President Trump Surrounded by Traitors – Daniel Estulin

By Greg Hunter’s

International best-selling author, journalist and counter-intelligence expert Daniel Estulin says the world is involved in a “winner-take-all battle” in a dying global financial system. Estulin explains, “What you are seeing right now globally is not a fight between the liberals and conservatives or the Republicans and Democrats or the socialists and capitalists. What we are seeing right now is the collapse of the Bretton Woods economic model. Donald Trump is simply the consequence of this global collapse. . . . What Donald Trump represents is a change of order. . . . Both parties, not only in the United States, Canada, Europe and globally, they represent the same liberal, financier, Wall Street, parasitic order. . . . Today’s liberalism is control of society by the banking elite.”

Estulin goes on to say, “People say Trump is insane. He is not insane. All of these leaders globally, and it doesn’t matter if they are liberals, conservatives, socialists, Democrats or Republicans, it doesn’t matter, all of them globally in the western world represent liberal banking, financier order. Trump is having as much trouble as he is because he is surrounded by traitors. His enemies are Wall Street, Washington’s bureaucracy, the intelligence agencies, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, the Rockefeller crowd, the Soros crowd and the mainstream media . . . big think tanks, ratings agencies and all of these organizations have been part of this liberal banking order and, not only in the United States, but globally. Trump’s job as an alternative isolationist industrial group is to dismantle this.”

The world is witnessing the end of the financial model we have been living with since the end of World War II. Estulin contends, “Now, it’s over, and you have nowhere to expand because we have reached the limits to growth. It’s not only in the United States. You see it in Canada. You see it in Latin America. You see it in Central America. You see it in Europe. . . . You see it in Russia. You see it in China. You see it in the Middle East. . . . Anywhere on the planet, you are seeing the collapse of the global order. The Bretton Woods model is now dead. . . . Today, there is not enough for everybody. It is like the film “The Highlander”– only one can survive. What we are seeing right now is the fight to the death. . . . We are seeing the fight for the control of emission of the U.S. dollar. Unless the liberal bankers get their hands on the printing machine, they are toast, and toast today means probably dead.”

In closing, Estulin contends, “First thing you’ve got to understand is you’ve got to back Trump. Trump is not a person. I am not a card carrying Republican. People have to understand that our only way out of this is to make sure Donald Trump actually stays President of the United States because the entire welfare of Russia and everywhere else depends on the non-liberal crowd winning. The second point I want to make is make sure you have physical gold and silver.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with best-selling author Daniel Estulin to talk about his latest book “In the Shadows of a Presidency.”    

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After the Interview:

To learn more about Daniel Estulin, go to If you want to get a copy of Estulin’s latest book “In the Shadows of a Presidency,” click here.





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  1. Anthony Australia

    Thanks Greg, the guests thus far in 2019 have been great. I really do hope Trump is on the right, not wrong, side of the US citizens.

    • Wilkins

      Latest polls show Trumps’s approval is 34%.

      And Trump is losing it big with
      — 71% of women
      — 71 of independent voters
      — 76% of college educated voters

      71% of voters think the Wall is not worth the Shutdown.

      And the likelihood of Recession is increasing.

      Mueller and House investigations will also cast a long shadow.

      • Robert Dziok

        You mean the Globalist Controlled Hypocritical Propaganda Machine BA “Polls”. The same type that had Clinton winning the Presidency by double digits with some 98% “Probability” up to the day of the election. In today’s world “Polls” can be ( and are ) bought to “show” whatever one wants. Americans have been aware of this for a long time now. Polls have been used throughout history to manipulate perception. I have a BS degree in mathematics and MS degree in mathematics with double major (Probability & Statistics/Numerical Methods & Data Handling). Both are from Syracuse University. So, I’m in a position to say something about “Polls”.

        • Wilkins

          I am a pollster with a PhD in Statistical Modeling from Princeton. As for your long winded spray below, you come across as an out and out conspiracist.

          • Robert Dziok

            I’m “impressed”. Seems with your Phd ( so you “claim” as you are not one to even give your full name for verification ) you are trapped within your limited box of thinking and not able to see beyond it. I saw plenty of this in Graduate School. Can’t think/see “outside the box” as the saying goes no matter what facts/information are presented. Best you can do is resort to name calling like a child calling me a “conspiracist”. As most everyone knows “conspiracist” was a psyop creation of the CIA to attempt to berate those exposing truths the Deep State, Globalists etc. did not want out (e.g. the JFK assassination). Throwing that at someone nowadays has become a bit of a pathetic joke as everyone knows it’s only used to sidestep facts/truth. So, you might want to consider stop using it as it makes one look a bit like a fool.

            Your “Poll” does not have a name/source of where it was done/resides. Was it in some Scientific Journal? Or was it something you were paid by some Democrat/Socialist “source” to do from your ivory tower at Princeton? Maybe some “grant money” left around from the Obama days?

            Anyway, what I presented is known and verifiable. Sorry if it doesn’t fit your “reality”. As for “credentials” I would like to think I am modest but point them out if needed in support of my dignity and self respect. So, here is some. I also graduated Valedictorian from Mohawk Valley Community College (MVCC) in 1969 majoring in Electrical Technology. I graduated Summa Cum Laude with my Syracuse University ( BA not BS ) undergraduate degree in mathematics. My graduate MS degree was in Applied Mathematics as noted. I also served honorably during the Vietnam War Era having been Drafted in 1970 (Received National Defense Service Medal and Good Conduct Medal). I have worked professionally at various industrial and educational institutions (IBM, BC/BS, RCSD, SUNY Brockport, Syracuse Unuversity, Ohio State Government to name most.) So, I have long ago learned to think/see outside the box as well as inside. What I have done in this life is between myself and God in the end. I’m always grateful for the years I’ve had as many Drafted when I was did not come home alive.

            I’m disappointed (but not totally surprised ) someone with an alleged Phd would stoop to childish name calling. But then, your comment only throws out unsupported statements anyway.

          • Freebrezer

            Wilkins – given that you have a PhD, why were the polls SOOOOOOO wrong about Hillary winning! Just a quick, concise synopsis will do … this to establish any credibility! I’ll be anxiously awaiting

            • William Stanley

              Perhaps he’s an expert in “push” polling.

          • Dan

            You sound like your PHD is in OBAMA, AKA STUPIDITY!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Robert Dziok

        Here is some additional info on your comment.

        With regard to your statement/claim “And the likelihood of Recession is increasing”:
        This is the Globalist Controlled Hypocritical Propaganda Machine BS narrative being pushed currently that even states 2020 for it happening (Gee, how do they know that when the MSM never forecast such under other Presidencies?). The intent, obviously, is to effect the 2020 Presidential election with this propaganda and/or to actually crash the economy totally behind the scenes. Remember, Trump is constantly pointing out the negative effect the Federal Reserve’s actions have on the economy ( e.g. Constant increase in interest rates since he took office. Such increases WILL eventually crash the system because of the massive debt load etc. created by past administrations). The Federal Reserve Central Banking System is the SOLE cause of any such decline/collapse and not Trump and his Administration (The “Federal” Reserve took control of our US economy at it’s inception in 1913 as they control the currency the US used. Remember, it is a FOREIGN bank unaccountable to the US and uses the Orwellian title of “Federal”). Trump is working tirelessly on many bi lateral trade deals etc. to MAGA. Trump KNOWS the Central Banking system is a failure and enslaves countries and it’s people by controlling currency. Trump has a picture of Andrew Jackson in the Oval Office behind him who also fought against the Central Bank system. Government “statistics” have been manipulated for decades long before Trump got in office (e.g. Rubin from the Bill Clinton administration days “changed” the formula to determine Social Security COLA increases and it did NOT benefit recipients}. The Central Banking System is on it’s last legs in the US and worldwide as it has run it’s disastrous course now requiring massive fiat currency creation. They did not get their Lackey Hillary Clinton as President and to then start WW III to hide their massive failures. So now all they have is propaganda, deceit and false flags.

        With regard your statement “Mueller and House investigations will also cast a long shadow”:
        Really? On whom? Your implication is obviously Trump. Well, after some two years NO Russian collusion has been found or anything else on Trump looking in areas not even related. If there ever was something found on Trump it would have long ago been brought out. The Mueller “investigation” was a “witch hunt” to also prevent release of documents showing criminal actions of Democrats and the Deep State. Once the Mueller final “report” is released documents/emails can be released by Trump and his Administration they did not want to earlier. They did not want to “interfere” with Mueller’s investigation as Democrats/Socialists claimed it would do. It has been shown FISA was based on a fraudulent document. It was Democrats/Socialists fraudulent “insurance policy” should Trump get elected President and they now want to extend it to the House as they know the Mueller report will produce nothing except empty talk. There are now over 73,000 sealed indictments since October 2017. Look who is on the House Investigative Panel. Look at who are Democrat Presidential candidates for 2020 (over 140) . Do they think doing so will protect them from criminal prosecution? Have you seen various YouTube video/commentary of the Bush funeral and responses (fear/anger) of those who got the additional “white envelopes” in their programs? The March 2018 Executive Order on Military Tribunals for civilians went into effect 1/1/2019. They can run but they cannot hide as the saying goes. As “Q” has often stated “Nothing can stop what is coming, Nothing”. “Enjoy the show” as “Q” says. The Globalists get more DESPERATE by the day while Patriots in the US and Worldwide get STRONGER! The “shadow being cast” you refer to is cast on the Democrats/Socialists, Deep State, Clinton, Clinton Foundation, Globalists, Obama and his Administration, and FBI/DOJ having been illegally “weaponized” under Obama and used against Trump and many other US citizens.

        With regard to your statement on “Polls” I addressed that in an earlier reply.

      • Janet Gaudiello

        Intelligent people do not follow polls, I knew from the beginning that Donald Trump would win the presidency. because I live in the real world. I believe firmly that the following words should be destroyed. They are democrat, liberal and progressive. They are none of those. Clearly, the left is the Marxist Left., period.

        • Janet Gaudiello

          Further, I knew Daniel Estulin. He and I spoke on the phone so many years back more than just once. Intelligent, and capable of comedy when he wants to be. Great man. He probably wouldn’t recall my name, but I’ll always remember him.

        • ukerry

          There was a Prime Minister in Canda in the 50’s who used to say that polls (poles) were what dogs use to relieve themselves.

    • paul ...

      AA … Trump is on the right side … listen to this …

      • Anthony Australia

        Thanks Pauly, I will

  2. paul ...

    As Estulin says: “All of the traitors globally (and it doesn’t matter if they are liberals, conservatives, socialists, Democrats or Republicans) … all of them are working to preserve the global bankster financial order” … and these traitors probably didn’t like what was being said in the interview below … so they cut it short at 9:25 mark (and implanted music)!! …

  3. AMERICAN TAX-PAYEE Fusion Gypped You Yes!

    This Covert Disinformation Campaign To Stop Trump And Peace In Our Time

    Deep State: Did Justice, CIA And FBI Commit Crimes To Get Rid Of Trump?
    © 2000-2019 Investor’s Business Daily, Inc. All rights reserved 1/15/2019
    Deep State: It’s now beyond any reasonable doubt that Obama administration minions launched an all-out effort to destroy, first, President Trump’s presidential campaign and, when that failed, his presidency. The only question is, knowing the truth, will the Justice Department charge these people with crimes?

    They might have got Kennedy, but regime change failed in Syria, Russia and the US.! Three strikes! So they’re not only found out, but literally struck /Strzok out. You cant fool lady Liberty!

    Muellergate & 13 Angry Demonrat’s ass’es
    Obamagate timeline\

    Need More Proof?

  4. Stephen Sadd

    “France And Germany Take Major Step Toward EU Army To Protect “Europe Threatened By Nationalism”

    Macron & Merkel are becoming prime candidates for the guillotine, yes, it has been done before and these scum are heading in the same direction, AGAIN! These assholes just never learn!

    The French and German populists (Yellow Vest) should now arm themselves with appropriate weapons AND explosives, and of course some rope for hanging these grubs, lest they will hang you first! Wake up people, this is for real!

  5. Stephen Sadd

    In regard my last comment, this is ALSO coming to Australia, the US and the rest of the West! Make NO MISTAKE ABOUT THIS, the Globalists aim is to enslave ALL of us! Serious preparations need to be made, now!

  6. steve p.

    Can anybody explain how the world powers enable his books to become so popular. There are many articles I see explaining weeding in reference to books across the planet that are being eliminated from public access such as a library. I would think the people at the top do not want his books easy to obtain. Thanks!

    • Jennifer Ohman

      Steve P.
      Publishers are private companies and motivated by sales. So, these publishers that sell his books are happy because he makes money for them.
      But libraries are funded by their local governments,…and many are left leaning.
      Progressivism grows by propagandizing, controlling public discussion, practiceing thought control, and by controlling the education system, hiring socialist teachers and writing our children’s study books.
      So, libraries are inspired to cleanse their shelves of those books that may persuade and teach students to understand and practice Capitalism, to deplore Socialism , to love their freedom, and to be proud of the greatness of our country and of our heritage.
      They know that they must control the education of K-12 and the student’s research headquarters… the libraries, in order to win their war on Capitalism.

  7. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter,
    Thanks! I enjoyed that. But with all this assigned reading (yes, I just bought his book) it feels more like graduate school than retirement.

  8. Jennifer Ohman

    Fascinating global perspective ! A real eye opening!
    His Bilderberger book amazing, too! I stumbled upon that in B & N hat a number of years ago.
    If you can, it would be great if you can get him back from time to time! He’s more captivating than a good action movie! Well done.

    • Jennifer Ohman

      Barnes and Noble store

  9. Anne

    Great interview filled with a depth of what’s happening in our world today. I especially liked, and agree with, the analogy of the changing of the guards throughout.

  10. Arizona

    IF TRUMP really wanted to fix things,HE’D CALL OUT THE MALITIA,GIVE THE NAMES OF ALL OF THE TRAITORS,then tell them,GO GETEM BOYS and bring them to the nearset military base for transportion to GITMO….yea there’d be a bunch of shooting ,we know the police gangs would try to protect them,but those TRAITORS would go down hard and fast,and this nations problems would be on there way to being solved,OR trump can wait till they figure out a way to kill him and pence..and they will,I heard they plan to shoot down his airplane to get him and pence,they’ll do something to stay out of prison…

    • paul ...

      That’s exactly what he plans to do Arizona …

      • Morpheus

        Greg this was a great guest thank you.

        Paul – I hope so but i’ll bet you no MAJOR arrests happen in the next year if ever. Maybe McCabe, Stzork, Page but never HRC or anyone of that caliber. I think the Q thing has been a psyop

  11. FC

    As I have mentioned many times before Trump makes the ultimate escape goat for the upcoming reset.
    Only the intervention of God the Father will we experience justice against the Globalists without bloodshed.
    I’ve been wearing a yellow vest for the 38 years for work but the meaning has now changed for me.

  12. Steve B

    Was glad to come to one of your articles and finally not see the words “mass arrests”… And just for record, I wasn’t wrong when I stated all those months ago that “mass arrests” weren’t going to happen any time soon. And yes, POTUS is most assuredly surrounded by traitors! Even those who are supposed to be his closest friends and confidants, will turn on him and stab him in the back. I am surprised he has lasted as long as he has; with so much evil coming against him from every direction. Most would have given in to the constant attacks long ago. God bless him for his strength and will to continue on!

    • paul ...

      Trump unlike Julius Caesar has 10 to 100x the number of traitors surrounding him with pointed daggers in their hands … but Trump wears an invisible shield … provided to him by God Almighty (we the people) and our sons and daughters in uniform who will stand against all the immoral perverted evil Demons … and protect Trump in any way we can from harm by Deep State traitors who want the dictator from commie China running our Nation!!

  13. Daniel

    Remarkable interview. Thank you Greg Hunter. I have one question for Daniel Estulin: Who do you serve? I wish someone could synthesize the stories from Catherine Austin-Fitts, James Rickards, Martin Armstrong and other guests to sort out common truths. We are hurtling into an abyss, a black hole, and people are trying to make sense of this collapse. Frankly, the black hole doesn’t care what we think. Nothing can escape from a black hole and no one can predict what occurs after a gravitational collapse.

  14. Nick de la Gaume


  15. John Nowlin

    Mr Hunter,
    Another great interview.
    I think one must have a sound biblical world view ( not religious )
    or you won’t be able to weigh out this information.
    I would like to put forth two places to start, IS 33:6 and IS 9: 5-7 both KJV.
    Most people won’t take the time to look up these references and will miss the real gold.
    Thank you!
    John Nowlin

  16. Jerry

    I agree President Trump is surrounded by traitors, criminals, and probably murders.

    And because of that I also feel surrounded by traitors, criminals, and murders.

    The new breed of Dem’s are more socialist/communists than the older crew of Dem’s. or at least more open about it. As this new gaggle of extreme socialist/communists are in place in committees in the House, and as I see no shock by the general population to this, and as the younger government schooled generations moving up. Well, frankly without a God lead intervention in this nation, I don’t want to say it on a public forum, but I see absolutely no hope for this nation or this planet.

    • Jerry

      Once again that’s not me. I only post with a link.

    • Donald

      “I also feel surrounded by traitors, criminals, and murders. ”

      Yep, welcome to the world of the psychopath – a supposed “human” who delights in lying, stealing, deceiving, perversions of all types and so on. And when they get wealthy by stealing and then work together in a pack controlling the media, politicians, judges, Hollywood, the media, universities and so on, this is what you get. History is filled with these people. There is no reasoning with them or re-educating them or whatever – they have no conscience and as a result cannot change and in fact will not change. But what they will try to do is fool you into believing they are normal, and once they achieve that, they feel powerful because they know they can control and fool you at anything, anytime, anywhere. That in a nutshell is the psychopath….

  17. Don


  18. Jerry

    It’s about to get real.

    Fourty three million people rely on food stamps. When people get hungry, bad things happen. I can tell you first hand that food pantry’s and church’s are not equipped to handle an emergency situation of this magnitude. If this shutdown should continue, and you live in a densely populated urban area, you may want to consider alternate plans. My sources have been saying fir months that they were preparing for civil unrest, sometime in February.

  19. Glenn

    Greg, wow! I don’t even know where to begin. Probably your best interview ever! What an incredible insight into what very few of us can even comprehend given the global scale of what’s emerging now and more importantly, the future, both politically and economically.

  20. Marty McDade

    Estulin, the best interview conducted on your site since it’s inception, including a Mark Taylor.
    But still yet, listen/watch to Carter Conlon-Times Square Church, for the spiritual compliment to Estulin, concerning our present Times.

  21. Mitchell Bupp

    The New World Order is such an embedded “conspiracy theory” in the minds of people that I decided to give them a new name. I call them “The Conglomerate”. “Black International” nice Daniel.

  22. Roger D

    I agree with much that Daniel Estulin stated.

    Yet virtually no one addresses the 800 LB. GORILLA in the room. In 2016 49% of the country voted for a Commie. Even worse, in 2012 a whopping 51% voted to RE-ELECT a Marxist! And the demographics of future voters are clearly in their favor.

    WHY would we ever want to remain in a country with those 65 million people? We need a new republic(s) with new borders and real money. Folks, we need a DIVORCE.

  23. Mohammad


    You are struggling trying to find the terms to describe the fighting two factions, I will summarize it to you in two words only:
    GOG and MAGOG.
    End of story.
    It began in the M.E.
    It will end there.


    • Mohammad

      Oops, I realized they are three,,,,

      • Jerry

        Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess thst Jesus is the Christ, when he returns. The covenants made with Abraham shall all be fulfilled.

      • Major Payne

        I have looked at Islam and have reached the following conclusions. The Koran is not the word of God but the word of man. Islam is, accordingly, a man-made religion. Mohammed was a violent, intolerant, insecure, and very small minded man. I have read a bit of the Koran, but try as I might, I cannot find anything positive or inspiring there. It is all very negative and Allah seems to be Mohammed’s alter ego. That is to say, Allah is a violent, intolerant, insecure, and very small minded god. And consider that Islamic scholars talk about the benefits of drinking Mohammed’s urine!
        Carry on, Mohammed.

        • DB Cooper

          MP, In My opinion and from observation … islam is a Fascist Ideology which the followers will not admit to. DB

          • Mohammad

            Major , DB,

            Nothing makes me happier than hearing your screaming from anger over the spread of islam allover the world which is by FACT is the FASTEST GROWING religion as we speak and it will remain despite your noses.

            I am happy when I read your insults because it tells me how angry and desperate you and a like are.

            Carry on… 🙂


    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Mohammad, it will end with the return of Christ, The Son of God, when he takes his throne.

      • GiHopkins

        FYI. I read their are many christ’s Only one Jesus Christ and the power here is in the Holy Spirit.

        • Greg Hunter

          You need to read the Bible. There is only one Christ and many Christians.

    • iwitness02

      High Everybody,
      I want to offer a somewhat different take on Gog and Magog.
      I don’t think that Armageddon and Gog and Magog, are interchangeable terms. I think they each represent a different time period in mans history. Different time periods.
      Armageddon is what we are setting the stage for right now. This is upon us.
      Gog and Magog is roughly a thousand years in the future. Gog and Magog occurs during a ‘little season,’ a thousand years in the future.
      Armageddon will test the faith of all the Lords people right now.
      Gog and Magog will test the belief of all the wayfaring men who entered into death as non believers. Their test occurs at the end of the thousand year reign on earth, during a little season. Whereas Armageddon tests all the faithful just prior to the start of the Kingdom on earth.
      The wayfaring men (un-believers, who learn the truth about Christ and become believers during the Kingdom, like the sand of the sea) will inherit the earth, if found faithful, during that last battle between good and evil, represented in Gog and Magog. After Gog and Magog, comes The Grand Jubilee, and then the Ages to come, wherein dwelleth Righteousness. When this Kingdom work is done, then our Lords people who were on the ground during the thousand year Kingdom work, will at long last, have a change of nature and become Spirit Beings who will be able to enter into heaven. Home at last. As the stars of Heaven.
      Revelation 20: 1-10

    • Montana Guy

      Mohammed is right about one thing. For 28 years professing ‘Christians’ have taken up the sword of war against people who have done us no wrong. Want to see Aggression? Just dare to speak out for what Jesus’ taught us about self-defense and non-aggression. I get mocked and threatened with censorship every day on ‘Christian’ sites.

      One cannot have both hatred and forgiveness in their heart. We may know OF Jesus but we do not KNOW Jesus.

  24. Alanon

    WOW!!!! Best interview EVER! He truly makes you realize the gravity of the situation world wide and to be living in these EPIC history times of today are mind blowing. Pray for President Trump and his family!

  25. Jeannette Rowden

    This is a fascinating interview. Mr. Estulin explains the world situation very clearly.
    What an economics lesson for all of us.

  26. Paul Anthony

    Great interview.

    The real things that go one between countries and the financial system that we never see.


    I’ll be getting the book!

    Great interview!

    Paul Anthony

  27. arthur barnes

    Greg, didn’t get to see the video due to time constraints this week but wanted to say to you and your bloggers I am backing Trump 1000 percent. I try to vote in every poll I run across & of course with my prayers as well. He really is our “last Trump” (pun intended). Lastly, Greg, as a long time visitor of your site I want to express my sincere thanks for all you do, God Bless & God Speed in our new year. a b

  28. Francis Moore

    Daniel Estulin…………..Outstanding interview….very inciteful, informative,intriguing, and thought provoking. ESPECIALLY the well disguised FACT that the world has reached the limits of growth. Exponential growth in a finite system is a mathematical impossibility. As long as that fact can be hidden…we don’t need to talk about equity. Sharing the wealth. We are told don’t cut the pieces smaller….grow the pizza bigger and everybody gets a bigger slice. LIE. A rising tide obviously does NOT lift all boats…witness the last forty years. The middle class in America is being exterminated. I will be getting the book. Thanks Greg for all you do. The Red Pill is hard to swallow…..but it does wonders to improve your vision.

  29. Rob

    Thank you Daniel for describing exactly what “Daniel” was shown of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream:

    Daniel 2:32-34 As for this image, its head was of fine gold, its breast and its arms of silver, its belly and its thighs of brass, (33) its legs of iron, its feet part of iron, and part of clay. (34) Thou sawest till that a stone was cut out without hands, which smote the image upon its feet that were of iron and clay, and brake them in pieces.

    This was one image that morphed from the Babylonian empire of a golden head into a divided base empire of two feet of part iron and clay:

    1) Gold ~ Babylonian
    2) Silver ~ Medio Persian
    3) Brass ~ Greecian
    4) Iron ~ Roman
    5)Iron and clay ~ Revived Roman which is a divided kingdom:

    Daniel 2:40-43 And the fourth kingdom shall be strong as iron, forasmuch as iron breaketh in pieces and subdueth all things; and as iron that crusheth all these, shall it break in pieces and crush. (41) And whereas thou sawest the feet and toes, part of potters’ clay, and part of iron, it shall be a divided kingdom; but there shall be in it of the strength of the iron, forasmuch as thou sawest the iron mixed with miry clay. (42) And as the toes of the feet were part of iron, and part of clay, so the kingdom shall be partly strong, and partly broken. (43) And whereas thou sawest the iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men; but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron doth not mingle with clay.

    The forth kingdom of two iron legs represents the industrial kingdom that morphed over the last two millenniums into the kingdom of knowledge that will become 10 regions:

    Daniel 12:4 But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.

    The Roman empire was the people of the prince(satan) that killed the anointed Prince in 30 AD and then in 70 AD destroyed the city and the sanctuary:

    Daniel 9:26 And after the threescore and two weeks shall the anointed one be cut off, and shall have nothing: and the people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary; and the end thereof shall be with a flood, and even unto the end shall be war; desolations are determined.

    This same “prince” is now ruling the people of the world thru the central banks in nearly every country thru the elite people in the IMF and BIS who rule the G7 as 7 crowns over the G20:

    Revelation 12:3 And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads.

    This same “prince” is about to confirm the covenant that has been forming over the last two millennium that will begin the last 7 years:

    Daniel 9:27 And he(prince) shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.

    In the midst of this 7 years a transfer of power from 7 crowned heads to 10 crowned horns or “regions” of the beast, that represent the 10 toes of the feet in the vision of Nebuchadnezzar above, will take place:

    Revelation 13:1 And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.

    Prepare accordingly for the church will endure 7 years of tribulation that will begin in the next decade:

  30. R Scott

    What does he predict for the timing of change??
    Thank you,
    R Scott

  31. Independent


    this is a much watch video about corruption, flight 370 and a gold heist.

    Under The Radar 537-555

    • paul ...

      Interesting … wonder if Obama gave Iran pallets of cash because 55,000 tons of Iran’s gold was stolen (a huge sum equivalent to seven(7) Fort Knox’s) which was moved out of Iran by the CIA installed Shah of Iran!!

      • paul ...

        Now it seems Trump’s lawyer Cohen suggested to a Hillary operative to donate $150,000 to Trump’s Foundation (as insurance against her prosecution???)!! … this world is a tangled web of evil!!! …

  32. Chip

    Fascinating Interview! Chip

  33. Russ

    Great interview Greg, I’d never heard of Daniel Estulin until this interview, but his description of the power shift is very interesting and fits with what we see. Huge, monetary systems are one thing, but the reset described is about power and control — way bigger. Thank you for bringing this.

  34. Frank D2

    Great interview. Wow. Daniel Estulin may be my new favorite guest of yours! He espouses ideas that we don’t hear discussed here in the US. So glad that you got him on your show. Clearly explains why the non-stop vehemence against Donald Trump from all sides.

  35. DJW

    As with Catherine Austin Fitts this man is speaking at a much higher level. For lack of this level of understanding, I have to confess my own naive criticism of Trump based on an engagement of the noise at street level. Thanks for the “satellite view”.

  36. Bogdan Tatarsky

    Breton Woods model failed due to bad fiat money displaced good money gold. World stopped believing US dollar was as good as gold. Since Nixon stopped international run on US dollar exchange for gold, all world currencies are fiat trash. From there on fiat currencies are inforced militarily with US dollar leading the pack. The right to issue , print world reserve currency will never stop. For this currency to be honest (limited at print quantity) it must be backed by hard asset. Historically this asset was precious metals.
    The rest is smoke and mirrors.

    • Free Slave

      Some would call it counterfeiting.

      • Bogdan Tatarsky

        Printing un-backed fiat currency is counterfeiting. No matter legal or no legal, printing entity enriches itself at the expense of receivers of counterfeited fiat. The fight between superpowers is attempt to increase receiving end. Receiving end for US dollar last many years was most of the world. Hence the standard of living at expense of others in USA used to be high.

  37. Paul from Indiana

    Thank you for this courageous presentation. It can’t get any more explicit than this. And aside from his overwrought predictions all the time, this is an intellectual version of what beloved and well-intentioned leading forum member ol’ Ozark Jerry is trying to say over and over. We’re on a collision course with change, but no one knows the timeline outright. Don’t look at me; I’m as bad as Jerry (though not as vested in it): I’ve been expecting it for 30 years now, but we keep adding zeroes, as if stalling for time… Many thanks and best always. PM

  38. iwitness02

    Wow! That was a whole slew of new insights for me. I really like the “Big Picture,” the global outlook. After listening to Daniel, I feel like I understand the world we live in, a little bit better than I did just one hour ago. For me, everything looks a little better, when I have some understanding of what is really going on. Knowledge is growing. So is self confidence growing, as understanding increases. This interview was uplifting for me.
    A heart felt thank you, to Greg and Daniel.

  39. Thomas hunter

    This author is spot on the money with his analysis. However, it think that the Rothschilds and Rockerfellers are just the money managers in he trenches of this undeclared war for control of the world for THEIR owners. Payseurs. Warburgs. St Claire’s. Royals etc. I think that the Yellow Vests in France and The Red Hats (MAGA) in USA has the global elite running scared. I just pray that this doesn’t become a Hot world war. But might still be Civil War 2.0 in USA they say things are going.

  40. Country Codger

    Hello Daniel,
    Like the new look. Keep up the great work.
    Lo Iyrah.
    Great interview Greg!

  41. Jim

    Interesting perspective. I agree that a big problem is that people don’t define their terms so the words end up being meaningless. Just a few thoughts, Socialism is government by labor unions. A soviet is a congress of labor union representatives. China is not socialist because they do not have labor unions but China is a militaristic totalitarian police state. I have heard many people define socialism by using the definition of totalitarian government. They are different things but socialist governments tend to become totalitarian so it is a distinction without a difference.

    • William Stanley

      RE: “Socialism is government by labor unions.”
      Not in my dictionary. I guess you’re just “defining ‘your’ terms.”

  42. Laurie

    You never disappoint. Getting the perspective of the world from your very smart quests helps me to understand just what the heck is going on. Thank you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank YOU Laurie for your kind words and for supporting USAW!!

  43. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    Yet another brilliant interview which for me needs listening to twice.
    What remains clear is to pray for Trump and Putin and for the demonic deep state to be routed by the armies of heaven.

  44. Da Yooper


    …wow…very interesting interview I would have to say the most interesting interview I have ever watched or listened to from you. ……good job. You NEED to have him back more often. His perspective & point of view is enlightening & educational.

    The ” Liberal banking financier model ” which I assume = schumer – pilosi – fineswine – bloomberg who also want to take our 2nd amendment rights away from us.

    Surprise surprise ………..not

  45. Daniel H Benson

    So what does this tell us? Is trump really a product of the people he has surrounded himself with? Is he Don Quixote, lone mad man battling windmills, doomed to failure? Or is he just the naive ideologue the deep state needed to use for their final agenda? I would argue for all three. This will not end well and we all have been played.

    • Greg Hunter

      No Daniel you missed the point.

    • Free Slave

      Don Quixote fought imaginary enemies that could not be harmed.

      Donald Trump fights the real thing. They can be injured and killed.

      Go forth Paladin Trump. Defeat the evil!

    • paul ...

      Daniel … What does this tell us? … the Saudi who shipped Iran’s stolen 55,000 tons of gold to an Australian refinery to be melted down and sold to China just happens to be Trumps good friend?? … all I can say is Trump deals with some very evil actors … hopefully he is not tainted by these associations!! …

  46. Sylvia Sterling

    The amount of information contained in this video is beyond stunning.
    Thanks for this guest.

  47. Diane

    Daniel is a most interesting guest.
    He gives important information on what’s going on in the world.
    Thank you Greg…you’ve posted some excellent reports. Your are one of our most TRUSTED NAMES IN REAL NEWS.

  48. Ron Spoon

    The world in a explained in a few words. Great piece

  49. paul ...

    It is not only Trump … but we the people too … are surrounded by traitors to humanity, traitors to morality, traitors to God … but a great awakening is occurring … and is accelerating …

  50. foggygoggles

    Truly EXCELLENT interview! I am curious to know why Obama changed course in his second term. Wasn’t it the global banking elites that put him in office, and were the very ones he gave a pass for the ’08 meltdown?

  51. paul ...

    Now isn’t this just great … Bibi and his neocon buddies have now put the entire Israel Nation in danger (by being exactly like Pelosi and Schumer)!!!

  52. vernon husek

    Great interview Greg.

  53. Redemocracy

    Dear Greg—
    Your site is my favorite, but this interview of Daniel Estulin is the most powerful one I have viewed ever, from any site. Thank you!

  54. Don

    I have followed you since inception as all gold investors should. I was a financial adviser in Canada and was dismissed recently for focusing a large percentage in precious metals since the year 2001, When it was in the $300 range. I did this because I did not trust the financial system. Your guest validates my point and the lefties in Canada don’t like their people discussing the topics you cover. The MFDA which oversees the mutual fund industry, is backed by the banking industry . The same industry that has been continuously charged and convicted of illegal manipulation of the gold market. Bank of Nova Scotia in Canada being one of the many. What your guest spoke of today validates my many years of research into the topic. You would do us all a favor to have him on again when you sense we are getting close to the reset. His insight would certainly help all of us paint a more clear picture of what to expect. This was one of the best interviews ever.

  55. donatella

    this was one of the most fascinating and informative interviews I have ever heard! Amazing Greg, thank you for all of your great journalism!

  56. Matties

    Very interesting… I will watch the interview at least another time.
    Good pick.

    • Matties

      Reminds me of the end scene of the good, the bad and the ugly. Except there is a 4th person (globalists) in the middle. Who will shoot who and who will be shot first…

  57. Norm

    now I’m confused. Your guest, hate to say it, had so much knowledge his brain was ahead of his auditory function… lol. Hard to follow, at least for me.
    I realize that POTUS has a large mess around him, but this guy saying that he’s a puppet? It’s plausible, sure. I kinda feel like water got poured over the fire rekindled inside me for hope of this country.
    I guess the bottom line is …….. God is in control.

    • daniel estulin

      I NEVER said Trump was a puppet. I said Trump was a project of the alternative elite circles. That is very different

  58. Doug Cook

    One of the best interviews I’ve seen yet Greg. Definitely going to change some people’s paradigms. Going to have to watch this one three or four times to make sense of it all.

  59. Paul in oz

    Absolutely fascinating show! What Mr. Estulin says very much resonates with me. I have for some time been very uncomfortable with the ism labels, the terms right and left, what I have felt was the squeeze of globalists/Illuminati/.001%ers, destabilizing and killing America. The reality that there has been no difference in the party in the white house going back at least until Reagan, UNTIL NOW (although strangely to me Mr. Estulin provide evidence that Obama was not necessarily a globalist puppet). Although an unpopular sentiment I also have felt that Putin, despite his warts is one of the good guys. President Trump has a lot of warts that I have never liked, but he as Mr. Estulin postulates is the only hope. Also very interesting; the analysis of the gold movement to China as restitution for the opium wars; the business of brexit; the regional divide; and the rivalry/battle between the (and this is the most shocking thing) the “good regionalist” Rothchilds, and the “bad globalist” Rockefellers … Thanks Greg for putting on this guest who has many very divergent perspectives from the majority of those interviewed … Clearly there is one enemy and one only … and that is the globalists wishing to enslave us … this interview proves your enemy’s enemies are your friends.

  60. Tad

    It appears the CIA is about to overthrow Venezuela’s Nicholas Maduro.
    As you must be well aware, it normally comes down to capturing the oil. The recent history involving Ukraine, Libya, and Iraq shout out that gold is an issue.

    One of Maduro’s recent mistakes was requesting the repatriation of its sovereign gold stores from New York.

    • Gordo McMurdo

      Big Mistake Tadster!

  61. Vike

    Whether Estulin realizes it or not the story we has woven follows the Biblical narrative! To find out who wins just read the Bible. A great point he makes is influence is moving from the Atlantic sphere to the Pacific. This has been the path of power since the Babylonian kingdom, as the world power has moved west with every change, from Babylon to Persia to Greece and then Rome. Who defeated the Romans?

    That is the point.! That is why Estulin see’s the fascist forms emerging. Look at the wall behind the rostrum in the US House of Representatives flanking the US flag and you will see 2 fasces, a fasces is a bundle of rods containing an ax with the blade projecting, borne before Roman magistrates as an emblem of official power. As the Roman empire fell apart from debauching their currency the footings for the Vatican were laid in the early 5th century. This was the vehicle to consolidate the power of the Roman empire which ruled the world for over five centuries! It is also the whore of Babylon as depicted in the book of Revelation 17:5
    And upon her forehead was a name written, Mystery, Babylon The Great, The Mother Of Harlots And Abominations Of The Earth

    More of the Biblical narrative Estulin espousing is Revelation 13:1
    And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.
    The seven headed beast I believe is the G-7, precisely the central banks of the 7 industrialized counties of Italy, France, Germany, England, US, Canada, and Japan. The ten horns are the 10 economic regions Estulin was referring. Thankfully the Club of Rome, origins in 1968 with Rockefeller guidance, has already set these regions.

    This all may seem farfetched but events are there to be seen and the Biblical record is holding true. Now if you have a problem believing the Bible then you have a much greater problem than what is going to happen to our society and monetary system. Take the time to get a handle on what is in the Bible and how it got there and you will then understand why is the most published book in history. It is an integrated message system form outside our time domain, it is the only book that accurately reveals the future.

    • Donald

      “The seven headed beast I believe is the G-7”

      Actually Revelation 17:9-11 tells you who they are:

      “Here is the mind which has wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains on which the woman sits, and they are seven kings; five have fallen, one is, the other has not yet come; and when he comes, he must remain a little while.

      At the time this was written, the great power of the day was Rome. That power finally came to an end in 1453 when Constantinople was conquered. Several hundred years later, Britain rose up as the greatest imperial power in history.

  62. Energy

    Now this guy is spot on….He is one man that has insight and research on his side. Facts not prophecy fro predictions of future models of humanity survival……I could listen to his intelligence all day, unlike fabricated stories of many other intellects, jibering prophecy predictions that you have had on your show….This man took control of your show and for the first time you sat down and listened to real time knowledgeable information of wear we all sit in this power play game… was refreshing th eat no religious beliefs were forced into the matrix that we are in……thank you Greg for introducing me to this man as he is truly a truth warrior.

  63. Ken Creed

    Greg, Another GREAT interview, keep them coming.

  64. Prophet

    Astounding interview Greg…Estulin filled in alot of blanks…..alot to absorb

  65. john duffy

    Greg you are mentioned favorably here:

  66. Will

    Oh boy what a wild miss mash of a million outcomes. I too, can say anyhting is possible and I will always be right. Friends, forget Daniels book and open God’s book the Bible.
    That is the only book you need to know. Case closed !

  67. Jay

    Greg, I post this for your consideration and that of your readers. It is old wisdom but may have modern merit. Take it for what it is worth.

    Subject: Put your trust in God, not Gold

    The words of The Honorable John J. Ingalls, Senator from Kansas who
    > delivered the following in 1877:

    > “No enduring fabric of national prosperity can be built on gold.
    > Gold is the money of monarchs; kings covet it, the exchanges of
    > nations are effected by it. Its tendency is to accumulate in vast
    > masses in the commercial centers, and to move from kingdom to
    > kingdom in such volumes as to unsettle values and disturb the
    > finances of the world. It is the instrument of gamblers and
    > speculators, and the idol of the miser and the thief. Being the
    > object of so much adoration, it becomes haughty and sensitive-and
    > shrinks at the approach of danger, and whenever it is most needed,
    > it always disappears. At the slightest alarm it becomes to look for
    > a refuge. It flies from the nation at war to the nation at peace. No
    > people in a great emergency ever found a faithful ally in gold. It
    > is the most cowardly and treacherous of all metals. It makes no
    > treaty that it does not break, it had no friend whom it does not
    > sooner or later betray. Armies and navies are not maintained by
    > gold. In times of panic and calamity, shipwreck and disaster, it
    > becomes the chief agent and minister of ruin. No nation ever fought
    > a great war by the aid of gold. . Gold paid no soldier nor sailor.
    > It refused the national obligation. It was worth most when our
    > fortunes were lowest. Every defeat gave it increased value. . But
    > silver is the money of the people.”

    • William Stanley

      RE: “Subject: Put your trust in God, not Gold”
      Isn’t Ingalls arguing to put your trust in Silver, not Gold?

  68. Mike

    Now there is a guest who gets the big picture of the globalist control structures. The corporate media gives us a pile of meaningless noise even with the conservative pundits. We have a galaxy of fraud within a universe of fraud. Every person must act to protect themselves because the government is not there to help.

  69. Mike R

    So if daniel is right, and there is thermonuclear war, the US is dead. And any gold i might have, is pretty much not going to help, unless I can get my body to some country like Africa (before the strikes) that doesn’t get irradiated. Oh, this makes me optimistic as heck.

    My only question is: why would you trust what a Russian intelligence spy says ?

    Remember, they are masters of disinformation, dissemination.

    • William Stanley

      Mike R,
      RE: “So if [D]aniel is right, and there is thermonuclear war . . ..”
      I don’t recall him going quite so far as to actually predict thermonuclear war under any and all circumstances. Seems to me that he was pretty adamant about the importance of reelecting President Trump IN ORDER to AVOID thermonuclear war.

    • William Stanley

      Mike R,
      RE: “Remember, [the Russians] are masters of disinformation, dissemination.”
      Sure, but the Russians aren’t the only masters of disinformation. Maybe the CIA/MSM isn’t quite as subtle about it, but you’ve got to admit that they put quite a bit of effort into it.

    • Donald

      “Why would you trust what a Russian intelligence spy says?”

      LOL… Daniel nailed it – the enemy of the world for the past 250 or so years have been the wealthy and powerful from Britain. When one examines history, its SHOCKING what these ones have done and continue to do. I feel sorry for the British people who have been duped by these ones. They are causing problems right now right here in the US. Putin kicked them out of Russia so they have been fighting him for years now. They caused WWI and made it unnecessarily long – how many died for their power struggle against Germany??? We could go on for hours on this.

    • Tin foil hat

      Mike R,
      “why would you trust what a Russian intelligence spy says ?”

      I don’t even trust everything what Trump says. You have to read between the lines and discern information from disinformation yourself.

  70. Mike

    Great Interview. The best I’ve seen on your show.
    By The Way, Any plans to interview Lynette Zang?

    Keep up the good work

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you and no.

      • Tin foil hat

        May you consider going One-on-One with Cynthia McKinney? I think that would be sensational.

        I never like her and I don’t think I will ever agree with any of her political views. However, I admire her integrity and her willingness to work with people whom she has nothing in common with.

        The following video is a little difficult to watch because of her bug-eyes crazy demeanor but she offers a glimpse of the inner working of the swamp which is really an eye opener.

    • Jay

      Mike, which one are you referring to as a Russian Intelligence spy?

  71. MCasey

    Trump knows the Globalist Movement is the next battlefield and why Trump declared himself a “Nationalist” on Oct. 22 at a Houston rally and why there was such an enormous outcry when he did…..even from the International Community.

    Trump said, “I’m a Nationalist! Nationalist! Use that word! Use that word!”

    By encouraging “We the People” to “Use that word! Use that word!”, President Trump is trying to unify all patriotic Americans, whether Democrats and Republicans, under the header of “Nationalist” to oppose the Globalists..

  72. thomas ford mcfadden

    What an incredible host with the most interesting eyeopening interview ever. Greg you are at the top of your game with the interview with Daniel Estulin. An amazing thoughtful interview. Bravo for Daniel Estulin and his incredible to the point topics he covered in your chat. Nine thumbs up my friend. Have a blessed New Year Greg. Sincerely thomas ford of the House McFadden.

  73. Ivan

    The world banking system is owned and operated by the Rothchilds . Evelyn de Rothschild and Lynn Forester de Rothschild hosted a $100,000-per-plate fundraising dinner for Hillary Clinton when she ran against Trump for president , so the black nobility and Rothchilds were behind Hillary not Trump . It has been said a picture is worth a thousand words ;thus , I believe Daniel Estulin to be a agent of disinformation .

  74. She Hates your Boss The Billionaire

    Our little Marxist friend, whose root’s, from south of the border, down banana republica land, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was the only Democrat to vote ‘no’ on a bill to reopen the government because it would fund ICE….I wonder why? So more of her and Abillio
    [Jim[ Acosta’s friends can join them here and exercise their new found right to vote here and often?. Despite being illegal till citizenship!
    Eliza Relman 3 hrs ago

  75. AMERICAN TAX-PAYEE Fusion Gypped You Yes!

    GOP allies Graham, McCarthy defend Trump against Pelosi in battle over State of the Union address
    Bradford Betz 59 mins ago

    “I will do the Address when the Shutdown is over,” Trump tweeted. “I am not looking for an alternative venue for the SOTU Address because there is no venue that can compete with the history, tradition and importance of the House Chamber. I look forward to giving a “great” State of the Union Address in the near future!”

  76. Ivan

    Trump is not a representative of an alternative ellite group .He has shown, through action, he represents the american people . It’s not democrats against republicans.It’s we the people against the globlalist banking families . The european aristocracy ,the british royal family,the Rothchilds,and the vatican are not behind Trump.They hate him .Pope Francis is not called the anti-Trump for no reason.He has been against President Trump on immigration,border policy,et,et. The Bretton Woods model/system collapsed in 1971, when President Richard Nixon took us off the gold standard .Sorry ,but I can’t listen to more then 17 minute of this guy because he’s full of disinfo.

  77. Russell

    This one was so cereberal that it has to be watched at least twice, which I have not done yet, but I will. I don’t even know what to say or do anymore… Even the mobsters in The Godfather films had scruples and a code of ethics. These globalists have absolutely none whatsoever! They couldn’t give a damn whether you or your family lives or dies. I consider that as a serious threat to myself and my family.

  78. Rock

    Greg, wow what an interview. I was exhausted from trying to take it all in as he was speaking. A lot to digest in this one. I will definitely need to get his book.
    Please have him on again soon.
    Thanks my brother.

  79. Arrowflinger

    “Trump is surrounded by traitors”
    From my experience and the 7 year penance our reform group got into, in politics, “loyalty” is transactional and transitional. Allies turn ino Judas, Benedict Arnold, or Brutus when forces shift. The pace of the shifting in this breathtaking era of changes puts Trump in dire risk.

    Jim Sinclair’s concept of MOPE – management of perception economics – is operational in all levels of politics. It is the driving force in what I call “Tributarianism”, a two headed beast that converges diverse steams of costs on the middle class person or family – the “Tributarians” into concentrated streams of revenues, “Tribute,” to the oligarchs.

    Middle class folks are blind to this. President Trump has run into extreme resistance blocking the flow of tribute from the many to the few. The many have interests being eviscerated, but have no access to power. The few have extreme interests in keeping power and are in the pools from which Trump has to select staff.

    Being a 2÷2=4 guy doesn’t work well in the 2+2=16 world of accrual accounting, hypothecation, Fails to Deliver, QE, and derivatives world, but that world is reverting to TRUTH.

    2+2=4. Math stands next to God. Neither can be mocked without consequences. In the long run, traitors are dead.

  80. Essie Little

    Wonderful insights, but do not worry as President Trump has an army of Angel’s on guard duty. His mission is not in the hands of weak flesh and blood humans. He will be allowed to accomplish what is impossible to mortal men cause his orders come from the Creator of it all. No weapon formed against him will survive in this battle. The one most of mankind claims not to exist is going to demonstrate just who controls this universe and everything in it.

  81. H. Craig Bradley


    Gold and Silver would only work in a barter economy or alternative economy. Since few Americans have ANY gold or silver coins, it would be a very small market. Its not practical to expect gold and silver to be of practical use.

    If you really want to prepare for a collapse of any degree, then increase your self-sufficiency and locate as far away from large populations as possible. Very few of today’s urban Americans would be willing to go back to the standard of living that existed say in the days of President Abraham Lincoln. However, if one really fears the End of our Civilization, then the Cook Islands would be a perfect place to go to.

    Sure, you would adopt a lifestyle not unlike character Tom Hanks in the movie “Castaway” eating coconuts, crab, and fish for the rest of your days and living in a thatch hut with no running water. Actually, no one I know of would even consider it for a minute. Most prefer eating sumptuous meals in the dining room on a big (luxury) cruise ship and perhaps taking a shore excursion ( all comfortably). No, we will hold-out until the last man, I suspect.

  82. Tad

    I think these discussions will be more awkward for US diplomats than before. President Kim will probably request US reductions in force, be it nuclear weapons or troops. Anticipate responses centering around sanctions withdrawal or humanitarian aid.

    It’s reported the Russians and Chinese are countering the former and the latter almost implies US access to North Korean civilians as a precondition.

    President Kim is probably awaiting a grand bargain of at least US troop withdrawals before making a nuclear reduction commitment.

  83. TC

    Plz review starting at 5 min mark

  84. Norm

    My apologies Daniel, if you have time, please explain what you meant by “project”? To me, it just sounded like Trump was another puppet on a string. Sure he’s doing phenomenal things.
    Thanks for the insight.

  85. al

    Oh my GOD!!! This guy is deep. I agree, Trump is a movement not a person and we need him to lead.
    Basically this system is dead and about to blow up. Precious Metals is your savior. The only thing I don’t agree with is the Trump/obama correlation. I don’t agree.
    This is a must listen several times. I have to buy his book!

  86. ROY

    Trump has about 11 months to take the gloves off and start the mass arrests, of the Cabal who conspired to rig the election of a president. The same Cabal is still working overtime to take Trump down. If all of his circle of Trump’s advisors think for a moment they can let Trump fall, they are in for a rude awaking. If Trump does not take down this treasones international group, he and supporters throughout the government will face a culling the likes the United Staes has never seen before. Trump will be framed and thrown in prison. Also most of his loyal supporters will share the same fate. News sites like this will be banned. It is a time to take no prisoners. Trump must issue an executive order to bring home most of the troops from the middle east. The reason being, needs them to protect the borders. He must direct the military to build a fence from the Pacific to the Atlantic ocean. Stop playing nice guy. Build 2 parallel fences 200 meters apart. Lay a massive mine field between the fences. On the Mexican side lay another mine field. If Mexico complains, Then give them an option. Mexico must clear all migrants from the border region. Or the American military will clear all mexicans from a 30 mile buffer zone from the United States. There is so many urgent issues to be solved, in so little time. It is time to use his Presidential powers. Use the sword, or fall upon it.

  87. Gary

    More than 1,000 media jobs lost in one day

    I heard this was going to happen somewhere … at least a time or two …

  88. Walter Baumgarten

    This is your best work ever Greg, superb. Everything that Daniel said made perfect sense and there is much if not total truth in his statements. There are not too many people talking about the new Russia not being the superpower that the old Soviet Union was, but when Dan describe it, it makes perfect sense. How could they be? I simply loved it and not only had to watch it twice, but I am sharing it everywhere I can. The Liberal Banking Deep States being challenged by the Isolationist Industrialists indeed. Simple folk like to think that everyone at the top is all in it together, but history shows us that there are constant battles for control and Daniel lays it out perfectly! We have been seriously educated by this work – excellent Greg, well done!

  89. Tad

    Saudi Arabia is dependent on Yemen as their reserves or production wells dry up, contrary to their reports.

    Russia stands atop the list of oil-producing nations. Venezuela is considered to have the largest oil reserves.

    Does anyone think Russia, China and possibly Iran are going to sit idly by and view a US putsch against Maduro without acting? The US flunkie is not recognized by Russia or China and I concur. I think you can understand the implications.

    The US is not a top oil producer other than shale oil. Shale is a lighter grade that must be blended with heavier crude to be distilled into unleaded or diesel gasoline. Venezuela’s oil tends to the heavier side. US oil producers are operating a heavily indebted balance sheet amongst lessened domestic resources.

    All of a sudden, John Bolton and Mike Pompeo have a “brilliant’ idea. Of course, they do.

    The two Russian Tupelov bombers that flew into Venezuela about 3 weeks ago caught Mike Pompeo’s attention.

    To paraphrase Pompeo’s following statement, you don’t belong here or in this hemisphere. I could look for the exact quote, but I’ll let you do that.

    One strategy in capturing Venezuela’s oil is that aside from allotting for US markets, the Empire continues its sale in petrodollars. More than a few countries are attempting to discontinue US Treasury purchases for that and a variety of other reason.

    And with Venezuela’s gold, the US Treasury and bullion banks can continue the gold price suppression scheme for years while Venezuela in particular, but the world in general, becomes increasingly impoverished. China and Russia may acquire this gold through status quo back channels, at least as the former has done over that last ten years at least.

    Perhaps some think this is best for America’s well-being. Our time will come, but my sentiments lie with Venezuelans. This US has frozen the sovereign’s bank accounts and what remains of their gold stores in New York.

    My most pressing question relates to how long have Russia and China had nuclear weapons in Venezuela or nearby Cuba.

    Nothing to see here, just walk along.

  90. lucho

    My post turned invisible? not meant to be read?

    • Greg Hunter

      Don’t know what you are talking about.

      • iwitness02

        Lucho, I recently had a post vanish, never to be seen again, after I hit the post comment button. Now we have two lost posts. I hope this is not a trend. If it is, I would suspect an outside third party, and not Greg.

      • lucho

        I meant my first post. The post in which I wrote two main things:
        1) This was a good, information-dense interview. Great work from the both of you; Keep ’em coming!

        2)You should have brought up the issue of the (partial) federal shutdown. There is more to it than meets the eye, mark my words.
        Related to the shutdown, here is an article which mentions the unique opportunity handed to Trump:

        • Greg Hunter

          This is the first time I saw this and I would not have blocked it. Thank you for the comment and link.

  91. H. Craig Bradley


    Well, with the general public it appears a Hershey Bar carries more value than a bar of silver worth considerably more in dollars. The clear public preference is for chocolate, not silver as far as immediate gratification goes. Maybe it would be different without the candy bar. We really can not really know under entirely different circumstances.

  92. e_deploribus_unum

    1) Roger Stone’s Emergency Message To Mueller, Trump & America

    2) Roger Stone to Tucker: ‘There’s A War On Alternative Media,’ ‘They’re Trying to Criminalize Free Speech’

    Be sure to READ the COMMENTS. Follow the LINKS. View ALL content. The single most significant truth of our time is available to anyone capable of critical thought, and persistence. It’s in the links above. Can YOU find it? Can YOU HANDLE the TRUTH?

  93. Just_Sayin'

    Daniel Estulin: “Both parties, not only in the United States, Canada, Europe and globally, they represent the same liberal, financier, Wall Street, parasitic order. . . . Today’s liberalism is control of society by the banking elite.”

    Also, (((MSM))). You have to factor in (((who))) is (predominantly) FINANCING those ‘former’ spies (who are well-placed throughout the MSM) as well as (((who))) OWNS the MSM: Rothschilds OWN both Reuters & Associated Press (AP)…(((Sulzberger))) OWNS the “Jew” York Times. (((Jeff Bezos))) OWNS the Washington COMMIE- or COM- Post. (((They, the .001%))) own and control the (((MSM))) narrative. Facts like this, need to be HAMMERED into EVERY American’s consciousness in order to undo the past century of (((lies/propaganda))). AND, the ONLY way this will happen is if the relatively FEW Americans who ARE AWAKE, begin to AWAKEN OTHERS within their sphere of influence, by spreading the TRUTH, such as by sharing information like I just

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