Protests False Narrative, Another Fake HCQ Study, Economic Update

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 434 6.5.2020)

According to outspoken conservative Candace Owens, the current violent nationwide protests based on “racially motivated police brutality is a myth.”  Owens contends the death of George Floyd at the hands of the police has created a “martyr for a fake narrative.”  Owens started the so-called “Blexit” movement to shift black voters away from the Democrat party.  (Click here to watch Candace Owens’ riveting rant on the “fake narrative” she says the current protests and riots are based on.)

Yet another fake study has been exposed.  This time the prestigious Lancet Medical Journal admitted it used “bogus data” to trash hydroxychloroquine (HCQ).  The Lancet retracted its entire report that the MSM was using to discredit President Trump for taking HCQ and proposing people to use it to treat Covid 19.  Shame on them for discrediting a lifesaving drug in the Covid pandemic.

Think the surging stock market is a sign that everything is getting back to normal?  You would be dead wrong.  Many say money printing by global central banks is artificially driving the markets higher in the face of terrible economic news.  The markets and reality are totally disconnected.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Interview: 

Economist John Williams, founder of, will be the guest for the Early Sunday Release.


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  1. Rodster

    Many in the financial world are now saying that the Stock Market has become the real economy. Which is why the Banksters will do all they can to keep the Stock Market going up and up.

    Looking forward to John Williams this Sunday. I hope he mentions the current real unemployment rate. My guess is that it’s between 35-39% if the BLS were not fudging the numbers.

    • K. Wayne

      The Stock Market is a proxy for Risk. In a bygone era, some say it was a wealth producing factory. An era which was based on weights & measures and a sound monetary system.
      It now only serves the Rich and Famous, who use it as a Casino…where winner takes all.
      The narrative that is constantly presented about the Stock Market representing the Economy….. is to some degree…. True!! Both do not represent the Truth and by deduction are therefore FAKE…. being manifested through manipulation and propaganda of the Banking/Financial industry and Monetary system.
      A wonderful piece of architectural machinery, which has through evolutionary process (Greed, Power and self-interest), created the ultimate mechanism to re-distribute enormous amounts of wealth. The ultimate Pay to Play.

  2. Ray

    Another Friday News Wrap that maintains the high, high standard.
    Thank you Greg…….love the picture of the AntiFa Hair Bear Bunch in there as well.
    By the way, I sent you a package via snail mail a few weeks back, and the info I have here in Australia says that the package was delivered into Greensboro earlier this week.
    Hope you have received it……please let me know if not and I’ll take it up wit Australia Post.
    Have a good weekend Greg.
    Keep throwing out the left jab mate.
    Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

  3. vincent_g

    Where are the real news reporters?
    No where to be found.
    What we get for news is a complete joke.
    Attention getting headlines is what we get.
    Truck at high speed drives into protesters!
    Is that what really happened?
    Not one reporter is asking questions on why the other police officers didn’t say a word about Derek Chauvin’s use of a knee on the neck of Floyd.
    Was it because they were trained to do that?
    We don’t know very much about what took place at all.
    All we know is a person died at the hands of the police.
    Based on this these people think this was enough to protest and also to Riot?
    Guess the virus is less important now.
    The Floyd incident is more important than their older parents / grand parents.

    Sorry I just don’t understand this at all.
    With so many things wrong that can be corrected we instead have nothing but children throwing temper tantrums rather than trying to fix the problems?

    I am doing what I can.
    Am bringing up to our representatives problems that need be addressed.
    One such problem is removing state barriers to small claims court.
    Why can’t you take a person in California to small claims court if you are in North Carolina?
    The government is way behind the tech explosion of the 80’s and 90’s
    I am not throwing a temper tantrum – I’m working on fixing this problem,

    If we have a problem with our police then fix it!
    I can’t stomach those that bitch about stuff but do nothing to help make change.

  4. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter,particularly for reminding those of us outside the USA that the narrative being forced fed to us is a toxic mix of commie propaganda to paint the USA,particularly white Americans,as untermenschen.What really irritates is that white liberals are the Bolshevik Revolutionaries who want to slaughter Christians of any colour.They want you dead as Greta Thurnberg has cheer lead with her and her parent’s wearing Antifa tee shirts.
    As a woman of black extraction,the question I have to ask “is what has happened to the great spiritual belief that was Black America?”Many relatives spoke of the awe that Black Americans were held for their deep,deep faith,we could be only be humbled by it,where has it gone?
    Here in the UK,not satisfied with a crumbled economy and horrendous inequality,we now have protests about others but not about the corruption and cronyism that is endemic in our society.Just once I would love a moment of clarity.Still the commie Remainers are in control in our media so the plebs will believe their utter guff and even pay for it.But thankfully those who watch and hear this guff are fewer each day even though we have to pay for it for now.

  5. JC

    Greg H: “Evil wants you to be afraid. Don’t be.”

    Words to remember, everyday.

  6. paul ...

    You know … talking about “fake narratives” … this whole Corona Virus scam was a “false flag” … used to allow the Fed to print to infinity … remember last September when the REPO market went critical … the Fed knew it was going to need Trillions to keep things together … but knowing how hard it was to get just $700 Billion out of Congress last time around … a really good excuse was going to be needed to get Congress to allow the printing of Trillions to bail out the banking system … and three months later … what do we get? … “a fake plandemic”!!! … think stealing $21 Trillion was a big deal … this necessary “false flag plandemic” is going to result in the stealing of $100’s of Trillion dollars in purchasing power out of our Fed fiat paper dollars!!! … and this seems to suggest that the Globalist Bankster Cabal has the power to make China do their bidding!!!

    • paul ...

      So Gold was up $100 dollars and Silver was up $12 dollar overnight on the Debt Clock (for June 5, 2020) … showing the “true” Gold/Silver Ratio is 8.33 (not the “fake” 96.47 gold to silver ratio the banksters “create out of thin air” with the precious metal “price fixing” they do)!!!

      • paul ...

        Why is this 8.33 Gold to Silver Ratio important? … because it means for every $100 dollars Gold goes up … Silver should go up $12 dollars … this means if Gold goes up $1,000 dollars to $2750 as Nenner predicts … Silver should go up $120 dollars to $137.85 … now consider … if Gold goes to $87,000 the way Bill Holter predicts … Silver will go to over $10,000 dollars per ounce!!! … this means by just putting up $1,785 dollars to buy 100 Silver Eagles (at $17.85 per oz) you have the potential to become a millionaire (if Bill Holter proves correct) … want to be a Billionaire like Buffet and Gates … just keep buying 100 Silver Eagles every time the banksters drop the price for you!!!

        • paul ...

          Hope everyone now realizes that to accumulate great wealth … you need to buy “more then just a few one ounce silver coins” … you must buy them “by the hundreds” every time the criminal banksters take it down for you … the way I’m doing!!!

          • paul ...

            The banksters held a meeting in London today and “fixed the Gold price down” by $40 dollars … … and pumped money into all stock markets to give us the illusion things are recovering … it is all smoke and mirrors … here is some more smoke and mirrors … … all to create the illusion they want … the entire banking system is on the verge of a collapse (that is certain to come) … but they are doing everything they can to prevent it until after the election!! … so what really happened to Gold and Silver today … look at the US Debt Clock … both metals are “up”!!!

            • Bob

              Wouldn’t it be great if the US debt clock metal prices were a fund we could buy into and realize a gain! Its not though so I don’t know if its relevant. Maybe some day gold and silver will really take off.

              • paul ...

                Bob … If I had my way … I would do as Jesus Christ did … “and overturn the criminal banksters price fixing tables” … and make the US Debt Clock the “official price fixing mechanism” for determining the “true market price” of precious metals!!

            • Tim

              Thanks for the info Paul

  7. tim mcgraw

    I look around and see all of my dreams crushed. The world I grew up in during the 1950’s and ’60’s are gone. I remember well the day that JFK was shot. I was in 8th grade in a Catholic school. The nuns cried. 8 years later some fat f….k was pulling my birthdate out of a military draft lottery drum to see if I had to go fight in Vietnam. That idiotic war. Fortunately my draft lottery number was high.
    Now I see even more stupidity all around me. Masks, social distancing, the longest war in USA history in Afghanistan which has accomplished NOTHING but death and destruction.
    God must be very frustrated.

    • Self Exiled

      I don’t think HE is frustrated Tim ; maybe. I was in the 9th grade standing monitor duty when Kennedy was assassinated and I received a low number and was drafted. Took my physical and when asked if I belonged to any subversive organizations wrote down 4H [farm boy]. 9 days latter Nixon lost the power of the draft. My induction notice was stuck half typed in someones type writer. I have always known HIM to have perfect timing, extremely sensitive, purposeful beyond a doubt, never self directed, always allowing choice at the same time displaying a powerful response [to allow the present situation in US and world events] to man kinds out of control urge to control everything and not trust in a relationship with HIM. I also think HE feels pain beyond our imagination concerning the innocent and suffering. I’m sure HE agonized over HIS decision to make man because of HIS omnipotence.

    • Diane

      I can relate to your post Tim.

    • Charles H

      My draft number was “borderline”. It was enlist and try for technical training; or take a chance of being missed, and if not – going into military service where they wanted you: meaning definite jungle duty.

  8. Derek Sinclair

    Greg, Candace Owens is not “dynamite”, certainly not as a conservative. She has pushed the First Step Act of the Criminal Justice Reform which is basically designed to give black criminals early release – innocents have already died and been raped and been assaulted as a result. And CJR will be extended to prevent black criminals going to prison in the first place. If you push a policy for early release of black prisoners (or no prison at all) then you, by definition, believe these people are being unjustly punished. Candace Owens is just another fake conservative who believes that there are more black people in prison simply because of “systemic racism” and not because the black community is inherently more criminal (which it is according to all police and FBI stats). The police stats in every western country tell the same story about this community.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is totally false and NOT what Owens thinks. Your opinion is NOT a FACT and actually you are spreading false information. Here’s what Owens thinks and it is totally opposite of your disinformation. Owens says, “racially motivated police brutality is a myth.” Here is more in her words:
      Listen and education yourself before you shoot out your false information!!

      • Coalburner

        I watched her video yesterday and Greg is giving the gospel truth. No idea what Derek is talking about. I dont know about the other stuff. She does rattle off FBI statistics that show more whites are killed by police than blacks and exessive black abuse by police is not true.
        Total killed by police in question about 28 nationwide in 2019 Nuymber of cops killed in line of duty 48.

        • Erin Wade

          Coalburner: Do the math! When the vast majority of the US population is white ,of course our numbers are higher. If you look at % of minority deaths vs. white I think you will be surprised – not to say any death is ok, but you should at least be educated when you comment. The black to white % of deaths are staggering, and btw…I’m white.

  9. Brick Stonehead

    These protests and riots are not helping win sympathy for black people. The riots and chaos are the democrats/communists’ only strategy for the 2020 election. Obamagate didn’t work. Impeachment didn’t work. Media smears didn’t work. Covid 19/ripping up the American economy didn’t work. So now we have communists and negroes rioting.
    That will not work either. If they win by election fraud- their final and last resort plan- there will be a ‘civil’ war and the communists/globalists will lose and/or die.

  10. Marie Joy

    Decent people, everywhere, are going to have to take a stand.

  11. Self Exiled

    Police Chief Breaks Down After Describing How Richmond Leftist Rioters Torched Home with Children inside Then Blocked Fire Department.

  12. Jerry

    According to many sources, Antifa is going to take their violence into rural areas to disrupt American life. This Sunday black lives matters has planned a demonstration at the courthouse in Camden county. This is not a good idea. Rural people are not as sympathetic to civil rights as people in the cities, and many of them carry guns. The moment this turns violent, someone is going to get shot, and when that happens, you will see the makings of a full blown civil war. Maybe that’s what they have in mind? But either way it’s not going to end well. We are sitting on a powder keg ready to blow. The unemployment in my area is off the charts. The economic shutdown has really hurt our local businesses and many people have lost their jobs. Couple that with a bunch left wing loons coming into our community screaming about black lives matter, and you will have the makings of a really bad situation. Get your spiritual house in order. Time is getting short.

    • Jerry

      According to my sources the president has been compromised by general Mattis creating a huge division inside the marine corps. Most people are unaware that the marine corps was one of the few military branches that was actually backing President Trump. This is bad. Real bad, because it will embolden his enemy’s to attempt a full blown coup anytime.

      • Stan

        Jerry: Your sources have been proven completely worthless over the years.

        • Greg Hunter

          So is your shorting strategy on gold.

        • Self Exiled

          Stan, you haven’t been following Jerry’s sources over the years. You just got here. I’ve been reading Greg’s Gift sense its creation. This is the first I’ve seen or remember you.

        • Jerry

          You’re a clown. No one here believes a single word you say. At least I provide links to support most of my post. How about you?

        • Jerry

          Oh no Stan,
          Another link.

          One of my sources had a son who was a marine that was detailed with protecting the president. It’s a concern because general Mattis was highly thought of by many soldiers in the marines Corp. You have to ask yourself who has the presidents back? Or is it that he has been compromised, and general Mattis is pointing it out? It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to tell who’s on the side of the American people. With no mention by President Trump over the red flag laws, I’m beginning to have my doubts.

          • eddiemd

            Word is that the president has an inside security force along with the compromised SS.

            There are still enough patriots that take their oaths to the Constitution seriously. They may be oldy and moldy but they can still shoot, move, and communicate.

            There are many special operations members that have not forgotten Benghazi and it’s associated treason. Those men were left to die by Obama, Clinton, Biden and the rest of the criminals.

            Back to the traitor Mattis. He was commander of CENTCOM when Benghazi went down. He was in the chain of command when the orders were given not to send in the QRF. He has blood on his hands. He is dirty.

            He retired and went to the board of General Dynamics. He serves the MIC. He serves himself and the war machine. He lost his allegiance to the troops long ago. Compromised long ago.

            Him and his general buddies…all compromised. Petraeus, McChrystal meth, Dunford, …the list goes on.

            Perpetual war…courtesy of evil men in uniforms. They took an oath to themselves, their handlers, and Satan himself.

            Someday they will all be revealed when Jesus Messiah returns. Rats and cockroaches running from the Light of the world. The Truth will reveal all their ploys.



      • eddiemd

        Mattis was a politician through and through. That is how he was promoted to General. The Senate has to confirm general officers. Pure politics. He was compromised long ago.

        I was in the Army for 11 years. I started out as a private in the infantry and promoted up to E6 (staff sergeant) in less than 6 years. Hard work, hard duty, staying out of trouble. I was lucky in that I learned under Vietnam vets who did multiple tours in units like Special Forces, 101st Airborne, 173rd Airborne, etc. They were leaders who knew what happened in Vietnam and swore that it was not going to happen again.

        I was a captain in the medical corps for 4 years. Three years as a flight surgeon in Special Operations Command. This was the late 90’s when Army regressed back to the political mentality that was Vietnam. To make Major you had to brown nose and be connected. I saw many an incompetent special forces officer who should have been kicked out.

        There are two men in the Army that can tell the truth in a line unit. The chaplain and the doc.

        Mattis was compromised. He sold out his soul along the way. I have no doubt about that. Marine or not.

        • Greg Hunter

          I agree Eddie! Mattis = weasel and Deep State traitor.

          • eddiemd

            I read Mattis’ statement. He is totally compromised. The deep staters must have some serious dirt on him.

            Most general officer are compromised. They don’t promote real leaders and truth tellers. They want “company” men and women who are all in.

            The best leaders get out early. They realize the scam and won’t compromise. They might make it to captain. Above captain you become a staff weenie, paper pusher, “yes” man, and good ole boy. You learn how to “manage” troops…not lead them.

            Even Gen Milley is questionable. Remember Obama cleaned out the ranks. Don’t doubt for a moment that Obama’s people went through all military personnel records and carefully chose officers who would follow his orders without questioning.

            One truth I can rely upon without any doubt, Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the Light of the world, He is Life, He is Truth. All this darkness, liars, corruption, deception, and evil will be revealed by Him. I put my trust, hope, and life in His life. He is my Almighty God in Whom I will trust. My Strength, my Rock, my Fortress, my Stronghold, my Deliverer, my Salvation, my God.


            • Coalburner

              Eddie is right about the military, but they still refused to turn on Americans. That is imprtant. Largely because we are them and teeeeeeehey are us except a few officers.

        • K. Wayne

          Did you take an Oath when you joined the Army?
          Do you believe James Mattis has broken that Oath whilst serving in the Marines / Cabinet as Secretary of Defense?

          What I see is a President who is dis-uniting the States and this Country. His direct instructions to Police enforcement …’Ï give you permission to be brutal”….along with deploying Military in DC….

          (Stop right there!!! This is Greg Hunter and I cut off your stupid uninformed comment. You are a fool!!!! Let me explain: The United States and our Constitution is under attack, and it has been under attack starting with the Mueller/Russia hoax. Then, it moved on to the Ukraine/impeachment hoax, then the over-reaction of the Covid hoax and NOW we have the desperate riots brought to you by Antifa and Black Lives (Don’t) Matter (Because black on black murder is off the charts in places like Chicago and Baltimore and nobody says a word.) and the globalist New world Order. The country is burning and being attacked and you want to play nice??? S T U P I D and lost you are. The police are not hunting down blacks and murdering them. All the stats say again ““racially motivated police brutality is a myth.” Yes Mistakes are made, and Floyd should not have died the way he did. But What about all the violence towards Cops and innocent people and business owners???? Let’s Play Ni9ce!!!??? You must be getting a government check.!! Your stupid opinion and make-believe views are not facts and not even logical. I guess you did not watch the wrap-up or the video I posed with Candace Owens!!

          I quote my post: “According to outspoken conservative Candace Owens, the current violent nationwide protests based on “racially motivated police brutality is a myth.” Owens contends the death of George Floyd at the hands of the police has created a “martyr for a fake narrative.”

          Please watch Candace Owens 16 min video where she explains it all here:

          And please don’t comment again with your stupid uninformed opinion. I know you are pissed and are going to say something nasty to me and tell me you are never commenting again. SAVE the Drama!! You are gone, so, don’t bother. You are too stupid to be here, and I am really wondering if you have gotten yourself a troll job.


          • eddiemd

            Mattis is compromised. He lost his military bearing decades ago. He sold out to be part of the gang. Especially when he decided to be a politician general.

            Don’t talk to me about oaths. You have no idea what an oath means. Or allegiance to the flag. I have taken oaths as an enlisted soldier and as an officer. Look it up for yourself.

            I was a triple volunteer in the Army. I volunteered to join when it was not popular, went airborne, then Special Forces. To be at the front. What have you done for your country besides complain? I earned the right to criticize. Mattis is part of the reason we have been in war for nearly 20 years. His “career” runs right along with longest wars in American history. He serves himself and corrupt politicians. There is blood on his hands because of his compromise.

            Turn off the propaganda media. It is rotting your ability to think clearly.

            • eddiemd

              And that goes for all the other generals out there criticizing the president. They are all part of the problem. They kiss up to politicians and the MIC. They have kept us in war for 20 years. Where was Mattis during Benghazi? Where was Mattis when Bush and Rumsfeld dragged us into Iraq?

              Mattis is compromised. End of story. It makes me laugh when I see these generals with a chest of ribbons. It tells me one thing; they are compromised. I would like to see the citation.

              “Here is your ARCOM or MSM for being a company man, you did exactly what we told you to do.”

              All dog and pony show.

              Meanwhile young men and women continue to die. And worse yet, suffer the physical and mental trauma and continue to live.

              Meanwhile the compromised generals of this nation violate their Oaths to the Constitution daily as they bow to corrupt politicians and the MIC.

              • Boris Badenough

                eddie, compromised generals, by corrupted politicians, by China Communists. Means, if Trump don’t kick they’re asses and win in 2020. China will win and when they take over, China will kick all our asses! 😥
                Time to kiss Russia’s ass you traitors!LOL!
                While we were busy fighting endless war’s, Russia was busy getting ready for our compromised generals and now says, “come ah shootin.” Better not! They have hyper-sonic ICBM’s capable of taking us out before we even know, what hit us! Thank you, butt kissing generals of Obama! Better start thinking of kissing up to Trump before the American people and your own troops ring your necks!

              • JC

                eddiemd, check out the latest update at The Age of Desolation.

                After former Secretary of Defense James Mattis made his comments about Trump being a danger to the Constitution, it really looked like staged theater to me, because the rioting, looting, and violence outweighed any peaceful protests. Former Generals James Mattis and John Kelly are right on schedule. They are in Chapter Fourteen of my 2019 book, Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, The Complete Prophecies of World War III.
                You will discover in my 2019 book that James Mattis’ moniker, Mad Dog Mattis, makes him a good future candidate for Nostradamus’ Rabid Dog, who enforces Martial Law during the suspension of the Constitution. Therefore, Mattis admonition of Trump as “a threat to the Constitution” is suspect. He is painting a target.


          • K. Wayne



            AS A FINAL PARTING WORD…..
            NSA MCMASTER – CFR. FACT.

            • Greg Hunter

              K wayne,
              Your fantasy opinion is not a fact, and you have no data to back up your fantasy opinion. You just start name calling because it’s all you have left. I don’t believe anything the MSM says because I worked in their house (investigative correspondent for ABC News and CNN) and I know what’s going on. I know how it works as I worked at the networks for 9 years. I guess you could say I have expert opinion on the matter. I am posting this comment because it is clearly unhinged. This is like saying ‘I believe in unicorns, and because I believe it, it’s true.’ It’s not but there is no telling you this. Thank you for revealing your true self here. It’s instructive. Now go out and play in the street.

            • eddiemd

              It must be that time of the month.

              Try Pamprin.



              • eddiemd

                Mattis was the commander of CENTCOM and part of the decision not to rescue the ambassador. He was all in with Clinton, Obama, and Biden.

                How Trump ever picked this traitor is unknown. Perhaps he wanted to keep his enemies close.

      • JC

        Jerry, you are correct to be concerned about a coup.

        G.A. STEWART:
        Well dear readers, it looks like I might have gotten The Return of Barack Obama right. There is a long way to go between now and November 3rd, 2020. Actually, I do not believe we will have an election in the United States so much as coup d’état.

        May 2, 2020
        A Hillary Clinton-Barack Obama ticket to replace Joe Biden? Is it even possible?

    • Freebrezer

      J – did you see the surfer dudes in hunting beach kick the antifa ass! Basically the surfer dudes said ‘not here scum’! Same ass whooping will happen in most rural areas … and it will be a great pleasure to watch.

    • Freebrezer

      J- Did you see in long beach the surfer dudes kicked anitfa’s ass! basically the surfer dudes said “out scum’ ! ! The same will happen in most rural areas!

      • Self Exiled

        Many who wonder into rural or remote areas will just disappear, as many Filipino pedophiles do here. What happened to uncle, or what happen to aunty? I think they went to Manila to get a job. Try to find a relative or neighborhood friend in Manila. Impossible. Don’t doubt this: they do it.

  13. Vernon Tart


  14. TJZ

    The infiltration of the United States by the treasonous traitors and their plans to subject us to atheistic totalitarian communism is well underway.
    Isn’t it amazing how those, so deeply involved, are unmasking their true evil souls for all to see. Arrogantly celebrating in the destruction of American property and citizenry. The invisible enemies have manifested themselves.
    There is no middle road here, time to choose, Good or Evil!

    • Self Exiled

      It’s the way it is. ”The LORD is good, a strength and stronghold in the day of trouble; He knows [He recognizes, cares for, and understands fully] those who take refuge and trust in Him.” Nahum 1:7

  15. Larry

    Greg, I expect the arrest’s of Antifa members will take place just after Hillary gets arrested for her e-mail server and just before Comey, Clapper, and Brennan get arrested for lying to congress. As usual NOTHING will be done just like every other time. The rule of law died in this country long ago.

    • paul ...

      Larry … The “Rule of Law Died” back when Bush and Cheney were not arrested for 9-11 … and that’s when we got hit hard by a bunch of other Law Breakers who figured they could get away with murder!! …
      Note: We are “still not out of Afghanistan” because the Poppy trade is so lucrative!!

      • Self Exiled

        The “Rule of Law Died” back when John Kennedy was assassinated; it open the door for two more assignations.… ”and that’s when we got hit hard by a bunch of other Law Breakers who figured they could get away with murder!! 52,000+ Vietnam and your right: and still counting.

        • paul ...

          Self Exiled … I stand corrected!!

          • Self Exiled

            Not meant to be a correction, just an older perspective. My Grandfather would have said same as you ; only would have been referenced 1900 to about 1946 I suspect. God might say sense Tower of Babel. Remember I get the Bentley.

  16. Kenneth chamberland

    Till the arrests of Congress ones in the Circle of…
    40+ Years and still no replies from all…
    Martin Luther King, in the 60s,Who in Congress to Date wore a wire for the Deep State to get in the all White Boys Club
    , Nothing means nothing…Call Ken for the truth…909:531-0072

    The true power of the deepest of the deep state…

  17. kip ortiz

    Hi Greg, as always I look forward and enjoy your weekend wrap up. If you don’t know officer tatum, you should look up his channel. I think this was an excellent 12 min video well worth the time to watch.



  18. Alan

    Greg and others, if you have not already done so check out Project Veritas for recent uploads of video content captured by an Antifa infiltrator. To characterize Antifa as anything OTHER than a Domestic Terrorist organization is delusional in the extreme.

  19. ken

    For these idiots on msm to say that the nation wide riots were not coordinated are covering for Antifa!!
    Here in Kansas City the P.D. Caught on to the bricks first. Then we started hearing and seeing the same thing in videos from around the country.
    If I were to bet the DHS is also watching the videos of gas stations in and around the city’s for gas cans being filled. The organizers needed it for the Molotov cocktails.
    Also a nice touch jamming emergency communications!
    Chicago Police Radios Being Jammed By Protesters

    Chicago PD radios all night and playing polka music

    People better wake up to whats going on. These people will only develop better and more devastating tactics!!!

  20. Joe Jones

    Here’s your Antifa Supporters:

  21. Stan

    Hey Paul: I’m sitting here puffing on a Davidoff Double R with a big smile on my face. I warned you a few days ago that the crash has begun, did I not? Did you heed my warning? We are in inning one of the crash. Enjoy 🙂

    • Charles H

      Enjoy the fleeting days, Stan. The sarcastic and mean barbs themselves will not last. I have very good Catholic friends who think they can have it all; or the best of their ability in life – and then near the end get everything all fixed up and they should be good to go with God. It makes me sad to say that it doesn’t work that way.

      Every day is conditioning for the heart: and the majority have too long worshipped at the alter of prosperity. It takes a sincere humility to draw near to God: and your taunts just drip with pride. That heart conditioning can’t be reversed as easily as it is put in place. So it is likely you may even see the need: but the reality will be beyond reach. God is not mocked either. The pleasures of this life – at the expense of an horrible eternity? Really.

      • Self Exiled

        ”Every day is conditioning for the heart:” oh how true.

  22. Stan

    Paul: Major support has been completely smashed. And I mean major Big-Time support! It is over Paul!

    • Greg Hunter

      Says the man who has told us all he’s been shorting gold since $1,200 per ounce as Fed money printing has gone provably vertical.

      • K. Wayne

        I’ve lost count how many times Stan has opened his mouth at exactly the time when Gold is about to bottom out. He now presents as the perfect Fade for anyone wishing to buy Physical or Call Options.
        My Gosh. The stats are overwhelming/don’t lie.
        Thanks Stan.
        You may continue to providing us with your commentary….as frequently as you wish. What a great cause.

    • paul ...

      Stan, Stan, Stan … you focus on tree and think you see the forest … we are having a “normal” May to June price pull back … lets go back a few years Stan when Gold was a thousand dollars cheaper … and recall this old chart … … remember the May to June 2006 price pull back then? … remember how you were likely saying back then (like Chicken Little) …”The Picture Has Changed” … “Gold is Buckling” …. “Expect a Rapid Drop to Lower Levels” … and where are we today Stan? … a thousand dollars per ounce higher (with the Fed printing their fake paper IOU’s to infinity) … and you … still in a world of your own … remain puffing on a Davidoff Double R with a big smile on your face!!!

      • paul ...

        For us Gold-bugs … Dr. Stephen Leeb predicts a Gold price somewhere between Nenner and Bill Holter’s predictions … he states: “It is inevitable that we will get a new monetary system that is backed by Gold … and that it will lead to a bull market in the yellow metal (that will extend for years) … and will bring Gold somewhere to between $25,000 to $36,000 an ounce” … what does this mean for us … as we are taunted by Stan (and his “price fixing” bankster buddies manipulate Gold downward)? … it means … you strategically buy more as it’s price is pushed lower … especially knowing the Fed is printing dollars to infinity … lets see how long the banksters can keep Gold down … when they need hundreds of trillions of additional dollars just to stabilize their corrupt monetary system … that is just “a few months at most” from a complete collapse (if they dared stop printing)? …

        • paul ...

          Gold price update for Saturday June 6: While Stan and his bankster buddies think they have succeeded in manipulating the Gold price down by $29.35 … it has in fact risen by $55 dollars/oz on the US Debt Clock!!

          • Keith Wilson

            Next week the usdebtclock will hit 26 trillion. Up one trillion in just 5 weeks. Come July 4th it will 27 trillion and by christmas passed 30 trillion. They are printing the dollar into oblivion and the only reason the stock market is up is because of enormous free money given to the banks to prop up the ponzi scheme. Silver got hit over the past few days and lost nearly a dollar. Checking my silver stack I still have 5000 silver coins and couldn’t care less what price the comex calls. My big stack didn’t lose anything still got 5000 ounces. If you are correct Paul and silver hits 10,000 dollars per ounce. I’ll give you and Greg 10 silver eagles for free. Will be giving Stan nothing because he is full of B\S and a complete arsehole on usawatchdog.

            • paul ...

              Ah Keith … to be paid with “real money” … what a pleasure that would be … an EU Bank is currently very near collapse … we won’t have very long to wait for us all to see a re-set payday!!!

      • Ray

        Splendid retort Paul………superb……very well said indeed.
        Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

        • Boris Badenough

          Ray, were all lab dog’s to Washington. Or is it London? Often debated! Even your country participated in trying to take out Trump. Alexander Downer ring a bell? A real downer I might add!
          Welcome to the Anglo-American world super power.
          One thing we can all agree on, we love the Queen!


    • Self Exiled

      Your right Stan it is major Big-Time over. What ever happened to that bet you had with some one this site and you said would jump of a bridge concerning the price of gold by a certain date. You know how I like cars, not that I want you to lose, but a Bentley, I just had to think of it as needing a home. God Bless You Stan. You have never mentioned HIM.

      • Self Exiled

        Correction Stan “some one on this site and you said you would jump”

        • JC

          Self Exiled, Stan advised paul that he would jump if the price of gold hits $1950. Stan agreed to let me/us know the specific time and place so I could have some record the event.

          • JC

            … someone record the event.

            • paul ...

              Yep, that’s what he told me JC … but just like a bankster he likely has a golden (I mean a “fiat green”) parachute … or he will simply strap on a bungee cord or attach himself to a bunch of balloons … but I would enjoy seeing the event anyway he does it!!

  23. Peter

    The Job Market recovered today even in the mist of riots, a global pandemic etc.. Millions more are working in May 2020 so you can understand how wrong some people were predicting a depression just recently. The stock market is real enough if it funds your retirement goals, which is why most people invest in stocks.

    • Selma Alabama

      Steverino, either they don’t care if people die, or they think the world owes them a living or both! Hit the health food store before your drug represented doctor. The girls there know much more than most bought off MD’s on the golf course! Not you eddiemd, man of the people & sheeple!

      • eddiemd

        Don’t play golf. Tried it once when I was 9yo, no interest.

        Repent and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. Today is the day of salvation.

        Even you Alabama Selma need to repent. Do it before it is too late. It will be the best decision you ever made. Remember, even you will bow to Jesus Christ and confess that He is your Lord.

        • Boris Badenough

          When someone sticks a gun in our mouth and says renounce your LORD. Then we’ll know who has repented and who has compromised they’re faith.
          Webster’s Bible Translation
          Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth, take heed lest he fall. ◄ 1 Corinthians 10:12 ►

          • eddiemd

            You better repent now and get your house in order.

            I know Whom I serve. Death does not control me and many believers because to be absent from the body is to be with Jesus Messiah of Nazareth. I have already been delivered by the Blood of Jesus the Messiah. He has already raised me from the dead. There is no sting of death. He will never forsake me,

            We already have a preview of what will happen to those who confess Jesus as Messiah. Just look to what Daesh was doing. Sawing peoples heads off with knives and swords. Sticking a gun in a believers mouth will be an act of mercy compared to what is really coming.

            Repent Boris. Today is the day of salvation. Jesus Messiah died for you and me.

  24. Suzan Shackelford

    Russia declares emergency after 22,000 tons of oil spill in the Arctic Circle
    By Rafi Letzter – Staff Writer 4 hours ago
    Russian president Vladimir Putin declared a state of emergency in the region around the Ambarnaya River, in eastern Russia, due north of Mongolia. According to Reuters, two days passed before local authorities learned of the spill from the Nadezhdinski (also spelled Nadezhdinsky) Metallurgical Plant. Even then, local officials only learned of the spill from social media. Per Reuters, Russian environmental agencies have said 16,500 tons (15,000 metric tons) of oil entered the river system, while an additional 6,500 tons (6,000 metric tons) leaked into the soil.
    It could take decades for the region to recover!

    Prophecy FACT. The Ruining of the Earth

    “[God will] bring to ruin those ruining the earth.”​—◄ Revelation 11:18 ►.
    ● Mr. Pirri works as a palm-wine tapper in Kpor, Nigeria. His trade has been devastated by a massive oil spill in the Niger Delta. “It kills our fish, destroys our skin, spoils our streams,” he says. “I have no livelihood left.”

    WHAT DO THE FACTS SHOW? According to some experts, 6.5 million tons of litter enter the world’s oceans each year. An estimated 50 percent of that litter is plastic that will drift for hundreds of years before it degrades. Besides polluting the earth, humans are depleting its natural resources at an alarming rate. Studies show that the earth needs one year and five months to regenerate what humans consume in a year. “If population and consumption trends continue, we will need the equivalent of two Earths by 2035,” reports the Australian newspaper Sydney Morning Herald.

    WHAT IS A COMMON OBJECTION? Humans are resourceful. We can reverse these problems and save the earth.

    IS THAT OBJECTION VALID? Many hardworking individuals and groups have raised awareness of environmental issues. Yet, the earth continues to be polluted on a grand scale.

    WHAT DO YOU THINK? Is there a need for God to intervene and save our planet from being ruined​—just as he has promised to do?

    “I feel like I’ve gone from owning a piece of paradise to owning a toxic waste dump.”​—ERIN TAMBER, A RESIDENT OF THE GULF COAST, UNITED STATES, CONCERNING THE EFFECTS OF THE 2010 OIL SPILL IN THE GULF OF MEXICO.

    • eddiemd

      Jesus Christ came to save sinners. Like you and me. He does not need to intervene to save the planet. His concern is for sinners. The earth and the things of the earth will pass away. Our treasure is not here on the earth.

      The earth has been contaminated with sin since Adam and Eve. Pollution is not the problem, sin is the problem. Common sense dictates that we should care for the planet but the issue should not become a form of idolatry. We are cautioned not to worship the creation.

      You have taken your Scripture quote out of context.

      • Lucill McGillacutty

        “You have taken your Scripture quote out of context”. [eddiemd]
        If your going to complain you must explain!
        edddiemd, what say you about Revelation 11:18? God has intervened all
        throughout human human history. Why stop now?
        Remember Noah? Remember your God Jesus?
        Weymouth New Testament
        God’s love for us has been manifested in that He has sent His only Son into the world so that we may have Life through Him. ◄ 1 John 4:9 ►
        eddiemd, don’t taske me wrong but you seem to take issue with everybody who seem’s to share scripture. You seem to pass judgement on them and you can’t possibly know their faith. At least sometimes. What if your wrong?
        Some here take offense;
        Matthew 18:6 But if anyone causes one of these little ones …
        Luke 17:2. It would be better for him to have a millstone hung around his neck and to be thrown into the sea than to cause one of these little ones to stumble. 1 Corinthians 8:12. By sinning against your brothers in this way and wounding their weak conscience, you sin against Christ.

        • eddiemd

          As I said already, you have taken the Scripture out of context.

          Jesus Messiah, the Almighty God in the flesh, came to save sinners. Like you and me. Sin is the problem. He is not worried about oil spills, air pollution, water pollution, etc.

          I don’t take issue with everybody. Only those like you who have obviously taken Scripture out of context to fit your earth worship agenda.

          I always remember Who is my God. It is Jesus Messiah, the Almighty God in the flesh. The One who you deny is the Almighty God in the flesh.

          Jesus Messiah intervenes every moment of the day. He makes intercession for us at the Throne. He is intervening for you and I as I write this. Give thanks to Jesus Messiah that He makes intercession. The Almighty God Himself, Jesus Messiah, prays for you and I at the Throne. How great is that!

          He is coming back to earth for me and perhaps you also, and everyone who believes that He is Messiah. I know that. He has manifested that by the Holy Spirit.

          The priority number one now is to preach the Gospel. Plant the seeds and bring in the harvest. The Holy Spirit will be poured out upon the earth to all nations. The Spirit of Truth. To be revealed in the hearts of men and women. That all peoples will know the Lord Jesus Messiah.

          If you take offense at the Words of Jesus, then that is a big problem for you. I call it as I see it. Because I know the Word of God. The Word became flesh and dwelt among us. Jesus Messiah, the Word became flesh. If you take offense at the Word, you take offense at Jesus Himself.

        • eddiemd

          You post here under many different aliases. It is the same pattern and writing style.
          At least you are consistent. And persistent.

          I don’t know if you are JW, mormon, unitarian, or whatever. I care that you know the Truth. Jesus Messiah of Nazareth, Almighty God in the flesh.

          Answer one question. Is Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the Messiah, is He the Almighty God in the flesh? Simple question.

    • Self Exiled

      Yes Suzan, worship God and Love his creation. God will bring those to ruin who are destroying His planet and creation. The Corporate Nations who have destroyed thousand of acres of natural habitat here in Asia for palm oil, and brought their garbage here to dump because nations are poor and cannot defend them selves. Japan who cut cost of construction at Fukushima and did not build the sea walls to recommended height; the sin of greed [as eddiemd would confirm]. Worship Him Who speaks matter into existence.

      “Behold, I am creating new heavens and a new earth;
      And the former things [of life] will not be remembered or come to mind.” Isaiah:17

  25. JC

    Everything is ok, don’t worry about the virus, don’t worry about riots and civil war, the Dow and Nasdaq soaring, there is no unemployment, gold is going down….

    At the signpost up ahead, your next stop is… “The Twilight Zone.”

    • David

      JC, great comment. I would like to add this: The episode in which we are living started in November, 1963. And the reason things are getting so intense now is because we are coming to the end of this episode. Just like on Twilight Zone when all the pieces of the puzzle come together that signals it is the time for the music to start and the credits to come on.

      • Self Exiled

        And the Author of all the episodes.

    • Selma Alabama

      WOW, G00d on ya JC!

  26. Torfinn

    Hello Greg. This is the first time that I am writing a comment to your videos. I live in Norway and started to watch your channel around 2012 or 2013. I think I have watched at least one video from you per week since then and often more than that. That is a lot of videos. Now my moral compass have urged me to write this comment after watching the Youtube video from Dr. Todd Grande about George Floyds murder, and The Washington Post video “The death of George Floyd…”. Greg I don’t doubt that your statistics about crime are right, but I agree with Dr. Grande that this is a first degree murder where sadism is an important part of the picture. Please Greg as a good Christian comment on this in your next weekly rap up and set the records straight. I was very sad after watching the Washington Post video about George Floyd.

    • Greg Hunter

      No debate that Mr. Floyd should not have been handled this way. The fraud here is all the evidence and data proves what Candice Owens says and that is: “racially motivated police brutality is a myth.” Watch the Owens presentation here and stop with the false narrative:

    • paul ...

      Torfinn … When “white men” (JFK, Lincoln, Christ, etc., etc.) get brutally taken out by mentally challenged individuals who think nothing of murder … “white people” don’t use it as an excuse to burn down white businesses, loot stores and say “we will be going to black neighborhoods next” … when “white men” plan and execute Pearl Harbors, 9-11 and a Corona plandemic killing thousands … “white people” simply close their eyes … and let the murderers walk free … the fact that George Floyed murderer … has been arrested and charged with murder … should be looked upon by the “black community” as a real accomplishment they should be very proud of … “white people” are still taking it on the chin and accepting it (like they will accept Gates vaccine that will kill 700,000 of us)!!

      • Torfinn

        Thank you for your replies. I agree one hundred procent with what Candace Owens is saying in her video, she is spot on. Her description of reality is very much in line with the frightening comments and behaviour that we saw from Afroamericans during the OJ Simpson trial. But I also agree one hundred prosent with Dr. Grande that the death of George Floyd was a first degree murder. Be well.

  27. iwitness02

    In my mind, the BS masters of the universe are making their move against the whole human race right now. The powers that be aim to enslave and or kill the majority of the human race. They want to be want to be our god and rule the earth with an iron fist, and have undisputed ownership of the planet. Also in my mind there is a Savior of mankind that is about to make His move. You could say a clash of the titans is underway and many would believe it. However, one side is laughing at the other side. One side is puny and weak. The other side is not. Canst thou bind the sweet influences of Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion? Canst thou bring forth Mazzaroth in his season? or canst thou guide Arcturus with his sons? Job 38: 31,32. The finite vs the infinite. Really? What a laugh. There is no contest, other than what is in the imagination of the wicked. They are no match against the Will of God.

    • Self Exiled

      ”The fierce (righteous) anger of the LORD will not turn back
      Until He has fulfilled and until He has accomplished
      The intent of His heart (mind);
      In the latter days you will understand this.” Jeremiah 30:24

  28. Dan Fruth

    Now that Antifa is declared a domestic terrorist group, so are those who look the other way, or stand down when they do their dirty work. SOOOOO…domestic terrorists would include Democrats……..And they need to be jailed.

  29. Jerry

    Is anyone paying attention? The central banks are planning on folding the fiat paper system, into a digital one. Here you have a white paper put out by the Philadelphia federal reserve bank to support what I’m saying.

    At what point do you realize that the central banks have no accountability and can do whatever they want? As far as they are concerned debt is just a number in a computer. I have come to the realization that in the NWO scheme of things, technology will replace money in controlling people. Thus the usage of the covid19 virus to link biotechnology to a cloud that will be shared with a banking system run by the NWO. The question is how do they get there?

    Greg let me ask you some questions. How many bankers have been jailed for fraud concerning the subprime mortgage scandal? Bernie Madoff doesn’t count. How many times has Deutsche bank been caught rigging the markets? But yet they are still allowed to stay in business. When’s the last time the federal reserve bank was audited? Try never. But they can print money with impunity. I think you get the picture. The central banks control everything, and the NWO likes it that way. How this all works out is yet to be decided, but if I were giving advice I’d say get your spiritual house in order.

    • paul jr.

      Going cashless seems to be the way we are headed but it sure has been slow in coming. I would be all for it if we had an honest banking system but we don’t.

  30. Lucill McGillacutty

    President Trump holds news conference
    132,840 views•Streamed live 2 hours ago
    The press conference you didn’t see. Because, the abject failure, lamebrained, Mockingbird, bought and paid for media. Is SHAMELESS! They lost on the final straw lockdown and they’re icing on the cake, Antifa anarchy! The blue states are losing badly.
    The red states are soaring! Up, Up and awazy!
    _______________WE THE PEOPLE/WILL WIN AND WIN
    Eat Your Heart Out/Fake News Erin Burnett

  31. Lucill McGillacutty

    .Black Conservative Patriot
    If you must protest………THEN. YOU. MUST. TAKE. OFF. YOUR. MASKS…………. you’re not social distancing anyway. KABOOM 💥
    Devilcrats talking point, “No one is above the law!” Lol

  32. JC

    Incredible, is it all a big joke?

    ‘German Official Leaks Report Denouncing Corona as ‘A Global False Alarm’

    As Der Spiegel reported on Mai 15th: “Stephen Kohn [the whistleblower] has since been suspended from duty. He was advised to obtain a lawyer and his work laptop was confiscated.”

  33. Larry Liberty

    This shouldn’t even be a debate. The man, George Floyd, was detained in cuffs and laying face down on the ground. He was under control. There was absolutely no excuse for the cop to force his knee down onto the victim’s throat/neck for over 8 1/2 minutes which killed him. Mentioning Floyd’s criminal history is a red herring and ad hominem fallacy. Floyd is you and me. What happened to Floyd is an assault on all Americans. Americans have a right to defend themselves against this tyranny.

    • Greg Hunter

      No debate that Mr. Floyd should not have been handled this way. The fraud here is all the evidence and data proves what Candice Owens says and that is: “racially motivated police brutality is a myth.” Watch the Owens presentation here and stop with the false narrative:

    • Charles H


      The American people have the right to defend themselves against anomymous people like you spewing false and inciting hyperbole.

      The autopsy states that Floyd died of a heart attack; and that his historic drug abuse and the fact fentanyl and meta-amphetamines were in his blood when he died MEANS that he was conplicit in his own death. YES, the policeman was wrong and abusive, AND contributed to Floyd’s death: but Floyd resisited arrest and brought upon himself more aggressive restraint than he might have avoided. And, YES, the other policemen should have interceded: so they should be charged with abuse also; even lose their jobs.

      Your histronic rush to a false conclusion is irresponsible and childish. Your ignorance of the very facts makes you either lazy or too polarized to do any fact checking. The policeman who worked at the same after-hours bar, was probably settling a personal offense and was going to run Floyd out of that work situation – and the knee was the icing on the cake of a ‘don’t mess with me’ warning. It was a set-up; and it was a vendetta – the other cops watching was pre-arranged. Nobody knew Floyd’s ticker was at the point of giving-out.

      What happened to Floyd was ABUSE: it was NOT tyranny. Get off your personal “Chicken Little” soapbox – the sky is falling, the sky is falling, it an assault on all Americans! What I don’t understand is that you seemed to be conpelled to make matters worse?!? And if you want to justify the rioting America is experienceing currently: let them burn down your house, car; and injure YOUR family – FIRST. Otherwise – your use of the word tyranny has no meaning.

      • Larry Liberty

        Charles, the histrionics is all yours along with your red herring and strawman fallacy. Moreover, by your flawed “logic”, Floyd’s “self-induced” clinical condition would have led to his death at the exact same time and place regardless of the pig cop putting his knee on his neck for over 8 1/2 minutes. The fact is if that pig cop wasn’t recorded by a citizen for essentially choking out Floyd, that murder would’ve never seen justice. It would’ve been buried and the cause not attributed to Chauvin.

        Tyranny is the perfect and most apt word for the current order of American society. The USA incarcerates more people in the industrialized world. Commoners go to jail for warrants due to unpaid parking tickets, but Hillary, et al, still walk free despite their sedition & treason. When those who rule over us are above the rule of law, there is no freedom but, indeed, tyranny. There are many cases of people, white and black, being victims of police brutality and murders.

        You lose, bootlicker. Truth wins.

        • eddiemd

          Tyranny is not the problem. Sin is the problem. Rejection of the Creator. Rejection of the Lord Jesus Christ.

          Tyranny is the result of sin. Lawlessness is of Satan. That is the problems.

          Righteousness comes from the Creator. Not from ourselves.

          There will never be peace. Can’t be peace without the Prince of Peace. Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Almighty God in the flesh.

        • paul ...

          Yes LL … Truth wins “when we arrest the murderer for their crime” … exactly what we did to Floyd’s murder … we “white people” are still waiting for the arrest of the 9-11 murderers, etc., etc. (and we surely wouldn’t go around burning down white cities, throwing bricks and looting stores if these murderers were arrested … we would be dancing in the streets)!!

        • Charles H


          Restating the rebuttals, without any substantiation is weak and ineffective rhetoric. I’m sorry, but you never learned anything about argument. You might want to get your money back from whatever you spent on education.

          Just when do you think Floyd’s heart got it’s stress test? And failed? About the time of his arrest and submission. And the “Red herring” you keep bringing up is nothing but mis-labeling and denial. IF you are a policeman; and IF you are to deal with and arrest a subject: the CRIMINAL BACKGROUND certainly IS a matter of record and consideration. You just sweep everything under the rug with one lousy statement, in an attempt to exonerate Floyd: but guess what? If you are a perp – you are a perp. Try being a policeman – and just ignore the rap sheet. Facts are facts: even if you don’t wish to recognise them.

          You understand every story DOES HAVE TWO SIDES?!?? Granted this is a bad story: but you ignore everything and rush to a foregone conclusion to condemn. Nothing short of complete agreement is good enough for you? I would avoid such Left-Liberal flags if I were you, if possible.

          “Tyranny is the perfect and most apt word for the current order of American society. ” Right back to the exagerrated hyperbole. First of all – the statement is too wide and generalized. To characterize American Society as the reason or causal factor of tyranny is a blank check of an indictment – That infers two things. One, if Americans are so bad: then you should find somewhere else to live. And, Two, blank checks allow the details to be filled in later – in any amount wanted. But keep swinging away.

          AS to cherry-picking issues – what about the retired police Captain who was gunned down while protecting a friend”s store? No tyranny there? OH! Sorry! That is “Mob Justice”. Symantics makes it all better! And just what happened to THAT story? IT GOT BURIED!

          Let me clue you in… there has ALWAYS BEEN a double standard in Life. Rich, poor; haves, have nots; those in power, those not in power: so get over it. What you are doing here is – by extension: justifying the violence and destruction of rioting across America. That is not only wrong: but wrong headed. To use the Chauvin/Floyd case to justify retaliatory violence against police, and white society by extension (the majority) is simply blown out of proportion. That incident is NOT representative of the reality of Law Enforcement across the nation – you and your argument become the misrepresentation.

          And lastly, whoeveryouare – the final touch of name-calling just seals your comment with immaturity. You may be totally justified and ‘reasonable’ to yourself – however and wherever you express yourself: but the people reading here will read your composure right. Derogatory name-calling? Seems you pulled the handle to your own toilet; and didn’t need any help!

        • Pretty Boy

          As a copper were taught, “if he can talk, he can breathe.” Floyd didn’t have a breathing problem, he had a lethal fentanyl problem! Of course the cop didn’t help. Floyd was a dead man walking!
          BLAME CHINA
          How China flooded the U.S. with lethal fentanyl, fueling …

          15/02/2020 · Fentanyl in the form of a highly lethal, synthetic opioid that’s been making its way through the U.S. over the last decade. The largest source of this illicit drug is China.

      • Mark Maples


        As a former law enforcement officer I have to take issue with this

        It is completely irrelevant what Floyd criminal drug use history is

        As a LEO (law enforcement officer) my job is to control the perp.

        In other words, even if Floyd had kicked me in the face, at the point of the video he was controlled

        Think threat assessment. In cuffs, on the ground, and I have 3 other officers right there for backup

        I am authorized to take force to the point of control, then, you ease up and ask the perp “are you done?”

        That’s it. There is absolutely no excuse or justification for what we saw on that video, and I agree with the DA charging him to the fullest extent of the law

        Cases are supposed to be adjudicated in a court of law

        I have told my 5 adult children for years “do exactly what cop says, our day is in court”

        The same applies as an officer, my job is to use the amount of force necessary to neutralize the threat of the perp

        Mr Floyd had been neutralized, the officer should have rolled Floyd over, picked him up with assistance from a fellow officer, put him in the back of the car

        If Floyd resisted, you reapply force and ask again “are you done “

        Stop with Floyd criminal history, it is irrelevant

        • Charles H

          Thank you, Mark.

          In no way am I justifying the actions of the officer: he was wrong; it was an abuse. It further contributed to the death of the subject in apprehension. Criminal charges are warranted, and even imprisonment is indicated.

          I would have to respectfully disagree with his criminal drug history being irrelevant. If he had been without years of drug use and abuse, and been in good shape: he “MAY” not have died. In that case he could have been the next millionaire; instead of a martyr.

          I also understand the issue of obedience to LE involvement. If you are police – then you are in the club; and LE “discretion” can be observed in the form of fraternal recognition. But if you are not cop: you are little people. You think many actually see justice in Civil Seijure and Forfeiture? Criminal Justice is a system; and systems reinforce themselves. Those inside the system have more weight than those outside. LE is the arm of it. You can speak from an insider’s view.

          Once I was on Shore Patrol in Italy – all decked-out in my cracker-jack blues and a night stick on my side. Our duty station was at the police building on shore. But before being allowed to patrol the streets – the Carabiniere locked us in the drunk tank for half an hour; and one of them peed on the bars while we were inside. The message of ‘who is in charge’ was crystal clear. They carried the Uzi’s.

          I am thankful that there are good policemen; and that the great majority do a good job, and work by the rules. I cannot allow myself to be naive to believe that there aren’t those who don’t deesrve the badge, or the seat in court; and that I am on the side that doesn’t count once accused. I had a good friend who rode with me on my motorcycle: but I was cut-off nby a station wagon and was forced to crash. The vehicle left the scene either ignorantly or on purpose – because I didn’t slam it. I tried to save my friend’s life: but it didn’t work. A policeman made up a report of all sorts of technical garbage. skid marks and such because somebody had to be charged in the death of the local boy. A local lawyer said it was a lost cause to hire him. So I ate it: the charges, the court; fines, and punishment. In you clean and clear world, Mark – this may not happen; but it happened to me. It is sort of akin to rape: it only takes being railroaded once to set the cast.

          So – I thank you for your reply. And thank you for your service to us and country. Chauvin and the other police should be charged appropriately; and if justice is served imprisoned for many years.

          • Charles H

            Though not definitive – this is an example. Peter Shiff is no lightweight. Middle-aged white man dies in Dallas under police detention…

          • Mark Maples

            Thank you for your reply Charles

            Just to clarify, I have no idea if the health/drug use was a contributing factor in Floyd death or not

            I was simply stating the officers actions on the video were unprofessional and inappropriate

            I apologize if I misunderstood your post, it’s just that I have seen several people bring up Floyd criminal history, and it’s not relevant

            • eddiemd

              You never know when you will encounter somebody on PCP, meth, or ketamine who is capable of superhuman strength. Even using a stun gun may not be effective.

              I remember in the 70’/80’s in Germany when the polizei carried big clubs and beat down anyone who did not follow orders. It did not matter the color of the person’s skin. They even beat down drunk American soldiers. It made you wonder if they practiced on certain melons to be able to know the correct amount of force to use.

            • Charles H

              Thank you, Mark.

              Stefan Molyneux has another podcast where it discloses that the Milwaukee police actually HAVE the training from Israel to submit perps with a neck-kneel – albeit, as an option? So it may be that, from the standards you know and practiced – there may be new ones that are absurdly out there officially. This removes the “unprofessional” part of your opinion – if it is actually trained and written into the manual. (But I still agree that it is inhumane and ‘unprofessional’)

              Personally – I wish you COULD speak for every LE Officer in the nation. And I hope there are a great many who retain your professionalism. I fear, though – the younger cadre just don’t have your depth or compassion.

              And I am sincere in my appreciation of your service to our nation.

    • RTW

      Agreed, Mr. Floyd should not have been treated that way. Having been in law enforcement myself I can attest to many other ways he could have been subdued without using the tactic that the MPD used. However, that doesn’t give these “protestors” the right to express their displeasure by commiting violent crimes against truely innocent citizens who had absolutely nothing to do with the event. They are using Mr. Floyd as an excuse to get some free stuff rather than to champion a cause. Case in point; in the month of May, around 400 people were shot and 85 murdered in Chicago. Any outrage over that? Of course not. It’s blacks shooting blacks and that doesn’t fit their narrative. As Candance Owens said, “It’s all Bullshit” and she couldn’t be more right.

  34. Lucill McGillacutty
    TRUMP 20/20 The Meek Will Inherit The Planet Earth

  35. JC

    Catharine Austin-Fitts:
    “Just as Gates installed an operating system in our computers, now the vision is to install an operating system in our bodies and use “viruses” to mandate an initial installation followed by regular updates.”

  36. Gary C

    Hertz, bankrupt stock up 100%, Boeing bankrupt stock up 40%, , Carnival,etc
    Dow heading for a record high, S&P same thing, high unemployment record, rioting
    record business failure, record government debt, no trade deal etc with China.

    The FED will keep this up until they CANT do it anymore, how much longer is beyond me to predict, but nice takedown on Gold today which was to be expected.

    “When will the next Black Swan appear “ ?

    PS There will be no looting and rioting in Alaska & Yukon, to many armed civilians.

  37. Suzan Shackelford


    .Black Conservative Patriot
    Rosie just accused EVERYBODY in the FBI and Intel of being just as crooked as he is.


    Candace Owens is a “Savage”. Wow, did she nail it!!
    And Greg, you are awesome too. Thanks for all you do.

  39. True Historian

    The Demoncrats gained power through fear and loathing by the FED implementation of the CDC controlled pandemic. Now that the pandemic is being discrete-ed, they are moving onto their old standard: racism. This time the racism is being supported by the FED/Central Banks/Soros using Antifa and BLM. They needed a way to keep the “house arrest” going.

    In Michigan, Whitmer has not released Bass Pro Shops and most restaurants. We the People can do nothing legally. The Demoncrats control the Judicial system.

    There is something wrong when citizens can’t express their rights of freedom because we need to wait for an election.

    Yes, Jesus is in charge, but maybe God’s will is to punish the Demoncrats and we Christians are collateral damage. The Twelve Apostles were all murdered {except for John}.

    • Self Exiled

      The CIA and military have collateral damage; but God: “Now He is not the God of the dead, but of the living [so these forefathers will be among the resurrected]; for all live [in a definite relationship] to Him.” Luke 20;38 remember not one of you will be lost.

  40. Dave

    Barr is not to be trusted IMO. Forget the brick investigation – think Epstein. Delaying the Flynn resolution and Graham’s “fake” hearings. He will be done in late October. Perfectly delayed. A caller to Jay Sekulow’s radio show asked why Graham didn’t do this a year ago. The answer – it is tough to do hearing. Please. She pressed and a guest on the show admitted if the Dems take the Senate and /or Trump looses it will all be for naught.

    • Self Exiled

      Barr is squirming and hesitating more with every interview, waiting it out. ”if the Dems take the Senate and /or Trump looses it will all be for naught.” Like the Zen master said ”We’ll see.”

  41. Scott

    LOVE the headline artwork, Greg – SO TRUE!

    Keep up the good fight!

    All the best,


  42. lightning

    After seeing rioters and looters cheered on by politicians in these Democrat controlled cities, who in their right mind would ever want to put their business in one of these towns? You gotta think many will be moving out.

    Can you imagine how much the commercial and residential property values have declined in these places? Who would want to buy an apartment in Manhattan today!?

    Who would want to move into a downtown area when the mayors are chanting “defund the police”? Formerly safe streets and cities will be like Camden NJ (one of the ultimate crime ridden shitholes ever created by Democrats)

    I think there is going to be a substantial exodus of businesses and people from these Democrat controlled cities.

    The challenge for the rest of us is that many of them just may want to bring their liberal views with them and red states might just turn blue.

    • Self Exiled

      That exodus has been happening for years: Texas, Arizona. I worked for a company who transferred store managers in its ranks often. One day we were introduced to a new assistant store manager who’s reason for coming to such location was to help him reclaim his messed up son. The son would come to the store in dread locks, no shoes, socks only, ta-toes, nose ring, had it all, and a weird smirk on his face. The manger was a politically out spoken liberal [in a gun toting state] from what we called back east. One day in his blathering liberalness I came unglued; lost it, [having once been a in a counselor in a treatment center for emotionally, sexually, physically, and spiritually abused children] and said; ”Ya know; you stand here and lecture us conservatives on our backward hill billy attitudes but you want us to fix your screwed up kid. ”Silence, he walked away. ”Your gonna get fired!” An Iraq vet friend got a smile on his face. What he did was he converted him by taking him to a gun range and taught him how to shoot AR15’s plus other weapons, I’m sure the bonding and sharing helped him feel less helpless and more in control of himself. He became a gun nut and one day he thanked me for my honesty.

  43. Billy

    There is race wars coming, they now know how to stoke the fires of emotions. Each time they get more dangerous and sinister.
    I really cannot see how this does not erupt within the next decade.
    Obama continues to work behind the scenes and destroy America.
    The devil is going all out to destroy America, nothing like this has happened in history- he is behind it all working with the media,universities ,corrupt politicians and preying on the black community.

    • Self Exiled

      ”The devil is going all out to destroy America;” yes, but even the devil does God’s work, he just doesn’t believe it. HE is sifting the wheat from the shaft. “His winnowing fork is in His hand to thoroughly clear His threshing floor, and to gather the wheat (believers) into His barn (kingdom); but He will burn up the chaff (the unrepentant) with unquenchable fire.” Luke 3:17

  44. oneno

    Catherine Austin Fits is looking for at least 10% of the population to put life on line to defend freedom or literally become a Gates Borg drone.

  45. donna s.

    One thing that is really bothering me is talk of defunding and doing away with the police all together? WTH ? I try to look at things from both sides and while I know there are bad police officers I know they aren’t all bad. While looking at the riots and protest , I see that there are a lot of people upset about the abuse of power of some officers and rightly so, but don’t think that is the majority of the police. There have been some videos released showing abuse by the officers during these riots and I also think to myself , while it is not justified I sure wouldn’t want to be one of the officers trying to stop violence and looting during these events. Even if they are prepared and trained for this sort of event it must be scary as hell to have to deal with it and they must be on edge . I can’t imagine being a wife or husband , son or daughter etc of one of these officers and praying they come home safe everyday at the end of their shift when you have literally hundreds of people protesting against ALL police and knowing they outnumber you. AND BEFORE anyone says I am being racist or taking the side of the police, that is not the case. I do however think the police who abuse there power are doing so no matter who they deal with as this is a power trip to them..They are just bad apples period. I don’t see this ending anytime soon and am worried about how bad this will get leading up to the election. The demorats know what all this is leading to and I personally think it is going to backfire on them again. If they keep talking against there own law enforcement and not supporting them then how many people will actually want to be cops and how many will quit. When there is no one to protect the public then the people will and should protect themselves and there families . I think this is exactly what they want. Hope and pray you all stay safe and healthy during these times.

    • Self Exiled

      ​ One world military no police. Oops no police, give us the blue helmet army, save us, save us, pointed comments to make a point. See the progression of induced changes for one world government. We are so bogged down by their present issue creation we do not see the master plan of a NWO. They have us so busy trying to be politically correct we have no time to think it through to avoid the short sighted defenses we get trapped in. Hope I answered your question. Take care, Pray.

      • Self Exiled

        See Bob Lambs post up ahead.

  46. Russ F

    Thank you Greg for sharing the video from Candace Owens.
    She is such an intelligent and well-spoken Human being (and American).
    What is really disgusting to me is the reaction in the sports world.
    I grew up following sports, but I really am questioning now ANY further connection.
    I was already disgusted, but now even more so.
    Drew Brees comes out in support of pledging the American flag, and then gets slammed for his position.
    So, I was proud of his strength to share his views.
    BUT, then he backtracks to appease the negative fallout.
    Sorry Drew, you did right and then you gave in (it’s all over ESPN in case you want more details)
    And then there is this guy:
    NO mention of the criminal past. What a great guy, this George Floyd! Disgusting
    And Lebron James…..
    God bless Candace Owens; sports stars should listen to her and not vice versa.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Russ!!

    • Bob Lamb

      You bring any of this up and you will be called racist as I was twice this weekend! People can’t deal with ideas and just dismiss others as racist.

      • Greg Hunter

        I got your answer Bob. Keep talking and using facts to their fantasy. They want you to shut up and do not want your voice out there. Keep Talking!!

        • Self Exiled

          God Loves people to think and not be robots and your site promotes this .

        • Bob


  47. Russ F

    The suddenly shows “only” 32,198,049 unemployed.
    I am quite sure it was over 40M last week.
    What happened!
    A miracle?
    Can’t wait to hear what John Williams says about this on Sunday.
    Nothing can be believed anymore coming from our government.
    Probably a huge revision next month, but it will go largely unnoticed.

  48. Jo

    Mr. Hunter:
    Found this on the Farmer Jones channel: “LEOs, Are You On This List? ~ Rex Reviews”

    This is the code mentioned by the YouTuber:

    This is the Farmer Jones video: “06/06/20 HQQ smear article withdrawn. DC Mayer kicks out National Guard from hotel?”
    $900,00 thousand of counterfeit money.

    • Bob Lamb

      Interesting. UN police force if police defunded? Sherrifs committing misdeminor if don’t help health officials ( forced vaccinations?).

    • Self Exiled

      ​”One world military no police. Oops no police, give us the blue helmet army, save us, save us.” interesting comments.

    • Self Exiled

      Dickinson, North Dakota: been there. Like I said several post back they’ll just disappear. Some rancher will just bury[many ranchers have back hoes] them buss and all next to a water dug out and run a heard of horses over it, at night. No trace. If Antifa is coming to an outpost like Dickinson ND , this is definitely world wide, and thorough; see my posts on Philippines Anti Terror Bill.

  49. JC

    Something is not making sense to me regarding all this racism rioting stuff.

    Barack Obama – President.
    Colin Powell – 4 star General
    Condoleeza Rice – Secretary of State

    Many black people in high positions all over the U.S.

    This is all about “Get Trump” any way you can.

    Now, besides Mattis we have….

    John Kelly, the retired general who served as Donald Trump’s chief of staff, joined the list of high-profile military officers criticizing the president, suggesting people should at a person’s ‘character’ and ‘ethics’ before voting for them.

    • JC

      Social Distancing is Still Mandatory Unless You are Looting, Rioting or Starting Fires

      So brethren, what are we to believe?
      I cannot tell you what to believe. I can only give you my take on what is happening before our eyes. We are definitely being played by the Left. From the beginning of January of 2020, a massive planned attack was unleashed on the American people.

      You may ask me to what end this attack was perpetuated upon us?
      To me, this could not be more clear. The powers that be who really do run this world, were bound and determined to destroy America and bring down our president.

  50. Coalburner

    Dear Greg;
    I keep getting blindsided that China hns spent huge money buying into our stock market. I think it is true at some level. But how much????
    See if you can find a guest that knows about this.
    Thanks Greg for all you do!

  51. Russ F

    CNN was extremely biased before; now they have become criminal with their coverage and commentary on the “demonstrations”.
    President Trump needs to shut them down and convict them for the criminals that they are.
    I say criminal as they clearly are trying to help overthrow our elected government.

  52. RTW

    Mattis is a disgrace to the Marine Corps and should be treated as such. He obviously forgot the creed, GOD, COUNTRY, CORPS somewhere along the way. He dissed the Country with his public criticism of the CIC. I don’t know where he acquired the nickname “Mad Dog” but it should have been because, like a rabid dog, he turned on his master and in that sense, the moniker fits him.

  53. Deborah Brackenbury

    You mentioned you would put up the Candace Owens video link on your site. Where???? Under what tab please? Or, just send us the entire name of her video and date and I will search for it on You Tube. Thanks so much for all you do and a lovely hand written thank you that you took the time to send to my husband last year. I have not missed a single interview or Friday News Wrap up for years.

  54. Gina M Mancarella

    Greg ! Accortding to the NY Times ………… George W Bush will vote for Biden !!!

    Mitt Romney will vote for Biden !!!

    Cindy McCain will vote for Biden !!!

    Jeb Bush will vote for Biden !!!

    Rand Paul will vote for Biden !!!

    Chuck Grassley will vote for Biden !!!


    • Greg Hunter

      Losers (just like your gal pal Hillary) and RINO’s one and all. just like your gal pal Hillary.

    • Charles H

      New Yeork Times? Next! Toilet paper is a better source.

    • Brian V

      New York Times? One of Americas finest collection of presstitutes.

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