-10 months if not a year. I’ll be in trouble if we lost electricity because of all the meat I have stored in my freezers. Has anyone said how we would maybe lose electricity?? They tell us to have water but I’m not sure if that means the electrical pump will not be able to pump the water out of our faucets. Has anyone got the answer to that one??????

    • Allen Ols

      so. gal
      get 4 large deep cycle marine batt. 2 inverters, be able to connect batt to inverters and plug freezers into inverters, as freezers use 3 watts of eletc. now, buy 4-250 watt solar panels, with proper cables to connect to a a 40 amp charge controller, and store in boxes with tin foil surrounded, and taped with tin foil tape, ’emp protection’ and when needed connect and use to freeze meat. once freezer is froze will take a couple of days to thaw, so plug in as needed.

      • Jim

        Go where the Amish live . They got the solar panels, storage batteries, inverter adaptations and applications down cold. Ha! Shipshewana , Indiana has a lot of this type of stuff in a couple stores.

    • Charles H.


      Barrels of gasoline with “STABIL” added to make it last, and a gas generator of capacity enough for freezers, pump, and lights. Run generator only as necessary to keep items frozen. Gasoline and freezers for the beginning, or as long as they last; cans and dry after that. A 6000 – 8000 watt is a good, mid-size unit. Be able to switch from public line, to separate generator. If you have a well – even hand-pumps can work…

    • Margie

      Southern girl, get lots of canning jars and leave them empty, if your freezer is no longer working, you can CAN meat, (you need a canner, not a pressure cooker or waterbath canner) . There are numerous instructional videos on youtube that will show you what to do.

      • Collateral Damage

        Great suggestion M!

        Thanks for sharing it.


      • JC Davis

        Margie. My people think I have lost my marbles. My attic is loaded with jars and jugs, and such. 6 – 5 gal glass and even one 6 gal. Several types of manual cookers and steamers . 5 out of 5 barks on your comment. Food is everywhere when your learn to fish, hunt, eat wild weeds, and mushrooms. Water filtration knowledge is a must.

    • woody188

      There is a real possibility of power loss, or perhaps only a few hours of power per day. It is prudent to have plans for generating your own power or going off grid entirely. A root cellar can also help and is extremely inexpensive versus making your own power. Another easy relatively inexpensive investment is an hand cranked well pump for those of us that pump our own water. A rain barrel raised outside your bathroom window and a hose makes for an easy gray water sanitary solution and you get to keep your indoor plumbing. 🙂

      • Southern Girl


        Thanks for the comment. I do have a generator so that will help. I tried to sign up for a free class in how to make a rain barrel, but they were full. I will still get dome sort of container to catch rainwater until I get the real thing. Love the idea about right outside my bathroom window, except I got a stained glass window…that no worky. I guess I will be carrying it inside with buckets.

  53. Beano

    Yeah, this is just a tumble. When it’s a CRASH you will not know because you would be KNOCKED out by it.

  54. Mark

    Thank you Greg for another great interview. I own some gold and silver and think that the only way it’s going to shoot way up is with a total collapse of the system – and I mean total. Who is going to buy it from you other than someone else that has extra funds lying around and wants it? What can you really use it for?

    I wonder how many of your viewers have ever tried to use gold or silver to buy anything? I have – no takers – none, zero, zilch. Many were happy to pay me face value. What would I pay for it if I didn’t have the standard fix to reference? Just because we think it’s money doesn’t mean others do — and if they have the things we want then they are in control and can dictate terms, not us.

    I lean toward Armstrong’s thinking and saw a video a few years back with someone in the defense department saying that they thought it might go to 5k max (gold), and then there would be a reset of the system through war or such. He’s been right so far so I’ll take my chances and maybe buy some more when it drops in the coming months.

    4 months left in the year and things are getting interesting…

  55. Scoop It

    You’re still in here for the gold? Wake up. This is the best interview that you’ve got. Show some respect, and intelligence. There are a LOT of intelligent people arount here. lol.

    • al

      If they were so “intelligent” they wouldn’t be doing this type of work. I knew several Govt Intelligence workers and came to the realization that the notion is an oxymoron.. much like jumbo shrimp

      • Scoop It

        Past tence, I likey

  56. james chudzinski

    For the people out there that don`t believe gold and silver are manipulated, tell me how gold and silver have been down seven straight days when markets went up and down , and the( DXY ) also went down at times and gold never turned positive even for a short period. When the DXY goes down , doesn`t gold go up at least a little.

    • Bobby

      “they thought it might go to 5k max (gold), and then there would be a reset of the system”

      That agrees with what Sinclair said, doesn’t it?

  57. Liberty Bell

    I think perspective is important here. I believe Jim Sinclair to be honest– but a bit overzealous in his claims– but perhaps to drive home his point. I think the most prudent investment advice to the masses would be to diversify – and accumulate precious metals over the long haul. Those who view Gold as a ‘get rich quick’ vehicle, miss the point of owning gold in the first place — it represents a time tested, store of value. Ask yourself, if Central Banks buy it, it can’t be worthless.

    Global markets (equities, commodities, etc.) are a sham today– largely manipulated for the benefit of a few at the expense of the masses. I’m leary of anyone who calls a top or speaks confidently about market timing– especially in an environment where markets are so distorted by manipulators (HFT’s, Central bank interventions, investment banks, etc.).

    That all being said, I do believe there will come a time when manipulators will be overcome by market forces and true price discovery will prevail. At that time, it is likely that paper promises will be ‘re-priced’ and hard assets like gold and silver will be restored as the anchor of the monetary system. Indeed, I believe this is what the East envisions by accumulating PM’s.

  58. moonmac

    Dudley is a powerful member of the Super Friends Plunge Protection Team! Just his words alone caused the markets to skyrocket today. The Fed should loan everyone $100K to invest on the markets. The PPT will tell everyone Wall Street’s Easy Money will never end and we’ll all be rich!

  59. James Hastings

    Yo… my mind…..That’s what he is saying…..LOVED IT. Fixing to mowe the weeds in our society. 🙂 Dang…this is going to be an experience.

  60. nightswallow

    If Mr. Sinclair called a bottom in gold that was breached… so what…. how many of us actually realized the level of manipulation in gold prices that has been going on these past few years. What matters now is the unstoppable collapse of this “House of Cards” that will be a game changer for everyone!

  61. art barnes

    Greg, the market is being touted by the financial press as just an ordinary late summer shallow correction and shortly now the buyers will come back in and clean up. If they are right and this isn’t a pre-quake I’ll eat my had for dinner; reason, volatility up on normal or just above normal trading volume. In other words watch the volume, I’m betting the bulls bring it back with low to average or just above volume, then: WATCH OUT! The pigs love their dinner hot and ready and marbled with new Joe Blows seeing buying opportunity behind every tree.

  62. NC Gal


    I really appreciated this interview, so thank you for having Jim Sinclair as your guest! So many others refer to what history has shown us as indicating what will happen this time around, and I was glad to hear him say that history is NOT going to repeat this time. I have been saying that all along. These times and these conditions have never occurred before.

    I wonder what his basis is for saying we won’t make it past September without a major crash. (His sources?) My sources have said that things have been postponed until the second half of October or the first week of November, due to complications the elites are having to adapt to.

    I am not sure how to understand one point he made, and that is about the monetization of debt. If, for example, I have a car loan, continue to make the payments, and there is a currency reset, what impact does that have on my ability to repay the debt if my income stream is intact? In Yugoslavia, when they revalued their currency, everything was treated equally and parity was maintained. Somehow I get the feeling that when this happens now, it won’t work that way. Any help you can give me in understanding this would be appreciated.

    Today I had some maintenance done on this house that we rent and the man who did the repairs told me that Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina have printed their own currency and will use it within the state for transactions. With Texas asking for their gold back, it sounds like some states are planning on going their own way and not remaining part of the US. Jim Sinclair reportedly has said that the US has already printed a new currency (which Jim Willie calls the scheisse dollar) to be used domestically. Can any one verify any of this? Just asking.

    • Macray

      “Jim Sinclair reportedly has said that the US has already printed a new currency”

      I have not heard that one before. Is there a link, a source or anything that you can share that supports Jim Sinclair reportedly saying this?

      • Greg Hunter

        He never told me that and I know him personally.

        • Macray

          Thank You Greg
          I too have never heard that before from Mr. Sinclair.
          Also thank you for an incredible interview.

  63. art barnes

    Greg, also, watch gold as the signal that the real quake is about to explode. When gold starts to go up a little during a large swing of volatility downward its means that the elite have run out of money to fix a bottom, that is the key, $8-$18 or so up should be the key that the bottom was just lost out of sight! There is only so much money to stop a plunge period, then the herding tendencies of corporate fund managers will move 5% or more to gold to hedge and the cows will then follow. In a few words: Dow 10,000 in September.

  64. John Hubbard

    Thanks Greg for the blockbuster interview with Mr. Sinclair. It has been quite clear for sometime that the only way out for the centeral banks of the world is to repeg all currencies back to gold and silver, this is just the start of the mad dash for seats in the lifeboat of precious metals and other real assets. Thank you so much for bringing on guests of the intellectual and ethical caliber of Jim Sinclair and the other great guests that you interview.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes sir John!! Thank you for the comment.

  65. John M

    Another sober and thought provoking interview. Greg, I have noticed that you like to ask your guests how things will look for the man on the street. What can someone do to prepare for these events etc. It seems that we never get a very detailed answer. I think it might be constructive for us if you interview a “prepper”. Someone who has thought about these situations and has experience in planning for different scenarios. James Wesley Rawles comes to mind.

    • Diane D

      Amen John M. This was an awesome interview.

      I noticed that James Wesley Rawles’ SurvivalBlog just linked to this page. USAWatchdog is getting the attention it deserves. I agree that Mr. Rawles would be an excellent and timely guest.

      • Bobby

        Yes, and Thomas Chittum might also make a great guest.

        He wrote the book “Civil War 2” which is about the USA falling apart.

  66. Leonardo DiSanti

    erudite interview + 4.

    Nice part of this interview is that we’ll know soon how valid it is…

  67. Tom

    Gold stocks are only down about 80% since Jim Sinclair said that gold will never see $1300 again..

  68. Tom

    I’ve been having this question running through my mind for a time now. In the event of
    a global collapse, what happens with taxes/IRS/municipalities, basically all of the government infrastructure. I would like it if you could find someone who could speculate
    on this subject


    • WD


      I want to hear this as well. My take is that it will disintegrate. It will be a perpetual destruction explosion….

  69. Thomas j harmon

    Hi Greg that’s probably one of the best interviews you’ve ever done in the top three, I would put Harvy organ just ahead in my opinion, after listening to that interview I believe Harvy was correct just his timing was out,but Brillant interview mr Greg . Ps any chance you’re getting my favorite guy on that’s the one and only Rob Kirby. Thank you Thomas

  70. Greg Hunter

    This interview was what it was, and that is about paradigm change, NOT trading advice or missed calls. I tell people all the time DO NOT TRADE FOR PROFITS IN METALS. Metals should be held as a core asset and insurance and nothing more. If you want to look at Mr. Sinclair’s trading history you will need to go back to the 1970’s, long before the Plunge Protection and the outrageous criminal manipulation of all the markets including gold and silver. Back in the early 2000’s when gold was trading for around $400 and ounce Sinclair said gold would hit “$1,650 per ounce on or before January 14, 2011.” He missed. It hit $1,650 in June of 2011. There is no better informed gold analyst out there and you can ignore him at your own risk.

    • Dan

      In 2011, gold hit a high of around USD $1900/oz. . . . (This is Greg Hunter and I have cut Dan’s comment off. Dan if you want to come on here and call us “morons” I asked you to use a verifiable name. It looks like you are too much of a “moron” to follow simple instructions. You should have never bought gold in the first place because you viewed it as a money making trade. You are obviously weak handed and weak minded and have no business investing in hard assets. I have long said that gold and silver should be core positions, and should be held as insurance and nothing more. I do not sell gold and either does Jim Sinclair. You made a trade and you are underwater. It’s your fault and yours alone. Man-up and take responsibility for your own actions. You can’t even take ownership of your words. This is why you post anonymously. Don’t bother to answer, and do not come back.)

    • Casey

      As for Sinclairs call on $1650 being of any significance it’s funny how people quote this and at the same time justify him being wrong in the last 4 years because of manipulation. Are they saying there was no manipulation during the run up to $1650? Surely there were sell offs…weren’t they manipulated? So was his call just luck then ?
      He may mean well but as they say ” the road to hell is paved with good intentions” . The fact he thinks he gets ” messages ” from long past dead people should set off warning lights to every sane person. Is that any way to forecast a market? I respect Mr. Hunter for having a voice of reason, experience and opposite to what a lot of people want to hear in Martin Armstrong. Compared to Sinclair he’s in a completely different league…and planet it would appear.

      • Greg Hunter

        So your investment/insurance horizon is 4 years long? You are lost or an idiot and really do not get or want to get what is coming. You simply must be a troll coming here to discredit Mr. Sinclair.

        • Casey

          Where did I say my investment time was 4 years? If the point is survival and gold is your way of doing that why wouldn’t you sell at a top and buy in at lower prices? You could be doing that now if you listened to Armstrong and Norcini. I’m no troll, just a truth teller. Tell me where I discredited Sinclair by anything that is not true I’ll retract it with apologies. However if Sinclair does indeed believe Seligman and Livermore are telling him his market predictions then you have a duty to your subscribers to make them aware of this highly unusual behaviour. That is your responsibility!

          • Greg Hunter

            We are facing the biggest financial calamity in 5,000 years of recorded history and you wantmto make trades? Really? Your horizon is only since 2011?? You have a small mind, go away.

    • Thomas

      That is the only time he’s been right Greg, most of your guest have stated Sept will be the kickoff date, Many many reputations are on the line here. Like all fiats, usawatchdog predictions have ALL Failed.

      • Greg Hunter

        Really “all” Mannarino said in May the “stock market topped.” Please go somewhere else if you don’t like the free site.

  71. AK Raven

    Thanks for all your thoughts, but one thing is for sure. History is never new but repeats itself and those who ignore it are condemn to repeat its failures. To think America in all glory can recover from this Fiat Hurricane category 5 that is about to hit? Is arrogance at a peak higher than Mt. Everest. A few years ago I had had the opportunity to travel through out Europe and parts of Africa. I saw the greats empires… The Pyramids, The Acropolis, The Coliseum, Ruins of Babylon, great Castles of the British Empire. One this is for sure, they traded in gold and silver back then and at some point I am sure we will return to hard currency when people realize the current U.S. Dollar is worthless. America is no longer a nation of production, we have become a nation of consumption and when Nations like China, Russia, Brazil, India, finally get together and say enough of the bullying. Americans will be using stacks of $100’s to cook over open stoves. Dark days are ahead in more ways than one. Any one with half an ounce of common sense would have a diversity of hard currency. Pre-63 silver coins, silver eagles, 1/2 and 1 ounce gold coins. And like Mr. Sinclair mentioned, a generous supply of food, water, basic staples to last for 3-6 months. Because when the banking system shuts down the ATM as they did in Greece, Americans will not be as reserve. A person is better off staying home and waiting for the storm to clear. Because if one believes the gvt. can control and provide security, they are not, look at the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

  72. Don

    Greg, wow, what a response. I just wanted to tell you I just seen a you tube video of Wesley Clark saying that America should put any disloyal citizen in confinement camps. He used words like radicalize citizens and the like. He also expressed a need to quickly develop government policy about to deal with it, calling them domestic terrorist. Mr. Clark is out of military now isn’t he? You did a good job, and Mr. Gold has a strong conviction about the future of the metals. I’m not convinced it will turn out that way, but who am I. Anyway good job.

    • Bobby

      Wesley Clark said there is no room in the 21st century for ethnically pure states in Europe.

      No complaints about Haiti being ethnically pure though, or China, or Zimbabwe, or Israel, or Korea, or Mongolia. He’s just anti-white. He pushes White Genocide big time.

      He’s like Sarkozy going on about the Arabs’ right to self-determination and their own culture, while spouting off about the need to use force to get French whites to interbreed with immigrants.

      Greg, you should cover white genocide. It is real. Interview Bob Whitaker. It might be the most powerful interview you ever do.

  73. Coalburner

    Great Greg: Always love to hear The Dean of money talk. I think he was telling us things most are not ready to undrstand but I am trying to get my head around his discussion of ” a rally that you Won’t Sell” A new social order! This is a very big deal. Think about the change that we cannot see coming in the 500 year Supercycle. I keep telling people to watch the movie “Apocalypto” . It is all about the last two minutes of the movie. Since I realized what the movie really was, I have not been able to keep it from coming back into my mind for further review over and over everytime a man as sharp as Jim trys to educate me. He is the best and you got the interview. I can appreciate your little smile at the end of the interview, it makes me happy for all your effort.

  74. Bob Lamb

    So if gold goes up to $50k/oz, will it be more valuable than it is today or will the $50k/oz it us worth only buy what $1100 will today (hyper inflation)?

    • Greg Hunter

      bonds and debt money will be wiped out for the most part. This is what Mr. Sinclair means when he says gold and silver will be “the last men standing.” You money is really debt Bob. That’s why it says “Federal Reserve NOTE” across the top. “Note” signifies a debt instrument just link a “Promissory Note.”

      • Jeff

        Bobs question is exactly like mine. He is asking your opinion, and I asked if you could ask future quests the question. You don’t seem to be understanding the question. It doesn’t have anything to do with bonds or debt money being wiped out or not, or anything else. It is a simple question of whether gold’s purchasing power will rise or not, and why. Please try to understand the question. Thank you

        • Greg Hunter

          I understand the question. You are asking if you are going to make money if gold goes up in price relative to its buying power. You are asking the wrong question. You should be asking: What asset will still deliver buying power when the system destabilizes? I feel you are not grasping the severity of the coming calamity. You are in effect talking about trading profits while you should be focusing on gold (and silver) as insurance or financial survival. Please try to understand the answer. Thank you for your support and comments.

          • Jeff

            My question has nothing to do with coming calamities, trading profits, or what asset will deliver buying power. For some reason we are not able to communicate. I will try to make it simple with this question: Will you ask future guests not only if they think gold’s price will rise, but do they think it’s buying power will rise as well, and if so, why? Please answer yes or no. Thank you

      • Bob Lamb

        Thanks for the reply. I whish we would talk about gold and its current, past, and future value in terms of some fixed value equivalent like 1 oz gold is worth so many bushels of wheat instead of dollars that dont have a fixed value.

        • Bob Lamb

          I just want to know how much bread will an oz of gold buy in the future as compared to now.

  75. Old Dog

    Thank you, Mr. Sinclair.

  76. Galaxy 500

    Wow Dan. Nothing like an unfounded personal attack.

  77. Galaxy 500

    A little OT
    The White House science czar’s private email account resides with his former employer, the Woods Hole Research Center. It’s a far-left eco-alarmist group that pushes radical anti-capitalist interventions (Remember “cap and trade”?) to eliminate the decades-long hyped “global climatic catastrophe.” Their ultimate goal? Establishing government rule by eco-technocrats who detest humanity.

    To this day, Holdren has escaped questions about his freaky-deaky population-control agenda. Remember, this is the unrepentant sky-is-falling guru who joined fellow whack jobs Paul and Anne Ehrlich in co-authoring “Ecoscience,” a creepy tome that called for saving the planet by proposing that:

    –Women could be forced to abort their pregnancies, whether they wanted to or not.


    –The population at large could be sterilized by infertility drugs intentionally put into the nation’s drinking water or food.

    –Single mothers and teen mothers should have their babies seized from them against their will and given away to other couples to raise.

    –People who “contribute to social deterioration” (i.e. undesirables) “can be required by law to exercise reproductive responsibility” — in other words, be compelled to have abortions or be sterilized.

    –A transnational “Planetary Regime” should assume control of the global economy and also dictate the most intimate details of Americans’ lives — using an armed international police force.

    The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy obstinately refused to answer my questions for Holdren on his views about forced abortions and mass sterilizations or on his continued embrace of forced-abortion advocate and eugenics guru Harrison Brown, whom he credits with inspiring him to become a scientist. Holdren’s mentor likened the global population to a “pulsating mass of maggots.”

    These are not harmless dalliances of the past. Holdren’s insidious ideology — and his hidden policy communications — now have an untold impact on American taxpayers. He is the top strategist in Obama’s war on carbon, war on coal, war on the West and war on the economy. Holdren is the zealot “right at the heart” (as The New York Times put it) of devising White House climate change initiatives that reward environmental cronies, send electricity rates skyrocketing and kill jobs.

    Who is Holdren conducting government business with, and what is he hiding from the public? What data is being doctored, what scientific evidence is being stonewalled in the name of rescuing the planet and consolidating power in the hands of the green elite? It’s time to turn up the heat.

    • oneno

      @Galaxy 500, I agree with you, the covert depopulation agenda in place since 1945 is unlawful and inhumane. However, please consider UN population data with the amount of arable land and the amount of land needed by an average man to move about as part of his normal development and you will arrive at a finite number of some 529,000,000 as a steady state population without stressing the Earth’s natural life support capacity. This number is 13 times less than the current population. So these are things to be considered. Some form of legislated population control is absolutely required or man faces devastation. Again, I am completely against covert population control.

      • Greg Hunter

        You saiid “529,000,000 as a steady state population.” This is total NWO Bull Crap. Get lost.

        • oneno

          @Greg, with all due respect, that is not NWO crap. We live on a finite planet with finite resources. All the economic dislocations that we see are directly and indirectly linked to this problem. Wars have always been about control over resources.

          • Greg Hunter

            Oh yes it is and I am not posting your links. We have 7 billion people and you say the global population has to be 500 million. A giant Bull Crap on that one. Hey, I have an idea, let’s start depopulating with you buddies at the NWO.

            • oneno

              @Greg, I am not one of the NWO group because they are self-admited enemies of man. Hence my stance against their covert de-population agenda since 1945.

              It is unfortunate that you choose not to post the links in my previous post as they contain a through study of the problem together with references to concrete and irrefutable scientific evidence that every country on Earth has depressed fertility to or below replacement level by a concerted and deliberate effort coordinated internationally and supported technically by the UN and its agencies. Key elements of government, both knowingly and unknowingly, including the medical and dental establishments are employed to realize this covert depopulation agenda.

              The UN data on population, arable land, and useable land is available to everyone and you are free to make the calculations yourself. I have no part in the make-up of any of that data or the calculation. In addition, it is possible to transport large icebergs to desert regions of the world so that those regions of the world can then reduce the population pressure. Unfortunately, governments are tied to the military industrial complex.

              In everything there must be moderation and balance with nature as we all depend on nature to live.

              I find the views of JS to be one sided as with all the PM promoters. My preference is for a third of one’s assets to be PMs with a half of that held in ofshore private vaults. I limit minining share exposure to less than 2.5% of investable assets and have shorted mining shares since 2010.

              A few on this blog like, Mike R, are prudent and prefer a balanced approach to all things.

              Your responses are appreciated.

              • Greg Hunter

                Thank you for explaining. It was sounding creepy before this explanation. I do not think much of the U.N. as it is a corrupt entity. The oil scam with Kofi Annan and his family killed any speck of credibility for me.


    • oneno

      Stephen Moore has a web page on the method of calculation for the 529 million number and the 12 people per sq km number.

      The required data to make the calculations is ‘concealed’ requiring intermediate steps to acquire the required data and the calculation is not trivial explaining why most are not aware of consequences or the seriousness of the over-population issue.

      Everyone should make the effort to digest and spread this information as it is the ‘source’ of all problems facing man. It is then up to everyone to limit how much each one himself procreates so that in time, this proplem is resolved naturally without the overt taking of life.

      Those interested in how covert de-population is being realized should search the freely downloadable books of Kevin Galalae.

      • Greg Hunter

        This is total NWO Evil BS. It is not necessary and it it is (again, it is NOT) then these NWO weasels should be the first to be depopulated!!

  78. Coalburner

    Mike R, let me give you one more friendly perspective. In 1964 more or less I started to save silver coins. I couldn’t afford to save halves or quarters. A dime was serious business and worth a dime. I still have the those dimes to remind me. I have seen them at $1.60 each. Today, I paid a $1.20 for more as I have taught my grandkid to do. This time I bought a roll of quarters too. I bought some yellow coins in about 1999 and a few later. My point, they tansfer value into the future just like Jim and Holter say. Yes, I did get a few that I m down on but I know what they are going to do, be higher or buy more in the future than the paper will buy.

  79. Coalburner

    Jerry , you are right about the timing issue. He said 2020. We often forget this happens over time in our life. That is what creates impatience. The old friends I have quized about the thirtys talk about the lasting affect over a lifetime and I observed that. Some prepared themselves to be wealthy with patience and long waiting. Some took 20 to 25 years to manage what they learned into a very wealthy position. Their attitude was different during the tough times. They used every opportunity they could make to develope skills and pinch pennys like we cannot imagine. It is, was the paradigm shift, merely a precurser to this one at the big 500 year rollover of shifting power from west to east in the world. Those who adapt best to change will prosper most. You can see the kids doing it everyday.

  80. Bob Lamb

    If it gets super bad and there is no food like he said could happen, I don’t think gold or silver will be worth much (maybe have value to make colloidal silver). Food, clothing, shelter and tbe means to produce them will be what is valuable or other life sustaining assets.

    I dont have much pm or cash, but Im out of debt and have over a years supply of food so I think I will be rich in the worst scenario.

    • paul

      Bob … some say the “manna from heaven” that gave Noah a 900 year life span was “gold” or a colloidal suspension of gold in water … so all the talk about not being able to “eat gold” could just be part of a NWO disinformation campaign (while the elites buy gold for themselves to achieve “immortality” … what the “manna from heaven” supposedly does is lengthen the telemers on the ends of our DNA strands which stabilizes the genes and allows for infinite cell divisions without degradation … Moses had the formula for making this “manna from heaven” … it was always up to the high priests to dispense this “sacred food” to the people (sort of like receiving the Host on Sunday) … but when the covenant with God was broken by people and their evil ways God’s “manna from heaven” was denied to the people and their life spans subsequently decreased.

  81. jcdenton

    If I may make two points ..

    1) Sinclair uses the term @ ~29:00 (video) — PSYOPS.

    This is exactly what is going on. And only those trained in PSYOPS can pull this off, for a time. At a point, it does break down, and the emperor is completely naked. I believe this is what Sinclair alludes to when making the statement “we are not making it through September without the real thing.”

    2) Concerning the Great Reset. And Sinclair also says, at least going back to 1980, “I was told.” I was told by who?

    Listen to the following 11 minute teaser. Notice where the speaker here says “monetary reset,” and the timeframe in which it will occur. And then listen to the entire 2 hour discussion for full context of events playing out in realtime at this very nanosecond. Read the included .pdf and you will in short order understand just “‘Who” is, in 1980 that Sinclair got his information from ..

  82. Charles H.

    OK, “Dan” – what makes you think you have the duty to tell Greg Hunter how to do his business? Is this some psychological test – to measure what and how much influence can be exerted over the Alternative Media by coming at it multiple ways? The last posting you resorted to name-calling, disparaging, labeling (using code-wording), deflection, and open insulting. Or do you intend to just wear-down Mr. Hunter with nagging?

    But just to give you a little orientation to put you near being on-page… “Journalism” is a profession – one that has fallen from it’s honorable principles and practice. “Journalism” has become ‘prestitute prostitution’ of managed information dissemination or “MOPE”. What Greg Hunter produces is a venue that runs close to sharing informational sources and issues that are at LEAST honorable in intent, and honest – given the limitations of each person’s point of view. The key word is “Analysis” of the news, and NOT reporting or journal-ing.
    What happened to “barf time”, eh, “Dan”?, and “Confirmation Bias”, and continued interest in the morons here? All you do is come to the party – then insult the host. I let you fill in the blank for what that is called.

  83. southernpatriot

    That was one piece of reality that I did not need to see last night before trying to go to sleep. So in essence the great American experiment is just about over ! So for the John & Jane Does who have played by the rules all of their lives their dreams are being flushed down the toilet as we speak.
    So I guess the old adage I use to hear my parents talk about-The rich get richer and the poor get poor is spot on.
    Refresh my memory Greg did not Washington, tell us not to get involved with the Federal reserve? So where again did that 4-Trillion dollars go? The federal government refused to have a budget and they could not stop their spending.
    In the last scene from the Planet of the apes,Taylor played by Charleston Heston is cursing to the fact that “they finally did it”. They blew up the world. He would go on to say Da* you! Go* Da* you all to hel*!
    This is what I want to say to those who have destroyed my country and my home. DY GDYATH!!
    I’m not quite sure what I will tell my grand children when they ask Pop’s what happened to the greatest country on earth,the last bastion of freedom. I use to think that when the bible talked about Money is the root of all evil, it could be tempered by helping those in need, taking care of the sick and the homeless.
    I guess I was wrong and what I fear the most is will God forgive me for not doing a better job of Protecting this Republic,protecting the Freedoms granted in our Constitution and Bill of rights.We have squandered our treasury and we have squandered the health of our planet and we have squandered countless lives in far to many wars. But the most tragic thing we have squandered, are the lives of our unborn children. Indeed while I’m scared for our future, it’s must be true that we reap what we sow .
    What ever happens, as for me and my family, we will do our best to help those in need. Our home will be a sanctuary in the perfect storm that is now coming to our shores! Peace be with you Greg and to your readers. Southern patriot signing off until we meet again. Gentlemen Prepare to defend yourselves and your rights under what’s left of a Free society that once was called The United States Of America.

    • Greg Hunter

      “Fear Not” God is in control not these weasels.

      • southernpatriot

        Thanks Greg! Your words indeed made me feel better! As my family and I sat down to prepare a list of things we needed to have in our bug-out-bags. It accrued to us that we had a box of bibles. we can put them to good use! You can have food and water,but you need a full tank of Christ the Lord. Peace be with you,Greg!SP

  84. Sam Banbury

    What about confiscation? If Jim is right then no surely no government will allow private ownership of PMs? Will they force purchase them at today’s level or the revalued level?

    • oneno

      PMs are “insurance” against government first and foremost!

  85. karl

    Its hard to know who is right isnt it.
    Greg who do you think is more correct? Jim.or Martin Armstrong?
    Great interviews.

    • Greg Hunter

      Both say there is going to be a crash and both are correct. Prepare. Who nknow what it will look like because a crash like the one coming has not happened in recorded history.

  86. karl

    Perrhaps Greg you could get Sinclair and Armstrong into debate?
    Personally I think this is the start of the reset
    As the market closed at 15666 on the dow.
    The low on the s and p was 666 in 2009.
    Its a signal for the elites

    • Greg Hunter

      Not set up for that. I was the only interview that Mr. Sinclair did in the last year and I would not waste time like that. I also like Martin Armstrong and put many views on this site.

  87. Z'Big

    The elites keep saying day after day the Donald is thru, he’s going to sell us out, he’s doing this for sport, he doesn’t even want to be president, he’s doing it for Hillary.
    Well their going to be in for a bigZ’big surprise! They said the same thing about the darling of the great depression, Franklin D. Roosevelt, that he was a traitor to his class. The elites feel the same for the likes of our Trump’ster, they want him in the dumpster. There are so many of us already there were going to keep throwing him back out a ya, you big fat cat arss’s! Merry dumpster divers for the American way! We’ll show em! Gods speed Donnie boy, you cockriel you! LOL!

  88. Silence is Golden

    You have impeccable timing bringing JS on at this juncture.
    Clarity (of which he provides in abundance) is the medicine to cure the wounded soul.
    I am concerned though with Jim’s comment about “what he is being told” about GOLD.
    As I understand it (and there are some contradictions in the words spoken) that GOLD is not tradable, the price is set/fixed…to whatever “THEY” want it to be. We do know who they are (FED and their cohorts of out London…using Bullion Banks)……control the price. The alarming thing is that if they control the price going down….who is controlling the price in reverse direction ? Are “they” still the FED/Bankers? If so…who is JS so close to…..that he is being “TOLD” that is what will happen to GOLD ?
    Can we say someone inside the FED/Bullion Bank ?
    Also very strong point made about the SDR. With so much rhetoric hitting the wires about China wanting in to the “Basket” and the IMF slapping them on the wrist and deferring its decision ….JS just put a wet Blanket over this nonsense. SDR’s are a basket of crap currencies solving absolutely nothing. Another case of diverting attention.
    A man of wisdom….who I feel is the “most connected” person alive….should not be discounted in terms of what he has to offer. His warnings are many and are legitimate. Take heed and make haste with plans.

  89. Paul V

    Hi Greg
    I am not from the USA, but I would like to make a comment or ask a question if I may. In your opinion, what would the reason be for manipulating especially the price of gold? Could it perhaps be because of the Nixon shock in the 1970’s? The peddlers were pushing the dollar all the time since then and of course the $ is not back by gold like it used to be before 1971? In fact the dollar is backed by nothing at all. Could this be one of the reasons for the manipulation? And could this be part of the reason why gold should gain?

  90. Bill Howland

    Thank you for having Mr. Sinclair on, and letting him speak complete thoughts.
    He speaks so succinctly that one must listen to the interview twice to make sure one has received all the information. He may be wrong about some mining stocks, or the $1300 call, but in general, he’s looking at the big picture, and our ‘leaders’ have basically turned the USA into a ‘junk’ country economically, and there will be changes when the gov’t runs out of both money and the trust of the citizenry at large.
    Mr. Sinclair realizes this and is warning us to take evasive action to the extent possible.
    Thank you for a very informative interview.

  91. Jeff

    Hey Greg,
    In future can you please ask all guests that predict much higher gold prices if they also predict a rise in gold’s purchasing power, and if so why? An increased price wouldn’t really help gold owners if their gold still bought only the same amount of goods and services. Thanks

  92. normblob

    So Blobman, you’re telling me Sinclair is not God? NO! DO TELL!

  93. Mohammad

    An EPIC interview….!!
    When Mr Sinclair speaks, i take notice.
    Thank you for putting this vital info out.

  94. Bob

    Your last eight interviews over the past four weeks have been the best ones yet, Greg. The latest with Jim Sinclair was the creme de la creme of them all. Thank you for bringing their wisdom to light. I do have a question about Hugo Salinas Price for you. In the previous interview you had with him he mentioned that he would be proposing a new monetary system based on silver. Off the air, did he give you an update on this effort to prevent the debasement of currencies (or at least the peso)?

    • Greg Hunter

      He did not but the next time he’s on I will ask him about it.

  95. art barnes

    Greg, those central banks are resilience you got to give them that. Then money poured in buckets the last hour of trading. Notice that, “the last hour of trading”. They waited to see if they could save the money for another time but couldn’t. So more digital fiat dollars were just made up and put in the already polluted water (dollar and its buying power). I guess that is where we are, every time the market goes down expect the central banks to prop it up until no one will want the polluted inflated dollar any more.

  96. art barnes

    Greg, forget to say that yesterday many corporations purchased their own stock back to prop it up, CNBC and the financial media , as usual, forget to mention that phenomenon.

  97. BlobMan

    Love this comment on oil that he made.

    Jim Sinclair: Oil goes right through from fertilizers to farm equipment to transportation and to food prices. The price of food is going to go even higher than we are seeing this year. The price of oil is headed decidedly higher. Peak Oil was a concept of the future. Now it’s a concept of now. A car getting 25 miles per gallon will probably be too expensive for the average person to drive.

    Jim, oil is at 39.00 …guess peak oil decided to take a vacation.

    • Greg Hunter

      If you want to be this critical then man-up and use a verifiable name.

  98. foggygoggles

    Most commentators readily admit we find ourselves in a position we’ve never been in before. Despite this, most claim to know exactly what’s going to follow. They continue to make these pronouncements despite the fact that they’ve been wrong for–years! While our course does seem unsustainable, it’s also obvious existing analytical models are useless.

  99. Rock

    Anybody else have the sense that the Virginia “on air” shooting event was staged?

  100. Donna S. from Arkansas

    Just an FYI…..gas here in my town at Sam’s Club is $1.96. I was told that it would continue to fall as the economy gets worse…..any truth to this?

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Donna this will be true until the world liquidates the more than $16 trillion in Treasuries held OUTSIDE the US. China has begun to sell now: file:///C:/Users/Greg-Hunter-Fast-PC/Downloads/It%27s%20Official%20%20China%20Confirms%20It%20Has%20Begun%20Liquidating%20Treasuries,%20Warns%20Washington%20_%20Zero%20Hedge.htm

  101. Jeff

    Hey Greg,
    In future can you please ask all guests that predict higher gold prices if they also predict a rise in gold’s purchasing power, and if so why? A higher price won’t really help gold owners if their gold still only buys the same amount of goods and services. Thanks

    • Greg Hunter

      If all money and bonds are destroyed in the next crash you are totally off base. This is what it means when Sinclair said Gold and silver will be the “last men standing.”

      • Jeff

        Sorry Greg,
        I’m not sure what you mean. Please read my post carefully. I am not predicting anything myself. I am simply wondering about the guests opinion of whether the purchasing power of gold will rise, and if so why, rather than their opinion of just whether gold’s price will rise. thank you

  102. Tod Mills

    I’d like to think the statement about silver rising proportionately more than gold is true, but if the economy really falls apart in a big way, with disruptions in manufacturing, trade, etc, where people are in survival mode, then Gerald Celente’s statement that silver will actually rise less than gold because of the large drop in commercial demand makes a lot of sense to me.
    I guess we just have to wait and see how it all plays out and in the meantime just be prepared for the worst.
    Despite the rally of the past couple days, I’m convinced that the downward trend in the stock market and the US economy in general will continue. Unlike Gregory Mannarino, I’ve completely bailed out of the stock market. In retrospect, I jumped ship a little early, but as they say, better a day early than late.

  103. Marcelo Ruiz

    Amazing interview Greg! Congratulations!!!
    I wish I could see Jim Willie being interviewed by you!

  104. WD


    Iwas going over a couple of past interviews on your show I have noticed this:

    Even though we may not all agree with the future speculation of all guest, they have all agreed one topic: Complete collapse.

    Mannarino-Turk-Hoffman-Holter-Sinclair-Willie- Stockman-Rogers- Kirby-
    Celente-Price-Prinz- Pento- Egon von Greyerz-Fleckstein- Craig Roberts-Faber
    -Williams- Orlov- even Ackermann and Armstrong see this massive collapse on the horizon, regardless of the extreme manipulations of the market and phony numbers.

    There is just way too much momentum to stop this train from crashing, NO ONE has any real control over this.

    All these people just can’t be wrong, its just too many well respected people with significant experience. This just can’t be ignored anymore, even though it is by MSM.

    The one thing I must recommend to everyone is to get a firearm, some water and canned protein food.

    If worst comes to worst you and your firearm will have to go out there and “hunt” to survive.

    • WD

      And even Harry Dent….who I tend to disagree with much of his analysis ( he had a good interview on Coast to Coast last week)….just too many people

    • Greg Hunter

      Good point WD. Thes folks are just disagreeing on what it is going to look like and nothing more.

    • Tod Mills

      I find that last sentence kind of disturbing. I may be misinterpreting your meaning because you used quotation marks around the word hunt, but to me it comes across almost as an attempt to justify violence and theft by those who failed to prepare.

      Those who go “hunting to survive” are going to quickly run amok with those who are defending their stuff against predatory people.

      Hopefully I read too much into your statement.

      • WD

        Its a last resort Todd….its very disturbing to me as well.

        I have read stories from the Russian revolution of what happened to society when people could not eat for days.

        Underneath it all we are still very primal and its that base coding that will strive toward survival…this will all come to the surface when people start missing many many meals.

        Take Care no offense meant

  105. Southern Girl

    Sent this video out to family and got slammed by one member. This was the reply, “Please take us off your email list to get this type of garbage information. This is the same person that when gold was $1900 an oz a few years ago and was going to $25,000. Now it is $1100 an oz and going to $50,000. And during the time between these two “predictions” the stock market has gone from 8000 to 16000. Yes the market at times gets overvalued and goes thru a “correction”, selling off to scare out the uninformed investor, causing this kind of “put everything you have into gold” BS and misleading anyone that is willing to “listen” and is “learning” about finance. We do not WANT to read, hear, or believe these type of “doom and gloom”, predictions. So again take us off your email list.”

    How was that for trying to tell your family about the coming crash. This person is in finance…Oh! well….remember the old adage, ” No good deed goes unpunished.” They don’t WANT to hear it so guess that is it. Wonder what they will say when it does happen.

    • Greg Hunter

      You family is a lost cause. They do not understand the extreme market forces around the world are b=about to his the US like a 100 foot tsunami. China is liqudating Treasuries and the world holds at least $16 trillion outside the US of A. file:///C:/Users/Greg-Hunter-Fast-PC/Downloads/It%27s%20Official%20%20China%20Confirms%20It%20Has%20Begun%20Liquidating%20Treasuries,%20Warns%20Washington%20_%20Zero%20Hedge.htm
      Dollars will be printed to liquify this huge pile of junk.

    • Mike R

      I sent Jim’s video to someone who is a friend. The response was one of something along the lines that JS is an old geezer who obviously hasn’t worked for years. Basically “out of touch.”

      While I did not anticipated any sort of favorable, let alone even remotely receptive response, I occasionally try to gauge sanity levels of information from others, by how some people I do know fairly well, respond. Sometimes we can all be victims of our own confirmation bias, by always seeking out web-sites that confirm what we are already thinking. I’ve certainly been guilty of that over time. For one, many web-sites simply don’t interest me, and usually the one’s that do, are in agreement with my thoughts. So that is human nature. Hence, there seems to be prudence in asking one’s self, ‘what if I am wrong ?’ What if I am making a mistake ? What if what others say about gold or silver doesn’t amount to much in the way of that 0’insurance’, or actually costs me wealth, or savings bc I held on too long or bought at the wrong time ?

      That’s why when I see a video like this one from JS, and so many people here seeming to be in awe of what was said, or providing confirmation, I say one has to be very very careful. That said, I have always been conservative with savings, paying down debt, only having a mortgage, and no other debt, and have avoided stocks for the most part. And also bonds, largely bc I don’t understand why someone would want to hold debt. If I don’t understand something I stay away. Gold I have been following now since at least 1998. It’s taken me years of studying all I could. It still came down to a gut decision, to buy PM’s. Armstrong made an insightful observation, that all money is fiat, and really gold also is fiat, because it only has value of what people assign to it, or ‘believe’ it will hold as a medium of exchange. Money, currency, are mediums of exchange. The one difference, and its significant in my view, is that gold is not issuance of debt, or an IOU, as that is what a dollar is. The dollar states on it, “this note is legal tender for all debts, public and private.” So it says its legal for debts, or in other word debt payments. Conversely, it says nothing about being ‘legal’ for purchase of assets. That is left unsaid, which in the end, means to me, the government is implicitly conveying it is debt in of itself, or worth only what the government declares it to be worth. Really, not what other’s THINK it is worth. I’m not sure why anyone would want to hold what amounts to as IOU’s, other than for short term exchange.

      So when Sinclair says gold is (assume 1 ounce), could go to, and pretty much insisted without hesitation it’s going to be valued at $50,000, (assuming US dollars), it gives me considerable pause, because that plainly is a hyperinflation reference, and so $50,000 may only still have the buying power of what amounts to $1125, or whatever an ounce of gold is worth presently in round figures. Assuming further one has an income or salary, then if one was making $100,000 annually at this time, gold is worth $1125, when it got to the level of $50,000, then one’s annual salary might likely also be paid at that future time in dollars that amount to $4.4 million. That’s Zimbabwe type of currency figures. Thus can anyone here, really see the world’s reserve currency hyperinflate to those sorts of levels without a corresponding level of currency inflation in every other currency that is essentially also linked to the dollar, since it is the world’s reserve currency ? My answer to that, would be ONLY, would it be a problem if all other currencies didn’t debase with the dollar, and some other reserve currency came into being. Is that the yuan, the euro, the idiotic notion of an SDR ? Nope. So that means our buying power of goods and services, is not likely to collapse without every other nations buying power doing something similar, and become like Zimbabwe’s currency. So if gold goes up, it’s not going to just skyrocket higher in some sort of vacuum, where it’s going to necessarily ‘save’ you, versus using US dollars, or whatever your currency of choice happens to be, if and when gold ever got to ‘$50,000.’ At the end of the day, JS owns a goldmine, and obviously has a deeply vested interest in gold, so is he like Pickens who says oil is going to $100 by year end, when we all know T Boone Pickens has a huge investment in oil industry (whether its wells, or rigs, or whatever) ? Maybe they are both just ‘talking their book’ so in talking their book, its natural that whoever does the best job of persuasion, is going to get buyers of the commodity, or product that they are pushing. JS just may be one hell of sales man. I’ve been in sales for 30 plus years, and I’m pretty decent, by my own reckoning, and so believe it or not, I have to be brutally honest, and say I am a born sucker for a damn good sales pitch. JS was pretty damn convincing in that video. But that doesn’t mean he is right, or telling the truth, or even the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help him God, now does it ?

      By the way, I did read your response and others to my post above. The thoughts and perspectives are appreciated.

      • Greg Hunter

        Mike R,
        You are trying to apply normal metrics to something that is so waaaaaay out of the norm. There is no, zero, Nada historical precedent for what is about to occur. there is at least $16 trillion held outside of the country according to economist John Williams at A trillion seconds ago is more than 1,000 years before the birth of Christ. Not sure you are grasping the scope of what is coming.

  106. karl

    I get very similar responses and to be fair the collapse has been a long time coming but anyone who thinks its not in tbe post is deluded beyond belief. How people cannot see it is beyond me butnironocally this is the main reason why the collapae has not happened yet. MASS DELUSION and misplaced confidence that central banks can control everything

  107. Sherrie

    Thank you Greg for a wonderful interview. Am shocked when people do not see this coming.They are asleep, and choose not to be awaken.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Sherrie. I am happy you are awake and this way you can protect yourself and stay out of the streets when this finally blows up.

  108. Liarson

    Warning Signals From Bonds, Currencies, and More!

    Major cracks are showing up – in risky bonds, world currencies, and now, stocks. But while they’re coming as a major surprise to most of Wall Street, they aren’t for USAWatchdogger’s . That’s because we’ve been warned about market chaos and troublesome signs coming from the credit markets for months.

    Seeing the writing on the wall, and seeing an increasing number of market warning signs, in light of chaos overseas, China’s currency devaluation, and other red flags. The net impact of all this? We know whats in store, the good and the bad.

    Now, it’s time for further action. The markets got deeply oversold earlier this week, and we expected a short-term bounce. We’re now getting one – with the Dow Industrials rallying 619 points yesterday, Today 369.26. The catalysts for the bounce include talk coming out of the Federal Reserve’s Jackson Hole, Wyoming conference of major world policymakers, and some new steps taken by China.
    But those are short-term influences only. They do nothing whatsoever to change our longer-term view – that we’re seeing a major paradigm shift in the markets, with more volatility, danger (and opportunity) dead ahead. All the warnings we’ve been getting and discussing lately, and all the longer-term indicators we have been watching are giving warning’s still now!

    until that time

    Now, it’s time for further action. The markets got deeply oversold earlier this week, and I expected a short-term bounce. We’re now getting one – with the Dow Industrials rallying 619 points yesterday, and the futures pointing toward more gains in the early going today. The catalysts for the bounce include talk coming out of the Federal Reserve’s Jackson Hole, Wyoming conference of major world policymakers, and some new steps taken by China.

    But those are short-term influences only. They do nothing whatsoever to change my longer-term view – that we’re seeing a major paradigm shift in the markets, with more volatility, danger (and opportunity) dead ahead. All the warnings I’ve been seeing and discussing lately, and all the longer-term indicators I’ve been watching, are pointing in that direction.

  109. Bob Lamb

    If dollars are worth nothing and gold is worth $50k/oz, then is an ounce of gold worth nothing? What is the predicted purchasing valued of gold in the future?

  110. Bert

    So far in 2015, $200+ Billion in US Treasuries dumped by China and still no rush to the exits. One of these days Alice… let the Big Dump Commence.

  111. Jeff L

    There will be a LOT of gold naysayers here that will eat their words this year. Actually by October.

  112. Joe G.

    When you think of prices (of anything) do you ask yourself if you are considering the nominal terms of a debauched currency? Now is a good time to revisit this pictorial
    from the ZH archives Remember way back 7 years ago when boneless skinless chicken breast (premium brands) were 79 cents/lb? Ground been 99 cents pound? Todays Mc Jobs largely pay the same as they did 20 years ago. In 1999 I did gold course maintenance, made $12.50/hr. I drove a Chevy V8, rented a house to myself for $850/month, ate out, paid bills. Those same jobs pay the same (or less) today…. gas was what, $1.08 at the time?

  113. Billy

    The Bible says we are entering the times of the genitiles. That means America and Britain era is over and new Ginats are rising, 10 state EU, Iran, Russia and China.

    Great Interview Greg.


  114. Billy

    Greg- Bert Dohmen would be a great guest- he called the China fall before most. Look forward to seeing Rickards again too.

  115. RidgeRunner

    If gold goes to $50,000 what will a loaf of bread cost?

    • Bob Lamb

      That is my question. If gold is worth $50k/oz but I dont know how much a dollar is worth then I still don’t know what the gold is worth.

  116. boris chikvashvili

    Dear Greg,
    I listened to GS interview very carefully.
    I must say that , I agree with a lot of what he says. Not in details and not always in timing though. Ignoring for now the mistaken calls, which are not even call, because to say something will happen( gold 50000) without timing it says nothing to myself. Others may disagree, but PHD in Particle Physics and 30 years in Super computing experience ( including fathering UNIX , most powerful Operating System in the world), as well as 30 20+ years on Wall Street told me to ignore those kind of forecasts as meaningless.

    I this case Mr. GS is giving the timing and direction and right or wrong, he is on the limb with this forecast. I like that, it takes courage. People will forgive him all incorrect calls he may have made if he is right this time. Still I do not see numbers and is a bit disappointing as crash is 15% – 50% -90%, which one? I do not know. It is too imprecise for someone who thinks very logically.

    Still courageous forecast. On which I have my take

    3-5 months ago, i started PUBLICLY alerting world ( free of charge) that 15-25% Mini-Crash was coming. Then on 21 July I put out Sell Orders , PUBLICLY at Dow Near Top 18085, with a stop at 18150 on weekly closing bases, with additional timing the anticipated low 9/11 YES? Terrible. Then on 21th August collected, PUBLICLY, 1400 point gain in DOW and with less than 15% of gains bought PUTS , which gave another huge profits by 24th, where I collected , PUBLICLY. Then I stated 2-5 days rally was coming and bought some more PUTS with 10% of gains, which are now to expire 4th of September and in loss of 50% ( of 10% of gains, gains! < 5% of gains).
    Let us not forget that DOW at the lows was down 13% plus, which came pretty close to what I predicted as minimum decline, but I still think, there is more to go lower in time and price as we have not reached 20% and have not reached 9/11 as optimal time for lows.

    Now, back to SG, if that September anticipated low is broken in October, then I think we could be looking at March 2016 as low point. If by September we see 25%+ decline, that would also spook me into 50-60% decline potential.
    So, I do not, this time disagree with SG, but have a clear road map to where I , world maybe going . "Nobody talks to me, either when i am sober or asleep either".
    I just happen to think for myself.

    Regarding Gold, One can see my last article at and see that I did not think GOLD could bottom till mid 2015. Still I am not 100% sure that we do not go lower in next 6 month period. But I , PUBLICLY, said, by gold and euro and sell Dollar by 19 July.

    These are what I call forecasts, without excluding the end of the world scenario, which any breathing human should be able to see. We have HUGE MOUNTAIN of debt as GS says and it will not end , but I do not yet, know where that "END OF TIMES ARE".
    I feel my way there, as I go.

    I DO NOT THINK, one can make precise long term forecasts to matter without having a good intermediate term sensibility to cycles.

    But I could be wrong.

    What matters though is that , I never want , someone to put too much money into any of the LONG TERM FORECASTS from me or anybody.

    As Doctor Keynes said, "in the long run we are all dead"

    Thanks for your great work. I really admire your courage.
    Only ask if you could tone down a bit "end of times theme", as I personally do no know , when it is coming, and as you can see I am not a dummy(:-

    Note, for 7 Years, I said Dollar will keep moving higher and I still think there is a way for Dollar to go higher.( you can verify that, I was touting Dollar longer than even Mr Armstrong at safehaven).

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Boris for the comment and analysis.

  117. boris chikvashvili

    Regarding the Armstrong and Socrates
    I have already stated my credentials , so I believe , I know more than enough to comment on this subject.

    1) Computer can only run the algorithms that humans instilled in them
    can they learn on their own, Yes, but all attempts to make that AI work flawlessly have failed. Perhaps laws of quantum physics apply to learning process as well. In any case, I doubt Socrates is devoid of Armstrong’s opinions. Therefore it is , highly likely, not totally objective. We could reach and era of thinking computers, but current state of the art is not there yet.
    2) Data Matters, and Mr Armstrong has HUGE data, I assume, as it shows in his excellent cycle work
    3) Experience matters and Mr Armstrong may have visited more corners of investment world than anyone will ever do. Cannot take it from him, as that thought him to think globally ( money flow .etc.)

    Given all the above and how influential he is, it is no wonder that he can influence the markets( call it a manipulation in plain English, even if his Computer/Personal opinions are not supposed to server him?) .
    One cannot ignore that he has HUGE , moneyed following.
    One cannot understand all the conditions FEDS put on him, to release him either. The man has a different feel in his writings than before.

    Nevertheless, I admire him and if he reached of point of influencing the world with some self-fulfilling prophecies than so be it. That is what all the big achievers in life do. Need example, look at Trump, how he is translating his name into , maybe, presidential fame


    • Charles H.


      What brings someone like Your Eminence to this site at such a late hour? Most people here are just simple, under-educated commoners who do not need such ostentatious introductions. And referring back to your credentials – AGAIN – I am sure that we ALL feel equally qualified to emit an opinion.
      What I DON’T see among your stated qualifications is your associations with Bloomberg News (a Liberal Left-defining Rag) ; J. P. Morgan (one of THE most criminal of TPTB banks); and ATT, which for technology purposes in deeply embedded with the NSA (like ALL major Operating Systems have ‘backdoors’).
      There is no doubt concerning the brilliance of Martin Armstrong. What IS in question is his allegiance and parameters of operation. Many, many people believe that Mr. Armstrong has been ‘cowed’ and submitted to a position which favors the government, after his prison experience; and that he does not stray from ‘The System’, and from the powers that support Wall Street. So the plug you make for him is in itself – interesting.

      The mention of profiteering in the Market is quite a draw. Success and increase in riches is and always WILL be a sieve of humanity. This adds to your impressive introduction too. Yet most people don’t realize that you are at the center of High Frequency Trading in the LINUX platform; Trading Algorithms; FOREX & Equities; with Future Option, Equities and Derivatives. This IS your LinkedIN resume, correct? Such credentials would qualify yourself as a Guest to be interviewed on this site – IF – you were willing to tell the truth and not spin what you know. That is, unless you are pirating the identity of this brilliant inventor?

      Nope. I just can’t understand WHY a person of your stature would come here – quoting Keynes and plugging Armstrong. The way Greg Hunter vilifies the Major Banks and their operatives: I would think one of your background would not find it favorable to comment here.

      • boris chikvashvili

        Charles, you seem to not believe that person that has worked on Wall Street can tell the truth.
        Well, that is your opinion. And It does not really matter. I come to this site, because, unlike what you may believe in, there people on “my side” who believe in what simple people do.

        1) Fairness
        2) Love of God
        3) Love of human
        4) Unrelenting curiosity
        5) Not plugging for anyone
        Even perverted( by others) Keynes could come up with one two good quotes
        6) Not plugging especially for Martin Armstrong, though admire the beauty of his intelligence

        It seems like you would rather see humans as a black and white.
        I live in shades of constant curiosity and desire to perceive the world

        And I come to this site because, I think, while the host is most generous , it may have hurt a lot of unsuspecting people, who go for hype and cannot understand who to trust. Many people like me are at the retirement age, and it really hurts me to see them go down this way. Gold Promoters must admit that they are interested party, as we all are and must warn public not to take their rumblings all too seriously .
        Must stop referring to people “they talk to” and must show love and understanding for those who you correctly say are not up and up on the science and intrigue of the big wigs.

        I can discuss anything with anybody. I have no shame what i have ever done. Low latency, making money, shenanigans played all along, they are all there, just as you suspect. Bloomberg:-, this guy hates my guts most likely, as was never conformist Obedient slave. I doubt he even remembers me after so many years. Good curve ball though(:-

        Any time any place. I am ready to tell all I know and why you should not play in those fields .
        But by the same token. The people coming to this site should not trust their life times savings to Gold Promoters, who just want buyers, and damned if they lose all their savings.

        Believe or not, I was born lowing humans and still do and will remain till the day my breath is gone. That is the only truth and no hidden agenda behind what i do.


        • Charles H.


          Very good, then. I too am of the retirement age, so that my my judgment is tempered with healthy skepticism. And I also view Gold Promoters with doubt, as they DO have motive and vested interest. That said, when interest rates on CDs went well below 2% – I figured something was going wrong with the system.
          As to seeing humans as black or white – not completely. I measure from the extremes in order to assess the shades and subtleties. This provides relation, range and perspective.
          Keynes, though perhaps misunderstood and/or mis-interpreted: still stands as the father of an economic school of thought which I believe will prove disastrous to the US and the world. And drawing to such in reference usually displays deference and a measure of intellectual indentification. Even though Darwin recanted of his theory: it has become a religion in itself. In person, people are judged by the company they keep; on comment boards, by the quotes one refers to.
          I, to the contrary DO carry the scar of shame in my soul and conscience. And I view the posing of platitudes that have not the accompaniment of humility, as simple self-perception; and lack the confirmation of others. I am not simply what I say I am; but what others also confirm of the characteristics or virtues I wish to possess.
          Well, Boris – I am not the arbiter of the site. The water is fine – wade on in. You above all people should know the Internet is the NSA’s sandbox – say what you will…
          And, generally, yes – I find it hard to believe anyone who has worked on Wall Street can tell the truth. Truth from a human level is relative to experience and perception. Most people get into their own defined rut, and deviate little from it. I believe you intend to tell things honestly from your perspective. TRUTH, in the sense I believe you are using it: is above the human plane, and approaches an Authority not defined by humanity.
          In any respect, you are an accomplished man. And I appreciate your reply. CH

        • André A.

          Good evening.

          I do not have background on economy, I am just an ordinary guy trying to understand better the global economy and as you know it is impossible through the hypnotic/sports media. So, I do apologize in advance my lack of economical knowledge.

          Regarding your restlessness regarding the Gold timing and price forecast, I have a question for you:

          The analytical assessments from CIA and independent guys are the same, gold price will rise, we just don’t know when. It is unanimous!! The facts are:

          1. The bottom price for gold is very limited, I am a mineral process engineer, gold operation superintendent and I know from inside that this information is consistent.

          2. Everybody is buying gold and silver, JPMorgan, Buffet, China, German, Russia, etc.

          What is your opinion about it?

          The actual future price for gold depends on the inflation, time and level of corruption. My question is how a computer model can predict results that involve human decisions. How can you model corruption?

          Not issue a timing forcast for gold price according to my perception is only humility. We should be less anxious about it.

          Best Regards

  118. Concernedcitizen

    I have just recently become aware of and very concerned about our economy and our country. I’ve been so misinformed and am still very ignorant when it comes to the global market but I do understand what you have written here and appreciated Mr. Sinclair’s interview as he spoke in a manner that even I could understand. My family could be considered upperclass however we live like any middle class family. We are, for the most part, debt free. We have very little cash on hand as all our money is tied up in the market and we rely 100% on an investment company to do what they deem best which I think at this point is a big mistake. We are probably similar to the majority of Americans in that we don’t really understand the market. My question to you is; do we pull everything out of the market? “Six months supplies” is helpful information but what IS six months supplies? Is there a website you recommend? I apologize if this is too simple a post for your blog and I would appreciate you not posting this if it is so, as I’m not writing to receive ridicule from you or your readers. I’m sincere in my asking for help. Thanks so much. This has been a huge eye opener for me.

    • Greg Hunter

      I think the group here, (which is one of the smartest community on the net) will give you some insight on this question.

    • Herb

      Dear ConcernedCitizen

      So all your savings are controlled by professional management that, in most cases, has never lived through a depression or hyper-inflation and has a low opinion of precious metals. Fine.

      But would it hurt your balance sheet to instruct him or her to invest a small part of it into PM’s? That’s what a “hedge” is all about.

      Suppose the value of your stocks, bonds, etc., were to crash by 50% or more but you had invested a mere 10% into PM’s which went up 400% (or more if Mr. Sinclair is right). You would come out of a crash with little loss — perhaps even a nice profit. But if Mr. Sinclair is wrong, what have you lost? That investment in PM’s will still be worth nearly what you paid for it and you will still have the benefit of the 90% that remained in conventional financial management.

  119. AM

    Here is one of the best last minute ‘crystall ball’ in simple english to be understood by anyone.
    Mr Sinclair is stepping on his reputation saying he’s been told what’s coming.
    He doesn’t need to be told ! It’s really not so difficult to connect the relevant dots – and there are plenty of them.
    Still he’s doing it. What do you think why ?
    IMHO, ignoring this interview could be very risky.

    All respect for your work Greg

  120. Last Man Standing


    Kudos on this interview!
    I enjoy seeing your work as it has matured into solid reporting.
    Keep up the great work, as you are a true patriot.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Last Man for your comment and support.

  121. Herb

    Mr. Sinclair was the first expert I’ve heard who pointed out that technical analysis simply is worthless in the heavily manipulated gold/silver markets. I’ve long felt that way, but it was rewarding to hear an expert like Mr. Sinclair say it. It is, after all, common sense.

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