Proven Safe Ion Virus & Germ Killing Tech Blocked by Dark Powers – Weston Warren

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Scientist and inventor Weston Warren has been developing germ killing and air purifying technology for the better part of two decades.  Why have you not heard about or been able to buy this technology in the age of Covid?  Dark powers do not want “We the People” to have cheap and efficient technology to kill germs and make your home safe from viruses.  Warren explains, “The CarryiOn is the world’s first 5-volt portable, battery-operated device.  What it does is produce cold plasma bipolar ions.  This technology is producing positive and negative oxygen ions simultaneously.  The hydrogen oxygen ion, in a charged state. . . any virus, bacteria, mold or mildew this comes in contact with neutralizes or kills the pathogen instantly.  It’s not harmful, and it’s nontoxic to humans, plants or animals.  The ion clusters break down into water vapor or CO2 carbon dioxide.  Our corporate slogan is ‘We are duplicating nature’s genius.’  This is how the earth cleans the atmosphere and surfaces.  When there is a thunderstorm, trillions of positive hydrogen negative oxygen ions are created.  These natural oxidizers come down scrubbing the atmosphere and the surfaces and clean everything.  That’s why, after a thunderstorm, you have this fresh smell.  It’s a natural disinfectant. . . . So, basically, the technologies I co-invented and have national and international patents on . . . produce natural oxidizers to keep your environment safe.”

You would think that everyone would embrace clean, safe, and relatively cheap germ-killing technology, but the Deep State or dark evil powers have been doing everything they can to stop this from getting to market.  Warren contends, “Getting the word out and explaining how this technology works is extremely difficult.  I have been road-blocked time and time again.  It is so frustrating that I am surprised I am not bald because the technology is proven, tested and validated ad nauseam.  The evidence is there.  It’s extremely safe, and it’s in application.  The space program is using it, the U.S. Navy is using it.  There are hospitals that are using this because it addresses infections, but not in the United States though.  In other countries, they have it installed. . . . I can’t quite put my finger on it, but whatever it is, there are roadblocks to this technology.  I am so grateful to be on to educate the population about this technology.

Warren says everybody needs this technology in today’s world.  Warren says, “I had to step up to the plate and create a technology that is safe and effective to where you can kind of get your life back to normal so you can have a protection from pathogens, germs and contaminants in the air and on surfaces.  This took me several years of research in the lab.  I have exhausted all my funding, and I need to get the word out.  I just can’t thank you enough for having me on your show.”

There is much more in the 23-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Weston Warren, scientist and inventor of the “CarryiOn” air purifier.

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After the Interview: 

Warren also says that the CarryiOn could help the residents near the recent chemical spill in Ohio create a safe environment in their home.

There is lots of information on

The company has a short commercial explaining the portable nature of the product, and it also hooks up to a 110-wall outlet.

If you want to buy the CarryiOn click here.

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  1. Lee Vail

    A bit expensive but if it does what it claims it is worth the $299 price tag.

    • jomer


      In the Q&A it states it will last for 3 years, which is about 25cents a day. It would be nice to know is after the 3 years can a bulb or element that can be replaced or if you need to replace the whole unit.

      Either way the HEPA filter we use now, for pet dandruff, cost a lot more than 25cents day a in filters, electricity. and replacing the IR bulb every 18 months.

      • Greg Hunter

        • Mike

          Greg I just heard a Col MacGregor on youtube. He explains better than anyone I know the craziness of our inept politicians in DC , and the fruitless battle in the Ukraine in simple excellent terms. He also explains that any war the USA enters in will be lost since USA is so unprepared. Just excellent.

    • Anthony Australia

      EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Robin D. Bullock – The Coming Jesus Revolution

  2. Joshua Porter

    I would very much like to see a longer interview with Mr. Warren, delving into the spiritual war he’s fighting along with the technology he has produced. Thanks Greg.

  3. Country Codger

    WOW!!! I can even say it backwards !!!WOW
    Simply fantastic Greg. Mr. Warren, well done, sir.
    Greg, just a note: supposedly Russian has attacked an illegal US military base in the Conoco oil field in Syria and China has cut off communications at the state level. ((Read Red phone.)) Putin to make a big speech on the 21st Russian time.
    Lo Iyrah!!!

    • Jimmy

      If Russia is attacking US Military bases in Syria we know we are now in a serious full fledged war – and this is also an interesting tidbit of news – it seems Trump is all for using all those Guillotines (that Obama already bought) to behead those accused of Federal law violations –

    • Nadia Toribio de la Cruz

      i think, not sure, he is “jet”, on monday morning rogue news and going way deeper on other things.

    • WWIII News & View's
      The biginning of the end of the war?
      End, as in end of day’s? Hope and prayer…

      • Jimmy

        Why is the US still in Syria when the Syrian Government has told the US to leave??? – if China was inside the US blowing up our food processing centers and railroads (and our US Government asked the Chinese to leave) would they simply say No! (because they are just doing what the US has done in Syria, etc., etc.)???

        • john lance

          It is very simple Jimmy . this corrupt re gime we are under is stealing oil from Syria ,. Period . Money talks and B/S WALKS .

  4. Edd

    Hi Greg, I can appreciate the guest, and thank you for a little change of pace,so to speak. ” Dark powers do not want “We the People” to have cheap and efficient technology to kill germs and make your home safe from viruses.”
    Cheap?? Maybe for a few but I think the price is the reason it’s not well known. This particular technology is far from new.

    • Greg Hunter

      Sales are exploding after being on USAW! Price is not an issue.

      • cheryl

        u should look into colloidal silver and colloidal copper. u can make ur own as well, kits available on amazon for around 100.00 bucks. every prepper should have them in their preps. i keep a 1 oz silver round and a copper cracker in my berkey top and bottom portions and i use colloidal silver for everything. eye infections, sinus infections, wound cleaning (doesnt burn or sting), tooth infections and u can drink it (no taste). cured 2 cats of eye infections in 7 days spraying in their eyes 2-3 times a day. No vet bill. i will even add it to their water

      • Kpay

        I was interested in the portable ionizer for $319 but his site said “sold out” as I was viewing the product during your interview. Can he tell us when those will be made available?

      • Rayme

        My bank asked me to verify that I wanted to make this purchase. My bank almost never does that. CarryiOn is censored for sure. You know the product is good.

      • Bradley

        Hoping all the people buying will report on this device and if they feel it was a good purchase. I will buy one for sure if it proves to be a success with your audience. Thanks Greg.

      • Joe Annan

        You’re right about that. I’m trying to buy 2 as an international and can’t get my hands on any. I certainly think this is a game changer if it does what it says it does, which I’m sure it does.

  5. Paul from Indiana

    Same story, different chapter. Detroit is famous for suppressing alt-tech, see “Fish Carburetor.” The story of Preston Tucker is a cautionary tale in this vein. Sad. Like Mammy Yokum said, “Them’s that has, gets.” Standing O to Greg Hunter, Champion of the Little Guy and Freedom. Best always. PM

  6. James Hall

    This is the same as traditional raw milk from grass fed cows and goats, no one is talking about it. Over 100 years ago this was the number one medicine.

    • Jennifer Sue Smallin

      Could this help those being affected by the chemical fires from the East Palestine, Ohio train derailment?

      • Tommy

        Not if the cows or goats were grazing downstream of E. Palestine.

  7. Jay Dee

    This sounds like the technology for running cars on water. Please show the chemical reactions.

  8. Fred Daake

    What a fascinating interview! I wish Weston tons of luck – he seems to be one of us.

    • Greg Hunter

      Weston is one of us!! He cashed out of everything to do this product.

      • Sheryl

        I think he is on his way with the exposure you extended him. I sure hope so. He will be forever grateful to you!!!! I will get one but need to put money aside for a few mths.

  9. Sara Witt

    BTW The head of WHO is NOT a doctor..I am sure no one is surprised.. seems to fit the
    narrative. Unqualified people making decisions for the world.

    • swimfinz

      Sara… You are correct. Do a DuckDuckGo search on Dr. Tedros, his PhD was “Community Direction of Pandemics” from some community college in northern England. The guy is a fart-catcher.

      • Chris

        Tedros is soon to be succeeded by what looks like being a worse (I am not kidding) mouth piece for big pharma; from the UK, this time. He’s all gung ho for jabbing everything that moves, from the cradle to the grave, for all eternity. If Tedros was on the pharma drip, this guy will mainline. You can Google him up and read about him. Just key in “Tedros successor”. Youtube videos are out there too. If politics is a swamp, the medical industrial complex is a veritable sewer.

  10. Steve Bice

    Since Elon Musk has detonated the pervasive censorship of all things not aligning with the public health narrative, I have rejoined the platform.

    One person you might want to take a look at following is Dr. James E. Olsson. He is pretty good about catching all the “died suddenlies” hitting the news (in addition to Mark Crispin Miller).

  11. Robert Hood

    Private hospitals make money from sick folks. Wouldn’t this machine be bad for business?

    • Greg Hunter

      Not in Europe.

  12. Colleen

    I see the CarryiOn is out of stock already. Getting more soon I hope?

    • Greg Hunter

      They are out of the batteries, but still have plenty of units and remember you can also plug it into a wall outlet.

  13. Anthony Australia

    Apologies Greg, a Zonk on this one for me.
    Species have existed for millennia so why the need for all of these vaccines, medicines and so forth.
    This consciousness is not real and we live on forever, so why the need to fear death when it is our greatest teacher.

    • Greg Hunter

      Did you miss the part in the interview where we talked about this killing spike proteins?

      • Vincent Mc Cooey

        Hi Greg, what a nice fellow Mr Weston is, and that’s quite a remarkable little machine and I’m definitely going to be ordering one. Thanks for getting him on and make sure you get him on again. Thank you, Vince in London.

        • Greg Hunter

          I agree Vince!!

  14. James

    Suggest an auto unit that will fit into the cup holder and plug into the auto 12v outlet.
    Some vehicles have USB plug OR supply an auto 12v to USB adapter???????

  15. Steve

    Greg the bundle is already out of stock?

    • Greg Hunter

      Don’t worry they are being deluged with orders and the company is re-stocking ASAP. Give them your email and they will contact you when it arrives.

  16. James

    I went on the website, the product was already out of stock. He should have put on the ability to pre-order, so he has some capital to work with. Thanks, Jim.

    • Greg Hunter

      The units are in in stock the batteries are on backorder, and they will be getting re-stocked asap. The unit still runs on a 110 wall outlet.

      • William Weber

        Greg, I believe that the batteries that were offered in the bundle are 8,000 mh. In today’s world that is just about the smallest/simplest battery that you can find being sold. I bit the bullet and grabbed the basic unit w/o battery. I bought a lithium/solar/electric charged 20,000 mh battery w/led flashlight combo for under $20 from TEMU. A greater capacity battery with more features has to be better than the one they offer in the bundle and is nearly equal in price even if shipping is free. It is very lightweight, too, which for this unit’s portability feature is a big plus. Add your own bottle bag from Amazon and you have an even better “bundle”!

  17. swimfinz

    Greg…loved your show tonight. When you mentioned “designed and developed in Missouri,” I went to their website and ordered my CarryiOn. Clever name, plus there is a huge amount of NewMexican banking needs being routed through Missouri Banks, Enterprise Bank and Trust being one of them. The same language and Trust Factor is being spoken. Carry on!

  18. J. Kimble Allen

    Greg, I just attempted to order the CarryIon all in one portability bundle for $319.00… However, it states it is Out of Stock!

    What’s up with that?

    • Greg Hunter

      Just talked to the owner and he said he is ordering more of the batteries for the CarryiOn. He has been flooded with orders. You might want to get the unit that can plug it into a wall outlet.

      • J. Kimble Allen

        Okay, Greg … I attempted to purchase the CarryiOn Portable Air Purifier AND Surface Sanitizer, as you suggested … however … then I read,

        “Your personal data will be used to process your order, support your experience throughout this website, and for other purposes described in our privacy policy.”

        When I clicked on the “privacy policy” link … I am immediately returned to the Checkout page. I tried it several times, but it never provides their privacy policy.

        I’m not going to purchase from a company that hides their privacy p0licy, yet states that my personal data will be used “… for other purposes described in our privacy policy.”

        • Greg Hunter

          Weston is a very small guy who is struggling. I am sure he’s doing nothing bad with you information. Give him a break and yourself too and buy the darn product. I do not put crooks on my site!!!!!

        • Miss USA

          You can access CarryiOn’s Privacy Policy at the bottom of their website.

  19. R. Hernandez

    I haven’t listened to this podcast yet, but before I do, please interview soon Whitney Webb. She is the author of “One Nation Under Blackmail”.
    Her weighty tome is a birds eye view of the intelligence and crime infrastructure which explains everything that has happened in our country since WW2. She points that this intelligence and crime infrastructure continues today to explain recent events such as FTX, Jeffrey Epstein, etc. Her deep dive is thoroughly documented as she pulls the string of this massive spider web to expose the connections the mainstream never touches or omitted. Her book is insightful and illuminates dark corners overlooked and forgotten. I wonder what she will add to our knowledge of the bioweapon shot.

    • M.Morell Russki Killjoy

      R. Hernandez, spot on mate! Your country’s F*****D.
      One Nation Under Blackmail is a damning indictment of the consequences resulting from the nearly century old relationship between both US and Israeli intelligence and the organized criminal network known as the National Crime Syndicate. This book specifically explores how that nexus between intelligence and organized crime directly developed the sexual blackmail tactics and networks that would later enable the sexual blackmail operation and other crimes of deceased pedophile and sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. Other books on Jeffrey Epstein focus on the depraved nature of his crimes, his wealth, and his most famous/politically-connected friends and acquaintances. This book, in contrast, reveals the extent to which Epstein’s activities were state-sponsored through an exploration of his intelligence connections.

      Reviewed in the United States on February 18, 2023
      Always known that politics was a dirty business but didn’t know how the pieces fit together, well . . . Whitney Webb will fill in the details. An exceptional work well worth your time even, if like me, you have difficulty shorting through multiple characters you should be able to find your way.
      5.0 out of 5 stars Eye opening
      Reviewed in the United States on February 16, 2023

    • Chris

      I have not read the book yet but it’s on order. I listened to a couple of interviews with her recently on Youtube and was mightily impressed. She seems right on top of the information, talks straight and is articulate and persuasive. Definitely seems an impartial enemy of the swamp and the deep state more particularly and keen to expose their criminality. No wonder she lives in Chile. Probably good for the health, you might say. People like that need to be given a platform as much as possible to get the message across to the sleepwalkers.

  20. Rob Lindeman

    Greg, thanks so much for having Mr. Warren on your show. I have had great success with ion machines in the past and can testify that they do work, especially against odors. They don’t “mask” the odor, they effectively remove them. What you are left with is the clean smell of the air that we experience after a thunderstorm.

  21. FreeBirdJohnny

    I’ll order one next week.

  22. Dave


  23. luddite

    Sent to
    Have been watching / donating to Greg Hunter for a wile, clean air is essential for optimal health. Watched you and the commercial twice, looked at the testing, I need 2 one for home one for my moldy tool room. Started the ordering procedure WHAT no shipments to California ????? Another reason to leave the state led by Gavin Newsolini and his coven of full time legislature doing everything they can to “protect”us. Could you PLEASE inform me when it is safe for Californians to enjoy clean air?
    Hi Greg, protecting our dollars, protecting our liberty, protecting our health did I miss anything? Greg you are the tip of the spear to eliminate treason from humanity.

    • Greg Hunter

      Send them an email and they will work it out: Someone else said this too and the company is sending it.

  24. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Warren fascinating interview.
    Hen houses should have this product to clean their atmosphere.

  25. robert

    I have been printing out this for my niece.
    I have a ton of information if anyone wants laws statute ect.
    The war of 1812 the british burned the white house for a reason it also destoryed the vote that put this into law by the 13 colonies. This was found by two historians in Maine.
    The “missing” 13th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States reads as follows:
    “If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive, or retain any title of nobility or honour, or shall without the
    consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office, or emolument of any kind whatever, from any
    emperor, king, prince, or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be
    incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them.”

    • Linda J Crean

      Thank you Robert. I left a reply but didn’t put your name in the begining. I hope someone who reads your article and knows what to do with these double triple dippers work for USA then the Crown or China then back in our government and get all kinds of pentions but not faithful to the USA. They should loose their citizenship and their rights one being able to vote. The dirty Rat Crown burning our White House down 1812 we never did that to them. Deport the lot and Fauci and Dr 🧣 Scarf as I call her. She’d stand right nent to President Donald John Trump and lie like a rug with her Hallmark scarf around her neck, maybe she was hiding the marks that the BAT rat vampire left on her neck from the Wohan Bat virus from China they infected the world with. What’s under that scarf? I’ve wondered since the day I saw her, normally scarves hide hickies from your parents but she’s to old.

  26. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    Has your site been remonetized? Advertising was aired before both your WNW and this latest interview. Perhaps your site is getting more hits than advertisers / platform managers can any longer afford to ignore? I hope you are receiving the ad revenue due. On the up and up. Congratulations!

    • Greg Hunter

      That is Rumble. I have to talk to them about that.

    • robert

      Fauci is a puppet he is not the one behind the machine. Follow the money if you wish to know who is behind the puppet masters strings. This is very real from what friends in china said who are now not online. This man knows more than he is telling ukraine children are being sold off by the 1000s. New passports and much more it is a slave market and i can give you a guess you hear about the busts govts are doing on people for low level non violent net crimes they could give 2 rips less about CHILDREN its about money. How to gain access to a home to shut people down about speaking out about covid… He was looking at kiddy porn. They take your equipment to shut you the hell up. The us govt did this in panama marines go in take down the radio communications to the people we did it in iraq.…. it is far worse than anyone on this channel talk about what i know could put me in prison for 19 yrs.

    • robert

      Addressed to Linda J Crean Not sure if this posted in the right place. I wish greg would get bill still on the channel. He did the money masters and the secret of oz. YT took his channel down over things i can tell you they are not going to stop this whole thing started even before Hong Kong and the people under what is going on look up the storm troopers who are doing this the miligram experiment. THE dhs is not your friend no 3 letter anything are your friend. Randy Weaver , the night they killed my wife the fbi. The fbi called me on that drop phone they threw on my porch and said HEY randy what is your wife going to cook you for dinner tonight. I meet randy at state fair some years ago he was around a group of men. His daughter was with him.

  27. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    Very interesting interview with Weston Warren, thanks for the info.

    Tried to post video clip on WNW comments, of Roseanne Barr but I see that Facebook has blocked the link due to “technical difficulties”. I found another link on Twitter.
    Warning: strong language – but then the Covid scamdemic calls for strong language!

  28. Kostas Eleni

    Is there a larger wall-socket version?
    i’m not interested in something mobile with a battery but rather large quiet wall-socket device that can run 24/7 and clean the air in a 1000-2000 square foot home.
    I’ll gladly buy one and if it works as expected buy 3 more for my family.

    I assume that since the owner said he’s selling it to hospitals they would only buy far bigger versions.

    • vi28

      I have 3 young kids and their tiny always sick friends running around.
      Please tell me they sell a large version that can cover 150-00 square meters and that they ship it to Europe. I will gladly buy 3, so we have one at our place and one at the grandparent’s places to keep the kids flu germs from spreading around.

      Thanks in advance Greg !

  29. jomer

    This gives me deja’vu from 2002’ish, of a Doctor (forgot him name) discovered that colloidal silver was the only know disinfectant that would 100% kill Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) , He also went to hospitals but none of them where interested. He had lab test showing it was 100% affective, and the cost to make the colloidal silver was 5 cents a gallon plus the cost of distilled water. He got the same response that the hospitals where not interested because it could be used as an admission of guilt.

    Since then, over 100,000 people have died from MRSA which is highly under reported. In fact, in 2008 a friend ‘s father died from a MRSA infection he contracted getting an eye exam. The infect grew so fast it created pressure on his organs and cause a fatal stoke. Of course, they rule his death due to a stroke, not the MRSA. Another friend lost a leg from MRSA he contracted when getting a knee surgery.

    MRSA is still in hospitals and this ionizer would be preventing it, plus more. ugghhh!!!

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi jomer,
      ‘Hospital Acquired Infection’ is a problem in U.K. hospitals. Simple remedies appear to be ignored, such as using copper and / or copper based alloys for door handles in hospital and medical centre buildings. Copper is anti microbial and kills bacteria and other pathogens in seconds. Most hospital door furniture is made of aluminium (aluminum) alloy or stainless steel, neither of which are anti microbial. And what gives with the ubiquitous ‘push to open’ wall mounted devices next to nearly every hospital door. Don’t the hospital administrators know that everyone – patients and visitors alike – will be spreading diseases via these push-button devices?! Perhaps they do! In any event, my advice is to use a fully clothed elbow to press these (potentially lethal) hospital door-openers.

  30. Christian

    Has he tried Kickstarter or selling on Amazon?
    I believe in his mission.
    When the pandemic started I invested in a company that made UV lights that killed germs and viruses. Nothing ever came from it and I always wondered why. I’m guessing they ran into the same problems.

    This sure would be great for anyone with asthma!


    Very interesting interview Greg.
    Please pass this message onto Weston.
    As a Work Place Health and Safety Rep. for a large pathology company in Australia I will definately look into this technology and introduce it in our WHS meeting. I can’t see why our Infectious Diseases team would not support this product, if it works as stated by Weston, particularly if it can be used to accompany or even replace the surgical masks .
    Ideally I would like one small unit that I could test in the laboratory so that I can present my own data with the CarryiOn.
    If Weston can donate or loan a model that will work in Australia I would be happy to test it and present lt to my superiors. Also any supporting videos, documentation and current endorsements would be helpful.
    I can’t promise anything Weston but my offer is there if you want to contact me.

  32. Eugene Altman

    Re: Carry
    Interesting however they have no phone

    • Greg Hunter

      The owner told me he is going to have a phone number soon.

  33. Tennessee Tom

    Cincinnati pauses Ohio River water intake

    it’s 1hr 35min by car from Cinncinnati, OH to Louisville, KY … both cities are located on the Ohio River.

    from Louisville, KY to Clermont, KY is another 30mins, and that is the location of Jim Beam and many other distilleries are neaby (Clermont to Bardston, KY)

    go now and acquire cases of American straight bourbon whiskey. Get some tobacco, rolling papers and nicotine gum also — the tobacco farms of the south are also under siege.

    Biden/Obama & WEF do not want Americans to have access to distilled spirit because it is liquid courage, useful in mobilizing the neighborhood against tyranny (as proven by the British Empire). Furthermore, is a psycho-therapeutic for when the normies go into mental shock at the sudden realization of what many of us already have known for years now. You will need to administer 3oz of liquor and read the Gospel to them so they do not go into split-personality psychosis and become a burdern to the neighborhood.

    Get your supply now. (1 Timothy 5:23 )

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi TT,
      Black cloud over ‘Palestine’ and its cause were predicted in the movie, ‘White Noise’. Or did the fiction give TPTB a ‘good idea’?!

    • Paul

      Churches and taverns are the hallmarks of of dissenting citizens against government over reaches. No wonder why they are targeted. Thanks for Ohio river downstream effects.

      Paul from arkansas

    • Paul from Indiana

      It is also known that Santa Anna supplied extra doses of “aguardiente” (“fire water” aka Mexican brandy) to the Mexican troops getting ready to storm the Alamo. This had two benefits: the troops would be strengthened against the cold as well as having their courage “boosted”. Extra rations of rum and chocolate were afforded the crew of the German battleship Bismarck before the final showdown. Best always. PM

    • Julie King

      the death cloud is spreading from Kentucky to Canada contaminating anything in its path.

      Biden either will soon anounce the destruction of the whiskey rick-houses for “public safety”, or they will just have the FBI attack them.

      They do NOT want men to have access to liquid courage. During the plandemic the Aussie tyranny restricted access to distilled liquor for the same reason. And already the Aussie liquors are proofed lower than USA.

  34. Nick N.

    The only question is does this device listed as approved under UL 2998 standard?
    I’m researching the 2 alternatives for the Clubhouse in my community as we are about to change and upgrade our HVAC SYSTEM. The issue is This method of Bipolar ionization produces dangerous Ozone which is harmful to breath. The other option is the use of Ultra Violet light inside the return chamber of the system . UV light is extremely effective in comparison to the Ionization method and produces no Ozone. I would advise doing some research on your own before making any conclusions about either method of scrubbing the air you breathe.

    • Greg Hunter

      Weston Warren’s CarryiOn is safe 100%.

  35. Sam

    Just went toe buy the CarryOn Bundle…….OUT OF STOCK….what should I do?????

    • Greg Hunter

      Only the battery is out of stock temporality. They have the CarryiOn units, and they also plug into the wall.

    • Sam

      Should I Wait till USAWATCHDOG is a Sponsor….so you can get the credit?

  36. Roger Stamper

    tks weston greg

  37. Mark

    what about installing it in large chicken barns

  38. Da Yooper

    Interesting product Greg

    Is this item designed to run 24/7 ?

    It’s life expectation to wear out or failure?

    Other than the fan motor is there any other parts of this product that wear out. Does the part of this product that generates + or – ions wear out?

  39. Nick de la Gaume


  40. John Dwyer

    Hi Greg and Weston, One way to get this device out to the public is to contact architects and engineering firms. They are who specs devices and equipment in the plans they create for clients. The engineers who design MEP systems. (Mechanical, Electrical ,Plumbing.)
    Love the work you do, John Dwyer

  41. Don Conrad

    Loved this info. It all makes sense, and he explained it well. We need anything that helps us unite and heal as a world. Ordering one now.

  42. Greg Austin

    Grandma’s bar had an ionizer, which cleaned the air of cigar smoke. Worked great.

  43. Jeff gerst

    Hospitals have used a similar technology for years. I’ve lights are installed into the air stream of sensitive areas such as surgical suites which kills the remaining germs that make it past the hepa filters. I don’t know the mechanics behind this systems but it’s been used in US hospitals for years

  44. Southern Girl

    WOW!!! Went on to offer and of course they are sold out of the battery units, so I just sent an email asking to pre-order one of the units with a backup battery and let us see what the response is. The portable one would benefit me more so I could take it with me whether I am volunteering up at my church’s school in the lunchroom or funeral meals. I could take it with me wherever I go instead of having to take Ivermectin twice a week or when I’m around a lot of the vaxxed. It would be a whole lot cheaper!
    Hope he becomes a sponsor for you!!

  45. Shiloh1

    I just found out who Richard Allen Rowe a D running for cong in FL was who died in Oct 2021. Check it out and have a great day everyone!

  46. Linda J Crean

    Oh my gosh! Would this cover all the US government workers who retire then go work for the Crown and China then come back and work here again? Like Al Gore, John Kerry, Oprah and Hunter Biden, Soros on and on. That would also mean they can’t vote? Legally 😂 . GREAT
    And thank you Greg, this guy’s great. I don’t understand all the positive ions and negative ions stuff Mr Warren but like Homer Simpson says to Dr Hubert dumb(ed) it down. It kills the bad stuff so we can breathe and not die. Thank you for your invention. We certainly need your product besides Ant-ny Falchi evil brew and what ever else their mixing up and me saving the little cats out back, dander and cat litter dust ,pollen and only God knows what else from the air, the sea, land, train, balloon we’ll be getting a couple for us and as gifts to our children for there homes.
    Thank you again. I was being to think all the good inventors died and only Dr Evils left.

  47. Prospector

    These people are disgusting ! They want us all to DIE ! A Reckoning Awaits.

    EPA Chief: We’ll Clean Up & Do Testing When Conditions On The Ground Become Safe In East Palestine
    So it’s safe enough for (97% white, 70% Trump voters) but not safe enough for the government ‘experts.’ Got it.
    Red Voice Media

  48. Justn Observer

    Greg, Interesting concept. Thinking we will all need really large ones wired into the electrical grid about every few miles.? Maybe make then mandatory part of every home AC/heating unit and commercial filtration intake system?

    Side issues of interest….Largest Mall in South Calif. Orange County area…bankrupt and in default? Thats not a good sign. Of course the Baltic Dry = 530 and other indexes are now heading lower like Containers coming out of China as credit card use at all time high? One might ‘speculate’ the BIG GUY has his numbers on the economy wrong?

    Seriously. Legit crashing around the one place that’s supposed to be lifting us out of danger.=

    One might consider Clif’s speculation that we would experience UNOBTAINIUM is indeed coming into view? Just saying, keep getting one’s needs gathered while they are still available…

  49. Jack Phillips

    If used daily, how long will it last?

  50. Prospector

    The Ohio train disaster has ONE CLEAR MESSAGE :

    WE are on our own. Period. Any disaster or attack will be ignored the same way.
    If you are not part of ” The Big Club ” …. tough luck peasant.

    Please understand this and repeat this message everywhere to everyone.
    WW 3 starts in earnest next week. Read posts on by @Matt_Bracken and
    @Michael_Yon for details.

    • Chris

      I am not an American. I live in one of the US allied countries. Every day I hear my puppet politicians going along with what comes out of the US swamp as policy regarding Russia/Ukraine, China, Syria, Covid, Pfizer, climate, inflation, etc, etc. It is plain to see these cowards are controlled and do not represent the interests of my country. Even less do they have the welfare of my fellow citizens over the interests of international big pharma, the military industrial espionage complex or other corporate interests, in mind when they make decisions. In fact, they appear to be in thrall to banksters and other scheisters whose interests appear paramount. So far I have not seen such appalling incompetency, callousness and sheer stupidity as was on display in Ohio recently. That only means it is coming here soon. We all need to realize that these creatures we keep electing are not there to serve us. They serve others. They currently think they’re immune from consequences. That will be true until even the police refuse to protect them from incensed citizens. It will be interesting to see when that point is reached and whether they’re willing to keep protecting their own oppressors. That is, when the cops realize their and their family’s interests are actually with the great unwashed multitude, not the psychotic elite’s. As soon as that occurs it’s game over for bankster & co. and all they stand for.

  51. Fred Daake

    I do not know if you want to post this, but this appears to be a valid scientific article on the effects of bipolar ionization as it relates to SARS Covid. This is exciting because it shows promise in reducing human coronavirus. There is a list of references at the bottom of the article for those who want to dig into the research.

    PS – this is not enough evidence that would be needed to make any guarantees concerning COVID, but it is enough to indicate that the idea might have merit.

    • Mike Myer

      Need to round up 10,000 men go to Washington and escort out all leaders demoncrats and repubs,no knives,no guns no violence just tell them they don’t need to return.

  52. Mike Reid

    Looks promising, too bad he is out of stock. I hope he can take measures to meet demand. Good show, you just keep hitting it out of the park, thank you.

    • Greg Hunter

      The batteries are temporarily out of stock. The CarryiOn units are still in stock and they also work on a 110 wall outlet in your home.

  53. Johny Brennany Clapptwraper

    These Deep State Luciferians have been working overtime.
    We had the Currency Wars
    Then came the Trade Wars
    We’re in the midst of Bio/Tech and proxy Wars
    But now today we are headed towards the HOT PART OF WORLD Wars THREES. Tragedy comes in threes, my friends and enemies!
    The only hope this will be averted is obvious ….Mutually Assured Destruction or distraction, propaganda. The full time job of the British intell division of distraction without any action!
    Why the Chi-Coms don’t want to inherit a radioactive earth!?
    A Chinese peace plan for Ukraine greeted is being taken cautiously by the west.
    China’s senior diplomat Wang Yi speaks of need to uphold principles of territorial integrity, but also of respecting Russia’s ‘legitimate security interests’
    China’s top diplomat Wang Yi speaking at the 2023 Munich Security Conference on Saturday.
    Patrick Wintour, Diplomatic Editor
    Sat 18 Feb 2023 15.00 EST
    Western leaders have reacted nervously to a Chinese peace plan for Ukraine due to be revealed this week, but cautiously welcomed the move as a first sign that China recognises the war cannot be regarded solely or safely as only a European affair.

    “FDR said freedom is not just the right to vote. It is the right to healthcare, housing, a secure job. When [government] works to do that rather than looking after the interests of askanazi , then people will say ‘you know what, I think democracy works’. If it doesn’t do that, bad things happen and Trump and Bolsonaro gain a foothold.” Bernie Sanders
    It’s not only Britain. The west needs honest, trustworthy leaders to deter autocrats
    A critical showdown is looming with Russia and China, but public confidence and belief in democratic politicians and institutions are waning
    Henry Kissinger has said present-day western leaders do not bear comparison to their ‘strong’ postwar counterparts.
    This article is more than 7 months old, so a more honest Henery? by Simon Tisdall
    Promoting his latest book last week, 99-year-old Henry Kissinger, the controversial former doyen of US foreign policymaking, bemoaned the low calibre of present-day political leadership. Kissinger’s praise for “strong” postwar leaders – Margaret Thatcher, France’s Charles de Gaulle and West Germany’s Konrad Adenauer are among his all-time greats – does not mean he’s wrong now. With notable exceptions, the west’s current crop of presidents and prime ministers is weak, uninspiring and untrustworthy.
    [Donald Trump?] LOL!
    The 6 January hearings about the insurrection at the Capitol were important historically but had a limited political effect. “Trump supporters don’t sit around watching CNN. Most of them still believe that the election was stolen and Trump is right. An ABC-Washington Post poll of a couple of days ago said that, while expressing little excitement about either candidate, had put Trump three points ahead of Biden in a presidential race.
    Oligarchy is, obviously, a government by a small group of people, the Obomber America hater group, with a chip on they’ve shoulders, a whole bag of! A more precise term would be a “legal mafia”. They make the rules that benefit them and their masters and stop the ones that do then no good. Better Red than Dead?
    You can fool the sheeple some tmes, but you can’t fool the sheeple people all the times! Abe Lincoln. WARNING: The natives are restless and our founding documents provided a way to avoid bloodshed, but if both sides abandon political friendly persuasion and go back to old world skullduggery and cheating as the RINO repulicrates say they too must engage in. How long before the populace takes things into they’ve own hands and forcefully take back they’re country hijacked by a wild bunch, granted to them in the constitution of the United States and declaration of independence and bill of rights?

    Some further context to the BioWarfare aspect associated with the COVID-19.
    Newsweek produced an unambiguous piece over 2 and 1/2 years on our very own Dr Evil (aka Anthony Fauci). What had discovered is his direct involvement in a number of initiatives…. which if each of those were taken separately…. would set your hair on fire.
    Through the NIH (commencing in 2014)…Fauci funded work at the Wuhan Institute of Virology – especially for GAIN OF FUNCTION, weaponization research on Corona Viruses. That was phase 1. Phase 2 commenced thereafter. He literally bypassed US laws and supported the research of the CHICOMS to further enhance work already completed at home.
    A decade prior he was involved in Gain Of Function work on Bird Flu Virus.
    Fauci has committed a Felony. The research was forbidden.
    He has WEAPONIZED a Virus (with GOF) for the sole purpose to infect and KILL people in predominatly red states. That is political BioWarfare.
    A Life sentence is insufficient punishment for this creature who is destroying human life which is also playing into the Economic Destruction of the Globe via a Planned Pandemic. Eventually leading us all to the Dystopian world portrayed in many well known pieces of Literature / Movies.
    What a catastrophe in waiting…..Fauci as the White House Disease Expert….was the lead medical expert for America’s Covid-19 task farce.
    A Criminal Death Cult Scientist giving advice to our beloved POTUS. WOW!!!
    Here is the article ….make up your own mind.

  54. antoinette dawson

    I think that I’ve heard Weston on The Outer Limits. He’s the real thing.

    • Greg Hunter

      Hollywood (SAG) required all actors to be fully vaxed or, murdered to get a paycheck.

  55. Diane Carol Mark

    Sunday noon PST
    Just listened to your interview and went over to purchase the bundle, but it was already SOLD OUT! Purchased the other unit and requested that CarryOn provide the accessories separately soon! Glad I got one of these game-changing health devices!
    Thanks, Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      Not out stock for the CarryiOn unit. The CarryiOn unit is still in stock but the battery for mobile use is on a 2 week back order. He said he will get the battery packs. Meanwhile, just get the CarryiOn unit. It also plugs in to the USB in your laptop or there is a 110 wall connection to power it too. Mine is on every night. Email them and let them know you want the battery because this sale will end soon. : Contact Us –


  56. Colin Maxwell

    Thanks for posting this Greg. The product sounds like an absolute winner to me.

    One question for Mr Warren… are there any plans to make the unit compatible with countries that use 220-volt electricity?

    This technology sounds right up there with O3 for killing pathogens in the air, but coming with the added bonus that it can be used constantly without being harmful with the risk of breathing in too much raw O3 gas.

    I haven’t researched it yet, but it appears that it works from the unstable H molecules which instantly kill pathogens as they rupture the cell wall structure of the pathogens that these ions come into contact with.

    The mode of action of O3 makes it an extremely strong antioxidant too, as it is simply oxygen O2 with an extra highly unstable O molecule which wants to break off and reattach itself to other molecules with the right polarity. Ozone is an amazing sanitising gift straight from nature… no patents and you can buy a generator for less than $100!

    The effectiveness of O3 of technology has been known at least since the days of WW1 when its powerful oxidising properties were proven highly effective in destroying all manner of pathogens. Of course, needless to say, this information has been fiercely suppressed in order to protect Big-pharma and the petrochemical industries’ profits.

    I am a huge fan of O3 technology because about 5 years ago it actually saved my life. This technology, however, sounds almost next level as clearly it doesn’t harm you in any way such as if you accidentally breathe in too much raw O3 gas.

    The video below is old, as it was made right at the outset of the Covid scare. In a way, though this makes it all the more intriguing as it was always an effective method of treatment and a way of saving lives right from day1 in the scamdemic.

    It’s the same old story – there are highly effective cures literally right under our noses but they are aggressively suppressed because Big-pharma is in the business of ill health – that’s what drives its profits. A healthy population using holistic and naturally occurring protocols is their worst nightmare.

  57. james

    I ordered 3 units and have not as yet listened to him … I am asking the com., if those of us that have ordered the unite if they will be offering us the battery and carrying case separately when available?

    Thanks for all your hard work … hope you have Bo on again soon.

    • Greg Hunter

      The CarryiOn unit is still in stock but the battery for mobile use is on a 2 week back order. He said he will get the battery packs. Meanwhile, just get the CarryiOn unit. It also plugs in to the USB in your laptop or there is a 110 wall connection to power it too. Mine is on every night. Email them and let them know you are wanting the batter offer as that is going to end soon. problems ordering: Contact Us –

  58. Helen Ann Rudinsky

    Does anyone know if this product cleans up cigarette smoke? I have neighbors who smoke and I can’t open my windows because of it

  59. SkeptiSchism

    Very cool invention, I could see mounting one of these portable units onto a hazmat suit for extra protection.

    I will look at the portable unit, but I’m curious if you have a link for his other industrial use unit that would work well for hospitals or offices buildings?

  60. Laura

    Ordered the single unit!

    Greg, how did you hear about him?

    • Greg Hunter

      He contacted my wife through USAW email.

  61. Janice

    *CarryiOn not available to ship to California.
    “California has an additional regulation that requires extra testing for any appliances or devices that emit ozone, even if they comply with the federal EPA limits for ozone. We’ve not completed this testing so we are not able to ship to California”.
    I was so sad and disappointed that I’m unable to purchase one because there are “No shipping options available for my address”. (CA)
    My only criticism is for the description as “Safe and Effective”; a phrase that sounds an alarm bell nowadays… (sorry)
    I had already researched this magic germ killer and tried to buy one! **My question is whether the additional testing is in progress for CA standards?** …hopefully!!! I’d loved to have one, especially after the high recommendation from you, Mr. Hunter…I trust your judgement!! Great interview. Thank You

  62. What a breath of fresh air! God please bless and protect Weston Warren and his family. Help him see danger in time to step aside. When he fails to step aside, rescue him in a supernatural way to keep him and his family safe and protected. Thank you Greg Hunter for giving him your platform to be heard. Bless you both! God knows you and where y0ur hearts reside. . . with Him!
    I have repeatedly exposed my family to many bacteria and viruses to make our immune systems strong and effective. I see no problem in keeping our home and office space clean and contaminant free as long as we are active in the real world of contamination and infections. Having safe places is good. Having infectious places are also good to keep our immune systems challenged, exercised, strong. and healthy (effective).
    You are doing the Lord’s Will,
    Love, Ed and Becky Eibling – NW Ohio-retired.

  63. Nika

    Since Trump announced he’s going to East Palestine, Ohio to help, will we see Biden or Buttigieg go there too?

    • Marie Joy

      Isn’t being in that area very dangerous?

      • Nika

        You would think so! I’m sure his advisers will tell him stay out of the danger zone. Probably up wind from ground zero. So, the wind doesn’t blow those fumes on him.
        I saw today, FEMA is going to start sending help to East Palestine! So, Trump motivated someone in Biden’s Govt.!

  64. Marie Joy

    Xiden will sign a TREATY on February 27 giving WHO power over Americans during pandemics. That includes forced “vaccinations”, lockdowns, and military involvement. This is THE worst thing they can do. It will be really bad. Please contact ALL your politicians to stop this. This is THE line in the sand and no one knows about it.

    • Marie Joy

      USA Today says this is false. I hope USA Today is correct because this one had me in a tither.

      • Marie Joy
        Trump’s new NAFTA is TPP in disguise. Pushes one World Government, Agenda 2030 on Youtube on the grindall61 channel.

        My heart is deciding whether or not to break. In my adult life, I have, always, known it is foolish to put someone on a pedestal and I allowed myself to forget it. I have been part of the problem.

        It appears to be true. WHO is about to take over American pandemic control mandating bioweapons, shutdowns, and military involvement. This is it folks. Do or die.

        • Marie Joy

          The internet is all over the place on this. The proof will be in the pudding. To me, if true, it is a death sentence. I’m hoping it’s false.

    • Marie Joy

      This will be horrendous. Ammo up.

  65. luddite

    Patriot Greg Hunter
    Fron Westen Warren
    “Hello, sorry but correct California is very hostile to businesses and really does not like air purifiers etc.”
    The word FIEFDOM is the only word for me to explain Kommieformia to any one, any more. Gavin Newsolini has pulled out all the stops for the demise of this once golden state. Of my 71 years upon this earth I thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to be placed here to fight for his kingdom.
    Frank Christensen

  66. PersonaNonGrata

    It’s all coming out! Honest medical professionals (Pierre Kory, Elizabeth Eads, Mike Yeadon et al) are speaking out. Comedians (Jim Breuer) and comediennes (Roseanne Barr) are confronting their audiences with the brutal truth. And now, nascent political leaders are openly challenging the status quo.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Greg,
      Why did you delete the link connected to my comment – or was there a technical glitch in transmission? The whole point about ‘nascent political leaders openly challenging the status quo’ is meaningless without the link.

      • Greg Hunter

        I don’t know what happened.

    • Marie Joy

      IF WHO takes over American pandemic control of forced “vaccines”, forced mandates, and military control, none of this will matter. Ammo up.

  67. Southern Girl

    I just went ahead and ordered the one without the battery. It just dawned on me that you can pick up a small power bank at Walmart for about $10.00. I also have a larger power bank that will let you use 4 USB ports at the same time. I was thinking other people who are waiting for the battery can do the same thing.

  68. Prospector

    @clif_high posted a link to this.

    18 inch pipe bomb found along railroad tracks in Philly.
    We are under attack. Who is doing this and why ?

  69. Marie Joy

    China is getting all its ducks in a row to invade America. Ammo up.

  70. National Socialism US.Nazi's?

    Enemies Foreign and Domestic
    Vanguard Blackrock and JPMorgan Own Norfolk Southern Railways, a public private government partnership, more important than we the sheeple people? Isn’t that fascism? Our government is supposed to represent us, not they’re partnerships. The reason we declared independence from the crown, They gave us taxation without representation! So we kicked out royalty and the British empire!
    So now why are we protecting foreign borders and not our own, which we clearly don’t and why? To replace our population killed and dyeing from a government sponsored bio-weapon jab, with willing low wage workers. From south of the border, essentially slaves? Instead of us useless eater’s?
    George Washington warned us about foreign entanglements, especially on Russia’s border, ouch!

  71. Rosanne Mont Sellicka

    Biden’s surprise visit to Ukraine is not going to stop Putin: Koffler
    Fox News 33K views 2 hours ago
    Former DNI intelligence officer Rebekah Koffler, who grew up under Soviet rule, joins ‘Fox & Friends’ to discuss the impact of President Biden’s surprise visit to Ukraine amid war with Russia.
    Armageddon in our future? Bleach blond Roseanne Bar speaks truth, refreshing! Yo Kilmeade needs to let this lady talk we already know his views let’s hear hers! SEE: The rest of the comments Kilmeade! Grow-up, the terrible two’s are a bitch! I know! I too, was once two years old, LOL!

    I was totally ‘cancelled’! On Tucker Carlson
    More Roseanne: More TRUTH!
    The first casualty of cancel culture and war is the TRUTH!

  72. LondonCenter

    Biden in Ukraine: Matt Duss, Medea Benjamin Debate U.S. Involvement, Hopes for Peace
    Democracy Now! 5,709 views Feb 20, 2023
    President Biden made a surprise visit to Ukraine ahead of this week’s first anniversary of Russia’s invasion and announced another $500 million in military aid to Ukraine and more sanctions on Russia. The visit underlines what Biden called his “unwavering support” for Ukrainian independence at a time when growing numbers of people in the United States and other countries are pushing for a negotiated end to the fighting. “For an American president to make a trip like this is enormously symbolic,” says Matt Duss, visiting scholar at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and former Bernie Sanders adviser. “I feel this is a propaganda move to shore up support for a senseless war that the American public are starting to realize has no end in sight except for more senseless waste of lives,” says CodePink co-founder Medea Benjamin.

  73. Percy Sledgehammer

    Douglas Macgregor: Inside the Daring Offensive in North Ukraine
    In Focus 65K views 3 days ago
    Douglas Macgregor: Inside the Daring Offensive in North Ukraine, A Rapid Advance in North Ukraine

    Power struggle in Ukraine | Zelensky government corruption | Scott Ritter / Streamed live on Feb 17, 2023
    On episode 23 we are joined by Nikolai Azarov, a Ukrainian politician, former Prime Minister of Ukraine from 2010 to 2014. He was the First Vice Prime Minister and Finance Minister from 2002 to 2005 and again from 2006 to 2007. Azarov also served ‘ex officio’ as an acting Prime Minister in the First Yanukovych Government when Viktor Yanukovych ran for president at first and then upon the resignation of his government

    • Shiloh1

      Thanks Percy.

      MacGregor and Ritter are great Americans!

      • Greg Hunter

        Ritter has been dead on since the beginning of the Ukraine fiasco. Ukraine is getting killed off.

  74. Prospector

    The wind does not stop at the state line. The toxic cloud went all across Pa.

    Pennsylvanians near East Palestine say they’ve been forgotten across state lines
    90.5 WESA | By Oliver Morrison – February 20, 2023

    “Nobody from Pennsylvania, as far as the government or anything, has come out here that I know of,” Hostetter said. “We’re in a different world out here. They’re leaving us out. And this is serious. We want to know how bad it really is.”

  75. P Barbancourt

    another chemical attack being staged … in CA farmland

    if Trump were anointed, as claimed by false prophet Mark Taylor, then he would be shouting about this right now.

  76. Ann

    I ordered two units from Mr. Warren but did not receive an acknowledgement or confirmation that the order was received. Has anyone else had this happened?

    • Greg Hunter

      The company is swamped, and I suggest email them. Be patient it may take a few days:

    • james

      Same here , also no reply to email … thinking it is a small business, wonder if they are swamped because of WatchDog vievers?

      Our units should be arriving tomorrow, if all goes well, will let you know …

  77. Steve

    20 yers ago or so I bought a machine that was called Living Air that appears to do the same thing with ions. Is anyone aware of this Living Air machine and are they virtually the same?

    • Greg Hunter

      Not even close. There is a patent on the Tech in the CarryiOn.

  78. Marie Joy


  79. Lore Pruitt

    OH SH*T, This is energy ARMAGEDDON, Putin says war is now close | Redacted with Clayton Morris 332,093 views Feb 20, 2023–F60
    Russia says war with the west is “close” thanks to the intentional bombing of the Nord Stream pipeline. Over the past week the Biden administration has tried to create a panic in the United States with a fake weather balloon story in order to distract all of us from the destruction of the Nord Stream which could push us into an energy armageddon the likes of which we’ve never seen before.
    Greg, Jim Rickards says 70 days to total chaos in energy and food supplies!

  80. Steve Bice

    Out here in the fields
    It’s now been revealed.
    I got to get back to living.

    I don’t need to fight
    To prove I’m right
    I don’t need to be forgiven.
    Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

    Don’t cry
    Don’t raise your eye
    It’s only vaccine wasteland

    Tony, take my hand
    We’ll travel south cross land
    Put out the fire
    And don’t look past my shoulder.

    The exodus is here
    The healthy ones are near
    Let’s get together
    Before we get much sicker.

    Vaccine wasteland
    It’s only vaccine wasteland.
    Vaccine wasteland
    Oh, yeah

    Its only Vaccine wasteland
    They’re all wasted!

    What travesty. It just needs music.

  81. Steve Bice

    Another 21-year-old with heart failure…

  82. Frank Miles Speech

    President Vladimir Putin delivered a major speech to Russia’s elite, assessing the special Ukraine anti-operation Mockingbird media, he ordered a year ago. To expose in the coming peace talks, Washington’s money laundering and bio-weapon lab operations. So the Beijing Bribe’n Biden bunch, have two options and only two. Bring the world to complete destruction in a Russki initiated hypersonic nuclear war, or complete shock and awe of Washington’s shenanigan’s in the Nuland coup and subsequent sniper fire beginning the rape of Ukraine. Sure to come out in any peace talks. So sheeple people, take your pick. L O L !
    His address comes after several high-stakes diplomatic moves, including US President Joe Biden’s unannounced visit to Kyiv.
    Biden is now in Poland, where he is set to consult with allies from NATO’s eastern flank.
    The UN says more than 7,000 civilians and over 150,000, young men have died in Ukraine; including 150,000 Russki’s; the true toll is feared to be much higher for the Ukrainian and Russian woman left behind, in bidding for American and Australian lonely old men. Because all the eligible men are essentially already dead and gone!
    So let the games begin, the shock and awe of exposure? Or total nuclear war! The choice is yours, Jill…..err DOCTOR!
    The southern hemisphere is rather pleasant this time of year anyone, at least till nuclear winter.
    On the Beach 1959 | Gregory Peck, Ava Gardner | Directed by Stanley Kramer | Drama, Romance, no longer Sci-Fi Classic Studio 223,837 views
    Although there’d been “doomsday dramas” before it, Stanley Kramer’s On the Beach was considered the first “important” entry in this genre when originally released in 1959. Based on the novel by Nevil Shute, the film is set in the future (1964) when virtually all life on earth has been exterminated by the radioactive residue of a nuclear holocaust. Only Australia has been spared, but it’s only a matter of time before everyone Down Under also succumbs to radiation poisoning. With only a short time left on earth, the Australian population reacts in different ways: some go on a nonstop binge of revelry, while others eagerly consume the suicide pills being issued by the government. When the possibility arises that rains have washed the atmosphere clean in the Northern hemisphere, a submarine commander (Gregory Peck) and his men head to San Diego, where faint radio signals have been emanating. The movie’s all-star cast includes: Peck as the stalwart sub captain, Ava Gardner as his emotionally disturbed lover, Fred Astaire as a guilt-wracked nuclear scientist, and Anthony Perkins and Donna Anderson as the “just starting out in life” married couple.

  83. Korn Popped

    Emergency LIVE Broadcast: Biden Declares War on Russia In Psychotic Speech In Warsaw, Poland While Putin Warns West Nuclear War IMMINENT
    Posted 2 hours ago
    The quickening is here! Major players & calamities have accelerated the globalists’ war against humanity! Now, with Russia’s latest revelations on using nukes, the world teeters closer to total tyranny or total annihilation than ever before!
    Dioxin expert Eric Coppolino raises the alarm over disturbing new intel on the East Palestine chemical disaster, Special Forces vet Michael Yon explains how America’s Nord Stream attack is an act of war, and Mike Adams of Natural News gives the latest on the killer jab!

  84. Prospector

    Every day now , picking up speed.

    Train derailed in Nebraska. Hazmat crews dispatched.
    Brooklyn lumber warehouse on fire
    Explosion / fire at plant in Medley , Florida.
    Another alloy plant fire in West Virginia.

  85. Jane jones

    Vantage with Palki Sharma| Russia’s Nuclear Warning to the West | Putin Vs Biden Contest | News18 11K views Streamed 3 hours ago worldnewstoday

    Highlights: ‘Rage Against The War Machine’ Protest Descends On The Swamp
    by Kelen McBreen / February 20th 2023, 5:34 pm
    Concerned Americans on both sides of the political aisle gathered to stand up against the globalist military empire and never-ending wars
    Speakers included former GOP Senator Ron Paul, journalist Gerald Celente, former Democrat presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard and many more! MUCH MORE;
    ‘Stay Away, Don’t Believe EPA,’ 9/11 Cancer Victim Lawyer Warns East Palestine Residents
    Jim Hoft Breaks Down How McCarthy Footage Release Will Expose Jan 6th Inside Job
    Bannon: Biden Deliberately Ignoring East Palestine Toxic Train Disaster As Big ‘Screw You’ To Middle America

  86. Gaylene’er’s Armageddon Is Near
    YOU know what a sign is, don’t you? — We know about the sign God gave, that he would never again destroy the world by a flood. Also, the apostles asked for a sign so that they could know when Jesus had returned and when the end of the world, or system of things, was near. —Matthew 24:3.
    Since Jesus would be invisible in heaven, a sign that people could see was needed to show that he had begun ruling. So Jesus told about things his disciples should watch for here on earth. When these things happened, it would mean that he had returned and had begun ruling in heaven as King.
    To teach his disciples the importance of keeping on the watch, Jesus told them: “Note the fig tree and all the other trees: When they are already in the bud, by observing it you know for yourselves that now the summer is near.” You know how to tell when summer is near. And you can tell when Armageddon is near when you see the things happening that Jesus spoke about.—Luke 21:29, 30.
    Jesus said there would be a sign that the Kingdom of God is near. When all these things occur, God’s Kingdom with Christ as Ruler will crush all the other governments.
    At Matthew 24:6-14 and Luke 21:9-11, you can read about what you see in the news. Online of course. Like Now let’s see if the many parts of the sign that Jesus gave are being fulfilled today. . . .

    In future let’s talk about what it will be like when the great war of Armageddon is over. We will learn what God has in store for all of us who love and serve him now. A much more positive outlook!
    The following are other scriptures showing that Armageddon is near: 2 Timothy 3:1-5 and 2 Peter 3:3, 4.

  87. Rose Mont Sellicka

    Glenn Beck: Did the CIA just give away its role in JFK’s assassination? DECEMBER 18, 2022

  88. GayMuir

    God’s Kingdom with Christ as Ruler will crush all the other governments.
    English Standard Version
    And in the days of those kings the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that shall never be destroyed, nor shall the kingdom be left to another people. It shall break in pieces all these kingdoms and bring them to an end, and it shall stand forever,
    ◄ Daniel 2:44 ►

  89. Steve Bice

    Lucky he was also a pilot…when the pilot died. Cardiac arrest…

  90. Gordon

    will you be selling them soon CarryiOn

  91. Second Baseman

    I believe since Biden took office, America is sabotaging itself. There definitely is an “invisible hand” that is doing the factory, poultry burn-downs and the explosions and other fires.

    I am surprised Biden isn’t blaming the Russians for each American derailment, fire and explosion. If Biden did, it would totally scare the American public into supporting World War III.

    Maybe Biden will blame Russia in March for every mishap in America, and Biden will have videos filmed by the “invisible hand” capturing phony Russian actors in the act of sabotage. Many of the so-called captured Russians will be the same people that staged the Jan 6 bullshittery.

    The government knows it can’t outspend the previous year, each and every year, from now on. No one will want to buy the American debt at the weekly treasury auctions, so Biden will have to stop spending. But he can’t, the party that even freezes spending will not receive votes. The drug mfg, the weapons mfg, foreign nations, and the American bottom 50%-ers demand even more free stuff.

    In order to keep prices from DEFLATION because the the bottom 75% of the population are out of money and credit, Biden is performing thousands of sabotage acts, designed to make products scarce, thus keeping the prices high. And the scare the heck out of the the people. Death by a thousand paper-cuts.

    The fear of a new central bank digital currency is unfounded. For over 50 years America has been using digital currency and they just don’t know it. For those that think their “brand of bitcoin” will be the one the central bankers use to replace the dollar, HAHA, the central banks already are using a digital currency!! All other digital currencies are doomed to fall to their true value 0.00

  92. james

    Same here , also no reply to email … thinking it is a small business, wonder if they are swamped because of WatchDog vievers?

    Our units should be arriving tomorrow, if all goes well, will let you know …

  93. Liam Bartmess

    Joe Biden’s blunders bring Sky News Australia host to tears
    Sky News Australia 1.1M views 2 days ago
    Sky News Australia host Rita Panahi has been brought to tears as she struggled to contain her laughter in assessing some of US President Joe Biden’s most notable and cringeworthy gaffes.
    [The next Winston Churchill of WWIII?] Lets Hope So! But, I have me doubts]

  94. james

    02 22 23
    from carryion
    In the meantime, you can purchase the CarryiOn Air Purifier and Surface Sanitizer individually on our site. The accessory items that were included in the Bundle (a Mesh Carrier Bag and Rechargeable Power Bank) are available for purchase separately in stores like Walmart and Target or online (we’ve included some options below).

    CarryiOn Air Purifier and Surface Sanitizer:

    Battery Pack:

    Mesh bags: : Tainehs Water Bottle Holder Water Bottle Carrier with Adjustable Shoulder Strap Beach Bottle Bag Water Bottle Sling Dog Water Bottle Sleeve for Sports Camping Walking Gym Hiking Black/Gray : Sports & Outdoors : Tainehs Water Bottle Holder Water Bottle Carrier with Adjustable Shoulder Strap Beach bottle Bag Water Bottle Sling Dog Water Bottle Sleeve for Sports Gym Hiking Camping Walking Black/Pink : Sports & Outdoors : MZTUE 2-Pcs Water Bottle Holder with Strap, Premium Water Bottle Carrier with Strap Easy Clean, Light Water Bottle Carrier Bag, Water Bottle Holder with Pocket for Hiking, Walking, Travel : Sports & Outdoors | COVAX Mini Mesh Backpack, Lightweight See Through Small Daypack, Fashion Mesh Shoulder Bag with Detachable Strap for Commuting, Travel, Beach, Outdoor Sports | Casual Daypacks.

    Thank you for your patience,
    CarryiOn Customer Service

  95. LifeIn These LastDay's

    The Rise of Corporate Fascism | Michael Rectenwald
    Hillsdale College / 16,200 views Feb 19, 2023
    Watch the full speech at….

    UNSEEN COLOR PHOTOS of the Civil War – Life in America
    Recollection Road

    Aerial video shows Russian convoys destroyed in night attack
    278K views 5 hours ago CNN News
    New video appears to show Ukrainian paratroopers fend off a night attack by Russian convoys.

    Biden gave an ‘angry’ response when asked about ‘dodgy business dealings’ with China
    Sky News Australia 345K views 3 days ago
    US President Joe Biden gave an “angry” response when questioned on his family’s “dodgy business dealings with China” by reporters, says Sky News host Rita Panahi.

    SPECIAL INVESTIGATION: China’s aggression could start new world war / Sky News Australia 367K views 7 days ago
    This Sky News Australia special investigation into China’s growing threat of war against Taiwan reveals how it could spark a global conflict between the United States and China – leaving Australia caught in the crossfire.

    Why is Japan Fortifying its Small Islands, and why is it such a big deal? | Foreign Correspondent ABC News Australia In-depth
    1,649,082 views Feb 16, 2023 ISHIGAKI ISLAND
    After decades of peace, Japan is now confronting the possibility of war. With concerns over a resurgent Russia, North Korea and crucially, a more powerful China in the region, Japan is embarking on its biggest military spend since the Second World War.
    Read more here:

    British fighters in Ukraine share footage of the frontline with BBC Newsnight / BBC News 1.5M views 2 days ago
    There’s no doubt Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, nearly one year ago, stirred up strong feelings in this country. But how many Britons felt so strongly that they actually went to fight there?
    [Would they so willingly lay they’re lives down if they knew why Russians are in Ukraine, like in the American revolutionary war for independence, they would most assuredly have joined, or at least stopped killing the Yankee’s! Gotta do your homework, due diligence, because propaganda’s a bitch and can bit you in the arse]

    That’s Great Blockade: A large army of 300.000 men finally arrived the Belarusian border!
    Ultimate Ukraine / 128,681 views Feb 22, 2023
    That’s Great Blockade: A large army of 300.000 men finally arrived the Belarusian border!

    Russia-Ukraine war live | Hypersonic missiles to tanks: Russia’s modern military arsenal/WION Started streaming 6 hours ago
    [Time to move out of Kiev, escape New York? War Is Hell_ William Tecumseh Sherman]

    22,343 views Feb 22, 2023
    China’s top diplomat told Russian President Vladimir Putin that China and Russia need to be more flexible while facing new international circumstances. The two were meeting at the Kremlin during an official visit by Wang Yi to Moscow.

    The mainstream press is obsessed with spy balloons, the debt ceiling, inflation, brewing thermonuclear war with Russia and WWIII, just to name a few.
    But almost no one’s talking about a July 25th government disclosure that could transform America and our free financial markets into a Nazi, CIA paper clip refugee’s, national socialist, Orwellian fascist corporatist, wet dream of total government control. INVASION USA?
    Much more subtle

  96. Lucas Doolin

    I would have to deal with Customs if I purchased from carryion and they are just horrible to deal with. Does anyone know if the bi-polar ionization ion generator sold on Amazon are the same thing as carryion?

    • Greg Hunter

      The product has a patent held by Weston Warren.

      • Lucas Doolin

        Thank you.

  97. james

    I order the unit, and paid extra for three day delivery … however … UPZ can not get their act togather and delivery has been delayed twice … still do not have the units … what is the problem with UPS …. start sending by FEDX … or us mail …

  98. KravWarrior

    Do they also ship to The Netherlands ???

    • Greg Hunter


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